so hello everyone hi everybody i hope you are okay

i was supposed to be on it two o'clock but unfortunately

as usual i could not find a strong enough

mobile phone signal so i had to walk around until i found one

i think i am now streaming live i hope you can see the image and also i

hope you can hear me as well i'm out and about because at the

moment at home there is chaos

taking place we are having lots of structural work carried out on the house

and it's very noisy at the moment so i've decided to come out

far away from all the noise and all the chaos

and all of the madness that's going on at home

and i've decided to come somewhere quiet peaceful tranquil

serene oh i like that word i like that word very much serene

it is serene so i hope you can hear me if you can hear me

please say mr duncan we can hear you so that's what i'm waiting for i'm

waiting to hear that you can hear me and if you can

then i can carry on

one thing i've just realized is it's very windy today

you might notice the camera is shaking all over the place

it would appear that you can hear me the first thing i should say

is we have no live captions because i'm using my

mobile phone so i am using my cell phone at the moment and what you are seeing

is a live view

in england right now looking across the countryside you can see it is cloudy

we also have sunshine today lots of lovely sunshine lots of

white fluffy clouds those clouds are looking very fluffy

i suppose if i had to just describe those clouds

if i had to describe the clouds i would say that they are

fluffy clouds yesterday we had a terrible storm i

don't know if you heard about it we had some ferocious winds

quite violent storms yesterday even though today the wind is still

blowing but it's not as strong as it was yesterday we had a really

bad storm yesterday hello to everyone on the live chat nice

to see you here i suppose the big question is where are

you mr duncan we can't see you well i will make some small arrangements

i'm going to rearrange my camera slightly

so you can see me as well all you have to do is wait please be

patient this is live i'm standing on the side of

a hill in a very awkward place but

this is the only place i could actually get my mobile phone signal

you see tanya mr duncan sir we can hear we can hear you mr

duncan and i learned something new today hello

tanya nice to see you here as well let's see

if we can rearrange the camera slightly i'm going

to move some of my equipment so please bear with

me if you hear any strange noises

you will know why because i am making some slight arrangements

or should i say rearrangements here we go oh this is very exciting

isn't it are you as excited as i am

i'm not sure


now the problem was i could not get my mobile phone

to work you see that was the problem

i'm hoping now i'm hoping now it will work and i also hope that you will be

able to see me in a moment ah oh there we are

i think you should be able to see me and hopefully hear me as well

here we go then hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are you

today are you okay i really hope so are you happy

i hope you are feeling happy today because

it's been a crazy few days here we've had a lot of work taking place

building work taking place as i explained earlier

and everything is quite chaotic at the moment

that's one of the reasons why i seem slightly disorganized

today because it's been a crazy few days i can't begin to tell

you how crazy everything has been you know

what it's like when things don't go the way that you

planned sometimes it can cause a lot of stress

and also anxiety as well so i hope you can see me clearly now

this is one of the hardest parts of doing

a live stream one of the hardest parts of doing this

is getting all the equipment working and today

there's no exception hello to everyone on the live chat

did you miss me by the way did you miss me

i wasn't on last sunday for various reasons

that i i won't go into i'm just trying to level my camera just

to make sure you can see me okay how are we doing are we okay

this is the problem you see with doing a live stream you have to get everything

right or else it looks and also sounds

a little bit weird so i hope you can see me now oh yes we have the live chat now

nice to see so many people here today why are you wearing your backpack the

reason why i'm wearing this is because i have to carry

my equipment so the reason why i have my backpack

or my rucksack so some people call this a rucksack

there it is

and some people call it a backpack backpack or rucksack so you have two

choices really of what you can call it so that's the

reason why in my bag i have lots of essential things i have my water

just in case i get thirsty i also have some toilet paper

some tissue paper no not for that just in case my nose

starts running or i start to sneeze so i wasn't here on sunday things

are chaotic and as you know during september i will be taking a risk

from doing my live streams in september so during september there will be no

live streams however and this is what i was

explaining last week there will be new lessons

so i'm going to go back to how i used to do things in september

only september i will be making some new english lessons and at the moment also

because autumn is coming autumn will be

approaching us in a few days time as we approach

september we also approach the season of autumn so that is also what is happening

