here we are we're back everyone at least i hope  we are welcome once again we are once again live  

i hope from england i really hope and i  hope you are now and joining us here as well


well mr duncan are we on i'm not sure uh it would  be uh it'd be very nice if people could tell us  

if we were back on um mr duncan technical issues  again not our fault no i think absolutely not  

our fault it's youtube's fault it really is very  strange how how there's so much i want to explain  

you see but it would take far too  long to explain it but let's just say  

youtube made lots of changes about two months ago  to their whole system so it is completely new it's  

different but the only problem is it doesn't work  very well yeah you know what it's like when uh  

people update your systems at work and they're  never as good no uh it's like if you've got an  

apple device they're always updating them and then  they never work so well afterwards or any device  

or any device uh and this is the same obviously  they've got some technical issues and they  

they don't know how to fix them and that's  affecting mr duncan well it just doesn't work  

from day to day there's always some technical  issue with youtube including their analytics  

so they have analytics where you can look at  the performance of your videos in your channel  

and even that doesn't work properly and they  they've updated that completely they've rebuilt it  

100 percent it's now brand new and the same  thing has happened with their live streaming  

but the only problem is it's all crap it's it's  a load of rubbish yes uh but people seem to be  

back so it's lovely to see here all and uh please  don't blame mr duncan it's not mr duncan's fault  

there's nothing wrong with our internet at  all that was working perfectly all right  

it's youtube so please send your complaints to  youtube so we are on now uh yes and unfortunately  

you can't even communicate with them can you  to say look there's a problem with this because  

there's no one to talk to well you can  write to them but whether you get a reply  

from a human being or just a robot is another  thing altogether anyway we're back yes and uh  

we've got a packed program for whoever is still  left watching us a packed program i can't even  

remember what we're doing today or what we're  supposed to be doing to be honest i i'm everything  

has gone there we go i think that's better now  i'm just doing some resetting some things thank  

you valeria a lot of people were saying before um  before it went wrong how they liked your lights  

yes so i don't know if you've been showing a video  mr duncan of of your lights that you put up i did  

i showed a video earlier on we might show it again  in a moment just just so i can have a nervous  

breakdown on the floor yes we've got to be ease go  easier mr duncan because it's very stressful for  

him setting up these live streams and then they  go wrong so it's not very nice that's it well  

it's technical things it's always the same problem  it's always the same thing technical problems so  

don't forget many youtube channels have about 10  or 15 people working on it here it's just me one  

person so that's the thing you have to remember  when you look at these big youtube channels  

they normally have lots and lots of people behind  the scenes working to make sure it's all right but  

here that it's just me you see it's just me i do  all the technical stuff on my own and we're going  

to show one day we're going to we're going to  make a video and we're going to show you exactly  

what mr duncan has to do to get ready for setting  up a live stream yeah i think that would be very  

interesting because i think you might get an idea  of what is required uh in order to set it up it's  

not just a case of switching your camera on and  saying hello uh there's quite a lot of technical  

issues and technique technical things going on  in the background that uh we'll show you one day  

maybe we'll make it over christmas yes i  think i think these days it's less effort  

to send a rocket into space yes than it  is to actually do that do this live stream  

so theo says we love you no matter how terrible  the connection is thank you very much oh thank you  

and nissa likes my t-shirt so thank you very much  

but but he does wear this every week except  next week of course we are going to get into the  

christmas mood next week steve are we i think we  will show our maybe we will wear some red clothing  

and perhaps a little bit of sort of festive  tinsel as well so we will see what happens  

we've got santa hats we've got tinsel uh we're  going to be putting the christmas tree up at  

some point yes mr duncan we haven't done that  yet we haven't done that yet no because a lot of  

people because of the uh lockdowns and all sorts  of things going on with coronavirus other people  

have been putting their christmas decorations  up earlier to try and cheer themselves up yes  

so normally people don't put up their christmas  trees or their tinsel or their lights until  

you know two weeks before christmas i would  say but most people have been putting them up  

from the first of december that's it because  particularly if you're at home on your own  

okay which a lot of people are work colleagues  forced to work from home maybe they don't have  

a partner they want to cheer themselves up and  i've noticed a lot of my work colleagues have  

been put all their christmas decorations up a lot  a lot earlier lights tinsel because they said it's  

just cheering them up from the gloom of lockdown  yes and also the gloom of mr steve talking about  

it no no i'm just i'm just saying right so if  you've come here to escape the doom and gloom i'm  

sorry we've just reminded you of it i know we're  going to we're going to uh to look on the lighter  

side i saw something very interesting today on  the internet this is a duncan i know what's coming  

by the way if you want if you want doom and gloom  no he's not doing it this is this is not doom and  

gloom it is stupid mr duncan it depressed me it's  talking about doom and gloom but it's not doom and  

gloom yes but when you mentioned it to me this  morning i felt like jumping out of the window  

it was very depressing anyway fake beards no  need for fake beard says jimmy from hong kong  

mr duncan i'm really i'm really not sure i'm not  sure what color this beard is now it's sort of  

it sort of seems to be all it's all different  colors you're right knees are you're right  

no don't look it's just between me  and niece are only for you to look  

uh but yes no i'm just very quickly i thought it  was funny interesting okay because there's a group  

of people a group of people who there are people  who call themselves preppers preppers p r e p p e

which is derived from the word preparation or  prep for short they call themselves preppers  

and there's a lot of them in america but  i've been reading today there's a lot in  

the uk now as well okay these are people  who uh you could call them survivalists  

they're people who always think there's going  to be a catastrophe coming at some point that  

sounds like you i'm a bit like that at times  mr steve i think mr steve is a catastrophist  

so these are people who you know there's going  to be an asteroid going to strike the earth  

or there's going to be world war or robots are  going to take over or something's going to happen  

some catastrophe there are people nuclear winter  where there's steve there are people at the moment  

on this planet human beings who believe that  robots are going to take over the planet  

they will that is one thing i do believe but  anyway there are people that think like this and  

they prepare call themselves preppers they build  bunkers under the ground uh they get all these  

different things that you would normally need for  survival for weeks out in the open they will buy  

food for say six months and store it away uh water  purifying tablets special knives for skinning  

animals and cutting down trees sorry if you're  in the ground in a bunker where are the animals  

