oh hello there fancy seeing you here in the garden how

long have you been waiting not too long I hope

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I hope you are feeling happy today I'm feeling happy

and also wet as you may have noticed already it is raining as I mentioned

yesterday of course I did say that the weather forecast was not very good for

today and guess what they were right the weather isn't very good we've had rain

for the past hour however according to my satellite photographs that I got off

the internet earlier it looks as if the forecast is for dry weather after around

about 2:15 so we might have dry weather it might stop raining and around about

10 minutes from now so I won't have to use my umbrella

for the whole of this livestream anyway here we are as a large passenger plane

goes over my house obviously some people have decided to go on holiday they are

going away somewhere nice it sounds like maybe they are going to a place for this

sunny and anyway here we are this is one of our special extra English live

streams so this is extra English I normally do my live streams on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday however today I'm here with my extra

live stream something special for July I thought I would do something special as

now we have been doing our live streams for over four years four years I've been

doing my live streams and of course my recorded lessons I've been doing well

I've been taking those for nearly 14 years a very

long time to be on YouTube so here we are again I think the rain is starting

to ease off I think so maybe I will put my umbrella down for a moment we will

see what happens so it looks as if the rain has now eased

off which is very nice actually now I feel much more relaxed talking to you

with both hands completely free you remember this look what I've just found

this is the Apple that I showed you the other day do you remember the other day

a couple of days ago I was in the garden and I showed you this Apple I guess what

I've just found it again this is the same Apple how bizarre is that for those

who are wondering who is this strange man talking on my computer screen my

name is Duncan I talk about English I teach English I like to do live streams

I like to talk to you live and that is what I'm doing right now I am live on

YouTube Thursday afternoon it is it is just coming up towards 10 minutes best

two o'clock I don't know what time it is where you are because I'm not there you

see let's have a look at the live chat I'm just wondering how many people are

here on the live chat let's have a look shall we come on live chat show me what

you've got who is here today now normally it takes

a few moments for this to start you see so I have to press that button

and I think we're that yes I think we have it the live stream is now up and

running and we have the live chat as well very nice to see you here today

hello to mosun guess what Mohsen you are first on today's live chat we also have

Abdul Rahab also Wilson Richard lek leet and also Sasuke also who else is here

Mikkel or Michael Lewis Mendez is here as well nice to see you here as well as

well on the live stream and also the live chat so well done a lot of you have

very fast fingers today very fast fingers indeed ah there I am I can see

my face now sometimes it feels very strange when I see myself a couple of

days ago I was looking at some photographs in my email box and I saw

some pictures of one of my students watching me on their computer and I have

to be honest it all it always feels a little bit strange when I see someone

watching me in their own home on their computer so if you have a picture of

yourself watching me on your computer or wherever you watch me in your house

perhaps you use your mobile phone to watch me you see maybe you use a tablet

device perhaps you use your television oh yes you can watch me on the

television by the way if you have one of those fancy TVs one of those fancy

televisions it has YouTube built into it then you can do that as well

so there are many choices many ways of watching my live streams on YouTube so I

hope you're having a good day I'm not too bad

thank you very much not too bad at all even though I was panicking this morning

I had a slight panic because well I wasn't sure if to come outside or not so

I I think I made the right decision to come outside sometimes it is not easy

making decisions because you don't know what the outcome will be as we all know

every action has a reaction and sometimes your decision can decide what

that reaction will be so I wasn't sure whether to come outside and do my

livestream or stay in in the house I wasn't sure what to do so instead I

decided to risk it I decided to take a risk and come outside so that is what

I'm doing right now hello - oh hello also Wilson hello to the English world

nice to see you here as well nice to see you all here

in fact b-trees oh hello Beatriz has anyone seen Belarusian

now Belarus ear told us about something very tragic that happened in her family

a couple of days ago and I haven't seen Belarusian s-- so if anyone knows if

Belarusian is alright please let me know I haven't heard anything from Belarusian

now I was going to send an email but I thought maybe it was a little bit

insensitive if I were to send an email so I didn't I didn't send an email but

who knows maybe today perhaps today we will see Belarus here on the livestream

who knows hello mica mica ODE is watching in Japan hello to you as well

nice to see you here on the livestream the rain yes I think the rain has

stopped isn't that amazing so the my satellite picture was

the rain was about to come to an end isn't that good so my decision today was

to come outside even though I had more than one choice I could have stayed in

the house or come outside but I did I came outside I took the risk so even

though it was raining a little bit even though it's raining slightly things are

not too bad right now how are things where you are how is your Thursday going

now of course normally on Thursday I'm not here normally you can catch me with

my English addict lessons on Sunday Wednesday and Friday that is when I am

on YouTube so today it is open go when I say open go it means we are doing a

spontaneous stream it might rain this tree might fall on my head who knows who

knows what will happen today who knows Vitas is here hello Vitas nice to see

you back as well it is always nice to see people return fresh aren't hello

Prashant hello to you nice to see you here as well hello also - oh we have

Marcelo here as well today we are talking about all sorts of things

anything you want to talk about tomorrow is a very big day here in England

because from tomorrow you will have to wear your face mask so from tomorrow you

will have to cover your face if you are going into the shop or into the

supermarket or in a place where there are many people perhaps public transport

so anywhere where there are many people together you will have to wear your face

covering here in England from tomorrow it will be very interesting to see who

actually who actually observes that rule who actually goes along with it who

actually obeys that rule because I'm not sure how you please sit how do you how

do you get people to wear masks now apparently some people are being told

that they don't have to wear masks and some people are being told that they do

for example if you go into a restaurant to eat food you don't have to wear a

mask even if there are lots of people in in the restaurant with you however if

you go into a shop where there are where there are still people there are people

in the shop and in the restaurant so if you go into the shop you do have to wear

a mask so as you can see it is all rather confusing but from tomorrow from

tomorrow you will have to wear your masks

you have no choice it will be very interesting very interesting to see what

happens very interesting indeed

hello when you win hello to you why do you learn English

why do you learn English there are many reasons why you learn English English is

something that can help you with your life it can open lots of doors it can

bring many opportunities your way so there are many reasons why learning

English is a good thing it is a very good idea to an neuen son says hello

right now I am chatting with you on my computer it is interesting actually

where you are actually watching me where are you watching me at the moment are

you using your mobile phone something like this

are you using a large tablet device maybe a laptop or perhaps a PC maybe

you're sitting in front of your desktop computer or maybe you are you're sitting

in your living room relaxed watching me on your television

set I hope I hope my big face isn't too scary on your television set I really

hope so why do you have to learn English you

don't have to learn it but it is a very useful thing to have because as you

travel around the world you will find that more and more people use English as

a second language it is a common means of communicating it is a very useful

thing because it allows people to communicate with each other

and if there's one thing the human race needs especially at the moment it is

communication people should always talk to each other I believe that a good

relationship relies on communication so that is maybe a marriage maybe in a

family perhaps also around the world when people are talking generally about

different subjects or issues so you see there are many uses of

English many things that English is actually good for in Vietnam we don't

have to wear masks because we are safe here yes

some countries have relaxed their laws

some people are now walking around as normal but here in England from tomorrow

you will have to wear a face mask some sort of covering over your face if you

are going into a shop but if you are in a restaurant you don't very strange very

unusual another thing I've thought about as well

I know I have these strange thoughts in my head sometimes what about all the

waste now all of these masks and all of the personal protection equipment all of

the things that people have to wear what about all of that waste where does it go

