oh hello what's going on here this is very unusual did you miss me yesterday

did you miss my presence yesterday I wasn't here I know oh my goodness look

outside it is very windy outside my window right now if you haven't already

guessed I am in the studio yes we are all together once more live as live can

be it is English addict live episode number 70 can you believe it even though

it says 69 on my screen I will put that right in a moment here we go again hmm

were you expecting to see me so quickly I probably I have a feeling you weren't

that was interesting sometimes when you press a button

sometimes when you press a button on your screen something completely

different happens and that's what happened just in fact I don't know why

let me just see if I can put this right come on mr. Duncan you're a professional

you can do this I know I can do this I have the technology right in front of me

do do do to do to do do it is episode 70 there it is we've done it

finally hello hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are

you okay I hope so are you happy I have missed my

echo can we have my echo are you happy

I really really hope so here we are again yes it is another live English

addict we are back to our usual Sunday Wednesday and Friday for those who don't

know so that is when you can catch me on YouTube from now on Sunday Wednesday and

Friday it is so nice to be back with you once again it was really strange

yesterday isn't it weird sometimes sometimes you get into a routine of

doing something so yesterday morning when I woke up I actually thought I had

a live stream to do on the internet but I didn't because I've stopped doing mild

daily live streams have now stopped a lot of people have said Oh mr. Duncan

please don't but unfortunately there are some other things that I'm having to do

at the moment so suddenly I've become very busy again doing things so that is

why I'm not doing my live streams every day

a couple of things I've noticed I haven't got my water I have no water in

the studio and as you know my studio is quite often very hot because there are

lots of things around me creating heat in the studio

oh hello to the live chat as well a lot of things going on today oh my goodness

I don't know where to start I suppose I could start by saying welcome it's


I'm just getting my water please bear with me a moment oh yes

sweet sweet bliss now I have my water I am a happy man if there's one thing you

need when you are broadcasting especially if you are doing it for a

very long time you do need some water and I didn't have any but now I do

sweet sweet h2o when we say something is sweet it doesn't always mean that the

taste is sweet it doesn't always mean that sometimes a thing that is sweet can

be much needed or something that is valued or something that you desire very

much or maybe something that you really treasure very much at the moment I

really treasure this glass of water because I'm in my studio it's about 90

degrees in here at the moment it is very hot I've just realized in the studio

what a way to start the day hello - Jimmy oh hello Jimmy you are first on

today's live chat well done to you

have you been watching my daily live streams I did 43 days of live streams

without any break and yesterday as I said yesterday I thought I was still

doing my live stream yesterday but I wasn't I wasn't doing it at all even

though it felt like it yesterday we went into town and I was surprised I'm going

to be honest with you I was surprised by how many people there were in town

yesterday walking around many people very close to each other I didn't stay

in town very long we just bought some bread and tea cakes and then we got the

heck out of there as quickly as we could Thank You Jimmy for joining me also we

have moe-san as well hello Mohsen nice to see you on the live chat as well we

are back here once again on Sunday it is the 10th of May 20-22 Day celebrating

Mother's Day around the world so if you are celebrating your mother or if you're

celebrating the day dedicated to mothers around the world can I say happy

Mother's Day wherever you were watching at the moment

and here in the UK we have our Mother's Day on a different day to be honest a

very different day but anyway happy Mother's Day if you are celebrating

Mother's Day today hello also to grace grace chin thank you

very much for joining me today also partridge mr. duncan do you know

that you have great patience I do I really do if there's one thing I've

learned over the past 14 years doing this on YouTube you need a lot of

patience you need to stay cool even when things

are going completely wrong so from time to time you do have to keep your head

you have to make sure that you don't lose your cool even when people around

you or losing theirs so that is one of the things about doing this you have to

make sure that you stay cool calm all the time or else you can't really do

this very well to be honest a lot of people ask mr. Duncan how do you become

a live streaming presenter is it easy my answer is no it is not it is not easy to

do that's why not many people do it really when you think about it

hello yes iya hello Sergio hello - Maria Oh Maria I'm saying hello to Maria I've

missed my echo I really have hello also - Kaelyn who says it is

Mother's Day yes if it is your Mother's Day can I say hello to your mother a lot

of people are remembering their mothers some people are not lucky enough to have

their mothers around anymore my mother at the moment is being cared

for in isolation and I can't go to see her so I'm really looking forward to the

day when I can go to see my mother and say hello face to face in person there

is no substitute for seeing someone for real especially a person who you love or

care for or treasure there is no substitute you can't replace that

feeling so I'm really looking forward to seeing my mother in person for real I'm

really looking forward to that hello - Peter hello Luis Mendez Oh Luis

is here today and back in the studio so I can use my little echo I've missed my

echo my echo I have missed you so I really have I have very much hello Annie

corn hello also sunshine mr. Duncan you are

late what is happening to the voice what is happening to my voice I don't know I

hope I sound alright I must admit I did connect some of my equipment in a hurry

today I was rushing around I don't know why sometimes time will just disappear I

don't know why sometimes it appears as if you have lots of time and then

suddenly that time has disappeared hello also meeker hello Tamiko

guess what last night I did something that I haven't done for a long time I

actually went onto periscope and I used to watch periscope quite a lot because

sometimes there are some interesting people around the world talking about

their lives however over time I noticed that the standard of people on periscope

was going down quite quickly to the point where it was very hard to find

anyone decent to actually watch if you get my meaning if you know what I mean

then you know what I mean however yesterday I I went on periscope I had a

spare moment of time and I found the most amazing creator a wonderful

publisher on periscope and he is in Japan and he walks around with his phone

live-streaming of course that is what periscope is all about you go on there

and you livestream to the world and this guy was very interesting I

found myself watching his livestream for quite a long time which is unusual for

me because sometimes I have a very low boredom threshold so quite often I will

click around and then if I find something I like I will stick with it I

will stay with it and watch it I will watch it for a while so this guy was in

Japan and he was walking around a local park and he was showing all of the

wonderful flowers and even some of the insects as well he was talking to a

caterpillar this gives you an idea of the sort of thing I like watching on the

Internet and he was watching this caterpillar going about his life

this little caterpillar was just walking around and he was talking to it and

describing what it was doing and I found it really lovely and charming so I can't

remember his name now I think it's a nice guy

I'm sure his name is a nice guy all one word but I was fascinated by it and he

had this most gorgeous soothing voice his English by the way was amazing that

is the other thing that I was blown away by he had the most amazing English his

English and the way he was describing everything was fantastic so I was really

drawn into his live stream so that is what I was doing yesterday a moment of

time that passed however it was a very useful valuable moment of time hello

Christine it's a pleasure seeing you again thank you very much we have coming

up today guess we have something to do don't worry we have an excerpt from one

of my full English lessons to give you an idea of the sort of thing I like

doing here on YouTube and yes I am going to make some

new lessons so coming up as the weather gets better

even though unfortunately today have you have you seen the weather outside it's

absolutely awful it looks quite nice there I will be

honest with you on that shot the view looks nice however it's very windy and

it's also very cold outside as well so that's the reason why I am indoors

however it is quite windy today quite rough I think the word I'm looking for

is rough it's quite turbulent outside so that's the reason why I'm inside but I

will be making some new English lessons recorded lessons and I will be making

some more full English lessons so that is a series of lessons where I talk

about lots of different subjects in the English language also today we have the

sentence game as well hmm it's the sentence game the sentence game

the sentence game play along at home it's the sentence game however today we

are going to do something a little different with the sentence game today I

am going to give you replies to questions so what you have to do is ask

the question you have to work out what the question is based on my answer so

I'm going to give you replies to a question and what you have to do is

guess what the question is what is the person asking me for what is the person

asking me to do you see so when you ask a question quite often it is in the form

of a request something you want maybe you need some

information maybe you want to ask a favor from another person as well many

ways of doing it so we will be playing the sentence game but it will be

different today we are doing it in a slightly different way and of course he

is coming our way a little bit later on yes he will be here with us once again

you know what I'm talking about mr. Steve will be here a little bit later on

yes he is back by popular demand did you see him by the way on Friday he was in a

very lively mood however today guess what he feels tired he feels a little

bit under the weather so once again today mr. Steve will be sitting down

but that's disgusting yes it is English addict number 70 I can't believe we've

made it all away 270 Wow all the way to episode 74 mr. Steve he's not feeling

very well I don't know why because yesterday we went for a lovely walk and

Steve was in a very excited mood I'm not going to tell you why we're going to ask

