here we go again it's time to improve your English on a very windy day here in

the UK it is time once again to improve your English English fact yes it is live

from the birthplace of the English which just happens to be England

oh thank you for clicking on me today hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I really hope

you are feeling happy today Here I am just getting ready just preparing myself

for today's English addict we are here together again yes I hope you are

feeling all right we are all here at the end of another very busy turbulent week

around the world and also here in the UK lots of things happening we will be

talking about those things later on it would be very difficult not

to talk about certain things that are happening at the moment around the world

not least of all here in the UK where yesterday everyone went absolutely crazy

as you may have heard many of the pubs bars restaurants cafes hair salons they

all opened their doors yesterday after the long break and it was chaotic around

the country many places had people swarming literally swarming everywhere

yesterday because many places were opening their doors once more after over

three months of being closed so a lot of that going on here we are then we are

all together again yes it is English addict episode 93 ooh very nice fancy

that I think I do here we go again yes we've made it all the way not only to

the what to to the end of the week not over the end of the week but also the

end of the weekend as well because it's Sunday

what what happened there if you haven't already noticed I'm not feeling very

well today also on Friday if you were watching on Friday I was not feeling

very well at all I'm suffering with hay fever so badly at the moment this

morning all I've been doing this morning is sneezing and on Friday it was so bad

I had to take some medicine but unfortunately the medicine makes me

fall asleep so during last Friday's livestream you

may or may not have noticed that I was not quite myself and today I don't feel

myself either I don't feel completely 100% because I

don't know why I think I think actually it is connected to the weather because

if you look outside you can see it's very windy and it's being windy for the

past 10 maybe 12 hours we've had very strong winds and what's happening is all

of the pollen all of the dust is being blown around and that's what's happening

at the moment and it's really really making my hay fever quite unbearable so

if I seem a little strange today if I seem a little odd or maybe a little

tired or sleepy there is a reason for it it's because I'm really feeling under

the weather once more with hay fever Oh

damn you hay fever damn you it literally it literally gets up my nose if

something gets up your nose it means it is annoying so something is annoying you

it is getting up your nose and that's what the hay fever is doing at the

moment it is literally getting right up my nose we have mr. Steve coming today

we are also looking at some different unusual words to describe certain colors

now last weekend we did look at colors but this weekend we are going to look at

some words that describe certain colors some very unusual exotic words that are

used to describe colors certain colors we are going to look at that also today

we are looking at some animal idioms all those lovely animals that we like all

those wonderful animals cats bears tigers whales all sorts of little

beautiful birds and of course dogs as well I know many people out there I know

you own dogs and I know you look after dogs there are many people who love dogs

so much there are actually people who love dogs more than other human beings I

can understand that I can actually understand why you would think that but

there are people out there who think that dogs are more important than other

human beings it's true here we go then Oh shall we say hello to the live chat I

suppose I should also we have mr. Steve coming later he's been very busy in the

garden we are going to take a look in a few moments at what mr. Steve has

actually been up to so here we go with the live chat thank

you very much for joining me on this Sunday I am a little bit under the

weather not feeling great I'm not ill as such so I'm not unwell but I am

suffering from hay fever and hay fever is awful it is one of those things that

can make you feel quite unwell and that's what's happening at the moment

can I say a big thank you to all those who have sent messages during the week I

have some lovely messages some lovely photographs thank you very much for all

of your emails concerning Friday when I was talking about well first of all we

started off looking at Pedro Belmont and his new hairstyle then we have a look at

mine from many many years ago when I had hair

and then we talked about maybe perhaps you sending some pictures or information

about yourself especially if you've been watching for a very long time

I know you don't have to do it if you are very shy you don't have to but I

think it is sometimes nice to put a face to the name so I I have lots of people

who watch and that includes you watching right now there hello there thanks for

joining me again and there are many people of course who have just joined

for the first time as well and you might be feeling a little shy can I just say

you don't have to feel shy don't be shy ever in this world sometimes you have to

stick your neck out to be noticed that is quite often a good way of moving

forward with your life hello be tests all Vitesse after my challenge on Friday

because I did challenge Vitas I said Vitas your finger seems to be a little

slow at the moment because you haven't been first on the live chat for a very

long time however today Vitas has proved me wrong I stand

corrected because today Vitas is first on the live


I offered the challenge and Vitesse accepted it

he took the challenge and you succeeded so congratulations for being first today

no sin is here as well lolly lolly wasu we also have Luis

Mendez here today as well parrot parrot party porpora Jap para

Appetit I hope I pronounced your name right hello to you as well b-trees is

here grace chin or welcome back I feel as if it's been a long time since I've

seen you here Parvathi also Anna peak hello Anna pica I also feel as if it's a

long time since I've seen you as well thank you for joining me welcome

back soo Jin is here can I say Thank You soo Jin for your lovely photographs that

you sent with the the wonderful temple that was built entirely of wood amazing

I might show those later if I have time Katarina hello from Belarus hello also

now new in watching in Vietnam I think hello to you as well lots of people here

today we're looking at colors we are also looking at words and idioms

connected with animals it is one that I've done before but I can't resist

because there are so many there might actually be more animal idioms in the

English language than you realize so that's what we're doing today Steve

will be with us however at the moment right now Steve is outside in the garden

he is busy doing something what are you doing mr. Steve what what are you up to

I don't know what Steve is doing at the moment but he's been outside for the

past few days doing some work in the front garden

and mr. Steve what are you doing to that Bush that poor Bush that Bush has done

nothing to you what are you doing to it it looks as if

Steve is actually chopping that Bush down is that what you're doing Steve

what do you why are you doing that I'm just trying to work out what Steve is up

to I tell you what we will ask Steve what he's actually doing out there a

little bit later on because we will have him with us right here on the livestream

in around about ten minutes from now and hopefully he will tell us what exactly

he's doing out there at the moment it looks as if he's I think he's

chopping that Bush down that's what I think that's what I'm thinking at the

moment I think Steve is actually removing that Bush from the front garden

we will find out later on what that is all about I'm very intrigued and maybe

you are intrigued to find out as well so we will have a look at that later on yes

Steve we are watching you we can see you we're not quite sure what you're doing

but it looks it looks a little bit destructive yes I think he is I think

Steve is actually cutting that Bush down I think so he's chopping it down hello

Richard hello sunshine we could do with some sunshine today

here in England it's cloudy it's gray it's rather miserable the weather even

though it's supposed to be summer at the moment can you believe it it is right

now supposed to be summer it doesn't feel like it it's windy it's cool we've

had lots of rain and it's very gray there is no sunshine anywhere to be seen

most soon hello also to Mary glow Arno's marry our noser I think I will

call you that from now on is that okay I hope so hello also Irene Palmyra is

here thank you very much Molly yeah Wilson

oh hello Wilson I haven't seen you for a while either it's nice to see so many

people joining me after taking a break from watching my live streams

interesting also we have Lille Helle hello Lille watching in India at the

moment can I say a big hello to you as well

Irene is here hello rod rod VIP watching in Brazil

hello Brazil we have a lot of people watching in Brazil by the way also we

have arts be mr. Bruno is here hello mr. Bruno once more it feels like a very

long time since I last saw you here on the live stream this is like this is

like some sort of family reunion lots of people are joining me today who I

haven't seen for a long time I wish you all a sunny Sunday I am sunbathing in my

garden oh I see mr. Bruno is topping his tan very nice all are all I can say now

is I wish I was sitting in the garden now right now getting some Sun on my

face but unfortunately we're not getting any so well done mr. Bruno I hope you

have a lovely sunbathe in the garden make sure that you put plenty of suntan

lotion on your body and for goodness sake if you are going to sunbathe naked

please make sure you cover your little pieces your little bits so they don't

get sunburned and shrivel up hello Helena Oh Belarus Sierra's here

hello Belarusian nice to see you thanks by the way for your lovely photographs

they're great I love the one of you as a baby it's brilliant

thanks a lot I do appreciate that hello also Marcia and Beatriz do I have any

pictures of myself as a baby I think I do somewhere I'm sure I do I know I have

one of me and I'm pretty sure I have a photograph of mr. Steve as a baby I

might try and find those later but yes I think I have I'm sure we've done this

before I think I've actually shown you a picture before with mr. Steve as a baby

and also me as well

hello Abraham also we have tomorrow it is a pity you're suffering from hay

fever for so long it does normally last for maybe five or six weeks so normally

it starts in mid-june and then normally it starts to disappear during late July

so normally around five or six weeks I suffer from hay fever as many of the

plants many of the flowers release their pollen into the air so yes you are right

