welcome to a hot and steamy uk and welcome also

to another edition of english addict

surprise surprise hello everyone well i know what you're thinking

you've got a question on your mind haven't you

where did mr steve get that gorgeous shirt from

i know it's wonderful no i know what you're really thinking where

is mr duncan but first i have to read something out now let's

see if i can get this right hi everybody this is mr mr steve

in england how are you today are you okay i hope so are you happy

i hope so i think i got that right well if any of you were watching on

sunday and i know many of you were because i was there too

mr duncan was not in the best frame of mind because

as you know he was dreading today and has been dreading today

for several weeks mr duncan was distraught he was unhappy he was not

looking forward to his birthday and unfortunately i haven't managed to

persuade him to appear for you today and to give you

a proper english lesson he is as we speak

lying down on the bed crying sobbing his heart out

the curtains are drawn he is not a well man

so instead you've got me for two hours and i'm so excited because i'm going to

talk today about idioms two hours of idioms we're

going to talk about today and i've got lots of exciting things to talk about

cars as well we'll probably spend an hour on cars

and then i might talk about uh you know the coronavirus

i might talk about uh religion and then we'll get onto politics it's going to be

a fun pact show and i'm not going to lose any of mr

duncan's viewers at all so without further ado uh i

i i i i'll just let me press something but no i think we need a clap don't we

yes no was that a class

let's get going mr duncan is uh under the weather

um i've got to think on my feet if i'm going to get this right so let's

get the ball rolling and let's get this show

on the road right now let's kick off with cars

now as you all know i love ford mustangs and ford mustangs are my favorite car so

