is there anyone there? is there anybody there? hello out there in YouTube land

yes we are here again thank you for joining us first time we tried it wasn't

very successful the second time we tried it also didn't work but as we like to

say third time lucky here we go yes it is English addict live from the

birthplace of English which just happens to be England

surprise hi hi everybody this is mr. Duncan and mr. Steve in England how are

you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I really hope so

something a little bit different today first of all can I apologize I don't

know how it happened but just as 2 p.m. came along the internet here decided to

disconnect okay I can't believe that happened it actually did happen just as

I connected my live stream to YouTube the internet connection here disappeared I

don't know what happened we're going to change our internet provider mr. Duncan

I'm going to get Stern because he'd had a few episodes like this reason it

happens a lot it happens a lot so there's a problem here in this area with

this particular provider I'm not gonna say who no don't say British Telecom No

so I think we'll be looking elsewhere because we mr. Duncan keeps having to

have all this stress because the internet doesn't work but anyway we're

on now yes you don't have to shout by the way I'm just talking normally

doesn't sound like normal talking anyway I need a lie down to be honest

do you go lie down why don't you go lie down and recover mr. Duncan's been a bit

stressed I'm not surprised yeah I'm not the only one either

there's nothing worse is it when technology goes wrong anyway enough of

that we're only here for an hour yes it is the new short version of our live

stream English addict not two hours anymore just one hour so I hope you're

here on time or else you'll miss half of the show here we go then hello to the

live chat a quick hello to the live chat hello to mosun also Jimmy from Hong Kong

nice to see you here Vitas Martha and everyone else on the live chat

congratulations you made it here

even if we nearly didn't even if we nearly didn't as Steve says here now so

let's make the most of it so what they say that's what they say apparently

about life make the most of it because one day you won't be able to do it we've

got a packed live stream for you today it's a packed one it's a big one it's

full of stuff welcome to the birthplace of the English language talking of birth

mr. Steve today we are going to talk about a subject that I don't think we've

ever talked about before III have a feeling we've never talked about this

but today we are going to talk all about English words connected with being

pregnant so we have pregnant words and also phrases as well connected with

having a baby that's not yours isn't Steve that was made last night that's

what mr. Steve sounded like last night after spending a day with his mother yes

you went to your mother yesterday I went to my mother for the first time since

lockdown so it's the least 12 weeks and I went to see my sister as well who's

recently moved house yes well she brought she's they're going to move

house next week but they're moving things there in preparation okay we need

the detail yes we yeah I'd see my mother first time social distanced warm asks

for the usual washing hands and a complete hose down when I got there I

sprayed my mother in disinfectant yes just to make sure that she was safe and

she gave you a bath in devil she did exactly and so we thought we were safe I

had to fix my mother's toilet oh okay yesterday because she kept you know you

toilet seat at the toilet seat so the little bit you sit on the bit you sit on

it had come loose and have any of you ever experienced a lute a loose toilet

seat there's nothing worse my mother said

that she used to get on the toilet and she would fall off because the the lid

the not the lid that the seat slipped away so I had to tighten up the screws

underneath and had to wash my hands afterwards as well so you literally hurt

your head inside your mother's toilet yesterday yes yes I did and I used my

strong fingers to tighten up and realign the brackets at the back of the toilet

so there we go that's my that's my tail of yesterday

but yes 812 weeks it was a long time but then we have been my mother's loved as

as I'm sure a lot of you might have relatives and you might have introduced

them to the new technology of being able to see people through through a screen

what a way of I know I'm trying to think of the word you actually use a webcam a

webcam my mother used like I don't want to use the brand name is here tablets

I'll just say a tablet it's an Apple tablet and you use FaceTime that's it's

okay it doesn't worry about it they can't they're not going going to come

around and raid the house and drag us through the streets and pull off statues

down so you don't have to worry about that and it's been wonderful so really I

didn't I didn't feel as though I hadn't seen my mother for 12 weeks because

we've been seeing each other every day on the on the the iPad yes

FaceTime of course there are other connection services available out there

just in case anyone thinks that we are being sponsored by Apple there is also

Android there Skype there's zoom so so for those who think

oh oh you know we are doing you're being paid lots of money to say the FaceTime

team's office teams there's another one nurse and and all the others as well and

it's also and of course YouTube as well we have YouTube I suppose this is like

FaceTime except today you have two faces mr.

Steve that's him by the way and mr. Duncan I normally teach English on

YouTube today we are together doing something unusual a little different we

are here from the start we are thinking of making the livestreams a little

shorter many people are complaining that it's too long so we're going to make it

a little bit shorter today we're going to shrink mr. Steve down and also myself

we are going to become much smaller I tell you my my calves are aching already

mr. Duncan my calves okay it wasn't part of my leg the bottom part of your leg is

I'm not used to I don't like standing up for long periods of time mr. Duncan can

stand up for hours as you well know fascinating but not me so we're back to

the program that we're doing at the moment we're talking about pregnant

words and phrases what I was going to do today we show a picture of mr. Steve as

a baby unfortunately I don't have one unfortunately that I I have no record of

mr. Steve being born perhaps he was created in a laboratory by a mad

scientist I don't know Immaculate Conception

Oh okay then let's not go there let's just not go there at all by the way just

in case you're wondering the weather today is dreadful look at the weather

it's awful we are having a terrible day here in England the weather could not be

worse at the moment although having said that there is a little bit of blue sky

coming above the grey skies so it looks as if we might have a little bit of

sunshine soon unfortunately for us it makes no difference because we are here

in the studio

we are mr. Duncan and we've got an exciting packed show

for you this afternoon hmm it is UK time for those who are

wondering look there's the time you can see what time it is in the UK it is 20

past 20 past 2 here in the UK hello to everyone we are talking about words

connected to being pregnant so have you ever been pregnant Steve what question

not that I know of okay then well for those who are

wondering we have tried but you know it wasn't meant to be it just wasn't meant

to be obviously I can't have children me neither

yes and I think that's I don't I was going to say something then but I won't

that was a that was a very tight corner that we we moved into the main pushed

off air very rapidly yes no no I think I think YouTube would

like that you see they would like more of that we should be waving around with

pink flags and sitting on top of giant I'm not gonna say anything else now I

have never had a baby as far as I know with anyone I suppose it's possible yes

I could have been drunk one night and didn't realize what I was doing although

your mother has and you are one of them yes Steve is one of his mother's babies

by the way it's Father's Day today you're right in the UK it is Father's

Day a big hello to all the fathers now I know not all of the countries around the

world celebrate Father's Day I nearly said farmers day they should have a

farmers day yes they do they should have farmers Day where all the farmers come

out they walk around the streets showing how proud they are with their sheep and

their cattle and they walk through the streets leaving lots of manure behind

them that would be a lovely idea it really would however it is not farmers

day it is far' Thursday here in the UK so sadly your father is no longer around

mine is but I don't talk to him anymore

various reasons that I'm not going to go into it this present point in time

according to my lawyer so that's very good so we have pregnant words and

phrases for those out there who are interested in finding out all of those

wonderful words that are connected with having a baby you are more than welcome

to join in on the live chat as well all by the way

for those who are wondering as well we have made it to the end of the weekend

Steve your weekend was very busy mine wasn't I stayed at home yesterday

watching I watched can you believe what I watched yesterday

I watched the rerun of the 1970 general election here in the UK that's how bored

I was yesterday they keep showing these don't they they keep showing for some

bizarre reason on UK television on a sort of a channel that is not as popular

as not a mainstream Channel yes I say they keep showing reruns of elections

yes general election election nights from the past so like eight hours yes

well than that this today's was fourteen didn't watch all of it did you mr. doom

but I almost watched all of it it was in two parts as well so I was able to go to

