hmm what a strange day we are having here in england

the weather can't make up its mind here we go again yes we are live across

youtube across the internet in fact we are all

together again it is another english addict

live stream from the birthplace of the english language

which just happens to be england

here we go again hi everybody this is mr duncan

in england how are you today are you okay

i hope so are you feeling good i hope you are feeling happy and well

we are together again i am outside in the garden

however i think it is fair to point out that the weather today is very strange

i will be honest with you we are having everything

this morning it was raining then we had lots of cloud

grey clouds were hanging over my garden and then that went away and now the sun

is out however we are now having a very strong

gale in fact the wind was so strong part of my little gazebo came apart

so i've been busy here trying to repair my gazebo so i hope it doesn't blow away

again i hope you're feeling all right stay with me don't go away because today

you might see my gazebo my

little shelter fly away with the strange gusts of wind

that are happening today it is a very strange

day it is supposed to be summer the cows also have come to say hello hello cows

i can see you but unfortunately we can't say hello to you today

i'm very sorry about that here we are again i hope you are

having a good day yes we have made it all the way to the end of the week and

also the end of the weekend as well because it's


oh i want to show you the cows but i can't unfortunately they are now

gathering by the fence they think i'm going to go over to feed them you see

they're getting very excited over there

i'm ever so sorry i'm ever so sorry i can't come over to say hello

stop fighting i don't know why these cows

sometimes they start fighting for no reason

i have a feeling there is very little grass left

in that field they've been there for around

four months and to be honest with you there isn't much grass left it is so

short so that's probably the reason why they

are fighting over the grass that remains

well we are here i suppose i should say hello

to everyone watching at the moment it's ever so nice to see you here i hope you

are having a good day and i hope you had a good weekend as

well yesterday we went into town now every

saturday we've started going into town unfortunately we don't go to the tea

room but we do go to get a little bit of

shopping from town yesterday i decided to be very good

yesterday i wore my mask so whilst we were in town whilst we were

in the shops i wore my mask like a good boy

although i did notice that that most people

didn't wear their face masks in the shops

however i walked around feeling very smug

because i was doing the right thing i felt very pleased with myself

because i was wearing my mask the only problem

is when you wear a face mask with glasses

quite often your glasses will steam up so you can't see where you're going

anyway that's what i did yesterday what did you

do yesterday anything special for your saturday and what about sunday

are you doing anything special today besides watching me

i hope you're feeling super duper hunky-dory as fit as a fiddle

and you are ready for a little bit of english addict

live and as you can see today it is episode 99 i can't believe it we've made

it all the way to episode 99 of english addict

which means on wednesday the next english addict it will be episode 100

wow already don't forget during july i am also doing some extra live streams

as well so not only am i here on sunday

wednesday and friday though so those are my normal days

you can also catch me on

monday tuesday and thursday during july so i'm doing some

extra live streams during the month of july

and as i mentioned on my previous english addict everything is starting to

get back to normal here in the uk well especially here in england from

the 1st of august everything is going to go back to normal

well nearly normal about 60 percent normal the rest of it

still a little bit weird to be honest with you

oh hello to the live chat i don't want to forget the live chat

or else you will say mr duncan why did you forget the live chat

please don't forget us i will try my best not to

hello to oh hello v tess guess what v tess you have been training your

finger i think yesterday vitesse

was actually training his finger so a lot of us

at the moment we are all being told to get more exercise

but i think vitas has been exercising his finger because you were able to

click very quickly and you are today's

first chatter your first chat on the live stream today

he has a very fast finger hello also mary glau

mohsen beatriz is here as well we also have thomas hello thomas

thank you very much for watching in the czech republic

can i just say it is freezing out here why is it so cold it's supposed to be

summer for goodness sake why does it feel so

cold out here i'm absolutely freezing i decided to

wear my t-shirt but unfortunately

it's not as warm as it appears even though it's summer it is supposed

to be summer but it's not very warm hello also to

luis mendes is here today lehigh quang mr bruno is also here

watching in switzerland thank you for joining me today

mr bruno very nice to see you here also hello to maria

i'm saying hello to maria pedro hello folks we are

once again together hello pedro hope you're feeling good this is of

course we are talking to the new pedro the new

and improved pedro he's had an update hello also maria

again alessandro nice to see you as well mr duncan today

there will also be mr steve yes mr steve will be here

now a lot of people think that steve is also a teacher

but he isn't he doesn't teach english he does other things

besides that but he is not a teacher however he likes to join me on sunday he

likes to chat about all sorts of things i wonder what steve will be talking

about today maybe he will be talking about the

current situation with lockdown

maybe he'll be talking about the economy i have a feeling that steve will be

talking a lot about cars as you know

it is one of his favorite subjects it really is

hello also andy starr hello andy oh you're having very similar weather in

moscow apparently in the usa

they are having incredibly high temperatures

i think yesterday in the state of new york

i think it was around 40 degrees yesterday so they are having some very

high temperatures at the moment in the usa

but what is the weather like where you are it's supposed to be summer here

but it doesn't really feel like it last night

i was in the house last night and can you believe it i was actually wearing my

thick winter jumper i was wearing some woolen clothing

to keep me warm last night it did get very chilly

last night i don't know what's happening we are going to have a little summer

walk later on because i really do feel like showing

and allowing you to see that summer can be very nice

here in the uk so that's what i want to do

today we will be doing all of those things

oh and of course i have been asked mr duncan can you

please play the sentence game on sunday because normally i play it

on wednesday and sometimes on friday but i don't normally play it on sunday

today we are going to play the sentence game we are and we are

taking a look at words in the sentence game they all

begin with the letter i you can see it over there there he is

saying hello hello mr i so the letter i will be

what we will be looking at today you might hear some noise behind me

there are airplanes flying overhead there are lawn mowers whirring away

who would have thought that the countryside

who would have thought that the countryside

would be so noisy who would have thought it i don't know

can i say a big thank you by the way thank you very much to

sandra gonzalez sandra gonzalez thank you very much for your lovely donation

that i received yesterday i had a lovely surprise thank you sandra

very kind of you to send a lovely donation

through paypal and if you feel like doing the same thing you are more than

welcome to do so it is up to you

to help my work continue forever and ever and ever there is the address

on the screen and thank you once again to

sandra gonzalez for your donation that i received yesterday thank you very


how lovely very nice we also have some unusual words to look

at today i'm just checking my watch have you ever

noticed some people they often

look at their watch even if they're not in a hurry

some people just can't stop looking at their watch

so that's what i'm doing right now i'm keeping an eye

on the time because mr steve will be with us

in a few moments time he will be right here

on today's english addict i can't believe how windy it is

this morning when i woke up it was beautiful outside

we didn't have any wind just lots of sunshine

but now for some reason it has become very windy

it does not feel like summer however here we go i'm going to remind you

i want to remind you just how nice the weather can be here in the uk

so here is a little video clip that i want to show you

a short video and you will see summer here in england can actually be



a few days ago i was actually walking through this very

field here and if you remember i promised that i would show you

the bloom of the wild garlic so as you can see all of the wild garlic

has now come into bloom and

i really do wish you could smell the aroma

in the air it smells very garlicky

filming in the woods on a summer's day might look like a very enjoyable way to

pass the time it might look like something that is

very pleasurable and relaxing however there are some things

you have to be aware of such as small obstacles hidden

in the undergrowth for example this tiny piece of wood

look this little piece of wood it looks so innocent doesn't it however if i were

to step on this piece of wood and if it were to roll underneath

my foot as i step onto it i could fall over i might

break an arm or a leg or even worse my neck

if you were watching at the start of today's live stream you would have seen

me standing in front of this lovely field

isn't it beautiful i must say it really does feel as if

summer is in the air now because

of this this particular field is full of rapeseed now this is something that i've