well i presume you've got them stored somewhere  but no there's even websites where you can go and  

buy these survivalist kits uh but you've probably  seen in america it's we've seen programs about it  

people build bunkers big bunkers under the ground  in case a catastrophe happens and they've got lots  

of food stored in there well anyway what i was  reading today was in the uk because we've got this  

threat of brexit okay you know and no deal and all  that people up but people are watching in france  

and on the continent here we're so scared a lot  of us in this country that we're storing up food  

because we think there's going to be huge delays  in food coming across the channel and things like  

that and apparently it's becoming quite a thing mr  duncan so i think we ought to you know i think i'm  

a prepper i think i need to become a prepper and  store things mr duncan so that we're safe and we  

can continue to do live streams but then without  electricity what would we do when all the lights  

go out because all the power stations shut down  because there's no coal for the power stations  

what are we going to do mighty oh i can't do it i  can't quite cope with this energy today from you  

but anyway it's anybody heard of this preppers  or survivalist people that built maybe you  

are one and i can join your group uh i have  a big amount of food in my house says nasumo  

i call them wackos says tomek i thought you  would me too be positive christmas is coming says  

christina that's what i was trying to say i was i  had i had all sorts of lovely things today i was  

going to have twinkling lights and lots of lovely  snow scenes but instead we've got mr steve talking  

about the end of the world i'm all right mr duncan  i'm fine it's all right don't worry calm down

christmas lights everything's  all right mr duncan we're fine

i'm only joking i'm just joking can  i just say that this i'm trying to  

be cheerful because everything's gone wrong on  the live stream and i'm trying to stay cheerful  

but this isn't cheerfulness this isn't faint this  is sort of insanity i think i'm hyperventilating  

i've gone all dizzy mr duncan  you're not the only one

well what are we talking about in in the  last five minutes of this show nope we're  

joking we're on for longer than that i don't know  what the joke was what's joking because it's half  

three are we going until half four today should  we should we give people uh some kind of estimate

some people think think that the world was  going to end in 2000 they did and it didn't  

there's always some nut case normally religious  there's always some religious nut case who says  

that they know exactly when the world is going  to end and then they prepare for it and then  

it doesn't happen and then they have to  sort of explain why it didn't happen oh  

sorry god changed his mind sergio says  that you've grown a beard of apocalypses

oh yes everything's everything's fine everything's  fine we don't need to well we're only i've just  

i just thought it was quite hilarious because i  went on this website and you can buy these kits  

300 pounds survivalist kits i mean blimey it's got  it's got everything in it knives and right change  

the subject mr duncan happy lights christmas  lights you seem obsessed with the knife part  

i know well i mean it was sorry so camping it  basically just do you realize but do you realize  

what you've just said to me people are in a bunker  so they're underground in a large room with loads  

of animals that they they can eat at any time but  what about all of the poop from the animals you  

recycle it all but how you can recycle your poop  but you're underground well you feed it into it  

into a machine and it ferments and generates gas  and then you can heat your bunker with all that  

gas cookie food but what about the smell i suppose  you have to put up with it so you're gonna live  

underground with yourself your family maybe four  or five wild animals that will be pooping all the  

time it's gonna be hell i think i would rather  take my chances with with the outside world to  

be honest uh nissa who by the way said i've got a  lovely t-shirt on just to remind you uh has said  

that uh he's going to eat oh no yesterday he ate  his favorite dish aloo gobbe ooh yes we like that  

potato sort of potatoes isn't it and oh no um i  think it's potatoes and and and uh broccoli isn't  

it no what's that what's that one we had the the  cauliflower potatoes and cauliflower sort of spicy  

i always have that when i go to a indian  restaurant i have i like it as a starter  

so yes well maybe you can cook it  for me when i come over to visit you  

uh these are and i'll i'll bring you this  jumper i'll wear this especially for you  

i've gone a bit mad mr duncan i've gone all mad  you'll have to calm me down mr duncan what are  

we talking about today i can't remember anything  i'm standing here just thinking what are you okay  

i'm fine i told you i'm fine i'm just excited  to be here on the live stream with all your  

wonderful viewers i think it's i think it was  nissan saying i've got a that's what cheered me  

up saying i got a lovely uh t-shirt on that's  what done it for me okay i'll go lie down i'll  

go and lie down in a darkened room later  or in a padded cell padded sound yes okay  

so very str what a strange energy bunkers says  anna i've never heard of them since 19 yet to  

the 80s yes because people then thought there was  going to be nuclear war and they built bunkers in  

the garden well now they're doing it again so  we're not cauliflowers healthy food yes what is  

the point if you are the only one surviving on the  earth exactly yeah why bother what is the point  

and and and how how how long do you expect to live  on the ground for underground it's not the easiest  

thing to do by the way it's hard enough living  above the ground never mind never mind under the  

ground people who talk about sort of doom and  gloom all the time there are some people that  

they call them nihilists yes steve steve  is a bit dooming gloom nihilists but people  

that think there's no point to life how  depressing is that how depressing is that  

that's a great point to our lives mr duncan  because we're you particularly are teaching  

english to the world nihilists nihilists  don't think there's no point to life they  

just assume that everything will end in in  some sort of catastrophe one day yes but  

yeah anyway let's not go into that uh i'm  the ball of fires as sergio yes that's how i  

bought how i feel today a ball of fire you're a  ball of something i think it's the flu jabs we  

had yesterday yes we had our flu jabs yesterday  this lady came up and she stuck a big needle  

in my arm here but i'm okay it's fine it's lovely  but steve's arm hurts a little bit doesn't it  

oh it's the other one thank you don't do that it's  a little swollen poor mr steve but then hopefully  

the benefits outweigh the the pain okay well what  i was disappointed with the lady didn't give me  

a lollipop i thought she might give me something  afterwards that's the only reason why i went there  

you're not six mr duncan well no but i still want  my lollipop yeah well yeah i suppose yes it would  

have been nice to have a cup of tea or something  you know sit down actually one thing they didn't  

tell us to do which they should have done because  after you go for a jab a flu jab they're supposed  

to tell you to sit down and wait for ten minutes  okay in case you have a nasty reaction they didn't  