the toilet but yeah yes I was watching the general election from 1970 do you

know who won 1970 let me think Oh was it Wilson it was not the

Conservatives got it in that case in nineteen seven no it was Edward Heath

Edward Heath Teddy Heath anyway no one will know what we're talking about I

don't think they're interested in our prime ministers from 1970 even I don't

know what I'm talking about Tomic says that they are celebrating

fathers day in the Netherlands oh okay that's good so what are you doing

anything today is anybody doing anything with their fathers today hello to all

the dads out on Father's Day oh by the way also it's

the first day of summer correct today 21st of June 2020 is the first day

of summer and that is the reason why it is pouring with rain outside here in

England it's the longest day today it certainly feels like it and is it the

summer solstice it's where all of the Druids

they all go to their big stone statues and a day strip naked and they dance

around together and then go home and eat jelly and ice cream so it's a very

popular thing during this time of year to dance around stones or stone circles

and wave at the Sun as it rises say hello summer will it be a fertility

symbol to encourage women to become pregnant

oh nice one I like yes linking it in with today's subject matter yes that we

will be getting on to very soon it's also Father's Day in Argentina says

Beatriz as well oh happy Father's Day to Argentina as well hello to all the dads

if your dad is nearby go over and give him a big hug right now if you can if

you can or do it on FaceTime yes please tell us if it's Father's Day so we know

Argentina Netherlands Argentina as well Oh

Argentina and Netherlands we definitely know that anywhere else or is it

anywhere where you're not celebrating Father's Day or maybe you've forgotten

it's Father's Day oh it does happen a lot you may have forgotten it's a bit

like birthdays and anniversaries quite often you will forget those things and

then suddenly you will remember and you rush out have you ever done that have

you ever forgotten someone's birthday because we are talking about birth today

we're talking about pregnant words and phrases would you like to have a look at

a pregnant word go on not literally a pregnant word so not a word that is

pregnant Boram is watching as in cooking at the same time really I've made a

slight error here because I I'm too far away from the screen it's

all out of focus to my stupid eyes so hearing hey do you want me to assist you

mr. Duncan no please you know I'm good with technology please Steve

don't don't assist me here we go so we have pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy it is

used as a mass now I don't know where you're going by the way do you have

another live stream to do are you going somewhere else do you have an

appointment I wasn't aware that I was drifting drifting oh you you shot Steve

you drift you really do so pregnancy mess noun so this is a general term when

we say mass noun it is something that can be termed to something that is

generally done or something that generally happens so a mass noun

pregnancy the state of having a child growing inside you you are developing a

child inside you a baby is developing in your wear womb thank goodness for that I

was taking a big risk there so yeah I thought I wasn't sure what Steve was

going to say there because that we didn't rehearse that so I said where

does the baby develop and then I thought oh no maybe not maybe I shouldn't have

asked that question because I wasn't sure what Steve was going to say well

how far back are we going are we talking are we going to talk about conception as

well today are the Duncan we're not going we're not going to talk about how

the baby got there but we'll just say we could use that phrase couldn't be

Concepcion Concepcion yes that is the moment yes go on the moment I think

conception is when the the sperm and the egg come together you know you have

probably it's a zygote isn't it the most formed or the scientist which is I think

just 2 or 3 cells at the moment when fertilization takes oh nice

so there's little time are we talking about that today there's the tadpole

it's mr. tadpole and there is mr. mr. egg or mrs. egg or who knows we

don't know at the moment so he goes oh hello

and then suddenly yes from there mr. Duncan was born a fella from that you

get this this this is you know you know an alien when they tried to make

different types of aliens and they weren't successful and some of them some

of them look a bit like mr. Steve we're all an experiment

and we're all when you think about it the chances of us being alive that that

that particular those that sperm and that egg coming together at that moment

the chances are just billions to one probably yes and you know if one got

there first there'd be somebody different and we'd

have never existed Oh quite an incredible thought these are the amazing

odds odds that we are actually here the chances of us standing here now talking

to you through the internet on a Sunday afternoon well as mr. Steve and mr.

Duncan are that the chances are so-so minut I mean the creation of life is not

difficult we know that goodness you basically take

around nature has round eggs and a round hole and you just you just knock but

nature has worked out if you want to believe evolution or creation whatever

one you want to believe or combination of the two nature is wonderful because

it has it has it has worked out how to create life very easily yes the miracle

is that the absolute miracle I think mmm-hmm is that we you me all of us are

actual us are actually here now because when you think of the chances of that

happening yes of that little bit of that

particular unique individual being created it's incredible is just

mind-boggling Li small chance of that happening mr. Steve's mind has now been

boggled somebody would have been created but it wouldn't have been us smo it's

not difficult to create life that's actually quite easy you might have

actually been better at doing a live-streamed honest I mean there are

seven and a half billion of us so it can't be that difficult to create life

but to actually create a particular individual as you mr. Duncan you will

never ever be created again according to my parents according to my parents I was

an accident my father tripped up if you get what I

mean well when you're a baby of course when

you're young your parents don't want to discuss sort of their lovemaking do they

mr. Duncan I was unfortunate enough to hear Oh hear

that taking place as a child I can't think of a worse horror you have told me

the story yes let's not go into that all I said was mum could you please oil

those bed springs there are some things aren't there when you're growing up as a

child there are some things that you probably shouldn't see and certainly

don't want to see and there are certain memories that sometimes when you see

something let's say inappropriate you should never see your parents naked I

know that's at that's at the top of all the things you should never see see in

your life you should never see your parents naked and when you do which I've

got to say I have okay in one of my parents accidentally actually good you

know you just sort of they haven't shut the bedroom door sufficiently and you

walk in and they're in a state of undress and a certain memory is burned

into your brain for the rest of your life oh no that's what I mean

you should never see your parents naked ever I mean it's bad enough seeing them

in a bikini or a swimming costume yes I can add enough doing that but probably

explains the way we are today there are traumatic memories from our childhood so

yeah that would be interesting I mean it's a bit off subject but as anybody

had a particular memory that they wish they didn't have

relating to their parents when they were younger it might be the memory of this

live stream I mean yes I can't think of anything worse I never experienced that

thankfully hearing your parents you're having to say I are glad I'd suffer that

but anyway some people do and then or maybe it's healthy I don't think I'm

going after sensor Steve I'm gonna have to get get a little button I press the

button and it goes the over mr. Steve when he's saying certain things but yes

there we go there was a lot of stuff that we looked at one word

who's Ursula von de Laden who is Ursula Vonda Laden Pat Mara is saying that

Ursula Vonda Laden has had got children seven children seven that's nothing here

in the UK there are some families they have 13 it's just good going there 713

there are there are families here in the UK that have 13 children all I can say

is the mother the mother can never and can never sit on a bicycle ever again

you see in bygone days before we had modern medicines people would have as

many children as they could because at least half of them would probably die of

disease for going back hundreds of years but now of course virtually all children

survive when they're born at least in a sort of industrialized country whether

it was a reasonably good health system you have that sound you can hear is

Steve digging the holes about digging any holes you know certain parts of all

that haven't got very good health care you still might get a you got a higher

death rate with children but we haven't in the UK and in a lot of parts of the

world we're very fortunate say if you have 13 children you probably all going

to survive and anyway say that's a bad thing

but I'm not sure what you're saying let's change the subject mr. Duncan the

A's please change the subject misconception

to birth that's what people wanted to talk about yes okay let's do that

atomic weight the once walked in on his parents

it was terrible at the time however I don't have any trauma oh I see well good

good tell us how did you erase it from your memory we like to do they tell you

not to look and then they said look Mary says it's in the Philippines it's normal

