hello there fancy seeing you here on youtube i can't believe it hello

how is your afternoon or morning or maybe evening

how is it going at the moment i hope it is going super duper here we are then

it is another english addict live stream from the birthplace of the

english language which just happens to be england

yes i know i know what you are going to say you are going to say mr duncan

mr duncan you are you are late again why are you late i hope you have a good

reason why you are late okay i have a very good

reason i was running around preparing today's

live stream that is my reason and i am sticking to

it here we go then yes look

it is 13 minutes past 2 o'clock and i'm here once again

as i always say hi everybody this is mr duncan in england

how are you today are you okay i hope so are you happy well i hope you are

feeling happy because i'm feeling all right today

not too bad i can't complain even though i want to i want to complain

but i can't because i don't think you want to hear me

complain to be honest here we are then once again

live as live can be lots of things going on in the garden at

the moment yesterday some of the blackbirds

that are being taken care of they fledged

they flew from their nests yesterday so there is a lot

of things going on here in the garden right now

many things happening all around me at the moment in fact

so a very busy period of time here in the garden i hope you are feeling good

and for those who don't know who i am maybe you are thinking we don't know who

you are who are you you strange man

my name is mr duncan i teach english on youtube

and i've been doing this forever such a long time

many many years in fact and here i am today doing it

again so my name's duncan i teach english and i talk all about

the english language however i am a little different from other

english teachers as i always say i am the person

who all of the popular english teachers on youtube

come to get their ideas that's what i like to say

whether it's true or not it's up to you really if you believe it

hello to the live chat oh lots of people are here today

thank you very much for joining me for those who want to join in

i am with you every week don't forget you can catch me

live on youtube every week from 2pm uk time on sunday

that's this particular day also wednesday and friday as well

live three times mr duncan we can't believe it

you are on three times a week it's true it's true so that is when you can catch

me here on youtube we are outside you can see we are in the

garden once again i i'm feeling very confident

that there is no rain there was a lot of sunshine earlier

but unfortunately the sun has decided to go in

which isn't very nice hello to the live chat as i said nice to see you here

today which just happens to be


yes we are all here together again nice to see you

to see you very nice today he's lovely oh

such a busy morning i can't begin to tell you how busy i've been

this morning doing all sorts of things i got up early

i did i got up very early this morning however it would appear that

the day as usual went by very quickly and suddenly

before i knew what was happening i was standing here in front of you

talking on the internet like now for example so that is what we are doing

today we are of course looking at the english language lots of

things to look at also

oh i have something nice to show you later on

we have some cows at the back of the house some very young

cows and they came into the field at the back of the house

about 10 days ago however yesterday they decided to come over they came over

to say hello for real so yesterday we had our formal

introduction to the cattle at the back of the house

and of course we recorded it on video as well

and we will be having a look at that a little bit later on

today we are talking about things that are

broken things that no longer work maybe things that used to work but now

they don't maybe something that is broken or has


smashed words that we can use to describe

those events when something has been broken

something has been destroyed because behind me you might not be able to see

properly but behind me there is mr steve's

wheelbarrow can you see steve's wheelbarrow

unfortunately at the moment steve's wheelbarrow

is not feeling very well it's broken steve will be here later on

to tell us all about that

another thing as well

i'm enjoying the wind today for some reason it's very windy

i wasn't expecting it to be quite as windy as this but

it is another thing today how is mr steve's grass growing

is it still growing or have the black birds

eaten it all so for the past couple of weeks steve has

been growing some new grass in the garden last week we looked at it

today we are going to look at it again and mr steve will be here

in the garden for those wondering where he is well he's in the house at the

moment however very soon he will be actually there

in that chair so that is where mr steve will be

in a little while no and did you see i gave you a little

glimpse of the grass as well did you see that

for a moment there we all saw mr steve's new grass

we went into town yesterday and i was slightly i was a little

horrified just slightly i was a little horrified

at what i saw

the town was very busy there were many people

all over the place which to be honest with you i was a little

nervous about when i arrived in town because we went into town yesterday to

pick some a little bit of shopping nothing too big

just a little bit of shopping also i bought a little treat for me

as well can you guess what it is what treat

did i buy for myself yesterday i'm sure you can guess

i'm pretty sure you will know what my treat

is so i was very surprised very shocked to see just how busy

the town was it would appear that everyone has just

suddenly decided to go out

whether it's right or wrong remains to be seen we will find out in the near

future oh i shouldn't forget the live chat

hello to the live chat thank you very much for joining me

today oh hello to luis mendez guess what you

are first on today's live chat and

yes you are first it's been a long time since lewis has been first on the live

chat so an extra special

extra loud round of applause for you

mr steve was a bit worried today normally before we start our live

streams we have to do a camera test just to make sure all of

the equipment is working properly even though the

other day did you see what happened the other day

something very strange happened to my camera

this is what happened the other day very strange

i don't know what was going on so that was the beginning

of friday's live stream and something very strange happened

to my camera on friday however i am pleased to report

that all of my equipment is working well today it is working all right thank

goodness i don't know what was happening on

friday one of my cameras decided not to work properly

anyway we decided to do a little camera test

mr steve and myself and then steve says what happened to my face i

my face looks awful on the camera and i reassured steve

that it is only the camera that is making it look strange

when it comes out of the computer it will look

all lovely so we will see what happens there

so steve will be with us and he he is feeling much better

thank you very much v tess is here you are second on today's live chat

it would appear that that lewis today luis mendez has

very fast fingers i think so hello francesca

hi guys martha is here today it is a sad

sad time because mr steve's wheelbarrow is broken

we will find out all about that later on also grace is here hello grace nice to

see you here as well on the live stream mustafa

i'm okay not too bad i had a lovely sleep

another like another nice sleep last night

lovely i slept like a baby

hello francesca can i have my applause please well of course you can maybe next

week if you are first on the live chat

shaker hello mr duncan how's it going it is going okay

it is not too bad everything is hanging quite nicely there is a woodpecker

by the way there is a woodpecker that keeps coming into the garden

and you might hear it from time to time it makes a little ch

noise a little squeaking noise squeak i like that word a very unusual

english word squeak squeak very strange

of course we will be looking at some strange words a little bit later on as

well we are looking at strange english words today

and we will be will we be there forever we will be playing the sentence

game again today however once more

it will be slightly different from the previous games so i have

changed it again the sentence game is coming a little bit later on we will

be doing it later for those who like

learning english and practicing their skill of


i don't know why it's so windy suddenly this morning it was beautiful

it was very calm this morning and then suddenly

the wind has started blowing very strongly hello flower hello i'm so

happy to see you all here florence hello florence nice to see you today

hello also to sunshine also tamika mika ode hello to you

watching in japan i believe recently it's been very

humid in japan i was watching someone

the other day on periscope there is this wonderful

guy who walks around tokyo however he goes into some of the parks

apparently there are there are lots of lovely places to walk around

in tokyo and there was a beautiful tokyo park and he was walking around however

he was saying at the moment it's very humid

very hot and humid sticky at the moment so i think maybe

there is a very dry season perhaps coming up

of course when things are hot and humid sometimes you can have a lot of rain

as well so maybe it won't be dry maybe you will get a lot of rain hello maria

vitas hello also mr bruno hello mr bruno i haven't seen you on the live stream

for a while it seems it seems like ages it seems like a very

long time korankarime hello to you sunshine

switzerland oh switzerland i think sunshine

is in switzerland or maybe karan kareem is in switzerland however

wherever you are i hope you are having a good day

beatriz is here also we have oh hello to irene hello irene i like

