a lot of people ask mr duncan can you please give  us one piece of advice for those who are thinking  

of starting their own live stream okay this is one  very important piece of advice always make sure  

you have a poop before you start your live stream  there is nothing worse than doing a live broadcast  

without having first had a poo honestly i'm  not joking so there it is that's top of my list  

oh here we go then yes we are all here together  again it is another english addict live stream  

coming to you from the birthplace of the english  language which just happens to be england

yeah hi everybody this is mr duncan in england  how are you today are you okay i hope so are  

you happy i hope so i hope you are having  a super duper day wherever you are watching  

in the world can i say hello to you  wherever you happen to be right now  

maybe you are in england maybe you are somewhere  in europe maybe you are in south america or maybe  

china or maybe malaysia or  maybe australia or perhaps  

vietnam wherever you are in the world right now  can i say a big hello to you as well here we go

did you see me on wednesday by the way for those  who are wondering i am now doing my live streams  

twice a week so it would appear that there are  still people who don't realize that we are doing  

it twice a week so on sunday like now for example  you are here now with me on sunday and also  

on wednesday as well i am with you from 2pm uk  time so both of those live streams the same time  

2 p.m uk time is when i am on for those who  don't realize or have not yet realized that  

i am on twice a week every single sunday  and wednesday i am with you live on youtube  

so here we go for those who have missed my warm  greeting from last week can i say to all those  

who haven't received my congratulations and  good wishes can i wish you all a happy new year

happy new year to those who  haven't received my best wishes yet  

and there they were i hope you enjoyed them

were they satisfactory did you enjoy my  best wishes for this year even though we  

are now 10 days into the new year things aren't  going great i think i think it would be fair  

to say that things are not going great so far  around the world and we are only 10 days into  

2021 and things have been very weird do you  need me to mention the things that have happened  

this week well first of all we are still in  lockdown here in england and it would appear now  

they are saying that we might  actually be in lockdown until march

and of course something happened in  the united states as well this week  

i'm sure you don't need me to talk about it even  though i might mention it a little bit later on  

oh look out the window everyone oh  i've got to say before i go any further  

would you like to have a look out of my window  it is a lovely day today in england and there it  

is a live view looking out of my studio  window across towards a place called  

shrewsbury shrewsbury is the main town in this  particular area where i live and there is the view  

right now you might notice in the distance  there is also some snow on the high land  

and you can see the churches and also one or  two buildings that are situated in shrewsbury  

if you ever get a chance to come to england  i suggest that you should also go and visit  

shrewsbury as well because  it is a rather nice place  

to be honest with you i do suggest that you  spend at least maybe two days to explore  

the beautiful surroundings of not only shropshire  which is the county in which i live but also  

shrewsbury as well you might also want  to come and visit me here in much wenlock

oh mr duncan are you really inviting us around to  your house we can't believe it anyway here we are  

enough of that we have the live chat oh hello to  the live chat i suppose the big question is who  

was first on today's live chat oh i  can see who has a fast finger today  

a very fast finger vitesse congratulations  vitesse you are first on today's live chat

fancy pants also we have luis mendes  

and shirin hello shirin jimmy from hong kong  hello to you as well hello ricardo valentin  

also we have valeria christina by the way we are  going to take a look in your drawers later on

there are two ways of taking that by the way  when i say drawers i mean the things where  

you keep things normally in your kitchen  area you might have cupboards and drawers  

so a little bit later on we are going to  take a look at your your messy storage spaces  

because it's something we mentioned last week  and i actually received some photographs i can't  

believe it i actually got some photographs of  your junk all of the things that you put somewhere  

because you think maybe one day they will be  useful so we all have them in our houses i i'm  

sure somewhere in your house there is a space or  a place where there is lots of junk stuff that  

you no longer use but maybe one day you might use  it again you see so you put it somewhere safe and  

then over time you collect lots and lots of junk  i will give you a little example i will show you  

my drawer so this is the drawer that is actually  in our kitchen would you like to see it here it  

is so there it is to give you an idea of what i  will be showing later on so that is my junk drawer  

can i let you in on a secret in my studio i have  about maybe four or five junk drawers because in  

my studio i have lots of things that i sometimes  use and when i'm not using them i have to put them  

in a safe place so in my studio i do have lots  of junk things that i use maybe once or twice  

and then i have to put them away somewhere so  maybe they are not junk perhaps they are just  

things that are not useful at the moment but who  knows later on they might actually be useful you  

see some people don't like throwing things away  i don't like wasting food i'll be honest with you  

one of the things i really hate is when people  waste food i don't like it at all if i was honest  

with you and sometimes i don't like throwing  things away especially if i think later they might  

be useful you see so that's the reason why i do it  hello to florence hello to irene hello belarusia  

belarusia can i say a special hello to you i  received an email from you asking me to say hello  

to your your cousin or was it your niece but you  asked me to say hello to her the only problem is  

i don't know her name you see so i can't say hello  to her because i don't know her name so belarusia  

can you please tell me what your your relations  name is i think it was your niece i think so

carlos hello carlos do you live in wales mr duncan  i live very near very close to the to the border  

of wales so from my window for example i can  actually see whales would you like to have a  

look at some snow on the mountains in the distance  so these are some views that i filmed this morning  

from my window so here they are so there is one of  them so that is actually this morning you can see  

it's still very cold here and there is still a lot  of snow on the hills so those are some some hills  

around maybe eight or maybe nine miles away  from where i live but i but i can see them  

very well from from the top of my stairs in the  house so you can see we still have a lot of snow  

covering the landscape there is still quite a  lot of snow covering the area in which i live and  

there is another view looking into the distance  so that particular area is called the long mind  

the long mind and well it basically means long  mountain that is it long mind the long mountain  

and we have one more view as well so these are  all this morning these are all views from the  

house and there you can see once again one of  the very high mountains and if you look very  

closely if you look very closely you can see  people walking up the mountain so you have to  

look very closely but you will be able to see some  people actually going up the mountain it's true

i will move it back for you and show it you again  

so look very closely you will be able to see there  are some people moving around on the mountaintop  

so there it was this morning we still have a lot  of snow on the ground in the area where i live  

welcome to english addict by the way nice to see  you here today i hope you are having a good time  

i'm not too bad thank you very much i can't  complain i will be honest with you even though  

at the moment some people might say that there are  many reasons to complain well i am trying my best  

i will try my best not to complain about anything  however i can't say the same thing about mr steve  

because we do have steve coming up later  on as well mr steve will be here with us  

he was out in the garden during the week now  we did have a little bit of snow on wednesday  

and mr steve was outside in the garden  so there is the view on wednesday  

and if you look closely you might be able to see  mr steve wandering around there he is mr steve  

can you see us we are watching you so there is  mr steve he was doing a little bit of gardening  

and one of the amazing things about this  is that it was very early in the morning  

so steve got up very early to  do a little bit of gardening  

and even though it was cold even though  the snow was falling he still went outside  

to do some gardening in a moment  i hope mr steve will say hello  

steve we're watching you can you see us ah yes  we are watching you steve yes come on i think  

mr steve is feeling a little bit cold there  stop pretending to say hello to the neighbors  

and that was mr steve this week doing a little  bit of gardening in the freezing cold weather oh  

fancy pants can i say hello to  yusuf hello yusuf oh by the way  

today we are going to do something  we haven't done for a long time  

something around about three o'clock we will  be doing something that we haven't done for a  

long time i wonder if you can guess what it is  so today at three o'clock we are going to do  

something that we haven't done for ages we have  the sentence game coming up today we will also  

be looking at words that are often misspelt so  i suppose one of the questions i could ask now  

is there a word that you often misspell is there a  word that you often misspell so when you misspell  

something it means you spell the word incorrectly  miss spell you spell something wrong you put maybe  

the wrong letters in the wrong place or maybe you  leave out certain letters from the word or maybe  

you add words or letters  that don't even belong there

so is there a word in the english language that  you often misspell now i must be honest with you  

i think everyone everyone including me by  the way i also make spelling mistakes so it  

doesn't mean that you you don't know  english it doesn't mean that you are  

i was going to say stupid but it doesn't mean  that you see so even if you misspell words it  

doesn't mean that you don't know english because  i do it you do it many teachers quite often if  

they are writing on the blackboard they will write  very quickly and sometimes you can make a mistake  

so so everyone does it so is there a particular  word in english that you often misspell

oh wazee wazzy aldine says receive ah that is  a good one yes receive quite often people will  

put the i and the e the wrong way round  yes so receive is a good example of that

so there are some words that you can probably  spell wrong in fact sam says sometimes the  

