it is two o'clock here in the UK I hope you are feeling okay today yes it is two

o'clock right here in the UK it is mr. Duncan that's me by the way for those

wondering what is going on yes I'm here live your eyes do not deceive you

I am definitely here with you right now live on YouTube we are now broadcasting

across YouTube the internet and quite possibly the world as well I hope you

are feeling good and I hope you can hear me as well can you believe I was

actually on time I wasn't even late I started my

livestream at exactly two o'clock and that is what I will be trying to do

whenever I am here with my extra English live streams and that's what I'm doing

today I'm doing something a little different something slightly different

today because normally I'm with you on Sunday Wednesday and Friday however

during the month of July I'm going to be with you on some extra days as well so

I've decided to call this English extra time English extra time we are spending

some extra time together so I thought okay yes that's quite a good title we

will run with that title when you run with something it means you go with it

you go with that idea so I've decided to run with the idea of doing extra live

streams during July I hope you are ok today something a little different I'm

outside first of all even though a few moments ago it was raining quite heavily

the rain has just stopped thank goodness another thing you might notice that is

different I am using my mobile phone hello mr. blackbird I'm using my mobile

phone to talk to you on today so there will be no captions

on the livestream if I'm using my mobile phone unfortunately quite often we will

have no captions so I do apologize for that first of all

the other thing I must mention is I am here for just one hour definitely there

will be no going over that is one of the rules of my extra time English live

streams so the the main rule is I won't be going over time I will be doing one

hour my advice is to get here at 2 p.m. UK time to be the one of the first ones

on the live chat and of course this is the reason why we are here to share our

love of English I love English I don't know about you but I love English so

much I love listening to people speak English

I love reading English I love watching English TV programmes I love exploring

the world of English there are so many interesting words that exist in the

English language so I'm always thinking about English I'm always wondering what

my next new word will be why are we doing this well the reason why I'm doing

this is because in July I am celebrating my 4th year four years I've been doing

live streams in fact I think I was one of the first people to start doing live

streams on YouTube teaching English it's true if you like this give me a thumbs

up I want to see those lovely thumbs today can I please have a thumb thank

you very much that's very kind of you I want to see as many thumbs many happy

smiling thumb as possible today we have a lot of

people already on the livestream oh hello to the live chat nice to see so

many people here I'm using some new technology today as well so I hope you

can hear me and see me alright I am using some new technology let's have a

look oh there are so many people here already

hello too cute din cute din hello to you I hope you are feeling good today I'm

not too bad I had a very strange dream last night this might be a new thing

that I'm going to do so whenever I do my extra livestreams I might start by

telling you the dream that I had the night before well if I had a dream the

night before if I if I had no dream then I won't tell you but last night I had a

very strange dream I went to a party and someone at the party injured me on

purpose they did something that caused me to

become injured and my leg was seriously damaged injured and later on in the

dream one of my legs became infected and I had to lie in bed as one of my legs

turned black and I had to have it cut off not a very

nice dream I would say that last night's dream was definitely a nightmare not a

dream in fact hello also husana hello Hosler nice to

see you here as well we have Mikkel Meeker hello Meeker now

one of the things about doing my livestream on the mobile phone is most

of you will be chatting here before it actually starts

so hello to all those who were really early for today's livestream oh my

goodness so there were lots of people having a conversation having a chat and

