surprise surprise everyone yes we are here are you  surprised to see me and hear me well i hope you  

are here with me right now live on youtube yes we  are together midweek mr duncan we can't believe it  

it is rather shocking to say the least yes here  we are then hello welcome it is english addict  

extra coming to you from the birthplace of  english which just happens to be england

are you surprised to see me here today  are you surprised and shocked to find me  

right here now on youtube talking to  you live i think so as you sit there  

in front of your computer or maybe your  mobile device you are probably wondering  

what is going on mr duncan we can't believe what  is happening well don't worry it's all right  

there is nothing wrong nothing bad is  happening because we are here together again  

hi everybody this is mr duncan in  england i hope you are feeling well today

surprise sometimes life gives you bad surprises  sometimes life can give you nice surprises i  

hope this is a nice surprise i really do so  my name is mr duncan for those who don't know  

and i have to ask the question why don't you know  why don't you know who i am you should buy now

in seriousness i am the best kept secret  on youtube to be serious for a moment yes  

it is true so i hope you are feeling good i talk  about the english language normally i do this  

on sunday and sometimes i do it during the week  as well but today we are starting something new  

we are doing english addict extra  an extra live stream every week

are you as shocked as i am even i feel shocked and  i'm the one doing the live stream here we go then  

yes nice to see you here i'm sure a lot of people  are quite surprised to find out that i'm here  

so i wouldn't be surprised if there are some  people missing from today's live stream first of  

all can i start off with something very important  can i say hello to belarusia hello belarus here i  

know yesterday you had a dramatic moment when you  went into hospital for an operation and it's nice  

to see you here today on the live chat so first  of all can i say welcome back belarus here and  

i'm glad to see you here on the live chat today  so that's really good news it's cheered me up  

a lot and i'm sure everyone on here is also very  relieved to see you here as well oh vitesse hello  

vitas guess what you were first on today's live  chat oh you have a very fast finger i think so

i think vitas has possibly  maybe probably who knows i don't  

the fastest finger in the world i think so i  he always seems to be first on the live chat  

have you noticed i think so so well done vitas  also we have oh louis mendes he's here today  

nice to see you here lewis as well yes it is  a big surprise to see me here hello also to a4  

hello a4 there is a certain type of paper a size  of paper which is a4 it is a very common size  

of writing paper a4 hello to you nice to see you  here as well where are you watching at the moment  

please tell me don't keep it a secret share it  with us all hello alessandra also twan new win  

watching in vietnam uzbekistan oh hello uzbekistan  a4 apparently is in uzbekistan hello and welcome  

nice to see you here we also have hello also to  paulo and also ma roots and ricardo hello ricardo  

also we have sandra gonzalez with lots of lovely  rainbows you might be surprised to find out that  

over the past couple of days we've had a lot  of rainbows here in the uk we have had a lot  

of rain in fact today you might even be able to  see behind me because behind me that is actually  

what is happening now outside my window so behind  me is actually live right now so you might notice  

it is a little bit gloomy a little bit dull  and if we take a look out of the front window  

oh look so there is the view looking out at the  front and you can see yes it is very gloomy today  

a little dull we have had a lot of rain however  one of the strange things is that the actual  

well i suppose the temperature is actually  quite high which is very unusual so it is  

rather mild outside i i have to be  honest it is very mild at the moment  

so it doesn't feel like winter i suppose it  feels like i don't know early spring perhaps  

hello to the live chat ben jaloon is here as well  also we have anna rita nice to see you here yes  

this is something new every wednesday i will be  with you live with my english addict extra oh  

fancy pants and yes that means that we've  made it through half of this week already  

doesn't time fly when you're having fun yes it's


i can't believe it i can't believe i'm here today

i am live right now on youtube thank you very  much for joining me if you are joining me  

i know we might not have many viewers because i  would imagine a lot of people were not prepared  

for this happening you see hello also  to beatriz again and we have oh we have  

eunice hello eunice welcome to my live  stream yes i am here live on wednesday  

something that i will be doing over the next  few weeks so not only sunday but also wednesday  

as well we will be live we are looking at some  subjects today i thought we would talk about  

some things yes you are more than welcome to  get in touch with me on the live chat here's a  