as well and because of that i've decided to

re-edit and remaster my autumn lesson

now if you remember i had quite a few problems with my autumn lesson

because i had to take it off youtube because i had a lot of people claiming

copyright false copyright fake copyright so they were saying that

some of the things were stolen from them

when they weren't and of course it becomes such a mess

it becomes such a battle trying to prove these things that i just gave up in the

end i gave up and i deleted the video

did you hear that that came from our house in the distance

so now you can you can hear the noise that is taking place

so that sound you just heard is actually the workman

at the house very far away as well can you believe it nice to see

so many people did you hear the noise yes that is the

noisy workmen working on the house in the distance hello to the live chat

imran hello to you roxy palmyra accent also we have luis mendes as well

nice to see you here as well lots of people joining in

which is nice to see it's very nice to see

indeed so my autumn lesson will be posted on september the 1st

the 1st of september i will post once again my autumn lesson

as we approach autumn here in england you see

you see what i did there because the two things

coordinate you see they go together quite nicely

so that's what we are doing during september

no live streams but there will be some recorded lessons

and i'm going to be very busy filming and

editing some new lessons and then in october

we are back to normal the live streams will start again in october

so it's only september only september we are giving the live streams a little

bit of a rest if you can see my my shirt blowing you

will notice that it's very windy here today very

windy indeed hello vitesse nice to see you here as

well on the live stream it is mr duncan normally i'm in the

studio on wednesday but today i'm outside

for those who don't realize we are having some

crazy building work being done at the moment it's being done

it's being carried out on the house there are builders smashing and

destroying the house because well there are some things that

need repairing you see that is the reason why so i've decided

to come far far away from the house

even though you can still hear the builders in the distance

hello everyone nice to see you here we have

many regular viewers here today nice to see you as well

the nature looks amazing thank you very much i just wish

it wasn't so windy it is a little bit windy you might notice that the

camera is blowing around in the wind so i have decided to do this on a very

windy day it's a windy day here in england

how far are you from your house well quite a distance

quite a distance but the house is behind me

in the distance and that's the reason why sometimes you will be able to hear

some of the sounds of the builders doing like that you see

did you hear that that's it

the builders are very busy hello mohammed

jalani it is my first time watching the live stream

well normally i would give you a round of applause but unfortunately today

because i'm not in this i'm not in the studio you see even this

far away even this far away the builders are

still making lots of noise you see

i think maybe i have to travel to another country to get away from the

noise thank you very much for joining me very

nice to see some first-time viewers and also we have

ferris hello for us i am forest watching in manchester hello to

manchester now i do realize that in that part of england there have been

some dramatic things taking place concerning you know you know what i'm

talking about so around the north of england some

places have have gone back into lockdown

and of course in the midlands as well i think in the

i think it's the east of england some places are also now going back

into lockdown because of well you know what i'm talking about yes

that thing uh ricardo says the builders

are they builders or are they destroyers i suppose they are a little bit of both

if i was honest with you i would say that they there are

they are destroying and repairing at the same time

i don't know if that's possible but apparently

that's what it is it sounds like someone is shooting

a gun it does sound like that but it isn't don't worry it's nothing

like that don't worry about that anna

is here hello anna hello also feden says i wasn't here for a long time

but now i am here you look good thank you very much

i've had a very stressful week i can't begin to tell you how stressful

things have been i'm sure you know this when when you make plans to do something

and then your plans fall apart all of your plans become

chaotic well that is what is happening this week

you see we've had a lot of things that we planned

to do but some of those things have gone wrong

you see already so the builders have been here for two days and already

there are problems which i won't go into so i've left steve

steve is actually at home at the moment he's taking care

of all of the problems and i'm here enjoying myself in the sunshine

and enjoying the fresh air as well i hope you are okay by the way

can i just say again october the live streams will be back but

during september i will be taking a rest from live streams however i will be

doing some recorded lessons and i'm also going

to re-upload in super high definition cinematic

wide screen completely remastered crystal clear quality

my autumn lesson which will be published on the first of september

i can't believe how windy it is here i don't know how long i'll stay here but

i'll try my best to stay here for as long as i can even

though it is windy and also now

i have the sun beating down on my neck yes we have some new lessons coming in

september we have some subjects as well subjects

that i've never covered before so there will be some new

lesson videos and they will be about things that i haven't

talked about before if you excuse me for a moment

please i need a drink of water of course i had to walk up the hill as

you can see i'm quite high up at the moment

high up on a hill there is a song that goes with that oh talking of songs

yes have you seen mr steve's video singing yes he is

mr steve is showing everyone around the world

what a good singer he is did you see the video of mr steve

i didn't tell him by the way i i actually

uploaded the video first and then i told steve that i'd done it and at

first he wasn't very pleased to be honest he was not happy about it

but um

it is very nice to see that so many of you enjoyed mr steve's


i'm i'm trying not to fall down the hill by the way i'm standing on a hill

would you like to have a look at one of the views okay i will move the camera

slightly so you can have a look so there is

another view and i will move the camera around

so you can see

so now you can see what i'm looking at as i stand here

looking off into the distance and you can see the famous mountain

and also the beautiful landscape of shropshire

so this is now a live stream from england

on wednesday afternoon and yes i know i was late today i was

late i admit it i was a little bit late

for which i apologize but unfortunately the problem

