oh there you are hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy are you happy I hope you

are feeling good today I'm feeling good because I'm outside the weather has

changed again yesterday we had some terrible weather the the rain was

falling and everything was really bad but today as you can see things are

looking a little better today we have some sunshine now and again the Sun does

come out to say hello we have a little bit of wind as well and we are not

talking about my stomach by the way maybe mr. Steve stomach but not my

stomach so there is a lot of wind blowing around my ears at the moment

however I am here once again yes we are here on Saturday can you believe it it's

the weekend baby

mmm oh I'm feeling so good today I really am mmm

and I hope you're feeling good as well let's see if we can get the live chat

working because I can't see it at the moment so I have to hold my breath I

have to cross my fingers and hope that we have the live chat right now on the

screen do we come on mr. Duncan hurry up we haven't got all day yes we have the

live chat yes can I say hello to the lovely lovely live chat

everyone is here today already thank you very much I'm not sure who was first

because as usual YouTube for some reason I don't know why YouTube does not show

me who was first on the live chat outside it's very strange

I don't know why it does that something very strange happens when I'm outside

with my mobile phone so if you were first if you if you are first on today's

live chat can I say thank you very much I have a feeling I think it may have

been an ax and a peeker I think you were first and also Adrienne as well I think

you were also one of the first people on today's live chat so I will still say

congratulations and well done to you and everyone for making it here today

there is supposed to be some applause but I think my clap is broken my

applause button is not working so instead I will do this that was a bit

annoying I'm supposed to have the clap you see there was supposed to be the

clap there is there any clap I don't think so so here we are Saturday it is

Saturday everyone how do you feel today as the weekend begins even though it

feels as if I'm living the same day over and over again I feel like I am trapped

in some sort of endless cycle cycle I like that word we use the word cycle to

mean anything that has a circular appearance so some people believe that

life is a cycle things that we go through and quite often they come back

eventually on themselves we might say that birth and death is part of the life

cycle we have the cycle or circle of life I had a I had a Lion King moment

then so cycle something that goes round maybe an action a process or something

that is actually moving round and round such as a bicycle so a bicycle is two

wheels going around in a cycle they are going round and round so that's how we

have the use of the word cycle and you will often see this in many places even

in science you will talk about cycle as something is born it lives it survives

and grows and then it dies cycle anything that goes around

and around hello Christine hello shabbiha

hello marina I wish I had my little echo marina no no no I'm saying hello to a

marina did you like that that was my fake echo I was trying my best to sound

as if I was using my echo I hope that was good shabbir also we have Joe say

hello Joe salucci lo hello to you as well also sweetness Mitra how are you

today I'm okay I mustn't grumble I mustn't complain as I always say every

morning when I open my eyes I always think of all the people who didn't and

that gets me through the day oh I believe Anna yes I think Anna was

first on today's live chat I think so Miko is here also hello to Quran Karim

hello to you as well I am standing under my little gazebo in the garden I know a

lot of people like it when I come outside so I couldn't resist doing it

today I really thought I should come outside and spend a little bit of time

in the fresh air so this is not only helping you with your English it is also

doing me a little bit of good as well it is very beneficial beneficial something

that is beneficial is something that can help you it can help you beneficial it

can improve your situation the situation you are in can be improved by doing

something seeing something feeling something sometimes you might have to

take some medicine it can be beneficial it gives you some benefit it helps you

oh hello too far didn't hello Fardeen nice to see you here as

well I wasn't sure if the rain was going to fall today it would appear that we

are not going to get any rain today or tomorrow and you know what that means

maybe tomorrow we will be in the garden again hello Lena it is warm at last

finally there is some warm weather in Moscow it is 15 Celsius above zero well

that's good that sounds good to me it's around about the same today here I think

today it's around about 1516 Celsius here at the moment in the UK for those

who are wondering what the temperature is it isn't too bad it feels quite nice

in fact Luis Mendez is here today it's a shame I don't have my echo I miss my

little echo hello hello sorry baby really hello also de Vaca hello de

Vaca also watching in Russia ooh we have a few Russians here today I know

yesterday we were talking about May Day and I know in certain countries around

the world May Day is a very big thing for many people here in the UK we don't

observe it that much certainly from the point of view of the workers day so

traditionally we think of May Day as being the time when summer appears

officially here in the UK so we always think of this time of year as being the

beginning of summer as I mentioned yesterday the Celtic traditions

welcoming the summer on May the first goes back a very long way it is one of

the traditions here in the UK a lot of people dance around a lot of villages

will have festivals to celebrate the arrival of summertime many of these

festivals are actually carried out and many things are performed as a way of

bringing good luck for the forthcoming crops so it is all about that it is

about wishing everyone well and also hoping for a good summer crop on your

fields hello also to Tam Li hello Anna Anna you

win hello Anna you win I have a feeling you might be

you might be in Vietnam Peter says this nightmare is easier with mr. Duncan's

livestreams thank you very much there is one thing I

have noticed that over the past few days the viewers for my live streams have

gone down a little bit and that is because in many countries they are

returning to normal I don't think things will be normal completely normal but