the fact that when i start my live streams

everyone says hello to each other in a very friendly way

i like that i really do i think it's great

hello belarusia is here as well nice to see you back

also i hope everything is all right with you

irene also we have oh who's not husna husna 2020

nice to see you as well a lot of people already on the live chat

so we were in town yesterday we went into town

we only planned to go in get a couple of things and then go back

home however would you like to see here is the scene

yesterday in much wenlock so this is what greeted us

this is what we saw yesterday when we arrived

in much wenlock

look now it looks quiet it looks deserted

but watch what happens as the camera moves you will see that there are people

everywhere there are lots of cars lots of people

queuing up outside the shops you might even be able

to see mr steve standing in the distance mr steve is

also waiting in the queue very patiently

but you can see there there were a lot of people a lot of cars

yesterday driving around and there were many people

gathering in the town center and i'm going to be honest with you i

felt a little nervous i did feel slightly

nervous that there were so many people walking

around in the high street there were many

people everywhere and yes i must admit it felt

rather strange indeed being surrounded by so many people

after such a long time of having very few people around

so it did feel rather strange hello to anna pika mr duncan

i have advised your channel i have suggested i have suggested

your channel to my friends to improve oh to improve his english so you have

suggested my channel or recommended my channel to your friend so he

can improve his english he needs to create a google account

to be able to participate in the live chat

and i hope that he pops up here today oh i see so maybe your friend anna

anna pika your friend is going to be actually on the live chat

that is one of the things sometimes i receive messages

asking why can't i join in on the live stream and that is because

maybe you are just watching on youtube so you have to have

a youtube channel you have to have your own account

to join in on the live stream so anna i hope your friend

joins in if he does i will give him a special hello

and maybe a round of applause as well hello to robin hello robin hakeem

asking are you in london i am not in london i am very far away from london

i'm in the countryside a place called much wenlock

a very quiet very relaxing place normally

unless people are going crazy sometimes they go a bit crazy in the streets

especially if they've been living in lockdown

for nearly two months hello also if muhammad hello how is the situation

in london well i don't know what the situation in

london is at the moment however many people are starting to go

back to work we are now having a situation where it

is almost normal for some people however

for other people it is not normal so it depends really it really does


rajat says it seems that your countrymen are not following the lockdown rules

well one of the things that's happening here is

some of the rules have been relaxed so i think many people are now just going

outside anyway some people seem to assume that

everything is all right when it isn't it isn't all right

very interesting period of time at the moment

malia hello mr duncan please can i have a live one day from the city to show

some shops that is a good idea that is a very good

idea i have in the past done live streams

i have done live streams from the place i live

hello fly away why are there all those flags

well last week we had the commemoration of victory in europe so that is the

reason why the flags are in the window so many of the

shops here in much wenlock put flags

and things in the window or on the front of their buildings because last week we

were commemorating the 75th anniversary of the

end of world war ii hello to anna oh sorry should i say andy

sorry about that i i changed your gender then

i'm very sorry

i promise not to cut anything off hello ander

andy mr duncan i think you remember it is there anyone going to listen to my

story i don't know i don't know what you mean

by that what story are you talking about i

wonder hello to mika may is a beautiful season

in japan it is a nice day today but it will be

the rainy season soon ah so i was right so when you get a

lot of humidity when the air becomes very damp and wet

and when you get a lot of heat you might find also you will get

a lot of rain i see here in the uk by the way we are going

to have a period of dry warm weather

over the next few days which is good news

hello lil

hello also to valeria mr duncan what about masks do you have

to use the masks you don't have to use masks

however some people are and some people are not

personally i'm not using a mask when i go into town

but i do stay very far away very far away from other people trust me

i do hello to

noemi also we have robin here again mr duncan in the last video you

showed us the wild garlic so we like to eat it in germany and it's

quite expensive really oh maybe

during may perhaps during this season i i could gather some of the wild garlic

and sell it the only problem is you are not allowed

to do that did you know that if you damage

the wild garlic if you pull it up if you pick

the wild garlic you can actually get into trouble

because the area where i live is protected

it is classified around here as an area of natural outstanding

beauty and because of that there are many rules that you have to follow

including not damaging the plants in this area

so you could get into trouble if i went to the top of the hill and started

picking all of the wild garlic i could get into

trouble for doing it hmm so a lot of the nature around here is

actually protected protected by law wow

mr duncan rajat says i suggest that you stay at home and stay safe if

possible can you please make a live stream video


i know i've had a few requests to make live streams every day the only problem

is at the moment my time is being divided

between other things as well and of course i have to have a little

break as well sometimes as well hello mr duncan i'm glad to see you

again take care and enjoy the fresh air thank you oh excellent

i haven't seen you for a long time i am having a lot of reunions today it

feels as if i am having some lovely wonderful

reunions with some of my students who haven't been on

for a long time nice to see you back hello sylvia

hello valentina mr duncan how about the schools in the uk

are they closed or are they going to continue with

online lessons this at the moment is a big very big hot

topic it is a very controversial thing at the moment

the government wants the schools to reopen

i think it's june the 1st so in just a couple of weeks a couple of weeks from

now they want the schools to reopen however

there are many teachers who are concerned with well

of course not only their own health but also the health of the

children as well so we will again wait and see what happens there

so many things happening in the world it is a very

busy period of time for the human race don't you think

i think so anyway hello to carly mr duncan i'm happy to be with

you this is my first time on your live video

and i would like to be here as i can get the benefit and i am very grateful for

all that you give us thank you very much khali or khalil

hello carlill it is your first time here is it i see okay would you like a

round of applause welcome to the world of english with mr

duncan that's me by the way

we are going to have a look at the cows in a moment

yesterday we met the cows at the back of the house they came right

up to the fence at the back of the garden and of course

i had my my camera nearby so i did do a little

bit of filming and in a moment we're going to have a

look at the lovely cows and they're lovely and sweet and quite

cute as well because they're very young so

they they're quite shy and quite timid as you will see

hello to robin again hello also to noemi says

i've never eaten wild garlic well you can use the leaves

so you can use the leaves in soup you can use it hello mr duncan do you

know how does paul mccartney live now

is he healthy as far as i know paul mccartney

is in very good health he was doing a live stream

a few days ago so as far as i can tell he was all right

if i was honest i would say that his singing

is not as good as it used to be he he doesn't sing as well as he used to

many years ago i know i know mr duncan how why did you say that

but sometimes you have to know when to stop

there's nothing worse than seeing a performer who carries on doing something

when they should stop doing it

hello from karichi karichi kader nice to see you as well on the

live stream would you like to see the cattle

yesterday oh so nice

yesterday we officially met the cattle at the back of the house they

came over to the fence and we spent a little bit

of time together and now you

are going to do the same thing




hmm oh so lovely so beautiful

did you like that the cows have now officially been

introduced they suddenly appeared yesterday at the back of the garden

and then they came over and so we couldn't resist

spending a little time with the cows they are all cows by the way so i

thought maybe some of them were bulls but in fact they're not they are all

young cows and they seem very excited

to see us even though their breath is a little smelly it smells like a

compost heap i always think i'm going to say two

things to mr steve one of them is phone

i love doing live streams one of the things about doing live streams

is that what now and again you don't know what's going to happen next

so i just said to mr steve phone and that's because mr steve will need

his phone you see and now all i have to do now is stand

here stand here and just fold my arms like


hmm yes

we're going to have the sentence game a little bit later on also i suppose

whilst we're waiting for steve we can have a look at one of the unusual

words that exists in the english language

would you like to have a look okay okay