been showing you over the past couple of weeks during my

live streams and now we can see it up close

and personal

as i've mentioned before rapeseed is used for making

food oils and also for making biofuels as well

modern fuels which are made from things that are renewable so these

plants every year will grow and they can be harvested to make

biofuels it is something that has become very popular just to show how popular

biofuels are nowadays many of the fields in this area are

full of rapeseed which is good for the environment

but not very good news for me because i suffer from hay fever

every single year i get terrible hay fever

which causes me to sneeze it makes my eyes very itchy in fact as i'm standing

here now i can feel my nose becoming very

itchy uh i feel as if i want to sneeze so there you can see it the beautiful

rapeseed growing around the area

in which i live many people asking mr duncan where

do you live where do you normally broadcast your live streams from

normally i broadcast from my little studio

in much wenlock which is situated in the county

of shropshire

you know there's nothing i enjoy more on a day like this than

going for a wonder the word wonder can have more than one

meaning it can also be spelt in different ways

there is wonder with a and wonder with o

wonder with a means to roam around you roam around

in a casual way you wonder you wonder around the field

you wonder around the town and then there is wonder spelt with an

o that particular wonder means to be amazed by something

something that is amazing to think about is

a wonder you might say wonders of the universe or wonders

of nature so there are two different types of wonder

now i am going for a wonder over there

we are all together again on a sunday i hope you enjoyed that

just to show you that we do actually have nice weather

here in england even though this year besides all the other things that are

going on our summer is not going very well even

though it looks quite nice now sometimes looks can be deceiving though

it looks quite pleasant but as you can see

i've now put my shirt over my t-shirt because it's not as warm as it looks to

be honest now i'm supposed to have mr steve here

but i don't know where he is i said to mr steve five minutes ago

i said five minutes mr steve five minutes

you must be here and it's not so i have absolutely no idea

where mr steve is so i'm just going to wait i'm just going to wait for steve he

should have been here i'm going to be awkward

i don't know where steve is he should be here right now

chatting to us we have the sentence game coming a little bit later on by the way

the sentence game today looking at the letter i hmm

does anyone know where mr steve is sometimes mr steve's attention span

is not very long i think this is a very good example of that situation

if i was honest with you so we'll just wait

we'll see where mr steve is

i did give him five minutes by the way i gave him a five minute warning i said

mr steve you are on in five minutes where is he

he is nowhere to be seen saturina says it's a lovely

sunny day and the sea is so blue i'm a little bit jealous

there because you are looking out of your window

or maybe you are sitting on your balcony watching the

beautiful sea

this is good this isn't it are you are you enjoying this

welcome to a new feature on the show that i call

waiting for mr steve

hmm vitas says yes again your neighbors are

mowing the grass i know i think i think they wait

they wait until i come on and then they get their lawn mowers

and their noisy equipment and they use it all around me

this is really good i'm really enjoying this waiting for mr steve

it's great this is what is it now three minutes

three minutes i've been waiting for mr steve it's good

alessandra says i think mr steve is actually reading a car magazine maybe

he is i i don't know i don't know

who is lying on the lawn behind mr duncan

fortunately no one although i might be in a moment i might actually be down

there lying on the lawn waiting for steve i

don't know where he is he's supposed to be here isn't this good

ah it's only taking me six hours to prepare all of this


this is very bizarre i said mr steve come come at half past

he must be here five minutes before half past

and i did say i did say this is not a joke by the way

i don't know where steve is he's supposed to be here now we're supposed

to be standing here talking to each other

and having fun but instead i'm just waiting for steve

to arrive

shall we just forget about steve shall we forget him okay then

oh hello lydia the lawn mower isn't allowed on sunday

in my country that is a great idea maybe we should adopt that idea

here i think so so in your country you you

are not allowed to actually use any noisy equipment

yes i think they should do that here i think that's a great idea i like that

idea a lot i really do meanwhile

where is steve

it's now five minutes and i still have no idea where steve is

how's your sunday by the way are you having a good sunday today

good i hope so

dillard says who is mr steve well hopefully soon you will find out

when he decides to come and say hello but i don't know where he is

so it's 10 minutes now 10 minutes since i said

to steve that we are about

we are about to go live together but no

i don't know where he's gone i think he must be looking at something on the

internet maybe he's been distracted by maybe

a sports car or maybe he's dreaming of something nice

perhaps anyway it's only been five minutes and uh oh six minutes now we're

waiting for steve that's good

where is mr steve we can't do anything until he arrives

we can actually see you by the way oh hello there


grace i just i just literally stood here for five minutes

well you're a professional mr duncan yes i am

you're a professional one of this is what what were you doing i've been

battling ants mr duncan okay i've been battling ants

you don't have to shout okay little tiny ants ants yes we've been uh

invaded i gave you do you remember five minutes

i said five minutes we'll be on and then you vanished you just

finished and then then i came back on and i said

mr steve's coming and then you didn't and it's now look seven minutes oh i

must have misheard you mr duncan i thought you said not yet anyway

i'm here now that's all that matters welcome to mr steve's last appearance on

the uh no not really i'm joking it's not it's

supposed to be summer by the way and it's freezing

it's freezing i've put i've put a shirt on yes

and a collar a shirt a shirt and a t-shirt oh yeah because i thought

it's a bit cold out here and mind you i got a bit hot

battling the ants okay then yeah we've we've

ascertained that you've been i've murdered

probably a hundred ants today that's good

i i feel bad about it because of course if you've watched that film

ants a-n-t-z uh it was a cartoon film from about

15 years ago would you say mr duncan oh do you mean like it was one of those

pixar films that's right yes and of course it turns

the ants into sort of human beings and they you think

they've all got little personalities that's it that's the world yes you're

the professional yes anthropomorphic that's very apparent

it's very apparent and uh anyway yes so of course you think of each and to sort

of talking to its friends okay after you watch films like that and

of course it makes you uncomfortable to put poison down yes and uh block

all their entries oh into the house it can be very painful having

duncan can i just say something without you

squeaking over me where you want to be on now you're

trying to silence me yeah well do you know i was literally

standing here doing nothing for five minutes

well you've always got something to do yes but sometimes we have to make sure

that it's very accurate you see all right

i'm gonna get i'm gonna get this in the neck later i run a very tight

professional ship think of the lovely meal i cooked last

night for you mr donaghy it was all right yeah but i helped

you peel the potatoes yes the best part the best part of the meal

yes but the chemistry this is this is turning into some sort

of domestic argument

is that better that's better you think you want to be closer you're actually on

camera now that's good we can actually see you

instead of just your left shoulder so um mr duncan hates disorder says

james i do well sometimes you have to keep things

tight and professional i spent six hours today preparing all of

this getting it all together and then i said to steve five minutes

five minutes i think i didn't hear you say five

minutes but anyway we won't talk about that now

no we're talking professionally we'll be talking about me being late we'll be

talking about it later on i'll tell you when i get my

hurry know but the thing is what do you do

when you've got ants coming into your house

you know and hundreds of them loads of them

yes i mean you've got to do something haven't you you can't just

let them live and just take over your house no

well what do you mean take over what what are the ants going to do are they

are they going to just move in are they going to be watching television

and maybe you want to watch a different channel but the ants want to

watch something else is that what you mean maybe they'll move

in you've got to keep the wildlife out of

your house you have uh otherwise um

you know i found a rat hole as well mr duncan i'll tell you about that later

though okay well you've told me now really

haven't you technically you told me now to poison those as well yes this is

great talking of dead animals um i think

talking of dead animals no i don't think we should mention that

why because uh the person i think that you're talking about has asked me not to

tell anyone oh okay then we won't mention that then

