yeah here we go again we are back  all together it is sunday and  

look it's a rather nice day outside my  studio window are you ready to go we are  

all here together to enjoy that wonderful  english language yes this is english addict  

coming to you live from the birthplace of  english which just happens to be england

there you are hi everybody this is mr  duncan in england how are you today  

are you okay i hope so are you happy i really  hope so here we go again hasn't the week gone  

quickly i don't know about you but i think  last week went by like a flash as quick as a  

flash something that goes by quickly something  that seems to pass by almost instantaneously  

i think last week went by very quickly i don't  know why i have a strange feeling in my left knee  

that last week went by very quickly is there  something about your partner or maybe a relative  

that annoys you is there something that  you've always wanted to tell someone  

that you are annoyed by is there a thing a habit  maybe something a person does in your life maybe  

your partner maybe your mother or father or sister  or brother maybe a neighbour has an annoying habit  

something that really annoys you i think  today we can get this thing off our chests  

is that a good idea so if there is  something that really annoys you  

about a person that you know it might  be the person you share your life with

for the time being of course maybe after telling  me what it is you may no longer be in that  

relationship you see so if you want to tell me if  you want to say mr duncan this is the thing that  

really annoys me about my partner or the person  that you know i see i'm already getting complaints  

about no captions i can't do anything about  this this is out of my control i'm ever so sorry  

youtube i don't know why youtube has changed  everything everything has been altered changed  

rearranged and dare i say not for the better i'm  just checking now no we have we have no captions  

i don't know why i'm very sorry about this  but youtube have changed the whole platform  

so when you want to live stream now on youtube you  have to do something very different you have to  

do something more complicated than before i'm  ever so sorry about that but i love live captions  

i think live captions are ever so nice but  unfortunately we can't have them i don't know why  

youtube have made changes  so if you want to complain  

complain to youtube maybe you can start some  sort of campaign bring back the live captions  

when do we want them now what do we want live  captions please youtube if you are listening now  

can we please please have our lovely live captions  back at the bottom of the screen so it's not very  

good really is there something about another  person whom you know is there something annoying  

about them this is something i'm going to ask  a general question first of all now as you know  

there is someone who i know quite well  and they have some very annoying habits  

some very annoying habits that they  do quite often one of them is complain  

do you know someone in your life who is  always complaining about things whatever it is  

however good the day is going they will always  find something to complain about do you know  

someone like that hello to the live chat oh nice  to see you all here today yes we have made it  

to the end of another week a new week is  just around the corner yes it's sunday

we have made it to sunday once more  i'm very glad to see you here today

coming up we have the sentence game back by  popular demand we have the sentence game once more  

and also today we are talking about  image things that are attractive  

things that are beautiful things that catch your  eye so we are looking at something positive today  

things that are beautiful maybe a person maybe  a thing an object perhaps maybe something you've  

heard maybe a person has said something lovely and  it has stuck in your head something lovely also  

you may have noticed we have a special guest on  today's live stream we have a female teacher i've  

been asked mr duncan you never have any females  on your show so today we have our special guest  

i'm not sure if i should do this mr  steve when i told mr steve this morning  

that i was doing this all he did was roll  his eyes he disagreed with me like this

he roll his eyes so today we have a new teacher  ladies and gentlemen put your hands together  

for our new teacher welcome to oh dear should  i really be doing this should i say hello to

miss spelling hey guys this is misspelling your  new english teacher are you ready to be taught  

a lesson don't be naughty in my classroom or i  will have to punish you you heard what she said  

don't be naughty in the classroom or else  she will punish you miss spelling our new  

english teacher and i'm sure today she will be  popping up lots and lots of times here we go  

again wow nice to see so many people here on  the live chat very nice to see you here today  

and it's quite bright outside if you notice behind  me so the thing you can see behind me is actually  

the garden at the moment right now outside that  is the view behind me at the moment and mr steve  