tell us to do that yesterday so we sat in the car  just to be on the safe side thankfully we didn't  

swell up and have any nasty reactions but we  could have done and they should have told us okay  

so i should be feeding that back to my doctor's  surgery i said lovely well-organized flu clinic  

but you failed to tell me to wait 15 minutes  afterwards in case i had an anaphylactic reaction

positive keeping positive keeping positive

what's he drank no i haven't drank i haven't drunk  anything or drank anything later perhaps are we  

doing the are we doing the uh the word game today  mr duncan you mean the sentence the sentence game

are we doing that later because we know a few  people really like that i'm not sure what i'm  

doing but i'll tell you what i'm going to do just  just to give me a few moments of contemplation  

and and try and work out what the  hell's going on with mr steve today  

here are the christmas lights outside for those  who didn't see it earlier on my first attempt to  

live stream so here they are again the christmas  lights are outside and they are twinkling and  

making everything lovely how careful well that was  good do you wanna do you wanna interrupt me again

christmas lights christmas lights

do there it is twinkling away there they are the  lovely christmas lights and i did edit that this  

morning and you might notice there were some  mistakes even in the editing a couple of things  

that weren't quite as they should be oh poor mr  duncan here we are then yes we are all together  

live on youtube hello there this is english addict  although i'm not quite sure what this is anymore  

well uh moyes's martins sorry if i pronounce your  name incorrectly moises or mouse's martins your  

first time on the live chat hello first time on  the live chat can i just say that this is normally  

more organized and and more professional but  today lots of technical problems before i started  

after i started but everything seems  to have calmed down now except mr steve  

a round of applause i think i  think mr steve might have something  

wrong with his brain applause from wow martin's  wowzers i'm not sure if i pronounce that correctly  

or voices yes congratulations and welcome to  the live stream uh theo wants me to sing uh  

i am what i am but we'll show that another time  but we may have something coming up for christmas  

we may uh in terms of singing so stay tuned to  our live streams uh nearer christmas and you  

might have a nice surprise yes coming your  way i've had a few nice surprises today yes

so uh your lights mr duncan uh you've put them  up in the window in my little office upstairs  

okay when i do my work work work uh but when i  go up there sometimes mr duncan you've set them  

onto this flashing mode this flashing mode what's  work work well actual work for work that i get  

paid for to do okay for my job uh as opposed  to other work which i sometimes do up there  

but sometimes i go in there and mr duncan  changes the settings on the lights well i  

like them to flash i know i like them to flash  and they're flashing at this rapid rate and i  

feel like i'm going to have a seizure yes  there they are so i have to turn them down  

when i go in there onto a karma setting because on  the the actual device itself on the lights itself  

there's a setting you can change it to different  light patterns yes there's a little button  

so when you press it press the button it will  flash and then press it again it will go slowly  

press it again it will stay on press it again  and it will do all of the different sequences

sorry also their first time  on here let's have a look

welcome it's your first time welcome to this i  don't know what we're calling this today it's  

normally english addict but today we've had all  sorts of problems mr steve is drawing attention to  

it i think yes i'm drawing attention to everything  today including your your very odd behavior  

it's all right to let up a bit of  steam now and then if you if you  

say you let off steam it means you just  you just sort of act a bit over the top  

because you've got getting rid of tension  that's inside the word i'm looking for is crazy  

yes let off a bit of steam just like you would  release steam from a steam engine to get rid  

of some of the pressure that's inside the are  you going well you know whatever you do steve  

please steve i beg you do not lean on this  table in front of you because if you lean  

on this table steve keeps leaning forward on  the table do not lean on this table because  

not only the not only the table but everything in  this studio will just fall to the ground it will  

smash the pieces do we have did we have a round of  applause for uh for hematt hey mad also first time

welcome thank you yes lovely so what are we  doing mr duncan you keep asking that question  

because i'm hoping you will answer i well i  do answer and the answer is i have no idea  

you do we're playing the the  word games and the sentence game  

yes and if tomik is here then we will get lots  of correct answers uh hopefully um but yes  

um is that what we're doing mr duncan we will  be playing the sentence game shortly i think  

we had some nice pictures by the way sent  in we had some lovely photographs sent here  

do you want to see them steve yes so there is a  picture from maria watching us on her computer  

so you can see there is mr steve it could be today  because we're wearing the same the same outfits  

yes except for the for the the stream in the  picture is more entertaining than this one

but there is maria's photograph and it looks as  if maria has lots of textbooks in front of her

yes are computer interested  

what i was just reading what was on the on the  books okay vocabulary i can see yes english  

teaching english books in front that's very  good yes it's it's it's incredible big hello  

from morocco says easy to learn okay then anna  has sent her a lovely picture of her christmas  

tree oh in the garden with the lights i all  that and also there is there is anna's cat  

sitting in the christmas tree that looks wonderful  it's lovely isn't it is that a real tree anna  

i don't suppose it is i don't suppose it's  normally there but it looks very nice very pretty  

it might be it might be yes yes it might be a real  tree it's hard to tell but the picture of the cat  

is is the same tree you see so that does look real  to me so that's during the daytime i think that's  

a real tree i'm going to say that that is a real  tree and look at this oh steve christina christina  

what no lots of snow look at those  lovely street lamps isn't that fantastic  

they're very ornate street lamps i am a little bit  jealous because you have lots of lovely snow at  

the moment we have just lots of miserable rain  look at that that lovely building on the left  

side by the that looks like a very impressive  building whereabouts is christina i don't know  

well you can ask the question if you want uh  if you're on christina whereabouts are you  

we had a little bit of snow in the uk  but i think that must be quite a posh  

area because look at those street lamps they look  very ornate well i think i think there was there  

was definitely snow in the north in scotland but  but no snow here yet it's a little bit too mild  

we've had lots of rain oh here's another one  steve joe has sent a picture of us on the tv

look at that international celebrities  on television so there we are i think  

this is last week in fact i think it is  last week because i have my brown beard  

and then finally oh look there is valentina  ah watching us as well how lovely it's nice  

to see valentina tina have i said valentina on  today i don't know i haven't seen valentine well  

she could be on it might take you a while to  scroll through everything areas here okay then  

i'm looking for anyone whose name begins with v  that's good are you on valentina are you on today  