lots of plastic lots of different material that is disposable it means you

can throw it away so what happens to all of that you don't need me to tell you

that over the past few years we have been talking a lot about plastic and

waste and the way in which it is disposed of so it will be interesting to

see how all of those masks and all of that personal protection equipment the

gowns the coverings the masks how all of that is disposed of and where it is

actually disposed of hello be trees be trees says I'm using

my mobile phone because with the computer your video has a little bit of

delay yes quite often you will find delay when you are broadcasting live

there is always a slight delay have you ever noticed when you are watching the

news and maybe a person is in another place

reporting live and you will always find there is a slight delay between what the

person says and also the other person at the other end so when I ask a question

to another person and they are in another place maybe in other part of the

world there is normally around four or maybe five second delay so there is five

seconds between me saying it and then hearing it so you can have something

called latency latency is something you get when you do something live so you

always have a slight delay there is a slight delay

we have Rossa here Ricardo hello Ricardo nice to see you here as well actually if

we disarm against the bug it is a coward and also treacherous I think what you

mean by that is if we if we give up or if we stop being aware of the book it

might be a bad thing can you believe it can you see what's happening the Sun the

Sun is coming out now I can't believe it we are having some crazy weather this

summer so not only have we just had rain but now you have sunshine and you might

also be able to hear one of my neighbors far away has decided to start using

their power tool I think they are cutting their bushes with their noisy

machine and is what is going on just over there not very far away

oh hello unique arena mr. Duncan when I was in England I saw some very old iron

bins when you say bins

do you mean trash cans precent or Prashant says have you ever watched Life

of Pi I've never seen the movie completely I've seen bits of the movie

but I haven't seen all of it but there are some very interesting special

effects some very interesting CGI in that particular movie can you show me

your apple tree well the apple tree is just behind me there it is

in fact you might be able to see the apples on the tree there are many apples

this year I don't know why for this year we have a lot of apples on the apple

tree and to think mr. Steve wanted to cut this tree down two years ago Steve

wanted to chop this tree down and I said no you can't you cannot I won't allow

you I want to protect the life of this tree how about doing a live stream about

animals and enjoy yourself from all studying the new words it's a good idea

actually yes I suppose I could there are many animals around here and I have

mentioned that before there are many animals living around here

hello earth fan Earth an ally hello to you nice to see you love you from

Pakistan so thank you very much it's very kind of you to say mr. Duncan the

weather is nicer in the UK than in Spain here there it is too hot almost

unbearable it is amazing we are having a very cool very wet summer however in

other parts of the world many people are having very warm or very hot and dry

summers for example in the United and across Europe as well including

Spain many places are having very dry summers can you suggest some novels for

beginners what I would say is if when you are trying to to learn to maybe read

or understand English I think it is always best to read something that you

have an interest in I know I've mentioned this before but if you have an

interest in something I always think it is much easier to learn because you have

a genuine interest in that thing so I would always say that it is a good

thing to to read books read novels read

stories about things you are interested in maybe a certain type of book or story

with a certain theme and of course don't read something that's too difficult to

read so maybe if you read something that has lots of long words then I would

avoid that but there are many novels many books short stories one of my

favorite authors when I was younger was Raymond Bradbury because I like science

fiction and Raymond Bradbury used to write lots of short stories science

fiction stories so they weren't very long stories so if you like science

fiction I would suggest maybe an author like Raymond Bradbury he wrote a lot of

science fiction and a lot of stories fantasy stories I suppose fantasy

stories but some of them were short stories so they are very easy to digest

they are very easy to take in Palmyra says now I am idle because of my

outgoing from home I have to do nothing except join mr. Duncan's chat

you make it sound like a bad thing you make it sound like it's some sort of

punishment maybe it is perhaps that's what happens maybe some people are

punishing maybe their children or their relatives or their husband and they are

making them watch this so this might be a form of punishment for all I know I

don't know pal Mira I will keep you company during these strange times I

will be with you tomorrow as well don't forget tomorrow live with English addict

number 101 did you see me yesterday I was doing my English addict episode 100

yesterday but how it Ahmed to all the students of mr. Duncan

if you experience the following symptoms

quarantine yourself at home and follow the instructions given by the medical

team yes there are many symptoms many things that might be signs of illness

but there are some people who show no symptoms they have no symptoms so there

is no way of knowing if they have the virus or not so yes it can be very hard

to detect in fact the best way to detect it is to have some sort of test they

normally take a sample from up your nose which actually looks rather painful

have you had the test they normally take something and they they push it up into

your nose can I just say it does not look very pleasant it does not look very

pleasant at all oh we have Pedro Belmont Pedro Belmont is here today I'm in the

garden it's wet it's been raining it's been pouring down today so I I really

hope I really hope the rain will now stay off for a while it will stay off

even though I think it's trying to rain again typical hello - oh hello also -

hello - I think the helicopter is for mr. Steve maybe it is maybe it's YouTube

trying to find me so they can cut my internet wire and stop me

broadcasting here Lisa can hello Lisa can can you can you really may I say

something mr. Duncan Lisa you may say something as long as

it's polite but please don't ask my age because

everyone keeps asking my age everyone asks mr. Duncan mr. Duncan how old are

you so you can ask ask a question if you want

don't worry Lisa Lisa cab you may in fact you can hello - Oh Pedro and we

also have Luis Mendez again new uni Karina says I would like to have a walk

in sales brie or Solsbury I always say sales brie and it isn't that it's

Solsbury I would like to have a walk in Salisbury right now it's a beautiful

place with crystalline water so something that is crystalline is clear

it is clear like crystal shimmers its shimmers its shines it's clear just like

crystal and also there are little ducks and I like to be close to nature I would

like to retire in Salisbury Salisbury is a lovely place we've been there as well

Salisbury Cathedral it's the most amazing building now I am a big fan of

old buildings and also old churches I like visiting old churches I don't know

why churches cathedrals anything like that an old building there is something

very strange about going inside a building where you know lots and lots of

people have been maybe for the past hundred 200 maybe even 500 years so

there is something very strange about going into a very old building and in

this country many of the really old buildings or churches because they were

built a long time ago and they were built very well they were built of solid

stone so it is often the case where you might

find yourself in a small village or town and you will come across a beautiful

church and quite often these churches are maybe three or four hundred years

old incredible and there is something straight have you ever been to an old

building and you put your hand on maybe part of the building maybe maybe the old

stones and you will put your hand on the stone and you feel it and you think wow

that stone has been laid by a person who ever carved that stone whoever placed

that stone there is now long since dead and yet here it is

the building still stands it's incredible

I don't know what's happening today there are helicopters everywhere I'm

starting to think maybe it is YouTube perhaps YouTube are trying to find me

I think so bad I can how can I learn English in a good way well when you say

good I suppose you mean effective an effective way so effective learning well

my advice is the same advice I always give you have to do the thing that you

are learning every day you have to study it every day you have to spend a certain

