are you there is there anyone there I really hope there is someone there oh

there you are hi everybody here we go it is Sunday yes

we are all together again live on YouTube I hope you've had a good week my

week has been all right not too bad thank you very much oh yes definitely I

am late again for which I apologise welcome here we go it is English addict

live from the birthplace of English which just happens to be England

oh hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really hope you are happy today it is once more

another one of those live streams across the internet I know I know what you're

going to say mr. Duncan everyone at the moment has their own live stream I think

almost every person on the planet at the moment has their own live stream so I

would imagine that many people at the moment are not watching me because they

are doing their own live stream so can I say hello to the other live streams so

all of the other people that are doing live streams at the moment hello to you

I hope your live stream is going well I'm losing my voice again I think I

might have to have a lie down in a dark room for maybe one week to recover from

all of this because I've been so busy hello for those who are wondering who I

am who is that weird man on my screen my name is Duncan and I teach English here

on YouTube and I've been doing this for such a long time some might say that

I've been doing it for too long mr. Duncan please go away can you please

stop what it is you are doing please clear off go away

skedaddle no I'm staying here I'm not going anywhere and I hope you will be

staying here with me as well a very strange day I must say

the weather is nice today however I didn't get out of bed until very late

unfortunately I got up very late today I don't know why I was feeling sleepy and

quite tired this morning so that's the reason why also I don't know why but

inside my studio is so hot I almost can't stay

and it it is really hot in here I don't know why for those wondering where mr.

Steve here's yes mr. Steve is on his way he will be here a little bit later on I

just want to make sure that we can have the live chat I can't see the live chat

at the moment where is the live chat I hope it is there oh there you are thank

you very much for joining me here on my live stream and yes we have made it all

the way to the end of the week it is the end of the weekend as well because it's


it's a Sunday it's a Sunday welcome everyone I hope you are feeling good


mr. Steve once again is very busy outside he's in the garden I don't know

what he's doing but I hope he will be here in around about ten minutes time

because he will be withers live but not here with me no don't worry for those

who are concerned don't worry mr. Steve will be in isolation he will

be next door actually so there is mr. Steve's seat well that is the place

where mr. Steve will be in a few moments so for those who are wondering where

Steve is don't worry he will be with us in around about 10 minutes I suppose it

depends on whether or not mr. Steve has finished his chores in the garden I

wonder if Steve will be finishing his jobs in the garden I don't know I hope

he does I hope he will be here soon

so here we are oh my goodness I've just realized I'm

live on YouTube hello hello FC FC and also everyone else on the live chat now

there is something very interesting because when I start my live stream on

my computer the first person on the live chat is different from the one on my

mobile phone and that is very confusing so I want to say that FC is first on the

live chat but actually I don't think you are in fact I think it was someone else

I'm sure it was Aziz I think as is hello as is I think you were first on today's

livestream so congratulations to you

congratulations well done you are the first one I think maybe on

today's livestream it's been a strange week yes it looks as if we are going to

be doing this for a very long time I might be with you every day forever I'm

not sure if I like that how do you feel about that do you think it's a good idea

should I be here every day forever I'm not sure if I like the idea of that

today we are talking about two words we will be looking at the word lazy later

on are you a lazy person are you a person

who can be a little lazy sometimes I am often accused of being lazy I'm often

accused of being a person who doesn't work very much I don't know why though

I'm always busy I'm always doing something I can't believe that I can't

believe I I get accused of such a horrible thing and also will be talking

about being bored and this is a certain word that a lot of people are using at

the moment they are saying I am bored I feel bored I am bored because of the

lockdown or this very strange situation that we are going through at the moment

around the world so those are two of the things we are

looking at today of course we have mr. Steve here I don't know what he's going

to talk about I hope he has something interesting the one thing I do know

Steve has been very busy in the kitchen again and I think today he is going to

show us what he has been making so Steve has been making something sweet I think

so so I'm very excited about that as you can probably imagine the weather outside

is lovely at the moment in fact you might see mr. Steve going

past the camera because he was outside in the garden a few moments ago but I

think he's come in now I think Steve has realized that it's time to come in

because he will be on in a few minutes so the weather is nice the sun is

shining however we are inside the studio again

some people say mr. duncan we like it when you are outside it's much more fun

because we can hear the birds in fact sometimes I think you prefer listening

to the birds more than you lists you enjoy listening to me baby hello Anna

hello Connell mr. Duncan your microphone is low we can hardly hear you I think

you should be able to hear me alright is it really quiet I don't know why I

hope you can hear me clearly shall I start shouting out of the window maybe

you can hear me then so I hope you can hear me alright if you can't hear me

then I'm in big big trouble no I think you can hear me I'm pretty sure of it

because all of my lights are flashing in front of me so I think you can hear me

maybe it's you maybe you need to turn your computer or your phone up slightly

hello hello Hurst now when the break will begin because I want to grab some

sweets oh I see her snow wants to know when the break will occur well I suppose

you can have a break whenever you want you don't have to stay here if you want

to have something to eat if you want to have a drink which

reminds me I I haven't got any water I have no water in front of me and he

believed that already things are going wrong I've only been on for a few

minutes and I was late as well I can't believe it hello Vitas normal is the

usual average or typical state or condition yes we talked about that

today am i doing yesterday's livestream is this Saturday is it really it's

Sunday is it really Sunday or did I go back in

time to yesterday and this is Saturday still I don't know what a strange period

of time this is am I the only born who feels as if I'm slightly losing touch

with reality during this time because every day feels exactly the same so

sometimes I wake up in the morning and I have no clue what time it is I think

what time is it what day is it what year is it

Who am I and other things like that oh hello Mika am I am i watching

yesterday's livestream there is something really weird going on here

am I going out loud at the moment live always see I am I'm watching yesterday's

livestream on my phone that is very weird I just realized what I'm doing I'm

actually watching yesterday's livestream on my mobile phone and you are leaving

messages on today's livestream that is so embarrassing what's wrong with me I

think I think I might be losing my mind live on YouTube so let me just put this

right where is my livestream I can't find it I can't find my livestream am I

really going out hello anyone there oh dear in me this is very weird there

are some really weird things going on at the moment oh there it is

now I can find my livestream and because I'm confused by it that is yesterday's

livestream so is this today's livestream or yesterday's day livestream what is

going on am I still asleep in bed

am I dreaming this am I looking at my livestream or is this recorded okay I

think I think I'm looking at my livestream now what a strange period of

time it really is for those who don't know what I was doing I was actually

looking at my mobile phone and I thought I was watching today's livestream as

that go as it goes out unfortunately I was watching yesterday's livestream and

I thought I was reading the live chat from yesterday from yesterday and I

thought that was today I think I might just go back to bed I've had enough of

this I've had enough of this to be honest hello to the live chat and I

think this might be the real live chat now is this is this is this the real

live chat I'm looking at now or is it yesterday or is it last year I don't

know it's very strange am I the only person who feels like this at the moment

hello - Hiroko hello Luis hello - Ana

that might be the strangest thing that's ever happened to me on my live stream

ever and that's even working with mr. Steve because mr. Steve sometimes does

some very strange things on the live stream I think the problem is the

thumbnail has not been updated so I've just realized the thumbnail on this live

stream is yesterday's thumbnail I am so confused by this it is very weird

hello Ana mr. Duncan please can you say hello to my husband

Jefferson it is the first time he is watching you well all I can say is you

were not seeing me at my best today can I just say that you are not seeing me at

my best for some reason I don't know why I was

watching yesterday's livestream and I thought I was watching this live stream

because there are so many people doing live streams at the moment every

celebrity has their own live stream have you noticed Tom Hanks has his own live

stream Robert Downey jr. he has his own live stream lai he got Lady gaga well

has her own live stream Caitlyn Jenner has a live stream mr. Duncan well I

don't want I don't know what mr. Duncan has I don't know what this is bizarre

what a bizarre moment of time hello Eleanor are you sit still asleep

mr. Duncan I feel as if I might be still asleep in bed this might be just a

horrible nightmare that I'm experiencing at the moment let's all just say hello

again to mr. Duncan Yoona Karina hello to you I think I think you are here now

I might still be in bed and this might just be a terrible dream a terrible

dream a terrible dream a terrible dream a terrible dream oh no it's not it's not

a terrible dream this is really happening I can't believe it this is so

funny says Monta Monta Thank You Monta for

finding this very funny because for a moment I had no idea what was going on

and all I can say things are going to get worse because mr. Steve will be here

soon and then it will get really crazy trust me hello - Pelle me

I think hello - yes hello - yes you are watching a YouTube in glish teacher have

a meltdown live on the Internet hello Konstantin

hello Anna P care I couldn't find your livestream you're not the only one I

couldn't find it either I couldn't find my own livestream and I started watching

the one from yesterday and I thought that was the livestream that was going

out now that's it I think I think I've had too much I've had too much isolation

I have finally cracked my brain has finally melted inside my skull Fatima

you are so funny I love you mr. d you made me laugh you

made me laugh after a period of sorrow well I'm I'm glad I've cheered you up

even though I've made myself look like a complete idiot

again Francisco you are going slightly mad I think so

I feel like that that Queen song I'm going I'm going slightly I think so I

think you are right we tests yesterday yesterday we talked a little bit about

old songs and nostalgia as it rolled has it rolled to our souls I don't know we

were talking about music yesterday we were talking about music from the

sixties because someone mentioned Creedence Clearwater Revival and I was

talking about the 1960s when everyone was talking about peace and love and

everyone was experimenting

no no no lots of hippies were around in the 1960s and also the early 1970s as

well I remember when I was young there were people who were still living in the

1960s even though it's it was the 1970s they were still being very hey man hey

far out no we're not doing that anymore it's the 1970s hello Wilson a little

mistake mr. Duncan I know I think it was a big mistake to be honest I can't

believe I did that but it might be the most embarrassing thing that's ever

happened to me on YouTube ever ever talking of embarrassing things that

leave you feeling very shamed and upset

in isolation at the moment he is in isolation I just have to make sure that

he is the recommended distance from me are you eating I've just realized mr.

