Hello. how are you? How many of you have some major goes you'd like to achieve?

Raise your hands, please! Very good! I know, you do.

That's why you showed up. I like to ask people whether or not they have goals

that they'd like to achieve it and hopefully their goals that are really a

worthy of your efforts in your talents. I want you to shake someone's hand right

now on your right and left. Look them in the eyes and say you have something


I like to ask whether or not you have goals but I want to ask you another

question. How many of you know that if you had your life to live over again you

could do more than what you've done? Raise your hands, please.

Now, that proves a point that what we do and what we accomplish in life is only a

tip of the iceberg of what's possible for us. So, I want you to think about some

goals that you'd like to achieve and I'd like for you to - let's say break them up

in three categories; Number one. I want you to think about some personal goal

you'd like to achieve and I'd like for you to think about some career goal some

business goal that you'd like to achieve. And what you think about some social

contribution some impact you'd like to make with your life. It was Harsman

who said "We should be ashamed to die until we've made some major contribution

to humankind." I believe we live in the greatest

country in the world that gives us an opportunity to leave our mark to make a

statement with our lives. And as you think about these goals, whatever those

goals are, I want you to dramatically increase those goals and I want to warn

you! I don't want you to think about "how" you're going to do it. "How" is none of

your business. The most important thing is just to

increase those goals dramatically. I've found that most people fail in life not

because they aim too high and miss. Most people fail in life because they aim too

low and hit. And many don't aim at all. So raise yourself and don't ask how

you're doing, how are you going to do it. I'll never forget when I decided that I

wanted to become a motivational speaker I saw the the late dr. Norman Vincent

Peale and and my heart said "I can do that!" but my mind asked the question "how?"

and for over 14 years, for 14 years! I would go see Zig Ziglar and Dr.

Norman Vincent Peale and Jim Rohn and different speakers and I would be in the

audience and and my heart would pounce and say "You can do that. You can do that,

Les!" Then when I would leave I would be going to the parking lot and my mind

said "How you to do it?" And I spent so many years

trying to figure out how I wasted 14 years. How many of you ever

procrastinated? Raise your hands, please. Yes see, so, so, as you begin to think

about your goals the most important thing is and (write this down) COMMIT

YOURSELF! See, once you commit yourself the "how" will come. The way will come. once

you commit yourself you will then figure it out. And if you're going to the wrong

direction all you have to just turn around and go in the other direction. You

will figure it out you want to begin to just challenge yourself. You want to

stretch yourself. Because, you really don't know what you can't do.