today was i couldn't get a signal i don't know

what's happened to the mobile phone signal i couldn't get a good signal

today unfortunately ah

it is 20 to nine in vietnam hello tran nice to see you here as well

how are things going with you anyway are you having a good time

in your life is your life going okay i really hope it is

i hope it is so many people from so many parts of the

world all interested in english and friendship i love you all

from fabio in pisa italy hello fabio nice to see you here

as well yes what i normally do for those who

aren't familiar maybe you you've never seen me

before in which case all i can say is you are

very lucky if you've never seen me before

i talk about english and normally i'm in the studio

presenting my english addict but unfortunately

because the house at the moment is being demolished

and repaired

fortunately i'm not paying for it you see mr steve is paying for it

so i don't have to pay for that you see fortunately

mr steve is paying for the building work isn't that nice latif

says i've seen mr steve's video and i loved it

he is really talented he is a really talented

singer thank you very much that's very kind of you i will pass on

your regards to steve i will send my regards to steve for you

we also have irene andy starr do you speak french i i used to speak

french very well when i was at school

of course at the moment a lot of people are talking about

france and certain issues affecting both france and also

britain we have brexit coming up as well can you

believe it we are just four months away from

the actual deadline for an agreement on brexit as well most people have

actually forgotten about brexit because of the you know the thing

the virus so many people now have actually forgotten

all about brexit and here comes the plane hello plane

nice to see you as well i'm not sure if this was a good idea to

be honest standing on a hill

unfortunately where i'm standing at the moment is not very level

tanya says i have zero knowledge of english

i am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you

that's okay tanya that's very kind of you to say

i do receive a lot of messages i received a couple of messages last week

beautiful messages on my email saying that

my lessons had helped them to achieve their goals working abroad

and doing the job that they had dreamed of doing

so i i think that's brilliant i'm always nice i always feel nice

to hear your

lovely lovely messages

this is not easy to do by the way because i am standing at the top of a

hill and i keep stumbling if i if i let go of

my body i will i will literally fall to the bottom of this small hill

i will that's what will happen

i saw the cows earlier by the way the cows

are still in this field so i keep i keep

one eye on the field and one eye on you just in case

it seems like an un uncomfortable position

yes it is it is a very uncomfortable position

that i'm standing in but unfortunately this is the only position that i can

stand in at the moment because of the signal you see so i'm

doing this so i can get the best signal going into

my mobile phone but the only problem is it's also a very

uncomfortable position as well i don't feel very comfortable

standing here like this hello kelly kan hello kelly nice to see

you here on the live stream have you ever come

or have you ever been have you ever been to vietnam have you ever visited

vietnam have you ever traveled to vietnam have you ever taken a holiday

in vietnam the answer to that is no no i haven't i've never been to vietnam

there are so many places around the world

that i would love to visit so many places

around the world that i would love to visit unfortunately

we can't go anywhere at the moment we can't even go

to certain towns or cities in england for various reasons

i always imran hello imran i can't see your message very clearly i

apologize hello imran i wish to apply

for my masters in canada and your lessons are helping me a

lot good thank you very much that's nice to

hear one of the things i will mention and this is something i'm asked many

times by people who are improving their english

listening listening is a very important part of

learning english so don't forget try to listen

to as much english as you can try to create your own

english environment your own english world

and that is the reason why

that is the reason why

i do my live streams you see i'm trying my best to read

the live chat it's not easy when you're standing

on the side of a mountain in in a gale you see there is a gale

blowing around me unfortunately i'm sure you can see that anyway you

might be able to hear it as well you might be able to hear the rumble of

the wind as it blows around

farida oh hello for reader again are you on the hill where

the teletubbies live ah maybe i am it does look a little bit

like teletubbies especially if i point the camera over


it does look a little bit like teletubbies

i feel as if i should be playing some games with tinky winky

and dipsy and la la and poe but i'm not

don't worry i'm not going to do anything like that just in case

one of my neighbors is walking by i don't want

them to think that i am crazy is it my imagination or has it gone cold

luis mendes hello luis mendes nice to see

you here yes things are a little weird at the moment

they are strange for which i apologize if it looks strange

tanya says you are so much more than an english teacher you are a mentor of the

highest standard thank you very much that's very kind of

you to say i was i was suffering a few days ago if

you remember because my birthday came again

but to be honest with you i feel quite relieved that the birthday has

gone i feel as if a certain amount of pressure has

been released so actually i feel i feel okay now about

my age it doesn't really bother me to be honest

so yes i think i've made my peace i've made my peace if you make your

peace with something it means you come to terms with it

you feel comfortable with that situation you accept that thing

you make your peace with it so i'm another year older there is nothing

i can do about it so i would rather do things

that are useful things that can help not only myself but also you as well

imran says i am working like a dog to improve my english well this is it

you see sometimes when you are learning something new you

have to put a lot of effort a lot of time you have to have

a lot of motivation you see if you are doing something like that

thomas says could you prepare a performance with mr steve like the

teletubbies across the hill next time yes it does

look a little bit like teletubby land it does yes you're right because of the

green the green rolling hills behind me you see yes it

does look a little bit like that maybe mr steve

and myself we can do a little dance here

is that a good idea i don't think so i am hoping to get mr steve to record

another song as well i don't know which song it will

be but mr steve

has now revealed to the world that he can sing and i think he's quite a good

singer to be honest i think he is a very good singer

hello to humpty dumpty hello humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty


caught his left

sorry i can't i can't finish that i can't finish that it's rude

hello also billy and bonnie i am william from vietnam hello william nice to see

you here watching in vietnam this is mr duncan

standing on the side of a hill by myself today

there is no mr steve just me but the thing is i am supposed to be in

my studio but unfortunately there are some

builders demolishing the house they are actually

supposed to be repairing the house but i'm not sure about that to be honest i

think i think they're demolishing the house

hello to satorino hello saturino nice to see you here

yes things are slightly different today because i can't

do my normal live stream for various reasons my studio

is quite a mess at the moment and to make things worse there is also lots

of noise as well

happy belated birthday mr duncan thank you tanya

it was my birthday on the 12th of august thank you also to oh anarita is here

if i don't see your name if i don't say hello please don't get angry with me

hello also to oh we have yasir here as well hello yasir thanks for

joining me today where are you watching at the moment

i'm always interested to find out where you are

have you ever made any plans in your life that have gone wrong

have you ever made plans maybe something you were going to do

a place you were going to visit maybe something you are going

to to make something you are going to do and then it all goes wrong well that's

what's been happening this week you see that is what has been happening this

week everything has been going wrong

i've just realized i'm slowly going down the hill

help i'm falling down the hill hello help help help

ah i'm okay

danielle says i have to go now don't worry danielle

i know you have other things to do in your life

it is good pasture where you are live streaming yes we have

a beautiful field here it's not mine before anyone asks

this is not my field before you ask thank you manas

hello manas ran jan hello to you as well nice to see you here hello mr duncan

thanks for joining me today where are you watching at the moment i'm

always interested to find out

i'm always interested to find out where you are mika ode hello mika

thanks for joining me today you can do some cheese rolling

mr duncan yes that is actually a very good idea

there is a very strange sport that people take part in

here in england called cheese rolling and what they do they roll a piece of

cheese down a hill and then lots of people will

run behind and they will try to catch the cheese

it's true and it's also very dangerous many people get injured taking part in

that particular sport cheese rolling it is one of the many odd

things that we do here in england sometimes we

can be very strange i think so saudi arabia hello

anwar daffodils i love your name by the way sadly there are no daffodils around

at the moment because

we are approaching autumn and we only have daffodils in spring


hello nam fam van hello to you watching in vietnam as well very nice

thomas says when i tried to repair my bicycle

i always fail and it is in a much worse condition than before

and then i need to visit a shop for it to be serviced this is true

sometimes you might try to repair something yourself

instead of going to an expert or paying someone to do it

you will try to do it yourself and quite often you will make the thing

worse than it was before i've done it i've

done it i can tell you some horrible stories

some terrible stories when i've tried to fix something by

myself or repair something and it's gone

terribly wrong it's gone really badly so yes i do know i do know that it can

happen sometimes

is that private property behind me this actually is private

so this is actually private property that i'm standing on but

the good news is i am good friends with the guy that owns this land so he

knows me very well so he doesn't mind if i occasionally do

some filming on his land he doesn't mind he's a very

nice man

we missed you on sunday mr duncan i know i know it has been

crazy well that's all i can say all i can say

is everything has been crazy

over the past few days everything has been crazy and i've lost

my signal i hope you can still see me

oh yes it's working now good sometimes the signal disappears on my


it is a very strange feeling standing in the middle of the field talking to

yourself very strange

this is not my field it doesn't belong to me

but i do know someone i do know the man that owns this field

and his name is don that's his name don and he's a lovely man very friendly

he doesn't mind if i come into his field sometimes to do

my my video streaming and of course my recorded lessons

just in case you miss the news there is some big news

september there will be some changes temporary changes

so during september there will be no live streams

however i will be publishing some new lessons yeah

some new lessons are coming in september so the live streams will be having a

rest but there will be lots of new content

recorded content that i will be making including

the re-edit of my autumn lesson as well which has been missing

from my channel and the star says it is the private

property of mr duncan i wish it was this is not mine trust me

a lot of people think it is but it isn't this is not my garden

behind me i wish it was but it isn't unfortunately

apparently in the south of italy it is too hot

yes i believe in southern europe there has been a lot of hot weather

crazy hot weather

it really does feel like autumn is coming

and the reason is because autumn is coming you see

next week will be the meteorological start of autumn so that is when autumn

begins and then slowly things will begin to

change and on the 1st of september i will

be publishing my autumn lesson once more it will be back

on my channel hello tania jewell mr duncan this is my first

class well can i just say that this is not my normal class

this is not what i normally do unfortunately at the moment because of

certain situations at home

that sounds terrible doesn't it it sounds like i'm having some sort of

domestic debut dispute but i'm not nothing like that

no what is happening we are having some much-needed repair work

done on the house and it's a little bit noisy

as you heard earlier mika is going i want to be with you much