it is a pain literally it is a pain in the nose it is also a pain in the head a

pain in the ears a pain in the throat everything everything is swollen and

painful so yes hay fever is not something I would like

anyone to have to go through because it is rather uncomfortable to say the least

would you like to see something nice here is something very nice for us to

look at it will also give me a chance to have a drink of water as well we are

talking about animal idioms so here is a lovely video clip of a sleeping animal

but which animal is it

oh isn't that lovely that was a sleeping bull filmed in my

field or in the field at the back of my house a couple of years ago very nice I

couldn't resist I actually watched that this morning and

it made me smile I had a lovely big smile on my face and it did cheer me up

so I couldn't resist playing that today so that was one of the balls that was

actually in my field a couple of years ago now of course we have cows at the

back of the house we are talking about animal idioms today

oh hello Palmyra we had a special guest my son with his eldest daughter and we

we ate a very tasty cake called Napoleon I'm interested I want to see your

Napoleon cake can I can I have a look at your Napoleon cake now we do have a type

of ice cream called Neapolitan ice cream so there is a type of ice cream and it

is actually three different types of ice cream together in layers and they call

it Neapolitan ice cream so I'm wondering now if it's connected to that in some

way maybe it is I don't know so what is Napoleon cake I am intrigued to find out

what it is because well first of all it's related to food let's face it as

you all know I love food very much Anna Rita says I am in the countryside

sitting on my balcony watching you and the beautiful green hill surrounded by

the sound of birds what a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon

LAN foon says my daughter has hay fever I'm sorry to hear that

it is especially bad if you are a child when I was a kid when I was a child I

used to suffer with hay fever but much worse I used to actually collapse on the

floor unable to breathe because my throat and my nose and also my eyes

would swell so I couldn't actually see out of my eyes my eyes would swell up

and my I couldn't even open my eyes that's how bad it was as a child so

quite often you will suffer hay fever more severely when you are a child and

then as you get older that severity the Severinus eases off but yes I do I do

sympathise with anyone especially a young person who suffers with hay fever

because it isn't a very nice thing at all it is not hello also - Oh Pedro

Pedro Belmont is field he has very long hair now very long flowing silky hair am

i jealous maybe a little bit maybe a little bit we also have a Sandra I've

never seen a cow sleeping well that was a young bull sleeping at the back of the

house a couple of years ago having some sweet dreams there in eyes talking of

sweet dreams we have a man coming soon in a few moments who is in many people's

dreams and maybe in quite a few of their nightmares as well mr. Steve is coming

soon but right now we are going to take a look at some excerpts from my full

English lessons and then after that he is back definitely mr. Steve will be

with us live if you are a regular viewer then

you will know that I love food can you guess what my most favorite snack is the

thing I like to nibble on the most the one food I often get a craving for okay

I will tell you my most favorite snack is cheese yes it is true I love to

nibble on cheese there are many reasons why I love cheese firstly there are so

many varieties so many flavors of cheese from mild to extra mature cheese's can

vary in shape and color too some are round and white while others

can be square and red some cheese's have a strong odor cheese is made from the

milk of a cow or goat each type of cheese has its own name this name

normally relates to where it was originally produced for example cheddar

cheese was first made in cheddar Somerset which is in the UK red

Leicester cheese was first made in Leicestershire and is red in color

one of the smelliest cheese's must be the variety known as stinking bishop

this cheese is also produced here in the UK in the county of Gloucestershire each

country has its own famous cheese France has its camembert cheese Greece has its

feta cheese which is made from goat's milk Italy has its Parmesan cheese which

is normally grated and sprinkled onto pasta or you could try some mozzarella

cheese we is used to make pizza topping there are

many hundreds of varieties of cheese around the world all of which I would

love to try but sadly I cannot as I would put on weight and get very very

fat when people take photographs of their friends and family they normally

ask the subjects to say cheese as it encourages everyone being photographed

to smile cheese I must say all this talk of cheese is making me feel quite hungry

no very nice very nice indeed I hope you enjoyed that that was an excerpt for one

of my full English lessons in fact that was from full English number three okay

I've just had a lovely menthol suite to ease my throat because I've got hay

fever at the moment I'm not feeling very well today so I will be looking for some

sympathy here he is he's coming now for all the fans he is a man who exists well

he exists in two places in reality the real world and also here on the Internet

as well ladies and gentlemen he's on his way

it's mr. Steve he is coming up in a few moments

hello mr. Duncan hello as usual as usual mr. Steeves shouts straight into my ear

I'm glad you've had a suite by the way because your breath was a little you

know earlier on I thought I hope mr. Duncan has a menthol suite because then

I won't have to breathe in his acrid a halitosis

that's not even sarcastic that's just that's just cruel

you are quite a cruel you know I'm joking halitosis soot jokes about that

now breath no one jokes you don't go to your friend and say oh hi mate by the

way you stink don't you do it in a more gentle and

subtle away anyway I'm not feeling very well stop picking on me well I keep

telling you mr. Duncan to take a tablet I have and oh okay okay next but I

didn't know you'd taken it because I've been working hard in the garden we've

been spying on you really we've been watching you with we were wondering leaf

we were wondering what you were doing actually because and I have a feeling

and now we all have the same feeling that maybe you are destroying I'm good

see yes I think that might be a harsh word to use but destroying that lovely

bush in the garden what is wrong with that Bush

that is a beautiful bush green it is alive it's enjoying it's enjoying being

alive it's lovely it wakes up every morning and says oh what a lovely day

here in this garden I can grow and have a nice time and there you are shopping

it to pieces well mr. Duncan the problem with that

bush is it is very spiky and spiny yes it has lots of thorns it has lots of

thorns and it's if you saw it if you were to pull back from your shop there

you would see that it goes a lot further along and it's very high and every year

I have to cut it twice and then he breaks my back and I get thorns stuck in

the fingers in the shoes it goes straight through the soles of your shoe

that push I don't know what it's called but he did tell me hmm so what I'm doing

is I'm reducing it in size yes by all the way I've cut all the way across from

that tree you can see on the right you've already taken away quite a lot of

it and not only that it's opened up a whole new section of the garden and it

means that I will no longer have to cut this bush because I'm going to let the

top bit to grow right up as screeners from the neighbors that it all planned

mr. Duncan so so I think Steve's plan is to make the bush narrower but taller

exactly uh and then I don't have to cut it anymore apart from the front which is

fine but it's a horrible bush okay and as you can see I have been attempt it's

a very hard work mr. Duncan I'm ripped I've got muscles that I didn't even know

I'd got just keep saying that every week and I don't see I don't see any sign I

don't see any sign of any muscles developing to be honest Oh would you

call that miss Ida pose you know I'm getting very fit and I read another

article the other day and out the bones the bones your bones mr. don't ok there

how many bones have we got sir do you know the answer to that how many bones

well it's more than 20 that's true unless of course you have limbs missing

that apparently your bones release some kind of hormone that is responsible for

anti aging okay because if you stress your body in your bones it releases a

hormone which keeps your muscles firm but and reduces aging so what are you

supposed to do with the bones then no the bones are still there okay about

your bones in your body release so everyone everyone has bones

everybody has bones okay and when you exercise yeah it causes apparently a bit

of stress on those bones which causes them to release something which is like

an anti-aging hormone so I think that might be the secret as to why if you

exercise regularly you live longer and look

later and help ya I've never seen anyone over the age of 60 who does lots of

exercise I've never seen any of them well they should do who look what

well because what's happened is that they have neglected themselves I think

no no you didn't hear you didn't even listen to what I just said I don't need

to I said doesn't make any sense go on mr. Duncan okay fine I'm high on

life I've been exercising Duncan hi I'm so excited today okay then let me just

get a word out there are people there are patient people out there watching

this and I can already hear the sound of mice being clicked as they all go and

watch something else so we all view that I don't know I wonder why I lost two and

a half thousand subscribers over the past two days but that's just you know

think about that how long you wonder you got

well fewer fewer now because I've lost two and a half thousand people I don't

know where they've gone they've just vanished but they do these Corrections

every now and then YouTube Turner they get rid of old ones that aren't watching

you anymore all the world needs what you mean old yuge

youtubers yes anyone over 50 right one asked me 37 even funny

does mr. Steve smell like a beautiful Bush now no no all that weed I was gonna

say something rare but I'm not going to I'm trying to talk about the show that

we're doing right now what we're supposed to be doing today

go on I'm just beginning to realize why I am losing two and a half thousand

subscribers and really lost them I think it is his fault again let me just try to

