oh hello there hi everybody welcome to another special live stream here we are

then oh my goodness I can't believe it it's nice to see you here thank you very

much for joining me I'm in the garden now it is Monday we've made it to Monday

I know for some people Monday it's not a happy day I think it would be fair to

say that for some people Monday is not a happy day however for others it is a

very nice day because you can share some time with me talking about the English

language in fact we can talk about anything really when you think about it

I'm standing in the garden right now it is a very windy day I must say we've had

some very strong winds overnight and well fortunately all of the trees in the

garden are still standing nothing has blown over or blown down so

I am pleased to announce that there is no damage in the garden however it is

still quite windy as you can see right now I hope you're feeling good yes it is

Monday we are outside I'm in the garden fortunately it is not raining it isn't

raining but where am i ah yes you are thinking mr. Duncan we can't see you

where are you I will show myself to you right

now oh there you are hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England Here I am how

are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so I'm on my mobile

phone talking to you I've decided to come outside for a while I hope you are

feeling good and happy oh we already we already have a lot of people talking on

the live chat hello to everyone nice to see you here today

I hope you are having a good Monday so far for many people it is the worst day

of the week they say we don't like Mondays however I don't mind

I think Monday is a good day because it's the start of a new week you have

many new opportunities the whole week lies ahead of you what might happen what

possibilities may occur during the next few days hello also to everyone who has

joined me on the live chat hello to everyone nice to see you here today I'm

outside feeling a little bit better today

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday thank you for your lovely messages

saying we hope you feel better your hay fever was quite bad yesterday yes I was

feeling pretty awful yesterday I'm going to be honest with

you I did not feel very well at all yesterday however today I'm feeling much

better thank you very much it's not too bad there are no live captions there are

no subtitles today on the live chat because I'm using my phone

today I'm outside using the mobile phone and there are some restrictions with

that in that you can't have live captions

hello to Vitesse Valentin pal Paloma nice to see you here also bar Belarusian

nice to see you as well thanks a lot for your company I'm in the garden you can

see behind me everything is very colorful at the moment we have lots of

green lots of yellow you can also see my gazebo as well if you look behind me you

can see my lovely magic gazebo that is the thing that keeps me sheltered when

I'm doing my outdoor livestreams can you see it so there is my lovely gazebo

still standing it just goes to show how strong this gazebo actually is so

despite the fact that we had lots of strong wind last night lots of strong

winds and well I would describe them as gales actually I would say we had gales

last night and despite that my gazebo is still standing

so congratulations congratulations to my gazebo there are no captions

I can't give you captions because I'm using my mobile phone at the moment so

I'm not using my studio I'm using my mobile phone that is the reason why

there are no captions at the moment unfortunately so that is

the reason why there are no captions however there is good news later we will

have captions later on so don't panic later on this will have some captions

underneath that is all I'm going to say about that because we can't have

captions on the cell phone I hope one day YouTube will realize they will

realize that a lot of people like to have English captions so that's what I'm

hoping anyway

what phone are you using I am using my old iPhone 6's so you are watching me at

the moment on my little iPhone my iPhone 6s after all of these years of using my

little iPhone it still works so I've had this phone for many years and it still

works quite well it still works very well I will say again I can't put

English subtitles on here because I'm using my mobile phone hello - OH

Meeker is here mica I will say happy birthday to your father I know how busy

you are oh yes of course is it really yes it is Belarusian father his birthday

today is that true Belarusian is it really your father's

birthday today oh happy birthday to your father now I do remember that your dad

has his birthday in July now I always thought it was later I always thought

your father's birthday was was late July so that's great

Sasuke says yeah I also use a wonderful iPhone 6s I know I love this phone I

know I've talked about this before and I'm not here promoting Apple

products but can I just say the iPhone 6s is one of the most amazing little

portable devices that's ever existed I absolutely love this phone and that's

one of the reasons why I haven't updated this phone the reason why I haven't

updated or changed this phone is because it's amazing I love it and you can see

me now talking to you live what is basically the oldest available

apple iphone it really is I love it I love it to pieces however there is

always a downside to these things have you noticed the captions are not on

because I'm on my mobile phone that is why there are no captions at the moment

because I'm using my mobile phone unfortunately next year this particular

phone might now this is just a rumor at the moment might stop having Apple

updates I feel a little worried about that because I absolutely love my little

iPhone 6s I think it's a lovely little device it has a very nice front camera

it has a very good rear camera it has excellent stability when you are video

filming so if you use the video camera the big video camera on the actual front

or some people say the back I always think the front of the camera or the

front of the phone is the thing that faces away from you not the screen

however some people say that that is the back so it's a little confusing anyway

apparently next year they think that the iPhone 6s is going to lose its updates

and support so I really hope not because I absolutely love this device it does

everything I want it to do even though it's old you see sometimes old things

things that are old and worn out they can be very useful apparently yes the

iPhone 6s will be upgraded to iOS 14 however there are already reports that

the iPhone success cannot really handle iOS 14 they are

saying that it struggles to actually work so we will have to wait and see I

don't want to buy a new phone to be honest I really don't want a new iPhone

because I love this one I don't want to change this it's great I love my little

iPhone 6s so please if anyone from Apple is watching at the moment can you please

make sure that you keep updating the iPhone 6s can you please do that

can we please still have updates even though our phones are old and worn out

please is there something serious wrong with you or your notebook

it is not so comfortable to use a small iPhone for today's live chat oh I see no

that's okay I can see my eyes are not that bad I'm not going blind just yet

and I also have my my reading glasses so I'm wearing my reading glasses today but

yes it's very strange that mark my iPhone my lovely old iPhone might start

going wrong next year when the updates stop being given to this particular

device oh it's not fair mr. Duncan are you a little bit stingy I can't believe

you said that me stingy are you saying that I don't like to spend money now if

something works there is no need to update it this phone works perfectly so

I love it it is perfect for what I want the other thing I like about this phone

is that you have a headphone socket so most smartphones now don't have

headphone sockets you can't plug your headphone in to the phone and that's

something I really love having because then I can can

all of my professional equipment to this phone and that is the reason why the

sound quality is so good you see so the sound quality on here is quite good

because I can plug all of my professional equipment into this small

phone however the modern iPhone does not have a headphone socket or jack

unfortunately which is annoying I can't put English subtitles on I'm very sorry

about that at the moment at the moment later on this will have captions okay

the reason why I'm doing this is because July is a special month I am celebrating

four years four years of doing this on YouTube live streaming for four years

hello - Sahil Singh hello to you as well yes I really do love my little phone

even though it's old I love this phone so much I wish I could marry my little

iPhone it is it is my my constant companion especially when I'm doing my

live streams this phone comes everywhere with me

it really does hello Oh apparently in Lithuania we have a day off because it

is state day oh okay then at 9 p.m. Lithuanians all over the world will sing

the anthem very good congratulations and I hope you have a good party I hope you

have a good celebration later today hello mr. Duncan how are you you seem so

happy I feel happy because I feel better yesterday can I just say yesterday I

felt so ill I can't begin I can't begin to tell you

and well I felt so yesterday I had hay fever but also I took some medicine and

that really made me feel bad it really did

I felt dreadful my head was spinning I I felt really sleepy but today I feel much

better thank you very much for your good wishes

Belarus is the sound is absolutely perfect

well that's because I'm using all of my professional equipment so that's the

good thing I can plug all of my lovely professional equipment into this small

phone as you can see it's very windy at the moment mr. Duncan you are a famous

man apparently am I really am i famous I never think of myself is famous never

unlike some youtubers some people on YouTube they like to enjoy their fame

but but I don't think I'm famous I never think of myself is famous I'm just a guy

