They say that anyone can do this well guess  what anyone is doing it here we go it's  

another sunday it's another fun day  it is time to improve your english  

yes this is english addict coming to you live from  the birthplace of english which just happens to be  

oh my goodness i don't believe it england

here we are again hi everybody this is mr  duncan in england how are you today are you okay  

i hope so are you feeling happy i hope you are  feeling happy today because we are back again  

once more across youtube across the internet we  are now live as live can be yes hi we've made  

it to the end of another week and also the end  of another weekend because today it's sunday


beep beep beep beep beep beep it's so  good to be back with you again today

oh it's lovely it's lovely to be here i  don't know why maybe it's because i had a  

wonderful sleep last night but i really do feel  on the ball on the ball it's a great expression  

if you are on the ball it means you are alert you  are ready to do the thing that you have prepared  

earlier and i feel on the ball very  sharp my mind is like a razor blade  

i'm so alert i can't believe it maybe it's because  i had a wonderful sleep last night i had the most  

bizarre dream last night now for those who know  me well you will know that quite often we have  

animals at the back of the house last night i  had a really funny dream i dreamt that some cows  

were put in the field at the back of the house  but not only cows there were also zebras as well  

i don't know why so there were a hundred cows and  also zebras in the field at the back of my house  

according to my subconscious brain isn't that  weird so what does that mean what does it all mean  

the good thing is i had a lovely sleep last night  very restful i went to bed with a smile on my face  

and a skip in my step do you know why we have  such a busy show today i can't begin to tell you  

how much we have coming up today in fact i have so  little time i can't even tell you what is coming  

up today you see so there is so little time i  can't believe it and by the way talking of time  

i was on time today did you notice i wasn't late  oh so that's very nice outside at the moment  

it is a very gloomy day there it is the view  outside the window right now it is a gloomy day  

here in the uk misty it looks well i suppose you  could say that it is very autumnal autumnal today  

it's not an easy word to say it's very  autumnal so we have autumn in the air  

but it is rather misty rather cool and very damp

it is a damp day here in the uk mr steve  has been outside all morning would you like  

to have a little look at what mr steve is up  to so this is what he was doing about around  

about 20 minutes ago i was secretly filming  mr steve would you like to have a look i'm  

not sure what he's doing but i'm sure he will  explain later on when he arrives here he is  

so what is mr steve up to what are you doing  mr steve it looks as if he's doing something  

rather technical maybe some alterations to  the house maybe he is repairing something  

i'm sure steve will explain what he's  doing i'm sure he will tell us all about it  

later on meanwhile we are all  together again on the live chat yes  

one of the most amazing things about this is you  don't just get to see my lovely handsome face  

you can also get involved with the live chat as  well yes we are now live at nine minutes past two  

o'clock on a sunday it is the 8th of november of  course yesterday i suppose yesterday will go down  

in history as the day when there was a big change  in the united states that's all i'm saying maybe  

mr steve will want to talk a little bit about  that later on as i mentioned we have the live chat  

nice to see so many people here already  who was first on the live chat i wonder  

something very unusual i can't remember the last  time this particular person was first on the  

live chat but congratulations tomek guess what  fancy pants you are first on today's live chat  

may i doubt my cap to you good sir thank you very  much for joining me today i hope you are feeling  

good we also have vitesse here sorry vitas your  finger was not fast enough today unfortunately we  

also have olga redwan watching in morocco hello  morocco by the way if you want to tell me where  

you are please tell me so don't just give me your  name i'm also intrigued to find out where you are  

in the world where you are watching  right now hello to lick leet hello cleat  

nice to see you as well florence we  have beatrice we also have lewis mendes

hello lewis a big bonjour to you also  mog mog maria sweetness malia lolly lolly  

wow so many people are here already i can't  believe it we are talking about fame today  

fame being famous being a celebrity so  i thought today an interesting subject  

and one of the reasons why i want  to talk about this today is because  

a couple of days ago i discovered a website this  is amazing there is a website i won't tell you the  

name unless of course they send me lots of money  in which case i will mention the name but there  

is a a website where you can send messages or you  can get a famous celebrity to send you a message  

so you can actually contact a famous person and  you can ask them to send a personal video message  

a celebrity can you believe it although there is  one condition there is one condition you have to  

pay so today i thought it would be interesting to  take a look at some of the people that are on that  

website some of the celebrities and we might also  play the game of the price of fame so how much do  

these celebrities charge for their messages so  today as i mentioned we are talking all about  

fame we are talking about being famous we are  talking about fame being a celebrity fancy that

lots of words lots of phrases connected to being  a celebrity being famous that is what we are doing  

later on oh and as i mentioned we are going to  take a look at some of the well-known celebrities  

some of them are well-known some of them not so  well-known and one or two of them pretending to be  

celebrities so there is a website i'm not going  to give the name i'm not going to tell you the  

name of the website because i think they should  send me lots of money and then i will do it  

but there is a website where you can actually  get a famous person to send you a message so  

we are going to look at that a little bit later  on we also have mr steve as well oh yes mr steve  

will be here don't worry mr steve at the moment  is outside or maybe perhaps he's on the toilet

oh okay mr steve thank you very much

so there is mr steve  

i apologize if you are having your lunch or maybe  your breakfast or your dinner i'm sorry about that  

valentina says oh mr duncan is there really a  website where celebrities can send you personal  

messages yes there is we're going to have a  look at it later on but we are going to guess  

how much the celebrity charges you for the message  so all of the prices are different depending on  

how big they are so that's what we're doing a  little bit later on maybe george clooney can  

send me a birthday greeting hmm i'm not sure  if george clooney is actually on that website  

maybe maybe not we will have a look later on  hello to fly audi hello fly ordy that is very nice  

very nice to see you here today al e ali  says mr duncan i want to be famous like you  

can i can i just say something if there  is one thing that i don't feel like if  

there is one thing that i never wake up  in the morning and consider myself as  

it is a celebrity i don't consider myself famous  or big or a celebrity i think on youtube i am a  

little bit of a secret you see so i always like  to say that i am youtube's best kept secret  

because not a lot of people know that i exist  so if you are here guess what you are now part  

of a very exclusive club fancy pants hello rosa  is here hello to you as well andrew hello andrew  

who is this strange man with the beard oh that's  me by the way yes i have been growing my beard  

so this is another week of my growth  can you see it so my beard is getting  

longer and longer i'm not sure how long to have  my beard i might have it very long i might go  

full david letterman and have a very big bushy  beard perhaps i will look like father christmas  

so we will see what happens someone said mr duncan  you are going to look like chris christopherson  

i'm not sure if that is an insult or a compliment  to be honest i'm not sure i haven't really worked  

out talking of famous people fame is what  we are talking about today being famous  

i suppose one question i could ask before we  carry on here's a good question if i can find it  

have you ever met a famous person  have you ever met a celebrity  

now can i just say that i don't count i do  not count as a celebrity i'm not a celebrity

so please don't say me because  i'm not a celebrity i'm not famous

but have you met someone who is famous have you  ever met a famous person in my life i have met  

a few famous people maybe some  of the people that i've met  

perhaps you've never heard of but i have met in  the past some famous people i might mention later  

on who i've met but i've met one or two big  celebrities big famous people yes in the past

hello heydar haidar asks mr duncan what do you  think about the famous currency called bitcoin  

can i just say i don't fully understand bitcoin  the only thing i know about bitcoin is that  

last year and also the year before the price  of computer memory and also graphics cards for  

computers went very high in price because lots of  people were using these computer parts to trade  

in bitcoins so that's the only thing i know about  bitcoins i don't know anything else new win tran  

hello new win tran nice to see you here today have  you ever met a celebrity have you ever walked down  

the street and have you ever met a celebrity  maybe by chance i remember many years ago  

now this is something i'm going to mention briefly  i remember going to the shops near my house  

going back many years and around the corner from  my house near the shops there was a person who  

appeared in a television series and he was there  just walking around and he came up to me this is  

not a word of a lie he came up and asked if  i knew where the nearest betting shop was  

so if you want to gamble on the horses or  maybe a football match there are places  

you can go to to do that so he was wandering  around and he came up and he said hello mate  

could you tell me do you know where there are  any betting shops around here and i was quite  

shocked because i knew who he was he was  off the telly but i didn't expect to see  

someone off the television around the corner  from my house it was a very weird moment of time  

bill dean was his name bill dean so you can look  him up on wikipedia sadly no longer with us but  

many years ago i did meet him by chance around the  corner from my house very very surreal moment so  

it is possible to actually meet a famous p person  a famous individual without even knowing it or  

maybe something you weren't planning to do you see  it can happen sometimes hello to sergio sergio is  

here as well nice to see you we also have oh we  have the sentence game coming up today if we have  

time if mr steve doesn't talk too much every week  it happens i always say to mr steve mr steve you  

have to speak less you have to keep your sentences  shorter but you know what mr steve is like

all the time mr steve can't stop talking  so hopefully we will have time to play the  

sentence game have you ever met oh fly audi  hello fly fly ordy says i met richard gere  

when i was young really well he was quite a  heartthrob in the 1980s and 1990s richard gere  

i remember richard gere in  an officer and a gentleman  

that very famous scene at the end when  he picks his beautiful girlfriend up  

he carries her through the factory and out of  the door and all of the girls all of the other  

girls in the factory are so jealous and envious  because she has richard gere can you believe it  

i wonder if the hamster was there  hello khan new in hello also to jo  

jose or jose is it jose or jose  i hope i pronounced it right  

hello also nassar wow so many people are  here today thank you very much for joining me  

a lot of people saying i met a celebrity called  mr duncan i'm not a celebrity i think i might  

have a t-shirt printed i'm going to have a t-shirt  printed and it's going to say i'm not a celebrity  

because i'm not i'm not there are many very  famous celebrities here on youtube but i i am  

not one of them have you ever met anyone famous  i wonder if mr steve has ever met anyone famous  

we are talking about fame i'm going to have a  little break i'm going to show you an excerpt  

just to get you in the mood i'm going to show  you an excerpt from one of my english lessons  

where i talk all about fame and being  a celebrity and also coming up later on  

we are going into the kitchen to make something  very nice ah so don't go away stay tuned