word probably confuses me i often write the p  instead of be probably probably maybe perhaps  

there is a chance of it happening or maybe a small  chance of something happening probably probably  

ah victoria victoria says i have difficulty with  the word intriguing well i can say that you have  

spelt it right on the live chat so on the live  chat you have spelt it correctly here so well done  

intriguing sometimes when a word has a silent  letter it can mislead you it can cause you  

to misspell a certain word so yes sometimes  if there is a silent letter another good one  

i'm trying to think now of a word there are words  there are words that are used in other languages  

as well that might be used in english one word  that i can never spell silhouette silhouette  

is a very hard word to spell and i  never spell it correctly it's true

ah christina gives some very good advice mr  duncan if you write down the words that you  

often misspell i think it is a useful way to learn  them you are right in fact that is one of the  

the many pieces of advice that i often give  you when we talk about learning english  

maybe if there is a word that you often misspell  perhaps you can write it down or maybe you can  

write it down many times so the more you write  it down the more it will stay in your brain  

so basically that's how we all learn to spell  anyway i remember when i was at my junior school  

we used to we used to write words all the time so  maybe there were some words that the teacher would  

show us on the blackboard and then we would have  to write them down but then the teacher would say  

write the word 10 times or 20 times so you  would write the word many times and as i've  

said before when you write down something  you are using a different part of your brain  

a part of your brain that you don't normally use  when you read so when you write something you are  

using your brain in a different way and yes it  is a good way of remembering words you are right  

adequate oh ma mad hello mom add adequate yes  another good word that might be misspelled if  

you do it quickly adequate so adequate do  you have enough is there enough is that  

adequate will i be able to do something  with that amount is it adequate is it enough

thank you very much for all those writing down  silhouette for me it doesn't make any difference  

i will still probably spell it  incorrectly to be honest i think so  

oh rhythm yes rhythm is  also a very interesting word  

rhythm rhythm is a very unusual word because  there are no vowels in the word did you know  

that so rhythm is a very unusual word because  there are no vowels contained within that word

ah charlotte says taut taught and also tough  in fact i would say that many words that end  

with g h so words that end with g h can quite  often be hard to spell but also they can be hard  

to pronounce as well i think so very good hello  predator oh predator says debt debt so if you  

owe money to someone maybe you have to pay your  bills but you forget so then you get in to debt  

debt yes so that is another one that can be very  hard to spell because it has a silent letter  

yes you are right very good we will be looking  at some words right now that are often misspelt  

so if you would like to see this video and  maybe you can watch it again later on my  

youtube channel you actually can  so here it is a video all about  

the subject we have just been talking about which  is misspelling do you ever spell words incorrectly  

do you ever get them wrong well if you do  i hope the following video will be useful  

to you and then after this yes he's back mr  steve will be joining us in five minutes from now

english just like any other language has  its quirks and idiosyncrasies that is  

to say the language is not perfect similar  sounding words and odd grammatical clauses  

not to mention the odd spelling of  certain words can lead to confusion  

even for native english speakers today i'm going  to look at some commonly used english words  

that even though speaking english  as a first language often get wrong

our first commonly misspelt word is  

necessary the word necessary is one of the most  commonly misspelt words in english this is due to  

the use of single and double letters within  the word namely the single c and the double

s our second misspelt english word is  

definitely this is a word that catches many people  out mainly due to the sound of the third syllable  

which sounds like the letter a this leads  many people to mistakenly replace the i with  

an a remember there is no a indefinitely  there is definitely no a indefinitely

our third misspelt english word is  

fascination this word catches many people out  due to the occurrence of the letter s and c  

being placed together many people leave out the  letter s altogether whilst we are talking about  

occurrence the word occurrence itself is another  english word that is often spelt incorrectly  

occur has one r and two c's occurred occurring  and occurrence have two c's and to r's

another commonly misspelled english word is  separate it is a common mistake to add an extra  

e to the word by replacing the middle a again  the pronunciation is separate can be misleading  

especially so in this case as the word can be  pronounced in more than one way two things can  

be apart or separate you can separate two things  which means to split or divide separate separate  

our final misspelt word today is psychology  this is a real stinker of a word to spell  

because it contains not one but two  silent letters the p and h are silent  

another good example of this occurrence is  psychiatric at the end of this lesson you  

will see a list of other commonly misspelled  english words how many of them do you get wrong

you might be surprised to learn that  many people make spelling mistakes  

even i have been known from time to time to make  the occasional faux pas or blunder whilst writing  

for most of the time it is due to a slip of the  finger on the computer keyboard or at least that's  

my excuse spelling mistakes are nothing to be  ashamed of as we all make them from time to time

i hope this lesson has been helpful  to you and i will see you again soon  

for another english lesson this is mr  duncan in england saying tatar for now

so in that video you saw lots and lots  of english words that people often  

misspell so i hope that video was useful to  you and you can watch it again and again as  

many times as you want because it  will be here forever on my youtube

channel hello hello hello here he is greetings  and welcome from myself mr steve hello  

how are you mr duncan i'm okay would  you like a reason i didn't know would  

you like a round of applause of course  a round of applause for mr steve please

oh it's so wonderful to be here mr duncan yet  again on this slightly cold sunday afternoon  

now we were going to go outside  today i was thinking about it  

i was going to do today's live stream from  outside but i suddenly changed my mind  

because i realized it's still bloody  cold outside it's freezing cold so  

and there is still snow as well i was showing  some pictures earlier steve so look we still  

have snow around here so so there is there is one  view steve up on the hills yes in the distance  

not in our garden it's all gone yes but of course  compared to somewhere like spain ah at the moment  

yes i mean uh a few people have mentioned the snow  in spain it's dreadful i think it was marietta  

who presumably is in spain they've had probably  record snow have you in spain i don't think  

i've ever seen the news where they're describing  the amount of snow that you've had in spain  

because it's very unusual to have snow in spain  you've had more than we have which is very unusual  

so we still have some snow on the high ground  

but most of it now has gone so there it was this  morning that that that was the view this morning  

from from the window at the top of our stairs  and you can see in the distance there is still  

a lot of snow around on the high ground but but  can i just say hello to those watching in spain  

i know you have had a lot of snow also  japan can i say hello to japan as well

japan has also had lots of snow very heavy  snow so even though we have had some snow  

a little but not much no not much half an inch  maybe a centimeter at the most certainly not  

as much as spain and japan and also other  parts of the world as well kurdistan says  

joseph uh it's it's snowing there as well but  yes um i mean it's very unusual to get snowy  

probably no one is watching in spain today  because they're all out playing in the snow  

i would imagine because it probably won't be  around for long they're probably building snowmen  

sledging we saw uh images of people sledging or  sledding in in spain can you actually buy sleds  

or sledges in spain uh obviously you can but i  wouldn't have thought there were very many for  

sale because normally you wouldn't have a use for  them no not normally is it sledding or sledging  

but i think in in the north of spain you can  sometimes sometimes get snow so so yes but we  

we certainly have had a lot of snow around the  world amongst other things i believe you have  

some important information as well yes madrid  yes 50 years they haven't had i've been to  

madrid oh okay i went to madrid sorry to before  i say the next thing i went to madrid with the  

company with my company i won a trip because  i'd done well in sales this was many years ago  

probably i would say 24 25 years ago probably  and we went to madrid and it was the cleanest  

city i've ever been to brilliant it was amazing  and we went to see a football match at the real  

madrid stadium and it was you know what it's  like before you go into a football stadium  

well you probably don't know well what what  i'm there's lots of people selling things  

lots of litter and and dirt anyway and and  rubbish when we came out it was spotless yes  

all these machines had been there cleaning up and  uh i'll always remember it being incredibly clean  

place madrid we wanted to go on that  incredibly fast train that goes from madrid to  

somewhere it sort of goes 200 miles an hour i  can't think where it goes now but a very hot  

place in spain oh i can't think of the name of  it now but we didn't have time for that but yeah  

that's good so half of a story there from mr  steve yeah what's up what name another spanish  

city i can't wait very hot i would love to see  but unfortunately we've got other things to do  

well yeah yes moises or moises says that they have  coronavirus oh my goodness so uh you know our best  

wishes to you and hope you make a speedy recovery  yes uh but they said that they're staying positive  

yeah and watching you you're in the back you're  in the best place this is the best place to be  

if you want positivity 100 percent guaranteed 95.  okay well now mr steve now mr steve has arrived  

it might be 70 or 80 percent it's dropped it's  dropped a bit since i've come on definitely  