Steve is eating I can't believe it oh my goodness look what are you doing Steve

yes yes your lives oh I didn't know you didn't tell me you normally give me a

countdown and say here is mr. Steve well there you are well I can't tell I can't

tell so I'm actually on now I'm Oh mr. doing

good yes well hello everyone I'm eating I'm eating my salad yes look look at the

screen in front of you well I can see it now yes it's just come on but it won

before it was just showing you mr. dunk and I just say Steve I've done something

really and I've done something really embarrassing today you forgot to put

your clothes on before coming on live that wouldn't be just embarrassing that

would be that would be outrageous you forgot to put the sound up no even

though I do that a lot of times do you forgot to put the camera wrong no

everything was all right technically everything was working all

right except for one thing I I started my mobile phone so I could look at the

live chat unfortunately I clicked on yesterday's

live stream and I was actually replying to the live chat from yesterday as if it

was today's live stream you've never done that before mr. dink and the worst

thing is no it gets worse than that I could see myself as well being played

back not realizing that I was I was using yesterday's live stream as the

monitor for the live chat even though I was watching yesterday's live stream let

me guess you were rushing late as usual mr. Duncan always leaves everything for

the last minute I can reveal this mr. Duncan likes the pressure of working

doing everything at the last minute so he's rushing around a sometimes a few

minutes late actually well no and you were rushing and just and just clicked

on something at random and there you go and well and as a result I am eating my

salad oh can you show it to us prepared myself a healthy salad which I thought I

would have had time to eat but before you gave me a countdown

because you normally say and any minute now mustard and you normally put

something on before and you normally give me a warning yes that I'm going to

be live but not today so Steve what are you eating let's have a look I'm eating

us our meeting at what I think is a healthy salad there we go can you see

that it looks like someone's thrown it I've been eating this every day this

week because this is what I'm trying to eat more healthily Oh mmm

now that we're in lockdown and I realized that I don't have enough green

food salads raw foods in my diet so is a little salad I prepared myself

we have beetroot mmm beetroot beetroot it's it's it's very sort of purpley red

juice i do i don't like beetroot so that's cooked beetroot

which I've sliced up then we have tomatoes and that white stuff is salad

cream that I put on there to give it a bit of flavor okay so that's that's a

tomato and this is a cut-up avocado avocados because I noticed I went to the

the local shop okay a couple of weeks ago looking for vegetables and the

shelves were empty the only thing they'd got left was a

picados so I bought them and I used to I used to eat them years ago because I

quite liked the taste of them but the only problem with avocados is when you

buy them it always says on the output dis down show and I'll eat it when you

play a video it troubled avocados is it's like pears you buy the you buy the

packet and it says perfectly ripe on the packet hill words to that effect so you

think you're getting a perfectly ripe fruit and then you get it home and cut

it open and it's still raw in other words you should leave it to ripen so

I've bought a quite a few of these recently and they've been rock-hard and

I've been most annoyed mr. Duncan because I

my fruit to be ripe as do we all okay so I was out in the garden before coming

online I suddenly I got carried away as I do

rushed in got changed and prepared my salad and thought I would have at least

five or ten minutes to eat it hmmm sat down here and you've just put me on live

haven't you already explained this I've also got a little little fruits a little

snack bar to eat as well afterwards this is fascinating I know it I think it is

it's fascinating because it's all about me mr. Duke nope before we go any

further Steve we have to make sure that we are a safe distance away from each

other so I have I have my tape measure here so I'm going to move my tape

measure and I'm going to make sure that we are a safe distance away from each

other so there it is you can see I have my tape measure so you might see the

tape measuring Steve okay I shall look out for the tape measure

let me just to prove that we there we go just to make sure that you know that we

are a safe distance away so we are yeah let me just see how far away we are from

each other we are a hundred and forty four inches we should give that in

centimeters because a lot of people watching won't be using inches they'll

be using centimeters and you were gonna say that

oh keep it still see if I am I'm keeping it perfectly still yes you always have

trouble with your end it is three hundred and sixty six centimeters that

sounds about right so we're just over three and a half meters apart yes from

each so we are a very long way from each other so for those who are worried for

those who are worried that we are not a safe distance away from each other you

can see mr. Steve has the end in his hand if I let this go mr. Duncan please

don't lie back please don't please don't let that tape measure go oh well shall I

let it go viewers I think it might slice my head

off it it's not got a very strong spring its spring in it this tape measure so

well I can't stay here but hit for the entire live stream okay going to show

there we go okay let's let go though Steve I've let go the any sort of noises

on your live stream it's okay I've just I've just severed four of my fingers

have now been cut off okay there we go it's back it's better I would think that

most people watching will be using centimeters not inch yes so we can now

verify we can say officially that we are definitely a safe distance away from

each other so for those who are wondering now we know tape yes this is a

tape tape so we can call this a tape measure tape measure so you use this for

measuring things and as you just saw we were measuring the distance between us

just to make sure that we were safely keeping our distance from each other the

other thing I've been doing this morning I've been looking out of the window

because our house is very high up so I've been watching this morning just to

make sure that everyone around the area in which we live is also keeping their

distance so I've I've been looking out the window watching very closely with my

binoculars good idea mr. Duncan hmm I've been making sure that people have

been keeping their safe distance and they haven't been getting too close to

each other so I've been looking today I've had my binoculars in my hand like

this and I've been very careful very very careful to make sure that Earth

they realize that I'm watching them I'm watching everything you are doing and we

can dub in the neighbours job them in stop them in that means that you can

report them yes report them to the authorities yes if we see groups of

people arriving I don't think we would do that

because that would be snitching nobody wants to be a snitch okay some who

reports on somebody else in a sort of a mean-spirited way a mean-spirited way

yes I mean if they want to have lots of they haven't but they haven't had lots

of people round but they have never anybody around anybody that has arrived

has stayed at a safe distance but I saw while I was in the garden mr. Duncan I

heard a car coming up towards our house oh yeah

and is often the case here they went the wrong way it came up the wrong road they

got lost and had to turn around but that car was full of people that must have

been five people in this car including I saw an elderly lady a young child and

other people I just thought to myself well unless they're living together hmm

that sounds to me like they're a family visiting some people in the area which

is strictly well not the thing you're supposed to be doing I'm pretty sure

that is the case because clearly they don't know the area because they got

lost so they were visiting someone and they shouldn't be visiting anyone we are

all in lockdown at the moment don't they realize had which was obviously granny

in the back seat with a young child who looked about 6 granny and maybe I can't

think he was driving look like a young man you know any probably probably the

the son or the daughter okay something like that would try so yes illegally

well I'm gonna say illegal it's not illegal well it is yes maybe we should I

should have got the registration and reported them yes well reading their

viruses from probably some city somewhere to our area yes but but the

thing is people are not it not allowed to actually move around unless they have

a very very good reason maybe you have to go to the shops because you you have

no sausages left and you need a sausage so you might want a a sausage for your

supper and you have no sausages so what you have to do you have to get into your

car you have to drive to town you have to go to the local butcher shop

and you will buy a sausage so you will have a sausage for your D adver is

watching from Manchester oh okay we've got somebody watching from the UK

Manchester so hello peeps are saying I look very smart with all those books

behind me let me tell you these are not books no these are our CDs they're not

even CDs no their DVDs that's it Steve's just working his way through all

of the format's that exist yes so these are these are anything but Oh take that

one out again and I'm not mind your language you're not taking that without

you always talk about - Steve Steve we have a lot of mind your language fans

really yes you mean that one yes mind your language really it's very old

I never liked it personally but then but then your family wouldn't

let you watch ITV watch commercial channels no because they thought it was

lowbrow it was TV for nitwits within the UK when I was growing up we only really

had the BBC and then when I was quite young they entered the BBC have no

advertising on it no and then I don't know when commercial channels came into

being but it was probably I don't know late 60s maybe early 70s I don't know I

think it was towards the end of the 1960's they they actually had a

commercial television it came in the BBC was first yes and then there was the

second channel of the BBC and I think around about the same time I in fact I

have a feeling that commercial television has been around for quite a

while here in the UK I think maybe maybe the early 1960s I might be wrong but no

in the very early days of television when everything was in black and white

yes can you believe it TV used to be in black and white how boring

all right I mean you didn't know any different then

and so there was a lot of snobbery snobbery you know commercial chattels oh

no it's the BBC for me and I thought well that was your father probably yes

so yes if you if you watched ITV which was a commercial channel then you know

you were looked upon in certain social circles as being a bit lowbrow yes

skee bc or nothing how's that okay we can Steve we get it I think of it we

understand what commercial television is as I always say we're learning English

here well we're not when we haven't got special learning difficulties it's just

it's just learning English okay Easter happy Easter everyone yes for the altar

Orthodox in the Orthodox Christian religion and I believe that is people up

watching in Russia and other parts of the world it is Easter Sunday today so I

almost feel as if I should be eating another Easter Egg Steve well maybe we

could well I did make some chocolate Dennis well before you say before you

say anything I was about to say mr. Steve I believe you were making

something in the kitchen yesterday yes I was

do you have it there with you no oh okay but I can go and fetch it when we have a