things are slowly going back to how they were before

very slowly slowly but surely that's a great phrase if we say that something is

happening slowly but surely it means it is gradually happening slowly but surely

it is happening at a slow pace however it is happening

and we are all looking for comfort at the moment

ah me I know it would seem that I live in paradise

a lot of people say that but we are all suffering in some way for example I'm

unable to see my mother so I can't see my lovely mother in hospital

unfortunately so my mother is locked away in isolation being cared for and I

cannot go to see her so I felt a little bit unhappy last week a little bit down

myself because it was my mum's birthday and I couldn't go to see her very very

bad hello also to Christine Christine buns hello to you by the way just in

case you're wondering what is in my hand I have my little object things that I

like to show you everyday common items and this is something it is strange I

know you are going to think that I'm really weird but this is something that

I'm very proud of this is a thing that I keep very safe because it's something

I'm proud of something I I won many years ago around 25 years ago I won this

little item on the radio there was a quiz taking place on the radio and I

phoned in with the correct answer they even allowed me to talk on the radio as

well so oh that's very nice and I went a little prize I won a prize and that is

what I have in my hand can I say thank you thank you

but seriously can I say thank you to those who have sent me lovely donations

over the past couple of days can I say thank you very much to Christine Petros

and also chin Jun you for your lovely kind donations on PayPal so can I say

thank you very much I really do appreciate your kind donations

once again Christine Petrus and chin Janu for your kind donations and there

you can see as well on the screen you can also see the PayPal address as well

if you want to send a donation because everything I do is free it's always been

free so I don't do private lessons where I charge lots of money for my time I

give my time here on YouTube for free and I've been doing that for the past 14

years not 14 days not a few weeks 14 years on YouTube doing this for free so

that is the reason why I always appreciate the donations they don't have

to be big but if you but if you you know there we go

once again Christine Petrus and Chen Jun you thank you for your kind donations I

really do appreciate it you have no idea how much they mean to me so we are here

today I have my little item I'm going to show you it in a moment but first of all

I want to show you something else we went out last night for a walk

we kept our safe distance away from other people but we went outside last

night for a lovely evening walk and we stopped by one of the fields near our

house and there were lots of little lambs in the field running around and

playing and I couldn't resist today I couldn't resist finding one of my lovely

videos that I recorded I think it was last year or maybe two years ago and I

filmed some of the little lambs playing in the field

so last night I stood watching the Lambs playing around in the field and this is

what I was thinking about at the time

oh isn't that lovely oh and that actually was the field I was

standing in last night the same field that you saw in that video was actually

where I was last night with mr. Steve and it brought back so many happy

memories there is nothing nicer one of the nicest sights and of course sounds

is the sound of sheep and lambs together in the field and it's a beautiful

beautiful feeling I must say we are having a cup of coffee a little bit

later on do you remember the time when I made a cup of coffee in my kitchen maybe

you don't maybe you've never seen me doing it before we are going to share

that a little bit later on today on the live stream something else I want to

show you those little lambs in the field did you see them are weren't they

gorgeous we are going to have a look at some more little lambs very soon however

I thought it would be fun to look at some words connected with what those

lambs were doing in the field they were running around they were having lots of

fun they were doing a lot of active things and at that age normally animals

will play I'm sure you have seen many documentaries about animals when they

are playing in the fields or maybe in the wild and the small animals the

offspring the young will often play and it is a form of learning it is a type of

learning for animals they will often play we sometimes call it play fighting

play fighting so play fighting is something that you do

and something that what is that noise there is a strange noise occurring next

to me and I'm not sure what it is how weird I'm not sure what that noise

is can you hear it or is it just me so the lambs will often play around they

will pretend sometimes to chase each other but it is a form of learning it is

a type of education you will often see the Lambs frolic oh I like that word

that is one of my strange English words perhaps I do like to show you some

unusual English words from time to time and frolic is one of them frolic frolic

it's a great word to have fun to let yourself go and have a lot of fun you

can frolic you can frolic around galavant oh I like this word is well

here's a great word galavant galavant if you galavant it means you wander

around quite often energetically you have a lot of energy you galavant you

wander around you move around maybe you are running around having lots of fun

you galavant perhaps you gallivant around the world

you are going on a world cruise well maybe not at the moment but perhaps

later you will go on a gallop and you will gallivant around the world you are

going to explore different places you can event I like that word galavant

hello Samia or Camille to see the cute Lambs is very good and I felt happy I

must be honest with you if there is one thing I love not just the sight of

nature but quite often the sound of nature as well the sound of nature can

also be quite nice you could also cavort as well what is

that strange noise cavort you can cavort around wonder play you can move around

you can't cavort I am cavorting today I am having a

little cavort around cavort another strange word hello - OH

Luis Mendez says a couple of things yes the the start of workers day originated

in Chicago after a massacre another little bit of gruesome history there on

a lighter note Luis also says that frolic in France is a brand of animal

food so there is a type of animal food I believe we have it here as well there is