definitely uh but yes carlos  asks as well are we in wales  

well we are not very close very close  i did actually answer this earlier oh  

but we are very close to wales so wales  is kind of towards i suppose the west  

of the uk and we are kind of in the middle of  the uk so where we are is is near the middle  

but yes we do have whales on our doorstep in fact  probably those pictures you showed of the hills  

covered in snow that's probably in wales is it or  very close to where it's actually the long mind  

which is not quite in wales no very very probably  a mile away so the long wind or long mountains are  

actually near the welsh border so we are actually  going towards wales with with those images we  

looked at earlier we have the sentence game coming  up later on also we are going to do something at  

three o'clock that we haven't done for a long time  strip off have we have we need some english have  

we have it okay have we ever done that have we  ever stripped our clothes off on the live stream  

not live we're not going to do it today we are  not shaved okay very nice shaved okay there's no  

answer to that tomic says was it seville barcelona  or valencia i can't remember now which which city  

it was that connected these very this very fast  train that they have in spain but it was hot  

yes okay yes madrid was lovely i really enjoyed it  in fact i would go back there we went to we went  

to a disco or or a dance uh club uh one night  and it was underground it was like we were deep  

underground in these cellars it was quite uh quite  an experience actually come to think of it you've  

been on holiday or been to different countries  when i've not been with you because because of  

course i was in china so so steve has had quite  a few opportunities through his company and also  

through his singing activities to actually travel  to other parts of the world so yes it's it's quite  

interesting we were talking today by the way about  spelling we must get back onto our topics i hope  

you're not going to test me mr duncan i am not  going to test you oh my goodness for that but i  

was i was mentioning earlier that there are  there are words that we all get wrong quite  

often and another good word someone said earlier  is fascinate fascinate that is a good word and one  

many people get wrong so that's another good  suggestion they put an s in there by a mistake no  

there is an s at the beginning it's it's s and c  you see yes of course so a lot of people will miss  

the well they sometimes miss the s and  sometimes they miss the c but they are both  

in the word fascination so the second and third  letter or should i say the third and fourth letter  

yes very no i wasn't going to test your spelling  steve that would be so cruel it would be cruel  

because because we all do it we all make  mistakes when we are spelling words i do  

steve does and and quite  possibly you do as well do you  

tomek wants me to strip off but somebody said  they've already seen us uh on youtube with our  

tops off so i don't know where that is i think  predator said it before it was uh retracted but  

it doesn't matter we don't mind can i just say i  don't think i'm pretty sure we've never appeared  

naked on youtube not naked maybe with our top  stuff is there something something on youtube  

without no really no definitely not maybe you  maybe there there is that that i i remember  

there was a video once of you hanging up the  washing with no top so we could see your rippling  

your rippling torso oh yes you're bulging  what are those pectorals yes and your six pack  

i think so it's a one pack at the moment you  might not realize you might not realize this  

but mr steve he's a bit of a hunk oh i  wouldn't go that far he hides it well  

well i've got clothes on anyway today's my  birthday says uh alia are you sure unless it's  

unless it's the fake birthday  person is it it's not partapp

alia tanvir alia tanvir is it  your birthday or are you partapp  

pretending so we will have to say  i'm not accusing you of anything  

but we'll say happy birthday we'll say  happy birthday anyway to be on the stage  

thomas says go on happy

but we have got people we have got somebody  par tap did you say who tries to catch me  

out every week by saying it's his birthday  yes or her birthday which is a bit of fun  

which we like which is fine do you steve do  you remember on our last live stream of 2020  

we were talking about something do you remember  the subject we were talking about is it me we  

were talking about new year's resolution yes  and do you remember the conversation we had  

oh yes the conversation you had where is your your  aim yes wait there because i've got i've got a  

video clip okay we don't need you to say it live  you see because we have we have this video clip  

right here what what are your new year's  resolutions mr duncan have you thought of  

any that you want to i did mention mine earlier  my biggest resolution for 2021 is to stay alive  

i think i think that's a pretty good one now last  year at the end of last year i didn't really worry  

about that because we didn't have anything going  on you see but this year i would just like to stay  

healthy and alive i think that's that's a pretty  good thing to to aim for considering it's very sad  

to say my goal for 2021 is to survive is it sad  yeah well well i mean let's assume well i think  

you you need to assume you're going to survive and  then you know if your goal is just to stay alive  

i mean that would that would indicate that you're  living in in in a world of peril well and that the  

only because if all you think about is survival  we are but if you all you think about is survival  

we hope we hope to not worry about survival  steve have you have you seen the news recently

you know i was so engrossed  in that i started watching it  

so there it is so that is what we were talking  about on the last live stream of last year  

and you said it was a strange thing well yes  uh adam says it is as well but i i think it's a  

reasonable thing considering what's happened  already this year we're only 10 days steve  

10 days into 2021 and already the  world has gone to hell in a hand cart  

really yes well is it that bad is it that much  worse than it was in december we are in lockdown  

so that wasn't happening no so lockdown started  with the arrival of the new year so so i think  

i had a very good point i think my point about  having my new year's resolution as staying alive  

is actually pretty good i i feel as if i've  been vindicated why don't you say instead of  

saying staying alive why don't you say uh avoid  catching coronavirus well yes i suppose so but  

but but you see if you do catch it then suddenly  you are at risk you see so something bad might  

happen to you well don't say that noises is  uh is caught it well like i'm sure they would  

be perfectly fine yes people recover yes uh  and by watching us of course that will boost  

your immune system yes all of the positive  vibes we are going to send positive vibes  

says yes survival is my  new year resolution as well

it doesn't matter that you're late can you feel  those positive vibes coming through we want to  

we ought to say a disclaimer at this point  that uh just watching us is not necessarily  

a cure uh for corruption no watching our  livestream is not a cure for coronavirus okay  

claiming that we're not saying that but we  are saying that we will send some warmth

you keep doing that don't yeah uh rosa says has  that has the vaccine arrived in much wenlock  

i don't think it has yet no um they're  still bringing it here on horseback  

yes it'll take a while to get too much weight look  there's a little horse clip clopping down the road  

with with the vaccines strapped on its back  and so we have to wait for the horse to arrive  

rather they're going to take uh they've got to i  hope that horse has got some cooling facilities  

uh because one of the vaccines has got to be  stored at minus 80 pounds so one of them has  

to be stored at a very low temperature but  we might get the one that doesn't you see  

we might get the one that does not but of course  our age group we're not due to get a vaccine until  

probably june because we are young you see we are  certainly just healthy virile young uh you know  

yeah so they're rolling it out to  the elderly and vulnerable first  

uh people in nursing homes care homes that sort  of thing and then it'll be age related yes risk  

groups that sort of thing so i don't think we're  due to get it until at least june we're not old  

enough you see we're we're not vulnerable okay  well maybe steve is a little vulnerable because  

emotionally vulnerable mr duncan steve has a big  birthday this year um to talk about that so maybe  

after mr steve's birthday he might become a little  bit vulnerable the thing is no one will believe  

my age anyway that i don't think that's surely mr  steve you can't be that old uh because obviously  

we look young healthy and virile which is why  we've got so many viewers only joking so so my  

my conversation before the new year about wanting  to stay alive i think it was it was a good thing  

actually i think i was right to say that do you  remember last week we were looking inside people's  

cupboards and their drawers we were when i say  drawers i mean the place where they keep things  

not their underwear for the aw yes in fact they  well the the spelling is the same yes is there any  

no this i think the spelling is the same as e r a  w anyway s is that right yes uh no uh maybe that's  

supposed to be a lesson about spelling mr duncan  no it isn't a lesson about spelling it's a lesson  

about misspelling so so that was pretty pretty  good i think it was yes looking inside steve yes  

move on move on we're looking inside our  drawer so this was our draw last week  

lots of things in there including mr steve's  father's balls his golf balls golf balls yes  

some super glue also a gas mask some clothes  pegs and various other things as well but now  

we have some photographs of our viewers drawers  really people have been sending us their drawers  

we have had photographs sent in to us of  other people's drawers so here is here is  

biata right this is biata thank you beater for  your draw and this looks very tidy very neat  

and all well organized i have a feeling that  you might be into crafting so maybe you make  

things at home craft so you make maybe cards  or decorations or maybe things made of cloth  

maybe it's sort of your sewing drawer but  beater has made it very easy for us because  

she has told us what is in there look at that so  thank you very much for going to so much trouble  

look at that that's incredible she knows  everything that's in there fishing line so we have  

head lamp i don't know a headlamp is in there  there's a headlamp when i when i say headlamp  