little break have you actually prepared anything no because I don't prepare

anything anymore that was our arrangement mr. Duncan I'm just a sort

of sidekick I just react what's happening you certainly do I haven't got

time to prepare things when I've got the garden to look after mr. Duncan sure I

know that the garden the garden your garden one of us has to look after the

gun I'm thinking of charging people to come and look at it after I finished

looking at the garden yes I think I'll put a sign up you're going to shot sorry

you're going to charge people to come on yes I think I'll have an open day just

let me finish the sentence mm-hmm you're going to charge people to come in look

at the garden that's arrogant yes well I've got a nice garden why not would I

think 50 pence that is so arrogant you know maybe that's nice people have often

said why don't you open your garden but it is a very arrogant thing to do it is

people do do that around here yes well not around here well somebody did a few

years ago in the center of much Wenlock there is someone and they do have a very

nice garden it's actually been featured in the newspapers

somebody said here that we look sleepy and tired I beg your pardon I'm full of

energy today I've been in the garden yes you certainly are full of it

I look sleepy and tired rate well maybe we are well mr. Duncan of course has

been doing in fact I warned him the other day he's been doing a live stream

every day hmm for the last well since the lockdown so it's over for weeks I

did I did have a slight breakdown today I something went seriously wrong

everything looks wrong on my live stream I have yesterday's thumbnail which has

yesterday's date on it and I watched yesterday's live stream thinking that I

was watching the live stream that is going out now so I think that's it I

think I've had it I think it's time for me to go into a very dark room lie down

on the bed and have a really long sleep because that's it I think doing these

live streams every day has completely broken my brain two hours for four weeks

but it'll be five weeks on Tuesday mmm so I think you need a day off mr. Duncan

you need a little break because nobody can sustain that amount of work day

after day the pressure the pressure of performing of teaching I mean everybody

most people work five or six days and have a day off yes so I mean take a day

off and you know worst thing I did I do all this for free

I don't even you know I don't even ask for any any money to be paid for this

lesson of course I always welcome donations which is a different thing

however everything I do all of my lessons for the past 14 years I've been

here on YouTube doing this and ii-i've done it for free for all of those years

so yes you might have a good point there Steve maybe I should go private on here

and then just charge everyone to watch my lesson all my life I've never heard

you say something so radical shall I do that I'm going now I'm going now

everyone bye I'm going private and you have to pay to watch me no I'm happy I

would never do that Suzy Kerr says have you any aches after

doing the gardening well yes I do because I was doing it quite intensely

intensely intense so I was not taking any breaks I was determined to get this

done and doing lots of lifting and digging so yes I've got a bit of an

aching back to do I ache samosas my fingers and my thumbs through gripping

things so I I've tried to get the lid off a jam jar this morning oh and it was

painful ah it was aching and my forearms aching ah but this this joint here in

this muscle is aching ah so that's why I'm eating these salads I'm looking at

this salad here and I'm salivating okay salivating that means that I've got

juices flowing in my mouth okay because I want to I'm just explaining this is an

English Channel there's no answer to that mr. Duncan all I can mmm I'm just

looking at that normally I would look at a salad and think no I don't want to eat

that but I'm looking at this and thinking I

would like to finish it because I think it's very healthy well I'll tell you

what we'll have a short break shall we okay hello Steve you mean a week we are

having a short break for a few moments we're going to have a look at one of my

full English lesson and this is an excerpt from full English

number 16 and then we will be back with mr. Steve and me and you live on YouTube

can you see what I'm wearing over there these are overalls we normally refer to

them as a pair or set an overall is an item of clothing that is worn so as to

protect a person's body and clothing from damage caused by such things as

paint or grease some overalls are designed to cover the entire body while

others only protect certain parts in general overalls are designed to cover

and protect you they are very easy to put on and take off some overalls have

lots of pockets on them so as to allow you to safely carry things around with

you the material used to make overalls can be thin and lightweight or very

thick and heavy the thicker overalls offer better

protection from things like grease and oil and can prevent skin damage caused

by a knock or fall you can wear lots of clothing under your overalls so as to

keep you warm all if it's a hot day you can be completely naked under them and

wear nothing at all these overalls are so comfortable I wish I could wear them

all the time


don't you just hate it when things go wrong when something you are trying to

do goes to pieces when a project you have been planning for a long time goes

awry to go awry refers to a situation or event that goes off course the thing you

expected to happen did not it went awry something that is not straight or

appears crooked can also be described as being awry the poet Robert Burns once

wrote that the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry

which means however much work and preparation you put into something there

is always the possibility that something will crop up or come along to jeopardize

your plans the problem in question can come from an outside source or through a

mistake of your own just one false move on your part can damage or destroy what

you are doing it would be fair to say that the more complex the thing you are

doing the higher the chances are that something will go wrong a problem or

difficulty can be described as a diversity this word Dame's anything that

is seen as a setback or problem an obstacle that has to be overcome or a

problem that causes disruption and delay is an adversity an adverse occurrence is

adversity when there is a problem we can say that there is a catch glitch hiccup

hold up hitch hindrance hurdle setback snag there is something wrong something

has gone wrong it's all gone pear-shaped it's all gone to pot it's all gone a bit


hello are we still there yes I think we are hello everyone welcome to my live

stream on YouTube

a lovely little bird do you like my little bird I received this bird

yesterday through the post it came and I found out who sent it so can I say thank

you very much you know you you are thank you and it is very nice to receive your

little gift lovely very surprised so it's live English English addict its

mr. Duncan that's me by the way and also in the next room in isolation where he

belongs away from the rest of the general public

it's mr. Steve oh hello hello I think I've done something wrong mr. Duncan I

think I'm having a bit of a problem of the livestream dude because I've got

somebody else playing at the moment oh no I think it's you again because

there's a slight delay in what I see here isn't that there is so I think

we're back on track somebody asked I noticed I can't get the live stream up

those other that the live chat up anymore mr. Duncan you'll have to come

and fix it somebody asked what is a stiff upper lip

earlier I was that I picked that up before before we had that little break

and I've eaten my standard and I've eaten this nice little baked cocoa and

almond fruit bar like that which is it's got oats in it it's not going out it's a

bit like a flapjack but it's not a homemade one it's a bought one but

what's the problem I can't get the livestream on stay away three metres

don't sneeze or cough okay so what is a stiff upper lip well that is an

expression often used to describe British people or English people when we

are not just playing emotions so when something

happens some important event an upsetting event British people typically

don't react in an emotional manner where are some people in other countries tend

to show their emotions I'm trying to explain something mr. Duncan okay go

back into your studio

quite often depending on your culture some people will display emotions in

public some cultures more than others now traditionally British people don't

display their emotions or show their emotions in public

so the expression stiff-upper-lip is used to describe a British person who

that could be chaos occurring around them there could

be all sorts of awful things happening but we will not react in any way shape

or form our lip will remain the same it will remain stiff and unemotional so

that's that's that sort of that was the typical sort of thing that people would

use to describe British people many years ago I think now British people are

a lot more emotional and show more of their emotions in public but that

impression has stayed over the over the years now I just say something Steve

though because at the moment you know there is something happening with a

thing called so that's happening at the moment yes and a lot of people here in

the UK are saying that they are keeping a stiff upper lip

are they well yes sir and they they are saying that yes we are trying to be as

strong as we can so there are people who are saying we have to be resilient I

like that one resilient stoic stoic stoic resilient stoic so you need your

you have a stiff upper-lip you stay stoic you to be stoic

to face your problems bravely you keep calm you keep calm and don't forget you

have to keep calm and what else do we have to do Steve keep calm and carry on

Keep Calm and wash your hands Keep Calm and wash your hands so they're

all doing that and that we all know that because we're washing our we know we're

washing our hands a lot more because our skin has become very dry and cracked hmm

I don't know about yours mr. Duncan but I'm having to apply a lot of hand cream

okay other what because my skin feels very dry and cracked because of the soap

that I've been applying to try and kill off those nasty little viruses yes we've

had a wonderful donation from mr. Bruno hello mr. Bruno thank you very much for

your donation and mr. Bruno says why don't you offer some special lessons in

private rooms where the users can pay for it to participate they could be

carried out in different levels and appeal to a particular target audience

one of the problems with that and I suppose it goes back to my original

remit so the thing that I aim to do by doing this is I want everyone to have a

chance so if I start saying only people who can pay can actually have some sort

of lesson from me then I will be pushing lots of other people away and that's

always been my remit to be honest I know it seems as if I could be probably

giving private lessons more and more but if I did that then I would be doing this