to have more than 12 children Catholic country of course like Ireland near to

us no I'm just saying conscience if you know it's true that yes it would be fair

to say that Catholic families do tend to have large families families are solve

certain rules that Catholics have to follow that rule I think we all know

always just wondering if my parents were Catholic but I don't think they were

they seem to keep trying a lot satury know says pregnant comes from the latin

Plagueis equals stuffed in my leg stuffed in my native language it's only

used for animals well that's what's a Torino says she's put a smiley face by

it and the pregnant women so pregnancy

full of a baby yes but only used in respect to talking about animals yes

which is interesting okay well we are animals aren't we we are we are not

animals we are above the animals they said to Steve Steve is an amphibian I

have to put him in a big bowl of water every night here's another word shall we

shall we do this because we're in a here for another 39 minutes might go on for

longer you never know we're having fun now just make your mind but rhyme

nightmare last night which we won't go into suffice it to say but we're putting

the house up for sale

yeah anyone want to buy a house yes does anyone want to buy a house it's

ever so nice it's lovely it's got big garden and sometimes cows will come and

say hello to you if you want to buy the house - all talking - buying things yes

I'm gonna mention something I received a very strange email a few days ago from

someone I will talk about that in a little while but yeah you are expecting

not you you're not expected you're gonna say I don't remember anything happening

so you are expecting if a person is pregnant you can say that they are

expecting so you don't have to say expecting a baby you can just say oh I I

hear you are expecting it means you are pregnant and in the foreseeable future

you will have a baby yes I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon so

it's - used in the same to mean the same thing isn't it yes something is going to

happen at some point so you're expecting something is in the offing as they say

here's another one Steve I've got to get through these or else we're gonna be

here until next Tuesday you are with child with child now this is a I think

this might be a little old-fashioned this stay with this do yes I'm I can do

two things listen to you and read the live chat cuz

only just about do one thing at once

remember you are with child some people think that that's a very old-fashioned

way of saying it you are with child or of course you might say you are heavy

with child heavy with child that means you're probably near to the point where

the baby is going to drop yes so you're going to give birth so you've got a big

some people have some women have very big babies how much how much did you

weigh when you were born mr. Duncan there's a good question I was very light

you were a light weight issue so when my mother pushed me out like that

I was very light I was a very small baby because I was premature ah

there's an interesting word premature so if a baby comes too early like me I came

two months too early two months too early can you believe it Steve if your

father had been premature you'd never would have been born ha ha is that

naughty mr. Jim could I understand what you mean think about it think about it

oh I see do you mean his gun went off yes that's exactly what I mean his gun

went off too soon if it had have done yeah you wouldn't have been born

this is a very adult it is today there's no children watching we are very adult

the youngest person watching let's just say that you have to be over 18 to watch

this it's a bit too late now really isn't it to say that oh you have a child

on the way so it isn't like waiting for an Amazon parcel when you have a child

on the way it doesn't mean that you've ordered a child on the Internet

and then the next day Amazon will deliver it in one of those little boxes

that you can open but not very easily you have a child on the way it means

that the baby is now developing in your wife in your wife's to me so that's what

my mum used to say to me my mum I used to ask Mummy Mummy where where did I

come from and then she said oh you came from my

tummy you came from my tummy which which was very odd but I was 14 at the time

didn't you know about the birds and the bees by that age I did not no one told

me my father never sat down to tell me all about the birds and the bees I died

I was never told them this is honest this is actually the truth everything

I've told you today is true and honest and my father never sat down to give me

the talk about where babies come from and how you get a baby and

did you have it no I can I can really not imagine your father sitting there

with you so well when it when a mummy and daddy you love each other

they sometimes like to do some acrobatics have you seen the Olympic

Games jumping on the apparatus it's very similar to that but instead instead of

instead of the pommel horse hitch it's your mother I think I think we watched a

lot of David Attenborough programs when I was growing up a lot of wildlife

program so I think we were sort of thinking back now I think we were forced

to watch them to get some idea because you know what wildlife programs are

about they they are obsessed with filming animals having sex

either that or animals killing each other it's one of those two things

nother way can you not say that word can you say mating mate it's an animal you

say maybe yes even anyone anyone because that's that's the acceptable word here

on youtube if you use the other word there's a good chance that someone from

YouTube will come around and they will actually cut the cable from your

internet connection they actually come around with a big shot pair of scissors

and they cut maybe maybe they were trying it two o'clock I think they were

trying to cut us off but you usually use the word mate when you're describing

mating to describe an animal normally not a human is how the work we will use

that to be clean mr. Steve they're starting to get so all the ones we've

you so far yes they are sort of formal but these are now informal so here are

some informal so these are casual ways of describing having a baby or being

pregnant with a baby you have a burn in the oven there you can see that lady can

you see the lady there she's got literally she's got a burn in the oven

meaning a baby so you have a baby growing inside you you are pregnant

have a burn in the oven so in a few months from now you will give birth to a

little baby augs can we have that sound of the baby again

well can I say something first okay Mika has had another it's got

another grandchild oh I see we're going to what I just read my chat since the

last time when was that well I I do remember I'm sure Mika you told us that

you had a grandchild a couple of months ago

Oh maybe that's what it's referring oh I see somebody said here that Mika has had

another grandchild so maybe it was maybe it was referring to that oh I see okay

maybe so I'm gonna have you had but is it another grandchild Mika so did you

have one two years ago and now not two months ago now you've had another one

that's amazing I mean someone's been busy that's all I can say something can

I mention mr. Duncan no probably not if you you can get yourself into trouble

sometimes you can literally if you see a lady and you say to her oh I think

congratulations are in order yes oh I see ooh when's the big day oh

wait when is it going to be born some because some men get themselves into a

lot of trouble yes they see a bulge at the front of the system oh no one can

see that bad way they see a bulge in front of the stomach bulge well maybe

they haven't seen somebody for a while in other words I think what Steve's

trying to say or to say assume assume that what the lady isn't radiant

pregnant and say congratulations when in fact she's just fat yes yes have you

ever done that who ever said oh I believe congratulations are in order or

when is the big day when is it due Hawaii be and she says I'm not pregnant

I'm just a bit overweight and then she smacks the man right in the face this is

something that you learn as a man early on in life that you don't say that

to a woman unless you find the information out from somewhere else

first because you will get a punch in the face yes or slap in the face I think

I have actually said it maybe a kick a kick in the the the billiard balls and

then you will never be able to have children of your own Mika says I've got

one grandchild who is 18 months and I'm going to have another grandchild in

August exciting congratulations so burn in the oven and congratulations for your

forthcoming arrivals so it's only August so I would say that using one of the

phrases that we have already put up on the screen heavy with child I would say

that your daughter's yeah he's a child everyone's child the burn is almost

baked we could definitely say that the burn in your oven is almost baked

it's almost really ready to come out which is something I won't be going into

so you only wait how much when you were below when I was born I was I was very

tiny I was premature by two months I in fact you could hold me in your hand the

palm of your hand I was so tiny you could actually just

put me in your hand like this so just just place me in your hand you could

actually hold me in your hand so I weighed less than 2 pounds

I was a little tiny shriveled baby a little tiny baby shriveled up unable

to breathe on my own I had to be put into an incubator to help me breathe and

I had to stay in there for a long time until I was able to breathe on my own so

yes I only just made it into this world so I always feel very grateful for the

lovely nurses who took care of me when I was born prematurely 2 months early and

look at you now look at me now six foot guess what I was guess what I

weighed when I was born mr. Duncan I would say about the same weight you are

now that would have hurt have a guess I would say 3 pounds 10

ounces I was 9 pounds really I was a 9-pound baby I was quite a big baby

I would I would get your mum to ask for a money back

well she does remind me of the damage that was done at the time that I was

born how does she remind you well she does

remind me that she didn't eat stitches not photographs no look what you did to

me look look can you see that can you see what you did to me when you when you

popped your big head your big head out you have got a large head but hedgerow

just said yeah I've got a beautiful profile hmm so you can't criticize my

face mr. Duncan because that I have admirers far and wide oh I'm not sure

about far and wide thank you there is pet there is Pedro and we were

feeling so down and now I feel lifted up by these expressions of of love Thank

You Pedro's going a bit too far I think I mean anybody else feel free to give me

compliments yes and mr. Duncan as well mr. Steve your you your face looks like

a rat's arse Oh as Mary says that you're a premature baby mr. Duncan that's why

you're so intelligent sure about that it could be it could be I think they left

the brain behind in France Cory says we say avoir and Polly

jannelle.dawn la tu are you okay I don't know what that means though I thought

you were speaking in Tommy's food it's rude and don't don't don't read things

out that are in a foreign language if if you're not sure what they mean because

you might be saying something so obscene it's rude and I think it's like I think

it's against women to see so I'm only repeating what Marie has don't please

don't repeat I don't think I pronounce it very well no

good fortunately your mispronunciation has got you out of that okay here's

another one oh I like this one this is one of my favorite pregnant terms it is

an expression if a person is pregnant we can say that they are up the deaf I love