a type of dog food and if I'm not mistaken if if I'm yeah I think there is

I think we also have a brand of dog food called frolic frolic I suppose it's

because that dogs it's because dogs enjoy running around when they are

outside they frolic they frolic around frolic another word you can use is

scamper oh I like this one this is a great word scamper so you can imagine an

animal running around having fun they scamper they move around

very quickly sometimes they will scamper from one place to another they move

around they are wandering about they scamper scamper

I'm really not sure what that noise is I'm sure I will find out later on

scamper you can scamper around and have some fun

the Lambs the Lambs cavorted yes they were cavorting they were scampering they

were frolicking around the field you are right hello - oh hello Ana Rita is here

also we have Reshma is here as well nice to see you on the live chat yes it is

Saturday don't worry there is nothing wrong with your calendar it is Saturday

it is the 2nd of May have you had a good month so far how is

Mae bean for you was it better than April so far

scamper I like that one I do like the word scamper you might also say that

those lambs were having a little play they were playing around

they were playing to play is to have fun you run around you do things that are a

little foolish or silly you play I like to play even though I'm not a young

person anymore but I do like playing sometimes having

fun can cheer you up it can make you feel young again and why not

why not there's nothing more wrong with having a little play around I suppose it

depends on what it is you are playing around with hello also to life blogger

life blogger is here once again everyone motion or Momo hen or Mohsen hello also

- parissa hello mr. Duncan what an amazing nature and also the sound of the

birds by the way here's a message for Adrian Adrian floorman I

believe you were interested in finding out what the name of this song or the

music was that I played on my French video yesterday I'm I'm not sure what

it's called I can't remember but it it is it is French something I know that's

no help it is no help whatsoever but I know that the name of the song is French

something something I don't know I can't remember but I will check that out

and if I can find the name of the song I will let you know I will let you know

you can have fun have fun why not why not if you want to have fun if you want

to enjoy yourself if you want to do something that makes you smile why not

have fun enjoy life while you have it you only get one you only get one life

this is not a rehearsal this is the actual performance there is

no encore you can't come back after the show is over

and the curtain comes down this is your one performance so get it right fall

around oh I like that one you might fool around if you fall around

it means you play you do something that is not serious you fool around you do

something that is childish maybe maybe you run into your garden and run around

and have fun you fall around you like to fall around

sometimes it keeps you young by the way this can also mean something

a little rude as well fool around if you are married if you are in a stable

relationship and maybe your husband or your wife has

an affair if they fall around that it that means the person is doing something

outside the relationship they fool around it means they are seeing another

person they are meeting up with someone in secret mr. Duncan do you like from

pits Thank You Jamelia I love crumpets I like to put some butter on my crumpets

sometimes I also put some jam a little bit of jam or maybe some syrup as well

anything sweet basically if it is sweet I will put it on my crumpets but yes you

are right I do like crumpets I haven't had crumpets for a long time I

can't remember the last time I had crumpets but they are very popular here

in the UK a lot of people have them at breakfast time so in the morning they

will have a little crumpet hmm it is actually making my mouth water just the

thought of it hello Joe Carl hmm mium yam oh really

I don't know what that means but I imagine it is a way of expressing

surprise maybe hello whisper cereal or cereal hello to you

love you mr. Duncan thank you very much it's very kind of you

Thank You Adrian thank you so much for your efforts I am waiting for the name

of the music when you find it French something

I will try to find out what it is I might actually have a look when we have

our coffee break because we are having a coffee break in around about 15 minutes

so when I'm having my coffee break in other words I will play you a video that

is what I'm going to do I will try to find out what the piece of music is

called okay Adrienne is that a good idea I hope so

hello all so yes it did sound like typical French music but I think that's

the reason why it has that French title because it does sound like French music

playing the accordion when it whenever I think of the accordion I are I often

think of Paris I often think of someone standing in a restaurant or cafe playing

the accordion oh I'm sorry that was a terrible impression of the accordion I'm

sorry about that fall around if you fall around with someone perhaps you are

having an affair you are doing something you shouldn't with another person

you lark about this is something we often use in British English I don't

think we use this in American English so I don't think we use this when we are in

American English lark about if you lock about it means you mess around you are

not being serious you are playing about you are not being serious

you lark about lark about you play you are doing something that is not serious

you lark about often used in British English lark lark around I don't know

why it's so noisy around here today it's very noisy around where I live today

Valentin I've never tasted a crumpet it seems delicious is it difficult to bake

you don't have to make them yourselves you can normally buy them from a bread

shop or quite often in the supermarket as well so they are actually ready-made

they are already made I suppose you can cook your own or bake your own crumpets

but is to be honest with you you know you can just go to the shops and buy

some ready-made crumpets and then all you have to do is toast them so you heat

them up until they turn golden brown and then you put some butter my mouth is

actually watering at the thought you put some butter on there and then you put

some jam or maybe some honey or maybe some syrup very nice

hello oh I see so Miam Miam is yum-yum I like that very

good thank you flower for telling me that

yum-yum mmm yum yum yum yum hello from Brazil hello lick leet LSL hello to you

and hello to the world is well hello world nice to see you here today

nice to see we are all still here in one piece you might of course mess around

if you mess around it means you are playing you are not taking things

seriously you are just pretending to do things you are messing around children

will often mess around they will not behave themselves they always like to

play and have fun and sometimes you might get angry with your child and say

oh please please can you stop messing around please

for one moment can you just stop messing around mess around you are playing you

are not being serious about something what is the crumpet I

don't know how to write the word hello Kelby hello Kelby you have spelt the

word correctly it is right so you have actually spelt it right

well don't crumpet interesting the word crumpet we don't use this phrase anymore

but the word crumpet can also mean a beautiful woman maybe a sexy lady who

you see in the street not anymore though we don't say that anymore because it's

sexist you see but I remember growing up in the 70s and maybe also the 1980s

people used to refer to a beautiful lady an attractive woman as

a bit of crumpet whoa whoo look at her well she is a nice bit of crumpet but

not anymore you can't say it anymore because you will get slapped in the face

and quite likely kicked in the testicles

did you can be silly I'm often accused of being silly they say mr. Duncan you

are so silly you why do you always have to be so silly sometimes it is fun to be

silly sometimes you don't have to take life so seriously life is not always

about being serious sometimes you can smile especially these days especially

these days we need we need this many things as possible to smile about be

silly enjoy your silliness sometimes it is

good to be silly sometimes you can have a little bit of fun Valentin says you

are making me drool drool sometimes you might see your dog drooling so this

means there is a lot of saliva coming out of their mouths so a person if they

are thinking of something tasty or delicious to eat your your mouth might

become very wet you will drool drool d r o o L drool it is a reaction to thinking