less unless so you would be seeing less of me here doing this for free because I

would be busy doing the other thing and getting paid for it

privately so if I had a choice between those two things I would always choose

to do this openly to as many people as because I realize my audience many

people not all of my viewers but many people cannot afford to have private

lessons so that's the reason why I choose to do it like this I know there

are many people on YouTube many English teachers who use this type

of livestream or maybe video to promote their own job or their own business

where they do give private lessons for money however I want to do it

differently and it's always been my intention to do this for everyone for

free so everyone gets a chance you might not like what I do but there are many

people who do like it so I always try my best to do everything

without a charge without any payment being needed so everyone gets a chance

because I realize from my own experience traveling the world and teaching abroad

there are many people who are very hungry to learn English but they can't

afford to have private lessons or private tuition so that is the reason

why I do this but I do thank you all the same mr. Bruno thank you for your

donation so I have donations coming in regularly from some of my friends on

patreon and also through PayPal as well but I always try to give as many people

a chance or a chance to actually watch my videos and that's the reason why they

have always been free and to be honest with you they always will be they always

will be free this will always be available to everyone

I will never disappear or I will never do things that are aimed at certain

people who can pay because there now would be pushing many other people out

because I only have so much time in my day would you say that that's true Steve

yes but you waste most of it don't you mr. Duncan you've just undone everything

I've just said yes I won't comment on that but I will come on don't pound me

has said she liked the color of my top that I'm wearing that's a nice t-shirt

yes and so she's asked what color would you describe that as I would like a wine

color as yes I would say it's like claret claret mmm claret there's a good

claret color I think it's like the color of a mother

of a nice red wine mm-hmm or very dark red but claret I think now I think you

are correct mr. Duncan yes claret and blue and with a touch of blue so do you

want me to show these little biscuits I made mr. steve has been very busy in the

kitchen I didn't know this I don't know how he did it but yesterday Steve cooked

he made these beautiful sweet I think their biscuits or cakes how would you

describe them Thanks biscuits they're neither really okay more of more of a

sort of a biscuity thing hmm I would describe the manners but yes somebody

gave me this recipe a few years ago don't say what it is okay don't say what

it is we will have a big reveal even though I've already shown them on camera

earlier quickly I did show them but I didn't know you were doing this I don't

know how you managed to do this in secret without me realizing you're in

the kitchen making these things I was doing it in plain sight yes I didn't

even notice so Steve last night surprised me with something he had

something very interesting in his hand and he said Duncan would you like to

have a look at this and I said oh dear I don't know about that but then we said

no it's something nice it is something nice that you might want to put in your

mouth I thought oh okay it might be food our British people introvert says Anna

who stirred that has asked the question our British people introvert well no not

really because people traditionally don't tend to show their emotions in

traditionally yes I mean if you were to go on a if you were to typecast a

British person then you would say on average people don't tend to show their

emotions in public yes British people don't tend to but that's

not the same as being introvert it's about what you do in public yes as

opposed to what you do privately the word the word I was going to use Steve

is reserved reserved yes I think I think British people especially the English

are a little more reserved so quite often we won't we won't give too much

away about our emotions we might be a little bit secretive not necessarily

introverted we will still go out in public but we will wear a sort of mask

maybe yes it's all about it's all about I think trying to appear like you're

coping with everything that matter what's happening you just sort of

breezing through it so it's a bit of a mask really as you say it's it's but

then you know get in again it's a way of coping I think as well because I think

if you always fall about when something bad happens then that might not be the

best approach it's just something that's that that's grown up from year from the

eighteen hundred's onwards okay where by British speak I think it was all to do

with having to appear to be in charge and confident and I think it all stems

from this sort of aristocracy and the leaders from from many years ago all and

everybody copies them and royalty it's everything's you know we're fine we're

coping with it all even though things might be going horrendously wrong mm-hmm

it's just it's just a sort of an act really but at and I think that probably

still is pretty much the case with most people but some people might disagree

with me there yes I think one of the things to mention is also there was a

period certainly I would pinpoint maybe a period during the Victorian era when

suddenly people became very self-aware and Sevilla there was a certain

prudishness so if a person is prudish it means they are easily offended they

don't like to talk about things that might upset them such as bodily

functions so things like that became something that was taboo you couldn't

talk about it so I think that's one of the reasons why the British people or

English people became very reserved in their manners because we we were all

suddenly made to feel embarrassed by by ourselves and that kind of stuck with us

so I think nowadays it might be fair to say that British people English people

I'm talking really about English people so people that live in England are a

little more reserved they don't give too much away or of

course they might have a mask or a fake appearance they try they try to keep up

appearances which which reminds me of a great TV show called keeping up

appearances and there was a lady who always tried to impress her neighbors

and her friends so she always tried to keep this mask in place but quite often

things went wrong and and things went disastrously wrong for her and that was

why it was funny so I guess I think I think it is but then you might say the

same thing about all human beings Steve I think it's a cultural thing yes I

think it's a cultural thing the big surprise for a lot of people who observe

behavior of populations and of people was when Princess Diana died hmm because

there was this huge outpouring of display of emotion from British people

you know in public yes when Diana died and that was a big

surprise for a lot of people and it showed how the culture in our country

had chained because normally people would just sort

of standing there and not showing any real emotions but people were openly

weeping and and all sorts of things that we've never really seen in British

culture before so the Hat was a sort of a turning point then yes I think but

anyway that that would get worse straying into interval sorts of interval

sorts of things and there must be sort of I don't know what that sight there's

a science that look that studies people and their behaviour sociology sociology

behavioral science I don't you know that we've got to be careful that we don't

say something that is starting to sound like Jordan Peterson am i all right okay

lots of comments on the live stream mr. Duncan people are claret

yes pound me or a claret it will have that it claret you you it's CL a are et

I believe that's spelled if you look up yes claret mmm I think it's CL AR et

isn't it yes I think it is it's a type of wine very red hence very deep rare

color of mr. Steeves sure to see you could say wine or claret obviously red

wine not white wine hmm claret with an e or et not ot on the air

I think it is ET at the end of clearest I could do with a glass of wine now to

be honest I I can't begin to tell you how disastrous how what a disaster the

start of today's livestream was it was unbelievable I can't believe I was I was

looking at yesterday's livestream for almost 10 minutes before I realized that

I wasn't watching the livestream that I was doing at that moment I'm strange but

then everyone is doing it at the moment aren't this Steve everyone is doing it

what's that I dreamed out then this is got everybody doing well everyone is

having their own livestream shows yeah they're all doing it everyone is now in

front of their bookcase or in mr. Steve's case a mr. Steve's case he is in

front of his DVDs not quite so Brow's oh yes so Steve has DVDs and I

have books telling me books are giving an indication that you are more learning

hmm than I am lying behind the DVD look at me a DVD look at me I am educated yes

I have books behind me mmm this is what people are doing now aren't

they mm-hmm when they're being interviewed via Skype or zoom on

television now they're always if they're at home they're positioning themselves

in front of books to make themselves look more educated and learn it of

course they're probably haven't read any of them and quite often as we noticed

last night if somebody's written a book themselves they've they position their

book yes I can't they position their book to the front so that everybody can

see it yes all right try and sell their book

that's it you can't blame them really for that because it's a great way of

promoting your own book so if you're sitting in front of a bookcase if you're

sitting in front of a bookcase and you write books it's very hard to resist

having one of your own books just behind you with the cover facing outwards I

think so I think it's very hard very hard to resist what is Scarlett Scarlett

that's that that's a like the color of blood yes so it is actually a

description of a color it is a very rich red color so yes you might describe it

as the color of blood it's also the first ever story concerning Sherlock

Holmes a Study in Scarlet Oh mr. Duncan yes scarlet is often used to describe a

curve like a vivid sort of deep red color hmm the colour of blood

apparently you know Kareena says I enjoyed your perfect example of a poser

thank you very much yeah as a person who likes to look at me oh can you see me

I'm on my web camera and I'm sitting in front of lots and

lots of books because it makes me look very erudite and it intelligent that

sort of thing Satur eno says the color of my polo shirt is that limped blood or

we would say clotted clotted blood yes is it one trend blood clots it goes like

a very deep sort of color this is the sort of color so what I'm interested in

Saturday now is how how come you know the color of lumped of clotted blood

have you seen much maybe maybe maybe she works in an abattoir yes it does get

very dark but she's thinking preparatory I'm your skin if you get a cut or a scar

the person who is reserved by the way is a person who doesn't show their emotions

or they tend they tend to wear a mask not literally

so they haven't actually got a mask over their face but they they put on a

certain personality so they are very reserved they they don't give too much

away they are they behave in a very controlled manner so that is the

perception that a lot of people have about the British or the English so I

suppose I I'm unusual to be honest because I'm a little bit extrovert and

Steve I think Steve is also very similar as well Steve you you have your moments

of being very extrovert but then you have your moments of being the opposite

I mean normally I'm I would you would describe me as fairly reserved nor in

normal behavior measured but of course on these live streams I can often leave

it and get very emotional yes but not today I'm feeling very calm and reserved

today and apologists I've done lots of things on the stage I'm used to

performing and so I can rise to the occasion and when done necessary and

colleges apologies once again to those wearing headphones or earbuds if people

want why I'm looking down all the time it's

because mr. Duncan has positioned a phone okay which I can look at the live

stream I don't like it mr. Duncan I'd like to be able to keep my my eyes into

the camera okay well next time maybe we will just have it hanging at the front

of your face you know like like I will design a special hat where the phone is

always hanging right in front of you and then you can see it all the time that's

we could invest in some of those glasses modern glasses where I can where we can

project and people can't see it project things onto the inside of the glasses

and I can read the livestream you mean like Google glass is that what it is

well it was but it they scrapped it oh right so maybe not then it never if you

if you remember it never came to fruition it was advertised and but then

suddenly at the last moment people said now we don't want that we don't want

glasses that look like something from Minority Report or some sort of science

fiction film so no Google glass never came to be

unfortunately whereas it's gone somebody just said yes

Mercedes what a lovely name but that's a girl's name isn't it the Sade is also

your car yeah hey mr. C the other day I bought a Tilley hat oh just like yours

really yes well Mercedes we'd like to see a picture of you wearing that hat

and if you send that to mr. Duncan at mr. Duncan @y oh actually you

can send it to this address I will put it now on the screen so here it is here

is the address for emails and also where you can watch me on Facebook and if you

want to make a donation you can as well

here we are we're still here don't worry don't worry we haven't gone away so if

you want to send her a picture of you in your Tilley hat

I didn't want to press I didn't mean to press that one I pressed the wrong

button you see what I meant to press was the other one it just goes Shh I did see