let's just say someone we know why would that be a secret well as long

as we don't say name names or anything so if anyone from

the daily mail or one of the big newspapers

or news agencies because i know there's nothing else happening in the world at

the moment but please please don't report that what

i just said we were going to talk about i had a

whole thing planned by the way in my head that we're going

to talk about now i i've had to remove a chunk

of that now it's gone why i was going to talk about

something and now i can't yes but let's just say somebody we know

their dog has died why do we know weird people

i wish i really do wish we knew normal people well that's what people's

you know what i mean normal people who aren't weird blimey

we're anything but normal mr dung they're probably saying the same thing

about us to be honest with you i used to think i

was weird but since moving here to the countryside

i've realized that i might be the sanest and most normal person in in the world

mr duncan we've got neighbors that can hear your every word

okay well that's we're not talking about them of course no

other people okay uh is this what somebody said is your hat

uh somebody said ask me about my is it a barcellino

no it's a um i can't remember the name but what's it called mr duncan

tilly tilly it's a tilly t-i-l-l-e-y uh they're made in canada and

obviously they sell them all over the world but it's called a tilly hat

okay or as mr duncan calls it a silly hat well it is a bit silly

it keeps the sun off me and helps me to stay young


the strange thing about today he's the thing and i know this is live you see

so my reactions are spontaneous so this is not

fake because if you watch television nowadays everything on the television is

fake it's all people pretending to do things and pretending to have

conversations but this is real steve disappeared i didn't know where he

was he's come now not not a carer in the world he doesn't

care about my show he doesn't care how professional i am

i've devoted hours of my life to your show mr duncan

and that's all the thanks i get well okay then

i don't have to do this

anyway no we're not having a domestic it's all fake i've got to sneeze mister


oh bless you bless me rather again i don't get to bless you this morning i

was thinking maybe i should do my live stream in the

studio but i thought no i'll come outside it'll

be so lovely and peaceful and then steve can join us and we'll

have a lovely time none of that has happened for various

reasons my neighbor decided to start mowing the lawn

and then an airplane flew over right over the house

i heard the airplane do you hear the plane the thing is we can't

well we ought to miss duncan we ought to put out an announcement

yes and say four o'clock no planes nobody is allowed to use any garden

equipment you should not everything must be peace

and quiet we can't do that mr duncan because

because it's you know people have got to mow their lawns and they've got to

get on with their lives and fly their planes it's their human rights

to be able to cut their grass well even the bbc

have problems when they're broadcasting outside people come and disturb them and

shout and put banners up yes well that's all right nobody's immune

no that's okay that's fine anyway

oh i might just go back to bed that's what i'm thinking i'm thinking of

actually just going people like shirts people are saying

they like czech shirts check shirts i like them says zoe and

also a mary says as well did you know in some

countries you're not allowed to cut your grass or make any noise on a sunday

it's actually illegal well i think in this country of course people used to

respect the sabbath did they not mr duncan uh i never

i've never special day for christians i have never respected the sabbath

i'll be honest with you you heathen yes as we would say something yes some

people might call me a and heath a heathen or an infidel

something like that maybe yes well when we grew up of course

mr duncan uh what's the matter sorry the the grass

from next door is now going up my nose oh mr duncan's having a

bad day oh well the problem is i suffer from hay

fever and the worst thing that could happen

near me is having your grass cut so now oh excuse me

yeah i'll i'll take over mr duncan but when we used to when we grew up of

course uh all the shops were shut on sunday all

of them in this country yes you couldn't go to

the shops on a sunday in the 1970s oh you know everything was

shut because it was seen as a holy day

a holy day yes in in you know everyone has their holy day whatever

their religion but of course now we don't respect it at all

we don't um i mean i'm not saying we should one way or the other okay then

but uh we i'm just an observation when we grew up

you couldn't go down to the shops and buy milk

on a sunday no tough if you'd run out if you

but but if you were lucky enough to to have a cow in your garden you could just

go out and milk the cow have you ever milked a

cow no i've never had my hands on uh

teats teats yes now there's a word i didn't expect to

hear today tea i haven't had my hands anywhere near

uh mammary glands of any animal mammary glands yes that's what that's

the technical term for uh you could just say udder i've i've never

been near a cow's udder i've never met i've never

milked a cow i want to try maybe we can catch one of the cows at

the back of the house yes and try to milk it to see what happens

i've never milked an animal ever wonder what it's like you know having your

hands on a teat

i've never i can safely say i've never had my hands on anyone's teeth ah what

about when you were a baby when you were breastfed

so there we go somebody else is in the garden

mr duncan's going to get angry in a minute has he's heard

he's heard you complaining that is quite noisy i've got to say that

we carry on as professionals mr duncan no matter what is happening outside uh

imagine it's protesters and you have to you have to stay

concentrated on your on your viewers i'm sure it

might actually be a protest who knows they might actually be protesting mr

duncan we are sick of you doing your stupid broadcasting from your

garden can you stop doing it yes i drink soy milk says jade

okay oh yes we're talking about cow's milk yes well i do as well sometimes

i sometimes in fact sometimes i mix it milk and because sawyer is got a it's an

acquired taste isn't it it is mr duncan you either like it or

you don't yes i don't think you ever like it

uh but you tolerate it i would say well i personally

i don't really like the taste of soya milk and of course for men there is some

evidence to suggest if you have too much soya milk

then um you know you you get a bit infertile

you turn into a lady yes you yes because the

soy milk has uh hormones in it chemicals that mimic

female hormones so if you're drinking a lot of sawyer products

and you're a male so you might actually become a beautiful lady

instead so which might come in handy for some people because you might want

to be a lady you see maybe it's a cheap sex change it's true

so instead of having all that horrible surgery and everything cut off

you can just drink lots of soya milk and then you will turn into a lovely

beautiful glamorous lady i like that i wonder if it would stop your hair

falling out because obviously me being follicly

challenged i think everything else would fall off

except except your hair yes maybe you could reduce your

male hormone levels with soy milk and thus

maintain a thick head of hair but you will also have breasts you'll

have breasts and um yeah well that would be attracted to

you because you won't be able to uh perform in the

environment the environment

because obviously uh you know you need male hormones sorry can i just

stop this live stream can i just stop this and

and we start again is that do you want to do that should we

go i'm not asking you to go no i'm just saying let's do this again

shall we just pretend that this didn't happen

everything that happened up to this point

we're going to pretend it didn't happen i'm deleting this live stream by the way

i apologize no one no one is ever going to see

this live stream this is being deleted it's going for the record i will

apologize to you so there we go oh that's what i was waiting for you see

i was waiting for steve to apologize but he didn't you see

well i have done well i still haven't got to bless you for my sneeze that's

well let's play i sneezed last week and you didn't say bless you and i haven't

forgiven you which is why i came on late today

let's put it this way steve there's no way you're getting a bless you now

there's no blessings coming from me andy's i think andy's milked a cow

according to this

if you become a lady uh you are less dangerous mr duncan

i wouldn't i wouldn't say that

what does tilly mean it's just the uh says it's just the name of the hat it's

a name a name it's the make yes the maker's

name tilly uh that's actually somebody's name

you can call somebody tilly can't use her name

it's a girl's name i think as well i think it's

it's actually abbreviated matilda if your name is matilda they might call

you tilly you see oh right muhammad has

a pet turtle okay we like turtles don't we we do we don't get many turtles

around here we like them as as creatures no we do

get tortoises but you you've got a screensaver a

turtle screensaver on your computer yes you've had it for years it's

swimming it's in the sea you've got a lovely sort of face it has

uh and uh how we got onto turtles well it's mohammed's fault

thank you mohammed for bringing up turtles i i feel it

it was a welcome change in the conversation lewis says that uh there