oh what a way not to make a living

here we go then

some english words that are very unusual an unusual english word

here's an interesting word have you ever seen this word before

infantile infantile something infantile

an infantile person have you ever heard of this word

would you like a hand mr steve

would you like a hand how are you talking to me mr steve

would you like a hand uh i can help you yes i can do it no don't come this way

oh are you okay yes have you done it am i on

not yet okay have you done it no oh do you want me to help you

we are live by the way we're actually on

do you want me to help you yes i i i can't see the live chat

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls here he is it's

mr mr steve

hello everyone and

hello everyone as usual i'm grappling with technology

mr duncan gives me this uh iphone this phone rather for me to to look at

the live stream but i can't see any live stream so mr

duncan's gonna have to come along and sort it out for me

uh because it never works you see when it's not your phone you

don't know how to use it do you no oh there we go that's good

okay mr duncan's got it working you see what he should do

is get it working before i come on and then i don't have to

grapple with i hate push button let's see who i can block today

accidentally mr duncan can i just say steve

you do have the habit you have a habit of

blocking people by accident we've had a lot of

situations occur i do yes because i think what happens is

that because uh this is quite small and i'm trying to

read the live chat if i and of course touch screens you

only have to sort of go anywhere near them and some

new system opens up uh i accidentally click

on people's names and then block them yes so if you get blocked

today or if you're a moderator and you have

your moderator status taken away it's my fault yes and it's an accident

so if you suddenly get kicked out of today's live chat and you've done

nothing wrong i'm in the bright sunlight mr duncan i

just promised shade oh i just i just really

you've got your hat on i know but my hands i don't want my hands to age

do you want some gloves no i'll be all right i'll show you

i can you can wear your glock your gardening gloves it's quite

it's quite cloudy so uv exposure will be kept to a minimum yes

oh and as you can hear someone started their lawnmower of course behind me

of course that's our neighbor having her lawn mowed yes yes well

i think i i gave that away slightly how is your grass says uh

quaran thank you very much my grass as you can see behind

yes it's looking quite good actually coming on quite well thank you very much

it's looking quite good shall we have a close look so i've done

a little video clip i've made a little video clip of

mr steve's lawn here it is close up so as you can see the grass is really

coming up now lots of little blades

of grass so we always say blade a little piece of grass that is coming

up out of the ground we describe as a blade

so as you can see the the grass is really looking good you've done a good

job of that steve it's looking quite nice at the moment

thank you yes well it's not that difficult

you've just got to keep it watered once you put the seed in yes

and i've got to make sure i i don't neglect it now over the next few weeks

i when it's about that high i can give it its first cut

that's it and and then from there by the end of the year we should see a

lovely lawn yeah so i'm still showing the video at the

moment so you can see that there are lots and lots of

little little shoots coming up out of the ground and that

that is grass that is mr steve's new lawn they are the

seedlings yes seedlings it looks good

i'm impressed i think i think mr steve's lawn

deserves a round of applause

i might even get an award in a gardening magazine

i'm not sure if there are awards should i phone up the royal

uh horticultural society oh yes uh which is uh sort of our sort of

go-to place if you want to know anything about plants in the uk

uh royal horticultural society i'm sure you've all got equivalents in your

own country well what they do they kind of oversee all the standards

of of the gardens so there are many gardens that you can

visit publicly well maybe not at the moment for various

reasons but yes i was just showing a word here is the

word infantile oh yes i think this is a good word

actually because sometimes i think maybe mr steve

you are a little dare i say infantile well i was thinking about accusing you

of being infantile mr duncan really so infantile means to behave

like a child normally we we might call an adult who is behaving

in a very immature way maybe they are getting upset over

nothing or maybe that they're not able to have something

that they want and they start complaining maybe they

start making a lot of fuss and they have a tantrum

like a child so yes we can say infantile an infantile person

is behaving unreasonably yes and childishly yes and uh

yes that's what you it's a negative phrase isn't it mr duncan i don't know

why when i when i set your camera up earlier

you you were right at the top and now i think you're

because you're you're slumped slightly is that better better yeah is it more

upright you're more erect now by the way before

anyone asks this isn't red wine although it's very close although at the

moment i feel as if i could do with some actually red grape juice yes

so you could make wine from it but you say i like to drink this because it's

like having wine so you've got all the benefits of

wine without the potential negative effects of the

alcohol although some people would say that that is the uh

is the positive aspect of mine yes isn't that the whole

isn't the point of drinking alcohol to to feel a little drunk

maybe you don't want to be drinking it during a live stream well we could drink

it during the livestream would certainly make your

your um english lessons uh very different yes i think so because

well first of all i would be unconscious because i always get very sleepy

i've even got a table here i have to lean down onto the grass

you poor see now now who's behaving in an infantile way that's what i was on


he's complaining about the sun he's complaining about having no

table and this morning guess what steve did this morning he

broke something that i treasure he broke

something that is in my kitchen or it's in our kitchen

your kitchen mr duncan just walks through the kitchen it's just a room for

mr duncan to to get from one room to another mr

duncan walks through the kitchen he never stops there to do anything no i i

always see the kitchen as a conduit it's like the garden it's just a place

to walk through to get somewhere usually to set up a

live stream and all this lovely neat moan grass that

the neatly cut bushes they just sort of magically appear as mr duncan

i thought they did and i thought they did so this morning steve broke

something and it's something i love it's something

i bought a long time ago but steve being sometimes a little clumsy let's

just say he broke my cockerel

mr steve broke my cockerel look there it is now on the screen my little

cockerel with all of its little bits broken so uh steve this morning he

apologized i did hear it happen steve doesn't realize but i actually

heard it happen i heard a sort of and then i heard

oh and i thought oh what's what's steve broken this time

well mr duncan uh i was working cleaning the kitchen

okay you know i know that's a concept you find hard to understand

sometimes so when you're sort of doing things

then sometimes accidents happen you've got to actually do something mr duncan

for some for an accident to happen uh so i was cleaning the kitchen and

unfortunately a bottle of cleaner fell over and hit this cockroach

which is a ornament we keep on the ma on the windowsill in the kitchen

it's very fragile i mean who who wants a glass

ornament in front of their sink on the kitchen

near the kitchen window it's bound to get damaged but it's pleasant

it's something nice to look at when i'm washing the dishes

should be kept away from harm's way away from harm's way yes it shouldn't be

in an area with lots of traffic as we say bruh

lots of things are going on cleaning cloths are flying around

bottles of bottles of fluid cleaning

there's knives and forks and plates it's an

accident waiting to happen i suppose so yes

that is a busy part of the kitchen i suppose

talking of busy steve yes what the bloody hell

was going on yesterday in town all those people

well mr duncan you would think that the uk is back to normal suddenly wow

uh we went into town yesterday it was just like a normal saturday

before we went into lockdown it's incredible i've never seen so many

people they were all out and about in groups

chatting away uh lots of cars because we've had some new direction

from the government in the uk some people have interpreted as being

very confusing uh and i think most people have sort of

interpreted the new instructions to mean just go out

and do what you like yes i think i think really i mean i

don't blame people for getting confused however

i think i think there seems to be no no sort of middle area where people are

adjusting slowly they've gone from being in the house to

just going outside and doing their normal

things can i have a moan mr duncan oh oh no i have a

this is about how some people and hopefully some of you will relate to

this you want to have a moan that's all you do

a very i know i do a lot of moaning as i get older i'm turning into a grumpy old

man yes but one thing that is particularly

annoying at the moment during lockdown because there are

restrictions on how many people can go into the shops

and you have to queue outside because only one person is allowed in at a time

so uh but what people are doing when they're going into the shops instead of

just going in getting what they want and leaving

they're chatting away to the people behind the counter and

it's made me very angry yesterday mr duncan i

had to give someone a very stern look

because i was waiting outside the bread shop at five minutes i was outside there

