yes here we are then once again we have started Friday's live stream broadcasting

across the internet especially on YouTube which is where you might be

watching right now here we go again yes it is English addict live from a very

windy very gusty UK and of course this is the birthplace of the English language as well

you did it here we are we are all together again once more it's YouTube

it's live it's mr. Duncan that's me by the way and it's English addict for

Friday I hope you are feeling good today can I just say one thing I should

definitely mention this before I continue it is very windy today you may

have noticed at the start of today's livestream during the countdown you

could see the trees were blowing all over the place and that is because it is

very windy today I can't actually believe how windy the weather is after

yesterday we had a lovely day yesterday the weather was very nice however today

it has changed quite a lot very breezy I think the word is so there is the view

right now behind me we have had some showers this morning as well some rain

has fallen it is well to be honest with you we're getting everything today we're

getting all of the weather almost at the same time there is sunshine sometimes

there is rain but all the time constantly there is lots and lots of

wind so I hope you are feeling good today this might be a very interesting

unusual and maybe dramatic livestream because the wind is blowing so strongly

my little gazebo which is covering me is blowing all over the place anyway we

will see what happens talking of which what happened on

Wednesday we seem to have a lot of people certainly watching the livestream

on Wednesday I'm not sure what happened I have a feeling maybe on Wednesday I

think YouTube must have featured my live stream somewhere

because all of a sudden I had lots of people watching my livestream which was

very surprising to be honest and I also had a feeling that many of the people

joining were not learning English in fact we seem quite confused by what was

happening well for those who are feeling a little confused my name is Duncan

that's me by the way some people call me mr. Duncan and I teach English on

YouTube that's what I'm doing now I talk about the English language I discuss

different subjects sometimes I will talk about a certain part of the English

language however the one thing I do like having here I really love having fun and

a laugh and a smile from time to time and I hope you do as well so we are all

here yes we have made it once more to the end of the week the weekend is just

around the corner yes it's Friday

do it is Friday the weekend is arriving very soon maybe for you perhaps for you

it has already arrived I don't know because I'm not there so here we go

again yes we are here once more it is my

Friday English addict for all those who can't get enough of the English language

every Sunday Wednesday and also Friday as well as the rain starts to fall above

my head and also on my shoulders we are all here together again let's have a

look at the live chat oh yes we have some very fast fingers today on the live

chat hello to partridge Mohsen also v tests and also Beatriz you are all first

on today's live chat congratulations to you

I feel as if I want to give you an extra large applause today I don't know why

I'm feeling quite generous you know I hope you are as well I hope you are

feeling very generous hello - oh hello - soo Jin nice to see you here again I've

just realised by the way as the rain is falling it is actually getting my whole

back and also shoulders very wet I'm getting a little wet standing here

hello also Victoire hello Rick tool also zoo Zika nice to see you here as well

lots of people joining on the livestream I don't know what that is is it a extra

large delivery I don't know something is going on behind me I have a feeling

today I think today's livestream is going to

be a little unusual for various reasons not least of all because of the weather

but also there are lots of things happening around me including mr. Steve

who is actually in the garden behind me right behind me Steve is doing some work

in the garden unfortunately he doesn't have time to appear today sadly because

he is very busy doing his gardening chores however there is some good news

on Wednesday I promised to show you mr. Steve and myself making tea cakes in the

kitchen I didn't have time to show it on Wednesday however today I promise we

will have we definitely will have mr. Steve and myself something we recorded

earlier in the kitchen making some tea cakes we are going to toast some tea

cakes together a little bit later on I hope you will stick around

and I hope you will stay with me I hope you will not leave me now or ever

hello also to wait and hello to wait and nice to see you here as well

lots of people joining in Belarus CEO is also here on the live chat as well nice

to see you back also Mustafa Venugopal hello and Venugopal a very

interesting name you have there if you don't mind me saying nice to see you

also we have Lena hello Lena can I just say I haven't seen you for a long time

so welcome back Lena with the vodka hello to you thanks for joining me

yes it is

I don't know what's going on behind me but it's very noisy excuse me

I know what's happening someone is having oil delivered to their house now

lots of people around here don't have gas so we have to have oil

including us so all of our heating is powered by oil and at the moment oil is

very very cheap you may have heard that oil is actually very cheap at the moment

hello also - Beatriz hello Roxy Julie lots of people here right now very nice

thank you very much for joining me today something very strange is happening on

my phone by the way I told you that today's livestream was going to be very

busy and unusual so behind me what if my neighbor's is having oil delivered and

in front of me my gazebo he's blowing all over the place Luis Mendez oh hello

Luis nice to see you here as well nice to see you back as well great

I don't know what is happening tonight

I'm not quite sure what is happening here that's better

the technology is ganging up on me I knew today was going to be weird I had a

feeling today's livestream was going to be strange

hello also Marella Marella nice to see you here again we are doing a few things

today quite a few things we are looking at things that give you a little bit of

pleasure we all like to find little moments of pleasure in our lives

sometimes these pleasures can be very small and very brief it is very strange

quite strange sometimes how certain things can make me feel happy even a

very small event or a small action things that you look forward to doing

and it can be something very small very tiny something that is not very

important so that's what we're doing today also we have some unusual words

quite often on Friday we will look at unusual words and that's what we are

going to do today as well Massimo hello everybody

sorry I am busy I will replay the let the livestream later ok Massimo hello

and and goodbye tomorrow hello mr. don't care I can see it's

windy it seems very cold can I just say it isn't cold today it's actually quite

mild however the wind is strong that is true

hello Helen or grace also we have Emanuela here nice to see you as well on

the live chat yes it is English addict that's what this is called if you are

watching this and you wondering what the hell is that who the

hell is that well that's what's going on so you know you know

hello also to Helena nishta hello nisht are nice to see you back as well we have

a lot of things to look at today we are making tea cakes with mr. Steve we are

going to toast some tea cakes we are going to look at some interesting words

also good news for those who like football guess what

in some parts of the world football is going to restart all over again

very good mr. Steve very good

I know a lot of people I know you are going to ask mr. Duncan do you ever play

football my answer to that is no however in the area where I live during the

summer there is one particular game that is played quite a lot can you guess what

