what a morning we've had here in England oh my goodness we've had rain heavy rain

in fact we've had thunder lightning all sorts of dramatic noises rumbling across

the sky here in England and yes we are live right now across the internet hello

internet welcome this is English annex live from the birthplace of the English

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dd-do it is so nice to have you here again on the live stream hi everybody

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I hope so are you happy are you really really happy I hope so because we are

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Deary me do you remember YouTube in its early

days it was so strange the technology was was much more basic because nowadays

we have everything we have high-definition we have live streaming

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my livestream so I hope that helps you there we have a very strange day here in

the UK this morning oh my goodness this morning I can't begin to tell you how

bad the weather was this morning would you like to have a taste so here is a

short video clip that I filmed this morning I must warn you there are some

loud bangs as the thunder rolls across the sky so listen to this have a look

this is the view that greeted me this morning when I open my window and then I

went into the back garden and the rain was coming down quite a lot

oh my goodness it's pouring with rain and in a moment

she will see a flash of lightning look out for the lightning any second now

pretty dramatic the great clouds overhead and in a moment there will be

another clap of thunder brace yourselves

it is on its way

any moment now oh there it was I talked all over the over the lightning

and thunder shall we do that again he becomes

so there it was this morning we had a huge storm hit the UK including here

where I live and that is what routed me this morning that is what greeted me

this morning when I woke up in my bed I heard a loud banging noise I suppose it

makes a change from my neighbor's cockerel hmm I suppose it does when you

think about it so what about you how is the weather today across Europe there

are many storms taking place it's been quite stormy talking of which Oh mr.

Duncan you can see that I don't just wake up in the morning and throw this

lesson together I actually put a lot of thought and consideration into this

lesson so today we are going to talk about storm idioms Oh mr. Duncan I saw

what you did there so we are going to talk about idioms connected with storms

think about any type of bad weather and there are many idioms that you can

actually use that relate to bad weather so that is something we are looking at a

little bit later on we are also going to ask a question as well would you say

that you are a patient person now I've noticed over the past few days here in

the UK especially since the weather has got better a lot of people have become

quite irritable because they want to go outside and enjoy the hot weather

however some people have decided to stay in the house

they have decided to stay patient what about you would you describe yourself as

a patient person or an impatient person so they are actually opposites

we will look at some words connected with being both patient and impatient

later on on the live stream don't forget you can catch me here every Sunday

Wednesday Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time and yes I am back on Sunday as well Steve

will be here mr. Steve all by the way we had a lovely little moment of time

yesterday yesterday evening one of our friends who we haven't seen for a long

time since way back in maybe January before the lockdown began so we haven't

seen him for a while so he came around last last night and we had a lovely

Chinese meal in the garden the weather was quite nice so we sat outside had a

chat of course we also kept our safe distance as well and yes it was pretty

nice it was really nice to catch up with one of our friends who came round and

gave us a lovely surprise yesterday evening and it was a very nice

night in fact a very nice meal we even had a bottle of beer mr. Duncan we can't

believe that you had some beer last night I did as a sort of celebration I

suppose seeing one of our friends again after such a long time but we did have

some beer last night not too much I didn't get drunk so don't worry I didn't

I didn't consume too much beer I know some of you you might think mr. Duncan

we think sometimes you might get drunk at night well I can tell you now that I

don't I don't at all a little bit later on we also have some strange words

because we do that you see do you know why we do that because today it's Friday

I hope you enjoyed that it is Friday yes we have made it we have

made it almost to the end of the week and it's been a very busy week here in

the UK a lot of people getting excited a lot of people getting very adventurous

because the weather is nice and many people have been going to the beaches

the the coastal resorts especially on the south coast over the last couple of

days you may have seen it on the news I don't know maybe maybe not I don't know

well we also have the live chat hello to the live chat nice to see you here today

I wonder who was first hello to Palmyra hello to Mary yes II also Bora nod and

most soon tomorrow nice to see you as well Maria ooh hello Louie also palmyra

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Giovanni LaRussa is here as well angel girl congratulations nice to see you all

here early on the livestream

I must admit I did enjoy the livestream that I did on Wednesday in the garden it

was so nice to be outside again however today unfortunately we are not

outside because the weather cannot decide what to do we've had rain we've

had thunder we've had we've had lightning we've had everything and now

can you believe it we've got some sunshine outside so I wish the weather

would make up its mind as to what it is going to do today I wish it would

hello also sunshine Beatriz hello Pedro or Pedro Belmont is also we have FA I

always try to say hello to as many people as possible if I don't please

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very quickly I am so glad that we have cleared that up

hello also turn you in mr. Duncan where is your shirt and tie can I just say now

I don't like to talk about my boring studio but today unfortunately my boring

studio is very hot because there are many lights shining on my face trying

their best to erase all of the lines all of the wrinkles that have developed and

appeared during my long stressful life

and it's really hot in here it's hot outside it's humid it's sticky it feels

like I'm in the tropics to be honest so welcome to

a very tropical England today it feels very tropical lots of humidity

lots of rain means it feels as if I am now in Malaysia and I have been to

Malaysia and it does feel like this even in my studio it feels like I am out

somewhere in the Malaysian jungle it really does

hello also angel girl watching in Turkey nice to see you here today

also a Narita b-trees and Ana Portillo nice to see you as well

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thank you very much to Palmyra for your lovely donation kerim is here hello

