hmm i'm not exactly sure if you can hear  me at the moment but i really hope you can

so for those who are wondering what's going on  i'm just coming outside today now this is actually  

a change of plan what i actually was going to  do today was do my live stream from the studio  

however as we all know sometimes the best laid  plans do not work out quite as well as you want  

you see so that's one of the problems sometimes  when you plan things other things come along  

to spoil your fun hello everyone yes we are  here finally it took me quite a while today  

lots of things going on at the moment a  very hectic schedule today to say the least  

so tomorrow i was going to be outside  but unfortunately the weather tomorrow  

looks as if it's going to be really bad really


i'm just checking that you can hear me

i'm just checking that you can hear me aha yes  okay if it's confirmed we are now definitely on  

it took me a while but today i had to do this  in a rush because tomorrow i was supposed to  

be outside but the weather tomorrow is awful  so instead i decided to swap things around  

and instead of tomorrow i'm doing it today so it's  a free friday for everyone i hope you're having  

a good day we have apologies from belarusia  i believe who is attending a funeral today  

and also who else is on the live chat right now  let's see oh we have motion and also beatriz hello  

beatrice and also mohsen congratulations you are  first on today's live chat nice to see you here

at the end of yesterday's live  stream i did mention that my mother  

who has been unwell for a long  time has been tested positive  

for coronavirus i can just say that she's  comfortable she's being looked after and  

as far as i can tell at the moment she's okay i  can't go to see her of course for various reasons

it's very strange actually you hear about  these things on the news and they seem  

very far away they seem very distant they  don't seem to actually have any connection  

but when suddenly it does involve you  and you are connected to it it has a  

very strange feeling i must be honest i have  a very strange feeling about it to be honest

i don't know how long i'm going to be on today  because i've got to make some phone calls a little  

later so this will be a short live stream today  for which i apologize but i hope you understand

also i think the rain might actually come down  today as well we might actually get some rain  

today as well so here we are doing something a  little different we are outside 28 days of fab  

uary that's what we've decided to call it thank  you very much for your best wishes for my mum  

i only found out yesterday so the news is  still very fresh in my mind to be honest

although surprisingly i did sleep very well  last night i thought last night i might have  

a terrible sleep but i managed to get some sleep  last night but today has been very hectic indeed  

can i say hello to can i say serena hello  serena nice to see you here today it is not  

too cold today you will be pleased to hear  today it is around eight degrees eight or maybe  

even nine degrees today so it does feel rather  mild it doesn't feel too bad today not too bad  

at all i hope you're feeling good on this  friday yes it is friday and we are doing 28 days  

of february even though today i didn't feel like  doing it to be honest as i've already explained  

a few dramatic moments yesterday hello also to  bar ram hello bar ram nice to see you here as well

yes i have five smiles on my on my hat  

i wonder why i have five smiles on my hat maybe  because it's my fifth day of february maybe it  

has something to do with that hello bar ram yes  my mother had her jab her vaccine two weeks ago  

so it's actually very lucky that my mother  actually had her vaccine two weeks ago so  

even though she's tested positive which you  can of course even if you've taken the vaccine  

you can still test positive but we will see what  happens we will see what happens next that's all  

we can do really when you think about it that's  all any of us can do in this crazy world of ours  

so it's a damp day it's a  little wet to say the least  

but i'm here anyway i couldn't resist coming on  even though things have gone a little bit crazy  

at the moment i wouldn't be surprised if we  get some rain today you know i wouldn't be  

surprised if if it starts raining soon here even  though though today it was supposed to stay dry  

so for those wondering what this is well  normally i'm here with a smile on my face

for the whole human race hello also florence i  hope your mother will be better soon thank you  

very much that's very kind of you i don't want to  make this all about me and my bad news because we  

are all here together to share our time and also  our love of the english language we will see  

what happens today i won't be on for very  long because as i mentioned there are other  

things going on right now thank you baram  thank you alessandra thank you also mustafa  

nice to see you here as well yesterday we were  talking about animal phrasal verbs phrasal verbs  

connected to animals there were some other  ones as well that one or two of you mentioned  

and if you want to mention some other  

animal phrasal verbs that i didn't mention  yesterday you are free to do it today

there are lots of proverbs as well connected to  animals and also expressions we might ask a person  

who has suddenly gone silent they have  suddenly stopped talking you might say  

hey what's wrong with you has the cat got  your tongue has the cat got your tongue