it see I I press the wrong button as a friend as a picture of you wearing that

you put telly hat yeah I think you mean Tilly T i double-l tili-tili hat I think

that's what you mean so please send us a photograph yes mr. Duncan will show it

and we can we get mr. Duncan can work his magic yes and put us side by side

they are very good hats don't you think they're very well made I mean you know

we should be we should be getting paid to promote them but just like you you

should get paid to promote jaffa cakes yeah that's it

talking of food yes Steve talking of food as I mentioned earlier we never got

to show them so we're going to do it now mr. Steve was secretly in the kitchen

yesterday making something and it I'm going to sample a little bit of Steve's

food which is always a risk because the other day you remember the flapjack

remember the flapjack in the garden I I tried some and then I started choking to

death have you got some water ready no case I haven't got any water here so you

haven't even got water no I'm so disorganized today I don't know what's

going on I think I think I might be having some sort of breakdown we are

don't stick your nose in it these are my homemade sort of cake that

I'm gonna call it a cake okay but they're a bit like let me get one out

they remind me of rocky road they're a bit like rocky road

so it's biscuits chopped up hmm you mash up the you get these they're like rich

tea biscuits or any basket plane biscuits rich to your best mash them up

a bit and then you into a saucepan dark chocolate two bars

of dark chocolate with some treacle golden syrup rather or treacle and

butter you melt that all into the into the saucepan and then you pour in the

crushed up biscuits mix it all up it gets very stiff and then you put it into

her into a flat baking tin and press it down very hard put it in the oven and

then the oven put it in the fridge for it to set this is good and then you cut

it up into these lovely so it's dark chocolate and biscuit oh my

saliva glands are you know when you're when you're about to eat something your

saliva glands start to work my mouth is watering I've got to eat this mr. Duncan

hmm dark chocolate mr. Duncan there's a lot of people watching as we all know

from our Easter lesson a couple of weeks ago who love dark chocolate just eat it

mr. Duncan he's annoying me now a lot of people like dark chocolate if you want

the recipe for this let me know I can reach up to the bookcase above me where

I know that the recipe is there and I can tell you exactly how to make it it's

very quick it's very easy Oh and very delicious hmm and very


say something mr. Duncan hmm this is very nice mm-hmm

oh I forgot to say the other ingredient which is raisins but that's optional mmm

so if you don't like raisins you don't have to put raisins in you can also put

a small amount of alcohol like rum or brandy you could put a teaspoon or of

that in to give it a bit of extra flavor if you like the flavor of rum I would

have loved to have put rum in there but we haven't got any room and mr. Duncan

doesn't like that hmm so yes if you want the recipe let me know and I can read it

out to you if mr. Duncan would let me but believe me it's very very easy to do

oh I love it Susanna the first cake I've ever made it's very easy to make and

they were well one person says they want the recipe this is an English lesson or

what it says f.c well this is an English lesson but it can change into all sorts

of things depending on what we decide we want to do at any given moment so what

do you think mr. Duncan shall I shall I read out the recipe

do you have it written down on a piece of paper it's just above my head well

get it wrong it's have a look let's have a look I will sit in your seat if you

want oh why I want to sit here I know we're

supposed to be social distancing but there you go oh now we're not really are

we well only one person said that they look I've nested I've already mr. do I

do I look much better on this camera I look I look actually more safe Oh what

have I done mr. Duncan it's all gone wrong again I look more sexy on this

camera in your dreams mr. Duncan ago in your

dream when let's concentrate on what these give us the rest would be two

people have said so so I'm going to give the recipe

you just hold it oh no I gotta read it out awful oh I could hold his I don't

have to read all right then there's the recipe okay I said just keep

it still that's it let me just get a bit closer okay if you can see on the the

right-hand side chocolate biscuit cake that's what that's what it's called now

the recipe that that it says there it makes a lot so if you can see on the

right hand side I've written some notes there so if you want to make half of it

which I would recommend that you do because otherwise it's going to cost you

a lot of money in buying the ingredients and you make far too much of it so this

is what you saw in this in this container is just half the recipe but

there you go that's it I think we've shown that for long enough we listen you

can take a screenshot there you go so take a screenshot or maybe you can write

everything down very fast I do maybe maybe you can memorize all of this and

keep it in your brain so there we go that's gone so it's very easy to make

and but it's also very very fattening because you've got chopped up which is

fattening anyway and then you add golden syrup biscuits and margarine or butter

it says add butter but of course you can add in everything it's just a throw it

together recipe it's a bit like making it's easier to make even than flapjacks

do you think some people might put illegal things in this well they could

do well you can put illegal things in all sorts of cakes

can't you mr. Duncan but I would say you can put alcohol love to put some rum in

there I think that would be nice so we're all at home at the moment with

possibly not much to do so why not make yourself a nice treat so

yes this is an English lesson it's not a cookery Channel ah otherwise I'd be

making it live what have you been talking about today mr. Duncan have you

had a theme to today's lesson mr. Duncan are you there mr. Duncan hmm I can't

hear you look at the monitor I can see you but I can't hear you a

waste of chocolate says Sergio but I'm eating it why is it a waste of chocolate

I'm still eating the chocolate two big bars of chocolate it took to make that

mr. Duncan all he's doing is stuffing his face with cake people are saying

they want to do that recipe mmm yes easy to make not rocket science says so

Constantine hmm Nick I love that is correct and you know if something's

quick and easy to do why not we the neighbors next to us has been very kind

she's been baking cakes for us and some of them have been very complicated cakes

oh she's she's been baking hot cross buns which is something that takes a

while to make because you have to add yeast in there and allow and wait for

them to rise like making bread mm-hmm and you have to put these crosses on

there so that takes a lot of time and effort to make those see if I took these

biscuits to my neighbor she would know that I had spent very little time making

them and that she'd spent a lot of time making her cake so it would make her

look better than me so I'm not going to take any over there all for us mr.

Duncan all for us so the these are not going anywhere don't give these away

because they're delicious what is the difference says somebody

between cookies and biscuits it's not necessarily the difference it is

actually the place where those words are used so cookies a cookie is

basically a biscuit so it's the same thing it's set for we use cookie in

American English so in the United States people will often say cookie here we

will say biscuit so there are quite often words that are not the same or

different from British English or different from American English there

are some words that are used differently a good example of course being trousers

and pants so that's a good one I suppose you can you can get really confused if

someone asks you to take off your pants let me see your pants mr. Duncan because

in in English in British English pants is your underwear yes so you can make

this you could make this recipe in ten minutes and you could be eating it

within but you don't cook you to search it's set in the fridge yes it goes hard

it goes hard in the fridge but the problem is that do do watch out because

whatever container you put it in by the time it's set it's virtually impossible

to get it out so it cuts up very easily with a knife but it's very hard to to

get it out of the container so once you've done it what you're saying is it

goes stiff very quickly in Greece we call this log says Theo and we make it

exactly as you we put it in a freezing for four hours at least before we cut it

yeah so you could put it in the freezer but chocolate of course isn't it taste

nicer I think at room temperature so when you want to eat it it's get some of

them out and let them go to room temperature first I don't like eating

cold chocolate no I don't you can't it takes too long to melt in your mouth yes

and you lose the flavor are you brothers says Ivan no we're not

our witness but because we've known each other for a long time we've ended up

looking the same looking the same chocolate biscuit cake we are some

strange experiment that a mad scientist did in his laboratory late one night

when he had nothing to do Patiala says we roll it into a sausage shape and

slice it that's a good idea yes that's a good idea you can roll it into a sausage

shape and then you can cut it up that would be lovely

salted ice cream Oh Sergio I do like salted ice cream mmm

yes that's delicious and salted ice creams have become very popular in this

country salted caramel salted caramel has become very popular and yum-yum

imagine that with those biscuits that was so that that was so genuine you're

yum yum then he went yum yum yum yum that's better that better

come on project well I've been out in the garden I'm tired I'm exhausted mr.

Duncan but I still got time to come on this livestream with you yes thank you

very much Steve for donating some of your precious time even though at the

moment it looks as if we're going to be in lockdown maybe for the next three

weeks maybe for the next three months perhaps for the next three years we

might be doing this forever Steve yeah don't get me started on the government's

response so what I think of it there's a particular crisis okay Steve don't get

me stopping I will have to jump in there and I will have to hold you down pin you

to the floor and I will have to overpower you yes let's just say some

governments around the world seem to have had a much better response to this

this crisis than others and I do not include ours as being a successful

response to it okay Steve let's just let's just not talk about any

of that any longer let's go back to talking about chocolate cake just food I

mean I'm it can I just say I haven't eaten anything

today so I am feeling hungry I did the same

thing yesterday as well I didn't eat anything yesterday either

well mr. Duncan I was up and about early and you were let's just say watching

rubbish on the internet only for I would say two hours visiting I know that's

part of your process you want to allow ideas to filter in to your brain so that

you can then use that for your live stream but let's just say you could have

been better better prepared actually well I was I was just feeling tired I

was feeling drowsy and tied in bed and I was sitting watching some funny things

on the internet to cheer me up because let's face it I mean lockdown with you I

mean I'm gonna put the lid the lid on these mr. Duncan I wish you would put

the lid on it well I was glad you said that because I thought there's there's

and there's a chance to use a word put a lid on it so if you put a lid on

something that's actually a sentence if you put a lid on something there we go

I'm putting the lid on this container oh yes you do realize that that is so noisy