kerim I haven't forgotten you there you are I can see easy because I'm using my

eyes I'm looking at the live chat right now there are many words there are many

idioms that we can use did you know that did you know that there are many idioms

we can use relating to storms violent storms something that is dramatic a

certain type of weather situation that appears dramatic something that might

cause harm or damage storm of course there are many ways of using the word

storm and also many different types of weather condition as well would you like

to see some okay here's one now oh so we might say storm in a teacup there is a

storm in a teacup if we say that a situation is a storm in a teacup it

means that there is a small problem that has been made big or overblown so a

person has exaggerated or overreacted to a very small incident so they turn the

small incident into something big and dramatic you might describe it as a

stall in a teacup quite often here on YouTube people will start arguing and

fighting over very small things I think maybe sometimes it is human nature what

do you think do you think it is human nature to sometimes have a storm in a

teacup you might overreact to a very small event don't worry about my

neighbours they're always arguing normally it is just a storm in a teacup

it is something that a PA appears dramatic but in fact it is all over

nothing nothing at all here's another one would you like another one okay then

here's another one Oh to kick up a storm if you kick up a

storm kick up a storm it means you create a lot of panic or

maybe up roar you are kicking up a storm you are doing something in a dramatic

way you kick up a storm so we often use this as a verb a person who is kicking

up a storm maybe they are creating something that will draw other people's

attention you kick up a storm you do something that gets attention you do

something maybe that will mean lots of people will see you you kick up a storm

you create a fuss you do something that gets lots of attention you kick up a

storm sometimes maybe you overreact to something as well kick up a storm storm

idioms what is a storm idiom well storm is a type of weather condition and an

idiom is any word that can be used other than the word or the meaning that it has

so yes you can use certain words in English to mean other things and when we

do that we call it an idiom I hope that answers your question would you like

another one here's another one

save something for a rainy day well we had a rainy morning here in the UK save

something for a rainy day means you are saving something for when you need it

quite often we will save money for a rainy day we will keep some money back

we will keep it safe so you save some money in case you need it you may have

some emergency perhaps you have to spend some money repairing your house suddenly

so you have some money that you keep safe in case you need it in case you

need it for a rainy day so when things go wrong you will have some money very

good oh I see Connell says there is a very similar

idiom to storm in a teacup which is to make an elephant from an ant I like that

one yes that's a good one so you are

creating a big fuss over nothing nothing you are creating a huge fuss over a very

small thing another one we can use is to make a mountain out of a molehill I like

that one as well so if you make a mountain out of a

molehill it means you are creating a fuss over nothing you are creating a

storm and the word storm of course can mean maybe anger or a very fierce

argument so if people argue over something if people are fighting over a

certain subject that they are discussing we can describe that as a storm people

are behaving in an angry way here's another one now we'll have

another one if I can find it oh I like this one this is a good one lightning in

a bottle lightning in a bottle when we say

lightning in a bottle we are talking about something that is very rare

something that only occurs now and again a certain situation or maybe a person

who has a certain talent that no one else has it is lightning in a bottle and

the reason why we have this is because something that is random or something

that can't be predicted we often describe it as lightning in a bottle

something rare something that doesn't occur very often in this world we can

describe it as an idiom lightning in a bottle

finding the perfect singer or actor or performer is like trying to keep

lightning in a bottle you are trying to find something that only happens or only

occurs very rarely very rare it rarely happens hard to find hard to find

something that is random something that is rare something that cannot be

predicted is lightning in a bottle I like that one

I don't know why it's it's sort of poetic when you think about it

here is another word so this is actually a word it is also an idiom that we can

use storm idioms brainstorm brainstorm to try and come up with new ideas if you

are thinking hard about something maybe a group of people have to get together

and they have to create something new maybe they

work for an advertising agency so they have to come up with some new ideas they

have to come up with something that will be new and exciting so people will sit

down together and they will brainstorm brainstorm you think hard about

something that you want to create or something new that you want to create

and bring into the world isn't that nice brainstorm you might also have a

brainstorm which means that you come up with a good idea here's another one I

like this one thunderous you can describe something

that is noisy loud maybe something that is done that you can hear however it is

done in a in a very enthusiastic way thunderous noisy something that is

enthusiastic in the way it is done so you might say that there were thunderous

applause when mr. Duncan appeared

for me really oh thank you so much that's very kind of you

thunderous applause I like that one I like it a lot

so something that's thunderous is something that can be clearly heard

something that is done in a very excited way loud enthusiastic wow thank you very

much for that thunderous applause wonderful nice here's another one oh now

I don't want to be too depressing today because there is a lot of bad news

around at the moment in the world you may have noticed there are dark clouds

ahead hmm so maybe a situation a serious situation that is coming our way maybe

there is a situation that is approaching something bad something that might cause