i wasn't sure if i should ask this question  but i'm going to ask it do you have a favorite  

smell is there a smell something in the air maybe  something that you smell something that you become  

aware of maybe there is a certain smell in the  air and suddenly you are aware of it you can smell  

something and it is something that you  like the smell of and there are many things  

i have to be careful what i'm saying here  by the way there are many things that smell  

nice and also many things  that do not smell nice however  

sometimes people actually like things  that don't smell nice they find them very  

attractive perhaps maybe they just enjoy  the actual aroma from that particular thing  

one thing that i love the smell of and i don't  know why whenever i smell it i always feel quite  

i always get a little tingle down my  spine and that is the smell of tarmac  

so when they lay the roads quite often these days  they will use a black substance called tarmac  

and when it's when it's still hot it produces a  very strong smell and i don't know about you but i  

love the smell of tarmac so when they lay the  roads and and the tarmac is still warm or hot  

and you can smell it you can smell that beautiful  aroma in the air some people don't like it but i  

love it i don't know what it is whenever i smell  tarmac so that is the black bitumen that is  

normally put on the roads nowadays to stop  them from cracking and i love the smell of that  

and quite often they will heat it normally in  a large container using using a very hot flame  

so everything inside the container will  actually melt and you can smell that black  

bubbling tar i believe the proper  expression or the proper word  

is bitumen i think it's actually called  bitumen but i love the smell of that so  

if you have a favourite smell something that you  like to smell something that you enjoy smelling

i'm just writing the word down now on  the live chat there it is tarmac tarmac  

so quite often it is used on roads it is a black  substance although having said that i think you  

can get it in other colours as well i think you  can get it in red i think you can have red tarmac  

as well so it is available in other colours as  well and the other word i wanted to show you


i will see if i've spelt that right i hope so

okay then i will try to spell that again

no it's not coming up

hmm interesting

now that appears to be the spelling  although it's not saying it there for  

some reason i don't know why but i think that is  the spelling i'm sure someone's going to show me

i will i will show you that in a moment i will  sort that out in a moment because i can't get  

it up onto the screen unfortunately anyway  do you have a nice smell a favourite smell  

that was a weird moment of time wasn't it  hello sandra i love the smell of coffee oh  

yes well you know that i love my little  cup of coffee in the morning at around  

about 11 o'clock in the morning  i always have a cup of coffee  

and because mr steve is here at the moment working  i always make one for him as well so he always  

gets very excited at around about 11 o'clock  because i know steve wants his cup of coffee

i like the smell of cajupity i i'm sure i  pronounced that wrong essential oil well that is  

one of the things that many people are getting  into nowadays aromatherapy so certain smells  

can can actually stimulate the brain and make  you feel relaxed so aromatherapy is something  

that many people practice nowadays and a lot of  people feel that it does actually benefit them  

so aromatherapy the smell of something  that can make you feel very nice

hello also to oh hello we're getting  lots of good wishes for belarusia we  

are glad to see you are here  today yes thank you very much

hello also oh zoran zoran likes the smell  of freshly cut grass so when you go across  

your lawn or the grass and you cut the grass  afterwards especially if the grass is wet so  

wet grass after it has been cut it produces  a very sweet smell especially when it's very  

damp so i agree with you yes the smell  of of wet grass after it has been cut

hello sandra i love the smell of flowers in spring  when i am out walking you are right yes one of the  

reasons why i love springtime is not because of  the color even though that is very attractive  

i also love the sounds of nature and also the  aroma of the flowers so all of the flowers  

start coming out and quite often you can you  can smell the pollen or the petals as all of  

the flowers start to open out in springtime to  be honest with you i'm really looking forward  

to spring i don't know why this year i always  i always look forward to winter but this year  

i don't know why i'm not looking forward  to winter as much as i normally do however  

i really am looking forward to spring i can't  wait for spring to arrive hello scion hello also  

pratik shia pratik shia watching in india  hello to india nice to see you here as well

oh the smell of rain back heel yes i think you're  right the smell of rain especially again when  

when it is warm so maybe you have rainfall when  it is very humid and it produces the most amazing  

smell it is very sweet you can smell it in the  air so when the rain falls and if it's very humid  