well we'd like to know we will see  we will have to ask and find out  

is anybody on whose picture we just showed on  the live stream or or is anyone there at all  

yes we have 139 people at least watching  us wow that's uh that's brilliant  

in budapest no snow where is picture yes christina  says sandra we'd like to know if you're on where  

is that picture can i just say that the the busy  crossroads in japan there is a there is a famous  

crossroads where people have to run across that  at the moment has more viewers than us so it's  

just just a road with people crossing over  it that actually has more viewers than we do

that gives you an idea well they're  losing out they should be watching us  

i might be tuning into it as well francesca  hello saying hello to us yes we all love the snow  

valeria um a little bit a little bit of snow  cheers you up when you see it coming down if it  

hangs around for more than more than a few days it  becomes annoying because then you can't go out and  

drive your car it's cold it's wet so yes i think  maybe for a week snow for a week but no more than  

that that's it well here's the view outside so  this is outside right now behind me so you can  

see we've had lots of rain and it's a little  bit gloomy and miserable outside here no snow  

at the moment although they seem to think that we  might have a little bit of snow around christmas  

fancy pants easy to learn says how old am i well  you never ask a lady how old they are or she is

never ask a girl her age okay yeah that is what i  was my answer to that do you want to say it again  

no oh hello from poland  hello hello is there an echo

oh yes somebody said that they just passed the  ielts score six is that good mr duncan that's very  

good actually yes you are you are up there with  with in the top or near the top healthy wealthy  

also learning german uh you're in  austria and you're learning german  

is this okay to continue learning english at the  same time of course yes if you can do it if it  

doesn't cause you too much stress then yes carry  on doing it yes it can cause confusion if you are  

trying to learn two languages at the same time but  if if you can do it if your brain is able to cope  

then my advice is to carry on doing it as long  as it doesn't get you in in too much difficulty  

yes palmyra a couple of years ago we did have well  remembered palmyra remembers we had very bad snow  

two years ago uh we've got a third new  member okay then we've got arif iman imman  

also a new member watching today hello arif i am  a new member of this channel well all i can say  

is we need lots of new members so you're very  welcome that's at least three today i feel like  

i'm off i feel like i'm on the titanic and we've  just hit the iceberg i've never heard of that  

yes but we're we're moving through we haven't sunk  yet mr duncan no uh they they the the compartments  

are filling up with water but we're still afloat  there's lots of people drowning in the lower decks  

uh i've never heard of that word  cinocinoziu cyanoziu don't know that word  

uh nissa well it's it's probably a  specialist word in a specialist field sinus

i've never seen that word before that's so it  might be a word that is specialist you see a  

specialist field or specialist area maybe you  could look it up for us and tell us people do that  

sometimes you see but they put unusual strange  words on there because they want to hear me say i  

don't know what it means so it's great really this  it's kind of saying come on let's make mr duncan  

look stupid mr duncan don't be so cynical no i'm  not being cynical it's true have you ever thought  

of visiting morocco says easy to learn yes we have  and we'd like to wonder i have thought about it  

yes uh suman singh is also new on this channel  okay then we've got a lot of new members today  

they're all coming out of the woodwork yes if you  say you're coming out of the woodwork it means  

you're you were hidden and now you're becoming  visible that's interesting steve because today  

today's live stream well part of it we are  going to play the sentence game and today  

we're talking all about trees you see  so words connected to trees interesting  

yes because christmas is coming you see and  well quite often people will put christmas  

trees up around where they live or in their  house you see so that's what we're doing a  

little bit later on today talking of christmas  steve i think it would be nice to take a look  

at one of my lessons that i made a few years ago  where i talked all about christmas and the things  

that happen during that time what do you think  yes that would be very good what's up no nothing  

nothing at all mr duncan i'll carry on with what  you were saying oh i see sign of shaw means the  

center of attraction like mr steve i'm not sure  if attraction is the word that i would be using  

thank you anyway yes so here it is here is one  of my lessons all about christmas for those  

wondering what the hell is christmas mr duncan we  don't know what it's about well maybe this video  

this short video will give you some information

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how  are you today are you okay i hope so are you  

happy i hope so in today's lesson we will take  a look at a festival that comes once a year  

it is a time when many people get together to  enjoy each other's company it is a magical time  

for all but especially for  children and the young at heart  

in this lesson we will share  the experience of christmas time

the festival of christmas is a religious  one in fact most of the holidays that exist  

around the world are based on the observance and  following of one religious ceremony or another  

the word holiday itself derives from the old  english word meaning holy day christmas is part  

of the christian religion the christmas festival  celebrates the birth of the christian messiah  

or savior the christmas celebrations  have changed considerably over the years  

with new ceremonies and celebrations  being added as the years have gone by

christmas time is a fun season for children  

of all ages because this is the  time when santa claus comes to visit

he is a jolly gift giver who every christmas  eve travels all away from the north pole on a  

magic sleigh pulled by flying reindeer to drop  off presents for all the good boys and girls  

around the world not forgetting those  big boys and girls as well santa claus  

is also known by the name father  christmas he is a good humid fellow  

dressed all in red with a big  wide beard and a jolly laugh ho

so if you have been good this year perhaps  santa claus will come to drop a present down  

your chimney if there is one thing that christmas  is well known for besides santa and snow it must  

be the music that is played during this time for  some reason people love to sing during momentous  

occasions and festivals birthdays weddings even  funerals there is always a song to go with an  

occasion and christmas is no exception a song  that has been written for christmas can be called  

a carol a christmas carol the word carol is  another word for song or chant christmas carols  

usually have a religious theme they can  also be called hymns a hymn is any song  

with a religious theme that is sung in church  you could describe it as a prayer set to music

if you are a regular viewer of my lessons  then you will know that i love food and  

christmas time is one of those periods when food  becomes quite a feature we often see taking a meal  

as a good way of socializing you can eat  together with one person or many people  

from a cozy romantic dinner for two  right up to a huge party for many  

you can eat formally at a table you can eat  informally from a selection of food that has been  

placed out this is called a buffet formal dining  normally means that you are seated at a table  

and the food is served to you by the host or  by a waiter if you are eating in a restaurant  

eating is important for survival but it also  serves as a great way of bringing people together