amount of time doing that thing so learning English is just like learning

anything you have to put a lot of time effort enthusiasm into doing it whatever

it is listening reading understanding and of course speaking as well it takes

time you can't rush these things I know there are many people on YouTube they

say here watch my video you can learn English in two hours you can't you can't

learn English in two hours they are they are tricking you they are

getting you to click on their video maybe I should try that

maybe I should start doing clickbait yes you see that is the problem you see

because I'm so honest and I never like to mislead you with my videos

most people think well I'm not watching that there's nothing happening there's

no naked people there's no swearing there's nobody being

hateful towards other people so I'm not going to watch that lesson clickbait

there are many people on YouTube who want you to click on their videos and

they will say anything they will show anything to get you to click on that

actual video hello dear people from all over the world I hope you enjoy this day

thank you Helena that's very kind of you to say

very kind indeed palmira says I am NOT a religious person but I always attend

churches so when you say attend do you mean visit

visit churches or do you mean that you actually go to church to to sit through

the service so do you attend church services or do you just like visiting

churches I do I love visiting churches there is actually a video on my youtube

channel where I went to Litchfield Lichfield Cathedral wonderful place very

old building

I am very interested in all buildings in churches says barong here in Much

Wenlock we have we have the ruins ruins so when we say ruins we mean a building

that has collapsed or maybe has almost vanished but maybe there are pieces of

the building still left we call them ruins ruins what do you do in your spare

time to avoid mr. Steeves jokes I'm not sure actually well to be honest with you

I've become very accustomed to mr. Steeves jokes so to be honest they don't

bother me anymore I'm very used to mr. Steeves jokes and his strange ways by

the way this morning I did some washing I put some some washing in the washing

machine and I started the washing machine so it was doing its thing like

that and then mr. Steve came downstairs and he shouted my name he said Duncan

Duncan mr. Duncan where are you and I said what's the matter now Steve what's

wrong he says there is foam coming out of the washing machine it is coming out

of the top of the washing machine it is going everywhere and I said yes it

happens sometimes just calm down mr. Steve stop panicking

so what happened is because the water was hot and also there was some soap

inside the washing machine there was lots of foam so when you washed

something you normally have lots of white foam and quite often it is very

hard to get rid of so that's what happened this morning the washing

machine was working okay it was working fine no problem but there was foam

at the top where where the drawer is so there's normally a little place where

you put washing powder and all of the foam was coming out of there and Steve

was really panicking he got into such a panic in fact you might say that he got

he got into a lather okay you see that that is an awful joke but mr. Steve

sometimes Steve does panic quite a lot he does he panics so he was panicking

this morning because there was some foam

coming out of the washing machine but it was nothing serious nothing to worry

about everything was all right I would like to go to Stonehenge ah yes well you

have to go a long way from here it is a very long way

I think it's Wiltshire so Stonehenge is a very long way away from here it is

probably maybe three maybe four hours if you were driving all the way to

Stonehenge from here so we are a very long way from there be trees mr. Duncan

have you ever been to Mum Ellsbury mm Ellsbury okay then

I've never heard of mammals Bri mum Ellsbury hmm interesting I might look

that up on the map later I will have a look for that there is a very old

cathedral and also the old Bell Hotel apparently it is the oldest hotel in

England and I was having afternoon tea there what was it like inside so did it

look old inside or was it modern inside mei-mei mem Ellsbury hmm I will try to

find that I'm going to have a look at that I've never heard of the place I've

never heard of mammals burry okay something else for me to do today

another new thing for me to learn about my own country mr. Duncan the word

clickbait doesn't have any direct translation to Spanish you might also

say that something is misleading so a thing that appears to promise something

but actually doesn't deliver it so it promises something but it doesn't

actually deliver what it says it promises

vitas there are many churches in our city almost all of the Gothic style yes

well I suppose one of the the most traditional appearances of all buildings

we often talk about gothic styles Gothic cathedrals and I can't believe I can't

believe there was another fire in France at the weekend another Cathedral caught

fire and they seem to think that someone started it deliberately can you believe

that can you believe a person actually setting fire to anything a building or a

house anything a tree a field anything can you believe this some people will

actually start fires think of the danger think of the damage think of the risk

crazy so not only was there a fire a couple of years ago in fact it was last

year wasn't it yes there was another one at the weekend terrible so I hope they

catch the people that did it I hope they will catch them

Tao Li says this is the first time that I've watched your livestream welcome

thank you for joining me today thank you very much it's very nice to see you I

miss many videos from you I am from Vietnam well how Li you are

welcome you are welcome how young are you mr. Steve mr. Duncan that's me by

the way I'm mr. Duncan mr. Steve is upstairs

working he he isn't in a very good mood today can I just tell you Steve is not

in a good mood he has a lot of work to do hmm

that's all I'm saying that's all I'm saying Steve is feeling the pressure

today he's feeling the pressure of his job

are there any cattle in the back of your house well normally there there are cows

at the moment but I think today I think the cows are staying somewhere where

they are protected from the rain so maybe they are sitting under a tree they

are somewhere where the rain will not affect them even cows don't like getting

wet so if it rains the cows will try their best they will try their best to

avoid the rain even the cows even the cows don't like the rain at all ray sir

hello ray sir oh I think I'm going to sneeze how strange

what is the newest word in English selfie or is that already too old I

think the word selfie is actually quite old I think so so when a person takes a

selfie they take a photograph of themselves on their on their phone you

see like no shall I take a photograph of me

with you would you like me to take a photograph of me with you okay then wait

there a moment I will try my best I will take a photograph of us together okay so