who likes talking about the English language and I happen to do it here on

the Internet and that's it early to be honest mr. Duncan I have bought an

English grammar book he is an English writer maybe one of the best English

books I have ever seen please tell your tell me your opinion well I don't know

of the book so I'm not aware of the book and because of that I can't really make

a comment so I would love to make a comment but I don't know the book

unfortunately Diana Romano I am happy to be here I have been in Ecuador and Peru

I hope to visit Mexico one day oh I see

Mexico is a very long way I'm not sure if I could go on a plane now

and spend 12 or 13 hours flying in a plane I really I don't know why maybe

I'm just too old perhaps that's the reason why maybe congratulations for

four years I think you mean four years not four eyes four years yes I've been

doing this for nearly four years live live streams for years but teaching on

me on on YouTube teaching teaching English on YouTube I've been doing this

for nearly 14 years what is the difference between soup and broth Thank

You Rhonda Rhonda Sabre broth is normally very thin it's almost like

water so broth is normally something that's very watery broth soup is

normally quite thick it normally has lots of vegetables or things that make

it very thick so there is a difference between soup and ruff-ruff is normally

it's almost like water but quite often it is flavored with vegetables or maybe

things that you have left over

I suppose another another word you could use is maybe gruel I love that word

gruel broth hello to Alessandra why don't you have a vaccine for your hay

fever there is no vaccine for hay fever unfortunately so there is no cure for

hay fever there is no vaccine for hay fever unfortunately you just have to

suffer I'm afraid which I was doing yesterday so there is medicine you can

take so medicine you can take for that thing but it makes you very sleepy

unfortunately everyone talking about food at the moment is making me very

hungry by the way I'm feeling a little bit angry congratulations on your 4th

anniversary of live lessons Thank You Jamelia that's very kind of you thank

you very much for your lovely wishes that's very nice thank you very much

it's very kind of you

hello - what is the difference between a phrase and a clause

well phrase is the actual structure clause tend to be the rules of grammar

so something that you have to remember when you are constructing a sentence so

the phrase is made up of words the clause quite often is a rule of English

certain rules that exist in the English language some of them are simple some of

them are very complicated so there are many many small rules but listening to

English and this is something I always say listening to English being spoken is

a good way to improve your English listening is an amazing

thing it is a very powerful tool listening to English being spoken or

being used is a great way to improve your understanding of English Tomic I

will try for the last time speaking of your phone have you heard about the

planned absolution or yes I think well I think this phone will be obsolete maybe

in a couple of years so that's the reason why I'm a little bit worried I

think maybe this phone in in a couple of years will actually be obsolete so I

think they will stop supporting this phone which is bad news for me because I

love this little phone so much I love it very much have you listened to a new

song in from Vietnam no I haven't I haven't heard any new music from Vietnam

the only music we talk about here in the UK at the moment from your part of the

world is actually kpop people have gone crazy over kpop they love it so much if

you ever go on Twitter and you put anything in their search engine on

Twitter the results always have lots of k-pop videos have you noticed that so

the fans of kpop are actually crazy about that music they are so crazy in

fact they like to post their videos everywhere so if you ever go onto

Twitter and put any subject in Twitter quite often you will see kpop videos

coming up it's very interesting this branch can you see this branch this this

branch is trying to hit me on the head it's very annoying I hope you are

feeling good today it is a very strange day with the weather we're having lots

of different types of weather it is windy so there you can see above it is

quite windy the trees are blowing the wind is also blowing you can see there

look that is a very good shot so there you can definitely see that the wind is

blowing quite heavily what do you call the yellow flowers behind you are you do

you know what I have no idea it's not embarrassing I have no idea I don't know

I don't I don't I actually don't know at all what those

yellow flowers are called behind me I have no idea what a shame I could have

really been an expert there I could have showed my professionalism by knowing

exactly what those flowers are there those flowers behind me I don't know

what they are I have no idea I didn't know you were on what a surprise Thank

You Constantine well I sometimes like to give you a nice surprise I hope it is a

nice surprise on a Monday I'm doing some extra live

streams today because I want to celebrate the four years of doing live

streams on the 15th of July is actually the anniversary so the 15th of July is

the anniversary of my first ever live stream and on that day I am going to

show you the live stream the whole live stream I will play my first ever live

stream on YouTube I will play on the 15th

for the fourth anniversary some native singers sing on their own but no one can

understand them please give them a piece of advice oh I see I'm not sure well

when people sing I'm always fascinated by the way in which people use their

normal voice and their singing voice quite often you will find that people

have different voices so so when they are talking they sound very different to

when they are singing and no I'm not going to sing

definitely not I'm not going to sing you must ask mr. Steve for the name of the

flowers that is a good idea maybe I should ask Steve what the flowers are

called that's a good idea maybe I will ask him

later I have a feeling I think he doesn't know either

congratulations thank you rod yes four years almost four years I've been doing

live streams I think it's fair to say I was one of the first English teachers to

actually start doing regular live streams I think it's safe to say I think

I started that just like I started the trend of teaching English on YouTube way

back in 2006 it's true I'm not joking why can't you sing is it your hay fever

no it's not my hay fever but I'm I'm just a little bit worried that the

neighbors might hear me you see the neighbors might hear my terrible singing

Belarusian says my birthday will be on the 18th of July oh ok so you are also

having your birthday in July it would appear that many people unfortunately or

fortunately depending on how you look at it Oh

their birthdays this month another year older and as you know it's my birthday

next month not looking forward to that I am NOT looking forward to that

hello Partridge Partridge is very active today how is can be a verb because it

neither denote an action or verb as well well the the existence of something is

the thing so you are actually saying what is so yes you can it is a thing the

actual presence of something or the existence of something maybe you are

stating a fact as being that thing it is

London is a beautiful place yes well is is making a statement you are showing

that something is effect so stating a fact stating any fact something true

something definite is is that thing when you think about it it's actually not

that complicated I think using is might be one of the easiest parts of English

to understand to be honest as Winn says my my result my tenth result will curve

on the 15th of July oh I will keep my fingers crossed for that is that an exam

you are taking interesting hello also sir do you know Shashi

Tharoor no I don't I don't I'm not aware of that person but perhaps you can

inform us maybe you can tell us who that person is you can tell us who it is

Oh interesting

do you see that the Cowles suddenly ran across the field in front of me I was

slightly distracted there this is a beautiful picture yes it is thank you

very much it's a little bright behind me I hope you can see me clearly

because it is actually a little bright behind me so I hope you can actually see

my face now I thought it was your father's birthday

Belarusian I thought your father's birthday was also in July or am I wrong

am I wrong please give me some English subtitles

there are no English subtitles at the moment because I'm outside on my phone I

have come outside on my telephone later on there will be captions I will have

captions later on on here you can press a game but at the moment there are no

captions on the live stream because I'm using my mobile phone use of to have had

and to have been-- well have had if you have had something it means that is

something you have obtained or had personally something you have whereas

I've lost the I've lost it now if you if you have had something it means it has

come and gone if you have something it means it is still there it is still

present I have had it so that means I've had it but now I don't have it I have

had it I will bake a cake for my father and Oh with cream and apricots so it is

your your father's birthday today is it really I didn't know that I knew it was

your birthday this month Belarus here hmm are you glad with your

new phone this isn't a new phone everyone seems to think this is new this

is not a new phone this is my old iPhone success I don't know why people think

it's new because it isn't it is my old iPhone and it still works perfectly it

still works very well can I say I have had my exams yes you can say I have had

my exams I've had them that means I have

at my exams already I have taken my exams I've had my exams now exams are

things that are given for you to take so you can have your exams you've had them

you've had your exams you have sat down you have taken your exams you have had

them they have been taken there are no

there are no subtitles today I should actually be wearing a t-shirt that says

this no captions at the moment because I'm using my mobile phone it is rather

windy outside yes we've had a lot of wind but fortunately there is no rain

would you like to have a look behind me let's turn around shall we let's have a

slightly different view I hope this works

you see I have to be careful because if I'm not careful the wind might blow my

phone over I don't really want to damage my phone to be honest

you see this looks easy but it isn't it's not as easy as it looks it looks

easy but barking Garen now it is not as easy as it looks it really isn't for

fortunately there is no rain here there is no rain today

that's good mr. Duncan you should have some balloons on your gazebo to

celebrate your 4th anniversary that is a good idea yes I like that and brakes

then this phone will be useless have you ever broken your phone have you ever

broken the screen on your phone fortunately I've never done it I've

never done it I've never broken I've I've never hello

- I Oh Sandra says I'm very happy to see without captions because that means I