the type of food eaten at christmas is very  specific the main meal is meat and vegetables  

the traditional meat eaten is turkey a turkey is  a very large bird so it is perfect for feeding a  

group of people the turkey is normally roasted  in an oven it is covered with oil or fat so as  

to help it cook you baste the turkey this stops  the meat from drying out as the turkey cooks  

you must check that it is not drying out you  can use the natural juices from the meat to pour  

over the turkey while it cooks if you undercook it  will be raw and not safe to eat if you cook it too  

much it will become dry and the meat will be tough  and that is the last thing you want as nobody  

likes a tough rubbery turkey you can also put a  paste made from seasoned breadcrumbs and herbs  

inside the turkey before cooking it this  is called stuffing after the main meal  

there is normally a sweet or dessert served the  christmas pudding is what is traditionally served  

the christmas pudding is a rich nutty  fruity food flavored with spices and alcohol  

there are different varieties of christmas  pudding then there is the mince pie  

these are normally small individual pies  filled with mince meat although it is not  

actually meat the sticky filling is made from  dried fruit and seasoned with spices lemon juice  

and alcohol not everyone likes  these types of dessert including me

here in the uk many people will sit down  after lunch to watch queen elizabeth give  

her annual speech to this country and  the commonwealth nations around the world  

this happens on every christmas day at 3 p.m  

of course these days you can watch the  queen's speech on youtube at any time

there are many fun traditions that go with  christmas one of them is kissing under the  

mistletoe mistletoe is a type of parasitic plant  it normally lives off the water and nutrients of  

trees a parasitic thing is something that attaches  itself to another thing for survival it is called  

a parasite one thing lives off another thing  there are certain types of parasitic insect too  

a tick is a type of insect that lives off the  blood of an animal such as a dog or a sheep we can  

describe a person as a parasite if they use others  to get what they want such as money or favors

the act of kissing under the mistletoe started  off around the 16th century in england before that  

mistletoe was seen as a symbol of male fertility  the real origin of the kissing ritual is unclear  

as there are a few possible explanations however  nowadays it is common for people to steal a kiss  

at christmas with a stem of mistletoe hanging  above them look i have a piece of mistletoe here  

would you like a kiss maybe instead of a special  hello i could send out a special christmas  

kiss under my big piece of mistletoe

this is a christmas cracker it is a novelty item  that helps to create a festive atmosphere you  

normally pull a cracker with another person inside  the cracker there is a small prize and a party hat  

also contained in the cracker is a joke more  often than not these jokes are very old and  

corny a corny joke is obvious and predictable but  we all still laugh along after all it is christmas

it is normal for gifts to be exchanged on  christmas day quite often the presents are  

placed under the christmas tree which is of course  where santa claus leaves his too the gifts are  

normally opened in the morning but of course they  can be opened later as the christmas guests arrive

it would be fair to say that the  way in which christmas is viewed  

and observed has changed a lot over the years some  people feel that the religious element has almost  

disappeared for young people christmas is about  parties and presence for the older generation  

the religious theme is still important many people  usually attend late night church services just  

before christmas day arrives these days people  have a choice as to how they celebrate christmas  

there is the traditional way and  the modern way or in some cases both

what is interesting about modern christmas is  that even those who do not follow any particular  

religion such as myself still get involved with  the festivities i would not class myself as a  

religious person however i still enjoy the  atmosphere that christmas brings with it  

the color the joy the food and of course the  chance to share time with those you care about  

i hope you have enjoyed this festive  lesson and i wish you well wherever you are  

in the world this is mr duncan in  england saying happy holidays to you

uh i couldn't resist showing that  because a lot of people ask mr duncan  

what is christmas please tell us so there  is an excerpt from one of my lessons that  

i made i think around about five years ago now  which is probably the reason why i look so young

oh steve i've just had a delicious biscuit  healthy yes mr duncan always does this  

every week every sunday he has nothing  to eat and then halfway through the live  

stream he feels ill because he's had nothing  to eat and then goes and munches on unhealthy  

biscuits look at that chocolate chocolate  digestive biscuits yeah full of vitamins  

well uh belarusia hopes that we get um snow this  christmas because she knows how much she likes  

snow yes and joe van says um been watching for  12 years and thinks you're wonderful and doesn't  

always manage to get onto the live streams but  always watches it afterwards so thank you for that  

lovely comment thank you for sticking with us uh a  kiss under a mistletoe is the best way to exchange  

a parasite at christmas search yeah that is true  you can exchange lots of things yes at christmas  

you can catch all sorts of diseases off people  by kissing them under the mistletoe yes i think  

that's what uh i think that's what sergio i meant  by that comment yes i don't recommend that you do  

it this year you know but social distancing and  all of that you see so even though i was kissing  

under the mistletoe in the video please don't  do it now we have to keep our social distance  

so maybe you can send a kiss you can send  it blow the kiss does that sound good  

yes i'll i won't say no to a kiss from anyone  so i've heard yes right so what are we doing  

next mr duncan we are going to play the  sentence game because i think a lot of  

people are waiting to play the sentence game we  are looking at words and maybe phrases as well  

connected to trees because a lot of people are  now putting up their christmas trees you see  

you see how that works it's it's very clever  it's almost as if i sat down and thought about it  

so here it comes then today's sentence  game for those who can't wait to play along

here we go then the sentence game is back on  oh fancy pants so the sentence game very easy  

all you have to do is give me the missing  words i will show you a sentence and there  

will be some words in that sentence but some of  them will also be missing they will not be there  

so that is basically it the sentence game today  tree words trees tomex poised oh tomek is here  

yes he's revealed himself when you said  sentence game tomic came out of hiding i see  

so tomek has become as has come out from his  hiding place he is ready so here we go then  

we're not really going to play just yet though are  we to everybody hiding this from tomic we're not  

really playing the sentence game we're not really  playing it yet so just go away for five minutes

this is this is not the live  stream this is just the wallpaper  

in your house so here we go then are you ready  to play the sentence game here's the first one  

and as we play you will you will find out what the  rules and also the the the way the game is played  

actually is here we go then here's  the first sentence game for today

straight in with a four word sentence game yes  they all have lots of words today lots of words  

lots of words missing and it's to do with trees  everything is to do with trees in some in some way  