I will wait I will take a selfie that's what I want to call it so here we go I'm

going to take a selfie of us so don't forget to smile all right I will put my

arm around you and we will take a selfie together ready smile did you enjoy that

I hope you put on your best smile so that was a lovely photograph let's have

a look shall we oh yes yes there we go there is the

picture I just took oh isn't that lovely yes I I'm not sure

about you though because you're not smiling I'm smiling but you're you're

not smiling well why why are you not smiling I'm never right I'm never right

maybe my mum was correct when she said there's something wrong with you she

might be right say cheese yes a lot of people say cheese when they're having a

photograph taken because they like to smile so if you say cheese you will


very nice Vitesse says I am not much of an architecture connoisseur well nor nor

am i I I'm not I'm not an expert on buildings but there is something

interesting there is something very interesting about being close being

close to an old building because you think of all of the moments all of the

moments of time that have passed all of the people that have been inside that

building all of the people who have walked through being in there

and of course all of the people who built the structure in the first place

amazing amazing Thomas says my daughter says cheese smells if I take a photo of

her cheese smells so maybe if you're not careful you won't have a smile on your

face you will have a sort of strange cheese smells so maybe your your

expression will not be happy but yes people do say cheese

I remember in Chinese even in Chinese they say tea as what she is which is the

same thing I suppose you are always very kind with me I try my best

I really do I try to be kind hello hello magaz I like your sense of humor thank

you very much British humor you see what you are

sampling here what you are listening to the thing you are experiencing is

British humor this is how British people like to have fun you see sometimes we do

very unusual things like sometimes you might find a man will dress as a woman

British humour you see British humor is very interesting perhaps we will talk

more about that tomorrow some interesting parts of British humor shall

we talk about that tomorrow I think that's a good idea so I will show you

some examples tomorrow of British humour and some of it is very unusual very odd

Mohammed Ahmed can you please tell me what is the difference between receipt

and bill thank you very much yes yesterday we were talking about going to

the supermarket we would talking about all sorts of words

connected with going to the supermarket so when you buy something from the

supermarket they will normally give you a receipt so the receipt is given after

you pay so you you you pay and then you get a receipt however a bill is normally

something you receive before you pay so a receipt is given after you pay the

bill is normally given before you pay so the bill is given to you and then you

pay a receipt is something you are given after you pay I hope that explains it

for you I never did get a what happened to the question by the way what happened

to the question there was a question but I never saw it he never came no he never

came I never saw the question can I ask you a question and then and then there

was no question I was wondering what the question was I'm thinking now I'm

thinking what the question might be I

wonder what I wonder what she wanted to ask me I wonder what the question was

oh I see when we take a picture we say whiskey whiskey oh okay

whiskey oh yes I suppose so whiskey whiskey so when you take a photograph

some people say cheese cheese some people say whiskey whiskey like that

hello also Valentin Valentina talking about Venice yes

well Venice is one of those places that at the moment is under threat oh can you

see the cows the cows are behind me you wanted to see the cows and the cows

have come to say hello hello cows hi so the cows are now behind me they are

coming across the field can you see them I can I can see them I can also smell

them as well yeah hello cows I can see you going past the house okay

can you show us something about your house well you can see my garden that's

no problem and sometimes I will show you the inside of my house but not today

because we are outside we are outside the house today mr. Duncan are you a

lover of cache or not when you say cache what do you mean do you mean cache as in

just having cash or having money or do you mean do I like carrying cash do I

like carrying cash I don't normally carry cash in fact it's very unusual for

me to have any cash in my pockets because nowadays most people will pay

for their things on credit cards or debit cards so I I don't have credit

cards to be honest I I don't borrow money and I have no credit cards at all

so I don't I don't owe money to anyone so I suppose I'm quite lucky in that

respect so III have a debit card I have a debit card I have a business debit

card as well so because I have to sometimes spend money on this doing this

I have to spend money so that's what I will do can you tell me the topic of the

apple doesn't fall far from the tree hang my I mentioned that yesterday when

we say that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree we are saying that the

child is very similar to the parent or one of the parents so the Apple hasn't

fallen very far from the tree it means the the child is very similar to the

parents it is often used negatively by the way it is often used in a negative

way if a child is maybe I don't know maybe they are

hello mr. pigeon I thought the pigeon was going to attack

me then so if a child is rude maybe the parents are also rude you

might say oh we can see that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree in

their family the Apple does not fall far from the tree it means that the child is

very similar to the parents quite often in a negative way

negative quite often they are cows behind me they are not Bulls they are

cows by the way behind me you can hear the pigeon there is a pigeon at the

moment looking for love hmm it is a lonely pigeon sitting in the

bush it is saying come on girls where are you I am a lonely pigeon sitting

here all alone and now it's behind me the pigeon is now behind me can you see

the pigeon there sitting on the fence so the pigeon is now there the pigeon is

now singing behind me mr. cow hello mr. pigeon have you noticed it is never dull

in my garden there is always something going on in the garden there is there is

always something happening always something happening

need who have yay Nidhi rav way oh yay I have said to my friends that you are

teaching English very nicely they will start watching and it is good news thank

you very much a lot of people do recommend my lessons my recorded lessons

and also these live lessons as well the pigeon is now sitting behind me are you

okay mr. pigeon are you looking for a girlfriend oh what a shame there is

always something happening in my garden always there is always something

happening Bao Dai says goodbye I have to go to sleep because it is late

good night mr. Duncan good night bye or die and I hope you have sweet dreams and

a nice rest we can also say a person is a chip off the old block yes if a person

is a chip off the old block it means they are very similar they are very

similar to their parents they have very similar characteristics to their parents

you are right a chip off the old block

racer says Mr Duncan never carries cash so we already know that if we ever see

him we won't be able to rob him okay thanks for that thank you very much yes

I will be very pleased if I'm walking down the road and I see you coming the

other way please don't rob me because you won't get anything anyway because I

don't normally carry money

I don't normally carry money with me so that's worth knowing so now you know

your garden is a treasure chest a treasure chest I think it is you never

know what's going to happen next this garden has seen many things happen lots

of things nice things and not so nice things I've seen many animals killed in

this garden by other animals normally birds of prey such as sparrowhawks so

sparrowhawks there are many predators around here many animals that are

hunting for other animals we have sparrowhawks kestrels also buzzards we

also have buzzards as well the pigeon has come back that is one desperate

pigeon very desperate I think so so yes we have a lot of predators around here

so unfortunately one of the things I had to learn about living in the countryside

is quite often you will see lots of killing animals being killed by other

animals unfortunately hello

Abdul Abdul Wahid I recently started to watch your videos thank you very much I

do have a YouTube channel many people forget that I actually make video

lessons as well and over the past 14 years I've made over 500 and on my

YouTube channel there are lots and lots of playlists in fact underneath if you

look under this video you will see the description and lower down there is also

the playlist as well so there is a playlist underneath this video you are

watching now and all of my lessons are on there all of them you can

through all of the playlists and there are many many of them

hello mr. Duncan and classmates Roxie hello - Roxie nice to see you here today

thank you very much for joining me I don't know how long I will be on today

maybe an hour maybe an hour and a half so I've been with you now for one hour

it is now just after three o'clock I like your video and I had doubt what

kind of milk you drink Thank You Abdul I often drink milk that doesn't have much

fat actually inside it semi skimmed milk however sometimes I like to treat myself