can listen to you and see you and it's also a good way of improving your

English as well yes I think so that's a good thought I think so

it is a very windy day the grass looks lovely behind you well as I've mentioned

before mr. Steve's grass this is the grass that Steve actually put down many

weeks ago and it looks lovely I think Steve did such a good job of fact


I never use captions mr. Duncan well some people prefer to use captions and

some people prefer not to use captions so really it's a personal choice it's a

personal choice yes it is definitely a windy day here not the greatest of days

it is supposed to be summer right now can you believe it it is supposed to be


please mr. Duncan what is correct as the sentence he was late for the meeting

because he didn't take the bus the first bus or he was late for the meeting

because he hadn't taken because he didn't well I would say didn't would be

better but then if you're talking about something that's already happened or

maybe a pest event and something that he actually did not do then you might say

hadn't so I would say in some situations you might be able to say both to be

honest I hope I'm not doing your homework for you I hadn't done it a bit

like your homework maybe a person might say I'm sorry I haven't done my homework

and the teacher might say oh we've noticed he hasn't done his homework but

I would say didn't would be a better answer in your sentence there didn't and

I'm losing my voice by the way

mmm ooh my nose is suddenly starting to run how strange

partridge please slow down with your messages can you please slow down can

you please give someone at someone else a chance to to talk on the live chat

thank you very much last year I was in London and the

weather was amazing I remember last summer we did actually have a very good

summer last year we had some very nice weather unfortunately this year I have

to be honest with you the weather this year is not so good we're not having

very good weather here in the UK if I hadn't had that sandwich I would have

been very hungry yes if I hadn't if I hadn't had that sandwich but that's if I

had not had it what do you think about this pandemic what do I think about the

pandemic oh dear where do I start where do you start I don't even know

where to begin talking about that to be honest with you I am actually a little

bit tired of hearing people talk about it to be honest I think most people want

to try and forget it at the moment Booga Ron says the second wave is coming what

do you mean by that oh do you mean the second wave of who

knows who knows what's going to happen now it's it's a big mystery because know

most people don't even know what's going on around them some people are still

staying at home some people are now going around meeting other people some

people are socializing normally so it would appear that the message that

people are getting now is very mixed even I don't really know what what the

situation is now it was much easier when we all had to

stay at home because that's a very easy message to understand everyone stay at

home however the message now is very confusing

some people are staying at home some people are going to work some people are

going to the pub or the bar or the restaurant

some people are mixing together in large groups so what is the message I don't

know what the message is anymore I think from my own point of view I am going to

stay safe so I'm still trying not to mix with other people or lots of other

people so I'm still trying my best not to get too close to other people or to

to become part of a large group of people together to be honest oh I see

mr. Duncan it isn't homework it is part of the previous Moroccan National exam

from last Friday I asked you because teachers were confused which tense would

be better yes well that's that's what I just said so actually I've said the same

thing as your teachers they are both probably usable but III think didn't

would be better from my own point he did not so he was late because he did not

catch the early bus so so yes I would say didn't

mr. Duncan the birds are on the trees due to the strong wind to be honest with

you there are no birds around here to be seen I don't know why the birds at the

moment seem very shy I think it may be because of the wind you see because of

the wind I think so you make very good company during this

bad time we are living mr. Duncan thank you so much that's okay

it's all right I will try to be here maybe not every day so for example on

Saturday I will not be with you but I will try to be with you every day so I

will do another livestream tomorrow so I will spend a little bit of time with you

in the garden if the weather is okay if the weather isn't okay then we won't

it's as simple as that let's move around slightly can you see

the apples wow look at the apples on the apple tree

I'm getting tied up the apples are tying me up there we can now see the yellow

flowers perfectly ah you can now see the yellow flowers perfectly at least I hope

you can see them perfectly is that better

okay there we go I've changed my position slightly now I'm now in the

sunshine I'm enjoying the beautiful sunlight is now glowing down from the

sky ultra instinct this is calming keep it up I've been here for one minute and

I'm already relaxed good job keep it up it's also a nice it's also a nice hat oh

thank you very much thanks for the compliment on my hat I hope you succeed

well I will try my best to succeed you know what they say if at first you don't

succeed keep trying try try again that's what I say anyway

hello mr. Duncan I just want to tell you that I really like and enjoy yesterday's

livestream as usual Morisot oh thank you very much

I felt dreadful yesterday I was really unwell

I had terrible hay fever in the morning and then in the afternoon I decided to

take some medicine for my hay fever but then I felt awful I felt really awful

and then I had to stand in front of you you and do

I had to do a two-hour livestream and I felt dreadful however here we go ah it

doesn't take very long does it it doesn't take very long one of the

interesting things about doing a livestream is sometimes you can get

surprising moments of time like just did you see that very interesting

yesterday's livestream was amazing I can't believe that you think that

because I felt so terrible yesterday I really did I felt really bad thank you

Ultra Oh ultrasound of you to say so everything I do is for free everything I

do costs you nothing at all and that's what

I've been doing for for the last 14 years I've been doing this free it

doesn't cost you anything I want to know what those flowers are called

can someone tell me what these flowers are actually called I want to know

please take care mr. Duncan or the wind might blow you away I'm not sure about

that I hope it doesn't I don't want to be blown away by the wind


hello mr. Duncan they are discriminating me because they put me in timeout yeah

that was me I did that I want I'm not discriminating against you

I just wanted other people to have a chance to actually say something you see

on the live chat you see so it's not discrimination

it's just fairness that's what I like to call it so there you go

Alessandra is here oh hello Alessandra nice to see you here as well

I love seeing some of my my regular viewers on here you see it doesn't

happen very often because I know you all have very busy lives the world at the

moment is so crazy it is it is so crazy at the moment Oh

apparently the yellow flower is Ho Chi in Vietnamese yes I'm going to find out

what these flowers are actually called I'm going to find out I have lots of

books in the house about flowers and nature so I'm going to try and find out

what these flowers are called I always watch you but not always live but I'm

still here Thank You Alessandra that's very kind of

you aiya sometimes I think you see I remember many of my viewers from three

or four years ago su cat who remembers su cat I haven't seen su cat for a long

time su cat

LeGrande blue who remembers LeGrande blue he used to be here all the time but

he disappeared as well maybe I said something maybe I said something to

upset him I think so maybe baby hello mr. wasp there was a wasp coming

down to say hello he's gone yes I know you remember me I do I do it's lovely I

love it when iced tea names on my life chat that I haven't seen for a long time

I remember sue cat because sue cat has the most amazing garden she has a

beautiful garden Ultra says well if you put it that way then I won't ha ha I'm

kidding but the sad thing is I can't donate because my mum doesn't want to

and also I subscribed yes also to make you feel better

good shirt ha ha ha thank you Ultra lovely and confusing message easy to

learn thanks mr. Duncan I will tell them that

my teacher said that yes I think didn't is better didn't hadn't because I hadn't

because I didn't I did not do it I had not done it

maybe your teachers or maybe the people who are creating the exams are actually

trying to make the English language more hard to understand hello in glaze

English today hello mr. Duncan and this is colep some hellos Clemson it is

raining cats and dogs at the moment fortunately here it is not we're having

quite a nice day today the weather is actually quite nice we have some blue

sky we also have a lot of wind today unfortunately it doesn't feel like

summer at the moment I will be honest it does not feel like summer so you can see

we do have some blue sky but not much not much blue sky in the sky where are

you oh there I am again so you can see there is some blue

sky but not much o Belarusian says I have sooo cats phone number I will tell

her that you miss her yes yes tell sue cat say mr. Duncan was asking about you

where are you what has happened to you mr. Duncan wants to see your your garden

again I love your garden sue cat very nice we call the flower behind you the

spotted orchid oh I see yes there are there are two types of flower there is

the yellow flower and also the orange flowers so those those orange flowers I

think they are types of orchid those I think you're right but the yellow

flowers I don't know what the yellow flowers are called I'm going to try and

find out that is my mission today that is what I must do today I must find out

what those yellow flowers are called

I will I will tell you tomorrow what they called ok is that a good idea ok I

will tell you tomorrow

Sayid says is it possible to say which topics are red topics for you red topics

I'm not sure what a red topic is maybe you mean something that is not good to

talk about maybe a difficult subject or maybe something that you are not

supposed to mention maybe something that is taboo something that is not good to

talk about to be honest with you I love talking about lots of different things

so quite often on my live streams I love to talk about lots of different things

lots of different subjects to be honest so there are no subjects that I don't

talk about in fact I think over the past 14 years I've talked about many

different subjects some of which are a little awkward or maybe difficult to

talk about so I think so so maybe when you say red topic maybe

you mean something you shouldn't mention I'm politics or religion but in the past