longer but i'm working tomorrow so i have to go to bed

see you mika don't forget i will be with you on

friday as well i am back with you on friday

from 2pm uk time that is when i'm back with you

hopefully i will be back in the studio on friday

i really hope so so everything hopefully on friday will be back to

normal i'm keeping my fingers crossed you see

like that

berlin for you mr duncan

is it the same to say it is a ruler and this is a ruler

yes they basically mean the same thing because you are stating what the object

is so they are both statements that describe an object or name an object

it is a ruler this is a ruler so you are naming the item


remembering mother teresa

some people some people have their own opinions

about mother teresa

hello to anarita your streams will be missed in september

mr duncan well don't worry about that because in

september i am publishing some new lessons

so i'm going to get to work very busily very busy get to work editing

filming doing all sorts of things producing some new

english lessons

this might be the strangest live stream that i've done for a long time

hello mr duncan oh hello nor prod i haven't seen you for a very long

time prod hello mr duncan sorry for not being

here i had a lot of exams how did they go were your exams

successful have you had the results yet why is the

uk very windy i don't know but we've had a

lot of wind during the past few days unfortunately

we've had a lot of windy weather yesterday we had severe

storms right here and i thought some of the

trees might come crashing down because it was so windy yesterday very windy


we also have how can i improve my language i suppose by that

you mean your english language if you want to improve your english then

as i always say there are some simple rules you must

learn english every day try to use it listen to english every day

so do it daily you must try to make english

part of your life part of your existence something that you will refer to or do

every day richard hello richard mr duncan you are

very rich like bruce wayne and mr steve is your

butler i wish that was true i really do i love

the the fact i love the fact that people think

that i'm rich but i'm not isn't it strange

i do love the fact that when you appear on youtube

people will make their own observations they will come to their own conclusions

about you so some people think that i'm

some sort of millionaire but i'm not trust me i am not a millionaire

fans oh hello francie francie cavanaugh says i love your accent

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say so

oh pedro belmont is here today hello pedro thanks for joining us yes

you are late but as we always say it is better to be late than never at

all that's what we say you see it is it's

what we say that's what the ladies in town say they

say it all the time the ladies who work in the butcher's

shop and also the the women who work

in the bakery they say it is better to be late than

never fatty zito how to improve my accent by myself

if you are not happy with the way you speak english you can change it

you can work on your accent you can work on the way you speak

maybe you are not speaking clearly one of the things that i always suggest

if you want to improve your spoken english

is record your own voice record your voice listen to the sound of

your voice and then you can hear where there might

be some problems and if you don't like it you can change

it you see you can change it although it does take

time it takes a lot of time

hello amir who is in kashmir at the moment hello amir nice to

see you right here now standing

oh i must be crazy doing this i'm standing on the side

of a hill

another thing i didn't mention is today they've they forecast rain

as well apparently if they think it's going to rain so i

have to be careful

sylvia yes you can record your voice and also you can look in the mirror

as well look in the mirror look at your reflection when you're speaking

it is a very good way of looking at the way you you form the words

you see so looking in the mirror looking at yourself in the mirror can be

a very good way of improving your spoken english

so you can listen to yourself and also you can look at yourself

as well as you speak mr duncan which is the following

sentences is correct i don't know two

i don't know two i too don't know or i don't know either

i would say the third one is is better

i would say that the third one i don't know either i don't know either

i don't know where he's gone i don't know either

you see so that is grammatically that is much

more correct although you might say the other two as well i don't know too

i don't know too but it sounds horrible so number three would be my answer

for that tanya i hope i'm not helping you with your homework

you're not getting me to do your homework for you are you

that happens quite a lot i get email messages sometimes

from people and they send me their homework

to do it's not for me to do it's for you to do

is it pedro is it your birthday pedro wait there a moment have i missed

something pedro belmont is it your birthday today

is it really your birthday pedro oh my goodness

i don't know what to do now i'm shocked i'm surprised

i'm stunned by that news pedro happy birthday i hope you have a super

duper day of course you are one of our

regular viewers and we always appreciate seeing you here and happy birthday it's

your birthday yes today it's your birthday hip hip

hooray nice to see you here it looks as if it's going to rain mr

duncan i can see the thick black clouds yes look at that

there are some very angry clouds above my head can you see them

look there are angry clouds in the sky floating by look at that oh dear

i i don't like the look of those clouds they do look a little bit angry

don't you think so

come on camera come back don't leave me where am i oh there i am that's better

it's very hard adjusting your camera when you are outside it is not as easy

as doing it in the studio if i had a choice if you said mr duncan

which do you prefer do you prefer being in the studio or do

you prefer being outside i would say that the

studio is better much better because you have more

control on the environment when you come outside