remember what the hell I was saying it's always I don't know I get myself into a

certain frame of mind before Steve comes on and sometimes he's very he's very

relaxed but today I don't know what's happened I think he's I think his bones

have been producing extra hormones or something but of course if you fall down

the stairs you might end up with extra bone

you see if they break in half you will let you will actually have more bones to

get those juicy hormones from desire you saying that Pedro is growing his hair

Pedro has grown his hair it's really long have we got a picture oh I was

hoping you wouldn't say that because I don't okay

well not nearby wait let's just see if I can get Pedro's picture Steve can I just

say that sometimes I just want to I just want to think you did growing mine

actually you know I've had it short for years people think I'm bald but I'm not

really I just cut it very short so I'm thinking of growing mine I'm thinking

shoulder-length what do you think do not grow your hair Steve please whatever you

do there's a few on top that would grow please don't I gave them some

encouragement please don't grow your hair maybe a bit of fertilizer so how's

the show been going so far well I know just Palmyra I've been told there's a

lot of people that eat while they're watching you oh there's a lot of people

that eat and I've noticed this okay Palmeiras

I think is eating feta cheese okay and I repeat ever pker is is eating sweets I

think that's a compliment yes that people are eating while I would imagine

Elst watch watching us you see it creates a lot of nervous energy and

people have to have something to do he's Pedro's new hairstyle yeah well let's

have a look good grief what that is long it's silky he looks like a rocker and

this is amazing a Brazilian rock star I'm jealous

I'm jealous that I can't grow my hair that long yes me too so how long has it

taken if Pedro is still on to grow your hair that long you know what I think I

think he's done this in lockdown this is lockdown hair this is definitely

I think grande that long in only three months well it might have yes well three

months that the human hair does grow quite quickly

I'm very impressed yes it's pretty good isn't it very impressed with everything

Pedro is here by the way so you can congratulate him congratulations on his

silky locks I wish I could grow mine yes

unfortunately genetics has seen to it that I will not be able to do that

definitely you know what we're going to talk about today Steve there's an

interesting word and it's one we've been hearing about quite a lot recently do

you know what the word is a word that we've been talking about well a word

that everyone on the planet has been talking about not not not nothing to do

with illness by the way okay you mean recent events might have

precipitated the use of this word shall I just move things I guess I guess we

don't have enough band width Abby's worried that everyone is currently using

yes race well you know you're not far off actually you're near I mean the

right ballpark you're near but also very far away okay

this is what the word is tolerance Oh tolerance what is tolerance so when we

think about tolerance when we think about being tolerant so as a person you

are tolerant but tolerance is the general state tolerance around you might

have tolerance in society tolerance amongst a group of people tolerance

between two groups of people maybe so when we talk about tolerance we are

really talking about maybe respect is that the first word that comes into your

mind I think so yes acceptance acceptance all I like that one

acceptance is a good one yes I'm here yes yes yes it means that you put up

with well if you say put up with that's different tolerance yes now you can be

taken to raise time that's the problem with the word tolerance because some

people take it one way and others take it another so to tolerate someone is

actually just to actually maybe understand or know how another person

feels or how they want to be accepted in the world how

you used put up with which is a little more negative yes so if you put up with

something it means that you you are accepting it but you still don't like

the idea yes that thing you accept it but you don't really accept it you just

say ok I will I will put up with it it's a bit imagine your neighbor maybe

playing loud music you you you don't tolerate that loud music but after a

while you will put up with it so you're not accepting it but it is there so you

put up with that thing you can tolerate somebody's bad behavior Luis Mendez says

to respect other people's beliefs and ways of thinking yes I think so

so jeans more generally that is what we're going with I think so yes

tolerance and a tolerant society yes a society that is accepting of all

people's beliefs orientations political leanings whatever it is you tolerate it

because it's an open society and we live in a free society here we want everybody

to just get along yeah I think also with tolerance you are you are looking at

things that maybe cannot be changed a state of being that cannot be changed

that is unacceptable to other people so I think that is probably a better way of

putting it so tolerance is it is it is very very sort of difficult to talk

about it without generalizing however where we tolerate something we are

actually understanding it you approach something with an open mind and you try

to learn from that other thing so tolerances well as I always say Steve

tolerance is a two-way street so tolerance comes from us but it also

comes from you it is a two-way street quite often these days people want

tolerant but they only want it to happen to

happen one way you must be tolerant of me but I'm not going to be tolerant of

you well it doesn't really work like that

I think in the real world tolerance is always two ways well a tolerant society

it would be one where everybody respects everybody else's beliefs and as long as

you don't try to aggressively impart your beliefs onto somebody else

I think of conditions as to why they should do a particular thing then you

can be tolerant to somebody yeah and and the other tolerance as well I think it

means you're giving leeway aren't you you're you haven't got a narrow

framework in the way that you're thinking that's you've got a broad

framework it's a bit like I mean the other word to use tolerance is it is in

the engineering world when you're manufacturing something hmm like a

widget anything that you manufacture will not be made exactly to an exact

measurement there will be an amount of tolerance there will be a little bit of

leeway yes there will be so that's where that word obviously comes from so if

you've got like the piston in a car engine okay I mean it's not it's as

accurate as the car manufacturers can make it but there is it's within a

certain you know so so many microns it's not exist when T and a hundred engines

and measured all the Pistons that will be slightly different because there's a

tolerance it would allow that thing to work yes but that really is a different

definition of the word it is a different definition but in a way talking of

talking about the the margin of error so there is always a slight difference

between things things are never exactly the same although you could say that

about people well that's what I'm trying to that's the the leap I'm trying to

make noises that you allow there's a leeway in the manufacturing process to

allow something to work and in society there is that

li-huei as well saying you keep saying leeway yes what does that mean oh why

don't you explain that well leeway is just again it's just a certain gap or a

certain area where things can vary something can vary you have leeway so

you give enough space or enough room for something to alter so it is I suppose

another one is wiggle room I know yes I know it's very basic but wiggle room is

very similar you are giving something the space in which to change or alter so

yes you might talk about society as being tolerant so when we talk about

tolerance it is really allowing for all of those

changes or differences that exist yes and of course we don't need to tell you

what they are because we all know there are many differences between people even

characteristics so just your character not everyone is perfect and not everyone

is imperfect not everyone is good not everyone is bad so that's really how

society works it is a mixture of people of all different types but the tolerant

society is giving that space for all those variations and they exist they

exist in nature you see it with animals you see it in the wild you see animals

with different characteristics different types of animal however for most of the

time when they're not eating each other or trying to find a mate most animals

most wildlife will get along because they will just survive they need to

survive they need to live and I suppose the same thing exists in society as well

but tolerance is there because it is the space in which we all live and exist yes

because without that then you have society breaks down and you have anarchy

which is why we've got police forces to pay we all okay stay within a certain

level of behavior well law law so the police are just people agents of the law

they are they are making sure the law is observed so yes but that that is another

area altogether I'm not sure if we can talk about tolerance and intolerance

there because there it varies that's the opposite word yes the intolerant yes but

you are unwilling to accept somebody's behavior

well intolerance really doesn't doesn't refer to somebody's behavior that's bad

it refers to you not accepting somebody's way of life for example yes

it's quite a deep subject you've gotten it into but it's not a deep subject

steve is it's a pretty simple subject actually it's just that we make it has

been getting into you know you could get into sort of depths of all sorts of

things with this well yes okay I'm talking about just the

word that's what I'm talking about what I'm trying to say is tolerance is

something that people take in ego there it is as a simple thing

there it is tolerance but it isn't you see it's a lot harder to express and

explain and it's even harder to to actually put into practice it is hard to

do that because we all look at each other every day it happens all the time

we have neighbors that live around here who judge us so if there is anyone who

can talk about intolerance and hatred from other people it is pretty much us

we we can tell you some horrific stories of moments where people have really made

