What we're actually going to be talking about today

me is i want you to limit yourself smell really sucks me

that's why i'm here i came here to teach you

how to do this and what we're going to be talking about specifically

is the limits that you place on yourself we're going to be talking about the

excuses that you put in the way that we all do

we're going to be talking about fear what do you do to beat fear we're going

to be talking about something that we all feel which is

doubt doubting yourself it's natural but letting it stop you is a

choice and what i'm going to prove to each and

every one of you beautiful souls today is that your future is indeed limitless

and the secret to having it be limitless is five simple seconds

now for those of you that don't know the five second rule

it's not the one that we grew up with where you dropped the food on the floor

you can pick it up as long as you need it five seconds you've been

no no for some of you anybody in here kind of cynical

analytical oh wait there's really i'm not the only one

okay you're gonna think this is the stupidest thing you've ever heard in

your life but please i am begging you do not

underestimate the power of what i'm about to share with you

simply because it's a simple idea you see we're going to be talking about

something today we're going to be talking about a gap

a gap that defines your entire life it's the gap between your instincts

and action it's the gap between confidence and self-doubt

stopping you it's the gap between the courage

the courage to make the phone call the courage to ask that preferred client

to join your team the courage to talk about what you're doing in your life

and fear stopping this gap that i'm talking about

between what's happening and your reaction to it

it defines your whole life defines your whole life and i'm going to prove to you

today that that gap is five simple seconds

there's something else we're gonna talk about too

that is so important for us to talk about and that's the word courage

you see i don't know about you but when i first hear the word courage i think

about the big stuff i think about life and death i think about my heroes

i think about the big moments but i want you to know something

your business your life your relationships

your confidence it actually comes down to the smallest ones

the courage courage is the little stuff your entire business is not only about

beauty and health and science and empowerment it also

requires courage because what we're asking you to do

every time you put yourself out there is something that feels a little scary

it feels a little uncertain and you know to tell you about the five-second role i