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are  you today are you okay i hope so are you happy i  

hope so in today's lesson we are going to take a  look at something that seems to take up so much  

of our attention these days in this lesson we are  going to take a look at fame and being a celebrity

the word famous is an adjective that means  publicly known easily recognizable prominent  

well-known celebrated eminent in the public eye we  use the word fame to state that a thing is famous  

so fame is a noun and famous is an adjective we  can also describe a person who is famous as a star  

the word is often prefixed with the thing they  are famous for doing or the field that they are in  

music star football star tv star movie star pop  star a famous person can be described as a star  

personality or as a celebrity more often than  not the word celebrity is used especially when  

describing an event where famous people will be  seen a celebrity dinner or a celebrity gala the  

word glitzy can also be used which describes  an event where many famous people will be

it is possible to be famous for anything fame  is often achieved for doing something positive  

normally a famous person will have some sort of  outstanding talent or ability of course it is also  

possible to be famous for a negative reason being  well known for doing something bad is a kind of  

fame but in this case we will often describe them  as infamous someone who has gone down in history  

for doing something despicable and barbaric will  more often than not be described as being infamous

of course there are many drawbacks  and disadvantages of being famous  

one of the biggest problems comes with the loss  of privacy many celebrities find that their  

privacy is often invaded which can create a lot of  stress and anxiety for those on the receiving end  

newspaper journalists and photographers will  often try to interview and photograph as many  

celebrities as possible the people doing this  are often referred to as paparazzi the paparazzi  

will follow and sometimes chase celebrities for  that exclusive picture so being a celebrity is  

not always glamorous or fun or pleasurable  there are many downsides to being famous

it would appear that nowadays everyone wants  to become famous everywhere you look there are  

opportunities being offered to those who want  to hit the big time and become famous in their  

own right of course in reality most people  would rather stay out of the public gaze  

they would rather stay anonymous and unknown  the pressure that comes with being famous  

is not easy to handle there are many cases  where a person suffers because of their fame  

they cannot handle the pressure they feel  overwhelmed by the attention they get  

unfortunately once you've become famous it  often takes a long time to adjust to the new  

lifestyle some enjoy being in the limelight  and handle the attention well while others  

crack up under the pressure leading them to take  drastic measures to keep going the pressure to  

perform well or to keep that energy going can  lead a person to find ways in which to stay  

on top drink and drinks tend to be the quick  fix solutions to these fame related problems  

well there it was some excerpts from one of  my lessons all about fame and yes if you look  

underneath this video you will find the link to  the whole video can you believe it it is there yes  

here we go yes it's english addict it's now  

half past two and i think we  know what that means don't we

i don't know why i love throwing mr  steve when i throw mr steve it means i  

ask him to do something that he wasn't  prepared for so i'm sorry about that  

steve yes here he is it's mr steve would you  like a round of applause here here we go then

hello it is mr steve semois how are you mr  duncan how am i i'm super duper not too bad  

as i explained earlier i had a great sleep last  night even though i had a very strange dream about  

cows and zebras at the back of the house very  strange dream i don't know what that was all about  

anyway we have a lot to get through today we're  talking about fame celebrity we're going to  

also go into the kitchen we are going to take  a look at something that we recorded last night  

mr steve was making something in the kitchen and  we will be going in there to take a look in around  

about 15 minutes from now so yes that's what we're  doing we're talking about fame celebrity we have  

the sentence game coming up as well we also have  the live chat hello to the live chat oh i like  

the live chat hello to everybody hello hello  hello i've been very busy mr duncan as you know  

saw you filming me oh yes  another thing we need to clear up  

steve what what were you doing outside so this  is mr steve this is what he was doing earlier  

about an hour ago yes so there is steve there  i am yes well steve what are you doing i'm  

replacing the old guttering so the guttering what  is guttering the guttering as you can see there's  

guttering there just behind me so guttering  is a plastic that takes the water off the  

edge of your roof and stops it pouring down in  an uncontrolled way and takes it away down the  

side and into the drain you know one of the worst  things you can have is dripping water especially  

at night when you're asleep so those pieces of  black plastic you can see are actually there  

to prevent the water from spilling over the  edge of the roof and going everywhere else  

thus causing not only damage but also a horrible  noise as well so it looks as if oh you're  

repairing this are you steve no i'm taking the  old see do you see where that box is well you are  

eventually going to repair it underneath that box  is the old guttering because it cracked cracked  

uh and i couldn't i couldn't repair it it  was beyond repair so um i had some guttering  

that was left over from we had some work done  to the house earlier okay and there was some  

guttering left over so i thought oh i'll  keep that and i'll use it because i know i  

need to replace that little bit of guttering  that's just above the garage roof there um  

so yes i can turn my hand to anything mr duncan  yes so have you finished it i finished it  

really i finished it literally half an hour before  no 20 minutes before this live stream started yeah  

i finished it and i don't know whether it's  working it is actually raining okay outside i got  

a bit wet so we will see if if i go up the stairs  to the bedroom later and i'm walking through water  

then then i will know that you've got it wrong  and i had to replace the old brackets because  

guttering now is different it's slightly bigger  than it was when our house was built in the late  

60s so it wouldn't fit on the old brackets i had  to replace the brackets as well apparently rain  

has got larger apparently the raindrops are much  larger now than they used to be probably what it  

is is when this house was built in the late 60s  yeah we were using imperial measurements oh okay  

so that sort of british measurements yes uh and  i would i would imagine now that the guttering is  

is european standard and it's slightly bigger so  it doesn't fit the old bracket so i had to replace  

the brackets as well but hopefully we won't get  any more drips and any more leaks which will  

won't ruin the flat roof below yes talking of  drips yes it's mr steve here today and also  

mr duncan in fact two drips follow me a drip mr  duncan well i just called myself one as well so it  

doesn't really matter doesn't if you call someone  a drip it means that they're a bit silly a bit  

stupid of course a lot of people were excited last  night a lot of people celebrating a lot of cheers  

on in the street a lot of people waving their arms  because yes mr steve was cooking in the kitchen  

so yesterday was a very special day because we  decided yesterday last night in fact we decided to  

go into the kitchen we will be doing that in a few  moments so yesterday was a very special day and  

uh something else happened yesterday as well  something what was it i'm sure people have  

been mentioning that something in america wasn't  something in america that place have you heard of  

america they call it the united states something  was happening there i'm not quite sure what it was  

no i've heard it was quite big yeah they haven't  really been talking about it very much on the  

news have they yeah they've hardly mentioned it  of course they have we know what's happened in  

america don't we surprise well it's quite a big  surprise i think in a way yes uh well anyway are  

we going to talk about it or not well that's  it we we have talked about it have you already  

spoken about it before i came on no i don't want  to talk too much about it because not everyone  

is interested in politics and to be honest with  you if i was brutally honest i'm not all that  

interested at the moment because for the past few  weeks it's all we've been hearing about even here  

in england so it isn't even our country  it's nothing to do with us and yet our news  

services the media here in england have been  talking non-stop about it so there well of course  

we are closely aligned to the usa always have been  there they say we've got a special relationship  

do you remember that special relationship  where we had our asses kicked when they  

kicked us out of the country yes that's a very  special relationship when was that that's like  

sorry you kicked two out of that that little  event called the american civil war oh yeah  

but i mean since then obviously we've been  getting on since then when they they booted  

the british out and everything went a little  bit i'm talking about the like since since the  

war really we've had this special we always talk  about this special relationship politicians here  

and in america talk about this special  relationship well we will see we will see if the  

sparkle comes back to the relationship anything  going on on the live stream uh not really oh mr  

duncan you are mr duncan you look very handsome  see i saw that and you ignored it i don't like it  

do you see that did you see what happened  then steve ignored the compliment for me  

yes i'm going to keep a very close eye  on this live chat today just to make sure  

so we have celebrities we have fame we have  words connected to it also here's something steve  

have you ever met a famous person have you  ever met a famous celebrity maybe an actor  

because you know you've done a little bit of  acting in your life anyone famous no i don't think  

i've i don't think i ever have met anybody famous  i've seen somebody famous i saw tom jones the  

singer okay once in an airport he passed by me yes  and uh went straight into the first class section  

yes of the uh the customs well i happen to know  that tom jones tom jones the famous welsh singer  

has told many of his friends that he's met you  so he often talks about it he says i remember  

i i remember i can't do i can't do a tom jones  impression but he said yeah i saw mr steve going  

through an airport many years ago he was much  younger then but then again so was tom jones  

i've met someone famous you've met lots of famous  people haven't you i have here's here's one famous  

person that i've i've actually met close your  eyes okay i'm gonna do something dope don't panic

okay so there is someone i've met can you guess  who it is can i open my eyes mr duncan we can open  

them it won't help you oh i can't see anything  okay then who am i mr duncan yeah who are you can  

you guess who it is i can is it something you've  just pulled off the wall over there mr duncan  

well it might be but because can you guess it is  a celebrity who i think looks very similar to mr  

steve has he been in die hard he has uh okay then  well we all know who it is then don't we mr duncan  

so who is it i can't remember his name but uh if  you're saying i look like this person then i'm  

flattered in a way because he's a bit of a  hunk you know i i didn't mean to do that steve  

i thought you would know his name you know  what i'm like with names i ca i'm very bad  

at remembering people's names and uh can i take  this off mr duncan you have to be very careful  

because i'm using very strong sticky tape  you know what it's like do you ever watch  

those dramas or horror films where  a person has tape over their mouth  

and there's always a scene where they pull  off the tape very quickly it makes a sort of  

noise when they tear it off so i don't want  to do that to you steve so i will gently  

yeah do it gently it is so tempting should i  do it myself it is so tempting to because oh  

ow sorry taking the top layer of skin  off mr duncan oh my gosh are you doing

it was the person you couldn't name i can't  remember his name has anybody got the name  

yes bruce willis bruce willis thank you very  much so i have met bruce willis i've met bruce  

willis can you believe it have you and he's met  me what did you say to him i said hello bruce i  

said look can i just say that you've made some  really good movies but you've also made some  