Steve when he comes on today he will be with his live very shortly when Steve

arrives I'm going to ask him why he was so excited yesterday and I'm also going

to show you what we had to eat on Friday as well because Steve was very busy in

the kitchen making some lovely cakes some scones or as I like to say scones

so that coming up a little bit later on why is mr. Steve so happy there is a

reason for it and it's a very good reason as well a very nice reason indeed

also we're going to look at some very strange words you know the English

language is sometimes confusing sometimes surprising sometimes the

English language can be very confusing with words that look strange so I

thought we would have a look at some odd words that exist some strange words that

exist in the English language and can I just say there are many for example we

have this word bamboozled bamboozled I love this word it sounds like a word

that isn't real however it is a real word honestly it's definitely a real

word bamboozled if you bamboozle someone it means you

trick them or cheat them you do something that confuses them you trick

them into thinking something you bamboozle a person you bamboozle someone

to confuse a person by misleading them can be bamboozled I love that word it

looks like a word that I've made up but I haven't it is a real word the word is

bamboozle to create confusion you might bamboozle your friend with

some information that may or may not be true or real bamboozle I like that word

very much and of course the effect of this is bamboozled so a person who is

confused or misled by another person you can say that they are bamboozled they

are completely confused and maybe also cheated or misled bamboozled you are

trying to bamboozle me with all of your technical computer words you see so

maybe a person who is trying to sell a computer to another person but maybe the

computer isn't very good so what you will do you will use lots of big long

words to try and trick the person into buying the computer you bamboozle that

person you make them confused and overwhelmed by the words that you are

using bamboozled I love that word very much it's a very interesting word mr.

Steve will be with us soon do not worry he will be with us hello to Maddy hello

Maddy Maddy Mohammadi I really feel great to be part of one of the best

English classes across YouTube thank you very much for your compliment as well

nice to see you here also we have in a pika and a pika says I missed you a

lot yesterday I missed you to be honest

yesterday morning when I woke up I actually thought I was going to do a

livestream but I wasn't I even had some ideas in my head and the other thing

about yesterday is the weather was own believably beautiful it was a fantastic

day yesterday I can't believe how lovely the weather was yesterday and I thought

I also can't believe how bad the weather is today it was hot so hot about 23

degrees yesterday here in the UK the Sun was out we had a gorgeous walk into town

even though there were a few too many people in town I did feel a little

uncomfortable walking around town yesterday because there were quite a few

people walking around mmm I love your comments by the way on the live chat I

really do love them I love them very much hello Rick Rick San hello Rick

hello mr. Duncan could you show or could you say or reveal or demonstrate the

pronunciation of caller a person who is phoning you or maybe you are phoning

someone else on the telephone you are the caller the person who is making the

call caller then we have the word color color the shade or the tone of a plant

or any object around you I suppose color caller color

Carla so the collar is here for example on my shirt you can see there is a

collar on my shirt very nice so we have caller hello hello hello who's there who

is the caller I don't know who the caller is then we have the color for

example the color of my tie is purple even though some people say it's pink

but it isn't it is purple and then we have caller caller color color I hope

that helps you thank you very much oh we also have Luis Mendez a new Miss

Mendez is here today I hope you are recovering from you know what hello also

- Kim Kim Kwang nice to see you here I have a feeling that you are watching in

Vietnam nice to see you here here's another strange word that exists in the

English language there are many words in English

many some might say millions there are certainly many definitions of words

maybe you might say millions of definitions there are many ways of using

words and I suppose you could say that about all languages stiple oh I like

this word stipple stipple if you stipple something it means you make a certain

pattern normally with paint stipple maybe you press the bristles of a brush

onto the sir this may be on your ceiling or on your

walls it is a type of contour or a type of surface stipple so it is not smooth

it has stipple x' it is something that is stippled you often see walls and also

ceilings in certain buildings or houses and they are stippled certain types of

painting such as landscape painting you can stipple that means you press the

brush flat onto the surface stipple stipple I like that word I'm going to

show it again stipple mr. Duncan was painting his ceiling he was stippling

the paint to create a contour a shape or texture so we can describe stipple as a

type of texture as well stipple so this can be used as a noun and also a verb as

well you stipple something the thing that is left behind is stipple stipple I

like that one I really do mr. steve is coming soon

hello where are you where am i I'm here at the moment in my studio in England

that's where I'm talking to you from right now

hello satury no yes we are all together once again live I am doing my lessons

for those who don't know who I am I will quickly mention my name is Duncan I

teach English and I'm here three times a week on Sunday Wednesday and Friday and

I teach English on YouTube and I've been doing it forever

such a long time most too long sometimes I think maybe I

should be doing something else with my life maybe something else maybe I should

be a mountain climber or maybe I should go deep-sea diving to look at all of the

beautiful coral reefs around the world however if I did that then I wouldn't be

able to do this and to be honest with you I do enjoy doing this I really do

enjoy it and I hope you do as well I really do so why is mr. Steve happy

today he is feeling very happy and it all relates to something he did a few

days ago what is it we will find out later on all by the way I have been

asked to show the cattle so here is the cattle once again in the field at the

back of my house so these are now living right at the back of my house and I am

quite pleased to see them there very pleased indeed so they're arriving into

the field they were arriving last week there are a selection of bulls and also

cows as well so collectively we will normally call these cattle cattle we

will often describe these as cattle cattle they are cattle that's what we

call them I hope you can still see me all right

oh hello something very strange happened then a bird actually flew and rested on

the window and it was a baby it was a baby Blackbird just came to say hello it

was probably wondering where I am because I'm not outside I think so so

there were the cows we have a lot of petal at the moment and I have a strange

feeling my internet connection just went down for a few moments which is great

I'm really enjoying this wonderful 21st century technology we're going to have a

little break and then we have mr. Steve coming on as well and it will also give

me a chance to drink some water before my throat bursts into flames so here it

is one of my full English lessons this is an excerpt taken from full English

number 28 and then after this it's mr. Steve surprise it's me

were you expecting me or did you think someone else would pop up on your screen

welcome to another full English lesson coming to you from the birthplace of Rod

Stewart phrases dad benjamin britten rod Templeton what you don't know who rolled

