here we are then yes we have made it all the way

to thursday it isn't quite the end of the week the end of the week is just

around the corner we have to wait for another

10 or maybe 20 hours before friday arrives so here we are on

thursday i'm in the garden and i just want to get everything set up

i want to make sure everything is working

let's have a look shall we let's see what is going on

here no very nice

i'm out in the garden and all i can say is

there are thousands and thousands of flies all around me i am being eaten

alive at the moment by flies there are flies all over the

place so let me see if we can get the live

chat on my screen sometimes it takes

a while sometimes i can do it very quickly

ah there it is oh i can see you all now very nice can you see me i hope you can

see me clearly i'm doing something slightly different

today because i've actually set my camera to have fixed

focus so now you should be seeing me very clearly

on the screen you should be seeing me quite clearly

on the screen you are looking at now maybe too clearly some might say some

people might say mr duncan we can see you

but we can see you too clearly as usual there is someone using one of


petrol-powered garden tools i am covered in them at the moment i'm

covered with horrible flies all over my body i hope you're okay

did you see yesterday's very strange live stream

it was the fourth anniversary yesterday of my first ever live stream

so as a way of celebrating yesterday i decided

to rebroadcast the whole three and a half hours of my

first ever live stream and that's what i did yesterday

who actually watched all of it now be honest

please be honest with me who watched all of yesterday's live stream who

watched the whole three and a half hours

did you were you able were you able to sit all the way through

it i wonder if you were hello oh hello

vitas i have a lot of things to contend with

today i have lots of noise around me and also there are lots of flies

buzzing all around here there are some especially annoying flies very tiny

flies called thunderbugs and they are very small however my

garden at the moment is full of these particular flies they are all

over the place at the moment you might say that they

are a pain in the neck and if you said that you would be

correct i would agree with you completely

what about the weather today the weather is cloudy

gray however it feels very tropical it feels like i mean

i'm in the tropical rainforest today it is incredibly humid and if you are

wondering what i'm eating

i'm actually having one of my little throat sweets my little throat lozenges

because i'm suffering from hay fever again of course i am outside

that might be one of the reasons why i'm suffering from hay fever

because i'm in the garden maybe so once again hello vitas hello beatrice

hello also alessandro mika hello mika nice to see you here

alessandro as i said luis mendez hello luis luis mendes is here watching

live from france

i'm just going to try and eat my my little sweet

i want to finish this you see oh hello

hello cows are coming over to say hello right

behind me i don't know if you can see them but

they are coming right behind me hello you have to go over there though you

have to go over there mr cow hello


what are you doing

i'm not sure if you can see them but the cows have come to say hello

they are right behind me now i don't know why whenever they hear me

in the garden they always come over to say hello and

that's what's happening right now

lovely cows coming to say hello aren't you lovely yes you are you are

lovely aren't you and you know you're lovely

yes that's why you keep coming over to say hello

i think so so my live stream at the moment is being

photobombed by the cows they want

to come and say hello to you right now hello ram

hello also sandra beatriz is here as well

hello what are you doing what are you doing today

the only problem is

the only slight problem is there are lots of flies buzzing around

the cowls unfortunately manorama says what is today's topic

today's topic can be anything you want you can talk about something that is

happening in your life this is an extra live stream so this is not english

addict this is just one of my extra live streams that i'm doing for

this particular month yes there are lots of cows now behind me

i have never met such friendly cows they are so

friendly today

so today we're talking about anything anything happening in your life anything

happening anywhere in the world because of course we have a worldwide

audience it is always a good idea to remember

that this is not just about england but also

it is about you as well so i hope did the cow just do a poop

not just

i tell you what the cows sometimes do they will come over here and they will

they will rub their bodies against the fence oh

one of the cows is now having a wee wee

yes the cows love you they are like your neighbors it is true

they are they love coming over if they hear me in the garden

they always come over to have a look to find out what is going on and that's

what they're doing at the moment they are very nosy cows i think so

so if they ever get a small itch on their body they will come over to the

fence behind me and they will rub their bodies they will rub their body

or maybe their head they will rub it against

the fence to scratch themselves florence says the cows really appreciate

your company i think so i think they do they like

coming over to say hello i'm not sure why they are so fascinated

but they seem to like they seem to like coming over to our

garden quite a lot

andy says i dreamt that you have the best

cow and she will give me so much milk a lot of milk

yes i'm not sure about these cows because they are very young

so these particular cows are not very old they're only young

so i'm not sure if they're producing milk maybe that is the plan

for the future maybe in the future the farmer will will get them to produce

some milk

hello ram mohan tomorrow we have the the sentence game

tomorrow now tomorrow is friday which means

english addict will be with you tomorrow friday tomorrow english addict some

unusual words tomorrow and also we have the sentence

game tomorrow as well meanwhile here i'm in

the garden it's a hot day it feels like i'm in the

amazon rainforest to be honest with you it feels like i'm

in the middle of the amazon

hello also jot syrah i think the cows

i think the cows want to give a lecture i'm not sure about that anyway they're

going now they're wandering off into the distance

i think they have decided to do something else i think so

marietta oh yes i like your point marietta animals are usually good

good natured a good natured animal and they may feel that in humans as well

i think the same thing as you i think certain animals can actually sense

whether a person is good or bad so whether they can actually trust a

person or not so yes i think you're right i

think that's a very good point that is a very good point

there are flies everywhere lots of flies can you believe it on

when was it on tuesday was i in the studio on tuesday yes i did an

english addict on tuesday on tuesday can you believe it there were tiny flies

inside one of my monitors that i used to to look at what is going

out on the live stream so one of my little

computer monitors actually had flies inside it

they had i don't i don't know how but they were inside the screen not on

the outside but inside so there were lots of tiny flies going

around they are called thunderbugs and they

they were crawling around inside the screen i don't know how

i don't know how but they got in there hello

ali hello man yentwali nice to see you here today you are

looking quite well today i feel well to be honest i feel

good despite my hay fever i am suffering from

hay fever still i don't know why this year my

hay fever has been very bad i've really been suffering

hello to palmyra mr duncan do you use any spray against

the flies and the bugs well the problem is if you

if you spray things on your body sometimes

the the actual thing that you are spraying onto your body can make your

skin bad or maybe it might make you sneeze if you

are sensitive to things so i do have to be careful

what i spray around my body or what i put on my skin

during this time of year because my poor little nose

is so sensitive i hope one day they will find a proper cure

for hay fever i hope one day there will be a real cure

for hay fever i really hope so tomorrow mr duncan i always like the way

you conduct your first live stream especially the intrigue with

that big device for catching the bugs

we all had broken our heads guessing what it is thank you very much