has been very busy very busy in the garden  this morning i'm sure he will complain about  

all of the work he's had to do this  morning he's been very busy in the garden  

so what about you do you have a person who has  an annoying habit oh we have something here samar  

says yes my brother always complains about  the food that my mother cooks for us can i  

just say something my mother used to be a very  good cook she was before she went into hospital  

so she's not very well at the moment but my  mother used to cook some of the most amazing meals  

ever ever the most amazing meals ever alberto  says what really annoys me are negative and  

insulting racist comments on facebook from people  i know it's really annoying and also disappointing  

thank you alberto yes people can sometimes let you  down with their thoughts or ideas their opinions  

so nowadays i think we are living in very  strange times because people are more outspoken  

than they used to be and one of the reasons  why this is is because you can now be anonymous  

you can you can actually go onto the internet  and type whatever you want you can say whatever  

you want i suppose i suppose it would be fair to  say that it takes a lot of courage to actually go  

onto the internet and reveal yourself like this  so one of the things a lot of people say about  

this is mr duncan you are very brave putting  yourself out there and allowing people to see  

you for real so people know me they  know who i am and you can see me right  

now on the camera but the internet does  allow many people to stay anonymous  

they can type they can say whatever they  want and sometimes those things can be cruel  

or unkind even prejudiced of course so it does  happen people sometimes can be very rude very  

upsetting they say things sometimes of course  they do it on purpose they do it because they  

want to upset people so from my point of view this  is something i've said before if you don't want to  

get too much attention you have to be very careful  where you expose yourself where you show yourself  

and i suppose being in the public eye is  a big step to take so revealing yourself  

sometimes can put your i suppose it can put your  character on show because there are people out  

there who might not like what you do so the  internet is a place where people can often  

express their views sometimes there are people who  might express negative views for various reasons

richard hello richard my sister often calls  by telephone and she is complaining every time  

mr steve by the way he will be with us soon  mr steve will be with us in a few moments  

telling us what he's been doing  in the garden this morning

i think i think steve has become a little  bit obsessed to be honest i think so with  

his gardening because he's doing it all the  time complaining on the phone yes mr steve  

is a person who likes to complain and moan  especially when he's talking with his mum  

so when steve and his mother are on the  phone together all they do is complain  

they love complaining about things that's  all they do when they're talking on the phone  

i'm sure i will get into lots of  trouble for saying that but it's true

hello to the live chat i suppose i should say  hello to hmm who was first oh hello vitesse v tess  

well done you are first on today's live chat

fancy pants well done yes we will be hearing  more from miss spelling our new lady teacher  

who has decided to drop by today as a special  guest mr duncan says oh hello irene hello also  

we have lehigh huang here today watching  in vietnam can i say hello to vietnam  

i know over the past few days you've had a lot  of bad weather in fact in that part of the world  

japan as well has has been affected by some  very terrible weather heavy rain storms  

strong winds all sorts of things have been  going on in that part of the world so can i  

say hello to vietnam also can i say hello to  japan as well the weather has been very rough  

around there at the moment hello also sidra nice  to see you here sidra as well palmyra is here  

as well amina hello amina i don't recognize  your name amina amona interesting interesting  

name i like that hello christina also we  have mohsen we have maliha beatriz is here  

where are the moderators today i could only see  one moderator at the moment oh pedro pedro is here  

i didn't see you you were hiding in the corner  pedro belmont is here today saying hello as happy  

as he can we also have oh we have barong here as  well by the way we did restart the english addict  

last week some people missed last week's live  stream because they thought i was still off  

but last week we did start doing the live streams  again so this is the second live stream of  

october and of course october is a busy  month because i will be celebrating my  

14 years on youtube can you believe it 14 years  i've been here hello also to oh we have pat you  

here today florence is here has anyone seen has  anyone seen luis mendes i haven't seen lewis today  