at the time if there is a lot of moisture in the  air you will find that there is a beautiful smell  

produced by that another one i like the smell of  freshly baked bread is there anything more lovely  

than the smell of fresh bread especially when it's  in the oven and it's heating up and you can smell  

the bread baking in the oven very  nice another strange one is petrol  

i don't know why i love the smell of petrol  so when mr steve goes to the garage and he  

fills his car with petrol he used to have  a diesel car but now steve has a petrol car  

so when he's he's filling his tank on the car with  petrol i can never resist taking a little breath  

and thinking oh that's very nice i don't know why  i do like the smell of petrol isn't that weird  

hello tatiana hello tatiana i haven't  seen you for a very long time welcome  

back tatiana nice to see you here mr  duncan your beard looks nicer and nicer  

yes it is starting to look gray around the front  again can you see it's starting to turn grey  

again so i might i might actually add a little  bit of colour back to my beard to make it brown  

hello also to oh accent is here as well  we have people joining us now i know it  

is a very big surprise to find me here doing  english addict during the week but yes i am in

my studio on a very wet day here in  england oh that's interesting gia  

says in my childhood i always enjoyed the smell  of my eraser so the thing that you use when you  

want to remove a mistake in your writing so when  you write with pencil you have to use an eraser  

and erasers are normally made of rubber so  yes so you like the smell of your eraser  

some people used to used to eat them i remember  in my class there was someone who used to eat  

their eraser very strange they used to chew  on the end of their pencil because on the end  

of their pencil they had a little eraser at  the end that you could rub out your mistakes  

but they used to chew it and and  eat it how strange indeed very weird  

hello to hasith hello hasith hasith says mr  duncan i think it's time for you to start shaving  

what do you mean do you mean my  beard maybe you don't like it  

some people like it some people don't belarusia  says i like the smell of tangerines fruit fresh  

fruit yes especially an orange if you peel the  orange inside especially if it's very juicy  

you will have a lot of aroma the aroma of the  fruit the vitamin c you can smell it very nice

nessa says i love the smell of a new book or the  morning paper because you can smell the print  

very fresh i tell you another  another smell i like is when you open  

maybe a new piece of electrical equipment maybe a  camera or maybe something that you've bought and  

it's been delivered to your house and it's still  in the box and then when you open the box it has  

a very lovely smell the smell of new  cameras or a new piece of electrical


sorry about that i had to have a little cough

i'm back now don't worry i'm not dying


very nice i like the smell of coffee but also the  smell of fresh laundry as well so in the morning  

maybe you do your washing  and then you you hang it up  

and then during the day it will dry and everything  has a very fresh smell yes i like that one as well  

meat the smell of baked meat so so maybe when  meat is cooking or baking or roasting in the  

oven you can smell it oh another one i like is the  smell of chips so when if you go past a chip shop

the aroma that comes from the chip shop  is absolutely gorgeous even if i've just  

eaten all of my i don't know maybe i've had a  meal and then i go out and then i can smell fish  

and chips somewhere i still want to eat them  even even though i've just had a meal i still  

want to actually eat fish and chips i don't  know what it is when you smell certain things  

it gives you quite an appetite  even if you just eaten something  

the smell of sea in summer yes you can have a  certain smell that comes from the ocean especially  

when the wind is blowing towards you although  sometimes the smell can be a little unpleasant  

i suppose it depends what is floating around in  the sea i like the smell of jasmine sweet things  

yes lilac as well i love the smell of lilac  and many many different flowers have beautiful

aromas hello everyone in this room what's  going on a good evening from my side de gefe  

de gefer hale or helle hello to  you welcome this is live english  

and it's english addict on wednesday  normally i'm with you on sunday but today  

i thought i would come on and give you a little  treat on wednesday this is english addict and  

for those who are wondering where mr steve  is where is mr steve i can hear you asking  

well don't worry mr steve at the moment is busily  working so because it's the the weekday you see  

so during the week mr steve is normally working in  his office so that's the reason why steve is not  

on today's live stream for those who are  wondering however mr steve will be back with us  

on sunday he will be joining us in the studio on  sunday for those who are wondering where steve  

is we're now going to take a look at one of my  lessons one of the things i do here on youtube  