Templeton was he only wrote some of the biggest songs in popular music history

the most successful of which was thriller by Michael Jackson but I

digress so without any more musical chitchat and

songwriting shenanigans let's get on with today's full english lesson right


the English language can be very confusing especially when it comes to

grammar and punctuation here's a good example of that confusion for what

reason do you use an apostrophe in the word it's this particular confusion

occurs with native speakers as well as those learning it as a second language

the two types of uses are contractions and possessive as a contraction there is

an apostrophe added to the sentence which shows that the sentence in

question has been shortened instead of it is you put it's it's so nice of you

to invite me over without the apostrophe the word becomes possessive to clearly

show that the thing in question belongs to the subject being discussed as in an

elephant in the wild will grab the branch with its trunk so there is a

definite difference between these two uses as I already mentioned it is common

for those who use English natively to make mistakes so the next time you

make a small error whilst speaking English you can reassure yourself by

remembering this lovely phrase whether you use English every day or if you're

only just starting to learn how to say mistakes are common and they happen

either way enjoy English it's time now to take a look at another buzz word a

buzz word is a word or sentence that is popular during a certain period of time

or is used often today's buzz word is negotiate the word negotiate is a verb

that means to obtain or bring something about by discussion to make something

happen by formally discussing the important points where there is

disagreement is to negotiate they had to negotiate a new pay deal for

the employees sir market traders are willing to negotiate the price with you

to share disagreements with a view to making compromises and changes is to

negotiate sometimes it is necessary to discuss the disagreements that two or

more groups have so they must be negotiated to find a way through or over

something such as an obstacle or a difficult route is to negotiate the

cyclists had to negotiate some very sharp corners during the race to

transfer a check or bill with its benefits to another person is to

negotiate to convert a check into cash or notes is to negotiate the now

negotiation is the actual discussion where people negotiate a plant or a deal

the negotiations went on right through the night the word negotiate originated

in Latin and meant done in the course of business synonyms of negotiate include

talk discuss barter confer bargain parlay settle you


there is nothing more pleasing than seeing someone smile a smile can go a

long way I love smiling as it gives me a chance

to show off my lovely teeth isn't it strange how we take our teeth for

granted we only really appreciate them after they've gone

there are many idioms relating to teeth for example you can get your teeth into

something to do something with enthusiasm and passion is to get your

teeth into something I can't wait to get my teeth into this new job if something

is rare or uncommon then we can say that it is like hens teeth the honesty of a

politician is as common as hen's teeth the meaning being that a hen has no

teeth to be annoyed by something to the point where you cannot take it anymore

you can be sick to your back teeth your constant complaining is making me sick

to my back teeth to start out as a newcomer or to learn as you go along is

to cut your teeth I spent five years in the Justice Department cutting my teeth

as a lawyer teeth can be described as Nashes choppers ivories pearly whites

chompers if a person has big teeth then we might

describe them as looking like tombstones look after your teeth you'll miss them

when they're gone

dip dip dip do oh yes very nice wasn't that nice

did you enjoy one of my English lessons one of my actual full English lessons

and yes as I said I am going to start making some more well as soon as the

weather gets better I will definitely start making some more

full English lessons

I don't know why but today I feel as if I don't know I don't know why I just the

day has gone by so quickly I woke up this morning I had four hours to prepare

and then suddenly all of the time seemed to just disappear

here is someone now who always likes to use his time in a very constructive way

a constructive and useful way he's looking rather bright today even though

this morning he wasn't feeling well he's a little bit under the weather again

however he is back with us yes ladies and gentlemen put your hands together

for mr. Steve

how are you today mr. Duncan but we are separated aren't we we are today but but

because you wanted to sit down in your chair yes I wanted to sit down because

you know I'm not being 100% just like last week I don't know what's the matter

with me I've got a headache today I could blame you for that but I won't

good although it's a good job we're inside mr. Duncan because I'm looking

out the window here it's pretty wild windy weather it is

outside but one thing I can see is one thing that is cheering me up more than

anything right there before you say anything because this is something I've

been teasing you see Oh teasing so be careful Steve that we

don't want to we don't want to give the money shot too quickly but Steve you you

we went outside yesterday because it was really strange yesterday because I've

stopped doing my daily live streams and I have to be honest it felt really

strange yesterday morning I woke up and I felt as if there was something I

should be doing but I didn't have anything to do and and then we went into

town didn't we however on the way through the garden

Steve noticed something you got a little bit excited didn't you Steve I did

because I've been waiting for this moment to happen and I was I thought to

myself bye why haven't I seen them yet why haven't I seen it happen my hard

work come to fruition yes my hard work come to fruition there's a good

expression mr. Duncan so it's something you did a few days ago we actually

talked about it on one of our Sunday live streams so this is something that

Steve was doing in the garden but I wonder if you can actually work out out

there what it was that got mr. Steve so excited yesterday I will give you a clue

it is something to do with outside I think that's a pretty big clue I think

yes it's a pretty big clue that so outside

something outside that mr. Steve did Christina says mr. Steve you were always

working hard you must take a rest for a while all right mr. Duncan's like a

slave driver he gets me to just work hard all the time oh that needs doing

that needs doing why aren't you doing that why haven't

you finished that task it where's my tea he says I'm the one I'm the star I'm the

one who's working hard appearing in front of millions every day what I'm

joking I'm joking I don't know who you wonder about who while you're on about

their cuz it's not it's not me you're talking about I know but the only thing

that's keeping me going at the moment is the knowledge that all my hard work two

weeks ago has paid off yes and anyway you'll tell us all what

it's about I'm sure you've got a little video yes well and we're gonna have a

glimpse right now so this is what Steve was really getting excited about the

other day well you'll see it now on the screen are you ready everyone

is everyone ready are you ready I'm ready

I don't know how about you so here we go so this was just before I came on this

is one of the reasons why I was actually late today because I was doing this in

the garden yes so let's have a look oh and there is the garden you can see it's

very windy just to give you an idea look how windy it is and as we move

across the garden you could see a black bird then flying away there is the

birdbath let's keep going oh can you see it Steve someone's

guessed it here gene has guessed it so well done look at that look at that mr.

Duncan I can see green I'm so excited I'm so excited because I kept watering

it every day and I expected the the new green shoots from the grass seed

yeah look how close mr. Duncan zooming in there I expected it to take maybe six

seven days that's what it said on the packet of seeds I thought they said 13

days no were on the packet of seeds I bought they said it was a very fast

germinating type of grass seed and I should expect results within six or

seven days huh and six or seven days passed I kept watching it every night

seven days passed in fact 10 days passed but on the on the 11th no on the 12th

day which was yesterday that literally came up overnight there was nothing one

day and it was all up the next day isn't nature amazing it is so success I've

managed to plant some grass seed and it's worked and the birds have taken

half of it but for their babies but at least it's come up so yes I'm happy mr.

Duncan so you can see there the green shoots of mr. Steve's new grass is

finally coming through the soil Steve is now the proud father of a new lawn like

me got it right as well but a number of people have guests so thank you very

much for following me and remembering what we were doing in the past weeks so

Mikey got it right and so did somebody else whose name I can't remember now

that I did mention it earlier so yes I'm very pleased so I'm hoping in in about

two weeks time I can give it its first cut and then we will have a nice corner

of the garden which looks a lot more pleasant than it did before and I think

you're right I think I've exhausted myself so much over the last few weeks

preparing that ground which is why I haven't yet fully recovered though look

at that you can see all of the tiny little blades of grass

coming through look at that if we freeze the video look you can see some little

green shoots coming up through the ground of course we can use the phrase

green shoots to mean something else can't we Steve if if there is a turn

around quite often with maybe the economy we often talk about green shoots

so if something is changing from a bad situation to a good situation and I'm

sure that is something we can all relate to at the moment we are all patiently

waiting for green shoots to start to appear oh yes I got quite close there so

all those little green shoots that that is mr. Steve's new grass so we'll be

hearing that phrase used by politicians yes we are seeing the green shoots of

recovery in terms of the economy I think it's going to be a while since we until

we hear that phrase being you now to describe any kind of economic recovery

they quite often use that phrase don't they politicians when they're saying

that the economy is recovering we are seeing green shoots of recovery yes in

the economy so it means it means this that the good the good fortune or the e

turn around from a bad situation is beginning things are starting to change

there are green shoots appearing it's starting well says Lewis I know a little

about it so it seems like Lewis probably has some grass seed before I mean it's

no big deal it's not a big thing but but you know it's a lot of effort isn't it

digging over a piece of ground well I I'm gonna say Steve you though you

worked very hard on that I can feel a little self-satisfied yes when you've

done something and it's successful there's a pigeon on it now look

pigeon you can't see it from either there's a pigeon pecking away on my new

lawns get off unfortunately I can't leave the camera

to go and shoo it off no the only thing I'm glad of Steve is that you don't own

a gun yeah we'd have pigeon pie every night if I had a gun because there's so

many pigeons we could literally live off pigeon nurse I'll tell you if there was

a food shortage here in this country we would be fine because we could just eat

pigeon pie every night I'm gonna I'm gonna be honest with you Steve I don't

think I like the idea of eating pigeon will attract them with their little bit

of bait some dried bread and then I'll pop them off one by one and make a nice

pie okay Steve that's good as can I just apologize to all vegans watching oh yeah

