ooh there you are I was wondering where you were to be

honest there you are right in front of me as I speak to you now here we go then

hello it's YouTube it's live it is of course English addict on Wednesday and I

hope you are feeling very good today here we go once again it is time to

practice your English listening and I hope you are ready to go

yes we are all here together again hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy

well are you happy I really hope you are feeling happy today we are back once

again and yes we are back to our usual three times a week for those who are

still a little bit confused I have one or two people asking mr. Duncan where

were you today we didn't see you on YouTube and the reason for that is

because I am not doing my daily live streams anymore

so from now on we are doing it's a little bit different by that I mean we

are only doing it three times a week Sunday Wednesday and Friday there you

can see right now on your screen the days of the week and also the time as

well so the days are Sunday Wednesday Friday from 2 p.m. UK time so now you

know for those who don't know who I am you might be thinking here who are you

we don't recognise your face well I don't know why you don't recognise my

face I've been on YouTube for a very long time so here we are again once more

I teach English on YouTube my name well there it is you can see it now on the

screen and what I actually do is I teach English I talk about the English

language I am a little bit different some people have said that they have

said I am a little bit different my teachers my mother father in fact the

rest of my family in fact everyone I know to be honest in my whole life

so that's what I do I teach English but a little bit different

different from everyone else hello to the live chat oh yes we have

lots of people here already hello Mohsen hello to you also Annie

detests refe franceska and also dear Hakeem hello to you in Germany we have

weather like great Great Britain apparently well here today you might be

able to see behind me we have some sunshine however it is a little bit cold

and that is the reason why I am wearing my jumper today one thing you might

notice and this is something I love about what I'm wearing today you might

notice that my watch look my watch matches my jumper it actually goes with

it it actually matches isn't that interesting so this matches this they

are the same color they are very similar so I thought that was quite interesting

I didn't realize until a few seconds ago as I came out of the house I suddenly

thought wait a minute my watch is the same color as my jumper

it almost looks like I planned it however sadly I didn't I didn't plan any

of it to be honest hello Annie I have missed your lessons

mr. Duncan on those days when you weren't here well I'm back to doing

three lessons a week three live streams though so I'm still here live I haven't

stopped doing my live streams I'm still here live however we are doing things a

little bit different because I will only be here for three days a week but I'm

here I'm still here I'm not going anywhere

despite some of the rumors yes we have lots of things to talk about today but

first of all yes we have made it through to the middle of the week we are

very far away from Monday but also we are very far away from Friday

you might say we are equidistant from both weekends yes it's Wednesday

Oh unfortunately I haven't got my echo sadly today we don't have the echo

unfortunately we don't have the echo because I'm outside I couldn't resist

coming outside it isn't a brilliant day I'll be honest with you it is quite cold

but I am braving the elements I am braving the elements oh by the way

did you know here in England not the UK but in England now it is important that

I get this right so I'm not talking about the UK I'm talking about just

England today many people went back to work as you may have read in the

newspapers or you may have seen some people mentioning a certain situation

that has been going on for the past two nearly three months for some people you

may have heard we are coming out of lockdown and today is the day when a lot

of people are now going back to work can you believe it so we've been in this

situation now for eight weeks almost eight weeks two months we've been like

this in this situation however and it is a very big however there seems to be a

little bit of confusion because the announcement that was made at the start

of this week seems to have confused a lot of people because we are being told

to do one thing but also we are being told to do the opposite thing at the

same time so it all seems a little bit strange to be honest it all seems a

little bit strange at the moment excuse me I just have to do something

do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye and it's really

annoying and it's still annoying me now I might

have to sort that out later where was I we've all gone back to work here in the

UK well almost everyone however some people have become a little bit confused

by the messages that we've been receiving from the government here in

England it is important that I specify England because of course the UK is made

up of England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland so this only concerns

England at the moment so there have been some strange comments made by the

government here in the UK you might actually describe these things as

conflicting a very interesting word the word conflicting so when we talk about

conflicting things we are using the word conflict or conflict so conflict two

things that are opposites so you might have a conflicting message so maybe you

are trying to tell people something however your message becomes very

confusing because the things you are telling people to do are opposites they

have conflict they are conflicting they are conflicting with instructions

or may be conflicting requests so we are being told this week some very strange

things we are being told to do one thing but also we are being told to

do the opposite and for many people it has caused quite a lot of confusion for

example a conflicting message is one that often creates confusion and chaos

and that is exactly what is happening here in the UK at the moment we have a

conflicting message in fact we have many conflicting messages at the moment here

in the UK so the government here have told us they've told us to do things

that conflict with each other they conflict they go against each other so a

conflicting message is one that often creates confusion and chaos so the

advice that we've been given here in England the reason why I have to say

England is because other parts of the UK Scotland and Wales they are actually

giving their own advice about when to go back to work so this at the moment only

concerns us in England at the moment so it only concerns us here in England so

we've been told there is one of the things that we've been told by the

government please go to work but stay at home go to work but stay at home so if

you have to stay at home to work please stay home however please also go back to

work so if you can work at home stay at home however you must go back to work

you can now leave the house and go back to work already

you can see that there is a little bit of confusion there so so people don't

know if they have to stay at home or go back to work but actually when they say

go back to work do they mean leave the house and go back

to work so a lot of people today have actually gone back to work

physically they've actually left the house and they've traveled to their

place of work so today railway stations bus stations

many people were commuting from one place to another today they were going

to work however they were actually leaving the

house to go to work but also the message we received at the start of this week

was stay at home stay at home if you can but all but go to work by leaving the

house so how can you stay at home if you need to work from home or if you can

work from home but you can also go to work which means that you physically

leave your house and go to work so as you can see there is a little bit of

conflict there those instructions seem to conflict with each other here's

another one so we are being told to leave our houses

we are being told to travel to work however this gets even more confusing

trust me it gets very confusing in a few moments travel to work but don't use

public transport avoid it so travel to work you can travel to work if you want

but please avoid or don't use public transport so how are you supposed to get

to work not everyone has a car not everyone drives if you work in London

many people commute by bus or they use the underground trains or they use the

trains that run above the ground

so as you can see another very conflicting message here announced this

week you can travel to work leave the house travel to work but don't use

public transport to make things even more confusing

they are running public transport so today there are many trains many buses

and they are running normally but we are being told that we can't use them so

travel to work but please avoid public transport even though you need public

transport to get to work and public transport is available apparently what

they are trying to do at the moment they are trying to make sure that people keep

