as if you needed reminding here we go  again yes we are live once more across  

youtube and just in case you haven't already  noticed christmas is on its way and we are  

feeling very very festive today hi everybody  welcome this is english addict coming to you  

live from the birthplace of the english  language which just happens to be


hi everybody hi everybody this is mr duncan  in england how are you today are you okay i  

hope so are you feeling christmassy what you're  not oh well maybe i can put you in the festive  

mood because here we are live on youtube  once again yes it is sunday it is a fun day  

it is time to improve your english with  me for those who are wondering who i am  

who are you by the way can you please tell us  my name is mr duncan i talk about the english  

language quite often on youtube i've been  doing this forever such a long time in fact  

this year i was celebrating my 14th year 14 years  i've been doing this on youtube can you believe it  

it's true so here we go again yes christmas  is just around the corner so i thought today  

we would have a little bit of a celebration a  little bit of fun because christmas is coming  

and also i have a feeling that there  might be quite a few people missing today  

because i would imagine a lot of people are  now preparing for their christmas festivities  

except here in england where i think around 31  percent of the country is now in full lockdown  

so they can't even go out to see their friends  and relatives so here in england at the moment  

absolute chaos at the moment especially if you  live in the south of england or if you live  

near london or the east of england where  many people have been told to stay at home  

they can't go out at all they've been told  to stay in the house during christmas and  

many people won't even be able to see their  friends and relatives this christmas so for  

those who are now in lockdown i believe there  are other countries as well doing the same thing  

can i send you my best wishes i hope today  i hope i will feel or i will help you feel  

as if christmas is on its way and we are all  going to share that lovely festive feeling


foreign do


merry christmas everyone  

wherever you are in the world wherever you are  may i wish you a super duper christmas i know  

things are a little bit strange at the moment  but we will make our way through it i promise

as i always say there is light at the end of  the tunnel there is always something positive  

to take away from any situation  however bad it might seem  

so some people are not having a good  christmas but i am here now live  

and i have my lovely golden tinsel do you like  my tinsel isn't that nice the only problem is  

when you have it wrapped around your neck when  it is wrapped around your skin it can cause a  

little bit of irritation so i have my lovely  tinsel i also have my flashing lights as well

so i am in the mood for christmas mr steve has  finished his work for the holidays so he's feeling  

good even though tomorrow steve tomorrow is going  to try to see his mother so he's going to drive to  

see his mother who lives a very long way away  so it will be interesting to see if steve can  

actually get there without being stopped by the  coronavirus police so that will be interesting  

i might see mr steve come back yes tomorrow  he might come back tomorrow wearing handcuffs  

and accompanied by a couple of policemen who knows  anyway steve is hoping to see his mother because  

it is a very special year for steve's mother  because she has a very special birthday coming up  

of course during birthdays you normally have cards  well during christmas we also often send greeting  

cards to each other and this year is no exception  this year we have received quite a few christmas  

cards so a little bit later on today i am actually  going to show you some of the christmas cards  

and yes mr steve will be here as well  mr steve will be joining us later today  

on the live chat so don't worry yes steve will  be with us in around about seven minutes from now

oh so many things to talk about today so many  things to look at i don't know where to begin

i really don't know where to start today  we have a lot of things to look at we have  

the sentence game coming up today as  well as usual on sunday we are playing  

the sentence game and of course mr steve will  be with us as well as we play along with that  

today we are looking at words connected to parties  because at this time of year lots of people  

normally have parties but of course this year many  parties many get-togethers many reunions have been  

cancelled for certain reasons i'm sure we all  know what they are i'm sure hello to the live  

chat i must not forget the live chat either hello  to the live chat nice to see you here as well

and also hello to everyone watching in fact can i  say a special hello to hiroko and also luis mendes  

for your lovely kind donations a special mention  for you thank you very much for the donations you  

sent and yes they will both those donations will  help to keep my work going forever and ever and  

ever i hope so anyway so if you want to make a  donation it is christmas and to allow me to carry  

on doing this if you want to make a donation as  well there is the address right now on the screen  

don't forget everything i do i do for free  i have received a lot of messages this week  

in fact quite a few concerning a piece of music  that i played last week when i was showing you  

some of the the lovely scenery when  we have snow here in england even  

though at the moment we have no snow by  the way there is no snow at the moment  

just to prove it i will show you the  view outside right now here is the view  

outside the window at this very moment in time  so there it is so that is the view right now

it's sunny but you may notice  

there is absolutely no snow anywhere so no  snow even though the weather forecast has said  

we we might i'm not sure yet but we might have  a little bit of frost so it might look like  

snow so we will see what happens of course  christmas is coming at the end of this week

but sadly we have no snow so last week i played a  lovely video featuring a piece of music in fact i  

might play it again in a moment and the piece of  music is a very romantic sounding piece of music  

it isn't a christmas piece of music however the  piece of music seems to to be very suitable for  

for the the sights of snow falling so i thought  actually it was a really nice video and the piece  

of music i suppose i should mention it first  of all the music that i played last week on my  

snow video is actually called sunset for lovers  sunset for lovers now the first thing i should  

mention is this is not a commercial piece of music  this is music that i actually buy myself from  

a music producer so they make music and then  you have to buy the music with a license  

and the license can be very expensive so  sunset for lovers is the piece of music  

i will show you the video in a moment and  then we can enjoy those beautiful snow  

scenes and also the music as well  coming up a little bit later on  

yes i suppose we've made it to the end of  the weekend we've made it all the way to  

the end of another week and christmas is  just around the corner because it's sunday

christmas is on its way it really is

for those who are wondering yes christmas  is coming on the 25th of december is when we  

celebrate christmas i know not everyone celebrates  christmas before you say here mr duncan are you  

aware that not everyone celebrates christmas  yes i am aware of that so don't worry about it  

i do know that there are people around the world  who do not celebrate christmas so yes i am aware  

of that very aware let's have a look at the live  chat oh now i mentioned hiroko and luis mendes  

two of my regular viewers and also quite often on  the live chat who was first today oh i see tomek  

tomek guess what you were first you  are first in fact on today's live chat  

tomic you are first today on the live chat  and also we have olga hello olga nice to  

see you here as well on the live chat richard  is here also vitesse and maria scywan is here  

duane truck who who i think is watching in vietnam  at the moment and as i mentioned yes luis mendes  

hello lewis nice to see you here thank you once  again for your lovely donation very nice thank  

you very much that will help me to continue with  running my studio and also maintaining all of this  

because it does take quite a lot of work a lot  of maintenance and dare i say money to do this  

it really does even though don't forget i don't  charge for my video lessons everything i do i do  

for you for free it costs you nothing alessandra  is here secret owl hello secret owl i am very  

intrigued by your name secret owl nice to see  you here belarus here is here of course belarusia  

still recovering from your operation last  week i hope you are feeling good and it's nice  

to see you here yes i did receive your message  and i know that you are going to have lots of  

family members joining you today so if you can't  join in with the whole live stream it's all right  

don't worry i know this time of year can  be very busy for for everyone in fact  

so i do understand zuziker is here as well  thank you very much for joining me tuang  

duong is here beatriz and also maria maria edit  hello edit watching in budapest oh now i must be  

honest i don't think i uh i mention budapest very  often so can i say a very big hello to budapest  

thank you very much christina christmas is  coming it's a difficult time for everyone  

we are in lockdown but we have to stay together  we have to stay together and think positive yes  

remember every cloud has a silver lining there is  light at the end of the tunnel even if at the time  

or at this moment it doesn't seem as if there  is but there is always light at the end of the  

tunnel something positive to look at now here we  go so this is the video that i mentioned earlier  

you are going to see some lovely snow scenes  they were all filmed here in england by myself  

even though at the moment we have no snow  at all and you can also enjoy the beautiful  

piece of music as well that is playing in the  background and then after this we have mr steve




ah yes and now we all know what  that piece of music is called  

sunset for lovers is the name of  that particular piece of music

jingle jingle jingle bells jingle bells jingle mr  duncan bells [ __ ] you i'm a bit hot mr duncan  

you've you've draped me draped covered me  in all this tinsel and it's a bit on the  

hot side hello everybody hello yes mr steve  everyone would you like applause of course

oh our fans are here today mr duncan yes i  wasn't sure how many people were going to be  

here actually today to be honest because of course  many people at this time of year are preparing for  

christmas aren't they they are in fact um beatrice  is after buenos aires brenner's aries today wow  

very nice watching you watching us and then off  to buenos aires to to presumably be with family  

yes later on so have a safe trip but a lot of  people are going on trips to visit their family  

we can't do that in the uk can we mr duncan  in england in england because the rules are  

different from each part of the united  kingdom yes so in wales they are having  

lockdown but then complete lockdown yes  for the whole of wales after christmas  

it's so conv can i just say steve i have no idea  what is happening all i'm going to do is stay at  