of something that is nice to eat I'm sure I'm pretty sure they sell crumpets

in Italy I'm pretty sure they do yeah I would say so I would definitely say so

but with that what was that noise I just made very strange I hope it was coming

from my mouth hello also Anna Pico again you are fun

but not silly never sometimes we all have to be a little silly we all have to

be a little silly as Robin Williams once said we are all born with a spark of

madness and you must never lose it so we all have a little spark of craziness

inside us and that is what makes us enjoy life we can find the humor the

light side the bright side you can be childish why not be childish sometimes

you have to have a little bit of fun in life you can't always be serious you

can't always be miserable sometimes you have to have mm that's what I like to do

you see you are not silly you have good humor thank you very much

Andy I was very silly because I became I

became an actor really Andy Andy star really are you an actor now I'm very

interested to find out more you shouldn't say that you shouldn't say

things like that because now I will be very curious to find out what it is you

do are you really an actor honestly

I want to know more now is it the same as childhood childish is not the same as

childhood childhood is the period of time when you were a child

childish means that you are behaving like a child so maybe an adult like me

for example if you act like a child we can say that you are acting childish

you are acting like a child or a baby don't be so childish to behave like a

child childhood is the period of time when you were actually a child when you

were a child you might also act the fool either that's what I do sometimes

sometimes I am accused of acting the fool this relates to behavior so act

just refers to behavior so any action can be defined as behavior something

you're doing a type of behavior an action hence the word act

I can hear hello mister crow that was mr. crow did you hear mr. crow then he

was having a little sing act the fool so you can act the fool that means you are

behaving in a very silly way you will you act the fool in the classroom there

is always one student in the classroom who always likes they always act the

fool they do silly things sometimes they like to distract the teacher or maybe

distract the other classmates they act the fool they like to act the fool no

sir says when you are an adult but your behavior is like a child yes you you act

in a childish way you act the fool it is amazing that we found this subject just

from looking at lambs in the field isn't that amazing

so that whole subject came from watching the Lambs frolic in the field talking of

which would you like to see some more lambs

I know I would so we are that's what we're going to do now let's have a look

at some more lovely Lambs and this is another video clip that I filmed I think

I filmed this last year some more cute lambs for us all to enjoy but not eat

so there it was that was the piece of music that I was being asked for earlier

on jazz in Paris is what it's called jazz in Paris is the name of the song

and I was just dancing on the grass and now I've made myself so very it's hard

but don't worry in a few moments we are going to have a cup of coffee it's

coming up to three o'clock here in the afternoon jazz in Paris is what it's

called jazz in Paris is the name I believe it

is actually on YouTube so if you go to the studio on YouTube and go to the the

music on YouTube you can actually find jazz in Paris and you can download it as

well so it is a piece of music that has been supplied by YouTube no less thank

you very much no don't worry I'm not going to eat any

of those lambs I promise not those lambs I won't be eating those Lambs definitely

not hello also the music is magic thank you

very much I ran into the house I found the music and I decided to play it even

though the first piece of music I played was the wrong one the second piece of

music was the one that Adrian was asking about and that is what I played

yesterday when I was showing my little video clips of my trip to Paris one year

ago here we go it's three o'clock I think it is time now to make a cup of

coffee so here is something that I recorded earlier it is something that I

hope will be interesting to you I am making a refreshing cup of coffee in my

kitchen and whilst this is playing perhaps you can also do the same thing

maybe a cold drink maybe a hot drink maybe a cup of tea or maybe a cup of

coffee you know I always like to think of myself is a very helpful person after

all I do like helping you with your English

I also like to help people save money I'm going to do that right now here in

my magic kitchen yes this is where much of the magic happens when it comes to

food because I love eating food and I also like drinking coffee as well there

is nothing worse than going to a very expensive coffee shop and you have to

stand there for ages while they serve you it takes such a long time and

sometimes the coffee is cold by the time you get it and the worst thing of all is

that the coffee costs a lot of money it's very very expensive to go to a

coffee shop and have one of those skinny lattes or expresso it's very expensive

if you go to London can you believe it in London a cup of coffee can cost as

much as 8 or 9 pounds for one yes one cup of coffee today I'm going to show

you how to make your very own barista style coffee and it will only cost you a

few pennies yes it's true here we go we have everything we need right here first

of all we have the kettle so I'm going to boil some water first of all in the

kettle the kettle will boil and I will also show you what else I have here so

here is my new sachet of coffee I don't know about you

I love opening a new sachet of coffee I really do I love the smell that the

aroma that you get when you open a fresh container of coffee so that's what I'm

going to do first of all I'm going to open this sachet that's a great word

sachet the sachet is a type of container quite often made of paper or plastic

they are normally soft they are normally very flexible so this is a sachet of

coffee so now I'm going to open the sachet and oh oh my goodness oh that is

amazing there is nothing like the smell the aroma of a freshly opened container

I must admit do you want to sniff there we go have a little smell of that it is

absolutely delicious oh I can see why coffee can be very addictive because it

smells so amazing so I need to first of all refill this container so I'm going

to refill this container there we go so now I have refilled this container

and first of all I will put some coffee in the cups and I'm going to show you

how to make a very expensive cup of coffee for just a few pennies ooh mr.

Duncan we are very intrigued we are very interested in what you are going to show

us so first of all I will put some coffee in mr. Steeves cup because I'm

making a cup of coffee for not only myself but also for mr. Steve as well

because he's very thirsty and I will also put one teaspoon of

coffee just one teaspoon in my cup as well so that's the first stage then I

will put a little bit of sugar in each Cup now mr. Steve likes a little bit of

sugar in his coffee so I will put a little bit of coffee a little bit of

sugar rather into mr. Steve's coffee and I will put in my coffee I have two

teaspoons I know I'm very naughty a lot of people are going to say mr. Duncan

you shouldn't have so much sugar in your coffee so that's that now here comes the

very interesting part this is how you can create your own special cup of

coffee so I will put some milk now into each cup and the reason why I'm putting

the milk in first there is a very special reason for it and the reason is

if the Sun comes out the reason is I'm going to do something very special with

the milk and the coffee that are in these cups so watch what happens next in

fact I will put a little bit more milk in just a little bit more a lot too much

and I will show you my special little tool this is the device that I use for

making my expensive coffee can you see it it is a little frothing machine so

this will help the milk to become very fluffy and what you have to actually do

is put the hot water into the cups so you put the hot water into the cups

don't forget the water has to be very hot preferably boiling so it's better if

the actual water is boiling at the time and what you want to do you want to heat

the milk as quickly as possible so if you put the boiling water straight on to

the milk and coffee it will create a very special style of coffee you will

have your very own cappuccino and it won't cost you much money it's true so

here we go I will boil the water again it's very important that the

is boiling doo-doo-doo

so it's very important that the water is boiling

we'll just make sure that it's really really really really hot okay and now

very quickly we will pour the boiling water onto the coffee and at the same

time you will use your little machine to froth the coffee there we go so now I am