but this is only a survival situation okay I've got to get rid of these

pigeons mr. Duncan they're annoying me oh I've got rid of one of them no sir

that's a that's a wonderful moment of YouTube there on my grass get off I have

to put a big notices on the grass pigeons keep off yes well I think first

of all Steve you're gonna have to teach pigeons how to read oh yes just one

slight drawback of your idea is the fact that pigeons can't read but as I was

saying if when you've done something it's taken you a while to do something

and then you see the results of what you've done your hard work you can for a

small period of time feel a little smug a little self-satisfied yeah why not

that you've done something but of course you can't keep on talking about it

because if I keep saying this to mr. Duncan oh look my grass it's coming up

look how wonderful it is he will soon tell me just to shut up and say oh right

get over it get over it mr. Steve we know you've done it it's been successful

but you know don't keep going on and on about it so yes I thought there's a

black bird on there now I don't mind the black birds because they're quite light

okay so they're not going to they're not going to destroy them that one

there's still one pigeon there okay Steve this is this is fascinating for

you but none of us can see what's actually going on

I can I can seen all of them here who taught me anything the worst possible

position mister don't go you didn't sister I was I was going to try and go

outside today but Steve wanted to have a chair he said I must have a chair

because I'm feeling I'm feeling so delicate today yes I thought but I don't

like mr. Duncan you see viewers that's me mr. Duncan has this ability to be

able to stand up for hours on end it's true and not have any ill effects I've

never been able to do that if I stand up for more than half an hour I started

ache all over but not mr. Duncan with between you and me he's got giant feet

so okay mr. Duncan's feet are so big that they support all his weight very

easily and he doesn't feel any ill effects it's like having it's like

having a wearing a pair of skis or strapping a couple of tennis racquets to

your feet or maybe how that weight is evenly distributed but mr. Duncan's

rather large feet or maybe and therefore he's quite comfortable to stay on his

feet for hours on end he's always been able to do it because used to work in a

shop didn't you years ago that's good Steve yo could you just leave this is it

this is fascinating yes I'm a back flip more than 30 years here okay they'll be

able to stand on his feet all day what funny watch it not many of us can do ok

Steve we get it I can stand up for a long time I am literally a human tripod

maybe one what one way you could show us your feet ok extra-long toes that

actually look like fingers very angry I'm angry I'm just slightly crestfallen

oh I'm crestfallen crest but no it it's an advantage you've got some kind

of biological advantage over me in the loken your feet will allow you to stand

up for hours on end with no ill effect okay then Steve yes you've just

literally explained that once and I you're telling is exactly the same thing

again I'm gonna get my binoculars you know what they say though people with

big feet it's not true by the way it's definitely not true know this comment

from me on that okay okay Steve weak yes okay fine so are you feeling all right

now I feel better now I'm I'm live with you mr. Duncan because okay I can forget

about my headache and aren't you normally live with me well I'm usually

only sort of consciously present for maybe 20% of the day okay

that's the time I'm sort of in here somewhere the live chat is very busy

Sean Sean ferry asks do pigeons send letters I think I think what you

actually mean is do they carry letters I don't think they do it anymore during

the war and during periods where telecommunications were were sort of

damaged or the power lines or the telephone lines were down they would

often use pigeons wouldn't they Steve carrier pigeons but the the pigeons

themselves didn't write the messages they they just they were used as as

transport for for the the notes and the letters yes so they were they were

called carrier pigeons carrier pigeons and sometimes they would send little

parcels as well they would strap small packages to them and they would take

them and and maybe that something Amazon might might be using soon because of the

situation here there are lots of pigeons you could you could get pigeons you

could train them to deliver Amazon packages to people's doors so that the

pigeon would come down and then it would tap on the door with its beak

and then but underneath it there would be this giant Amazon package which it

just flown 30 or 40 miles to deliver there'll be a lot more reliable than

trying to use drones a brilliant idea I think I think so I reckon a pigeon could

carry more than a drone so and mr. Duncan can I just say did you that's

something that you can do very well that I can't do and that's make the sound of

a pigeon yes because I think that's something that you

I think it's a genetic thing you've got it if you could if you can roll your R's

or you can make this do that again mister don't make the sound of a pigeon

if there's one thing I'm good at is rolling my arse yes okay we'll have a

little bit of echo with it as well here we go so here is a pigeon this is my

impression of a pigeon delivering an Amazon package there we go you see if I

tried to do that this is what it sounds like I can't do it that's so I can't I

can't make that noise I can't do it that sounds like the pigeon just before it

collapses after after carrying the package that's the sound it makes after

I shot it with my gun so come on Jeff besos don't take that idea from me I

came up with an idea you you can have your drones and I will have the pigeons

delivering parcels to people's doors good idea yeah I've never been able to

make that noise iCup make I don't know how you do it I just can't do it I'm

sorry haha there's somebody here now I saw this earlier I'll get back to it

when I concede in a minute from Belarus we've got somebody watching us from

Belarus today and I've lost the I've lost the name of the person because it

was here and now it's gone because you know what the live chats

I try to to look back at the live chat oh here we go it's Galina Galina are

from Belarus and that stood out for me because Belarus was on the news I'm sure

it was Belarus it was on the news last night okay with their big celebrations

of VE Day I think you had particular specs but particularly spectacular

celebrations I hope I'm right that it was yourself

but it was all it was ever the news here in the BBC because I think we were most

impressed with your celebrations so that's that I think what's that right

mr. Duncan am I right about that do you think don't mention the war I've got a

I've got a I've got a new I've got a new rule on here that mentioned the war

because if you mentioned the war people people start complaining about it they

say Oh mr. Duncan who did you support and during the Second World War and who

do you support now during the wars that are happening in it's it's such a heavy

subject when you start talking about it because we talked about VE Day which

means victory in Europe even though I I said victory over Europe which was

just a slip of the tongue you know so I said that but it is it is a difficult

subject to talk about isn't it when you think about it Belarus

yes they had a big military march and also in Russia that they were having

lots of celebrations everywhere different it's interesting that

different parts of the world celebrate their VE Day or the end of the Second

World War on different days and in different ways as well yes but I think

the the point about Belarus was that the military parade took place as usual

there was actually no safe distancing or anything so I think the reason why we

were talking about it here is because it looked as if everything there was normal

but we we have to make sure that we have got the right

country well yes well you mentioned it Steve well I'm short but it looked very

impressive Steve it's Steve Steve did it pal Mira I noticed earlier has their

social distancing has been relaxed a little there because they must be ahead

of us in terms of their recovery okay enjoyed her first cup of coffee

in an outside cafe oh my goodness so that's must must have felt wonderful

though there are there are definitely some some differences occurring yes I

think we're a long way from that hmm mr. Duncan I think I won't comment on our

performance on you-know-what but I think for all to see across the world I don't

think that we are exactly yeah covering ourselves in glory when it comes to the

come of this particular pandemic yes okay then I was just waiting for the end

of the sentence we've we've got we've got oh we've got someone watching in

it's disappeared right there one of the annoying things about the live chat is

quite often you will see a lovely message that you want to read out and

then it vanishes I think I think Steve has the same problem as well but can I

say you let hello to Darren Rossiter hello Darwin hello yes watching in the

UK can you believe it from Nottingham which isn't too far away from us yes

probably about 60 miles something like that Nottingham don't think too far away

so how lovely to have somebody watching us from from the UK we don't get very

many but we do get well we do get people watching in the UK there are lots of

people watching in the UK Steve all right okay but not people who are I'm

guessing that you are actually a native English speaker

forgive me if I'm wrong but I get the feeling you what you are curious to find

out what all of this is about even though we do we do have people watching

in the UK yes we yes we do to definiteness yes oh you do bar that

I've only here once a week and we've got somebody watching from Kazakhstan today

who Barham bali from kazakhstan so welcome and hello to you it that's

what's so wonderful about your live chance we get people from all over the

world watching yes I like to think that this is thing I like to think this is a

big community a big happy family on a Sunday getting together have you

got a theme today mr. Duncan I think well I was talking about unusual words

would you like to see another one so we're looking at unusual English words

the the world of English is a fun and exciting place and also sometimes a

little bit confusing as well so there is an interesting word and very relevant to

something yes going on outside at the moment so trampled it's a great word

trample trample trample is a great word it means to stand on something or walk

across something so you are putting your full weight on to a surface quite often

on the ground as you walk you will trample however Steve is getting a

little annoyed at the pigeons because they they they are in the hab habit in

the moment they like to trample over mr. Steve's grass seed they're trampling all

over the ground so it means it's a sort of a heavy footed attempt really just

sort of walk over ground in a in a sort of random heavy-handed sort of play

heavy-handed yes have you footage are you walking on your hands if you win

keen yes okay I suppose of you with the circus maybe so

without thinking you somebody might say Austin

do you mind get off there stop trampling all over my newly laid lon

for example I might say that to mr. Duncan if he tries to get on there too

soon if you trample over something you'd

normally damage something in the process of doing it you're not being careful

it's a it's it's it's a way of walking over a surface there's lacks any care

that's it you're putting your heavy weight your full weight onto the ground

normally walking if you are trampling you will trample over something maybe

you will trample on someone's flowers and you exactly you will destroy them

trample over their flowers all over their vegetables but I thought you an

animal could do that or a human could do it deliberate that's it but you can also

trample over somebody's ideas hmm can't you as well so yeah if somebody's got an

idea they've they've got a plan a scheme they want to do something for example I

could accuse mr. Duncan of trampling over my idea to turn that corner of the

garden into something looking a bit more pleasant okay because if somebody

criticizes you after you decide to do something so for example I could say to

mr. Duncan I want to dig over that area of ground put some plants in level it

out and put grass see down there and mr. Duncan might say oh I don't think that's