let's talk about idioms to do with cars let's talk about

the tires and then the oil and all the other

things that go with it all the wonderful fantastic things that we can talk about

with cars but first of all i've got lots of idioms

to go through here are lots of idioms can you see them all here i've got

idioms for everybody oh i ought to look at the live chat as well

uh hi everybody mr duncan yes stay calm mrs

stay calm i'm not used to uh doing a live show

i'm used to co-hosting with mr duncan and as such i must remain calm

throughout so here we go i've just got a few idioms

that we need to go through today there's 10 there

there's about another six there maybe 15 in that

pile uh but i think i'll kick off with this one

here keep the ball rolling now i think what we

need to do is if you want mr duncan to come down

i think that we ought to call him in because i've just said all the things

that mr duncan would hate me to talk about in a live show

he'd hate me to talk about idioms for two hours cars

coronavirus politics and religion because he knows that would upset

everybody that's watching so if we call mr duncan

down maybe he will appear i'm hoping he's

listening i'm sure he's listening he must be thinking

oh mr steve i'm not going to have any of my viewers left they're all going to go

they're all going to vanish and on my special day my birthday oh

so please call for mr duncan let's see if we can entice him down from

the bedroom oh mr duncan where are you i'm talking

about cars mr duncan i'm talking about idioms for two hours

i've mentioned coronavirus not once not twice but three times

is it will it work will it work no there's no sign of mr duncan right

let's go on to there's a fair weather friend there we go there's an idiom

uh work it out for yourself i'm sure that uh i'm sure that everyone will know

what we're talking about there um what was that i was better than

especially a clap let's have another clap

oh i've gone backwards oh mr duncan don't get the technology i don't know

what to do i don't know what to do mr duncan help me help me help me mr


it's hot in here i need a drink

what's next what's next um the weather it's hot

it's hot here today it's very hot plants the trees

um technology uh soft boxes cameras uh mr duncan's got a oh

mr duncan hello mr duncan

i'm very pleased to see you i can't say how much i'm pleased to see you mr

duncan i i don't think i could cope with this show all on my own

it's very difficult i didn't realize how difficult it was i used to laugh and

joke about you and say hmm any fool can do that but it's not

true i didn't know what why are you wearing

those glasses are you feeling better

it's the thickets here it's all exciting shall i move over into my usual spot

what's going on what's going on mr duncan is that you said i'm not

appearing today i'm feeling too delicate it's my

birthday i'm getting older you're going on and on last sunday

on and on about your birthday and about your grandparents and how old they

were when you were a youngster yes are you feeling better

are you feeling better mr duncan i was feeling better

but then i realized you were hijacking my show well someone's got to carry it

going you can't let the viewers down have you

managed to lose all my viewers i don't know i'm sorry everyone anybody

here let me have a look at the live chat uh no people are here people are here

good yes i can i recognize some faces

what are you doing with a sheep this is my new friend

this is my my new sheep who has been comforting me during my down time

i don't know why but you're not really we're just pretending

aren't you you're not really upset well i bought you some lovely presents

today mr duncan and that still hasn't cheered you up

there are two things that are bothering me what's that first of all

you presenting my show that's the one thing well i

aren't you happy that i managed to work out at least how to get it going

yes and the other thing yes that is annoying me

is it's so hot oh my god have you noticed how hot it is look

i've got a thermometer here yes where where did you put that

has it been anywhere special this is an old-fashioned thermometer

that when i was growing up okay and i was a teenager

younger than that my gosh my father had a greenhouse and this is the thermometer

he kept in his greenhouse it's still working it is registering mr

duncan 35 degrees centigrade

it is 35 degrees celsius or if you're into fahrenheit which i

don't think anybody else around the world is no one is

that's 94 and i will show you to prove it can i

can you see that where the red mark is look at that

it's hot baby 35 we are having a hot day i said don't

because i'm sweating i don't know if i'm going to be able to survive

no me neither two hours me neither so after destroying all of my

equipment i'm just putting everything right now because steve

unfortunately has been pressing all the buttons and he's messed everything up

now so i'm just making sure that we have everything we need hi

everybody this is mr duncan and also mr steve here

in england how are you today are you okay i hope so

are you happy i really hope you are feeling happy today

thank you mr steve i say that right no not really

because i wrote it down on this piece of paper i wanted to get it right

even reading from a piece of paper you got it wrong anyway the most important

thing is we are here it's my birthday and

it's wednesday

here we go again it's a wednesday and also it just happened it is my

birthday mr steve can you believe it uh i don't think anybody knows do they i

haven't mentioned it much you haven't mentioned it i'm not sure people know

it's your birthday

you just like the attention don't you mr duncan he likes the attention what are

you saying are you saying that i am an attention

seeker that's the sort of thing that tomek

would say i'm gonna fan myself with some idioms

it's so hot in here has anybody found themselves with idioms before i don't

think so i'm going to fan myself with your

mother's birthday card i received some lovely greetings first of all

on a serious note can i first of all say thank you very much

thank you so much for all of your lovely messages this morning on facebook

also email and also i had some donations as well

a couple of donations come through on paypal i've had so

many messages this morning and i know that i'm not going to have a chance to

reply to them all which is a shame really so

don't take it personally if i don't reply to you straight away

but thank you anyway for your lovely

messages i do appreciate them every single one of them i

i love receiving your messages especially on your birthday

and as steve mentioned i was feeling a little down

last week i was feeling a little oh i know one thing steve it's so hot i'm

going to undo my button look at that i'm opening

my button revealing my hairy chest

look at that not a lot of people know that i have a hairy chest

admittedly not many hairs there are not many hairs on my hairy

chest but there it is and as you can see mr steve has opened

his button as well it is so hot today let's drip

off shall we i think shall we yeah let's drip off we are

going to to take our shirts off but don't

worry we we are not totally too hot we are too

hot in here mr duncan we are not topless we are going to take it's too hot i'm

taking my clothes off there we go okay me too

look at all that there we go we are now in our we are now in our

vests maybe this is the first time that anyone has ever done a live stream in

their vest so this is decent i think this is decent

in fact mr steve if you go to the beaches

here in england you will find many people on the beach where will be

wearing their vests is that why we're doing this

today well various reasons one it is very very

very hot so this is where we should be at the moment we should be actually on

the beach with all of those lovely lovely people

who are not social distancing so that's where we should be on a day

like this it is august the 12th it's also my birthday we

are in the garden and it is quite literally the hottest

day of the year so far it is absolutely

baking hot and that's the reason why we've decided

to strip off down to our vests i'm pretty sure we will get some

complaints but that is where we should be today you

see we should be on the beach talking of which

do you remember steve when we went to visit the beach

a couple of years ago and this is where i would like to be now

so not on the crowded beach because this beach is very crowded

what i would like to be doing right now is walking here oh yes

oh look at that so there is a lovely deserted beach

an empty beach so that's the place i would like to be at the moment steve

to be honest near some lovely cool water and oh feeling that fresh breeze

and maybe going for a dip in the ocean yes we might see mr steve going into the

water in a few moments in fact having a little paddle

oh you've shown that one before mr duncan are you

sure oh just a few times do you remember it i

do so there we are look walking along the beach that is where i want to be at

the moment steve i want to be there well i'd like to be

there swimming in the sea as you know i like swimming in the sea

we know that so what's happening today mr duncan

well besides it being my birthday besides my birthday we are doing lots of

things we are wearing our vests i have decided from now on

august the 12th the 12th of august will be

wear your vest day so today we are wearing our vests i think my vest

looks lovely and stylish mr steve's vest is rather nice it means steve can show

off his big sturdy

handsome body weedy muscles i've never had muscley arms no i went to

a gym but it just didn't work no although i i do feel quite strong

from all the all the gardening and and sort of heavy building and lifting work

that i've been doing recently the last couple of days because i must

point out as well that steve has been on holiday

this week he's had a little break from work

and of course he's off today and that's the reason why is

he's here with me just in case anyone from work is watching and wonders why

i'm on yes i am on holiday so

oh there it goes there goes the camera and we are going to have some problems

today with the camera i don't know the heat

i don't know why but the sound's still going isn't it mr duncan the sound is

still going i've reset it there we go there we go it should be

all right now it's shocked by the the sight of us i

know wearing uh wearing just uh well wearing nothing

really yes it's very strange i don't know what's

happening with my camera but we we've had a few problems during the last

live stream as well anyway it's my fault the reason why we're here

today is because well we do normally we do

live english lessons we talk about the english language however today

a little bit different because it is my birthday

so we're having a little bit of a different atmosphere

steve for the past two days has been working busily

in the garden he's been continuing to repair

the large wall we have a big stone wall in the garden and steve has been busy

repairing it but today it's too hot it's too hot for this

inside the gazebo what's the temperature 35 degrees it is 350 gone up half a

degree it was actually 34 and a half it's actually gone up half a degree

which is what you'd expect because it's going

into the afternoon yes and normally peak temperatures are probably around

four o'clock so uh i think it's probably five degrees hotter because we're under

this gazebo amazing but that is hot

that is very hot you'd normally expect those sorts of temperatures

in mainland europe yes well certainly in the south of europe they're

having a lot of hot weather and and now we have some of it as well

it's like being in in the tropics in fact last night we

had one of the most amazing thunderstorms and lightning

storms that i've ever known i've never seen anything like it the

lightning was flashing all the time for about an hour and a

half unbelievable we had 90 minutes of thunder lightning heavy rain everything

was happening and the lightning wouldn't stop it was

just flashing constant never seen anything like it in

this country i've never seen anything like it and we

thought didn't we mr duncan it was about an hour before your

birthday before midnight well i thought this was mrs mr duncan

sort of id uh his sort of unconscious self was

was representing itself in the weather the turmoil the thunder the lightning

was all mr duncan's mind working overtime yes

maybe i'm not sure about that but but we had a very loud very

noisy very almost frightening there was there was one strike of

lightning that came down near the house so it came from the sky

to the ground and it was amazing and the sound was was

unbelievable so very dramatic and that's the reason why

we are wearing our vests today so this will be from now on

international wear your vest day now for those watching in the united

states of course in the united states vest

is actually waistcoat so a waistcoat yes a waistcoat in american english

is vest but here in england in british english

vest is this which is a type of undergarment

and i must say i think we wear them very well

we wear them very well pedro hello pedro hello pedro you see

steve today looking very sexy says take off everything oh dear well how do

you know how do you know that steve has anything

on anyway under there he might be completely naked

down there for all you know i might be yes

who let that turkey in here mr duncan is that the last turkey in the shop

if only we had a swimming pool we could dive into afterwards

yes instead instead we have nothing just my sweet sweet tears we could swim

in my tears you see oh there's lots of all sorts of birthday

wishes for you flowers pedro sent you lots of flowers

lots of flowers in fact lots of flowers lots and lots of flowers

red ones yellow ones uh those look like sunflowers pedro is

certainly sending lots of flowers yeah i think so well how nice mr steve

would would you like to watch yourself having a paddle

no well what about you out there in youtube land would you like to see mr

steve having a paddle they've seen it before

haven't they yes but this is really funny

this is sped up this is amusing i i think you've forgotten this steve i

think you've forgotten all about this video

here it is mr steve having a paddle

and there it was that was mr steve having a paddle do you remember that

steve i do yeah was that at the same time wait

again was that at the same time that you filmed when we were making the sand

castle it is we're going to show that later on because i

feel i feel what do you mean not that again

there might be people who haven't seen it just because you've seen something 20

times doesn't mean other people haven't seen

it mr steve come on just just control yourself for goodness sake

i think the heat the heat is going to steve's brain

somebody said that we need a glass of champagne

i'm not sure about that but thank you for all the flat well you should be

thanking people for all the flowers lots of flowers i mean it's my birthday

today beatrice and pedro have sent you flowers

uh maha i sent you flowers you know i need some

glasses to be able to read this screen yes i think you do we were talking about

we were talking about me getting older i think it's mr steve who needs

who needs glasses nasrat has send you lots of flowers

uh florence that's what i sent you flowers

lots of flowers corey j has sent you flowers

so somebody started a trend here with the flowers i'm guessing

i'm guessing pedro was the first he was but is it wrong is it wrong for us

is it wrong for us to be standing here in our vests

because this is what we do you see in england on a hot day

so all we are doing is showing you something that is traditional

here in england so on a hot day many men will just

wear their vests outside and some men will also take their tops off

and some people will sneeze as well like mr steve is demonstrating there

that was very good i'm waiting for something oh daisy cow hello daisy

i'm waiting for something right there steve daisy cow

something more important than your bless you

daisy cow has sent a donation on the live chat how lovely how lovely

is that i think that's amazing thank you very

much for that isn't it lovely birthday gift

live by the way mohsen congratulations mohsen oh by the way also mohsen thank

you very much for your lovely video that you sent

you put it on youtube and i saw it this morning very nice

it's very easy i haven't had time to sort all of this out

i've had so many messages so many things happening this morning and then of

course i had to open the gift that mr steve

gave me a wonderful gift and also i suppose we should also show

one of the cards that i receive from from mr steve's mother so this is

from mr steve's mum thank you mr steve's mum watching

unfortunately thank you very much to mr steve's mum

for your lovely card isn't that lovely with little ships sailing on the sea

near a harbour so there it is a lovely little card from mr steve's mother

if i do that too much people might start feeling seasick

so there it is have a wonderful birthday from mr steve's mum

to me thank you very much and also there was a little bit of money inside as well

i can buy myself some new underpants finally yes in in england

we have a reputation particularly the men for not being very stylish

no especially when it's hot when it's hot

british men usually wear this don't they they normally wear their

shirts that's their vests which normally is

worn under clothes although nobody really wears vests anymore under clothes

but when i grew up you did you always had a vest underneath to keep you warm

even in the summer people still wore a vest because british people

traditionally didn't want to expose themselves traditionally in the

past and so they will also wear a

handkerchief on their head with uh the corners tied in knots yes

and they will also wear sandals with their socks on yes black socks

black socks with sandals yes so shorts sandals

and black socks this is what british men wear

english men we are talking about english men i think

english more because we're english men you see he's an english man and i'm an

english man in fact i am the english man who teaches

english in fact i was the first ever english english man on youtube ever

to teach english did you know that i'm sure you

well you do know anyway mr steve also bought me

another gift this morning a couple of things

some chocolates of course i can't bring the chocolates outside

to show you because they would melt because you've eaten them

no because they they would melt it's about

it's about 36 degrees yeah it's actually gone up look i'm going to show you it's

going up it's gone up again yes what's the

temperature now 36 36 degrees here in our gazebo

it's actually gone up two degrees since we came

online mr duncan so what time is it now in half an hour

it's gone up nearly two degrees i would say one and a half degrees

i still can't believe we're doing this live stream in our vests

nor can a lot of people as they are it's so hot

i can't begin to tell you how hot it is you couldn't wear a shirt

it's it's so hot it must be 31 degrees just the normal temperature today must

be around 31 degrees well it's 36 in here and the humidity

that's the important thing the amount of water in the atmosphere

must be over 95 percent yeah so it's very because we had a this

range this uh tropical all i can describe is there's a tropical

um storm that's it it was a storm i've got an

interesting story about uh uh thunder and lightning storms an

interesting story about thundering lightning storms yes now

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and little animals with large eyes