i love that expression so if someone is

keeping quiet about something they refuse to speak  

you might ask what is wrong with  you has the cat got your tongue

hello also to marry nice to see you here  

today misky is here as well  thank you very much it has been

a very busy 24 hours in the life  of mr duncan that's me by the way

talking about yourself in the third  person is a very weird thing to do  

do you know anyone that does that a person who  talks about themselves as if they're talking about  

another person so an individual can sometimes  talk about themselves in the third person sense  

so i might say mr duncan is feeling very unhappy  today he's feeling a little down mr duncan was  

thinking about not coming on today but of course  mr duncan is me and some people do that you see  

they will talk about themselves as if they're  talking about another person a third person  

so if you talk about yourself in the third  person it means you are discussing your own  

actions or maybe something you are going to  do as if you were talking about another person  

it is a very strange thing that some people do in  their lives when they are talking to other people  

hello giovanni mr duncan i think that we are all  friends here and friends are made for this moment  

to be supportive yes i agree with you thank you  very much it's very kind of you i don't want  

to stand here feeling sorry for myself though  that's not the kind of guy i am i don't do that  

but i do appreciate your best wishes thank  you very much valentin says apparently joseph  

stalin used to do the same thing stalin used  to talk about himself in the third person tense  

that doesn't surprise me to be honest hello  bahrain your face doesn't look happy today i  

hope your mother will get well soon thank you very  much i don't feel too bad so the one thing i was  

worried about last night is not getting to sleep  because when you have something on your your mind  

sometimes it can it can weigh very heavily  in your consciousness so i don't feel too  

bad thank you very much not too bad but it has  been a very strange few hours to say the least

hello mog mog we have mog mog so this is a free  friday i'm in the garden i was going to be in  

the garden tomorrow but the weather forecast is  awful for tomorrow so i'm not doing that i'm going  

to be in the studio tomorrow and of course  i will be with you every day during february  

well i hope so anyway we will see what happens  hello jude jude alisa hello to you nice to see you  

here as well hello liu kin jin hello to you nice  to see you here as well i don't know where you are  

but please let me know hello carol brandow hello  carol nice to see you here as well it is a little  

bit murky now this morning when i woke up i don't  know what happened but this morning when i woke up

the weather was lovely it was gorgeous  this morning but now it's gone very  

cloudy and i i think we might be  having some rain in a few moments  

but don't worry because i am underneath my  gazebo i'm standing under my little shelter  

so even if it rains i will stay  dry so don't worry about that

alessandro says i can't type on my pc so  instead i am doing it on my cell phone

well as long as your message gets through  and as long as i can understand it  

we are all doing very well i think so

ah yes it has been a very strange few hours  giovanni says oh there it is there is the rain  

the rain has just started so yes i was right i  did the right thing you see going under my gazebo  

so even today we're getting rain and they didn't  forecast rain until tonight unfortunately so it's  

starting to rain now are you always talking to  yourself well i always do says giovanni but now  

i often switch it into english and it helps oh  well if you are talking to yourself in english  

then there's no problem i have no problem with  that because if anyone looks at you in a strange  

way you can say it's all right i'm just practicing  my english you see that's all i'm doing so you  

don't have to worry about it if anyone asks  what you are doing you can say that you are  

your english so there is no need to explain  yourself i completely understand i really do

anarita says yes if your mother had the vaccine  she did two weeks ago then that will protect  

her from the worst symptoms thank you anna  well of course because my mother is elderly  

she is well in fact this year she will be 80 in  april she will have her 80th birthday in april

but yes she had the vaccine two weeks ago so i  think that will offer some protection i think so

hello also oh hello we have some very  

interesting messages coming up here  hello all type of video channel

that sounds like my type of channel i love youtube  channels that have lots of different types of  

video now as you know i love making different  videos sometimes i'm walking around talking  

about the countryside sometimes i will talk about  a certain subject a certain thing and sometimes i  

will stand in front of the camera in the garden  live and talk about anything to you hello also

thank you giovanna yes giovanni is  talking about talking to yourself  

but what i'm on about is when a person is  talking about themselves so i will talk  

about me but i'm talking is if i'm talking  about another person so so you talk about  

yourself in the third person even though  you are actually talking about your yourself  

luis mendes is here hello luis luis mendes  i'm in the garden it's just started raining  

and that's it really we are now up to date with  today's live stream that is all you've missed  

you've missed nothing to be honest my mother  has only had one dose of the vaccine just one

at the moment i'm not sure what the plan is  

if she's going to have another one but yes she's  had just one dose of the vaccine at the moment

it seems to be raining you are right karim it  is now raining around me all around me in fact  