it is well you don't have to guess because I'm going to show you now so

there it is so this is very close to where I live

this is a field a recreation field where lots of things happen and as you can see

there is a cricket match taking place this is something I filmed last year so

quite often in the place where I live they will have cricket match matches and

a fly has just flown into my mouth that's good however as I mentioned on

Wednesday I don't play cricket I don't play sport in fact any sport

sometimes I like to go for a walk I'm not sure if walking is a sport is it

maybe maybe not so here in Much Wenlock we do play cricket

we have cricket matches taking place during the summer we also have our own

local Olympics as well so here in the place where I live we also have our

special local Olympic Games and the reason why we do that and the reason why

it is also very special oh I think I think that team must have won

did you hear that I think the team must have won so the reason why we like to

have our Olympic Games here is because we it's been going on every year for

over a hundred years did you know that and this particular place was the

inspiration for the modern Olympic Games the inspiration for the revival of the

Olympic Games it's true hello - oh hello Irene hello also -

George hello George nice to see you back as well

hello Beck hello - Beck who is watching in Kazakhstan please can you say my name

from Kazakhstan hello - Beck McCann Bethel I hope I pronounced your name

right I really do we also have Mika hello Mika

nice to see you back again Oh teacher how much I enjoy watching you oh that's

from Belarus eeeh I'm getting my I'm getting my messages

confused here something very strange happened on my phone

so I was reading my live chat and then suddenly a voicemail appeared on my

phone from many days ago and I couldn't see the live chat a very strange moment

I don't know what happened my phone sometimes does things by itself I don't

know how it happens but it does it definitely does hello - Robin Robin

Hakim in Germany mr. Duncan you are one supremely I love you oh thank you very

much that's very kind of you to say I do like doing this I have been doing this

for a long time I'm not going to say how long

because people say mr. Duncan you are boasting well sometimes sometimes it is

good to blow your own trumpet it is sometimes you have to talk about the

things you do hello and Marcia hello also Mercedes Ferran Dez mr.

Duncan and everyone from the very hot Madrid summer is here oh I see so hello

to a very hot and steamy Madrid hello also Thiago hello mr. Duncan when

I see the environment and the atmosphere behind you I always have a good feeling

of peace and in this difficult time here in Brazil and all around the world

I really need this thank you very much that's very kind of you to say I like

doing this even though things are still very strange can I tell you something I

know this is probably not interesting so IRA I will apologize now but yesterday

we went to pick up mr. Steve's wheel for his wheelbarrow which was broken if you

remember last week I showed you mr. Steve's broken wheelbarrow so yesterday

we picked up mr. Steve's new wheelbarrow wheel and we were greeted by a very

strange sight lots of people queuing outside the store and that particular

type of store is a DIY store so they sell lots of things for if you want to

renovate your house or do some work to make your house better maybe you want to

paint or maybe you want to put some wallpaper up maybe you need to buy some

wood so quite often yes people will go to a DIY store and yes it is open at the

moment it is actually open despite all of the things that are

happening right now but we were amazed to see how miserable everyone looked

standing outside waiting to go in to the store fortunately mr. Steve had also

arranged to pick up his new wheel so we didn't have to stand in the queue

however lots of people who were waiting to go in did they had to stand in a very

long queue and of course they were standing very far away from each other

but they did not look very happy I have a feeling some of them were waiting for

quite a while I think so hello also - hi what hello hi what nice

to see you here how are you are you ok I really hope so

mr. Steve is in the garden right behind me he's doing a little bit of work in

the garden he is actually on holiday at the moment but during his free time he's

decided to do a little bit of gardening so that is what he is doing hello to

Freddy mr. Duncan I guess you said never and ever I will show my legs today you

showed your legs to us Freddy you are right yes it isn't very often that you

get to see my legs but you did a few moments ago when I was playing football

with mr. Steve what strange fun is cricket do they play it elsewhere other

than Britain and India I don't know I don't know where else in the world I

suppose Australia they play cricket also in Australia they have they have a very

good team in fact and also New Zealand as well so there are other

cricket teams around the world so a lot of people think of Britain and also

India when we think of cricket but cricket is actually played in many

other parts of the world as well

hello also to fly away hello Maury CEO nice to see you here as well I have to

tell you that my daughter loves your garden so much and she said to me that

she wants to buy your house well maybe one day who knows perhaps one day we

will move to another place and then you can buy this it can be all yours however

I get the feeling I have a strange feeling that maybe we will not be moving

from here I have a feeling that we will be living here until the end of our

lives whenever that may be so I think we will be here for some time to come

hello also to Agustina hello Agustina nice to see you as well

very nice our neighbor this morning gave us some food hmm

definitely yes as you can imagine I was very pleased to see the food delivered

but my neighbor gave us some scones some freshly made scones I haven't had it yet

I will be having my scone after the live stream has finished

hello also - Andy hello Andy who says greetings from Czech Republic nice to

see you here can you recommend some British movie for beginners well I

suppose you could watch anything really if there is a movie maybe something or

maybe a type of movie that you enjoy watching

then perhaps that is what you should do so always learn by looking at something

or reading something that you enjoy anyway maybe a subject that you enjoy

maybe you could watch a documentary about a certain topic that you like so I

always find that learning is much easier when you are studying something that you