and all i could hear was gabble gabble gabble and uh

there was a lady in there she was chatting away

to all the people working in there she went on and on and on

in the end i stood by the entrance put my hands on my hips

and gave a look that suggested very strongly that i wanted to leave

because i mean it's it's it's not right is it mr

duncan uh you i mean one she shouldn't have

been chatting in the first place because every time you speak part particles are

coming out of your mouth which can be full of viruses

and it's very rude and disrespectful to all the other people

queuing up and waiting outside so i left her in no impression that i was

very very disappointed with the way she behaved and uh she went

out sheepishly sheepishly out of the shop uh

but anyway that's my uncle petmone so has anybody else experienced this

situation if they are in a lockdown situation

where they go to a shop and people are chatting and not

being respectful for other people that are waiting uh

i don't know maybe it's just me maybe i'm intolerant yes maybe maybe i'm

intolerant but you see i'm in and out in bread pay

out no no how's the weather is it oh isn't it nice oh all these people around

shut up and get out that's what i wanted to say

this is this is a happy happy feeling today we're having here

yes isn't that lovely save your gossiping for social media okay let's do

it in the real world pandemic on okay steve

what was that list of words i told you to avoid using

that wasn't one of them okay if you say so

so steve this morning he broke my cockerel he broke some little pieces

off my lovely little cockerel however steve you are also having difficulty at

the moment aren't you what with well we're not talking about

your body this time certain things

becoming smaller something's getting larger and some things

are falling off however you have a little bit of

a problem at the moment with something in your garden

oh you mean you know about the hose no a problem in the garden just just

kind of just look on the ground next to you

oh yes yes

well apart from the fact that we have got certain trees dying off

which i'm convinced are being well i won't say it because

anyway yes mr duncan bought me a wheelbarrow for christmas a number of

years ago and regular viewers will remember

because i'm sure we must you must have seen me several times

walking around the garden with a wheelbarrow a green

wheelbarrow yes it's there oh right okay it's just behind me

let me just show you there it is so there is mr steve's wheelbarrow

unfortunately it has a slight problem at the moment

look it has no wheel it's lost its wheel unfortunately here

it is mr duncan here it is oh and i've taken it off

because as you can see it's flat yes

it's a pneumatic wheel so there's an inner tube just like a

bike uh and which i think is not a very good

idea on a wheelbarrow because you're going over rough

ground and it keeps getting punctures and it's quite annoying because i go

into the garage to get the lawnmower out to do some gardening move

some things around and it's flat and i've got to take this

oh i'll tell you something if you've ever tried

taking the inner tube out from within a tire

on a wheelbarrow it's extremely difficult

and uh anyway it's now beyond repair and i need to get a new one i'm not

going to get a new inner tube it only needs a new inner tube

but i can't be bothered because it keeps all the time getting bursting and

getting punctured so i'm going to get a solid wheel

i'm going to replace it with an upgrade i'm going to upgrade it to a solid

rubber wheel and i will never need to have it repaired again when when you

said upgrade i thought you were going to say

that you were going to get one of those hover wheelbarrows oh yes that floats

well they're a bit expensive mr duncan and they don't exist

and they don't exist so yes i'm going to get a solid rubber wheel

in my wheelbarrow that's quite a mouthful a solid

rubber wheel for my wheelbarrow yes you could if that's if you want to practice

english practice a difficult term try that one

so instead of having air in your tire you're going to get a solid one and then

just said that yes you can't get damaged and then it will last forever yes

uh i think mr duncan got a price model when you got it because you know who

wants who wants to have punctures in your wheelbarrow

so no more solid rubber and uh off we go i'll be able to do

gardening to my heart's content i tried to get one yesterday but um they

hadn't got the right size the sun is really coming down now pardon

the sun is really coming down i know i know i'm gonna have to get some factor

30 i think must protect my delicate skin mr duncan

you must i don't want to age prematurely i will bring the umbrella out and then

you can sit under that although i don't need the sun to age

prematurely when i've got you around mr duncan

have you noticed i'm full of energy this week yes you seem a lot better

well the last two weeks as you know the viewers will know i have not been

100 healthy and and no as far as i'm concerned

it was not it wasn't i'm pretty sure it wasn't steve but i i

think steve wants to have it just so he can be all

dramatic well i had something steve likes

steve likes his drama i had some kind of uh

viral infection yeah it's okay let's not speculate as to what it was

no but according to the doctor that i called there's only one

virus around at the moment so uh

draw of that what you may yes draw of it whatever whatever conclusion you decide

to come to however the one thing i was going to say

is i don't think it was because because i'm alright i haven't

been ill or felt unwell so i don't think steve

had it to be honest i think i think steve just likes to be dramatic

he's a bit of a drama queen well i had all the symptoms mr duncan

well i didn't have all of them but i had a lot of them

and uh they were enough i can tell you i didn't want any more

i didn't have any breathing difficulties no uh but let's not go into it i'm

better now and uh hopefully i'll get a certificate

i'll be able to go anywhere i like i don't understand

it's very interesting actually because i'm going to have to

shift slightly mr duncan okay

because the new rules that we've got in the uk

for how you can go about your business uh in this sort of the lockdown has been

gradually eased in the uk uh is that uh

certain countries like wales and scotland

have basically told the prime minister we're going to ignore what you've told

people in england to do and because he originally said

our prime minister well you can go anywhere now doesn't matter

travel anywhere you like for exercise and then wales and scotland immediately

said well don't come here because we'll arrest you

so mr duncan we can't uh he disappeared as usual

we can't travel to wales to scenic wales at the moment because

uh it is a devolved part of the uk so they have their own rules and laws

to a certain extent uh so they've told us do not come into wales which is only

about 30 miles from here 20 miles from here

and we can't go there because we will be arrested

but we can go anywhere in england but we can't go to wales and we can't go to

scotland and many towns oh forgot to hold this

first time how am i how can i look at the oh

remark the live chat oh it's back again so

uh he does look after me gotta give him that he is looking after me and i'm

looking after you uh so there we go so yes confusion

reigns in the uk at the moment as to what exactly you can do

but we can't go to scott we can't go to scotland or wales mr duncan

and we could have gone to wales because i'm taking some holiday next week

yeah and i thought well we'll we'll go to wales for a nice little

romp up a hill somewhere we're going going to go maybe to a

beauty spot around here we we of course we will be

careful not to get too close to other people

if they are there as well we will be very careful

so steve has his umbrella now because he was complaining about

the sun shining on his face

yeah so we can go somewhere next week mr duncan but we can't go to wales

because they've said don't come no uh which i don't understand it to us

personally well have they told us not to come to

wales because i think that might be another reason

yes yeah so there you go we can't so yes shall i show you something else

that i broke last week okay before

i'll have to put that down of course do you remember the uh the story of me

uh destroying uh one of the baking trays

with caustic soda yes steve decided to use caustic soda

on everything in the kitchen and some of it dissolved

so what what else happened steve well i was

applying the caustic soda using a baking brush

so that's what a baking brush should look like

nice bristles there for uh basting your meat

yeah with fat so this is a new one which had to replace the one that went

slightly wrong yes when i dipped it in caustic soda

solution yes putting things in caustic soda

will do that it's basically gone all well look it's all it's all gone brittle

it's just destroyed so we can't use that anymore on our

pastry so i had to buy a new one so we forgot

to show that the other week but yes caustic soda avoid at all costs

unless you've got a very badly blocked drain

in which case i would say don't go above 10 percent

don't use it on anything else i think that's the advice there isn't it

maria says are you both into conspiracy theories

no uh well i am a bit we have to be careful what we're talking about is true

yes we do steve yes yes youtube at the moment

is very very fussy about those sorts of things to be honest

very fussy so we have to be careful what we're saying

that's very true okay we are teaching english here even though we haven't

really mentioned much english for a while it seems like we're

doing a completely different show here here we go here's another word oh that

that now this is nice i like this the here is another english word

you might hear this used if you are criticizing

someone or if you are being sarcastic about something so you might hear this

used it is an interesting word any idea steve