actually have to take you back 10 years when i needed courage just to get out of

bed so 10 years ago my life looked really

different i've been married 22 years we have three children 10 years ago ago

i was unemployed and my husband's restaurant business was

going on the year was 2008 anybody else in the

lousy year that year that's pretty stinky in mount robin's

household and every time the alarm went off in the morning

this is what i felt like doing to me you ever have that kind of morning when

the alarm goes off and you're like not today i am not adulting today

no way

and you know here's the thing what would happen is the alarm would go off

and i knew i should get up and then this gap that i'm talking about

it's starting to open up and what happens when the gap opens up because it

fills with self-power fills with anxiety and

literally there will always be an excuse not to do the things that you're

supposed to do always this is a fact there's a couple

facts that i want you to know everybody in this y'all are very smart

you know exactly what you need to do to build your business

give me a round of applause

the problem is that you are limiting yourself with the excuses that come up

in the gap the gap between knowing you need to share yourself no

wing you need to get off the television and make the phone calls

knowing you need to focus on the important stuff and the excuses coming

in that was my wife that was my life ten years ago i knew i

should get up within five seconds i'd think about it

nope not today i hit this news alone and look i don't think any of us do this

i don't think any of us wake up in the morning and go


this is gonna be great the alarm is gonna go off

and i'm gonna hit this news button four times and then i'm gonna go into the

kitchen and i'm gonna be freakishly overwhelmed and i'm gonna

make my kids upset and we're gonna miss the bus and then

i'm going to load him into the car and i'm going to yell at him the whole way

and then i'm going to drive to school like a maniac

and then i'm going to shut up the car as i barely like pull up

and then i'm going to drive to work and i'm going to be talking to people and

have road rage and i'm going to walk in the front door of the work and i'm gonna

snap at the first person and then i'm gonna

go to my desk and instead of making all the phone calls i need to make them to

check out facebook for about an hour and then when we're meeting under the

table my eyes and my and i'm gonna look at colleagues i'm

gonna check out what's on sale on guilt and i'm gonna look at zappos for a

little bit let me go on a meeting i'm gonna text

for a little bit and hold my ass my colleagues

phone call i need to make for my business then i'm gonna go and i'm gonna

drive home and i'm gonna skip the gym i'm gonna walk in the door snap my

spouse and then i'm going to drink a ton it's going to be awesome

you see none of us do that what happens instead

is something a little bit sneakier what happens instead is while you're not

paying attention this is what was happening for me

because you know what to do you know if you spent 30 minutes a day at your

business it would explode absolutely it doesn't

take 10 hours a day if you are focused for one hour your

business would expose if you brought courage to

the way that you focused your attention your business

would explode i know that by you the problem is when

you're not paying attention instead of being focused self-doubt and

overwhelm and fear and anxiety

it makes the decisions for you and suddenly you find yourself totally off

track like i did and then you wonder how the heck do i actually get back on track

and then here's the mistake that we all make and i heard speaker after speaker

this morning say this it's not the big stuff that changes

everything it's the teeniest decision that you make

the teeniest one but the problem is when you feel stuck

you convince yourself there's no way that simply getting out of bed on time

is going to make a difference there's no way that making this one

phone call to this wonderful client is going to make a difference

there's no way that pushing myself to be healthy

to make this that that's going to make a difference

until you say stop that's what happened to me you know

every night i would say to myself mel tomorrow it's the new you ever had that

conversation with yourself you're like all right

okay now tomorrow you're gonna get up on time

you're not gonna snap your husband you're gonna look for a job you're not

gonna drink so much it's gonna be i really good and then of

course the alarm would go off and it was the old me and the susan

so before i tell you about what happened i need to say something if i didn't

discover what i'm about to share with you

i'd be a very good i don't know what i'd be doing for them

because i was stuck in that trap you know you do this and you go it's your

fault this isn't fair this shouldn't be

happening to me she's more successful than i am because

her region's easier you know how you do that

busted i know you did that to yourself

there notice when you point the finger at something or someone else

and you say you don't deserve this which is what i was doing

chris this is your fault for going into the restaurant business this is the

economy's goal this should be happening notice how there's three fingers pointed

right back at you i think it's god's way of reminding us

all that the power is

is in you it doesn't matter what happened to you it doesn't matter what

you are facing it may be the hardest thing in the world

but you are not alone and you have the power inside you to

push through it and to write the future that you want

well one night everything changed and this is a really silly story

but i gotta tell you the truth about what happened i was

sitting alone in the living room and i say alone because at this point chris

and i were fighting so much that he's a really smart guy he was sleeping on the

couch at this point so he did not want to be anywhere near me

i'm watching television alone i'm having that chat that i was having every single

night tomorrow mel robbins it's new year tomorrow you're gonna be a

superstar tomorrow you're gonna change tomorrow you're gonna get up on time

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow and all of a sudden i see this

commercial and there's a rocket ship launching

at the end of it and i have this epiphany and i say to myself

that's the secret that's the secret to getting up on time

tomorrow morning and that alarm goes off and that stuff that comes in mel robbins