home and eat lots of food yes we were told last  night by our prime minister that we were going to  

have five days of where told us two weeks ago we  were going to have five days of lovely christmas  

we can all get together and last night he said no  you can't no it's all over he's changed his mind  

uh if you're in london and a few other places you  literally cannot visit anyone on christmas day or  

well from from today yeah from midnight midnight  last night okay all the way for another month  

if you're here where we are we're in a low-risk  area but we still can only visit one other person  

on christmas day and that's it you explained that  about as well as boris johnson i think i explained  

it better than boris johnson actually what all i'm  doing is i'm just staying at home minding my own  

business so in the southeast of england and also  the east of england everyone is having to stay at  

home right over christmas so lock down it is it is  quite quite a serious situation because people had  

spent money on train tickets had spent money  on on on what all their plans they were going  

to make to visit their family and last night we  were told no you can't do it now can i just say  

something i know this might be controversial but  what the hell were you expecting i mean we've had  

the whole year of this situation and now people  are moaning and complaining that they can't have  

i don't know but two weeks ago we were told we  could and they have suddenly changed their mind  

but anyway let's go into that mr duncan okay we've  got somebody here who's on for the first time  

olivia olivia first time hungarian from hungary  but actually currently in germany oh in germany  

from hungary and you're watching now and  it's your first time congratulations welcome  

we'd like to have we like to celebrate those  times just just let me just wait for the applause  

to finish okay i would like to celebrate  first-time viewers don't we mrs duncan okay  

and uh black says watches you very regularly  uh and also says that his teacher mr greg  

okay shows your lessons in the classroom really  yes so mr greg let's say hello to mr greg hello  

mr greg uh and give a shout out to mr greg who's  showing your lessons in uh in the classroom  

where black is uh i think i've got that name right  sorry if i didn't do you know mr duncan i'm so hot  

oh yeah okay we're gonna have to do something  i can see that this is going to be as as easy  

to watch as last week i'll keep this one on okay  steve where are you going nowhere i'll keep this  

one on because it's very irritating i'm trying to  keep up with what we're talking about so you're  

going in all different directions here well i'm  just reading off the live stream you know i like  

to read the live stream okay steve yes we get that  mr greg hello mr greg now i believe that you show  

some of my video lessons in class now what  i'm wondering is if if it is being used as  

punishment maybe if the students in the  classroom are misbehaving quite possibly  

quite possibly look if you don't behave yourself  we're going to make you watch mr duncan again  

valentina says yes they're they're going in for  a lockdown in fact because we've got this this  

this new mutant strain haven't we oh okay then  yes so let's i know i was just going to say lots  

of countries in europe but banning people from  coming from england countries including italy  

okay it's not a mutant strain by the way well  it's it's it's it's empty it is it's a mutated  

structure yes but let's just anyway anyway we're  not scientifically being very argumentative  

no we're not scientists i'm not  going to be half a scientist

okay then this is christmas time it's christmas  time everyone's tuning in they're all at home  

and they want something happy well we will bring  them something happy well shall we try well i'm  

saying it in a happy way we're in lockdown by  the way you got the name wrong what name black  

avenger well i've got half the name right yes  but but that that could be anything well like  

well okay but black or black avenger avenger  i believe i believe it is right oh this is  

turning out to be a fun lesson isn't it mr duncan  it's it's it's brilliant so far uh yes beatrice  

is going to buenos aires to see a family  after 11 months wow well that's fantastic uh  

yeah lewis was asking beatrice i think some  questions there okay and black avenger says  

students in belgium everywhere like your videos  that is fantastic a big thumbs up to belgium  

thank you very much for liking my videos thank you  very much so one of the things i've noticed steve  

now this is something that happens quite  often when christmas comes around most people  

will complain now normally normally i'm not about  about this year but what are they what do people  

normally complain about at christmas uh awful  presents no they don't like the presents they  

don't like being with their families yes that's  the one now i find it interesting that every  

year people complain that they have to spend time  with their horrible relations and their relatives  

and this year they're all complaining because they  can't spend time with their horrible relatives and  

annoying relations and isn't that strange so all  the people that normally moan and complain about  

christmas because they don't want to spend time  with other people are now complaining because they  

can't spend time with other people perhaps they're  complaining they're making a big point because  

they want their families to think that they really  want to be with them but secretly they're thinking  

oh what a relief i don't have to go and visit my  family this christmas look can i just say i think  

a lot of people are thinking that i think they are  saying under their breath to themselves or maybe  

just in their minds they're thinking maybe oh i'm  just about to do a bit well i didn't know that  

they're thinking oh thank goodness oh i don't  have to spend time with my mother-in-law  

and father-in-law in all of their annoying  relations this year i'm i'm so happy that we don't  

have to do that this year i'm so happy oh i can  stay at home on my own i think that's what they're  

really thinking that's not very christmassy mr  duncan it is pretty christmassy how many of you  

out there would rather not visit your family  at christmas let's do a poll a poll let's let's  

not yes there we go oh sandra says i look very  pretty yes i suppose that's one word we could use  

pretty pretty awful uh well uh vitas  uh is celebrating an anniversary coral  

wedding coral where make sure what coral is  either do you have to get wet do you have to  

go into the ocean to celebrate it it must be  a particular year you have to swim ten years  

what is coral do you have to swim around with  with dolphins it sort of works up doesn't it so  

you start off with sort of bronze paper maybe  then you work up to silver gold platinum and  

what's beyond that i wonder what the lowest  one is i think it's probably a used band-aid  

what's the lowest yes what's one year what  is coral v test tell us please i don't know  

so how many years how many years is coral  coral how many and where are you going to  

find the coral because a lot of coral now has been  destroyed by by the the people that are polluting  

the ocean ocean warming global warming in fact  uh so i think some right i won't go political  

uh al care was listening to the christmas carol  on youtube it's a great story well i have my own  

i have my own video where i'm reading it have  you seen my video a lovely lesson where i i  

read charles dickens famous story about  ebenezer scrooge yes al go and listen to that  

who mr steve once played mr steve played the part  oh this is too easy mr steve played the part of a  

tight-fisted old miser who doesn't like spending  money and talking of which mr steve is here today  

but i'm not sure when you were playing the part of  ebenezer scrooge on stage yesterday mr steve yes  

did you need any training it just  came perfectly naturally to me  

i love playing that part it was a musical  version of christmas carol yep alan menken  

uh there was a film as well who was the guy who  was the man in frasier the the main character  

in frasier that would be kelsey grammer kelsey  grammer played the part the role of scrooge in a  

film version of a christmas carol the alan menken  version and it's lovely the music's lovely and  

as an added bonus who played the part of jacob  marley that was the bloke in seinfeld yes

i can't remember his name oh i see so the guy who  plays george costanza was actually in that version  

of a christmas carol jason alexander is his name  i i people people don't rate that film but i think  

it's i think it's very good yeah and that was  the version we did the stage version of that  

uh and it was lovely i absolutely loved playing  the part of scrooge i think it's my favorite ever  

role that i've played well i suppose i suppose it  came very naturally to you i'm naturally miserable  

all the time and uh it's just i know i i'm  not really only with mr duncan that's true  

when i'm here i'm happy because i like to be  with you all so just to mention get all the love  

coming through the love is i can feel it i can  feel something as well i'm not sure what it is  

but it's it isn't pleasant tomorrow steve  is going to try to do something aren't you  

whether we should announce it i have already in  case the authorities are watching i've already  

phoned the police to look out for you tomorrow  on the motorway steve is going to try and see his  

mother tomorrow even though technically he's not  supposed to i can as long as i stay in the garden  

so what steve is going to do he's going to drive  all the way to his mother's house he's going to  

to park outside and then is going to facetime  with his mother from in the car i know i'm not  

allowed to go in but what's the point  you might as well face time from home  

it's a long way to travel just to sit in the  car well i will sort of uh well no you can't  

well i'm i'm not going to say i'm going  to live on air so if the authorities are  

watching i'm going to visit my mother and  i'm going to obey all the rules yes and um  

stay within three foot of an open door okay and  wave through the window it's like it would be like  

going to visit someone in a nursing home because  at the moment if you go to a nursing home assuming  

they let you yes well most wave to your relatives  through the window yeah through the window and  

they're because they're a bit old they're going  a bit see now they don't know what's going on so  

they can see you but they can't understand why you  can't come in to see them it's very distressing  

very distressing yes uh but but so so officially  this is the story that we've got now to cover  

us steve yeah steve you can just stay with me for  a second i could do the story the story we've got  

is steve is going to his mother's tomorrow and  then he's going to sit outside the house and  

he's going to facetime with his mother who  is in the house and then he's going to just  

leave the the christmas gifts outside the  car so he's going to put them outside the car  

