Hello and welcome my name is Dan this is Speak Better IELTS and you are learning

10 personality adjectives, personality adjectives are really important, that's

because it's very likely at some point you'll be describing somebody in your

speaking test and if we say, my cousin he is nice, or my dad he is good, we're not

going to get the score that we want, here are 10 personality adjectives, there are

hundreds of personality adjectives, you have to think about which one suit you,

which ones are relevant to you and try to think about how you would use them in

one of the questions in the exam, here we go ...

let's do this! number one reliable

reliable if you are reliable then you can be trusted, if you say you're going

to do something then you will do it ,for example you say you're going to be at

the train station tomorrow at nine o'clock then you will be at the train

station at nine o'clock, you tell your friend you will help them with her work

then you will help them with their work because you are trustworthy, people can

depend on you, people can rely on you, reliable. number two sympathetic

sympathetic somebody who is sympathetic will listen and try to understand you

when you have problems,

a sympathetic person is a kind person, maybe they will just listen to your

problems, which is very helpful, or maybe they will listen to your problems and

give you some advice, but a sympathetic person tries to understand your

difficult situations and will also maybe come up with some good advice to help

you, sympathetic, number three witty witty if somebody is witty then they are funny

and clever at the same time ,wow if somebody falls over in the street

that's funny if somebody solves a complicated

mathematical equation that's clever

but this is funny and clever for example, you see a picture, a comic, a cartoon on

the internet or in the newspaper about the politics in your country, about the

powerful people in your country and when you see it you laugh, you laugh but also

you think, that's true, that's really clever, so it's funny and clever, witty.

number four laid back laid back, laid back means calm, relaxed, not stressed not

rushing ... taking it easy

is it good to be laid back? that depends on the situation, there are times when we

all need to take a break and forget about our worries and stresses but there

are other times when we do need to act and then being too laid-back can be a

disadvantage, number five meticulous

meticulous if you are meticulous then you pay very close attention to details

you work very carefully, probably quite slowly and you make sure that you do

everything correctly, a meticulous person will not be the first person to finish a

task, a job but they will make sure they don't make any mistakes because they are

checking carefully what they do all of the time meticulous, number six naive

naive, if you are naive then you are innocent and childlike and you will

believe anything that anybody tells you, for example the moon is made of cheese

is it good to be naive? it's nice to be innocent, it's nice to be free of the

evils in this world, but really as we become older we can't be naive because

people will take advantage of us,

naive. number seven outgoing, outgoing you can probably guess, an outgoing person

likes to go out, they are sociable

they love meeting friends, they're not shy and they're happy and confident when

they're meeting people, meeting new people or having an evening with friends,

outgoing, friendly, sociable. number eight smart, when we're talking about people

smart means intelligent, when we talk about clothes, smart means looking good

maybe a shirt and a tie but this is personality adjectives and smart means

clever, intelligent. number nine charismatic, charismatic, if you are

charismatic then you have a charming personality that attracts people to you,

maybe you are attractive, maybe you're funny, but when you walk into a room

people know that you have arrived and they feel positive because you're

charismatic, you have charisma. number 10 decent, decent if you're a decent person,

then you're a good member of society, you behave in a way that everybody else

thinks is good, you're a good person, for example, you're honest, you're kind and

you're polite, decent. okay that's it

ten personality adjectives to help you raise your IELTS speaking level, I'd love

to get some comments below, if you have any questions any observations of course

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