can i just tell you that mr steve still uses

that device he still uses it almost every day

i don't know why but we get certain types of spider

in our house everywhere one particular type

of spider called a daddy long leg spider and the reason why they're called that

is because their legs are very long they are quite

hard to spot so their legs are very thin and their bodies are very small however

they are large but i don't know why but since we moved

here ever since we first moved into this house

there have been these spiders in the house and we can't get rid of

them we try our best we we've done all sorts of things to try

and keep these spiders away this particular type of spider but no

it's impossible it is impossible to keep them

out of the house it really is

florence also says the spray is not very good for nature

yes i agree with you sometimes you you can't spray too much

around because you might also damage other things as well you might harm

some of the plants or some maybe maybe the birds will be affected by it

so i i like to be careful when i'm spraying things

around because you might kill the flies but you might also harm another animal

as well so you have to be careful can i say

hello to japan again i have mika and also

i have someone else watching in japan as well i can't read your name

because i think it is in japanese characters but i

i want to say hello anyway a big hello to japan thank you very much for joining

me today in the garden i'm enjoying a little bit

of fresh air apparently according to

the meteorological office today the air here

is excellent

i'm not sure about that the air might be fresh but

unfortunately the air is also full of flies

and other annoying insects as well

hello to rosa nice to see you here there is no

sun today unfortunately it is cloudy it is hot very humid

apparently tomorrow tomorrow the weather is going to be good we are

supposed to get sunshine and lots of nice weather tomorrow so i

might be outside in the garden tomorrow as well with my english addict

don't forget tomorrow we will be playing the sentence game

tomorrow and also looking at some unusual words as well

hello marcia watching in brazil hello brazil it feels as if i'm in

brazil right now it's so humid it's hot

and humid here in the uk today oh a japanese english teacher

recommended your videos and i came to see it thank you very much that's

very kind of you

kayang tazzin says hello as well i wonder why your teacher

recommended my videos maybe your teacher was watching my videos

interesting i i'm always intrigued i'm always interested to find out how

you found out about my lessons by the way you can have live captions if

you are watching on your desktop or laptop all you have

to do is take your finger and click c press

c on your keyboard don't enter it on the live chat just press the key

and suddenly as if by magic you will have

live captions incredible and also if you go to your settings as

well i think you can go to your settings up there in the corner on your mobile

phone you can also find there are some

settings up there and you can also have

live captions on your mobile device as well

i try to explain that as clearly as i can

but that is what you can do live captions

are available if you want to follow them hello omar thank you very much omar for

saying hello i'm not sure how long i will be here

today because

i'm being eaten alive i can feel lots of insects biting into my skin

i am very aware that there are insects biting my face my neck

even some of them are trying to go into my ears

not a very nice feeling to be honest

i wish that you and your family are doing well

i suppose my family is doing as well as everyone else

during these strange times we are going through some very strange

times here in the uk because well certainly here in england

there is a lot of confusion over whether you should wear your face mask

or not so it would appear that we are getting

lots of different messages from the government here in the uk some

people are saying you have to wear your mask in the shop

however they are saying that you don't have to wear your mask

in the restaurant which is very confusing

very confusing so some people here in england do not know what

to do they have no idea if they should put

their mask on or leave it off they don't know

it is good when someone reminds us to give at least

a thumbs up oh thank you very much yes if you want to give me a thumb

you are more than welcome to do so if you like this

please give me a lovely thumb to say oh mr duncan we like this very much

it's very interesting we can come and listen to you

to speak english live so this is not recorded what you're

watching at the moment it is now 25 minutes past

2 o'clock on a thursday afternoon here in england

and you are watching one of my unusual live streams

abdu oh abdu very kind of you thank you very much hello mr duncan

the prince of live lessons that's very kind of you thank you that's

lovely wow maybe next week i should wear maybe

a crown or something

as you know flies and insects are buzzing around

the sweet things perhaps they think you are yummy maybe

see there is a fly now on my hand

i have flies all over me i'm going to sneeze as well excuse me

you see this is what happens when you get hay fever

everything goes up your nose because it's very sensitive

hello dolly dang dolly dang is here as well

nice to see you on the live chat yes i did a special live chat yesterday

because i was celebrating my anniversary of my first ever youtube

video being published well when i say video i mean my live

stream the first one ever being broadcast

and you can watch it all again if you want if you want to sit for three and a

half hours watching my first ever live stream it is

on my youtube channel

mr duncan which of the following sentences is

is correct i go through are what shape me well that's wrong

i go through what shape me i i i'm not quite sure both of those

sentences don't make any sense to be honest

perhaps you are talking about the things that you go through

that shape your character or your life so i think what you are actually trying

to say is the things i go through in my life are the things

that shape me so when we talk about being

shaped we are actually saying things that

build your character will make you the person that you are

so that's what we are saying there

go away flies you are really starting to get on my nerves so yes

i go through the things i i really don't understand your

sentence to be honest neither of those sentences are really

correct but you might say that you go through

things you go through things you experience

things that shape your life so that

is probably what you are trying to say i think so

richard says oh hello richard yesterday was the first time that i've ever seen

you sitting down i

yes i think so i never sit this is one of the things that people often ask mr

duncan you never sit down why do you never sit down i don't like

sitting down for for too long because it just makes me

feel tired so i prefer standing up i prefer being

mobile like this so that is the reason why quite often you will see me standing

rather than sitting down still but my first ever live stream i was

sitting down in fact i sat

in a chair for maybe another year or maybe another one and a

half years doing my live streams i was actually

sitting in the chair but then suddenly one day i thought no

no i don't want to sit in the chair i want to stand up it feels better it

feels more comfortable because i i like standing up

to be honest i prefer it so that's the reason why i was sitting

down yesterday during my first ever live stream

sharif hello sheriff dj what kinds of animals are there in your

garden we get so many

animals we get a lot of different types of animal coming into the garden

especially at night night time this garden has all sorts

of animals wandering around including hedgehogs

i love hedgehogs they're so lovely and cute

even though they have fleas never never pick up a hedgehog because

quite not quite often they have fleas all over their body

so hedgehogs we also have badgers as well we get a lot of badges around

here because we are close to the countryside

behind me up there behind me there is a huge

forest there are a lot of forests around here

and because of that we get lots of lovely animals especially

at night so we get badgers we also get foxes

as well i have seen one or two foxes around here at night

actually in this garden i remember one night i had to get her

get up to to have a drink excuse me i had to get up to have a drink and i