I have talked about politics and I have talked about religion I've talked about

life and death the meaning of everything and human behavior all of those things

in fact we were talking about it yesterday

we were talking yesterday about tolerance the meaning of tolerance why

why are some people not tolerant so yes that's what we talked about yesterday so

some people might say that that is a very difficult subject to talk about

however I have no problem talking about it no problem what does it mean if you

are patriotic or patriotic if you are patriotic or patriotic it

means you are you have a strong connection or a strong liking for your

own country your nation you are a believer in your own country maybe you

have complete trust in your your own government you are a patriotic person so

the country as it exists the people that live in that country you have a great

connection with those things you are patriotic of course it that weekend we

have we had the 4th of July celebrations hello

guess who has come the cows have come to say hello hello to the cows hellooo

the cows have come to say hello hello


they're right behind me now

the cows have come to say hello hellooo

would you like to say hello to the cows they have come to say hello

the cows have come to say hello isn't that lovely they are very friendly cows

can you see how friendly they are they are so lovely and every day when I'm

outside they always come to say hello and that's what they're doing now I

think they might be the most envious cows

I've ever met aren't you yes you are

how lovely mr. Duncan if we if we choose something about an important news title

it will be amazing well there are so many things going on at the world at the

moment so many things happening in the world at the moment it is quite hard to

choose just one subject if I was honest with you I can see there is a bird

behind you oh yes that's my little heron say hello

to mr. heron hello mr. heron how are you today oh that was interesting

suddenly all of the cows in the field behind me they came to say hello there's

no nice I would love to have an apple tree in my garden but I live in a

tropical country yes I don't think apples would grow very well in a very

hot country they would all shrivel up under the heat of the Sun there would be

it would be too damp the group the cows have fresh grass to eat yes they do

behind me there is a huge field so at the back of the house there is a huge

field and the cows have plenty of grass to feed on they have lots and lots of

grass so the field behind me is actually quite big it is a very big

field I will try to show you

so there is the field where the cows live they have disappeared now they have

gone to the other side where are they come on cows where are you oh there they

are can you see them the cows are now in a

distance they are eating far away can you please tell the cows that clemson

says hello hello cows clemson says hello is that alright yes I think they they

seem they seem happy to hear that news thank you very much oh look at the

clouds there are some lovely white fluffy clouds going over it's a very

nice peaceful day here because many people have gone back to work it's true

isn't that nice the gentle breeze blowing by and also the Claire elds

floating in the sky everything it's nice in the world we often hear of all of the

badness and the hate but there are many nice things to enjoy in this world

sometimes you have to look for them sometimes you have to look up and

sometimes you have to look down to see them so there it is I will go in a

minute I would imagine that you are getting a little bored now listening to

my voice so maybe you wanted to go in maybe you want to go and do something

else perhaps I don't know

beautiful red leaves on the cherry tree overhead very lovely hmm very nice

I can't believe how windy it is today it is very windy very windy Marta says it

is a little bit like a wake-up it is a little bit like a wake-up meditation oh

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say I never think of myself as a

person who could teach meditation because I always get very excited by

things as you see I always get very excited by things so sometimes RI I find

it very difficult to stay calm sometimes I get very excited about

things but you maybe you saw it earlier with the cows you see I got very excited

when I saw those cows and you could tell I was very excited tewara says Oh

tomorrow says yes I think the air around you must be very clean yes I suppose it

is I suppose it is but we have many roads around this area there are some

really busy roads and sometimes there is a lot of traffic beatrice says I never

feel bored with you mr. Duncan I always learn something new that's very kind of

you to say thank you how lovely I Oh does your cherry tree produce fruit

Thank You Mika it does not it's never produced anything every year we have

beautiful blossom and lovely leaves but nothing else ever appears on the tree so

yes I it's a shame really I would like to have some lovely fruit or maybe

something that might come out on my cherry tree

despite that it still looks very nice with its red leaves especially today

everything is looking rather nice today because of the sunshine mr. Duncan you

can also start having your own cattle I'm not sure about that I'm not sure if

I would be very good at looking after animals by the way I'm going to sneeze

excuse me you see that's my hay fever saying hello my hay fever is saying

hello do you have any damsons on your tree at the moment the answer to that is

yes and no there are some dams ins but they are still very small so yes we do

have dams ins on the tree however at the moment they are quite small yes bill

well not fully grown I hope you could see those can you see them there they

are so yes there are damsons but at the

moment they are not very large see they're still small they are still

immature at the moment so the damsons are still growing they are still forming

I must be honest with you this feels very strange today I don't know why I

keep I keep trying to walk backwards it's not as easy as it looks

okay it's not as easy as it looks walking backwards I will be honest with

you there we go you might be more familiar with this

view is there anyone still there I'm just wondering if anyone is still

watching hello mister don't go in one more question can what's the difference

between can not and cannot well what it's just a contraction to be honest one

is just a contraction you are joining the two together you cannot do that you

cannot do that so you are actually putting the two together you might

describe it as a compound so you're putting the two together you can not do

that you cannot do that you see so they basically have the same meaning they

mean the same thing please please don't stop I love your videos and I'm not

bored I'm still interested I don't care if I am the only one here after two

hours I want to keep watching that's very kind of you to say so

how lovely ultra instinct ultra instinct says I'm going to send you a donation

and then you said I'm not change your mind

very quickly that's okay you can or you can't it doesn't matter it doesn't

matter don't worry about it mr. Duncan how can I improve my English language oh

that is a big question and the answer is quite simple so even though the question

is a big question my answer or my reply is actually quite simple you

have to make English part of your life practice learn listen every day it is a

hard thing to do however it is something that

takes time you can't rush learning English just like anything so never try

to learn anything too quickly because first of all you might tire yourself out

you will feel tired because you're trying to do too much also the other

thing is you might become bored if you try to learn too much if you find it too

difficult then you might become bored so learn some English every day you learn a

few new words every day learn a few new sentences every day you have to try and

make English part of your life part of your body almost just like a hand or

maybe your thumbs English must be a part of your life and the more you do it the

more you will enjoy it every day you are building slowly your knowledge will

build slowly over time specky spec T spec T cyborg says I'm fluent in English

but I appreciate what you do thank you that's very kind of you

yes I try to do this as much as possible sometimes my life you might not believe

it but sometimes my life is a little hectic a little busy there are other

things happening in my life as you probably know you probably know that

there are other things happening in my life

personal things that are going on that I'm having to deal with due to that

really horrible not me personally I don't have it

however because of the lockdown because of the fact that many people are now

having to stay in their houses or they have been for the past three months lots

of things have changed and some of those things

have also affected my life personally so I would love to be on more I wish I

could come on every day I wish this is my wish maybe one day it will come true

I wish one day I can do this maybe once or twice or maybe three times each day

so maybe I could do a morning livestream and then an afternoon livestream and

then an evening livestream so everyone gets a chance to join in you see so that

is my wish that is my dream who knows one day it might come true yes it is

happening all over the world mr. dunker and many people are being they are being

affected you are right I don't think anyone anyone has not been affected by

this situation it's a it's a very unusual occurrence when you think about

it probably 80% of all human beings on the planet have been affected in some

way if not more it's incredible I've never known anything like this it is

incredible ah it would be very good to have live chat more often yes I wish I

could do it all the time unfortunately I can't and sometimes I feel very

frustrated I do feel frustrated because sometimes I think I wish I could do a

live stream but I can't because there are other things I have to do it's it's

quite frustrating mr. Duncan I highly recommend you plan to read a book that

we can listen to we can listen to every chapter each week and then finish the

story yes well I think it's a very good idea you have to be careful though if

you read someone else's work because of copyright you see so that is

one of the things you have to be careful with over the years here on YouTube now

YouTube has been very good and this is one of the things I do like about

YouTube they have been very good because if you use things for education then you