enjoy doing maybe a certain subject mr. Duncan did you know who won the champion

trophy of 2017 in cricket that was held in England I might be the wrong person

to ask that question to if I was honest with you because I don't know much about

sport I am guessing I'm going to guess that it may have been I want to say

Pakistan because Pakistan also has a very good cricket team but I don't know

that much about cricket please do not assume that if I know about cricket

because I don't unfortunately so maybe you could tell me

who won the world champion cricket trophy in 2017 maybe you can tell me

because I have no idea I don't know maybe it was India maybe Australia

perhaps New Zealand I don't know I have no idea

hello mr. Duncan I am Antonio and I'm living in Germany and I love your

teaching I learn a lot thank you very much and thank you also for your lovely

lovely thumbs up very nice hello Lily Lily Chung hello Lily hello

it's my first time here is it really

can I just say it is so windy today I wasn't quite expecting this to be honest

I didn't think today's weather was going to be quite so what's the word I'm

looking for crazy look so there is the view right now behind me and you can see

it is rather windy today I am really really being adventurous sometimes it is

good to do things that are adventurous I'm not sure if this is one of them I'm

really not sure but you can see the trees are really blowing around behind

me oh my goodness was this a good idea was it

I'm really not sure I'm really not sure oh my goodness

Palmyra says your neighbors your neighbors are very friendly mr. Duncan

do you have something to offer for them or to them yes well we make jam as you

know so mr. Steve likes making jam so if we have a new batch of jam we will give

some of our jam to the neighbors so we do the same thing yes you are right my

neighbors are very kind and generous generally speaking many people around

here are friendly and kind Andy says mr. Duncan do you remember if a man doesn't

make new acquaintances as he advances through life he will soon find himself

left alone ah that sounds to me like Samuel Johnson I think so yes Tamura

says do you know the people oh I see do people in Much Wenlock know you as a

very popular blogger who is known in the world

some people do know about my work and some people don't and some people try to

pretend that they don't know about it if you know what I mean

what what is going on with the weather my goodness I really can't believe how

windy it is here today maybe I should have done the livestream in the studio

maybe Belarusian says there was a typhoon in Bangladesh and India yes I

saw it last night on TV some terrible scenes some horrible scenes there was a

huge typhoon FIPS crashed into Bangladesh and also India is well very

very terrible quite a terrible situation there at the moment Sergio says they say

that baseball is just a version of cricket but only a stupid one really

that is your opinion not my opinion talking of which sometimes when a person

is talking about what another person has said or maybe something that other

people believe sometimes you will see people use quotation marks however they

will do them with their fingers they will actually use air quotations have

you ever seen a person do that they will actually use their fingers to create

quotation marks when they are talking about something they will add them

physically with their fingers as they are talking about a certain subject

but what does it mean when we say that a person is making air quotation marks

what does it mean well air quotation marks means to physically show that a

statement is another person's opinion or their point of view sometimes it is used

in a humorous or ironic way so we do this with our fingers when we are

quoting what another person thinks or maybe something that people believe but

maybe yourself you don't believe it so even though you are saying something you

are showing that this is what other people think you are using air quotation

marks you are showing that this is what someone else or maybe other people

believe with your air quotations I like that it is a very unusual thing and

people do it quite often especially when they are talking about an opinion that

other people might have air quotation marks very unusual you are watching

English addict on a very windy Friday I'm just wondering whether I've made a

big mistake doing this today outside because it is so windy I can't begin to

tell you I do think I do feel slightly threatened by the wind to be honest just

very slightly


I am back I just had to do something then because the weather got so bad it

really did hello to Dorota nice to see you here as

well also Mustafa the idea might be to shut off your camera and take a break

maybe if you might actually get to see me blown away by the wind it's

incredible I can't believe how windy it is can you please give me some of your

jam mr. Duncan well we do have a lot there is plenty of jam for everyone

hello to Richard today it is very windy and I think you can fly a kite yes I

would say that today is a very good day a very good day for flying a kite I

think you are right have you had your tea your cup of tea yet not yet I'm

having my cup of tea at the end of today's livestream Maliha hello Molly

huh mr. Duncan how many children do you have

I don't have any children that's why I always have a smile on my face hello

Peter nice to see you back again hello also - ball rack ball rack hi mr.

Duncan and hi Barack nice to see you here also it is a very strange day

because the weather is a little worse than I thought it would be I wasn't

expecting the weather to be quite as bad as this we were talking about food a few

moments ago and I thought today it would be a good excuse a good reason a good

way of looking at some interesting words in

the English language we are going to have a look at something I recorded with

mr. Steve we were in the kitchen and guess what we were doing we were

toasting some lovely tea cakes and then after that we will be back right here

live unless of course I've been blown away welcome to mr. Duncan and a mr.

Steve over there so here we are in the kitchen what are we going to do

we are going to make some tea cakes but we're not actually making them we're

going window we're going to put them in the toaster we're going to toast them

toast of the tea cakes that we have previously purchased from a local bakery

and here they are here are the tea cakes look at that are they gorgeous too fresh

tea cakes now so people think that tea cakes and hot cross buns are the same

thing but in fact in fact they are not they are not the same thing

tea cakes are normally larger and also they don't have the cross on the front

also they are not as flavoursome they don't have as much spice or lemon zest

inside them so normally lemon zest lemon zest I love the lemon zest it's just a

sweet bread with some currentl raisins added so they don't have such a strong

flavor as hot cross bun but they are still delicious they are delicious

so mr. Steve what do we need to do first we need to while these are thrown

and we've defrosted them we need to take them out of this

patty dolly we can't put them in the toaster while they're inside that

plastic bag know that I know for certain I would be very silly you keep it so

don't forget don't toast them in the back because the plastic will melt and

they will taste terrible so they freeze very well for once we

bought the fresh bread before too many and if we froze some of them and they

are absolutely as defrosted red freezes very well as we all know and there they

all look lovely look at those lovely tea cakes so now

mr. Steven iceberg mr. Steve is going to cut them right in half

careful I've got an armed with a sharp knife I'm not sure if we should trust

mr. Steve with a sharp knife so here we go I'm going to cut these in preparation

for putting in the toaster there we go that one that will strengthen in the

toaster and I'll meanwhile cut the other one in half so that we're ready

because having better them we want to make sure the right heart okay with the

right ones and this one thing I've noticed with mr. Steve when he's doing

something he likes to bang things around and clang which is great for real life

but unfortunately on camera when you are listening at home it sounds dreadful so

try to do everything quietly if you can do it silently silently

including them but the voice can be big fine well they're going to take about

two minutes to toast in there so meanwhile should I get rid of with me

here the butter oh yes we're going to put some lovely butter now you have

have butter on your tea cakes there is something I noticed because the word

butter can actually be used in other ways as well is that true mr. Steve

that's very true yes butter is normally for spreading on bread and things like

that but it can be used by the way so here we go butter the word butter can be

used in more than one way for example it can be used as a verb in the phrase

butter up if you want to win someone's favor or if you want to get someone on

your side you might try to charm them by doing something nice you butter them up

you try to butter them up by being nice to them so the phrase butter up means

flattered a person or suck up to them for example I need my friend to drive me

into town tomorrow and I won't have to butter him up by treating him to dinner

to butter up a person means to flatter or charm someone so does it get on that

good side you ingratiate them butter or butter up now if I could butter up to

mr. Duncan couldn't I yeah I could tell mr. Duncan oh I'll go do that later I

will show an example no I'll do it now

I'm really going well you move me around right oh don't go to butter up to mr.

