i know before anyone says yes i am a  little bit late today for which i apologise  

here we are then on a very wet day the rain  is pouring outside my window as you can see  

look at that we are having a  horrible day today weather-wise  

however here in the studio everything is lovely  and cozy welcome to another english addict  

coming to you live from the birthplace of  english which just happens to be england

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england  how are you today are you okay i hope so  

are you happy i hope you are feeling happy  today i'm feeling okay not too bad thank you  

very much i can't really complain even though  today it's been absolutely chaotic here chaotic  

it's a great word if things are chaotic it means  everything is disorganized everything is going  

wrong there is lots of confusion things  are happening that cannot be controlled  

so it's been rather chaotic here  today i will be honest with you  

anyway i hope you're feeling well i hope  you're feeling happy we are all here once  

again yes we've made it to the end of not only  another week but also another weekend yes it's


oh yippee here we go again yes  it is sunday it's a fun day  

and can you see look you can tell that  christmas is on the way because now we have  

the special christmas jaffa cakes they are  now in the shops so instead of just orange  

these are cranberry jaffa cakes so they still  have a little bit of orange but also they have  

cranberry as well so if you were thinking  christmas is too far away if you were thinking  

that christmas is a million miles away i've got  news for you it is not it is less than two weeks  

before christmas and look the jaffa cakes have  changed to the christmas jaffa cakes so that  

tells us that christmas is definitely on its way  i hope you are feeling good yes we have the nice  

christmas background as well you might notice we  have some christmas lights behind us and also the  

outside view as well isn't it lovely are you  feeling as if christmas is in the air i have  

received some some absolutely amazing pictures  some really lovely photographs from some of you  

out there watching and yes if you want to send  me an email you are more than welcome to do so  

for those who are wondering what it is i will tell  you what it is right now because you are more than  

welcome to get in touch you can send an email you  can also get in touch with me on facebook as well

are you ready to go baby i hope so

i really do hope you are feeling good today yes it  is the 13th of december with just a few more days  

still before christmas i'm sure there are  many people at the moment rushing around  

making their christmas preparations i  know in many countries things are not  

the same as they usually are including here of  course in england where things are a little bit  

unusual as well the first thing i should mention  is no i can't have the subtitles unfortunately  

because youtube is not putting them on i don't  know why this is a problem that has been going  

on now for a few weeks since youtube changed  the design of its live streaming platform  

for some reason i can't get captions anymore  so i can't open the captions because youtube  

isn't letting me do it i don't know why i  think some other people actually can use  

them so i have no idea why i can't use mine it  is very frustrating it is frustrating for you  

it is also very frustrating for me as well to be  honest with you if i can be blunt for a moment  

it is really annoying me so much sadly we cannot  have the live captions however there is good news  

we can have captions later on so i will put some  captions on here there will be subtitles later  

but at the moment i don't know why youtube is not  allowing me to have live captions i don't know why  

i have no idea we have mr steve coming at around  about three o'clock yes steve will be here don't  

worry don't worry about that steve will be joining  us today we also have the sentence game as well  

and as i've already mentioned christmas is on  the way it really does feel as if christmas  

is in the air oh isn't that  lovely look the snow is falling  

right in front of me and everything is feeling  rather festive to say the least isn't it nice no  

the sun is not out and the snow has disappeared  here we go then luis mendes oh hello lewis nice  

to see you here we have a lot of people joining us  already on the live chat nice to see you here as  

well vitas hello vitas congratulations  you were first on today's live chat  

congratulations to vitas you were first here today  hello also can i say hello to tomek hello tomic  

tomex says are you serious mr duncan you are 40  minutes late i don't think i'm that late am i  

am i really that late no i don't think i'm  that late i think i started it at around about  

to 232 today yes i am slightly later for those who  have wondered where i was i am here now hello also  

to edeltrod hello edda trod edeltrod schmidt hello  to you i'm i don't recognize your name is it your  

first time here today i'm just wondering we also  have as i mentioned tomek who was complaining  

about me being late yes i'm sorry about that  we had a few technical problems here today  

a lot of things going on it was very chaotic  to be honest putting on a live stream  

is not easy by the way can i just say that  it does take a lot of work a lot of effort  

a lot of time as well so yes it it isn't  easy to do i will be honest with you  

hello also to florence hello also  to fly away fly away hello mr duncan  

it is true mr duncan you are a blah blah  blah oh okay then well guess what fly away

you don't have to watch this you know you  don't have to watch it if you are bored by  

this you could always go somewhere else like  this you see there we go so now you don't have  

to worry about it hello also to christina  oh christina i thank you very much for your  

lovely pictures that i received thank you very  much we have some wonderful photographs by the way  

that we had sent in including oh mariah maria  i'm saying hello to maria so there is maria  

well we can't see maria but maria is there  in front of her computer and it looks as if  

maria is reading a textbook whilst watching  us on the live chat isn't that nice we also  

have a lovely photograph sent in from anna  hello anna thank you very much for joining me  

anna has sent a wonderful photograph in fact  we have a photograph of her christmas tree  

and also her cat who appears to have climbed up  into christina's or should i say anna's christmas  

tree isn't that nice and then also we have  christina thank you christina as well for your  

lovely photograph oh look at that i must  admit i do feel a little bit jealous  

to be honest i feel slightly jealous  today because you have lots of lovely snow  

around you so i'm i'm feeling slightly jealous  that you have a lot of snow all around you today  

ah a lot of people have got snow i i believe in  the united states they've had their first snow of  

the year and also i think also across europe  as well and russia of course needless to say  

here is another photograph oh thank you very  much to joe thank you joe for your photograph  

of mr steve and myself on your big screen  so i was wondering what i might look like  

if i was watching on or if you were watching  me on the big screen what would i look like  

and apparently that's what it looks like so for  those watching on their big television today  

hello there i hope my big face is not too scary  and we have another one oh it's valentina hello  

valentina watching on her computer and you can see  behind her there is mr steve and myself and also  

valentina as well it's always nice to see you  by the way i'm always intrigued to find out  

where you are and what you are doing whilst i  am doing my live stream i'm always interested  

to find out what it is you are doing so if you  want to send a message yes or even a photograph  

of you watching me on your computer device feel  free to do so we have lots of things coming today  

as promised i did make a promise last  week that i was going to show you  

my christmas lights on the outside of the house  in fact i think we will do that now because we  

need to get a little bit of the festive spirit so  i thought it would be a nice idea to start today  

by showing you my lovely christmas lights and  these are the lights that i put up every year and  

this year is no exception they are up they are on  and they are twinkling outside my window right now


and there they are twinkling  away right now outside the house  

my lovely christmas lights  for two thousand and twenty

i am sure that i will be showing you that again a  little bit later on as we head towards christmas  

yes the lights are now on outside the house  however there is something we still have