that one up for the death of the deaf I remember as a child because way back in

the 70s the 1970s not the 1870s the 1970s you had to be very careful if you

got pregnant and you weren't married or you were young and unwed they would

often describe a person as being at the death so they would use it in a rather

coarse unpleasant way up the Duff so this is this is a very dated I don't

think we use this anymore I haven't have you did your sister EVER

say it did your sister EVER say oh I'm up the Duff again I cannot imagine use

that expression yes I think you're right it's usually well it can be used to

describe in a coarse way that somebody is pregnant in a coarse and unpleasant

unpleasant I mean it rude it would be offensive to some people but not to

others some people might get if you said oh you're up the Duff some people might

be offended by that because there would be maybe the slight suggestion than they

might have had the baby and they weren't married to us or it wasn't planned or

something like that there's a bit of a suggestion there isn't that of an

undercurrent there or it's used to describe somebody who has a lot of

babies or has had a lot of babies it's raining oh you're up the Duff you might

get a slap on the face for that somebody has commented are we being are we being

a bit misogynist today it's it's raining look even the

rains on are not scream the rain is coming down so heavily we've got an

umbrella mr. Duncan I think we might need an umbrella

oh my goodness look at they're getting a bit a bit wet Duncan it looks like we're

staring out of a out of a window whatever effect yes I know I can't help

being a genius you know being one of those look at that it's absolutely it's

raining cats and dogs somebody mentioned that expression earlier okay they said

that way way where where they are it was raining cats and dogs well it's

raining cats and dogs here so there it is a live view at the moment of the rain

falling on the window of this studio oh my goodness can this live stream get any

more exciting that's what I'm thinking so up the Duff we are looking at words

connected to being pregnant so having a child on the way we can also see how

it's going to say I've just thought can i interject if you must interject I'd

rather you didn't but interject means you want to say something interrupt

interrupt interject just want to say something in the stream of conversation

let's get on with interrupt yes tell me what that so you said that when your we

were going back to going back to the subject of do your parents describe the

birds and the bees yes so the way the way a baby is created yes and we often

say the birds and the bees that's the way you do it you say it so

it doesn't sound to both the word

offensive to Vivian offensive for public debate yes well I well if you're telling

your child I don't they'll be offended by it

daddy daddy I'm very offended by what you just told me about not you if you

don't want to be too graphic graphic that's it too too graphic you don't want

to explain it in raw blunt detail let me explain to you about the birds and the

bees the birds and the bees is a common expression that we use in this country

if you want to broach the subject of sex yes I've told you already sign

but do I have to tell how many more times do I have to say you don't say

that you say mating but you could say I mean obviously it's referring to nature

isn't it if I if I've got no ads on this video it's his fault

what did please can you can you please send me a couple of dollars or a couple

of pounds because I think YouTube is going to take the ads off my video today

because of Steve and his abusive language it's discussed abuses or

disgusting language so yes birds-and-the-bees ways used to

describe to somebody how a lady becomes pregnant yes of course or a woman female

a lady but the other thing that people used to say in this country I don't

think they say it anymore is that the baby arrived a stalk delivered the baby

yes it's funny you should say that why because you've kind of preempted what I

was going to say they are ruined there is a mythical belief oh but don't be too

surprised I write this no I did I'm also psychic there is a mythical belief that

the stork delivers the baby the mythical belief is that a stork brings a baby to

the expectant mother so this is another thing that you might tell kids you might

say Oh little Johnny I don't watch and they're too young to know I don't know

why I chose that name dirty details I can take Johnny because I really can't

tell you what I just said there thank you found it funny

hey why did they call me Johnny accident with the needle if you are oh I see I I

know what you're saying there the mythical belief is that the stork brings

a baby to the expectant mother so that's normally what you tell your child where

did I come from mummy can you please tell me where I came from

and then she says Oh a stork flew in to my bedroom window

just like and gave me the baby and that was you I get airsick very

easily so dude yes I believe you did vomit you did vomit quite a lot on the

way I'm so afraid of flying because well maybe that's that might be the reason

it's it it might be worth going into with maybe a psychiatrist at some point

Katina says do you have stalks in Great Britain we have we have marjorine called

stalk but we don't have the birds not natively I don't think we do no we don't

have native stalks although you might go to the local Zoo and you might see a

stalk they're very big birds yes they are big birds but they have many in

Germany but I suppose I should point out that the the belief that's of pia tina

the belief that a stalk will bring the baby to you is just a myth a legend it

isn't true so that is that is that basically isn't

it true is it true no it's not I had I don't think anyone is going to be

surprised to hear that it's not true a stalk looks is a bit like a heron we

have herons here don't we yes so a stalk is it like a bigger version of a

hairiness or maybe or maybe 20 crows oh is it the same thing if they all got

together if the crows all got together they could probably lift a baby up don't

know why I'm debating this how Maris's that the stork is a national bird in

Lithuania okay and in Tunisia Beatrice says storks bring babies from Paris okay

I was told many years ago in Argentina so there we go so this is a

international way that parents used to describe how babies arrive Lena says in

Russia some parents say that their children came from a cabbage I think you

did didn't you you know up your mum often does

grabbed you as a vegetable yeah mm-hm what are you still there I am oh good so

words connected to having oh here we go Steve this is a good one was your mother

ever in the club in the club in the club if you are in the club it means you are

pregnant you will have you have a baby on the way there was a little baby

growing inside your tummy that one I wouldn't have said that was that common

are you in the club so that means a club is a collection of of people that all do

a similar things you would you would say that a group of group of girls maybe and

a group of girls and a lot of a lot of a group of friends for example there could

be five or six friends who went to school together maybe they all got

married some of them have had babies of us haven't and when one becomes pregnant

you will then say oh you're in the club hmm your club being that that group of

friends yes that's what it refers maybe you could all have your babies on the

same day you could have a little group a group birth that will happen one day

trust me group conception I dread to think there's another word for that I

dread to think in the future what Instagram will look like now now you

know what I'm saying out there you don't have to write it down but you know what

I'm saying because they photograph everything

nowadays donae on Instagram have you ever seen Instagram recently everything

people take pictures of everything so I'm waiting for the day when Instagram

users start posting their their baby as it as it arrives Luis said that in the

1980s almost everybody told their older children that they were brought by

stalks so I see that storks bring the children how interesting so I'm not sure

whether we were still whether it was that common and expression in the

nineteen eighties maybe it was in the you

I don't remember my mum ever saying it she said something about the milkman

coming round late yeah oh yeah well I've never met your father so I can't comment