where are you lewis we are waiting to say  hello to you mr bruno hello mr bruno i  

haven't seen you for a very long time either  on the live chat nice to see you as well

pat you want to talk about beauty things that  are attractive we are going to look at some  

words and phrases connected to beauty things  that you find beautiful it can be anything  

i will be asking steve this question as well  in a few moments so what is attractive to you  

something beautiful something nice maybe  a thing that always makes you feel happy  

when you see it it can be anything maybe a  person sometimes a person you might meet someone  

that you haven't seen for a long time especially  during these times that we are living in right now  

meeting someone you haven't seen for a while can  be an extra special moment of time i think so

hello luisa luisa mr duncan what  happened on wednesday and friday  

for those who are wondering i will put my little  message up on the screen just to remind everyone  

that i am with you once a week during  october let me just put this on the screen  

so you can see it so i will be with you once a  week every sunday from 2pm uk time i will leave  

this on the screen underneath so you can see  we are back english addict live every sunday  

at 2pm uk time and of course if you  want to make a donation to allow my work  

to carry on i do it all for free everything  i do i do for you for free can you believe it  

mr steve will be with us in a few moments we  are looking at attractiveness beauty things that  

catch your eye oh hello i haven't seen  you here before do you come here often  

or maybe something that annoys you about your  partner or maybe a family member we'll be looking  

at that as well and we have the sentence game  today can you believe it we also have the sentence  

game coming up as well today we have random words  or random letters so today we are not looking at  

one particular letter we are having random letters  on today's sentence game if you don't know what  

that is you will find out all about it a little  bit later on here is an excerpt from one of my  

full english lessons and i think this is this is  quite nice this is quite a nice excerpt to show  

if you like learning english then you have come  to the right place because i have lots of english  

lessons here on my youtube channel and here is  one of them right now this is an excerpt from one  

of my full english lessons and then after this  we have mr steve joining us live in the studio


oh there you are welcome to another full english  lesson coming to you from the birthplace of  

winnie the pooh professor snape  

judy dench hugh laurie and of course the english  language which is why we are all here together now  

so without any more dawdling or time wasting let's  get on with today's full english lesson right


have you ever been stuck for words have you ever  been in a situation where you could not think  

what to say there are many ways of describing this  occurrence we can say that you are tongue-tied you  

have been left speechless you are stuck for words  you cannot find the words to express yourself  

your mind has gone blank there are many reasons  why you might find yourself unable to speak  

perhaps you are in a state of shock or surprise  an unexpected event can leave you speechless  

the surprise can be a nice thing or it can  be something not so nice such as bad news  

if you are giving a speech to a group  of people you might find that your brain  

suddenly stops working you become  nervous and cannot remember what to say  

i'm ever so sorry my mind has gone blank after  a sudden surprise you might only be able to say  

i'm speechless you have become  tongue-tied and stuck for words  

if you try to remember the thing you wanted to  mention you might say it's on the tip of my tongue  

a continuing debate in english usage is the  question of when to use who and when to use whom  

according to formal grammar who forms the  subjective case and so should be used in subject  

position in a sentence as in who decided this the  form whom on the other hand forms the objective  

case and so should be used in object position in a  sentence as in whom do you think we should support  

to whom do you wish to speak although there  are some speakers who still use who and whom  

according to the rules of formal grammar as stated  here there are many more who rarely use whom at  

all its use has retreated steadily and is  now largely restricted to formal contexts  

the normal practice in modern english is to  use who instead of whom and where applicable  

to put the preposition at the end of  the sentence who do you wish to speak  

to who do you think we should support such uses  today are broadly accepted in standard english

they seek him here they seek him there  

mr steve seems to be everywhere i hope you enjoyed  that that was one of my full english lessons and  

you can see my full english lessons on my youtube  channel yes they are all there for you to look at  

and well i hope you will look at  them and hopefully enjoy them as well  

are we on we are on you didn't give me any warning  mr duncan how naughty the warning was you standing  