but you look and you can use that expression to if you say that to

somebody put a lid on it it means you want them to stop talking just shut up

because they've annoyed you or they're boring you can I say hello to some

people go on can I say hello to Ivan hello Ivan hello Ali sir

hello uni Carina regain hello also Helena hello also to Anna hello to

Palmyra pal mirror is here err nice to see you here as well hello

Tatiana who mentions the sausage cake yes I suppose you could you could roll

the ingredients into a sausage yes that's a good idea Steve I've already

read that out mr. Duncan yes I know but I'm just saying that's a good idea

maybe you could try that next time mr. Steve maybe you could produce a big

giant sausage it'll be the first time you've ever done it of course but it'll

be interesting to see Francesca says I've never had a cake liar you've never

had a cake are we really supposed to believe that you really expect us to

believe you've never had a cake you must think I was born yesterday yes if you

say to somebody you must think I was born yesterday that means you're saying

that go on mister don't can you describe it Oh Joe you were doing really well

really well yes do it don't carry on you don't use a good start to that sentence

if you think somebody do you think I was born yesterday you're trying to make

them understand that you're you're not naive you're not young you've had

experience in life that's it what are you saying you don't really think I'm an

idiot do you yes exactly I can I can tell that what you're talking about is

utter rubbish I wasn't born yesterday born yes because if you were born

yesterday obviously you wouldn't understand a lot of things I do I do

like the way you introduced that and then sort of stopped half I fell off my

train of thought mr. Duncan can you take over my brain has switched off we've

been invited to France by a Cory V or is that Cory five south of France we would

love to go to the South of France if you could charter a private jet for

us yes then we will gladly go down there and eat your french pancake I imagine

myself sitting on a yacht and it's just off the of the coast of Cannes and I'm

on this big yacht and all of the celebrities are there all of the big

celebrities like Tom Cruise and also that guy from Star Trek that

guy you know who I mean Chris excited Chris Pine and also that

guy from Jurassic Park with with the glasses you know who I mean that's all

chap so what you're saying is it's all science it's all science him he's very

tall and plays the piano as well he plays the piano badly have you ever

heard Jeff Goldblum Jeff yes well Goldblum cannot play the piano he plays

the piano in the worst way possible he calls it jazz but what I call it is

just banging your fingers on the keyboard well he can plays a lot better

than I can okay anyway back to my yacht I'm on the

yacht and there are lots of famous people all there all with their big

shiny teeth and their perfect toupees all of them sitting there around me so

we're on the we're off the coast of Cannes and then later we're all going to

have a beautiful meal with mashed potatoes apparently one of the biggest

French delicacies is mashed potatoes as we found out last year when we were in

Paris I didn't realize that mashed potatoes was such a big part of French

cuisine we went to served as mashed potato we went to one of the most

expensive places in in Paris estates by the way Steve's company was paying for

it not us before you start thinking that we are millionaires

we are not me Lily Evans now I've won a trip didn't I you win a trip when we

went to a nice nicest poshest places we went to one of these amazing places and

they gave his mashed potato do you think it's because they knew we were British

don't know and they thought that they've got to serve as mashed potatoes of

course they don't call it much potato do they know there was a name for it wasn't

there a posh name for mashed potatoes go on

isn't that the night that you embarrassed yourself

by asking the waiter in another because we were staying it I think it was Brecon

and we were staying in this hotel I care about what it was called now what

what the name they gave but you asked what it was and he looked at you with

with such disdain and he said that is mashed potatoes well if you know

sometimes restaurants will in this country if your dish that you're serving

is really nothing special but if you then use words from another language

like French or Italian to describe your food then it sounds more exotic so I

asked what this particular what was this it was in French and it turned out to be

mashed potatoes which is a very common thing to eat in the UK but because they

didn't want to put mashed potatoes on their menu here in the UK in this

restaurant we went to they wrote it in French to make it sound more exotic but

in fact it was just mashed potatoes mmm oh it's all gone wrong again the sake

pushing the wrong things on here mr. Duncan it's your great big giant banana

fingers I don't know it just keeps getting it's gone wrong mr. Duncan

doesn't matter we're nearly finishing now anyway all the way well it's nearly

four o'clock no it's a long way from four o'clock and I was ten minutes late

as well well I'm going it for because I've got

things to do places to go don't finish that off please

is it the 19th again there we go I'll click on it always come back up again

mr. Duncan Wow right there we go

puree de pommes de terre says Lewis they call it something else here but that

that obviously is right is there another word for it thank you for that Lewis

puree de pommes de terre but they called it something else here is mr. Steve and

when he's controlling the computer this is mr. Steve's fingers on the

computer so that's what it's like where mr. steam is using the computer or the

keyboard well it's strange you should say that because my sister and I when I

was when we were young children my father used to like playing the piano he

was okay at it he wasn't brilliant but he was good he

could play the piano and we used to laugh because he had very fact fingers

and we used to make a joke with my father when he was playing the piano

because he would often hit all the wrong notes and we would say to him we would

go with a bunch of bananas over the keys like that and and laugh and say that Dad

was playing the piano with these banana fingers and I've taken after my father

you have banana fingers funny that's genetics okay so we used to laugh and he

used to get very upset about it he used to shout at us he didn't see it as

amusing at all is that when he used to lock you in your room without any supper

Sergio says we're lucky we didn't get French onion soup well we did we did we

did get onions in that we had onion soup on two occasions however mashed potato

onion soup whatever everywhere we went we had mashed potatoes and and it was

wonderful because before we arrived at this one restaurant they were saying

okay everyone were going to this the most amazing restaurant

serve some of the best food in Paris and it's very very nice I wish Luis Mendez

was here Louis is here is he yes so because Louis told us what mashed potato

is in French pureed pommes de terre yes but it was something else wasn't it they

called it something else as well so yes Louis is it is it a popular dish popular

thing to eat in France mashed potato is it can you tell us or do they just serve

it to English people so I don't think I don't think it was on the menu what you

do you think they're printing menus especially for English people well I

don't know maybe I ain't is I think mashed potatoes what they do is they

mashed the potatoes they make them all creamy then he had lots of butter so

this is a particular type of mashed potato but we had it on many occasions

didn't we and we would we were being taken to these amazing places with

chandeliers and when you looked at the table there was lots and lots of cutlery

knives forks fish knives all sorts of things on on the table you can always

tell when you go to a posh place Steve because there's lots of cutlery on the

table and I never know which end to start so do I start from the outside or

do I start from the inside and I always pick up the wrong things I always do

because I'm common I'm not brought up in a posh sophisticated way like what I was

yes I'm not I'm not as classy it's mr. Steve well in we just we use an

expression before unicornia has has put a comment there the the expression that

we were just saying do you think I was born yesterday

in Spain they use the expression do you think I've just fallen from the cherry

tree oh that's a good one yeah so that's an equivalent phrase yes to what we were

saying so thank you very much for that unicornia it's always nice to know what

expressions people use in their own countries

we're invited into Catalonia oh yeah baton other--in fight I know so

that's a well I'll tell you what we'll we'll wait for the helicopter to arrive

okay should only take about 45 minutes from the south of France to here

probably less and then we will go and visit I can't remember who it was now

for the pancakes okay and then after that we will then go to Catalonia to

have some lovely Catalonian cuisine so we should be able to I think we can get

to France by about half six and then we'll stay there for an hour we'll have

some pancakes and then we'll be nine o'clock or an hour later we'll be can be

in Catalonia and then we'll be back home for midnight mr. Duncan yeah and we'll

have had a nice tour illegal tour ok of what here's an interesting story ok

sorry I'm trying to keep up with your stories

you keep interrupting yourself it's a very strange thing to hear we can't do

it though can we because I think people would notice a helicopter landing

outside a restaurant or outside someone's house well I think they would

notice the helicopter this happened you see some some rich people from the UK ok

wealthy people from the UK oh yes rich rich wealthy decided that they wanted to

to go to a luxury villa ok the South of France somewhere so they hired

themselves a private jet which took them to an airport somewhere in France where

helicopters were waiting to take them to their private villa somewhere in the

South of France and quite rightly when they landed in this Airport the French

police were there and told them to go back home no plane and set them back to

the UK because how outrageous took vote for rich wealthy people to

think that they don't have the rules don't apply to them when it comes to

this pandemic and no no we're just going to go off to our our villa in the South

of France and we're going to take 15 people with us

so quite rightly the French police or the French authorities told them to get

back on their jet and fly back to the UK so well done well spoke to the French

authorities I thought that was a that made me laugh that did because they were

rich wealthy people thinking that the rule didn't apply to them they could do

what they liked do what they like but they were sent back and no doubt feeling

very embarrassed yes you see you seem unusually pleased by that story yes

because just because people have money doesn't mean that they can't the brawls

don't apply to them and of course the the rules generally don't apply to them

and you want a soul that's the whole allure of becoming wealthy that you can

do what you like and rules of society don't apply to you well yes that's

reason that is Steve yes if you seem to you you seem to think that that's a bad

thing but that's that's the perception of course often it goes to people's

heads and we know when you say something goes to your head it means that you're

you become so immune from the realities of life that you believe that you're if

you've got lots of money or you've got stardom you can do whatever you like and

there's no consequence to it but you can't get away with it but the finger

Steve you can now that not always most of that will happen to Harvey Weinstein

oh you thought he could get away with it okay he's now in prison that's an

interesting change of subject well that's it you see rich powerful people

often think that they can do anything and get away with it but sooner or later

the law will catch up with them that's it even though even though most wealthy

and famous people do just do what they want and get away with it a lot of them

do yeah but we wouldn't be eight see this is the reason why we wouldn't be

able to go on our little heavy copter trip so we could have taken that private

helicopter we have gone to see the the South of France

and also where else was it stick at ellonija Catalonia we could have gone to

that both of those places they're not very far away from each other and we

could have had a little helicopter ride however we can't because we would be

stopped so your story has just completely undone all of our plans it's

not fair really I thought the rules didn't apply to or as much English

teacher that was you could do whatever you liked me trust me it doesn't apply

to English teachers Palmeiras says that Richard Branson says Branson I presume

you mean Richard Branson once it landed in Lithuania and scared a cow okay he

was very grateful and gave it a looks like it gave it or something to the

owner that's compensation I guess what do you mean by that

when you say landed he wasn't a plane at the time wasn't it it was pretty humid

yeah he just woke up yeah he didn't just fall from the sky well Adrian floorman

said that we can come to the Riviera and and he's invited us to lunch with his

parents and himself okay we'd love to go obviously you'd need to pay for the

flights before us you know that I mean we would expect that well the flyer the

flights after all these lessons are free flights the flights the accommodation

well just basically everything really and you know you'll have our company

that's compensation enough and we'll teach you whatever English lessons or

English words you'd like maybe throw in a few idioms as well yes of course we

can't go at the moment for obvious reasons but we'd love to go no alien we

can't go at the moment because if you do it Steve you do it don't say it but just