are machines for milking mr duncan they're the machines for milking mr


lewis says let's have a look at this there are machines for milking mr duncan

no not not for milking mr duncan i think they mean all right see

oh i was gonna say i i i might actually be interested in buying one of those to

be honest so there are machines for milking can

you get those on the internet mr duncan machines for milking mr duncan

there's a pause in between milking and mr duncan

sometimes sometimes those commas can can be very useful in sentences oh

yes there are machines for milking mr duncan

maybe not machines for milking mr duncan that's what it looks like yes

even though even though now i might do a search afterwards and see if there is

such a machine yes perhaps a a a a better way of

putting that would have been mr duncan there are machines for milking yes

because it looked like you were suggesting that there is a machine

that will milk it's a little bit like let's eat grandma

let's eat grandma yes let's eat grandma

right so what are we doing today what's the theme what was that the theme

what did you do then you went into a sort of trance

we both did i think no i wasn't i am i am a million miles away from press

all these buttons here mr duncan rather you didn't you can press this one

if you want uh if you want to write to us by the way

or sending an email you can send an email if you want

or perhaps you can make a donation maybe you can send a donation

just just to pay us to stay away i think that's what we will do steve in

future maybe we should just get you to to pay money to us

not to do this

welcome to sunday in the garden

i think it's safe to say that today's live stream is not going as i planned

well of course we've had a lot of rain in the last few days

it's sunny and dry today and everybody is outside doing their gardening

so maybe we ought to in the future if we've had similar conditions whereby

it's been raining and we then have some sun maybe stay indoors

olivier sorry olivaldo bandera

says which country are you guys in england

england so is this the first time you've seen us

because no hello olivaldo bandera or bandera which country are you


uh please let us know and please let us know if this is the first time you've

watched us i'm suspecting it is we are playing the

sentence game today eventually even though at the moment my nerves are

almost completely destroyed i have no nerves

left in my body everyone has been every one of my nerves have been

shredded to pieces mr duncan and mr steve live in much

wenlock in england

for the for now anyway the gardening center

of the universe i'm suddenly thinking maybe we should move

oh it's how is life treating you says pedro well

all the better for you being on today i would say

send us a picture of your long flowing locks

he means hair yes i do yes so yes all the better yes i'm fine i'm

fine i'm chipper i'm uh i'm well i'm

well happy happy as i ever will be i think i'm always happy when i'm on the

live stream that might have been the truest statement

that steve's ever made ever in his life i'm as happy as i'm ever going to be

i think that's brilliant jade says it's going to be all right

you know people are sending you good wishes mr duncan i'm as happy as i'm

ever going to be that might be today could could someone

write that down please is there anyone good at calligraphy

could you please just write that on on a large picture a large picture

frame put it into a picture frame i'm as happy

as i'm ever going to be that might be that might be the saddest thing steve

has ever said valeria contero says welcome

olivaldo bandera from brazil so brazil we've got a lot of people

watching in brazil yes we have pedro pedro of course

with his long hair send us another picture

sorry um oh please don't i don't know what steve is after here at

least three people watching from brazil i think the tone of

today's live stream has changed quite a lot

to be honest it's like some sort of dating game people do want to play the

sentence game yes including me we should have been

playing it about 25 minutes ago that's waiting for steve i don't know

why i still want to know where you actually what were you doing for those

five minutes you mean after i saw you you saw me i said you've got five

minutes i'm playing a video i went to get my shirt and hear that and

then you vanished and i never saw you again

until well i thought you said i said to you am

i on in a minute and you said no not yet

not yet i don't hear you saying yes i said i said about five five minutes i

missed that bitch i must have tuned out yes

by the way if you are enjoying this make the most of it because this is being

deleted no one is ever going to see this live

stream ever after this so the moment i finish

today i'm i'm hitting the delete button this

is going you will never see this ever again he's

joking he's joking uh

oh so are we going to play the sentence game that's what i mean

i've been waiting i've been here nearly half an hour yes no apart from

the sentence game are we doing anything else well besides besides

listening to people's lawn mowers

enjoying the sound of

their garden tools but there's nothing we can do about that

there is nothing we can do you're being somewhat

unreasonable if i was a religious person if i was religious you see i would pray

now and pray that that that something might

happen to their lawnmower it will break or stop working or maybe

they will let go of it and it will just run away and drive off

their fan says please don't delete

so at the moment i feel like deleting everything

and it'll be fine everything will be fine we'll watch it later

and we'll be laughing away at ourselves thinking oh i can't delete this

we do watch it sometimes we do when it's good

just to cheer ourselves up but sometimes we have arguments

why we watch it later don't we we don't no you sulk

because if i say something in the live stream and then we watch it later steve

actually gets offended by it even though he was in the live stream

with me he says i can't how how why did you say that to me and i

said what he said you said that why did you say

that and i say well it's just a live stream it's not real

life it's just us on camera playing around

and having a bit of fun

beatrice is commenting that uh she would like some of our

rain because they haven't had any for four

months you are welcome to our rain i will try to send some

i will try to send some rain to you we went about two months without rain

didn't we earlier on this year uh in may

in may and june it was practically dry we didn't have any rain at all

no um that's probably why we've got lots of ants

yes it's probably

i'm losing the will here why mr duncan why

i don't know it's just sort of there was so much noise and then

there was airplanes flying over and then then you didn't appear

and i i i just i just feel so crestfallen

well i think i've just just got mr duncan we've just got to carry on do you

feel like you feel like doing the rest of this

live stream without me no you've got to stay here it's your

shit it's quite easy just you see these things here on the screen

you just press them and then they come up you see so for

example if you're going to play the sentence

game this is what you do you you do this if you if you were going to play

if you're going to play the sentence game i just really want to just go and

lie down on the lawn over there if you want to play the sentence game

you can just press this button here you


have you ever seen a grown man cry well today you might

don't worry mr duncan i'll i'll get revenge for you later because i will go

out at about 10 o'clock tonight with my lawnmower

because everybody get here goes to sleep at about half past eight in the evening

do they go to bed though yes they get all that everyone's lights

are off at about nine o'clock around here

because everybody goes to bed with the sun uh

the sun in the sky always see the sky i don't know what you're suggesting then

i know it's i know i know people in the countryside can be a bit weird

but going to bed with his son yeah maybe not

yes no people do i've noticed that particularly

in the summer yes when the sun goes down people go to bed and when they get up

you know when the sun goes up gets up they get up

their lives revolve around the sun could you please tell me what you're trying to

explain i think there's some worshipers around here

okay of course that's what ancient man used to do

because we didn't have uh artificial lighting

so people when the sun went down you probably went to bed

and then you got up when the sun came up if ren says you should have

seen the forecast before starting the live stream

well there's no forecast for whether or not people are going to use their lawn

mowers we don't have a lawnmower forecast they

should they should have but it's a good idea maybe they should

maybe they should have a map with little lawn mowers all over

them showing the areas where people are

likely to use their very noisy lawn mowers maybe

perhaps well there's no chance of this one uh

that you can hear at the moment uh stopping anytime soon this this is a

whole this is for the rest of the day this is yes

when she starts oh okay i wasn't going to get that personal it's like a

two-hour job it's a very long job we don't know what

she does i i sometimes fear i have nightmares in

bed i wake up all sweaty and sticky and i think maybe

everyone in the village here watches this and they know exactly what we're

saying about them i'm sure they do i'm sure they all watch

we hate you all

we don't really uh well anyway if they're watching now

they'll think what an unprofessional show

yes they they probably are when are they going to do the word game where are they