and it is something that i do and i've been doing  it for a very long time i'm not going to tell you  

how long because some people don't believe me  but i've been doing this for a very long time

valentina says i love the smell of newborn babies

you know what i'm not sure what the smell of a  newborn baby actually is to be honest i don't know

here we go then i really don't know  what what a newborn baby smells like  

i've never been near a newborn baby that's the  reason why here we go then this is an excerpt from  

one of my full english lessons we will have six  minutes of this and then i will be back with you  

as live as live can be stay calm relax  and whatever you do don't get outraged  

do you ever find yourself feeling outraged by  something you have seen or heard when this happens  

a person might say that they feel outraged by  it the emotion they feel is outrage the thing  

they feel outraged by is outrageous these days  people seem to become outraged by many things  

trivial moments of time are blown out of  proportion by generating outrage among people  

did you hear the outrageous comment  that politician made yesterday  

it's an outrage mr duncan is talking  about outrage which i think is outrageous  

the word outrage refers to the feeling of anger  caused by something that appears offensive  

rude unfair or upsetting you feel dear mr duncan  was it really necessary for you to start your  

lesson off by shouting loudly as it made me fall  off the toilet and hit my head on the wash basin  

yes that's right i watch you whilst sitting on  a toilet i find it helps to move things along  

a bit please don't do it again yours  annoyed and slightly injured mr Lomax

we live in an age where trends and fashions come  and go at a very fast pace today's new fad very  

quickly ends up being yesterday's dumb thing  something new soon becomes old hat and stale  

this seems to happen more and more these days  whether it's music trends or fashion ideas or  

the latest piece of high-tech such as an updated  mobile phone or computer console like the tide  

the trends come in and go out a short-lived  fashion can be described as being a flash  

in the pan this expression clearly shows  the existence of something that became  

immensely popular albeit for a short time it  was just a flash in the pan it was short-lived  

in a figurative sense it is  here today and gone tomorrow

breakfast time my favourite time of the day

here we go again another breakfast with  mr slurpee i really want to tell him how  

annoying his noisy eating is and look at that  porridge that's not how you make porridge  

what on earth is he wearing there a wolverine  t-shirt for goodness sake grow up man you  

are 50 years old i really want to tell him how  annoying he is but it will only hurt his feelings  

look at him filling his smug face with milky  porridge and he never stops going on about english

is there a problem mr duncan for crying out  loud do you have to eat your porridge like that  

it's so annoying and that's not even how you  make porridge it's too weak you always add  

too much milk and what's with the t-shirt it's a  comic book character you are not a child anymore  

for goodness sake grow up you are 50 years old  

start acting like an adult you are so  immature and childish it's not just one thing  

it's everything about you and another thing you  never stop talking about english all day you go  

on and on about english this in english  that i really can't take it anymore

you want to hurt me go right ahead  if it makes you feel any better  

i'm an easy target yeah you're right  i talk too much i also listen too much  

i could be a cold-hearted cynic like you  but i don't like to hurt people's feelings

well you think what you like about me i'm not  changing i like i like me my viewers like me

my students like me because i'm  the real article what you see

is what you get


so there it was an excerpt from one of my full  english lessons and there are over you're not  

going to believe this there are now over 900  videos on my youtube channel lots of lessons  

that i've recorded over the years and  my full english lessons are just one  

of many lessons that i've made over the  years including my live streams as well

yes look can you see what i've got here i've  got my santa claus hat christmas is on its way  

yes i won't be wearing it today because i  think it's a little bit too early however we  

might be wearing our santa claus hats on sunday  when mr steve comes to join me in the studio  

so it might be happening on sunday but there  is my santa claus hat ready because we are just  

how many days is it is it nine days  away from christmas and i think it's 15  

15 days until the end of the  year so we only have 15 more days  

of 2020 to deal with would you like to have a look  at a mystery idiom here is a mystery idiom and  

it's something for you to look at to think about  and consider this is a well-known expression in  

the english language here it is now so this is a  well-known phrase used quite often in english and  

all you have to do is look at what is happening on  the screen and then just say what you see what you  

see is what you say so there it is today's mystery  idiom can you see it keep watching oh so this is  