how to pronounce it i can't see it from here mr duncan you can't see it

ah there we go high falutin a highfalutin

high falutin something that is highfalutin

it's an interesting word it looks like it might be unreal

however it is a real english word something

that is maybe high brow or maybe something that is maybe a

little pretentious or maybe if you do something that is

there to impress another person by appearing

intelligent or maybe sophisticated you might describe something as being

highfalutin so quite often we use this as a

criticism so this is often used as a negative or

sometimes a sarcastic word so we will say

oh last night we went to our friend's house it was a very

highfalutin affair we are saying that they were being very pretentious very

stuck up they were being well they were showing off

yes maybe they had posh wine yes or they had some

canapes maybe they did things that they wouldn't normally do

but they were trying to impress high falutin

oh you're being a bit high for lutein aren't you with all this expensive wine

and these canapes oh china cups i thought you normally

just drunk your tea out of a mug what's a bit high for lutein very yeah

so yeah if you if you act in a way that's uh

different than you normally do because you're maybe trying to

progress socially or be something that you're not and

try to climb the social classes then the friends that you

have left behind might accuse you of being highfalutin hi falutin a little

bit pretentious maybe you start saying that you read

books by certain authors oh i read war and peace the other day

and maybe you normally just read sort of health magazines and suddenly you're

reading war and peace or something like that

somebody might well you're a bit high for lutein yes

high brow something high brow something you are doing because you are trying to

impress people who do you think you are something that

is sophisticated but normally it is done to to show off

very good very nice we're gonna have a little break steve would you like a

break for two reasons one we have a full

english lesson to show we have some excerpts and also i'm going

to arrange mr steve's shade

oh you don't have to mr duncan well i will because it looks dreadful the fact

that you have to use an umbrella it's not good is it it's annoying me you

didn't predict the path of the sun very much no did you miss well it

changes every day so at the moment that the sun is moving

slightly further up every day so as as the

the days get longer and longer at the moment so that's what's happening here

in the uk let's have a look at one of my full

english lessons steve can have a little drink

i might join you as well to be honest and then we will come back and we will

have more fun and games

with myself and also mr steve


it's funny how some english phrases have more than one use

here is a good example of this occurrence

the phrase take off can be used in many ways

you can take off something as in removing it to peel off something

or to remove one thing from another is to take off

you can take off the paint from an object such as a door

or wall you can take off your clothes to remove something is to take off

to mimic or impersonate someone is to take off to copy the mannerisms of a

person such as their movements and voice is to

take off his take off of elvis presley was really convincing to delete

something from a list you will need to take off that item

i had to take off the names of the absent students

to lift off from the ground in an aircraft

is to take off you take off in an airplane

the plane is ready to leave the ground can you please tell the passengers to

prepare for takeoff there is also take down

which describes the action of making a written record of something

i will need to take down your name and address

take down can also mean dismantle to slowly break something apart with

care is to take down something we will have to take

down the tent tomorrow when the wind is not so strong

to destroy a person's reputation with criticism

can be described as a takedown you defeat someone

by criticizing them a website that is removed from the internet

is a takedown the owners of the website were given a takedown notice by the

government even the word take can be used in many

ways to steal something is take

the way you view something is take what is your take on the situation in

syria to film a sequence that has been

prepared in advance is a take you might have to do many

takes of something before you get it right

let's go again with another take i hope we get it right this time

to transport something from one place to another is also

take you can take a person to the airport in your car

you can take some clothes out of the wardrobe

to take in is to give a home to someone you might take in a homeless person

during the winter months to relax or consider something for a

while or to process something is to take

time it will take time for you to recover from your injuries

there are so many uses of the word take it's true you can take

my word for it

it's time now to take a look at another buzz word a buzz word is a phrase or

sentence that is popular during a certain period of time

or is commonly used in general today's buzzword

is controversy or controversy the word controversy

is a noun which means a row in a response

or a negative reaction to something a strong reaction to something such as

someone's personal opinion or a provocative action his words caused

controversy throughout the world you can create

controversy by saying something inflammatory

or provocative the words used cause anger and outrage

to speak in a way that offends people a controversy usually involves people with

opposing views one group agrees or holds the same opinion

whilst the other group disagrees thus creating

controversy the occurrence of the controversy

is described as controversial a controversial plan a controversial

idea a controversial film a controversial speech controversial

is the adjective form of controversy the president has announced

controversial reforms to the health care service

the controversial thing creates controversy

it is controversial because one group objects

while another accepts a person who causes controversy

is controversial he or she is a controversial character the word

controversy comes from the latin word for

turn around which refers to an opposing view

or the actual disagreement synonyms of controversy

include altercation disagreement dispute opposition

quarrel wrangle the overall disagreement over something

in society can be described as controversy

the subject in question is controversial

life is full of surprises you never really know

what is around the corner life is unpredictable and quite often you can

find yourself being caught on the hop i love that expression

to get caught on the harp means to be caught unawares

and unprepared if you are distracted by something you are doing

then it is possible to suddenly be caught on the hup

you were caught off guard and forced into a difficult situation

by being unprepared this phrase is often used in british english

we can also say that a person who is busy doing something

is on the hop they are bustling they are active they are actively doing

something they are on the hop another great phrase

for being unprepared is caught with your pants down

a person who has been put in a difficult position

by being unprepared for something has been caught with their pants down

the regional manager's visit caught us all with our pants down

the inquiry caught many politicians with their pants down

to be caught on the hop to be caught with your

pants down you were not ready for what happened

for most of us it's just another day in this crazy

thing we call life

have you ever been caught with your trousers down

here we go yes we are back live and yes it is

sunday and this is english addict live from england

you will be pleased to hear that mr steve is now sitting

in the shade he's in the shade he's feeling very comfortable

and i've just gone to a lot of work to make sure it's a bit cold now mr

duncan it's a bit i'm a bit cold now the sun's gone

i don't want to annoy mr duncan you can't complain about this

no i'm in perfect shade it's delightful mr duncan delightful

a lot of people have been talking about wine

today there's quite a conversation going on on the live chat about various

uh types of wine and where people like to get it from

and let me just mention that this i mentioned the the grape

juice that i was uh drinking

earlier it looks like wine in fact it's merlot

grape juice we can actually buy grape juice

merlot obviously is another i think it's french isn't it merlot

uh must be a region of france perhaps uh so and it's absolutely delicious

real red wine i can't even say red wine mr duncan

would be preferable but uh obviously we're on a live stream we've got to be

responsible it is true and to a couple of other people who've

said that my shirt matches the cloth

on the chair the material on the chair oh yeah

no i haven't deliberately done that a couple of people at least one person

said have you deliberately matched your shirt with the pattern in

the cloth of the seat no i haven't

it was pure coincidence but it's not unl it's not unlikely to happen

because i do like check patterns in my shirts yes

and but no pure accidents well if you notice we're both wearing very similar

styles of shirt so mine also is czech so yes

this type of pattern where you have lots of squares

or lines going in both directions you get this sort of effect

check so mr steve is wearing a czech shirt

and i'm also wearing a check shirt as well

even though mr steve's shirt looks a lot better than mine does

so we were talking about things that don't work properly

things that used to work but no longer for example mr steves

mr steve's poor little wheelbarrow so it needs repairing

however there are many words you can use steve

to talk about things that are not working something that used to work

but doesn't anymore for example we could say something is broken

something is broken so it used to work or maybe the function