our lives very difficult however I don't share that opinion are I I try to be

tolerant of everyone good people bad people nice people horrible people

that's the way it is that's the way it is

mm-hmm mr. Duncan I can't see the lifeguard you well I was I was trying to

get Pedro Belmonts hairstyle you see there can you see it now that yes I can

thank you very much because people are saying all must be saying all sorts of

things so this is a subject that people would latch on to and make comment about

well it's it's it's just a subject there we go Belarusian to teach a child is

very difficult should we tolerate their noisy way of playing should we give them

what they want and tolerate their crying well of course that's it work where do

you where do you draw the line well with children's behave well that is the poor

how much do you tolerate but children can't help that because by their nature

when a child is growing up they are inquisitive they are interested in

things they are boisterous they are noisy so again you can have intolerance

even towards children in their behavior however there is still a line even with

childhood behavior so if a child is making a noise outside your house you

might be annoyed but then you think that's what children do yes however if a

child goes into your garden and throws a brick through your window well you know

that that line has been crossed you know what what level yes and of course it

would be different in different schools in different households in different

societies that will be all sorts of different levels of tolerance yeah

exists that's well depending on the situation so with children you have to

as you just said you have to give leeway to children yes I know how allow a

little bit of a bit of expression to take place yes because children don't

know children are still learning they're still adjusting they're still working

out the parameters of society so you would never expect a child to understand

everything around them you you say okay yes they're noisy they're playing but

they are children but maybe you wouldn't put up with it for a long period of time

maybe you'd only put up with it for say half an hour

and then you would say enough is enough I'm not tolerating this behavior any

longer yes I'm gonna complain and also you're dealing with another thing which

of course is parental control so how the parents treat their children and and

what they tell them is what of what is acceptable and unacceptable so you see

it this is why the word is so small but we we use this word a lot nowadays it is

thrown around like a little ball however it is it is a very complex and big thing

and I suppose the big problem isn't necessarily tolerance it is the opposite

intolerance but it does happen and there will always be someone and we know this

that we Steve there will always be someone who will for various reasons try

to make your life as difficult as possible it will always happen that when

you tolerate it yes well will you fight back I used to tolerate it but not

anymore we've got good neighbors they're around here somewhere like um I don't

think we not really talk ascribed that we've got bad name no I wasn't talking

about the neighbors I know but somebody's made a comment wide yeah but

you said earlier that we've had some bad you know examples but yeah not not

recently so that was that was really living in Wolverhampton which I don't I

don't recommend to anyone please don't live in Wolverhampton if there was any

any other place on the planet gotta be careful mr. Duncan because that would

Jack could be seen as intolerance no it isn't no what I'm saying is living in

Wolverhampton you you are faced with a lot of intolerance all the time from

various people and that's well that's why we moved in your that's why we view

you as respective that's why we moved for God's sake that's why we left the

place was awful and I had 30 quite happy years there I'm not going to just lay in

quite happy as swin says the ideas related to these words are really vast

yes well that's the point where we're may get the reason why I'm mentioning

this is because the word is used in a very casual

way we we almost play tennis with the word but in fact it's a lot more complex

it's a lot more complicated than just saying someone is intolerant or they are

tolerant it's a lot it's not bigger than that we are all a little bit intolerant

and we are all quite tolerant but those things that we are tolerant to Steve and

intolerant to vary from person to person it's a big subject which is what I said

earlier arts be said that's not what I found in London well there is a good

example well London is a place thirds I suppose you could call it cosmopolitan

it is a place where lots of people live together the the same point I was making

earlier about if you look at animals generally don't fight and kill each

other and human beings are the same we can actually all get along and for most

of the time we do we do so that's the point

I was trying to make there but London yes London is very cosmopolitan there

are problems there just like every other place on the planet of course that's a

big one we're talking about animal idioms today okay now if there was ever

a change of subject Steve if there was ever a change of

subject that has to be hear it from social issues to animal idioms oh do you

remember last week Steve we talked about words connected with colour colour we

did now today I thought briefly we would have a look at some unusual words that

actually describe colour they actually do describe certain colours by the

weight it's just gone three o'clock in the UK

so there are many colors that exist however some colors have their own

special name and I thought briefly we would go through these words here's our

first one see how many you recognise Steve

amber amber amber so some people might say that this is gold this color or

yellow however you can also call this amber it is a very rich yellow color

almost like gold I would say yes orangey hmmm it's like in a traffic light yes so

when the traffic light is changing from green green amber to red sorry red amber

to green or the other way round then yes amber is a kind of orange orange Goldy

color hmm yeah it's the color of a traffic light

he's from the UK and the middle the middle one I always find it interesting

where these come from as well so of course there is a type of mineral or I

think it's a type of rock formation that's caused by is it certain minerals

over heating called amber it's yes I think it's a stone isn't it Li you can

put into jewel that's it and an animal's from millions of years ago get caught in

the amber revolt that's resin then isn't it it could be

tree resin that's it and it's very similar color it goes very hard and

telling you about it but you find matter if you've seen Jurassic Park Steve we

will all know I have that's where they got the DNA for the dinosaurs from a

piece of amber so maybe that's where it comes from then the color of the sap

from a tree hmm that over millions of years turns a sort

of an orangey Goldy color yes amber I love that word it's also a girl's name

as well right yes we have a politician called amber red they do indeed we do

indeed amber can also be a lady's name like her nieces Mercedes oh yes yeah yes

it is it's yes it's golden e orange e sort of color here's another one

aqua aqua now I don't think I need to explain this forth because when you look

at this with the color so some people might say that this is a sort of green

color or maybe a blue color so aqua is quite often referred to as the color of

what well it's this sort of deep sea yes so there we go

aqua it looks like the color amber is also the name of a room in the Kremlin

apparently oh okay just said it must be a golden e maybe it's a golden e room

hmm golden the orange room yes it says Andy star of course in Jurassic Park it

was actually a mosquito that they got the blood from and the blood inside the

mosquito was actually what the mosquito took from the dinosaur his I can't

believe I'm having to stand here and explain the plot of Jurassic Park but

there you go aqua I love that word aqua so we always

think of water we think of beautiful water maybe a tropical beach with that

beautiful sea Oh Steve I really miss we can't go on holiday well maybe next year

maybe next year and maybe never if anywhere I haven't got time to go on

holiday I've got too much to do in the garden mr. tank we've noticed here's

another one mmm do you like my terrible handwriting

I've found the colors and I decided to write on them myself so that is actually

my writing for which I apologize cerise cerise yes I sort of pinky color a dark

pink as I understand I think this is named after

I'm sure it's named after somewhere a place cerise

it is a kind of pink but it's not exactly pink as in bright pink because

we always think of pink as being a very bright color by the way this is not pink

this is purple let's have that so we have that argument against these No

cerise yes you see that under sort of posh paint hmm cerise but most paint

colors use very poetic words because it makes them more attractive as we will

see in a few moments we have some amazing words coming up somebody said to

you my my curtains are cerise then you know just say pink yes and somebody just

try it if somebody ever uses that term it's a bit you're trying to be a bit

elitist maybe baby well unless you're in the sort of designing world you were

probably I mean you would never you would always just say pink yeah

as I understand it I'm sure this has something to do fruit may be the color

of a certain fruit in fact it might even be a fart a foreign word maybe I don't

know Italian or French cerise so I think it refers to the color

of a certain thing maybe a certain type of fruit cherry I want it sherry I want

to say cherry I'm probably wrong deep pink says Mercedes yes okay deep pink is

how would you I think is how you would describe it so it's it's it's it's more

towards red hmm but it's a very deep pink color oh it might it might be

cherry then yes as I understand it this is related to a type of fruit but I

think it might be cherry any even the name looks looks French doesn't it yes

maybe maybe it's named after a fruit hmm that we don't know about interest the

color the cherry trees as an d star okay so maybe that's where it comes from

oh okay yes Mary naki says it means cherry in French wow I can't believe I

just did that on my with my own brain yeah yes I I thought

it had something to do with either a place or aura or a type of fruit and

there it is he's one that well is a little bit dull

however it is a very popular color a lot of people like to paint the outside of

their houses or maybe if they have a small outhouse or a Sun house

charcoal gray charcoal it's interesting this word again another one it looks

gray doesn't it but I think it this is actually almost

almost black yes it's the color of burnt wood yes hence the name

hence the hence the name yes it's it's just a very it's almost black as you say

of course charcoal people use that for for drawing with sometimes in it when

you see it being drawn as a charcoal person no you know you mean they use

charcoal artists artists just to draw with and it has a sort of a dark the

most black gray look to it but yes charcoal itself is what you're laughing

I was determining you said charcoal people did I yes okay yes it's a very

dark gray okay almost black or light black let's move on Zoe I mean these

days as well cars these days come in lots and lots of different shades okay

of of gray I don't know if you've noticed whenever you look at the the

color options on a car okay any car these days there could be ten color

options at least five of them will be various shades of grey and they'll all

give them certain names and I've seen charcoal use but yes it's it's it's

amazing how the choice of colors in car they'll always bring it back to cars

mister don't I know one thing I do know is that is that Ford Mustang does not

look very good in gray that's all I can say

okay that's good grace sounds like a blackboard

well charcoal is is coal that's been burnt but then it stays hot for longer

it's often you would it's often used in when it when you are melting certain

types of metal because it stays hot for a long time and it gets to a very high

temperature like iron smelting iron yes you'd need charcoal for that yes it's

it's partially burn wood and it looks dark in fact the color is very similar

to that when you think about it but probably a bit darker okay then well you

said yourself it's nearer to black yes next one mr. Duncan

Oh Dan Neil never heard of that open to Neil

he's a confession I'm gonna make a confession there Steve we used to have

this color on the walls in our living room at home now imagine that for a

second imagine all of your walls covered in that color I can see it in a bathroom