i mean i think they mean one of those torches  that you wear on your head oh i see not not uh  

not a headlamp bulb so from a car there is an  old phone in there yes i'm sure we all have  

somewhere in our house we have maybe one or  two phones mobile phones that we no longer use  

also some unicorn stickers i  i have a feeling that beater  

likes unicorns i think so right because there  seems to be a lot of unicorn related stuff  

in her drawers this is fascinating so thank you  very much what i find slightly disconcerting okay  

is the empty box of chocolates the is that yes top  right really always empty box of chocolates that  

should be a full box of chocolates yes that should  be a full box of chocolates this does not look  

like a junk drawer i agree yes it looks too tidy  very very tidy however we have one sent in to us  

from christina and yes this is more like it  this is what we want to see this is what we  

want to see we want to see your junk we  want to see look at that look at that  

um screwdriver it's got a very long shaft on the  uh i'm presuming that's a screwdriver it looks  

with the orange handle yes that's for getting  into screws that are a long way away yes or maybe  

in a very difficult place to reach we've got  a ball of string just like that yes we've got  

a ball of string that's a nice calculator  well protected yes it's a plastic sleeve  

can you see the calculator it does cosines it's  a scientific calculator it does cosines whatever  

that is you could always tell that someone  is clever if they have a calculator that does  

cosines and maybe maybe what's the other one  algebra yes well yes you've got square roots there  

uh i can't can't actually focus in on that  from there but it's yes that's got a few  

extra features that so that is a very interesting  that's a very posh that's a very posh calculator  

string odd cable usb cable lots of people that's  the two people with usb cables yes we've got a  

ball of string just like that i think i already  said that um very interesting here's another one  

and this is giovanni giovanni thank you very  much for yours oh yes this is a little bit messy  

i think so but still got little compartments there  there there are some interesting things there is  

a giant that looks like a giant lego brick  or is it mr duncan is it is it a lego brick  

oh i think you could be right yes i think it's  a it's lego and also there is some some adhesive  

for sticking paper together i can also see some  string also some hooks and lots of things that you  

might find in someone's junk drawer a miniature  spanner oh yes there's a little spanner there's  

also a pair of pliers which you can never find  have you noticed you can never find your pliers  

there's always a certain tool in the house  that you can't find when you want it anyway  

i've got a very useful uh my sister do you  want me to show it mr duncan my useful uh  

tool kit no because we haven't got time  we've got two minutes to go before three  

and what happens at three you can get it whilst  we're doing the special thing at three o'clock  

okay does that sound good yes i think that's no  problem at all mr duncan so what about you do  

you have a junk drawer do you have a place where  you put all of your rubbish i have many drawers  

here in my studio lots of places where i put  things that i don't use very often lots of cables  

oh lots you've got duncan has got more cables than  a telecom engineer yes it's like it's like i'm i'm  

installing 5g across the world with all of the  cables that i have in my studio well we said one  

day we would do a little video of when you set up  to do a live stream outside i mean there's there's  

so many cables out going out of the window  here uh you'd think there was some kind of  

power thing going on the power thing the  power thing i couldn't think of an analogy  

yeah you you think that you know you were wiring  up something really complicated and expensive  

which of course essentially it is but it is  it's a it's a live broadcast studio but you  

would not think we're going to do that we're  going to do that when the weather's better  

yeah we're going to film a setup of mr  duncan preparing for his live stream yes  

especially the one outside that's what i mean but  even whilst we're standing here i can see i can  

see cables everywhere even in the studio that  there are there is lots of stuff connected up  

anyway steve here we go we're coming up  towards three o'clock as three o'clock strikes

are you excited well i'm not sure what's coming  so i'm not really i'm neither excited or not  

excited something we haven't done for a long  time something we haven't done for ages flags  

of the world at three o'clock no yes it might be  steve you might actually well is the person on  

that likes that the person is pedro belmont that's  what i mean is pedro on today pedro is not on well  

he's gonna miss maybe a treat but maybe pedro you  can watch it on the replay yes it's three o'clock  

here in the uk and it's time after a long break to  take a look once more at those flags of the world


hmm are we back we are back on i hope you enjoyed  caught me out there mr duncan i was looking at the  

live stream and making notes flags of the world if  you're just like that if you want to see the flags  

of the world next week as well please let me know  you know the address i will put it on the screen  

now so if you want to get in touch with my email  address there it is my email address is now on  

the screen you can stay in touch through my email  address and if anyone knows pedro tell him it was  

on today yes and uh if he's here next week we'll  play it again for him perhaps maybe i was doing  

that just for pedro but also for all those who are  fans of flags of the world and maybe flags are the  

big bang theory because uh inigo has said that  this hobby reminds them of the character selden  

sheldon well seldom it's it's sheldon isn't it  s-h-e-l-d-o-n sheldon from the big bang theory  

yes which is a comedy series from america which  we watch and have watched in the past so yeah  

that is a well referenced well-referenced indigo  we used to watch the big bang theory before it  

became rubbish so we only watched up until season  four but we never watched it after that because it  

it it was it wasn't as good you see going  back to tidy drawers lewis says that he's  

disorganized in the house but his car is neat and  tidy yes that is interesting though because ah  

you know what i love doing can i just admit  something i love looking at other people's houses  

inside their living conditions i'm always  interested to have a look whenever i go past  

someone's house especially at night when they have  their lights on and maybe their curtains are open  

i can never resist having a little a little  peep a little look well that's something when  

we lived in wolverhampton yeah we lived  on a very big housing estate and the uh  

all these sort of little roads that led to the  various houses and went past the houses were all  

very close to the front windows of the houses  weren't there because the gardens were very short  

so you could sort of just walk along and just  sort of peer in and we used to be fascinated that  

even when it was dark i would say the major  majority of people didn't close their curtains  

or pull their blinds down so you could walk past  they have the lights on they were just sitting  

there you could see them watching the television  eating uh usually they were on their tablets  

tablet devices not not taking tablets  well if they might have been but  

but yes i used to amaze me that you could people  would just sort of leave themselves wide open  

to view maybe they weren't expecting many people  to walk past and it was dark it's not the people  

i'm looking at it's actually the house inside  the house itself the furniture and the decor  

i'm always interested to see what people  actually do in their house with their  

with their furniture and their decorating you see  it so it's not the people i'm not i'm not going oh  

what are they doing no we're not spying we're just  interested in looking well mr duncan i think we  

have to make that clear we don't do it now because  where we live now everybody's got quite big front  

gardens and big hedges so you can't really see you  can't see in people's houses around here because  

they're they're all very prudish and private you  see yeah yes well uh valeria yes um likes to go  

around looking at the decorations in the house  to see what type of furnishings they have yes  

curtains seti we're not going up to the window and  staring in no we're not we're not looking right  

we're just sort of walking past not stopping just  oh yeah that's interesting did you see them there  

they were eating crisps and on their tablets  you've just reminded me of something do you  

remember do you remember that time we were walking  around before we moved here to much wenlock there  

was one night we were walking around and this this  young guy tried to run us over with his motorbike  

and he actually aimed he he came towards me with  his motorbike and tried to run us over because he  

thought we were we were burglars i don't remember  that that you remember then we went around to  

their house we found his butt oh yes we found  his bike outside and then we knocked on the door  

and said look your son just tried to run  us over with his motorbike i remember now  

and then he had to come down and apologize to  us and it turned out that they'd been burgled  

yes like a week or two weeks ago and so they were  i would say they were he was probably a bit hyper  

highly sensitive to people walking around  at night what a stupid hypersensitive yeah  

but what a stupid thing to do i know because  i mean that's you know he could have run us  

over into he did if you remember i ended up  on on the floor in the road i was actually  

on the road he came towards me and ran his  bike at me remember that yes it was horrible  

but we went round to the house we we actually  walked around until we found his bike outside the  

house yes he was he wasn't very good at covering  up what he did no he wasn't the brightest person  

you know not the brightest bulb on the tree  to be honest if you commit a crime in about  

on a motorbike or a car you don't just go  home and park it outside your front door  

you don't you don't try to run people over and  then leave the vehicle i remember that now yes  

it was uh i mean we were very brave to go around  and confront them i don't know that i would do  

well it was around christmas time because we were  looking at people's lights as we were going around  

but he he yeah he started chasing us and then yeah  we didn't know what was going on he tried to kill  

us with his motorbike i think he was trying  to yes and his mother was apologized and said  

because he was only about 16 or something yes well  well he had to be over 17. okay 17 probably 17.  

