Don't worry there's no need to adjust your

television set, or your computer device, or your mobile tablet, or your iPhone,

or your Samsung. Yes it is I Mr Duncan. I'm back everyone! Have you

missed me? I know during September I have been

somewhat quiet. I have decided to take a rest

during September. Between you and me I've had a very busy year

for various reasons, which I'm not going to go into at the moment I'm sure you

know what I'm talking about. Anyway I'm not live at the moment but

I am in a very lovely place. A very nice place that I like to visit

from time to time when I'm feeling a little lonely, a little down maybe.

I want to come somewhere to cheer myself up and I suppose you

might say that I'm very lucky because I live

in a very beautiful place, so I have no shortage of nice

places to walk around in. So here I am around 20 minutes away from my house and

I'm in a very special place called the 99 steps. Right behind me in

fact there are some steps going right up

to the top of this little hill and this particular place has quite

a lot of history especially when it comes to things that were going on

around in this area. Things that were going

on 100... 150 years ago when Much Wenlock and this area was

very different. We used to have can you believe it?

We used to actually have a steam train service that went right through much Wenlock.

By the way there are things falling from

the trees, so if you hear the occasional clatter

or bang that is because things are dropping

from these trees. As I was saying; this area is steeped in history. In fact

this particular place used to be used by the workers

as they made their way to one of the local quarries.

Over the top of this hill there is a huge quarry

In fact over many years stone was quarried around this area.

In fact there is some of the actual stone

in my garden. So in my back garden there is a wall

that is actually built from some of the stone

that came from the quarry behind me. Isn't that interesting? Well I hope it is

anyway. So for those who have missed me don't

worry I'm still alive I'm still well I'm still very happy and I'm always

happy to be here with you. So I hope you are feeling good today. Yes

we are at a very important point here in the UK...

because the autumn equinox is about to happen. The autumn equinox

is a very important time of year because that is when

all of the warm weather, all of the lovely

warm summer days disappear for a few months, to make way for

cold autumnal days and of course dare I say winter!

Oh no let's not talk about winter please can we not talk about winter.

I don't want to discuss winter at all so can we not talk about winter?

I'm not looking forward to winter for many reasons...

I'm sure you know what the reasons are. So this particular area has a lot of

historical interests and I suppose many people like to come this way

for their afternoon walks because it's very tranquil.

There are many lovely places to walk around in

and you might also notice if you listen carefully...

You might hear the sound of the nearby river, so there is a little river,

in fact I think this is a small river maybe even a stream

running right past the place I'm standing in now.

So it's very nice very tranquil... serene. Back to my original topic

Mr Duncan what have you been doing during September?

Well I decided to take a rest I decided to put my live stream

to bed during September. So that's what I'm actually

doing during this month. I've decided to give

my live stream a little bit of a rest. I have decided to put it to bed. When we

put something to bed, it means that we give something a little

rest. We decide to give something a little bit

of time away. Maybe in the winter

a person might put their garden to bed. That means they won't do any more work

in the garden until springtime. However I will be back

with you in October. We have new lessons coming

and also we have more live streams as well.

So don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't

let you slip my mind. You are still very much in my thoughts. So let's have a

little look shall we? Let's have a look at some of the beautiful scenery

around here because it's a beautiful day and autumn is literally just around the corner.

Ah I know one thing... whoa I think I need a little bit more

exercise to keep me fit and well and I think climbing these

steps every day maybe even twice a day

will keep me in the pink!

I think it would be fair to say that 2020 has been quite a hectic year...

especially for farmers. Around here the farmers have had to start their

harvest season much later than usual, which means that

they had to do it all in a much shorter space of time, so that

also involves gathering the crops and preparing the fields for

next year's harvest, so the farmers have been very busy around here 24 hours

a day, morning, noon, through the night

gathering their crops and clearing the fields

ready for 2021. Are you ready for 2021 it's not that far away.

One of the things I love about coming into the countryside and

walking around secluded areas is that you never know what you're going to

come across next. For example, what's going on here?

Someone has decided to lay out a lot of tree branches

in a perfect row. They've decided to lean them

against another tree branch. What's it all about? I have no idea.

Perhaps at night people come up here and maybe they dance

around naked. Maybe they listen to

enchanted music played by angels and fairies that flutter around

in the trees above their heads perhaps. I don't know really.

So anybody... does anybody know why someone would line up some tree branches

like this? Why would they arrange them like this? If you know please tell me

because i would be ever so interested to find out.

I must be honest with you the sensation of trekking

through this little forest feels like I'm going through the Amazon,

or maybe somewhere in Malaysia. It feels very tropical today.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be

the start of autumn. Tomorrow it is the equinox of autumn.

Is there anything nicer than the sound of a river

flowing gently by as the water ripples into the distance without a care

in the world. For those who have difficulty sleeping

and by that I mean those that suffer from

insomnia, They will often lie in bed and listen to a gentle sound such as

the sound of water flowing along a stream...

like this one.

I hope you have enjoyed today's lesson and I hope it has been

useful in some way. Just to let you know I am still all right. I'm okay, even

though I'm taking a rest during September. You don't have to read

anything into it. It doesn't mean I'm ill or unwell. I'm

just taking a little break, but i will be back

with my live stream and also new lessons in October. Don't forget

October is a very busy month because it's also my 14th anniversary

here on YouTube. This is Mr Duncan in the birthplace of English saying

thanks for watching see you again soon and of course

until the next time we meet here... well maybe not here, but maybe in my garden,

or perhaps in my studio. You know what's coming next...

ta ta for now 8-)