but not not in a living room Roxanne I know what this means as well so this is

where my French comes in very handy I know that oh is water of something oh

okay then if you talk at the same time

water of something okay it is it is apparently it's supposed to look like

the Nile I write the Nile apparently the River

Nile has a very similar color to that which I don't think is a good color it

isn't a good color by the way if your if your River looks that color I don't

think it's particularly clean to be honest I've never seen a green river

that is is a good place to be maybe your the rocks underneath have got moss

growing on them yes what wouldn't be moss but it would be whatever is green

weeds that grow under so maybe that's why it is maybe under the surface of

rocks hmm and there's green plants growing on them gives it that color

color water of the Nile apparently it means

water of the Nile the River Nile because apparently looks like that so this color

used to be all over our walls Lewis has got that thank you very much in in the

house Oh de cologne that's something quite different

yes that's pee yes you know that's a scent of fragrance so from the River

Nile apparently this gets its name because of

the color the color you would imagine it being blue but it isn't it's a sort of

pale insipid oh I like that word something weak it probably looks very

nice when you're there yes I mean it must be it must look nice otherwise I

wouldn't have given that the name to that particular color hmm because

otherwise you would never put it in yeah in your house or anywhere I would look

nice in our bathroom yeah well Oh de nil you see no one really knows what that

means they will just say we've got Oda nil without actually thinking what what

the real word is but we had this and it was actually called Eau de nil Steve the

count that was the name of the color of the paint

I still remember doing it I actually painted the living room of our house in

this colour it wasn't my choice it was my parents but that's the color we had

Oh de nil all over the walls it was very green it was like living in a giant box

full of crisps something like that here's another one oh this is a nice one

this is one of my favourite Steve my favourites is lilac lilac I'm sure we

don't have to explain this but it's a cat it's almost pink again isn't it it's

very close to cerise no it's just interesting I think it's it's more it's

move I think I would describe that as lilac hmm and of course that comes from

the tree the lilac tree so cerise is a deep pink lilac pale his yes paler maybe

with a little bit of it's almost like a there's a hint of black in there gray in

the me we often say a color that has has a

darker color and it is dirty it's like a flat color that so you might say dirty

pink so or a dull pain yes and we don't need to explain lilac because it comes

from the tree the lovely flowers that grow the blooms the lovely beautiful I

suppose you might also almost describe his purple purpley pink yes flat Gower

described as a flat pink yes it's not bright at all hmm there are lots of

different pink colors yes well all colors you wouldn't believe this Steve

but there is actually I've actually seen there is a book that is full of almost

every color that exists so not just the colors but also the shades of the colors

so each color that exists has maybe it may be a hundred two hundred different

shades attached to one color which I find it amazing and incredible and they

all have their own serial numbers so these would be the technical the

reference yes reference colors so you would know that number is that

particular color in fact you see it on computers if you use Photoshop you will

often see are on the area where you can decide what color is something is going

to be you can see as you move around there is a number that changes as you

move around Helen says move is a French color named word sorry yes move that

lilac is like nose almost and I would say now this next one I think this next

one looks a little bit like amber okay just look very similar to amber but

amber oh let's see that but amber is more I would say amber is more yellow

yes whereas saffron is more orange yes it's

like a it's like a light orange again it's a flat sort of not a bright orange

and of course that's from the would you describe Safran as a herb it's it's

definitely used in Indian cooking used for coloring yes food I don't know

whether saffron has a flavor or a taste it's very expensive yes that's one thing

that that's good good point Safran it's the flowers I think that that give the

color hmm I seem to remember I don't think we've ever used it

no I think I think you buy it in in its in in sort of packets and their little

threads yes and they don't look very much their part parts of the flower I

think and then little dark threads but then you put them into hot water and

this this amazing color comes out of them mmm but it's quite it's always

quite expensive you can use it you can have saffron rice ooh

currently whether the saffron gives a color to the rice and there is a there

is a flavor as well it's always expensive I've always thought it as a

spice or maybe some sort of some sort of flavoring and colorant spice it's a

spice as Jade okay yes that's nice here's another one

technically that's what you would call it here's another one Oh now we're going

pink back to pink back to pink but this pink this is this is real pink this is

this is what you call I blindingly pink a bright a very bright pink I would love

to have clothes in this color maybe a t-shirt or maybe a jacket and a hat in

this actual color I would love that and then I would walk around much when look

wearing my clothes that look this color you would certainly get noticed think so

lil says that they use saffron in pirate paella paella in Spain Oh see which of

course is a rice dish if I remember rightly magenta is

I want to say Italian Italian I think it is an Italian I think it's actually a

place called magenta maybe that place is bright pink yes we ought to go there mr.

Tom Chris I'm sure those do absolute to some battle that took place in Italy and

the battle was was they throw pink paint on it took place around the same time as

the color was developed as I remember I do I'm pretty sure of it I'm pretty sure

it's a place in in Italy maybe someone will tell Sonny would sellers here's

another one magenta quite often when you buy printer ink ink ink for your printer

one of the colors will be magenta so if you have your separate colors it's a

very strong color how would you describe this bold it's just a very bright vivid

bold vivid vivid pink I think's right vivid pink colors Spanish according to

Lille yes Oh it's Spanish is it not Italian yes I

think I could have sworn I was yeah maybe baby somebody can give us the

correct interpretation and the word magenta I'm sure it's a place I want to

say a place in Italy I'm sticking with that here we go

I sometimes like to put my neck on the line source well again this is another

one that doesn't need much explanation given as a clue there is a little clue

there luck see there is a clue spruce a popular color again green but like a

dirty green again muddy a muddy green black added there yes so you've got

something that is into the mix it is toning down the green however there is

of course the tree that we put up at Christmas there is pretty much like that

color a conifer yes the color of I don't know whether that would be the leaves or

the bark mm-hmm probably the leaves a spruce tree okay

very commentary used for wood production around the

world yes and also you often see Christmas trees and they look virtually

the same color is that yes very nice very nice indeed that's very

popular in this country if you want your door on your the front of your house to

look very very posh middle-class yes in the countryside color in the countryside

many people paint their windows and doors in this color yes it's for some

reason it it draws your eyes but but not in a harsh way so yes that's a muddy

color sighs describe that yes hmm almost like a dirty green but it's it yes it's

a sort of country very country color I can imagine a kitchen if you had a

kitchen in all of all of the furniture in there mm-hmm have this color in it

I'm sure we've talked about that before mr. doose having that color on the on

the the cupboards hmm not sure green in a kitchen would look nice as long as the

work services were completely different maybe you'd have to have a work surface

made of sort of light wood yes to that to go with wouldn't you so you will have

one more we've run the course of this and they will have a look at some words

connected with animals mediums and expressions and phrases right that

should take us to a four o'clock and then tea cake and tea time oh I can't

wait for my tea cake I'm not feeling very well you see I've been suffering

from hay fever here's another one ah interesting Terkel can I just admit

I'm going to make a confession I did spell this incorrectly first of all it

isn't it is a hard word to spell it's the first part you say I got right T u

RQ but then it's a little bit at the end you'd expect a you to come after the key