mouth it so we'll do it after after 3 ready 1 2 3

I can't believe we're having so much fun during this time it seems it seems

almost wrong did Julia Adelle says that I look like James Bond more like Judi

Dench oh thanks a lot see that's made mr. mr. Duncan law it has I did laughs

there's a pregnant pause mr. Duncan mr. Duncan is sneezing and I'm not surprised

because the pollen count in the UK is rising fast and I know because I bless

you mr. Duncan bless you he needs all the help he can get the pollen count is

rising here with all the farms planting their various plants and pollen is

cascading down upon us okay they're planting their plants are they

down upon us is that what they call it raining down the pollens being blown and

even I am getting a little I'm becoming getting a runny nose in fact last night

I thought blimey what have I got to feeling no don't say I won't say it

don't worry mister don't clever I'd say but you know at the moment if you get a

bit of a sniffle or a slightly sore throat you think that you've got this

virus don't you because it's making us all feel a little Oh have I got that

have I got that okay so if you liked it say I think I'm getting a bit of hay

fever that's it so can we go back to the farmers with their plants crops crops is

the word I was searching for the farmers are looking after their plants I love

that mr. Duncan says who snow at 2020 this is episode 63

but you put 62 well mr. Duncan

he explained early was having a bit of a break mental breakdown I don't know I

really don't know what happened today something something strange happened to

my brain because when I came into the studio I suddenly realized that I was

quite late and also that I hadn't prepared the unprepared so he put

sixty-two instead of 63 yes no it's worse than that it's it's actually it

was actually yesterday's thumbnail so it was the thumbnail that's advertising

yesterday's livestream and that might be the reason why I got confused as well so

everyone was getting confused because I was a little bit behind time today so I

didn't even I had to told you on repeated occasions listen to me mr.

Duncan so you didn't have you haven't had anything to eat today have you

nothing I've how will you've had as a cup of tea well I've now had two pieces

of your delicious chocolate cake well considering that you have been up and

about for seven hours eight hours probably you have to have nothing to eat

so is it not surprising that your mind is not working properly and that you're

not being able to concentrate property on what you're doing you you've got to

eat breakfast mr. Duncan just doesn't eat mr. Duncan doesn't eat unless he

feels hungry yes whereas you know most people will

eat regular meals throughout the day which keeps your blood sugar going so

your blood Sugar's dropped because you haven't eaten properly and then you're

rushing around and it's stressful and that's why you've been making these

mistakes but people people you will forgive mr. Duncan this one

transgression I don't know I have no idea what was happening earlier oh hello

- Hong Hong ping Chang who says hi mr. Duncan do you remember me I am from

Beijing hello - Beijing a big knee how to Beijing hello to you as well Irene

says yes and also other towns around are you

I don't know what that is I started reading that and I have no idea what

what context that is actually in unfortunately there are things we can't

talk about we can't say the word unfortunately so we are not allowed to

say that just in case YouTube comes along and

they they cut my cable you've got to get me a better way of looking at the the

live comments mr. Duncan because it keeps doing weird things okay anyway

it's four o'clock mr. duncan I've got things to do no it's not four o'clock

it's five past four I know and what extra five minutes well unfortunately

have another five minutes you see because we have to we have to serve our

purpose if we're not here for two hours everyone gets angry and they all come

round and start banging on the door hello on the contrary the other thing

does not cause a runny nose so the thing that is happening Steve does not cause a

runny nose no fortunately but there are some weird side effects such as losing

your sense of smell and taste well yes that I think at least fifty percent of

people I don't know for certain a certain percentage of people let's just

say an undisclosed and unknown yes percentage of people lose their sense of

taste and smell okay that's it telling is everyone I'm sorry but yes sir Jay

you're right I don't think you you don't get the typical cold symptoms of runny

nose but the thing is when you get any symptoms at the moment of anything you

think you've got it that's it and in fact I was so convinced last night that

I was coming down with something if we say you were coming down with

something that means you're about to feel ill I'm an infection so you are

slowly beginning to feel unwell you feel as if you are coming down with something

I don't feel very well I think I'm coming down with something so you feel

unwell so you could in the early stages of an infection so

last night I said to mr. Duncan orth I think I'm coming down with something

meaning because we're all a bit paranoid at the moment so you what you are

normally my throat was a little scratchy but of course I've been singing earlier

so I've probably overdone that and my nose was running even though that's not

a symptom you still think well maybe I've got something turned out so I there

I was swallowing vitamin C pills and all sorts of things to try and combat combat

anything that I might have caused it it wasn't anything no it's just a bit of

hay fever yes because you because you're completely paranoid and you're a

complete hypochondriac that's why would you say so Helen yeah

sorry yes I agree with you there and whatever you said I agree with it

Helen says power mirror must have made a comment earlier about cutting hair

because of cause at the moment you can't go to the hairdresser's which probably

isn't a problem for most men but for a lot of women I'm being sexist here you

like to get who like to look beautiful and we all appreciate that time that you

take to make yourselves look beautiful by going to the hairdresser's and power

mirror says you are lucky I cut my husband's hair but it is not possible

for him to cut mine it would be a disaster it would well of course cutting

men's hair is not really difficult because there's you know you just sort

of hack about at it doesn't really matter very much unless you're

particularly style conscious of course it won't matter with that with me haha I

just run a razor over very quickly taking five minutes you just get next

door's cat to lick it off well my sister and my mother are both saying the same

thing who's going to cut my hair and it's quite to cut a woman's hair into a

style or even a man's hair into a style if you want a style then it takes a bit

of skill yes so you need a hairdresser I would I would say that's very true Steve

that's why they have those places where you go to and then there's always

there's always a couple of young girls and is always a guy that looks like what

can I say how can I describe that well anyway a very very effervescent

assistant shall we say your mother loves going to the hairdresser's I've just

remembered how is your mother managing during these times are you are

you going to go to your mother's house and cut her hair Valentina says big

problem our hair this is the very issue yes well my mother of course is very

upset my mother every week goes to have her hair done every Saturday like a lot

of women do go every week or every two weeks to have a haircut to have it

styled because makes them feel everybody likes to feel attractive and if your

hair is have not been attended to then of course it's too late for you and me

then it just makes you feel better so it's it's part of the routine of life

for a lot of people - I'm not just going to say women with a lot of men like to

have the hairstyle it has got it I know I'm like us so it is upsetting for my

mother not to have our hair done styled bit of mousse put in there make it look

a bit more fulsome so right yes it's very difficult it must be a big problem

I mean if you if you're used to having your hair dyed if you've got grey hair I

mean I noticed the other night I've noticed people on television now if

they're on these live streams and they bend forward all the gray roots are

coming through what what live streams are you watching where people bend

forward I meant I meant reporters and such they're going to people you know

everyone is zooming now during the Skype there go into people's

houses where they where there where their self-isolation

they're all sitting in front there they're all sitting in front of their

bookcases looking very suave yes but I've noticed a few people leaning

forward because they haven't got the camera angle quite right okay and it's

revealing a lot of gray roots it's going to be it's going to be utter horror when

this all ends yes I mean you know how many people are going to wear hats but

whether they go to the the hairdresser's they won't want people to see them with

that with their their gray roots and their long straggly hair hmm

going to be very embarrassing we will all look like we've time traveled from

the 1960s well mr. Duncan well time for me to go well okay because I'm going to

go round to my neighbor but I'm going to do that my neighborly good neighbor yeah

but if we brought elderly neighbors living all around us and I promised I

would cut her bushes and trim her bushes talking of cutting hair and her hedges

and yes she said will you please come round but she can't get a gardener you

see she's about 70 years old and that she can't get a gardener at the moment

because of course self isolating we're not allowed to have even gardeners come

round so because I like doing gardening I have offered to cut some of their

bushes for her and I cut a grass the other week so I'm going to go back now

and had dogs lovely I'm going to stay a safe distance from her of course

but I'm going to do this is that part of my neighborly dude okay Steve all right

we've got it she could have just said I'm going round to the neighbours but no

I'm virtue signaling mr. Duncan I'm virtue signaling yes I'm saying look at

me how wonderful I am helping out my elderly neighbors aren't I a wonderful

good wonderful person yeah okay good luck with that so so what are you

staying a safe distance from the dog or the neighbor rather required honest I

like to stay my distance from her anyway in the best suit I'm only joking a

neighbor or the dog she's got a lovely beautiful an Alsatian not Alsatian what

is the dog that she has mister don't go on it's a Labrador yes it's not a

chihuahua it's it's believed the Chihuahua Labrador it's bigger than a

chihuahua and smaller it's smaller than then it's a Labrador I've just I've

already said that mr. Duncan okay it's it's it's a big Labrador sorry a theme

is a bit female Labrador we call them bitches did you just call your neighbor

a bitch you know the dog Oh dog let's be clear here and although that term is

often used in a derogatory way towards women okay but yes so it's a beautiful

lady dog that's though you'd be down to lady dog it sound like you sound like

you're describing a Disney film and Labradors have got beautiful faces and

they said and it's in totally in love with me it's nothing to do with the fact

that I take it lots of biscuits at all but then you know everyone's in love

with me I have many suitors mr. Duncan and that

just that labrador dog is just one of them sorry you have people that are

after you romantically including dogs Oh many I've always got people who are

writing me love letters mr. Duncan and emails declaring their love and

affection for me why did you settle down and have relations but I just throw them

all off I literally don't know how to respond to them oh I'm only joking mr.