you know what you're going to do girl you're going to blast yourself out of

bed so fast you're going to beat self-doubt

you're going to launch yourself like a rocket ship that's right

now look it could have been the four-man actors i had that gave me that idea

the very next morning i remembered the alarm went off and i felt like doing

this to it that's what happened the alarm went off

i knew i should get up just like when you

see that person you want to share this business with you know what to do

that gap that i'm talking about opened up and i started to feel the self-doubt

and the overwhelm started reaching for that snooze button

but i did something i've never done before i started having

backwards five four three two one and all of a sudden

it's the strangest thing for the first time in six months

i got up on time i was like what is going on am i like

from a line of witches or something is that a spell

what's happening here and so i went on my day the next morning the alarm went

off that's what happened i knew i should get up i could feel the

self-doubt the overwhelm the excuses the fear come

rolling in i would five four three two one and also

stand it up again the third morning the alarm went off i

knew i should get up i didn't feel like getting up i felt the

overwhelmed self-doubt fear five four three two one

stand up again so my third morning i was really freaked out

and being the analytical cynical person that i am i kind of was like okay

let's see if this silly little thing actually works in another situation

let's try this now the next time you're in a situation where you

know what to do but you don't feel like it

let's pull out this little five second thing

let's see what happens so i walk into the kitchen and i see my husband chris

and you know that thing happens with the people that you love or suddenly you

just want to


so i see him and i just want to kill him right

now here's my no we didn't actually you see i was just afraid

i was afraid because we were a week away from bankruptcy

i was afraid because i didn't know that we could solve these problems

and so i literally went 5-4-3-2-1 and for the first time

in my marriage i was able to speak from a place of my values and the

outcome that i wanted instead of the emotions

so i didn't want to get divorced i knew he didn't intentionally

you know bomb in business i know he was trying to fix things

i was just so at the effect of my emotion five four three two one and all

of a sudden i'm speaking completely differently

i then see the phone and look i don't know about you but i hate them

but you gotta do it i knew i needed a job but i didn't feel like that five

four three two one and i'm picking up the phone

i see my sneakers i definitely do not want to go for a run

i mean it's february in massachusetts let's exercise in february

but hello massachusetts

5 4 3 2 1 and all of a sudden i'm out the door

and i'll be darned if my entire life didn't change

using this simple tool because i suddenly

had a tool that was helping me beat every excuse that would normally stop me

i suddenly had a tool that made my motivation

and my productivity and my courage and my confidence

limits now chris took it into his business and five four three two one

started having really difficult conversations

with landlords and with investors and restructuring the business and slowly

but surely they pulled out of it 5.321 i'm drinking less and speaking

differently it was absolutely incredible in full disclosure as much as i love you

all i don't want to plan on telling anybody

because first of all let's face it it sounds kind of dumb oh you want to build

your business five we'll see you all there

you know and secondly i didn't know why it worked i mean why

on earth would something so simple work well this has all changed

six years ago so six years ago by this point i had cold called my way with

radio audition and five four three two one kept working

and working at it and it became a syndicated show and then cnn hired me

and chris went on to open a couple more restaurants and i stopped drinking

so much and somebody asked me oh would you come and give a talk now about

how you change your career i said sure so um this was the first

time i ever given a speech in my entire life

if you want to know what it looks like to have 21 minute long panic attack

in the back we were in minute one and you will notice i already got the chest

rash and my face time is hit minute 18

i have a full-blown literally psychological meltdown

i totally forget how i'm supposed to end the talk

and i go oh by the way there's this thing right i call it the

five second if you don't you need to do something

you gotta move five seconds before your brain stops you

that's all that i said that's it i walk off the stage and say to my husband

sweetie i've never been to that that was like the worst experience of my entire

life something crazy happened someone put

that speech online a year later it's now got

more than 14 million views that's not even the weird part the weird

part is people started to write to me and by

people i mean a quarter of a million

in 90 countries and they wrote about some

unbelievable stuff holy cow i heard about this five second rule and i'm on

face to double my business and i'm present with the kids whoa i started

using the five second rule and i've got the courage to reach out to people

holy cow i'm using the five second rule and i'm

now number one in the region for sales why

why am i tight something here's the truth about selling

selling doesn't happen when you're thinking about something

selling happens when you one close the 54321

between thought and you take action that's what's happened

and so you're going to want to take this back to your teams absolutely

because it is so easy to teach to other people and you're

also going to want to teach this to your

children now be warned about that because they

will actually use it on youtube

the other thing that i've been really blown away by

is the fact that you're going to get so addicted to this thing and let me tell

you why the reason why you get so addicted to

the five-second rule is because it's so simple i mean come on 5.321 anybody can

do it you can do it in any language right it

always works and the reason why it always works if

it's only ever doing one thing it's actually bringing the most powerful

part of you to the surface when normally you would

limit yourself okay i'm proud to tell you that people are

using it around the world in cbt therapy to manage addictions we hear from people