if you like this story that mr steve is about to tell you

please give us a thumbs up okay so tell us the story

about thunder and lightning that mr steve

i i have a feeling this might be a memory a memory from mr steve's

past well i um phoned my mother last night okay and

when i as i phoned her well i was speaking she was she's got this

tablet so she can do you know like facetime she has an ipad

she has an ipad so we can do which you know i'm amazed

that at 89 she can use this it's wonderful

so while i was on a thunderstorm had just started

it had so i could hear all the claps of thunder and of course my mother was

feeling a bit you know it's not very nice when you're on your own and there's

thunder and lightning outside particularly if you're getting

on in years but then my mum recalled a story that

because when we used to grow up we'd always

unplug everything if there was a storm we'd switch everything off take the

plugs out and then we'd always pull the aerial out

of the television that's it because there was always this

fear that the the lightning would come down the aerial and blow your television

up yes which which sometimes would happen

i think that actually did sometimes happen not often

but sometimes so so when you're having a thunder and lightning storm the

lightning can strike anywhere so this is something my parents used to

do well i was going to say we would take all of the electricity the

the plugs and the aerial out of the back of the

television and something that my mum recalled from

her childhood was that her mother yeah always used to cover up any mirrors

she used to go around the house anything that was glass inside

like a mirror she would put a cloth over it if there was a thunderstorm

because there was i don't know whether that was superstition

or whether it was fear that that the lightning might somehow

smash the mirror and glass would go everywhere but she would shut

all the curtains all the glass had to be covered up

so you'd cover up mirrors you'd shut the curtains everything like that

okay because i think the collapse of thunder so i wonder if anybody else in

different countries who are watching if you have a

thunderstorm what precautions do you take yes is there any is there

anything you do you do during a thunderstorm and the

lightning storm maybe you cover the mirrors in your

house or maybe you you hide under the bed with your fingers

in your ears or maybe you throw out all of the plates

maybe you get all of your plates and throw them all out into the garden

i don't know but here i don't think we do it anymore

well i don't think we well we certainly don't pull the air well a lot of

televisions of course aren't directly connected to an area

on the roof anymore uh well many are uh how about so well many are still because

we we have an area do we write i thought it was all

technology now you didn't need an air really

you do still need an aerial to get television pictures

unless of course you have cable so cable yes of course you don't need that you

don't need to have an aerial but many people still use aerials to get

their television signal including us so what

do you do if there's if there's a thunderstorm do you unplug

your television take the aerial out what do you do

do you cover the mirrors in the house please tell us we'd like to know

apparently we should go sunbathing for a little while says alessandra

that is a good idea but mr steve is very sensitive and very

very choosy about when he exposes his body

to things so he doesn't like getting too much sunlight

on his skin or else he's well what he thinks is he'll shrivel up

like a raisin like a little raisin in the sun

well that is what happens mr duncan because if you expose yourself to the

ultraviolet rays of the sun then your skin will age and

it's cumulative cumulative that's a good word for you

cumulative cumulative something that happens over a period of time

so it doesn't happen all at once when we say something is

cumulative it happens over a period of time

gradually so each thing adds on to the one before

yes so it so it gets worse and worse as time goes on you get

more of something and the effect gets worse and worse

so if you expose yourself to the sun every time you do it

you age your skin a little but if you do it

one day then the next day you don't really notice the effects

because it's gradual but over a period of years

the damage is cumulative and irreversible

talking of talking of thunder and lightning we have some messages about

that yes nessa says we close

all of the doors in the house so when there is a lightning storm a thunder and

lightning storm sometimes you can have lightning without

any rain so quite often we imagine that thunder

and lightning would also bring rain but sometimes you can have

what they call an electrical storm so the electric

the static is in the clouds however there is no

rain so sometimes it does happen luciana says that

uh my grandmother used to do the same in brazil

she covered the mirrors but also forbid us to tell

thunderstorm stories because according to her it would attract the

light night lightning so so s so the story is about it

is that what you're saying yes so yes you mustn't you mustn't sit there i

presume and say oh i remember this thunderstorm

ten years ago when the the the trees oh i see and the road got struck by so you

should not you should not tell stories about it yes

oh i've seen him talk about it in case you attract the lightning see

that's a superstition uh flower says why cover the mirrors

well we don't really know why i think it's a superstition

i think people of a certain generation used to cover the mirrors

when there was a when there was a thunderstorm because i think there's a

fear that the mirror might explode or something i

don't know maybe it might i think maybe the theory

is there that it might attract the lightning to the

mirror or if if the lightning strikes the

mirror then the reflection will will strike you

i don't know it's an interesting one but my my grandparents used to do the same

thing they used to cover their mirrors whenever there was a thunder and

lightning storm very interesting yes nissan says we we have to take the

morning sunlight for a few minutes as it's a source of vitamin d that is

correct that is correct there's nothing wrong with that a little bit of sunshine

yeah that is fine if you know 10 minutes a day i think is all you need to get

enough vitamin d some people say that we are a little ray

of sun sunlight that's what they say steve they say you and i together

are a little ray of sunlight shining across the internet with a little isn't

that lovely would you like to see one of the

gifts that mr steve gave me this morning today is my

birthday i'm very generous i am 22 today

22 if you turn my real age upside down and then look at

it in a mirror so if you reverse

my age upside down and then look at it that's actually my real age but i'm 22

today 77 that doesn't make it what what's 22

reversed around 22 you turn 22 upside down upside down

yeah and then put it in the mirror then put it in a mirror so it would be

yes uh oh

you see 55. isn't that clever it's clever

it's that clever so even though i'm old now

my brain is still working i have some brain cells

left there are some up there rattling around like peas in a tin can

helen says she's okay and better than good

good well better than good is always good as far as i'm concerned

you can always be worse than bad that's bad

that's not very good but being better than good ah

palmyra says in the past in my country mirrors were covered

in case of death somebody dies at home ah so maybe that's what it's connected

with maybe there's the fear of death with a

thunderstorm oh so you cover the mirrors to stop

anything bad happening interesting maybe that's the

superstition okay interesting thank you for that uh palm bearer that's

uh we always like to know where these

superstitions come from so that that answers

uh our question and also somebody else who asked earlier

why do you cover the mirrors flower ask that well it looks like palmyra has

given us the answer oh here's another one steve as well when someone dies in

your family it is traditional for people to close

their curtains yes i think i mentioned that i don't

know if it happens in in other countries but here i'm just

bringing it up because it's interesting to me

yes we disconnect all electrical appliances says uh

jagendra butter and uh yes uh i usually unplug the television

because i had one broken in a thunderstorm says anna so it can

happen so it can happen lightning can strike power cables in

fact at the start of the week we had a

thunderstorm and it did knock our electricity out we actually

lost electricity didn't we it went off for a few seconds definitely

but not enough to to to cause any damage you should avoid

being in the mountains uh and look for shelter i mean they

always say we're under a thunderstorm you should never

shelter under a tree nope that's it because the tree will

often get struck by lightning and then if you're nearby

it's curtains for you yes that's an idiom

i've slipped in an idiom mr duncan although the chances of you being struck

by lightning are very very small you've got

you've got more chance i think you have more chance of winning the lottery

no i think it's the other way around how is it yes oh i see so there is less

chance less chance you've got more chance of

being struck by lightning than winning the lottery i

see definitely i think so because i think every year

lots and lots of people get struck by lightning far more people than win the

lottery i don't like the sound of that i might be wrong about that but i think

you know i think that is true can't believe it that's incredible

mr steve bought me a lovely gift today and here is one of the gifts

this is a book that i mentioned the other week in fact and

steve bought the book for me i have a new book to read

i was listening i thought mr duncan likes that book

note to self note to self you say that when you

want to remember something it's a phrase note to self

i will remember to get mr duncan that book and the book

is the book is this is the book that steve has brought in

english the madness of crowds by douglas murray where he takes lots of things

from society attitudes and also the way people view

certain subjects certain social issues and this is the book so this is a book

that steve bought for me this morning thank you steve also it is

hardback as well so i like hardback books

because they last longer and also they are a little bit more expensive i

suppose but thank you steve for your lovely gift

thank you very much i look forward to reading it i mean you look forward to

reading there is even a little message inside from steve a lovely little

message isn't that nice you've got to put a message in a book if

you buy a book for somebody and also the price is still on it

is it this is one thing steve often does i'm bad at that

steve always buys gifts for people and quite often he will forget

to take the price tag or the price label off

the gift how many times have you done that lots of times

many times can i mention a wonderful name