to some full fat milk sometimes you have to have full fat milk in coffee for

example I don't like drinking coffee with with weak milk it's horrible it's

like drinking water so if I if I make a cup of coffee I always like to put full

cream milk into the coffee and then it tastes delicious I love it I like it a

lot so normally I I drink semi skimmed milk so there is some fat removed but to

be honest with you I really do like eating or drinking should I say full fat

milk when I'm eating my cereal in the morning I also like to have a little bit

of full fat milk on my cereal it's the best to be honest it is the best

it tastes lovely I don't know why I love it you might be surprised to find out

how much milk we get through in this house in this small house how much milk

we actually get through mr. Steve and myself we drink

a lot of milk hello mr. Danko Morocco Oh Morocco easy to learn

hello easy to learn from Morocco nice to see you here oh I would love to go to

Morocco one day can I come to Morocco and sample some of the food they think

so I think so can you explain idioms idioms and how they can be used hello

Nabil idioms a very interesting area of English and I suppose in other languages

as well I think idioms are used in all languages but sometimes in different

ways but yes we use idioms sometimes when we are trying to express the

meaning of something in a vivid way or maybe in a poetic way so idioms are

often used we we often use phrases or words and we change the meaning of the

word to suit that situation an idiom an idiom

mr. Duncan what is the cheapest market in London I have no idea first of all I

don't live in London so I don't really know to be honest I know there are lots

of markets in London if you go to the centre of London there are market places

market stalls areas where fruit fresh vegetables are sold and lots of other

things as well oh by the way I was asked yesterday if

there is a fish shop a place where you can buy fresh fish here in Much Wenlock

there is not no you can't buy fresh fish here in Much Wenlock

unfortunately so we don't have a fishmonger a fishmonger a fishmonger is

a person who sells fresh fish normally a small shop and inside they sell all

sorts of different types of fish however there is a big fish market in London a

very big fish market and that is the place where all of the market traders

they will gather in the morning and they will choose the fish they will choose

the fish that they they want to sell on their market stall so there are there is

one big fish market in London and there are lots of other people selling fish as

well fresh fish to eat but here in Much Wenlock we don't have one we don't have

a fishmonger we have a butcher who sells meat meat products but we don't have a

fishmonger unfortunately which is a shame because I quite like fresh fish I

will be honest with you salmon it's been a long time since we've had salmon I

don't know what's happened maybe maybe there is a salmon shortage but we

haven't had salmon for a long time I like salmon very much salmon also Cod as

well Oh a nice piece of fresh Cod with a little

bit of bitter top and maybe some parsley sauce on the

side very nice yes I like fish I don't eat as much as I used to but I

do like eating fish salmon and also caught very nice very nice why are there

no fish mongers in your town I don't know why maybe one of the reasons is

because there isn't any demand for fresh fish you see because these days you can

buy lots of fish frozen so you can go to the supermarket and you can buy fish

that it's frozen so maybe that's the reason why in certain places you might

not find fresh fish being sold you might not find it being sold at all even

there's a fly on my lens and it's annoying me Oh mr. Duncan please come to

Norway we have a lot of fish I might come there now can I come now do you

mind if I actually come and visit you in Norway I would love to try some lovely

fresh fish maybe the boat is still coming in and then and then I can go to

the boat and actually pick a piece of fish from the boat now that is very

fresh very fresh fish if it's if it's still on the boat that's very fish very

fresh fresh fish I like fresh fish do you like fresh fish fresh fish cod yes I

think card is a very nice type of fish for two reasons one the meat is very

soft and it's very easy to eat and also quite

often you were it is it is very easy to get the bones out so one of the things I

don't like about eating fresh fish of course are the bones inside because I

always feel afraid perhaps I will swallow one of the bones

and it will get stuck in my throat and then I will choke and turn blue so

that's one of the reasons why I used to I used to be very afraid of eating fresh

fish because I was always worried that maybe I would choke on one of the bones

a little I used to hear stories of people who would sit down they would sit

down in a restaurant and have a delicious piece of fish and then as

they're eating they swallow a bone is start choking and there is no one there

to give them any first aid there is no one there to give them the Heimlich


do you like fish and chips with mushed mushy peas no I don't like mushy peas I

don't like mashed peas I don't I don't like mashed peas oh I see em Yusef says

Oh like my husband so maybe your husband has your husband ever choked on a fish

bone it's one of my fears one of my fears is eating fish and choking on the

bone especially if it's in a restaurant if it's in a restaurant it's even worse

because it's very embarrassing as well I think it's very embarrassing choking on

food in a public place the shame the shame of it

Jade says at the market they gave me a lot of broccoli for free I think

broccoli is a very interesting vegetable because many people don't like broccoli

they don't like eating it they find broccoli horrible they find broccoli

but it's going on my screen something very strange just happened on

my screen very interesting what was that oh very interesting I'm distracted there

broccoli yes a lot of people don't like broccoli

a lot of people say broccoli I don't like it at all but I like broccoli I

will be honest with you I do like broccoli you can have you can have cod

with potatoes and maybe a little bit of broccoli on the side so you can have

broccoli with many things so I do I like broccoli I don't mind it I love broccoli

but there are many people who don't like broccoli in the same way that they don't

like Brussels sprouts as well so a lot of people don't like Brussels sprouts or

broccoli but broccoli is actually very good for you it is actually very good

for your health if you eat broccoli it's very good for


McHale McHale or Michael says I don't like broccoli very much hmm Sara hello

Sara al hafi or tuna is delicious and easy to eat tuna that is another fish

that's quite nice oily it's very oily so I do like tuna tuna is very nice I think

I think tuna might be one of the most popular types of fish I might be wrong

I'm not a fish expert but I remember seeing something many years ago about

tuna I think tuna is one of the most popular types of fish tuna and card so I

think those two are actually the most popular types of fish I think so my

daughter loves broccoli together with fish and pesto and also white sauce

William Vaughn Baskerville interesting yes you could have fish with

so many things fish with rice so normally on Sunday what we used to have

we haven't had it for a long time we used to have salmon fresh salmon with

rice and also sweet potatoes as well and then mr. Steve would put some tomatoes

some small tomatoes on top of the salmon and also some herbs and some garlic as

well very delicious very nice so normally we would we would put the the

salmon in the oven we were put it into a glass pot and then we will put it in the