their safe distance whilst on the trains and on the buses I don't know how you

can do that have you ever been on a train have you ever traveled by train I

must be honest with you travelling by train is an unpleasant

thing it's an unpleasant situation here in the UK

trust me Andy hello Andy Andy says I always travel to work by foot well you

are okay you see there are many people who walk to work if you are lucky you

can just walk to work maybe you live in a city or a town so yes it is possible

but at the moment we are we are really confused with the advice and

instructions that we are being given by the government here in the UK we are all

a little bit confused because the messages we are being given conflict

they don't go together they are opposites hello Louis oh hello Luis

Mendez is here today hello Luis nice to see you by the way I

have a I have a woodpecker just behind me and sometimes I can hear it

tapping on a tree I can't Anna pica says very conflicting messages I agree with

you mr. Duncan they might get in confusion they might create confusion so

sometimes you can say things you can give advice if it might be conflicting

two things don't go together they conflict they do not fit together and

that can be anything to be honest that could be actually anything whatsoever

Pedro Belmont is here today I hope you are feeling better Pedro due to your

recent news can I just say mr. Steve has been very worried over the past few days

because he has been feeling ill as well I don't want to take your your suffering

away Pedro but I'm just saying mr. Steve also has

been suffering we don't know what it is but maybe or maybe not it might be that

thing we don't know we don't know hello marina marina I am saying hello to

marina I hope you are okay we have a lot of conflicting messages do you want to

see another one there are quite a few of them here's another one conflicting

messages go anywhere but don't go out what yeah look what what are you trying

to do to us are you trying to make our brains explode go anywhere but don't go

out okay don't go out but you can go anywhere

so if you want to visit some some scenic countryside view if you want to travel

to a nicer area you can you can go anywhere but please don't go out and if

you do go out or if you stay at home you must also be alert as well be alert at

home in your house an environment that you are very familiar with you must be

alert at home go anywhere but don't go out so you can go anywhere

you can travel to a nice beauty spot and have a picnic but you can't go out okay

could somebody please explain these things to me I like to think sometimes I

am an intelligent person I'm not brainy I'm not I in Stine but sometimes I hear

things and they really do confuse me and I think this is a very good situation a

very good situation Meeker is here also has now partridge hello - English

English hello English English I like your name by the way English English

English times - I like it I like it a lot I really really do it is not

confusing you can go to work by bike cars and private buses as it is in my

country says Lille however we are being told that we can't use public transport

however the public transport is actually being run so we're being told to avoid

for things that are being provided for us you see can you see now why it's a

little bit confusing alessandro hi mister don't kill mr. steve you are in

my heart thank you very much that's very kind of

you to say we tests everything we here is an

opinion not a fact everything we see is a perspective not the truth I like that

yes that's very very profound however sometimes when you when you ask for

advice and especially if it is a trusted group or organization you expect the

advice to make sense there are people sitting around a big table in London and

they are coming up with these suggestions some of the most brilliant

minds of the 21st century are sitting around and they are coming up with these

pieces of advice here's another one this is my favorite I think this is my

favorite of all the advice this has to be the best one do you want to see it I

love this one this is my favorite one

you can visit your parents but only see one of them you can visit your parents

but you can only see one of them so unfortunately you have to make a choice

so if both of your parents are still with you

they are still alive and you want to go and see them unfortunately you have to

make a very awkward decision which is to choose which one you actually want to

speak to or see hello mum mum and dad hello guess what I'm coming to see you

but can you just tell Dad that I'm not going to see him at all because the

government told me I can only see one of you I can only talk to one of you so so

dad dad I'm sorry I won't be seeing you you have to stay upstairs but Mum yes I

will be seeing you definitely but dad I'm sorry

no you will have to stay in the wardrobe but I can speak to Mum so there it is

visit your parents but you can only see one of them so unfortunately you will

have to make a decision as to which parent you are going to see if they are

still living together which these days is quite rare when you think about it it

is visit your parents but only see one of them so you have to make a choice

so what whilst you're driving to your parents to see them you have in your

mind you are trying to work out which one do I like more and do I want to see

my mother more than my father or the other way round yes yes that won't cause

any problems in the family I'm sure very strange

hello to Malia hello also if Mohammed this is confusion it is confusion there

is a lot of confusion at the moment can I just say once again these rules or

this advice only applies to England which makes things even more difficult

so if you live in England you can't travel to Wales or Scotland very strange

hello Sayid does V cause any mental problems I'm not sure I'm just beginning

to wonder hello also to Francesca Francesca says

it is like when a mother says run but do not sweat run but don't sweat the two

things conflict with each other it's like trying to push the the same pole

of a magnet so if you have two magnets and you try to push the same poles

together they will repel each other they will push each other apart

they conflict with each other they are opposites Forks

hello Forks eagle mr. Duncan how can you make the echo sound on the live stream

well fortunately in my studio I have a nice little device which I can use to

make all sorts of different sounds and one of my favorite ones is the hello

like that Guadalupe says I am concerned about my

students and also about my work I'm a teacher and I work in two schools but

now there will be more shifts so you're working times or your schedule during

the day will will get larger you might have more classes to teach because

unfortunately the classes will have to be very small so you can't have 30 or 35

students in one classroom you can probably have about ten so you can

imagine what what problems that is going to cause so they will be opening the

schools as well here in the UK in well when I say the UK I mean England so

confusing isn't it I live in a very confusing country I really do so even

the schools they think and this this is this is also crazy by the way they are

thinking of opening the schools in July which is of course when most schools

will break up for the summer holiday I don't know I really don't know I don't

know what to think of it Mallya says mr. Duncan we've missed your lovely lessons

and your lovely voice thank you very much it's very kind of you so things

that conflict you can have conflict in many situations maybe two people who

disagree on a certain subject last year there was a lot of conflict in the UK

when we had a lot of talk about brexit the exit from the European Union which

is still happening even though no one is talking about it anymore because well

let's face it we have other things on our minds at the moment hello to seller

seller Abbas we are working physically and we spend two weeks working isolated

from other people at work and then we return back to our home it is a really

boring routine so I would imagine yeah I might be wrong here so maybe you are

going to work but you are being kept apart so this is one of the problems if

you go back to work and quite often you might work in an environment where there

are many people around you such as a factory or an office so yeah it's really

really a very strange situation I thought the previous two months was

strange however I think things I really do think that things are going to get

much weirder much stranger in the future I think so it is a crazy situation yes I

agree with you no one and I mean no one in England can really understand what we

are supposed to do so I'm working today back to work however I was working

anyway because I work from home so I'm lucky I suppose because I can still do

my job at home because normally that is where I do my job at home I'm sorry if

this is confusing for you imagine what it's like here

people people just don't know what to do they really don't can you tell us how to