looked out of the front window and there was a fox in the front garden

just walking across the garden walking across the grass

this lovely fox just wandering around looking for something to eat so yes

very nice moment of time we also get deer around here as well we get lots of

deer sometimes if you are very lucky

they actually come at the back of the house so sometimes we do actually get

deer right here at the back of the house unfortunately you have to get up very

early in the morning to see them

once again i was very lucky because i saw a deer

at the back of the house once one morning

when i was in the bathroom i won't tell you what i was doing but i

was in the bathroom and i looked out the window and

suddenly yes there was a deer right in this field behind me in this

field amazing so yes we do get lots of animals at

night we also get owls as well lots of

we get lots of owls what else any other animals bats as well

we get lots of bats flying around here at night if you go

into the garden in the evening during the summer you

will see lots of bats flying around

and they will start to fly very close to where you are standing

so they will actually come right down and fly

past your head because they are curious they know you are there so they are

curious they want to have a close look at you so we do get lots of

bats as well what is a deer a deer well a deer is a type of animal

it looks a little i suppose another way of describing it it might be

a stag which is a male deer quite often they will have antlers large

horns coming out of their heads and around here we get a lot of deer

we do there are many deer around here

i'm cleaning the house at the moment so i come

and go to my computer says sue cat hello sue cass

nice to see you here thank you very much for joining us

i haven't seen you for a long time sue cat

i really wish i could give you a round of applause

thank you sue cat it's lovely to see you here

we were talking about you a few days ago because i don't see you very often on

the live chat anymore so i did actually ask about sue

cat last week so it's great to see you here

the deer are beautiful to watch unfortunately

not the image of you in the bathroom yes i i agree with you i really do agree

with you there mogmog oh hello mogmog in my country

hedgehogs are only in zoos that's interesting fascinating and

around the world there are different types of hedgehog

so here we we get a particular type of hedgehog

are around they're about this large this big

and they move around very slowly at night


it is nice to see you here sukkat hello to

angel girl otherwise known as melsa hello melsa watching in

turkey a big hello to turkey and a big special hello

to melsa nice to see you here today i know turkey

i've been there twice so i've actually been to your country twice

in the past i even made a lesson in turkey as well

which is available on my youtube channel

omar oh that's an interesting question mr duncan who is your favorite actor

or actress favorite actress i i remember for many years i was a very

big fan of jodie foster maybe an actress that you've never heard

of jodie foster now she started off as a child actor

and her career continued into her adult life she has appeared in

many films she has all also appeared in one

of my all-time favorite movies contact have you ever seen contact jodie

foster stars stars in that film

oh so jody foster yes a well-known actress

and one of my all-time favorite films contact stars jody foster

so i do like her a lot because i used to watch her movies when i was a child

so when i was a child jody foster was also a child

starring in movies it's very interesting so i almost feel as if i've grown up

with that particular actress i think so contact if you've never seen contact

it is a great movie a wonderful movie also

who else is in it um john hurt is also in that movie

wonderful movie and who else is in it

trying to think who else is in that movie there are some well-known actors

in contact if you've never seen it i suggest you do because it's amazing

i like it i like it a lot what about um

what about actor

that's very hard actually there are lots of actors that i enjoy

sometimes i enjoy a certain actor but then i go off that person

and then i like someone else so sometimes my taste

in movies or particular actors changes over time

sue cat says i loved john hurt he was also one of my favorite actors i

suppose i have to say john hurt as well so he

was one of my all-time favorite actors i always remember seeing

him in the 1970s in

a film called the naked civil servant in that he was very good in that so he's

always been one of my favorite actors sadly sadly we we lost him

about three years ago sadly he died but still one of my all-time favorite

actors so yes i suppose john hurt would be on

my list of favorite male actors

female actors judy dench as well i've always liked judi dench

very big here in the uk again she used to star in many television

shows so we are very familiar with dame

judi dench another actress that i sort of grew up with

and actors i'm trying to think of some actors

i do like bruce willis i am a big fan of bruce willis even though

he's made some terrible movies he has hudson hawk

one of the worst movies ever made and it stars bruce willis

terrible movie however bruce willis of course has starred in many good

films i suppose we have to say die hard he was in that there were there were too

many of them though there were too many die hard films they

should have just had two but unfortunately they had about four

i think they're making another one in fact i'm sure they're

they are making another one mika says jodie foster was in silence of the lambs

oh yes which just happens to star one of my

other famous male actors anthony hopkins i am

a very big fan of anthony hopkins once again a good

actor an amazing performer slightly odd

apparently in real life he is a little eccentric in real life

which only makes me like him more

success says i love simon pegg once again simon pegg is a british actor

he mostly does comedy but more recently he's become associated with science

fiction so he he was in i think two or three

star trek movies as well so yes simon pegg

but i remember seeing simon pegg many years ago

when he was very young and again he used to star

in television shows before he became a movie star he used to be on

television here in the uk way back in the early 1990s

so we know him from a very long time ago

i've never seen contact says omar i would

suggest that film to you it is a great movie

it is kind of what we call a high concept movie so when we say high

concept it means a movie that deals with things

that might be hard to understand or something that involves

theory things that we talk about or we try to learn about that

are not proved so contact is a brilliant movie a very

good movie it is also a movie that makes you think

as well so after you watch the movie it makes

you think as well about all sorts of things ah

sue cat says spaced yes spaced was a comedy program

on british television going back a very long time

and that is one of the first things that people saw

simon pegg in you are right a very long time ago a very funny funny

program as well they only made two seasons

of that program just two seasons oh beatriz okay again a one

another one of my favorite films remains of the day i know i

absolutely love that movie it also stars another actor who i quite like

christopher reeve who famously played superman way back in the late


yes remains of the day made by a couple of guys merchant ivory

productions they often did a certain style or they

made a certain style of movie and remains of the day is a very

good movie and i would recommend it highly to anyone

because it stars anthony hopkins and also christopher reeve

as well

i was wondering when when i have listened to music

composed by a hopkins anthony hopkins besides being a really good actor is

also an artist as well he he paints as well he is a slightly

eccentric character in real life but i love that i love eccentric people

i love people who are slightly odd or different

sometimes it is possible to be too boring in life so i do enjoy being

around eccentric people odd people people who

see the world in a slightly different way

mika says i have watched remains of the day it was amazing

one of my favorite scenes in remains of the day

is well i suppose there are two scenes there is the scene where anthony hopkins

the character he is playing drops the bottle of wine on the floor and it's

the first time you ever see him get angry

it's a great moment it's only very brief in the movie but you see anthony hopkins