terrible movies as well some of your movies have  been really rubbish he didn't mind though because  

i think i think he's a big a big celebrity and i  think he's used to criticism maybe he gets a lot  

of criticism so i said i loved you and die hard  but that there are hudson hawk you were really  

terrible in that it's one of your worst movies  but he didn't mind he said i know that's okay  

that's a fair point hudson hawk was a terrible  movie but they did pay me eight million dollars to  

appear in it you know me so so who is who really  is the loser yeah so that told me never heard of  

that film mr duncan yes most people haven't heard  of it vita says it's probably a big tragedy in  

russia that trump didn't win oh okay uh probably  is okay yes anyway and we're not talking about  

politics we're not talking about politics  we're certainly not going to talk about it  

we're not going to talk about the us election  because everyone's talking about it so we are  

we are being different we are moving away from  the mainstream but have we got anything else to  

talk about yes we've got loads of things we're  going we're going into the kitchen in a few  

moments we are going into the kitchen because  last night mr steve decided to bake something  

you see ah there is a clue in what i just said and  then after that we will come back and then we will  

probably talk about celebrity words and also  we will play the sentence game later on oh  

i look forward to the sentence game so don't go  away still lots of things to come your way today  

and we will be going into the kitchen in a  few moments i've met lots of famous people  

i told the story a few moments ago about the the  actor from television who i saw by my house he was  

wondering around by your house yes i've told you  this story well i can't remember i might say yes  

very weird moment of time so what about you out  there in youtube land have you ever met a famous  

person maybe you've met one of the members of  bts who bts bts what's that we are talking k-pop  

k-pop steve oh is that uh korea korean pop music  yeah korean pop music so yes maybe you've met oh  

i have met a fame we we met a star didn't  we we thought we met a famous k-pop star  

last year when we were in paris okay going up in  the lift if you remember oh yes there was someone  

staying at the hotel yes that we were staying at  in paris last year and we thought he may have been  

famous because he was dressed like a celebrity  but also he had people with him didn't he  

he had people with him he was very young good  looking i would say and they were going to the  

very top floor yes they were going all the way  up to all the way up to the top the penthouse  

and you said afterwards i bet he's a k-pop  star yes it was very hard to i wanted to say  

hello to him but he i think he would have been  embarrassed he was with some other people as well  

and they they were quite big and and maybe they  would i don't know break my arm or something bts  

it sounds like a disease behind the scenes that's  what it means behind the scenes behind the scenes  

so it's a very famous group there are many k-pop  groups but bts at the moment are very big here in  

england can you believe it a lot of people love  k-pop well we've got a fan of of bts here yes car  

can you win loves k-pop and bts you see here we  go then steve are you ready to play well not play  

that was the wrong word you see i meant to  use another word there steve can you guess  

what word it was watch yes well done you see  i'm paying attention so you might not be able  

to remember the name of bruce willis but you  you definitely know what i meant to say then  

you sort of given a clue when you said that you  were going to in 15 minutes put on a video yes  

okay here we go then this will take around  about 15 minutes as well can you believe it  

well in 15 minutes you watch this you could  actually cook the things that i'm actually  

demonstrating so we are going to do some baking  right now and then we will be back at around about  

three o'clock and we will continue but enjoy as  we go into the kitchen to see what is cooking  

hi everybody welcome to mr duncan's  kitchen on a saturday night and guess what  

mr steve is going to show us  how to make his magic scones  

the only problem is we are missing one important  ingredient and that is mr steve come on mr steve  

hello hello here he is here i am this normally  is an english teaching channel but today it's  

a cookery channel so you can learn how to make  scones or scones and learn some new english words  

as well so without any more messing about let's  get on with it shall we i'm ready mr duncan i  

have all my ingredients laid out here on  this rather small area that i'm going to  

make these scones on so right the most  important thing is this uh uh weighing device  

scales and i use the old-fashioned uh  non-electronic ones i've had these since  

i was about 20. right so first ingredient  of course i've got my cookery book here  

this is a very big uh the good housekeeping guide  mr duncan wants to put a good housekeeping book  

i've had this again my mother bought this for  me when i was about 18 when i left home and it's  

got everything in here you could possibly want  to cook so on page 378 it tells me how to make  

scones so the first thing is i want eight ounces  of self-raising flour so we're going to weigh this

here we go eight full ounces it's self-raising  of course because we want the scones  

to rise in the oven so that they're nice  and delicate and spongy and nice to eat  

so we also want to make it rise even more so  we add some baking powder so it just helps  

it to rise a bit more so how much do we want mr  duncan baking powder we want one level teaspoon  

now here is my magic spoons uh they have all  the uh the different measurements that you  

might need in cookery so uh what did i say  half a teaspoon or whole teaspoon mr duncan  

you're the chef what does it say let's check again  one level teaspoon of baking powder there we go  

uh we also want some salt we want half a teaspoon  of salt which sounds odd for cakes let's just uh  

i don't know why we put salt in i think it's  because that's just a flavor so we need to  

sieve everything to make sure there aren't any  lumps and it also helps to mix the ingredients  

plus i just like sieving sieve this is  a sieve so it uh takes out all the lumps  

and also creates my goodness a big cloud of  flour at the same time i'll put this over here  

there we go so i'll give it a bit of a mix i'll  give it a bit of a mix mr duncan just to make  

sure that all those other ingredients are mixed up  now they always say you want cool hands for baking  

because if your hands are sticky and hot  everything gets sticky right now we've  

got to add some fat to this mr duncan  how much do we need we want one to two  

ounces of butter which is 25 to 50 grams  eight ounces of flour by the way is 225 grams  

of flour so i'm going to add two ounces because i  can and two ounces will make it just a little bit  

more rich than it otherwise would have been  in fact i might just add a little bit more  

there we go two ounces of fat any old fat will do  so we put the the fat into there with the flour  

and then we've got to mix it all up i like this  bit so you sort of squash the flour with the fat  

and eventually it all sort of combines together  and i should be using a bigger bowl really can  

you describe this as kneading no this isn't  kneading yet this is just sort of mixing  

you're just blending the fat with the flour  and what happens is it turns into sort of bread  

crumbs it's quite magic the way it happens and of  course we need to get it nice and evenly mixed up  

here we go make sure it's all blended in i'm  not really using the correct bowl you normally  

use a bigger bowl but i haven't got one because  i broke it it's only recently that i've started  

actually baking again now can you  see what's happened here mr duncan  

all the flour has blended with the fat and we've  got sort of breadcrumbs a breadcrumby effect  

yes it's quite magic isn't it so i can't  believe that this will eventually become  

scones well it will and i'm just i can feel the  odd little bit of fat here so i'm just trying to  

blend it in to make sure it's all correctly  done because we don't want any sort of lumps of  

unblended fat right my mother always used to say  you want cool hands for making cakes right there  

we go it's always messy doing this don't expect  this to be not messy wear all old clothes now  

we need to add some milk we want a  quarter of a pint of milk or 150 mils  

now don't add it all in at once because this  is quite important because we don't want  

the mixture to become sticky we want it to go  into a consistency that's a bit like bread dough  

so i'm going to add a quarter of a pint of  milk but we're not going to put it all in  

but we're going to leave some of it out because  we don't want it to get sticky because we won't  

be able to turn it into nice shapes if it does  go too sticky then we can just add some more  

flour to it and i'm going to get in there with my  hands because there's nothing more satisfying than  

needing a bit of dough that's perfect mr duncan  we just want it like that so that we can just  

it doesn't stick to our hands if it sticks  your hands add more flour but it's best to add  

less than they suggest right so next stage  mr duncan is that i like fruit scones  

here's the fruit raisins there we go uh i  like raisins i like sweet scones but mr duncan  

wants cheese in his oh yes there we go so there's  some cheese that i grated one of the things i've  

noticed steve is if you grate cheese it becomes  more much easier to handle you can you can handle  

it much easier right so because mr duncan wants  cheese in his i'm going to split this in half  

uh and then i'm going to um make the cheese ones  with one half so i'll approximately cut it in half  

like that i'll just see whether they are the same  eight ounces eight ounces so that's mr duncan so  

these are approximately the same and now i'm  going to put cheese in uh we probably should  

have done this before but it doesn't matter we  can do it afterwards so there in goes the cheese  

and then i'm just gonna sort of mash it in there  so you're mixing the cheese into the dough yes  

but probably if i wasn't splitting this into two  lots i would have probably added the cheese in  

when i was mixing it in earlier but because  mr duncan's awkward and he wants cheese  

i do then i'm gonna i'm gonna mix it in now i  love cheese it doesn't really matter because  

we've got the perfect consistency for the  dough here it's not sticking to my fingers  

so we'll blend the cheese in there you can  add all sorts of things to this you might be  

interested to note that i haven't added any sugar  to this because you don't have to for scones right  

there's mr duncan's that's ready we're not going  to overdo it the secret we're cooking you don't  

overdo it now i'm going to split it into three i'm  going to roll it a bit and i'm going to split it  

into three scones for mr duncan yeah because  he's important so there we go well i didn't  

know i might be able to get more than three  i'll do three because that'll be quite nice  

there we go they're going to be very big scones  they are going to be very big scans now all  

i'm going to do is roll them like that not not  gonna mess around with them and put them on to  

uh a baking sheet which has some flour  on because i don't want it to stick

we don't need to be fussy with this you  can get proper things for cutting out  

nice shapes but we're not going to bother  we're just going to shovel onto the  

baking tray like that and then here's mine i don't  want cheese in mine so we want raisins in mind  

so i'm just going to add a handful of raisins  that'll do we don't we would have to measure it  

just a few so i'm going to just blend that  in the fluid like i did with the cheese  

and out of one mixture i've got two different  types of stone which is i think that's very  

clever of me don't you mind i think it's  very not only clever but also resourceful  

yes it shouldn't really handle this very  much because it can affect the way it rises  

now i'm going to get three scones out of this as  well so there we go one two that's about right one

there we go don't need to be too precise with  it roll it up stick it on the on the baking tray  

that's ready to go in the oven one more thing to  do we're just going to uh glaze we're going to  