pronounce the months of the year well that's interesting yes I suppose that's

quite a good that's quite a good question well first of all of course we

have the first month January then we have February then we have March April

May June July August September October November December the only one that

people often have difficulty with is February February it's a very hard one

to say because you have the letter R in a very strange place fab room every Feb

you re most people don't bother they just print they just say February

February but the correct pronunciation is February February so that is the

second month of the year doo doo doo doo doo doo Eric says please give some

instructions for your lessons where to start what to do just listen

well you can listen you can read you can look at the captions subtitles and of

course there are captions also here as well so you can actually have captions

right now on your screen as you watch this live stream you might not know it

so all you have to do is press that button on your keyboard all you have to

do is press that button and yes you will have live captions and also for those

who are watching on their mobile devices you can press up there can you see so

all you have to do is go to your mobile device and go to the settings in that

corner and then after that you activate the captions so it's quite easy really

to be honest with you it is pretty easy you can have live captions a lot of

people don't realize it that you can actually have live captions you can it's

amazing you must be freezing mr. Duncan yes I am

I am a little bit cold today I am a little cold yes my hands especially so

today it's only around 8 degrees 8 Celsius today and it's also windy a nose

on a nose on our new law this is a very interesting question very intriguing who

is the real English man well I don't think anyone who is really a real

English man to be honest it is a subject that often

causes a lot of controversy when we talk about what is an English man what is an

English person well to be honest these days

a real Englishman is anyone who lives here it can be anyone I suppose even me

I'm not really a hundred percent English you see so in the past my family was was

from another country you might not realize that oh hello mr. B did you see

mr. bumble bee then so I don't think any one is a real Englishman we are all here

in this country if you live here and if you work here if your life is here as

far as I'm concerned you are an Englishman so I don't think there is a

real English man because over the years this country has been invaded by many

people the Romans invaded we had all sorts of things going on battles Wars

between the Scots in the English and then we fought other countries such as

France and needless to say Germany so so it's all been going on for hundreds and

hundreds and hundreds of years so no one is really English we are really talking

about a person's nationality so even I'm not really English a hundred percent

it's true I'm not joking hello from Azerbaijan za hellos all I hope I

pronounced your name right hello Christina you are very lucky mr. Duncan

because you work at home this is something that many people do this is

something many people do nowadays they do work from home so for many people I

suppose life has gone on as normal because normally if you work at home

quite often you will be using this technology there is a good chance you

will be using this hello Sr what is jumper mr. Duncan this is my

jumper it is an item of clothing normally made from wool wool it is an

item of clothing normally it has long sleeves and it covers all of your upper

body and it keeps you warm when the weather is like this when it's cold

hello to Greta loot wow it's windy hello also to Koran curry masala mr.

Duncan I really owe a lot of things to you I just watched about 31 videos then

I went to evaluate my level they put me directly in advanced English level in

the English Institute thanks a bundle Wow

Salah Abaza well done congratulations I know that you are congratulating me and

saying thank you to me but also I should say congratulations to you because you

did the work you see so learning English is like anything you get out what you

put in the more effort the more time you spend doing it the more you will get

from it hello to love learning mr. Duncan what is the print by the way if

you can hear some strange sounds it is the refuse collectors they are

collecting all of the recyclable things such as plastic and glass so that is the

the noise you can hear behind me how to pronounce pagan pagan well there it is

that is how you pronounce it pagan hello also - oh let's say hello to

miss Evelyn hello miss Evelyn nice to see you I don't recognize your name is

your first time here on the live stream hello mr. Duncan it is 8:40 in the

morning so now I suppose it must be 847 in the morning in Lima hello to you nice

to see you again now rush is here hello new rush watching in Ukraine

nice to see you as well hello to tomorrow it is cold today but you are

dressed in very light clothing so underneath I have I have a t-shirt

can you see so I have a t-shirt under here and then my jumper is on top so

this item of clothing can be called a jumper or we can also call it a sweater


hello mr. Dane kun what is sarcasm Thank You sunshine sarcasm is something that

you say but you say it ironically in the in the way that you don't actually mean

it you see so you say something but you are not really meaning it you are trying

to make a point you are telling the other person something perhaps that

they've done wrong maybe if you are waiting for your friend to meet you and

they are late they are very late in fact so when they arrive you will say oh it's

nice to see that you are on time but what you are actually doing you are

being sarcastic because that person is not on time they are late so you are

being ironic you are saying something sarcastically oh it's nice to see you

here on time thank you but the person is late that is sarcasm it really is

we have a little break coming up soon we're going to have a look at one of my

full English lessons I'm also going to show you something right now would you

like to see something nice last night I went to the garden and I couldn't resist

filming my lovely rhododendrons they are really starting to come out now

look at this Wow my lovely rhododendrons all of the beautiful flowers are now

coming out you can see they are all beginning to open I think I think the

flowers I think they look purple however some people might say that they are

actually pink but I think they look purple so there you can see my lovely

rhododendrons last night as the Sun was beginning to set what I did I went into

the garden and I did a little bit of filming in the garden and you can see

there are many flowers now starting to open first of all you have the bird and

then the bird will open to reveal the flower would you like to see another

shot here is another one oh this is nice this is very high quality now there is

another lovely shot of my rhododendron and I filmed these last night in the

garden just as the Sun was beginning to go down and at this time of year there

are many plants many flowers now coming out as we leave springtime and as we

enter summer lots and lots of flowers are now coming out on the trees

including my lovely rhododendron bush I love my my rhododendron it always

cheers me up I don't know why it is one of my

favorite flowers in the garden it always manages to cheer me up do you have any

flowers coming out where you live I know there are many flowers starting to

emerge and come out oh by the way we do have a subject for those wondering what

we are talking about today we will be talking about words connected to words

and phrases connected to these words can you see them by cell rent so today later

on we will be looking at the words by cell rent the difference is between

these words and the many ways they can be used and also all of the synonyms

that go with these words words and phrases connected with by cell rent that

is coming up later on hello to the live chat once again we are going to have a

little break hello and a pika I think you are losing your weight mr. Duncan I

don't see you eating your jaffa cakes during your live streams I have lost

weight I have to be honest with you I'm quite pleased

you might notice I cut my hair today as well I actually cut my hair because it

was getting very long I don't like my hair when it's long because you can see

all of the gray hairs coming out of my head so

well the live chat is very busy so yes I I have lost some weight you are actually