we are we are something to something out  and something are something ah you see  

so this is related to trees oh i i wish i hadn't  eaten all those biscuits yeah i shall have a  

sugar rush in a minute mr duncan no  i've got lots of air in my stomach  

i feel like i want to have a big burp  while uh mr duncan was showing uh  

the christmas video he ate three chocolate  biscuits three it wasn't three it was four  

i had four of these biscuits they are delicious  i'm sure other people like these as well but they  

are delicious chocolate digestive biscuits  ooh nissa says fancy pants you use the word  

fancy pants it's fancy pants p-a-n-t-s fancy pants  something that is what does it mean well something  

that is luxurious or special something that is  maybe exclusive maybe something that it looks  

looks very stylish fancy pants see fancy pants  so when i say fancy pants i'm just saying the  

thing that i've mentioned or the thing that i've  just talked about is special extra special oh it  

probably refers to pants which is the american  word for trousers yes so if you're wearing some  

very attractive clothes yes somebody might go oh  look at you fancy pants it just means that you've  

dressed up smartly that's it and other people  weren't expecting you to be so you might turn up  

to work uh very smartly dressed and normally you  don't or other people aren't and someone might go  

look at you fancy pants you've got a date  yes so something extravagant something nice  

something that is exciting maybe oh fancy pants  oh very it's very eye-catching oh fancy pants

right so there we go we've answered that one yeah  

turmeric says he was here all the time we know  you were we were just joking he was hiding uh

all right so so fun i think  well we've got some words

i wonder what would happen if we just stopped  talking for about five minutes if we just stood  

here steve and just just said nothing very clever  people watching us they would carry on talking to  

each other i think so and they wouldn't even  notice i mean maybe we could do that next week  

maybe maybe we just say nothing for the whole live  stream come on let's get the first word if you get  

the first word it's going to make it easier yes to  uh to to get the rest of it yes wait has anybody  

got the first word yet mr duncan can you see that  i can't see anyone having the first word yet okay

we are something beginning with p eight letters  yes to be beginning with uh sorry six that is  

beginning with b word begins with e six letters  fourth word eight letters begins with b yes it  

has to do with trees so tree words it is i mean  the subject isn't to do with trees but maybe the  

words contained in there might be tarmac's giving  up don't give up tomic ah so last week last week  

people said it was too easy and the week before  people said it was too hard so i think this week i  

will get complaints about it being too hard again  well is that the correct word for the first one

sansani yes you have one of the words correct  so one of the words which one is correct the  

first word right yes so that word yes you are  right so that word is is correct as they say

so it's planning is the first word we are planning

to what and one of the words is  connected directly with a tree

francesca again

oh yes francesca yes you are on the right line yes  very good i like it i like your way of thinking  

very good there we go so the second word is  connected to trees and yes that's very good  

francesca you've got the second word  correct the first word is planning yes it is  

we are planning to planning planning to something  out and francesca has got the second word

correct shall we do the rest  of the live stream in mime

we are planning to

yes vidan and francesca branch out and something  something so think about what you might expand  

or grow something that a person might try to to  make larger so you start off small but then you  

get larger and larger so what what thing might  you make larger or expand if you branch out  

it means you go off to do different things yes  you branch out just like a tree with a branch and  

then another one comes off it and that another one  comes off that one yes so imagine a tree growing  

what else can grow there is  another thing that can grow ah

hmm you are nearly right yes  yes maura mora you are almost  

right you are almost right but there is one word  that is different one word but that would fit  

there wouldn't be that's very good yes it's  very good but it's not what i'm looking for  

but yes you are very close one of the words is  not right but you are but it fits very fit very


yes yes fernando is that correct yes well done  we're getting towards the answer now well done  

but uh maura you uh you have come closest yes with  that one but i think that fits anyway so what i  

do like is everyone together is is slowly getting  the answer you see people are working almost like  

a team as it were yes i think so so we will have  a look at the answer now i'm not sure if we're  

going to have mr steve having a poop or or my my  cockerel popping up so which would you like steve  

neither neither well you can't you can't  have neither you can have one or the other  

well the quickest one is the cockrell so let's  have that okay then mr cockerell where are you

and the answer is mr duncan the answer is mr steve

yes we are planning to branch out you see you  branch out so if you branch out it means you  

expand or grow something you go off and do other  things whilst maintaining perhaps your business so  

your business is expanding you move into new areas  with your business so it will grow it will expand  

you branch out was very well i think you  could replace that with the word extend  

so you can extend your business into new areas  yes i think extend so i think maura has got it  

right yes that's it so extend or expand grow  something to make something larger or longer  

you extend or expand you grow your business we  are planning to branch out and expand our business  

so i thought that was a good one francesca got  it all there yes so yes well done to everybody  

but yes yes that was quite a difficult  one yes well that's the whole point  

there's no point doing it if it's easy to  be honest what's the point there's no point

enlarge yes you could have had  enlarge but that's seven letters  

not six okay then let's move on to the next one  steve okay because i don't know about you but  

you know today's been very stressful keep going  very stressful you know i'm almost ready for a  

lie down a tea cake a cup of tea and an episode  of colombo that will calm your nerves perfect  

as long as it's not an episode that's been  repeated recently yes anyway i hope it's a  

william shatner episode here we go then oh sorry  applause for more right yes i love this game says  

francesca a round of applause right there  and that was tomic saying that so much both

there we go thank you tomic for suggesting  that no it's messed up my uh thing right  

okay let's say it out loud really

there we go so four words again

our something will have to something out there  something something yes or something we'll  

have to something out the something something  connected to trees think of think of maybe a tree  

that oh no i'm not going to say that because that  will give you a big clue no i'm not going to say  

that no you have to work it out for yourselves  with no clues these are difficult mr duncan so  

three words but it doesn't necessarily well  it obviously doesn't have the word tree in  

it no it's not going to have trees that would  make it too easy there is a tree in my garden  

look at that tree over there our something will  have to something so very similar to the last one  

very similar to the last one in some in some ways  so it's a similar sort of area if that makes sense  

are something we'll have to something  out there something something oh well  

is that bedarussia on the right tracks there  yes belarussia belarusia you are you are in the  

right area there and what about what about  there as well yes pretty good pretty good  