is no longer there however we can also talk about the structure

of something how it looks or how it has been damaged physically

so broken can be it doesn't work it stopped working for example my watch

has broken my wheelbarrow has broken yes or maybe i

could say my my little my little

cockrell there it is look my little cockrule

is broken because mr steve was very careless

this morning in the kitchen accidents happen when you're a person

who works hard yes something has been damaged something

that is not repairable so maybe something also that you can't

repair or put right we can say that it is broken it does

not work yes you can describe a person as broken

as well not just inanimate objects not just

things that we use like cars my car is broken my watch is broken

if a person seems to be really damaged uh mentally

then you say that you can say that they're broken yes they've had some

trauma in their life and they're not the same as they were

before you can describe that person as oh

um i think they're broken they're never going to be the same again

yes my leg i mean physically you can have a broken leg but mentally you can

have you can be broken in spirit as well yes your spirit can be

broken but it's worth pointing out that if you if you break your leg

or something we don't you don't say that you are a broken person

no no you only say yes you only you would say my leg is broken

but if you describe a person is it all they're broken

it means that something's happened to them spiritually

mentally they're not the same person maybe they've had

a tragedy or an illness that's changed them in some way and

they're never going to be the same again maybe you've suffered some sort of

defeat or some sort of humiliation yes you might say oh he's

not the same he is a broken man exactly a broken man it means he's had

some sort of disappointment or maybe some sort of trauma something

really bad has happened and now he can't cope with life

he is a broken man a broken person maybe a fall from grace maybe they had a

a powerful job a well-respected job and then they

did something uh illegal or something that compromised

their position and they're ashamed of it and uh

that you would that you could then say that they're a broken person

they don't recover from the trauma of whatever's happened to them

here's another one something that's broken we can say that it is

bust yes bust quite often we use this in british

english you might occasionally hear it in

american english but quite often in british english we will say something

that is broken something that no longer works or

functions we can say that it is bust i'm sorry

it's bust this mr mr steve's wheelbarrow

is bust it no longer works yes and i think sometimes when you use

so when would you use the word bust instead

of broken maybe bust is something that is

really is beyond repair i just gave you well that's it something

that is i think it's just generally something

that isn't performing the function anymore it can't

perform the function so quite often a mechanical thing

we might describe is bust or maybe a part of your body

even you might bust your ankle you might bust

your your shoulder you you damage it and it needs repairing so maybe

something that needs repairing or no longer does the thing that it's

supposed to do such as mr steve's wheelbarrow

and uh some yes is it just maybe a bit of a slang word bust uh

it is it is it's it's it's actually it might even be a colloquialism because

i think even here in the uk people don't all say bust

no you don't hear it very often no uh well something can be going back to

broken something if something is broken sometimes it can

be repaired but if something can't be repaired

that's broken you would use the phrase broken beyond

repair broken beyond repair to indicate that

it's broken and it can't be fixed no my wheelbarrow is not broken beyond

repair it can be repaired that's it so

something can be done to mr steve's wheelbarrow to make it

work again and it will become unbroken so at the

moment it is bust it doesn't work however

mr steve is going to try and repair it he will get a new

wheel for his wheelbarrow my computer is bust yes

it would normally if i were to use that phrase

i it would almost indicate that it couldn't be repaired it's quite a

it's a stronger tone that you're using when you say bust you know it's a

stronger tone than just saying it's broken you're

really trying to emphasize the fact that it's

not working properly anymore of course you can use the word in

another way as well if a business goes goes out of business so maybe they

have no money you might find over the next few months

many companies will be going bust which means to to go out of business you

can't sustain the company you can't keep

running the company because you have no money

or maybe you have a very big loss against your company

so you will go best to lose all of your money or maybe to lose your business you

go bust you have no more money left to to run

your business so you go bust another

interesting meaning of that business is broken

it's bust yes that that's a very common way of using that word in this country

mr duncan is to describe a business that is is no longer trading uh gone out of

business the business is bust

uh yes sean says mr mr steve's wheelbarrow is not

really bust well it is at the moment but it can be put right

there is a another use of the word bust as well yes a woman's breasts

so a ladies can be called breasts quite often when you're measuring a

woman so if a woman is being measured for maybe an item of

clothing you will measure her bust her bust

size so the size of a lady's bosom bosoms bosoms

um hooters

yes what's your bust size is what you would

you would if if a lady a woman was going to buy a bra

uh in the uk or mr steve uh then the the shop assistant would say

well what is your bust size madam and i don't know 38

d is that something like that you would describe

as i don't know what that is though is 38d is that big i think it's

on the above average size okay yes i mean

not that i know i i i i can i just say i know nothing i would not know where to


38 double d would be you know what on the large side well double say well

what you mean there are two of them i think if you go

double i don't know we're talking about something that

neither of us knows anything about not our area of expertise

i must admit i it's been a while since i've been near anyone's breasts

mr steve maybe not because his mother was still breastfeeding him when he was

eight he was actually standing up and he would

actually go to his mum and say come on get them out let's go

i still do mr duncan i'm joking of course wow

that is that is a horrible image that i'm now

having in my brain it won't go away it's the wine that's making me talk

dear i think so something is i'm a little hoarse today are you but

then i spoke to my sister earlier and she said her voice was

hoarse i think okay you're a little horse would you

like some hay

mr duncan from this angle that word looks very rude

oh i see what you mean it means sort of that

yes because i because of mr duncan's got about eight

tripods this is this is not interesting because no one can see it

i know but um well people can imagine okay

imagine tripods between me and mr duncan there is a lot of equipment

imagine a gazebo full of camera equipment

microphones wires and also mr steve and mr duncan

there we go that what what a vivid image i've just painted for you there

cocked out conch cunt conked out this also is uh used a lot in british

english something that has conked out has

stopped working maybe your car you might say that your

car has conked out it no longer works it it

broke down one day and i can't get it to start

unfortunately my car has conked out

i love that it's a great work you would use that expression when you're trying

to add more emotion into the into the phrase

so instead of just saying my car's broken

if you say my car's broken that's a fairly

fairly ordinary expression to use it's not really conveying any emotion no

when you say oh my car's broken unless you say it in a way that suggests

some emotion but if you say my car's conked out you're really saying

that you're really annoyed about it when you use a phrase

like conked out uh it's quite an emotional phrase yes

used to describe something that's broken it's very descriptive

it's very descriptive so yes it's it's more of an emotion like

my car's bust that's quite emotional you're angry if you use that phrase

uh if you say conked out you're just you're saying i'm really annoyed

that that thing has broken so yeah a person might conk out when they die

there was a famous comedian called john le misuria and

he wrote his own eulogy that was published in the

newspapers and he s he put in his eulogy

john the missouri would wish it to be known that he

conked out which i thought was brilliant what a wonderful thing to put in the

newspaper about your own death you conked out saturino says

uh very cleverly you're saying mr steve is is in vino veritas oh

in wine the truth oh it's uh it's not actually wine no it

looks like let's pretend it is so i think once you've had a bit of

alcohol you you've you become very flee free-flowing

with what you say yes and your inner thoughts

although to be honest you don't need alcohol to do that

i just need a live stream yes it's like it's like you're on some some sort of

truth serum you just can't hold it in francesca says

i've never had a glass of wine maybe you've just had lots of half

glasses okay maybe you've never had a whole

glass but you've just had lots and lots and lots of

half glasses maybe you just you just sniff the cork

or maybe she's saying i've never had a glass of wine i always drink the whole

bottle i think that's what you're saying aren't

you francesca so you're not lying you're just

distorting the truth we're joking of course oh something i

wanted to show you one of mr steve's plants is coming up

again who remembers a couple of years ago when

i was showing you mr steve's lovely dahlia well guess what