arrived so you I know you're joking because of my jaffa cakes but I haven't

eaten any jaffa cakes for a very long time in fact these days I am eating less

and less so I think at the moment I'm looking quite quite well quite healthy

to be honest with you hello to Mick s rent higher yes you rent

something you hire something we will be looking at those words a little bit

later on we will be oh thank you Maliha says you are looking nice thank

you very much I am trying my best to stay healthy during this crazy period of

time so that's what I've been trying to do I have still been exercising and of

course doing this keeps you very fit and healthy it really does

dear Hakim says get well - mr. Steve thank you very much that's very kind of

you poor Steve is not feeling very well at

the moment we are not sure exactly what it is because you can't go to the doctor

this is the strange thing another strange thing at the moment if you feel

unwell you actually can't go to the doctor you can't go to see a doctor at

the moment it is a little bit crazy

he'll a partridge mr. Duncan do you know our Prime Minister Modi has announced a

relief package for the poor and also middle-class families as well he has

also announced lockdown but with new conditions and rules as well I know in

India there have been very strict lockdown rules I still think the winner

the winner of the most severe lockdown rules must be Philippines I

think so apparently the Philippi in the

Philippines they have been threatening to shoot people who don't follow the

rules of social distancing III sir a very interesting news report last night

and about the Philippines apparently the president has said if anyone is found to

be going out when they shouldn't be they will be shot now that is what you call

severe punishment but I would imagine it does work I I think it must work when

you think about it hello also Ricardo

are you enjoying the sounds by the way can I just say those are not my bottles

you can hear they're not my bottles okay definitely not sour says Mr Duncan how

can I improve my speaking my vocabulary is not bad but it is difficult for me to

use words well building your word power is all about learning new words speaking

is merely using those words so maybe the problem is not with your speaking

perhaps it is with your vocabulary maybe you need to expand your word power a

little bit more perhaps what is that sound we have the refuse collectors

they're coming around at the moment collecting all of the recyclable things

such as plastic and also bottles I think there are lots of bottles at the

moment lots of empty bottles if you if you understand my meaning there I think


hello Susie cat hello zoos Iike the bottles are all mine

really well I can say definitely they are not my buffaloes just in case anyone

says mr. Duncan have you been spending your lockdown getting drunk on wine and

beer the answer to that is definitely not I can put my hand on my heart and my

other hand on my pancreas or maybe liver and say I have not been drinking alcohol

during lockdown I haven't I've been very good in fact shall we have a look at one

of my full English lessons I will have a little break so I can take my shoes off

and give my toes a little wiggle and then I will be back with more English so

let's have a look at one of my full english lessons this is an excerpt taken

from one of my full English lessons it actually actually it is full English

number 10 and then we will be back live as live can be

do you have an affinity with something is there something or someone you have

an affinity with the word affinity means a natural liking for or an understanding

of something a natural connection means that you do not have to force yourself

to do it the connection or understanding comes naturally for example to have an

affinity with numbers means that you are naturally good at arithmetic a

relationship can form from the affinity between two people they get along

together naturally without the need to force themselves long-term friendships

and relationships are often built on a mutual affinity to have an affinity

could also mean a connection between things with similar characteristics when

two things relate they have an affinity the affinity shared between animals

plants places and languages it's time to take a look at another current buzzword

a buzz word is a phrase or sentence that is used frequently or often today's buzz

word is engage or engagement the word engage is used a lot these days to

express the interest or attention given by those watching or viewing something

to engage with someone is to connect with them so as to get their attention

interest or involvement if you engage with a person then they are more likely

to stay with you a television program must engage with a person or else they

will stop watching movie makers politicians newspaper editors all try to

keep people interested and involved by trying to engage with those they wish to

connect with engagement is the action of connecting

with something TV producers are finding it harder to engage with their audience

politicians need to engage more with the young

I don't know about you but I love receiving good news hearing something

positive can really perk you up it makes you feel uplifted and warm

there are many ways of expressing surprise and joy at someone's good news

that's awesome really that's incredible that's amazing

fantastic Wow I'm pleased to hear that if the good news involves the person

telling it to you you can say I'm pleased for you congratulations well

done good for you you might express complete shock and

disbelief at the good news no way you're kidding oh my goodness

for real I'm speechless there are many ways of expressing joy at someone's good

news when was the last time you receive some good news how did you react to it

with surprise shock or disbelief

can you see what I'm doing here I'm making myself a sandwich a sandwich is a

very convenient snack you can make one easily you can wrestle up a sandwich

very fast to wrestle up means to produce or create a meal with little preparation

or time you can wrestle up a meal for someone right now I'm wrestling up a

snack for myself I will cut a couple of slices of bread from this loaf spread

some butter on each slice then I will add some filling something to go inside

the sandwich you can put almost anything inside a sandwich cheese lettuce tomato

peanut butter even slices of banana today I'm going to put some Jam in this

sandwich some people just eat one slice of bread

with something spread on top you can toast the sandwich and enjoy it

heat it up the sandwich is often considered as being a very British snack

which is not surprising when you consider that it was invented by an

Englishman John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich yes sandwich is not only a

snack it is also a place


it did it did it did it I've had some messages mr. Duncan are

you going to do your wonderful dance today ah I see you feel a little

energetic do you I think so you feel as if you want to exercise your body a

little bit maybe you need to stretch your limbs or maybe you need to give

your heart a little bit of a workout hmm I like the sound of that

and yes quite a few of you noticed in that full English lesson you just

watched I was wearing this actual jumper at the start of the lesson you are right

and today this jumper this item of clothing is coming in very useful it is

keeping my body nice and warm hello - oh wow so many people here today thank you

very much for joining me yes you can catch me live on YouTube Sunday

Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time that is when I am on YouTube of course over the

past few weeks I have been doing daily live streams but that stopped I have

stopped that now they have other things that I have to do and here in England

things are slowly getting back to normal however we have had some very confusing

advice from the government here in the UK most sense says I like tuna sandwich

oh yes referring to the full english lesson that we just watched i love a

sandwich in fact i'm going to let you in on a secret just before i started

today's livestream mr. steve made a lovely sandwich i didn't eat it because

i didn't have time so at the moment in the kitchen

prepared for me is a lovely salmon sandwich so that is what I'm going to

have as soon as I finish today's livestream I will be having my lovely

salmon sandwich which has been prepared just for me by mr. Steve isn't that nice

Lois hello Lois mr. Steve should have gone to the doctor he has been maybe he

was poisoned by the cleaning product that he used to clean the oven it is

very dangerous I did wonder you see this is something that Steve does sometimes I

