mmm here we are again oh yes we are back everyone we are here once again on a

Sunday I hope you're feeling good today I'm not too bad thank you very much

thank you very much for asking I'm okay not too bad at all here we go it is

English addict live from the birthplace of English which of course is England

hmm so nice hmm oh hello hi there hi everybody this is

mr. Duncan in England I'm eating some jelly the other day on our live stream

we were talking about unusual English words and one of the words was

gelatinous and there you can see something that is gelatinous it is

actually jelly flavoured jelly something I was eating a few moments ago just as

my live stream was starting so I'm I'm just going to finish my jelly and oh can

you see what else I've got here I've got some custard as well jelly and custard

mmm delicious I know what you're thinking mr. Duncan

jelly and custard is for children not for grown-up people I always say if you

liked it give it a try something sweet something fruity here we are you don't

need to look anywhere else jelly and custard hmm we often have this as a

dessert and I have to be honest with you it is absolutely gorgeous really really


the only problem is this has been in a fridge and it's very cold so it is

making my teeth ache just slightly but look at that would you like some jelly

and ice cream oh sorry jelly and custard of course you

can have jelly and ice cream as well quite often if you have an operation on

your throat if you have your tonsils removed did you know that quite often

they will give you jelly and also ice cream or maybe custard after you have

had your tonsils removed in your throat hmm oh my goodness this is so nice I

wasn't going to eat all of this but to be honest it's so delicious I can't

resist I know I'm going to get complaints mr. Duncan you should not be

eating during your live stream I couldn't resist I'm very sorry I got

up a little late today and I haven't had any breakfast so this believe it or not

this jelly and ice cream sorry jelly and custard I keep saying jelly and ice

cream it's actually jelly and custard hmm hmm it's delicious

can you guess what the flavor of my jelly is can you guess what

the flavour is can you see my jelly is actually shaking and shivering there it

is jelly something that is gelatinous

it's so nice god I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this I might be

enjoying this more than I should be to be honest because we have lots of other

things to do today we have a live stream to do I hope you are feeling good today

hmm for those who are wintering when I'm on you can follow me on YouTube every

Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time that is when I'm on normally I'm

not eating food but today absolutely gorgeous in certain countries there are

people who will pay to watch other people eat food on the Internet maybe

that is a little sideline that I could start maybe I could start doing that

here in England absolutely gorgeous for those who are wondering who I am my

name is Duncan mr. Duncan is my name talking about the English language is my

game so that is what I'm doing right now live on YouTube I hope you've had a good