a good idea no that won't look right you ought to

put a shed there oh no that'll never work the birds will take all the the

seed array you could then I could then come back to mr. Duncan and say stop

trampling over my ideas so if you try to put somebody down okay in something that

they want to do you can accuse them of trampling over their ideas yes it's

often used in a negative way it's often used in a way of destroying by by

creating damage so when we think of something physically we are talking

about people walking over things or destroying things

carelessly in a careless fashion so quite often trample is used in a

negative way like the the pigeons they they like to trample over mr. Steeves

Birds bird not Birds cease lawn seed is that right would you say lawn see so

barren Lu says hello mr. Stephen mr. Duncan good day from Singapore trample

destroyed by feet that's correct it yes but so it can be used you know in the up

in that way to say that you're using your feet too carelessly destroy

something but it can also be used in the in another way to somebody you've got an

idea to do something a business idea or something like that and somebody

criticizes them and then you trampling on their ideas by using the words that

you're saying isn't that right mr. Duncan it is true yes say goes trampled

in a physical way with your feet or you can trample by using your words to put

down somebody's ideas or plans you trample you trample over their dreams

yes from trample over their success and some people like to do that don't know

they they might be jealous of someone else's success or maybe someone has a

great idea but you don't want them to succeed so you will trample over their

idea they will they will then become discouraged and maybe they won't do it

because of your horrible words barren loses the trampoline come from trample

it's all about feet to be honest we don't know so tramp tramp but just means

to move around walk you walk you you like trampoline trampoline you are

bouncing you are moving on your feet but you are going up and down a tramp

a person who is homeless what do they do they walk around all

over the place yes they Tramp they walk so trample is just another way

of describing walking you are walking over something quite often you are

damaging the thing that you are walking on so yes it's it's an interesting word

a simple word yet it can be used in so many wonderful expressive ways and E

star says I was this is a good use of the of the word I was trampled in my job

by my boss hmm so your boss was trampling all over you so you might have

had some good ideas some to do something in the office or wherever you work but

your boss put all those ideas down he criticized them and stopped them ever

happening so he trampled on you trampled on your ideas and and and anything that

you wanted to do at work so that's a very good use people can trample all

quite often you might say for example somebody in a relationship there one

person in that relationship might be dominant in some way and might criticize

the other partner all the time and a friend of yours might say well don't let

them trample all over you you know stand up for yourself so somebody might

constantly criticize you and try and put you down and to keep you in your place

because that makes them feel better but of course what they're actually doing is

trampling all over you so they're using words and to make you feel bad and that

is use an expression don't let somebody trample all over you means that don't

let them take the mickey out of you don't let don't let them use you yes or

belittle you or put you down that's it a person can say things that will

demotivate another person yes you will they will lose their confidence take

away a person's confidence we will be playing the sentence

game a little bit later on Steve as well we have a wonderful game called the

sentence game we will be playing it it is only 25 past three on a Sunday

afternoon here in the UK the sentence game coming soon as well here's another

interesting word Steve this is an interesting word look at this one

is that a real word is it maybe I've got it upside down wow what is that that

doesn't make sense I think it's that way looks like Russian

up the other way yes it does look like Russian you're right and looks like

Russian that looks like Cyrillic that looks a little bit like Cyrillic but

that is so come on then

su it's actually pronounced as it as it looks it's actually Su Su

it's a weird word isn't it that is a weird way down I know the word but I

can't remember what it means - it's - it's often used in in legal

terms it's often used in legal terms I'm gonna leave this here actually because I

think that's a great word it's one of the strangest words I think I've seen

for a long time it's Chu so that's exactly how you pronounce it so as you

see it on the screen that is literally how you say it it's - its - and what

does it mean mr. Duncan no I'm I just said I'm going to see if anyone can can

come up with it themselves we I'm going to get you to do a little

bit of work on this Sunday you say ah I know the meaning of course but of course

you do mr. Duncan yes you wouldn't have put it up there if you didn't know oh no

that wouldn't make any sense what so uh s qu it's a great word so when do if

someone's going to come up with that one oh very nice we have the sentence game

coming soon Steve yes morning now this is something that confused me

today Steve did something today that confused me during the week Steve phoned

up a builder now as you know that we are going through strange times here in the

UK and around the world but Steve phoned a builder to come in

look because yes basically some of the house is falling down we had a water

leak did we not when we had all that heavy

rain which some of you may remember during the winter months it was the

wettest winter I think ever on record we had heavy driving rain and we had let's

just say one or two leaks so yes I phoned the Builder up last week because

I thought it's on the outside of the house there's a problem on the outside

let's see if I can convince somebody to come out and have a look at it because

my theory is when the restrictions are all lifted okay then

builders are going to be in very high demand to go and fix people's leaking

roofs and you know whatever he's doing so I thought are getting quickly get

somebody around and then when they can actually work properly which we think

will probably be next week we've got an announcement tonight everybody in the UK

I don't think it's gonna be next week while builders may be anywhere we don't

know so anyway he suddenly phoned up out of the blue this morning and said that

he could come round and have a look he wanted he wanted to come to the house

and have a look and suddenly I was panicking but Steve didn't seem too

concerned which which was even more surprising so I really didn't want

anyone coming to the house at all I didn't want some stranger driving up to

the house and then coming onto our property and walking around and maybe

perhaps he would want to come into the house so I said that can't happen I was

really surprised however he didn't stay very long

and so he didn't come into the house or you didn't get too close however

sometimes this is something I've noticed Steve don't take this as a criticism I

do notice sometimes I noticed some time I noticed sometimes you seem to forget

that we're in a lockdown situation in the UK I know but you know the idea was

he would come round we would stay two metres apart okay I would point to where

the problem was and I would say what do you think and he would say you need this

doing all that doing yes and then I'd say okay give me a quote okay and then

but what I'm on about but you forget that's the problem and I didn't forget

today okay then but that's what you do Steve Steve had this this an amazing

habit of keeping his social distance and then forgetting completely and then he

gets closer and closer and more and more vocal and he seems to forget that we're

in lockdown no I don't anymore no I think he's remembered now anyway he

yeah he came he came and went yes as we say that's it and his solution was yes

well the problem is I couldn't let him into the house yes not obviously we

can't do that that's it that's how he couldn't really see what the problem was

so his solution was rather radical and expensive so Kay I said I'd get back to

okay Steve he was within within no he hadn't really diagnose the problem this

is what happens sometimes when you know it's very difficult to trust if anyone's

ever had builders come round to your house you cut if you don't know anything

about the trade or the profession okay well you do yourself wouldn't you well

that's the thing you see if I mean I don't know anything about building no so

when you get somebody to come round and assess your house as to what needs doing

yes you have to sort of trust them which is why you should always get at least

three separate quotes okay but the point is I mean within literally

within 30 seconds of me saying Oh that was the problem he hadn't looked in

the inside where the water leak was or anything and straight away he said oh

yes um you've got a problem with blah blah blah I didn't know what it was ha

blah blah and of inner Syl something I don't know what is good I didn't know

anything about building ok what we need to do is we need to I'll get some

scaffolding and as soon as you hear the word scaffolding with a build it's not

gonna be cheap isn't it well what scaffolding so he said he was

going to put scaffolding it's it's that it's the interlocking poles that go up

on buildings isn't isn't it so that it's to work on it's just it's just a

framework that builders used to climb up and down when they're working on the

front of a building yes well you never want to have a bill to come to your

house and say we'll put up scaffolding because that's going to be expensive to

buy yes and then he started talking about removing on one side a house about

three or four layers of bricks to see what was happening I thought eh below

he's just trying to make money it doesn't money out of nothing okay let's

do her I'm trying to stay on track here Steve I don't know I don't know wig all

that all I said was a builder came and I was surprised that was it everyone say

he's gone this is far too much information for the average well anyone

it is what I'm doing now of course is just expressing my inner thoughts and

far too much there is suddenly perfectly correct okay Steve let me just carry on

teaching English because that is really what we're for right your word is

attention this is one of the strangest I think this is one of the strangest words