guess what it is actually growing again and there it is

you can see mr steve's little dahlia and i will put it on the screen so you

can see the word there it is it is a strange word to spell but

the word is dahlia and it's a plant that grows to quite a large height

and they produce some beautiful flowers would you like to see some dahlia

flowers here they are so that's what they look

like when they come out very beautiful so quite often you can

have white ones pink ones

i think also blue you can have blue dahlias

lots and lots of different types of dahlia

however at the moment steve his dahlia is looking a little

well it's only just started to come out again

after being in hibernation for the winter period

so there it is there is the dahlia that i took a photograph of this morning

and yes it is coming out it's looking rather nice in fact

very nice and of course mr steve likes doing things

in the garden isn't that true yes it is mr duncan so that dahlia will

require a lot of watering and maintenance

and uh love and care in order to make it bloom

and and look beautiful and attractive near our back door apparently francesca

says dahlia is the name of my daughter

well your daughter must be very beautiful yes

a pretty flower a pretty flower yes and and

comes up every year does she die off in the winter does she go into hibernation

in the winter like a dahlia plant and then comes back to life in the

spring i'm guessing not uh there's flies all over the place mr

duncan yeah it's summer and we're in england shall i show you

something that i have purchased oh oh are you gonna show some something

you've purchased something that i've bought recently i

always get worried from a farm shop which i hope

because we get cattle and regular viewers will know that we've

already had some cows yes some cattle in the field at the

back of me here i showed a lovely video clip yesterday

we were fussing the cows they came over to the fence and

and yes i i showed a little video clip of us fussing the cows yesterday

and yes i showed that on today's live stream

they're very lovely of course but the cows bring with them

flies some unwanted visitors that in the summer you've got the windows

open and they come into the house and land on your food

and mr duncan has to go around killing them oh okay steve so

um i've brought something which i hope will control

them uh so here we go do you want me to show you mr duncan yep

i have bought a fly trap

there we go can you see that there it's all on your

screen yes we can see you perfectly it's a fly trap so it attracts the flies

using a bait that goes in here okay and you hang it

from a tree somewhere and uh all the flies fly in there and

they get trapped they can't get out and they they drown

in the liquid and i just say so what you're trying to do there is

catch every fly that exists

this is designed actually for farm yards where they have a real

fly problem but we're effectively near a farmyard

so i'm going to put that hang it in a tree okay

i've got to put it together and i'm hoping it will control the fly

problem that we have because of the cattle

at the back of us sounds cruel apparently it will uh according

to the uh their blurb on the front yeah their blurb uh it will catch

up to 20 000 flies well i hope we don't have that many

it's a duncan so so instead of catching the flies in the house what

you're doing is catching the flies in in the wild yeah so what i'm hoping

is i'll put that i'll put the fly trap between here

and the house it's just horrible in the hope that they're

when they're flying towards the house they smell something in the air and they

turn round and go back and into go into here

and then uh die okay and they don't come into the house

yes i i'm so glad that you decided to show us this

today the way that you're going to rather

cruelly kill flies on a on a very large scale

well shall i tell you till i tell the viewers how you

kill the flies no going to our house no but sometimes i do have to kill them

because they won't go out but last night if you remember last night there was a

large fly in the bathroom and what did i do i opened the window

and i guided the fly out of the bathroom it flew out

it took me a long time but the first time i i got the fly to go out and then

it flew straight back in it came straight back in again so i had

to do the same thing for a second time to get this fly to to

leave the bathroom so that's what i did and anna pika says

it's cruel to trap the flies well it is a bit but it is just a fly

uh and there are sort of billions of them out there there

are uh and we don't really want them flying

into the house yes uh landing on food and giving us food poisoning because

they will have been landing on the heaps of dung yes

uh that the cows leave all over the ground cow poop in

fact they'll be hatching out from the cow

pats weren't they yeah we're talking about cow poop

basically that we don't want them coming into the house and landing

on uh bread or something like that because you can just turn

turn your head for a minute you're preparing food putting the food out onto

a plate and you just turn around for a few seconds and a fly will land in

it and i don't want to give mr duncan food

poisoning not again so unfortunately we're going

to have to control the fly population i'm going to try try

it i i hope it doesn't actually attract more flies towards us yeah i hope it

doesn't actually attract flies from all over

because it sounds to me like if it's something that will attract the flies

then more flies will come surely and some of them might not find their way

towards the the bait so we might end up with 20 million flies in the house

maybe our walls will just be covered in flies tias says there's a fly catcher

uh that's yes i know the one you mean um

it's it sort of has a blue light and you often see them in shops

in food shops and the flies are attracted to the blue light and then

they die on the they crackle don't they um i was

thinking of getting one of those for the kitchen

uh um and i if this doesn't work i will do that because well i'm hoping

as well it will attract the thrips as well those tiny little thrips or

thunderbugs that we get plague in the summer normally august

yes so yes it's cruel but i'm afraid it's humans first well you're

not going to heaven steve remember sergio i remember the film the

fly oh uh yes well yes i've just got to

remember that when there are flies around not to get into a transporter

device at the same time that's true otherwise i

might end up with a fly head and human body

what about it's strange that um that film i wonder why you don't have a

human head but a fly body i would have thought that would have

been an easier film to make probably you obviously didn't see the original

what happened in the original the original he did have a fly head

no i meant no i meant the other way around he has a human head but a fly

body okay because i think in the films they

have a fly head and a human body yes well i think it's a bit of both

isn't it maybe it is maybe it is i can't i i i'm

guessing that you you're not very well researched on this

film i have just have a feeling who was the


bella lugosi no no it was actually jeff goldblum but there you go oh i was

thinking of the one that was made a long time ago oh i see i don't think

it was bella lugosi somehow yes oh well yes

yes uh ts yes there is a fly catcher in the shape of a racket

with electricity on it yes we've got one of those

unfortunately i don't we don't find it that effective because well you have to

catch them you've still got to get the fly to come

into contact with the racket so it's like playing tennis in your

kitchen you end up smashing everything around

you they're not very effective you're just swiping this this huge

tennis racket this electr electrified tennis racket

around your kitchen and then most of the plates and most of

the cups are broken because you keep swinging it around it's like

it's like trying to play tennis in your kitchen

yeah so i'm going to try this flycatcher and then i'm going to

have i think the next step is to get one of those uh

ultraviolet those blue lights that

electrocute the flies oh that's much better uh

yes so that's what i'm going to do apparently today there is a special

anniversary i think mika i'm sure i saw something

earlier when we had a little break i was going

back through the live chat and i noticed mika

you said there is an anniversary what is your anniversary

can you tell us what it is because i'm not sure i i saw something

about an anniversary but what is it is it your birthday

yes i think i think somebody said earlier it's mika's birthday oh okay i

didn't know is that true tell us make it is it your

birthday is it your birthday or maybe some some sort of anniversary maybe

we just have to wait for a minute now for the answer because of the

the time delay on the stream

have you any more words mr duncan i've got words galore

words galore if something doesn't work anymore we can say that it is out of

order something that is out of order is no longer working

maybe it is waiting to be repaired so something that is out of order is not

working at the moment quite often you might see

a ticket machine in a railway station you might see that it's not working and

there might be a sign on the front like this that says out

of order it is not working so a piece of machinery something that is

supposed to serve a purpose or have a function however at the moment

it's not working it is out of order out of order

yes you often see that maybe on a toilet a public toilet that's not working uh

you would very often see that sign uh in the uk

out of order not working but will be working again

very soon it is not working correctly it is broken but it's it is waiting for

repair it is going to be fixed it is going to be

repaired i like it but you can also use that expression mr duncan to describe

someone's behavior if someone is behaving in an

unreasonable way uh maybe they're swearing maybe they're

they've done something that uh you don't like you could say to them