yes it's following the rules but but then I worked out Steve there is a rule

tu r q and then it's it's almost like Louise at the end right because it does

if you put an El in front of that it it spells Louise yes so that's a good way

of remembering it tu r q Louise without the L that is unusual isn't it because

normally you have a you following a q yes

however English however this is not an easy exception this is not an English

word no this is a Turkish word ha ha it's Turkish

right okay mr. Duncan but I've never looked it up yes well we know from our

time in Turkey the word turquoise actually originated in Turkey well there

you go then can't be bad how's the live chat doing anything I'm

keeping a good eye on it mr. Duncan

nothing that stands out okay I'm so glad we have all this technology salmon

Sandro says magenta is a tower in North Italy it was a bloody battle in 1800

Wow am i right thing well you must have looked it up mr. Duncan well but when

when did I look it in you prepared this no I just I just wrote I just wrote the

names down on that on the colors my name radiant French as well turquoise that

that deserves a round of applause I got that right

is it enough we can't have too much clapping there'll be enough of that

tonight going on turquoise yes I've got bet Pedro Oh

Thank You Pedro how kind Pedro says please can you leave your your like and

your subscription I like the way it looks like Steve is being censored there

I'll give a like to Pedro for he's a long hair please give a like give us a

thumbs up and then YouTube might stop deleting all my subscribers I don't know

what's going on there it is YouTube by the way I think they are they are doing

a purge but they do this every now and then don't they yes now and again they

they start taking all your subscribers away well I think it's just ones that

don't haven't used your channel for a wildness I think because you're bound to

get that idea banned again lots of people subscribing they're trying to

silence me and then I mean you've been going for such a long time for two

amount of people that don't watch you anymore from 10 years ago so maybe if

they don't watch you for a 2 years they get rid of them sure you explain that to

me once before that doesn't cheer me up at all turquoise I love that and that

color actually is quite nice again I've got a hat by the way a hat that's

turquoise and I never wear it because everyone thinks it's a ladies hat but it

isn't it's actually a man's hat but everyone thinks it's a ladies hat but it

isn't it's a men's hat turquoise a lot of men wear turquoise it's alright yeah

I mean if a man normally would not wear a hat with any color in it usually with

wood they wasn't this it's not very tolerant well I'm not saying I mean oh

no not you I'm not saying you're not tolerant I think the attitude of that

it's different if you have a peak you know you wear a redis it's unusual isn't

it normally there's sort of boring colors Anna Anna Portillo says cool cool

man cool baby everything is cool thank you very much for your

super sticker that's a super sticker oh I think somebody just said about a

turquoise see as well what say that's a blue isn't it that's that's a that's a

type of blue on there hmm well that all that almost that almost looks like

turquoise does it almost look like Turkish boys or two choirs as some

people pronounces no yep I've never heard anyone turquoise

turquoise yes I've heard that before but we wouldn't recommend that you

pronounce it that way I definitely wouldn't recommend it so I

thought that was interesting Steve so some interesting things to look at we're

gonna have a little break because I want to drink some water my throat is really

painful I can't begin to tell you how much how much pain I'm going through

just just to speak with my hay fever so we're gonna have a quick break Steve do

you like doing chores now I know you like doing the gardening but do you like

doing chores well I have to do them downtown mr. Duncan Steve is saying that

he has no choice I do some of the chores as we will see in this excerpt as we

will see in this excerpt from one of my full English lessons however I don't

really like doing chores very much

can you see what I'm doing here I'm hanging out some washing this is one

of my weekly chores that I have to do it must be done regularly to be honest I do

not enjoy doing chores they are such a chore we often use the word chore to

describe an unpleasant or laborious task something we despise or dislike doing

can be described as a chore there are many different types of chore that must

be done washing the dishes I hate having to wash the dishes mowing the lawn I

hate having to mow the lawn putting out the rubbish I hate having to put out the


vacuuming the carpet I hate having to vacuum the carpet but for me the worst

chore of all has to be ironing my clothes I cannot begin to tell you just

how much I despise ironing especially when there are so many clothes that need

ironing yes I'm pretty sure that my least favorite chore has got to be doing

the ironing do you enjoy doing chores which chores do you hate doing the most

so now you know there are some chores that I don't like doing even though mr.

Steve seems to think that I don't like doing any of those chores whatsoever

oh dear I can't begin to tell you Steve how oh there you are I can't begin to

tell you everyone well I feel at the moment it

feels like you know when you drink bleach and then you drink and then you

drink sulfuric acid it feels a bit like that it feels like I

might my throat my my whole voice has been dissolved away being very

misleading to your viewers I'm at video mr. Duncan suggesting that you iron your

clothes it is true I know for a fact that you never iron your clothes is this

true I don't I don't like doing chores all of those chores are the ones I hate

I don't do them either but the one I hate the most is ironing as regular

viewers will know I don't do any ironing I never iron my clothes although it

always they always come out looking lovely you said that's because mr.

Duncan that is a non iron shirt yes so this this particular type of material

you don't need to iron it so I use non iron shirts for work because I hate

ironing as well and they're brilliant non iron shirts stick him in the washing

machine put on a hanger and they look fine then you know when do you ever have

to have it absolutely looking pristine and if you're wearing a jacket over the

top then it doesn't matter yes well that's the lunacy a lot of people iron

things and then they they put it on but then they wear other things on top of it

and not only that Steve after you've been wearing it for a few minutes it

starts to get creased anyway that's true what's the point I think you need to

iron I mean non iron shirts I've got to be one of the best in things ever

invented because you just don't have to bother what is the name of that clothes

line that so the thing I was hanging the washing on that has an has a brilliant

name by the way did you know that that a lot of people call that clothes line

that goes around when they call it a whirligig oh yes a

lot of people refer to it as a whirligig I love that so it's one of those amazing

washing lines and I remember way back in the 70s when they first came out Steve

and and all of the people who wanted to be seen they had their clothes hangar

their dryer and it would slowly go round in the wind revolve a lot of people call

it a whirligig but most people just call it a rotating washing nigh yes or rotary

rotating washing line good that's that's what we call it really Platina says that

oh no Andy star must be doing lots of lots of housework according to a protein

have witnessed that comment Diana says ironing is such a waste of time a tea is

a complete waste of time it is a waste of time don't iron because if you I mean

it's the same with jeans if you get jeans out of the wash the secret is it

when you've I think the secret is once it's done it's spinning mmm on you in

your washing machine get them out straightaway you don't

leave them in there because that's when the crease is formed so if you get your

clothes out particularly particularly jeans

I never ironed jeans anymore give them a good shake and as long as you hang them

up no you know from the legs so that the weight is down yeah

then more or less because you don't need to put creases in jeans that they're

designed to look a bit scruffy yes and if you put softener in as well that will

help the creases to go out or if you don't if you don't put it on a very high

spin but get them out straight away if you leave them in the washing machine

the creases are there and you had it you've got to get them out straight away

shake them put them on the line yes we don't hide anything the only thing I

iron is if it's if it's a non-white shirt say it's a shirt that I'm going to

wear and it's got a nice pattern on it that I'm going to wear in the evening as

casual wear a pair of trousers then I would iron

that because the collars can look a bit just to look if it's smart casual I

would eye on that and maybe trousers that weren't jeans iodine trousers that

weren't jeans they but apart from that just don't bother I feel like we're on a

tour of Steve's wardrobe well my mother and I'm sure a lot of people of that

generation know we mentioned your mother though well I'm sure well I'm just using

it as a passing comment a lot of people elderly older generations iron

everything my mother used to iron socks underwear bedsheets everything yes I

don't think we do that anymore were doing I don't think anyone irons bed

sheets apparently in Germany that particular clothes line is called a

spider right it does look like a spider's web it does it does that's

pretty I love that I am going to call this has changed my whole life by the

way in my way of looking at my clothes line I'm going to call that the spider

from now on because I love that because it does look like a spider's web I love

that thank you very much yes Mercedes two people did use to put a crease

you're saying the stripe we would use the word crease in jeans but nowadays

that is seen as very old-fashioned unfashionable yes so you wouldn't these

days put a crease in jeans but in anything smarter than that you would say

in chinos in a light-colored why are you laughing I don't know what she knows are