that are sober all the time that thinking of sobriety

is a five-second decision that you make all day long makes managing sobriety so

much easier and the thing that completely humbled me

beyond any belief is that we know of 43 people as of last week who have not

committed suicide

right here his name is a veteran and he suffers from

post-traumatic stress disorder as too many of our veterans do

and as he wrote to us and told us the story he boarded a ferry overseas

with the intention of jumping over now look i don't care

how amazing your life is or how low things get

your inner wisdom that power that's in you

it's always there being limitless means do you have the clarity to hear

it and do you have the courage to listen to it

so he's standing at the railway and he's about to jump and that

power that voice that's in all of you all of us it says steve this is not the

answer now he knows the five-second rule it was

five four three two one and what i'm about to

teach you when we get to the science is that by simply counting backwards

you override the part of the brain that stores your habits your excuses

all the things that sabotage your success and limit you

and you awaken your prefrontal cortex giving you immediate control over

thoughts and actions he walks away from the

railing and he sees somebody in uniform that's what happened he knew

we should say something and ask for help but immediately that gap opens right

what am i going to say what are they going to feel i don't know what do i do

five four three two one he's got the courage to tell this person

what's going on for real and they have an ambulance waiting for when they get

to shore now if you wanted the license plate

that's already gone in arizona and i need to be clear about something

especially since we're in las vegas the five second rule is not for signing

a contract it is not for getting married it's not

replacing a gambling bed or getting a tattoo okay

we literally have thousands of these things

but this one even though it's blurry is my favorite here's why

this is an image of your life your life is an infinite loop of things that are

happening to you and your reaction to it and one of the

things that gives me great comfort is knowing that i can't necessarily ever

control what's happening but i can always choose what i think can

do next you can't control what people are going

to do when you offer them the opportunity of a lifetime to join you in

our mind but you can always choose what you think and do next no matter how they

respond and when you understand that life can

happen around you and the things that normally triggered

you no longer hold power over you you will be limitless

just ask god not only has five four three two one only over common

addiction to the snooze button but it's also helped me to stay sober uh

and away from substances um even finding out that

my grandma's cancer was back this weekend where normally that would send

me into a spiral to make some choices that were not

uh in my best interest five four three two one

i'm able to stay strong for my family keep my career going and continue the

good progress i've made after three and a half years sober

your whole life comes down to the decisions that you're making

i believe in each and every one of you because i believe

in your ability to close the gap to not be like i used to be i used to be the

kind of person that my life felt like i lived in a pinball

machine i was like bouncing from one thing to the other constantly emotional

totally out of control you understand that you can manage this

gap and you will be limitless so let's get selfish from it if you were

limitless if doubt didn't stop the fears weren't

there if you could focus on stuff that was

important to you if you had the courage that you knew

what would you be changing about how you spend your day

what would you change so they could be happier so they could be healthier

so that you could get the things that you deserve so that you can write that

future that you want i want you to hold on to that because

this is an easy question to answer you know exactly what to do we're going

to actually show you the answer to this one

which is the most important question of all

let's folks

living life you actually live today

there is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence and that is


the most important word in that feminism fills

not willing or won't you but do you have the will

do you have the role to push yourself do you have the will to change your mindset