think Steve I know you you are going to say that I'm talking behind his back I'm

not but sometimes Steve can be a little bit

reckless I think so yes sometimes he does things without thinking too much

about it because he's very excited he gets he gets swept away by the moment so

that's the reason why sometimes Steve does things without thinking too much so

yes he did he used a very dangerous poisonous thing a very harmful thing the

other day on the oven in the kitchen you are right however I think maybe at the

moment I think Steve has a little bit of a bug something that is making him feel

under the weather bee tree is mr. Duncan is it correct to say sing to me or sing

for me to be honest with you both are correct so you might say sing to me you

are asking that person to address you directly with a song sing for me is a

very similar request you are asking someone to sing for you so they are very

similar in meaning to be honest but I think the first one sing to me is

more direct it is a it is a very direct request I think so Mauricio mr. Duncan I

really missed you during this weekend I saw many recorded live streams that you

did before so I think there is no conflict that you were talking when the

information comes up from politicians some of the messages have been very

confusing they have in this country how can I tell the problem how can I face

the problem of being speechless in discussion clubs sometimes they talk

about topics that are very strange to me how can I tell the problem my advice

there would be to ask questions if there is something that people are talking

about and you don't understand it just ask ask if they can explain what what

they're talking about or maybe if they are using a word that you don't

understand you could just ask could you please tell

me what you what you mean by that would you mind explaining what that means

could you tell me what that means I don't quite understand what you are

talking about person a says mr. Duncan is hangry oh I like that one yes you are

joining two words together hang hangry you see so it is hungry your stomach is

hungry but also you feel angry because you are hungry so we yes we combine

those two words together to make hangry angry I like that one hello to Cristina

sometimes the change of season can cause exhaustion I think yes I think that is a

very reasonable point to make we often find that our mood changes as the

seasons change however I always feel especially excited during spring and

early summer I do like this time of year I really do like it very much

Sergio says don't let Steve play with matches don't worry I hi haha I hide

everything everything's hidden away from Steve he can't get near them the matches

anything that that is flammable I keep them all safely hidden away so Steve

will not get up to any more mischief hello - if you keep entering the same

message again and again I will probably ignore you to be honest help you to be

seen it's more likely to help you to be ignored so please don't keep sending the

same message because you are not giving other people a chance you have to be

fair in this world Valeria is mr. Steve better he is a little bit better but he

has been feeling quite unwell over the past few days so I'm not really sure you

see I'm not really sure how to exercise new words while speaking well first of

all you can practice the words by yourself you can repeat them sometimes

learning a new word involves reading listening and repeating as well so they

are all very important

political questions I have to be very careful when we are talking about

politics so I don't mind talking about my country where I live when I say my

country I don't mean the country belongs to me

I just mean here where I live so I don't mind talking about the politicians and

the government in this country because this is where I live but I don't

normally like talking too much about other countries and their politics to be

honest you can get into a lot of trouble hello to ten year hello Tonya nice to

see you here thank you very much for joining me today we are talking about

quite a few subjects today we are going to talk about words connected with well

I will show you shall I if I can find them the team I wish you could see the

chaos that is happening around me I wish you could see all of the chaos that is

going on here we go we are looking at words and phrases connected with buy

sell rent so I thought we would go through these because there are many

words you might not even realize how many there are so when we talk about the

word buy that normally means something that you are taking in exchange for

money so you take an item or maybe you receive a service and then you give

money in exchange by then we have sell well sell is the opposite way around so

you have an item the other person will give you money and then you will give

them the item or the service and then of course rent when we talk about rent we

are borrowing something for a short period of time however we are paying

full that privilege you pay for something

that you will keep for a certain period of time okay let's dive right in to this

subject are you ready we have a lot of words here by the way so I hope you are

ready to digest some words because there are very many the first word well I

suppose it's the word that I just mentioned bye-bye one of the interesting

things about this word is that it looks like it shouldn't be pronounced by

because there is a letter U in the middle bye-bye

you buy something you go to the shop you go to the shop and you buy something

another word you can use purchase purchase you purchase something you buy

something you go to the shop to purchase something so you are taking something

from a place however you will also exchange that thing for money you

purchase something you go to the shop to purchase some food maybe you go to the

shop to purchase some new clothes maybe a new hat maybe a new jumper purchase

purchase we could also use this word in other

ways as well besides buying something purchase can also mean movement the

amount of movement or grip or force on something purchase very interesting word

another one as an aeroplane comes over my house I can see the pilot waving to

me from his cockpit mr. Duncan steady on steady on mr. Duncan obtain

when you buy something of course when you buy something you obtain something

you get something obtained you buy something you take an item you get

something and then you give some money in return obtained so you might say that

you obtain something with cash you obtain an item you get something from a

person or a shop by exchanging the item for money you obtain something obtained

I like that one I like that word I must say we are using some very very nice

words today oh he's a good one I like this one I like this one can you see

this word do you know how to pronounce this word for cure it's a very strange

word isn't it Precure if you procure something you are

obtaining something you take something quite often you will take it voluntarily

sometimes you might take it involuntary you might secure something by force

you will take something from another person you procure something you obtain

it you take it of course you can also buy

something as well you use money you give money to someone and then you receive

something in return for cure I like that word that is an

interesting word for cure and the good thing about watching my live streams is

you can have captions don't forget that you can have captions all you have to do

is press that on your keyboard don't enter it on the live chat you just

press take your finger and press the keyboard

that's all you have to do you don't have to enter the number or the word or the

letter just press C and then your captions will appear on your keyboard

and also on your computer screen e very nice here's another one oh now sometimes

when you buy something sometimes you buy something that is very expensive or very

extravagant you will pay a lot of money for something you will spend a lot of

money here is an expression we often use in English splash out you will suddenly

spend some money on something that is extravagant expensive something that

you've always wanted maybe there is an item of jewelry maybe a gold necklace or

maybe some nice pearl earrings I think I would look lovely

I think I would look lovely with pearl earrings splash out you spend a lot of

money on one thing suddenly you splash out maybe you go to

a very expensive restaurant to have a really nice meal you splash out splash

out it means you spend a lot of money on one

thing you will splash out you can almost imagine the money flying out of

someone's hand splash out I I am going to splash out on a new car I'm going to

splash out on some new clothes I'm going to splash out on a very expensive

holiday maybe I'm going to take a cruise around the world however at the moment I

won't be able to I will have to swim instead because there aren't any cruise

ships unfortunately so maybe instead of going

on a cruise ship maybe I could just swim instead here's an interesting phrase so

quite often you will spend to buy so this is not an expression this is

something I'm just putting on the screen now just to show the the way in which

you spend money to buy something spend to buy so the action spend allows you to

buy spend buy you give money to receive something in return

you spend to buy here's another one oh I like this one

hello Platina Platina has just joined me on the live stream

hello platino nice to see you here today welcome to my garden I'm in the garden


here's another one now this might not look like any word connected with

spending however it is you might blow some money you might blow your salary

that means you will spend it all at once you spend everything you blow your money