okay we've got somebody in germany watching says happy birthday happy

birthday to me it's my birthday and his name is william von baskerville

oh yes well mr baskerville has been on here before

really yes what a wonderful name i love the name baskerville

it always brings to light in my mind the famous story by arthur conan doyle

the hound of the baskervilles you see sherlock holmes very good they're very

nice you are a learned literary man

it happens it happens sometimes by the way you wanna do you want to hear an

interesting fact or see one yes what is the smallest

mammal in the world the smallest mammal the smallest mammal

in the world steve now steve isn't prepared pygmy mouse or

something like that steve isn't prepared does the name start with pygmy no

the smallest mammal in the world let's have a look i know what's happening

everyone's googling now don't you don't don't you google don't

cheat let me guess i think i might get it in

about 15 seconds time it's got to be some little little vole

or something like that you're almost right you're almost right

imagine something that that has wings something that has wings um

well yes okay go on tell me here's the answer

the cock is hot i think i think our cock is very hot today

what what keep it clean mr duncan just keep it clean

the smallest it is clean that is my little cockerel

here we go so the the smallest mammal in the world

is this guy

oh do you know what it's called it looks like a it looks like a

bat it is a bat oh it is a certain type of bat called

the bumblebee bat does it uh eat bumblebees no it doesn't but it's

not much larger than a bumblebee it's that small it is the smallest

mammal in the world and of course mammals have

certain traits certain things that define them as a

mammal and this animal is the smallest look at

that steve isn't that lovely it's so tiny

can it fly it can fly it's a bat it is found

in thailand there are only around 5 000 of them left in the world

so their numbers are dropping quite dramatically but

they are so lovely isn't that just the cutest thing ever a little

bumble bee bat so there it is the smallest

mammal on the planet whilst we are asking questions

because we are talking about the english language i suppose we should talk about

things to do with english here is a sentence

that i'm going to show you steve and i want you to tell me what is special

about this sentence so have a look on the screen

right now she told him that she loved him but there is

something very special about that particular

she told him that she loved him uh what is special about that mr duncan

she told him that she loved him so it's a past event

yes so we can tell from that sentence that

it's something that she said to a man um

in the past she told him that she loved him so it's a past event

is that what's special about it no there is something you can actually

do to this sentence there is something you can do to this

sentence that is very interesting and special and

that's what makes this this particular english sentence very

very unusual so she told her she told him that she

loved him however there is something you can do to

this sentence and it's very unusual that you can do

this to this sentence

i don't know mr duncan

interesting can you change one of the she's to a he

and get a completely different meaning uh well you could

you could reverse the genders that's not what's special

no because you could do that with any sentence if there are genders mentioned

uh give us a clue give us a clue well you add something to that sentence

something what like a letter or a word a word

uh didn't

she told him that she didn't i know that wouldn't make sense that wouldn't be

grammatically correct i will give you another clue

there is one word that you can enter anywhere in the sentence

and it will still be grammatically correct there is one word

you can you can add to this sentence and wherever you put it

this sentence will still be grammatically correct

an actual word yes a word elephant no not elephant elephant

elephant told elephant hymn elephant that

no you only you only add it once okay oh you only add it once

yeah okay so you can add one word anywhere in that sentence

and it will always be correct as a grammatical sentence

hmm i'm thinking i'm thinking uh let's see if anybody else has managed

to to guess it yes it's an interesting one

one word from the english language that you could fit in there

anywhere in that sentence once and it would still be grammatically

correct all i can say is i wish i had shaved my chest

i'm very aware of my my very unmanly chest hair this is not very manly i'm

sorry about that i have some chest hair but not much just a little bit now steve

doesn't have any because because he shaves his chest you see

because he's because he's so vain he's so vain he shaves everywhere now

we're thinking he shaves he shaves everywhere

william von baskerville says it's where his name comes from

is the name of the rose from uh umberto eco oh okay i'm not sure what

that is but that's obviously the the arthur conan doyle

story was just took that name yes but that's

not where it originates from no it's a great name by

the way it's one of those great names it's it's it it sounds like a name that

has status baskerville it sounds like a very

important very it's a name that has impact it has an impact i think so

welcome from uruguay happy birthday says uh mary alba

hello mary albert nice to see you here it's a little bit different today we are

going to have a break in a moment we're going to go

to the beach for a few moments and then we will be back

oh something else i haven't mentioned steve

today we will be playing descendants game the sentence game

coming up in the second half of today's live

stream we are playing the sentence game steve

can you believe it one word that fits in i don't think anyone's got it yet

nope uh had never is

i will tell you i will tell you in a few moments

we've got to wait have we yes right now let's go to the beach would you like to

go to the beach this is something i showed about three

four weeks ago i think four weeks ago i showed this but

i couldn't resist showing it again here we go

off to the beach and once more you can see mr steve

running into the sea as we spend a little time on the beach and then we

will be back with more of your messages and also the sentence game and the

answer to my little question

so here we are mr duncan and mr steve but where are we

we are now on the beach on the beach at a typical british

beach scene it's freezing cold we're wrapped up

in in woolen winter clothes the sun's out it looks lovely but it's

actually very cold so i've got the beach towel

and what have you got mr duncan i have my spade

so i can dig in the sand because we are on

a sandy beach and i have my bucket as well my little bucket so i can put

the sand into the bucket and i can build a little sand castle

here and i've got the same matching i've got the blue ones you've got the

red ones so are we going to start building sand

castles mr duncan i'm all excited i think mr steve is very eager even

though the wind is blowing it is quite windy on the beach we are

very close to the sea we are on the welsh coast in a place

called aberdevie it's very nice normally but

unfortunately it's a little cool and quite windy what

else have you got there steve i've got a beach towel

yeah which i'm now using to keep warm with do you like

do you like steve's beach towel i'm using it as a scarf

to keep warm so let's start building some sandcastles

oh i do like to be beside the seaside oh i do like to be beside the sea

all over the uk during the summer months people come

and they visit the seaside they go to the beach i don't know what it is

about being near the sea the sights

the sounds the weather and also the fresh air

to be honest with you there is a lot of fresh air

around today because it's so windy and look at the sea

isn't it beautiful in fact i think mr steve is going to go into the water

for a paddle you paddle in the water you splash around

in the sea


all that splashing around in the sea has made

mr steve feel very hungry so he decides to go to the local chip shop there's

nothing like a bag of fish and chips piping hot

from the fryer with extra salt and vinegar

mr steve appears to be enjoying his chips

hmm delicious

do you know what this bird is it's a seagull a very common bird

that can often be found near the seaside or

on the coast we decided to see what would happen

if we threw some of the chips on the ground

needless to say the result was chaos you will often see seagulls at the




so our day trip to the seaside is almost at an end as we walk off

together into the sunset

hmm oh lovely it's not lovely for those who just

joined us welcome yes we are live from england it

is just after three o'clock here i don't know what time it is where

you are because i'm not there you see and this is english addict live

now steve you did such a good job at the start of today's live stream

thank you i have to be honest with you i was watching

i did catch a little bit of it and you were

you were as as president trump would say tremendous tremendous

tremendous amazing great superb you are all of those things

okay so you you were you were very good and very professional

so i wondered before we play the sentence game

would you like to show something else because i know you did a little bit of

preparation didn't you did that with some well i can see a

great big pile of paper in front of you no that was just a

visual oh i see all i did was show all the old idioms

the piles of idioms because do you remember in the old days

the old days of what i used to i used to put these up didn't i yeah

explain what the idioms were idioms videos let's get this show on the

road put a plan into action oh i see decorating start a com ceremony a

conference yes that's a good one i like that one steve

so i used to do that didn't i yes and you would

i remember when steve used to show the flash words as well

a long time ago you would just stand with a piece of paper and read it

and that was recorded it wasn't even live so

yeah so what about this one steve keep the

ball rolling it just means keep things going

that's it keep things going yes keep the ball rolling

keep things going what about this one steve i can't read it put your best foot

forward see that was from uh the idioms

connected with the feet or body parts they're all in

they're all in piles you see they're i organize them all you have some nice

piles here your best foot forward that means do the

best job you can what's a fair weather friend

affair with a friend is a friend that only wants to be around you

when uh times are good yes maybe when you've got some money

uh when you're happy and going out somewhere

going to parties but when something uh that upsets you happens like somebody

you know you lose your job or something like that they don't want to be around

because they only want to be around you when

the weather is fair when things are going well

is there a certain phrase that we can use with this word

uh limelight you can say that you're in the limelight yes so where does this