so that you believe yes you do yes you do and now everybody does

because you have this puppy in your back pocket let me explain how you're gonna

use it so anytime you're in a situation like

you are all day long where you know what

to do because you know

and you feel yourself hesitate you feel that gathering when you feel the doubt

coming in you feel yourself talking against yourself you're gonna start

counting backwards okay you're gonna go five four three two one now

a couple things about that don't count out loud because you're going to scare

people okay

second thing is don't count up because it won't work

the reason why it doesn't work if you count up is because we were taught to

count up when we were little we have repeated the pattern over and

over and over again which means it's become a habit

habits are what we call a closed loop system that gets stored in your basal

ganglia right here this is the part of the brain that we

call autopilot this is where every pattern of behavior

that you can do without thinking is stored so if you're

a righty it's stored right here if you're a lefty

it's stored right here how many of you have ever uh driven to

work or driven home and you get there and you're like

who drove the car

more than a few times well you did but you

were using this part of your brain because you've driven the same way so

many times you don't have to really focus if a deer jumps out if

there's a detour your brain awakens this part the

prefrontal cortex what the five second rule is is it's a

form of metacognition that's just a fancy word that means

brain hack or cheat code we're teaching you that you can manually

override the part of your brain that is stopping you

that is limiting you and you can awaken the part of the brain

that gives you courage that gives you confidence that helps you change

now i want to show you what's happening inside your brain

this is a functional mri simulation after doing all the tests on the five

second rule the red part is your basal ganglia

that's for anxiety that's where fear that's for self-doubt that's where all

of the things that become patterns are stored

if you think you're not worthy if you really don't believe in yourself that's

that's great when you count backwards we're going to activate the green part

which is the prefrontal cortex so let's connect

back together and see what happens five four three two

one now if you felt pressure here i'm not a hypnotist

okay it's just that you are literally drawing your attention

away from this part of your brain into this part of your brain

now let's talk about how you can use this and how this works with confidence

so confidence a lot of us think confidence means you believe in yourself

i want you to walk out of here with a totally different definition of

confidence based on research i want you to walk out

of here and teach everybody you know the confidence means the willingness

to try and the reason why i prefer this definition is because

something that we call the confidence competency loop

so when you try something for the first time when you try something that scares

you one of two things is going to happen

you're either going to succeed at it or you're going to learn something

you're not going to die i know it feels like you might you know if you're doing

something that's really scary but you're going to succeed or you're

going to learn something when you learn something something

interesting happens you start to build a skilling when you

build a skill in something you gain what we call competency which

basically means you're going from learning something for

the first time to actually turning it into a pattern here

you have less resistance to it for those of you that have been in the business

for years and years and years you know this because the more you try

and the more you took action the less scary it became

and the more more confident you became what's the best way to push yourself to

try five four three two one that's why this

is a tool that is going to help you build the skill of confidence i also

want to show you how you can use the five-second rule in order to deal

with procrastination do i have any procrastinators in here

or just procrastinating and raising your hands

so when i write the book about the five-second role i found some incredible

research and it turns out the procrastination has

nothing to do with work you if you procrastinate on building

your business and doing what you need to do it has nothing to do with business

procrastination is a stress reliever let me say that again

procrastination is a stress reliever i'm gonna explain this

so we all have stress going on in our life maybe your mom and your dad are

doing so well their health is family maybe you've got a kid that is

struggling and that's really stressing you out

maybe you've got a health diagnosis and you're really worried about it

and so you've got all the stress you're carrying it around

you walk over to your desk you sit down you've got all these calls that you need

to make through your business right and then your brain looks at you and

says geez

do i have to actually make these calls right now i mean i'm kind of stressed

out about mom's health for crying out loud

can't we just watch a few cat videos instead

and next thing you know you've been with rabbit hole and you've been watching cat