and then once once steve has finished he will  drive off and then steve's mother will come out  

and she will pick up the presents and take them  into the house it's almost like a like some sort  

of prisoner exchange well i might i might just  take a large loud hailer with me and shout mum  

how are you that's good i don't happy christmas  steve i don't think you need one i think your  

mouth is big enough coral is 35 years apparently  35 years come on i wouldn't have thought that so  

um thank you for that the tests it doesn't like  it doesn't seem like something you would give  

i mean what do you give on your choral anniversary  do you give a piece of a piece of the ocean well  

you can't rip up the coral from the ocean they're  dying off yes so maybe it's maybe a fake sort of  

plastic version maybe appropriate maybe you  could give them something else like i don't  

know the coronavirus vaccine or something instead  you know as a gift oh don't be so depressing we  

don't want to talk about coronavirus mr duncan  no so depressing i was being positive there

yes 11 hour trip across argentina i think  beatrice has welcome to lewis 11 hours  

yes because obviously argentina  is a very big country yes uh yes

i'm in a good mood says mosin that's good that's  good hello mohsen i'm better than good now that's  

what we like to hear we always like to hear better  than good but we've had something to do with that  

yes maybe uh right yes so yes it's so strange  mr duncan yes i know what's strange i don't know

i must have made a comment 30 seconds ago because  we have a 30 second delay here i think we need to  

need to explain that every week we go on uh when  we say something you get to see it 30 seconds  

after we've actually said it because there's an  inbuilt delay so sometimes you write comments  

and i can't remember what i said 30 seconds  ago so i'm not sure what you're no that's true  

this is this is the problem with with doing a  live stream steve can't remember what he said  

30 seconds before so so the delay just turns steve  into someone who it's almost like a goldfish going  

around inside its bowl thank you very much mr  duncan saying i've got a low attention span yes  

yes have you got vaccinated says predator  we did we did take the flu vaccine last week  

we did yes we've got the flu vaccine because we  are now elderly because steve and myself we are  

elderly can you believe it well i mean i turned  up there they said oh come on mr duncan uh have  

your flu vaccine i turned up and they said i'm  sorry you've come to the wrong place what are  

you doing here and i said i've come for a flu  vaccine they said well i'm sorry but you can't  

you can't be right because you you don't look  anywhere near old enough i want to know why did  

they give my flu vaccine in my bum and everyone  else had it in their arm what was that you that's  

because you asked for it to be put there i  asked for it asked asked no that was a joke  

that was a joke you see oh i see see i had the  injections yes i had your bum another word for bum  

is arse there we go there we go oh dear oh i'm on  a diet says belarusia oh because of the operation  

yes so so belarusia is feeling a little delicate  today but but she also has her relatives visiting  

today so i hope you have a great time with them  i would imagine you can't have a high fat diet  

at the moment i would imagine belarus you said  chocolates are out uh anyway it'll be good for you  

imagine i can't when you can go back home i  can't i can't imagine steve i can't imagine  

christmas without chocolate that i can't imagine  any day without chocolate at christmas i can't  

deal with that that's terrible oh by the  way we've had some lovely christmas cards  

what we gonna say i was gonna say my sister  uh that doesn't eat chocolate anymore okay  

she gave it up i think it was about five or seven  years ago and uh you can't buy my sister chocolate  

uh she won't even she doesn't even want to sniff  it i don't we don't know why we don't know why  

but uh the way she talks about chocolate  it's like she's giving up heroin yeah it's  

quite because yes i mean i don't know about you  but i always think i always think chocolate and  

heroine are very similar to each other attack  my sister's not watching i have got your lovely  

christmas present so uh you know that'll be  enough to uh to make up for the fact that i've  

just criticized you live in front of millions  of people uh christmas cars did you say you're  

but your sister is a vegan no she's not oh no what  is his sister then is she a vegetarian she's a  

female oh pardon what no she's not vegetarian  now uh no she eats meat she eats anything she  

just gave up chocolate and we don't know why  yeah she's never told us why maybe it's cows  

i don't know i think she's got a problem i think  there was a problem she was thinking of you know  

putting on too much weight oh i see i think that's  what it is so oh i see so so your sister is just  

cutting down the intake of fat i think so oh  okay then that's fine she's made up for that  

with sugar yeah all right anyway um so christmas  cards where did you keep which one of you said  

they were over there no they're over here they're  here i had something lovely given to me at work  

are you going to share that later as well um  maybe we do have a lot of things to do steve  

packed program i've got i've got the christmas  cards to show in a moment we will be looking at  

the christmas cards we have our special now  look at this look at the expense that i've  

gone to today we have our special look at  that steve what is it it's it's our lovely  

card cam card cam yeah there it is did you  see the camera you see right next to us  

i didn't see that this gives you an idea of how  observant steve is well i can't see it because  

you're being you're blocking it you can't see this  giant camera well i can see it now but i mean if  

you could see behind the scenes here there's  cameras and tripods everywhere i mean just  

how am i supposed to notice yeah indeed uh well  i wanted to show them but anyway never mind  

uh who's that one from that's a nice one  we'll have a look in a minute okay uh  

i thought we were looking now we're not looking  at the christmas cards that's just that's just a  

teaser you see some people don't click away  or maybe they you know because of all this

i come on here every week i give it my time  my experience my wisdom and all i get is abuse  

from mr duncan oh well we are going many burdens  that i carry throughout life yes mr duncan is just  

one of them yeah the main one so that's what my  mum said once that's true she did on camera and  

i should have listened to her yes you should have  done you had your chance steve you had your chance  

oh by the way i'm wearing some lovely socks today  i'm wearing christmassy socks would you like to  

see my socks here they are so look there are my  socks i'm wearing today they are christmas socks  

as you can see they are red steve red with  a little bit of green a little bit of green  

at the end although it looks like turquoise  but they are actually i think they are green  

and yes i think they look very festive i think my  socks look lovely today they are getting me in the  

christmas mood because christmas is coming at the  end of this week yeah christmas is coming steve  

what are you doing for christmas what are you  doing having a vaccine what predators just said  

sorry predator said that a friend told me that  uh he had a vaccination yeah and presumably it  

was flu i don't know and now he's got erectile  dysfunction i've never heard that as a side effect  

from a flu you think uh you think having a prick  in your arm would uh would actually help things  

i would report that if i were you tell your  friend to report it uh and there is a tablet  

you can get for that but yeah that's what it  says here well steve seems to be the expert  

i'm no expert i can tell you that uh well  interesting interesting maybe it was the uh  

maybe it was the the shock of having a needle  stuck in your arm okay then uh anyway we don't  

know how to cure that so uh but that's interesting  that's very interesting i'll report that back  

to who can you explain the usage of the word  mr duncan let alone let alone it'd be great if  

you could give examples i thought you wrote  it out why don't you explain it let alone  

let alone well it doesn't mean being alone does  it no well well let alone can be used in more than  

one way if you let me if something is let alone it  means it is it is avoided it is avoided something  

maybe that you want to avoid talking about or  something that you want to avoid you you let alone  

or maybe quite often something that you want to  bring into a conversation or a topic but you might  

want to say that that thing by itself so if you  are talking generally but then you want to talk  

specifically you might say let alone let alone so  yes it it is something quite complicated because  

there are many ways of using it it's a subtle  one that one so we could say uh yes i'm just  

trying to think of an example you could say you  could say you could talk about uh coronavirus  

couldn't you you could talk about the current  problems that we're having at the moment i mean  

you could say that the there's lots and lots of  problems in my life my job isn't going very well  

uh i've fallen out with my my family you know let  alone what's going on in the world at the moment  

with coronavirus that's it so you're saying that  um you're getting all these other problems and  

you've got this other one as well yeah so the big  one is the coronavirus but you've got all these  

other ones let alone the problems of coronavirus  i've got all these other problems as well  

maybe you could also say notwithstanding yes  not notwithstanding not withstanding would  

be another way of using that phrase yes so  yeah that's how you would use that okay then  

good so we are going to have a look at some  christmas cards we will have a look at some  

of them and then we will move on to something  else and then we have the sentence game coming  

up later on as well yes we are playing the  sentence game words connected with parties  

getting very hot mr duncan it's not very hot i'm  not taking it off because somebody said i look  

pretty yes it's not hot in here it's it's winter  it's freezing i didn't realize how insulating  

uh tinsel was okay i mean if you were cold in  the house just wrap some tinsel around you i'll  

tell you it keeps the heat in well this is the  same sort of material that they put over people  

who are freezing it's like foil that's right so  they normally cover a person's body completely  

in the same material so this this is the same  material you see i love this i love this tinsel  

notice mr duncan you've got a much posher  hat than mine my hat is the best i'm not very  

cheap i've got the best hat in the world tinsel  matches your beard mr duncan it certainly does