don't go down mr. doe oh oh you what how do you look so slim having have you lost

weight oh thank you I think mr. Steve is trying to butter me

up I think mr. Steve wants something so butter up means to flatter someone or to

ingratiate yourself to to creep around someone normally for a favor okay any

chance that I can you know appear on your show on Sunday no your office

doesn't show yeah and you're on it now slim you're so good-looking this isn't

okay come on I'm hungry by that pinging sound meant that this out of the toaster

and oh there we go mr. Duncan won't like that one because

it's bird you know my bird bones do you mr. doom I don't like my buns bird I

don't like buttons to brown to bang around please stop banging it sounds

terrible on the camera mr. Duncan likes lots of butter on his tea cakes I would

say where else but he said there are some on the teeth on the tea cakes I

like I like my buns buttery that's great that's good mr. Steve Thank You max

that's quite right there we go I don't know what's happened to that it doesn't

seem to match there we go there is the first tea cake it has been toasted and

as you can see there is some butter it is now melting on the tea cake so mr.

Steve is now going to toast his tea cake by the way just in case you have just

joined us we are live well this isn't live but in a moment I will be lying

again or so now we are here live is live can be on

Sunday afternoon I hope you are enjoying this live lesson I think is are all

greasy then so I was using a paper towel to wipe on the butter off so it's gonna

be a long time about 2 minutes at least 2 minutes to wait before the next Tek

comes account the toaster so well I know what I don't know what I'm going to do

I'll go cold I'm going to have a bite of the tea cake to see how nice it is to

see how well be nice please how well mr. Steve has toasted this tea cake let's

see ok mmm they go very nicely with a cup of tea hence the name tea cake well

actually it could be called a tea cake you have them at tea time I think it's

because you have another cup of tea which we haven't got ready but we can

make afterwards fact I put the cap along now while we're waiting no suit yourself

it's too noisy how about I pretend pretend Oh what are we five year olds

another 30 second of each mr. Steve likes his buns very Brown these are

delicious very nice mm-hmm very hot you know testers get very hot

right there is there is another type of there is another type of burn called a

scone or star and they are much smaller and normally they are made with pure

butter or fat another word for a burn is your buttocks yes your buttocks you but

it's burns so your buttocks or your bum cheeks can be called buns now that

normally comes from American English so if you talk about someone's nice bun

you might be talking about their bread but also you might be talking about

their lovely sexy bottom okay mr. Steve yeah so that could actually yes it looks

to me like a like someone's bottom that goes that's not even that can I just say

now for the record mr. Steve can you start banging things around about that

but it back in the fridge otherwise it'll melt I'm gonna do it quietly

there we go right so I'm ready to be fine now that's it we're going to eat

our tea cakes I've already eaten half of mine thank you very much for following

us delicious we're now going back to the studio back to the studio live to rejoin

mr. Duncan that's me Oh Oh mr. Duncan and I look forward to seeing you again

very shortly where am I going to be stuck in the corner maybe I haven't

decided yet outside oh yeah it'll be a big surprise off we go bye

can I just say that we are not in the studio now unfortunately we are actually


I know one thing I do wish I was in the studio right now everything is blowing

around it is a very windy day for those who've just joined me hello there

it's mr. Duncan live on Friday afternoon in the UK English addict I hope you

enjoyed that it was Steve as usual making lots of noise in the kitchen we

were making our tea cakes something that is very popular here in the UK quite

often we will have a tea cake with some butter or maybe a little bit of jam as

well also a cup of tea and it is something we have quite often in the

afternoon or maybe if we go out at the weekend maybe we will treat ourselves we

will have something nice maybe a little tea cake and a cup of tea although at

the moment we are not doing that because all of the cafes and restaurants are

still shut they are still closed talking of pleasurable things

talking of pleasurable things is there something in your life that gives you a

little bit of pleasure we are talking about the small pleasures of life is

there something in your life something that you do occasionally that gives you

pleasure it can be a simple thing it doesn't have to be something complicated

it doesn't have to be something big or expensive it can be a small moment of

time something that you do that just gives you a little bit of pleasure you

think oh I quite enjoyed that maybe it's a small thing not a very big thing I

will give you a good example here is something that I love doing I don't know

why but I love drinking coffee you may have noticed that sometimes during the

live stream I might have a cup of coffee well guess what there is also owners mr.

Steve did you see that there is mr. Steve that that was mr. Steve making a

very brief appearance on today's livestream however drinking coffee is

very pleasurable but there is something else that I love doing as well something

that gives me a lot of pleasure when I do it can you guess what it is when I

open a new jar a new container of coffee I love the sound and also this theorem

ah when I open a new jar of coffee so can you see it there you put your spoon

or maybe you use your finger and you open the new jar of coffee

and there is nothing more pleasurable than the aroma of a new jar of coffee I

don't know why so quite often people will will put their spoon so you can see

there that the spoon is being put into the foil on the top of the jar so that

part of the jar is sealed so when you open a new jar of coffee I don't know

why the coffee always smells amazing I love the smell of a newly opened jar of

coffee it is amazing so that is one of my small pleasures it's a very small

pleasure it is a simple thing not a big thing however when I open a new jar of

coffee I don't know why I always find it exciting and pleasurable as well so that