that exists in English because it looks like it it should be pronounced maybe as

you said achoo but actually you pronounce it exactly how as it is

written s qu s qu and it means to push away you are pushing away something

normally as a means of avoiding it us chew something quite often used

legal terms so you will often hear this used in legal terms if you are trying to

push away maybe defense or maybe a reason for something or maybe some

evidence you will try to avoid by pushing it away you askew I think that's

a brilliant word now it sounds a bit like a sneeze as a lot of people have

said yes oh it's true I'm not really sneezing by the way but yes you're right

it does sound like a person is actually sneezing I think so

so can I su you mister don't come for the next two weeks as chew let's chew

you for the next two weeks why because I figured my kids oh okay

then I'm going to avoid mr. Duncan for the next two weeks no I'm not really

okay how was it showed you being serious then enough Platina oh here we go

plot ena is also talking about a person who comes to their house they came to

their house to fix a leak the water was leaking from the heater

I had a leak in the heater and one quote was 20,000 euros and the other one did

the job for 2,000 euros yes that's the problem with builders they've got this

reputation of ripping you off some but builders have that reputation in general

some which is why I know not all of them do it which is why you should get at

least three crutch just in case there are any builders watching no I'm just

saying I'm not saying all builders rip you off I'm saying they have that

reputation yes just like salespeople have a reputation of lying to get their

sales no that's true yes they all do it they've got that doesn't mean everybody

does it oh no a lot of titian have got a reputation of saying all salespeople lie

that's not true mr. Duncan I'm heavily regulated

you can say whatever you want about about salespeople but don't you dare

criticize those builders they can they can literally save your house from

falling down on your head yes but you don't to be ripped off no

you don't you don't to be cheated by a builder you're right

yes but Platina you make a very interesting observation there sometimes

you have to be careful so there is the word s2 to avoid you push something away

you avoid it quite often you use it in law very interesting we will be playing

the game that everyone is talking about in this house namely Steve and myself

and that is the sentence game would you like to play along Steve do you want to

play along oh definitely I'm here I might as well okay so we don't have any

song we don't have any very colorful titles we just have this piece of paper

that I left outside in the rain the other day so this is the sentence game

the sentence game this is the sentence game the sentence game play along at

home it's the sentence game that's it that's

that's you know did you like that is that worthy of a round of applause

thank you thank you for those opposed the sentence game now we have been

playing this over the past few days and we're going to change the rules today

Steve is that going to be confusing yes quite likely for one particular person

he means me no I don't mean you Steve the sentence game so I'm going to show

you a sentence however this is different so instead of sharing four words I'm

going to show you a reply to a question and what you have to do is guess what

the question is or form a question that will go with that answer it's a bit like

jeopardy as then it is have you ever heard of jeopardy it's a very well-known

TV show in the United States and what they do they give you an answer and you

have to guess what the question is it's a brilliant game actually it's it's

addictive and also a huge game show in the United States I think it's been

running for about 50 years it's it's been on for forever in the United States

so the sentence game today something a little different we are going to show

you an answer a reply what you have to do is tell me what the question is as

well Oh fly away fly away guess what Steve fly away is the owner of a pigeon

well yes so maybe fly away I hope your pigeon does not come into Steve's garden

or else you might you might find that your pigeon never comes back whereabouts

are you fly away yes because maybe you could send your pigeon here with a

message and then we could we could read the message

read it out a missile Duncan's livestream and then we could send that a

message back to you and then you could you could show us a picture of it yes I

mean if you're I would say if you're more than a hundred miles away it

probably won't work but if you're pigeon can fly across oceans and mountains then

we could play an interesting game here couldn't we mr. Duncan how far away are

you and and but unfortunately the that that particular game you would have to

own a pigeon and I get I get the feeling there aren't many people watching who

own a pitch is if fly aways pigeons yeah is able to navigate itself to our garden

okay they're Flyway could ask a question and then we could read that question and

then we could send the answer back and send the pigeon back to you yes I may

take several weeks yes unless of course Steve shoots it I

haven't got a gun mr. Duncan oh that's one of the things I'm always grateful

for in this country we have very strict gun laws fortunately for me and everyone

living around here mr. Steve can't own a gun I'm really pleased about that and I

thought oh shoot first and ask questions later type of guy yes

Steve Steve tends to rush to conclusions not always so you can buy an airgun and

I think some of those are quite powerful but I may look into that one day okay

then anyway I don't want to kill any animal no maybe you don't mean either I

like feel very guilty yes so you said here we go then this is the sentence

game everyone are you ready to play you see what I've done there and what I've

done is I've given you enough time to maybe get a piece of paper so you can

write down the sentence so this is the reply to a sentence this is the reply to

a question and here it is on the screen what you

have to do is come up with your own question you are asking something are

you ready to play out there in YouTube land I will do it

in a moment I will do it in a moment I will do it in a moment

okay Steve you can say it in an angry way yes except there isn't an

exclamation mark at the end anyway where was I before Steve shouted in my

ear I will do it in a moment so that is the reply so from this what would you

say the type of question is Steve would you say that this is a request

maybe yes it could be a request yes I think it's a request definitely I will

do it in a moment if that is your reply mmm there could be a lot of things that

you could say before that statement so let's see what everybody comes up with

yes I will do it give us the givers the that's the answer

to the question give us the question hmm so what is the question that would come

before this reply I will do it I will do it in a moment

this is something that I often say to Steve when he's maghen at me to do

something I will tell you got a lot of replies mr. Duncan good I think Galena

was the first have you made tea I will do it in a moment

hmm yeah definitely yeah Francesca says did you do your homework answer I will

do it in a moment good all done good or just Christina says when will you do it

could be anything yes so that now that is a very good

question so you are not just asking if a person will do it you are asking when

they will do it so maybe it's something that they should have done already so

maybe you are asking a person if they've done something that they should have

already done it sometimes Steve will do this he will come up to me and say why

are those dirty dishes why are those dirty dishes still in the

kitchen you haven't put the dishwasher on yet you haven't washed those dishes

and I will say I will do it in a moment I will do it in a moment so Steve is

asking me in a very direct way why I haven't done the job that I was supposed

to do two hours ago does that sound right yes Bona loses

are you going to shoot the pigeon and my reply is I will do it in a moment I'm

not going to shoot any picture yes that's funny

when will you serve the dinner to mr. Steve the answer to that would be never

I will do it at the moment I'm joking that's it so quite often it's

a thing that maybe you you are supposed to do or maybe something that you are do

to do in in the near foreseeable future I will do it in a moment so you are

waiting for something to happen you are waiting for someone to to do something

I'm Tina says can you please call your mother

oh yeah that's a good one I will do it in a moment maybe I will call my mother

in a moment Christina here must be must be a parent who's saying when will you

clean your room and the reply from the child is I will do it in a moment yes

that is a very common one that would be a very polite reply

from your child yeah I don't I don't know any child I don't know any teenager

that would say I will do it in a moment they would probably say oh shut up mum

oh you're always picking on me oh it's not fair I hate living in this house I

don't think they would say I will do it in a moment but I don't think so

Valentin wants a private Skype lesson with you well I'm not cheap I'm not

cheap if you despite what people say I am definitely not a cheap man so if you

want to private Skype lesson I hope your wallet is very very Steve's face what

was that Steve you don't really do than though do you I don't know and the will

apps for that the point I was getting to you see yeah I don't do I don't do

private lessons I don't do Skype lessons one-on-one and the reason for that is I

like to give everyone the opportunity so if I spend my time doing it one-on-one

so me and another person that means lots of other people can't watch my live

streams or get involved with my lessons so I've never done that I've never given

private lessons on the internet because that is always being the thing that I

wanted to do I wanted to give everyone the chance and that's the reason why I

also do this for free it costs you nothing however if you wanted my time

for yourself that would be a very different situation do you think Steve

yes I mean I've suggested to you in the past that you do do that I mean it may

be something you'll really look at in the future hmm but at the moment mr.