carry a very expensive bottle of wine and he

drops it and for that moment he suddenly becomes

very angry and it is the first time that you see

his character actually show any strong emotions emma thompson

was also in remains of the day yes you are right

in fact she plays opposite she plays the romantic part opposite

anthony hopkins the other part of the movie that i love

is at the end when they let the the pigeon

go they let it go out of the window and the pigeon

is free to fly away however anthony hopkins closes the windows

because he is still trapped he is still trapped in his job

have i just given away the ending of that movie i don't think i have

i don't think i've already given it away i don't think that was a spoiler

but it is one of my favorite parts of the movie where he catches

the pigeon or maybe it's a dove it might be a dove

and they let it go and then he closes the window so the bird is free

to fly away but he is not

mary says i love eyes wide shut ah yes now if i remember rightly there

was a lot of controversy surrounding that movie i've

never seen it to be honest but it is a sort of abstract film

so that particular movie is abstract you might describe it as something that is

abstract so it doesn't always make sense eyes

wide shut i think tom cruise was in it

and also nicole kidman was in eyes white shirt eyes wide

shut a very strange movie apparently i've never seen it myself

what about the very british hugh grant he is a very british actor he often

plays british people with very british accents

hello my name is hugh grant well well actually

a bit like that really yes are you playing the sentence game we are

playing the sentence game tomorrow friday tomorrow

it is my english addict live stream tomorrow from 2pm uk time

and yes we will be playing we will be playing the sentence game

tomorrow so i hope you can join me tomorrow i really do

there's some very interesting comments coming up on here very interesting

i'm very interested in watching contact i will watch that film

i am absolutely sure it is an interesting film

it has a lot of themes including life on other planets

also life after death and also religion as well

so it is a very interesting combination of all of those themes

that are mixed in to that movie contact starring

jody foster anthony hopkins john hurt who else is in that movie

there are a couple of other actors and i can't remember their names

a lot of

oh mary says yes in fact i love the controversy

so there's an interesting word controversy or

controversy so you can actually pronounce that word

in two ways controversy controversy they mean the same thing

which is something that causes upset or maybe

outrage something that is controversial a thing that creates debate

between people they will talk about a certain subject

maybe something they agree or disagree with

it is controversial i think so

hello to oh angel girl again how can i improve my english speaking

english speaking is something that takes time

but my advice for anyone who wants to improve their speaking

of course is to listen to your own speech so maybe you can

record your voice listen to the sound of your voice record

your voice and listen to it so quite often it is a good way

of improving not only your speech but also your confidence

i think one of the hardest parts of speaking is

confidence having confidence to do something

you have confidence to speak to perform to say something to lots of people

ah thank you very much thank you maria you are brilliant i have a feeling you

may have gone to wikipedia i'm not saying you did

but maybe maybe you did did you did you go to wikipedia to look

at that matthew mcconaughey he is one of those

actors who some people love and some people

hate quite often in equal amounts

also tom skerritt that's it tom skerritt is one of those interesting

actors who appears in all sorts of things but

never seems to get any recognition he's appeared in all

sorts of movies and yes he is a person whose face you

will recognize but maybe you won't know what his name

is what his name is is but his name is tom skerritt that's

it he's also in contact thank you very much

hello to oh andy andy very interesting do you believe in

life after death well it's an interesting one

i personally don't believe in that thing i don't believe

that there is life after death i think when you are alive

this is it this is your one chance existence it is very brief

it is very fleeting it does not last very long

so i think i think when you're dead you're dead and that's it

you're gone you are no more it's a little bit like before you were

born it's the same feeling and to be honest with you i thought it

was all right so before i was born will be

pretty similar to how it will feel after you're dead

you just go back to that previous state of non-existence

i hope that's cheered you up on this thursday afternoon

so no i don't i don't believe in ghosts or

psychic people i don't believe in any of that

i don't follow that at all when you're here you are here and you

enjoy every moment of this thing we call life

and when you're not here that's it game over as they say game


mika i often like happy endings in life and in films i think that's a

good way of looking at things i like watching

movies that have a positive theme sometimes i watch

movies that are sad as well

another film starring anthony hopkins shadowlands now that

is a very sad film that is a really sad film

mr duncan behind you there are so many flies

there are there are lots of flies all around me today

it is it's like being in a tropical rainforest today

it's so humid so the weather today is actually quite

humid hot sticky it really is

saeed says you are wrong life goes on like everything in nature

nature can teach you many things well i've never seen i've never seen

anything come back and say hello i was alive before and now i'm here

again i'm i'm having this again i'm doing it

all over again so i've never seen that i've never had

anyone come up to me and say do you know what this is my third life

it is i've been here before one of the things that people do

believe in is the presence of energy because of course everything is energy

we are energy that's why we eat we eat we convert

the food into energy our brain is basically an electrical device

electricity is buzzing around inside our skulls

so yes we are energy so i suppose energy is a great way of looking at life

and the existence of life so we are all energy

and of course as they say in science you cannot destroy

energy so perhaps when you die somehow that energy dissipates

but we don't really know how it does it so i think there is a big difference

between energy dissipating

and ghosts coming back to say hello so i think there is a very big

difference between those things so yes i i think i think it's a very

good way of looking at it nature is a very good teacher i i agree

with you i i would never disagree with that


we are all made of stars apparently the same the same material that makes us

is the same material that is floating around

in space it's all the same stuff big lumps of carbon

and maybe a little bit of energy as well so yes i find that quite interesting

i do find it interesting but i wouldn't say that there is life after death

i think that's very simplistic i think when you die

you're not floating around in the air watching everything imagine that

imagine if your parents could watch you

you know you're not going to get any privacy how are you going to sit on the


mr duncan do you agree with charles darwin

that's interesting again a very interesting thing we were taught

at school we were taught the theories of evolution

and also we had religious studies as well so what i liked about that

was you were able to make up your own mind you could make your own

decision so we learned all of these things at school

we were taught different types of religion we were also taught

evolution so these things were both taught to us

so i like i appreciate that because at least it allows you to think for


i am a very big fan of free thinking and free will to be honest

i know not many people will well some people might not agree with me

but that's the wonder of this you see we are all here to experience this very

strange thing this weird thing

called life

oh yes that's interesting hello jonathan jonathan says what about black holes

again fascinating have you ever seen a film called interstellar interstellar

is another one of those high concept films where they discuss

all of the dimensions that exist around us

so some people believe that this is just one reality

amongst lots and lots of other realities that are taking place at the same time

which is fascinating isn't it i think that's so fascinating i really

do i love that i love that idea

so i do like thinking you see i like thinking

i like looking at things studying things thinking about things so yes it is it's

it's all there are you a religious person i'm not you

see i'm not i suppose i could pretend to be but then

what's the point of pretending so no i'm not a religious person i don't go to

church i don't pray i don't i don't whisper into my hands

i don't do any of that but if you do great no problem fantastic

that's what i say so i always think live and let live

is a great way of living through all of this

especially at the moment because everyone is

suffering in some way we are all suffering

some type of discomfort some type of difficult situation

that we are all having to live through at the moment

hello to h.y kevin hello mr duncan i hope you and your family are

safe from the recent health concerns there are still

many health concerns at the moment there are still

many different health concerns i would say that the situation here in

england is not over it has not ended yet not

yet oh sue cat says another nice movie is a

rival with amy adams very good movie i've

watched it and once again it is one of those movies

that has a high concept so the way

it studies and looks at the things that happen in that movie

are very interesting i won't tell you what happens because it will give away

the story but yes i love arrival

again very similar to contact very similar to interstellar they are

very similar movies after you watch the movie afterwards

your brain is buzzing with lots of thoughts and

ideas and i love that i think that's fantastic

i love it

interstellar yes a brilliant movie a good movie once again it has

uh matthew mcconaughey in the movie a lot of people say they

can never understand what he's saying

it's true even i have difficulty understanding what math matthew

mcconaughey is saying i don't understand his dialogue

sometimes because it is

matthew mcconaughey yeah matthew mcconaughey

yeah we're gonna go into stella

i'm sorry that was not a good impression of matthew mcconaughey but you know what