next to me and me clenching my buttocks mr duncan  you've been very naughty you're trying to catch me  

without come over a bit yeah okay mr duncan you're  always always trying to boss me around hello  

everyone hello what you have to remember is i have  to do everything i'm the i'm the producer director  

cameraman sound recordist so i have to do all  the technical things as well you don't realize  

how hard this is you should try doing this one day  it's it's very difficult oh it's very hard to do  

how many times do you tell us mr duncan you're  always moaning and complaining that you have to  

do it all well anyway anyway hello everyone hello  mr duncan would you like the clap uh well no i  

would uh i would prefer to stay disease-free  thank you no i meant applause you silly

man just for you steve that's a that's a um uh a  queen mother wave a queen [ __ ] didn't you tell  

me that you were watching shirley bassey last  night a very old recording which was filmed in  

the same year that you were born yeah i don't  say the year don't say the year i wasn't going  

to say the year but but i was surprised anyway  because i didn't think they had television then

i thought it was only radio well  yes i it just popped up it must have  

realized you know what it's like it's clever  isn't it uh the internet it knows what you  

watch the internet uh suggests things to  you so it must know i like shirley bassey so  

he must have known when i was born because  suddenly it said royal variety performance  

1961 okay uh so blimey it seems so long ago and  yet that was when i was born it seemed like a  

different era it was a different era well i don't  i don't think you were there at the show were you  

i know but you know it was it was very strange  but there was shirley bassy looking looking very  

young and prim and proper yes um you know for  a moment i thought you were going to say that  

you actually were born at that performance  whilst shirley bassey was singing i wonder  

what i wonder what set what song you could sing  by shirley bassey as a person is being born um

i don't know catherine says what a clap disease  the clap if you that's that's a a slang word  

uh to mean that you've got a sexually transmitted  disease a disease that is transmitted not by your  

mouth not by your nose well it could be it's  the clap i think it means gonorrhea yes well  

in olden terms in the army i believe that  actually came from people who were in the army  

and of course they would be stationed  all around the world in different places  

and they would have lots of hanky-panky with  strangers but one of the downsides of doing that  

is you can catch some some yucky sticky i mean  this it doesn't have to be in the army okay anyway  

no i'm i'm saying that's where it came from is  it the clap okay yeah so people weren't clapping  

if you clap it means you're applauding  performance yes okay but i don't know why  

they call it the clap i think it's just  a slang term that is less embarrassing  

have you got the clap yeah and you better  go and visit an std clinic i caught the clap  

from a toilet seat in hyde park impossible yeah uh  a prostitute maybe okay this is i mean this so we  

so we're here i mean you know we don't  know obviously from personal experience  

but yes uh of course sexually transmitted diseases  now there's an interesting uh interesting subject  

uh used to be mostly young people would  catch that but now these days mr duncan  

people uh elderly people going on holiday  they're catching stds a sexually transmitted  

diseases you know this this program today  has taken a very strange turn just from me  

offering steve some applause very interesting but  there you go there you go yes so yes the rise in  

stds uh the sort of growth area so to speak is  in sort of middle-aged and elderly people because  

you know they're going on these certain types  of holidays certain types of holidays what does  

that mean well where you meet people okay then  well sleep with them couldn't that be anywhere  

no but normally you know what about elderly  people would be careful elderly well what  

i'm saying is that how how old are we talking  well middle age upwards 90. lot older than that  

well i don't know about 90. all i know is  the statistics i just happened to know this  

uh because it was in on the television that the  rise in sexually transmitted diseases is is quite  

uh it's quite a lot in the elderly because they're  going on these holidays where they're meeting you  

know going on to cruise ships and all sorts of  things like that so true how embarrassing to  

be say 70. so you weather i've got to get this  straight because because we're rushing through  

this without giving details i don't know all that  sounds so so you're saying that elderly people  