weekend yes we have made it all the way to the end of the weekend and oh so many

things happening in the world unfortunately most of them are not very

good however today we are going to talk about some nice things some happy things

some Pleasant things right here on my English addict livestream and yes as I

said earlier today is Sunday

mmm my goodness oh it's so nice hmm like I can't get enough of this it is so


oh sorry you caught me licking my bowl they say

that it is bad manners it is very rude to lick the inside of your bowl after

you finished eating your food however hmm that was so nice

hello to everyone on the livestream all we have the live chat as well I mustn't

forget you hello to the live chat hello Vitesse also Mohsen b-trees and a kobe

sauce san or saw san hello to you as well you are all first on today's

live stream congratulations especially to be tests

there is something I want to say I promise that I won't show you my legs

today apparently a lot of people were offended they said mr. Duncan we can't

believe that you should you would you revealed your legs on your previous live

stream I'm sorry about that for those who were offended and I know lots of

dogs who were in the room became very excited because they thought there was a

lovely juicy bone for them to chew on unfortunately it was only one of my legs

sadly so I won't be showing you my legs however later on we might be having a

little dance later on I don't know maybe who knows maybe maybe not we will see

how much energy I have at the end of today's live stream we are talking about

childhood memories today something that always sticks in my memory something

that I always remember or think about something that I always think when I

think about my childhood and yes I know there are many things you can think

about many things that you can consider however one of my favorite moments as a

child it was always something that I would hear before I saw it so I would

hear the thing before I saw it what I'm talking about is something that used to

get me very excited it's the ice-cream van

the ice-cream van and that was actually one of the tunes that the ice cream van

as it went past by house we actually play and the moment you heard that sound

of the ice cream man or lady of course however I never had an ice cream lady it

was always an ice cream man ice cream we seem to be talking a lot about sweet

food today but it is something that's stuck in my memory and whenever I hear

an ice-cream van in the distance I always get very excited I always think

to myself yeah I would really like an ice cream so that is one of the things

that I remember from my childhood something I remember when I was growing

up whenever I heard that sound I would get very excited and quite often I would

run in the house or maybe if I was already in the house I would ask my

mother I would say mom mom the ice-cream man is coming can I have an ice cream

and my mother would give me 10 pence or maybe 15 pence because way back in my

childhood things were very cheap here in the UK very cheap indeed so 10 pence

would often buy you an ice cream or maybe an ice lolly or a Popsicle a

lot of people call them Popsicle here in the UK we call them ice lollies ice

lollies they are frozen lollipops made of ice quite often they are

flavoured talking of flavors my jelly today the jelly I was eating earlier the

flavour was orange orange jelly with vanilla custard oh my goodness if you've

never tried it can I say you should because it's gorgeous hello to Anna Coby

hello also to Mustafa hello to you as well nice to see you here as well we are

live on YouTube for a Sunday it is the end of May we will soon be saying a fond

farewell to May I don't know about you but I think May went by very quickly or

is it just my imagination I'm not sure anyway tomorrow it is the first of June

I don't know about you but when June arrives especially here in the UK it

always feels like summer has really arrived however you don't need me to

tell you that things are a little weird at the moment in the world things are

strange of course not everything is going as it should be so a lot of people

are still staying indoors however here in the UK over the next few days things

are starting to be relaxed the lockdown rules are slowly being relaxed so next

week dentists are going to reopen so next week I have no excuse for not going

to the dentist because next week the dentist is going to reopen so I have no

reason not to go to the dentist that is one of the things I loved about this

lockdown it was the fact that I didn't have to go to the dentist however next

week the dentists are going to reopen I'm not sure how many people will be

going along to the dentists because there might be a lot of people who are

feeling nervous worried or maybe a little afraid as we come out of this

strange peculiar situation hello to Lena hello also never give up never give up

a very good piece of advice actually hello mm sir

Hamza nice to see you here as you can see by the way the weather is quite nice

however it is very cloudy today so the clouds are going over and then sometimes

the Sun will come out as well so it's a very strange day even though it's quite

warm 24 degrees we have here 24 Celsius here in England at the moment

Pedro Belmont is here today also we have Luis Mendez two of our moderators here

on the live chat hello Maria also Robin Hakim hello also - you can call me

genius wow you are so modest that's all I have to say about that

hello our tool hello also pal Miro Maria I wish I had my echo Maria I'm saying

hello to Maria can I say a big sorry I have to make an apology here can I say

sorry to Cristina apparently on Wednesday it was not

Friday it was Cristina's birthday and I didn't notice so can I say

Cristina happy belated birthday to you I'm very sorry that I didn't see the

fact that it was your birthday on Friday so I'm going to say happy birthday now

belated late not on time a little later than it should have been so I should

have said happy birthday on Friday unfortunately I didn't see your message

on the live chat for which I apologise anyway I hope you had a good birthday on

Friday Quan is here gran Flores it's great to listen to you again on Sunday

in the morning from here in Mexico hello to you and

thanks for joining me today hello tomorrow

hello also Rosa hello also - oh hello - die

bow van hello to you as well I think you are watching in Vietnam a big hi to you

and a pika oh wow so many people are here on the live chat nice to see you

here today as we come towards the end of May oh by the way did you see did you

see last night on the television were you watching the rocket take off there

was a space rocket taking off yesterday I'm don't I don't know if you saw it but

I was quite interested in it so I sat and watched it so last night the space X

rocket space X have to be careful how you say that because the YouTube

subtitles will put something else instead spacesex the rocket took off

successfully wasn't it exciting I don't know about you but I got very excited

watching it to be honest with you also last night mr. Steve and myself we went

into the garden and we looked out for the International Space Station in fact

I have it on good authority someone has told me that this that the actual Space

Station is going to go over my head in a few moments in fact I think it's coming

now here it comes

that was close it nearly got me that time it nearly got to me so last night

we stood in the garden Steve and myself we stood outside and we waited for the

International Space Station to go over the house and it did very exciting it's

rather amazing to think that there are people up there floating around above as

I must admit very strange indeed hello Richard YouTube did not warn me

warn you about what oh I see maybe you mean notify so when you warn

someone normally a warning is information about something that is

dangerous or harmful so I think what you mean is notification YouTube did not

notify me it didn't tell me that your live stream was coming up mr. Duncan so

we don't normally say warn a warning is normally something that is given

information that is passed to tell someone about a danger warning warning

or maybe some possible punishment that might come your way so I think what you

mean is actually YouTube did not notify me it did not notify me it didn't tell

me that you were coming on today mr. Duncan hello also palmira again also we

have Florence hello to Florence and now I think we are caught up we are I think so

hello to Shakira also Sergio is here it wouldn't be a live stream would it

without Sergio joining in I I have to be honest it

wouldn't satoru know hello mr. Duncan and chat

friends I remember a popsicle that I used to enjoy in my childhood it was our

Co Bellino a popsicle of three colours red white and

green we had something very similar to that would you like to have a look at

one of the popsicles one of the ice lollies that I used to eat as a child

here it is ah there it is can you see it I wish in real life I wish that ice

lollies was really that science I really do I wish in real life it was that large

wouldn't that be amazing can you imagine holding that in your hand and it was

that large amazing lovely fantastic so there is something I used to eat as a

child that is the popsicle that I used to eat isn't that amazing it was called

fab fab I will show you a poster there is a poster here with its on ah there we

go so there you can see an actual poster and this is from the 1970's the very

early 1970's and the reason why I know that is because it is actually in old

money so you can see there it says 6d so this particular poster this

advertisement comes from before decimalisation before we changed our

monetary systems in fact this might be from the 1960's it might be from the late

1960's this poster so there it is fab fab so that is one of the ice lollies

one of the popsicles I used to eat as a child the other one is called zoom zoom

just like the videoconferencing software yes it's the same thing the same word

zoom so those are two things I used to eat as a child when I was pestering when

I was bothering my mother every time I heard the ice cream van every time the

ice cream van came around the corner

mum mum can I have an ice cream can I have 10 P can I have 10 pence for an ice

cream mum the ice cream man is coming and yes I know there were probably ice

cream ladies however I never actually saw an ice cream lady I only ever saw

ice cream men make of that what you will hello to Celia also must offer three

days of the week we take two hours of your lessons that means you we learn

English for 12 days of the month and that has become 12 times to 24 hours of

your live streaming that is a long time and enough for me thank you very much

thank you mr. fat that's very kind of you

yes I normally do two hours of this three times a week

so yes you are right ts is here as well

hello also Valentina Noir and we have shaker Adam hello shaker Adam nice to

see you here as well Lena is here yes I've started to tell my memory about me

my elder sister my mum we accidentally lost our little dog

named Dina we cried very hard of course my mother my mother did as well it is it

is a sad so this is from your childhood is it well I suppose there are bad

memories in your childhood years and good memories we will try to keep it

happy today there is enough there is enough misery and heartache in the world

at the moment I will try not to bring anymore

and a mr. Duncan have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day well we

get it quite often here in the UK quite often you might find that the sun is

shining and the rain is falling at the same time normally you will get a

rainbow during that period hello - Sergio again Oh Rita I've heard that

later there will be passengers who will travel on the rocket you are right so

this is something that is now going to be run as a commercial operation so

yesterday was just a test when you think about it so they have been testing the

rocket however yesterday it was the first time that people went up in the

rocket but in the future there will be passengers who will be paying to go up

and also cargo will be carried as well so things will be taken up there into

space such as satellites and also supplies for the International Space

Station so lots of things lots of exciting things I must admit I was I was

getting rather excited Valentina says that popsicle looks gorgeous yes I must

admit one of the things I always remember about my childhood

quite often was the food that I ate you can imagine as a child I had a very

sweet tooth and you might say that that hasn't changed at all so what about you

when you were little when you were a child

was there some treat was there something nice that you had maybe an ice cream or

a certain chocolate bar something that you enjoyed as a child as you saw at the

start of today's livestream I was eating and custard something I used to eat as a

child and I still eat it now because it's well

it's nice to be honest oh I am going on with my story my elder sister and I

cried because we thought we had lost our little dog of course my mother tried the

comforters as we were very upset to be continued

oh I see is this a three-part story so we've had part 1 and part 2 I'm looking

forward to seeing part 3 of your story Lena thank you very much hello - am L

hello I'm al al a me a beautiful montage thank you very much

I think maybe you mean the background maybe you mean the background the

landscape behind me yes it's rather nice today we are having a lovely day here in


TWEN new in son says can everybody say hello to me to Anne new in son hello to

you I believe you are watching in Vietnam hello and welcome satury know

that popsicle the popsicle that you ate got your lips and tongue colored red

white and green oh yes I remember that so if you ever had a popsicle or an ice

lolly so that's what we call it here in the UK we say ice lollies but in other

countries they might call it an ice popsicle you would always end up with

the colour around your mouth and also on your tongue as well you would end up

with a red or maybe a yellow or perhaps blue blue

tongue hello Platina do these ice cream vans still exist ice cream van an ice

cream van shall I show you an ice cream van so this is one of the ice cream vans

that we get here in the UK I don't know what's happening today my my little

mouse keeps disappearing oh there it is down there can you see it so there is a

typical ice cream van that you might see here in the UK

very typical so this is a recent picture of an ice cream van here in the UK and

you can see it is very colourful it has all of the pictures on the side so the

children can order and ask for the ice creams from the ice cream man

or ice cream lady even though I never saw I never saw an ice cream lady when I

was a child I never saw it was always ice cream men I went off why why was

selling ice cream so popular with men I never saw a lady selling ice cream in an

ice cream van ever not even now to be honest with you Tomic says YouTube is

not so keen on promoting livestreams as they prefer short pre-recorded clips in

order to promote mr. Duncan's channel please give him a thumbs up yes of

course please if you want to you can give me a

lovely like and subscribe oh that would be lovely

like and subscribe why not that's what I say

hello to flower do you have any plans for summer holiday

No is the answer for that question though I

don't have any plans for summer holiday mainly because everywhere is closed

hotels restaurants all of the places that you might want to visit closed so

it looks as if I will be spending my summer holiday here with you isn't that

nice Satur Reno is here again oh hello also to Fatima hello to Fatima

Fatima lies easy oh I like your name very nice Morocco is here we have Waleed

watching in Morocco near where I live there is an old building an old house

and for many years it has been abandoned it hasn't been lived in however recently