his mother apologized and so did he because yes  you know they'd have been burgled and so but it's  

no excuse he was out looking for them and thought  that we were the bird well bad things happen to  

everyone but we get we don't go around trying to  run them over i know but yeah but but but it's  

haven't you found it strange we both found  it strange mr duncan when we walk around  

with hats on like that yes if you wear a  baseball cap like this in the uk a baseball cap  

has a certain it doesn't say sportiness in  the uk i think if you wear a baseball cap  

and you're walking around people tend to be a  bit afraid of you it's a bit odd or suspicious  

suspicious they think that you could be a criminal  or you know a bad person or a bad person which i  

like so when we i mean we we are the complete  opposite of bad people you couldn't really  

you know say that we were tough no or in in any  way shape or form i can give you a nasty slap  

but when we if i ever get get into a fight  with you i can give you a very nasty slap  

i'll slap your face i will but when we if we  go out for a walk and we've got baseball caps  

like you can see people sort of you know shying  away they're actually a bit afraid of us it's  

quite a nice feeling especially at  night well imagine me coming towards you  

i'm a six foot plus so imagine me coming  towards you a big tall guy with a baseball cap  

on his head so yes maybe says i'm a bit late but  happy to see you too again thank you very much  

you can come on at any time you like yes uh  you know you fit fit this in around your life  

and then if you don't see it all you can  always watch it later that's it and don't  

forget we are with you on sunday and wednesday  from 2pm uk time that is when you can catch us  

right here we do have the sentence game coming up  later on i suppose there is something i have to  

mention i know i probably shouldn't i might get  into trouble but this week in the united states  

something happens something that many people  are surprised by shocked by quite outraged by  

the the storming of the capitol building in  washington by by what what has been described as a  

mob mob a group of people angry at something  and sadly there were some fatalities as well  

including protesters and one police officer  as well so a very very awful state but  

what the one thing i i always consider during  these times is is a thing a word that people  

often use and that's tolerance and i always find  the word tolerance is a very strange word because  

if you use it too often you can actually  get yourself into a little bit of a mess  

and i call this i actually have a name  for this i call it the tolerance paradox  

so a paradox is something you can't get out of  it is something that makes no sense the more you  

think about it the more it makes no sense so the  tolerance paradox to me is the thing that i think  

of when i hear people talk about tolerance  because if you are a person who is tolerant  

but then you are intolerant towards people who are  intolerant doesn't that make you intolerant or if  

you are intolerant towards people who don't agree  with what you think are you intolerant so i think  

sometimes tolerance is a thing that can go round  and round and round because if you try to make  

people tolerant then maybe somewhere there will  be some intolerance do you understand what i mean  

i'm not sure mr duncan so you're saying  that some people that say they're tolerant  

are intolerant to people who are not tolerant  yes well well you can't you can't say that  

are they well yes if you are intolerant towards  someone it means you you you have no understanding  

of of their point of view i'll go along with  you mr duncan is this just my brain doing this  

but i think so i think tolerance is a word that is  used a lot but we we rarely think about it in its  

logical way which is where tolerance is everyone  accepts everything or is willing to listen  

to each side of the argument even if you don't  agree with it so i as you know steve i i don't  

like censorship i i disagree with censorship very  much and there are many countries around the world  

including one that i used to work in a  place i used to work in for many years  

that is very very much in favor of censorship so  this week twitter twitter decided to take donald  

trump off their site he cancelled they cancelled  his twitter account but what i find interesting is  

that that might be a little intolerant of another  person's point of view even if they are i know  

what you're going to say mr duncan the things  he says might cause people to commit crimes but  

that's not what i'm on about you you can delete  or block one individual tweet you don't have to  

cut off the person completely so i i disagree  all the time with what people say and think i  

do but i would never say that they can't do it  i would never take away a person's right to say  

something or or express something so there is a  difference between those things and i think that's  

why there is a a bit of a paradox when we talk  about tolerance tolerance is something where you  

are willing to listen to all sides of an argument  even if you you disagree with it completely  

you might still say i disagree with that but i  would never say you should be censored or locked  

away or or blocked or banned you see i think i  think there are limits to tolerance in society i  

i think you can't just accept everything i think  that somebody is but you can you don't have to  

accept these things but you don't block them or  censor them or remove them or lock them away in in  

a in a steel box because you don't like what they  think so that there is a difference you see there  

is a great expression that i heard many years ago  i might not i might not agree with what you say  

but i would defend to the death your right  to say it so there is a difference between  

those things would you say that well i yes i  it's a difficult one this mr duncan you you've  

certainly opened a point of debate here well it  interests me because in our lives but the thing is  

the problem i have with people being able to  express anything they want is you know if somebody  

if it's rubbish and people believe what  that person's saying that can lead to  

consequences yes but then that person  has the right to give their opinion or  

put them yes i know there's always the risk  that you're influencing people who don't  

look at all the info all the facts and information  so what do you what do you do then do you just  

say i'm sorry you don't have the right to  speak other people do but you don't i'm sorry  

you're gone i think if it's something that is  going to potentially for example you know if it's  

incitement to cause violence well yes but then you  can just think you could just take away that that  

tweet yeah both yes exactly yes but the thing is  i think once you've done that a few times and then  

because i think at first what you're  talking about there that person  

was taken down but then given another chance  but then they carried on doing it anyway  

so i didn't know you were going to get so well  you even missed it we're even political well we  

even put people in prison for serious crimes  but quite often they will be released later  

so if that was the case everyone who did anything  wrong ever would be locked in prison forever and  

ever but it doesn't work like that you see so  i think expressing your opinions expression the  

freedom of expression especially on the internet  because let's not forget the internet is not a  

place where where people are pleased would you  say no well that well exactly so you i think you  

i think just you know in freedom of speech is  great as long as you don't let people who are  

deliberately trying to exploit that freedom yes uh  for their own evil ends but again then you've got  

to do something about it but politicians do that  all the time in various ways of getting people to  

think certain things or to have a certain opinion  so where do you stop where is where is the line  

so now donald trump will just go somewhere else  and he will go somewhere that people can't see or  

or see easily so there are some websites  now steve where you can go and join and  

you can say anything and even stuff that might  be considered extreme you see so i would rather  

see donald trump on twitter coming out with  rubbish than him disappearing to one of these  

other websites that aren't mainstream right and  stirring up things we don't eat we're not even  

aware of you see so so that's just my thought  it it it came into my mind and it's something  

that i often think about because we have ourselves  come up against a lot of intolerance in our lives  

sometimes violently so we have had violence  have we yes have we just back to the motorbike  

no no we're all about people throwing rock  sitters and calling us names oh yes we've had  

that yes that's it you must remember that well  that's intolerance yes that well i mean yes yes  

i'm not i'm just saying that that's occurred  so we we know what intolerance is we know what  

it it is when it's extreme but i think you have  to be very careful when you start deciding who  

you you don't want to listen to because  they might one day come after you  

so so this week it was donald trump but maybe  next month it will be you they come after or us  

you see so that's my point yeah but that's  you know the twitter isn't isn't a government  

agency is it it's a it's a privately run well  uh you know and and so therefore they can decide  

yes but they just want on there and who they  don't want on that i think they might be political  

because they've just they're president of the  i think they're worried that if they don't  

okay if they don't do something about people  who they think could be causing harm then  

that their whole site might be taken down so how  many other politicians have been blocked from you  

from twitter i don't know none well maybe they  haven't said stupid things that you know there  

has to be a limit i think there's a limit to  that but the problem is if you defend someone  

they then assume that's what you think but i can't  just go around i don't agree with bouncing off my  

views religious i can't just go out saying i can't  just go into society and say exactly what i want  

no but that's society because there is you  know it's twitter twitter is on the internet so  

don't forget there is a difference between this  this thing you are watching now is the internet  

real life you're getting very if i'd started this  mr tucker you would have cut me off a long time  

ago well because it's interesting lewis's first  car lewis's car is a volkswagen let's get okay

oh but we can start arguing valentin see valentin  says something very interesting you wouldn't say  

these words if a mob arrived in much wenlock and  settle down near your beautiful house thank you  

valentin well no they probably wouldn't because we  have the police we have lots of authority here the  

different authorities that would take care of that  so i'm really talking about free speech right here  

in this little square box but we've got to be very  careful what we say because you'll be taken down  

if you say insulting things to people yes well  i'm going to say but you know there are limits  

to what to what you can say yes so have i said  anything insulting today but not as far as i know  

no well that's it then that's that so so yeah but  if you'd said something that was trying to incite  

people to violence but that's a different thing i  know but that's what i'm saying but you can't just  

