hey everybody it's Tony hi everyone listen we just want to send you a

message of truth in the midst of all this uncertainty and fear you know the

beautiful gift of being human is that were resilient as a species and we're

really adaptable in our nature life doesn't always get easier actually

really does but we're often called to become stronger and more resilient and

this is one of those times nothing's ever wiped us out we're part of the

essence of life itself only quiet our mind and start to recognize the miracle

of life within us and ironically what we really need is usually just below the

surface of our fears so the question is how do we make our way through these

uncertain times and the answer of course is we must use our god-given power of

faith this is not a religious statement it's simply a statement of understanding

our true nature look we're all born with faith we don't have to learn faith

because the truth is we couldn't function without it

I mean think about it basic things you do every day how do you drive down a

highway with nothing but a painted yellow line dividing you from crazy

people in cars they're hurling head forced you at 65 or 70 miles an hour and

you know that every single day people cross that line they kill innocent

people just like you and I we all know that some processionals drivers are

drunk some are not gonna be paying attention they're texting somebody

actually be falling asleep so we know the facts the facts are every single day

this happens and people are killed in fact 1.4 million people die this year in

car accidents around the world that's more than 3,200 people a day that's like

a 911 every single day around the world and yet we still drive when i shutting

down driving we're not saying oh my god they can't drive let's keep everybody

driving to crank keep those numbers down why cuz we have faith it doesn't mean

that we don't work gonna be smarter doesn't mean we don't prepare ourselves

it doesn't mean we don't do what's necessary you know what all of us inside

know that this faith is required for life to be fulfilling for life to move

listen without it you can't leave the house so why do we drive our cars why

don't we just stay home cuz we know the consequences of not leaving the houses

they have no life no faith equals no wife you know being stuck or frozen and

fear is not an option so what do we do we choose to move forward we choose to

be certain in the face of uncertainty that's what faith is we choose to have

faith and you know that at our core were more than anything we'll ever face know

this we know we can handle whatever life brings to us we always have and we

always will that is the power of the human race

you know what the possibility of challenges are paying in the future keep

us from living our lives today and working to build a better tomorrow you

know what else it's possible to transfer your certainty when you grab it and

activate it die the human beings that help them it's also possible to produce

uncertainty and unnerve them it comes to in our voice it comes to in our physical

presence in fact you can happen in someone's physical presence they can

hear your voice from a distance on an audio and a voice message they can see

it at face they can feel at your thoughts they can notice in our writing

in our emails our attacks and everything we were part of why because human

conviction has a viral effect it spreads why do they do to another we

you can see this with infectious laughter yes somebody's laughing their

tail off you look and I feel that way after I was like stopping you start to

laugh but maybe you've been in room somebody starts to yawn a few minutes

two or three other people yawning stop yawning we see it in the stock market

whether it's running up or tumbling down there's a herd mentality in most human

beings when we're uncertain look there's other people to figure out what to do

that's what most people do but that's not what leaders do

leaders produce certainty within themselves now don't get me wrong we all

have a two-million-year-old brain id2 we all do in its art survival instinct that

gets triggered by this fearful and uncertain moments so what should we do

to protect ourselves do we freeze or do we fight do we give up or push forward

we either lift each other up or we drag each other down by our level of

certainty or lack thereof you know what it's all a choice so today maybe it's

time we become conscious you become conscious of your power and remind

yourself moves around you that the human race is resilient it's flexible its

flowing beyond imagination that doesn't mean we don't educate ourselves and

repair ourselves or train ourselves for challenges of course we do anticipation

is power it just means we need to discipline our fears and every day we

gotta stand guard at the door borrowing lines

you can't just leave anything in we don't let ourselves over we act to keep

things are magnified meaning or an exaggerated risk that put you in a state

of such fear that you only think of the worst-case scenario if you only make the

worst-case scenario you'll do nothing so those who constantly learn Morse case

scenario often will say but I'm just wanted to protect people no you're

taking people down first of all the worst case scenario almost never happens

and second of all when you constantly focus on it it affects you it affects

the people around you it depresses people's minds their emotions it can

even oppress their immune system so listen today is a chance for you to

start brand new to step out of the fear that the natural human instinct don't

get me wrong it isn't athletes that can protect ourselves to do what's necessary

in the moment to look out for ourselves but we're more than our instincts we

have consciousness the ability to choose we don't have to live in fear and

picture the worst scenario that doesn't serve it doesn't create a

way to live your life and it certainly won't help anybody that you love so

today lead don't follow we knew the truth of our essence that faith and

certainty are a natural birthright and are infinite abilities at any moment we

can awaken effect we can activate it so live the truth today and show everyone

around you that we can solve any problem we face the human race always has and it

always will thank you Tom during these times it's important for us all to be

reminded that life's circumstances are meant for us to be experienced and that

there's grace amongst the chaos the grace of us uniting and coming together

and looking out for each other and serving and loving and supporting each

other and those of us in need you know there's many stories of fear out there

in the media right now but there's also many beautiful stories you know a friend

of mine the other day sent me a clip and it was of this family in Italy they

started to play a guitar and another one started to sing to create music even

though they were quarantined you through that music they've brought harmony they

brought joy they brought light to each other it's a beautiful thing of the

human spirit we as humans are one of the most complex powerful intelligent

systems ever created more brilliant than we could ever even understand is what

most of us don't realize is that we don't only have a physical immune system

we also have a spiritual and emotional immune system that supports us as well

throughout all of life we're all called to adapt and find kinder ways to evolve

emotionally and that allows us to deal with external circumstance with more

grace as long as we don't get stuck living in our minds in fear

our power right now is to have our own clarity of mind rather than getting

pulled into the root line of fear alone you know during these uncertain times of

social distancing it's also a gift to remember that we're all interconnected

whether we're in proximity or not we all affect each other at every level and

we're truly one you know we're all being called right now to unite together and

as we do we are truly collectively greater than any challenge it comes our

way so a core message to you is don't let fear control you

you do to keep yourself healthy and strong look out for those who love or

those you meet take advantage of this time to be together take a breath you

connect and just remember we're not weak our immune systems have evolved over

millions of years and we as human beings have a capacity to deal with anything

that's put in front of us so live strong live with faith live with passion be

well and God bless