problems or harm there are dark clouds ahead you might

also say there are dark clouds on the horizon which means that something bad

is coming your way something that might cause damage or

harm is approaching there are dark clouds ahead I suppose also you can say

dark days as well there are dark days approaching a lot of people are saying

at the moment there will be some dark days coming soon when you know what

reappears yes especially here in the UK

would you like to say mr. Duncan we like what you're doing give me a like

underneath all you have to do is click the big thumb the one that points


there are dark clouds ahead maybe something bad will happen soon something

that is approaching some that might happen soon an event

situation something serious it might happen soon there are dark clouds

approaching oh here's a nice one so now we have a nice one the previous

one was horrible but this one is quite nice to shower

someone with compliments gifts or praise you shower someone isn't that nice so

when we talk about showers in in the situation concerning whether we mean

heavy rain but the rain only lasts for a few seconds or maybe for a few minutes

so a short burst of rain can be described as a shower so you might

shower someone with compliments gifts or maybe praise so this means that you are

giving or maybe many people are giving a certain thing to you you might be

showered with gifts on your birthday so many people send you a beautiful present

or maybe a birthday card perhaps you receive many birthday cards

through your door on your birthday you might say that you are or you have been

showered with lovely birthday cards to get something in a very large amount

quite often from many people around you so you get many things you may make

maybe you get lots of compliments oh you look very nice today oh I like your new

dress well I have to say that hat really suits you

oh thank you very much oh you are all showering me with compliments and of

course praise you can say nice things about a person maybe the thing they are

doing you can give some nice joyful compliments I like your

English lessons mr. Duncan oh thank you very much thank you that's very kind of

you that sort of thing here's another one I think this will be the last one

for now here is another storm idiom Oh a stormy

situation mm-hmm stormy so as I said at the beginning of this section stormy or

a storm can be an angry situation something that is happening that is

maybe causing lots of problems maybe people are arguing over politics

maybe one person has said something that another person doesn't agree with there

will be a storm so a stormy situation is any situation where negative things are

occurring maybe a stormy relationship mm-hmm maybe a stormy love affair mm

maybe or perhaps a stormy conversation people are arguing about something

fighting so there are many ways of using the word stormy if we are describing an

occurrence or something that is actually happening hello to the live chat it's

lovely to see you today we had a big storm this morning it really was quite a

big storm Roxie says in certain states they celebrate with baby showers yes I

did actually mention this last Sunday because we were talking about pregnancy

and being pregnant and we did talk about baby showers so yes a lot of people when

they have a baby that hasn't been born it is still on the way

they might have a baby shower they will buy lots of gifts for the parents before

the baby arrives you have a baby shower isn't that nice

hello I'm oh hello I'm oh I wish I could speak English like you well I have

practiced my English for many years I have tried my best to speak English as

well as I possibly can and guess what you can do the same thing as well

isn't it amazing all you need is some patience time and yes motivation some

people like to learn English on their own some people like to learn English

with many others so that is the reason why we are here today to share our love

of English as a way of expressing that desire I'm now going to show you an

excerpt from one of my lessons here is a lesson that I did I think I made this

around about maybe 10 years ago so this lesson you are about to see is around 10

years old however everything in it is still modern and contemporary so don't

worry about that this particular lesson is all about

making decisions and as far as I'm concerned I think making a decision can

be one of the hardest things that you ever have to do in your life so here I

am once again it's my computer with another English lesson to prepare which

subject should I talk about this time there are so many choices so many things

to choose from it's really hard to decide wait a minute I've got it oh yes

that's a good subject okay let's get to work the choices you

make today and tomorrow we'll decide life's journey on the path you will

follow the choices you make like the throw of the dice will decide if your

journey is unpleasant or nice the word choice has more than one meaning it is

normally used as a noun choice can relate to what is on offer a

selection of things offered or made available to you you can select

something from that choice you choose or select from the choice the word choice

can also define what you have chosen the choice you have made the thing you have

chosen is your choice that is the thing you have chosen a choice can be made

from a selection or variety of actual items or from a list of possible actions

the word choice can also be an adjective in this sense it means something of high

or superior quality a choice cut of meat means that the meat is of good quality

the word decision relates to the final choice or result of deciding something

the decision can be about anything the result of your choice is the decision we

can also use decision when talking about the outcome of a trial in law the

decision is referred to as the verdict in law all decisions choices and actions

made are the responsibility of the person who made them if you are a sound

mind then you will have to accept the punishment that fits the crime the

conclusion of any choice is seen as a decision of course if you cannot make a

choice or decision then we say that you are undecided you are unsure of what to

choose sometimes making a decision can be a very confusing thing indeed there

are many ways of expressing a decision or making a choice you take your pick

you come to a decision you reach a conclusion you give your verdict you

make a choice you pick one out you make a selection a choice can be described as

a selection or a variety you pick from a selection or choose from a variety so

choice can be what is an offer or the thing you select the past tense of

choose is chose and the item you choose has been chosen when deciding something

you reach a decision or you come to a decision you have made a decision you

have decided

there are so many choices and decisions to be made in life however there is one

choice that you never have to make unless of course you decide to change it

later yes of course I'm talking about your name the first choice in your life

is made by someone else Duncan is the name chosen for me by my parents I had

no say in the matter the decision was made for me I like my name

especially when I found out that the name Duncan originated in Scotland and

means brave warrior of course in the Shakespeare play Macbeth the character

King Duncan is killed by the scheming Macbeth I had better watch my back

oh it's so hot in here it feels like my eyes are frying in

their sockets it's so hot in here please someone open a window I'll wait there I

have opened the windows it's so hot in here I can't believe how hot it is in my

studio I hope you are feeling comfortable and cool where you are it is

English addict and yes I am mr. Duncan that is my name use your own if you

don't mind and I teach English on YouTube hello to everyone if you want to

send me a like once again I will say it again you can like and also subscribe if

you want done now give me a lovely thumbs up give me a lovely thumb and

also if you want you can also share to let me and everyone know that you care

give me a thumbs up right now I want at least 300 thumbs 300 likes before the

end of today's livestream hello to Anna hello also unique arena

oh hello Yoona Karina nice to see you here today I haven't seen you for a

while I feel as if you haven't been here on my live chat for a while I don't know