my golden beard okay steve i feel like we're  going off course slightly here uh was it the  

christmas cars that we were going to show next  we are going to look at some christmas cards  

we've had thousands now most of them i will  be honest with you i don't mind admitting it  

most of the christmas cards are for mr steve  because steve is such a popular person in his job  

and his family is he's got so many relations and  people in his family people that i don't even know  

you know people that i've never even  met apparently are related to steve it's  

i don't know who these people are it takes me  a month a month to write out all my christmas  

cards it does a long time so many people so we are  going to look now at some of the christmas cards  

a lot in stamps as well stamps are nearly a pound  each here in the uk now they're very expensive  

yes but then they did privatize the post office a  number of years ago and ever since then the price  

of stamps has gone up and up and up okay but yeah  we still like to send christmas cards in this day  

and age you would think that people do most things  electronically you've got cards you can send to  

people moon pig is one company that you can use  and but still to receive something physical a card  

proper christmas card rather than just something  electronic is nicer what's more personal what do  

you mean electronic well if somebody sends you  a christmas card electronically you can send oh  

so you can send cards and messages to people  i thought i thought you meant they sent you i  

don't know batteries instead of a card that's  what i thought you see but if you're receiving  

something physical it's nice that's it's nice  to have a physical thing and don't don't send  

cheap christmas cards spend a bit of money on  them because you know if you receive a card from  

somebody that looks a bit expensive it's sort of  the papers sort of flocked or it's got some nice  

little ornaments on it yes you know you think oh  it's a lovely card i'm glad they made that effort  

it's only going to be a little bit more send  quality cards because it really makes a difference  

it's a bit late now there's nothing worse than  sending a cheap card because people think well  

why bother if you're gonna send that rubbish card  you know a pack of a hundred for about two pounds  

okay well as we say it's the thought that counts  no that that phrase only goes so far and if some  

people send a card and they just put their name on  the bottom they don't even say two they just say  

fred well if it's made by a person who's disabled  and you know it's been done cheap maybe the card  

has been made yeah but it might have been made  by someone who is who has a disability maybe they  

can't make a nice card maybe they've only you know  they they can't move their their hands properly  

so the card is just a piece of folded paper yes  but a big cross on the front i know that i know  

which friends of mine are disabled and which ones  aren't no not the not that i've got not the people  

the company that makes the cards they they  sometimes have special charity cards you see  

that's what i'm not not the actual yes i'm not  saying the people sending them are disabled  

this is yes it's nice to have christmas  cards in your letterbox it makes you feel  

wanted and loved that's it and at this time we  all want to feel a bit of love i'm way i'm buried  

in tinsel i've sent more cards this year than  ever okay then people that last year i said you're  

off my christmas list okay you know you know  if somebody doesn't send me a christmas card  

for two years they're off but this year  i thought no i'm going to send it anyway  

i've got a friend that keeps a note she's got  she's got a she's got a a a presentation an excel  

uh document and all the people that sent her  all the people she sends christmas cards to  

in one column and all the ones she receives  christmas cards to in the other and she ticks  

it off to see if if she gets a car from the people  she sent cards to and then if they don't send one  

after two years she crosses them off the list i'm  not joking and i've got a friend that does that  

okay steve can i just say it's been approximately  one year since steve last told that story but  

we've got lots of new viewers mr duncan i  might have heard that story before okay any  

does anybody out there any of you do that when  do you stop sending christmas cards to somebody  

obviously there are obvious ones yes well not  everyone is vindictive like you anyway can we  

have me that was my friend steve steve it's  ten past three not me it's ten past three  

please can we look at the christmas cards i've  seen them oh you mean for everybody else yes

we're going to have a break after this live  stream today we're going to have a break  

i won't see you until just before the new year  because we won't because a long break mrs duncan

oh i thought you were taking a break  now now just a little short break  

no wait i didn't mean you meant a break from doing  the live stream clearly your attention span wasn't  

working because i said after the live stream is  finished so i'm looking at the uh the live chat  

mr step it's very important i need to concentrate  steve yes i want to look at the christmas cards  

look i'm not stopping you okay then i feel like  you are though i kind of feel you are stopping me  

here we go then here's here's the christmas  cards oh i like this one steve so this is a  

lovely christmas card we received would you like  to describe the christmas card to us steve well  

it's a it's a it's a nice sort of scene there  we go we've got somebody's house we've got a  

outside we've got a nice snowman and we've got  some decoration on the door that's called a wreath  

a wreath which is a traditional thing to put on  the door sometimes you have lights on that as well  

the traditional themes of red and green uh we  also have a dog there it must be cold because that  

dog has a little coat on oh yes and then at the  window we can see through the window we can see  

uh a christmas tree obviously inside the house  see a lot of people do that at the moment they  

actually make clothing for dogs so dogs now need  to wear clothes who's that from mr duncan that is  

a look that's from i don't know i can't read  the writing um maggie and tony that's my old  

boss so there we go just to prove it  we're not lying so there it is look

there it is look maggie and tony  best wishes have a fun time well  

we won't but thanks anyway i couldn't read that  i couldn't read the writing you see i thought  

i thought it said messi so there it is best wishes  wishing you a happy home wishing you a happy home  

this christmas well most people are are going to  be at home so there is our first christmas card  

i i like that's quite nice have you got the one  my mother sent to us this christmas uh somewhere  

are you sure it was on the uh the table in the  dining room but it's still there here's another  

one oh i like this one steve look lovely glitter  so i'm not normally a fan of glitter because i  

normally find that it falls off so there it is  and it says merry christmas very colorful very  

glittery shiny i suppose it's very lovely how  many christmas cards we had so far about 100  

yeah at least tom who's tom oh that's my that's my  current boss oh yeah you're currently my current  

boss so the first one was steve's previous boss  that's a coincidence this is from well it's just  

as they came in the pile merry christmas it says  there isn't that lovely merry christmas everyone  

that's very nice yes that was it when we  think of christmas we often think of red  

we do the color red that's sort of because  of santa claus of course santa claus always  

likes to wear red clothing there it is who  is that from let's have a look that's from  

that's from one of your work colleagues from  one of my work colleagues who's now retired  

yes so one of one of steve's work colleagues  from ping isn't that lovely i think he and  

her husband one of my dear friends from who's  retired now sadly but we still keep in touch  

and meet up um several times a year do you realize  mr duncan they've done made some changes at work  

i'm now the oldest person where in the sales  force in the company that i work for really yes  

so it's official you are now the oldest person  and the person that's been there the longest  

wow i mean i know you're probably thinking  well the others must be because children look  

so young i'm not thinking that but um yes i'm  officially officially a lot of people have left  

have you dropped the cars mr nope all right carry  on head like a like a sound of cards dropping

steve describes everything that's happening in the  room yes i do uh well next card mr duncan this is  

this is more traditional i would say it's a  traditional modern card or modern traditional  

so there is a lovely scene outside a village  post office you can't see all the cards mr duncan  

well that is virtually all the card  there isn't much else to look at  

so there we go typical british scene or the  that's the typical scene that people imagine  

britain to look like or england to look like uh  sort of snow on the ground a post office a red  

post box a bicycle uh that that sort of is what  people imagine christmas looks like of course in  

reality for most people it's nothing like that  well in reality most people are in the house  

yes but mind you it's a bit like that where we  live because where we live is they're sort of  

stuck in the 1950s okay and which is fine we like  that we're not criticizing it but you wouldn't see  

that scene in a city well you might do what well  they are probably not what they have post offices  

in cities don't they uh yes but they wouldn't uh  you wouldn't be sort of walking around like that  

i love christmas cars with songs it says  valeria oh i see they play music oh yes atomic  

when i say salesforce i mean sales people people  who are who sell so if you've got a group of  

people in your company uh the sales force  is is is that group of sales people it's not  

uh it's not a software for a computer no that's  something different it's a phrase we use in the uk  

to describe uh say you've got 25 30 people working  in your company who are involved in sales you  

would call them the sales force the force meaning  presumably their force of going out and selling  

things uh but yes it's two separate words as you  have put like that exactly right well forced can  

also mean action as well so your force is the is  the group of people who are doing a certain thing  

so your sales force are the people who are selling  in your company yes but you don't you don't tend  

to describe other areas of the business with the  word force after it you wouldn't say your your  

your it force no or you wouldn't say you wouldn't  say your admin force well it's a group of people  

doing the same thing sales yes sales police  sales force police force police force yeah  

that works there we've got donald trump's space  force you see that's it they're all going up into  

space a group of people with a mission apparently  donald trump is going to go and live on the moon  

after he leaves the white house that's why he's  being busy building those rockets you see yes  

salesforce a group of people but if you put the  word force after it after a group of people then  

it implies some kind of mission or purpose and  well our purpose obviously is to sell things  