videos then you get more stressed out so there's only one way only one way

using science for you to break the habit of procrastinating and notice i called

it a habit you're not a procrastinator you have a

habit of procrastinating when you're stressed

so we're going to use the five-second rule to override

your habit and train you to do something different

so the next time you're stressed you're going to

acknowledge her next time you're procrastinating rather

the second you catch yourself that's a moment of power

go oh i'm procrastinating i must be stressed

then ask yourself what am i stressed about

acknowledging the stress makes it disappear then you're gonna go five four

three two one it's the most powerful starting ritual

in order to initiate a new habit and then you're going to start your new

habit i want you to do one thing one thing make one call send one email

and the reason why i only want you to do one thing is because i'm not trying to

turn you into the energizer bunny okay i'm trying to override your habit of

having stress trigger procrastination and put in a new habit which is i'm

stressed huh okay five four three two one now i'm

gonna do just one thing because your problem isn't doing

the work your problem is that when you get

stressed you get triggered not to and here's the other thing if we can get

you to just start 80 of you are going to keep going

because again it's not the work that you need to do or the

things that you need to do that are difficult

it's that you've got a hard-wired response to stress that doesn't serve

you and what we see all the time when people

learn this is holy cow the second i learned the five second

rule and i realized that it was just stress i've tripled my income

i've been more productive than ever and sometimes the stress

is the fact that you've had a setback i'm sure there are people in this room

that were crushing it in this business before and then got hit with something

in their life and all of a sudden you kind of fell off and the

stress came on and so did the procrastination

the stress is not going to leave but your response to it

can change in five seconds flat now i'm going to talk about

another thing that will interfere with your business and that's nerves

look it's normal to feel nervous normal but i don't want it to stop you

that's a choice there's some incredible research that i want to share with all

of you because look i want you to be nervous you know why i

want you to be nervous it tells me you're trying new things

right i want you to be nervous if you're not

nervous you should be scared because it means you're not doing things

that stress you it means you're not doing things that require courage

nerves are amazing okay so they're a good thing

let me show you using science how you can take the feeling of being nervous

and actually turn it into something that works for you

so first of all i've got to explain something i want to explain what nerves

actually are is she

nervous yes she is or is she

excited yes she is the only difference between

nerves and excitement is what your brain says about what's going on in your mind

physiologically when you are nervous it's the exact same thing as when you're

excited i'm going to give you an example so the last time i was nervous i'm

standing in the middle school we have a 13 year old son who literally

won the genetic lottery he got anxiety adhd dyslexia

and dysgraphia in one fell swoop okay so you're doing one of those iep meetings

anybody else have to do those things yes and so i'm standing in the hallway and

my stomach isn't nuts and my armpits are like niagara falls

and my heart is racing and my throat is tight

my hands are clammy and i'm saying i'm like the person that's in there and i'm

so nervous but if they don't think

yours last time i was really excited i was standing right over there

yeah and i was about to come out and my stomach was tight and my armpits were

sweating like my eyebrow falls and my heart was raining my hands were planted

that my throat was tight but my leg was fine i am so

excited there's no difference between what was going on in my body

in the middle school and what was happening right back there

the only difference was what my brain was saying and we can use that to our

advantage so this is research from the harvard

medical school here's what you're going to do the next

time the next time that you're nervous here's what i want you to do

notice that you're nervous okay because you're about to ask that preferred plan

and you've been putting it all through here you're about to do it

okay our pitch is starting to sweat you're gonna go i am so

excited i am so excited it sounds really simple it sounds really dumb

it actually works because what happens and this has

been proven when they tested this with students and performance

in standardized tests track meets speaking competitions

the kids that were taught say i'm excited performed

better every single time and there's a reason the reason is

that when you tell yourself you're excited you block the flow of cortisol

to your brain so your prefrontal cortex even though

your body's agitated can stay focused on what you're supposed

to be saying to that preferred client so that you sound clear you feel like

remember okay and you're going to be surprised

everybody is so surprised when they use this you know we hear

from people i used the firewall before a presentation i used the nervous energy

and it worked you can hear the surprise in that can't you

and it's important for you to know this because you're gonna use the five-second

rule to push yourself out of your comfort zone

yes that's what it means to be limitless then you're gonna be standing outside

your comfort zone you're going to go over just really nervous there you go

i'm so excited i'm so excited so they work in tandem

now the most powerful way in my opinion that you can use the five-second rule is

to deal with worry and anxiety and if you have a child that struggles

with anxiety pay attention this will

absolutely help you help your children and it is grounded in science and it's

working for people around the world now look a lot of people look at me

especially when i'm on the stage and they say that

now she's probably just born confident and annoying for sure

just ask my parents confident definitely not i think if you can be

born a warrior that was me i was the kind of kid that

turned bright red in every class when i got called on