why I don't know why hello Belarus yeah it was a hard

decision to study dentistry yes I would imagine any subject especially now I'm

not going to judge anyone but a person who decides to study scientific

something medical perhaps maybe a subject similar to that I think you have

to have a lot of motivation because it takes many years to become good and

knowledgeable in the particular fields I supposed being a

doctor I admire doctors I really do especially at the moment a lot of people

have been talking about their admiration expressing how grateful they are that

there are so many doctors and nurses around taking care of everyone normally

this happens of course but to be a doctor takes around seven years so that

is a lot of intensive studying learning attending many lectures over the years

then you have to go into training so you will actually work in a place maybe a

hospital or you will follow another doctor around and then you will learn

from them you know like that guy in scrubs remember him whatever happened to

him whatever happened to the guy from scrubs

you never hear hear from him anymore I used to like watching scrubs it used to

be one of my it used to be my favorite TV show that did scrubs many years ago

Zack what what's his name Zack I want to say Zack Branagh

but that doesn't sound right I think his name was Zack Branagh you know the guy

that played the doctor who was learning how to become a doctor

in scrubs I'm sure it was Zack Zack Brannigan no I don't think it was Zack

Brannigan no I think that was a character from Futurama mr. Duncan I

think your brain might be might be frying in your skull today I think so

hello JC Geordi I apologize of course thumbs up not thump there is a big

difference between thump and thumb well first of all the spelling is very

different thumb thump so thump thump they are spelt

differently hello Jade mr. Duncan I like the hens with the chicks

is there anything cuter anything in this world more cute than a little baby

chicken with their little lovely I love the sounds of chicks when they are all I

like it a lot hello hello hello all so Andy star I

never visit the doctor really is that because you are a very healthy person

maybe and if you are what is your secret can you share your secret with us would

you describe yourself as a patient person in a couple of moments we are

going to talk all about that are you a patient person would you describe

yourself as someone who is patient

oh you are great you really are great Zac breath okay I was nearly right

almost right I was nearly right I almost got it right Zach Braff what ever

happened to Zach breath he was like the biggest star on television in scrubs and

then he sort of vanished has anyone seen Zach Braff recently I haven't seen him

in anything but I really liked him he had a sort of cheeky character he was

cheeky wasn't he a little cheeky he would always say naughty things

especially to dr. Cox he didn't like dr. Cox it or dr. Cox

he was a bit mean wasn't he I didn't like dr. Cox no I wasn't a big fan of

dr. Cox but I did like Zach Braff in scrubs he was good he was really really

good hello what hello who when Duke who says I come from Vietnam hello Vietnam

nice to see you here today mr. Aggarwal hello mr. Aggarwal hello mr. Duncan

could you please tell me the meaning of devious is a devious person a negative

person or just a person who is not straightforward

a person who is devious well maybe there are many ways of using this word to be

devious to be devious is to be secretive so maybe you keep things hidden away

something you don't want other people to know about maybe you have a skeleton in

the closet you see so a devious person might also be a person who wants to

trick you into thinking something that is not real so a devious person the word

devious can describe a person who hides things away or maybe they they say

things or maybe they do things to try and get you to change your mind or to

believe something that is not true so yes a devious person normally it is

negative I've never heard anyone say that a devious person is a good thing to

be to be honest with you so I've never heard anyone say oh you're a devious

person well then good so yes it is normally normally done as as a negative

action or it is seen as being negative I hope that answers your question

very nicely devious I have met some very devious people over the years here we go

then would you say that you are a patient person there are some words that

we we can use to describe a person who is patient now of course don't forget

the word patient can also mean a person who is being treated in hospital for an

illness or an injury so don't forget we can use the word patient there it is up

there we can use it in more than one way more than one way so let's have a look

shall we there are some words that we can use to describe being patient well

first of all a patient person is often described as being tolerant and

understanding so a patient person do you know someone who is patient what about

you maybe you are a patient person maybe you are someone who would describe

themselves as tolerant and understanding yes I I would say that I am a tolerant

understanding person I am a very patient person in a stressful situation or a

difficult situation a patient person will remain calm and unruffled that's an

interesting word unruffled so if you are unruffled it means you stay calm you are