come from this this particular phrase oh that is uh that is from that's like a

from a theater that's from the theater when they used to light the stage with

light from burning lime um so that was the

only type of lighting they had on a stage

before electric lights they used to burn lime yes

and that it would shine light onto the actors citruses

so as the idiom to be in the limelight means you are on show

you are you are visible to lots of people

and of course a person can also steal the limelight yes they can take away the

attention like mr steve so today mr steve was trying to steal my

limelight you see he was trying to take my limelight

away that's just not possible i don't think so william von can i make a

comment okay william von baskerville i could say

that name all day it's a great name um it says that we look like the pet

shop boys wow really well this reminds him

from a phrase from one of the songs you got the brain

you got the look let's make lots of money but uh

william says who is who who's the one with the looks

who's well i think that's obvious yes it's me you mean you've got both

someone someone tried to catch me out earlier by asking what the smallest bird

in the world is and that's that's easy that's that that's another bird that

another creature that's named after a bumblebee

so the bumblebee hummingbird is actually the smallest bird

it's very tiny it's a type of hummingbird and it's called the

bumblebee hummingbird rosa asks will we go to the

beach for your birthday we are doing something

tomorrow however our original plan

has unfortunately gone wrong and i'm sure you know

why i'm not going to explain why but everyone at the moment

is trying to make their plans and arrangements and as you know

we are living through very strange times still so here we are in august august

the 12th and we are still living through very

strange times here but also around the world as well so we

were going to go somewhere yesterday or sorry tomorrow so yesterday we

decided to go somewhere on thursday unfortunately most of those plans have

had to be cancelled because we wanted to do something but

we've been told that we can't do it because of you know what the thing that

steve said earlier a few people have asked

um where is that beach a few people have guessed correctly or

already remember from before it is in wales yes and uh it is probably

about a two-hour drive i think probably less than that yes but

at the moment everyone is flocking to wales if you

flock somewhere if lots of people are flocking somewhere

it's just like lots of birds all going that means lots

of people are all going to this one place yes

i mean this is what flock to the beaches this is what the beaches look like at

the moment in the uk so many of the beaches around england uh

southern england especially so that is what the beaches look like so

they are full of people packed packed a lie

and as you said they they the people have flocked

to the beach they have gone there in very large

numbers so when people go somewhere in a large number many people at the

same time they flock just like birds yes and there you can

see lots and lots of people now on the beach

which is probably happening at this very moment whilst we're

standing here so if we went to the beach now i think

steve there would be hundreds if if not thousands of people

on the beach we're not going to the beach we're not going to the beach

temperature check it's gone up another half a degree

yes is it now 30 definitely is 36. yes dead on but it was 35 and a half

before yes so it's 36 degrees 36 celsius

should i say under the gazebo that's where we're standing

protecting ourselves from those harmful uv rays we don't want to age

prematurely so thank you steve for your lovely gifts this morning

i had some chocolate from steve i can't show you the chocolate because it's too

hot it will just melt away can i also say a

big thank you to those who sent messages for my birthday on facebook and also

some email messages and also some donations came through as well

just in case you want to send a little birthday donation

you are more than welcome to do so i will put the address

very quickly on the screen so there it is

just in case you want to make a little birthday donation

to say mr duncan thank you very much for teaching us

on youtube for for almost 14 years mr duncan

it's not just you that has a birthday today really

no someone else anthony biss okay it's his birthday today as well

anthony yes happy birthday happy birthday to anthony biss

yeah fantastic people have been saying he must have said it earlier on

uh so yes happy birthday mr duncan it is also my birthday today

can you believe it no that's amazing so if it is your birthday well thank you

anthony biss and yes you share your birthday with

many famous people one in particular do you know what i'm

doing there yes can you see what i mean yes you you celebrate your birthday with

with very famous people very nice lovely so there's two people

anybody else watching right now whose birthday is today

i've been asked to give the answer to that

question that i asked earlier she told him

that she loved him now this is an interesting word

uh sorry an interesting sentence i'm becoming distracted

there we go we're back i must sort that camera out because something is going

wrong there you see something is going wrong with

that piece of equipment we're back yes she told him that she

loved him there is a certain english word

that you can enter anywhere anywhere in that sentence and

it will be correct the word is

only only only i've got it i got it mr duncan

you said it after me only ah only she told him

that she loved him she only told him that she loved him she told him only

that she loved him she told him that only

she loved him and so on she told him she only loved him yes she told

him that she loved only him yes wow that's cleverness she

told him that she loved him only even on the end yes so you can put

the word only anywhere even at the beginning even

at the beginning and also the end you can put

only in any of those spaces and it will always be

grammatically correct so now you know that's clever

isn't it but every time you put the only in there it

means something slightly different that's it so you are using the sentence

in different ways so even the meaning changes slightly yes

but it is always grammatically correct

she only told him that she loved him yes so she told him only

that she loved him she told him only she only told him yes

so yes only can go anywhere she told only him

that she loved him she only told him that she loved him that's it

according to corey you can also put madly

madly yes i suppose so because you are inferring a type of behavior

so the way someone says something or the way

someone does something you can do it madly

i'm not sure it doesn't fit in every space no

i don't think you can use it in every space in that sentence

so only is the common word that you can place anywhere in that

sentence anywhere in that sentence and grammatically it

will still be correct that's an interesting game have you got

any other ones i do have another game and it is a game

that i like to play sometimes steve do you know the name of the game

the sentence game that's what it's called it is the sentence game would you

like to play the sentence game it is a hot day it is also

my birthday as well and today we are looking at words connected to

birthdays so all of the missing words are words that can be used to express

or talk about birthdays or having a birthday or things connected

with having a birthday so here we go are you ready

let's play ready steve let's play

the sentence game

we are playing the sentence game all the proving to be popular the

sentence game is is very popular i have to be honest with

you this is a special birthday edition we have some words connected to

having your birthday so if you have a birthday today this is

just for you it's also just for me you see because

it's my birthday today happy birthday to me happy birthday to

me the sentence game using birthday words

some of these are easy some of them are not

so easy mr steve some of them are simple some of them not so simple some of them

are easy to guess and some of them are not so easy to guess i think you

see where i'm going there so you're going to see a sentence

there will be a word missing from the sentence

you have to tell me what the word is and they are all connected

with birthdays having a birthday celebrating things that you do

things that you might see things that you might have

and they are all connected with birthdays

so here we go

ah here we go then steve this is the first one

the first sentence game with their smartphones nokia

was late to the something um with their smartphones

nokia was late to the something so we don't know what the

first letter is all we know is that it's a word

connected with birthdays yes so he said it's

i nearly gave the what i thought was the answer away then yeah that's it

so it's five letters you do you realize that this

this i don't know why but but now we have the sentence game on the screen

steve this looks a little bit rude as it looks like it almost if we did this

and did this it would look like that we were naked

we're not by the way we're not naked so what a nokia obviously

is uh or a manufacturer of phones yes uh so we're saying that uh

they're late to manufacturing smartphones because they just used to

have the old-fashioned uh phones the old fashioned phones with

the cable hello hello hello can you put me through

to my grandmother please oh hello so other manufacturers so although nokia

phones are very popular in the 90s for example yeah and they made a lot

of money the company actually went bust i think

well they they still exist nokia still exists but they sold a lot

of their a lot of their company off to other

other areas but i still think they are involved in

telecommunications so i i still think that they do things

like cell phone towers and communication equipment

and software so i think nokia are still active but i i i they did actually sell

part of the company off but i think the phone manufacturing side

but i think they make um non-smart they do make smart phones but they

probably do make them but not not for sort of

not for uh the uk or or america i don't think that no they still exist

no no i mean phones actually yes they still exist nokia phones

there is popular now there is actually a nokia smartphone now

yes now there is i know they released one last year any sentence would suggest

yes with their smartphone

oh mr steve oh i'm so hot i don't know how people uh in hot

climates can have big hair sorry big hair because if you

have lots of hair on your head oh i see it makes you very

hot doesn't it big hair uh so i think if

you've got like a you know long lots of hair long hair

like for example pedro yes well pedro has long hair joe

has long hair he lives in a hot country how does he cope

yes how do women cope with their hairdos how

do you stay cool in a hot climate if you have long hair

but then of course if you live in a hot climate quite often you will have

air conditioning in the room to keep you nice and cool