put some milk on the top which just when they  bake it gives it a nice color you can use egg  

mixture for this which makes it look a bit better  it just gives it a nice color when it's cooked it  

makes them look brown egg egg works better but you  waste a whole egg just to to just to do this right  

one baking tray into a hot oven so so now we're  going to put these into the oven here we go oh  

can you see what i've already got in there mr  steve has mr steve you have something else i have  

our tea cooking in there already which is chili  con carn i assume so the oven's already on so i'm  

not wasting electricity by just putting it on to  cook the scones i've got the chilli in the bottom  

scones in the top right now we've got to time this  mr duncan there we go we'll start that okay it's  

done mr duncan the scones are in the oven what  we're going to do we're going to have a little  

break and then we're going to come back to see if  the chili con car and also the scones have cooked  

as they should and then we'll eat them tomorrow  live we will we will have one of the scones  

on the live stream okay does that sound like  a good idea okay see you in a few moments

they're ready mr duncan switch that off okay  mr duncan they're coming out of the oven

look at that oh my goodness and i shall put them  on this cooling rack there we go oh my god voila  

look at those now they are the most amazing scones  that i've ever seen um i had to put them in for 15  

minutes uh because they hadn't really browned  off okay yours have browned off more than mine  

you there's these are the cheese ones here and  these are obviously the fruit ones here yeah  

yours are browned off more because i think it's  because they've got cheese in them but they will  

be done yeah i think it's safe to say that we have  success one thing worth mentioning if something is  

browned off it can also mean annoyed or if you  are sick and tired of something something can  

make you feel annoyed you are you are you've had  enough of it you are feeling down you're feeling  

depressed you are feeling browned off anyway  that's it steve let's go shall we yes i often  

feel browned off with mr duncan around that's nice  you like my clothes they're all warm and toasty  

steve's got his oven gloves they are very warm  right we're off to cook the rest of tonight's  

meal and tomorrow we'll eat the scones yes on  the live stream tomorrow we are going to eat  

one of these scones each i will have a cheese one  and mr steve will have one of the fruit scones  

and that's it i will return  you back live to the studio

i hope you enjoyed that well we enjoyed doing that  we enjoyed doing that didn't we steve we did yes  

and we we we're also going to enjoy eating them uh  as promised mog says that uh they like chocolate  

scones ah and also even though it's 12 o'clock  there they want to eat a scone now i think we've  

made people a bit hungry can i just say i've never  heard of chocolate scones or chocolate scones  

you did mention it the other night i might try  that marietta says is it cheddar cheese yes  

yes very strong cheddar cheese organic organic  no less no pesticides in our cheese fancy pan  

so yes so it's quite a strong typical british  cheese but you could you could add any sort of  

hard cheese into it really just like me it's  extra mature well you look like it with that beard  

mr duncan thank you if you say you're mature it  means that you are you're quite sensible grown up  

probably older but uh you can be mature for  your age so you could be quite sensible and  

have a very wide perspective on life and be quite  knowledgeable and and think in a very rational way  

in a measured way mature if there is one thing  i'm not it's mature anna anna likes to put olive  

oil in her cooking yes i put olive oil in the  when i was frying the onions for the chili okay  

and i might try olive oil actually in the scones  next time that's a good idea i think that would  

give it a nice flavour as well i'm just wondering  whether it would make them a bit too soft though  

because they they won't they might not set as  well but i'm going to try it uh and i've written  

something down here that andrew said but i can't  read what i said oh andrew said yes why don't you  

nibble on the ingredients well that's what we  used to do when my mother used to be cooking cakes  

whatever was left over in the bowl you'd you'd  be licking it wouldn't you and and tasting it  

but of course that's actually quite  dangerous because what happens if the eggs  

are if there's eggs in a cake mixture for example  and the eggs had got were poisonous or something  

that's it or maybe the eggs had gone rotten  rotten and then you shouldn't do that and then  

you're putting that into your mouth you might get  salmonella or you might have diarrhoea for a week  

gordon ramsay wants to know our location by the  way oh i see as apparently according to sergio  

sergio says gordon ramsay must be very jealous i  i'm not actually sure if you're being sarcastic  

there i can't anyway anyway enough of that because  tommy is rumbling here they are so here are some  

little slices this is my cheese scone and there  is mr steve's fruit scone there is some fruit  

in there mr steve is a little bit of a fruity  person and i am rather cheesy especially my jokes  

so for the third week in a row we're going  to eat a scone live this has become this  

has become a regular thing now we do it  every week so here we go this is actually  

the scone that we baked last night that's mr  steve's and this is mine but what does it taste

like say manifeek mr duncan oh my goodness um well  

as you can see i shouldn't talk with your mouth  because you'd never talk with your mouth full

it is so tempting my mother always used to  say never talk with your mouth full it's rude  

and we're breaking that rule mr duncan  to all your viewers around the world

you are not supposed to eat during  your livestream but well we have what's  

it like mr duncan is it fantastic  mark's out of 10 please 11. oh 11.

what shall i do next should i make some more  scones or shall i go and put some more guttering  

up or should i mow the grass or should i cut a  tree down or should i do some brain surgery is  

there anything you can't do no i'm only joking  we can all do a bit of everything um can't we  

i mean i can put guttering up i'm sure i i'm sure  a professional a builder would have done a better  

job than me but you don't need tremendous amount  of skills to put guttering up um but you just got  

to have a go and start i think sometimes i think  since this this is one thing that the lockdown  

i was trying to get through today without  mentioning it the lockdown has has made us  

and made me certainly develop new skills because  i'm at home and so i've learned how to sort of  

relay slabs and do grouting and build a wall  i've learned some guttering i've learned how to  

bake again so all these things so there  is always some positive out of something  

that's bad so the lockdown obviously is  is a very negative thing but if you can  

use that time to develop new skills then you it's  going to make yourself feel better it's going to  

make you feel as though you've educated yourself  achieve something done something different instead  

of dwelling on all of the bad things instead of  getting all depressed you can find something to do  

something maybe you've never tried before perhaps  you can try to make some scones by the way you  

might notice also in the video that i just played  you will notice that the recipe is actually there

this is the what's wrong man jimmy says you need  a mirror mr duncan do i yes because i would love  

to have a mirror but the every time i look in the  mirror you need to wipe your face mr dunn can you  

use this round can you do it for me yes oh you've  got oh disgusting that's the trouble with beards  

you get food stuck in them you get i don't like it  i think it's horrible you can get birds nesting in  

your beard they're dirty i don't like them it's  fashionable at the moment but i don't like them  

i'm not i'm not doing it for fashion i'm just  too lazy to shave to be honest it's much easier  

when you've got a beard you don't have to spend  so much time getting ready yeah wally walrus  

while you were chewing i don't know who wally  walrus is by the way talking of my appearance  

my socks today are extra special look at my  socks spots i have got my turquoise socks  

so the colour is turquoise with a little bit of  orange over the toes also we have a little bit of  

red a little bit of blue a little bit of white  and mr steve's favorite a little bit of black  

what do you mean i don't know and yes i am  wearing my pajama trousers my pajamas i'm  

wearing my pajamas you can't see them but i'm  definitely wearing my pajamas at the moment  

at the moment lol is asking us to  write the ingredients below the video  

oh i think we did that last week didn't we if you  pause the video if you re-watch it and pause it  

you will very cleanly very clearly see all the  ingredients yes there is if you google it scones  

it's everywhere they're very easy to make  which is why which is why we can make them

right yeah lots of people  

writing about our recipes we'll have to do  something else another week won't we miss you yes  

maybe next week we could show how to i don't know  what else do we like making what else do you like  

baking chili oh baking uh flapjacks yeah they're  very easy yes or there's another one called rocky  

road which ha has a lot of chocolate oh yes  yes that sounds good that's an interesting  

one i could make that one in fact i'm sure we  did that before you know did we i'm sure we've  

done that before in the past have we made a oh  mr duncan your breath after those cheesy scones  

is my is my breath cheesy anyway what are we  doing mr duncan i tell you what we're doing  

now we are going to talk all about celebrities  celebrity words being a celebrity being famous  

would you like to do that steve because there is  a website that i found last week and i've become  

a little bit obsessed with it there is a website  i'm not going to give you the name of the website  

but if they want to give me some money a big  pile of money if you want to push it through my  

letterbox to be you know very safe and to keep the  social distance you are more than welcome to but  

there are some celebrities some of them very big  who are now recording video messages of course you  

have to pay them for the pleasure so i thought  it would be interesting to see how much these  

celebrities charge so today we are talking all  about being famous and what is the price of fame

so that's what we're going to do now we're going  to guess the price of fame are you ready to play  

mr steve yes you mean let's just go over this  again so you found a website i found a website  

where celebrities famous people famous people  you can pay them for them to send you a message  

like maybe a birthday message for a friend or  something like that that's it so you have to pay  

the money however the price that they charge  varies depending on how famous the person is  

but you might be surprised at some of the  famous people that are on this website  

so we're going to play a game to called guess the  price of fame you see you can you see what i've  

done there i've put a lot of effort so you're  going to put up a celebrity a photograph maybe  

a name and then we've got to guess how much  would it cost on this website that you've  

found for that celebrity to send us a message  or for us to pay for a message for a friend  

yes so there are some of the celebrities these  are famous people now we're not going to look at  

these celebrities but these are some of the people  that are on the site you might recognize you might  

recognize one or two people there is fake tom  cruise can you see him yes thank you so that isn't  

tom cruise but it's someone who looks like tom  cruise there are a couple of youtube celebrities  

ricky berwick have you heard of him no he's  a big youtube celebrity also jacob crookshank  

jacob crookshank a very well known celebrity  he's on this website and you can get  

a message from him are there any more famous  people than this mr duncan that some of us  

might have heard about here we go then steve  are you ready to see the famous people so here  

is our first celebrity so what you have to  do is guess how much this person charges  

for their message i know it seems strange but  you have to guess what the price of that person  

is people are not believing that this is true  mr duncan it is true fly says no it's not true  

raphael says give me a break no it's true it's  it's a real website i was going yes i was going  

yeah you've seen the website i've seen it it's  true it's real so here we go here is our first  

celebrity and you have to tell me how much they  charge to send a message so our first one quite  

a well-known person you might be surprised  to see this steve our first celebrity is  

john cleese i cannot believe john cleese  is on this website john i'm not joking john  

cleese is actually on this website and  there it is that's the picture he uses  

for those that don't know he's a famous  british comedian everyone knows actor  

everyone knows john cleese one people might not  monty python lots of other things faulty towers  

so british humour when we think of british humour  we often think of john cleese so there he is  

but how much does he charge do you think to  send a message how long is the message well  

it doesn't matter okay it has to be a couple  of minutes of course but yes some x says 200 uh  

pounds 200 pounds tommy tomex says so if you  wanted a message from john cleese it would cost  