not upset by a certain situation so a person who is patient in a stressful or

difficult situation a pace a patient person will remain calm and unruffled

whatever happens around them however chaotic the situation is they will stay

patient I think I'm a patient person I really do

a patient person is patient as an adjective they show patients as a noun

that person does something patiently as an adverb so the patient person has

patience that person does something patiently one of the things I don't like

doing now I think I am a patient person I really do I think I am quite patient

however one of the things I don't like doing is waiting for things I think

sometimes I am a little impatient the opposite which we will be looking at

very shortly we are going to look at the opposite of patient but sometimes when

I'm standing maybe outside a shop and waiting to be served or maybe I've

ordered something off the internet and then I buy it on the internet and then I

have to wait for it to be delivered sometimes I can be a little impatient

but as they always say good things come to

those who wait if you wait patiently if you are a patient person then you will

enjoy that's nice thing even more than you

would normally

yes waiting around is like losing time or wasting time and there is one thing I

don't like doing I don't like wasting time I really don't there is a nice

expression in English patience is a virtue so we often see people who are

patient as good people understanding people they are tolerant they never get

upset they never become anxious or angry about things so maybe they are standing

in a room where there is lots of chaos people are arguing there is lots of

disruption things are going wrong however you stand there it'll be all

right don't worry everyone I'm sure we will find a solution to this problem I'm

sure we will find a problem that it can be solved and if you have a problem

quite often if you wait if you are patient yes eventually you will solve

the problem you will solve the problem sometimes it is good to be patient that

is the reason why we often say patience is a virtue patience is a virtue it is a

good thing to be we also have the root of patient so where does the word come

from the root of patient comes from the Latin word for suffering in fact I think

it's Sofia or suffer so the actual origin of the word is suffering

which is interesting because a patient person is a person who is not suffering

they are staying calm it's interesting that I like that I sometimes like

finding out where words come from or how they have developed over the years so

there you go the root the origin of patient comes from the Latin word for

suffering I hope you are not suffering at the moment I really do she has the

patience of a saint a patient person might be described as a saint a person

who always stays calm they never become angry they always keep their cool no

matter what is happening around them they have the patience of a saint

so she or of course he has the patience of a saint I think I'm a patient person

I do I think I have a lot of patience I remember a few years ago and I was going

over to where mr. Steve's mother lives and I had to bring her back on the train

because Steve was busy he was working so Steve couldn't go over to collect his

mother and bring her here because she was coming here to stay with us so what

happened is I went over to where Steve's mum lives and I collected her and I

brought her back on the train however we had to catch three trains

sometimes we had to walk a long distance from one train to another and sometimes

we had to go to a different station completely but I was always calm I

stayed cool I stayed patient and even mr. Steve's mother said Wow Duncan there

is one thing I've noticed about you you were always so patient

you never got upset you never became angry about anything even though we had

to rush around and even though I had to take care of

mr. Steve's mother whilst we were wandering around the railway station and

it was crowded I do remember that there were many people getting on and off the

trains so I had to take care of mr. Steve's mum I had to treat her like a

delicate fragile flower and that's what I did so yes I like to think that I am a

patient person however what about you would you say that you are patient would

you say that you are a patient person now I think that as you get older as you

get older I think we become more impatient impatient so there are some

ways of describing impatience you you might not have time to cope with a

situation you might not enjoy doing something you are impatient impatient so

an impatient person has no patience they have no patience patience impatient

hello sunshine maybe maybe old people are more patient

than young people I'm not sure about that I'm going to be honest with you I

often think that elderly people sometimes can be more impatient however

children I think children can be very impatient they always want everything

straight away they don't want to wait Mummy Mummy Mummy I want that new toy I

want it now I don't want to wait I want it now you

must go to the shops now mummy and you must buy that toy for me now I want it

now a bit like Veruca Salt Veruca Salt from Charlie and the

Chocolate Factory she wanted everything straight away I

want a pony and I want it now I don't want to wait for it hello -

Aldo hello Aldo nice to see you back as well nice

to see you back Luis Mendez is here as well - an new wing says to be honest

with you mr. Duncan I am a patient person yes I think so I think it is good

to be patient sometimes people might not understand your point of view or maybe

they don't understand that you are a busy person so sometimes people do

things but they don't mean to do it they don't intend to waste your time or

make you angry so I think sometimes it is a good thing to be patient to keep

your cool to stay patient not getting upset over small things simple things

things that might be described as a storm in a teacup you see so everything

I've said today is sort of linking together as if by magic I think so why

aren't you wearing your tie I'm not wearing my shirt today all my tie

because it's too hot the studio is like an oven I think I could actually cook

some food in the studio without using the stove it is so hot in here

I'm surrounded by hot lights shining on my face so that's the reason why people

who are patient when they get angry they are very scary you are right yes that is

true so a person who is often calm passive maybe they are a kind person

maybe they are always patient even they have a moment where they might become

angry about something so yes it is possible to be patient calm but you can

still lose your patience you can still lose your patience you

might become angry you might become argumentative

you might start fighting with someone or maybe you just shout and swear I think

so Marc Morton oh hello Marc Morton thank you very much

for joining me I kind of think it's more about another word called temperament

temperance mind over matter yes temperance well that is actually having

control over your emotions so this is something that's become very trendy very

fashionable is mindfulness and when we talk about mindfulness we are talking

about having control over not only our thoughts but also our emotions at the

same time so yes I agree with you I think sometimes well I think it is

possible to learn to control your emotions I think you can some people say

no you can't if you are bored angry and impatient you will always be like that

but I actually disagree I think it is possible to to adapt or to change the

way you think or feel about things so I think it is possible to actually change

your mind about things maybe something that you misunderstand people get angry

have you noticed at the moment people get very angry about all sorts of things

sometimes you have to take a step back and look around you and try to stay calm

patience is a virtue that's what they say don't you have any air conditioner

in your studio no I don't not many people have air conditioning in their

houses and the reason why they don't is because we live in England and in

England quite often the weather isn't good

during the summer yes of course we have nice days we have nice weather but to be

honest with you for most of the year that the country is cool so really we

don't need air conditioning to keep us cool unless of course you work in an

office so maybe you work in an office space with lots of people around you

then you do need air conditioning so yes I agree with that hello Diana

Romano actually my English has improved a lot over the past few months as I have

a lot of free time to follow mr. Duncan hello Diana nice to see you here again I

think one of the things about the current situation and don't forget many

people are still affected by this quite seriously as well in some countries so

this is not over even here in the UK there are still many people who are

suffering many people who are dying so it is not over it is not over yet we

still have a long way to go even here in the UK we still have a very long way to

go before everything gets completely normal would you like to see some

strange words we have some unusual words but first of all I'm going to show you

something I'm going to tell you the story of Rex's erection maybe you've

heard this story before but sometimes in life being patient can be a good thing

even if the thing you are trying to create turns out to be a complete

failure consider the story of a man who thought big with a plan to be remembered

forever his name was Rex Humbert the TV preacher

who lived in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio his big dream was to construct a huge tower that

had a revolving restaurant at the top thus giving the diners a panoramic view

whilst eating construction of the huge Tower began in the early 1970s however

the big dream of Rex home barred never came to fruition after running out of

funds for the mammoth project the partially constructed concrete tower

stood abandoned for 15 years large metal beams at the top were removed and the

tower fell into rack and ruin the locals jokingly nicknamed the tower Rex's

erection however years later the tower was purchased by a telecommunications

company and the tower was put to good use by mounting transmitters and cell

phone antennas on a tall tower itself so even though Rex never got his big dream

the thing he failed to achieve did eventually come in useful for something

so I think there is a meaning in that story even if something seems to be a

failure maybe it has some use maybe not immediately but perhaps in the future it

will be something that will be very useful indeed

thank you very much for clicking on me today for those who are wondering what

is going on what the hell is this I'm watching on my mobile device or maybe my

PC or perhaps my television sent Oh for those who are watching on their

television at the moment what do you think about my big face on your screen

is it ok I hope I hope it's not too scary thank you for joining me today and

we have a lot of things still to look at we are now going to take a look at some

strange words the live chat by the way it's very busy today

a lot of people are talking to each other on the live chat which I always

think is fantastic one of the reasons why I love doing this is not because I

like to show my face on camera but it is all about bringing everyone together we

all have something in common and that is our love of the English language I would

definitely describe myself as an English addict and I'm not sure if you will or

would but I am anyway and I hope you are enjoying today's live stream you can

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I do appreciate everything that you do hello dear oh dear oh gosh hello to you