making the coffee all frothy ooh so there it is I will do that for a few

moments and look look what we have here yes it's incredible

look at that so now we have a very expensive style of coffee so this now

looks just like the sort of coffee that you would get in a very expensive coffee

shop in London or Italy so there we go lovely frothy coffee and now I will do

mine so this is mr. Steeves and now I will do mine and don't forget it's very

important that the water is very very hot so you make the water as hot as

possible like this

another good thing you can do you can also pour the water from a great height

so if you pour the water from very high up it creates even more friction in the

milk so I will show you what I mean I will show you what I mean by that here

we go again don't forget you need this device as

well a little coffee frother right let's go there you have it look at that that

is absolutely perfect so if you went to a coffee shop if you ordered this at a

coffee shop this would cost you about 5 or 6 pounds or maybe even 8 or 9 pounds

if you bought this in London and here I am in my kitchen making a very expensive

cup of coffee for just a few pence isn't that amazing

now there it is dirt and dirt so let me just show you so now we have two cups of

very expensive coffee so if you went to a coffee shop this would cost you about

five or six pounds and here I am in my kitchen making it for just a few pennies

and those few pennies of course relate to the electricity that I used to boil

the water and that's it so I will take this cup of coffee up to mr. Steve and

you will rejoin me live in the studio

because it is a Sunday afternoon and this is live English

and there we go did you have a nice cup of coffee did you do something nice

during the break I really hope so here we are back again on a Saturday

afternoon it is mr. Duncan that's me by the way if

you want to have live captions by the way as well

you can press C on your keyboard just take your finger and press C and you

will have live captions I know it's incredible how is that possible mr.

Duncan how is it possible for you to talk live and also have captions at the

same time I know it seems like science fiction it's like something from Blade

Runner isn't it I love that piece of music I can't get that piece of music

out of my hands to be honest Gilliam arrow gulimero

Torres what an amazing combination combination between the already recorded

and also the music and also going back to the live stream thank you very much I

was trying my best to make it seamless seamless if something is seamless it

means that it flows very well it flows easily something is seamless you can't

see the join so here is the thing that I showed you earlier that I'm ever so

proud of it's something I won after phoning in on a radio show 25 years ago

and yet it is something I still keep nearby I think we all have something in

our lives that we keep nearby because whenever we see it it makes us feel

happy it's as simple as that I suppose it is something that makes as

feel happy so here is a little thing that I

I always keep near and I don't know why but I whenever I see this I always feel

happy it always makes me smile because I won this on the radio it is a little egg

cup so this is something that you place your egg inside if you are eating a

boiled egg so as you can see on the front it has the the name and also the

logo of a radio station that is in Birmingham it is a BBC local radio

station and I won this around 25 years ago one morning I was listening to the

radio and I think it was a competition to answer a question and I knew the

answer to the question so I phoned up and believe it or not I actually got the

question right so I went on the radio and I won this and the reason why I

always keep this nearby it is something that is there to remind me that

sometimes you have to do things that you wouldn't normally do you have to take

that step so I suppose I could have sat in bed I could have listened to the

radio and I I didn't have to phone in I didn't have to try to phone in to the

contest I didn't need to why would that change my life in any way however it did

because I did it I actually did phone in not only that I won this little prize

and I don't know why but this small innocent-looking prize makes me happy

every day when I see it because it reminds me of the fact that sometimes

you have to make that move you have to do something instead of sitting still

doing nothing sometimes you have to take step may be the step that you're taking

is learning English learning another language maybe you are trying to pursue

a certain career or a certain job maybe there is something in your life that you

want to do so familiar this little egg cup even though it seems very innocent

and also unfortunately it also has a crack so it's actually cracked there I

hope it never breaks so whenever I see this it always reminds me of that moment

when I took hold of my situation it's a small thing but it tells me that

sometimes you have to get up off your bottom you have to do something and you

never know it might change your life forever who knows so that is the reason

why I keep this nearby it is my permanent reminder that sometimes making

that move sometimes putting yourself forward can change your life in many

ways so you might say that this little egg cup is symbolic so this is my little

symbol that I keep nearby and it always reminds me that your life is in your

hands your future is yours to change however you want it to be and estar asks

mr. Duncan have you ever participated in a British movie never I've never been in

a movie I would love to be in a movie that would be great I could be maybe

maybe when Daniel Craig gets bored with being James Bond maybe I could be the

new double-oh-seven mm-hmm maybe double oh six and a half

mr. Duncan licensed to teach

my name is James mr. Duncan James okay maybe not do-do-do-do-do mr. Duncan and

what does it mean wonder I wonder wonder and I wonder if you wonder it means you

are thinking I wonder I wonder you are thinking so you are showing the action

of considering something maybe something you are thinking about doing something

you are just thinking about generally I wonder I wonder how many stars there are

in the sky I wonder so sometimes you might ask the question and there there

is no answer so sometimes you might ask a question however there is no answer to

actually give I wonder I wonder how many years mr. Duncan has been making his

English lessons I wonder by the way the answer is 14 14

years Thank You Jimmy hello Jimmy from Hong Kong it is nice to see you too see

you did you do it did you do it nice to see you to see you do you

remember the other week so I always keep my lovely egg cup this is my permanent

reminder that life is in your control you can chat take the choice you have

two choices you try or you don't try and that is what I do that is my whole way

of looking at everything that happens around me sometimes you have to just

grab the opportunity while it is there hello to uni Karina

a friend of mine told me about the pesto a loggia noth's and the basil leaves and