i mean his accent sometimes is very strong

toe knee hello mr toe and mr knee nice to see you here as well

hello from melbourne australia hello melbourne this is england

calling melbourne over

i have a friend one of my lovely friends from china who i used to know very well

when i was living in china and now he lives

in melbourne so he actually lives there he works there

as a nurse by the way doesn't doesn't tony

isn't that swearing in chinese as well i think that swearing i've just


yes that is swearing in chinese i i've just sworn in chinese

am i right there i think so have you just made me swear in chinese

i think you have

we're talking about a lot of things today but that's the reason why i love

doing these spontaneous live streams sometimes we can talk about subjects

that we would never imagine discussing life death

the meaning of life is there life after death

are there aliens living on other planets us at the moment

who knows who knows oh hello mr helicopter

at least there is a helicopter watching me at the moment

from just above my house over there

oh he's gone

mr duncan i have one question i could could i know the meaning of the word

sticky that it means hardest yes kim kim hello kim kim

nice to see you here and we are now broadcasting live from england i don't

know where you are sticky yes you can be

in a sticky situation if you are in a sticky situation it

means you are in a difficult situation maybe something you are having

difficulty dealing with or maybe a problem that you can't solve

easily sticky so something that is sticky

is something that is very hard to let go of

so if you hold something in your hand that is sticky

sometimes it is hard

to let go of it sticky so you can use the word sticky in many different ways

you can use it as an idiom for a difficult situation a hard

situation sticky so yes the word sticky

something that is hard to let go of yeah something that is

a difficult situation sticky you have a sticky situation a difficult

situation hello mary nice to see you here as well mary

welcome to the garden it is a strange day today because it is

hot humid and sticky

there are lots of flies everywhere maybe behind me perhaps behind me on the

camera you can see flies buzzing around i think so hello josh

josh knowles i don't know what's going on dude but i

love the english accent thank you josh that's very kind of you

josh i like your name by the way josh

is it short for joshua because the name joshua is often shortened to

josh we do this a lot with names so quite often a name will be

shortened it will be abbreviated some people call me

dunk so instead of duncan they say hi dunk how are things

dunk they don't use my full name they just say dunk

hi dunk how are things going dunk karim is here oh my goodness

a lot of people are joining now on the live chat

hello kareem sorry i am late don't worry it's all right please don't

apologize you don't have to say sorry we all have difficult lives we all we

all have things that we have to deal with

in our lives

ah mika owed well done ah i like it mika says i love the great

dictator by charles chaplin yes brilliant movie one of the most amazing

speeches ever given in any place in the world

appears towards the end of the great dictator

charles chaplin stands in front of the camera

like i am now and he looks straight into the lens

and he delivers one of the most amazing speeches that i think anyone

has ever written and i don't think you will ever

have a speech that is as good as that particular speech it is brilliant so yes

if you've never seen the great dictator it is an interesting story about a man

who accidentally becomes a very powerful leader

and how he deals with the power it is actually i suppose you might call

it an allegory of of

nazi germany or the nazi way of doing things i think

so so that's how you would probably probably describe that movie

but yes the great dictator by charlie chaplin

excellent excellent movie very good choice

i like that one

beatrice the king's speech i've never seen that movie i'm i'm going

to be honest with you i know a lot of people have seen

the king's speech i've never seen it never watched it

i know it has it has the guy from pirates of the caribbean

but in the king's speech i'm not playing a pirate

i not be a pirate in the king's speech

what i can't remember his name but he's a very well-known actor

oh we are suddenly talking a lot about movies interesting movies

tony i have to be careful how i say your name

because it is i think that is actually swearing

you see in chinese in australia it is normal to shorten

people's names i would imagine so yes we do it here though we do it here

sue cat if you're wondering what i'm doing

i've actually got flies all over my little monitor

there are flies everywhere so i'm trying to keep them away

go away flies go away

another beautiful film is finding your feet

with imelda staunton and timothy spall another very well-known british actor he

has been in so many things he's been a in a lot of things timothy

spall i remember him from the 1980s he starred

in a very well known television program so timothy spall

has been around for a very long time a very long

career on television and in movies oh that's right sue cat thank you you

are very good today i have a feeling that your fingers your

fingers are working very fast on your keyboard as you are searching

for all of the information jeffrey rush that's it jeffrey rush

a very good actor but i only really know him from

the pirates of the caribbean movies where he played a pirate

i be a pirate i like to sail on the ocean

what sorry about that i'm okay now i'm okay i've recovered whatever it was

maybe a fly has gone into my ear and now it is

trying to build a house inside my brain maybe i don't know

hello to yasir hello mr duncan i have been learning

english for a long time but i still find it difficult

to speak well yes sir i have already mentioned this today i've

mentioned this speaking for many people is the hardest

part of learning english so i can put your mind at rest

please please first of all you need to relax

sometimes worrying about these things can make it much harder

to do so a lot of people do worry about learning things

learning english learning maths learning any subject you can find it very

difficult to do and one of the first things you should

do is relax relax listen to your voice

record your voice listen to how you sound

and if you don't like the way you sound try to change it

so learning to speak is like anything it takes time

relax stay patient your confidence will build over time

you have to do it day by day day by day

day by day your english will grow day by day

marietta the more things we buy the more things we think we have to buy

i heard somebody say this and i think he is right

thank you marietta i actually wrote a very small piece this morning on

twitter as you know i do have a twitter account

sometimes i put things on there that are maybe thought provoking

this morning i wrote a short piece on twitter about

the way in which our lives have now changed due to

all of the situation with cv 19 that is what i'm calling it by the way

so a lot of people now have realized that they don't have to go to work they

don't have to get into their cars and drive for 20 or 30 miles

and sit in traffic jams every morning many people have realized

that you don't have to do that it is much easier

to work from home so i think there will be a strange effect from what

is happening at the moment in the world i think

this will have a very strange effect on the way we live our lives

we will realize that we don't have to keep going out to work

driving in our cars waiting every morning in the traffic trying to

get to work sometimes working from home can be more

enjoyable so i think that is one of the big things

that will change over time because of what is happening

now in the world

syed says this is a private chat or a general chat

maybe you've got as wrong we are not sheep and you are not

our owners

you are a selfish teacher who loves himself

and their regular pets i don't know what you mean by that

thank you saeed that's a very interesting way of looking at what i do

i've never thought of it like that i don't i don't think i'm

the best teacher in the world or selfish in fact i'm standing here now

doing this in my spare time i don't have to do this

at all but i don't think i'm being selfish

somehow i don't think this is selfish standing in front of my camera giving my

time for free

very interesting i've never been called a selfish teacher before

that might be the first time anyone has ever said that to me so thank you saeed

that's very kind but i don't see other people

as pets at all i don't it's a very strange way of looking at what i do


oh william hello william baskerville i love your name by the way

it is a little bit like the sherlock holmes

story hello little bird just came to say hello to me

very nice hello william baskerville until now i

thought the best way to learn english is to listen to david

ike he has very clear pronunciation david ike is one of those

polarizing people and the the i say polarizing because he has

views on things that some people find very strange and other people

like to listen to so david ike many years ago used to be

a sports presenter on the bbc you might not believe this but that's

what he did originally he used to be a sports presenter on

television but now he he has made a very

good living he's quite wealthy he he goes around giving lectures sometimes

the lectures will last for maybe 10 or 11 hours

and many people love listening to what david

ike has to say sometimes even i listen to him

i don't believe everything he says but i am fascinated

by the thoughts that he comes out with i think i think it's fascinating so i

don't just listen to one person or have one point of view when it comes

to those sorts of things there are many people saying things at

the moment and i try to listen to as many people as

possible but at the end of the day you always

have to make up your own mind you see so that i suppose is one of the

secrets of freedom freedom is having the ability to look at everything around you