Duncan okay I'm only joking so mr. Steve is now going to see his

neighbor he is going to stroke the furry drooling animal and then he also am I

say hello to the dog as well haha yes I'll only be about an hour all right so

shall I do that first or should we have the we'll have the hot cross buns first

okay definitely because otherwise it'll be too late before we have our evening

meal okay again I'm cooking again tonight mr.

Duncan I got some words to show anyway what why have you waited this long to

show some words well because of you it's all your fault don't go just yet because

mr. Duncan is going to show you some words okay

well I'm going to go and I'm going to be how long am I going to be like you you

go round to the neighbors first oh but I want to have my hot Chris burn because

it's 4:00 it's quarter past 4:00 you're like a spoiled petulant child but I

don't want to eat it too close to the main meal tonight well I will do that

then if you're staying on for later the viewers stay with mr. Duncan yes how

long how long you going to be what are you going to commit to trust me more

this is going to improve in a moment this will all get better

trust me would you make up for the things that went wrong only you mean oh

I've liven up now but I'll go I'll go while I'm on a high yes please if that's

what you're like when you're you're not high or happy then I don't really know

if I if I'm ready to see you high and happy to be honest what is the name of

the dog says FC Jemima the dog is called Jemima and it's a beautiful dog very old

dog it's 14 years old who calls their doctor mine it can barely walk have you

ever have you ever met someone who's called their dog a sort of typical name

for a person like like Roger or Phillip now you always give dogs there's names

that you would not normally give to people or Jennifer Jennifer

you could died oh you'd never call her he

and Fido would you well I don't know I don't know I think it's happened um

wants me to say hello to the dog I will

and there was one other question I was going to answer like what am I going to

plant in the garden well mr. Duncan will reveal that but I

read a plaintiff Oh tinea in the corner I've decided I've been racking my brains

you're asking money brains that means you you're thinking and thinking trying

to come up with ideas solutions what can I plant in the corner of the

garden at the back and I've got several plants that I've bought over the years

that I've never that are in pots that I've never put into the garden thinking

what can I put in there it's got to be fast growing to cover up the the

horrible fence and the posts so I'm going to put in this variegated photinia

so you can look that up and mr. Duncan can show you give you a picture grows

faster it'll fill the corner up I've decided that's it mr. Duncan goodbye to

everybody and see you all this time next week or maybe two hours earlier than

this okay I don't understand that well if I said this time next week it would

be too late yes although I'm saying I would I

actually wouldn't blame anyone for joining at this point when you're

leaving you see well it's nice to be with you all today

okay and with you mr. Duncan although I'll see you later

so you want me to go around now and do that okay you're going to show some

words and I've come back for the hot Kris Pearn later okay that what we're

doing yes planets let's just bye-bye ba ba see you later Steve and that is mr.

Steve and he is the person who sometimes comes on to annoy us all


Steve still talking he's talking he doesn't realize we've actually gone off

I will be going in a few minutes but I'm going to stay with you a little bit

longer because we were longer than we expected with mr. Steve we were we were

much longer however you know what it's like mr. Steve likes talking he does

sometimes he can't stop himself hello to everyone on the live chat nice to see

some of you are still here very nice to see you here today

hello Evangelina hello also um from mr. Steve I will pay for your flight tickets

and you can do my garden for me oh I think mr. Steve might be very happy and

excited by that so are you sometimes a lazy person mr.

Steve earlier was accusing me of being lazy

well another word for lazy something we can often use to describe a person who

is quite lazy is bone idle a person who is lazy might be described as bone idle

a person who tends to do nothing maybe they are very lazy maybe they don't want

to work maybe they always avoid doing any work we describe them as bone idle

my neighbor never never does anything in his garden he is so bone idle maybe you

have a son who doesn't want to go to work he doesn't want to do any work he

always likes to sit in front of the television and eat snacks come to think

of it that sounds like me on a Saturday night bone idle is another word we can

use he's an interesting word you might not have heard of this word before

languid o languid a person who is always relaxed doing nothing they they are

languid they'd like to languish you languish you recline you don't like to

do anything you like to spend your time doing very little maybe you can be

lethargic a person who has no energy they have no enthusiasm they don't want

to do anything they are lethargic lethargic Homer Simpson yes Homer

Simpson is often lazy even though he does work he does work but he can be

quite lazy someone who is lackluster a person who has no energy they don't want

to do anything they just want to sit or lie around doing nothing

a person who is slothful slothful I like this one

it's slothful a person who is slothful is a person who might not be very active

a bit like the animal called a sloth slothful so that person is very similar

to a sloth they don't like to do much work sluggish is another one you feel as

if you don't want to do anything you have no energy you just want to lie back

you just want to sit and do nothing you feel very sluggish I like that word a

person who is not very active is listless they have no energy they have

no real motivation to do anything they are listless they are just doing nothing

here's a good one we use this in British English a person who is a layabout

so in British English we will often use this to describe a person who does not

like working they always try to avoid work maybe they are always sitting

around watching the television layabout a person who is a layabout oh you you're

always sitting around doing nothing you just a big lay about play about I like

that one that's a good one a person who avoids

work might be described as a slacker a person who avoids doing any work

whatsoever might be described as a slacker slacker a person who avoids

doing any work I want to eat some mashed potatoes

I really do we were talking a lot earlier about mashed potatoes and I keep

thinking about mashed potatoes I want to go back to France and try some of those

delicious creamed potatoes they were they were gorgeous

a person who is a shirker is someone who avoids any responsibility they try to

avoid doing any work they try to avoid doing anything that involves being

active or doing any exercise you always like to shirk your duty lazybones a

person who is very lazy a person who doesn't like doing anything can be

described as lazybones they are a lazy person a person who often sits on their

couch or their sofa can be described as a couch potato a person who often sits

around watching television maybe they are always on the sofa watching

television enjoying their reality TV shows they might be described as a couch

potato slouch a person who is a slouch is a person who likes to sit around

doing nothing they often waste their time they are

described as a slouch a person who avoids work might be described as work

shy he doesn't like doing any work I would describe him

work-shy he doesn't like doing any work whatsoever

he is work shy a person who shows no interest in things might be described as

apathetic apathetic a person who has no interest they don't want to get involved

in anything they are apathetic and oh one more I like this one

a person who is lazy maybe they waste their time they waste their life we

describe them as a deadbeat a person who is a deadbeat is a person who wastes

their time they often do nothing they are often very lazy lazy people that is

almost it from me for today I hope you enjoyed today's livestream a little bit

longer because I did have some problems at the start of today's livestream we

will forget about that completely forget about that thank you very much for your

company thank you very much for everyone Thank You Luis Mendez Thank You

Francisco ts also Evangelina pal Mira Sergio Sergio says I like those words

they are all taken from my description so you are saying that those words are a

good way of describing you Sergio I see well that is very brave of you to admit

it I can't sleep when many people are studying says Ivan okay well you can

have a rest now you can have a little rest relax yourself because it's time

for me to say goodbye I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream it's been

interesting I hope thank you very much to mr. Steve

as well for your input I hope you've enjoyed it a little bit later on we all

go to have a hot cross bun and also a nice

cup of tea and maybe some more of mr. Steve's delicious cake you will be able

to save a screenshot of the recipe for mr. Steve's cake maybe you can try it as

well try to make it thank you very much for your company thank you everyone

thank you very much John a Fred a Hello mr. Duncan it's been very pleasing to

catch you again Jean Fred a thank you very much you are

welcome Yoona Corina sir Jaya Hiroko franceska thank you very

much for your company today I've enjoyed it and yes guess what I am back with you

tomorrow I'm back again tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow so I'm back again thank

you Peter Thank You Manuel see you tomorrow

everyone I hope you will have a good Sunday and also the rest of your weekend

will go very very nicely and remember don't forget you are not alone during

these times don't forget also you can make the best of a bad deal try to see

something good in these strange and difficult times you can also look on the

bright side of life look on the bright side keep cheerful find something nice

to do something nice to distract you every cloud has a silver lining it

really does and finally don't forget there is light at the end of the tunnel

in fact a lot of people have been using this actual phrase this week on the news

so a lot of people being interviewed and talked to they're being interviewed

about the current situation and many people are saying we think there is

light at the end of the tunnel now that is it thank you very much I am

definitely going like Superman I am going to fly off and change my underwear

thank you for your company 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow

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