if you said that should you just be allowed  to carry on saying that no well that's that's  

exactly you delete the tweet which is what  twitter has been doing since it started  

it can just press a button and that tweet  will just just vanishes into thin air  

yeah but then yes it but then if you went on  the next day and kept on saying and the next  

day and then the next day eventually yes but  then you're if you do that you're an idiot so  

that's the difference is off i give people the  chance to speak and allow themselves to reveal  

their stupidity i think that happened a long  time ago with uh yes i know but that's my point  

nothing was done about it for four years and then  suddenly everyone goes oh let's let's take it away  

oh it's bad you see oh let's let's come  back to something mr duncan that's a  

bit more uh not quite so heavy no well i  just thought it was interesting to mention  

because i i hear the word tolerance used a lot and  i think a lot of people just use it without even  

even thinking because they say i want people to be  tolerant and those that i disagree with should be  

removed and taken away and blocked well that's not  wrong why are you suddenly getting so oh i'm not  

i just thought it was an interesting subject  it's whatever it is very controversial subject mr  

another word another really overview what about  what about a really overused word at the moment  

overused unprecedented unprecedented there's a  word that everyone that comes on the television  

now uses to describe anything anything that it's  unprecedented it's unprecedented not president  

that's a different thing yes unprecedented  precedent so a precedent is something that happens  

that changes all of the rules something that's  never happened before then suddenly comes along  

is something that is unprecedented it's never  happened before so there's a lot of unprecedented  

events but people keep we're just getting a  bit sick and tired of people using that word  

we uh us us too uh when we're watching  the television anybody that comes on now  

uses that word to describe anything and it if you  keep over using a a word which i mean that word  

has impact when you say the word unprecedented  yes you're making a big bold statement  

yeah so if you if you keep using that phrase  that that word the word then loses its power  

yes and loses its ability to to make you sit up  and take notice that's literally what i've been  

saying for the last 15 minutes about tolerance  people just use the word without sort of thinking  

we need more tolerance of the world told it more  tolerance but without actually going what what am  

i saying there so yes it's the same thing you see  so i i don't think people who have bad opinions  

should be allowed to just walk around and say  them that's not what i'm saying but we are we  

are most of us are fairly intelligent and we can  see when something is right and something is wrong  

i mean the current situation with coronavirus  has has brought out a lot of people with their  

own opinions you see but they are all still there  giving out their opinions no one is taking them  

away or closing down their accounts so anyway i  thought it was yeah well they should do i think  

they should do because i mean i think at the  moment people are making comments about that  

that's not very tolerant well no but that's  what i'm saying the limits if people are making

unfactual remarks or or or remarks that  aren't are just not factual about the current  

situation okay then uh but what about anything  i know but i'm not saying anything what about  

people who think that the uh the earth  is 600 years old well yeah but that  

that's fairly harmless to say something like that  isn't it okay because everybody knows it isn't  

or you know you only have to but if you start  saying things that are wrong about the current  

coronavirus you know there are some people there's  been a lot on the television this is i'm not about  

people who yes claim that the virus doesn't exist  yes don't say those things please i know but i'm  

just saying that is something that i don't think  you should tolerate because that could cause the  

death of somebody if somebody was reading watching  that oh yes okay and i've just said that i believe  

that go out to catch the virus then okay yeah  anyway anyway that wasn't really what i was  

talking about i was just talking about if you say  we need equality then it has to be equal you can't  

say everything is going to be equal but i will  still make the decision on whether you can do  

that thing or not that is not equal you see that's  not equality that's the opposite that's that's  

favoritism maybe you can't just say what you like  in any society you can on the internet but you  

can well yeah but you can't you can't say what  you like you'll be taken down well that anyway  

anyway i just think i just think you have  to make sure that you enforce the rules  

equally that's my point well there should be  there should be guidelines about you know i mean  

if you're saying anything that's going to harm  other people yes or is factually incorrect okay  

then there should be a you know some there should  be restrictions somewhere you can't you know  

anyway but it is it is it is a difficult  one to decide when do you decide  

that someone can or can't say something what is  my point is the line where is that line i don't  

want you to answer it now but that i think that  is an interesting question where is that line  

or do we just move the line when we when we choose  to so that's it i think it changes doesn't it  

based on society's values and thoughts at  that particular time well i i tried this  

i don't know what the values are at the moment i  really i really don't know well my point is just  

that you shouldn't you know you you can't just  say what you like what if i what if i said you  

had you had stinky pants but that's all right  that's that's not that's just offensive to me  

that's not you know that's not inciting violence  or being factually incorrect about something that  

could affect my health or my well-being that  is true uh although it might affect your health  

and well-being if it was true i might which it  isn't by the way i might get a slap from true  

i might get a slap i've got clean pants  on today i can assure you you seem to  

be you are protesting quite a lot there the  line is the laws says mahmud yeah that's it  

yes well you have laws in place to control yes  well that's a lot of things but but yeah anyway  

right but yes but we still let people out of  prison well if they've served their time and uh  

i mean yeah because if we didn't let people out of  prison we'd have to keep building a prison every  

week because there would uh not be enough prisons  to hold all the all the criminals uh thankfully  

we don't have many in much when locked anyway  no we don't well maybe maybe maybe two at least  

there could be an angry mob coming up our  driveway as as we speak and we don't even know  

i don't think so i don't think but there is there  is sometimes it is important to to make sure you  

understand the difference between the internet  the internet and reality so when i go outside  

the house i know that that isn't the internet  so my my way of behaving changes but when you're  

on the internet you do things that you wouldn't  normally do uh valentina's just arrived probably  

probably best to leave that there i think so  i don't know what you're doing when you're  

going out mr duncan i was all about the internet  uh well you haven't been banned yet after 14 years  

so you must be doing something right mr duncan  that is true uh i'm late today says a lot of  

people are late today but it doesn't matter that's  all right it doesn't matter you arrive when you  

arrive you've got other things going on in your  life you can just turn it when you like i can't  

believe you missed pedro belmont pedro is there  that drew is here where yes well i was on the live  

chat where is pedro did he see did you see flags  of the world pedro yes pedro says what is the  

subject well we're talking about lots of things we  were looking at spelling mistakes earlier on and  

also we had flags of the world at three o'clock so  half an hour ago we were all looking at the flags  

of the world but you i think you might have missed  that pedro you might have missed it anyway you are  

responsible for whatever you're doing or saying  on the internet unless of course you are anonymous  

and you just make make a name that isn't you and  then just say what you want so it is hard it's it  

i'm not saying i have the solution but i i do  find the subject quite fascinating when when we  

talk about these things what what what is when  you cross the line and if they change the line  

maybe one day you and i will not be allowed to  come on the internet because maybe suddenly what  

we think and say or are is no longer acceptable  maybe we want to keep our opinions to ourselves  

because this is an english teaching channel yes  but we talk about english we talk about all sorts  

of subjects yes yes you it's just like yes it's  just like you've got a dog if you've got a pet  

okay if you've got a pet you're responsible for  that pet yes you can't you're not responsible  

for its nature no but the pet the dog has that  nature but you're responsible for its behavior so  

you're responsible for what you're saying but  unfortunately your dog doesn't have access to the  

internet i know but you could think of your dog  as as as you know everyone's got that part of them  

that difficult to control might just come out with  things and not uh not think first we've all got  

that sort of animal inside us that is screaming  away at us telling us to say things or do things  

but the human part of us has to control that steve  i think steve i don't know anyone else that has  

that by the way there must be something wrong we  got it we've all got this primitive brain i think  

that might be just you working your way inside  us you know how trying to help us survive okay  

but it's like a wild animal we have to control it  okay i still don't know what that what what does  

that have to do with dogs well because somebody  said oh somebody said you're responsible for what  

you're doing and saying on the internet oh i  see just as you're responsible uh for your dog

but that my point is what are what are the  lines where where is the line so sometimes  

we move the line there and then we move  it there and then we move it over there  

and and so so there isn't any stability  with with those rules because one person's  

opinion is another person's hatred you see  so so it's it's interesting anyway it moves  

for certain things i mean it doesn't  use for like murder thomas is pretty

i could strangle you mr duncan writing i'm not  going to do that but uh what i'm sure people  

have been murdered online but you can reach out  your screen i can't murder other people no i  

could verbally be abusive to people not that i'm  going to be yeah but do you think we'll still be  

on after this uh after this show we've talked  about worse things than this this is nothing  

this is this is actually a mild so has the right  to move the line it says kyle well that's yes  

thank you kyle kyle kyle ryan i think maybe  you understand my point no i understand what  