it has been renovated it has been made to look good or new renovate so when you

renovate something it means you make it look better you make it look new you

make it look more attractive perhaps you renovate something old you

make new you make it appear as if it's brand new however there are some

interesting words relating to a house or a building that has been abandoned he's

an interesting word I like this word I thought of this word last night when I

was in bed I don't know why the word is ramshackle isn't that a strange word

however it is an English word we use this word in the English language

ramshackle try quite often we will use this to describe a building that has

been left abandoned or maybe it is looking as if it's fallen into disrepair

ramshackle a house that is old maybe falling to pieces maybe the roof is

missing maybe all of the windows have been smashed they are broken ramshackle

a ramshackle house an old house that has fallen into disrepair something that

might also be dangerous may be a house that might fall down we can describe it

as rickety rickety again an interesting word a house that is rickety is a house

that is in danger of falling down it is in danger of collapsing a rickety house

something that is rickety moves easily can I just say at the moment in the

kitchen here we have a rickety floor in the kitchen I don't know what's happened

I think mr. Steve has done something if in doubt blame mr. Steve that's what I

say we have a rickety floor in the kitchen that means when you walk on the

floor it moves it moves it is rickety it moves easily so you might describe an

old abandoned house maybe the house that is starting to collapse or fall down you

might describe as rickety I love that word rickety

as you know I like looking at unusual words here's another one shaky-shaky

a house that seems unstable something that is shaky it means it is in danger

of falling down shaky shaky shaky a house that looks as if it is in danger

of falling down I like this word wobbly wobbly something that is wobbly

something that moves easily maybe a house as you walk around the house maybe

the floors move easily you might say the floors are a little bit wobbly something

that is not straight or even or maybe something that moves as you walk on it

it is wobbly wobbly another unusual word an old house might be described as run

down a run-down house is a house that is old it is falling to pieces it is maybe

it's abandoned or derelict it is rundown an old house it has fallen into ruin

it is run-down you will often see houses maybe houses that are very old

and of course the older a building gets the more care and attention you have to

give it have you noticed that so the house that we live in here is is over 50

years old it's around I think it's around 52 years old so the house I live

in is around 52 years old so maybe that is

not old for some people however this is quite an old house and old buildings

normally me need a lot of care and attention it is something you have to do

quite often if you have an old building or an old house quite often you will

have to take extra care of it derelict derelict something that is

derelict is rundown it is old it is starting to fall apart

it is derelict an old building might be described as derelict it is old worn-out

sometimes I feel a little bit derelict to be honest we are going to have a

little break and then mr. Steve is going to join us yes mr. Steve is here for

those who are wondering where he is Steve is here and also we will be

playing the word game later on however we are now going to take a look at one

of my full English lessons a little break for us all to have a refreshing

beverage or maybe a little slice of cake it's entirely up to you this is taken

from full English number 36 and then we will be right back with mr. Steve

ahoy-hoy what a strange thing to say at the start of a new lesson well it might

seem strange now but did you know that after Alexander Graham Bell invented the

telephone he thought that saying hello when

answering a call would be confusing for the person at the other end of the line

so he suggested that people say ahoy-hoy instead that's a fact and you

can put that in your hat hi everyone and welcome to another full english lesson

yes we are all here together again to share our love of the English language

so without any more hanging on the line let's get on today's full english lesson

which will start around about now

a man goes to the doctor he says doctor doctor I feel like a pair of curtains

and the doctor replies Oh pull yourself together

there is nothing I enjoy more than having a good laugh if I find something

funny then it is hard for me to hide my amusement

something funny amuses me the funny thing is amusing they say that laughter

is the best medicine when you are feeling sad and this might very well be

true however saying something you find funny can sometimes get you into trouble

sometimes making a joke about something can get you into hot water there are

many words relating to jokes and humor such as comedy which defines anything

done for the amusement of others a comedy act will perform something

funny then there is clowning or clowning around which describes the act of not

being serious you are playing for Laughs you are

clowning around a carnival performer who acts in a ludicrous way for the

amusement of an audience is a clown we might describe a person who always acts

the fool and never takes anything seriously as a clown he always disrupts

my lessons by acting the clown in class we wasted a whole day clowning around

with party balloons another word relating to humor is comedian which is a

person who tells amusing stories and jokes for a living then there is a

comedian which is the term used to describe a female comedian although

these days the word comedian is often used for both male and female comedy

performers a joke is a story with a humorous ending the funny part of a joke

is called the punchline or tank line it is the climax of a joke or story

another word that can be used to mean joke is gag you tell a gag you stand up

and tell ganks a person who stands on a stage to tell jokes is called a stand-up

comedian they perform stand-up comedy their act is called a routine which is a

carefully rehearsed comedy performance I saw one of the funniest comedy routines

ever last night I'm off to the comedy club tonight to see some new routines if

a group of people are performing a short funny play with a humorous story then

this is called a sketch if someone is making a joke about a famous person or a

well-known organization such as the government then this is called satire

lampooning spoofing or sending up a well-known celebrity or politician might

be on the receiving end of a satirical sketch the comedy performers are poking

fun at the well-known person to perform a humorous version of something serious

can be described as a spoof the movie This Is Spinal Tap is a spoof of the

rock music industry then there is tongue-in-cheek humor which makes fun of

something in an ironic or insincere way the thing being watched seems to have a

serious tone but it is not to be taken seriously it is all done tongue-in-cheek

it would be fair to say that a joke which is funny to one person might not

be funny to another it might even be considered by some to be offensive each

one of us has a slightly different feeling when we hear the same joke being

performed it all depends on what is being said and who is saying it I can't

believe you find Doug Stanhope funny he is so rude I don't understand why you

dislike Doug Stanhope so much he is hilarious this is what we call our sense

of humor some people will laugh at anything

whilst others will hardly ever laugh at all it is yet another fascinating piece

of the human emotion puzzle that makes us all the individuals we are do you

have a good sense of humor what makes you laugh do you know any good jokes

one of the most frustrating part of living in this modern age must be the

amount of information we are expected to read and absorb to make matters worse

sometimes this information is written in such a confusing way that it becomes

unintelligible the words used are incomprehensible and perplexing it is

hard to grasp what is being explained to you we call this type of information

jargon the word jargon means a specific type of terminology that relates to a

certain subject some of the words used in one area of a particular subject can

be described as jargon I don't understand this letter I received from

my lawyer it's full of legal jargon don't try to

blind me with your science jargon just give it to me straight to follow a list

of instructions that have been given to you might force you to learn some of the

jargon to master how to operate this device I will need to learn some

computer jargon the jargon being read isn't fully understood it is too

esoteric it relates to a specialist field

the thing being read is an intelligible it is all gobbledygook it makes no sense

as far as you can tell it's just a load of mumbo-jumbo a letter from your lawyer

or doctor might contain lots of jargon an advanced textbook on a particular

subject might contain lots of confusing jargon the operating instructions of a

piece of technology will almost certainly contain lots of lovely

technical jargon we will often ask for the information to be simplified and

explained in plain English that we can easily understand just give it to me

straight without all the jargon some might say that the one good thing about

jargon is that it forces us to learn new things and absorb new information this

might be true however in this fast-paced age of new

information appearing almost on a daily basis it might be time to lessen the

technical terms cut down on the gobbledygook lay off a confusing

terminology and ease off the use of jargon please there it was one of my

full English lessons one of many English lessons that are available on my youtube