is one of my little pleasures of life a very simple moment however it means a

lot to me what gives me pleasure Belarusian says listening to your voice

mr. Duncan oh thank you very much that's very kind of you to say so we are

talking about small pleasures here's another thing I know this is strange

but here is another thing that gives me a lot of pleasure when I do it I do it

on my computer something that gives me pleasure quite often when I'm going

through my files on my computer quite often I will delete the files however

they don't leave the computer completely they normally go into your trash can or

your trash container or the trash file and over time you can get lots and lots

of things in your trash folder so one of the things I love doing and I don't know

why it always gives me a lot of pleasure is when I when I empty my trash or

recycle bin so some people call it their recycle bin on their computer and there

you can see it there I will show you there can you see it on the screen and

after a while quite often you will have to empty the recycle bin and I don't

know why I always find it quite pleasurable to empty my recycle bin on

my computer because suddenly you get a little bit more space on your hard drive

I don't know why but emptying my recycling bin or the trash file the

place where you put all of your unwanted files you can delete them permanently

you will empty your recycle bin on your computer and I don't know why it always

gives me a lot of pleasure and you have that little sound as well it's like

paper being thrown away it's like a little I don't know why it always makes

me feel slightly excited and a little giggly because I know that once I empty

my recycle bin I will have a little bit more space on my computer I don't know

why it always it always gives me a little

bit of pleasure it puts a smile on my face I don't know why it is one of those

strange small pleasures of life mr. Duncan I am on a diet at the moment and

you are sharing lots of delicious food oh dear

I think I'm being I'm being scolded I'm being told off something else Oh pal

Mira says I get the same feeling when I open a new bar of soap yes there is

something lovely when you open a new bar of soap quite often soap will come in a

little box so when you open it oh the smell is always gorgeous the aroma from

the soap when you open the box and it always gives you a little bit of

pleasure I don't know why but they are very small moments of time and for some

reason I don't know why they give you a little bit of pleasure here's another

thing I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this this is something I love

doing I don't do it very often because I'm not a person who buys things

all the time however when I do buy something new and I'm sure you have the

same feeling as well there is nothing more pleasurable than unboxing unboxing

so there you can see it unboxing over there there it is so when you get a new

item from Amazon or maybe something that a person has sent to you maybe a gift

from another person there is nothing more exciting than opening a new box a

box it might contain something like a mobile phone maybe or perhaps a new

television or maybe some new clothes

something that you are unboxing something that you are opening it can be

very pleasurable it can be very exciting it's a little bit like opening a present

from a person at Christmas or on your birthday so quite often I think the

feeling is very similar it is a little pleasure of life unboxing something

taking something out of a box a new item that you have ordered Sergio says it

sounds as if you like to crush and

delete yes I do it's for some reason I don't know why it was very pleasurable

especially when I look at my hard drive on my computer and then I find that I

have a lot more space so sometimes emptying your recycle folder on your

computer can give you a lot of pleasure indeed so small pleasures of life what

things give you a little bit of pleasure

sunshine says these are very boring pleasures mr. Duncan I don't think

they're boring they're wonderful there's nothing more

exciting than opening a new jar of coffee and you get that that fresh smell

of coffee oh well maybe you are opening something

a box maybe a box that contains your new mobile phone or maybe your new computer

it is inside the box and you feel so excited we call that feeling

anticipation so the feeling of anticipation is the feeling that you get

just before you do something that you know you will enjoy something you know

you will like think that will give you pleasure the

feeling of anticipation sometimes is very pleasurable so yes opening

something Lewis says mr. Duncan you know it better than me but your recycle bin

isn't inside your computer but when it's full it's full yes that is true actually

but I sometimes I'm a bit lazy and I let my I let my recycle bin get too full and