oven for about 30 minutes 30 minutes 40 40 minutes maybe you have to be very

careful when you're cooking salmon it is very easy to overcook salmon and if you

overcook the salmon it goes very hard it's not easy to eat so you have to make

sure that you don't overcook you don't cook the salmon too much Mary says I

love salmon with rice and advocaat oh yes you see you are right there yes with

rice you see salmon and rice it goes together very well making me hungry to

be honest all by the way tonight I think tonight we will have to wear our masks

because we're going for a Chinese meal so tonight we are having a Chinese

takeaway from the local Chinese takeaway in which Wenlock but I think tonight we

will have to wear our masks I think so so that's what we're having to eat

tonight we are having our very healthy vegetable chow mein

real broccoli is very expensive here in Italy it is quite cheap says Valentina

boric says mr. Duncan I'm so hungry please stop talking about food I beg you

okay let's stop talking about food there is nothing worse than talking about food

when you are hungry M Yousef yes we normally cook salmon for around about 30

minutes and then we cook it with rice and also maybe mashed potatoes mashed

mashed potatoes ah my favorite food by the way is mashed potatoes potatoes that

are mashed with a little bit of milk and a little bit of butter you mash the

potatoes my favourite food my most favourite food if I could have a last

meal if I if I was ever in a situation where I was offered my last meal I think

my last meal would be a big plate of mashed potatoes I think so

William Vaughn Baskerville by the way did you say you live in Wenlock Much

Wenlock is the name of the place Much Wenlock so it actually has two words in

the name much much Wenlock Much Wenlock yes it is it is near Telford not very

far away from Telford and also very close to a place called Iron Bridge ion

bridge is a very famous place around the world that is the place where the

first-ever Iron Bridge was built a lot of people say that around here was the

birthplace of the Industrial Revolution right here so just up the road from my

house is where the Industrial Revolution began around the world and everything

changed from that point and here I am now standing in the garden talking to

you on YouTube one of the things I don't like I do like I do like fish but I

don't like seafood when I say seafood I mean prawns yeah

makes me feel sick thinking about it to be honest if I think about prawns I feel

sick prawns or crabs crabs have you ever had crap lobster is another one I don't

like shellfish so I don't like shellfish I like fish let's swim like that but I

don't like shellfish that walk around like this I'm not a very big fan of

those to be honest how many kilograms is this cow I have no idea I am not very

good at guessing the weight of people and I'm definitely not very good at

guessing the weight of cows I don't know how heavy it is

I'm not going to ask because it's very rude you should never ask a cow how

heavy she is because you might get a slap in the face

hello Claude hello colored colored abdel nasser colud abdel nasser nice to see

you here on the live chat thank you very much for joining us I like to eat

lobsters it is so nice I've tried it yes I've tried lobsters but I always feel

very uncomfortable because I know that when they cook them they cook them alive

I don't like to think of that to be honest

makes me feel a very makes me feel very strange oh yes

err me Youssef very good that is a good idea good suggestion there yes the same

as me I don't like octopus or squid it's disgusting how can people eat squid

with their long legs and they they sometimes cut them up into little slices

oh I can't do that I'm sorry No so shellfish crabs oysters lobster also

squid I can't eat squid even the name makes me feel sick so mr. Duncan what is

the name of a baby cow the baby cow is called a calf see al F I might write

that down let's see if I can write that down Oh calf so a baby cow is called a

calf calf a little cow is called a calf I hope

that helps squid oh I don't know what what is that

other thing what is the other thing is it color calamari calamari am i right

there is that the right pronunciation calamari there's a type of seafood and I

think it is a type of squid but instead of calling it squid they call it calamar

calamari or calamari I think you often find it in Italian food but I don't like

that I'm sorry thank God even the smell fish

yes I like I like fish cod and also salmon tuna quite nice but not not

shellfish crabs no way no way calamari yes I died I can't eat that it's just it

makes me feel very strange when I think about it even now standing here I'm

talking to you now and in my mind I can see a great big octopus going by and to

be honest with you even that makes me feel sick even that makes me feel

strange sure imp oh how can people eat shrimp

they are so oh they Lele look like like big worms and one of the worst things

about shrimp is it shrimp or prawns you have to oh I think it's shrimp you have

to you have to get their poo out before you can eat them you have to get them

and you have to you have to push push the poo out of them and then you eat


sorry look all of that makes me feel rather bad to be honest calamari yes

calamari you often see it on the menu but I know what it is they they're

trying to trick me you see they're trying to trick me into eating octopus

but I'm not going to calamari nope not going to not going to happen so now you

know my taste in fish certain types of fish I like shellfish

I don't like it makes me feel very strange it's a bit like going into your

garden in eating the worms and the snails and the slugs that's what it

feels like you see I don't know why it makes me feel very uncomfortable I also

hate seafood mr. Duncan I can't smell them no I don't like the smell of

seafood that that's one of the reasons why I probably I would probably never go

to a fish market for the same reason imagine the smell the smell of the fish


Valentina what about frogs what about frogs mr. Duncan have you ever tried

eating frogs I haven't I've never eaten a frog ever I know in certain places

frogs are a delicacy but I've never eaten them never eaten frogs I suppose

I'm trying to think what the what the most unusual thing I've ever eaten what

is it why is the most unusual thing I've ever tasted

i-i've been offered some strange food when I was in China I was offered some

very strange food squirrel there was a restaurant in China where I was living

and they had squirrel on the menu you could eat squirrel in fact a few years

ago here in the UK eating squirrel was actually quite popular I'm not joking I

am not joking eating squirrel was popular here in the UK supermarkets were

selling squirrel what can you say I could never eat a frog Am Yousef says

for us in our religion we can't eat frogs so in many religions you will find

animals are quite significant as symbols or deities so yes there is a lot of

symbolism of creatures animals if you go to Egypt of course you will see the

Sphinx which looks very similar to an animal it is half woman half is it half

cat or half dog I've never been to Egypt you see I've never I've never had a

close look at the Sphinx to be honest but I know I know even in Egyptian

hieroglyphics you will see animals cats and donks lil says eating dogs is

popular in China well it isn't popular in China it is

popular in small regions of China normally in the south of China there are

some places where they eat dogs however they are farmed so these are

dogs that are actually farmed in exactly the same way as cows or sheep so they

are farmed in the same way but no not all over China

I've lived there so I know what I'm talking about not all Chinese people eat

dogs yes some people certain parts certain

areas small areas of China but not the whole of China you see you have to be

careful that's a bit like saying that everyone in England eats fish and chips

it isn't true you see every religion has different

eating culture yes this is something I noticed I noticed when I I used to visit

Malaysia and during the certain religious festivals there would be

certain food that was served in certain food that was not served as well Barak

mr. Duncan have you ever eaten dog in China no I haven't I have not where I

lived there there wasn't there wasn't the desire for people to eat dog to be

honest so no I didn't there was a restaurant that I went to and they had

squirrel on the menu as I mentioned a few moments ago they had squirrel and

also snake as well snake how do you eat a snake where do you begin which end

which end do you start with which end do you start at with a snake how do you eat