going to say the word game why was mr steve so late when paul

duncan was sitting there waiting waiting like like an idiot here

we go show the sentence game go on

but steve doesn't know his here's something

here's something steve doesn't know he doesn't know that when i came out here

a piece of this gazebo that the thing that i've put to cover us was all

over the place it had all blown away so i had to quickly rebuild this

oh i see so i've had a hell of a day to be honest

i put all this together this morning and then we had these

big gusts of wind and then a big piece of it blew away

it was all sort of hanging off which bitch mister this this piece above us oh

right so i had to i had to fix it all back

so it was quite stressful and that was about

three minutes before i started so it's been quite stressful i'm going

to be honest with you i've had a stressful day

maybe not as stressful as your day i'm sure your day has been more stressful

than mine but it was a little strange i don't normally

tell anyone about these things but today i

think it's very important to let you know that

things were not going well before i started today

the trials and tribulations of mr duncan's life

uh that's what we say isn't it trials and tribulations that's what you say to

that's an expression that that you use to

to uh express somebody's pain and suffering

in life trials and tribulations oh i've had trials i've had strife

i've had trouble and strife that's another

sentence you can use another phrase so much trouble

so much strife lawn mowers aeroplanes strong gusts of wind blowing my

equipment away yes it's an expression that

shows how much you suffer in life trials and tribulations and some people

seem to suffer more than others don't they

anyone we know wilson likes your hats i know that's the

least about two people at least today about two i've said they like my hat

it's a tilly hat about her name is tilly and it

originates in canada canada are we getting royalties

we're not we'd like to though sorry are we getting any

any any reimbursement for saying the name of this

just do a rotation so that people can see a rotation

mr mr steve is now rotating just to give you a full view

of this magnificent hat it's made of very heavy

cotton yes and it's robust and it will last

a lifetime and it's the only way you can get any weight up there there's nothing

else if you lose it the the makers will send

you another one for free what what if what i phoned if

the hat is left and then i lose you do i get a new mr

steve no one's replacing me mr duncan

i don't think they'd want to that's true my life is about as good as it's going

to get i just i just love absolutely love that

that quote that has to be a brilliant quote

partridge says mr duncan mr steve why don't you start a youtube channel

uh sorry i think this is isn't this a youtube channel yes but maybe maybe do

something funny oh i see maybe let's let's drop the pretend

let's forget about teaching english all together yes i think

i think we have haven't we look we have today

and just you know launch an entertainment channel

and we can do impressions and impersonations i think

and you know i could i could do a bit of drag maybe

you know just do a bit of a bit of humor you've got to be very careful of course

today if you're going to impersonate people

that you don't get on the wrong side of uh of the woke

movement oh god uh otherwise we'll be banned by the way

steve doesn't know about woke he learned that word from me

okay he asked me what what word is is current today and i say today it's

woke people say woke today that's the word

everyone's using you have got to be very careful though

at the moment last year it was gender fluid

because you can people are easily offended now

they are people are people are too sensitive too sensitive to

senses we think yes well i think and mr steve thinks

yes is there anyone else here it's just us too

but yes we should have a youtube channel i don't know what this is

are we just broadcasting into lewis into a tree

when it rains it pours is another great expression

yes when things go wrong they really do go wrong

when it rains when something goes wrong it just doesn't go wrong a little

a lot goes wrong

that's what that expression is is is is saying

eleanor says you are both so sweet i admire your duet

taeyeb says what's that noise yes this is what we've been

this is what has been frustrating if you're wondering what that awful noise

is it's mr steve's voice are you saying i sound like a lawnmower

mr duncan no i'm saying that a lawnmower sounds like you

no that that is actually the lawn mower next door we

everyone now is out in their gardens cutting their grass

because basically they have nothing else to do well i should be doing mine later

yes uh but i don't like to do it when it's wet but you're not doing it now

i could do because because you you have something to do now

you see that's why you're not doing it that would be i would that send you over

the edge mr duncan if i said oh i've got to go now

i'm over the edge already and then i started mowing my lawn

would that make you literally crack up mr duncan it's just a car it's just a

neighbor having somebody round uh a visit around i mean i know we don't

get that yeah that's a delivery oh it could be

for you i don't know i don't know if i have a

delivery or not am i do i have a delivery coming you left a

sign on the garage door to that effect yes i did say if anyone

wants to leave a parcel leave it here please i wonder if i took

it down by a mistake or else i have to put my rubber gloves

on my rubber gloves and my big mask i was wearing my mask yesterday i was a

very good boy mr steve didn't mr steve i think mr steve wants to

become ill you see what i think so because he wasn't

wearing his mask i was wearing my mask i was a very good

boy very good boy well it is it is um

stressful at the moment when at this moment

we've been in lockdown for such a long period of time

and then you go outside it's a little a little scary because you tend to

think that everybody has the bug the virus

and uh it's just unnerving you just want to get home don't you and out of the

out of the way of people who could be infected

with viruses what's mr duncan doing

viewers mr duncan is he going to have an argument with a neighbor

about the neighbor using the lawnmower between you and me between you and me mr

duncan gets too upset about this sort of thing

uh you can't expect people not to be in their gardens

in beautiful weather doing things like knowing their lawns doing gardening uh

do you think i should call the police just in case there's an incident

oh he's back there's more noise i can hear more noise going on uh

oh mr duncan's got his parcel

he's the thought that i probably took the sign down

telling the uh the driver the delivery driver

to uh not to leave it in the garage so he's got his parcel uh i've got a

parcel here you've got a parcel do you like to see my address

this is where i live if you want to come around for a cup of tea

maybe people could read might be able to read that bar chart mr duncan

well that's not anything that could be the address on there

okay people might be able to scam those bars do you

remember that time when i i showed the address like that and and

you went crazy are you going is that a present for me

by the way no this is something i've ordered on the internet

the internet this is where we are now we are now on the internet

the internet has all sorts of interesting things including us

and also sometimes you can get a little parcel that comes through your

letterboxes open yes i know what it is already

well but other people don't know i don't know

millions of people watching you right now don't know it's something for you to

watch i got this at a very good price so i

decided i've got to be careful here i keep i

keep wanting to sort of move the envelope around

i'm sure people could find out where we live if they really wanted to

okay there's our address mr duncan he's being a bit silly today

it's right i didn't reveal it i'm gonna get this

tonight he's gonna really this is the movie that i was

talking to you about that we could watch you see 12 monkeys

oh right so i found it on amazon very cheap

they were giving them away almost so i thought yes a very cheap it was

quite a good price oh who's that on those that pedro on the

back starring in that film pedro yes no that's not pedro that's

brad pitt it's there you mean you're thinking yes

you think that's pedro looks like pedro to me that's not pedro

i think it is

well pedro you look like brad pitt with your long hair

is that you steve thanks a lot that's mr steve that's what i look like later

after mr duncan has punished me for being late and i've

beaten mr steven so there is mr steve and there is pedro

you see pedro belmont is brad pitt and mr steve is bruce willis

bruce willis is always looks beaten up in all the films he's in

yes he always takes quite a battering 12 monkeys

yeah okay yeah are you getting royalties on this mr what's it

what's it about is it a horror film it's a science fiction film science fiction

it's ever so good i've never heard of it uh oh yes people uh

coward knows the movie yes uh bye bye mr duncan

says uh rina i think i'm going to start working oh lena has to go to work thank

you very much for watching this lena thank you all i can say is you have a

lot of courage and willpower to sit through this

hello anna jade says you seem tormented me tormented tormented i'm told

everything today i'm tormented by look 12 monkeys we're going to watch

this tonight do you want to watch this tonight steve

could do yes i won't say no 12 monkeys

what's why is it called twelve monkeys well maybe it will be revealed when we

watch it yes it's in the movie who's for this

starring me and pedro yes so mr mr steve

starring mr steve and oh well it says there bruce willis and

brad pitt

somebody has written the partridge has given us lots of

i presume they're smiles smiley faces um

i thought you like cows says sergey yes i was

is there a film called 12 cows i don't think there's ever been ever a

movie connected with cows ever there should be

maybe pixar they could have cow story and it's all these cows in the field and

they're all having to deal with their everyday problems like

saw others

all my others are really hurting today oh they're so painful the farmer

he's so he's he's so aggressive the farmer he he he grips them too

tightly when he's milking me

cow story coming to you soon coming to a cinema

near you soon irfan says why don't we're looking forward to mr duncan

writing a book uh you certainly got a lot to tell

haven't you missed i certainly have about your times in