have a lot more freedom however because a lot of YouTube is now

automatic automated they have things like algorithms and things that check

all of the content that comes out and goes in to YouTube so you still have to

be careful however people who educate people who teach on YouTube do have a

little bit more freedom when it comes to copyright but you still have to be

careful you still have to be very careful is there a difference between

the restaurants in the US and the restaurants in Britain

I suppose dinah dinah quite often a diner in the States in the United States

is a place you can just drop in to you can go to it and just walk in and sit

down and have a meal diner they call them diners here we don't have diners

we have cafes cafes so we often call them cafes a place where you can just go

in sit down and have something to eat we don't really use the word diner so much

it is more often used in American English so I hope that helps but if you

go to small villages around England you will see many small tea rooms a tea room

is a very small cafe maybe inside it only has a few chairs and tables and it

will serve cakes and tea so yes there are there are many different types of

places to eat Act in the UK but yes I suppose the biggest difference

would be the word diner we don't use the word diner here quite often we say

restaurant or cafe or if the place is very small a tea room Tea Room

diner yes when you go to a diner it's normally used in American English I

found a great story book on Kindle that was free and I'm assuming it's because

the intellectual property rights have ran out maybe yes

this just happened sometimes you can have things that are in the public

domain maybe you haven't heard of that if something is in the public domain it

means it is now available for anyone to use in any way in other words it does

not belong to one individual anymore it is in the public domain normally there

is a period where something will not be in the public domain but after it will

be it will be I think it's normally 75 years or maybe

80 years so after 80 years something automatically becomes part of the public


do you call cafes also bars as in Italy we don't know we normally say cafes or

restaurants cafes restaurants I'm going to sneeze

welcome to mr. Duncan's sneezing our I hope you are enjoying listening to me

sneeze so I do have a little bit about a little bit of a fever at the moment for

which I apologize how do you stream because I want to start streaming well

when you say streaming do you mean doing this across YouTube because there are

many different types of streaming you see there is streaming of content like

Netflix or Amazon Prime or Disney Plus or you can stream live with a camera

like this so what I'm doing at the moment is streaming live with a camera

my camera is taking my image and then I'm streaming it live it's easy to do

however you do need a little bit of confidence and also it takes a lot of

practice as well to do it so you have to do it for quite a long time you do you

can't rush this like anything it takes time I remember when I first did a

livestream way back in 2016 I was so nervous I felt really afraid I didn't

know what to say because my brain stopped working I had a mental block in

my brain however after time after lots and lots

of live streams I slowly became more relaxed I started to enjoy it more and

more and Here I am now four years later still doing my live streams and now I

really enjoy it I enjoy doing so for many reasons most of all because I have

a chance to talk to you and I know you are interested in English I love English

so we all have something in common we all have something that we share

as a common interest yes please say hello to me hello TWEN new in hello when

you win nice to see you here as well nice to see you here I will say hello to

you right now art be said your network is very good I have slow connection well

I'm very lucky here because I have I have a good connection with my 4G so I

use a 4G connection on here so this is not Wi-Fi this is actually using the 4G

connection unfortunately where I live we have I don't think you can see it but in

the distance over there there is actually a 4G tower over there I can

actually see it if I use my binoculars I can actually see the tower so over there

there is actually a tower and it has clear line-of-sight completely there is

nothing in between me and the mobile phone tower over there so the line of

sight is completely clear and that's why the signal is so good so I am lucky

because I get a very good mobile phone signal in this spot that's the reason

why so I always feel quite lucky because of that and I can actually see the mast

the mobile phone mast in the distance I can actually see it clearly which means

I get a very good signal you are perfectly at ease now with your lessons

I would like to feel the same as you if I had to speak in front of many people

Thank You Valentina well I used to be a very shy person a lot of pee

don't realize this all believe it but when I was young I was quite I was quite

self-conscious I didn't like anything about myself I hated my appearance I

hated my body I hated the fact that I was very tall and everyone could see me

I hated all of those things I was very self-conscious when I was young really

self-conscious in fact hello - we Lynn knew in how many languages can you speak

now well over the years I had to learn a couple of languages I had to learn

French at school we had no choice they used to teach French as a second

language and I don't know why I was very good at that

I don't know why I was so good at French but I was I have no idea why and also

when I went to work in China I had to learn some Chinese so I could survive I

could live so I spent many years working and also living in China

what a strange life stream why is it strange what is strange

maybe it's because you can see me whenever anyone sees my face on YouTube

they always say and that's strange what a weird person who is that who is

that strange man staring at me does self-conscious mean the same as shy

it can it can mean the same thing yes you're right so to be self-conscious

means that you just feel very aware of yourself you are maybe too aware or

perhaps your own your own feelings towards maybe certain things about

yourself maybe your character or your shape or your your appearance

so I used to be very conscious of the way I looked I didn't like it I just

like looking in the mirror I hated it I really did I used to be so

self-conscious when I was young and it caused a lot of problems during my

school years I was really quite quite an awkward person I can't begin to tell you

how awkward I used to be I can't understand why you hate yourself well I

don't hate myself now I have learned to accept the way I am just as you should

you you accept your limitations the things you can do and the things you

can't do you accept them it is a kind of acceptance this is the way you are and

then you have to make the best of it can you still speak Chinese in D and E

an just a little bit in the IDI and Yin which means a little bit for sure

washer washer Duncan I am teacher Duncan I am mr. Duncan

yes I can speak a little Chinese but most of it I've forgotten it's 13 years

since I came back from China can you believe it 13 years here we go there's

always one person honestly what I like about this live is that we can have the

chance to chat and ask you and I hope that you keep doing the same thing thank

you very much thank you for your lovely compliment easy to learn easy to learn

thank you very much you are such a wonderful person that's why you have

lots of followers Thank You Diann things at YouTube are a little strange at the

moment though youtuber making so many changes with the way

allow people to say what they want to say I did something very strange this

morning something I've been thinking about doing for a while a couple of

weeks ago I had a thought in my head and I thought wouldn't it be interesting to

do something on another platform another internet platform so most people know me

on YouTube YouTube is where I live I've been living on YouTube for almost

14 years since YouTube was a little baby so that's the thought I had a few weeks

ago this morning do you want to know what I did this morning this morning I I

signed up for twitch I've actually created a profile on twitch now I know

what a lot of you were thinking mr. Duncan twitch it's for young people it's

not for old people like you twitch is for gamers people who play computer

games but apparently there are lots of people now joining twitch who do other

things as well they talk about certain subjects so

twitch has become a much larger and more varied community so that's what I did

this morning I've created my own twitch account and over the next couple of

weeks I'm going to do some test streams on there some very short test streams

just to see what happens it might not work it might fail it might crash and

burn who knows but I'm going to try it so this morning I decided to set up

my twitch account and we will see what happens with that Oh

Palmyra says maybe you can join tick-tock now there are some limitations

with tick tock the problem with tick tock is that you

are restricted to I think it's 15 seconds your your videos can only be 15

seconds long I've never I've never actually used tick tock not yet

there are many reasons why I don't use it that I'm not going to go into but yes

there is tick tock but I I have been very interested in joining twitch for

some time I've thought about this for quite a long time so this morning I did

it I decided to join twitch so now it's official I'm on twitch oh my goodness

I can't believe it I'm like one of those young dudes with their computer games in

their consoles and their Xboxes and their fortnight have you ever played the

thought the fortnight I've never been on the fortnight is fortnight good I have

no idea what it is by the way oh yes I'm going to fit in so well on Twitch really

Tamara says Mr Duncan have you ever heard about John Warren who is a popular

show man in Russia speaking Russian he is excellent without any accent and he

has his own TV show there are people who do go to other countries they learn the

language and they become very big stars there was one guy in China who was

always on television a Canadian guy I think his name was dashing and he was

actually a Canadian who learned Chinese perfectly his Chinese was incredible

and he became an English teacher he also became very famous on television in

China teaching English but also teaching talking about the English language in

Chinese which was very useful

I've please don't talk to me about computer games because I have no idea no

idea what is the spelling of the platform you've just mentioned twitch

there it is I've just put it on the screen for you so now you can see it so

the name is twitch do you want to know do you want to know my name on twitch

there's nothing there there's no content I only created the account this morning

but if you are on twitch he here is the address I'm going to put it on the

screen here it is so give me a moment I'm going to type it on the screen oh

this is very nice I've got a nice little thing underneath

you see I can use now to type very nice very posh mr. Duncan here it is so my my


on Twitch is so there it is there is the name that I'm using on twitch D for

Duncan which I thought was quite nice I made me smile when I heard it I thought

about it in my head and then I thought yeah I like the sound of that so that's

what I've done D for Duncan is the name of my twitch account there's nothing on

there it's empty at the moment there's nothing there but I might over the next

couple of weeks do some test streams on there because apparently there are

people now joining twitch a lot of people who have become a little annoyed

at YouTube and now they're finding other places to do their thing so there you go

I'm not sure if it deserves well done all I've done is created the actual page

I haven't done anything on there yet I won't be playing any computer games

because I don't I don't play computer games like I would not know how even to

begin playing computer games really mauricio I've just entered twitch

and it appears that maybe you can be more free in your live streams is that

true yes maybe maybe not I'm just interested I I'm always looking at other

things I'm always trying to look at what's happening around me even though

I'm not a young person I am very much aware of modern or current trends

fashions the things that people enjoy doing of all ages so I think it's a very

important thing to do if you are doing something like this you have to be aware

of what is happening around you you have to know what people like I know that

kpop and BTS are very popular with young people not only in Asia but also around

the world so I do know these things I'm aware of

them even though I don't really join in or take part in those things I've never

tried twitch now I will try it Thank You Valentina well what I will be

doing on Twitch is some live streams very similar to this but I do hope I do

hope in the future YouTube will not become too restricted in what they allow

it is just a feeling I have that's that's why I'm talking about this now

because over the past few weeks I have become a little worried about the way

YouTube is now telling people what they can and what they can't say I think so

oh I see after the first month it isn't free what you must pay for I have to pay

to be on Twitch but what so they are asking me to join a website and then I

have to pay for it to use it suddenly I don't feel quite as enthusiastic

interesting well ok Syed what is your opinion about freedom

I believe that freedom should be given to everyone and that's it that's it

everyone should be free to say what they want if they if someone doesn't like

what the other person says they can disagree and then they can express their

opinion and what they think the moment you start shopping freedom up

into small pieces is when people start to be censored blocked or maybe

cancelled Kancil culture so I don't agree with all

of this I think you could you can get too carried away you can do it too much

one day they might come for you so maybe today you you think oh he shouldn't say

that but maybe after a few days they might come for you maybe you say

something that other people disagree with so maybe one day they will come it

be coming to your door and telling you that you can't say something so I

believe that freedom is a given thing it is not open to negotiation

the moment you start doing that is when you take away the freedom of one person

and then another and then another group and then someone else and then another

person and then eventually they will come for you

they will come to your door and say you can't say that so I believe that freedom

freedom of speech is a thing we all should have the Internet

is one of the things that I love because it allows people to express themselves

communicate talk exchange ideas it's not a bad thing it really isn't and that's

what I believe that's what I think I believe in fairness so when we talk

about equality and fairness as I said yesterday it's a two-way street it isn't

just one way it's two ways it's two ways I hope I hope you understand what I mean

