Hi, I'm Jo from Specialist Language Courses we are  OET Premium Preparation Providers which means we  

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in today's video we're going to look at  useful language for the speaking test,  

we will look at common verbs used, how to pick  out the imperative verbs from the OET Role Card  

and useful language for these functions. So, what  verbs are commonly used in the OET speaking test?  

Let's look at some of the most common verbs you  would find on the OET Role Card. This is not an  

exhaustive list but the verbs here are often  seen on your roleplay card and they will help  

guide your interaction with the patient in  the roleplay. Find out, explain, for example  

treatment or a procedure, empathise, reassure,  advise, encourage, persuade and reinforce. 

So, when do we find these verbs on the role  card? Let's take a look at an example. 

On this role card, the setting is A&E and a mother  has brought her child who has eczema and the  

imperative verbs can be found at the start of each  bullet point in the task. So, you should focus on  

the tasks on your card and underline or circle  these verbs, these are the actions that you need  

to demonstrate in your roleplay using appropriate  language. So, how do you do this? Let's look at  

some example language that you can use for the  verbs we just saw on the role play about eczema.  

So, here are some functional phrases that you  can see in the speech bubbles and these can be  

used in many different role plays, let's see them  in action in the case of the child with eczema.  

The "find out" phrase is an ideal chance to ask  an open question at the start of your roleplay,  

to establish what the mother already does for her  daughter's eczema. By asking a phrase such as,  

could you tell me how you normally look after your  daughter's eczema? You open up the chance for the  

parent to give you information which will help you  decide what to explain as the roleplay progresses.  

The second function verb "explain", expects you  to clarify what the mother should do and why.  

The verb "reinforce", expects that you will stress  what is important, sometimes it's something that  

the patient or carer does not want to do, for  example here, the role card said that the mother  

is anxious about the use of steroid creams and  refuses to use them, and finally "give advice"  

would be your care instructions such as, it  would be a good idea if you could, you should, I  

recommend. Check the strength of the verb as well, is it a suggestion or something that is  

essential and must be followed? As this will determine the phrase  

that you use. So for suggestions,  you might use phrases like these...

and to advise the patient, phrases like these...

and sometimes you need to be  more assertive and persuade  

the patient or stress the importance of  something using phrases such as these...

It's a good idea to build up a bank of  functional phrases that you can use in  

different OET role plays, think of useful  phrases for things such as empathising,  

persuading or giving advice. How can you  do this? You can watch OET sample speaking  

tests on OET Official YouTube channel note  down phrases that you can use for different  

functions such as empathising or giving advice  and use a notebook or keep it digitally. Refer  

to your notebook from time to time and try and  use different phrases for the same function to  

increase your language flexibility, for example  showing empathy, you do not always need to use  

"I understand this is difficult for you", but you  can also use "I can see that you are worried" or  

"I know this won't be easy at first but..." Let's look at that list of common verbs  

from the beginning of the video, can you  think of some useful phrases for each one?

Here are a few ideas.

So, that brings us to our top tips: focus on the  imperative verbs during your preparation time,  

learn suitable phrases for each verb so  you have a range of functional language  

to choose from and practice your phrases  regularly. So, thanks for watching if you  

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