Duncan doesn't do that no all that says did you read your email today maybe I

don't think you've had time to look at Eve hours today I I haven't looked at my

email I can't see the question or I think it might not be addressed to you

but it could be of course it could be to do with your it could be to do with your

your game here so the question could be did you read your email today I will do

it in a moment yes I'm beginning to think that there

are actual questions do you know mr. Davis so instead of questions to your

word game is you see this is what I feared would happen as this game went on

I was I was slightly worried that Steve would start thinking that these are

actual questions and I am I've forgotten even playing the word game and I thought

they were actual questions so here now can you see what I mean about social

distancing Steve Steve keeps forgetting he was walking around town last week and

he just keeps going up to people and giving them hugs and kisses on the chin

but Steve we're in social distancing could you please stop doing that and it

says why haven't you made the coffee I'm guessing it's still the word thing

the answer is I will do it in a moment I'll do it in a moment I will do it in a

moment so in this sense doing something is any any task I will do it in the

moment I can do it in the moment so quite often we will ask

a person why they haven't done something but we won't often ask why they haven't

done it you won't say why haven't you done it you will ask in a more polite

way oh don't don't forget the the the washing those dirty dishes they need

washing if you don't mind and then you will reply with I will do

it in a moment so sometimes a request the the reply that you get Steve depends

on the way you ask it in the first place that's correct so yes if you ask it in a

nasty way have you done your homework yet

somebody might say oh I'll do it in a moment well if you ask this in a nice

way so you might you might prefix that

statement with sorry I will do it in a moment yes if you might say oh did you

remember to pick up the the sugar for your mother oh sorry I forgot I would do

that in a moment it could modify that reply that's it so that that's more

polite that's more provide so quite often if you ask someone to do something

in a harsh way you must always expect the reply to be equally as harsh so

sometimes people lose their temper especially parents maybe with their

teenage daughter or son so that the parent will get angry and of course the

reply will also be given in anger Sergio says oh sorry oh you're gonna say mr.

doing gun carry on I think Sergio's being well could you

please shed light on your endless with wisdom Lord Duncan I think that's

slightly sarcastic I will do it in a moment I would be Adam oh yes one day

maybe it will happen one day I'm sure I'm sure there is somewhere in my brain

there is there is at least one little piece of wisdom lying there asleep

having a very long hibernation period in my brain so maybe one day I will say

something that has meaning and maybe maybe it will change the world forever

yes and very good a lot of people have have had made some very good suggestions

yes when will you stop watching mr. Duncan that's a good one I will do it in

a moment have you made your bed I will do it in a moment yes have you have you

cleaned your teeth

how dude in a moment have you have you had your bath I know I suppose I don't

you wouldn't do a bath would you you wouldn't do a bath you would take a bath

I will take so maybe you would say have you had a bath yet and you say I will

take one in a moment so you wouldn't say I would do it you don't do a bath if you

sit in the bath to soak your body in the water you will have a bath or take a

bath I'm sure Steve has at least three sarcastic comments I'm saying nothing

this today they've already revealed too much about your feet today are you going

to reveal anything about your hygiene Allie ham Oh Allie ham Oh is getting

impatient he wants to oh maybe maybe this is also

part of the game so even I'm being mislead

Ali says can you show us the next sentence please I will do it in a moment

very good I like that that's one of my favorites later my applause you

shouldn't have favorites you know what it's like when you have when a teacher

has favorites that that I didn't say the favorite I know I'm joking I'm yes okay

but I like that yes that's quite that's quite clever though I like that mr.

Duncan when are you going to give us the next sentence maybe maybe well when are

you going to give us the next sentence I will do it in a moment how about now

okay he's gone on for far too long mr. Duncan and it's already five to four

that worried about it well I came on late I was seven minutes late today

no comment no I was rushing around I was in the garden I was in the garden trying

to film mr. Steeves new grass yes it's true Steve now has

his little lawn and yes the grass seed that Steve planted a few days ago has

now started to come up there it is isn't that lovely mr. Steve is now the proud

parent of a new Lord thirteen days ago and it took it took 11 days to come up

look at that it's mr. Steve's new Lord it is now

starting to grow so next weekend I'm sure you know what I'm going to do next

weekend Steve oh wait are we going to have a weekly favorite we are going to

have a weekly progress of mr. Steve's new lawn so next week I bet you can't

wait I am pretty sure that you next week you will be waking up extra early you

will be up you'll have your breakfast you will sit there patiently waiting to

find out the latest news from mr. Steve's new lawn I bet you can't wait

until next Sunday hmm get on with it get on with it

here's the next one Steve this is also a question that I am now going to give you

the answer to so this is the reply what I need Steve is the question I'm not

sure I might be busy then yeah it's not apply to what I'm not sure I might be

busy then well so there it is that that is the reply to a question so what I

want you to do is give me the question so you are once more asking a person now

I think in this case we are looking for information so the person is asking for

information they are trying to find out whether a certain situation will or will

not be occurring so you are asking a

question it is interrogate 'iv it is an

interrogated question you are asking directly for some information so the

answer to that is I'm not sure I might be busy then what is the question

ah Valentina's come up with the first reply well done Wow well Luis was very

quick after after that well I mean not that it's a competition but Valentina

says will you call me tomorrow and the answer is I'm not sure I might

be busy there brilliant although he says could you help me I'm not sure I might

be busy there hmm yes normally we are talking about a

certain time so in this respect we are asking a person if they are going to be

available at a certain time so that means that the question must also relate

to time a certain period of time maybe this afternoon maybe maybe tomorrow

maybe next week yes so olace her question is shall we shall we go to the

cinema after work mm-hmm I'm not sure I might be busy there yes

that's more specific so it's good you've said a specific time when you want

something to happen in you last a question yes

so you said you've made it more specific in terms of a time which is after work

yes so I might be busy then mmm means that you the question would have had to

have some kind of time frame in it yes as you know I said would you like to go

to the cinema with me on Tuesday night hmm and your reply might be I'm not sure

I might be busy there yes so I'll let you know so the question always with

this reply the question always contains a certain time period you are asking if

a person is able to do something if they are able to do something at a certain

time so it's very clear from this reply what you can actually take from this

reply is that you are asking a question about a person's availability or whether

or not they will be free at a certain time Ali's got a good reply do you like

to go to a football game next Saturday with me

well done I'm not sure I might be busy then yeah that's a good one you suppose

you specified a time which is what this question requires in order for that

answer to be correct hmm so we normally ask the question in a

very specific way as Steve said a very specific way you are asking the question

relating to a certain period quite often a time of day or maybe a day of the week

but not not normally not normally anything longer than that so you

wouldn't say are you free next month because most people aren't busy for the

whole month so you might be busy for an hour or maybe an evening or maybe for a

whole day or even the weekend but normally we don't normally say will you

be free next month because of course next month is 30 days or 31 days so most

people are free at some point during the month so it is unusual to say will you

be free next month unless of course you are talking in a business sense so we

will quite quite often it's it's interesting this Steve there is a

difference quite often in business you might ask a

person if they will be free next month because maybe you want to visit them for

two or three days so you need a much longer period of time

to see this person or to spend time with them doing something maybe you have to

travel there maybe they have to travel to you

so in business quite often we will talk about long periods of time concerning a

person being free but in general conversation

it's normally later that day or tonight or maybe tomorrow or the weekend not

normally a month short timeframe yes or even a year so you don't say are you

going to be free next year and we rarely say are you going to be free next month

unless of course it's business yes you would then say when are you free next

month yes if a period of time is longer you

would the question then would be when are you free to see me next month

whereas as great as this is a that answer requires a short-term question

yes are you free tomorrow evening hmm says Maria your answer that would be a

correct question to the answer I'm not sure what I might be visiting yes so

it's a specific time not normally a time period that is longer than maybe a day

or two days so we often think of the weekend so that I think that is one of

the most common one Steve when you're asking if a person is available quite

often I would imagine in my brain that quite often it you are asking about a

person's availability at the weekend I think it must be quite a common question

you've got to be specific in what you say you can't just say can you help me

with something yes because we don't we're not

specifying we're not saying when or later hmm so you can't say you couldn't

have later in the question you've got to say would you like to go and take some

exercise with me at 6 o'clock hmm or after work you've got to be a bit

more specific if you're going to use that as your reply

could you drop by my house tomorrow says Jin and that is correct because your

reply could be I'm not sure what I might be busy yes so because we are saying

then we are definitely replying to a certain time period something that has

been mentioned in the question I'm not sure I don't know I may I might be busy

then yes sir anni cat or nee cat has said shall we meet at two o'clock

tomorrow very specific and your reply could be if you don't know I'm not sure

I might be busy then hmm but then you would normally say after

that I'll let you know I'm not sure I might be busy then I'll let you know

yeah yes I like that thanks for your company today we've we've always come to

the end Steve I can't believe how fast the time is gone I passed for yes it's

five past four even though I was late by seven minutes so we still have a little

bit more time let's have a look at the live chat before we go and no mes got a

good run as well the question are you going to the party tomorrow oh I'm not

sure I might be busy then it's a good you're being specific you're talking

about a specific time period tomorrow

yeah that's well done well done it's a very good replies yes the key point of

that that particular word game is that you've got to be if you're going to use

that reply you've got to be specific in the timing you that the you were

specifying your question so to be specific means you are pinpointing

something to a very particular point you are being specific it's a great word

some people mispronounce that words they say Pacific instead of specific so

you have specific that means a certain thing you pinpoint something at a

certain time you focus on something you are very specific and then there is the

the ocean the Pacific Pacific Ocean you are being specific so you can hear

there is definitely a difference in the pronunciation of those words people

asking if you're going to be on tomorrow so you better be clear about that I'm

not on tomorrow no we are back with the three times a week Sunday Wednesday and

Friday so you will not see me until Wednesday Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time

with my English addict lesson so my English addict live lessons are Sunday

Wednesday and Friday however Steve however can you see what's

happening there because mr. Duncan does love doing his live stream so you never

know mr. Duncan might just feel that he is bored not boys the wrong word no not

bald mr. Duncan might just want to do it because he loves doing live streams I do