as you can see we are approaching three o'clock here in the UK it is just about

to strike three I don't know what time it is where you are because I'm not

there you see but it is now three o'clock exactly here in the UK I hope

you are feeling good on this Sunday here is something to make you feel really

good it will make you feel warm and fuzzy it will make you swoon it will

make you know yes he's back it's it's

mr. Steve

hello everybody oh my fans how lovely how lovely to be

here mr. Duncan hello to everybody across the worldwide web of English I

hope you can hear me we didn't do a sound check before we came on mr. Duncan

he was he was you are sounding great today lovely dinner I've been reading

the live chat and everyone's getting hungry because it seems that you've been

talking about food I wasn't just talking about food Steve I was actually eating

food you know how much people hate they hate it when I eat during the live

stream however that's exactly what I did at the start of today's live stream what

did you eat I was eating jelly and custard oh yes you made jelly yesterday

I did mr. Duncan loves jelly because he's really never really grown up I'm

joking but it is true and I hit there he was he

was have three different flavors yesterday and he were trying to decide

which flavor to make orange strawberry and what was the other one lemon orange

strawberry and lemon and lemon so in the end you went first row orange din or is

it a yes well remembered yes I made orange jelly and I was I was eating it

at the start of today's livestream I know it it is it rude though is it rude

because there are people who actually make a living that their job is sitting

in front of a web camera eating food and and people then pay them to watch them

eat can you believe it I don't we had a little I wouldn't say argument this

morning that I accused you as something didn't I mr. Duncan

you were always accusing me I went into the fridge I bought some strawberries

yesterday and I went into the fridge this morning because I wanted to put

them on my cereal and did I discover they were frozen solid

and that's just in the refrigerator so I looked at the dial and our fridge has a

tendency if you turn it up too much it freezes everything yes which because

it's quite an old fridge so I don't think it's it's that accurate in keeping

the temperature I think I think Steve our refrigerator is having an identity

crisis it actually thinks that it's a freezer exactly so do you have fridges

that don't work properly that sometimes that they freeze things anyway it was

turned up to number six I can I thought mr. Duncan I was a bit annoyed because

my strawberries were frozen and you know what happens when you freeze

strawberries there's nothing worse when they defrost they turned to mush yeah so

there's nothing worse than frozen strawberries No

so I accused mr. Duncan of turning the dial up so that he could cool down his

jelly yesterday but I think I was incorrect when you go in our fridge you

can bang your hand against the dial and accidentally turn it up yes so I think

that's what happened well let's say I think that's what happened I think

because we did we did shopping yesterday we didn't do a supermarket shop normally

we have one delivered but it's a moment you can't get one because people are

still panic buying and buying things off off the internet so it's very hard to

get shopping delivered to your house however so we went into town and we

bought some food and then we we put some food in the refrigerator so I think as

Steve was putting some food in the refrigerator

I think his hand must have caught the little dial so it went from five to six

four and a half I normally keep it on so I think that's that's that's what

actually haven't I let me apologize to mr. Duncan publicly for upsetting him

this morning Wow but yeah I need to go back in time to see exactly what

happened I think I'll put tape over the dial so that we can't accidentally

turn it up I still can't believe you just apologized to me mr. Duncan's got

my let's move on mr. Duncan's got lots of Gorilla Tape everywhere so I think

I'll seal up the cover the dial inside there it is in a stupid place it's right

by the top shelf as you go in so it's very easy to to move it anyway Belarus

is cooking chicken and potatoes in the oven I notice oh my goodness and Ts was

getting very hungry and I think I am chicken and potatoes that sounds like an

ideal combination roast potatoes any potatoes we've been consuming large

amounts of potatoes during the lockdown we don't normally eat many potatoes

because we can't be bothered to buy them and peel them which is a bit lazy but

we've been eating a huge amount and mr. Duncan loves potatoes and I've been

cooking lots of them and mashing them and I think we'll turn into butter into

a potato soon because we've been eating so many potatoes other thing is if you

eat too many potatoes you your shape becomes very similar to a potato

he's my Gorilla Tape by the way this is the tape this is great stuff I use so

much of this when I'm putting my set together or if I'm building something

out here for my livestream I actually use Gorilla Tape this is amazing stuff

you can actually build anything with this so this is a product I'm not

advertising this but this is something that's very useful for someone in my

line of work so I quite often have to build sets or scenery or maybe I have to

secure something so this is great for building things and it is so strong on

one side it is sticky sticky Palmyra says frozen strawberries

should be put in a glass of champagne well we've got a bottle of cava we

haven't got champagne that's not champagne cava is like cheap

champagne and it's bubbly and fizzy and it looks like champagne but it's not

I remember once going to a party many years ago I've got friends in Birmingham

and they said invited me to a party and they said bring bring some champagne

with you now I hadn't got much money at the time so I thought I'm not buying I'm

not spending 25 pounds on a bottle of champagne I thought they don't really

mean champagne so I took a bottle of cava and they made me go out and buy a

bottle of champagne well I think so yes if you can't turn up

at someone's house with with a fake champagne I'll put it this way carve is

about seven pounds a bottle 10 euros something like that and champagnes

probably 30 euros a bottle so you can see why I went for the cheap alternative

then I say hello to iñaki hello in our key in our key says it is my first time

on your live stream so can I welcome you in our key and give you a round of


let's hope we don't disappoint you do you think it's worthwhile coming back

another day yes I I hope so don't forget you can give me a like as well a nice

thumb as well to show your appreciation I am here three times a week and

everything I do I do it for you for free it's all free Pedro is eating a lot of

sweet potatoes we love sweet potatoes don't we mr. we do I absolutely love

sweet potatoes and whenever we cook potatoes we normally cook half sweet

potatoes and half white potato yes we mix them together sometimes and then

mash them up so that it turns a nice sort of orange color you have orange

potato and they say they do say that sweet potatoes are nutritionally they've

got a very high nutrition nutritional value hmm because they've got vitamin C

like potatoes but they've got vitamin A like carrots so it's a bit like

combining a white potato with a carrot hmm so you get two vitamins in one with

a sweet potato it's so taste delicious is that then is that the beta carotene

then yes that's what gives them the red color orange color yes so I believe so

what have you been doing today a mr. Duncan

we've been talking about childhood memories one of my most savored and

often remembered childhood memories these are the good ones are they they

are I always remember Steve I would get very

excited something is going to go across the screen sadly you won't be able to

see it Steve but you might be able to hear it it's the ice cream van

every child gets excited when they hear the ice-cream fan Oh mum mum the

ice-cream man is coming but can I have ten pence I want to go in buy some

icecream Platina says I make ice cream with frozen

raspberries Greek yogurt and honey that sounds nice well coming round to your

house later that sounds that sounds like something that Steve would really

appreciate I think so Oh Italian Prosecco says Valentina yes I have tried

that at a party I've been offered it it is very nice

personally champagne I never see what the fuss is all about

no I mean it's nice but I always think it's overpriced for what it for what it

is yeah well it's it when you think about it it

has a certain exclusiveness it is exclusive it is something that when you

have it you feel special maybe it's the same thing as having caviar so if you

have caviar and champagne maybe you are having a very special day or maybe a

special celebration so quite often that's the reason why people have

champagne I suppose because it makes the occasion extra-special yes it seems like