I'm not trying to to get your your anger or your hate I'm just saying what I

think I think really you should have freedom or you have no freedom you

shouldn't have a door that opens and closes we've freedom because that is not

freedom it's not the definition of freedom it really isn't you should sit

down in a chair two hours standing is not good for you do you ever feel tired

not really no I love standing up I love standing I really do

I could stand for hours and hours here without getting tired I love it so much

farmers I believe in farmers I don't know what you mean by that arts B if you

want to explain what you mean mmm yes you you could never negotiate freedom

I've never understood that I've never understood that how you can negotiate

freedom because the problem is what if one person's opinion differs from

someone else's then who is right and who is wrong and then who decides who is

right and who is wrong there are seven billion people on this planet seven

billion people all with different opinions views think about that for a

second 7 billion people we all have our own opinions our own thoughts our own

feelings every day we wake up with something new on our minds to think

about so I think freedom is always a good way to go there are people who are

afraid of others having freedom it can be in some people's eyes it can be a

dangerous thing yes as we are seeing right now around the world there are

certain situations where freedom is slowly being chipped away not completely


and then suddenly you have only a little bit of freedom and then eventually that

disappears as well so I think freedom of speech is one of the most precious

things that every person has they really do I hear a lot of people talking about

things and having opinions about things that I disagree with but I don't want

them to be dragged away or I don't want them to have their their YouTube channel

closed down because where do you stop what what is the next thing that

everyone will disagree with that then gets cancelled where do you stop

as I said it's alright if you tell one person they can't say something and then

another but one day they might come to you they might come to your door they

might come to your YouTube channel and tell you that you can't say that so it's

something I have a very strong opinion about I don't think you should have any

power to take away freedom of expression that's what the internet is all about to

an new Ian says I'm at my dad's my dad's daughter for those who mistake my name

oh I see so so Tania wins son is actually a girl okay then that's fine no

problem no problem Luis Mendez hello Luis nice to see you

here we have been talking on here for quite a long time in fact I've been on

here for about one hour and 45 minutes talking I was only going to be here for

an hour but we've done all sorts of things today

Mauricio the other things I love about your live streams is the cultural

exchange I didn't know wallace and gromit also your country your customs

rents and when you had a live stream from France yes I always remember that

one of the most unusual live streams that I've ever done was standing on a

Paris street corner with all of the traffic going by I was in the center of

Paris doing a live stream and I actually I stood there I was standing there for

three hours I stood there on the corner of a Paris

Street all of the traffic all of the people going around me and I did I did a

three hour live stream it's true have an awesome day mr. Duncan says Robert thank

you Robert it's very kind of you to say I will try to have a good day and I hope

you have a good day as well I hope I hope you have a good day as well what

does Parden mean pardon ah well pardon is an interesting word

because it can be used in more than one way pardon normally means to allow

someone to be forgiven for something so when we pardon someone we normally

forgive them we allow them to continue to have their freedom whatever it is

pardon also if you don't quite hear what a person has said pardon you might also

say pardon pardon so you can use the word pardoned in more than one way quite

often pardon is used to mean forgive you

forgive someone you pardoned them maybe you are going to punish them for

committing a crime but suddenly you decide you are not going to do that you

pardoned them you let them off you forgive them you pardoned them

Diana says Luis Mendez is like a legend on YouTube I have been hearing your name

since I joined YouTube that's amazing I didn't know Luis Mendez was famous Wow I

didn't know that have an awesome day thank you mr. Duncan oh yes okay I will

try my best to have a good day mr. Duncan you are quite right about

speaking about freedom rights are also being cut in many countries but actually

it is very difficult to say whether it is good or bad well that is the problem

you see when you start taking away certain types of freedom sometimes it

seems to be a good thing and as I always say things are always good until they're

bad so when you start doing something it might seem like a good idea but

eventually it might become a bad idea especially if it is done too much so

that is it that is it I don't think you should ever say I'm taking you away from

here if it's if it's in real life if you are being taken away because you've said

something or if your YouTube channel is taken away or maybe your Twitter account

is deleted and blocked because you've said something I think that's a very

very dark road to go down because where do you stop where do you stop please can

you tell tell us one of your wishes Thank You Syed I wish I could do this

for as long as I can human beings unfortunately have a limited lifespan

it's something I'm very aware of so I try to make the most of these things

when I do a livestream I always hope that I connect with you in

some way and vice versa I'm trying also to find

out about you things that you think and feel so it isn't just a one-way thing

it's two ways we are communicating with each other and I love it I love it I

wish I could do this for as long as I can that's it

I wish I could do it for as long as I can I have never heard anything to be

banned from mr. Duncan well like that I don't like banning things sometimes

sometimes I have to be very careful if people are coming on say on the live

chat and they are trying to upset other people on their well that is not the

same thing because then someone is being mean or rude or impolite so again it's

all about fairness it is about being fair with each other

apparently it's 10:00 p.m. is it really it is coming up to 10:00 p.m. in Vietnam

very late

Valentina says cutting freedom of thought or opinion is always wrong and

that's how totalitarianism begins totalitarianism it's an amazing word

that not easy to say either totalitarianism when one group of people

have complete control over the thoughts and actions of a population a country

alpha hello the communist countries control the free speech so as you say

that is a dark road well I've lived in China do I have to say more

I've lived in China I lived there for many years so I understand I have a very

close personal understanding of everything the

happens there the system and I got very close to the government the place where

I was working I became very close very closely connected with the local

government so I did meet a lot of very powerful people I once sat at a table

with some of the most powerful people in China can you believe it these were

people that had authority over thousands and thousands and thousands of people

and I've sat at the table with them so I know about these things

I don't talk about these things lightly trust me you have to trust me on that

I really must write my book I really must write my book about my time in

China I really should I don't think it would

be allowed to be published to be honest I don't think so it is true art speak it

is true it is true yes it did happen

things things I've seen things I've heard things I've actually witnessed

with my own eyes other things that stay in my memory Beatriz

freedom is the best treasure it really is it really is there is there is

nothing higher there is no higher higher right than freedom I would love to write

write about my experiences in China but the problem is it's again it's it's what

I just said you you can't say anything without upsetting someone so there might

be a group of people who would attack me for saying the things I want to say the

things that I experienced and this is the problem I think everyone should have

the right to say what they want to say you don't have to agree with it you

don't have to agree

Mohsen hello Mohsen Meeker is going see you later

Meeker I hope you've enjoyed this something different today on the live

chat I'm going to sneeze in a minute I'm going to sneeze excuse me did you enjoy

that I just had a sneeze I hate you mr. Duncan because you have been mistaking

my identity you hate me thank you very much that's very kind of you you are

welcome to hate me by the way a lot of people do hate me they probably hate you

as well somewhere this is another fact of life somewhere in the world someone

is hating you and somewhere in the world someone is hating me my advice is don't

worry about it there we go hello John Joseph 10 hello John Joseph

10 nice to see you here food this is a very unusual live stream

I'm in the garden on my little mobile phone on my little smart phone talking

to you in the garden on a Monday afternoon yes the hay fever

it is very strong it is I can't begin to tell you how how uncomfortable and

painful it is it really is it's horrible but I'm still here I'm not going

anywhere despite my sneezing and my really knows see you later Mika see you

later Thank You Mohsen I don't hate you I love

and respect you thank you very much and guess what I feel the same way I feel

the same way about you for one Dewey

hello wonged we nice to see you here as well it is live streaming D for Duncan

that's me by the way my name is Duncan I live in England and sometimes I stand in

my garden and I talk like this to the Internet Palmyra is going as well see

you later pal mirror I must leave - until tomorrow dear

friends Thank You pal Mira nice to see you here today thank you very much

Marta says if you want to try new ideas about mr. Duncan's brand I suggest that

you could do with your thousand of your our channel a short cartoon audio-visual

capsule to offer Netflix I'm not sure if Netflix would be interested in me I

never I never feel that I am worthy of such attention this is it maybe this is

something again this is something else i-i've thought about maybe sometimes I I

sell myself short maybe sometimes I feel as if I'm maybe not worthy who knows

khristianne know Marta says mental illness I don't know what you mean by

that but thank you for your input thank you very much Marv Marv says you

are a wonderful person I try my best there are many wonderful people in the

world lots of wonderful lovely kind courteous gentle loving people in the

world they are there they're everywhere I have a feeling you know some of those

people that's it if you follow someone you hate so you

love to hate oh I see I understand now what you mean yes if you follow someone

that you hate then yes it is a strange thing to do I think you're right I

understand what you mean now thank you very much for clearing that up

Manas you are a lovely person I try to understand what other people feel and

think even if I don't agree with it it's just the way life is this is one of the

things I always remember from my time in China I know I mentioned this a lot but

it was a very big part of my life and it changed me as a person it really did and