china i've often said to you why don't you write a book about

it yes um because um well it would be interesting i think

four years teaching in china yeah i think would be make a very

interesting book uh i i have a feeling that the chinese

government might send an assassin over to sort me out

though you know because if i if i reveal too

much you see too much classified information

sentence game sentence game sentence game shall we play the sentence game

let's play let's play

oh do you ever have one of those days i know i'm having one you ever have one

of those the sentence game let's play the

sentence game the sentence game is the sentence game

is something that we like to play normally we play it

during the week but i have been asked if we can play the sentence game on

sunday so today is sunday isn't it steve today is

definitely sunday is it still sunday we know that because

everybody's out mowing their lawns they are they're all outside they have

nothing else to do i'll be doing mine later so i'll be annoying people later

yes i'm going out at midnight with a torch

we should we should actually cut our grass at about

6 45 in the morning no everyone's up then

oh yes there you go don't forget everyone goes to bed at

half eight here and gets up with the sun at about five o'clock

so with their sun with the sun oh with the sun okay you know

shall we play the sentence again fiery ball in the sky

the sentence game today we are playing the sentence game

we are we are playing the sentence game right now

i hope you're feeling excited by this there's only one thing that could make

you even more upset mr duncan and that's if the internet went down

well it did earlier oh really yes we got red lines

on the screen which is always bad i never want to see

red lions so it should be green red lions

red lines oh lines yes not arrow not the line probably best not

to pick me up on those sorts of things today to be honest

anyway the scent the sentence game the sentence game

everybody likes the sentence game

using the letter i or is that an exclamation mark using the letter

or is it using the letter i no it's not an

exclamation upside down exclamation mark yes because the exclamation marks are

the other way up well i thought back to you you've

accidentally written it the wrong way up you see yes

okay then no are we still on using the letter i

youtube youtube now is your chance i know

youtube has been wanting to do this for years

you can now cut me off if you want please youtube

please i'm i'm asking you i'm begging you youtube

please cut me off right now disconnect me

no i'm saying these things to you now mary is eating an avocado okay then i

can't eat avocado unfortunately because my

my throat swells up and i turn

he's allergic to avocados whereas i love them of course i have i

like avocados but don't you find mary yes that the

problem with avocados is that when you buy them they're never

exactly ripe exactly how you want them to jade says you are faking all of this

trust me can i just say something this is not fake

how can that be fake why would i do this to myself

this is not fake i can't begin to tell you how i can think

i put a fence up for them anyway cost me a thousand pounds oh that's good

that's good steve i don't want to say that

sentence game the sentence game everybody's playing the sentence game

come on mr duncan that's that's no no donations today for me

right okay then uh jade no it isn't this isn't fake it isn't this is real

what happening now what's happening now is

real this is all actually happening yes we just have to soldier on through mr

duncan come on then let's play the game calm

down mr duncan i am calm you're not calm i'm not

anything but god i'm calm but you know it is a bit

distracting when you're trying to present

present somebody says please start the sentence game

shall play the sentence game yes okay let's play the sentence game everyone

the sentence game coming up

okay we're back we're going to play the sentence game now

finally even though

just get on with it mr duncan it's just eight feet away from me it's very hard

to concentrate here we go then everyone this is the

sentence game using the letter i it is definitely not an upside down

exclamation mark here's the first sentence on today's

sentence game would you like to have a go

well not you steve don't give the answer i won't give the answer please

because the other week steve kept giving the answers and it's not for you

it's it's it's for it's for the the one person

still watching out there here we go here's today today's first

sentence game using the letter i can you think of a word that begins with

i i uh not that not that just generally

irritate idiot irritate irritating idiot imbecile

pain in the oh no that doesn't work they said i have been fired with

something beginning with i has it got to begin with i yes i've only

said that about 12 times ah right today i've only said it

about 12 times i've got it i think i've got it i think

you've said you certainly have got it steve

there it is see there's eye next to your head now they said

i have been fired with see this little eyes saying hello hello

i don't know what you're doing mr duncan they're on the screen you see that

screen in front of us that's us i know that's us and there is a little

eye look next to you i can't see the eye there oh

there you mean that

i'm not looking at the screen i'm looking at the camera

you see

having a bad day let's put it this way and he's not

hiding it very much so let's continue with the sentence game

they said i have been fired with something effect a word beginning with i

now i will have a look at the live comments intolerant says rosie yes

well that is a word beginning with i but i don't think it quite

fits in to this particular sentence so vitas it says immediate

as i said immediate uh sujin says inflation

really inflation they said i could have been fired with

inflation effect not sure about immense immense effect

that doesn't quite work sorry immediate definitely does work a lot of people

have said immediate ezzo said immediate vitas uh

inaki uh timor rosa we've got an answer mr duncan

rob we've had several answers we've said with uh

somebody said uh we could use the word immense

okay immediate you see the the nine there

it has nine letters well you didn't tell us that before mister

i was busy having a nervous breakdown on the lawn

i'm soaking wet now i'm gonna have to deal with this later

why they why are people cutting their grass it's soaking wet

well it's the duncan anyway intolerant

mr duncan is being very we're beginning with i

today intolerant you see intolerant yes they said i they said i have been fired

i think i'm going to be fired when we say fired we mean

you've lost your job you've been bosses sacked you yes

so they've said you are dismissed dismissed you have lost your job you are

useless at your job you're fired you're fired from your job

because you've lost your job yes they said i have been fired with

something effect we are looking for a word beginning with i

and it has nine letters nine letters the only word that really fits is

immediate is it really yes okay though uh you wouldn't be

sacked with impatient effect or irrational effect

no inexcusable i like i like that one yes i think about that i think our

behavior today think that would fit i think everything

today has been inexcusable the neighbors our

behavior has been inexcusable the neighbors

but all of the neighbors coming out to ruin my live stream fired with innocent

effects i don't think that quite innocent

innocent effect shall we show the answer i think we know what it is

a lot of people have got it right well that's good uh

and then we can swiftly move on to the next one i will swift swiftly move on to

maybe another career they said i have been fired with

ding immediate immediate immediate effect

in other words then you've lost your job straight away straight away no no

nothing else that's it now immediate you've got to go straight away

pack your bags your boxes and go now right now not

later now with immediate effect means now

so don't wait around get your things collect your things from your office

and get out you're sacked you're fired you could you could say that to me

couldn't you i might still be saying it to you

you have been fired from the live stream with

immediate effect what time is it i will cry i have no idea what time it is

it's 3 31. okay

instinctive instinctive effect okay immediately we have given the

answer we have given the answer by the way

please don't don't guess anymore we've given the answer on to the next


here's another one oh two we have two missing words

both beginning with the letter i one word

ten letters the second word fourteen letters

fourteen letters that is that is a very long word

the smartphone case is something because it's virtually something

two words beginning with i one is ten letters one is fourteen

is it my imagination or is is this show starting to come together

it's starting finally finally finally we we have found our our pace it's working

now suddenly it's working yes uh inaccurate

immediate and straight away are the same thing that's it something

with without hesitation without waiting without any pause

immediate with immediate now straight away from this moment

the word immediate would sound more urgent now

immediately you would use immediate to to add a bit of

weight or gravitas to what you're saying mr duncan will you come into my office

immediately immediately immediately straight away now

is a slightly milder form of immediate no waiting i would i would suggest

this smartphone case is something because it's virtually something

so two things that we are looking for ten letters and 14 letters

that's amazing yes i'm struggling with this one mr duncan i think i can get the

last one but not sure about the first one


yes pillar the irritating sound is gone but it won't be gone for long

no i can still hear it i can still hear the irritating sound

oh thank you mr duncan he means me he means me

that's that's that's what i was on about anyway i was on about the irritating

noise being you the smartphone case is you know i'm

going to learn to imitate the sound of a lawnmower

and then uh whenever i want to annoy mr duncan

i thought you had the smartphone case is something beginning with i

10 letters because it's virtually something beginning with i

14 letters okay yeah something 10 and 14 we're looking for

no nothing yet oh

hurry up actually we have we have one or two correct answers for the first word

oh yes ah right okay so yes we have some correct answers

correct answers coming through well done we have we've lost so many viewers today