whilst at the same time coming up with your own

thoughts i think so some people might agree with that and

some people might not agree

lewis hello lewis a can i just say today is my spontaneous

live stream tomorrow i am back with you tomorrow

2 p.m uk time tomorrow on youtube with my english addict live stream

and i will be in the studio or maybe outside i'm not sure

and we have we have lots of things to look at we have unusual words

we have some grammar some english grammar to look at tomorrow

and the sentence game where you can all join in live

so that's it you see i hope so so tomorrow there will be a schedule of

topics we will talk about lots of different things

hello to follower of islam hello to you sir your pronunciation is great but is

my pronunciation as good as david ike you see

who has the better pronunciation is it me

or is it the man who believes that the queen of england

is a lizard

some people believe it some people don't so there are lots of

theories lots of thoughts lots of ideas floating around especially at the moment

because of course the internet allows people to express their their own

ways of thinking their own thoughts their own ideas their own


and for me that is one of the great things about the internet

that's why i love this thing so much you can come on here and you can learn

new things you can listen to the thoughts of other

people so i love it i love it a lot i really

like it a lot

marilda hello mirilda nice to see you here as well hello mr duncan my favorite

english teacher thank you very much very kind of you

sue cat says mr duncan pronounces beautifully

beautifully thank you syed says you are british that is true

i can't help it though

it just happens that the hole that i popped out of

was was also british you see i i i have no control over that

so blaming me for being born in this place it doesn't really make

sense when you think about it why would you blame someone

for being born in a certain place i i always find that quite interesting

you're british how dare you i can't help it i'm sorry i'm never so

sorry i apologize for being born in britain

yes i am british and it is natural that you will be a colonist

okay you and your government have colonized

half of the world unfairly do you know what i agree with you

every country has some history that they would rather forget it is true

many groups of people have done bad things in the past

but now they have moved on you see so

these things are are always coming back these are always subjects that people

will talk about again and again they come round in a

giant circle and they come round again

and then again and again

but i i i think yes we all have bad histories

however my life is very short i've only been here

for half a century which is not very long really

but if you go back two or three hundred years

if you go back 500 years if you go back a thousand years

there will be a group of people somewhere doing bad things

it happens it happens however i do disagree that you can't

really blame people who were born later because they have nothing to do

with it ah i didn't colonize the world honestly

i didn't it wasn't me i didn't do it i just happened to be born here

and can you believe the the the actual chance the chance of being born at all

is so small you have no chance no chance of being born anywhere

when you think about it there is more chance of you not being

born than being born so this is why life is

so amazing you see

say tells you that because the main idea about british is that they are arrogant

thank you collard well there are i've met arrogant people in other

countries as well so when i was living in china i met

lovely people and arrogant people so everywhere i've

traveled in the world i've always i've always met people who are horrible

and nice so you can't really judge a whole

country with millions of people based on

its history from maybe hundreds of years ago and also the people who are alive

now because we are just here appearing as if by magic we don't we

don't know what's going on we only know that we did bad things

because of the history books so it's only history that allows us to

know that we did bad things you see

sins of the father i believe is the poetic

expression a person who is blamed or punished

for the sins of the father i can't i can't remember where that

comes from i think it might be shakespeare

but a person who is actually punished for the sins

of their their ancestors the whole concept doesn't make sense

when you think about it

because how far back do you go do you go back a hundred years

do you go back 200 years 500 years a thousand years where do you stop

where do you stop

tamara says why do you think great britain has got such

quick development compared to other european countries

well i would say at the moment we are actually behind

you might not believe it the most developed country at the moment

certainly with manufacturing and technology

in europe is actually germany we we are quite behind you might not

believe it so in many re many respects in many

respects you will find that this country britain is actually very

far behind in many things not ahead

that's one of the reasons why we were well we are

using a lot of technology from other countries including china

so we are not developed in that way i think actually it's the opposite we

are actually quite far behind in that respect and i live here you see

i live in this country so i have a very good idea of how these things

happen i read the news and i read news stories from other

countries as well and i know i know that we are behind

many countries not only in europe but around the world

as well we are behind them not ahead we are over there

behind where we are in that field over there

trying to get over the fence we are but there is i suppose there is an idea

that there is an idea that english people or

british people are arrogant maybe they

have an inflated ego but i don't think i do i think i am

i'm a pretty average person and i say this all the time

i'm an average person i i i was born into a into a poor family i was raised

in a poor family our family did not have much money

i could tell you some horrible stories from my childhood

of people banging on the door of our house demanding money

that we've borrowed someone once came and took the television away

we had our television taken away once by someone so

i was not born into wealth i was not born

into privilege at school i was terrible at school i was awful at

school i was shy introverted

so so even my school days were difficult i didn't have an easy time at school

i hated school i felt so out of place at school you see so

just because i'm standing here in england doesn't mean my life

has been simple and easy because it hasn't

it really really hasn't i will tell you some horrible stories one day

about my life from my childhood my background it is not

pretty difficult difficult i've had a lot of

difficulty in my life which makes me appreciate

everything around me even more when you don't have much as a child what

you do is you find out the value of everything

so i'm standing here now talking to you but i know the value of everything

around me the blue sky well not today

there was no blue sky today but i know the value of these things these things

that cost nothing even though they cost nothing

they have value i'm standing here in my garden

surrounded by greenery trees fields

animals and i know the value of all of this i appreciate

everything i appreciate every breath of air that goes into my body i

appreciate it at all i appreciate everything that i have

i can't begin to tell you how much i really do appreciate all of this

and i appreciate you giving your time to me

to to to be here

so thank you for calling me selfish and arrogant thank you very much but i

don't think i am

maybe you have another opinion but i don't i don't think i am

i think i am a pretty down-to-earth person

hello guiat guiat says well i believe that british people

are the least racist people in the world well i suppose this is a big subject

and again this is a subject that keeps coming around

when i was growing up in the nineteen seventies

racism and inequality was talked about a lot