you're saying i mean there's laws in place for  certain things but for other things there aren't  

i think i think the line is moved up or down  depending on current opinion yes so maybe one day  

anything we're saying somebody moves the line and  then suddenly you and i are gone that's it sorry  

yeah what that could have said yes but i mean  just as the same as it was for women's rights  

you know until not that long ago yes uh women's  rights wasn't a thing that happened and women  

couldn't vote uh and but you know that tolerance  level moved and then the laws changed as well  

okay but but yes opinion changes yes um but we  always move forward surely each time and not not  

necessarily well i mean but look at societies  at the moment what's happening in certain parts  

of the world where there might have been tolerance  for freedom of speech and that's now gone you know  

i can't think of any place that's done that but  i'm thinking of hong kong oh okay then i suppose  

hong kong but then that's that's not  actually hong kong doing it that's  

china yeah next door i know it is but i'm just  that's an example of where a country was if you  

want to add advanced to a certain level if you  want to look at censorship by the way censorship  

and what you're saying mr duncan banning  stuff china is is probably the place that  

that is probably topical what about youtube  it's very well youtube doesn't exist in china  

but i meant don't they have their own sort of  don't they determine yes that what they want  

on their channel but that they don't want because  that's the terms of service that you have to sign  

so you have agreed to that so that again  that's different because you're using youtube  

site youtube says these are our terms of service  and then you have to sign that and agree with  

it you see so that's again different so if i do  something and i know that youtube doesn't allow it  

then yes i might be punished but that's different  from just having free speech it's still not the  

same thing because that is the the contract that  has taken place well that's it yes the contract is  

we have freedom of speech and that's it so there  isn't a terms of service on the internet i've  

never signed anything on the internet that is a  terms of service for the internet never quite sure  

what you're saying but i think we ought to move  on but you have for youtube you have to abide by  

certain etiquette don't you and and i can't just  say what you're like anyway kadia says is this  

live yes it is we're on now cadilla this is live  at 3 38 nearly 20 minutes away from four o'clock  

but it's fine i think i think conversation  i i think conversation should always take  

place whatever it is even if you disagree  with it uh and as long as it's done in the  

open so other people can see it you  see when it disappears and hides away  

that's that's when problems begin yeah but anyway  mr duncan are we going to have the sentence game  

the sentence game is coming up you've only got  20 minutes that's all right don't worry about  

it is it controversial words we have all the  time in the world oh by the way we had a cake  

sent to us this week steve not a real cake  but it was through the internet look at that  

that is a caramel cake okay sent in to us not not  real through the internet so this is an internet  

cake not to be confused with a real cake which  is one you can eat so you don't bite into this  

cake please because you will break your teeth on  your computer monitor it looks delicious yes it's  

a caramel cake from marshmallow adam thank you  very much for that i couldn't resist showing that  

because now i'm feeling a little bit  hungry nissa's am i admiring my new shirt  

it's it's actually not new but thank you  i i have worn it before but not very often  

it's it's i would say that the coloring is  subtle nissa always admires what i'm wearing yes  

thank you i i yes thank you yes uh right uh  sentence game mr duncan oh is that what you  

want to do now well we've only got 20 minutes  i'm hungry who wants to play the sentence game  

if you want to play the sentence game  please raise your hands on the internet

because it's all real i can see all of you  i i know what you're doing especially you  

what are you doing i can't believe you're  doing that whilst we're talking to you  

put some clothes on for goodness sake how rude

steve just said steve just said if  i said that you would have gone mad  

laura's in chicago it's 9 30. hello laura

we like to we don't get many people watching  in the in the usa and we asked we had a few  

last week so it's nice to uh nice to see you  here please spread it around because mr duncan  

wants a hundred thousand new subscribers this  year in order to reach a million subscribers  

that's your target your goal well not just  to survive but to actually get 100 000 new  

subscribers to reach 1 million subscribers by the  end of this year so now we are approaching 900  

000 subscribers we are coming towards that now  so i hope by the end of this year or maybe by  

august hopefully maybe i can celebrate my birthday  in august and also maybe we will have one million  

if you survive which hopefully you will yes  well that's my aim i'm determined to survive  

and stay alive well let's assume you're going to  survive yes that's good it's because if that's  

all you're focused on you won't be focusing  on getting a hundred thousand subscribers  

so what what will help i can focus on you to  get 100 000 subscribers i can't focus on more  

than one thing if people like if people do the  like button does that mean you get spread around  

the internet more uh well i yes if you get like  100 000 likes not not 20 or 30. so if you get  

if you get thousands of likes then youtube  will notice that yes but if you get just  

50 or 100 then then no isn't it pedro that was  always encouraged p encouraging everybody to like  

because if you like mr duncan youtube will spread  mr duncan around a bit more yes and the chances  

are he will get more subscribers so just something  you know please help mr duncan to get to a hundred  

thousand subscribers yes a hundred thousand no  what a million i know this year but you want  

an extra hundred thousand yes oh kyle read mr  duncan everywhere kyle kyle liang agrees with me  

because he is in china you can't say anything  you want i have to use a vpn so an external  

internet connection which which registers  then in a different part of the world  

do you realize you'll never be able to go back to  china because we'll probably listen to you well i  

just say i'm probably never going back to china  anyway so i haven't really lost anything you'd  

like to go i don't think china will have me back  to be honest not after that guy i'm a bad boy  

oh sentence game okay the  sentence game is coming steve  

what's wrong i'm just waiting waiting for what  the sentence game well it's here we're doing it  

now i can't see any words on the screen mr duncan  no well i have to press the button first you see  

i have to i have to take my finger over there  and then i have to press it with my little digit  

there it is look we have the sentence game random  words random words right we have plenty of time  

there is no rush we have all the time in the  world well uh allergy sorry i can't pronounce  

your name or veil i've sent your channel to  all english groups that are new in whatsapp  

thank you that's it there we go that  will help mr duncan to spread around  

the internet and get an extra hundred thousand  subscribers thank you millions thank you al alexey  

it's very kind of you thank you thank you very  much that's very kind of you predator also says  

i always promote mr duncan's channel this is  different you see from all the rest so so yes  

we've certainly been different today well  well why it's gonna be controversial it's  

not controversial it's just talking well watch  it later and see if we think it's controversial  

promise not to cry though sometimes we do watch  it later to see if we say anything you know if  

i say something mean to steve he starts crying  by the way i have to comfort him cry he goes  

why did you say that about me on the live stream  yes i put less butter on his on his uh what

because mr duncan likes lots of butter on his  tea cake i like it so uh if he's upset me in  

the live stream i only put a little bit on  or i burn it in the toaster that's all right  

i just i just to annoy him i just throw it  out to the birds i just give it to the birds

15 minutes we may stay a bit longer were you late  on today no i was i was exactly on time i started  

today's live stream at exactly two o'clock and yes  you can you can watch the replay later and i was  

exactly on time okay then sentence game here it  is as a a welcome change to what we were talking  

about earlier here is today's first sentence  game so for those who haven't played it before  

we have missing words and there is a sentence and  you can see how many letters each missing word  

has and also what the missing word begins  with i thought i explained that very well  

i did i i i deserve some sort of treat maybe  maybe a little pat on the head like a like a good  

dog if we get a nine letter word beginning with t  i think we'll be able to get what guess what that  

is today i could see then i could see  you were that's why you were going

you were counting then i was wondering whether  you're going to put the word tolerant into any  

of today's sentence games well how do you know  i haven't well yes watch out for it is it nine  

letters probably nine letters i think intolerant  intolerant no that has eleven well intolerant no  

tolerant well you just said intolerance i  didn't i said tolerance you said how many  

letters intolerant intolerant in tolerant  yes not how many letters in intolerant  

no letters in intolerant in intolerability if i'd  have said in intolerant it would have been anyway  

who's going to be first today i don't  know there was a bit of a bit of a  

pleasant sort of competition going on last week  anyway and let's see who is first today although  

it we shouldn't say let's see who's  first this isn't a this isn't a race  

no or is it well it's not a race it's not  a con contest it's not a competition it's  

just a little bit of fun on a sunday  afternoon yes to explain the meanings  

of words and to just help you think more about  constructing sentences yes uh sounds good to me

ah right okay you've been something  with that something all day now it is  

something something ah right  oh i think vitas might be

valeria valeria also alessandra you are very close  alessandra very near but not quite not oh giovanni  

giovanni maybe was first oh no

you've all been very quick today playing playing  toy my time valentin was first i like the way  

you're reading out the answers well i think we've  uh i think we've got it but maura was very quick  