a well-known expression in england so if you know  what the expression is and also tell me what the  

expression means so not only the expression but  also i want to know what it means so there it  

is today's mystery idiom i will show you one  more time because i'm very fair are you ready

just say what you see it is a  well-known expression in english

but what is it if you know please  let me know on the live chat  

i did mention christmas here is something that i  bought at the weekend mr steve by the way thinks  

i'm completely crazy he does he's decided that i  am completely mad because at the weekend i bought  

a couple of mischievous elves  to put near the christmas tree  

and i think that these make a wonderful addition  to my festive display would you like to see them  

so here they are they are my naughty elves they  are a very big trend at the moment here in the uk  

a lot of people are buying these and these little  elves here are very mischievous i don't know what  

they're doing there but it would appear that one  of them is getting very amorous with the other one  

very a very strange moment of time there so i  bought these at the weekend i couldn't resist  

because i thought they looked quite cute  and apparently a lot of people like to put  

them in very rude positions as well so there  they are my little mischievous naughty elves

and quite often at christmas we will see  elves quite often helping father christmas  

for those wondering what an elf is it is a small  creature a small person but these particular elves  

are a little naughty you can probably tell  from the expressions on their faces so i  

mentioned christmas and yes i suppose i should  also show you my christmas lights that are now  

sparkling and shimmering and flashing  on the front of my house would you  

like to have a look at my christmas  lights okay let's do that right now

i couldn't resist showing that again yes i know  i showed it last week but i thought it would be a  

nice idea to get into the christmas i suppose the  christmas spirit would that be a good word to use  

i think so so we are all getting into the  christmas spirit i think it's around nine days  

is it nine days till christmas i can't believe it  and only 15 days left of 2020 between you and me  

may i just be completely frank and blunt i can't  wait for 2020 to go away i really can't what a  

year it's been thank you for your comments  beautiful lighting thank you very much for  

that it's very kind of you to say i think a lot of  people have already put their christmas lights up  

and their christmas trees however guess what we  haven't done it yet we haven't put the christmas  

tree up in the house we haven't done it so i think  maybe this week we will be doing that i think so  

during the week we've had quite a few answers  come through on the mystery idiom oh very nice  

so quite a few people are now coming through with  their answers on the mystery idiom that's good  

there are some very unusual words that exist in  the english language would you like to have a  

look at some of them right now so i always  think it's nice to look at some new words  

maybe new words maybe unusual or strange words  that exist in the english language some strange  

english words so we are going to look at  i think we'll look at four four strange  

english words and we'll do that right now here we  go then so here is the first strange english word

oh the word is there it is  at the top admonish admonish

can you see it on the screen admonish is  in the corner of your screen right now

hmm admonish but what does it mean mr duncan  well there are many ways of using this word  

the word admonish can also mean caution as well  so you might admonish someone you might caution  

someone you caution a person so maybe you give  them some sort of warning maybe you tell them  

something that they need to know to help them  or protect them you admonish someone or maybe  

you punish someone by saying something in the form  of a warning quite often we will admonish children  

it is not unusual for people to admonish children  because quite often children don't realize how  

dangerous the world around them actually is you  see so we will have to often admonish our children  

or a person who does not pay attention or  maybe a person who needs some advice that  

can help them you caution them you warn them you  reprimand someone so that is a form of punishment  

maybe you might say that reprimanding a person  is to actually give some some person a warning  

of some sort and of course reproach which again is  a very similar thing you are reacting to something  

maybe something that a person has done or said  so you admonish them you reproach that person you  

issue a warning so if you issue a warning it  means you are saying something that is often said  

maybe in anger or as a way of putting a person  right or maybe putting them in the right place  

maybe they say something they shouldn't maybe  they do something they shouldn't you might often  

issue a warning so when we say issue we  mean give you issue a warning you warn  

someone don't do that again stay away from  the fire you should never run with scissors  

you are issuing a warning perhaps at work  you are always late for work maybe your boss  

will issue a warning he will give you or  she will give you a warning telling you  

not to be late again and finally on the  list tell off you might tell off someone  

so if you tell off a person it means you are  warning them or you are giving them a warning  

you tell them off don't be late again or else  i will have to give you a written warning  