in the 1970s so we are going back 40 years

and then during the 1980s the story came back

the issue came back again people were talking about

race relations there were riots in certain parts of the uk

and then slowly the the that went away it disappeared people did not talk about

it and then during the 90s people talked about it again and then

slowly it goes away and then again and again and here we are

now in 2020 once again talking about these

very serious and important issues and i think they are

i hate unfairness i hate it it is the one thing that gets me

genuinely angry is when people treat each other unfairly

i hate it so much i can't begin to tell you how much

i hate it so i don't like unfairness wherever it happens

whoever is doing it and whichever group of people is being

treated unfairly it makes no difference i i hate it so i think these things are

good to talk about i think they should always be discussed

we should always check our moral compass

so when we talk about the moral compass we are talking about our way of

reasoning with other people our attitude to work

towards other people around the world or maybe in our local area

whoever they are i think so so for me unfairness

is the thing that i despise i have been treated unfairly in my life

and i know people who have as well i also know people who have treated

other people unfairly and this is it this is

this is the true nature of people of human beings

some people are good and some people are bad

i think the problem is when you start generalizing when you say

that group or that group or that group

sometimes you can divide people by creating

pressure or tension

and eventually they achieve nothing they actually achieve nothing

they don't achieve anything really so that's just my thought i'm just an

individual on this planet shuffling around just like you

trying to make my way in the world sometimes it takes everything you've got

what did i just did i just give you a little bit of the

theme from cheers i think so

mr duncan don't justify yourself with people who don't understand

well i don't mind explaining myself i i i love standing here and telling you

about myself i i don't mind it doesn't bother me

it doesn't bother me what what what i care about is when people say

you are selfish look at you look at you standing there with your

cameras and your microphone in your field

look at you you're so selfish without without being fair

so anyway

lewis says oh hello luis mendez i almost forgot you there

nice to see you still here it's a very interesting

live stream today you have made your life

but you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth

that is true the spoon in my mouth was made of plastic and it was broken

it was only half a spoon in my mouth and it was definitely not silver that's

why i like you not only is the best teacher but also as an excellent person

yes i'm not here to to to tell you that i'm a great person

but when people ask me i will tell you and sometimes i think i think maybe that

is misunderstood is arrogance so when i

talk about myself i don't talk about myself

because i want to do it i talk about myself because

you ask me a question and so i answer the question

it's simple really oh i'm enjoying your your comments about

movies sue cat another beautiful movie another

nice movie is cemetery junction with ricky gervais

i am a big fan of ricky gervais i think he

is one of the see again i don't want to describe him as a

comedian i don't think he is a comedian he's a human being

that is not afraid to to show people his feelings

so i i always see people like ricky gervais

is not a comedian or a comedy writer he's a person who's there and

he's not afraid to to show himself his his his emotions his

feelings he puts all of his emotions into the

writing so when he writes he's really telling

you about himself that's his way of expressing his


there was a very good ricky gervais movie that i saw

the invention of lying if you've never seen that movie

i would recommend it brilliant movie a very good movie

once again thought provoking it is a it is a movie that makes you think after

you watch it it makes you think hmm yes interesting the invention of

lying very good very good film i highly

recommend it

octay i think you are a wise person i'm i'm not sure if i'm wise i i don't i

don't see myself as wise i'm just a person who wakes up in the morning

and my brain will boot up like a computer

and then oh i'm here again let's do this all over again we we get another day

of of life to enjoy so that's it i don't try to be anything to be honest

i'm standing here as a as a human being talking to

whoever is interested in this that's it that is it

sue cat also mentions afterlife also by ricky gervais i didn't enjoy


i normally enjoy everything that ricky gervais does but i did not enjoy

afterlife i found it very quite grim

and depressing if i was honest so i i never

i never watched the whole of the first series i

i found it very very downbeat very gray very gloomy and and sometimes after a

long day you want to watch something that makes

you feel better or happy or something that makes you laugh

not something that makes you feel even more miserable

ah yes the invention of lying is a very interesting way of looking at

religion again i know it's a subject that ricky gervais is very interested in

belief non-belief and yes the invention of

lying is one of the the cleverest films i've

seen in a long time a very thought provoking film

if something is thought provoking it means it makes you think

thoughts things you didn't think of before

they pop in your head thought provoking a thing you read maybe you read a book

that makes your mind excited yes

karim says what about jim carrey in dumb and dumber again

another actor who i like however recently

i don't know what happened to jim carrey but jim carrey

obviously went through some sort of trauma because now i don't like him very

much because he has some very interesting or unusual views but i don't

think he's he's as funny or or his as as talented

as he used to be but i used to be a very big fan of

jim carrey but not so much anymore i i think

it's i think actors sometimes actors become too political

and i think it spoils it spoils their work

yes i think so that's it that's it that's all i'm saying about that

so i think jim carey has become quite political over the past

few years with various things

if you want to have captions all you have to do is press

c on your keyboard press c on your keyboard and you will get

as if by magic you will get captions

hello akhmad hello akhmad can we please have indonesian language

i would love to give you indonesian language i really would

there is just one problem one problem

richard richard benny hill is an idol

benny hill oh my goodness you are really going back in time there

i remember benny hill on television when i was a kid

growing up benny hill he used to make some very funny movies

some very funny tv shows

unfortunately as times changed

he he became less popular

but i i love benny hill benny hill always makes me laugh

i love it when they speed everything up


so i do i like benny hill he's very funny

or he was sadly said he died in i think he died in i want to say 1984

that doesn't sound right but it was in the 1980s benny hill sadly

died but yes he's funny even though you don't see his tv shows

very often anymore they never they never show benny hill on television

here in the uk they never show it anymore

it is not politically correct you see that's the reason why

mohsen says i like jim carrey he is part of my

childhood in the mask yes a brilliant movie a very interesting

movie again a good movie brilliant special effects

and one of the reasons why the mask is often referred to

as a good movie is because of the special effects

as well it was one of those movies that was groundbreaking

in the way it used special effects

yes the mask very good movie i remember watching it many years ago as well

lewis a i think you are a very kind teacher

may the classmates even though the classmates don't know that mr duncan

he is the first great worldwide youtuber for me it is an honor to receive a class