a snake it must be like having a giant piece of spaghetti maybe you have to

suck it like that perhaps I've never eaten a

snake I've never eaten a dog in fact there are many animals I've never eaten

that's all I'm saying that's all I'm saying nothing else yes

it's amazing this is one of the things that's interested me over the years

especially when I started traveling to other countries I realized how important

food is in the lives of so many people it is a very big part of the culture of

that country see I think in England food isn't as important I know you might not

disagree you you might not agree with me but yes you will find that in England I

don't think eating eating doesn't come very high up it is not a big cultural

thing for example if you go to France eating is is like an art form people

will sit for hours having their evening dinner Oh evening supper so quite often

if you sit down in France and have a have a lunch or an evening dinner it can

take many hours there is no rush everyone takes their time no I haven't

eaten any bats or snails I've never eaten snails never tried it so thank you

Christie and vered a Christian green have you eaten bats no I haven't I've

never eaten a bet ever although a bat has almost eaten me

the experience of having a media conversation in a chat with you about

different subjects is amazing Thank You Ricardo that's very kind of you we all

have things in common one of the things I love about doing this one of the

things I enjoy about doing this is that we get to share the things that we have

in common we spend too much time talking about our

differences and disagreements those things will always exist there are

always things that we are going to disagree on however there are also many

things that we do agree on things we have in common things that connect us

things that bring us together as human beings I love that so that is one of the

reasons why I love doing this Nessa in Muslim religion eating frogs crab snakes

dogs pigs are not permissible to eat

again yes food food is something that almost it is a very important part of

culture of culture and as I said traveling around the world going to

Malaysia going to other countries where food it is almost sacred the the actual

process of sitting down together to eat is seen as a very special thing a very

important thing we usually sit for our

we usually sit for our in the north of Spain July the 25th is the national

festivity of Sint James and most of us celebrated with a meal Thank You

Marietta yes I think so there are there are many

things that revolve around food and this is another thing that I remember from my

time in China I remember the same thing in China

food is seen as a very important thing a very precious thing a very precious

commodity because there were periods of time in the past where shoot where food

was in shortage there were famines across China recently and also in the

far distant past as well so yes the Chinese have a very special relationship

with food and one of the things that you will often find when you go to a Chinese

festival a meal or maybe a celebration is there is always lots of food and the

food is is plentiful and I did talk to someone about that and I said I I

believe from my own point of view I believe that you you love food so much

because there were there were periods of time in your history where food was very

scarce so now you value food very much you feel as if you must always have lots

of food nearby and the person I was speaking to said yes how did you know

that how did you know that and that is it so there were periods of time where

where food was very scarce you couldn't find food there was very little food so

I think nowadays people make sure that they always have enough food to eat so

religious festivals certain times of the year when people get together

I suppose here in England we get together at Christmas and have lots of

food in the United States they have Thanksgiving and they get together and

they eat lots of food I saw her I did see a question have you ever signed have

you ever been asked to sign an autograph not here in England but I did in China I

would often get stopped in the street in China and people would ask me to sign

their textbook or maybe there sighs book the crazy days of China long

ago when I was walking down the road and people would stop me and they would say

I know who you are very strange period of time not anymore it doesn't happen

here so when I walk around much much Wenlock people don't stop me they

sometimes look at me in a very strange way like this but they never stopped me

they never stop and ask for an autograph not here anyway if you eat a lot of

vegetable soup you will not gain weight yes well I think eating healthily is

something we all try to do we don't always succeed unfortunately but we try

our best we try our best

Luis Mendez oh hello Louis I haven't ignored you don't worry

snails it's it's the it is the best thing I've eaten together with a good

beer snails and beer

they are little snails not large snails like in France the Portuguese people are

very good there they have very good cuisine they have very good cuisine

their way of preparing food Portuguese I didn't see any snails last year when I

was in Portugal last year I didn't see any snails being eaten but thanks for

telling me Luis another thing I would never eat I would never eat snails I

don't think so what is I don't know what's happening today with the pigeons

they seem to have gone a bit crazy to be honest I think the pigeons are losing

their minds what is the sound that the pigeon makes we often call it cooing COO

so a pigeon will COO there it is I think the pigeon was listening to me

can you believe that I have a feeling this pigeon is listening to my live

stream so the pigeon will COO like that pigeons will COO they make a sound that

is the sound that they make they like that

English learn hello English learn can I wave to you

nice English learn I learn English six hours a day but I still can't speak

properly tell me what to do learning to speak is the hardest part of learning

any language not only English but any language whatever it is all of the

languages if you are learning it speaking the language can be the hardest

thing to do one of my little ideas one of the things I like to do is I like to

advise you to record your voice on your phone if you have a recording device

maybe a tape machine or maybe an mp3 player you can actually record your

voice I'm going to see if I can do it now I'm going to try and record

something of course the first thing you need is your voice recorder and it is

something I haven't used for a long time so I'm trying to find it now where is my

voice recorder doo doo doo doo doo doo

strange I can't find my voice recorder I haven't used this for a long time you

see so that might be the reason why hmm I haven't deleted it I know I haven't

deleted it it's here somewhere I know it is it's very annoying do you ever find

that sometimes you can't find the application on your phone even though

you know it's in there you know it's you know it's in your phone but you can't

find it why can't I fine find that but a very good thing you can

do is record your voice you can record the sound of your voice and then you can

play it back so you record your voice and then you listen to it

and that is something you do again and again and again you do it many times so

speaking is the hardest part of learning any language I think it is yes

definitely it is the hardest part of learning any language why can't I find

my voice recorder how strange the pigeons have gone crazy today I don't

know why maybe they've maybe they've been drinking maybe they've been to a

party for one of their pigeon friends who knows ah here we go I found it

welcome to voice memos that's the reason why because there's been an update on my

phone you see so because they've updated my phone I have to start this

application all over again isn't that annoying welcome to voice memos just let

me do it please let me do it here we go I hope this works if it doesn't work I'm

going to look very silly very silly indeed here we go then let's try it my

voice memo so this is what you can do you see on your phone you can actually

go hello there my name is mr. Duncan and what I'm doing at the moment is I'm

listening to the sound of my voice because I want to hear how good my voice

sounds and over time I will listen to my voice again and again and then slowly I

will get used to the sound of my own voice and then one day I won't have to

do this because I will be so confident I will be so relaxed I will feel so great

because my English will be perfect it will happen one day I know

so that's the recording I've just made so you listen to your voice you listen

to the recording afterwards yeah so that's how you do it that is it that is

what you do you listen to the sound of your own voice you record your voice you

listen to yourself

hello to NASA which mobile phone do you use well this one this phone is very old

I've had this for a very long time this phone this is an Apple iPhone but it's

the very old Apple iPhone this is the iPhone 6s you see 6s so this is old this

is starting to slow down because it's not it's not a new one you see it's not

a new phone it's not one of those fancy phones one of those big fancy phones

unfortunately it is an iPhone 6s however it works it works very well it does work

very well there you can see the time the time now

it is 346 according to my phone we have another 14 minutes to go Bao Dai says

good night mr. Duncan love you so much thank you bow tie

see you later take care don't forget I will be with you tomorrow

and back tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow is Friday of course the end of

the week and tomorrow we will have some more unusual words some strange English

words tomorrow also we will be playing the sentence game tomorrow on Friday

mr. Duncan you should film a new series of mr. bean but instead it should be mr.