you see and of course uh people if they've got long hair would tie it

tie it back or tie it back wouldn't they yes into a bun to take because if your

necks exposed then you'll cool down quickly yes uh

so yes oh someone's got a sandra has the uh the smartphone nokia

one one double oh the eleven hundred uh eleven hundred that's probably yes uh

luciana says my favorite brand was noki yes it was

in fact i've still got about three old nokia phones which still

well i don't use them for phoning with okay i use one as an alarm

he uses it as a hammer i use one i think the thunderbugs are out mr

duncan okay you were saying i know this is nothing

to do with the discussion on nokia phones but

it's turning into that uh let's have the answer mr duncan with

their smartphones nokia was late to the something

let's see who got it right first so when lots of people are doing something and

you are not doing it but then suddenly you start doing it

but everyone else is enjoying success and this is one of the things that

happened to nokia they actually they were a little slow to to adapt

their technology to smartphone technology which which of

course did not do the company much good i used

to have a nokia phone as well everybody had one they were everywhere

and there was that one there was that one type of nokia phone

that everyone had and it was like a house brick it was

just you could throw it at the wall you could drop

it and it would always the batteries lasted for about a week

yes yes i i i think a lot of people do miss

the old nokia phone but i'm sure some people still use them

well i'd have to you know i'd have to check that out and knock your smartphone

and see what it's like

go on no that's what i wanted to say i just wanted to say

chat shall we have a look at the answer here comes mr god it was the first to

get it right pilar man zone congratulations thank you pilar was the

first person to get it right oh with their

smartphones nokia was late to the

the answer is not cock they were late to the

the missing word is bing oh party party they were late to the party

so if you are late to the party this is an idiom that means you are late

doing something or you are too slow doing something

so lots of people are doing a certain thing in a certain way

but you don't start doing it until much later when everyone else is having all

of the success so that is a statement that is also well

it's also a fact as well and if you are late to a party a

birthday party for example and you will have missed a lot of the

action a lot of the fun yes so i love that expression so to be

late to the party means you miss all of the best parts or you miss

all of the opportunities that come with something

that is the first sentence game shall we have another sentence game mr

steve go on okay then here's the second one i think

that was quite easy but we will have some hard ones later

mr steve is being eaten alive by all attractive but i don't want to be

attractive to insects

ah there's no answer to that here we go steve

oh he wants to have his something something and eat it he wants

to have his something and eat it something you might

have on a birthday yes okay steve well i'm just saying

that's what it's related it is related to birthdays it's not

starting in a certain letter no normally there's no certain letter but

we are talking about birthday words anything connected to

birthdays i suppose yes he wants to have his something

and eat it of course she because we have to be equal

this is 2020 where everyone has equal rights around the world

around the planet even little penguins shuffling around in the snow even they

have equal rights

lots of activity on the live chat for this one

he wants to have his something and eat it or of course

she wants to have her something and eat it

well the answer is out there mr duncan i think you can stop it already

really just yes just a sea of correct answers but my cock isn't ready it's

still recovering from the last one i think you should finish it i have to

rest unfortunately on a hot day you have to rest your cock you can't you can't

have it pop up too often

i think that joke's getting a bit old mr duncan there it is steve

he he he cock a doodle dude all over you well the first person to get it right

was uh michelle or michael i should say or

mikel or mikael

the first person to get it right but lots of people have got it correct

congratulations mikel the answer is and i will get i will let steve

explain this because you did such a good job this morning

taking over when i was in my moment of despair

because today is my birthday and i'm another year older

oh my gosh here we go ready for the answer the answer is

coming up right now correct a lot of people got that right

so well done uh so if you have your cake and eat it

it means that you've got everything you've got the best of both

worlds yes you've got uh you've got everything

uh so it's like saying um well you explain it mr duncan okay i

think the heat's going to matter well maybe a married man maybe a man who is

married to a woman maybe he also wants to have

some girlfriends on the side so he might also want to go

and see some girls hit the weekend or maybe his secretary

so he wants to have his cake and eat it he wants to enjoy all of the

wonderful things that come with his marriage

but he also wants to eat his cake as well he wants to

enjoy all of the things i think in that situation it is quite often

a negative thing quite often i don't think we use this

ever positively no it's suggesting that you're

a bit greedy that you you want everything uh i mean you could use that

at work couldn't you could use that in in lots of places where there are

maybe a couple of things that you could have

but to have both of them would be seen as as greedy or immoral

uh but uh so whenever there's a situation where you can have

more than one thing normally two things isn't it

yes can we think of another example that would work so

uh maybe a person who wants to have maybe a job that

doesn't require much effort but they want to have a high salary

yes so maybe i want to have a job where i don't have to do much

but i also want to get paid a lot of money so you want to have your cake

and eat it so you're being greedy and quite often

unfair as well so any form of unfairness you could say that a person

wants everything so all of the rewards they

want they don't want to have to put any work

into that situation so in the marriage

the husband wants to go home and be comforted by his wife but also at the

weekend he wants to go and visit his secretary

and have a little bit of slap and tickle you see so that's it

that's i can't explain it any more than that

any more clearly than that yes they're all related to birthdays

yes there isn't there isn't a single letter today

all of the things i'm being eaten by a fly

a fly is nibbling into one of my legs what's the temperature steve it's 36

and a half yes degrees centigrade or 98 degrees

fahrenheit it's 98 fahrenheit in our little gazebo at the moment i

wonder if it'll get to a hundred yeah see that i'm going to show you

yes just to prove it hold it up slightly a bit more

in fact shall i reach over with my very long arm

there you go look at that so that is the temperature right now


i said okay i think we'll have to finish early today it's bloody hot

i think i'm getting heat stroke oh that's a

heat stroke that's a condition you get we call it when you

have become so hot your body is becomes just you just feel very very ill yes it

is overwhelmed yes i think you actually

damage the metabolism of your body if you spend too much time in the sun

and get too hot everything goes wrong we call it heat stroke so you've got to go

to bed for a couple of days to recover oh that sounds good

yes with chocolate chocolate and lots and lots of hugs

and snuggles here we go then here's another one steve we've got to do these

we can't go until we finish the sentence game

that's the rule that's the rule we've got to follow the rule

here's another one steve this one's i think this one is

is also maybe easy so again related to uh

birthday days birthdays anything connected to birthdays there is no time

like the something she said ah there is no time

like the something she said so a word

that's got a double meaning out of my suggestion yes this is a word that has

more than one meaning you're right steve you're right your strap is slipping i'm

not just a pretty face steve's you do you ever see that when a

woman is at a party and she's wearing a beautiful dress and her

strap starts to go down like that you think oh ooh drink more water says


oh no we haven't got a cake i've just realized we don't have a cake

we don't have a birthday cake here no no we don't have one we don't have a

birthday cake but we do have lots of lovely chocolates

that i think steve we will be eating tonight

or maybe straight after this live stream because we don't have

uh well we will have a cup of tea but i don't have any tea cakes okay

can your body actually dry out yes it can if you have too much

sun or too much heat you you sweat so much you can become dehydrated i

think i think francesca's asking if we are

oh so you're drinking water i'm the word we would use is dehydrated

so we would say that if you are sweating a lot and it's hot

then uh you would become dehydrated so your body would

would have not enough water this this water is warm

it i could i could make make a cup of tea with this it's almost boiling

so welcome for those who don't know what this is this is

english addict we talk about english we sometimes have some fun

don't we we have fun and games and today it's my birthday

and because of that we're in the garden and we are wearing our vests

from now on august the 12th the 12th of august or as we call it here

the glorious 12th as well and and don't forget also there is a big

meteor shower taking place at the moment every year on

my birthday in the heavens above there are little

meteors or they call them meteoroids did you know that i do now meteoroids

so a meteoroid is just a little fragment of just

a little fragment that is floating around

and it is all it remains of the tail of one particular comet that goes around

the solar system i can't remember the name of the comet i

think it's something turtle i don't know but it's the

perseids isn't it the perseid meteor meteor shower

every year on your birthday reaches its peak in the uk yes it's nice

so every year on my birthday there is a beautiful meteor shower

above the house well we've got lots of correct answers mr duncan

i almost forgot i almost forgot we were playing the sentence game then

it completely slipped my mind

we have lots of correct answers so i think you can uh

you can close this one mr duncan can i release the cock

you can there is no time like the something she said

well done pilar you were the first well done correct well done according to

the live chat oh okay then well done a lot of people have got it right but

peter was the first very quick on your uh

with your fingers and the answer is mr duncan seven

letters yes connected with with birthdays yes

the double meaning yes we have we have a word here that has more than one meaning