you don't you see you the environment is all around you

and you can't control it so i would love the wind to stop but it won't because i

can't control it you see i can't ask the wind to stop excuse me

wind excuse me would you mind stopping for a while could you stop

blowing would you mind that because i'm trying

to do my live stream and unfortunately your blowing is very


autumn is approaching yes autumn is definitely on the way

i'm not joking yes autumn is coming and as a way of celebrating autumn

or should i say the arrival of autumn i will

be publishing my autumn lesson on the 1st of september yes yeah

the the autumn lesson is back

thank you very much to oh hello red zone red zone says the time in

india is 7 42 oh i see well here

it is now coming up to 12 minutes past three o'clock in the afternoon so right

now it is 12 minutes past three in the afternoon wednesday afternoon the

26th of august 2020

oh dear

we only have four more months of 2020 and then it will all be over 2020 will

be no more i don't know about you but i can't wait

for this year to end i want 2020 to end

as quickly as possible

is there a sentence game today not today unfortunately not today

because i'm outside i'm on the side of a hill

standing and i'm a little unsteady at the moment you see

the problem is i'm i'm on i'm on a slope you see

so that's the reason why i might keep disappearing

you see because i'm i'm on a slow i'm on a slope like that i keep i keep

sliding down

all i can say is i'm glad the ground is dry

or else i would be slipping and sliding everywhere

i would yes if ran yes urfan the worst year

ever i think this year has been unbelievably bad

i remember 2016 do you remember 2016 lots of celebrities died

in 2016 and people were saying that 2016 was the worst year ever

little did we know that 2020 was waiting to terrorize us

so suddenly 2016 does not seem like such a bad year after all

oh dear

hello to oh andy says are you cold i'm a little bit cold

slightly although to be honest with you we are we are still having summer here

although today it doesn't feel like summer

it does actually feel like autumn it feels like autumn

has already arrived if i was honest with you

why are you standing crooked mr duncan because i'm on a hill i'm standing on a

hill you see this is this is a very

uncomfortable position that i'm standing in right now

so that's the reason why why don't you just sit on the ground mr duncan

farida i have a good answer to that question

because this field has lots of cowls inside it so walking around this

field at the moment there is a herd of cows and as you know

cows quite often will go poo poo so this field

is full of cow poop so if i sit on the ground i am quite

sure that i will end up sitting in some cow poo so that's the

reason why i'm not sitting down there is no way no way

that i'm sitting down on this grass because

it's it's covered in cow poo there is cow poo everywhere i can see it

now as i'm standing here there's cow poo all over the place

so i'm not no i will stand up i will stand up for a few more moments

could you show us more of this hill i will try to

i will see if i can i will move the camera slightly so you can see it

but yes you will get the idea now that the hill goes down you see so the hill

goes down there so now you can see where the hill

actually goes it goes all the way down there

i will show you actually i will have a little wonder

down just to let you see that this is actually a hill that i'm on

you see i told you

so now you know you see there it is you now know

that i'm really standing on a hill oh i'm also very tired now after doing that

so this is

a very strange moment the cows usually make pee pee

as well yes i think so

they do the cows like to go moo and

poo they do it is so beautiful where you are thank

you billy and bonnie or is that william i think that's

william isn't it a good place to take a nap

it sounds like mr duncan is drunk i'm not drunk i'm just tired

i'm start i'm trying my best to stand on this hill

yes behind me there we go would you like to have a look at the

view behind me there it is looking into this distance

so that is the view that we started today's live stream with

that is what we started with now the interesting thing is

you can actually see

if you look very closely you can actually see

yes i think so you can see some of the hills

in wales i think so yes some of the welsh hills

in the distance very interesting

hello red zone redzone asks where are you

where are you from i'm in england at the moment

i am talking to you from england and in the distance we are looking

across towards wales so over there in fact

in the distance way in the distance is wales

which is next door to shropshire so i'm in england but just over there in

the distance you might see some hills very far away those hills

are actually in wales

way in the distance far far away anyway

i'm sorry if this is a little bit boring but

i can't do my normal live stream today because the studio

unfortunately the studio is

why do you always wear your adidas hat well i wear my hat to keep my head warm

or else my brain will stop working

i see whales does anyone else well it is very far away

in the distance so wales is over there and in the distance there are some hills

way over there in the distance far

far away

have you ruined your studio i haven't ruined it

but we are having some building work at the moment mr steve has decided to

have some building work done and unfortunately it has caused a lot

of chaos

hello partapp hello partapp please can you say my name hello partak

is it your birthday again today it seems like every day is your birthday

partapp olga is here are the same hills

and ah oh sorry i'm trying to read your question

our hills and mountains the same well yes they can be

some people say hills and mountains however hills are normally smaller

they are not so high so for example i suppose i could show you the hill

that is very well known around here so let's have a look shall we

i will show you the hill that is very famous around here there it is in the

distance can you see it i will just check to make sure you can

see it hmm

so that in the distance there you can see now is actually a hill