so we go out there and we do the business  okay then what do you do what what do you  

sell um well we've already discussed this  mr duncan have we yes i don't remember his  

disgusting i think i said once before it  was i think i've hinted at pharmaceuticals  

before that's it that's as far as i'm going  to go he sells he sells incontinence diapers  

yes he's got one on right now that's how committed  he is to his company he wears one all the time so  

here's another labor force yes exactly okay steve  well if you knew what it was why did you ask it

right okay there's another one yes i knew what  was what i was talking to tomic then okay then  

no one knows that he's very clever there's a  little christmas tree there look on the card  

there we go there's always a red post box yeah  that particular red post box is like something  

from 1850 or something 1850. you don't see  red post boxes like that anymore that's very  

precise that's very precise steve well that's  a very ornate and expensive uh post box maybe  

there are a few of those left in london i don't  know i think it's just an old-fashioned post  

box yes that would be made of sort of solid  wrought iron or something or yes task force  

yes exactly not chocolate christie this is quite  a nice one this is this is another nice one happy  

christmas steve most of these cards by the way are  for steve not for me well i don't get any cards  

here's another one for that i like this one  oh yes that's nice i haven't seen that one  

you have now yes it's it's well you know it's the  12 days of christmas don't you yes well exactly  

yes yes i don't think you knew that 12 days  of christmas i wonder why there's only 12 12  

drummers drumming 11 what 11 watts cartridge in a  pear tree is the first one isn't it 11 what 11 11  

lords are leaping there we go there's a lot ten  ten lords are leaping what's eleven then bring  

it bring it out further mr duncan i can't  see it's a it looks like a trumpet or pipe  

so well let's see more of the card mr duncan  let's go through them see if we can remember what  

they are well that's what i was doing well let's  start with number one okay then oh dear shall we  

i can't get i can't get it onto the camera  you see the first one because the angle

can you see there we go so on the first day of  christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in  

a pear tree yes very nice on the second day of  christmas my true love gave to me what what did  

your true love give to you uh i can't what  do they look like they look like angels

they are two turtles two total doves two turtles  why do you say it as i say it as if you knew  

anyway on the third day of christmas my childhood  gave to me chickens three hens are laying three  

hens elaine chickens this is this was a really  good idea on the fourth day of christmas i've sung  

this song so many times i can't remember on the  fourth day of christmas my true love sent to me

a bird another bird lots of birds in this  song never realized it's very yes it's very uh  

bird heavy this song it's very bird heavy  isn't it it's bird heavy what is for

do you know mr duncan i'm trying to think  now myself let's have a look my confidence  

my confidence has gone because  of you i don't know what that is  

we know what five is i've just i've just no yes  everyone knows five can if anyone can tell us  

what what is the fourth on the fourth day of  christmas what does my true love sent to me  

fourth something for uh i don't know what that  is it's some kind of bird a blue bird four birds  

it can't be just four birds a singing can  it no it's not that oh okay i think you've  

seen very i know it's not i know what it is  okay because i don't remember singing four  

birds or singing is it is it for electricians are  fixing the mains in your house uh five gold rings

five four calling birds four quarters or  calling birds that's what i think it is  

what is a calling bird a bird  that says come on come here hello  

okay it calls out isn't that a beckoning  bird four calling birds six geese are laying  

yes seven swans are swimming eight maids are  milking eight maids are milking nine something  

or something dancing dancing nine oh yeah ladies  dancing nice yes nine ladies dancing that's it  

ten lords are leaping ten lords are leaping eleven  pipers piping seven pipers piping and twelve  

yes oh well and we could sing that very quickly  but we won't i can't believe all the technology  

that's being used at the moment to broadcast  this should i send oh look at that oh that's  

a lovely car that next one yes it's quite nice  look there is a little i've turned the camera off  

right there here it is this is a nice one you've  got you've got snowmen and what are they doing  

they are singing carols to the other animals yes  the other animals there's some deer there on the  

left so there are the deer some rabbits rabbits  uh and uh a hedgehog and a badger and a badger

i know those animals and look there's a  there's a um i think he's had a cuckoo uh  

there's what's in that tree mr duncan  i don't know i'm just trying to see  

it's upside down and out of focus i i  think it's uh i think that's a squirrel  

it is a squirrel yes and then an  owl there's an owl on the other side  

the owl is actually hold the owl is hooting in  the tree and the the squirrel is holding his nuts  

sandra i sent i sent about i would say  about 40 cards this year i would say  

uh everyone's talking about ragu every time i look  at the live stream people are talking about ragu  

well they're probably just finding another subject  to discuss because you know because of this it's  

uh some kind of stew people seem to think ragu yes  isn't it italian yes in fact there's a source in  

this country you can buy called ragu the name name  of a company that sells sort of pasta sauce it  

reminds me of the sauce that you get on pizzas  very similar sort of tasting sauce anyway so  

here's an is another christmas card we're getting  lots of christmas cards this year oh there we  

go yes if you like to be by the seaside by the  seaside uh so the only way you would know that  

was christmas it's hard is the fact that there's  snow on it that's it and santa claus is in the  

boat you see with his presence well that's  not what he does no it isn't but if you live  

by the sea maybe he does you see that's what uh  that's from my friends my friends thank goodness  

we found somebody nina and sean thank you very  much to sean have you sent them one and nina  

how many cards have you sent mr duncan are you  trying to get me into trouble i did not send the  

card no i didn't send any cards this year i didn't  so that's a lovely thank you shawn for your lovely  

christmas gift benaroosia says she hasn't  received a christmas card for a long time oh well  

give us your address and we'll send you  one yes we'll send one to you well we could  

always send you one well we just these  are your christmas cards these are yours  

what time is it office three times it flies  when you're having fun we're going to take a  

quick break steve because a lot of people have  been talking about the snow video that i showed  

last week so i thought it'd be interesting to show  an excerpt from one of my lessons all about snow  

so this is only four minutes don't worry we  can have a little break and then we will be  

back live once more and yes we are going to play  the sentence game a little bit later on as well



when the snow falls fast and thick we call it  

heavy snow when the snow is falling during  a strong windstorm we call this a blizzard  

when snow is falling gently and the flakes are  small we call this light snow sometimes the snow  

does not fall completely frozen it melts away  very easily this type of snow is called sleet

there can be very few natural sights  more impressive than a blanket of snow  

covering the landscape the feeling of walking  out on a snowy day really does capture the  

senses all the sounds which are normally  around you disappear as the snow absorbs them


the feeling of walking on fresh snow is quite  unique the distinctive crunch beneath your feet  

as you walk along completes  this amazing winter experience

look at me i'm building a snowman it is fun to  play in the snow and i still remember as a child  

how excited i felt when i  opened my bedroom curtains  

after a night of snowfall to see a white  winter blanket covering all of the roads  

and rooftops come to think of it  i still get excited about it now


the winter season in the uk can vary from year to  year sometimes the winter climate is not so cold  

we call this a mild winter sometimes the  winter weather brings with it lots of snow  

and freezing temperatures we call  this a hard winter or harsh winter

there it was an excerpt from one of  my lessons all about well something  

you often see during this time of year except  for now because there is no snow on the ground  

snow is not here at the moment we are  definitely not having a white christmas

it's mr duncan and mr steve there he is i've taken  my tinsel off because it was itching i know i was  

really itching so we've gone for the lights  but we can't move too far because we're joined  

very closely by these uh by the cables we are  joined together by the lights thankfully these  

are only low voltage marietta says that they  haven't got any snow but they've got lots of rain  

in this part of spain at the moment now you  might like to know this marietta and anyone else  

watching in spain that we have a well-known phrase  in the uk that is used to try and help people  

talk english in a posh and correct way we  say the rain in spain falls mainly on the  

plain and you're supposed to say it either  the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain  

uh did you know that we are we use that  phrase well i mean when i say we use it people  

that was something i don't know  why that just stuck in my memory  

i'm sure my mother told me to say that say stephen  the rain in spain falls mainly on the plane  

now we don't know if it's factually true  my mother taught me is that true does the  

rain in spain fall mainly on the plane can you  tell us marietta my mother taught me the warah

you see that sounds like your mother yes oh thanks  

thanks from a posh family and we  were taught how to speak correctly  

thanks for criticizing my gravely ill mother  thanks a lot sorry joke i appreciate i appreciate  

it it's true that it's an actual phrase isn't it  it rained in spain falls mainly on the plane yes  

just something that we used to say when we were  younger i don't know why i don't know either we  

don't know if it's factually correct we'd like  to know yes well you did say it so that uh  

marietta please tell us there's a good chance it's  not factually correct there is a very good chance  

is there even a plane in spain yes a plane  meaning a flat area yes geographically flat  

area is what i mean when we say a plane that means  a geographically flat area do you ever get rain  