you're at a high-class event if you've got champagne because you know it's

expensive so therefore if the champagne it makes you feel special

although I think if somebody served me I'm not my palate as they say my palate

is not I wouldn't say is that very sophisticated obviously so I like fair

the ordinary plain food I couldn't tell the difference between an expensive

champagne or a cheap one I probably couldn't tell the difference between

a decent carver and champagne to be quite honest but then you know that

maybe I'm just not very sophisticated well maybe if you read the label on the

bottle yes but if you're served it and you don't

well wine I can tell the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine

but I can never tell the difference between cheap champagne or cava and

champagne itself so maybe maybe my palate as they say your ability to

discern flavors yes is not is not very sophisticated yet well I always think

you you know you always know when champagne is being served just by the

surroundings that you are in so I always feel that you don't actually need to be

told that champagne is being served because you you kind of know it is

because of the surroundings we did didn't we did we have some champagne

last year when we went to well when we were in Paris we had some champagne

isn't what he did we were on that lovely river river boat excursion oh that was

delicious and then the nicest red wine I've ever

tasted in my life nice bit of Burgundy don't seem to be able to get it here I

mean any wine you get served in France always seems to taste nice what even the

cheapest wine in France to taste nice but here you've got to spend a lot of

money to get a decent bottle of wine yes I think so

ts says if you consume a large quantity of sweet potatoes then your body will

produce a large amount of gas which probably explains a lot of things yes

was it wasn't the reason why you were late today didn't you say that to me you

said because because we did notice you were a little bit late so we were

wondering what it was and I thought maybe it perhaps it was connected to I

don't know your recent consumption of potatoes or maybe last night's curry we

did have a curry last night I'll say no more but I'll just say that

it's no longer with me by the way we were having a story told earlier Lina

was telling us a story about the time his dog went missing so the dog

disappeared the whole family was concerned and I was getting a little

worried because I thought maybe this this was a sad story however the story

does have it does have a happy ending because apparently the dog was on the

sofa all the time what so they were outside getting upset because they

thought the dog had disappeared but the dog was actually on the sofa all the

time what it was just asleep so nobody could tell no one was aware that the dog

was actually there unfortunately at least it was a happy ending yes I like a

happy ending I don't know about you Steve that I love a happy ending

there are Carver's of quality says cap devi - that is true

not all grape in France have much quality due to the climate in Catalonia

we've got good Carver yes I mean now they are because you can only call

something champagne if it's comes from France yeah believe well the actual

region that's it so it's illegal to market something that's like champagne

but call it champagne unless it comes from that region of France so Carver of

course you can get very good quality Carver's and they're essentially the

same thing I mean we make champagne here from from grapes and lots of other

countries do as well Catalonia for example so it's just as good but of

course if it's got the name champagne you can rack up the price and probably

charge double what you would for probably a carver which tastes exactly

the same and is the same quality hmm

but some people still have that shall I say the word snobbishness yes so unless

it says champagne they won't drink it and I've got friends like that in

Birmingham or I used to let's just say we're not friends anymore but it wasn't

because of the champagne it was some us you weren't you weren't beating each

other up with champagne bottles I hope it came close hello to real horror

stories hello real horror stories nice to see you here I'm very intrigued by

your name Steve we got very excited last night didn't we did we oh yes it's been

a long time it's been a while since we got excited about anything but certainly

right since I got excited yes we watched the launch of the space X rocket yes you

have to be careful how you say that you see Steve because unfortunately on

YouTube subtitles it comes up his space sexy

so I say space X just so we're you're sure because unfortunately they are

YouTube subtitle space X I did I don't know what I don't know what YouTube

thinks we are talking about but you don't want to get banned or blocked mr.

dinkler saying something anyway fortunately there are people doing much

worse things on YouTube I don't know if you've heard but there is a youtube star

I always used the word star with inverted commas on YouTube no one is

really a star on YouTube no one but I think it's just sometimes people are

slightly more popular than other people for example I am NOT a youtube star I

don't think so however there is one YouTube star who

has got into a lot of trouble today I won't say why but he is in deep hot

water over a certain situation that's taking place in the United States yes

I see right yes that's why you've always got to be careful what you say on

YouTube and do and do know right well have you learned anything deep and

meaningful during the lockdown asks flower Espoir I have learnt that

spending large amounts of time with mr. Steve can sometimes be a little bit

annoying and by vice-versa oh I thirsty don't converse so the other

way round it so my rang so you feel the same way well actually I haven't really

no I haven't because we do tolerate each other's company yes quite well and you

have been busy this week would you like to see mr. sis what this is what Steve

has been being Tamara has been asking about my renovation work thank you

tomorrow yes I was just about to talk about it so here it is I'm exhausted

here is what Steve has been doing this week he's been busy working hard laying

concrete slaps so there you can see him busily working away and this is what it

looks like now he's almost almost finished almost but now you can see that

the whole area is nice and open and we can do all sorts of things lots of

activities can take place in that area and you can also see there is a little

space that is the little space that mr. Steve still has to do so he hasn't

finished everything he still has a little bit of space to go but you you

are nearly there aren't you Steve it's very hard work I could never be a

laborer I'm developing huge muscles mr. Duncan from carrying all those heavy

slabs around and digging and having to pummel all the soil down

so yes um regular viewers will know and may well have seen videos that we used

to have roses in that part of the garden that's it and the previous owner had dug

up the patio space taken away lots of the slabs mm-hmm and put roses in the

roses looked nice but it the whole thing looked a bit of a mess it was crude it

was crude I mean it just looked like half taking up some slabs and putting

some roses it just was a mess I just hoped the previous owners of this house

are not watching I doubt it I doubt it and so from the last few years I knew it

would take a long time and it would be a lot of effort and I didn't want to pay

somebody in fact we had a quote to have that whole patio area read relayed hmm

mr. Duncan and I nearly collapsed when I had the quote so that's the reason why

we're doing it ourselves it was going to cost 10,000 pounds to

have it all relayed 10,000 pounds which is I don't know 12,000 euros something

like that it's a lot of money so I thought there's no way because there was

nothing wrong with the slabs and I found the previous owner had kept all the old

slabs that they've taken up they were all dotted around the garden so I

counted up the number of slabs that I needed which was I think it was 23 24

something like that okay and I found 25 slabs all around the garden in various

places so I knew I'd got them but of course what happened mr. Duncan is that

they're quite fragile things aren't they they are very fragile and I broke two of

them so I was - I was I was one short so I've had to find another one which is a

bit smaller and disguising it so that it doesn't show but yes I'm doing it myself

and save you myself 10,000 pounds which are in

I hadn't got 10,000 pounds hanging around no well we're just poor we were

burly but where is poor as Church mice we've gotten we haven't got two pennies

to rub together two penny not two pennies two pennies with all of our

furniture is made of cardboard that a true it is true some of it is I wish so

I thought I can do that myself I'm not going to pay somebody to do it

but of course what happened was it wasn't just a simple matter of replacing

the slabs that were missing because a lot of them were uneven and had sunk

over time I've had to take up probably another 20 or 25 and relay them so it's

turned into a much bigger job than I thought but I'm getting big muscles and

I feel fit as a fiddle mr. John Young making Sun I've been wearing factor 30

because obviously I don't want to age no Cheerilee you don't want to age any more

any more than you already have but yes thank you for asking I tell you

what we're going to do in a bit in a little while Steve we are going to play

the sentence game oh oh we had a lot of fun with that last week didn't we we did

so I will be showing some sentences in around about five minutes and then we

are going to have half an hour of the sentence game and you are more than

welcome to join in I will be showing you some sentences and what you have to do

is fill in the areas that are blank yes Lewis says it takes a lot of money

to have something like that done professionally and Belarus is very

surprised at ten thousand pounds the thing is labour charges here in the UK

are very high it's about to get somebody in a labourer a builder they will charge

you between 250 and 300 pounds a day yes at least to do eight hours work and that

has taken me on my own it's taken me pretty much

all time I would say a good five days so far to do it and it will take me

probably under and if I've taken them all up it would have taken probably two

weeks and so if you're paying somebody 250 I mean they would have used proper

equipment averages using my own sort of manual muscles they would have brought

in diggers and special things that will flatten the ground but nevertheless I

bet it would have taken a week for a professional to have done it hmm and

that's 250 pounds 3 in Japan's a day probably well we're almost living

through this in real time yes let's move on let's move on but yes it is expensive