this is the third time that you've been late this  week you are not concentrating enough in your job  

you tell off someone you admonish someone it's  a great word i like that word i like it a lot  

shall we have a look at another one okay here's  another word an unusual word used quite often in  

the english language eschew oh mr  duncan this is a very strange word  

it looks strange as well it looks very  weird on the screen there it is s2  

and quite often we use this as maybe a verb we  are saying something that you do you are doing  

something you eschew something maybe you give up  you avoid you shun so if you push something aside  

or if you avoid something you push it away or you  pretend that it's not there you push it aside you  

push it away you eschew something that's a great  word a very strange word i believe it comes from  

i want to say german and i think it has  something to do with shun so i think it's  

actually a formula or a formulation of the  word for shun in german and we also abstain  

as well you might avoid something you avoid doing  something you esteem something a very strange word  

also we have steer clear of so if you steer clear  it means you stay away perhaps you are i don't  

know maybe sailing a boat so you steer clear it  means you go round something you avoid something  

or maybe you turn your back on someone you  estu a person you give up you avoid you shun  

you abstain you steer clear of something  we have oh hello su-man su-man is here  

hello can you admonish a football player well  you can give a warning to them if they are  

i don't know maybe they are playing in  an unfair way you can admonish a person  

hello hack lau nice to see you here as well  beatriz says i am so busy but i am listening  

to you and paying attention at the same time mr  duncan i am so sorry don't worry it's all right  

here's another english word  another strange english word  

perhaps you've seen this word before stifle  it's a great word you stifle to stifle something  

so quite often we use this as a verb you  stifle something you smother something  

you smother it means you cover something up maybe  an animal or a person you smother them i don't  

recommend that you do that by the way please don't  do that please don't smother anyone including an  

animal however you can also smother a fire so  maybe there is a fire raging away and you can  

throw something over the fire to smother the  fire which basically means you are cutting off  

the oxygen so a person you might smother them or  a fire you might smother the fire you take away  

the oxygen so the air is no longer getting to  the fire so it will go out it will stop burning

we can also choke as well choke  so if something stifles you  

it takes away your air or maybe oh it chokes you  like earlier today when i was choking on my water  

you can suppress something you can  stifle something maybe information  

maybe something that people are interested in  maybe something people want to talk about however  

there are people who don't want you to talk about  that so they will stifle the conversation they  

will stifle the information they will suppress the  information they will stop people talking about it  

repress is another great word as well so suppress  and repress can be used as synonyms you push  

down on something you stop it from breathing  you stop something from moving around you  

stifle it you take away its air you remove its  ability to breathe or or be spread around restrain  

to hold back to stifle to repress suppress  choke smother and then finally we have prevent  

you might prevent something from being said you  stifle information you suppress information so the  

word stifle is used quite often when something is  being withheld or maybe something is being stopped  

stifle you might stifle a person's freedom you  might suppress their freedom you might repress  

them you might prevent them from being free oh  mr duncan some very controversial words today

valentina says i hate people who stifle  conversation yes i know what you mean so you know  

my opinion on this i believe that everyone should  have the right to say what they think it doesn't  

necessarily mean that they are right or wrong so  from my point of view i'm always or i have i've  

always been very keen on freedom of expression to  stifle something to suppress something is to stop  

a person from expressing what they think and it  does happen quite a lot nowadays one more strange  

word and then we will move on i will give you the  answer to today's mystery idiom in a few moments

oh here's an interesting word  subterfuge there it is subterfuge  

the word subjective huge it's not easy to  say by the way subterfuge it can be a trick  

maybe something you are trying to do without  another person knowing or realizing subterfuge  

you do it without another person knowing without  the other person realizing that you are doing  

something that isn't real or  maybe you are trying to hide  

the fact that you are doing something maybe ploy  so here's another unusual word you might say that  

this is a strange word as well ploy so maybe a  plan to do something in a certain way is apply  

your plan the thing that you are going  to do to another person is your ploy  

ruse i like this word again another strange word  the ruse is the thing that you are going to do  

you are trying to deceive someone deception is  of course the action of deceiving someone so the  

deception is the thing that you've done to trick  a person into believing something that isn't real  

and we have oh here's a this is one of the worst  words in english to spell very few people can  