which we will explain in a moment after we reveal the answer

which is present present there is no time like the

present she said in that particular sentence she

is saying there is no time like now so if you are

going to do something in your life maybe something you are planning to do

with your life there is no time like the present now is the best time

to do it so of course a present is something that you give to somebody on

their birthday a gift yes a present you you actually

present you see so it has another word another use as well so to give something

to hand something over you present you see you are offering

something so you present a present

in the present so now i am giving a gift you present a present

in the present and if you give a presentation yeah then you're then

you're giving a speech yes so a presentation is

a form of speech or maybe something that is

being shown or demonstrated you are giving a

presentation like this so we are presenting

this live stream

there is no time like the present don't wait until tomorrow because it may not

come that's what they say i'm being attacked

i hope it will a fly it will we'll be fine it's got up

another half a degree mr duncan if you got that right congratulations

well done here's another one steve here is i don't know if i can stay on my

feet for much longer mr duncan are you feeling tired i'm feeling quite

overwhelmed by the heat i mean it's yes poor steve i need i need

to lie down why don't you take a cool route why

don't you take your vest off

before the end of today enough off before the end of today's live stream mr

steve is going to take his vest off no i'm not he's going to show you well

we've already seen them anyway we've seen mr steve's

hunky pectorals anything but when you were running into the ocean

earlier in slow motion you could see your hunky body here's

another one there would you like another sentence game okay

let's do it shall we here is another one oh we have

we have more than one missing word here steve i think this one's

this one is a little bit more difficult ah

she has a something for choosing the perfect

something something yes you see birthday related

words first one's four letters then eight letters

then five letters yes yes this one is a little harder you see

i like to make you think even though it's a wednesday

and also it's my birthday i'm still going to make you work

i'm going to make you work

she has a something for choosing the perfect

something something four eight five so are all the words related to

birthdays they are ah yes so you have to think of the two things

so in fact all of the words here are actually

related to each other to make it even more interesting my

brain is working very well today even though i have reached the age

of 22 upside down and then reversed

i thought that was quite a good quite a good one she has a something for

choosing the perfect something something but what is it

colonel um says that it's uh it's her nephew's

birthday today oh okay uh sorry colonel i don't

yes so it's it's their nephew's birthday today

cameron uh happy birthday to cameron cameron happy birthday to you loves his

birth very much according to carmel that's very nice so

thank you maybe nice to know we've got fans of all

ages watching us so hello cameron for you happy birthday

to you you share your birthday with a very very

famous person very famous

my camera has locked up right she has a

are we back yes i must sort that out because we have a technical problem

a technical problem something is not working properly

so which is not good news really when you think about it it is not

good news at all

birthday they've got to be words connected with birthdays they are all

connected to birthdays think think of birthdays think of things

that you have think of things that you do think of

things that you might have to buy for someone as well

so think of everything that you do everything you use

yes you see i don't think we've got any correct answers

yet yes by the way would you like to see the

view the view today is absolutely gorgeous look at this

people are getting yes lovely what a lovely view

people are getting words but they've got to be words that will be connected with

a birthday and presumably they're words that we

haven't used in previous examples of the sentence game that's

correct today although it might be another way of

expressing that thing you see it might be something we've

already used but there was another word a synonym

yes she has uh something

for choosing the perfect something something we're looking for

four eight and also five letters

ah well yes there are some correct answers coming through

for at least one of them okay uh and this is all connected

to having a birthday to having a birthday

they are all connected

hmm well i wonder if that's correct yes so people are getting a lot of the

correct answers but i don't even know what the answer is

because mr duncan doesn't tell me beforehand

william asks can we have more of mr steve on the live

chat no oh okay well i'm always here every sunday yes so

steve is always here with us on sunday and next week

of course he's going back to work so he has to work

you see so that's the problem so the reason why steve isn't here during the

week is because we have to let mr steve do his normal job

the job that he gets paid for normally instead of being here

but i will be here of course every sunday

wednesday and friday and mr steve will be joining us

every sunday that's when steve is with us

she has a something for choosing the perfect something

something all connected with birthdays

maybe you buy something for someone and maybe you have to do something with

that thing that you buy what do you have to do with

something when you buy something for a person what do you have

to do with it there is something you have to do with

that thing something mr steve had to do when he

bought my gift he had to do something with it

yes that is a big clue i'm sure someone must get it now

because that clue was a whopper it was big

ah ah i think steve steve has got it steve's got it sadly steve you can't

give the answer because because you're here you see it's not for

you unfortunately

a few more seconds

and then mr cockrell will say hello come on mr cockerell

put us all out of our mystery

oh interesting yes we valentina has got one of the words


and also imran as well and also alex yes so we have a few

people with the correct answer here we go then time's up

how are you

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

oh we really do need some wind today i tell you

it's so hot i i think by the end of today's live stream

it will be 40 degrees i think so well alex was the uh person to get

everything correct really yes well let's have a look

ah weldon alex alex you are a star oh

what oh yeah yeah yep yep alex is correct good the answer

is and i think alex i think you were


she has she has a gift for choosing the perfect wrapping paper

wrapping paper so when you put something in

paper you want to hide what it is we use wrapping paper you put

wrapping paper around the gift because you don't want the person to

know what it is there is a strange thing by the way that they do in china

when they give you a gift when they give you a present for your birthday even

though it's wrapped up they will still tell you what it is

as they give it to you which i always found quite annoying so

if you give a gift if you give a present that you've wrapped up don't say what it

is well some people have got ones that fit

uh like um jaendra has said plan birthday and gift she has

a plan for choosing the perfect birthday gifts gifts

okay that fits i mean yeah we didn't say you couldn't

use the word birthday no that's it i know that's okay

you can use anything if it fits in there and it makes sense and valentina has

said also dress oh gift birthday and dress

yes that's right birthday dress yes yeah for a party yes that's it they're not on