1 Q 1 Q 1 Q 1 Q to you as well hello sir I am from India Narasimha hello

Narasimha nice to see you here I hope you are staying cool today I think the

inside of my studio might be as as India at the moment I think so

hello sir I am from India thank you to narashima the game

hello mindfully flourish hello mr. Duncan thank you so much

mindfully flourish when we talk about being mindful I suppose it's about

considering your feelings your emotions your state of mind maybe when you wake

up in the morning what is the first thing you think and what is the last

thing you think before you go to sleep so these things can have a big effect on

your life the way you deal with other people the way you socialize your

attitude towards other people in society all of these things come from up here

sometimes controlling this can help you a lot and the opposite of course is

losing control of your thoughts and feelings they can have a negative effect

I think so hello tap Tasya Booga hi sir I am from burkina faso hello

burkina faso you might be the first person ever on the live chat from

burkina faso I've heard of the country but you might be the first person here

from that particular place so I will give you a round of applause how about


did you imagine this morning when you woke up did you imagine that there will

be an English man sending you a round of applause on the Internet

I bet you didn't I think so have you been to Morocco I've never been to

Morocco I've always wanted to go there I have fascinations for certain parts of

the world Morocco is one of those places that I have a fascination for hello also

- Oh Belarus yeah you are such a good teacher

mr. Duncan thank you very much for teaching us I try my best I am just

another human being seven is it seven and a half billion people now on the

planet is it is it seven and a half billion that's a lot of people and I am

just one of them that's all I am just trying to make my way in the world like

everyone else hello Narus Narasimha says I like the way you communicate thank you

very much you are very welcome Sergio is here Sergio we were talking about you

the other day we were talking about you the other day

we were saying how sarcastic you can be sometimes Sergio

mm I think so I think Sergio sometimes can be very sarcastic let's have a look

at some strange words would you like to have a look at some very weird words

okay we will do that right now on the live stream because that's the reason

why I am here now some strange English words we always do this on Friday and

that's what we're doing right now there are many odd many unusual many strange

words strange

there are many strange words in the English language and today we are going

to take a look at some of those words some of them you might know some of them

you might not it might be the first time for you looking at the words so we will

see what happens shall we here is the first word today's first strange English

word is o that is a strange word not many letters but it is a strange word

squirm you pronounce this word squirm squirm means that you move you move

about maybe if you are sitting in a chair and maybe you can't get

comfortable or maybe you feel uncomfortable you might keep squirming

you might squirm wriggle that's a great word wriggle squirm wriggle you are

moving quite often to to get yourself more comfortable or maybe to escape from

something that is horrible perhaps you see a spider in your bathroom and you

squirm you try to avoid the spider oh my goodness there is a spider in my

bathroom I think I have to squirm to get away from it maybe something that you

find unpleasant perhaps something you find unpleasant something that you don't

like it might make you squirm so normally this is used in a negative

way perhaps your next-door neighbor keeps watching you when you're in your

garden he's watching you all the time you might tell your friend

oh my neighbor whenever I see him he always makes me

something you don't like something you feel repulsed by might make you squirm I

hope I don't make you squirm I really do

hello to Mary it hello Marietta nice to see you as well

squirm always makes me think of worm well it's interesting that you should

say that the word squirm is really describing the action of a worm it

wriggles I suppose you could also say a snake as well maybe a snake squirms it

is the movement that it makes as it moves along so yes I think that's a very

good thing yes I think that's pretty good actually that is a very good

observation I think so squirm an unusual strange word someone who is a bombastic

bombastic an arrogant person a person who always shows off they are always the

loudest person in the room bombastic it's interesting isn't it it

sounds like something that might be annoying

bombastic you might describe a person who is arrogant they are always talking

about themselves they like to show off they are always the loudest person in

the room and we all we've all met someone like that I know I have maybe

I've been on an aeroplane and I'm trying to get some sleep and

then in the seat behind me maybe there is someone talking and they won't shut

up they are being very bombastic bombastic it almost sounds like a swear

word it isn't so this is not a rude word however it does describe a person

who is arrogant a person who is stuck-up a person who oh I see there was a song

like that oh I see yes there was mr. lover lover is that the

one mr. lavalava mr. love you caught we fantastic bombastic

is that the one is that the one you're thinking of maybe dear narrow Seema asks

what is the current status in the UK I I don't know what you mean by that

the current status the status of what I'm not sure what you mean by that

maybe you mean well things are not getting better they are slowly easing

but there are still people affected by that thing mm-hmm yes bombastic I like

that word that is today's word bombastic a person who likes to show off they are

often arrogant here's another one sporadic oh yes I

like this word something that is sporadic sporadic now an interesting

thing earlier I was talking about lightning so when you get lightning in

the sky you might say that lightning is sporadic so you can't work out when it

will happen it is random sporadic so it isn't always happening and you can't

work out when it will happen it is sporadic so this morning when I

was standing in my garden as the rain was falling and the thunder was rumbling

above my head and the lightning was flashing across the sky I didn't know

when it was going to happen I had to just wait because thunder and lightning

is sporadic you don't know when it is going to happen it is random random

where do you live now oh I see well now I'm in England so this is live from

England what you are watching now is a live stream England is where I am

broadcasting from England in a place called Much Wenlock a lovely little

village a small town so I hope that answers your question yes

sporadic yes something rare something that is not often seen sporadic so yes

something that's random you can't you can't guess when it's going to happen a

little bit like my idiom this morning you remember earlier my lightning in a

bottle to keep lightning in a bottle is impossible because lightning is random

it is sporadic it doesn't happen all the time thank goodness the sporadic love oh