spell this word correctly maneuver maneuver so  again if you maneuver it means you are carrying  

out some sort of operation or maybe something  you are doing is a maneuver perhaps in the army  

a group of soldiers will move in a certain  direction they will try to move without being seen  

it is a maneuver they are doing something  that has been planned and finally on the list  

we have the word dodge so to trick someone  to avoid something something you are doing  

that you want to keep hidden or maybe something  that you don't want another person to actually  

know about yes maneuver used in french yes it is  interesting that this particular word is also used  

in english as well so there are many french words  that we do use in their original form and this is  

a good example a maneuver so a maneuver is just  a movement that has been done in a planned way  

something you have planned to do so there they  are some unusual words we will look at unusual  

words or strange words every wednesday back to  the live chat because i don't want to ignore you  

palmyra says mr duncan did you choke on a  biscuit i did not choke on a biscuit i did  

choke on my water i don't know how i managed it  but i did manage to choke on my water earlier  

hello can i say hello to belarusia again who is  actually i believe you are watching in hospital  

at the moment after your operation yesterday  so i hope you are getting well and we all wish  

you a speedy recovery once more and the  other thing of course is i'm very happy  

that you've managed to get a signal inside  the hospital so you can actually watch me so  

we all send you all the best and we hope you  are back home very soon we really do hello to  

oh racer says i like the smell of gasoline so  that is something we talked about earlier is  

there a smell a certain aroma that you enjoy  some people like the smell of their own bodies

mr duncan that's a very weird thing to say  

but it's true some people do some  people like to to smell themselves

not everyone

they might even like to smell other people i  don't know you see it's a big world out there  

a big world you see some people like these  things and some people some people don't  

mr duncan why don't you make a lesson about  words that can be names and verbs that is  

actually a very good suggestion i have talked  about this in the past actually a few years ago  

i did a lesson all about noun verbs and  i think that would be a very good subject  

to return to again so thank you yes a good idea  thank you alessandra for your suggestion let's  

have a look at today's mystery idiom so  this is something i did in the living room  

this morning for those wondering yes they are  my legs so the thing you are about to see is  

my legs they are my legs there are two legs  so they are my legs they are both my legs

oh dear so the mystery idiom here it is

and i'm about to give you the  answer to the mystery idiom  

mr duncan come on come on mr duncan don't keep  us waiting tell us what the mystery idiom is  

okay here it is then so this is  today's mystery idiom the answer is

pull your socks up pull your socks up  so if you pull your socks up as an idiom  

we are telling a person to improve their their  work or maybe improve their behavior you have to  

concentrate more on your job come on you must pull  your socks up pull your socks up just like this

so it is an expression that we use in english  you must pull your socks up you must improve  

your behavior you must work harder so quite  often we will say pull your socks up as a warning  

a type of warning so we are telling a person  that they have to improve or they have to  

get get better at what they do  you must concentrate more in class  

i'm sorry but you are not concentrating on  your work you need to pull your socks up  

and that is an idiom that we often  use in english pull your socks up

so there it was today's mystery idiom  and now you know the name of the game  

we will have another mystery idiom next week but  i do promise you that you won't have to look at  

my legs next week so don't worry about that  don't panic you won't have to look at my legs  

again now a lot of people think that  this time of year here in england  

a lot of people think that we get snow around  this time of year well guess what sometimes we  

do get snow in england but at the moment we have  no snow nothing however i thought it would be nice  

to share some scenes of snow in england even  though at the moment we have no snow at all  



even though

that video showed all of the snow right now  outside it doesn't look like that at all  

this is what it looks like at the moment we have  no snow at all and it is december mid december and  

normally around this time of year people become  very excited because we are waiting for the snow  

to fall unfortunately right now we have no  snow whatsoever i've just received a message  

on facebook from belarusia now please give me a  moment i'm going to try and see if i can get this  

picture onto my screen i hope i can i'm going  to try something that i've never done before  

or not for a long time anyway i'm  going to try and do a screenshot

a live screen shot so that i can show you  belarusia's picture so let's see if we can do it  