of course when that happens you do lose a little bit of space on your computer

hello to be trees I feel special pleasure when I'm buying a gift for

someone else ah I like that very much says be trees yes I suppose there is an

element of pleasure that you get when you are buying a gift for another person

maybe you feel the excitement you imagine the excitement that they make

they will feel so when they open the gift from you you are almost excited

because you feel the excitement that they will feel when they open the

present I think you're right yes Malia says when I learn new things it is my

pleasure yes I think so finding out something or finding out something that

you are interested in so over the years when you learn something new

perhaps that new knowledge can take you in a whole new direction maybe you can

learn not lots of new things that's one of the reasons why I love English you

see I like the English language because I believe that you can learn lots of

other things communicating with other people who speak English around the

world so it is a very good way of learning new things

Sergio says I like to open a new bottle of vodka and then I like to delete a

shot of it so you make it disappear you make your vodka disappear I wonder where

it goes I have a feeling I know a

Valentina says I've just emptied my recycle bin on my computer so lots of

little moments lots of little moments of time that can give you all sorts of

pleasure I think so zoo seeker says taking a shower or going for a swim in

the sea I think so I always imagined because I don't do it myself because I

can't swim but I always imagine it must feel amazing to be able to go into the

water and swim without worrying or being afraid of drowning sadly I I can't swim

but I imagine the feeling must be quite amazing I think so Alessandra says

buying some new clothing gives me pleasure I think so going shopping can

be a very pleasurable thing however sometimes you can get a little bit too

excited maybe maybe you end up spending too much money you spend too much money

hello sue bear I like your attitude and learner and your teaching maybe you are

talking about my teaching Thank You sooo bad that's okay

wonderful my small pleasure is the smell of fresh chocolate cream and the smell

of coffee when I wake up in the morning I yes some people love the smell of

coffee especially if you are one of those posh people who has one of those

amazing coffee machines that makes all of the coffee fresh from the bean to the

cup very nice yes I agree I think the smell of coffee fresh coffee it is quite

amazing the other thing I like as well while we are talking about smells and

aromas fish and chips if I walk past anywhere that is making fish and chips

maybe a fish and chip shop we have lots of those in the UK we have many fish and

chip shops here in the UK I think going past one of those shops the smell the

aroma that comes out is amazing I love the smell of fish and chips when they

are being fried it's so gorgeous very gorgeous sue Jean says taking a bath in

a hot spring I've never done that I've be a Jew koozie but but to be honest

with you I'm not very keen on sharing baths with strange people to be honest

people I don't know so I don't normally get into the bathtub with people who I

don't know to be honest

Andy says I get pleasure from reading new interesting historical books very

good so there are many things many small things quite often you might find that

these small pleasures in life can feel great so you don't have to go out you

don't have to do extravagant things sometimes life will give you small

pleasures small moments of time maybe you get pleasure from cleaning some

people do they love the feeling of going around their house and cleaning

everything it gives them a lot of pleasure I think so hello Ivan

good afternoon mr. Duncan nice to see you here do you remember me I hope you

do hello Ivan I haven't seen you for a long time where have you been nice to

see you here again Lewis says pleasurable things seeing beautiful

things and places if anyone comes to Paris they must take a walk by the left

bank of the River Seine at night it's very beautiful

you are right Louis yes well I've been along the Seine in a boat at night and

it is the most amazing feeling lots of people out and about

lots of atmosphere so yes I've actually done that very lucky last year to go to

Paris with mr. Steve mr. Steve's company gave us a free holiday last year very

nice we are going to take a short break it's time to take a look at one of my

full English lessons and then after that we are going to look at some unusual

words and if we have time I'm not sure at the moment let's have a look it is

now quarter past three if we have who might also play the sentence game we

will see what happens we will see what happens how much time we have so now we

will look at one of my full English lessons this is an excerpt from one of

my full English lessons oh it's full English thirty two and then after that

we will be back as live as live can be

hi everybody and welcome to what can only be described as a video language

lesson posted on the Internet coming to you from the birthplace of the author a

a Milne who wrote the stories of Winnie the Pooh and his various animal friends

plus his human companion Christopher Robin

did you know that Christopher Robin was a real person in fact he was a a Milnes

son England is also the birthplace of the English language which is why we are

all here today so without any more small talk or jibber jabbering let's get on

with today's full English lesson which will start right now

your memory can play tricks on you you might be at work doing something

mundane when all of a sudden a memory pops into your head it might be a random

moment from your past something that has left an impression on you might simply

pop up in your head you might have a flashback a moment in the present can

send you back in time a certain sound or smell from your childhood that occurs in

the present can transport you back to your younger years sometimes the

memories consist of unhappy events and moments we would rather forget looking

back on your life experiences is normal you reminisce you reflect you consider

what occurred by remembering the events that went before as we get older our

distant memories become more precious your memories make you the person you

are they are your individual experiences

that are an irreplaceable part of you

here are two words that look similar but have different meanings the words are

thrill and thrill firstly the word thrill with an F means an attractive

addition or decoration you make something look more appealing by adding

frills you might see a frill on a woman's dress or skirt you might add

frills to a pair of curtains so as to make them stand out more so something

that makes an item seem more appealing is a frill in business you might see

frills being added to a particular type of service

this hotel is worth staying at just for the frills the extravagant services

added to something can be described as frills of course the opposite can also

be true if a business wants to cut costs or make something more affordable then

they might take away the frills a basic service without the unnecessary comforts

or luxury can be described as no-frills the air ticket to France is very cheap

but it comes with no frills you are getting the basic flight with nothing

added as a bonus a basic service is a no frills service then there is the word

thrill which can be either a noun adjective or verb something that makes

you feel a sudden rush of excitement can be described as a thrill it was a thrill