that is what you can do as well so just in case you can't see the live chat

don't worry don't panic be curse there I'm just doing some things on my phone

just to just excuse me a moment that's better I can see you now so for those

who are wondering what this is all about well I'm with you for an hour today

we're going to chat we're going to talk about all sorts of things something you

might want to talk about something I might want to talk about maybe you had a

strange dream last night I dreamt that I lost one of my legs what a weird dream

I'm sure if there is a psychologist out there I'm sure you will have some idea

why I had that strange dream hello Malia hello also Mavi hello to

Alessandra as well tomorrow hello mr. Duncan and hello students I am

very intrigued by what surprises you have prepared today how is your hay

fever I hope you are quite well thank you tomorrow and what a lovely message

as well thank you very much for your concern my hay fever is not too bad

today because we've had a lot of rain so it's very wet very humid today

fortunately I'm not affected too much by all of this pollen in the air so that's

a good thing I think that's a very good thing I think so hello mr. Duncan what a

nice surprise says Platina hello Platina nice to see

you here as well for those wondering what this is

I'm doing a livestream some extra English live streams so what I'm

actually talking about is English in general I'm also talking to you so I

won't really have anything prepared during these extra live streams this is

just a chance for us to chat to each other however my normal English addict

live streams will be available they will be live every Sunday Wednesday and

Friday which of course means I am back with you

tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. UK time with my normal whatever that is what is normal

what is normal these days can you actually Express what normal is these

days I don't think normal exists anymore in fact I think the word normal should

be removed from the English dictionary because nothing is really normal anymore

is it when you think about it nothing is really normal hello Donna Donna s says

this is the second live stream that I've watched but I wonder who is mr. Steve is

he your relative mr. Steve is not my relative he's not my brother

he's not my cousin he's not my father

definitely not my father so yes but he is someone who is very special to me we

are very close we share a special bond we have been friends for many many years

friends soulmates call it what you want really I suppose within reason hello

Michelle hello also oh yes of course can I just mention again there are no live

captions because I'm using my mobile phone so this is now coming to you live

from my little mobile phone so I hope you can see me

and hear me all right however there are no live captions there

will be live captions later so don't worry there will be live captions later

when this has been stored on YouTube so don't worry you will have captions here

later hello will so 2 V tests hello Vitesse normally Vitesse is first

on the live chat but not today I wonder why hello also Malaya

hello also lil academia McKenzie hello academia McKenzie nice to see you here

as well I'm very intrigued by your name academia McKenzie

maybe McKenzie is your first actual name maybe it's your name or your family name

perhaps hello Bing Kwang hello Bing Kwang I

think maybe you are watching in I want to say maybe China Hong Kong somewhere

around there maybe or maybe Vietnam even talking of Hong Kong a lot of things

happening at the moment in Hong Kong yesterday was the anniversary of the

handover which occurred in 1997 when Hong Kong was handed back to China so

for many years Hong Kong was actually governed by the UK a lot of people

forget this but it is actually true and yesterday was the anniversary but of

course the Chinese government have decided to become a little bit more

harsh they want to have more control over what happens in Hong Kong a lot of

people protesting certainly over the past year many people have been

protesting in Hong Kong for various reasons but new laws new legislation

has been brought into place now by the Chinese government so it is much harder

to complain or protest about the situation in Hong Kong so can I just say

a very big hello to my Hong Kong viewers I know I have quite a few in fact so can