200 pounds says tomek uh nugent says uh 90 000 new  win i think that's a little too much 900 000 so we  

are going to do the prices in british pounds  uh we've got 250 pounds there's bella pellet  

and is that what will the message be sort of  15 seconds something like that typically longer  

than that normally about about a minute or two  minutes a minute or two minutes so think of john  

cleese he's quite a big celebrity very well known  he's moved away from britain he's now living oh  

there is a place called nevis have you heard  of it it's one of the little islands in the  

Caribbean in the caribbean so he's gone to live  there he's gone to live in the caribbean now  

but so what does he charge we've got 250 pounds  is the upper limit people are suggesting bella  

says 250 atomic says 200 10 pounds says tatiana  tatiana says the smiley face 10 pounds so how  

much does he charge mr duncan so here he is a  big celebrity john cleese if you want to have  

a message personal message from  john cleese it will cost you

249 so look at that i i didn't know that so um  bella you were the closest 249 pounds if you want  

a message from john cleese i think we'll have to  do this quickly because i think people will find  

this website and they will very quickly find out  well they won't because i haven't mentioned it  

i haven't mentioned the website name the website  will have to get in touch with me and pay me a  

load of money more than 249 pounds let's see right  okay so that's the first one so now you get the  

idea now here's an interesting one i thought we  would go straight to the most or the the highest  

price so think there's a clue there now this man  is someone i've never heard of but apparently he's  

very famous in the usa which might mean nothing  it might mean something so here he is how much  

would it cost to get a message from kevin o'leary  have you heard of him no well he's a presenter  

now we have a tv show here in the uk called  dragon's den well imagine the american version  

called shark tank ah so he is the main guy so here  we have alan sugar is it alan sugar uh on on which  

on dragon's den oh no there's there's various  people aren't though don't think allan should we  

might have been on it but anyway yes you've got  a business idea and you pitch it to a panel of  

of celebrities who are also business  people as well and they sort of  

tell you whether they'll give you any money  or not so kevin o'leary is a businessman  

although probably not a very good  businessman because he has to sell messages  

video messages to people so he might not be that  successful we are living in strange times says  

zuzika you're you are right this is madness  isn't it i mean if you're a star a famous star  

there i am if you're a famous star and you've  put yourself on this website i think it's a bit  

i don't know i'm not going to comment but it's  a way of making money it's a way of making money  

but it's a bit desperate it comes across as a bit  desperate to me by the way if you want a message  

from me if you want a lovely message from me  for your birthday maybe it will cost you nothing  

free why should i pay to receive a message from  these people says anna yeah exactly i wouldn't  

well some people might but you might you might  have a friend perhaps or a family member who's a  

real fan yes of a particular person maybe a singer  maybe an actor okay and you could surprise them  

for a fee by getting this celebrity that they  like to send them a message imagine but i mean  

it's a lot of money to spend isn't it yes  well it depends how much of a fan you are so  

i can't imagine anyone wanting  a message from this guy  

i don't know why but the price you  would have to pay bella says 499 pounds  

alessandra says it's a waste of money bella says  500 yes yes so it is yes lots of lots of people  

saying that that that was my initial thought um  what a waste of money exactly yes tatiana says

tatiana says sneeze tatiana says  666. 666 666 the number of the beast  

yes sign of the devil here we go

some texts some texts did you receive them on  your phone here we go then how much is a message  

from dragon's den the dragon's den kevin o'leary  don't think anyone's heard of him nobody says  

they've heard of him who apparently also goes  by the name of mr wonderful so he's also modest  

modest as well how much so here we go kevin  o'leary he is he is one of the people on shark  

tank which is the american version of dragon's  den if you want to have a message it will cost you

990 pounds nearly a thousand pounds to get  a message from this guy a thousand can you  

believe that he must be rolling in money well  he is i think he is a multi-millionaire so  

you would imagine that he didn't need the  money to be honest with you i would imagine  

he doesn't need the money at all nobody got  anywhere near that i'm not surprised because  

especially if you've never heard of him what about  what about have you got any examples of any actors  

that people might know well that's coming up later  on there are some big names you might be surprised  

to find out there are some very big celebrities on  this website who will send you a message we've had  

john cleese of course he's a big name so we've  had the highest fly this is true this is true  

i know it's unbelievable this is real there  really is a website that you can go to and get  

a celebrity to pay and you can pay a celebrity  to send you a message if we're not making it up  

it would be nice i thought mr duncan was making  it up but i've seen it it's true it's true it's  

real you won't believe the names there on here so  we've gone from the highest so now we're going to  

have a look at the lowest so here is the person  who has the cheapest but do we know them no well  

we want somebody that we know mister  so this person is actually on tick tock  

so there are lots of big famous tick tock users  now you know look at us down with the youth  

yeah we're hip man we're hip well we're  not on tick tock no we're not on tick  

tock but we know about tick tock i mean  i i have my tick tock here on my wrist  

but yes there is such a thing as tick tock so  here is the tick tock celebrity but how much  

can you get a message from him for oh yes we all  know this guy do we this is matthew the cat or  

matt the cat 69 and he is a tick-tock creator  he's a huge huge guy on tick-tock do you go  

on tick-tock mr duncan i just said i don't i just  literally said how do you know that he is a famous  

star because because underneath the writing there  says that he is so how much would you pay math  

matt the cat oh matt the cat yes how much  69. so this is a big tick-tock celebrity  

he's very big on tick-tock tick-tock i'm sick of  saying that word tick-tock is that the is that  

the website that they were going to ban in america  well i think no well that i think they've they've  

bought it now it's been sold now so tick-tock  it's a chinese site no not anymore oh it's been  

sold it's been sold on because it was i mean yes  because because trump who remembers donald trump  

do you remember donald trump uh he wasn't going  anywhere he was that guy with the big tie the  

long tie and he he often said things like make  america great again and things like that but  

yes i i vaguely remember him i i anyway matthew  met the cat is it 69 says bella 69 pounds oh i  

see what you've done there yes because there's 69  in his name you think you think it's 69 pounds why  

do i put 69 because he can't he kind of been born  in 1969 because he looks far too young for that i  

would imagine that there are other people with the  name so he's had to put numbers at the end you see  

so it's like tom cruise if tom cruise had a  twitter account but someone else already had it  

he would have to put tom cruise two tatiana says  50 pounds 50 pounds here we go then here we go  

here's so the price you can get a  message from matt the cat from tick tock  

personal message whatever he does how much will  it cost if you want to do it it will cost you  

83 p 83 pence not even one pound not even a pound  not even one pound mr duncan yeah all i've got to  

say is you ought to go on this website i'm sure  you could get more than 83 people i think i'm  

worth more than 83 pence well that is the question  if mr duncan went on to this celebrity website  

how much would anybody be prepared to pay mr  duncan for a message very interesting maybe i  

could charge you see maybe you could because i do  all of this for free on youtube it's all for free  

so poor old matt the cat that's embarrassing 83  pence that's embarrassing if you want a message  

from him if you're on a celebrity website and  everybody can see that's that's effectively  

saying what you're worth yes bullets isn't it  that's what the name of the game is you're worth  

laid bare the name of the game the name  of the game is the price of fame literally  

for matt the cat it's not very high is it no so it  just goes to show what it shows is is just because  

you're on tick tock and lots of people know you it  doesn't necessarily mean that you are worth much  

i wonder who i wonder who determines what you're  worth on this website well this is one of the  

things i want to find out i might i might write  to them and find out i'm also going to ask them  

if they want me to talk about it again you see  and then they can send me lots of money i want  

some of john cleese's money i want some of matt  the cat i want some of his 83 pence maybe he gets  

thousands of i don't know what it what does he  do on tick tock do we know mr duncan no one does  

anything on tick-tock they do nothing they just  dance around and that's it anyway here's another  

one steve you are not going to believe what  i'm about to show you will we know this person

there are two two individuals on this one okay and  you might be surprised to find out that they are  

not human beings so this this is when it gets  really weird it gets very weird at this point  

because these are not human beings they  are dogs you can actually get a message  

ah how do you do this how do  you get a message from a dog

pet influence you no you really must be making  this up mister i am not making this up this is the  

world that we live in now in 2020 we can now go  to a website and get a personal birthday message  

from two dogs so presumably these  are well-known dogs are they people

the clue is there you see pet influencers  so apparently these these dogs  

are pet influences called hammy and olivia  obviously they have owners i can't believe this is  

the world that i live in so the owners of these  two dogs have put their dogs onto this website  

and are going to get money but they're well  known well known by who well people who know them  

people if you know if you know these dogs then  you know them and maybe you want a message for  

your birthday what i want to do i want to know  is how do they send the message do they just bark  

or do they just sit there and lick their bum  i don't know well palmyra says they're corgis  

oh okay in which case i wonder if they're the  queens well no because all her corgis have died  

really she doesn't have any corgis now i didn't  know that the last one died a few months ago  

why doesn't she replace them with new ones no  they're not light bulbs what everybody does when  

the dog dies they get another one oh oh charles  the the corg is dead please fetch one another  

one i would like another corgi please to pet 50  pounds says sandra okay so you can get a person  

i'm not making this up a lot of people are saying  i i'm i'm making this up this is real this is the  

world that we now live in boys and girls well  how much mr duncan to get a message what do  

they do do they bark well that's what i've asked  i don't know i don't know what the messages are i  

i i would have to pay you see and i'm not going  to i'm going to say five pounds five pounds if  