you blow it you spend all of your money maybe you spend all of your money on an

expensive holiday or a new car but you spend it all maybe you win the lottery

perhaps you have been very lucky and you have won some money on the lottery

unfortunately you get very excited and you start spending the money and then

suddenly one day you realize that all the money has gone you blow your money

you blow it all it's all gone you blow your money it has gone you have blown it

all it's all gone blow you blow your money I had a million

pounds in the bank but unfortunately I became very excited and I kept spending

the money and now I have blown all of the money blow or blown if you are using

the past tense to blow your money is to spend it all quite often people will

spend their salary they blow their salary or their wages over the weekend

they blow it all blow it it's all gone they blow

we often use that expression in British English but you might also hear it used

in American English as well here's another one very similar to the previous

one very similar very similar squander squander you squander your money you

waste your money you spend it on silly things you spend it on ridiculous items

you waste your money you spend it you spend your money recklessly without

thought squander you squander your money you spend it in a very careless way

squander I've spent all my money I decided to squander the money it's gone

squander you waste your money you have wasted all of your money acquire now

this is interesting because normally the word acquire means to get something you

receive something however we could also use acquire to

describe paying for something and then receiving the item you acquire I got it

from someone I bought it I acquired it you acquire something by getting it

quite often by spending money you buy something you acquire something you have

got something you acquire it acquire I like that one

do-do-do-do-do you get hold of something you can get hold of something by

spending money so if you want something very badly maybe you are desperate for

something maybe something that is very rare you try to get hold of it quite

often you will have to spend a lot of money to buy something that is rare

something that people desire you try to get hold of it

quite often you will have to spend a lot of money to get hold of something quite

often you need to spend a lot of money get hold of something Lewis oh thank you

Luis Mendez you could also say that the football player squandered a lot of

opportunities for a goal or of a goal yes so maybe squander means to waste or

to do something without thought or to be careless yes you are right so maybe a

chance maybe an opportunity you can squander your opportunity something that

comes your way but you waste it you waste the opportunity thank you very

much Luis for that very interesting thank you here's an interesting phrase

we use this quite a lot in British English maybe you need some work doing

in your house maybe you need some decorating or maybe some building work

doing by a professional builder he will come to your house he will do the work

however when you have to pay something you well you have to pay money but you

are also buying his this as well.you by his service however

sometimes the person doing the work will ask for cash in hand have you ever heard

of this expression if someone wants cash in hand it means they want notes they

want money so they will not take a check they will not be paid directly into

their bank account they want cash in hand this expression means you want the

money directly in your hand quite often someone will do this because

they don't want to pay tax if you have cash in your hand as payment for a

service or a job it means you don't have to pay tax so that is one of the ways of

avoiding paying tax income tax people will ask to be paid cash in hand cash in

hem it does happen a lot here in England here in the UK people quite often will

do work for you and then they will demand they will ask if you can pay them

cash in hand yes Sergio they want the money to be undeclared if you declare

your money it means you are telling someone what you are earning what you

are getting from the job or from the work that you are doing here's an

interesting word swap this is a type of sale I know it doesn't seem like it but

it is so to swap one thing for another quite often

we will do this especially as children I remember growing up quite often I would

swap some of my toys for one of my friends toys so we would swap our toys

the toys would be swapped so you might describe this as a form of payment you

are paying for something however you are paying for an item with an item you

already own so swapping to swap quite often means you are giving something to

someone in return for another thing that they will then give to you swap swap

exchange is another one we can use we can use the word exchange and look there

it is as if by magic you exchange you exchange things maybe your friend has a

car and maybe you have a speedboat why not you can't I suppose but maybe your

friend says oh I tell you what I tell you what I will do I will swap my car

for your speedboat you will exchange those items exchange them so when we

talk about exchange quite often it is anything that we are giving and taking

so I give something to you you give something to me we can also use this as

a way of describing paying money so money is the value of exchange you

exchange one thing for money to buy something here's another thing we can

use trade now this is interesting because this can be used in more than

one way you can use this as a now and also you can use this as a verb if

you swap something you exchange one thing for another

trade you will trade something I will trade one thing for another thing trade

can also be the thing that you are selling maybe you are in the car trade

that means you sell cars maybe you are in the fashion trade you sell clothing

maybe you are in building trade then that is a service that you provide you

help someone build a house you are in the building trade so that is referring

to the type of service that you give or maybe the thing that you sell mmm

interesting here is a phrase that we use quite often in English you might buy

time you can pay for time but also you can save some time that will give you

more chances to do something so this particular expression means to give

yourself more time you buy some time however this expression does not always

mean that you have to pay money it can just mean to give yourself some extra

time maybe you are waiting for something to happen but it will happen sooner than

you want it to so what you try to do you try to talk the other person into

waiting a little bit longer you want to buy time but in this

particular sense you are not necessarily paying money it means you are just

getting more time the person will give you longer to do

something because you ask them you ask them you buy some time but it doesn't

always mean that you pay money not always hello - oh hello - salla the the

word merchant yes well we will come to that in a moment we will come to that in

a moment finally in our group of words connected to buy you buy something and

as the past tense you bought by vault you buy a new car you bought a new car

you buy some shopping you bought some shopping so buy is the present bought is

the pest you bought something from town you bought something from the shop you

are going into town to buy something you will buy it you have already bought it

already we are coming to our second group of words wow I must be honest with

you we have a lot to talk about today we have quite a lot to talk about here we

go then would you like to have a look look at some more words hello Andy I

always like to buy time so I can think in English yes that's a good one

actually maybe you you are trying to translate something but you have to do

it very quickly so you try to buy some time you try to make the other person

a little bit longer to give you time to translate the words I like that yeah

pretty good I like it a lot here we go so we've had by now we are going to look

at cell cell so you might say that this is the opposite it is the reverse of by

it is the opposite so I will buy something now I am going to sell

something by cell so you sell something a person who will sell is the seller

seller you sell things you you sell clothing you sell cars you are the

seller the person who is doing the selling is the seller they sell

something the opposite of course of by a person who sells can be known as the

vendor Bendel vendo some people say vendor vendor so a vendor or vendor is a

person who sells and you can see here you have also the verb vend you vend

something you are giving something out quite often in exchange for monies vend

so you might I don't know you might stand on the street corner selling

newspapers you are a newspaper vendor or vendor so we will often pronounce that

word vendor vendor a newspaper vendor maybe there is an

automatic machine in your office that will give you food or drink we call that

a vending machine a machine that sells food all you have to do is put money

into the machine press the magic buttons and then the food or the drink will come