I always remember when I first went to China I was very aware that everyone

when they met me they talked about the differences between them and me they

would often say oh oh it's different what you do you do this different or you

do that thing very differently however when I was there all I ever saw were the

things we had in common the similarities so I was more fascinated by the things

we shared in common the things that that were the same where but when I met other

people local people they would often be more interested in the differences the

things that that that put us apart so I think that's one of the interesting

things that I noticed when I was there one of the first things I noticed and I

did mention this in many of my classes so I did talk to my students about the

things that we had that we shared the things that we had in common so not only

the things that made us different but also the things that made us the same

which is something a lot of people forget about nowadays we often talk

about our differences the things that are not the same but I think it's very

good to talk about the things we share in common

the things that makers the same as well it

is getting serious here well it's not really getting serious I'm just talking

you know sometimes I love talking about these things I'm very fascinated by by

human beings and our behavior I think so mr. Duncan ever since I've known you I

think you are a philosopher I'm not sure if I am a philosopher I used to read

some very interesting books when I was at school I was very interested in

psychology and the way people behave even now I'm fascinated by it I love the

way people act interact the way we sometimes hide our own feelings so we

project a certain type of character so yes I think so these are things that I'm

interested in I wouldn't class myself as a philosopher I wouldn't but I I'm

interested in those things they fascinate me they fascinate me a lot

I always feel myself drawn like a moth to a flame these things always intrigued

me and maybe they intrigue you as well it is a very fascinating thing have you

ever watched mr. bean I love mr. bean I love mr. bean one of my favorite mr.

bean episodes is when he goes to the swimming pool I still think that's one

of the funniest ones I don't know why but it even now if I if I watch that a

thousand times it will still make me laugh if you've never seen it mr. bean

goes to the local swimming pool I don't want to spoil it but it's very funny

very funny if you can find it mr. bean goes swimming or mr. bean goes to the

swimming pool it is very funny very very funny

you are the best mr. Duncan I never become tired listening to your sweet

voice thank you that's very kind of you

yes everyone is a philosopher I think so well my belief is everyone everyone has

a way of understanding the world around them but also everyone has a book inside

them as well we all have a story to tell we all have something that's happened in

our life that will be interesting to other people the only difference between

those people and the people who write is the fact that the people that never do

it have never sat down and written it down

you see so that is the difference we all have a story to share we all have

something that we can add to to our world all the experiences imagine that

imagine the experiences of seven billion people imagine how varied and different

they are and how fascinating it would be to find out about these things mr.

Duncan why don't you sit do you enjoy standing up Thank You

Emmett you are right I love standing up I prefer standing I always find sitting

down very uncomfortable people used to always say mr. Duncan why do you always

stand up when you're in the classroom you always stand up when you are in the

staff room you are always standing it you never sit down it is true I don't

like sitting down I do stand up a lot

Oh Enid Blyton Enid Blyton a very famous storyteller the famous five was one of

Enid Blyton's most favorite famous stories and they would have lots of

different stories imagine they used to have adventures normally in the summer

when everything was lovely so many of Enid Blyton's books would be would be

set in an idyllic place with rolling hills and the countryside and the famous

five a group of children who would often solve mysteries amongst themselves there

was a huge series of books and stories the reason is I want to get focus on the

lesson and get confident in myself part of learning is becoming confident in

whatever it is you're learning if you are learning something new then you have

to build confidence whatever it is whatever it is I insist mr. Duncan

there is a kids there is a kids who is on Nickelodeon and his channel is Ryan

toys you could do you could do the next with your avatar creation Thank You

Martha I know what you mean yes there are some YouTube celebrities I don't

like that word by the way I never used the word YouTube celebrities but there

are some people who have become very successful yes quite often by promoting

other people's products what is the difference between problem and issue we

often use the word issue to mean a subject or an area

it many people are concerned with or concerned by so the issue is the thing

that people are thinking about problems are just the events the events are the

problems but when we have an issue an issue is normally something that maybe

people are talking about a certain subject at the moment many people are

talking about race relations also issues connected with gender so these are

things that are described as issues they are things that are happening but also

they are things that people are concerned with they are concerned with

those things they are certain issues things can salty be used as slang yes it

can you can use salty as slang definitely a salty person might be a

person who is mean or maybe they have a rather rude character a salty person may

be a person who many people dislike you might describe them as being a little

bit salty can you tell us something about your family obviously what you are

comfortable with my family five people in my family two sisters

mother father they they are no longer together they divorced many years ago so

yes my family not a big family two sisters and that's it really

I was raised in a place called Stafford not very far away from here and that's

it I was born way back in the 1960s when the world was a very different place mr.

Duncan Oh bye mr. Duncan Moran whoa what is going it is 10 past 10:00

I have to go see you later and have a safe sweet dream over there yet ma'am

thank you very much sunshine says today mr. Duncan I really enjoyed your speech

thank you very much it's okay it's a it's a pleasure as I

said earlier I wish I could do this more often I wish I could stand here all day

talking to you unfortunately life quite often gets in the way it does

quite often life gets in the way to an neuen son says bye mr. Duncan I have to

go and I will talk with you later that's okay I will be back with you

tomorrow I'm going to pop up on YouTube tomorrow as well I'm doing some

interesting daily live streams except Saturday on Saturday I have a day off I

have to have a rest on Saturday but yes I will be back tomorrow so this is not

really just about talking about the English language it's talking about

different subjects things that maybe you are interested in and things that I'm

interested in I hope so John Joseph ten says you are a great teacher and a

better person thank you very much again that's very kind of you take care and

thank you you are a great teacher John Joseph's tenth you are welcome is it a

personal question what is your age I am well I'm another year older next month I

will be another year older my birthday is next month I will be can you believe

it maybe not maybe you can I will be five years away from 60 in five years

time I will be 60 I can't believe it it doesn't seem possible

it does not seem possible that I can be 60 in five years but I am I will be 55

on the 12th of August Level II I can't wait can you imagine me as a 60 year old

moment is going to be like it's going to be very interesting 60 oh my goodness

Alessandra is going by mr. Duncan and all the friends here so I know no I

don't mind telling you my age are not embarrassed by my age we all have an age

some people are young but one day they will be old some people are old and one

day there will be very old so it doesn't bother me really you definitely look

younger Thank You Diana today has been a great class and I just like you I would

like to say all day long and listen to you you are the best thank you very much

no problem

Pappy Pappy hello Pappy Pappy I was born in 1965 - yes me too

a mid-1960s the world was a very interesting place in the 1960s lots of

things were changing the way people lived the way people communicated the

the style of the clothing changed music became a very big part of society and

culture during the 1960's but I'm not really worried about getting older I'll

be honest with you being 55 is no different than being 45 or 35 it doesn't

really bother me to be honest as long as I can carry on doing what I'm doing

that's all it matters if I can be here with you talking about English if I can

wake up every morning with a smile on my face then I will I will be very happy to