directly from him thank you lewis that's very kind of you a lot of people

don't know was it really 1992 that benny hill died

really that late okay i stand corrected

hmm 1992 he did die alone in his house

he died alone in his house watching television

they found him many days later he was still

sitting in front of the tv and the tv was still on

he was dead he died of a heart attack very sad and a very sad way to

to leave this world as well i think very sad

yes i was way back in 2006 i was the first

english english teacher on youtube a lot of people don't realize it

but i was the first english english teacher

on youtube way back in 2006 when youtube

was was just very young who remembers youtube videos in 2006

they were only this big so youtube videos

originally were only this big this large they were very small because their

resolution was tiny but now of course we have lovely high

definition quality not only that you can watch

people live in their garden that's what i'm doing now i'm standing here in my

garden live talking to you things have really

changed in the past 14 years here on youtube

i remember a tv show called keeping up appearances ah

yes mrs bucket no mrs bouquet i used to love it when

she answered the phone the bouquet residence the lady of the

house speaking to whom am i talking to

i love keeping up appearances especially a husband i always felt sorry

for her husband

richard richard richard and hyacinth keeping up appearances

very funny

hello to

oh hello sergio nice to see you here sergio

sergio is a regular viewer he comes on here sometimes he gives us

his in-depth opinion about something maybe sometimes he likes to use his

special brand of sarcasm

maliha says mr duncan a hero teacher i i i would not describe myself as a

hero i really wouldn't there are real heroes in the world who

are at this moment saving lives there are people working in

hospitals who are operating on other people they are

taking out a part of their body and they are

putting something else in there they are literally giving life back

to a person so there are real heroes in this world

the heroes are those who are saving lives

who are helping people survive to live

so no i don't i don't actually see myself as a hero

i will be honest i don't wear a cape i don't fly through the sky i'm just a

person who talks about english i love the english

language and i love expressing english with other english addicts

like you for example so that's why i do it

because i love doing it we will be going soon

i've been here for almost two hours so now it is ten minutes away from four

o'clock on thursday the 16th

of july we are halfway through july it doesn't feel like summer i will be

honest with you today does not feel like summer

it feels like today feels like autumn to be honest it feels autumnal

what most recent tv series would you recommend to us

recent i'm going to be honest with you this morning i was talking to steve

about this subject how strange what a strange thing you

should mention sergio we we were talking about this

this morning and i was talking about how awful

television is awful terrible programs reality tv all of these people

oh my goodness who are these people with their

their lives they are pretending to have difficult situations and they are just

acting but they say that it's reality but it

isn't reality it's fake it's made up this is reality

this is reality tv just standing here in the garden without a

producer or a sound man or sound woman there's no

editor there's no director so everything you're

watching is spontaneous and real this this is reality

as you saw earlier the cows came over to say hello

see that's reality that's real yes are shad

what mic do you use your voice is very clear

yes i use professional equipment so all of the equipment

i use now to talk to you is actually professional

so i have a professional camera i also have a professional

microphone and in my studio i have lots of equipment

so everything is being mixed using equipment in my studio so that's the

reason why the sound is very good and i am pleased

to hear that the sound is good very pleased

in fact i love the fact that people come together

on this live stream as well i love the fact that lots of people

around the world who have no connection with each other whatsoever

so we don't we don't have anything in common

i don't you don't we are all people coming together to watch one

live stream but it also gives us a chance to share

our ideas our views even if we don't agree with each other

that is the part of communicating part of doing it part of talking to each

other i always think the the worst thing that

people can do is stop talking we should always keep talking we

should always keep having discussions and debates

sometimes we will agree and sometimes we will disagree

we can't always agree on everything

thank you mary mary glau yes you are good

you are too good or so good to be true and thanks for all of that because

you've helped lots of other people thank you as well

i will be going soon because i've been here for

nearly two hours standing in the garden on a thursday afternoon a very dull

thursday no no sunshine today no sunlight nothing

no sunshine even though it's very hot it feels like i am in a tropical country

at the moment but i'm not i'm in england anna rita is late don't worry it's all

right even if you are late you can watch this

again as many times as you want

oh that's interesting palmyra i like to watch films

about the holocaust so the holocaust is of course a very dark period of history

and i suppose it is it is hard not to talk about when we discuss human

behavior humans doing good things and bad things

so yes i think i think there are many good documentaries

and sometimes it is important to be reminded

of these things as well

we must never forget that bad things happened

we must never forget that they happened it is very different from what i was

saying earlier about blaming people who are here now

for the sins of their ancestors that is a very different thing altogether they

are separate things however it is important that we remember

the things that happened whether they are good things or bad


van took dwong hello to you i have a feeling you are in vietnam are you

are you in vietnam i think so how are you in england teacher i am okay

i am all right i am 100 healthy at the moment there is a lot of

confusion here in england people don't know what

to do should i wear my face mask or should i

not wear my face mask because we are now getting lots of

different advice which is causing lots of confusion

federic frederick fellini huh very sophisticated oh

very nice yes

hello mary again mr duncan how about doing a live stream watching you just

relax in your garden enjoying a cup of tea

i don't know maybe some people will complain and they will say i'm being

selfish mr duncan you are being so selfish

sitting in your garden drinking tea how selfish of you

but it is a good idea i like it i like that yes maybe one day

maybe one day mr steve can sit down with me and we can talk about things like we

have today different subjects as you know steve

loves talking about things even though sometimes he gets very

excited about certain things such as cars

never never get mr steve to talk about cars


you will be here all day and all night if mr steve starts talking about cars

you really will

i love about i love nature but i do not like science fiction at all

i'm a big fan of science fiction i've mentioned

some movies science fiction movies contact if you haven't seen contact

i suggest you see it it is very good

valentina makes a very interesting comment

why didn't boris tell you what to do well the problem is at the moment we are

getting lots of advice from different people so some people are

saying you have to wear your face mask other people are saying you don't have

to wear your face mask all the time some people are saying

you have to wear your face mask in the supermarket

and some people are saying you don't have to wear your

your mask in the restaurant so it's a little confusing a lot of people

have got confused about this

syed says you pretend that you are humble

but but you are so selfish thank thanks saeed i'm enjoying this

today i i i will i will look at myself in the

mirror tonight and i will say well mr duncan you are

you are very selfish how dare you be so selfish

giving away your free english lessons all the time

how could you be so selfish

one of the greatest tv series i've seen is fargo

oh yes i saw the first two seasons of fargo

very interesting based on a famous coen brothers

movie of the same name yes fargo originally was a movie but then they

made some adaptations and i think they were

available on netflix netflix or amazon i can't remember

very good yes i saw the first two seasons of fargo very interesting

i am going in a minute if you've just joined me

i'm so sorry but i will be going soon i have been here

for not one but two hours standing in my garden

talking to you have you ever seen any brazilian movies

wendell hello wendell nice to see you i haven't seen any brazilian movies not

that i'm aware of and this is the thing sometimes i watch

movies that are not not western movies or maybe

not movies with english dialogue and they have subtitles so yes i do

watch sometimes i watch french movies as well and they have

of course they have subtitles so i can understand what is being said you see

vitas says thank you everybody and thank you so much mr duncan

yes i will be i will be back with you tomorrow from

2 p.m uk time you can check the time difference

so i know in certain parts of the world it will be ahead

and some parts you will be behind so you can check the time difference i

will be with you tomorrow from 2 p.m uk time

thank you sergio for mentioning fargo yes 1996

was the original movie a very interesting movie

hello alessandra who says bye everybody bye it's almost time to say goodbye

it's almost time to say adio adio to you and you

mr duncan you have to see a noose femmes

and other super actors as well nus dames or nus femmes

i think that means does that mean new women new

women i'm not sure

have i translated that correctly does it mean new

women or all the women i'm sure you will tell me

thanks beatrice you are the best teacher and the best person without any doubt

thank you it's very kind of you i i always feel very

not embarrassed i don't feel embarrassed but i do

sometimes i don't feel as if i deserve this praise when there are people doing

more heroic things around the world they are

they are doing amazing things right now thank you anna thank you mary it is 11

p.m already in the philippines thank you

mary see you tomorrow i hope

van how energetic how energetic you are i've learned a lot of things

from you mainly oh many thanks to you teacher recently

i've been making videos about english as well and i practice my english by

reading some english books that is a very good idea as i mentioned

earlier it is a good thing to listen to your

voice so listen to yourself maybe you can

record your voice or perhaps you can record a video of yourself

talking in english or maybe reading something

in english these are all good ways of gaining confidence

and i think that's one of the hardest parts of learning english and speaking

english confidence you have to slowly build

your confidence day by day thank you wendell thank you also vitas

thank you for your company tomorrow 2 p.m uk time

english addict two hours tomorrow we will be looking at some unusual

english words a little bit of grammar and also we will

be playing the sentence game as well and you are more than welcome to join in

you are very welcome to join in thank you barong

thank you mohsen thank you zazika

thank you also to syed thank you very much from a very selfish

mr dunton

catch you later see you tomorrow zuzika thank you very much

for your company it's been a great day i've enjoyed it

very much it's been nice having a chance to come into the garden

and spend time with you even though the flies

have been eating me whilst i've been standing here

the flies have been feasting on my flesh thank you mohsin

thank you also barong jose

thank you very much very kind so many lovely messages coming through

thank you thank you very much i will start crying in a minute

if i keep reading your messages so i better go

i should go see you later i may be lying in the gutter but i am

looking up at stars quite often we are all

in that situation sometimes we all find ourselves

lying in the gutter but you can reassure yourself by saying at

least i have the stars in the sky to keep me

company thank you very much

bye richard bye tamara bye lewis bye connell bye bye to everyone

it looks as if i'm going to be here for another hour

but i'm not i have to go now i've been standing here for over two hours

andrea thank you very much thank you yogi thank you tamara thank

you all so advised keep on keep on mr duncan you are great

thank you i will be here tomorrow from 2pm

uk time this is mr duncan in the birthplace of english

which is england saying thanks for watching for the last

time see you tomorrow 2pm uk time

and we will have fun exploring the english language and of course

the sentence game tomorrow as well and you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)