so if this fails i do apologize but  yes we have a photograph from belarusia  

and if i'm very careful i should be able

this is not going to work i  know it is not going to work

oh i think it is going to work  oh my goodness i can't believe it  

it's actually working i feel  very pleased with myself

so here is belarusia and you are watching us  now in hospital and this is now belarusia as  

she is watching us at this very moment  of time i can't believe i've done this  

but it works hello belarusia we can see you in  your hospital bed watching mr duncan's live stream  

so now you can see me but now i can see you as  well isn't that great i can't believe that worked  

i must be honest i'm feeling  rather pleased with myself  

that that actually worked so there is belarusia  so now we can see exactly where you are

thank you very much and once  again as as i said earlier  

we do wish you a speedy recovery please get out  of hospital soon and get back home and of course  

back to work as well because there are a lot of  people they want their teeth fixing including me

can you upload the snow video on your playlist  thank you gia yes i'm not sure if that  

is on my youtube channel or not i'm not  sure i will try to do that yes it worked  

belarusia we can now see you in hospital  watching me in bed in your hospital bed

yes it worked i can't believe it  sometimes i surprise myself i really do  

i will be going in a few moments but i will  be back with you on sunday don't forget  

on sunday i'm back with you live from 2  p.m uk time so i will be live on sunday and  

wednesday which is today so for those  who didn't see this live don't worry  

you can watch it again and hopefully later on  there will be captions as well still i am trying  

to get an answer from youtube i would love to have  have my live captions back but i don't know why  

i can't have them i don't know why it's not fair  how can we send you a picture well you can post a  

picture on my facebook page like belarusia did or  you can send one to my email address if you want  

to get in touch by the way to my email address  well here is the address coming up right now  

and yes i know people don't like it when other  publishers and creators people don't like it when  

they beg but but if you want to send a donation  as well to my paypal you are more than welcome  

to do so and then that will help this continue  don't forget i do all of this for free it costs  

you nothing not a single penny nothing it  costs you nothing hello to oh hello luis mendes  

who is wishing belarusia a speedy recovery  so yes there are ways of sending pictures and  

also greetings as well on facebook or to my email  address as well wow so many people are now joining  

in thank you very much thank you also nikolai  wishing claudia a speedy recovery as do we all

thank you sandra thank you also reem hello  rheem reem says i am new here hi everyone  

welcome and it's nice to see you here today  welcome reem where are you watching at the  

moment welcome to my live stream we will be  going in a few moments i hope you've enjoyed this  

extra english addict it's an extra one and as you  can see behind me already it is starting to get  

dark so behind me that is actually a live  view in the garden and you can see that  

darkness is already falling across the land one  of the subjects we will be talking about on sunday  

is a rather sensitive topic we will  be talking about race on sunday  

mr duncan hello batool hello also  alessandra batul says thank you mr duncan  

for today it's okay i don't mind i love doing this  one of the things i always wish i wish i could  

be on here all the time i really do i wish i  could do four or maybe five live streams every day  

i wish i could but unfortunately as you  know sometimes life can be very chaotic  

sometimes there are many things that you have to  do and sadly that is what i have to do as well  

thank you rosa thank you also rheem thank you  also to sunshine thank you sunshine i wish i had  

some sunshine here right now saudi arabia reem is  watching in saudi arabia hello to you and welcome

icaro icaro says hi everyone hello you're just in  time to see me say goodbye you are just in time  

thank you sandra thank you very much for your  company i am going now i hope you've enjoyed  

this extra english addict and as i always say  enjoy english keep that smile on your face  

as you walk around amongst the human  race a smile is given away for free  

and then who knows someone else  might return that smile to me  

thank you valentin thank you alessandra see you on  sunday don't forget 2pm uk time 2 o'clock uk time  

check the time difference because there might  be a big time difference or maybe a small time  

difference or if you are watching in england there  might be no time difference whatsoever thank you  

very much for your company see you on sunday thank  you very much this is mr duncan in the birthplace  

of english and yes i am going to show you the  lights and perhaps a little bit of snow as well  

after i've said goodbye thank you alexander  alessandra beatriz says goodbye to everyone  

thank you sandra vitesse thank you maliha  it's so nice to have you here today  

and of course until the next time we meet here  on youtube with another english addict live  

this is mr duncan saying thanks  for watching and of course

ta ta for now