I say hello to you as well my dream was an awful dream yes I think you're right

it was a very strange dream that I had last night oh hello Jimmy Jimmy from

Hong Kong I was just talking about Hong Kong hello hello also palmi rare also we

have Diana Romano nice to see you here today

it isn't cold here it's humid some might say it's rather tropical it just feel

rather tropical here today in fact if you look behind me I'm surrounded by

green trees green bushes all sorts of things in fact I will move out of the

way so you can see the view behind me properly so there is the view today

looking rather nice even though the rain was coming down quite heavily a few

moments ago it was really raining heavily Mikhail says you speak very well

you speak like that on purpose or are you really like that mr. Duncan I'm

really like this I don't change my voice why would I do that why would I change

my voice maybe in real time maybe in real life I might have a London accent

hello hello everybody my name is mr. Duncan and I come from

land right there alright are you doing today

okay let's learn some English shall we not really no this is how I sound I'm

afraid this is my voice and I am stuck with it and so are you hello also - Oh

pal Mira says congratulations on your 4th anniversary

doing live streams thank you very much on the 15th of July it will be the 4th

anniversary so I thought hmmm why don't I just come on live and do some extra

live streams we can have a chat we can talk about anything how about that isn't

that interesting I hope it is anyway hello Jade hello also let me just get

rid of some people here already I have to start blocking people now

normally I don't like blocking people I'm not a person who enjoys censorship

however if you start writing abusive things if you start swearing at me and

saying horrible things to me just to be mean then I might have to send you

packing if you send someone packing you send them packing

it means you ask them to go away you say I'm sorry I'm going to have to ask you

to leave I send you packing which of course

refers to packing your suitcase so if you send someone packing it means you

send them away you send them away you send them packing Oh English with akshar

I'm sure one day I will pronounce your name correctly I'm not sure if today is

that day I'm not sure hello - Jade hello Jade

there are your ancestors from my ancestors well some people might know

this already so I'm sorry if it's boring but I am part French in the past so on

my father's side there is a French line so part of my family history is actually

French I hope that answers your question Ernesto says I like your cockney accent

yeah yeah do you like my cockney accent yeah and

going up the old Apple ohm pairs to see the old trouble and strife trouble and

strife so that is cockney rhyming slang cockney rhyming slang have you ever

heard of that it is a way of using words but instead of using the proper word you

use a different word that rhymes with the word that you want to use for

example if someone is dead you will say they are brown bread house how is he

mrs. OH she's brown bread which means dead

so you see cockney rhyming slang is exactly how it sounds they are words

that rhyme with the word that you want to use apple and pears Apple in pairs

scares you see so you you can go up the Apple impairs the up the Apple and pears

you go up the stairs having said that not a lot of people use

cockney rhyming slang anymore I will be honest with you not many people use it

you might hear it used sometimes as a joke but not many people use cockney

rhyming slang anymore do you speak French Thank You Mikkel can I just say

when I was at school I used to be very good at French I don't know how that

happened but I used to be very good at French at

school and I have no idea how or why

hello Christina oh hello Christina nice to see you here

as well I didn't notice you here apologies for not seeing you Christina I

have been listening to your lessons for many years and I actually improve my

pronunciation thank you very much I'm glad my lessons have been useful to you

Jade says I thought your ancestors were

Germans hmm well I don't know how far back my family goes on my mother's side

it might be interesting to find out but certainly I know on my father's side the

the bloodline I don't like that phrase the bloodline goes back to France

Palmyra mr. Duncan I remember once mr. Steve replaced you as a teacher it was

so funny and mr. Steve spoke very slowly yes sometimes I think Steve is after my

job I do like I sometimes feel a little threatened by mr. Steve hmm

especially when he he appears to have more fans than me I do get a little

worried actually I get a little worried hello Donna Donna s says my mother

language is Arabic I find the Arabic language quite interesting

certainly when it's written down because when it's written down it is back to

front so in Arabic you write the opposite way

which I find quite interesting so normally we write from left to right but

in Arabic you go the other way which I find quite interesting

hmm Sandra says hello mr. Duncan do you always live in much Wenlock now I've

lived here for about seven years so I've actually been here for about seven years