belarusia you're on fire today yes valentin  valentin is near near with one of the words yes  

ah i know what it is now steve knows what it is  the reason why steve knows is because his boss  

has said it many times to steve about other people  in the company about steve yes there we go so uh  

belarusia has given us lots of very good  clues some good clues there so there we  

go here we are yes or something we'll have to  something out the something something so maybe  

if you are i don't know if you are wanting to  get rid of something or remove something that  

that is no good or useless something that  you've been waiting to get rid of and dispose of  

for quite a while you might want to do do  something it's a phrase that people use  

when a business has yes i was hoping you wouldn't  use okay too many words there sorry steve

giving too many clues you see when you're  gardening ah that's a good one gardening when  

you're gardening and you look at a bush or a tree  okay and you say well that doesn't look very um  

healthy okay that tree okay we might have to do a  bit of pruning because there are certain parts of  

the tree that are sick or no longer alive no  longer alive and uh you can you can use that  

phrase to describe a process hello steve  sergio's got it right is this when you want  

to get rid of things people that you think  are useless and no good anymore and yes what

let's just say that uh sergi sergio is doing  very well sergio is doing well today so belarus  

sorry who got the first was it um tomek is  very quiet so belarusian started it all off  

and uh yes well there we go tomic yes uh  but sergio got the uh the last two words  

oh he got all of it yes yes yes sergio  got all of it i think sergio's got it 100  

correct so mr cockrell please  come and show us your your lovely  

your lovely feathers that's a very good  one mr duncan in your big proud beak  

yes i thought that was a very good one it's a  good expression it's an expression that's often  

used when you want to get rid of something that  is useless no longer needed not fit for the job  

something that i don't know is old and  worn out something that's no longer needed  

i've got a mirror here mr duncan a mirror  okay then yes so there we go yes correct  

well done um belarusia and uh  sergio and thomas got it right uh  

a lot of people have got it right yeah  here's the answer coming up right now

yes our company will have to cut out the dead  wood so in this particular sentence we are  

talking about maybe people who are working for  your company who are who are useless or they are  

not doing their job very well so you you cut  out the dead wood you get rid you remove you  

sack the people that are useless it's a  phrase that's very commonly used in the uk  

i've heard it used many times uh thankfully  i've never been seen as dead wood  

but but yes sometimes companies go through what  happens is that lots of people start working  

for a company after a while they probably  lose their enthusiasm for the job but they  

stay on anyway because they probably should  have moved on to another company years ago  

but they they work inefficiently they're still  taking a wage they're not achieving very much  

and of course in a competitive world competitive  environment there's no point in paying people  

for a job uh if they're not really performing  because then you won't be competitive  

yes uh it doesn't matter so much in the public  sector okay but in the private sector it's quite  

important that you're efficient it's cruel but  that's just the way of life yes especially if  

people work for a company for many years it is  possible for them to become lazy in their job  

so i think that can happen especially if if  you have employees people working for you  

who who don't work as hard as they should because  they've been with the company for many years  

and they're bored of the job and it's just just  waiting for retirement or something like that  

but yes it's it's a just as if you would go into  the garden and you would see a tree that got dead  

wood literally dead would you cut that out  because that would regenerate the tree it  

wouldn't be it wouldn't be holding the tree back  so you're cutting out the dead wood the things  

the things that are no longer alive or useful  because they're holding everything back anyway  

here's another one i think we've got time for  two more and then we are going i'm getting  

hungry now mr duncan i'm thinking of what i can  smell is chocolate biscuits but i could resist  

because i need to think of my figure and my health  okay then i need to remain looking beautiful i  

think it might be extreme i think it might be too  late for both of those things but there you go  

yes here we go steve lots of people haven't  heard that phrase before oh okay then yes yeah  

but you can say that if you get may if you start  getting anywhere but we've said enough right on  

to the next if if you want to know what it  means just just rewind slightly here we go  

then here's the next one steve oh he something  all his something something in his something

interesting very intriguing so somewhere  in there there is a word connected to trees  

yes very similar to the last one in fact so  there's a little clue so it might be similar  

to the last one but not exactly the same it's not  the same but it might be similar he's something  

all his something something in his something so  you might talk about something that has been maybe  

recorded especially when you write things maybe  in a certain place you see ah louis has to go  

luis mendes see you later louise later luis  see you next time and thanks for being here

skeptic mind ah what do you think mr duncan hmm  

that's quite good actually because that is that  is connected to trees because leaves he leaves  

that's quite clever actually i like your way  of thinking that is pretty good is it right no  

okay but it's good though i you you're getting  the idea now you see of the game you see so  

connected to trees he leaves sadly that is  not the correct word that i'm looking for even  

though it does fit i think that is six letters  as well yousef also says leaves it is not leaves  

something else connected with trees think of  the material the material that a tree is made of

and then you have your your clue to the answer

i don't get that mr duncan  really how is that helping me  

well it might not be made of wood yes yes yes

but think about think about if you want to

what do you think uh of tomic's suggestion you  see tomek tomek is a bright button he's a very  

bright button i think so he's a smart cookie ah  so tommy could be right then could he ah right so

ah and the last word yes tomek i see  yes valentin says listed oriental coins  

diary hmm yes you've got one of the words  right there valentin one of them is correct

a nickel hello a nicole anik  he loses all of his something  

well i think we know the first word and the last  word yes so the the first word that is missing  

i think we know let's just say tomic has given  us the first and last words correctly yes  

so so think about something that you might  do every day or something that you do with  

another person if you need to contact them ah  you see there's another clue so you might write  

down the things that you've done it is something  that you do to get in touch with another person  

yes so you know maybe you have to do a certain  thing to get in touch with another person  

phone them that doesn't fit but you're  not you're not far off though steve  

you're very close there really yes even mr  steve is playing now did he get excited there

he something all his something something  

in his something oh so think about an active thing  that you're doing to get in touch with someone  

you want to talk to someone you want  to talk to someone what do you do

i just can't can't get it mr duncan  

hmm is he logged oh well we know that's right  yes we know log all his something rather come  

on come on yeah tomek all his what so you  want to talk to different people so you will

i'm waiting for them to answer so what is  that the thing i'm doing is uh what it's uh