there's anything more than that this really  is truly a messed up world here we go then  

so if you want if you want a personal message from  hammy and olivia the famous corgis of the internet  

this is how much you will have to pay oh i give  up mr duncan the world is screwed up we have lost  

it humanity is doomed and i can prove it right  now because you can get a personalized message  

from two dogs for 49 pounds i'm not sure if that's  49 pounds each but you could just walk to the park  

yeah and and just get somebody else's dog to bark  at you and film it couldn't you say that about  

human beings you could say i don't want tom cruise  i'm just going to go around the corner and get my  

neighbour to say hello instead people are crazy  yes they are christine i'm not joking i wish i  

was joking it's it's very depressing that this is  actually reality this is this is what's happening  

now in the world okay you're not going to believe  the next one the next one we have a big celebrity  

he's a big celebrity big one coming you are not  going to believe the next celebrity mr steve how  

much is it me no how much for a personal message  from the huff himself david hasselhoff well he's  

on there he's on the site and he will send you  a personalized message for those who don't know  

david hasselhoff was a very famous actor in the  1980s and early 90s he appeared in knight rider  

where he drove around a computerized car and also  later he was in baywatch as it says there baywatch  

where they would always run along the beach in  slow motion like this and were the women running  

in slow motion as well the women were running in  slow motion and their bikinis and you could see  

everything going from side to side shimmering  shimmering and wobbling all over the place  

so anybody so how much how much how much for  david hasselhoff hmm anybody under the age of  

sort of 40 but probably won't know who david david  hasselhoff is well he's he's more famous now for  

being famous in the past so some people do i don't  know how they do it but they continue to be famous  

even though they don't do anything anymore and  david david hasselhoff is a good example another  

one is peter andre peter andre is a famous singer  he had one hit in the 1980s and he's managed to  

get a career that that goes right up to this very  day on one song raphael says that there is a site  

where guys can buy the urine oh no from a youtube  girl no that can't be true no i believe it i  

believe it no anything's possible look it's bad  enough having david hasselhoff on the show right  

how much is he charging people have said nine a  thousand pounds says valor olga says 50 pounds  

tatiana says 99 pounds and also adds they must  be desperate for income that's true yeah i think  

this really is sad uh i mean you must really want  to keep your profile up surely david hasselhoff  

famous actor must have made millions of pounds  does not need to go on this site to earn what  

mr duncan but you know what happens often with  celebrities they often make lots of money and  

then they lose it all they spend it all or maybe  they they don't pay tax and then they have to  

they have to give all their money to the tax  man bella says i know him and i'm under 40.  

i think he gets 355 pounds 355  pounds let me guess i would say  

oh i don't know maybe i would say a hundred and  fifty 149 149 for david hasselhoff is that what  

you think i think so you might be surprised how  much david hasselhoff is actually worth if you  

want a message from him on this website so mr  hasselhoff how much is your message 294 pounds  

294 pounds is not bad you see so there is some  value there david hasselhoff still has value  

even to this very day so 249 pounds we'll get you  a message happy birthday from david hasselhoff  

must be a relief for david hasselhoff that  he's earning more than the tick tock yes at  

least it's not 85 p that's the time to worry yes  but can you believe it steve we have even bigger  

celebrities how long are we going to be doing this  for mr duncan maybe for the next two hours it is  

fascinating but i think it's got a limit no it has  only to you so don't don't forget there are people  

out there who are probably fascinated by this  are you fascinated are you as fascinated as i was  

mr duncan's been spending all weekend looking  at this website here's the next one so as i  

said earlier there are famous people and there  are also people pretending to be famous people  

because they look like them so the next one is  a famous person a movie star but it's not him  

it is an impersonator of robert de niro so he's  called this guy is called robert de niro guy  

and he's an impersonator of robert de niro and  i must say he just looked like him is robert de  

niro on this website as well no he isn't could you  imagine that so i was going to say yes that would  

be interesting if robert de niro was on there and  also robert de niro the impersonator was on there  

as well i would imagine if if they i imagine they  haven't managed to persuade robert de niro to go  

on to their website so they've got an impersonator  yeah so so this guy who is not robert de niro  

but he's a guy who pretends to be and he is  charging for messages even though he's not  

robert de niro yeah so it's a little confusing  so he could i suppose he could charge anything  

when you think about it because i think he does  look like him he really just looked like robert  

de niro whether he sounds like him i don't know  he might have a birmingham accent so yo looking  

at me a yow looking at me so there's something  there's nobody else here yeah i'm looking at me  

so i'm guessing tom cruise isn't on there which is  why we saw earlier there was somebody called not  

tom cruise yes he was a tom cruise impersonator  but he's charging for a message even though  

he's not actually tom cruise yes and  this person isn't actually robert de niro  

and then this screwed up world yes he can  charge for a message right well i i could  

i could do it and say i'm mr duncan but i i  really am mr duncan perhaps there's somebody  

on this website who is a mr duncan impersonator  maybe he's charging to send messages to people  

yeah maybe he's impersonating me there's a person  on here who's pretending to be me saying hello  

my name's lester duncan and i like to  talk in english but it's not you see  

it's me i'm the real mr duncan i'm  the real one the genuine now with  

so can we tell now with super duper santa claus  beard maria says do they send a video message yes  

yes and you can also for some of these celebrities  you can have live conversations with them  

for extra money yes of course not for 85 p it's  a little bit more than that but yes you can have  

live conversations john cleese for example you  could actually have a live chat with john cleese  

and pay attention so how much does somebody  pretending to be robert de niro charged mr  

donald here we go then so if you want to talk to  fake robert de niro or have a message from him the  

price is go on punk make my day oh hang on that's  the wrong one that's not that's clint eastwood  

isn't it but how much are you worth fake robert  de niro 73 pounds 87 pence that's very precise  

yes what what's the 87 pence for i don't know  maybe that's just people actually have been  

i'm trying to get my jokes out maybe that's  for his taxi you see see what he did there  

okay why do i bother so yeah lots of people  were saying 255 355 pounds 399 pounds  

so uh yes the impersonator isn't worth as much  as you think so and people are beginning to say  

can we have some proper english lessons mr  duncan well this is a proper english lesson  

i think this is interesting we've only got 20  minutes that's all right we've got loads of time  

i spent all night doing this making these uh  

that's cheap says better yes getting these yes  you can have for 74 pence shy of 13p you could  

have robertson here well if you've got one a  week well a fake robert de niro if you've got  

one of those a week uh that's 200 three hundred  pounds a month okay here's here's one for me  

a side income okay steve was complaining  about the time running out and then you

he pays for that hair gel says tatiana yes i  think so it's for the hair gel here we go then  

here's one for me now this is my personal  one so this is one that i might actually  

you know i might actually take up  

okay steve oh paul reuben paul reuben's better  known as pee-wee herman right okay hi everybody

pee wee herman you can actually have a message  from pee-wee herman and i'm a big fan of him  

even though his career came to a sudden  halt in the early 2000s for a certain  

reason which i won't go into but paul  rubens how much would it cost to get a  

hello from pee wee herman himself how much well he  was very famous so i probably yes i'm going to say

450 pounds 450 pounds for pee wee that's what i'm  going to say do you know who pee wee herman is  

he was very famous and popular in the  1980s and 1990s he also appeared in one  

of my all-time favourite films called peewee's big  adventure if you've never seen it it's very funny  

so how much is pee-wee herman worth

nobody's giving any suggestions mr duncan a 111  pounds and 52 pence that's very precise thank you  

bella yes here we go then we will move along  a little bit quicker because we have some big  

celebrities coming in a moment you won't believe  that the names that are coming up steve okay  

if you want to have pee-wee

it will cost you

quite reasonable i think that's quite  reasonable 207 pounds although that's  

still rather expensive he had an interesting bike  says vito yes his bike somebody stole my bike

that's a good impersonation stole my bag  that's going to be very bad for your throat  

well again people will get prepared to  pay a lot more than 207 pounds yes okay  

then 456. you should are you sure you're  not getting um no sort of money for uh  

promoting this website well i'm not promoting it  because i haven't told anyone the name of the site  

i'm sure it's not difficult to find okay then well  there are there are other sites as well that do  

this fella wants to know jesus christ is on there  that there is actually jesus christ on there what  

there is a man who who looks surprisingly similar  but he is actually on there and you can get a  

personal message from him you mean he looks like  the uh the image yeah that we've all been told to  

expect what yes jesus christ would have looked  like you know the white guy long-haired white  

man with a beard because that's what you're  going to find in the middle east if you go to  

the center of the middle east you're definitely  going to find lots of tall handsome white guys  

definitely there's long hair and beards yes anyway  we better not we better not uh diss jesus christ  

but he is on there there is a guy pretending to  be jesus he's going to get a thunderbolt from  

heaven he is it's it's incredible but there's  a charge you know i can't remember i think it's  

about it's around about a million pounds it's  about 40 pounds i think you're going to hell  

for that i would say that's still cheaper than  giving a donation to your local church somebody's  

on there pretending to be jesus christ and making  money out of out of the fact that they look like

what we in the west think that jesus christ  may have looked like yes so he's a white man  

in his 30s with long hair and a beard and  he looks like probably that famous film  

lots of films haven't they been with jesus  christ jesus has appeared in lots of movies  

and he always looks much the same so somebody's  impersonating that really that must be heresy  

or blasphemy or something yeah that must be  imagine another religion if you were to do that  