I almost cried with joy pesto genovese and also the basil leaves oh I see

because I think the other day maybe last week or the week before I was talking

about herbs that mr. Steve uses in his food Adrian says do you like mister

being playing the character of a child in the body of an adult yes

mr. bean by the way was based on two things

Charlie Chaplin and also a French comedian called Jacques Tati so if you

ever see chuck Tati he is a person who Rowan Atkinson actually felt inspired by

and that is one of the things that mr. bean his characteristic is something

that is very visual so everything that mr. bean does is visual he rarely speaks

and when he does normally he just says his name rien bean that's what he says

so everything else he does is visual and there is a great comedian a great comedy

actor who did a very similar thing called Jacques Tati I happen to be a

very big fan of of him but if you get to see one of his movies you will see there

are many similarities between his performance many many years ago a long

time before Rowan Atkinson got the idea for mr. bean and so yes I'm a big fan of

Jacques Tati if you if you want to see some of his movies there are many many

of them there's a very funny one where he is driving in a car and that's it

it's a very simple story however lots of very funny things happen Peter says I

wonder what time what time did you start your live streams before

well I've always done my livestreams most of the time I am here at 2 p.m. so

today I'm here at 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow yes I'm here again tomorrow 2

p.m. UK time so that is generally my normal time for beginning the live

streams I was going to watch the bird sanctuary last night but I didn't have

time to do it because I was on the phone yesterday doing all sorts of silly

things yesterday a lot of things going on here at the moment that I can't talk

about but I was very busy yesterday and I missed the bird sanctuary so I'm going

to try and find it tonight I'm going to try and watch it tonight

I missed it yesterday I was a little bit disappointed because I missed it

hello felici n mr. Duncan in Sri Lanka a cup of coffee is only 25 cents and I'm

really fascinated over your sessions and these days it gives me more relaxation

honestly I stopped watching all the other teachers thank you very much

that's very kind of you I also had a question earlier asking about the price

of coffee a cup of coffee if you buy a cup of coffee in London it can be very

expensive maybe five pounds for one cup of coffee I remember when we went to

Paris when we were in Paris last year courtesy of mr. Steve's company thank

you very much to mr. Steeves company for allowing us to go to Paris last year we

yes we had coffee in a small cafe and it was very near the sacre-coeur very near

there and I can't remember how much it was but it was expensive I think for two

cups of coffee I think it was around maybe five or six pounds

I think that's what it converted to if I remember right it was very expensive we

worked out how much the coffee cost it was expensive but eating out if you eat

out in a restaurant especially in London you have to expect you have to be

prepared to pay a high price to be honest just like any big city around the

world I suppose any big city hello to Jennifer gulley hello journey for

Jennifer hello pal Meera as well if you want you must become a resident of

England some people who know English very well when they start to live with

natives after about two months they understand very little one of the things

I learned when I was working abroad is quite often you can pick up some of the

language just by existing in that atmosphere or amongst the people who

speak the language so it can happen it can happen arey Quinn hello arey

apparently in Costa Rica we have the best coffee I do like Colombian coffee

sometimes I have Brazilian coffee I wouldn't describe myself as an expert I

am NOT an expert I am NOT an expert

hello to Aaron again Oh Costa Rica apparently also besides the best coffee

it is also the most beautiful country in the world thank you very much Fidel mr.

Duncan have you ever tried Turkish coffee yes I have for those who have

been watching me for a long time you will know that I've been to Turkey not

once but twice and yes I did have the experience of having Turkish coffee

is strong in a very small cup a glass cup and also I also tried I also tried

some some lovely tea as well some tea I remember we were walking around in one

of the locations in Turkey and we were invited into a shop by a gentleman who

was selling I think he was selling carpets and also he had other things on

sale as well such as tea different types of tea so he invite us into the shop he

asked us to come in and we spent a lot of time in there chatting away and we

were chatting in English in his English was very good so I complimented his

English I said your English is very good and he said that he learnt it over the

years he taught himself how to speak English so I thought that was amazing

incredible so you can do it once again sometimes you have to grab the

opportunity you have to take your own decision you have to make your own life

for yourself or yourself so yes I did I've had Turkish coffee and also Turkish

tea as well which was very nice um Trump says Vietnamese coffee is so strong have

you ever tried it I have never tried I've never tried that particular type of

coffee Vietnamese coffee but I must say I bet it's lovely I think it must be

lovely I think so would you like to have it a look it's something else I've been

actually very busy this morning doing all sorts of things and I thought today

also it would be nice to have a look at one of my general English lessons and

there are lots of English lessons on my youtube channel so now we are going to

take a look at an excerpt from one of my full English lessons don't forget I also

have a youtube channel with lots and lots of playlists you will see the

playlists under this video so underneath if you are

watching on your computer you will see underneath there are lots and lots of

playlists and also on your phone as well you will also see if you expand the

details under the video you will see lots of playlists and included in the

playlist is this particular lesson have you ever been caught doing something

red-handed have you ever been caught in the act the

idiom red-handed means that you have been caught in the act of committing a

crime or doing something wrong you might have been seen carrying out the bad act

as it was being done or perhaps some evidence was found that showed you doing

it such as a photograph or video clip you have been caught red-handed you were

caught red-handed the phrase originated in Scotland and

refers to the bloodstains found on the hands of a murderer

as a child I used to play many games but one game in particular still sticks out

in my mind hide-and-seek I bet at some point you have played this game too

the game is almost always played by a group of people one person hides and the

other people must try to find that person we can use hide-and-seek as a

phrase to mean the task of trying to hunt for someone if a person keeps

escaping from your view as you pursue them then we can describe this as a game

of hide-and-seek we can also say that the people involved are playing cat and

mouse the pursuer and the pursued the runner and the chaser to search for a

person who is missing or in hiding can be described as a hunt

grammar is probably the hardest part of English to grasp so I have decided to

take some parts of English grammar and look closely at each one for each full

English episode there will be one grammatical element to look at today we

will look at sentences English sentences fall into four types the statement the

question the order or request the exclamation the statement is a sentence

that gives information to state is to say and quite often saying means giving

information the car is travelling very fast the boy looks very unhappy these

are statements if information is being given or an observation is being made

then we are making a statement the question something means we make an

inquiry we need information so to get it we must first put forward a question if

you want to find out some things you will almost always ask a question to

investigate something always involves asking questions is that car going too

fast did you see where that man went can you hear the plane flying over mr.