what well if anyone does any lay before you labouring work so work with their

hands building maybe a new kitchen or decorating your walls it's always

expensive because you are paying for their time three hundred pounds a day

time is Reno thinks I'm drilling for oil oh that would be very nice but at the

moment Orion is so cheap I doubt that I could sell it that's the were all the

Marquis yeah I would just what I would do Steve if you found oil I would just

put it back in the ground and wait for a couple of years the Grice of oil

worldwide is so cheap in fact at one point it was zero in fact it was - $40 a

barrel they were actually paying the producers were paying people to take it

off their hands yeah about three weeks ago yeah and we've got because we have

to use oil here for our central heating yeah don't we mr. Duncan you do and it

normally costs me 50 P a liter okay to fill up and I got it for 1910 two weeks

ago it's never been so cheap so that gave Steve extra extra spare money so

who could buy some new slabs slabs mr. Duncan is sick to death of me talking

about the slabs aren't you you do spend a lot of time talking about laying Slams

SLA B slabs slab but when I get involved in something it's all-consuming for me I

become a hundred percent focus on some this is true and I can't stop talking

about are youare you getting shorter this chair it's mister don't you've got

it something honest so lame from Ikea setup no it's not my fault you just sit

up straight be erect there we go is that better

that's it that's better I'm down now I can Steve mr. Steve is all floppy

today because you put me in the spot you have put me in the shade the Sun is

coming up if you keep complaining about it you complain about the CERN you

complain about the slope you complain about the wind you complain about

everything my back deserves a rest yes you are you are right

Beatriz I'm taking a rest today because I'd probably been doing it five five at

least five days mmm and I have got a few twinges if you've got a twinge it means

you've got a slight pain in an area of your body twinge or maybe

Bassem yes a twinge ER a feeling that you've overdone something hmm well I

don't know how you can stand up mr. Duncan I know long that's why you put me

in a seat because after five ten minutes my legs are aching this well I know you

asked me to put you in a seat soon okay very soon I'll be pushing you around in

a wheelchair at this rate we are going to play the sentence game are you ready

to play the sentence came and during the week I got very adventurous because I

decided to make some titles for the sentence game so have a piece of paper

and a pen nearby we will also help you so these are going to be sentences with

some of the words missing what you have to do

fill in the spaces there will be some spaces all I want you to do is fill in

the blanks let's play the sentence game shall we

can't stop dancing here we go then it is time to play the sentence game

are you ready Steve and Cheska's accuse me of searching yes you are slouching

well this seat is it's slippery it's I'm falling out of it because it's on a

slate no there we go I'll be there we go is that better I will get a piece of

rope I need a cushion well you're not on

camera at the moment by the way there you are

you aren't you're on now yes that's better we want to see mr. Steve sitting

upright and erect I'm using my legs to push me back into the seat that's good

that's it looks better well when you when you have a good posture your whole

face changes but when you slouch all of your neck becomes all creased and how

about this that's yeah that looks better you look

very lazy our world of English and all that go on get on with the word game mr.

Duncan the sentence game I call it if you won't go to be sarcastic please get

the name right here it is then the sentence game we are going to play the

sentence game the sentence how many times am I going to say the sentence

game this is the sentence game oh there it is again and where we play this game

what's it called the sentence became the sentence game where we play this I'm

going to show you some sentences well there's a surprise so the sentence game

oh my god can I just stop step can I stop saying

the sentence go let's say it why can't I stop saying the sentence game go and

still you say it faster the sentence game you haven't

all afternoon so I go to show you a sentence oh my god I'm so sick of

hearing that word we all know just put it up okay here it is the first sentence

round 1 of the sentence game oh there must be an easier way of not making a

living here we go Steve I don't give the answer Steve because your English is

quite good so it's not for you to answer so here it is now outside in the

internet world the world of virtual reality so we are just flickering images

on your mobile devices or maybe your PC monitor we are just flickering light

however here where we are we are solid we are three-dimensional trust me well

I'm not sure about Steve but I am

I've been carefully molded from very flexible latex but I don't know what

that was here it is then we're just vamping at the moment because I want you

to have a look at this sentence below and you will see don't blank to blank my

plants while I'm blank now we had something similar to this about three

weeks ago so this is similar so for those who saw that you will know that

this is going to help you it is hello - Oh apparently satury know says whoever

wins today's game will have to have some ice cream I'm not sure I'm not sure how

I'm going to send it to you that's maybe one day maybe one day we can

Sergio Sergio no it's only one word you say you can only add one word in those

gaps so those spaces are just for one word not more than one word my rules are

strict but fair very fair in fact so there we go don't something - something

my plants while I'm away couple of answers already okay there's one from

Sergio but I won't read that no marina says

Sergio's got it wrong anyway because he's put too many words yeah marina says

don't don't try to destroy my plants while I'm away why would you I know cap

Devi says don't dare to damage my plants while I'm sleeping

don't dare oh well I'm sleeping damage my plants while I'm sleeping yes maybe

maybe your garden is amazing and you have some of the nicest flowers in the

area I'm perhaps one of your neighbors it's a little bit jelly mmm they're

jealous of your lovely flowers so maybe they will sneak into your garden at

night when you are not looking and they will destroy your flowers don't go don't

what was it again we've got oh don't damage to all my plants well you can't

say damage to you don't damage to something so that that would not be

right unfortunately grammatically that is not right so you don't go to destroy

my plans or don't try to oh I suppose that's okay don't try to destroy my

plants while I'm what was the last word asleep yes that's okay that's okay yes

don't try to destroy my plan while I'm asleep or while I'm sleeping

Eugene's got a good one okay don't forget to water my plants while

I'm abroad ah yes so you are suggesting that you will be away on holiday maybe

so don't forget to water my plants while I'm abroad that's a good one

Maria doesn't want her plants being watered so she said don't try to water

my plants while I'm away very good I like that one yeah nice one again you

there quite often one of the wonderful things about the sentence game is you

can use other words so there are different ways of making this sentence

make sense yes don't try to don't try to water my plants while I'm away so maybe

you don't want that person to put any water on your plants certain types of

plants don't like too much water that's true isn't it Steve yes you could have

you could have put the word bother in there don't bother to water my plant I'm

away that's a good one even Steve is playing well I'm just yes putting

suggestions in no that's good don't try don't bother to you said what you're

saying is don't worry don't worry hmm about washing my car they don't need it

don't bother to water my plants while I'm away that's it it's quite actually

it's quite a firm way of using that word don't bother to do it

don't bother you you don't have to there is no need don't bother to water my

plants while I'm away that means there is no need to do it you don't have to

worry about it you don't have to bother about it don't worry about it

satury knows got it right as well like Soojin slightly different version and

don't forget to water my plants while I'm away yes that's a gladly obvious one

that you would think but you as some people said you might not want

your plants water yes that's it yes sir well done hmm they don't get in Aki says

don't dare to step on my plants while I'm having a nap while I'm sleeping if

you wanted to put one word in there while I'm sleeping don't dare to squash

squash my claims so if you squash something it means you are using force

to destroy something you are putting something on top of another thing you

squash the plants don't don't come don't do it don't squash my plants you could

have don't forget to prune my plants while on the way don't forget to cut my

plant prune would be a better word don't ya get to prune prune is a great word

because it's also a kind of dried fruit isn't it that's true yes but prune can

also be a verb it means you trim or cut back a bush or a tree so it does not

grow too much satoru no don't set fire to my plants while I'm away I've never

heard anyone I've never heard anyone set fire to another person's plants it seems