i can't begin to tell you no i think we've gained them

i think we've gained viewers because they are intrigued

because they want to see us breaking down live on here

i'm not sure about breaking down the smartphone case

is can i write read some of them out mr duncan uh well no

okay don't read them out because because if

if you say if you if you give the correct answer

on there then you're kind of giving the answer on you

when you think about it so i don't normally i don't normally say

such and such a person has got it right because then people will see that

and then they'll know it's the correct answer so i like to keep you guessing

you see i like to keep you guessing

well there's a couple of uh yes we've got

that's that's the same person each time

please don't block anyone did i steve is now pressing all of the buttons

on the screen which means that someone if you've just been blocked it's not me

it's mr steve okay i accidentally i said that's proof that

i in the past yes people have complained that they've

been blocked and they don't know why it's me i don't accidentally do it

steve keeps blocking people because when i'm my

fingers hovering over the live chat okay if it goes on to somebody's

name if i accidentally press somebody's name

touch somebody's name you get these options coming up yes and one of them is

block yes and i must have done that in the

past in the past you can pronounce that in

two ways in the past or in the past i feel

so tired well i'll make a cup of tea and a tea cake

in about 20 minutes we're watching 12 monkeys tonight

is that going to cheer you up though no not really it's a pretty depressing film

well maybe we should watch some comedy instead okay

my cock is ready pardon

the noisy one mr duncan that's a very noisy cock that's my neighbor's cockerel

it's very noisy so would you like to live next to mal

imagine this mr duncan imagine if one of our neighbors

had chickens well some of some of our neighbors do they have a

well my neighbor's cock wakes me up every morning

and woken up and because we have the windows open now because it's summer

but it's supposed to be summer it doesn't feel like summer

so we have the wind the windows are open and in the morning you can hear

you can hear that sound that sounds all around here so that means time is up

you see so so when my cock appears

cockerell mr duncan he's in a very strange mood today

when my cockerel appears well there it is you saw my cockerel then

where my cockerel you can say cock that's all right

well that's what we used to call it when we were young

cock of the walk oh if you're a cock of the walk it means

that you're the most attractive person usually a man

who's very confident handsome always has something to say cover the

wall are we really looking at phrases now

to do with cock well i just thought i'd throw that in it's probably best not to

go down that road to be honest here we go then this smartphone this

smartphone case is something because it's virtually

something so here come the answers oh faster mr duncan

we have some beer in the fridge don't we we do we've got one bottle

in the fridge there is a bottle there is a bottle of beer in the fridge

and i have a feeling we we might be drinking that later

jamila is actually waiting for the answer so

yes people are trying to hurry us up a bit the answer is coming

here it is the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

and it is incredible and indestructible incredible

incredible amazing indestructible indestructible so something incredible

is amazing this smartphone case is incredible

because it's virtually indestructible indestructible but

could we have had the word impressive

mary mary has suggested the word impressive steve

stop blocking people okay that was it wouldn't it

impressive yes you could probably have impressive

i think it it one two three four five six seven eight it's ten letters so

yes yes the word impressive would fit there

as well yeah you see ten ten letters impressive so you can

say incredible something that's good

something that's impressive or as andy said

invaluable yes

i suppose so yes something invaluable something that's useful

something that you can't live without is often described as invaluable

now the pigeons have started interesting yes it says says

valeria this smartphone case is interesting it's if it's indestructible

it's industry interesting as well yes something that's tough

something that does not break easily unfortunately

i am not indestructible i i'm very i'm very fragile i'm i'm very

delicate and valeri you suggested the word

impressive impressive fits as well yes

so yes well done a lot of very uh different answers all

words beginning with i that do fit in and are ten letters

long incredible because it's indestructible

like captain scarlett was a kids tv show we used to watch when

we were kids

interesting reference there indispensable's only got

yeah now that one doesn't quite work no but

um that's 13 letters but yeah i mean it fits it fits indispensable

uh but it's not for ten letters but it would fit if we weren't restricting the

letters yes if you could put any word in there

that you wanted although anything would fit in there

then no we are saying we are saying impressive does fit it does fit

impressive it's impressive yes but incredible probably would be

slightly better this is a tough tough sentence says venkat yes it is

it's quite a tough one yes but then we're you know testing all

levels of english knowledge that's it we are

certainly testing today we're all being tested including me

inadequate uh well you could use the word

inadequate if it hadn't had the word indispensable as the last word

um if you had said one two three is it time to go yet

you could say that it was inadequate because it

fell apart yes or something something inadequate means it doesn't does not

come up to the the standard that you want next sentence

yes next sentence for goodness sake faster faster

here's another one what i wonder what that said then he likes to

something himself

that doesn't begin with i though

okay he likes to something himself in his work oh

begins with i seven letters i keep it clean i didn't notice you see when i

wrote that this morning i didn't notice that that actually looks

a little rude he likes to something himself in his


keep it clean keep it clean fortunately it doesn't

he likes just he likes to something himself in his work

seven letters seven letters all one word

ah he likes to something himself in his work

one answer yes thank you anna thank you johnny thank

you also maura thank you very much for your


yeah and a lot of them are fitting yeah

yes i mean you know if you want to write do a dirty word i mean you know

we wait you know we won't we won't punish you

i i can't think of any words that are rude that begin with

eyes it's a good job isn't it really good job

i'm glad it doesn't begin with m


so has anyone got any ideas yes we have we can oh we have quite a few comments

immerse okay then immerse says anna and uh

maura was the first actually to say immerse so well done to you

uh why well then anna but because she was the first to use the word that's

good but anna has also used the word immerse

and so has jameelah well everyone will know

noah but this is no this was going back before

uh we've also got uh improve improve which fits as well johnny

well done johnny remember me rocky uh that was a good song that was

indulged by the by the uh i think it was the i

want to say the tornadoes but that doesn't sound right

johnny remember me cause i'll always remember

till the day i die he'll hear me cry

remember me wasn't it also by that other group

johnny hey yeah

sounds like it's coming going down the back of his throat are you talking about

fine you're in canada yes fine young cannibals it's johnny that's

a different song then oh yeah but it's it's got johnny in it i

thought mice said what improve indulge well done irvan

fan one two seven that's seven you could improve you could indulge

emerge oh immerse i think you meant there maria

emerge means to come out of somewhere he emerged from his

cave great the the uh the caterpillar by the

caterpillar emerged from its chrysalis something coming out

of somewhere yes if you come out of somewhere

you emerge but immerse means to get yourself involved tom cruise emerged

from the closet well we are going to be struck off now mr duncan

no he just he was just in there oh i see he's got one of those

he's got a big you know those closets that are big you can walk into them you

can go inside them and he came out because he just he just

put some a nice tuxedo on because he was closed

he was going to the premiere of his latest mission impossible film

you see he emerged from the closet mission impossible

64. some people might say he came out of the closet

yes but he emerged from the closet where a room where he keeps all his clothes

that's it that's an interesting because we don't

really we don't really use that word in in

england do we clearly yes we don't say closet no we say wardrobe

wardrobe or but a closet in america they they often have well anyone

who's quite wealthy in this country we would call it a dressing room

yes but if you have a some people have a room

specifically in their house where they just get changed i mean most people

but that we have a room in the house where we get changed i know but i mean

most people just like clothes we don't take our

clothes off in the garden no i meant most people keep their

clothes in a wardrobe in their bedroom like a club a cupboard a cupboard a

wardrobe but if you're very posh and you've got a

big expensive house then you don't keep your clothes in your

bedroom you keep them in a separate room in a wardrobe

it wouldn't work sort of lovely wardrobes and

in and then you go to that room and then you get you go to your bathroom

wake up go to your bathroom get a shower and then you go into your closet

or your dressing room to get dressed but you've got to have a

you've got to have a posh house to have a special room just to get

changed into

we haven't got a closet or a dressing room

and we're certainly not in it our bedroom and dressing room

are one and the same they're certainly not in the closet

he likes to imagine

oh well you see that word can be used two ways yes anyway

but moving on to the current situation which is the same

this is only the third one the third sentence game

i've normally done about seven by now so this is the uh third sentence game seven

letters improve yes cock-a-doodle-doo mr steve

yeah we didn't have it for the last one we did did we

all right cock-a-doodle-doo go and say it

cock-a-doodle-doo like that that's a male hen yeah

a male hair male hen

yeah a male hen otherwise known as well what's well what's a rooster

that's a female hen i presume a rooster i think so a rooster is not a

female hail hen it's a male hence okay so what so what's the cockrule then i

don't know what's the cost i think it's just the same thing

so so who goes with the hen then the cockrell does the cockerel but what

about the uh the rooster the rooster does as well if

it's a male hen both of them go with yeah yes that's

perverse that's that that's chickens for you

that's disgusting i don't know the difference between a

rooster and a cockerel we've noticed maybe somebody could look

that up for we've noticed that

maybe a rooster is just a male hen that sort of sits somewhere anyway

moving on maybe somebody could look it up for us and tell us he likes to

something himself in his work the answer is ding immerse

right now turn on to the next bye everyone bye

i think most people have already gone because they're bored

waiting for the next sentence game to come up okay the next sentence game is

coming up right now through these mistakes yes okay ten

minutes and it's tea and tea cake time ten minutes

ten minutes then i can anna says it's the dream of almost

every woman to have a room only for wardrobes and clothes yes that's true

but there might be some men as well that's a bit sexist

that's a bit sexist how dare you i am going to protest in the street

i'm coming round to your house and i'm going to tear your statue down i

am palmyra is back she says hello again hello palmy palmyra palmyra just could

not stay away she was wondering whether or not we were still here

or maybe it was just flames just just just flames she thought i'm not watching

this rubbish i'm going off somewhere else but then she thought i wonder

what's going on i think she's going to watch 12 monkeys

12 monkeys

answer please says helen we've given the answer uh

but we are but yes we're on to the next one now the next sentence game is

do you want a minute for the next 10 minutes oh he's a good one steve right

she divorced him due to his 10 words beginning with i

go okay the answer is let's just put them all up on the screen

at the same time she divorced him due to his

something what 10 letters beginning with i yes

impotence i was about to say that is that 10 letters mr duncan

i am

that's how i count mr duncan ah she divorced him due to his what and of

course don't forget there is a slight delay

so uh when we speak when you hear us speaking now this word

now that i'm saying the sentence we've actually said it how many minutes

before you actually hear it minutes or is it second it's 30 seconds

but there's a 30 second delay but the problem is by the time they see

that we're already saying something else you

see this it's very it's it it's almost it

it almost blows your mind doing this because you have to remember there are

delays you see delays so when we say something

it will be another 30 seconds before you hear it or see what we're doing

but then by then we're already saying and doing something else because it's

still 30 seconds palmyra says you're in a very good mood tune in to

the beginning of when i came in and you will see a

very different mood but you won't see it because i'm

going to delete this this is never seeing the public thank

you johnny thank you michael thank you two we've got two good

suggestions already rooster and cock are synonyms

all right so cockrell and rooster are basically the same thing we

thought so thank you i was wrong i thought it was a female

but of course thank you i think if you're roosting it means

you're sort of resting perched somewhere i'm not very familiar with

roosters however what complete that sentence if you can

if you dare she divorced him due to his very small oh sorry no she divorced him

due to his what and it's not impotence

it's very close to that well it's it's actually the opposite it's actually the

very opposite the opposite it's the opposite

it's the opposite we know impotence doesn't fit because it's nine letters

that's it and it's not that it's literally it's the opposite if

you imagine the opposite of impotent it's literally the opposite the opposite

due to his uh come on we've got enough answers now

i think michael was first i think oh thank you

don't say what it is try not to say what it is just just yes

congratulations to everyone yes johnny johnny remember me

anna rita and wow oh immaturity says daisy yes

well that might apply to us too as well because right

you could divorce someone due to that well done daisy cow and we like that

name because we like cows yes we love cows uh but i think the

answer that a lot of people have got is the

correct one that's it here it comes here comes the answer

mr cockrell do your thing

mr rooster of course

the answer is bing infidelity but infidelity immorality

would work as well sujin yeah morality yeah morality yeah

but because if you are uh if you are sleeping with somebody else

outside your marriage then then that is definitely

um what's the word i'm looking for you're

digging the hole uh immature yes immaturity

yeah infidelity so infidelity immorality is the word sorry yes

sujin okay yes anything else you want to shout out does

anything else you want to shout out um infidelity is when a person is

is seeing another person on the side you see so maybe he's married

actually he's married but he's seeing another person another

woman of course it can work the other way around as well

yeah i mean women women can also be

or have infidelity yes they can be they can they can go off and find a nice

hunky man maybe a sexy gym instructor where

where oh not here so maybe yes maybe the the woman so maybe the wife can also get