500 years ago money from  being okay steve steve profits

i probably would have used a different word  there but i think other religions might get  

very annoying sometimes you have to know  when to stop speaking oh dear anyway anyway  

you charged 50 pounds for pretending to be  jesus christ that's unbelievable it's it's it's  

still it's good value though it's very good value  although the miracles aren't guaranteed bella says  

i wonder if he performs miracles perhaps he turns  water into wine feeds 5 000 people i think this  

is one loaf of bread okay steve i think i think  this is the funniest thing i've ever done here we  

go we we have a big name now steve right this is  just for for all of the cats this is the last one  

well if you stop speaking over me am i it might be  the last one i'm going to play the sentence game  

mr steve we have a big one now it's a big one  a big name a big name in the world of rap rmb  

and the they're getting down and digging it with  the the young cool character the young cool cats  

it's snoop dogg snoop dogg snoop dogg he's doing  tv adverts here in the uk at the moment so he must  

be desperate for money yes even though he must  have made billions from his wrapping career yes  

he will do anything for money won't he  obviously it would appear that snoop dogg  

do you remember i'm so old that i remember  when he was called snoop doggy dog that's  

his original name he used to be known as snoop  doggy dog but now it's just snoop dogg because  

well i'm glad you've got a person of colour  on here mr duncan because people might

oh dear okay is this is this what happens is this  what we have to do now now joe biden is president  

we have to we have to include everyone  i've also but i don't have any eskimos  

unfortunately there are no asians so i i'm going  to get into a lot of trouble anyway whatever i do  

so so this is not going to please anyone where  are you tatiana she's seeing the advert with  

snoop dogg yes he is he's on his big motorbike  and he's it's it's a food delivery service  

he looks dirty doesn't he look so oh steve  you know steve what's the matter no no  

no that's probably anyway how much would it cost  a throne i'm just you don't say that about anyone  

why not if you wouldn't say it about your own mum  don't say it about anyone else mr duncan calm down  

it's fine let's just give you my opinion  yes but that's not a good a good opinion  

that's that's definitely not on joe biden's  list of things you can say don't be silly  

mister anyway what does he charge snoopy i think  800 pounds i still can't believe this oh there so  

yes we have a black guy on here just to please  everyone 150 pounds says sandra youtube now

well he was a rapper about 25 years  ago now he sells food delivery services  

what does he charge he charges oh i was quite  close yeah 747 pounds will get you a personal  

message from well valor who hadn't heard of snoop  dogg was still prepared to spend 110 pounds so you  

were prepared even though you've never heard of  snoop dogg you were prepared to pay 110 pounds for  

a completely stranger well lol was very very close  795. oh dear so very close okay we've got it we've  

got some we've got a big one coming next oh it's a  duncan don't worry steve calm down do you remember  

the 1980s well yes just yes yes i feel like i feel  like i'm in court just answer the question yes  

or no as long as there's you know people aren't  80s you know under the age of 40. are you a fan  

of 80s actors yes or no some of them okay tj  hooker what well he's not an actor you see  

he's a character i know but you you know what i  mean i'm talking about the star trek star trek  

man star trek tj hooker was in star trek okay  who remembers steve guttenberg steve guttenberg  

well-known actor from such hit films as police  academy and cocoon he was in that as well  

but you can get a personal message from hollywood  celebrity so he's he's a hollywood person he's  

hollywood a big film star and he will  send you a birthday greeting but how much

i want to read out what some people have been  saying and they're right okay oh well no i'm  

not going to no because it's going back to  things which you might accuse me of being uh  

why are you getting quiet it's like  it's like somebody's turning the volume  

who's heard of him i have but i don't don't  remember any films that he was there he was  

in he was famously one of the first things this  is a strange piece of trivia mr duncan we've only  

got 10 minutes left to play the descendants game  okay don't worry about it steve guttenberg the  

first time steve guttenberg appeared in anything  he he appeared in i think it was boys from brazil  

fascinating and he gets killed he's only on  screen for about five minutes and he gets killed  

so that's his first ever role but yes okay but  the funny thing is when he when he dies you can  

still see him breathing so he wasn't very good at  playing a dead person olga says steve guttenberg  

looks familiar but i don't remember where i've  seen him yes please one of those people police  

academy police police academy yeah okay he was  in all he was in all 25 police academy movies  

and uh what else what else was he how  much mr duncan because this is going  

to be the last one surely no there's one more  oh there's actually there's about 12 more but  

why don't you i think you've  overworned this a bit mr dude  

i haven't i love this i know you love it  but what steve guttenberg will cost you

a hundred is quite cheap 166 pounds that's  valentina says that she would give him at  

99p there's something very sad about that there  was something sad because because i grew up in  

the 1980s i i know or some of his work and it's a  bit sad isn't it really 166 pounds mr duncan our  

viewers are dropping yeah but they are anyway they  normally do it this time so don't worry about it  

english hello welcome to english addict but today  we're talking about being famous celebrities and  

all of that thing belarusia is going it's lunch  time now thank you belarusia i hope you've enjoyed  

this something different today because we we do  the same thing every week and i thought this week  

we would do something a little bit different shall  we have just one more here's one more then steve  

here's one more i couldn't resist this  

there is a guy who impersonates donald trump  but i have a feeling i i have a feeling he  

might be out of work pretty soon so here's a guy  that makes a living from being donald trump but  

i mean maybe next week donald trump will  actually be on this website selling himself

hundred pounds hundred pounds  i get the feeling steve  

has lost all interest in this fake trump if  you want a message from fake donald trump

why by the way why would you  want that it would cost you  

oh my goodness that's not bad although i think  next week he might be on the same level as as  

matt the cat 85p so i have a feeling this might  drop quite considerably over the next few days  

this this charge so trump impersonator you  can have him his message for 186 pounds  

oh dear so what we need now is a joe biden  impersonator so if there is an elderly man out  

there just any any elderly man because that's what  joe biden looks like he looks like any elderly man  

so what are we doing now mr duncan i don't know  we've only got five minutes left what about santa  

claus how much for santa claus steve santa claus  ten pence seven pence no you can get a message  

from santa claus because christmas is coming and  i think it might be the real santa claus and i i  

think my beard will slowly become like like like  like his beard can you see so i think my beard  

is actually starting to turn into that one  santa claus you can have a message from him for  

41 pounds fantastic great yes lovely  right let's move on mr duncan 41 pounds  

i'd rather spend that on a present are you  planning to do anything else or is that it no  

we're going to play the sentence game but there's  only four minutes left don't worry about it steve  

steve can i just say you worried too much well  i'm looking at the comments i'm not alone mr jonah  

what's happening then nothing let's move on move  on to the sentence game mr duncan yes well i think  

it's your face that's making everyone depressed  it's just you know shall we play the sentence  

game okay we're going to have a quick sentence  game before we go and it's coming up right


steve was just saying he said steve said you've  done too much of that too much of it no one's  

interested in how much it costs to get a personal  message maybe two or three would have been  

interesting i thought i thought the jesus one was  quite incredible there is actually a guy on there  

pretending no more scones for mr duncan oh  correct will we there will be plenty of scones  

this afternoon there will be scones  and also columbo it's columbo day  

because it's sunday so we will be watching  columbo here we go then steve are you ready  

are you ready for the sentence game we're going to  play it is there anyone left to play yes of course  

you have you doubt my viewers i'm sure that this  was quite fun i think so i i enjoyed it anyway  

and so did my next door neighbour who's listening  through the window well i enjoyed it for about 10  

minutes here we go steve the sentence game random  letters here is the first one right now are you  

ready come on there we go that decision something  right something something that something forward  

it's mr duncan yes we have four words making it  extra hard for you feel as though we're getting  

back on track now i'll be back on track that  decision so see if you are watching the replay  

i will put a link where you can skip all of that  so all of what just happened you can skip it

i thought it was it made me chuckle it made  me laugh it really did i thought it was quite  

funny to actually get you know you have to know  when to finish something see malia malia says  

mr duncan it really is a nice lesson  i learned something new here thank you  

okay finally the sentence game thank you very  much i know there are some people that love  

love it when i do different things so something  different today here we go then so now now we're  

getting complaints about the sentence game  it's too hard that decision something right  

something something the something tomek where  are you tomek give us the correct answer

oh sergio come out of book you you might be  near there you are very near with that answer  

very near mohsen said it was a very good idea see  mohsen likes it thank you mohsen creeps thank you  

for your creeps thank you very much for agreeing  i need to check later to make sure there isn't a  

mr duncan impersonator pretending to be me  although there are lots of them on youtube  

oh did you see what i did there oh i fired a shot  

here we go then that decision something four  words beginning with c yeah no not not that word  

is it to do with celebrities it is not random  letters they're just random letters there's no  

connection to celebrities or stardom but you  might have continued with that interesting

well we might be we might be going back  to the celebrity messages in a minute  

if this doesn't if this doesn't  improve well i think we've got  

we've got a success somebody's  already got it really yes where

oh valentina valentina valentina i see valentina  very good the answer we're looking for is

oh atomic let's have a look turmeric says  i don't play anymore you must play oh  

don't do that don't don't don't start  sulking don't throw your toys out of the pram  

can you play go play along come on we'll have none  of that it's bad enough having a big baby in the  

white house well not anymore of course here we  go then the answer that decision something right  

something something the something and then  we will explain what it means the answer is  

blowing in the wind that decision came right out  of the blue so something comes out of the blue  

it is something that you weren't expecting  something that comes out of the blue if something  

appears unexpectedly or maybe you are required  to do something that you weren't expecting to  

do you can say that it came out of the blue that  decision came right out of the blue like it came  

out of the sky yes which is literally what it  means yes so something that suddenly appears  

um oh that came out of the blue yeah i was i  wasn't expecting that so somebody might say some  

oh excuse me mr duncan okay that's the uh that's  the uh the water and the scones so that was a  

mixture of water and scone there coming up from  mr steve's tummy so if somebody says something  

and you weren't expecting them to say something  you might be surprised that came out of the blue  

out of the blue okay let's have one let's have  maybe one more or two more we'll try two more  

sergio uh has used an alternative uh  okay only got three letters it does  

it's gone here we go we're moving on the  next one the next sentence game everybody

i could not something having something  something of something something oh my  

goodness one two three five five missing i could  not five words we might need tomic for this one  

you see now now i i bet you are wishing  that i would show you how much it would cost  

to get a message from from paul chuckle paul  chuckle is a famous tv star in england he presents  

or used to with his twin brother but sadly his  twin brother died so now he is on his own but yes  

paul chuckle you see you could have found out how  much a message from him would have cost but now we  

can't you see because steve said we must move on  i could not something having something something  

of something something well you had prepared  these obviously it takes a lot of time to do this  

hours and hours it's i spend doing this so yes  by it came out of the blue we just mean something  