because we have to get this right yes over  a certain age are going on cruises on ships  

well i don't know if it's happening on ships all  i know is if you look at the number of cases okay  

occurring of stds it's going up in the elderly  and middle in middle aged yes because they're you  

know they're getting divorced uh and they're going  off on holiday meeting new people and uh you know  

that's always a risk so well everyone's  commenting on that i'm not surprised  

i'm not surprised either i'm surprised that  anyone's still here to be honest everyone's  

i think everyone sophie nice to meet you  too yeah okay they just talk all over me  

everyone's everyone at the moment that they're not  looking at the screen you know what they're doing  

what's that they're looking down they're all going  like this having having a little look not sure  

about that just to make sure mary i'm not wearing  my the hat that you like because we're not outside  

you've noticed that we're indoors so uh i i i  thought i'd keep it off you know because it's  

very hot in here it's like a furnace in here  it's hot i've just eaten a banana by the way  

because he was hungry okay then these are very  interesting moments of time taking place hey  

we're talking about beauty today oh yes have you  been talking about me no that's the only thing we  

haven't mentioned although we did mention you  because i was talking about annoying things  

that people do yes and not i'm not talking about  you even though you are sometimes quite annoying  

you do moan a lot i mentioned earlier that  when you're on the phone talking to your mother

you're moaning about it and my work colleagues  yes you are a bit of a moaner but i was also yes  

yes we are but as you get older i think  you become more of a moaner i certainly do  

uh and and schumann says you guys are  doing this it's just a waste of time  

please tell us something that is worthy we can't  please everyone no we certainly can't uh so sorry  

but we're we're annoying you but uh we can't  please everybody guess what it's it's we're  

we're probably going to annoy you a lot more to  be honest we do get very annoying if there's one  

thing that people say about mr steve and myself  they say we are very annoying very annoying  

very annoying we annoy everybody so what are we  talking about today mr duncan i've just mentioned  

i've just literally said what we're  talking about i wasn't listening  

clearly attraction things that are beautiful and  attractive also we have the sentence game today  

very popular the sentence game and we have our  new special guest by the way steve miss spelling  

well i've just said misspelling that's her name  she's our new teacher new teacher we've got a new  

new teacher mr t she wants to say hello so  shocked so let miss spelling say hello here  

she comes are you ready here is miss spelling  if you missed her earlier here she is now  

hey guys this is miss spelling your new english  teacher are you ready to be taught a lesson don't  

be naughty in my classroom or i will have to  punish you don't be naughty in my classroom  

or i will have to punish you i get the feeling i  get the feeling misspelling is very she's a very  

strict teacher she's quite a character she is is  a you're not trying to model her from anybody else  

on the internet are you by any chance well for  example who i don't know another english teachers  

that use their sexuality to gain viewers no it's  nothing to do with that whatsoever this is this is  

a this is a genuine thing that i'm introducing  i want to be fair and equal so so we're having  

more genders next week another gender i don't  know it might be a man it might be a hunky man  

we we need at least one here steve i don't know  what you mean i'm a i'm a true hunk mr duncan  

look at those muscles look at those muscles i've  been working hard today massage oh here we go here  

we go i told you didn't i didn't i say to you that  mr steve was going to start moaning about having  

to to work in the garden so what were  you doing this morning you were cleaning  

and this is i i don't know about you but  i think what steve is doing at the moment  

might be a slight waste of time but he's cl  he's cleaning all of the stone the stone walls  

in the garden he's cleaning them well it's  almost city it's almost like an obsession  

it's an obsession but hopefully now the winter's  coming on well i worked so hard re-pointing  

re-pointing all the stones in the wall because  all the grouting was coming out yes we know so  

i spent all summer doing that which is a long  painstaking job but of course that's left it  

looking a bit dirty and there's moss and black  dirt and lichen all over the stone so i thought  

well yesterday i scrubbed it with a brush but that  wasn't enough so i had to get the power washer out  