to see BTS in concert last night I was thrilled to be asked to speak at the

seminar the sudden rush of excitement is a thrill you feel the thrill your

breathing becomes deeper your heart might suddenly start racing

you are feeling the thrill the thing that gives you the thrill is thrilling

such as a thrilling fairground ride a thrilling movie or a thrilling

expedition the thrilling thing is the thrill the thrill is what you get from

the thing that is thrilling you an excited looking person can appear

thrilled a smile on his face told me that he was thrilled to be there so as a

noun thrilled names the feeling as a verb you

can cause a person to feel thrilled and as an adjective a person can appear

thrilled so there you have it thrill and thrill to similar-looking

words with very different meanings it's true that the English language can be

quite confusing especially when it comes to pronunciation good examples of this

occurrence are the words lose and loose chose and choose firstly the word lose

means to miss lace something it describes the sudden loss of an item

or person the spelling of lose often causes confusion for many when it comes

to written English the word chose is used in the past tense as something that

has been chosen you chose it I chose this dress yesterday whilst out shopping

so despite the similar spelling the word lose and chose are pronounced very

differently then we have loose and choose firstly the word loose means the

state of slackness or free movement I have a loose tooth I should go to the

dentist I guess then there is which describes the action of making a

selection you select something you choose an item I will choose my wedding

dress tomorrow it's worth remembering that while chose and choose are related

lose and loose are not thus proving that the English language can sometimes be a

very confusing thing indeed

and there it was an excerpt from one of my full English lessons and don't forget

you can find all of my lessons on my youtube channel

it is a very windy day here in the UK I hope you are okay where you are however

it is really windy I can't believe how windy it is look at that that is the

view right now that is what is happening behind me at this very moment I wasn't

expecting it to be so windy today or else I would have been in the studio

instead of outside risking my life I keep thinking that at any moment maybe a

piece of tree or maybe a large item will fly past well maybe I will fly away

myself my little gazebo is blowing all over the place

I must be honest let's just say it's a very windy day today

it's windy here in the UK Louisa is talking about a pleasure a simple

pleasure we can find lots of simple pleasures in life I think you are right

my small pleasure is simply a time with my granddaughter's yes I think so human

contact if there is one thing we've all learnt over the past few months

certainly over the past two months some some people of course three months the

one thing we've learned is human contact is very important especially when

suddenly we can't be near the people that we want to be near so yes I agree

with you I think being near your friends family

people who are precious to you I think so the sound of the wind is very loud

you are right yes the sound of the wind is loud because it's blowing all around

me to be honest hello also - oh hello Francesca hello

all Chappell Mira the birds are hidden you are right the birds are hiding you

might hear maybe some black birds but at the moment there are very few birds

around anywhere they are all staying safely tucked away tucked away in the

trees and also in the bushes as well I think so we are going to look at some

unusual words some strange words and there are many unusual words in the

English language so I thought it would be fun to have a look at some unusual

some strange English words for example Oh a vociferous vociferous

to do something with a lot of energy to do so

thing which is boisterous there's another interesting word vociferous you

are loud you are very vocal you do something energetically you are

vociferous it is a real word and it does exist in the English language it is a

real word of vociferous have you ever heard of this world

a person who is loud vocal they have a lot of energy they are vociferous a

person who is vociferous interesting here's another one ah so this word can

be used to describe a person's character the waist someone is maybe if a person

is often rude or maybe they have a very clever way of using words to make

another person feel bad words that can hurt another person we can say acerbic

acerbic something that is sharp something that can cause harm quite

often we will describe a person who has a way of talking that makes other people

feel upset they are very good at saying things that can make another person feel

unhappy or maybe hurt you can describe a person as being a serving acerbic they

have a certain type of use or a certain way of talking using words something

that is sharp something that might be a little bitter something that is acerbic

Sergio says can you please let us guess what the meaning is okay then here is a

servic does anyone know what this means oh I'm too late I've already told you

okay maybe the next one here we go here's the next one then

here's another unusual word neither neither you pronounce this word as

neither does anyone know what this word means

neither sometimes a child might neither their parents so what does the word

miser mean does anyone know what the meaning of the word is if you miser

someone what does it mean hello lung Duong hi mr. Duncan hello to

you as well nice to see you here where are you

watching at the moment I have a feeling you might be in Vietnam I think so

Julie says I have no idea a person who sometimes will neither you

neither means bother you bother someone you keep asking a person the same

question you ask for something from your parents you ask them again and again and

again you do it many times you miser miser it's a great word neither it is

bother you bother someone maybe you keep asking them for the same thing a child

will often neither their parents maybe they want a new toy maybe there is

something that they saw advertised on television the latest toy that all the

children have and perhaps they will also neither their parents because they want

it can I please have that new toy please Oh

please you will get in the way you will keep asking the same question you miser

you miser you keep fussing about one thing you are insisting on something

happening you will not let it lie you keep asking for it

you are very insistent I like it it's a good word an unusual word that exists in

the English language here's another one another unusual word that does exist in

English we have oh hello franceska yes insistent the word neither can mean

insistent thank you very much for joining in with that hello Robin hello

also to Ally harsh but back ah hello mr. Duncan hello Ali how are you today I

hope you're feeling alright and happy re re Hassan says hi guys I have just

had a break and I am eating cottage cheese cottage cheese is one of those

things that people eat when they are trying to stay healthy to be honest with

you I like cottage cheese but normally I like to have it with something else

maybe a little bit of salad or maybe samosas so you could have cottage cheese

with many other things but quite often if a person is trying to lose weight or

maybe they just want to have salad quite often you will have cottage cheese with

salad ecclectic is the word that is on the screen it has been on the screen for

a few moments eclectic what does the word eclectic

mean eclectic means wide Brod you have a very broad interest or

maybe you have an interest in many different things at the same time so

very broad your outlook is varied there are many different things that you enjoy

maybe you enjoy music however you enjoy lots of different types of music many

different types of music you can say that your music taste is eclectic

eclectic it means you have many likes many types of things appeal to you

your taste is eclectic broad wide

wide-ranging yes CEM Dogon you are right yes you can say wide-ranging as well a

very good use of the word eclectic to have a very broad interest in a certain

topic or maybe if you have many different interests eclectic I like that

one that's a good one Oh what's this I like this one

cock-a-hoop have you ever heard of this a person who might be feeling

cock-a-hoop there it is there is the word cock-a-hoop I wonder what that

means a person who is feeling cock-a-hoop

what are they feeling I suppose I could have my little cockerel because we have

the word pop on the screen I couldn't resist that I'm sorry

cock-a-hoop if a person is feeling cock-a-hoop what are they feeling what

is their emotional state how are they feeling at that moment if a person is

Kaka I feel cock-a-hoop Ali Hodge says so happy yes a person who is feeling

cock-a-hoop is happy they are very joyous joyous

excited very happy about something they are cock-a-hoop I feel so

cock-a-hoop to be here with you again you are excited it does it sounds very

funny you are right it is a very funny phrase however we do use it in English

to express the fact that we are feeling excited and overjoyed about something

you are feeling cock-a-hoop I can't wait to share my happiness with you because

today I am feeling cock-a-hoop I'd like that

here's another one oh he's an interesting word Oh mr. Duncan very

interesting wantin this word is pronounced wanton wanton a person who is

wanton may be you are describing an action perhaps wanton hmm so this is

another word that we use in the English language

quite often describing behavior the mannerism of a person the way someone

does something hello Julie gee I like these special effects do you like my

little cock yes I think so the other thing I like to do sometimes sometimes I

also like to fly my drone would you like to see my drone here it comes

so my drone is now coming over right now it is spying on me I have a feeling

maybe my neighbors might be watching what I'm doing right now I think so

you see the drone keeps flying over its back again

you see I can't have any privacy there is always something happening in my

garden one of my special effects you see that's what that was Sam or chem says Oh

mr. Duncan the word wanton means lustful yes wanton passionate you do something

without holding back wantin something that is done maybe unnecessarily you do

something without any reason wantin so you might describe a person as

destroying things for no reason we might say that action is wanton destruction it

is being done for no reason no purpose it is just being done something you

can't control an uncontrollable desire something that

makes you feel very attractive or maybe you have an urge to do something wanton

you can't control your feelings wanton I like that one yes it's a great word a

meaningless thing an action that has no meaning or to do something passionately

with lust naughty mr. Duncan Thank You Sergio thank you also Peter yes wanted

it is a very interesting word talking of interesting words here is another

interesting word an unusual word that exists in the English language all mr.