at the moment up to this point in fact it might be around seven and a half

years so I moved here in 2030 before that I lived in a big city called

Wolverhampton and before that I lived in a place called Stafford which is my

hometown that is where I was raised as a child Meeker I remember your first ever

live stream in the studio and at that time I couldn't express myself well in

English so what about now can you express yourself in English better then

you could four years ago I really hope so I remember my first ever live lesson

oh my goodness I was so nervous and I think I looked nervous as well on

the screen you can tell that I'm a little nervous

however Here I am four years later and when I do my live streams I feel very

relaxed and I hope you do as well Luis Mendez

oh hello Luis thank you for joining me today something a little different this

is English extra time so we have some extra English some extra time to chat

with each other mr. Duncan you said that you are up you are bad in maths so you

must be great in languages I'm not sure about that but I'm I know one thing if

there is one thing I am sure of in this world I am bad at maths mathematics

terrible I really am I don't know why it is like my brain

cannot work out numbers it's very strange

very weird very unusual hello Marella hi mr. Duncan it's a

special day for you I hope that it is a good and pleasant experience yes well I

will be doing some extra live streams as the name suggests underneath you see

English extra time so I will be doing these as well

besides my normal lessons as well so you will still see me on Sunday Wednesday

and Friday as normal but I will be doing some extra live streams as well

something relaxed something different hello Chand Charlotte hello Charlotte I

haven't seen you for a while I know that you used to watch my live streams quite

often so it's nice to see you back with us again

welcome back Charlotte nice to see you here again English with ash car says my

mother language is Hindi another interesting language as well Yoona

Karina maths is funny it is mathematics I'm really bad in maths

honestly I'm not joking I'm not very good at working things out in my head

some people are brilliant you can just give them some numbers 12 pert plus 20

plus 16 plus 18 and they can work it out in their head very quickly unfortunately