well they're they're they're cotton trousers that are sort of smart casual

normally a tan color I've got two pairs of chinos that's it they're sort of

casual trousers but smart I didn't know what they were that's terrible isn't it

but a sad indictment on a 55 year old man she knows they're just a smart

casual clothes you wear smart child you wouldn't wear you wouldn't wear you

dress smart shoes with chinos okay so that's the style you see that's the

style our tip today the big tip do

but a crease in your jeans or as people will they will be quite intolerant until

they laugh at you they will laugh at you and that's terrible by the way I think

that is terrible that people will laugh at those who put

creases in their Jean our point and laugh that is intolerant and you can say

stop being so intolerant it is intolerable to creases in my jeans I

will have them you can have a crease in your jeans if you want you can have them

all over your jeans maybe in some countries it's still fashionable to put

a crease in your jeans you know I'm waiting for what flares

I want they'll never come back now some people call them bell-bottoms they are

jeans that come down but at the bottom they go really wide I want just before I

die I want to see flares come back pushing

me off mr. Duncan I want to see I'm getting excited that's why I want flares

to come back bell-bottom trousers I used to have the most amazing pair of Flares

trousers that come out like that at the bottom and they were about they must

have been had 17 inches in the bottom they were so it was the fashion in there

I think it was the seventies was in their late 60s 70s definitely the

seventh is definitely because you couldn't get jeans that weren't flared

but they were seven knowing because they used to flap about as she walked there

made this annoying noise imagine jeans and all that material flapping at the

bottom and then if it rained and they got wet they were horrible

yes I don't think there'll ever come back it was like wearing flag Sanyal on

your legs I think so matching the eye the extra ironing required to make them

look good I think so shall we have a look at some words

connected to animals yes we've only got 20 minutes we've only

got 20 us plenty of time I think that is plenty of time to have a look at some

animal idioms animali others have the echo

there are so many to look at pop pop goes the dark mu goes the cow meeow

meeow goes the cat bad animal idioms that's what we're looking at did you

enjoy my song no it's now available on LP do people do people still say LP

hurry up mr. Duncan we've only got 20 minutes 19 19 minutes oh dear here we go

I'm trying to find them where are they oh here we go so here are some idioms

and you can join in as well at home if you want you don't have to maybe you

have something better to do I get the feeling Steve Steve has

something better to do okay no I'm with it mr. Duncan it's there it's on the

screen now normally sérgio be here telling her to get on with it stop them

to mess around elephant's graveyard Alison's graveyard and this is an

interesting idiom because you might look at a place where things that are no

longer used or needed things that have been scrapped or things that are

considered junk they are all put in the same place so you might there is a

there's an amazing place I don't know exactly where it is I'm I think it's in

the Middle East and it's in the middle of the desert and there are all these

planes aeroplanes they all just left there they are they are aeroplanes that

are no longer needed they they've run their course they've had their service

it's something that's quite sad and I just look at so there is a desert area

all of these aeroplanes that are no longer needed

and it's like an elephant's graveyard yes if you say something's like an

elephant's graveyard you're describing something very sad

because if you see dead Oliver animals like particularly elephants because

they're big creatures so when you see lots of them if you were to see lots of

them in one place it would look very haunting very sad and so when he

describes something as resembling an elephant's graveyard you're describing

something that visually is is is sad very sad to look at so a place where

things are dumped because they're no longer needed and of course elephants

know when they are dying because apparently isn't that sad they know that

that's it the end is coming and they go off to a certain place so they go off to

a place where they they want to actually die it's quite sad really the whole

thing is making me really sad and upset an elephant's graveyard I would love to

know where that place is where all of those aeroplanes are kept or put and

they're just they're just dumped there they'll just leave them there and

they're in the desert all of these aeroplanes it's probably

very quiet yeah yeah and yes there's a certain atmosphere it's describing an

atmosphere how you would feel if he went into an area where you saw lots of dead

elephants maybe a few skeletons and things like that people often describe a

workplace sometimes or on office looks like an elephant's graveyard in there

and if you say that about like an office environment then you're describing a

very sort of sad sort of place that is not a nice place to be

yes so something a place where things are put or kept something that is no

longer needed or lots of things that are put in the same place how can I send my

nameís fear how can I send a donation I've just heard on the chat there is the

site name and address so if you want to send a donation you are more than

welcome to do so thank you very much if you are going to do that thank you in

advance Jimmy from Hong Kong has put an example

I don't know whether you've got that one bullet

in a shop that's a good one is is a way definitely not to behave in Hong Kong at

the moment no you don't suggest Jimmy I know it's just I don't suggest anyone

behaves like a bull in a china shop although people are because they are

standing up for their right to protest and we won't get into that that is a

whole different kettle of fish on us you see what Steve a kettle of fish kettle

of fish a different kettle of fish a whole different subject for another time

but bull in a china shop of course means somebody that just goes in and you

imagine a bull getting into a china shop the damage that would be caused so if

you if a person behaves like a bull in a china shop it means they just go in do

what they want to do they don't care what the consequences are who they upset

we're not talking about physical damage and we're talking about somebody who's

very argumentative some voices just yes you just doesn't care who is intolerant

probably yes here we go so we've had elephant's

graveyard let's have another one we should move now there it is so looking

like a dog's dinner huh looking like a dog's dinner if something

looks like a dog's dinner what are we saying that it it looks a bit of a mess

hmm it's not neat and tidy that's the opposite of fact it's a bit like mr.

Steve's bush that he's cutting at the moment if you were to make a bad job of

something say you were to do some decorating in the house and it looked

very bad somebody might say to you that looks like a dog's dinner Steve your

Bush what are you doing so that it's not finished yet it looks like a dog's

dinner yeah it's just not finished yet but yes so if somebody does something

somebody's dress somebody's the way somebody dresses if

somebody just sort of put on clothes that didn't

hmm maybe they had an iron their collars and it all looked a mismatch and a bit

of a mess you might say who he looks like a bit of a dog's dinner so he

hasn't or she hasn't paid attention to their appearance maybe they've worn a

red top with with them with some other green trousers or something like that it

just looks uncoordinated messy there is a similar one as well something might

look like a dog's hind leg and the word hind means back so a dog's back leg goes

like that so if something looks like a dog's hind leg it means it looks unlevel

or uneven it looks a mess it looks uneven it looks like a dog's hind leg we

didn't mention all that shot of me cutting back the bush that is a lilac

tree oh I see next to us on the right Jess but you don't have to go back to

that there it is yes on the right there that is a lilac tree it's not in flower

no and there's my t-shirt which I took off because I was too hot yes oh yes but

like the wind is that what's hanging on the tree yes it's my t-shirt I've took

it off because I was so hot I see are you saying that underneath your rugby

shirt your rugby shirt underneath there you are naked I was and how I took my

top off steady ladies you know steady layering

on my chest steadily Ron so would you ever be tempted to take your shirt off

completely and do do the gardening topless no because the one thing about

gardening is that you often get scratches and injuries so the last thing

you want to be covered up when you go in the garden because you don't want thorns

scratching you because if you're not up to date with your tetanus injections you

might have to go off to the doctor and you might be very ill yes so right you

need to be very careful in the garden you need to make sure you've had all

your vaccinations up to date or you could be seriously ill here's another

one bird's eye view

you have a bird's eye view of something you have an overall for you you can see

something overall so you you you are not just looking at one part of something

you are looking at everything normally from a high point you have a bird's eye

view perhaps if you're in a plane looking out you are flying over the sea

or over the landscape you look down you have a bird's eye view I like that

bird's-eye view of something it means you yes you can see it from above hmm

it's a pretty good one I like that one a lot so I have another one go on lots of

suggestions yes we'll have a look at the suggestions in a minute

no problem Hey we will do that doo doo doo doo here's another one and then we

will have a look at some of these suggestions on Oh

oh this is this is a good one people in their behavior

Steve a leopard never changes its spots a leopard never changes its spots maybe

we are referring to a type of person yes you're saying that basically people

don't change

whatever pers whatever somebody's sort of innate personality is it's unlikely

that that will ever change and so if somebody for example is a criminal a

thief maybe then you sometimes people fairly or unfairly may not trust that

person and you may say describe that person as somebody might be talking

about them and they might say oh no they're recovered they don't do that

sort of thing anymore and you might say well a leopard never changes response

that so what you're referring to is that tendency is always there's there's

always early mmm there's always a chance that they'll go back to doing that thing