it's a large hill it's a high hill it's about 1 300 feet

so this particular hill is very famous around here

it's a very famous landmark in this area and you can see lots of dark clouds

floating overhead as well

so there it was but to answer your question olga

mountains are normally much higher and they normally cover a much larger area

as well so we often think of mountains we often think of mountains as being

high but also vast as well they often cover a large

area of land

mr duncan what city of wales does that hill

belong to the hill that i just showed you is not in wales

that's actually here in shropshire but in the distance behind me now

way in the distance way in the distance there

i will show you there can you see i'm just pointing my


can you see just there there it is

there is a hill there in the distance and that particular hill is in wales

it's called briden hill bryden hill it is in wales very far away from here

i hope mr steve did not change the lock on the door

yeah me too i also hope that he hasn't changed the lock or else

i might be here all night i might have to sleep out here

with the cows i might have to lie down with the cows in their own poop

and maybe mine as well

hello palmyra i read that in shropshire there are the best sheep there are a lot

of sheep in shropshire there are also lots of sheep in wales as

well if you travel to wales you will see many sheep

saturino says the hill that you showed us just

looks like a volcano it is only part of a volcano a lot of people think that

it is a volcano but actually it isn't

so all of this area you can see around me now

all of this area used to be under the sea

and during the ice age all of this was under ice it's true

mr duncan please can you drink some water please i've got some water here

you see i've got a little bit of water left

as soon as i finish my water i will end my live stream

so when i finish this when all of my water has gone

i will finish my live stream pedro is going

i hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday pedro

i hope you have something nice i i i would imagine mr steve wishes

he was here

gunjan gunjan chu says hello mr duncan i am new to your channel and i

love it thank you very much that's very kind of you to say

this is not what i normally do this is very different

from what i normally do unfortunately

mr duncan how do i pronounce significant well i think you mean significant

significant something that is significant you are

describing a thing that is important or something that

should be mentioned or noticed something

significant an important part of something maybe

detail of something that is very important

is significant some people describe their boyfriend or

girlfriend as their significant other yes

would you like to meet my significant other

not today what will you do when you want to drink this water

you will go back yes as soon as i finish my water

i will go back home

i am really happy to attend your live stream for the first time

thank you van that's very kind of you to say

very kind of you to say

wong bak fam can you say hello to viet nam mr duncano

i'm falling off the hill i'm going down again

oh dear

hello vietnam nice to see you here this is mr duncan in england

saying hello to everyone watching in vietnam

nice to see you a big wave and a happy hello

from my little hill mr duncan actually i was born on the

20th oh i see but due to the long distance

here in amazon i was registered on the 26th oh i see

so you actually your your actual birth was on the 20th of august

but your registration took place on the 26th

i see so that's the reason why it is your birthday so you are just like the

queen you are like the queen of england she

has two birthdays as well the queen of england also has two


samara says i like you very much thank you

samara yasmine that's very kind of you to say

thank you very much the best learning channel is learn

english with mr duncan if we search on the internet

that will be great sir yes you can find my english channel

quite easily on youtube mr duncan

if you put mr duncan english lessons my channel will magically appear

like magic you see so the registration took place on the

26th but pedro actually was born

on the 20th

mr duncan you are using your water bottle like an

hourglass yes when the water has gone when the water has gone into my

stomach that will signify the end of today's

live stream when will we get 1 million subscribers

i don't know i think it's still a very long way off

to be honest with you i do like to be honest i don't like to exaggerate things

but i do think so yes

oh my girlfriend was registered before her

birthday before her birthday how is that possible

i don't think you can be registered before you pop out

that's impossible surely i've never heard of that before

how can you have your registration for your birth

before you're born well i don't understand that i've never heard


yes i will be going in a moment it is almost time

for me to say goodbye i will be back with you on friday

hopefully in the studio everything will be back to normal

i will be in the studio hopefully i really hope i am in the studio i can't

do this again i can't stand here on the side of a hill

for one hour and 20 minutes i really can't

it's it's too long

it feels as if wales is watching you yes

maybe they are maybe the people in wales are watching me right now yes who

knows who knows maybe i will move the camera slightly so you

can see the views a little bit more

thank you for your company today yes i am going in a moment

because unfortunately

this is not a very comfortable position to be honest

i would prefer to be in the studio than here

oh hello bella please mr duncan don't drink we want

we don't want you to go well unfortunately i will have to go soon

for two reasons one my water has nearly ran out you see i only have a

little bit of water left in my bottle and the other reason is

i am very uncomfortable this is not a very comfortable position

to be honest to be standing in it's very uncomfortable because because

i'm on a hill you see i'm on a hill

i just trod in some cow poo there right down there some cow poo

can you believe it

par tap is going see you later par tap alessandra

