i look like father christmas with my beard hi  everybody this is mr duncan and also mr steve  

we are out and about today this is not  live this is a recorded video just to say  

happy new year to all those who are watching now  

and also all those who have been watching during  2020 can i wish you all a happy super duper 2021

2021 has arrived i hope it's been good so far  it hasn't been too bad here to be honest even  

though it's freezing cold we thought today we  would come down to one of the local landmarks  

and at the moment you might be able to hear behind  us look behind us there is the flowing forward  

so the water is moving by quite aggressively  quite i suppose you would call it a rapid rapid  

so the fast movement of water is often  described as a rapid to move fast or quickly  

the motion of something is moving very quickly  it is rapid so the ford the local ford is  

filling with water because we've had rain and  of course over the past few days you may have  

noticed we've also had a lot of snow as well so  are you looking forward to the new year steve  

well it's here and i'm already feeling confident  and optimistic for 2021 because that's what we  

want we want to get rid of 2020 and look forward  to 2021 with optimism that's what we need we need  

plenty of positivity and optimism and one of  the best places to get that is right here on my  

youtube channel i will carry on making my english  lessons and also my live streams as well they will  

all continue during 2021 so can i wish you once  again a happy new year have a super one stay safe  

stay healthy stay happy and most importantly stay  alive this is mr duncan and mr steve saying happy  

new year and we will see you very soon live on  youtube and of course you know what's coming next

ta ta for now