Duncan thank you I don't know if that's a

compliment is that a compliment to an you in I have to go now see you later

20-win maybe tomorrow tomorrow we will be together again yes I

have an iPhone 6 and it still works perfectly yes I love this phone so even

though this phone is almost out of date I think next year Apple will be stopping

the support for this phone so I think from next year there will be no more

updates for this phone which is bad news for me I like my phone I like my little

iPhone 6s it is lovely it is very useful it is nice to have around but

unfortunately I think in the future it will stop being supported

unfortunately Valentina says I don't have an iPhone but I have a Samsung

Samsung make very good phones they do I think so I think you're right please mr.

Duncan could you suggest a textbook with the last edition to use to teach high

school students with the last edition I'm not sure what you mean by that when

you say the last edition there are many exercise books around I'm not here to

promote exercise books to be honest you have to be very careful on YouTube so

because English exercise books are directly linked to my work I have to be

careful when I mention names but there are many good publishers out there many

good publishers Oxford University Press I love Oxford

University Press very much I think they produce some very

good exercise books and also reference books as well I normally use that

publisher I find the material to be very reliable but of course you have

Cambridge English as well Cambridge English there are many good exercise

books relating to certain parts of the English language business English daily

grammar everyday use of words so there are many things you can use many things

that you can read mr. Duncan I like your hat thank you very much I told you the

story of my hat on Tuesday I told you the story of my hat if you missed it you

can watch it again I told you the story of my hat Tomic says it's time to wrap

up this live stream as it is going downhill oh ok Tomic well you know where

the door is don't let it hit your bottom on the way

out that's what we say it's not very nice is it

what a lovely way of speaking to me mr. Duncan you have to wrap up this live

stream because it's going downhill it means it is starting to become rubbish

thank you very much how lovely I really need those words of encouragement thank

you bye wrong I will try recording my voice it is a

great way of learning to speak and also to become confident as well it is a very

good way to become confident as I demonstrated today with my recording

my name is mr. Duncan and what I'm doing at the moment is I'm listening to the

sound of my voice because I want to hear how good my voice sounds and over time I

will listen to my voice again and again and then slowly I will get used to the

sound of my own voice and then one day I won't have to do this because I will be

so confident I will be so relaxed

because my English one day so there it is so now you know that's how you do it

if you want to improve your speech the way you speak listen to your voice

listen to the way you speak listen to the way you use words and over time it

will get better it will improve learning is something you have to do slowly over

time you cannot rush learning anything to be honest

Leonel hello Leonel Leonel may shy or mushiya

hello mr. Duncan hello to you as well is it your first time here I will be with

you for another eight minutes eight minutes almost and then I will be gone

like a flash I will vanish but don't worry I'm back

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time I'm back tomorrow 2 o'clock UK time and we have

two hours tomorrow the sentence game we love the sentence game we like it we

like it a lot we really do and also we have some unusual some strange English

words as well coming tomorrow thank you for your company today thank you very

much for watching thank you very much for joining me thank you very much for

joining in as well so not only joining me but also joining in

so if you join something you visit or attend but of course if you actually

interact you join in so join in is interact you are doing something

actually you are doing something that means you get involved you get involved

see you tomorrow mr. Duncan says Christian green thank you very much mr.

Duncan thanks a lot and also thank you YouTube is very good I think so I love

this I love this when I wake up in the morning do you want to know this do you

want to know this information I'm going to give you some information when I wake

up in the morning I sometimes feel very excited do you know why because I'm

going to do this because I'm going to be here with you I can't wait I I really

feel excited in the morning I can't wait I wake up with an excitement going right

through my body from head to toe I can't wait to be here

live on YouTube so I will be live on YouTube tomorrow back with you tomorrow

from 2 p.m. UK time and I hope you will be able to join me then I really do

thanks for your company today so many things we've talked about a lot of

things today to be honest with you we've actually talked about many things I

would love to visit England again because half of my family lived there in

East Sussex very nice part of the country East Sussex some very beautiful

scenery East Sussex very nice I always follow your recorded live streams Thank

You Luka thank you also to Beatriz thank you very much Valentina says tomorrow I

am going to the seaside so I won't be here but I will be there on Sunday

okay then tomorrow I'm here also don't forget I'm here on Sunday as well and

you know what happens on Sunday I think we all know mr. Steve will be with us on

Sunday as well he will be joining us live as well on Sunday see you tomorrow

I will be with you again tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time English addict tomorrow so

everything will be a little bit more normal whatever that is

who knows who takes care of your lovely garden Paolo hello Paolo I will give you

a clue it isn't me first of all it is not me I don't take care of the garden

it's too much work to be honest there's no way I could do this what time will

you start your lesson tomorrow 2 p.m. 2 p.m. UK time 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow I

will be with you on YouTube with another English addict live stream like that

thank you dear friends enjoy your time thank you Helena I'm going now we have

another two minutes maybe I could have a walk around the garden maybe I can go

and say hello to the cow because the cows are coming by shall I say hello to

the cows just before I go so I will go over there and I will wish the cowls a

very good day and I will ask them if they are all right and then I will come

back here and say goodbye ok just a moment

the cows are ignoring me how rude rude cows how rude

mr. Duncan you could be the voice in the train station it would be very funny mr.

Duncan not so stressful yes maybe that could be my new career perhaps I could

have work in a railway station as as an announcer I announce the times of the

trains very good thank you very much Thank You Roxy Lucia thank you very much

I'm about to say goodbye I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson we have talked

about food one of my all-time favorite subjects to be honest with you I could

stand here for hours and hours talking about food because I like food very much

talking of which after I've gone I will have a cup of tea with mr. Steve thank

you very much see you tomorrow don't forget to p.m. UK time tomorrow

thank you also to Christian Jade Sandra Ana Rita William Vaughn Baskerville

Thank You Wendell Michael Alessandra Valentina

M Youssef Luis Mendez see you tomorrow Sergio Sergio late ow Sergio Leal hello

lil Tomek naughty Tomek naughty naughty and very naughty see you tomorrow

take care this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for

watching thank you very much for joining me a big goodbye from me and also a big

move from the cows and of course you know what's coming next until tomorrow

2:00 p.m. UK time English addict will be with you tomorrow lie

on YouTube you know what's coming next of course you do because I do it every time...

Tatar for now