unexpected yes you weren't expecting it huh where  did that come from what a surprise yes exactly

are there some scones left yes but not  for mr duncan hello to fanny rodriguez  

who says i've learned a lot and i've  also improved my listening thank you

another thumbs up another thumb don't forget  to give me a nice like as well give me a like

i'm talking of likes likes i haven't  seen pedro today where is pedro pedro  

pedro's normally encouraging everybody to  uh send the likes where is pedro belmont  

well we have suggestions  for the first word okay uh

could that be right b tess and lewis suggested  uh what the first word could be okay uh

tomic we need you we don't don't go away  tomek tomic is sulking now i don't think he is  

he's far too mature you do you

steve sulks if steve doesn't have his own way  he sits in the corner of the room with his arms  

folded and he he could not resist but yes i think  is that correct is that the first word mr duncan  

is vitas correct is lewis correct yes ah  yes you've got part of that right vitesse

ah yes and i think beatrice  might have got the second word

we might be going on until joe  biden's inauguration at this rate

is that correct is that the correct word for the  second one yes very good yes so we've got two  

letters we are piecing it together it's it's a bit  like columbo when colombo is investigating a crime  

what he does he watches things and looks very  carefully and he tries to fill in the missing

pieces beatrice yes so we've got the first word is  definitely resist the second word is other another  

i could not resist having another of  something something i will give you a big clue  

it is connected to what we  did in the kitchen last night

you see it's connected to what we did in the  kitchen mr stephen myself we did something  

something very messy it caused a lot  of mess we had to clean up afterwards

flower dust everywhere flower  dustin there was dough everywhere

it's connected to that

are you at a seance or something steve  so it looks like you're trying to get in  

touch with the other side right is it having  another one is one the third word it might be

is there anyone there and if it is i can't see

if that steve's is the third  is the the one you know doesn't

have he put the oven the wrong place no no okay  i have to give the answer in a moment because  

we'll be here till christmas merry christmas  the first word is resist having another

and you think this is more exciting  than my website is is the third word one  

o n e yes i thought i'd said that already

i can't form a sentence from that  mr duncan i could not something  

having something something of something something  i'll have to give the answer because youtube will  

be running out of bandwidth at this rate the  answer is it looks as if i've stumped everyone

oh well people have said that but it yes i could  not resist yeah is in the wrong place mr duncan  

yes no it's fine i could not resist having another  one of steve's scones oh right it's in the right  

place i what what's wrong why is that why is that  sentence i can't uh i could not resist having  

another one of steve's scones okay right that's  it then in that case uh vitas got it right sanji's  

valentin uh yeah i could not resist having another  one of steve's scones it's correct loretta loretta  

got it right as well steve has so little faith in  me at night i lie in bed weeping the gentle sound  

of my sobbing fills the night air as my pillow  becomes wet and damp with my warm salty tears  

that sort of thing i could not resist having  another one of steve's scones is the answer  

there it is one more because it's your fault by  the way any way right anyway it's right you've  

never got one of it you can have another one of  something yes i know yes it's all right it's all  

right i thought the others in the wrong place  no it isn't good maybe you should tune into my  

lessons more often here we go it's getting dark  outside mr duncan it's just getting dark yes it's  

getting dark in my mind as well here we go one  more and then we'll go definitely here we go  

i didn't something to make a something so i had to  something it come on tomic come on come on tommy  

tomic now tomic was in time out you see but  tomic you can now disengage from time out  

even tomek is welcome to take part in  this one i didn't something to make it  

to make it something so i had to something it yes  steve's wants an apostrophe doesn't it does it  

yes oh yes but um you are correct that's  it yes that's it you would but we're not  

counting apostrophe in the sentence game but  yes you are correct yes if you were writing  

it out you would put an apostrophe because  it's possessive when we have a possessive  

clause in a sentence you always  put an apostrophe before the end

i didn't something to make a something so i had  to something it oh yes first word begins with i  

six letters second word begins with s  six letters tatiana has the first word  

tatiana well done we are getting there already  you see it's like having it's like having lots of  

detectives watching at the same time you see  

there are some colombos out there bella got it  right as well there are some kojaks out there  

maybe there are some kojaks kojak who remembers  kojak who loves your baby and he he was always  

the first letter is i sucking he was  always sucking on his lollipop i i and  

we already know it's intend so i didn't intend  to make her something so i had to something it

jimmy from hong kong hello jimmy nice  to see you here wipe i had to wipe it

what is the first letter well the first  letter is the first one is i six letters  

s six letters and w four letters but what is  it i don't think it's scone no we we we've had  

this moved on from school we've had that already  we had the scone already the scone has gone

i didn't intend to make a  

hmm so something that you were going to not  do but then you had to do maybe you are at a  

wedding reception maybe you are at the wedding  reception and someone asks you to do something  

that you weren't intending to do what might you do  you might use your mouth to do it steady ah right  

okay i think i know i didn't intend to make  her something so i had to something it so  

this is an expression that means to do something  without any planning you use your own initiative  

to do it this is quite difficult yes well that  is why it's called i think yes that's why you see  

so what happens when you stand up and talk yes  what do you have with people yes what do you  

have to make what are you doing when you do that  if you have to also if you have to talk to a lot  

of people i'm sorry i heard steve thing with  my sharp watch my razor sharp metal watch yes  

bella ah yes correct bella has got the  next one i didn't intend to make her  

speech huh yeah let's just see  so if you didn't intend to do it  

it was not planned it was not planned so  what's a word from yes oh tomic tomic tomek  

tomic i i think that deserves a  round of applause that was a hard one

tarik's come to the rescue logan tomic

you see tommy the others were too easy for him  okay so he waited to a difficult one to show  

his metal his his power of english his power of  english i think he's better at speaking english  

than i am yes i think his knowledge of english  is better than me you know what i believe that  

you ought to set up an  english teaching channel topic  

uh well done i didn't intend to make a speech so  i had to wing it yes so we're going to explain  

that fly that fly yes fly already always it's  the name of somebody on your youtube channel  

watching today i didn't intend to make a speech  so i had to wing it if you wing it it means you do  

something without any preparation or planning you  have to suddenly do it you just make it up as you  

go along yes i had to wing it i had to improvise  you wing it so if you wing something it means you  

do it without any preparation or any planning yes  sometimes you might deliberately do it other times  

like if you were not intending to make a speech  you might be forced to wing it but usually it  

applies i mean you might go for a job interview  and you don't do any preparation at all and no  

i'm not worried i'll just wing it so it's quite  commonly used if you're going for interviews  

for something and you don't intend to prepare for  the interview oh i'm going for a job interview  

tomorrow oh aren't you worried why haven't you  prepared for that job interview no i'm just going  

to wing it yes so you're just no preparation  yeah off the top of your head yes steve  

is it time to go it's almost time to  get it's been almost almost time to go  

it's almost time to go i'm getting tired one  more come on steve let me oh let me have one  

more i've got to go outside it's dark let me  have one more steve's going to be so angry at me  

i'm going to get beaten tonight beaten until my  bottom is cherry red off the cuff yes speak off  

the cuff charlie charlie sheen there he is that's  similar you can get a message from charlie sheen  

charlie sheen you remember charlie sheen  he was a big star in the the 80s and 90s  

and even the 2000s until he threatened the  producer of the situation comedy that he was  

appearing on and then then he was sacked which  is never a good idea by the way never threaten  

the life of the person who gives you employment  it's not never good charlie sheen if you want  

a message from charlie sheen steve 200 i would  have thought it would have been more than that  

294 pounds how much was snoop dogg much more than  that yes i don't know why charlie sheen would be  

a lot less charlie sheen is one of those  strange celebrities who who seems to come and go  

on a regular basis he's a bit like he's a  bit like a comet that orbits our solar system  

he comes around now and again so if you want  charlie sheen you can have him for 249 pounds  

what would he say remember what what's well known  that he would he could why is he so well and then  

what would he say he hasn't got any catch phrases  he's well known for quite a few things i mean i  

can see for example if any arnold schwarzenegger  okay was on there yeah you know you could pay for  

him to say to a friend of yours at the birthday  you know i'll be back or something like that  

you know you i you've got to have a catchphrase i  would have thought for it to work yes i think so  

what i don't know what's charlie sheen's charlie  i think charlie sheens is pass me the cocaine  

that's a bit scandal that's not libellous even i  don't think it's libellous i don't think you do in  

fact i'm pretty sure it isn't well you might get  charlie sheen off the phone to you trust me steve  

i won't right here we go there it is it's time to  go it's time to say goodbye we've had a big one  

today a long one and we've done a lot of things  actually today i i hope you've enjoyed this  

english lesson something different we're not  the same as other people you may have noticed  

we are different from other english teachers  we talk about different things we do it our way  

as frank sinatra once said now the end is near and  so we face the final curtain my friends we say it  

clear of which we are certain we have lived a  life that's full he's lived a life that's full  

i travel each and every highway every highway and  more more much more than this we did it our way  

we should have said that it's almost as if he  rehearsed that but we did it it is we didn't no  

no rehearsal yeah we're worth at least 500  pounds for that yes tatar everyone see you  

next week i'm going into the uh in the kitchen to  make a cup of tea and a tea cake thank you steve  

are we having a scone another school we're  having us i'm having the rest of my school  

bye everyone bye bye mr steve is  leaving the building thank you steve  

and that was it that was the whole thing  that was all of today's english addict i  

hope you've enjoyed it something different  i know i'm going to get punished by steve  

for making him work so late until it went dark  outside that's it see you next sunday i'm back  

with you of course next sunday i might even  appear during the week i'm not sure at the moment  

it just depends because i'm i'm doing other  things at the moment as well i hope you enjoyed  

today's live stream thank you for your company  today it's always nice to have you here and can  

i just say i appreciate you giving your time to  watch me this is mr duncan in the birthplace of  

english saying thanks for watching have a good  time is there one more celebrity i can squeeze in

what about what about fake willy wonka  you can have willy wonka from charlie  

in a chocolate factory but it's not the  real one it's a fake one and you can have  

fake willy wonka from tiktok  for 62 pounds that's incredible

and of course you know  what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now