the rain has now started falling and i think

i think it will be raining for a few more minutes

there is no snow today jatano i'm sorry  there is no snow today unfortunately  

it's a pity i know but there  is no snow today unfortunately

giovanni says mr duncan is it difficult to  run a youtube channel yes it's very difficult  

it isn't it is not an easy thing to do doing  this it looks easy but i can tell you now that  

it is not easy to do this hello dennis dennis  liang thank you very much for your super emoji  

and oh thank you very much i think you are  offering me a cup of coffee or maybe a cup of tea  

do you know what that would be fantastic  it really would thank you very much dennis  

leung where are you watching at the moment  i have a feeling you might be in hong kong  

i think so thank you very much for your 28 hong  kong dollars thank you i appreciate your kindness

mika mika ode is in japan hello to you as well  thank you for joining me i know the weather  

there has been quite rough and quite turbulent  i hope you are staying warm and comfortable  

i have tried to find jaffa cakes in some  shops around here but i haven't found any yet  

maybe you will have to go to the large supermarket  if you can of course if you can go to the large  

supermarket but yes maybe the large supermarket  in your area maybe they will have some jaffa cakes  

very nice also rosa would like to taste the jaffa  cakes but i think here we also don't have any  

that's a shame isn't it thank you very much for  your company today it's lovely to see you here a  

slightly different live stream i was going to be  in the studio today but i decided to come outside  

because tomorrow i was going to be outside but  the weather tomorrow is going to be awful you see

so a lot of people at the moment are  going through difficult situations  

so it's not only me going through all of this pain  it is well many many people all around the world  

so thank you very much for your thoughts  and i will send my thoughts to you  

if you have someone at the moment in your  life who has been affected by this situation  

not a good time if i was honest with you i'm  really going against the the theme of this month  

because this month it's supposed to be  february you see smiles laughter joy

oh palmyra asks mr duncan when you have  your coffee do you still use your throaty  

device yes i do i still use my milk through offer  

yes i like to have throthy coffee frothy coffee  yes i like my coffee to be frothy i really do

you have done a good publicity for  jaffa cakes you deserve some money  

from the company yes i do thank you anna  

well if you remember a couple of weeks ago i i  said that i would stop promoting any any brands  

or any big companies unless they started paying  me for for the mentions and so far i have had

no one not one person not very successful  the rain is falling down here in england

karim asks please tell us about your family well  i can tell you about my mother who is now in a  

care home she's being looked after and because of  the situation at the moment we are all in lockdown  

in england we can't actually go to see my mum  and i haven't seen my mother for around 10 months  

i haven't seen my mum at all i also have  two sisters yes two sisters in my family  

and also a daddy as well i have a father  even though my parents are no longer together

mika says here in japan we are under a state  of emergency very similar to here in the uk  

very similar so across england wales  scotland we are all in the same  

situation to be honest the same situation  is occurring everywhere if i was honest

hello also to bless bless neuwoop  

i'm not even sure if that's a real word bless  janup that's as near as i can get to pronouncing  

your name correctly to be honest hello also  mogmog mogmog nice to see you here as well

oh apparently there is a a supermarket  called coldy coldy and apparently kaldi  

in japan they sell jaffa cakes so it looks as if  that's where you have to go you have to go to that  

particular store and they will  have some jaffa cakes very nice

hmm giovanni says i did eat some jaffa cakes  

a long time ago here in italy and they were  very good not so bad thank you very much well  

i have a feeling that the sales of jaffa cakes  around the world are going to go very high


well the weather forecast said there was going  to be some rain and guess what they were right  

although i would have preferred sunshine to be  honest i think sunshine is much nicer if i was  

honest with you kaldi yes i wonder so is that a  big chain is that a big supermarket chain kaldi

anna asks what supermarket do you have near your  house well here in much wenlock and remember much  

wenlock is a very small place it is a small  town but we do have two food shops we have  

spa which is a very big international food  chain lots of supermarkets around the world  

spa and also another company called nissa  nissa n-i-s-a and i believe they are also  

around the world as well i think you can find that  particular supermarket around the world so yes  

we do have two small supermarkets here in  much wenlock which i suppose is very good  

considering that this town is actually quite  small so it is quite amazing that we do

hello mohsen in saudi arabia recently the  situation has increased and we must be careful  

we are now using an app on our  phone when we enter the supermarket  

ma the supermarket or the shopping mall  i think so yes i think you're right

we are not doing that here we did try to do  it but unfortunately it wasn't very successful  