out we can call that a vending machine bend you vend you sell you are a person

who sells things you are a vendor or vendor a person who sells things can

also be described as a retailer retailer retail is what we call any shop any

business anything that is selling items is retail so anything that you are

selling in any capacity or any area is retail the person doing it is a retailer

retailer a person who owns a shop a person who runs their own shop is a

retailer they sell things that is their job that is their job they have to sell

things that is what they do when you sell you normally have to do or make a

deal you deal with someone if you are buying something or selling something

you deal with that person so if you are selling you are maybe asking for a

certain price you are making a deal the person who is buying something from you

might also deal with you however the person who is selling is

often known as the dealer a person who sells things will be described as a

dealer dealer a car dealer a clothing dealer there are many ways of using the

word dealer to describe all sorts of sales or selling you are a dealer I'm

sure there is one that you can think of as well I'm sure there is one that you

can think of out there I'm pretty sure of it here's another one trade trade

well this is very similar to deal so if you trade it means you are normally

having some sort of exchange so maybe I have a product that I want to sell and

you want to buy it we trade trade a person who sells things can also be

described as a trader trader a person who sells things trader the trader is a

person who is buying or selling but quite often we think of a person who

provides something a service or an item in exchange for money trader

when you sell something quite often you will have a sale so again this is an

interesting word because it can be used in more than one way so the sale is the

action you are describing the action of exchanging money for an item sale we can

also use this word to describe bargains or a discount you are having a sale the

past tense of sale is sold so you can see sale sold so this is the past tense

of sale the sale is being carried out you have sold an item you have sold that

thing to another person there is of course a very nice word that we can use

when we make a sale normally in a shop or in retail we will say transaction I

like this word I like this word this is a great word transaction a transaction

is a sale a sale a transaction you have given an item in exchange for money you

sell something in a shop the other person will give you the money that is a

transaction transaction it's an interesting word because you can see

from the word what it means trends is moving from one place to another such as

transport so a transaction is movement in the form of an action which of course

is selling or buying it is a transaction a

transaction we have another one here

hello - Luis hello also Quran Karim

there seems to be a lot a lot going on at the moment on the live chat

Speculator a speculator that is a person who

normally tries to guess or using their own knowledge try to work out the value

of something or whether or not something will increase in value or of course

decrease a speculator speculator hello Peter

nice to see you here today some of the words will come from Latin yes they will

in fact you might find a lot of the words that are connected to money and

also selling will be connected to Greek or Latin wholesale I like this word this

is an interesting word I remember many years ago my father used to buy food

because he had a catering business and also he used to work in a hotel for many

years when I was a child my father worked in a hotel in the end he became

the assistant manager but sometimes he would have to buy food many of the

things that the hotel needed to run such as food for the restaurant so quite

often you would buy things wholesale where we say wholesale we are saying

that you can buy things in large quantities large numbers large amounts

of items you can buy many things also you will

receive discount as well quite often the more things you buy the the more you

will save so when we talk about wholesale we often talk about a place

where you can buy many things many items many of the same items and the more

things you buy the more you save the cheaper the things will be here's an

interesting word if you buy many things at the same time we can say that you buy

them in bulk bulk so bulk just means large or a large quantity bulk a big

thing a large amount bulk you go to the wholesale store or the wholesale

warehouse and you will buy your items in bulk you will buy many things at the

same time from a wholesale market or a wholesale warehouse oh here we go

I think someone mentioned this earlier I think it may have been Sergio I'm not

sure market so when we talk about market we are talking about the area where

things are exchanged the value the sale of items how much something costs how

much something is valued at market so in this sense we are using it as a verb so

in this particular sense we are not using it as a noun we are using it as a

verb so market is to sell you are selling something you are trying to get

people to buy your products you market the items you are trying to

persuade people to buy your things you are that is what you are doing here's

another word no merchant now I think someone mentioned this word earlier

merchants a person who is a merchant again

they are normally transporting goods or they are selling goods a merchant a

seller a person who is selling things merchants if you are buying and selling

something you are a broker broker a broker is a person who buys and sells

quite often they will sell stock maybe of a company or maybe the value of

something that is exchanged on the market a broker is a person who will buy

and sell so to broker is the action of buying and selling so you might for

example have a stock broker a stock broker is a person who buys and sells

stock something that many people are talking about at the moment

stock selling your stock buying your stock here we go here's a phrase as we

come towards the end of our selling and then next we will look at rent next sell

out to sell out is to have nothing left of a certain item so maybe if you

remember a few weeks ago people were buying toilet paper

and many of the shops said that they would soon sell out they would have no

toilet paper left they would sell out so if you sell out it means you have sold

all of your stock you sell out and the past tense is sold out do you have any

toilet paper I'm sorry we've sold out we have sold out of toilet paper you sell

out you have sold out you have nothing left

stock again earlier we talked about the stock market here we are talking about

items all goods so the things that you have in your shop that you want to sell

or that you are going to sell your stock are the things that you will sell

another word you can use is goods so the things you will sell your stock they are

your goods the things you sell in your shot it is your stock stock quite often

in a shop there will be an area where you keep all of the stock and that is

called a stock room stock room a stock room is a place where you keep your

stock supply now this is interesting because this word can be used as both a

noun and a verb so the supply just means the things that are available to buy

however supply can also be the action of giving something to a person in exchange

for money you supply you give a service you allow people to buy items from you

so supply can be used as both a noun and verb my supply is in the back of the

shop I will supply this to you I will supply it to you supply is the noun

supply is the verb oh we have one more selling supplying buying purchasing here

we have both supply and demand quite often one of the real secrets of

having a successful business is being able to keep up with supply and demand

if you want to supply something to many people you have to make sure that you

know what they want and that is where we use the word demand supply is what you

are giving demand is what people want so one of the secrets of having a

successful business especially if you are selling things you have to make sure

that you get this right you have to supply the demand so we often use this

in business we say supply and demand as christmastime approaches we often find

that many shops are selling certain toys for children supply and demand is a very

important thing to bear in mind at that time of year because you have to make

sure that you have the things in your shop that people will want

supply and demand this is a phrase that you will hear a

lot when we are talking about retail or shops you need to make sure you have

enough of what people want and that is it that is selling so we have had by

we've had Sal however what if you want something for a very short time what if

you want something for a short period of time so maybe you don't want to buy

something maybe you just want to borrow it for a short time we can say I'm back

we can say rent rent to rent something is to take something for a short period

of time so you don't want it forever and ever and ever you just want to use it

whilst paying for it at the same time I remember years ago I remember years ago

at home we used to rent our television I'm not joking because because my family

didn't have much money we couldn't afford to buy a television so we didn't

buy a television we used to rent our television from a company so we would

pay a small amount of money each month so we could have the television in the

house you would rent a TV and also I'm just having a very interesting memory

here pop into my head I also remember for a long period of time we used to

have to put money in the back of the television so it would work

I'm not joking there was a company many years ago called tele bank and I

remember this now it's it's just popped in my head

tele bank and what you would do they would give you a television however it

wouldn't work the only way it would work is if you put money in the back there

was a box that was attached to the back of the television so you would actually

put money into the TV and turn a little handle you would turn it and then the

money would fall inside and then the television would stay on for a certain

period of time but of course after the money ran out the TV would go off and so

you would have to put some more money in the television isn't that strange so yes