yes maybe they've thought about it maybe they didn't do it but maybe they've

thought about it you might say a leopard never changes its you can say

a zebra doesn't change its stripes hmm you can say a cat's always a cat well

you know that you're saying that nobody people don't basically change their

behaviors and unless they're really pushed into doing it okay some

suggestions and Steve okay go back a bit mr. Duncan pig-headed says Karam a

person who is pigheaded pigheaded okay unfair on pigs very intolerant of

pigs but it's referring to the fact that people were somebody will will won't

change their point of view hmm despite many sort of lots of evidences it such

as to suggest that they should do hmm that they remain fixed to whatever idea

they have that I'm willing to change the way they think a stubborn purse stubborn

pigheaded stubborn even though you might point out very eloquently that they're

wrong about something they won't admit that they're wrong their ego won't let

them give in or apologize so they'll just be pigheaded and stick to their

original view we've had white elephant so we had elephant's graveyard and also

white elephant something that perhaps something that has had a lot of money

spent on it there was a good example I suppose is the Millennium Dome in London

when that was built and then they spent millions and millions of pounds and then

they realized that they didn't know what to do with it

so for a long time the Millennium Dome in London stayed or lay bare an empty

for maybe five or six years that no one knew what to do with it it was classed

as a white elephant very expensive something that was big extravagant but

had absolutely no use whatsoever it took many years before someone decided to use

it as an indoor concert hall which it is now it's called

Oh - arena now but originally it was called the Millennium Dome and it was

everyone used to make jokes about the Millennium Dome for many years yes the

what used to be the the tallest building in the world in America in New York

can't look at the name of it now what's that

it was built in the forties you mean the Empire State Empire State Building which

was so many years - tallest building in the world that was actually a white

elephant when it was first built because it was built and nobody wanted to move

in there so to use to use it so it was that was described as a white elephant

at the time because I don't know why but maybe it was too expensive but nobody

wanted to actually use the building hmm interesting anymore let's have a look

down and see if there's any more pink elephant a pink elephant is normally

what you see if you've been taking certain types of drugs almost a gentle

elephant and magenta elephant all over the lion's share says lil Goodwin I like

that one one the lion's share so what does that mean that means you get the

largest portion of something or proportion of something say you won some

money and you know yes it just means you've got that you get the largest

amount of something it could be food it could be money normally when there's

other people involved he or she got the lion's share of the profits that means

they got most of the profits but it could be most of the food yes

could be anything yes that's interesting I like that one

yes the lion's share literally taken from from the jungle so the lion would

often have most of the food and then he would allow other animals to come in

have it afterwards but he would always have the lion's share I like that one

yes it's no one be describing somebody as a sort of a dominant person in that

group another good one fish out of water a fish out of water I've even got a

water cymbal the jumpers of water from a

screen so thanks for that yes a fish out of water well we've often felt like that

we all relate to this a fish out of water it means you don't feel

comfortable in that particular situation that you're in you might be in a party I

sit and there's a lot of people you don't know and you feel as though you

don't relate to those people in any way and you're finding it difficult to have

conversation with them you feel like a fish out of water

obviously if a fish is not in water it's very uncomfortable something you're

describing an uncomfortable feeling something you're not accustomed to yes

so maybe a thing that you're doing for the first time and and you feel nervous

you feel like a fish out of water which literally is a fish that isn't in the

water will get very distressed I just have that and upset mad as a hornet as

mad as a Hornet but it's it's a very good it says count

from Karen thank you for that yes if a Hornet gets angry you don't want to be

nearby so that's describing somebody who's

getting really angry you might get dangerous and hurt you I would just I

would say also with Hornets you can also disturb a hornet's nest or stir up a

hornet's nest yes that means to create a big Rao or a big outrage you you talk

about a subject it might be sensitive and then suddenly lots of people start

reacting you can say oh I think we've really stirred a hornet's nest here

you've really disturbed we've we've pushed the hornet's nest we've disturbed

it one person says something and then that sets off lots of other people into

a similar reaction it's pretty good NASA says what's the topic well as it

says up here animal idioms is what we're doing today amongst other things we've

also talked about tolerance as well we had a very deep and

meaningful discussion about that colors very fancy or very poetic ways of

describing colors we had mr. Steve in the garden chopping up his bush kerim

also says wouldn't hurt a fly oh yes describes somebody who's very gentle and

I know not aggressive at all somebody who wouldn't hurt a fly people

somebody might be saying something about mr. Duncan they might say well he was

really nasty to me the other day probably and then you might say wait

that doesn't sound that mr. Duncan he wouldn't hurt a fly I would not somebody

wouldn't say anything nasty wouldn't do anything nasty yes doesn't describe you

but I'm just using that as an example an easygoing calm level-headed person yes

tolerant yes people that people often say this about you they say mr. Steve is

harmless he wouldn't hurt a fly although I know I know that's not true

definitely it's four o'clock mr. Duncan yeah we've still got a couple of minutes

because we were late starting we've actually got three three and a half

minutes left so I think we can squeeze one more from my list would you like

another one go on okay here's an interesting one I like this one if we're

talking about politics we might as well what a way to end the show wag the dog

wag the dog all right that familiar with this expression often used in politics

quite often in American politics you'll hear wag the dog now when you think when

you think of a dog what does a dog normally do is this still a call to win

somebody up it's actually about controlling a situation it's it's taking

control of the situation where you create the result to get a reaction from

those who appear to be causing it so you wank the dog instead of the dog wagging

the tail something is being manipulated somehow is being controlled from another

source however that source is normally hidden away

or maybe they are controlling something in secret so quite often we use this in

politics you will hear this a lot in American politics so instead of the dog

wagging the tail you actually wag the dog so the dog is wagging being wagged

by the tail control then you're controlling yes manipulating that's it

yes controlling and manipulating hmm and quite often used in politics certainly

in the United States we often hear people say well they are just wagging

the dog so instead of the other way around there is a certain amount of

control or manipulation taking place yes I like that when I say bring us a good

one crocodile tears right yes crocodile whereabouts is that on the

live chat on the live chat oh yes that said in sincere tears mm

somebody who's appears to be upset but it's just pretending to be crocodile

tears so yes you might have somebody might have you might have upset somebody

and then you then they then they express that upset to you or somebody might have

died and and you start crying but really you don't really you're not really

bothered about it at all yeah well that would be crocodile tears that's a

horrible thing though isn't it yes oh my goodness you're pretending to be upset

pretending to be upset over something wow I can't you're not really I can't

believe that that's a horrible thing to do as ask win says what about chicken

and egg situation that's a good one we'll end on this one I think okay

that's a good one isn't it your chicken and egg which came first what came first

the chicken or the egg we might describe this as a kind of paradox or maybe a

question that can't be answered most people of course say chicken because the

chicken would have to come first to get the egg

maybe the chicken evolved from another creature and then eventually it began

laying eggs so I would say that that's probably the scientific or technical

answer but how would you use that you know in in everyday language it is when

you are trying to work out the order in which something came and you can't so

you're trying to work out what came first

was it YouTube or mr. Duncan being interested in making videos well

actually I've always been interested in it so you might describe it as a chicken

and egg situation because I've always been interested in making videos and

YouTube came along and those two things seem to match up so it might be a little

bit of a chicken and egg situation so you trying to describe a situation where

you're not sure you've got two things and you're not sure which one came first

you not work it out that's it we have been as busy as a bee today it's almost

time to say goodbye thanks for your company today thanks Steve I know it's

been a long one and you have been very busy outside in the garden

to be honest I have and I'll have to go back out there afterwards there is not

get any help I know that well we will have a cup of tea and a tea cake in and

I'll come outside with my my bush cutters no no no you see I'm the only

one that must control how the bushes cut yeah Steve likes to be in control that's

the thing but you can no you can fill up the the bin with it with the waste that

doesn't sound like a job well it's nice to be here astir Duncan and see you all

next week and hope you've enjoyed today's lesson yes and it's time to go

unfortunately it's time to say goodbye I'll go first

sorry that's mr. Steve I have a feeling he's quite relieved to leave today

because he's had a long morning he's been in the garden doing all sorts of

things very busy day today it's almost time to go I hope you've been

joined everything it's been a long day today for all of us so I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream I will see you on well actually i'm going to be

with you tomorrow

where i don't know when 2 p.m. UK time so i am actually with you tomorrow i'm

doing a short livestream tomorrow as a way of celebrating my fourth year of

live streams so yes i will see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

this is mr. duncan in the birthplace of english saying thanks for watching today

i've really enjoyed my time with you you have made me feel a little bit better

Thank You Wilson thank you vs soo Jin lik leaked LSL thank you very much for

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