you're very much like your mother I am many ways so well that's the thing of

course you know if you don't look like your parents then maybe it's time to ask

questions I am literally I am literally a clone of

my mother I've always thought this I look very similar and also I have a very

similar temperament as well my character is very similar and so is yours

so you are very similar to your mother in many ways not just because you look

like an old lady but because your character your character I look like an

old lady and I act like an old lady I think so yes definitely

you're like an old woman sometimes oh here we go Steve another one oh yes what

you are up the stick did you see something interesting there a Platini

just my voice is going that I once saw 200 stalks on their way back to Africa

so flying from Germany to Africa they were migrating I nearly said emigrating

migrating its people to democratise my great I don't think birds can be seen

birds flying go with their little suitcases emigrating to another country

no they just they just migrate and then they come back they return maybe they're

taking some babies to Africa let's not go there

maybe they bring some bag no Steve we're not going there at all we are now

backtracking that's what we call it we backtrack sew up the stick Strasbourg in

France is the storks City oh okay the stork city yes okay I gotta see a stork

yes I have seen a stork a real one at the zoo many years ago in

fact they threw me into the cage with the

Hawks a joke and they all started pecking at my head you're joking that's

the end of the story doesn't get any more interesting than that Latif says

what a great day to see mr. Duncan and mr. Steve pulling each other's legs yes

we are we are not the only thing we're pulling we're not being serious our way

no exactly now we're wearing it where we're ribbing

each other ribbing joking ribbing you can see that they can imagine what you

imagine the view is like at the other end we're not we're not it's just not

our whole bodies on the on the screen from from head to toe I suppose if you

keep pushing me off mister don't push you it's you you can't stay straight

that's an understatement you are in the family way Steve you are

in the family way in the family way hmm it means you're pregnant yes you are in

the family way you are expecting a baby a baby is going to be popping out we

haven't listened to the baby for a while so who is the baby just about to come

out just one more push mrs. Jones just one more push shut up

congratulations welcome two years of hell taken of children are during this

lockdown hmm I have several colleagues at work because we're communicating

through Zoo quite regularly sign language you know who are at home of

course and their children are at home and they're getting very frustrated and

very let's just say that time is they're spending far more time with their

children than they otherwise would have done and are finding it very difficult

to cope with having to entertain young children five six eight year olds 24/7

yes because normally I think that the ages

well I'm talking about colleagues who I thought about the ages of the children

24 and 7 I'm talking about colleagues who during the day their children maybe

at school yeah or they might be in a nursery nursing home parents are out

working so they're only really having to deal with the children in the morning

and then in the evening so now they're having to deal with the children all day

and some colleagues are expressing their frustration at having to do this in

other words the sick of having the kids surround them yes yes that's the

basically it so in the family way is something you might use I think it's a

little old-fashioned I think maybe this is an old-fashioned phrase to be in the

family are you are you in the family way in the family way which could get you a

slam as well it might that's like saying oh I believe congratulations are in

order sorry did we do this already I know well

it's a similar you got to be careful we're not doing the replay is this

because it's the replay have I have I stumbled into the replay of this live

stream oh we've got to be careful okay you've always got to be careful with you

suggests that somebody's pregnant because they may not be yeah especially

if it's a lady they may have just been eating a lot of cakes you're up the

spout up the spout up the spout I hear you are up the spout now this is not a

very kind one no this is not a nice one you like up the Duff up the death or up

the spout or up the clip here again let's say then mr. Duncan anybody said

something very wrong I've been thrown off fair up up the junction up the

junction is another one also a very famous film about young lady that gets

pregnant but the spout so yes it's rude Oh Cory says Cory says have you ever

taken care of babies oh I have a story about a baby well not so much a baby but

my nephew stayed with us once and he I don't know why but he slept with me

which which probably sounds wrong as I'm saying that as that's coming out of my

mouth that doesn't sound right how old were you at the time but I was I

was only about 16 oh wow 16 or 17 and the the child was very very small and

and for some reason they said oh I'll share with you tonight you know which

wasn't great to start with anyway anyway Steve you're in the pudding Club you he

woke up in the night and he said uncle Duncan I don't feel very well so he

could talk by the way so he could you can see he was a bit bit old because he

he had the gift of speech so it wasn't a baby talking he was I don't know how old

he was about 2 maybe or 3 something like that but I still I said that understand

why we did it it was a terrible idea is homage

although he did he vomited all over me I woke up covered in baby puke well

there's enough to put you off for the rest of you so that is one of my

experiences so between looking after a child between being able to being having

to suffer listening to your parents conjugating sorry conjugate times word

for conjugate another word for mating yes okay you can't say the words again

okay conjugate usually used to describe what happens with animals worms

perhaps what actually I was at my sister's yesterday okay talking of

conception is this interesting is this story interest conjugating well it is

because we were looking at these plants in my sister's new garden and then we

saw what looked like a strange-looking butterfly okay a very strange that can

put a fight it seemed to have it was a weird shape and it seemed to have we

couldn't work out where the head was and then we noticed there was a head there

and there was a head there and then we sort of worked out that there

were two butterflies and they was sort of back-to-back okay

is it obviously doing some or they were mating they were mating so basically you

went to sisters you went to see sisters yesterday the sisters house you saw two

butterflies mating they do it back to back did you know that when dogs are

noise you know when dogs mate when dogs maybe they get stuck together did you

know that don't ask me how I know by the way please don't ask mr. Duncan how do

you know this sorry a wildlife drone I just know just me I know but apparently

when dogs mate yes anyway go on in dogs mate they get stuck together hmm why is

that miss it now we won't ask please don't ask arrey Hassan has come

up with an expression for being pregnant oh okay I don't know whether you've got

it on one of your slides mr. Duncan home eating for two

oh I even for two that's very good well done well done

I like that one well done that's almost worth a round of applause it is did you

do it it was actually very far away from where we are but they were they were

clapping definitely a cutie a good day I could tell you listen

listen well good fabulous you see this is the beauty of the live stream so that

so well done you were eating for Terry for eating for two

so the mother is actually eating not just for herself but also for her baby

that is growing inside her tummy because sometimes to say pregnant it's a

difficult word to say pregnant it's almost sounds rude isn't it because it's

if if somebody is pregnant if you're looking at a woman who is pregnant you

know for definite she's had sex I'm sorry don't can you stop saying that but

I know but that and that's oh that causes a little bit of

embarrassment in in polite conversation time I'm gonna have to put the PayPal

address up for today because there's no way we are being monitored it does

talking referring to somebody being pregnant sometimes is a little impolite

in conversation and you don't want to refer to it so you might use expressions

like the ones that were using are you eating for two rather than pregnant

because when you say pregnant you're straightaway saying oh you've

obviously had sex haven't you because you know oh but you are saying that so

you don't want to you sometimes refer to that you don't want to think about that

Rend or a relation and you stop saying that goodness sake I knew this was a

mistake having Steve right next to me cuz I like it when I can just turn him

off but here you can't you can't turn me off today mister don't go I can't turn

mr. Steve off personally I'm sure there's a way of doing it I would just

have to maybe there is a little switch on the back of Steve's neck that I can

flick for you know me I run out of energy at any point now I will just run

out of energy didn't have much to start with to be on Luis Mendez

DHEC Eve so I have to point out Luis Mendez you're oh by the way hello Luis

nice to see you here there is a great prego pres another one

arrey Hassan thank you prego or preggers preggers is another one yes are you

pregnant but it's not really that short but it's another way of using the the

phrase Steve Steve can you just read read what Luis

is put here my son went oh it's gone by the way somebody did ask earlier have we

ever babysat children yes you you I have yes my sisters but not for long my son

when he was a student used to do the babysitting he used to do the babysitter

Oh oh yes I'm not sure if that's a

grammatical mistake you have to do the babysitter do you know what that means

if you say that's that's very similar to how you get a baby if you say let's not

let's not go into that got explained I think what you meant to say is your son

used to do the babysitting he didn't used to do the baby see you do the

babysitter he was paid as well that's pretty that's a pretty good paid that's

a pretty good job so yes Lewis's son was paid to do the babysitter no a sitting

sitting to do the babysitter that babysitting yes if you do someone it

means that you never never say that you do someone because no means that you are

you are making love I'm gonna do okay Steve

but that's how you use these expressions I haven't used expression Katelyn yeah I