do that I thought you were younger than me and I was born in 1969 know everyone

now is commenting on my age you look 38 thank you thank you very much you look

38 I'm very flattered by that thank you very much sunshine what does it mean

when we say bang up bang up means to lock someone in prison or in jail if you

bang someone up it means you lock them away you put them into prison or a jail

you place them in a place where they cannot escape you are banged up banged

up no sim says my age I am in my 30s the best part of your life I know I've said

this before the best part of your life is your 30s

don't waste your thirties between the age of 29 and 40 they are the most

exciting interesting part of your life the part of your life when you have the

most opportunity that the best health your mind is still clear your 30s enjoy

your 30s trust me you you you will know exactly what I

mean when you are 40 or 41 you will know

exactly what I mean you will say oh yes mr. Duncan was right yes my thirties

they were pretty cool so don't forget that you are still young

you look like you are 45 okay that is still good yes I'm glad I look 45 that's

very kind of you I don't really know how old I look at the moment although you

can see I have gray sideburns so on the side you see you see the hair there is

actually gray in the chemist you can ask for a spray or some remedy that can stop

you from from feeling uncomfortable with hayfever

I do have those things but sometimes they they make my my nose very painful

very sore so there are different types of medicine you can take for hay fever

the only problem is sometimes the effects of the drugs or the medicine can

make you feel even worse like yesterday I felt dreadful yesterday dreadful he

seems to be younger mr. Duncan why don't you why you don't paint sunflowers do

you mean like van Gogh or van Gogh I might try to do that but I will try my

best not to cut my ear off this ear this is the ear that van Gogh sliced off I

will not do that but yes I love I love paintings

I love abstract art and I think actually I would say that van Gogh is probably

one of my favorite artists I do like things that are abstract things that

draw you in so they are not exactly like the thing they are they are painting the

object is not exactly the way it is however one of the things I love about

Van Gogh especially his sunflowers is they don't

just they don't just have vivid colors they actually come out at you if you've

ever seen one of his paintings for real it's almost like they are

three-dimensional there are amazing things you you almost want to reach in

to the painting it's very interesting do you like watching cricket

I don't follow cricket I don't follow sport at all to be honest I don't really

follow any sport tomorrow can I say that I am the oldest among all of you now

this is not a competition but I'm not sure we have a lot of people joining in

who are older than me some people in their 60s some people in their 70s some

people I have had people write to me students people learning English in

their eighties so whatever your age if you are 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 it doesn't

matter you are never too old to learn

Maria asks what is your zodiac which sign are you I'm Leo the Lion I don't

know what that means I don't follow astrology I think that if

you are satisfied with your life your job and you love your family you have

love and your family in general there is nothing else that matters and even less

than your age yes I don't worry too much about anything really

things concern me I worry about things sometimes but I don't worry all the time

you can't you can't sometimes you have to get on with your life sometimes you

have to say that is terrible but you also have to make

sure that you give yourself some space to still live and exist I think so

Mia hello Mia hello who wants to speak with me well we are all here together

you're all here together hello Len Paige I love your calling beer Carling is that

lager so that's not really proper beer to be honest when I was a teenager I

used to drink a lot of lager but now I don't like it I don't like the taste of

lager I prefer if I do drink which is not very often but if I do drink

I prefer some nice real ale maybe something with a with a dark color and

in a white head not Guinness that's different but I do I do like bitter

local brewed beer and there are many different types of local beer that you

can try but to be honest I don't drink very much I don't really drink alcohol

very often

zhuzi Kerr says it's time to have a cup of tea with delicious muffins I like the

sound of that I like the sound of that in a moment I will go and make a cup of

tea for mr. Steve Steve is working upstairs in his office he has a lot of

things to do upstairs so mr. Steve is very busy upstairs in

his office so I will make a cup of tea soon which means that I'm going I will

be going in a few moments I've been here now for oh my goodness I've been here

for nearly

and two hours I've been here for two hours and 23 minutes I've been here for

nearly two and a half hours I can't believe that that's impossible there is

no way I haven't been here for two and a half hours is that true oh my goodness I

think I definitely should go in and make a cup of tea for mr. Steve I can't

believe it

joey-lynn neuen says it's really late in my country I'm sorry I can't watch your

live stream to the end it's okay don't worry you must have your sleep you must

rest so please don't stay awake on my account

please get some rest have a lovely sleep have a sweet dream dream of something

nice maybe you can dream in English I

think it's a good way of improving your English if you try to have your dreams

in English imagine that I am going to buy some biscuits and cookies says arts

B I like the sound of that as well please don't mention food because I do

feel a little hungry by the way tonight guess what we have to

eat tonight we have chili con carne mr. Steve made it on Saturday and he made so

much we have lots and lots of chili con carne leftover so we will be having that

tonight chili con carne or chili con carne that's what I call it anyway with

rice and sweet potatoes so that's what I'm having for my for my

dinner or my early evening lunch if there's such a thing some people say

supper so in the evening you might have your supper you

might have your tea you might have your evening meal tonight we are having

chilly card cold with rice and sweet potatoes I can't wait chilly when I say

chilly I mean this I will write it down for you

chili chili con

I think I spelt that correctly chili con carne it is basically mince mince meat

normally lamb with small kidney beans have you ever seen kidney beans kidney

beans look like little kidneys and also spices mr. Steve likes to put a little

bit of chili powder in the meal as well very nice hmm what is chili chili is a

type of spice it means something that it has a strong or hot flavor chili and

tonight we are having chili con carne or chili con carne some people call it I

hope you've enjoyed today's livestream it's been a long one hasn't it I can't

believe I've been on for two and a half hours standing here in the garden I

can't believe it Paulo hello Paulo what do you do for a living I talk about

English I teach English but over the years I've also become very interested

in technology I've become interested in video making video editing using a

camera designing sound and also live streaming so so over the years I've

actually developed many interests but the English language is what I'm

interested in however there are many other interests

that I've actually developed over the years and one of them is doing this so

I'm interested in English but I'm also interested in the technology as well so

all of the technology all of the creativity is also something I'm

interested in it fascinates me it is the first time that I've ever seen mr.

Duncan write in the live chat I often write things in the live chat if I can

because I have something new under here that allows me to easily type so it's

quite good I can just type whenever I want I can

say hello lovely students and English addicts

so there you go you see there it is hello lovely students and English

addicts so that is something I can do now it's quite useful I must say it is

very useful the fact that I can talk to you but also the fact that I can also

type on the live chat as well I think that is a very useful thing to be able

to do I will be going soon I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream may I ask

about your native place the place I live at the moment is a small town called

Much Wenlock I can write that down I like this this is actually good I do

like the fact that I can now put messages up very easily Much Wenlock is

the place I live in England and that's where I live I've lived here

in this particular place for around 7 years it's in the countryside far away

from all of the noise there you can see behind me quite nice peaceful tranquil

it is in the countryside a place that is relaxing a place that is nice to live in

I am new here says nsns Mohammed hello there welcome to my livestream I will be

going soon because I have been on for nearly two and a half hours talking to

you and the place the county is live in is called Shropshire Shropshire so that

is the county the large area the boundary where this place is is there a

place called phew phew Wenlock oh there isn't the reason why this is called Much

Wenlock is because there is another place very near to here called little

Wenlock so this is much Wenlock a large town and nearby there is a place called

little wind lock little wind lock it's a very small hamlet so there are two

wenlock's in this area there are two of them thanks for your company I am going

in a moment I'm going to make a cup of tea for mr. Steve because now it is oh

my goodness it's 25 to 5 in the afternoon so we are now approaching

evening here in the UK I hope you've enjoyed this something different I will

be back with you tomorrow I'm going to do another livestream we will have

another chat tomorrow and then of course don't forget on

Wednesday on Wednesday also I have my usual English addict livestream see you

tomorrow thanks a lot for your company thank you very much mister don't go and

see everybody next time Thank You Vitesse thank you Valentina

how long will Steve be working Steve will finish it around about 5 o'clock so

in around 20 minutes 25 minutes Steve will finish so I can make him a cup of

tea and maybe also we will have a tea cake

out here in the garden very nice thanks mr. Duncan for this interesting

live stream have a good afternoon Thank You beet trees thank you tomorrow

thank you very much for your company on this very windy day it has been windy

and I have been standing underneath my gazebo

you see I've actually been standing underneath my gazebo for the past hour

and now we are back in the sunlight oh and look in the distance the cows are

also saying hello isn't that nice the cows are also saying hello isn't that

lovely how how lovely ah thanks for your

company today I hope you've enjoyed it it's been a very interesting day

something unusual something different sometimes it's nice to do something

different sometimes it's nice to have a change see you later take care see you

tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in England saying

thanks watching thanks for joining me for the past two and a half hours I

can't believe I've been here for two and a half hours incredible see you tomorrow

take care p.m. UK time and we will do this again we will meet up and have a

chat does that sound good I hope so and of course until tomorrow you know what's

coming next yes you do Thank You Valentina thank you

also grace thank you very much I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)

oh hello cows we can see you there they are

the cows are in the field