i drank milk of the lanta before every track meet because i had like a worried

stomach i was so homesick at every camp my

parents sent me to i actually got sent home do you know how

homesick you need to be for them to actually

by the time i was 19 it was full blown anxiety by the time i was 21 it was

panic attacks they put me on zoloft i took zoloft for

two decades the only time i ever came off the drug

was um when our first daughter was now 19 was born

and i had such severe postpartum depression that i could not be left

alone for eight months so when i talk about

the ways in which we torture ourselves mentally i take this very seriously

because i have lived that nightmare about five years ago when people around

the world started to write to me with these extraordinary stories

i'm starting to wonder i wonder could you actually change how you think

could you cure yourself with anxiety the answer is

yes you can i've been off the rocks for five years

on how you deal with your mindset because the way that you think is a

pattern it is a habit and i know very well that

a lot of people in this room were taught some very destructive things to think

about themselves i am telling you right now that is in

the past and you can absolutely choose to think

differently about yourself and i am begging you

it is the foundation of being limitless of owning your life of writing your

future i'm going to show you how to do this

using an example a lot of you may be able to relate to and that is the fear

of flying so i used to be a very nervous liar okay

i would get to the airport and i'd get to the gate

and i would be looking around and i'd be looking to see

three kinds of passengers

oh i want to see a baby uh someone in a wheelchair

and a men and women in the military because if those folks are getting on my

claim god's not letting this puppy go

and so then i would down on to the plane and i would buckle the buckle

and i would start to you know get the stomach would be tight the armpits would

start to sweat my heart would start to race

and the plane would take off and the takeoff was

okay relatively speaking as i'm starting to breathe

more heavily and you know the plane takes off and all of a sudden it levels

off it sounds like they kill the engines

at that point i have a full blown meltdown i grab the person next to me i

pull out the phone and i start texting chris and our three children

won't you know what i wanted because i'm thinking if this puppy goes down i want

these kids to know i tried to be the best mother i possibly could and then

they've got the text messages to put the

you say to yourself you wouldn't be sitting here in vegas you'd be in an

institution mariah

you don't have to listen to it you don't

you don't have to worry and you shouldn't

because it doesn't help you it doesn't help you

find your power it does not help you build this business it does not help you

love deeper it doesn't help you find courage

the next time you find yourself in a situation

where your thoughts drift and they do don't they

you get a text from somebody and you're uploading trouble

you're gonna go five four three two one we're just gonna yank those thoughts

right back you're gonna awaken this sucker right

here and you're going to drop in what i call

an anchor thought if you chronically worry about talking

about this business your anchor thought should be

some vision of impact some email that you've gotten

somebody that thanked you some moment where you felt

so proud of yourself think about what you were wearing think about

that moment and you're going to say to yourself i am so excited to make this

difference again and that's going to anchor you when i

get on the plane and i fly back to boston

tomorrow this is how i use it

when when my thoughts drift and they're gonna drift because let's face it i'm in

a metal tube going 400 miles an hour and 30

000 feet it might get a little bouncy and my thoughts go oops

i'm gonna go five four three two one and i'm going to awaken my prefrontal cortex

and my anchor thought something that makes me

excited and happy is walking in the front door of her

house and seeing our 13 year old son greet me because he always has a really



we're i'm teaching you to manipulate and control your body state

so that you can be limitless because it doesn't serve you to worry

it doesn't serve you to beat yourself up it doesn't serve you to tell yourself

you're unworthy that's a pattern that you learned and

that pattern needs to end right here right now that's right

and the reason why the anchor thought will work

is because of the i'm excited cuts off the flow of cortisol and because it's

related to what you're doing my brain says oh well obviously she's hugging

oakley she made it home she doesn't need to

worry you may need to do this 15 times a day

and if you don't think you have anxiety guess again

all do i love this email from muhammad because

it tells so much i had an important email to send but i was afraid

i just made the anchor thought and 54321 clicked the results phone now i know

you've been talking a lot

about bringing people into your business sponsoring people sharing yourself and i

know that that's where the anxiety is i know i want you to think of

the one person that you would love to invite to join you in our home

but you have been putting it off you have been limiting yourself

you have been making excuses the times that you call them you're

hoping that they're not home

you send a text because it's easier than making the phone call

you avoid it like this is this is thank you for asking me

seriously so this is what i want you to do

i want you everybody let's take out our phones

five four three two one let's go if you feel resistance like oh my gosh

oh gosh yeah this is the anxiety five four three two one i'm gonna make this

very simple for you i want you to take a photo check out

what's on the screens right now five four three two one do not think

what are you thinking about no excuse let's take this photo i'm

our bonds gtc and magnus i want you here with me next year i am so fired up

about my business let's chat now now

we're not done you're going to text or email that photo

right now to somebody on your chicken list

let's go five four three two one let's go now i can see you

i can see you talking and i'm doing this this is what i'm talking about

you know but do you do yes yes give yourself a round of