could do you know it means that you're attracted to them that was the creep men

will often say that when they're together cool like a do a cool don't

they yeah they do unless yes if you miss it's it's it's it's improper you

wouldn't say it in front of a woman not in the 1970s but people do say that they

still say that mr. Duncan I hear friends at work so close though yes okay Steve

and I yes I'm not used to hearing you say that to be honest I'm slightly

shocked that Steve is saying that anyway you know how he has Sain has come up

with a third one a hat trick maybe I've got them here you know we're just maybe

you have have you got that one mr. Duncan yes yes I have good I just have

to find it yes we're getting a bit rude out me mr. Duncan I don't know why I

can't see today I'm sure I'm losing my eyesight Mary's

having a good laugh that's good I had never got my babysitting in times

of my childhood so are you saying Andy that you were never babysat

or you have never babysat anyone hmm it's a full-time you've gotta be it's

very if you're asked to do some babysitting it's quite a it's a heavy

responsibility it is you got to look after a tiny human being that has no

ability no ability whatsoever so look after itself or hold in its own poop and

wee-wee I've only done it for short periods of time it's a big

responsibility obviously I wasn't seen as a responsible

person you might even say it's a big job but then that's what the baby does the

baby does the big job how you pressures are you you are preggers so there's

another one another expression preggers so again very informal quite often used

in British English many of these actually sew up the up the

death up the stick up the spout they are often used in British English and

they're not very nice phrases a woman wouldn't I mean sometimes a woman would

say oh I'm preggers yes maybe she's just being a bit light-hearted yeah about the

event a child is often referred to as your offspring offspring as an

interesting word the offspring the child of a parent or two parents together who

love each other a lot or they might not know they might not they might just they

might have no choice maybe maybe the father of the girl is standing behind a

husband with a shotgun maybe they were just drunk one night have you heard of a

shotgun marriage a shotgun marriage yes it's a great expression when we say

shotgun marriage we mean that the couple have to get married because the girl or

the lady is pregnant and the father is forcing the man to marry the girl or

they just get married because they don't want they want their child to be born in

wedlock not out of wedlock because in a lot of societies still

it is not considered good manners acceptable socially acceptable or even

religiously acceptable to have a baby if you are not married so if somebody

becomes accidentally pregnant you might have to have a shotgun wedding a certain

wedding because sometimes a woman doesn't know if she's pregnant

it is possible people not to know because if their baby

oh you if you didn't know is it possible to actually go through a pregnancy and

not realize it I think you can get quite a long way through the pregnancy and not

realize really yes and then suddenly you you discover you're pregnant and shock

horror and your family say well you've got to have be married because that's

the respectable thing to do and yeah so there we go yes a shotgun marriage hmm

means a marriage that you suddenly have to do because you discover you're

pregnant three days in the family way in the family way in the family way ari has

sane thank you for that one in the family way you were up the spout that's

when we looked at earlier you are in the pudding Club I like that way that's one

of my favorites I think in the pudding club you are preggers also if you have a

child you can say your kid or your kids her offspring or kids yes

we rarely say offspring because that is very formal but you might say oh I've

got to stay in tonight and look after the kids

so we rarely say children isn't that strange

we don't say children are very often quite often we'll say the kids oh I have

to stay at home tonight the wife is said she said to me I've got to stay at home

and look after the kids so it's it's unusual to say children more often than

not you will hear this expression used instead of child or children yes you had

a posh family normally would use of their children to use the word kids is

would be I mean I don't want to sound snobbish I'm just saying

yes what if you use the word kids kids is a less formal way of saying children

did you call your mother ma ma ma mummy I said Mummy Mummy and then it was mum

mummy when a mummy so how old were you in a glass of water how old were you

when you stopped calling your mum mummy well about 1617 something like 23 and

when somebody at school said started laughing at me but yes kids is a a more

informal you might say a more common hmm could you say that it's used a lot it's

it's in common use Latif has a brilliant one and I haven't got this one knocked

up knocked up all with that that's a very good one but again it's a little

coarse it's a little unpleasant but yes you might say oh I've been I've been

knocked up which means you got pregnant accidentally yes it wasn't intended it

was accidental he apparently he tripped and fell on me normally used when you're

not married that could be used when you're married as well it just means

that you've become pregnant accidentally you didn't plan it

chem or Sam Dorgan or Dogen progeny yes mmm I think is a small of a scientific

term yes that's a variation that's a very technical term yes you wouldn't say

I'm have a would you like to see my progeny hmm you wouldn't say that it's

to form what this you would say children yeah children's a nice way or kids kids

almost describes children who are a bit unruly well or just generally I think

now I think you'll find nowadays it's used very generically just with children

yes it did come very cool did you hear the noise last night the

kids were playing outside the house so quite often we'll just say

kids generally I would say that that word is used more these days to describe

children than the word children I don't think people agree with you children is

now seen as a bit posh if you're in a come from a posh family you would use

the word children I called my mum mum mum I just said mum mum I want to drink

of water mum please let me out of this box you

know when a kid levar Natori says I've got a question

for you when a kid or a child becomes an adult how would you describe him or her

then when they become an adult well I think the word adult is the word yes I

mean I know maybe you mean mature so mature is a great word so the word

mature can be used as both a noun I think also an adjective and also a verb

so something can mature it means it grows up it develops from a young thing

or a small thing into fully grown or adult if somebody has yet you stop

becoming a child when you go through puberty don't you so when you go through

puberty then and what I mean by that is it's the teenage years when you develop

your your sexual organs yes

so yes you start growing hair in place I was going to say characteristics you see

your your gender characteristics yes which of course is a very controversial

thing at the moment because for some people there is a type of treatment yes

sorry are you are you expressing a personal opinion there so there there is

a procedure nowadays where they can actually prevent a child from

entering puberty until the child has decided whether it wants to be a boy or

a girl I don't think we need to get into that

mr. Duncan that's far too complicated I'm just saying I'm just saying out loud

but yes it's interesting isn't it so yes everybody yes so when a child is saying

into an adult they first go through puberty hmm I hated puberty okay let me

focus on my face and then I got I got hair you become no one explained it to

me I thought I was I thought I was turning into a werewolf the next stage

would be adolescent oh yes okay wouldn't it so a child goes through puberty

becomes an adolescent adolescent and then becomes an adult hmm so there's

that period between childhood developing your low voice for a man yes except

Steve I don't know what that is sounds like you go through puberty and I

think after puberty and adolescence is teenage years teenagers

yes adolescent teenage years adolescent that period of time between as you're

growing old and then you become an adult when I'm talking about this quite a lot

of course technically you are classed as an adult when you are when you come of

age so when I was growing up you you you were classed as an adult when you were

18 so it's a very fluid different countries you I mean some countries you

won't be classed as an adult until you're 21 okay other countries it's 18

some at 16 I think some it's 14 yeah oh you can get married at 14 and some

unfortunately for me I'm not classed as an adult yet the jury is still out

deciding mentally if I if I'm grown-up or not but I hated puberty oh that if

there's one part of my life that I want to cut out it would be when spots

started appearing on my face when hair started appearing in

some very strange places no one tell them told me they didn't tell me that

that was gonna happen I really did think maybe if there was a full moon I might I

might turn completely into a werewolf thing and and bark at the moon it only

happened once he just do that sometimes it's true any more words left mister

don't I've got loads of words Steve we've been going out out while we

haven't been going for it happens Ashley no be going for an hour and 20 minutes

yes anyway don't worry so you might describe your children as your sprog or

Sprague's say logs I love this expression by the way so once Prague is

one child or maybe if you have three or four children your Sprague's so again

this is a very informal it is almost like slang you might describe it as

slang sprog is the offspring it's a child someone who has been born into a

family so in order you've got children kids Sprague's as you go down that list

you're using more and more I would say possibly not possibly offensive

Sprague's yeah could be seen as offensive I think it's offensive I think

it's just a term of endearment children is I mean I've got to stay in tonight

and look after the Sprague's yes so you're almost referring to them as if

you use that phrase you're almost saying that you you don't really care that much