as well but valentin i think i  think valentin has got it am i right  

valentin let's have a look no really no can you  believe it but someone else has got it right maura  

has actually got it right the right words but yes  i know what you mean you you could also have some  

other words there instead but the one that i was  looking for well yes it fits i don't think we can  

take that away from valentine because that will  fit just as well as time or turn will fit yes okay  

now it's my time i haven't shown you i haven't  showed the answer yet so here it is the answer  

coming up would you like i know i know mr steve  loves this he loves it when the cockerel pops up

did you enjoy that what what happened i didn't  i didn't see or hear anything my little cockrell  

said hello here's the answer the right word  here's the answer whatever yes we have playing  

toy my turn not time time fits though it does  fit it fits so you couldn't distinguish really  

between those two words time or turn yes so  actually valentin and more were both correct  

you've been playing with that toy all day now  it is my turn it's my turn so what does that  

mean when we say something is my turn it's my  turn how could you else could you describe that  

yes it's it's it's uh it's time for me to do  that yes it's time for me i am the next person  

in lion so maybe if you are standing in a  line of people and then one person is called  

and then the next person is waiting they are  waiting for their turn they are waiting for their  

name to be called out so their opportunity their  chance or their turn so you've been playing with  

that toy all day now it is my turn or my time  yes all my time yes either of those will fit  

which is i love it when people come up with  alternative words that fit the criteria yes  

so pretty good i like it well done to that uh if  i seem distracted it's because the internet is  

playing up is it slightly else oh yeah somebody  said something's gone wrong with a connection  

yes yeah okay right when we're in the  most interesting part of the show is it

this is this can you hear us can you hear us  should we ask is everything all right can you  

hear and see us it's it's i bet it's our internet  can you tell if something's going wrong mr duncan  

well it's always going wrong here it went wrong  14 years ago now i think it's all right i think  

it's okay i think you just have to bear with  us might be a little glitch a glitch yes it's  

a temporary fault yes probably our internet  yes a glitch something that's a small  

a small issue okay that probably can be easily  fixed yes hopefully i think i think all of the  

people in much wenlock are playing on their  xboxes that's what it is they're sucking up  

they're taking away my internet bandwidth how dare  that the stream keeps lagging a lot of people are  

saying that so it must be us if so can you tell  us is it any better yes we'll see is it any better  

is it still going wrong or does it seem to have  settled down the internet yes freezing well we  

know it's cold oh i see what you mean freezing  just means something stops i was joking uh  

um have we got a problem with it we can't see  that there's a problem can i i'm just trying  

i'm just doing a couple of things here just to see  if i can make it work a little bit better but yes  

yes we we do get these little glitches sometimes  these slight problems that occur now and again  

so i'm just going to close some of the  things on my computer to see if it makes  

any difference we do have actually a very fast  connection here in much when locked sometimes  

but i think sometimes there is a little issue  we've got a lot of things open there mr duncan  

open well well not not lots of things open let  me just i'm gonna i'm going to close some of  

the things on my computer see if that makes any  difference i don't think it will to be honest  

i personally don't think it makes any difference  i can't hear the fan really going fast on your  

internet on your computer which would indicate  that it's using up all its processing power  

my computer is always working busily let's  have another can you hear can you see us can  

you hear us yes is it fixed people are still  making comments so i'm guessing it's okay okay  

maybe that maybe that has solved the problem we  will see we will see what happens okay then let's  

get back to what we're doing the sentence game  here is the second one would you like another  

sentence game here we go another sentence  game we might we may have solved the problem  

hmm yeah that's interesting can you tell mr  duncan well it looks like it's it's no longer  

lagging so it looks like it's not  lagging anymore interesting we may have  

solved the problem um yes i thought that was the  answer to the question dude is answering the last  

one i thought that was here is the next here is  the next sentence game i can't something something  

that make something something they can't  something oh i think that's a pretty good one  

i can't something something that  make something they called something  

i think this one is a little bit more difficult  would you say i think it's a little little harder  

and i think i fixed the internet as well i think  it seems to be working all right now how strange  

i think my my computer was having a slight

sometimes sometimes my computer starts choking  is being intolerant towards you mr duncan my  

computer is being intolerant today it's better  says victoria thank you how strange i i must  

remember that mr fix it yes you see me see how  good i am it's solving the problems nice good  

yeah it is it's fine now so here we go the  latest sentence game is now on the screen  

i can't something something that makes  something they can't something something that  

is annoying maybe something that you can't bear  something you don't like that other something do

any ideas any ideas any anyone  maybe because of the uh the uh  

delay then we might have  to wait a little longer for  

uh to get some answers to the sentence again the  second sentence came there is always a delay don't  

forget it it would appear to be better now oh  thank you mr duncan you've solved the problem

better now uh it's not working  very well in india says nisar  

four four minutes of delay says giovanni well if  you if you i can help you there you have to click  

live so there is a little button at the  bottom that says live click that and  

then you will be back up to the live stream  so there might be a slight delay if there  

is a delay you can always click live down  there there's a little button that says live  

click that or of course you can just refresh the  page as well if you refresh the page open the page  

again you will you will then get the live stream  up to date still a few problems people are uh it's  

taking me such a long time today to explain these  things yeah some people it's okay yes i think  

maybe as you suggested you need to refresh where  would people refresh yes it was doing it again  

then i can't believe all we're talking about  at the moment is the poor internet connection  

right there's no answers yet to the uh sentence  game so i'm guessing there is quite a delay  

that has uh but you don't have to have the delay  you can you can press live at the bottom of the  

screen press live and then it will take you up to  but then then you can't see me saying this you see  

this is this is the paradox we have another  paradox steve so i'm telling you i'm telling  

you to click live to jump forward but you're not  watching me live so you won't hear me saying that

i can't tell if people are replying to what  we're saying or answering the the sentence game  

uh problem continues this is good i hope you're  enjoying this it's it's not normally like this  

normally everything works perfectly well you  see are those answers to the oh no that those  

ants that yeah okay okay kyle thank you kyle kyle  liang says try to use the starlink satis satellite  

i like that yes i i have a feeling this  is actually the into our internet you know  

i think it's our internet doing this  sometimes our internet is a little poor  

because it keeps it keeps buffering when  you get that little circle on your screen  

buffer so that the the computer is trying to  catch up with what the live stream is doing  

right so how can we solve that mr duncan well it  looks like we can't because it's still doing it

all right yes it's it's not working no it's  not working very it's not works it's not  

working very well it's buffering i believe  is what they call it can you see if you're  

on your phone whether the signal is it well it  doesn't generally it looks all right doesn't it  

no it keeps buffering the internet signal on on  our device well that says that's through the wi-fi  

yeah that's just the wi-fi signal but if that's  all right surely well if that's not right but the  

wi-fi signal isn't your internet that's just  the signal from the wi-fi i think you'll find  

anyway this looks like it's not  working are you enjoying this insight  

oh here we go tomic's given us an answer oh well  so as so is armin some people are getting through  

yes we have armon tomek and miura it looks as  if they are all correct as well right so almond  

tomic and also maura all three came  in at exactly the same time yes  

so uh you're not copying each other you're  all just getting it yes good individually so  

i think the people who've got got it first  have got still being able to see us properly  

and aren't having a problem seeing us  brilliant uh vittorio as well uh vitas

yeah i think we've got correct answers mister okay  and i have a feeling this is going to be the last  

one unfortunately because we have some technical  problems here it is then the final but i tell  

you what next week next sunday we will do some  extra ones next week okay if everything's working

mr cockerell just said hello tatiana has got it  right as well it's all working again now mr don't  

oh it doesn't seem to be on there though no it's  it keeps buffering so it works and then it buffers  

and then it works and then it starts buffering  i think that is actually our internet connection  

that's us unfortunately i hate to say it but  i think it is actually our internet connection  

no we don't have the star link but that's a good  idea actually when starlink is available here in  

england maybe i will have that instead so starlink  what's that message have you heard of that it's  

internet from space it's space internet from elon  musk so at the moment elon elon musk is sending  

all those satellites into space and what he's  going to eventually have is hundreds of satellites  

going around the world around the earth and  then you can pick up the internet from space  

yes so the answer got that yet as the answer i  can't stand people that make promises they can't  

keep a lot of people got that right yeah well  done that's good so there it is i'll leave  

the answer on the screen for a few more moments  and then that is it for the sentence game sorry  

about the technical problems but it's i don't  know i don't know i have a feeling it is our  

internet connection i think it's here so that's  all i can say about that i'm sorry about that