Duncan's head to give an order or make a request is to ask for something to be

done or not to be done or to demand something don't be so rude don't drive

so fast a request can be in the form of a question but in this case information

is not required to ask someone to do something or tell them is an order it is

over Qwest an exclamation is a sentence that

shows surprise or shock it is often used to show anger or rage you cheated on me

how fast that car is going oh what a mess an exclamation can also be put

forward in the form of a question

the most common form of sentence is the statement this is because most sentences

pass on information conversation normally involves parting with

information or making comments which themselves are statements

Wow did you enjoy that how excited that's piece of music is called jazz in

Paris so now you know Deary me

what a strange day this is turning out to be hello to everyone can you hear the

bird there's a bird in the bush just behind me the song is called jazz in

Paris and I liked it I liked it a lot I really do that is the name of the

music hello also to Anne pachu Jennifer gulley as well mr. Duncan the space

hopper has gone away it's you ran away it's actually over there can you see it

it's just behind the bush there my space hopper who remembers the space hopper it

seems such a long time ago now it seems such a long time ago

this is good for physical as well as mental health Thank You Pat you I must

admit I feel very invigorated now my body feels so strong I feel like

Superman or maybe Thor without his big hammer unfortunately I don't have a very

big hammer

mr. Duncan today you are full of beans I'm full of something a lot of people

say mr. Duncan you are full of not beans they don't say beams they say something

else Berlin for you hello Berlin I haven't

seen you here on YouTube for quite a while nice to see you back again

you know Carina says take a deep breath I'm okay now look can you see how

quickly I recovered from that exercise can you see how healthy and virial I am

really hello Alessandra hello I visited Barcelona in 2015 did you have a nice

time though that is the big question is there something that you keep nearby in

your life that means a lot to you remember earlier I talked about my

little edy my little egg cup that I use to eat my egg from however this is

something also that is very symbolic it shows that sometimes you have to take

hold of your life and do something for yourself is there something that you

keep nearby is this something that means a lot to you is there a little thing

that you always have nearby some people carry photographs of their children or

their husband or wife people carry it around with them so they will feel close

to other people maybe their loved ones maybe their children or their spouse mr.

Duncan the space hopper has taken your breath away

it really has if something takes your breath away it can also be something

that is amazing something that you can't believe something that is so incredible

you can't actually believe it so sometimes we

and actually used the phrase take your breath away something takes your breath

away it is breathtaking perhaps you see a beautiful sunset and you are watching

the Sun go down and it is the most amazing sight

we can say that it is breathtaking it takes your breath away it really does

hello to the live stream nice to see you today I said before mr. Duncan you were

a machine and now I can confirm that or reaffirm that for myself reaffirm if you

reaffirm something it means you confirm something that you want to be sure of so

something you want to be very sure about you can reaffirm something reaffirm

hello to Roxy Viera hello Roxy I love your name by the way Roxy when I was

growing up I was a very big fan of Roxy Music a very well-known group during the

1970s and 80s hello mr. Duncan have you ever been over

the moon Thank You Andi I am often over the moon if I'm over the moon about

things it means I'm very excited so sometimes I

do get very excited about things good things that happen and let's face it

during these strange difficult times we really do need things to cheer us up

we really do there are many songs that mention take my breath away including

take my breath away hmm from Top Gun Top Gun there is a

sequel to Top Gun I don't think it's come out yet I don't think it's coming

to the cinemas yet or has it there is a sequel there is another movie based on

Top Gun so remember many many years ago there was that famous movie with Tom

Cruise and he was the the pilot in the jet and he was really arrogant he always

used to like showing off I'm Tom Cruise look at my big jet plane

and of course there was a little bit of sadness as well in the original Top Gun

poor goose poor goose have you ever eaten vegetables before me have I ever

eaten vegetables yes I eat them sometimes I like to eat them however I

don't eat them as much as next doors rabbit next doors rabbit enjoys eating

vegetables more than me I think it would be fair to say mr. Duncan when are we

going to invite all of your subscribers to your apartment ex dar oh hello ex dar

oh well maybe one day maybe one day we could have a big hangout together I know

on YouTube there are many YouTube celebrities YouTube stars I'm not one of

those by the way I'm not a YouTube star unfortunately I am just another grain of

sand on the YouTube Beach

but yes maybe one day maybe we can all get together one day maybe in five years

time we can have this big Union we can all get together and have a little bit

of fun maybe after all of this crazy time has come to an end who knows who

knows what the future will bring it's quite exciting actually

I quite often get very excited about the future

some people feel fearful they dread the future however I like it I'm looking

forward to the future the future is always about having new opportunities

and sometimes you have to give yourself those opportunities sometimes you have

to do these things for yourself to change your life

remember the egg cup remember the egg cup that's what gets me

through my day I always think of my egg cup if you want to give me a little

thumbs up you are more than welcome to do so thank you very much if you like

what you see please give me a little thumbs up that would be ever so nice

there is something I haven't done for a while I've just remembered I haven't

done this for a while during these strange times please remember you are

not alone there is always someone nearby and I will try my best to be with you

every day until everything returns back to normal so remember you are not alone

even though in many countries at the moment things are slowly turning back to

normal I would like to say right now that you are not alone during this time

we are all having difficulty some people having a lot of difficulty some people

having a little difficulty so remember you are not alone you don't have to feel

lonely during this time

also as I often say make the best of a bad deal sometimes we have to try our

best to make the best of something that is not going right if something is going

wrong if something is not going the way we wanted it to something is not

happening the way we planned you have to sometimes make the best of a bad deal

maybe sometimes you have to look on the bright side you have to look on the

bright side of life you have to look on the bright side of things that is what

I'm doing today I always try to look on the positive side even when things are

difficult things are not going the way I want them to however I always try to

look on the bright side the bright side of life as they say another nice one

every cloud has a silver lining sometimes you have to remember as you

look up into the sky sometimes there are lots of gray clouds above you

sometimes those clouds will not go away however you might find that one of those

clouds has a silver lining maybe something positive that you can

find or do during these strange times every cloud has a silver lining I like

that and of course finally there is light at the end of the tunnel there is

light at the end of the tunnel definitely it might be very far away it

might be very far in a distance however it is fair to say that there is light at

the end of the tunnel all of this will come to an end at some point all of this

craziness will end and then everything will turn

back to normal as it was before however I would like to think that maybe in the

future people will have a different attitude towards each other and also to

life as well and freedom perhaps we like freedom very much all

animals enjoy freedom that is one of the things I've noticed as I watch the birds