for them they just sort of around you they're annoying here's another one if

you use the word sprog moving along ankle-biter

and that child is an ankle biter I love that expression I've never heard that

before have never heard that I would imagine your your your parents would

never describe you as an ankle biter maybe I have never heard that expression

I'm gonna say for nine years of being on this earth 49 yes sorry what what's

happening you seem to be missing a decade

ankle-biter it's a it's great because when a child is crawling around they

normally crawl very close to your legs they don't actually buy to your ankles

but it's a great expression it's a term of endearment it's a nice thing to say

about your child a filiz our ankle biters okay

fleas they bite your ankles if you say so

get off me ankle biters dick if you've got cats a newborn baby so when the baby

actually arrives you push and push and push and then it comes out a newborn

baby can be referred to as your bundle of joy bundle of joy bundle of joy

lovely or if you say it sarcastically my bundle of joy you're saying why would

you be sarcastic to your own baby because the baby's being annoying first

of all the baby doesn't understand sarcasm it's too small now you're saying

it's your friends oh I say to your clever friend I was gonna say that that

would be a that would be a complete waste of sarcasm yes so if your babies

kept you up all night crying and whatever you might want to say something

rude to your friends or your family about the baby but you might just say oh

my bundle of joy but of course you're saying that that actually quite annoyed

you by keeping you awake all night when the birth is approaching the day of the

birth so quite often this is always interested me Steve quite often you can

actually work out roughly when the baby will be born so did your mother know

that you would be a February baby I don't know oh I don't know see I was two

months early so I should have actually been born in October I should have been

an October baby however I was born two months early and so I was an August baby

instead I was born in August there's actually people normally say

that somebody's a woman is pregnant for nine months but it actually depends on

when you start counting mm-hmm do you stamp start from conception or do

you start from when you can first detect that you've got a baby hmm do you start

from conception or do start from when period stop and depending on which one

you start from its nine months or longer or whatever so it's actually quite

strange you always think it's nine months but of course depends on when you

start counting it from so the day of the birth before it occurs is often referred

to as the due date yes so when the baby is due to be born so when they believe

from they can actually work out I think from the day of conception and then

normally well of course it's nine months isn't it Steve well I was just saying

that but it actually depends on when you measure it from yes so nine months I'd

be longer I was seven oh so I was I was only developing for seven months before

I was born that's why I was so small and so

delicate and fragile just like now I haven't changed at all there are certain

certain physiological changes that take place after conception and it depends on

when you decide how you measure it you can I think it can be almost ten months

if you'd if you if it's from conception I think it's a lot longer than nine

months it and then when you measure it from anyway another one you might

describe the Bulge or the outline of the baby in the womb

as the bump the bump and there it is they can see a bump there is the bump so

when the baby grows of course that the lady's stomach will become larger and

larger that that area of her body you can see there or even there there is a

bump yes you're describing in a in a in a pleasant social

acceptable way socially acceptable yes you are so what's the answer

unacceptable well I think if I said before if you say the word pregnant yes

it's almost an unpleasant word to use let me just have a listen I might have a

little listen here to the baby so if we're gonna hear the baby oh just it's

just near the heartbeat just kick it kicked me if they say to somebody are

you pregnant it so it's almost it's got overtones of being a bit unpleasant has

it it has I think it has different but so someone just comes up to you in the

street and says are you pregnant yes sometimes because it's it's a bit -

what's the word I'm looking for there's no direct yeah it's a bit too

direct but if you say ooh a bump or burn in the oven or some of the other

expressions that we've used they're a bit more they're not so on the nose you

will see lots of so direct you will see lots of photographs like this on

Instagram however quite often the lady will not have clothing on she will take

a photograph of her bump but there are no clothes it is just that the the

exposed bump and sometimes I don't know about you Steve but I find the site of a

pregnant lady showing her bump without any clothing sometimes it's a bit it's a

bit uncomfortable to look at because sometimes that I've noticed sometimes

the belly button will pop out mr. Duncan I don't think we should be talking about

this pops out I don't think we should be talking about it's mr. do I always feel

as if you should go and push it back in it's sort of if I was to say that you

would do would you would chastise me but I'm saying it in a sort of humorous way

palmira says must be reference to something Lewis said earlier hmm about

Charles um it says aznavour I presume you mean the famous French singer

Charles Aznavour who was a romantic singer was he not a

communist so what did lewis say earlier she she

had a big song called she is the most beautiful girl I've ever

made maybe she walks down the road in a

hairnet and she goes to the supermarket every day I think you're making that up

mr. Duncan no that's that's how the song goes

honestly what is a babyshower scissoring what is the baby shower

well if you have lots of children lots of babies nearby and maybe they all have

a we at the same time they are all peeing in your face you might describe

that as a baby shower however however and this is something I'm coming on to

in a moment okay yeah wait for that yes in a moment we will talk about that so

when you are giving birth Steve we will often say that you go into labor labor

yes so the actual process of pushing a baby out is labor they call it labor so

you push you push you push you are in labor and then eventually a little baby

pops out so to go into labor I I think that is a great expression because labor

of course means hard work you are working hard yes so giving birth is yes

I think it is a big job it is quite a big job I think so next one so a newborn

baby is what has been born a newborn baby or just a newborn yes a new pole a

new ball so you have a newborn baby oh you also have your bundle of joy ah oh I

enjoyed that again one two three ah because everybody says that get

something I've noticed as well hmm when we're doing all these zoom meetings at

work yeah is that people will often bring their young children or babies

onto the screen at some point during the livestream hmm

and everybody reacts in the same way yes Oh baby uh hello they're all waving to

the baby and I've noticed that that sir if particularly if you want to distract

everybody then bring your baby onto the livestream you can say you can get away

with anything though so what I suggest is if if we ever find that we don't have

many viewers on our livestream well maybe we'll want to keep them we should

actually find a baby yes maybe one of our neighbors has one and then just

bring it here and show it on the on the web camera so our camera will will not

just be mr. Steve it won't be Steve and me it will be both of us and also a

little baby as well so I think that would attract more people if we're

losing losing viewers deserting the baby on the only thing we're short off is a

baby we don't have one so you've got a plastic one somewhere a plastic one I

thought we had a dummy baby somewhere that we use in a previous sketch no okay

what oh I know I don't think you've never haven't got one though maybe you

have a baby somewhere a plastic baby but I certainly don't have one I remember

where I saw it now it wasn't it wasn't here no it was somewhere else completely

different place on the planet you can have your new arrival of course Steve

your new arrival new arrival can also be the baby so your new arrival is your new

baby it's just been born it is your new arrival isn't that nice I like that one

oh and also we can say your firstborn so if the child is your first baby we can

describe it as your first born so the first born is the first baby to

come along in the family were you the first born I was oh so you're the boss

then well you're in charge you're in charge so normally the first board or of

course the male of the family is normally you know the one that ever

one looks up to well almost everyone not in our families in our family not in

my family either I'm there I'm the runt of the litter or the firstborn and

certain coaches in societies has a certain importance in terms of maybe

inheritance or yeah to do with inheritance and in royalty as well who

takes that who takes the who's in charge of the family unit that sort of thing

the firstborn often has responsibilities in in in other cultures hmm and as often

seen as something special yes sometimes no so much now so here's somewhat

controversial oh the gender of the child gender mm-hmm now these days there are

people who like to be very sophisticated and modern and you will find now that

some couples who are expecting a child do not want to know the gender of the

baby they don't want to actually know they want to have a nice surprise it's

like opening your Christmas present I suppose except the Christmas present is

erupting from the inside of your body but of course that I mean traditionally

we would say for your boy or girl but there are many genders now aren't there

is a spectrum of genders so we can't just say boy or girl

because in an inclusive world that we're living in now there are many other

genders in fact I think there's there are identified I think I saw some

information recently to suggest that there are at least 12 identified agendas

we won't go into that I think you have gone into it we can't say no boy or girl

I can't see what they are I have no idea what they are but yeah I don't know what