it's not coming in so what is it going  out okay then just no idea mr duncan oh

it's not easy is it he's not easy you're doing  something you're trying to contact somebody  

but think about what i'm doing you're on the  phone think of the direction of what i'm doing

it's not helping mr i know i just like  making that noise because it sounds good

anymore got it yet no all right but we're getting  nearer nearer yes oh tomek is getting there you  

see but he's got the wrong word he's got followers  he's got one of the words wrong so you're you  

are almost a hundred percent almost a hundred  percent i understand why you'd want to do that  

anyway yes okay sometimes you do sometimes you  maybe make make you know a note of something  

of when you do a certain thing he something  all his something something in his something  

we are almost there almost just one word out  yes just one word here we go miura mura yes yes

well done well done pretty good tomic gave  us the clue that's it so that led to that  

so yeah so once again we were all working all  working together even steve was doing it i  

didn't come up with the answer though no sadly not  here we go here is the answer though mr cockerell

and the answer

he logged logged ah you see he logged all his  outgoing calls in his diary so when he called  

someone he would write down the time that he  did it so when you log something it means you  

make a recording you write something down normally  concerning a certain action something that you've  

done you make a record of it you write it down  normally in some sort of book maybe your diary  

so you log all your outgoing calls in your diary  he logged all his outgoing calls in his diary  

he made a record of when he phoned people a record  a log is a record yes so when you make a log of  

something yes that's what i just said a record  a record it is a written record quite often we  

use the word log to show a recording something  that has been stored some information about  

something that has just happened or has happened  another thing of course is when you sign into your  

computer you log in or you log on so log can also  mean sign you sign in maybe you sign into your  

computer or you sign in your password to a certain  website you see there's a recording of when you  

went onto the internet a log there will be a log  

so if you're if you're performing a task that  requires lots of different steps you might want  

to keep a record of when you did certain things  yes and another word for that is you keep a log  

say you're working in a laboratory for example  and you're doing a series of experiments you  

might want to write down exactly what you did  in the time you did it so that you can look back  

and say oh yes i did that then i did that then  you've got a record unlock yes so you make a  

record a permanent record as well something  that can't be removed or or erased is logged  

information that it is recorded quite often  permanently for future reference and we have one  

more before we go steve and then one more one  more sentence game we are picking your brains

here we go his something is something than his  something so again connected to trees think of  

a tree i think this one's easy so i thought i  would end with an easy one because i'm in a very  

generous mood even though i ah i'm completely  stressed out today so this is just a case of  

who is quickest with their typing fingers yes  so we will give you a few moments because there  

is a delay so don't worry i will i will allow  you all to have a chance to type your answers  

his something is something then he's something  it's a well-known expression and it also  

is connected to trees as well you  see in a certain way there is a word  

that sounds like it might be connected all over mr  duncan it's all over oh okay then that was quick  

guess who correctly it wouldn't be tomek would it  be tomic i couldn't possibly say it is well done  

tomek you've got it right yes well that was quick  thank you for that because it means we can end  

quickly and go off and have our cup of  tea and tea cake i was really hoping  

you know steve i was really  hoping that that tomek would  

just give us the answer very quickly so we could  go yes that's very nice so here's the answer  

so fast was that thank you tomic and the answer  is if i can find the right button time's up by the  

way his bark is worse than his bite his bark is  worse than his bite and you're right it's an idiom  

it is alessandra it is an expression we use  quite often to say a person might seem like  

i don't know a dangerous person or a harmful  person but but really they're not they just talk  

but they don't actually do anything his bark is  worse than his yes somebody who might shout a lot  

and you might be afraid of them because they might  swear a lot they might shout or be aggressive or  

be aggressive well they're saying his bark his  bark so it's what he's saying he's what what  

a person is saying is worse than the actions he  might actually take yes so just because somebody  

shouts and says don't you you know shouts a lot  okay it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to  

actually inflict any physical harm and yes  a bark so it refers to a dog but a dog barks  

which is very loud yes and sounds  scary uh and dogs will usually bite you  

but if a person shouts a lot but  then doesn't follow it up with any  

dangerous physical actions so they don't actually  physically hurt you then you could say their bark  

is worse than their bite so when we say bark  it can mean the the surface of a tree as well  

you see the hard the hard surface of a tree but  also it can be this the sound that a dog makes

see that sounds like his bite is as worse as  his bark is has is it that that sounds worse yes  

that dog barking there it sounds like his bite is  as bad as his bar that's it not as worse as bad as  

his body yeah so we all know people like that they  shout a lot but then if you were to challenge them  

then they might back down and not actually  follow it up with anything physically so  

they talk they talk they say things but they do  they don't do nothing they do nothing at all yes  

the tree connection there is the word bark which  is the outer covering of a tree the bark on a tree  

lovely so mr duncan i will go to the kitchen  and make a cup of tina tea cake yes we've had  

a lot of problems today with the live stream i  don't know what happened earlier but there was  

quite a big problem with the internet connection  if something happened i don't know what  

but it's not our fault i'm pretty sure it's  not our fault i that's what i'm saying anyway  

it's not our fault i think it's youtube's fault  yes sometimes people say that at work about the  

boss you might have a boss at work who shouts a  lot always barking orders and saying things like  

that and you might be new and somebody you might  say to somebody oh well bit worried about him  

i might get the sack uh if i do something wrong  and then somebody will say to you oh don't worry  

his bark is worse than his bite so in other words  you probably won't get the sack anyway lovely to  

see you all and i'll see you in a few minutes  and i will look forward to seeing you all again  

next week next bye-bye next sunday mr  steve will be back don't worry bye and he  

has gone and i will also go as well it is  time to say goodbye it has been well it has  

been a very chaotic day today i must be honest  we had problems before the live stream started  

we had problems during the live stream but  we made it eventually we made it eventually

thank you very much for your company i'm going  now as well i will leave you with my little  

video of me playing on my swing and also playing  in the snow this is mr duncan in the birthplace  

of english saying thanks for watching i hope  you've enjoyed this it was slightly chaotic  

it was a little bit chaotic in places but we made  it we made it through to the end we persevered and  

we made it through the storm and of course until  the next time we meet here on youtube which may be  

wednesday but it will definitely be next sunday  as well you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now

i'm a big boy now