you know what i think power washer i think you are  starting to have far too much time on your hands  

cleaning cleaning the walls in the garden has  become your big project but anyway that's what  

steve has been doing making a lot of noise  upsetting the neighbours i'm sure with his  

noisy machinery well strangely enough after i  after i finished i i noticed the neighbour got  

out his garden vacuum cleaner uh so i heard  like like a sort of a blowing noise oh i see  

well it sounded like there was a gale  coming but of course he's got his uh  

uh that's not a vacuum cleaner is it though no  but it's a bit oh yes i think it's a vacuum no  

it's a blower a blower i think it can suck and  blow at the same time i think these devices now  

you can reverse them so they can suck at  the leaves and they can blow as well suck  

and blower yes that's always a good skill to  have yeah of course oh talking which he's miss  

spelling again she wants to tell us something  steve my last boyfriend was a big disappointment  

he only knew one language he used to talk  rubbish all the time and look at other girls  

misspelling is not very happy she's very  attractive she's she's not very happy though  

she's happy she's not happy with her boyfriend  because apparently he keeps looking at other girls

if you want my advice misspelling i would ditch  him i would get rid of him dump him see it's  

already working sergio misspelling is really  attractive i love to misspell from now on yes  

what you are hoping to be punished are you by  misspelling i think so i think sergio might be  

getting very hot under the collar i think so  yes well that's the idea of course and lewis  

says mr steve hello lewis it's almost time to  put your garden to bed thank you for remembering  

that phrase that's just the phrase that mr duncan  isn't keen on but yes i'm putting my garden to bed  

just means tidying everything up before  winter to make sure that uh when spring  

comes everything's raring to go it is so cut  down all the dead leaves all the dead branches  

cut the grass for the last time just make  everything neat and tidy so that when spring  

comes when spring comes everything will look  lovely and attractive i can't wait until spring  

i'm not looking forward to  winter because i have a feeling  

that things are going to be a little bit  grim i mean as if they could be any more grim  

in 2020 but i think things might be getting a  little worse you know over the next few weeks  

before as we come out of 2020 pedro yes that's the  phrase that i was looking for sexual tourism okay  

where people go on holiday not for sightseeing  well they're not going to look at the local  

geography well they might be they might be finding  their their way around something they're going on  

there are holidays that you can go on checking  out apparently they are checking out the hot spots  

where you're just going on holiday basically  to sleep with as many people as you can find  

that's disgusting and that of course is a risk  imagines of stds imagine being like that imagine  

being the sort of person that just goes on holiday  elderly men quite commonly from rich countries  

going to poorer countries to explore women or  exploit this is thailand india burma that is very  

true yeah this is not what you're thinking this  sounds like you're saying this no this is what  

pedro is no this is a known known uh thing but of  course women now are starting to do the same thing  

going to africa and places like that so okay  yes i'm very busy can you please send your  

complaints about the generalization to mr steve  he said those things yes ah right yes there are  

no captions because i don't know why youtube have  decided they've decided to take the captions away  

i don't know why they're naughty because that's  very helpful isn't it to your uh your viewers  

that they i can uh in real time see what you're  saying in their own language it is true it's  

very annoying that they have taken that away i  don't know why we can't have live captions but  

of course later on there will be captions  available there will be captions available  

sophie's other half snores like thunder or  better half better half sophie that's usually  

a man says that about his about his  lady well you can say it either way  

i think you can but usually yes i suppose  you can but usually a man would say that  

uh to make uh uh his partner feel better oh  meet my better half yes but usually it's a  

man saying it to a woman i suppose it can be the  other way around i think the man might refer to  

his girlfriend as the the ball in chain or or  the joke or the misses the misses as well right  

yes can i ask you about the term dovetailed  dovetailed dovetail if something is dovetailed  

it means it means the shape of something a thing  that starts from a central point and then goes  