in spain you know it's mining at the moment says  marietta well there you go well we're half right  

so marietta by definition must  be living in the plane okay then

what because that's what i was taught when i was  growing up shall we have a look at another really  

falls mainly in the north i was told a complete  lie as a child i can't wait you know when i see  

my mother tomorrow i'm going to say by the way  do you remember that phrase you taught me when i  

was a child the reign in spain falls mainly on the  plane i can tell you it's wrong okay so thanks mum  

so i'm now not going to believe anything you told  me as a child yes well i told you not to anyway

yes but your mum does like christmas she does  because you know it's the birth of her savior  

she's not going to like her birthday this year no  it's a big one this year isn't it it's a big one  

you should celebrate it but my mother doesn't  want us to even mention it don't mention don't  

mention steve's mum's birthday talking of  your mother your mother sent a very nice  

christmas card she did we've got to move along  steve we haven't played the centers game yet

what's going on my equipment yes that phrase is  from my fair lady it is inigo well done the rain  

in spain falls mainly on the plane and see i  didn't know it was from that musical when i  

grew up because my mother just told taught me the  phrase yes but it is and it's used as elocution  

to help you pronounce words because she was in  my fair lady she was all call blimey she was uh  

you know she had an accent didn't  she well london didn't she teach you  

and she was uh trying to become posh i  don't know what that so she had a professor  

liza was it liza no eliza eliza i'm thinking of  liza minnelli like was it eliza or liza he was it  

was eliza doodle eliza do little i was right thank  you no you weren't you said liza liza minnelli  

i was similar and uh that's it yes because  this this profession was a posh professor  

okay he thought he could take somebody uh from  a very poor area without with a with a rough  

accent and turn them into and and turn them into  somebody posh and impress all yes it was a wager  

yes that's it exactly he he had a wager now  for someone who's supposed to be theatrical  

and appears on stage doing things steve knows  very little about shows actually my fair lady as  

as as a musical we went to watch  that well that's just one version  

of it we were bored stiff the film  the film is good but that's good  

amateur dramatic society perform it and perform  it badly it does feel as if it goes on forever  

i knew it was a rhyme really but i was i was  only joking when i said that i thought it was  

real yes there we go but thank you for reminding  us that it is from uh my fair lady actually the  

the book is called pygmalion well done well done  yes i'm only joking it was just a phrase that we  

you know we grew up with because that musical was  around at the time i sometimes feel as if i should  

be on the stage and steve should be doing whatever  i do and i don't know what that is by the way  

thanks i don't know what i do so what's coming  up now mr duncan coming up now we are trying to  

do the sentence game because we have a lot of  people waiting you see now i know that at this  

time of year not many people are watching because  lots of other things going on but on tuesday can i  

just say on tuesday we are publishing we're  publishing a special video with mr steve  

singing some christmas songs on tuesday so  that will be published so look out for that  

listen out for it some of my favorite  christmas songs so just for you so don't  

give anything away so that's a big surprise  steve will be singing some christmas songs  

just for you a video that we've made and recorded  rain rain go to spain never show your face again  

push says lewis okay then pushpendra says who  cares who cares about what who cares i don't know  

i get the feeling pushpendra might be pushing off  you know no it could have been about something we  

were talking about 30 seconds ago okay don't  forget yes that's there are lots of rhymes  

about spain for some bizarre reason so lewis  has got one as well okay rain rain go to spain  

never show your face again so presumably  that means if it's raining where you are  

you you want to get rid of it so you  say that in the hope that it will go  

yes but it's a bit cruel to send it all to  spain what about those poor spanish people  

i've got to put up with the rain yes it's a bit  like rain rain go away come back another day  

that would be that would be less unkind  yeah to the spanish nation but very unkind  

to reign yes very unkind anyway shall we  please steve can we play the sentence game  

i'm going to swear in a minute here comes  the sentence game everyone is it christmas  

related i was trying to show i've already  said what it's related to i wasn't listening

what here we go

we'll have a look at some more cards  in a moment so here is the sentence  

game let's play it right now before  i have a slight nervous breakdown

i've got a cramp in my lungs what's that  what can can you get cramp in your lungs oh  

oh that's strange

right i moved then i moved in a strange way and  then yeah and then so that i got cramp in my ribs  

well you don't normally move very much so it's  probably you know your muscles aren't used to it  

why are you being so cruel to me it's too easy  it's too easy because you can't retaliate because  

we're alive trust me i'm very tempted to re  retaliate so here we go the sentence game steve  

and these are all sentences with words missing  from them missing from them and they are all  

connected to christmas wait they are all  connected to party party words party words  

because normally at this time of year lots  of people will be having parties you see  

at christmas time but not this year not here  anyway i suppose some people are and some people  

are not if you are living in london definitely not  having christmas parties says rain rain go away  

never come to mrs home again mr duncan's  home yes again okay well done that's good

first one mr duncan get on with  it faster we haven't got all day

here is the first sentence game boys and  girls for this pre-christmas english addict  

oh i don't know what's happened there  that the equipment is playing up today  

here we go what about your computer wants  to something his something and something  

something so this is connected to parties so  think of a party maybe a party that you go to  

and maybe something that you will see at  a party so party think of parties a lovely  

get-together a group of people who come together  they meet up and they celebrate maybe a birthday  

maybe a wedding perhaps christmas people often get  together especially families families do often is  

this an idiom would you say it it can be actually  it's it is more an expression an expression yes  

so yes it's a it's a well-known  expression i think i've got it yes

it's a well-known expression and while that's  people are thinking about that okay we could  

show a card could we not uh not try to tell you  what to do okay then no clearly not so there is  

a card look at that it's not lovely isn't  that beautiful isn't that nice that's from  

my mother to both of you so there it is to both  of you and by that it means mr steve and also me  

reindeer yes who are well what  are they doing sniffing each other  

i don't know they're affectionate affectionate  reindeer they're kissing they're having  

a little kiss they're pressing their noses  together in a loving way we should have given  

atomic warning oh of course fine it's  fine but people have been having a go

alessandra uh was very very close alessandra  uh yes well done vitas got one of the words uh  

yes have is definitely the first word i think  because v task got the first word that helped  

everybody else to complete the phrase  because often once you get the first word  

that makes it easier to get the rest of it so  we're going to say well done to vitas for getting  

the first word uh alessandra was very close  and got three of the words okay and then tomic  

put them all together to get the correct phrase  that's good uh so can i assume that there is a  

correct answer there is indeed a correct answer  okay then that's good we're getting some correct  

answers we have to i don't want to rush it you see  because some people might just be tuning in and  

then they won't have time to answer the question  so not too too bad should have been here earlier  

okay it's very thoughtful so here we go  then the answer coming up the sentence game  

we are playing today on sunday the 20th of  december it's just five days before christmas  

mr steve i'm so excited we shouldn't be here comes  mr cockerell because we have the answer coming up

and the answer is mr duncan the answer

is have cake eat it he wants to have his cake and  eat it so vitas got the first word correct lee and  

then alessandra nearly got it all tomic put it  all together and then other people did as well  

uh yes uh yeah there are other words  that fit like here but that doesn't  

make sense in this context uh so uh yeah have  cake and eat it um hold cake and eat it well yeah  

you see you could say if you didn't know that  that was a going to be like a a well-known phrase  

you could say he wants to hold his cake and eat  it that would make grammatic sense yes so that  

does make sense uh who said that uh predator  president noah's so yeah that does fit you that  

is a sentence it's just not the one mr duncan  that doesn't mean it's not correct no uh but  

there is a phrase he wants to have his case and he  is a phrase which means what mr duncan that's it  

that means that you want more than your fair share  of something so you want something but you want  

all of it so maybe maybe you can only have a  certain amount but you want all of it so in life  

you might find a person who is greedy or selfish  they want to have their cake and eat it so it's a  

person who wants more than they should have maybe  more than their fair share yeah so maybe perhaps  

you're perhaps you're uh you're going for a job  uh you know you've got a job and you go to your  

boss and say right i want to pay rise i want  to i want a new company car and i want dental  

insurance and your boss turns around says look  you can't have your cake and eat it i'll i'll give  

you the pay rise and you can pay for the other  two yourself yeah so in other words you can't  

have everything maybe it has everything maybe a  husband is having an affair with his secretary  

but he wants to still stay married so he wants  to stay with his wife but also he wants to have  

his little liaisons with his sexy secretary you  see so he wants to have his cake and eat it but  

you can't you can't have all of your all of the  cake because some of that cake is for other people  

you can't have it all for yourself stop being so  greedy it means you yeah exactly uh and uh yes  

lewis said it could be about brexit exactly i was  about to say that okay because the uk and the the  

european union both want their own deal they all  want certain things like fishing rights or level  

playing field uh on this that and the other but  they can't all have their cake and eat it they  