for me definitely not I am not very good at mathematics

I think it's going to rain again I think we are about to have some more rain

don't forget to give me a thumbs up can you please give me a thumbs up can you

please show me your thumb I want to see it sticking up give me a thumbs up do

you mind is it alright I know maybe this is your

first time here on the live chat but could you please give me a lovely thumbs

lovely like thank you very much that's very kind of you to say new in Din d'hui

says what is one plus three minus four star eight I don't know what's what four

star eight is unfortunately for star eight unique arena mr. Duncan your maths

is bad because you always run out of jaffa cakes

you can't count them whilst you eat them that might be a good idea that might be

a thing that could be real because nowadays if you buy a packet of jaffa

cakes they only have ten inside ten jaffa cakes I think so yeah so you might

be right there you might be right mr. Duncan why do I keep making the same

mistake after adjectives meaning abilities you must use at all I see if

you are good at something well if you are expressing an ability

something you can do well we often say you are good at something I am good at

sport I am good at maths

I'm good at teaching good act you are good at something quite often people

will say good on which of course is not right

you can't be good on something you can be good at something I am good at Donna

wants to know where my space hopper has gone my space hopper has gone very far

away it has hopped off that is hopped away

Sergio says this sign might be very offensive in some parts of the world

well I can't do anything about that maybe I could stand here with my hands

behind my back and maybe I could keep my body very still just in case I offend

someone so what should I do should I just do this all the time hello

everyone my name is mr. Duncan how are you today all I could do this which i

think is more fun so please give me a lovely thumbs up even if it offends you

even if you are offended by this please give one to me because it won't offend

me you can give me one of these anytime anyplace anywhere it's starting to rain

again some people love the sound of rain have you noticed that there are now

companies that will play the sound of rain to you

some people like to fall asleep to the gentle sound of the rain falling you

made my day because this is an amazing livestream

thank you very much Donna it is just me standing here in my garden in England

it's it's simple as that motion says I agree mr. Duncan spontaneous behavior is

better well I am a spontaneous person I am a person that sometimes likes to do

things I like to do things spontaneously without too much preparation sometimes

it can be more fun so I don't like to stand here and read things all the time

it's starting to rain perhaps you would like to listen to the rain would you

like to listen to the rain falling

isn't that nice the sound of the rain

Ram Mohan could you please explain the word effluence along with a sentence

effluence when we talk about effluence we mean waste so things that are not

needed quite often things that are shall I say things that are deposited by the

human body poop is effluent so if something that is

bad and clean something that is unpleasant quite often we describe it as

effluent effluence so the effluence is all of the waste that has been collected

together and quite often you often find you often do find that effluence will

flow sometimes into the water effluent

the local lake was contaminated with effluent from the nearby sewerage farm

effluence things that are disgusting smelly and clean quite often something

that is unwanted you might put it somewhere in a certain place like I

suppose you could say like a rubbish dump or a tip somewhere where things are

collected something that is dirty and disgusting something that is unwanted it

is where the waste is perfect

beatrice says i love the sound of the rain mr. duncan me too

yes the lake was contaminated with effluent or effluent from the local

sewerage farm you might not realize this but not very far away from where I live

there is actually a place where the effluence is collected there is actually

a sewer farm a sewerage farm or a sewerage works just over there and what

they do is they take all of that disgusting poop and all of that horrible

stuff and then they filter you they filter it through lots of different

surfaces and at the end what comes out clean water it's amazing

Frank butcher is here yeah yeah Pat yeah Pat don't leave me Pat yeah I used to

present run around in the 1970s Frank butcher whatever happened to Mike Reed

old wait a moment I know Mike Reed is brown bread yes unfortunately

Frank butcher who was a character from a famous TV show here in the UK called

East Enders he was a cockney guy he used to talk like this yeah yeah yeah my

name's Frank butcher yeah no Pat Pat don't leave me Pat Palmera

says zero waste it is a trendy movement these days well I suppose it is easier

said than done to have zero waste there is always waste

we literally produce waste we do all the time so we actually produce way

from our bodies all of time not only are we we and poopoo but also from our lungs

all the time there is carbon dioxide coming out of us all the time so you

might say that we are full of waste full of it mr. Duncan you are full of waste

what is mr. Steve doing now is he renovating the place in front of your

house Steve at the moment is working he is working hard or is he hardly working

I like the theme I like the theme tune from east enders i do do do do do do do

do do do do do by the way EastEnders is the most depressing TV

show in the UK it is so depressing I never watch EastEnders not anymore

I used to many years ago when dirty den dirty Dan who remembers dirty Dan many

years ago yes but I don't watch it anymore because they're always shouting

into each other every time I I turn my TV on to EastEnders they're always

shouting fighting in the bar I can't stand it so no I don't watch EastEnders

anymore it depresses me quite a lot Mary Glau oronzo says I love your hat

mr. Duncan yesterday can you see today I am wearing my red hat I normally have a

white one but today and wearing my red hat

because it matches my sure that you see I am coordinating my hat goes with my

shirt so I like to think that today my clothing is coordinated it matches

I think so Jade says I don't watch TV at all well recently I got rid of Netflix

I've actually cancelled Netflix a couple of weeks ago so I don't watch Netflix

anymore because I've canceled it and I don't watch much television either so no

I don't watch a lot of TV I sometimes watch the news but no I don't watch a

lot of television anymore because most of it is rubbish I think so Rafa says

what do you do mr. Duncan what do I do well normally I'm here on YouTube

talking about the English language I love English so much I love the English

language I love talking in English I love doing all of that

definitely Sergio oh I see Sergio says carbon dioxide is a food for green life

it's not rubbish yes but imagine what would happen if the

trees were not there oh if we had no trees there would be too much carbon

dioxide in the world you see that is why we need those trees those trees take

away all of the poison that we expel hmm mr. Duncan what is your defect my defect