Duncan what is this

jiggery-pokery jiggery-pokery it is a real English phrase we do use it

definitely yes tin tin dang chuan says it is a windy day you

are right you are definitely right it is very

windy here in the UK as you can see behind me it is very windy an incredibly

windy day here in the UK right now I am cock-a-hoop to see you again mr. Duncan

thank you very much a very good use of that phrase very good so here's another

one jiggery-pokery all jiggery-pokery it is

a real expression and yes it does exist in English it is real I didn't make it

up it sounds like I made it up but it is definitely real jiggery-pokery something

hmm something is not right here I think

maybe there is some jiggery-pokery hmm something suspicious is going on

something fits is happening that I'm not aware of some jiggery-pokery a person

who is trying to avoid me maybe they are trying to avoid me they are trying to

avoid something they are going out of their way to avoid something so maybe a

person disappears I can't see them anywhere however I know that they are

nearby they are avoiding me they are trying to dodge something there is some

jiggery-pokery taking place I think so cam says dodge dodge yes you are trying

to avoid something you are trying to avoid doing something there is a little

bit of jiggery-pokery going on I like that one

Julie says it sounds like a word from Harry Potter it does doesn't it it

sounds like one of his spells but it isn't jiggery-pokery you are trying to

avoid doing something so thick Marcus oh hello Marcos Marcos Chavez says pooped

I'm not sure if I'm not sure if jiggery pokery means poop I don't think it does

a man who is a politician often uses jiggery-pokery maybe they are trying to

avoid something or work their way around something yes maybe a devious person a

person who is devious yes maybe they are not to be trusted

hmm jiggery-pokery I like that one here's one more this is the last one

another word that we use in English and it is a real word tomfoolery if you take

part or if your action is described as tomfoolery this one you might know you

may have heard of this before maybe you haven't I don't know so tomfoolery it

sounds like someone's name but it isn't it is not someone's name it means a

certain thing a certain type of action tomfoolery does anyone know what it

means I will tell you what it means in a moment what does it mean mr. Duncan can

you please tell us tomfoolery is

messing around being silly maybe you are wasting time maybe you are just acting

the fool maybe you are a person who is just messing about not taking things

seriously maybe things that seem absurd something you can't understand a person

is behaving in a very odd crazy way they are making no sense so yes it does look

like the word fool tomfoolery it means you are are just messing around you are

messing about you are not taking things seriously at all

it's so windy today I can't believe how windy it is so there we had some unusual

English words we might have some more of those next week there are many unusual

words that exist in the English language I am going to go soon for two reasons

one I feel slightly unsafe standing out here in this wind and also too I'm

hungry I haven't had anything to eat today

yet so I've had nothing to eat at all today so I've just realized that I am a

little bit hungry so I will be going soon mr. Duncan here in Glasgow it is

also very windy and also quite cold I know that in Scotland the wind is even

stronger than this so this is nothing so the wind that is happening now around me

the wind that is blowing here is nothing compared to the wind that is blowing in

Scotland in Scotland the wind is really strong today

very strong Sergio says I like tomfoolery the most yes a very

interesting word if you are messing about you are playing the fool you are

acting childish you are not taking things seriously

yes mr. Duncan you can go and eat thank you very much I will tell you what I

have in the house at the moment I have something very nice in the house

fresh stuns my neighbour very kindly gave some scones to us so yes that's

what we will be doing soon I will be hurrying something to eat a cup of tea

with mr. Steve although I've noticed this Steve had disappeared I think Steve

has gone back into the house he can't stand this violent weather that

is occurring at the moment Sayid Jean or Sayid Jean says mr. Duncan it is

also very windy in London yes so it would appear that all across the UK

today the wind is very strong indeed I think so we have talked about a lot of

things today haven't we on Sunday I will be back with you by the way on Sunday

2:00 p.m. UK time for those who want to know my lessons my life

English addict lessons are with you on Sunday Wednesday Friday 2:00 p.m. UK

time I know this is a little shorter normally I do two hours but today I'm

going to cut it short a little bit so we are going to end a little bit earlier

than normal mainly because of the wind

hello Lewis Lewis says to Sergio you are sometimes sarcastic and you don't like

to take things seriously and I like the characters like that when they are human

beings yes sometimes we do take things too seriously

I agree a lot of people say that I am immature they say mr. Duncan you are

very immature you behave like a child you should act your age

and I say no you don't have to there are no rules that say that you have to

behave like an adult all the time sometimes it's fun to be childish

sometimes it is fun not to take things too seriously so that's what I like to

do anyway Thank You Roxy thank you for spending your time with us you are the

best thank you very much to pee UK time I'm not going to have a dance

today I will not be dancing today unfortunately but I am going into the

house because I feel a little safer in there compared to here standing under my

gazebo so yes I think I am going to go back into the house now before the wind

gets any stronger Thank You Julie thank you Barack thank you to Richard thank

you very much for your company today tomorrow says I like jiggery-pokery that

sounds like a very interesting word I like it very much I think so there are

so many strange words in the English language many in fact many many thank

you Robin thank you also Mohsen enjoy your time

mr. Duncan this afternoon yes I'm going back into the house now before I get

blown away by the wind thank you study points mr. Duncan please

tell me do people speak like in the UK or other European countries or not when

you say la oh do you mean lie do you mean to be untrue or dishonest

well I suppose everyone lies sometimes we can all be a little bit dishonest

sometimes so maybe that's what you are talking about do other people speak like

the UK or maybe you are talking about accents yes there are many different

English accents there are many accents in the English language here in this

country and also across Europe as well yes you are right you are right Thank

You vetos thank you Peter I am now going to say goodbye

but I will be back with you on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time I hope the weather on

Sunday will be a little bit better than today to be honest I'm going to be

honest now and say I didn't feel very safe out here with the wind blowing all

around me Thank You Sergio Thank You pal Mira Thank You Luis Thank You Miko Thank

You Irene I will see you on Sunday this is mr. duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching yes I'm back on Sunday and also mr.

Steve will be here as well to join us on the livestream and of course until the

next time we meet here take care have a good weekend enjoy the rest of your

Friday have a super Saturday and I will see you on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time

and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube take care stay safe

ta ta for now 8-)