attracted to another man he goes oh well my husband's old and fat

and bald jade says that he's not he's he's hunky

oh i thought oh i think i'm gonna oh i might i might have a

chat to him jade's going to divorce her husband

because of his immobility inability that's good he can't move he's bone idol

yes he's he never moves maybe that means that uh you know he's

not interested in

you know hanky-panky immobility okay though impatience a person who

would you divorce someone for being impatient i would i'm thinking

of it now actually if your husband was impatient with you

would you divorce i don't think that would stand up in a

court uh i don't think you could divorce

someone for impatience no it doesn't sound like a reason

immobility yes but definitely infidelity what about stupidity

that doesn't begin with i mr duncan stupidity

inactivity stupidity well you might want to divorce them for that but

uh you might not get uh you know half the estate if you tried that one

jade says yes muscles and tattoos you started something with jade

really and the uh yes the the gym instructor the gym instructor

so maybe the hunk at the gym who gives the classes

maybe that's why maybe that's why you go to the gym you see you you're not

interested in exercise well you might be a certain type of

exercise with the gym instructor so

we've got one minute to have we can we get another one in mr duncan one minute

really but it's four o'clock already i was late

so we could go a few minutes over it is a good one your child is so

something and something

it's not fat and ugly by the way before anyone suggests that it's not fat and

ugly but it's got to begin with i yes so your child is so something beginning

with i with 11 letters that's it and something beginning with i

with eight letters eight letters eight

letters i've got a bit of wind mr duncan did you

just burp then mr steve just burped there's a bit of

wind what is that i think it's it's the ants

it's garlic it's the ants you know the acid in the ants your

breath smells like lamb shank thank you


oh yes andy there's a good word going back to the last one

divorced because of an infraction okay uh and of course infidelity would be an

infraction you've broken something do you have any

answers to last week's sentence gave it all

well i just thought i saw that that's very good infraction is good yeah it's

an infraction

you've deviated away from set rules yes you should have stayed you should have

stayed on the road but you went off you went

off action you went off and did something else you that you shouldn't

have done uh infidelity being that infraction so

yes that word would definitely fit yes anyway it's four o'clock just after

and this is the final sentence game and then i am going into a dark room

to take a very long sleep can you believe i'm here tomorrow

i'm here tomorrow i'm doing one of my extra

english live streams tomorrow from 2pm uk time i'm here again tomorrow i'm

hoping that i will be a little less stressed tomorrow

i hope so your child is so something and something eleven

and eight beginning with the letter i


oh it's 11 1 2 3 4 5 6

assuming it's two l's yes two l's in intelligent

that is correct then but i n t e l l i g

e and t apparently to be to be classed as intelligent you must know how many

elves are in intelligent the word intelligent

so that would be correct and uh daljeet use that word first so

well done so sujin has mary blue he wanted to say mary lou

mary glue anna alessandro

but what's the last word ah yes we've got one or two answers

actually one or two correct answers child is so yes impertinent

yes which of course would fit yes as long as the eighth word

makes sense hmm that's it so you're talking about two

bless you see there we go oh that is the only last

that's the only bless you you are getting ever ever again

never again there will be no more no more bless yous see i can't think of

a word beginning with i for eight letters

okay then so um i'm struggling there

so these two words we're looking for are similar they're similar words actually

similar meaning sometimes you will do this if you are

saying something quite often you you might use

similar words because you are trying to express how

annoyed you are or angry or upset so you are trying to get your point

across your child is so see andy's got

two words beginning with i one eleven and one eight new win van

hip but they don't really go together new

win van gaape says your child is so good looking

that doesn't sound like a thing you should be saying to anyone

you never go up to someone and say oh hello your child is very good looking

intricate you wouldn't describe a child as intricate

not in this country never say that in this game intricate that that would be

used to describe an inanimate object you know something uh

well something confusing puzzling intricate yes

yes maybe a device or a machine something that has lots of tiny parts

like a watch you wouldn't describe a human being as intricate you might say

a watch is intricate has lots of tiny parts

lots complicated difficult to make

but you only use that to describe objects not uh

not living things well you could not a human being

i think a person can be inter

intricate intricate i don't think you could describe a person as intricate

their character maybe they have an intricate character yes complicated

person but not them themselves i know one of those

intemperate well that that that would fit

definitely uh so that means somebody who's got a bad

temper are we looking for something positive to say about this child

no these children are really annoying they're the worst

children you've ever met here's a clue ah right

it's gone so quiet now why wasn't it why wasn't it this quiet earlier then

cat i think is the first person to get two

words that fit yes i think that's correct is that not

mr duncan n t o l e r a b l

e i n s o l e n t well done then cat intolerable

and insolent

you'll see that fits that's fits definitely

atomic says in tolerant intolerant that would fit

impolite isn't a is a eight letters that would definitely fit

in the last one impolite welcome to summer

2020 intelligent some people have put yes intelligent that fits so it depends

what the second word is shall we have the answer

just put me out of my misery please the answer according to mr duncan

is well it's not according to me this is this is the the game that i've

created this is my creation by the way i hope no one steals this idea like all

my other ideas that everyone keeps stealing

and using they already have they already have probably someone somewhere

is also playing the sentence game they've stolen it from me i i

invented this this is mine my invention i'm the best i'm the best

the answer is bing there we go impertinent

well lewis got him pertinent well done lewis impertinent i don't think anybody

else got him pertinent

no so the child or the impertinent well done the child

is impertinent and impolite you are saying that child is so rude

it's it's a it's a child that won't won't do what it's told

or insolent insulin yeah it says insulin as well insolent

that would fit in pertinent and insolent yes rude impolite

so sometimes you do meet children don't you so sometimes

if you're sitting in i don't know maybe you're in a cafe

and at the next table there is a family and their children are just

running around making a noise being really annoying

making so much noise and you you just want to go over there and

say would you mind controlling your children

a little bit better but you could definitely use andy in

temperate so you could use your first word in temperate is 11 words

because that would go with the fact that would go with impolite as the second

word uh impulsive

does that fit

but it doesn't make sense in the sentence i don't we

normally describe a child as impulsive

yes yes yeah impolite anyway those are the answers to this one

but other ones that people have come up with do fit

yes they do fit even though so impertinent and impolite

sergio says incredibly and idiotic oh

if you hadn't got and in there that would have fitted yeah your child is so

incredible yeah incredibly idiotic i like that that's good

a lot of people have put intelligent but that is an 11-letter word but it doesn't

fit you've got to have a word that goes with

that so you if you're saying your child's

intelligent that's a compliment so you would have to have a second word

that's in compliment as well for this sentence to work but these are

negatively negative they're both negative we're going now

irrev irreverent that fits

no it doesn't anyway we're going yes it's time to say goodbye

i hope you've enjoyed whatever this was and that brings to an end the sentence

game for today it looks like we're about to start it

again did you just put up the uh the the uh yeah

we should have had the little jazz in paris

did you forget to take your tablets today mr duncan is that why you're

uh or maybe um maybe a strange way maybe i've just taken too many

this is at the moment a very good idea yes

we could have had a little dance to sort of get

get everything off our chest you see to get everything off our chest we could

have had a little dance steve likes my robot dance don't you i

do you do you always admired your robot

dance mr duncan

he thinks he's c3po from star wars oh oh oh what a desolate place this is

oh where do you think you're going i'm not going that way

it's far too rocky anyway how do you know there are any settlements over


that sort of thing that is an actual line from star wars

because mr duncan knows every line yes i can actually watch star wars and i

can actually i've memorized every lion he has i'm not joking

what's the first line in star wars hello did you hear that is the first line

and the last line is goodbye he'll be all right yes it's true

you check tonight you watch star wars tonight

did you hear that is the first line spoken by c-3po

and then the last the last line is it'll be all right and i have

watched star wars with mr duncan and he keeps coming up with the words the

sentences that the actors are going to use a fraction of a

second before they do it's very annoying it is annoying yes i

often do the same with songs as well i if i'm watching a song video

on the tv i will actually sing a bit of the song before it comes on

and then steve starts punching me hitting me striking me

clawing at me i never i never punch you mr duncan no well

not not in the face anyway it must never be visible to you always has to be below

the shoulders that's my rule don't don't damage this

this is my twinkle this is my this my thing this is my

passport my passport to internet fame

then cat says it's time for the tatar thing yes the tartar thing

i do do you find it's a little dance i feel like i need to get this out of my

system so before we go we're going to have a little bit of jazz in paris

but you have to dance as well

are you okay i've got an itchy nose i think i've got an ant

yes so who wants to have jazz in paris you might not be able to hear

it so you have to listen carefully steve when it's playing

it's not playing yet

is it playing now not yet i'm just asking

does anyone want jazz in paris but you must join in

okay here we go here comes chas in paris after three one two three


do you know mr duncan that must look very odd

if someone was to be watching us doing that

uh that would look very very odd indeed there are people there

i meant in the real world here the real world

i meant in our world here because i have in the past walked past when you've been

doing this you're okay dude this is very odd you

need to lie down i'm perfectly fine i'm fitting healthy

mr duncan you know me okay then i've had my morning

constitution i had mine as well exercise oh okay

they're going now well i hope you were all dancing to that or

dancing okay being posh i should go and put the kettle on

mr duncan mr steve is going to make a cup of tea and we're going to have

have a tea cake as well you will never see this episode i'm

going it will never see the light of day so make the most of it

no no this will be gone soon and i will be back tomorrow i don't know

what i'm doing tomorrow at the moment i don't know what i'm doing after this

live stream to be honest you're having a cup of tea and a tea cake and i'm going

to put it on now so i'm going to say goodbye to everybody

it's been wonderful it's been lovely being here

and we're going to watch a film later we're going to watch 12 monkeys starring

starring bruce willis and brad pitt pedro oh okay if you say so

see you later bye bye steve see you bye thanks for watching today i hope you've

enjoyed this i will see you tomorrow 2 p.m uk time

because we are doing some extra live streams during the month of july oh my

goodness it's incredible and of course until the

next time we see each other here on youtube whenever that will be

tomorrow maybe on tuesday or even on wednesday on

wednesday we have episode 100

of english addict wow see you later catch you tomorrow thanks for watching

don't forget give me a lovely thumbs up or maybe maybe the phone number of a

psychiatrist that would also be very welcome see you

later take care and of course you know what's coming

next until tomorrow this is mr duncan in the

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ta ta for now 8-)