of vision my vision defect I have myopia so I am mr. blackbird

black bird came right past my heads then so I have myopia which means I have

short sightedness so I can see near but unfortunately I can't see things that

are distant or far away as a black bird in the bush just behind me Mary says I

what I stopped watching the news recently because I felt depressed me too

I don't really like watching the news anymore either

I used to watch the news a lot but I don't even watch that anymore who what

time is it it is coming up to a quarter to three I will be going in 15 minutes I

will be going in 15 minutes Oh mr. Duncan you didn't inform me about

this extra lesson I did mention it yesterday on my English addict

livestream I did I did mention it and I will be doing some extra live streams

during the month of July so these glasses that I'm wearing now

these are actually my reading glasses so if I need to read something that is

quite close to me I have to wear these so that is the reason why I often wear

these glasses when I'm doing my live streams because I need to be able to

read the live chat how much do you earn from YouTube not as much as you think I

can tell you now not as much as you think

meliha hello Malia is mr. Steve married or single why is he always with you

Steven me do you need me to draw a diagram really if you can't work out why

and how

hello Rafa in Argentina the weather is very cold today it isn't cold here

it feels tropical it feels like I'm in the tropics maybe in Borneo

or maybe the Amazon it feels a little bit like that

hello also two new in Oh new in dinned we says I remember seeing your monkey

mr. Lomax a lot of people remember mr. Lomax they do Brazil says we love you

gritty era grits Egret ara real in Brazil says I like you and we love you

in Brazil thank you very much for that do you have a sentence game today

no as I explained earlier this is an extra live stream this is just general

live stream chat we can talk about things we are free and open however

tomorrow we will be back with our normal English addict so I will be with you

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time with English addict everything will look a

little bit more normal whatever that is whatever normal is RAM says your living

space is awesome thank you very much that's very kind of you to say how warm

is it today it's around about 20 21 degrees today

it isn't really hot but it is humid there is a lot of moisture

in the air at the moment it is very humid humid how about me teaching you

music and you can teach me English that sounds like a good idea actually

mr. Steve is very musical

what will you start to teach after English addict after English addict well

my English addict will continue hopefully forever and ever and ever so

my English addict livestream will just carry on forever and ever

until I breathe my last breath how many languages do you know I used to know a

lot of Chinese when I lived in China I used to be good at French when I was at

school so I wouldn't describe myself as an expert in Chinese or in French but I

did used to speak some of it when I lived in China how can I improve my

vocabulary how can you improve your word power that is a good question

I always say you should try to learn some new words every day maybe five or

if you are feeling very adventurous maybe 10 new words every day so you can

start off by learning maybe five new words every day and perhaps later you

can learn ten new words every day but you must do it every day you must treat

English like you would part of your body something you use every day you use your

