- (inspiring music)

- Yeah, so ah, Greatness, it's not a talent

or some elusive god-like feature that's only bestowed

to prodigies or the special who walk amongst us.

Greatness, it has nothing to do

with our genetics, I would say.

It's not about intelligence or even our upbringing.

It's not nurture or nature.

Greatness, in my view, is a drive.

It's a pursuit.

You know that unstoppable, all consuming,

striving for better.

Some would probably call it passion, but I wouldn't.

Passion is, it's a feeling that wains.

It's temporary. It's fleeting.

Because it's an emotion.

Like all emotions, it just sort of comes and goes.

The kind of drive I'm talking about is obsession.

Obsession is a fixation. It's unwavering. It's relentless.

Obsessions is a persistent desire.

One that's, consumes all of you;

all of your thoughts and all of your feelings.

Most every person that you would say

whom has achieved greatness, they were all obsessed.

I mean let's think about it.

Abraham Lincoln was obsessed.

Theodore, Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt; all obsessed.

Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill,

Nelson Mandela; obsessed.

Micheal Jordan, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Serena Williams,

Mahammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky; all crazy obsessed.

How about Michelangelo, Picasso, da Vinci,

Frank Lloyd Wright; all of them.

They were all obsessed with that

persistent drive that I'm talking about.

That strive for better.

People who have that drive, that obsession,

have a fire that rages within.

A fire that can't be tamed nor do they ever want it tamed.

They want way more from life

than others around them seem to.

They actually dare to desire to be great.

So I will tell you these strivers that I'm talking about

they often feel weird or out of place.

On a, let's say, sunny, Saturday afternoon,

they'd rather be hammering away on their craft,

doing what they consider their art,

than laying on a beach or poolside.

A few day into vacation and their knee starts bouncing

because they just can't wait to get back to work.

People around them do not understand.

They often criticize them.

They ask, "Why are you always reading those books,

listening to those podcasts, watching that Darren, daily,

or going to those seminars?"

They just can't relate.

They simply don't have that same drive inside.

They don't have that fire raging inside.

So, greatness, it all comes down to drive.

We all have been given the seeds of greatness.

All of us. Bestowed by our creator.

Every single human being born to this planet

has them in them, but, for some reason,

and this is what I wish I knew why,

most don't have that drive to strive.

To nurture, develop, grow those seeds inside.

So, I think you'll know if you have it

if what I have described here speaks to you.

If that voice inside says, "Yeah, that's me.

I feel that fire raging inside."

If so, then you have found your home and your tribe.

You see, I built INSANE Productivity for them;

for the strivers, for those with the drive

and the desire to be great.

So when I began my own adventure,

the pursuit of my own greatness,

it meant that I had to rise above my background,

my upbringing and the circumstances that I started with.

The problem was I didn't know how.

I mean, sure, I worked hard.

I was taught to work hard, but I was working hard

at mostly the wrong things and I was doing it,

definitely, in the wrong way and that cost me

a ton of time, anguish, and wasted money.

What I had wished for, all along the way,

was a guide, a mentor.

Someone that would just show me the way.

Simply just tell me what to do because I would do it,

and I would do it relentlessly.

But, yeah, there were definitely people

who were giving my advice and telling me what to do

and listening to them is what cost me further.

I learned that I needed to find someone

that was way above my level.

Someone way beyond my circle of people that I knew.

Someone who had made their own heroic journey,

they were victorious, and now they were willing

to come back and help me on mine.

So way back, I did find that person,

and then that person lead me to others.

Eventually it actually became my business;

meeting, investigating, spending time

with the most successful people on the world.

That's how I spent the last quarter century;

having lead three successful television networks,

publishing SUCCESS magazine.

Those platforms gave me unprecedented access to those who

have actually achieved this allusive thing called greatness.

So now I dedicate my life to returning the favor,

redistributing the enormous treasures that I have collected,

providing what I,

back when,

so desperately desired and needed.

The tools, the guidance needed to success,

and also being the person who would be there

for them all along the way.

So I would say that if you are the kind of person

who desires to be the best at what you do,

if you desire to rise to the top of your industry,

if you desire to be a recognized leader in your community,

if you desire to be a hero to those

who count on you the most, your kids or your spouse,

your teammates or clients, or all those who look upon you,

then the tools and methodologies for self-mastering

are definitely found inside INSANE Productivity.

So, it will help you

live the life

that you were meant to live.

But, now, only for those who choose to be the exception.

Only for those who desire to be great.