that's something I've just remembered a little memory that popped in my head I

do remember sometimes we used to have to rent our television because we couldn't

afford to buy one we couldn't even afford to buy a television when I was a

child so instead we used to rent the television and sometimes we would have

to put money inside the TV into the back so he could watch it and can you believe

the money would always run out when you were watching something good on

television maybe you were watching a TV show and and and way back in the past

they would only show a TV program once and that's it so if you missed it you

couldn't watch it again because there was no video recorder there was no

Netflix there was no streaming service in the

1970s we had none of those things so if you missed your program that's it it was

gone and sometimes you would be watching a TV show and it might get to a very

interesting part a dramatic moment and you were getting really excited because

something is about to happen and then suddenly the television would

go off because the money had run out it used to happen a lot very annoying

Salas says it is a ludicrous idea to put money in the television it is hilarious

yes we used to do that I'm not joking I'm not joking there was a little box

and you would put the money into the box and then the television would come on

for a short period of time I'm not joking I wish I was I wish I was

hiya he's another word you can use if you want to borrow something for a short

period of time you will hire something higher so you will have something for a

short period of time maybe you will hire a car or maybe if you are going to a

wedding you might hire a wedding suit a nice suit

hire you hire a car you hire some clothes for a wedding

hiya you might hire something here's another one quran karim says do they

live in the 1950s well I didn't live in the 1950s I'm not that old

I'm not that old not yet anyway but nope I I didn't live in the 1950s I did

however live in the late 1960s and also 1970s here's another word lease lease

you take out a lease so this is something that you rent for normally a

certain period of time so maybe you will take a lease or Ock for a house so maybe

you will live in a house but you won't buy it you will just rent

the house so you will have a lease lease it is another word for rent lease when

we talk about property may be a small apartment or may be a house let so if

you let something it means you are allowing people to rent your property

let I love that word because it's so simple so quite often outside apartments

or sometimes houses you might see this word you might also see the word to let

to let so that means that that property is available to hire it is available for

hire let so quite often we will use this word when we are talking about hiring or

using property property you don't buy the property you lent the property you

hire the property tomorrow asks mr. Duncan you are supplying educational

services aren't you thank you tomorrow yes I am I am supplying some education

because that's what I do you see that's what I do right here on YouTube he's an

interesting thing this is something that you should never do or something that

you might get into trouble if you do it sub let so sometimes this is what people

do they will they will rent a house but then they will rent the house themselves

out to other people so we call this sub letting so if you select it means you

are renting the house but then you are then

renting that house to other people and maybe four or five people will then live

in that house so you will make a profit so you will live in that house on your

own you will pay one rent and then you will then you will then rent that house

to other people so they will live in that house so you can actually make a

lot of money if you sub let however quite often this is not allowed you are

not allowed to sub let because then you are making extra profit the landlord is

renting the property to you but you are making more money because you have

decided to sublet a lot of landlords a lot of owners of properties will not let

you select they will get very angry if you sublet to rent something is to let

something rent higher let charter now here's an interesting word this also

sounds a little old-fashioned and that's because it is it is a very old-fashioned

word this if you charter something it means you hire or rent something for you

to use maybe you charter boat so you will hire

the boat and you will use it to travel around in maybe you will go to other

places maybe you will use it to take some goods from one place to another

charter you can also charter an airplane so you want to use the airplane for

travel charter charter if you want to sell

something if you want to actually sell something or maybe if you want to rent

something you will often license some things so you can license something for

rent maybe the name of a company or maybe you want to use the name of a

famous brand such as McDonald's or KFC so you license that name so the person

will pay you to use that name and quite often we will use the word license

license you are paying for the use of something licensed that could also be

used as a noun by the way as well so not just a verb but also a noun I'm sure

someone will tell me in a moment hello to Fatima Oh Fatima says my brother

rented an apartment to get married I see I suppose also if you want to get

married if you want to get married in a church I suppose you would also rent the

church you would hire the church so sometimes you have to hire maybe a

building for a short period of time oh now here's an interesting word I like

this one franchise franchise this is something that can be used as a noun and

a verb if you want to use the name of a famous company or maybe if you want to

use the name of a well-known brand a good example of course is McDonald's

so we always think of McDonald's when we think of fast-food

however McDonald's restaurants are part of a franchise so franchise means that

you open your own branch your own restaurant however you use the name of

that company McDonald's and then you pay McDonald's for all of the food that they

then deliver and then you pay them and then you make a profit from the food

that you sell and quite often we will use the word franchise franchise so you

might have an outlet and the person who is running the outlet the manager or the

person who owns the franchise is actually paying to use the name you will

pay McDonald's for the food and also the name above the door franchisee

so when you see McDonald's in your high street quite often it is a franchisee

someone else is paying to use that name and also to sell that food something

very profitable by the way a very profitable way of

doing business if you sell your product through a franchise we are talking about

words connected to rent here is a phrase rent out if you rent out something it

means you are allowing a person to borrow something and then they will pay

you for it so you rent out something I might rent

out my house I rent out my house so you will pay me some money and then I will

let you stay in my house so I rent out my house I rent out

my property the general term for that is rental rental so when we talk about

anything that we rent anything that we hire the general term the general word

is rental rental so any business any type of business that involves hiring

out something maybe clothing cars machinery rental is the word that we use

it is a general noun to mean anything involved with renting quite often when

you rent something you will have to sign a rental agreement so quite often you

will have to sign a contract or something to say that you have to pay

for that thing whilst you use my product my house you have to pay and you must

sign a rental agreement so this is something that is legally legally

binding something you must sign before you can rent a house or a car you will

often have to sign a rental agreement hmm hello to the live chat I will be

going in a few moments we are doing some overtime today we are going longer than

two hours I've now been with you for two hours and 15 minutes I've been here for

a long time we have one more so we've been talking about buying we've been

talking about selling and also renting when you rent something

you will always have to pay money normally every month so each month you

will rent the item maybe a car maybe you will rent a flat or an apartment

sometimes you might find that you can't pay the rent I can't pay the rent I have

no money I can't pay the rent you will have rent arrears rent arrears

unfortunately you can't pay the rent so now you have rent arrears the word areia

means something that is owed you have to give something because you have agreed

to do it you sign the agreement that says you will pay the rent every month

unfortunately now you have rent arrears that means you are behind with your rent

you owe money you owe rent so you might also say that the rent is overdue the

rent is overdue if something is overdue it means it is owed it must be given it

is now over do you have rent arrears sometimes if you can't pay the rent if

you don't have enough money to pay your rent you will end up with rent arrears

careers to get into debt if you owe someone money you will be in arrears

not very nice that's it that is it everyone we have come to the end of

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