please don't go mr duncan

oh is that the reason why the queen of england is so old because she has two

birthdays every year the queen is very lucky the queen of

england has two birthdays can you believe that

i wish i had two birthdays that would be very nice

mr steve would have no money left mr duncan when i speak to others my english

speaker i forget my words because i get nervous ah tanya

you see the problem there is confidence so confidence is something you learn

as you learn the thing that you are studying

so confidence comes slowly you can't make yourself confident

confidence comes as you you do things more often so the more you do

something the more confident you will feel

and then the more confident you feel the more you want to do it

it's it's like a cycle it's like a cycle that you get into a cycle

so the more you do something the better you become at it

and then the better you become the more confident

you are

thank you for your company today paris also says please can you stay longer

i would love to stay longer but unfortunately

i'm getting rather uncomfortable that is what i'm going to say yes i think that's

a very good word uncomfortable

the water has nearly gone

i can hear the builders

i can hear the builders making a noise in the distance

demolishing my house

thank you sunshine goodbye mr duncan says

nestor hello nestor i didn't see you here

thank you virg for joining me it's very kind of you

we are coming up to the last sip oh look

it's nearly the last sip

look almost almost the last sip

the bottle is becoming empty yes you have

observed the last of the water as the water disappears

so will i mr duncan do you like sean connery

says palmyra it was his 90th birthday yes you are right yes yesterday

yesterday sean connery who of course plays

james bond hello mr bond honor i mean hello

hello my name is double07 and i am sean cunnery it's how he speaks you see

sean connery sort of speaks like this just this is how he speaks my name is

sean connery maybe i should do a whole lesson

with this accent what do you think is it a good idea

what was i talking about oh yes sean connery it was his birthday

yesterday 90. my goodness

the queen of england is still older than sean connery he is

red zone is saying goodbye goodbye red zone

and have a safe night in india thank you very much for joining me


is his accent because he's scottish not really no no it's he has he has a

slight impediment when he speaks so he has a

slight a slight impediment so sometimes you can hear a strange

sound when he's speaking like that to she

sean connery only has one birthday that is true

he only has one

but most people think that sean connery was the best

james bond i don't know i like roger moore

to be honest i i'm a big fan of roger moore

sadly no longer with us but sean connery is

still with us he's still alive and he was 90

yesterday can you believe it the water is going say goodbye to the water

goodbye water um

hmm that's it all the water has gone it's

all gone no more water left it's time to say

goodbye i hope you've enjoyed this very unusual

live stream from the side of a very windy hill

because the house is so noisy right now yes my water bottle is now definitely

empty you see it's empty there is no more water left

ah i seem to have started a debate here about james bond who was the best

james bond shawn cullary and roger moore see i like roger moore i always thought

that james bond when roger moore was playing james bond i always

enjoyed the movies more because he always had a little bit of humor

didn't he he never played the part completely

straight he he always had a little bit of humor

when he played james bond but i i found sean connery when he was playing

james bond i found it a bit boring to be honest

i like a little bit of fun with my with my espionage you see

i like a bit of humor

goodbye mr duncan malius hello mallius mallius

mallius there is a bone in your ear called the malleus malleus


it's true i'm not joking they are bones inside your ear

hello bella mr duncan one day if we are visiting your region would it be okay to

drop in and say hello to you and mr steve

if you are coming by if you are in the area

of course of course you can come round and say hello

oh my goodness it's so windy yes if you are ever in the area you can

come round you can knock on the door and you can say

hello i am one of your youtube viewers would you mind if i came in for a cup of

tea and i will reply i will reply with

no you can't go away i'm calling the police

no not really okay that's it my bottle is empty

my bottle is empty it's time to say goodbye i hope you've enjoyed this

something unusual don't forget also can you please give me a thumbs up

please give me a nice thumb there it is can you see it

so can you give me a thumb right now to show that you

like my live stream you see so this is your vote of

confidence this says that you like what you are watching

and then youtube hopefully will show it to everyone else in the world isn't that

nice time to go now thank you very much thank

you mohsen thank you bella i'm back on friday it's

my normal live stream on friday i hope everything will be back to normal on

friday i really hope so i hope you've enjoyed today's live

stream thank you very much give me a lovely thumbs up please

see you on friday 2 p.m uk time i hope you've enjoyed

what you've been watching if you haven't i'm ever so sorry

there's nothing i can do about it see you soon take care feden

take care also livel also yasir bella thank you very much i hope you've

enjoyed this i hope you have enjoyed it

i love my teacher thanks and yes i will be saying that in a moment

thank you billy thank you billy and bonnie

thank you also wendell fuang andy starr

hang doe and everyone else so many people are here

at the moment thanks a lot it's been good fun

i've enjoyed it even though it was very uncomfortable

standing here on the side of the hill and of course

until friday when we meet again this is mr duncan

in the birthplace of english saying thanks for watching see you on friday

and of course until the next time we meet you know what's coming next yes you

do see you on friday 2 p.m

uk time and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)