I see I don't know what you mean by that Andy maybe you are talking about your

experience perhaps sporadic sporadic you can talk about sporadic diseases yes

maybe a disease that occurs in a certain place suddenly without warning or maybe

a rare disease something that does not occur everywhere

sporadic Anna Rita says your live streams are not sporadic no they are not

they are planned so the opposite I suppose

planned something that you know will happen so my live streams normally are

not sporadic they are planned you know when they are going to happen hello to

Jade hello Jade thank you very much it's very nice to see you here today so there

is another word let's move on oh this is an interesting word it looks like him

but it isn't in fact this particular word is pronounced whim whim you do

something on a whim whim you don't plan to do it you do it on a whim

impulse you do it spontaneously you do it on a whim whim it's a great word by

the way some people say whim others say whim whim so it's almost as if they are

blowing the air from their mouth as they say the word whim you do something on a

whim you do it without making any plans you do it spontaneously you do it on

impulse whim you go out to do some shopping you do it on a whim you do it

as an impulse you don't plan to do it you just do it you have a whim you do it

on a whim nice Alessandro is here hello Alessandro nice to see you here on

Friday afternoon it is Friday here in the UK you will do

something on a whim whim it's an unusual word but it is used quite often you

might be surprised to find out that that particular word is used a

lot actually quite a lot here's another one oh very similar to the last one and

this one also can be pronounced in more than one way some people say wet others

will say wet wet something will wet it will entice you it will create an

arousal of hunger maybe you want to do something more because you have smelled

something perhaps there is a cake baking in the oven you can say whoa mmm the

smell of that cake baking in the oven it has whetted my appetite

it will whet your appetite it is enticing you it is bringing that feeling

to your mind it is seducing you you want to have that cake because the smell the

aroma of it baking in the oven it will whet your appetite it is making you feel

hungry it is bringing about that feeling quit interesting

hello need s need s vlog nice to see you here as well

very lovely tyub hello ty Abe as well thank you very much for seeing me today

I'm so glad that you can see me waving to you right now on the Internet

isn't it lovely as I said at the start of today's livestream I love technology

so much I love YouTube I wish I could marry YouTube unfortunately at this

moment no one has legally recognized the marriage between someone who appears on

YouTube and YouTube itself so so at the moment

unfortunately you can't you can't actually get married to YouTube yes you

can wet a knife sharpen sharpen that's very good thank you very much Marilla

and also thanks also to Connell for your suggestion yeah yes you wet a knife you

sharpen something you make it sharp you are bringing about that intense feeling

wet something will whet your appetite it's making me feel hungry now all this

talk of food everyone talking about food it is making me feel hungry

you have whetted my appetite

yes desire to bring about the feeling of desire need want the feeling of wanting

something nice hello Marietta hello also ninja hello ninja I

like your work your name by the way are you a real ninja or are you just

part-time there are part-time ninjas so some

ninjas only do it part-time maybe they work in an office or maybe they they

work in a shoe shop during the day but at night they are a professional ninja

so you never know you never know that the next time you are in a shop being

served by that nice gentleman he might actually be a part-time ninja yes you

never know you never know here's another word an unusual word that we use in

English you may have heard of this before this is actually a type of weapon

as well a jackknife it is often used in hunting but if there is an accident

a certain type of accident that can occur on the road especially with long

heavy vehicles because you will notice with certain types of lorries or trucks

the front and the back are independent they move independently and sometimes if

the conditions are wet or icy a lorry or truck can jackknife

it means the front and the back of the truck they become independent they you

lose control of the vehicle so maybe the back of the truck is

pointing one way and maybe your cabin the place where you are driving is

pointing the other way you lose control of the vehicle we can

say that the lorry has jackknifed you can always look this up you can always

look this particular word up on the internet jackknife it is an incident

where a lorry or the person driving the lorry they lose control normally on wet

or maybe icy surfaces you lose control of a lorry or truck jackknife

Annagh I like your idea Anna yes very often conversations end up talking about

food it is true we were sitting in the garden last night it was a beautiful

evening last night one of our friends came over we haven't seen them for a

while and we were eating Chinese food in the garden and having a lovely

conversation and it was so nice however we did keep our distance so that's good

as well but it is true we were talking about food we were actually talking

about food whilst we were eating food I think that's a great time to talk about

food when you are eating food I think it is good to also talk about food at the

same time I think so thanks for your company today I will be going soon we

are going to look at some more words here is another one ah this is

interesting here is another word if you go to see a show or maybe if you go to

listen to an orchestra something that occurs at the beginning of a performance

you might describe it as the prelude the thing that happens before the main event

the main performance the main show or maybe the main story so you might have a

Prelude in a story or a book quite often it is called a prologue so prologue is

something that is written before the main story begins and of course you can

have this word as well Prelude there it is

Prelude so when we say Prelude we mean the thing that occurs before the main

event so you might go to see a show where people are performing on stage in

a play and maybe there is music as well at the start of the play they will often

play a piece of music that is the prelude or if you are listening to

music before the show begins you can also call it the overture over chor so

there are many other ways of expressing this word Prelude before the main event

begins something that happens before the main event begins the prelude of a

symphony yes you are right so before the music begins maybe you'll have a short

Prelude or an overture maybe as people are arriving in sitting down there might

be some music playing a prelude the thing that comes before the show if you

are reading a book you might see a prologue or maybe just an introduction

an introduction maybe sunshine yes Oh sunshine has said introduction as well

that's it that's right yes Andy says a jackknifed truck one part

moves around towards the other part and it cannot be driven that's it

you lose control of the truck it's quite interesting that most trucks have

independent movement in the front and also the main container we also call

this an articulated vehicle articulated it has free movement it is articulated

you might spin out of control on a roundabout says Jade yes you might you

are right there hello yes iya hello also Marietta the prelude to a

nice friendship oh that's a good one yes so the beginning the things that occur

before your fringe flourishes or begins the prelude the

beginning something that happens before or whilst a thing is beginning I think

so yes that's good Thank You sunshine for that hello to

Korea hi Korea nice to see you here as well I

was listening to some BTS yesterday I was going through some of my Twitter

posts and I saw there were some videos on there about BTS so I decided to watch

a bit of that they are very good dancers by the way I will say that they are very