can't all have everything somebody's going  to have to compromise and give up something  

so yes lewis that's a very good current way that  we can use that phrase the european union might be  

saying to us look uk you can't have your cake and  eat it you can't have everything and we might be  

saying to the eu you know you can't have access  to our waters and and then expect us to have to  

do this so both sides want their cake and eat it  although technically we're the ones that deserve  

the bad deal because we're the ones being you  know arrogant yes i really want to swear but  

i'm not going to but i'm sorry europe not not  all of us here want to actually leave europe  

including including us by the way so we did not  vote to leave we voted not to leave i wonder if  

you could go back in time to 2016. remember  that day when everyone went out to vote for  

brexit well that was that was a tragedy four and  a half years ago that happened can you believe  

four and a half years ago if you had said four  and a half years ago that brexit would take four  

and a half years to sort out and in the midst of  a worldwide pandemic i wonder if people would have  

voted for it hmm the tragedy was if everybody had  gone out and voted and not the low turnout that  

there was we'd still be in europe but anyway yeah  in italy alessandra they say in in italy you say  

a similar phrase to that is uh you can't have  your barrel full and your wife drunk okay  

that sounds like an interesting that sounds like  an interesting night so you can't have everything  

a full of a drunk wife who presumably then would  be easy to get you away with i don't know that  

that's what it's implying there and also have a  have a load of dr alcohol at the same time i think  

in other words you can't have everything you can't  have everything don't be greedy that phrase means  

don't be greedy yeah okay we've done that one by  the way here's the next one if i can get on to it  

here is the next one mr steve today is second luis  minozz didn't expect you to be that close has made  

3d printed gifts if someone is interested well we  are uh that's a different lewis oh louis m munoz  

can you send us a picture show us what they look  like and then we will show them on the next live  

stream yes yes four and a half years says zuziki  yes okay can we have the next sentence game yes  

because we are we are actually running out  of time desperately running out of time

he something at the something without  being something so we are talking about  

celebrations don't don't say anything else so i'm  just making sure that the word isn't used you see  

so there is a word that i might use it  accidentally that's it that's what i mean so he  

something at the something without being although  the word is right there on the screen look steve  

the word is right there well you've just told  everybody now i know but but yes i know but you  

just told everybody i was avoiding saying  it well you've told people anyway i know  

but i realized it was right people might not  have noticed yes i feel ashamed of myself  

you shouldn't have done they see that it  would have been there in plains i should  

i should walk through the street like like in  the handmaiden's tale and i should be be ashamed  

of myself with people throwing a rotten  fruit at me that's what should happen now  

i think so oh sorry yes tomic yes it was all  cameron's fault we are connected exactly oh  

okay then steve yes but he wrote a book and stupid  people went out and bought it and put more money  

into his already overstuffed pockets you're just  jealous i'm not jealous at all it's jealous i'm  

not jealous he's jealous of his millions he should  go away in shame and never show his face again a  

rhymed he should go away in shame and never show  his face again shame again yes that does yes

david cameron took the brunt

even though people think where's that no what oh  yes oh just oh right it's just coming out of my  

brain yes tomorrow you see knows he's knows what's  going on politically around the world must be very  

well read yes to to know that that's what caused  it can i just say i'm sick and tired of hearing  

about coronavirus and brexit i mean to be i mean  to give cameron a little bit of room it's been  

a lot of fighting within the conservative party  over europe ever since we went into europe in 1970  

when was it four it was yes the early seventies  and that was after a referencing within the yes  

okay steve steve this is not political this is  not a political he should never have agreed to  

have a referendum okay well happy christmas  everyone yes but yeah but it's interesting  

that we're trying to sort that out at the same  time that we're trying to sort out problems with  

coronavirus there's two major things but it needs  sorting that's what i just said yeah in in 2016  

we didn't know about coronavirus i know but you  know that four and a half years if they sorted it  

out in the first couple of years which have all  been over be careful what you wish for yes is  

probably the lesson we can all take away  from that be careful what you wish for  

well a lot of people a lot of um british  people living abroad okay have been  

um trying to get uh passports like french  passports spanish passports so that they can  

move freely uh sorry they're trying to get  citizenship is the word i'm looking for yes  

i say for example they've been living in france  or spain or italy or somewhere in europe for many  

years they're trying desperately to get  citizenship because after uh the 31st of december  

we believe that you will only be able to  stay in a country in europe for 30 days  

then you have to come home then wait  a while then go back again i think  

30 days there's all sorts of confusing rules but  here we go what were we doing the sentence game  

what but you doing steve i don't know  people might have got the answers yes uh  

what there was like a weird monologue then did  you realize you were don't get me started on  

europe did you i meant i meant brexit uh  right have we got any correct answers he

oh looks like looks like is  that correct mr d yes no rear  

straight in there very quickly oh  no no it's it's not right okay yes

is it close though it's not  not far off you are very  

so imagine imagine not being somewhere  imagine going somewhere and then you  

what so when you reach yes when you reach your  destination what have you done what have you done  

attended is eight letters unfortunately  but yes that would have worked um

valeria yes yeah exactly malaria very good yes  it looks as if valeria has the right answer oh  

oh yes and valeria's put all three words together  good uh so maria started it off got the the last  

two correctly okay valeria then got the first word  and then she's put them all together there we go  

okay is that it and yes that's it i think steve is  getting tired now you're not getting tired really  

i i you were getting you you were going very quiet  you see a lot of people use the word appears okay  

he's something at the something without  being something so when you get somewhere  

you travel somewhere and then you what well you  might you might arrive you see appears isn't  

grammatically correct no you could say appeared  yes but then that would be eight letters not seven  

that's it but it grammatically it would  be correct if you said he appeared  

he appeared but where where did he arrive he  arrived at the what well we know what that was  

the word is actually on the screen in front  of you he arrived at the party without  

being what without being now when you  receive something asking you to go somewhere  

we call it an invitation invitation or you can  say the invitation is sent to you you have been  

invited invited so he something at the something  without being i think we know something and

cocka doodle do the answer is yes well done a  lot of people got that right so well done he  

arrived at the party without being invited  so no one asked him to come to the party  

but he still came he wasn't invited no one  asked him to come to the party so he was  

there but he was not invited we call a person  that does that a gate crasher or a party crasher  

yes so you go somewhere where you are not supposed  to be or a place that you've not been invited


we have one more i think we can  squeeze one more in mr steve  

oh people are getting very political really  apparently charles de gaulle's famous french  

president or prime minister uh didn't want us to  go into the european union see we went in in the  

70s and then we gradually got very rich now we've  left we'll gradually get very poor again okay  

we'll have to wait and see that's i think is what  will happen but yes very very sad it will be on  

the 31st of december very sad day yeah for a lot  of us here in the uk yeah don't forget that uh  

the majority of people in the uk here probably do  want to stay in the european union it's just that  

not enough people voted yes in order to get  the results it should have happened i think  

that's normally how elections work particularly  the young people in this country didn't bother  

to go out and vote and that is not just  me but that's what the experts are saying  

uh you know as to anyway let's not  go into that stay happy stay happy  

stay happy don't get political don't talk  about politics don't talk about religion  

well we are talking about both of those things  today because we're talking about christmas  

which may may be a little political as well you  see because some people believe that things should  

be done or should be allowed and some people  think that they shouldn't spot on okay then yes  

spot on your comment there okay uh many factors  involved uh it's a bit like a plane crash i think  

is it because if you look at uh if you watch  these uh programs about plane crashes okay  

which we sometimes do we don't like to watch  them but they're quite compelling to watch  

what the message i often take from those is that  there's very rarely is the one single factor  

that causes the plane to crash yeah unless  you know there's normally a series of things  

even something like uh you know and and whatever  it is is usually not just one single factor  

the there could have been one critical  factor but that could have been prevented by  

a maintenance issue that was overlooked or you  know even something like a bomb getting on board  

an airplane you know okay you can say it was  a bomb that caused the crash but if there had  

been sufficient security to start off with that  wouldn't have ever happened in the first it was  

like when the concorde crashed that was that's  just sorry now what i'm getting to is with europe  

the european union issue it's many many issues  that or many many factors that have caused this  

issue that we're now at now it's not one single  thing can't blame it on one single thing this  

is when the concord crashed what you couldn't  blame it on there was a lot of factors involved  

in that and if one of them had been attended to  it wouldn't have happened uh so you know anyway i  

think the point i'm making is quite often i don't  know that when something happens i don't know what  

the point is you're making the point is that um  often when something dramatic happens it probably  

could have been prevented because there would  have been lots of points along the timeline if you  

work back where you could have prevented it but  because lots of things were avoided were neglected  

the disaster happened wha why didn't you just  say it's a complicated situation where many  

things are involved and that's why things are  involved you didn't have to mention plane crashes  