hands every day you must try and use English every day so that is my advice

for that tomorrow hello tomorrow yes Chinese is a very

difficult language to learn it is and use it is not easy I often do 15 minutes

of vocabulary every day hello there was a black bird right behind me do you want

to say hello he's gone shy now nu win din do we if you don't earn that much

then how are you paying the rent and how you do you pay for food are you doing

another job well sometimes no I'm not going to say that well of course I do

rely also on donations as well so I do get donations I do have some lovely kind

people who send donations as a way of helping me to continue with my English

streaming I also make English lessons as well I've been doing that for 14 I've

been doing that for 14 years on YouTube do you just want to come and say hello

the black bird is saying hello it's just behind me just in that Bush using that

Bush there right there he's in there

isn't that nice the lovely moment of time so yes yes I

do get some lovely donations I have a PayPal account and some people do like

sending donations because everything I do I do for free I do it all free it

costs you nothing so I always like to try and give as many people as possible

the chance to listen to English that's what I try to do

the Blackbird is listening to our conversation yes I think so he was

sitting right behind me in the bush it is just behind me there and it's

watching me interesting I think the Blackbird wants to be on the livestream

why asking a person's age it is so hard well a lot of people don't like giving

their age a lot of people don't like saying how old they are it is something

that I suppose in many cultures is taboo you don't actually ask a person their

age especially a woman one of the worst things you can do is ask a lady her age

you never ask a woman her age it is quite rude and impolite so you never ask

a woman her age how old am I

very nice good question there very good question hello Ram Mohan how did you get

this idea to teach English and help people around the world what motivates

you well it was my time in China that motivated me because I realized there

were many people who wanted to learn English as a second language who never

get the chance to do it so there are lots of people who are very hungry they

are hungry to learn English but unfortunately they can't afford for

whatever reason they can't afford to have lessons they can't afford to go to

a training centre however they can watch videos on the internet there are many

ways of accessing the internet so that's really what maybe decide to do

English teaching on YouTube I started doing it whilst I was in China so I

started doing this in 2006 making my recorded English lessons and then four

years ago four years ago I discovered that I can live stream on YouTube and

since then I've been doing regular live streams so that's what I've been doing

since 2016 so I hope that answers your question so I always feel very motivated

to do it because I know there are many people out there who want to learn

English but they don't have the chance many people hundreds thousands maybe

even millions before I go can you give me a thumb can you give me a lovely

thumb to show that you care and if you want you can also share this live stream

give me a thumb come on all you have to do is click the therm it's very easy

give me a thumbs up I will be back with you tomorrow I am going in five minutes

I am going in five minutes your job is a little bit like a mission yes it is I

take all of this I take this very seriously even though I have fun on the

live streams I always take this very seriously when

I'm not doing it when I'm in my studio quite often I will I will look at things

and I will study things and I will read my emails and I realize there are many

people there are many people who want to learn English as a Second Language

McKell vaak Victorine says I will put a thumb down why would you do that

to me yes I don't like saying how old I am

instead I I am still young and I graduated from university well maybe you

are young you see if you are a graduate maybe you are very young

ed Gann I've clicked the thumbs up icon mr. Duncan thank you very much it's very

kind of you thank you very much

Sergio thank you very much Sergio for joining

today with your wonderful wit and wisdom very nice for minutes mr. Duncan how are

things in England about the epidemic things are not too bad they're not great

things are not great however we are slowly returning to normal whatever that

is as I said at the start of today's livestream I'm not sure what normal is

anymore I think the word normal should be removed from the dictionary because

nowadays nothing nothing is normal anymore nothing I always click the like

on this video Thank You Mohsen that's very kind of you

yes things are pretty bad at the moment in the world some countries are still

suffering badly with the current pandemic here in the UK things are

slowly returning to normal on Saturday many of the shops many businesses are

going to open their doors restaurants bars hair salons they are all going to

start doing business again I'm sorry mister Blackbird we are going to have to

stop soon we've almost run out of time I'm ever so sorry the Blackbird just

said Oh mr. Duncan please don't go can you stay for a little bit longer thanks

for your messages today wow so many people have actually joined me I wasn't

sure how many people would be here how many of you would be joining me because

I know you have many things to do in your lives you are busy people I think

so we unfortunately have a lot of new cases here says Florence some places

aren't still doing badly some places are still suffering badly here in the UK

there are still problems in fact one particular place has been locked down

and it will remain locked down for two more weeks so yes things are not over

things are still carrying on as far as the epidemic is concerned things are not

getting back to normal just yet two minutes oh did you see that did you see


did you see the black bird the black bird just came out of the bush then

because it knows I'm going you see it's going somewhere else it's going into

someone else's garden to see if someone else is doing a livestream that they can

interrupt Thank You Ernesto thank you most soon Thank You Florence I hope

you've enjoyed this livestream one hour goes by very quickly doesn't it don't

you think one hour has gone by very quickly

I hope I have a good dream tonight I'd I hope I don't have any nightmares I

really do I hope I have a sweet dream and I hope you do as well

have a lovely night have a lovely day whatever you are doing don't forget do

it with a smile and I will see you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time don't forget

to give me your lovely thumbs up and I will see you tomorrow

English addict coming your way tomorrow on YouTube from 2 p.m. UK time and we

will be in the studio tomorrow because apparently the rain is going to be

falling quite heavily so I will be in the studio from tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

tomorrow in the studio English addict and of course tomorrow is Friday so we

can all relax and have a little bit of fun we will be looking at some unusual

words tomorrow and also we will be maybe perhaps playing the sentence game Oh mr.

Duncan very nice catch you later thanks for your company see you tomorrow

2 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching see you later and of course you know what's

coming next yes you do until the next time we meet here which I hope will be tomorrow

ta ta for now 8-)