to me it seems like well first of all it seems like a dangerous thing to do

having said that behind me you can see the big mountain behind me a couple of

days ago someone actually started a fire in fact it was on Friday so I think it

must have been kids I'm guessing it was teenagers who had nothing to do and they

set fire to the little hill behind me and lots of fire engines were called out

to put the fire out at the top of the hill because we we haven't had signal

any rainfall for about two months it must be at least eight weeks since we

had any rainfall at all a long time it's very unusual and in fact the other night

the water went off didn't it mr. Duncan yes we lost the water laughs our water

supply went off at six o'clock I just I was hot and sweaty from doing a day's

work I wanted a shower and the water was off hmm and of course

everyone's water we haven't had water for in this country if we don't have

water for more than the band's six or eight weeks we have a we have water

shortages even though we're one of the wettest countries in the world because

the it's inefficient pipes and all that sort of thing in this country which is

fine when you're getting lots of water but well when we have any significant

droughts which a drought is a period when you don't get any rainfall mmm

then we soon run out of water and of course that's what happened something

went wrong in fact the reservoirs we've been told are now empty the water

reservoirs are empty in this area so anyway yes don't try to steal my plants

while I'm away yes don't try to steal my plants while I'm away I like that

somebody has looked at your garden an envious neighbor and see I can believe

that I can believe that might happen I would not be surprised also I'm maybe

you could say don't try to sabotage or damage my plants while I'm away so maybe

another person who is jealous when small Tatyana's got the same I said the same

thing about stealing plants or maybe it was Tatyana that said it

a lot of suggestions on this one mr. doe mr. Duncan

don't worry to water my plants a few people have said that you wouldn't use

the word that doesn't grammatically that doesn't quite work no you might say

don't worry about yes don't worry about because worry is an action so don't

worry about so you are being concerned about something don't worry about

watering my plants that you wouldn't say you wouldn't go don't worry - that's

grammatically that's not is it that's it I don't know would you ever

put worry two together like that it's unusual it's it's very unusual because

worry would not fit would not fit in that context unfortunately don't forget

to do it don't worry about doing it

Celia says don't try to touch my plants while I'm growing them yes you don't

want somebody you've put all the plants in you don't want somebody going over

there and touching them hmm good one I think that's about it I think

we've exhausted that one yes we'll have another one because we will be going in

15 minutes we have another 15 minutes to go we are playing the sentence game

everyone that's what they that's what we call this you see it's called the

sentence game I wonder how many times I've said that I'm sure someone would

count and tell me here we go he's all now

mmm steve-o now you will see this in a moment because on Steve's phone there is

a slight delay but you will see this in a moment sorry about something I

something in ah something something sorry about blank I blank in a

blank blank oh oh it's come up good

so that's an interesting one first of all think about first of all you can see

that this is an apology you aren't giving an apology like Steve gave an

apology to me earlier for a bit grudgingly being Lee yes you didn't want

to if you do something big grudgingly you don't really want to do it yeah but

you feel it so you must or someone's making you you you wrongly accused me of

turning the refrigerator to a much colder setting last night and I didn't

do it I think it must have been accidental you can't have frozen jelly

by the way nobody freezes their jelly but I thought you just wanted it to get

very cold so it would set a lot No anyway let's move on from that caused

enough problems this morning so that was an apology that Steve gave me earlier I

might record that and I'm going to have it playing in a loop forever and ever as

Steve apologizes it's quite a difficult one mr. Duncan

yes suggestions already hmm yes this is a hard one this is much harder I was

accused of Friday on Friday people said it's too easy so today I thought okay

then we will make some of them a little harder so that's what we're doing right

now yes we've got suggestions but we just want its each blank is just one

word just one word you mustn't try to get to

two words in there just one word sorry about blank so that blank is one word I

one word in one word one word I know Sergio likes to put lots of words

in the space but that's that's not what we do around here we do things

differently hmm my rules are strict but fair oh here's one here's a good one

do Tran says oh sorry oh sorry Luke English addict says sorry about that

I'm in a bad mood huh say you've well you've put an M in there

' M can we count that one mr. Duncan in the space oh well you could put a mm yes

but what but what if it was past tense Steve what it was if it was past tense

sorry about that I was in a bad mood yes sorry about

something I was I was because you are apologizing for something you've already

done so we know already that that is in the past it's something that's already

happened you don't apologize normally for something that you haven't done yet

so I'm very sorry that I broke your window next week so you never normally

you don't apologize for something you haven't done yet well although you can

warn someone you can give someone someone a warning however normally you

say sorry for something you did I didn't read out do dairy trends who

said sorry about that I'm in a big hurry sorry about that I'm gonna be going so

you maybe forgot to say hello or ignore or didn't say something to somebody and

they said oh you've ignored me and you said I was sorry about that I'm in a I'm

in a hurry hmm all I am you see so this so the

blank could be am I am in big hurry that's a good one yes

Suzie Kerr says sorry about that I was in a bad mood bad mood

yes yeah sorry about that sorry about that

what about if we were talking about a certain period of time

yeah Ana Kobi can you see Ana Kobi I was just looking at my staff my staff has

one which sounds like it would be similar I don't know how far you you are

down no you could read that out Mostafa says sorry about yesterday I was oh I am

in a bad mood yeah you would say I was in a bad mood there but that's very

close yes so it's it's always worth remembering that if you are apologizing

normally well almost always it is about something that has already

happened so it is natural to assume that you are apologizing you apologize for

something you did you apologize for something that you did which means of

course we are talking about the past tense cap Debbie says sorry about phone

hanging or hanging up we can count hanging up you'd probably say we will

count that as one word I was in a work meeting ah good one yes I suppose sorry

I'm sorry about hanging it we normally if it's an

action quite often we will say for or sorry for hanging up so quite often you

will be sorry for an action so that's why the beginning of that sentence is

not necessarily an action we are actually talking about a period of time

sorry about yesterday sorry about just sorry about just sorry about

yesterday sorry I was in a bad mood yes so that sentence what you're doing is

you're apologizing for something in the first half of the sentence before and

then after the comma you're giving an excuse as to why that or a good reason

sorry about that sorry about yesterday sorry about yeah

whatever it is you're sorry about and then you're giving the reason no excuse

which side oh no not be valid sorry about that so I'm sorry about that I was

in a bad mood I was in a work meeting that's very I thought you could say

sorry about sorry about yesterday I was all sorry about this afternoon could use

that one word sorry about well this afternoon's two words oh sorry

about yesterday I was in a zoom meeting huh yes as most people on the planet are

yes exactly now you can blame zoom for everything

now yes do you remember the ice cream called zoom yes I showed it earlier so

here it is again I'm going to show you this Steve I'm sure you will recognize

this that it's going to come on the screen right now yes a ttle of zooms

zoom there it is unfortunately mr. Steve is now off the screen I will put Steve

on so then you can see it there it is remember zoom zoom ice ice lollies they

were actually popsicles so it's now on the screen Steve you will see it in a

moment you have fab do you remember fams oh yes fabs mate did they have hundreds

and thousands on yes it's on the screen right now oh yes and also zoom which

looked like a space rocket so the zoom was was looked like a space

rocket and fab was actually based on well I think they were both based on a

TV show called Thunderbirds oh yeah I remember one ice lolly which was one of

my favorites it was strawberry on the outside and then in the middle it had

sort of vanilla ice cream was it strawberry split it might have been yes

it was it had like vanilla ice cream it was there on a stick vanilla ice cream

in the middle and then it was covered in sort of strawberry flavored ice clear