good dancers another another word before I go I will be going soon in fact we

have one more word and the word is

embellish oh I like this one embellish embellish maybe if you tell a story

about something you've done in the past perhaps you will add things to the story

to make it seem more dramatic you might change the story to make it more

enjoyable or to give it more impact so if you decorate something if you make

something look bright and fanciful something interesting something that is

attractive to look at or maybe a story that is intriguing and interesting you

might embellish that thing embellish it is a lovely word maybe you go fishing

and you spend all morning sitting by the river unfortunately you don't catch any

fish but when you go home you will tell your wife

about the amazing fish that you caught I had to struggle to bring the fish to

land I had to struggle I had to fight with the fish it was huge it was a

really big fish I had to wind the fish in I had to bring

the fish in and it was this big it was huge it was such a big fish what I am

doing is embellishing the story I am making the story seem better than the

reality quite often we embellish our stories we try to make them more

interesting or more exciting than they really are maybe if you watch TV you

might watch reality television sometimes you might find that reality TV is

embellished people will pretend to have these situations they will pretend they

are not real they embellish what is happening in that show because they want

you just to keep watching they want you to stay in front of the television

watching that program so you'll watch the advertisements you see so many

reality TV shows will actually create or exaggerate the situation's to make them

more interesting for the viewer it is true please visit my website during your

free time says mindfully flourish well I have a friend by the way I have a friend

who runs a company and he actually does meditation courses he takes his students

all around the world so he goes to all of these far-off places he actually went

to Nepal a few years ago and he did a retreat they're high up on

a mountain and I know that because he took my camera with him so the camera

this one this camera that you are looking through now this camera has

actually been to the top of some of the highest mountains in the world so the

camera has been in some very interesting places so that is the camera that you

are looking through at the moment that actual camera has been all away to the

top of some of them highest mountains in the world

Jade yes you can embellish your CV your curriculum vitae which is of course a

list of things that you've done in your career so when you go along to a new

employer you want to show them the things you've done but sometimes we

embellish our CV we make it appear as if we've done many more things than we

really have hmm you are right

Maria is going mark Morton says please don't stop you are awesome well I'm not

going to stop I'm not stopping but I will be going soon because I have been

here for around one hour and 46 minutes so I have been here for a long time and

it is it is very hot here in the studio although this morning shall we have

another look outside this morning it was quite dramatic we had some very dramatic

weather this morning outside take a look at this this is what was happening in my

garden this morning it was quite dramatic

we've had a huge downpour of rain but also we had some thunder and lightning

as well some ferocious storms hit the UK this morning and there is my back garden

as the rain falls

so all across the UK this morning we woke up to horrendous thunderstorms the

rumbling of thunder and the flash of lightning I think my back garden looks

like it's in a tropical country it does it looks like I'm in Malaysia or maybe

Borneo but I'm not I'm in much Wenlock in England so that's what's been going

on here with our weather it's been rather dramatic to say the least so

dramatic I can't believe it we are almost at the end of today's livestream

I hope you've enjoyed it I hope you've enjoyed everything you've seen don't

forget you can watch this again if you have missed this any part of this you

can watch it again it will be available later on YouTube Rose says I am in love

with the rain a lot of people like the rain some people like being in the rain

I am NOT one of those people I don't like being outside I don't like getting

wet in the rain I hate it to be honest however I do like being in the house

looking out of the window at the rain that's okay I don't mind that that's

alright but sometimes sometimes it does rain

sometimes it pours pause with rain so if the rain is coming

down very heavily and very fast we can say it is pouring pouring with rain

thank you very much mindfully flourish that's okay thank you

very much for joining in I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson

need us thank you very much as well for joining me today

apparently Beatrice says where I am it hasn't rained for three months to be

honest with you many parts of the world this year have been experiencing very

dry periods of time including here in the UK by the way also here in the UK

kareem says I enjoyed it a lot I hope you did and I'm very pleased to hear

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my real this says hello mr. Duncan hello Marilla I will be going soon I hope

you've enjoyed today's lesson and I hope that it hasn't sent you completely

cuckoo I really hope you are still okay join me again on Sunday don't forget

Sunday I am with you from 2 p.m. UK time and of course on Sunday we have the

added bonus there is a bonus something extra on Sunday because we have mr.

Steve here as well so mr. Steve will also be joining us on Sunday I hope you

can make it that is it that is all I have time for Thank You Marietta thank

you Andy apparently it was raining in Moscow yesterday I was watching the big

parade by the way in Russia the big parade with all of the missiles and the

soldiers and President Putin he didn't look very happy though he

didn't look very happy he had all of those wonderful weapons and all of those

big missiles and all of those soldiers but he didn't look very happy he looked

a bit gloomy I thought Nessie says mr. Duncan you're amazing thank you very

much will we have a little dance today not

today because I am very hot and exhausted here in the studio I can't

begin to tell you how hot it is in here it is really hot it is like teaching

inside an oven that's how hot it is thank you very much

Giovanni when I ride my bicycle in the rain I sing oh I see well some people do

enjoy walking in the rain singing in the rain I'm singing just singing in the

rain what a glorious feeling happy you came I hope you are feeling happy today

see you later see you on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time and of course until the

next time we meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next

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until the next time we are all here together again stay safe stay happy keep

that smile on your face no matter what happens stay patient and of course

ta ta for now 8-)