alarita says i know spa yes it is a  big supermarket chain i think they have  

branches not only here in the uk  but also around the world as well  

another one that i i often see when  i'm traveling is 7-eleven 7-eleven  

there are many 7-elevens in london if you go  to london you will find many seven elevens

i think


i'm just doing a little bit of work here just  a little bit of work there we go that's better

sainsbury yes we do have the sainsbury department  store uh supermarket some some of our supermarkets  

by the way are huge we have supermarkets  such as i suppose tesco is another one

tesco is another one and some  of their supermarkets are huge  

they don't just sell food but they  also sell tvs video games furniture  

curtains so it is very strange to think that  you can go and get your supermarket shopping  

and whilst you're in there you can also  go around and buy a 30 inch color tv  

or a computer game or some sheets  for your bed it's very interesting  

but yes it's true i am standing under the  gazebo at the moment you are right yes i am  

outside but i am under the gazebo it looks like  the rain has stopped let's have a look shall we

hmm yes i think the rain has actually stopped

ah that's good that is good it looks  as if the rain has almost stopped

what about lidl do you have the  supermarket called lidl lidl

yes i know that one it is actually a very popular  supermarket here in the uk lidl i think it comes  

is it a european supermarket it's european isn't  it is it sweden somewhere like that i'm sure it is

i can see the rain is falling behind you  mr duncan yes it is it's just started again

it stopped just and now it started again  unfortunately oh apparently little i didn't  

know this you see because i don't shop  at that particular place apparently lidl  

is in germany it's a german company i didn't  know that you see i have never and i'm not  

saying anything bad about this place but i've  never been to little ever never never tried it

hello also to

luis mendez who says that lidl is the cheapest  supermarket there are many of them in france

i i think

i think today i'm promoting supermarkets

so instead of promoting brands of sportswear today  i'm promoting supermarkets that's good thank you  

very much for your company i am going in a few  moments because to be honest i'm cold and i'm damp  

and i don't feel 100 happy today to be honest but  i will be back with you tomorrow in the studio  

i will be with you yes tomorrow in the studio it  is saturday tomorrow i know what you're thinking  

mr duncan you you are not normally on on  saturday well tomorrow i will be on on saturday  

because i'm doing a special month of live streams  

28 days of and as it says up here is it here or  here i think it might be here 28 days of february  

is it here is it there i think it's there isn't it  there just above the problem is when i'm looking  

at my camera i'm i'm the wrong way around you  often see this done on tv when people are doing  

live broadcasts they will often get mixed up  between their left side and their right side  

and that's it you see because when you look  at the screen on your camera it is reversed  

so you always point the wrong way but  in fact what i should be doing is that  

i should be going there it is look 28  days of february yeah isn't that nice

florence says please take care mr duncan it was  nice to see you here even if it wasn't for a long  

time well i will be back tomorrow and i will  be with you for a whole hour tomorrow because  

i will be in the studio one of the problems  with doing live streams outside is you you  

never know how it's going to go because there  are so many things that could go wrong you see  

with the weather and the sound and  the technical things with the camera  

so quite often if you go outside to  do something it is much harder to do  

much harder giovanni says sorry guys i just had a  delivery oh now i must be honest i'm very curious  

to find out what you've just had so what what  came what what was your delivery was it something  

important was it something special maybe a special  delivery something you ordered yesterday perhaps

anna says i hope to see you in a better mood  tomorrow well i'm not too bad i'm not depressed  

before anyone starts worrying i'm just i just  feel a little down because i'm i'm worried  

when you feel worried or concerned about something  

it's natural to be affected  by it in some way i think so

thank you very much for your company i am going  yes i'm going to go i will not take up any of  

your time any more of your time on this friday and  i will see you tomorrow hopefully everything will  

be more happy bright and cheerful i will be going  into the house to get something to eat and then

some strange sounds behind me some strange noises

i can't believe it there are actually flies  

on my screen small flies buzzing around now  i didn't think at this time of year we would  

see any flies but there are there are small  flies buzzing around me i don't know how or why  

thank you very much rosa mohsen grace thank  you very much i'm going into the house now  

and then i'm going to phone the place where my  mother is to find out if she's okay if she's  

still all right and that is it from me for today  thanks for watching thanks for joining me today  

it was a short one and i'm hoping tomorrow that  everything will be a little bit better okay okay  

see you tomorrow 2 p.m uk time and i will see you  live on youtube then and of course until tomorrow  

this is mr duncan in england saying thanks for  watching see you again soon and of course you  

know what's coming next is it my left side or my  right side perhaps i should use both ta ta for now