you could say cameron was at fault but it i  mean cameron was but there was the years of  

the conservative party talking about how bad  did he say that was just sort of saying that  

in a muffled was the fact that a lot of people  didn't bother to go out and vote there were lots  

of different factors involved in what's happened  but anyway are you aware of what this might seem  

like to other people watching well jimmy  from hong kong is not interested at all no  

that makes two of us oh dear oh you shouldn't talk  about politics tonight sentence game sentence game  

can we have the sentence game to talk  about politicians are you just doing the  

same stuff you did last week i don't know it was  annoying last week as well okay are you excited

yeah okay i wish i was happy christmas everyone  is going oh happy christmas it is tomic yes sorry  

sorry right come on next one merry christmas i i  don't know what's happening now merry christmas  

siree we've just spent we've just spent five  minutes talking about the similarities between  

brick all right well if there's no point  in us both talking at the same time steve  

really i don't know how we got  from brexit to plane crashes but  

steve managed it he managed it very well  here we go one more analogy an analogy  

that was not an analogy that was that was like a  sermon defend its game atomic setting irritated  

atomic i think i am i'm getting irritated  here we go sentence game everyone before we go

four words again oh four i'm something to say that  i something a little something at the something ah  

this is did you hear my stupid stomach  mr duncan did you hear that rumble  

yes that's my stomach because why is your stomach  rumbling mr duncan well because i'm hungry  

i've eaten today but haven't you i'm just yes you  saw me eating food no mr duncan usually neglects  

do you actually do you pay attention to anything  that happens around you only if it involves me i  

was standing in front of you today eating food  i know i was just joking for the purposes of  

the for the viewers times mr duncan eats nothing  all day okay then well last week you had three  

chocolate biscuits while you were showing a  video yes why is that interesting to anyone  

here we go i'm something to say that i  something a little something at the something  

so if you do something that makes you feel  slightly embarrassed you might feel what and you

lewis is going bye louise happy christmas happy  christmas lewis have a good one we won't be here  

live before christmas however we are putting  a special video on this tuesday with mr steve  

singing some great christmas songs bye valeria  when is the next live stream going to be i've  

just said i've just literally said it i'm just i  know but actually as you asked me i just said next  

sunday yes next sunday so we will we won't be  here on wednesday we'll be here after christmas

next sunday i'm just saying goodbye  to people who i have seen have said  

that they're going okay though we should be  going santorino okay steve we should be going

and yes it's it's ten past but you must  have been late you're always late i was  

i was only about i was four minutes  late today four minutes late

oh bye palmer everyone's going quick sentence  game oh has anyone got this yet no no  

you seem to have forgotten what we were  actually doing we're playing the sentence game  

this is the final one before we go aloud

i think most people have just  switched off or they've gone away  

because of your political ranting talked about  politics and everyone says everyone suddenly goes  

well yes because people that like talking about  politics and they certainly don't want to hear  

some oh windbag going on about it uh

i'm just counting the words is lobster one  of the words it fits i wish it was lobster  

and then we could go but no it's not lobster  i'm i i think i'm going to have to give this  

one because i don't think anyone's going to get  it but but al is is that but what about valentin  

any of those words correct there uh yes the  last one ah the last word is correct so the  

last word is reception yes and in one of the  words the the third word means to be drunk  

so it is a slang word for drunk if you've had  too much alcohol that's what you might feel  

when you select that word there nope  all right now this is a difficult one  

so something that makes you feel at least makes  you feel absolutely embarrassed something that  

you've done that you now wish you hadn't  something you regret doing you feel what

nicolet that was the first one that we did

that's that's come through very late you  must have quite a delay well maybe maybe  

nikolai is is watching earlier because you can  actually rewind ah when we're live so when we  

are actually live on here you can actually go back  on the timeline to to earlier in the live stream  

if you really want to do that why would you i  don't know atomics well is that correct uh no  

no no one of the words yes the last one uh the the  second word and the last one is correct ah right

but the the one that's missing the third  one is is a word we can use to mean drink  

you've had too much to drink oh  you're my best friend you are  

well isn't that the first word there no  if you feel it if you feel something that  

you've done and now you you you are you are  embarrassed by it what is it you are i feel

so you've got a little drunk at the  reception yes that's it but not not drunk  

so the version okay yes is something that you  have in a wedding yes a party or a gathering is  

a reception you meet and greet lots of people in  one place a reception i'm going to give the answer  

because to be honest with you we are overrunning  critically we are critically overrunning right so  

come on then so here is the answer it looks as if  nobody's got it no one is going to get it not even  

atomic has got this one inigo says  it's not worth it not worth it  

i have no idea what that means  mr cockrell where are you

ah look oh sorry atomic oh i see tomek yes well  is that correct yes not the whole one though uh  

no the first one again is wrong first one is  wrong but three out of four words yes so the  

second third and fourth word are right but  the first one is still wrong well well done  

the answer oh hang on who ah marietta  harrietta marietta you've got it  

so marietta and tomek working together  have got the complete sentence which is  

i'm ashamed to say that i got a little  legless at the reception i'm ashamed  

you don't want to admit that you did it you feel  ashamed i'm very embarrassed i'm ashamed jimmy put  

them all together has put them all together  actually because there's a 30 second delay  

so we've just put that up but uh jimmy has got it  correct has put them all together yep but tomek  

and thomas got three of them and uh who was  it you got the other one uh it was just after

just after uh

marietta yeah just after yes marietta well  then marietta and i think it's almost time  

for us to go to be honest steve so there is  old legolas by the way if you are legless  

it means you drunk too much alcohol so i would  imagine this christmas there will be a lot of  

people sitting in their homes legless which means  they've had too much alcohol to drink or loaded  

marietta but that's only unfortunate  one two three that's only six words  

jimmy from hong kong thank you very much  for your kind donation on the super chat  

thank you very much well done to everyone it  looks like an excited bird receiving a gift  

from another bird it looks like it so  that's jimmy is obviously the yellow  

bird and you are receiving  the gift you're the green

i can't see what it is my eyes aren't good  enough this is a bird my eyes aren't good enough  

how lovely thank you very much jimmy okay then  thank you very much for your lovely kind donation  

a lovely christmas present yes yes i also  received a nice gift from hiroko and also  

luis mendez as well for christmas isn't  that nice thank you very much for watching  

today it's almost time to go we are going to  prepare something to eat we are going to have  

a tea cake as always and a cup of tea  and i will sit down to watch colombo  

yes my favorite tv show is on at the moment  and he's a strange thing steve they never made  

a christmas columbo ever isn't that weird  so you would have thought that at least once  

they would have made a a christmas colombo but  there's there never was one that's very strange  

isn't it yes valeria legless a persian person  who drinks too much literally you're so drunk  

your legs aren't working that's it you can't  fall over you're so drunk you can't stand up at  

all well i'll say my goodbyes uh for now okay  and uh wishing you if you celebrate christmas  

wish you a happy christmas or happy holidays  if you don't and you're having a holiday you  

although you might be carrying on working  but whatever you're doing over the next week  

i wish you all the best and uh look forward  to seeing you again on sunday and please watch  

me singing some christmas carols for you from  christmas songs and probably tomorrow mr duncan  

will put that on on no tuesday tuesday that's it  that's that's we must get the information right  

tuesday it will come on and then we are now going  to prepare for our christmas steve is going to  

see his mother tomorrow maybe he'll be sitting in  the car face timing with his mother in the house

well before i go i'll have to take this off  because if i don't i'll drag you with me  

that would look very funny for the end of the  live stream it would look hilarious once again  

bye everybody and see you next sunday next  sunday and of course steve will be giving us  

some of his lovely christmas songs on tuesday  there is a recorded lesson or a recorded video  

i suppose we could say coming on tuesday maybe we  can show what presence that we've received oh yes  

and maybe if any of you have got some lovely  gifts and you'd like to share them with us  

what do you think mr duncan yes invite people  to send us photographs of their presents if you  

have a nice gift from someone somewhat something  that you've received for christmas maybe you can  

send a photograph that's a good idea bye-bye see  you later steve there is steve he's gone now he's  

preparing for christmas as as i speak already he's  he's wrapping all of the presents for his mother  

and he's going outside to clean the  car because he always cleans his car  

before he goes to see his mother  thank you very much for your company  

may i wish you a super duper christmas  whatever you are doing stay safe stay happy  

we will finish today with the lovely christmas  lights once more outside the house thank you zoran  

thank you theo olga tomek thank you christina have  a super duper christmas if you are celebrating  

have a wonderful time this is mr duncan in the  birthplace of england or english should i say

trust me i haven't been drinking  honestly saying thanks for watching  

see you later i'm going for a lie down on the  floor with a tea cake a cup of tea and lieutenant  

colombo and until the next time we meet right here  on youtube you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now