ice yes lovely so that's what I was doing earlier I was talking about these

these ice creams ice popsicles we don't really say popsicle in this country we

normally say ice lollies ice lollies that's what we normally say but a lovely

blast from the past we will have one round now one more

okay mr. Duncan yep here we go are you ready for playing the sentence game and

he is the next one hasn't come back yet no you might have to wait for about 10

seconds Steve so here's the next one I am something to give you the something

of the something ah not easy this one I am something to give you the something

of the something oh it's just come up for me now mmm does anyone have a clue

anyone have any ideas what it could be I

love the fact that we have someone called lolly lolly lolly and of course

we call things that you eat or dick live his on a stick we call that

lolli lolli lolli Dolly's been watching us for a long time yes one of our

regular viewers Tatyana says I am excited to give you some of the news

from the week oh I wonder what that is Tatyana what has happened and can you

give us the news Oh Maria also says I'm about to give you the result of the exam

oh I I think hobbies maybe their arms is mistaken we did this last week this

happened last week we thought these were genuine comments but actually they are

answers to the sentence game that's it so yes so in Valentina Rizzo yes I think

who's the first I think Anna Anna pikas food I am here to give you the keys of

the castle yes oh I'm here to give you the keys of the

hotel keys of a castle yeah that fits yes

also I'm excited to give you the news of the week which you thought was Tatiana

actually announcing she's got some news to give I read that because I thought

you were going to tell me something amazing but in fact you were just

guessing the sentence gave isn't that strange how that can catch you out sorry

about that I'm about to give you the result of the

exam Maria yes oh

Tomic there's a good one I am eager to give you the benefit of the doubt

very clever huh well maybe of atomic maybe that's what I had in mind

you see I'm eager to give you the benefit of the doubt yes but there is a

better word you could use there so something that you do without being

forced to do it yes what are you you are willing

okay thanks Steve well I'm just you could replace I mean tommix very good

but you could replace eager with willing yes I am willing willing he gets the

same thing same word I am eager to do something I am willing so if you do

something willingly it means you are doing it without being forced you are

doing it voluntarily you are doing it without being told I am willing I will

do it I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt yes so somebody

said something to you and you maybe aren't sure that what they're telling

you is true oh maybe you suspect them of breaking

something in the house whoa this morning when I accused mr. Duncan

of putting up the temperature in the fridge or putting down the temperature

putting down the temperature and mr. Duncan said no I didn't do it wasn't me

I could say I answer could be well because I hadn't got any evidence one

way or the other deserved whether mr. Duncan had adjusted the temperature or

not I could have responded by saying okay I am willing to give you what I'm

eager to give you the benefit of the doubt yes so if you give a panic if you

give someone the benefit of the doubt it means you are allowing them to be

forgiven even though you're still you're still wondering maybe in your mind you

are still thinking hmm I'm not sure did mr. Duncan really turn down the

temperature of the refrigerator or not I can't prove it so because I doubt

whether or not it is true I have to give you the benefit of the doubt because I

can't say for certain I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt I'm

not sure so all I can say is I will give you the benefit of

the doubt I'm kind of forgiving you even though in my mind I'm still thinking

maybe maybe you did it but I didn't I can safely say I did not turn the

temperature of the refrigerator down really I think yes really you can look

into my eyes look at my eyes am I am i lying I'm willing to give you the

benefit of the doubt I'm eager in fact to give you the

benefit of the doubt hmm I think so I am going to give you the answer of the quiz

yes says valentin i'm going to give you the answer to the quiz you'd probably

say normally you'd say - the answer to the question the answer to the quiz very

good nevertheless hello to Belarusian I didn't say hello earlier to Belarus yes

so I will do it now by the way we can go to the dentist on Monday next Monday

they are opening the dentist's again isn't that good news

I am here to give you the keys of the apartment hmm good one and a peeker

that's it I am I am ready to give you the solution again you would say to the

problem they're not of the problem I'm willing to give the solution to the

problem wouldn't you say mr. Jung hoon I you could also use here's an

interesting one I am going to give you the number of the hospital I'm going to

give you a number of the hospital I'm going to give you the number of the

hospital or maybe the number of the supermarket so you are going to give the

phone number the telephone number of a certain place I am going to or I am

about to give you the answer or the number of the shop I am going to give

you the results of the exam I'm going to give you the results of the exam yes

that's correct that's good yes so as you can see

Beatrice well done Beatrice well done that's brilliant so

as you could see quite often you can use many words and many ways there are many

ways and many words you can use in one particular sentence and quite often it

will also change the meaning of the sentence quite dramatically so there is

a very good example of that and that's the reason why we always like to play

what what do we like to play Steve a sentence game

I love that music by the way that's going to be my my new theme tune for

everything even when I'm on the toilet what what that's almost it Steve oh it's

not fair I'm going to give you the rest of the money and that I like the sound

of that one that's a good one who said that it's gone somebody said that satury

No are we off is it four o'clock I am going

to give you the location of the place yes I am going to give you the location

of the place the place I'm going to tell you where it is I am going to give you

the location quite often when we use the word location you are talking about a

certain space or area maybe where a person is or maybe where a certain

building is located the location the point at where that thing is that is

almost it's unfortunate that is a very popular one a lot of a lot of people

answered correctly and really had a good go yes at that Center the sentence game

mr. doom is very popular yes your sentence Kay thank you very much for

joining in I will give you all a round of applause first for trying and also

for giving the answers today thank you very much for taking part

the only message or what mr. Duncan have you messed up the phone good job it's

four o'clock yes it's just as well there we go thank you very much for your

company thank you Steve as well I will be back with you uh-oh

I get to have two days off it's not nice I wonder if you'll help me mr. Duncan

outside in my slab relaying project well you've nearly finished yes you've

almost finished now help from you mr. Duncan don't need my help I'm sure you

are more than capable of doing it by yourself yesterday I did the shopping

I laid slabs I mowed the grass and I cooked the meal okay non-stop and what

did you do mr. Duncan I came with you I helped you do the shopping I helped you

carry the shopping I also helped you unpack the shopping I also helped you

eat some of the shopping well mr. Duncan I will go and I shall say goodbye to

everybody out there and I hope you've enjoyed it today I've certainly enjoyed

being part of your live stream mr. Duncan good I'm glad you enjoyed it I

hope that I've imparted some knowledge about English and helped in some way and

I look forward to seeing you all next week

next Sunday Steve will be back thanks a lot Steve it's been lovely seeing you

here again why we I get the feeling that you have a lot of fans see you later


that whis mr. Steve for those who are wondering who mr. Steve is I have no

idea he just appeared one day in the garden

there was him two pigeons and a squirrel and they were all fighting over a mars

bar very strange moment of time so that's who mr. Steve is I'm going now I

will see you on Wednesday I'm going to have a couple of days well I want to say

rest but I don't think I'm going to have a rest because I have lots of things to

do just like mr. Steve who by the way is going back to work tomorrow so he has to

start working again tomorrow poor mr. Steve catch you later thank you

very much to Ernesto Andy see you one Wednesday we will be back together again

on Wednesday I'm not sure if I'll be in there in the garden or in the studio

because the weather next week the weather is going to become a little bit

unsettled thank you also to cap devi for your live donation today thank you very

much for that as well thank you for your company it's been great having you here

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see

you later take care stay safe stay happy enjoy whatever it is you are doing

wherever you happen to be doing it and with ever whoever you are doing it with I almost got that right and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)