my list but but yes that's good it fits and also

it is grammatically correct surprise uh

shad said you could put prize at the end so let's explain this

first of all she has a gift so if you have a gift for something it means you

are very good at doing it you have a gift for something yes a

natural ability can be described as a gift mr duncan has

a gift for presenting english live streams

you could say but yeah exactly a gift a gift is something that

you give to somebody uh a present at a birthday

it's also something that you're good at yes

he has a gift for music a natural ability yes a natural ability and of

course wrapping paper wrapping you are doing it you are

carrying out the job or the task by wrapping something you

are covering something so it can't be seen

normally with paper wrapping paper is what you normally put around a gift

to stop people from knowing what it is i think we have time for maybe one or two

more and then we are going in the house i

think mr steve we deserve what do we deserve today we deserve a

lovely refreshing drink i think a cup of tea

would be nice oh that's nice keep doing that steve

i should have you know what i should have done i'm wilting i should have

actually brought the fan outside i should have should have

brought the fan we've got this lovely electric fan

in the house so maybe i should have put it outside what's the temperature

it's the same it's the same what if i do this

actually that'll probably i make it go down

oh it's got no it's still the same so is the temperature now

the temperature here in our little gazebo

in our english garden look at that wow i'm actually getting heart

palpitations mr duncan 36 really yes well joking i think it's the heat i

think i've got a heat stroke okay well you can go if you want if you

want to go and take it take a risk i'll try and soldier on

if you say you soldier on it means you you carry on even though you're tired

and weary and not feeling very well like a soldier

would have to carry on in battle yes so i'm going to soldier on so you're

using it as a verb soldier on you soldier you keep going

even though you are feeling hot bothered sweaty

stinky you carry on you soldier on here's another one steve

she lived her life like a something in the wind that's a hard one isn't it

well yes i think it could be depends whether

you're a fan of a certain uh singer-songwriter that's very difficult

i think so let's see if anybody gets it without a

clue she lived her life like a something

in the wind word is six letters and it's connected with

birthdays parties it's not windmill she lived her life like a windmill well

that would be too many letters yes today is a scorcher in

uh algiers 39 degrees 39 in algiers hello

algiers i think algiers is near africa isn't it or

yes yes it's close to africa it's algiers is

is a hot spot so um it's 39 so you're beating us there

you're beating us we're only at 36. it's actually come down half degree

that is hotter than the inside of mr steve's underpants

that's how hot it is it's melting point yes melting point obviously lots of

people know this song oh i see oh it's a song is it

i think so ah well maybe mr steve can give us a little rendition

of the song afterwards or maybe not may maybe not she lived her life like a

something in the wind and it's not kite

is it like a kite in the wind easy learn it's also their birthday today i think

i'm enjoying your birthday as it's mine too

one year older easy easy to learn happy birthday to you as well you are another

year older i think maybe you are not as old as me

i'm probably old enough to be your father

or maybe your older brother how do we know

i don't know i'm just guessing everyone on here is younger than me

almost and they're definitely younger than you not in the mind

they're not oh well okay yes that's true yes

my my mental age is is quite low a lot of people have got this mr duncan

okay then this is also an insect oh oh mr duncan i just want a scratch you

do i've noticed yeah there's the little

black thunderbolts the thrips are out yes the thunderbirds

the thunderbirds are here again thunderbugs thunderbugs

wasn't that we have had thunder so wasn't that a tv show was very quick

okay on their uh with their fingers their fingers were fest

mr cockerell please tell us what the answer is to this one

oh i've got a i've got a fly going up my shorts

i'm not i'm not sure if i like it or not the flies that he won't

the fly definitely won't enjoy it he's he's trapped there forever

here we go hassan was the first to get this correct

she lived her life like a something in the wind

the answer is

candle candle because of course on your birthday you might have one

candle or you might have many candles

on your cake unfortunately we can't put candles on my cake because it would be a

fire hazard you see it might set fire to the house

so unfortunately we can't have a cake with candles on elton john

yes corey that is correct and of course it is relevant

for this month because at the end of this month steve

it will be once again the anniversary of the death of princess diana yes so of

course candle in the wind was also rewritten for for the funeral

of princess diana which valentina has mentioned oh okay as well

that's good 30 degrees in bangladesh can you believe it

it's hotter here than in bangladesh we're beating you

it is eating you it's hotter here in our gazebo

than bangladesh i think that's amazing so we could go there and we'd be

acclimatized yes we could we could go to bangladesh now and we would be cooler

where you are than where we are now in our

gazebo you see we have time for one more so that was candle in the

wind a famous song i feel like i'm melting

like a candle just to say that when it's hot you are

you're melting i'm melting like a candle and say that and after a

certain age as well steve if if i think it's men after a certain age

if they take their top off if they go into the garden without their

vest or anything if they show their bare body

from the waist upwards we sometimes say that they look like

a melted candle oh well um in riyadh in saudi arabia it's 44.

okay we can't beat that we can't beat 44. yeah you you beat us there you you

win you have the hottest one but we're not

far off we're only eight degrees off yes uh and

it's a very dry heat isn't it in saudi arabia

whereas we've got a very humid muggy heat here

i think i'm right in saying i nearly went to to work in riyadh

okay many years ago uh but it didn't it didn't come to pass in

the end okay we're we're running out of time now steve

good um easy to learn was born in 1985 so you're in your 30s

in your 30s age to me i want it 35 i make that my mathematics

is correct 35. that's young you are just a baby

you are a baby in your 30s as i say before and i will say it again

now in your thirties you have the best part

of your life it is where all the opportunities lie

that's where they all are enjoy your thirties yes

here we go is the here's the last one steve

the last one thank goodness for that i think steve is quite relieved it's the

last one this is the final sentence game for

today this is hard by the way

oh it might be hard it might be easier i think i'll go inside now while you

finish off this last one the final sentence game why didn't you

save an easy one for the end mr duncan something something something of the

something there it is it's the final sentence game

connected with birthdays something something something

of the something four five seven three letters

so the letters we are looking for four five seven and three if anyone get that

i'll eat my hat really are you sure about that i think

someone might get it you see really yes i think so

something something something of the something

that sounds like thunder was that thunder i'm not sure

that sounded like thunder or was it an engine starting up

oh i don't know i think it was i think that was thunder then

did anyone hear a rumble in the distance it may have been mr steve's stomach

possibly but i haven't had any lunch today

poor mr steve what a shame curry's off got to run some errands bye

curry happy birthday again to mr duncan thank you i've had a great time by the

way i've i've loved your messages i will do

something on friday i will look at some of the messages and i will read

them out on friday we also have some donations today i will

mention those on friday that is when i'm back by the way it will

just be me on friday no mr steve as far as we know

friday i think i will be working friday i will be in the garden

trying to finish off a project which is taking

far far longer than i thought it's almost taken the whole of the year

i know i thought it would only take me like a couple of weeks it's taken me

more like two three months to get it to do it

hasn't it to finish off all the repointing of the

wall and this and the uh and repositioning all the

slabs in the back garden yes so steve has been doing a lot of

work unfortunately because of the weather

we've had a lot of rain and the weather has been quite bad this year

amongst other things happening during 2020

let's face it it's been a little bit of a hectic year

so here we go the final one before we go we are just a couple of minutes away

from the end anybody got any of these right no not

one this is a different can you give us a

quick clue well it's something you say ah something you say something something

something of the something i will give you another 30 seconds

because we are about to leave that is thunder that's thunder on the

way everyone thunder there is thunder in the sky

well this is good yeah yes that's the closest

yes that's close that's zoran thank you very much

zoran just the last word isn't quite right

no no i will give you the answer in around 20 seconds from now

better than me though because i haven't got a clue

mr cockerell are you ready mr cockrell is really tired out today

i've never worked very hard i've never seen such a limp cock

ever here he comes

no i'm not telling you my age you should never ask a lady her

age you should never ask a lady especially a beautiful

lady in her nice clean vest you should never ask her age

here we go here's the answer the sentence game the final one for today

before mr steve collapses on the ground well who was it i can't

find it this is something going on with the live stream today things keep

vanishing uh it was a little bit back there you

see steve you have to go back oh me and technology

all right oh yeah but there was another one back here

we have to go steve yep go on zoran yes all right i did say zoran

zoran well done very close very close you somebody else

has got it completely right but i think you probably

i haven't gave them a clue i've got to give the answer steve come on we're over

time now many happy returns of the day many happy

returns of the day to mr duncan and to everybody else who

has a birthday today yes i'm surprised actually two other people

and somebody's nephew yes we have a nephew and we have we have

quite a few people celebrating their birthday along with me

as well so now you can tell your friends and relatives

i share my birthday with mr duncan and they will reply

who who's that who never heard of him never heard of him ever you better get

your equipment inside before there's a heavy storm

yes there is a storm on the way i don't want mr steve to get struck by lightning

he will end up looking like harry potter there's a clue to what we're going to be

eating tonight behind you yes under the tree that is

the reason why the reason why there is there is one of those

there it is can you see it because that is what we are having for our

evening birthday dinner i'm cooking for mr duncan can you

believe it in this heat i'm having to cook

so that's what we're having tonight not not that one we're not actually eating

that because that's a toy but we are having

the real thing tonight lots of happy birthday to you uh it's

been wonderful mr duncan i i flagged a bit yes i can see flag if

you flag it means you're you're losing energy yes

you lose energy if you're flagging you get tired and you lose

energy poor mr steve is feeling like feeling tired how would you spell that

is it the same way you would spend on speech it is flag

fl a flag that you weigh yes flag but if you flag it means you're

tired and you lose it you've been doing quite well then suddenly all your energy

goes for someone who wants to go you don't

seem to be in a hurry if i connect up my belongings okay steve

thank you pack your suitcase

and yes it's time to go bye-bye everybody

see you on sunday if not before and now i'm going to go and lie down

in a cool room bye-bye and there he goes that's mr steve going

off into the sunlight getting some well-deserved sun on his

body thank you very much for joining me today

i hope you've enjoyed today's live stream and of course the sentence game

as well i will be back with you on friday friday

i will be with you from 2pm uk time i'm off now to enjoy the rest of my

birthday we will be having a cup of tea we're

having a nice little meal tonight as well in the house we will be cooking

for ourselves isn't that lovely thanks for your company

thank you very much for your lovely messages thanks

for everything that you've done today i really do appreciate it and it's very

nice thank you very much for giving up your

time to join me here on the live stream i'm back on

friday 2 p.m uk time this is mr duncan in the

birthplace of english saying thanks for watching see you on

friday 2 p.m uk time thanks also to mr steve

for helping out in this very hot place we are having a hot

stay happy stay cool stay safe where you are

and i will see you later and of course until the next time we meet here on

youtube you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)