in my garden every day the one thing that I always think is mmm freedom is a

pretty good thing so maybe we will see our freedom in a different way as well

maybe we will look at everything in a very different way our perspective will

change the way we view the world around us the way we treat other people might

change our perspective our view the way we see things around us li'l is there

light at the end of the lockdown do you think I'm sure there is in some places

in some places around the world they are already talking about relaxing the

restrictions so yes I think it would be fair to say that there is light at the

end of the lockdown I think so here in the UK I know here in the UK

things are still not good things are still not going very well here in the UK

so there is light in many places here in the UK I would have to say that the

light the light at the end of the tunnel is very far away

it is just a little dot like a star in the sky but hopefully things will slowly

get better we can only hope animals which are in the zoo are not

free that is true I don't like to see animals caged if there is one thing that

really upsets me it is seeing animals locked behind cages any animal if you

keep a bird in a cage I think it's rather cruel because that bird wants to

fly there their nature is is to fly and be free so I never like to see birds in

cages I always feel a little upset when I see that to be honest

Valentin says mr. Duncan's livestreams are the best thing in this strange time

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say oh my goodness I've just

noticed it's almost time to go two hours have gone by so quickly do you

think do you think the two hours today has gone by very quickly I think so as

soon as your livestream ends I will be looking for the song jazz in Paris on

YouTube and I will listen to it again I love it so much it is it's a very

interesting song it's it's quite fun it makes you feel happy and fun I might

play it again at the end of today's livestream I might play it again just

for you to be as free as a bird literally literally that is the phrase

that we use you are is free as a bird you can go wherever you want you are

free to fly high and across I like that Thank You ciao ciao thank you very much

Adrian I found the music jazz in Paris on YouTube and it's very nice I am so

happy yes if you go into the music library so YouTube has its own music

library not a lot of people know this but it does have its own music library

and as in Paris is one of those songs that

YouTube has on its music library it really does hello Abdo Abdo reward

hello to you it would appear that you are having difficulty with your keyboard

it would appear that you are having difficulty with your keyboard something

might be wrong with your keyboard or maybe your finger who knows after the

stream I need to take a Spanish lesson says Jennifer oh why not go for it

that's what I say if there is something that you want to learn some new

knowledge that you want to put inside your brain do it that's what I say go

for it don't wait don't hesitate do it do it mr. Duncan we will always have in

mind these times and how fragile we are in that we have to take care of others

in all circumstances I think you are right yes and this is one of the things

I've noticed over the past six seven weeks because now we are into our

seventh week of this seven weeks here

seven weeks but I have noticed that many people are treating each other with a

lot of respect and kindness and also generosity I think so thank you very

much Jennifer says I like your videos thank you all so jamelia says see you

later yes I will be back with you tomorrow Thank You Jamelia thank you

Anna thank you also Anna Pico it's been nice today I must say I have enjoyed my

time with you on youtube today it has gone fast do you think so do you

think today's livestream has gone quickly because I think it has I think

it's gone by very quickly they say that time flies when you are

enjoying yourself and I hope you have

there is a French singer who has a beautiful song loove-ray lekars dear

WIZO it means open the door of the birdcage that is nice yes you are

allowing something to fly free you are releasing something from its prison or

its isolation hmm Thank You Louis for that I am going now it is coming up

to four o'clock if you don't believe me look look at my watch that's what it

says yes it is coming up to four o'clock here in the UK I hope you enjoy the rest

of your weekend I hope you have a super-duper day and enjoy the rest of

your day or night depending on where you are in the world I am back with you

tomorrow I am with you tomorrow from when when am i with you tomorrow does

anyone know can someone tell me when I am on tomorrow when do I appear on

YouTube what time can someone tell me time flies when I'm watching your

streams mr. Duncan thank you very much

tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time is when I'm on so you can catch me again live 2 p.m.

thank you Anna yes 2 p.m. UK time 2 p.m. UK time is

tomorrow that's when I'm on again so you will be able to join me once more

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time thank you all so grace Thank You Jennifer thank

you also Louis and also leck leat thank you very much it was a pleasure to

watch you thank you and you are very welcome

I hope you've enjoyed this I hope it has cheered you up as much as its cheered me

up because I love doing this I wish I could do it every day in fact I wish I

could do it all the time I wish I could wake up in the morning I turn on my

camera and just spend the whole day with you

but unfortunately I have to do other things as well mm-hm I'm sure you can

guess what they are I'm sure you can guess tomorrow and back again thank you

very much thank you Anna thank you Christina 2 p.m. British time

G M T well in fact it's British summer time now so it's BST so it's British

summer time 2 p.m. UK tart UK time British summer time mmm Thank You Noemi

thank you also to Berlin nice to see you back by the way Thank You Berlin thank

you very much and thanks for watching from Peru nice to see you back here

again Thank You marina Thank You Ernesto Ernesto hello to you I didn't see you on

Thank You Maria Cristina - p.m. UK time tomorrow live here on

YouTube this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream I

hope it has been useful and remember the egg cup the egg cup anything can happen

in your life if you take that step and of course until tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK

time this is mr. Duncan in England saying

thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed this see you later bye for now

and of course you know what's coming next

just before I walk off into the house to make a cup of tea for myself and also

mr. Steve because I'm thirsty again I am thirsty very thirsty thank you very much and of course...

it's coming it's really coming

total for now