I love doing it so you never know mr. Duncan may just pop up a couple of very

topical can I just mention two other answers to your your your word game okay

a couple of very topical ones Mohammed has said could you make live stream

tomorrow Mario says could we have an online meeting tomorrow at 10 o'clock

yes well Joan I'm not sure I might be busy then I might be busy then would you

will you contact us at zoom today at 8 o'clock hmm yes so lots of people are

communicating online zoom is the popular one everyone's talking about

I'll tell you something Steve if you if you're going to have shares if you're

going to have shares in a company at the moment I would say any any form of

telecommunications especially something like zoom or maybe Skype there are other

ones as well out there we're not promoting those things too late to buy

the shares now they've already gone up you should have bought them emotional

hotter than three months ago damn it well if only we knew if only we

knew way back in January that all this was going to happen Steve I know well

hindsight is a wonderful thing well actually I was being slightly

sarcastic because we kind of did know well I mean yes but you know what I mean

hmm no I wasn't being sarcastic to you I was being I was being sarcastic about

how slowly we reacted I can't keep up with a live chat at the moment mr.

Duncan yeah in fact it's disappeared it's gone quite well today but finally

the live chat has disappeared yes that says us it's not working it's broken mr.

Duncan no it hasn't broken I hope you haven't deleted or blocked anyone or

taking anyone's moderator status away mr. Duncan thinks that I accidentally

took away Lewis Lewis his moderator status last Sunday which I was at one

point stabbing away at the screen sir I didn't realize I had the power to be

able to do this well you're using the same channel the site you have the same

ability to do things as I do because you're using my YouTube channel on the

phone and this is something Steve has done who remembers the very sad story

about mr. Steve blocking Palmyra what Steve in the past has actually blocked

my viewers accidentally because with his big fingers I don't know what you know

I'm trying to get the live chat to come up and unfortunately because it's a

mobile device it only stays on for some certain period

of time you'll just disappear so you've got to keep constantly you've got to

come up with a new system for mister don't come now the live chat is

completely disappeared and I don't know why no I can't get it to come back up so

I'd love to see the last comments that people are making in fact my picture

seems to keep freezing are we going to have the Jazz in Paris well we I suppose

we could would you like to dance with me Steve

what now no well yes I don't know what I've done mr. Duncan but I've got

something coming up on here saying live stream starts in 40 seconds 42 seconds

41 40 I have no idea what I've done no idea what I've done here was I think I

think I pulled up blast your live stream from last week see I've no I when it

comes to technology I hate touchscreens you know it is one

thing I hate it's touch screens so so basically I don't know what you're doing

I I've no idea what I'm doing okay Steve if you can hear the music

Steve you can join in and dance we're going to have a little dance before we

finish you see and I want you to have a little go as well so are you ready to

move your body stay where you are that's it don't don't get up because all we

will see is your crotch and I wasn't going I'm not that stupid mr. dim no no

one wants to see mr. Steve's crunch no other still comments coming through I

haven't cut it off have I do you want to check that it looks as if we're still on

right the screen well I'm like an eye check at you're over there

no let's check the live street where you are yes it's it's working good that's

what I wanted to just you in your your big your big banana fingers you've got

to get me something more reliable than a touchscreen the phone that all things

Steve have you have you noticed technology all technology has touch

screen yes and it's incredibly annoying yes well you know you're not going to do

very well with any technology well I'm going to buy that's why I'm not going to

buy a new car anymore but they've all got touchscreens and they're

a nightmare to operate what if you done I don't know I don't know what I've done

this is in print Steve no well if you'd um we're not social distancing its God I

don't I think it's your phone oh I see you see I do this all the time me and

technology see I like a button I like a good nice button to press God so when I

when I retire whenever that is I should buy an old car Stan I don't need it now

mr. Duncan it's all right I shall buy an old car that's got pushed buttons

everywhere and not a screen in sight I don't like cars where you've got to push

a button my car at the moment I've got to start the engine I've got to push a

button on the dashboard and the one thing you're definitely pushing my

buttons it's just annoying you just stuck a key in and went like that to

start your car before it was so easy and now you have to you have to put the key

somewhere and then you have to push this button then you have to push it again

and sometimes it doesn't work it's so annoying

just a key turn it on ignition you're gone sometimes Tecna I'm having a rant

now technology takes a backwards step sometimes there it is life Shelly back

well we didn't go away you don't know what happened you went away well that's

better the live chat being okay Steve in a separate part come on yeah we're doing

overtime now back to studio I just find their hair sure looks as you set the

colour balance over there and so right on there it's okay on there but it's

your silly phone look you look you look red your face is so red it looks like

you've been drinking it does I can't wait to watch it later did this is how I

like to look at the live action yes this is better see he never sets me up

properly he was rushed all day and it offends me

but in fact around appreciated up property for me this is so exhausting

everyone's going and I think everyone's gone everyone's gone I think it's just

you and me Steve not just we're talking to right now they're still 170

people watch it okay and you're pleased with that are you are we going then well

now that we're going to have the dance yes remember remember three minutes ago

when I said do you want to have a dance we're gonna have a dance and you can all

join in as well so we're going to have a little dance we are going to share a

moment that may never happen again ever in the history of humanity we are going

to have a little dance this is jazz in Paris and feel free to join in I hope

Steve can hear the music because he's a bit deaf you see I think he's he's

losing his hearing I'm definitely getting Steve next

Christmas I'm gonna buy Steve one of those big ear trumpets that you put in

your ear or just go to the beach and bring back a big seashell maybe here we

go then are you ready Steve where everything

we're gonna have some jazz in Paris after three one two three

well that was fun mr. Duncan is that fun I could barely hear it well you were

moving in time it's to be honest with you even if you could hear the music you

were probably going to be out of time anyway very good Steve you've got you've

got you've got an interesting shade of purple I thought it wasn't very well

well to tire if you want I'll go and then I'll let mr. Duncan wrap up yes I'm

going to wrap up definitely it's time for a cup of tea and a tea cake I

believe definitely I shall go and prepare that now and I will see you all

next week catch you later Steve oh that's mr.

Steve everyone he's going now bye mr. Steve he's gone he's left the building

well he's left he's left the live stream let's just say it's almost time for me

to go I hope you've enjoyed this I hope you enjoyed your little dance I will be

back with your Wednesday however you know me if you know me well you will

know sometimes I like to pop up on the Internet it's a little bit like what I

was doing yesterday I was watching people popping up on periscope and there

was a lovely guy a very nice gentle kind person showing us around one of his

local parks in Japan and I loved it I I was quite enthralled enthrall if you

enthrall someone you draw them in you draw them in they become interested in

what you are doing so I felt enthralled by the live stream that I watched

yesterday on periscope thank you very much thank you to Beatriz Connell Thank

You Valeria thank you also Anna pica Maliha thanks a lot for joy

me today I hope you've enjoyed this livestream 2 hours and 10 minutes Wow

two hours in 10 minutes today you got amazing see you later see

you on Wednesday once again Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time but you

never know you never know you know how I like to pop up sometimes unannounced so

who knows I might suddenly pop up later maybe tonight will you be able to join

me later on tonight for a live stream I'm not sure I might be busy then this

is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of the English language saying thank you for

watching me talking to you live right here from England and of course until

the next time we meet here on YouTube which will probably be Wednesday

Wednesday at 2 p.m. UK time and of course until the next time you know

what's coming next I'm going to give you a little wave with

my hand like that or maybe I could wave like this like the Queen of England this

is how the Queen waves as she is driving by all of her subjects how lovely how

lovely to say goodbye to you all

Ta ta for now 8-)