that you know you're sorry you're out of order there

you're out of order you're doing something that is unacceptable

yes you've said something that's unacceptable or

you've you're upsetting somebody you're upsetting people

in present company maybe and uh and and and you're trying to stop them

from talking about whatever it is they're talking about

uh stop swearing you're out of order no stop

stop talking like that you're out of order in other words

what you're saying is really quite unacceptable it is unacceptable yes

the other day steve the other day we had a little treat didn't we remember

a couple of weeks ago you made some scones

scary remember you mean scones yes do you remember

i do okay well the next day we actually went into the garden and we

did actually try some of mr steve's scones however

we didn't show the video so here it is very quickly this is

steve and myself enjoying our scones the other day and there you can see we

have our cups of tea mr steves is on the left and mine is on

the right and there oh look at that mr steve's

delicious scones covered with butter and

jam and they were very nice actually steve weren't they

yes well finally i noticed yesterday for the first time

in uh eight weeks i went into the local shop and they had some

flour for sale because uh one of the many items that has been

uh in short supply uh since the

lock down and people have been panic buying now first of all it was toilet

paper and then it was flower but flower is now

slowly returning to the shelves maybe you've had a shortage of of

certain items in your country because people have been panicked buying

i think people haven't been panicked buying flour i think it's just because

they've been at home everyone's been doing a lot more baking

and so you can't get very much flour at the moment in the shops but i managed to

buy a new bag yesterday because i made those scones with flour

that was two years out of date that i found in the cupboard and it did

taste a little um tasted like the flour had gone off a

bit but not too bad so i've got some new

flower and i shall make some new scones this week mr duncan oh i see

yes i i will do i will do and maybe we can show those as well whilst

we're talking about cooking steve made something last night and he

got a little bit carried away with the ingredients steve made

chili con carne last night very nice you have lots of mints i think it's

minced lamb and then vegetables you can put

stock cubes so it's it's all a mixture and also beans as well large beans

kidney beans kidney beans red kidney beans they look

like kidneys that's why we call them kidney beans

that's it and uh it's a spicy meal yes that's why it's called

chili con khan

however mr steve got a little bit carried away didn't you

with the chili powder

well the the recipe that i had said put a tablespoon of chili powder in

well instantly i thought that's too much

i've never heard of a recipe saying a tablespoon of chili powder

so i put in one little teaspoon but that was let's just say it blew mr

duncan socks off

if you eat hot spicy food in this country

and it's too hot for you to eat uh people will often say

that that food will blow your socks off yeah

it's so hot and spicy uh mr duncan was choking a bit

uh but he soon got used to it yeah but i think

uh maybe the food has passed through you now mr duncan

oh oh it's it certainly is if if it was hot going in

trust me it was it was unbearable going out it was really

unpleasant well we don't really have very much spicy food in this

country unless you go out for a curry which is very popular

but certainly when i was growing up spicy food

is very rare in the uk in fact quite often

people from european countries or uh other countries will describe british

food as bland yes because it doesn't have much spice

in it uh but uh well mr duncan certainly knew

that i put chili in last night's meal you did you

definitely put there was definitely chili because it

was burning my mouth out it was burning my throat it burnt my

stomach and then this morning this morning

ah well we won't give any more details we'll

leave that to your viewers imagination we're going soon by the way

yes unfortunately we haven't got time it's so windy suddenly it's very windy

if you hear some strange noises it's just my gazebo

blowing away so we will be going however we don't have any time for the sentence

game however don't forget i am of course back

on wednesday wednesday 2 p.m i will be with you from

2 p.m 2 p.m have i said 2 p.m too many times there 2 p.m uk time on

wednesday and then we will we will have

the sentence game unfortunately we are almost

out of time today that's my fault well it's not your fault it's just that

i have a lot of things really to do today

a lot of stuff to do but mr steve oh yes we'll have another

look at mr steve's grass before we go look at that

the grass can you see it growing mr duncan

some sometimes if if you are watching something very boring

you might say oh it's so boring it's like

it's like watching grass grow well here we are now literally

literally watching grass grow so if you've ever wondered why my

lessons are so boring then now you know why because we are now

literally looking at grass ts makes a good point

grass growing about uh the word flower okay getting mixed up with

the flour in the garden ah and the flour that you use for baking cakes with

yes um one way around that i would suggest tea ass is that you you

pronounce the word flour for cooking as flour

flour you can pronounce it like that instead of saying

flour flour flour you add a flower in the garden flower but you don't

pronounce it quite the same way it's flour

flour for you don't pronounce the w so much

when you're talking about baking cakes do you was that right mr duncan

you say it well to be honest with you if i if i if i was going to make some cakes

i would definitely need some flour so i i actually pronounce it

in exactly the same way as the plant but if you're posh

you would say oh i'm going to bake some cakes with some flour

flour maybe drop the w a little i have a feeling they might be

homophones but they but they exactly they are essentially

pronounced the same but you can subtly change the pronunciation

and take the emphasis off the w when you're talking about flour for baking

the only real difference is the spelling flower in the garden f l o

w e r flower that you bake with f l o u r

flour basically i don't know why you keep saying

no one says flour flower flower that that's not even a word flower

flower flower a flower in the garden i'm going to bake some cakes with some

flour yes maybe maybe your mother says that but

you know people of high breeding such as myself may often

pronounce the word in that way i thought you're going to

say inbreeding

probably nearer the truth mr donald what a way to end the show what a way to end

the show i'm going to do what i always do on a sunday after this show which is

make a cup of tea and put a couple of tea cakes

in the toaster apparently it is mika's birthday

it is yes well you know what that means or can we say it or not can we

actually sing the song and we allow we can't sing the song unfortunately

however i do have my own song that is copyrighted to me

and it's mika it's your birthday yes today

it's your birthday hip hip hooray

happy birthday mika 21 today yes we won't ask your age it's

impolite to ask a lady her age i'm sorry for not noticing your

birthday earlier what a lovely way to end the show mr

duncan yeah and something positive we've had a lot of things today we've had

unusual words we've had things that are broken we've

had mr steve talking about how he is going to slaughter

thousands and thousands of house flies we've had

some lovely cows saying hello we've had our neighbor with

their noisy lawn mower we've had a look at mr steve's grass

we've we've had a look at mr steve's dahlia

we've had a look at mr steve's scones and we've also had a look at mr steve's

beautiful face that of course is the highlight of the

show i think so we're going now thank you very much

steve for joining us should i go first you may well

uh goodbye to everybody have a lovely week

uh learn english and see you all next week

bye bye mr steve see you later he has left the building mr steve

has left the garden excuse me my throat is now playing up i'm sorry

about that fortunately it is time to go

mr steve is going into the kitchen to make a tea cake

he is going to toast the tea cake and make a delicious cup of tea i will

see you on

wednesday wednesday 2 p.m uk time i hope you've enjoyed today's

live stream we've been in the garden i hope i will

be in the garden on wednesday as well we will be playing

the sentence game on wednesday i'm sorry about not having it today

but we are completely out of time it is time to say goodbye

thank you for your company thanks for your

participation i've enjoyed looking at your messages i've enjoyed

reading your messages today thank you very much don't forget if you

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goodbye it is almost time to bid you farewell thank you very much

anna belarusia lille

thank you antonio mr duncan and mr steve i used to watch offline your live

streams because in this time i am working i'm

working at home now i am antonio robson from brazil say hello thank you antonio

and it's nice to see you back with us on the live

stream i hope you are doing well there in brazil that's it

we have time for nothing else it is time to say goodbye thanks a lot

see you wednesday this is mr duncan in the birthplace of

the english language saying thanks for watching see you on

wednesday there will be captions later on for this

live stream you might have to wait for maybe two

or three hours but there will be captions coming

later on and i will be back with you on wednesday

2 p.m uk time and of course until the next time we

meet here on youtube this is mr duncan in the birthplace of

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take care stay safe and of course you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)