they are but yes we normally see gender as boy or girl but many people now don't

want to know what the gender or the or the gender of their baby is so they're

just like a nice surprise it's like opening your Christmas present

some people like to know don't they yes some people do some people don't and

quite often we have colors as well that we Steve so we often see color as very

significant when we are talking about the gender of a child so for example for

a boy we often have blue and for a girl we often have pink however these days I

would imagine a lot of people would disagree with that you see some people

might find that offensive some people might say no if the boy wants to have

pink he can and if the girl wants to have blue she can but they're too young

to decide because they're only little babies you see there's a lot of

discussion about whether you categorize and force your children into particular

stereotypes from a young age should you do that no should you if you have a boy

should you therefore always dress him in blue and give him soldiers soldiers

soldiers dresses Inc I think my mother gave me soldiers to play with that I

think that explains a lot but yes there's you know should you

that's a whole topic which we won't get into but gender stereotypes should you

force your children into gender stereotypes some couples still do others

don't agree with that but that's a whole subject which I thought I would just

touch on I are I wore a dress until I was about 23 so what I'm still confused

to be honest and although I'm confused by anything by

anything everything confuses me to be honest so you might also have a

celebration mr. Steve I believe someone mentioned this earlier you might have a

big celebration ah so you might have a baby shower

you're sticking to the gender stereotypes there mr. Duncan well

just a picture that I stole off the internet I can't I can't create my own

unfortunately so girl or boy is it a girl or is it a boy but before when they

first find out when the couple finds out that they are going to have a little

baby they will often have a baby shower and this is where friends will gather

around and they will give small gifts for the baby I don't know like for

example maybe a little rattle clothes clothes or maybe the the keys to a

Ferrari I don't know just depends really if you have rich friends so a baby

shower is a party you have before the baby's born is what you're saying that's

it so before the baby pops out and says hallo everybody you have a party a baby

shower and as I mentioned earlier some people nowadays do not like to actually

mention the gender or they don't even want to know the parents don't want to

know so at the moment of birth that is when the parents find out what the baby

is whether it is a girl or a boy amazing yes and don't get confused if you see a

long umbilical cord yes the big long thing might be mistaken you see

sometimes they say oh it's a boy and wha-what a boy and then they say oh no

that that that's the umbilical cord umbilical umbilical you can pronounce

that in two ways Kool & the Gang yes sorry that was the song that you were

there is that say a few words from Kool and the gang says Mosin hope I pronounce

your name correctly okay cool in the gap I do write up them I do like the way you

just say the word without any context it's are you singing a song what was it

celebration celebrations cooling the gang do you know I've no there are very

few male voices that I like really I don't tend to like male singing voices

including your own but the lead singer of Kool and the gang had

the most unbelievably fantastic voice I think I've ever heard I think he's still

alive yes he is yes yes I'm gonna sing the song see me she's going to sing the

song keep doing that you ruined my song because you were making up the words so

that's all right I'm just showing how good I am it did it did it in come on

improvising improvising all their songs sounded very similar but he had a lovely

voice probably still does a lot of people seem to think we've been drinking

alcohol today we haven't we're just we're just in a very upbeat mood

considering the rather stressful events that have occurred last 24 hours do you

want to buy a house you can have it you can have our house you can have it if

you want this house you can have it trust me

it's recovered it's yours oh I think the Sun is trying to come out there is the

view outside the studio window we will be going soon by the way good you're not

the only person saying that I'm hungry mr. Duncan I'm hungry so we will be

going Sood it looks as if mr. steve is going already come back come back don't

leave me my legs are aching I just don't like standing for long periods of time

you promised me today only it how I mr. Duncan I'm gonna shortened but it's you

version of the livestream we've been on usually 40 minutes you keep giving it

all that for to all that I suppose I get carried away you do get very carried

away so Michelle or Michael sorry Michael I know Michelle went to their

concert Kool & the Gang I'd have loved to have gone for are they still together

cooling the gang and have they still got the lead singer does anyone out there

have any information about the whereabouts or whether they are still

together do cool in the gang still perform or are they just all

sitting around now in very large Napa's voice is like velvet I don't know I

don't know his voice is like velvet one of their nicest songs cool in a gang a

very slow one cherish do you remember cherish cherish yes

cherish the love we had for as long as you both shall live cherish the love

cherish the life cherish the love that's the one yes he's got a lovely voice I

keep saying that I think I've got a baby on the way

somebody's been rude to is mr. Duncan people are making comment music yes

let's hope the moderators are doing their job the moderators doing their job

I don't know have we any work have we any content left mr. Duncan we are

almost out of content almost out of content almost out of content I know a

lot of people today they've been saying mr. Duncan you you seem a little bit

cuckoo today I don't know what you mean by that

IIIi don't know what you mean we have been a bit lively if you say you're

cuckoo yeah then you better explain what that means mr. Tong if you are cuckoo it

means you are a little bit crazy look at the view outside no Steve look that it's

quite nice outside look at that it looks like a picture it looks like wait it

looks very windy it looks like a painting I'm gonna get out there and do

some digging so Steve is going to grab his shovel is going to dig a big hole

and is going to jump straight into it I think so I've got lots of weeds to kill

okay thanks very good kill you kill weeds to you what do you do you go out

there with a machine gun yes I see okay then thank you very much

for joining us today I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream something

different we've had Steve with us all through today's live stream I'm

exhausted he is

he's feeling a little lightheaded aren't you I'm exhausted standing on my feet

all this time my legs are aching I feel thirsty hungry tired I may go and

have a lie down what about jaded no I'm not jaded okay that's good well running

out of steam that's good as long as steel as long as you are not jaded that

is the worst thing you can possibly be is jaded so I hope you've enjoyed

today's livestream we've been talking about what we've been talking about

we've been talking about words connected to being pregnant and having a baby

okay that's enough what a lovely sound III wonder how many people are listening

or watching this they've turned the volume or the sound very loud and maybe

the neighbor will think that they've got a baby now thank you Steve for joining

me today anything there anything last comments

any last gems from the lice Joe what is your last word let's have a look you are

the best says platino thank you very much Tina Turner talk

about the solstice asked the Solstice at Stonehenge well we have the longest day

today so this morning as I mentioned earlier all of the Druids they went to

Stonehenge and they they throw all of their clothes off and then they danced

around naked as the Sun comes up so I have a feeling I'm nine months from now

I think there might be some summer solstice babies coming along

yes you know because that's why the Stonehenge if you noticed some of the

rocks are not straight they're at a strange angle and I think I know why

it's those those druids getting a little bit excited as the Sun comes up it's not

the only thing hello hakalau thank you very much when I

when I'm drunk I listen to you and I study this good way oh okay then so some

people actually drink they get drunk Steve and then they watch this you

probably need to be yes to enjoy this you probably need to be a little bit

inebriated I think so somebody was was cooking earlier

yes watching this ooh what I don't know we never found out okay so thank you

very much for your company don't forget you are doing the babysitting you are

not doing the babysitter I think that's what we've learnt today there is a very

big difference between when when you do the babysitting and when you do the

babysitter they are very big we've made that perfectly clean

winces very big differences between those things thank you very much for

your company are you going Steven yes should I go first I'm starting to think

Steve doesn't want to go I'm going Oh goodbye mr. Duncan yes or should I say

au revoir we've been on here so long I think there

will be screen burn of our faces on everyone's monitors Thank You mr.

Duncan and thank you all for listening and I look forward to seeing you all

again next week and you can watch this livestream all

over again if you are feeling brave or if you have nothing better to do you can

watch this again with captions as well so that will be appearing later on

thanks Steve so I just walk off are you going to do

something technical well unless you make it look professional s you can float but

I was thinking you might do something professional and cut away to something

yes and then I've gone then you cut back and you're there and you're oh no I'm

gone we will do it the old-fashioned way I will just suppose me I will buy a

little man candle you off you go there goes Steve Steve has gone and now it's

time for me to say goodbye as well I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream

thank you tomorrow thank you Anna thank you also Luis Luis

Mendez thank you for joining me today also we have Carrie Kaiba and yes eeeh

satury no thank you much oh thank you all so Andy star and also

Mohsen thank you very much for joining me today

see you later I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream if you haven't well I

don't know what to suggest really maybe you could sell your

computer or maybe just throw it out of the nearest window I don't know see one

Wednesday I am back with you on Wednesday live from 2 p.m. UK time for

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Tatar for now