outwards almost like a fan so imagine the  shape of a fan then also you can have dovetail  

so it's almost like that when you are building  furniture quite often you will have a joint  

on a piece of furniture called a dovetail and it  allows pieces of wood to be connected together  

securely and also it gives the piece of  furniture a lot of strength as well dovetail  

something that starts from a central point and  then goes outwards almost like a like a fan

yes so sergio garden vacuum cleaner well i  haven't got one because i think it's a ludicrous  

idea i mean imagine that you can tell we're in a  rich western country can't you can you yes because  

only in a rich western country would people go out  to the diy store and buy a garden vacuum cleaner  

yes because that really is that really does show  that somebody's got you know a lot of disposable  

income yes if they can spend money on a garden  vacuum cleaner rather than just a broom it's a  

blower uh yes but some of them suck as well okay  because i've seen them and you have a bag over you  

and you suck up the leaves so you can  suck up your leaves or you can blow  

them around blow them around so you have a  choice that's interesting only in the west  

i would say but probably in other countries  but you're only going to buy one of those if  

you you're a bit bored and you're thinking oh  i've got lots of spare cash what could i buy  

i know a garden vacuum cleaner okay probably being  disingenuous to anyone who's got one watching  

but uh i would say probably not many anyone  got a garden vacuum kit please tell us it's  

too soon anyway don't start cleaning the leaves  up in your garden because autumn has only just  

started it's pointless if you actually want to  clean up the leaves you should wait for at least  

another three or four weeks until most of the  leaves have fallen off the trees i wait until  

ah look at that tree there all the leaves  are gone now i shall sweep the leaves up yes  

because otherwise you'll be out there every  day to be honest with you i love to see the  

leaves i have no problem with leaves i  think i think all of the beautiful leaves  

falling from the trees in autumn is the most  amazing sight well our neighbours got a giant tree  

a silver birch tree and the leaves because of  the way the wind blows and usually from the west  

we get huge quantities of these leaves in our back  garden okay so i have to sweep them all up but  

that should be annoying which it is but of  course leaves are very good to have in your soil  

so i collect them up and i put them all  over the soil so that the worms come up  

and drag it all down and that's helping to  give me healthy soil for the plants to grow  

okay so yes i recycle them that's another one of  mr steve's gardening tips and you get it for free

i feel as though we haven't done anything  useful yet i have a new obsession by the way  

uh is it toffee biscuits no it's not toffee  biscuits however however there has been a  

big debate taking place last week about jaffa  cakes your favorite whether jaffa cakes are  

actually a biscuit or a cake now a lot of people  believe that jaffa cakes are actually biscuits  

the clue's in the name but somebody's saying but  some people say that they are cakes so it depends  

really i suppose it's one of those things but  last week i i re-acquainted myself with someone  

i used to listen to and admired many years ago an  artist a singer a very unusual person who came to  

prominence in the late 1970s right have you ever  heard of this man his name klaus nomi no never  

heard of him have you ever heard of klaus nomi he  is one of the most talented people that has ever  

lived and he has the most amazing or he had the  most amazing singing voice has anyone out there  

ever heard of klaus nomi german but he went to the  united states became a very big local celebrity  

never quite became mainstream he never really  broke out commercially because sadly he died  

before he had a chance to do that klaus nomi  there are lots of videos on youtube featuring  

this particular guy and he he has the most amazing  voice a very unusual singing voice that's all i'm  

saying i don't want to ruin it so we won't talk  anymore about that because i don't want to spoil  

the surprise but klaus nomi he looks like  an eccentric person and as you know steve  

i love eccentric people people who are a  little bit strange unusual maybe even weird  

i've always been attracted to eccentric  people i don't know why because they  

they dance to their own beat they don't  let other people put them off being who  

they are so i think yes i think it's a very  good thing i'm trying to see the live chat  

bobby says ask asks me to say uh the abbreviated  uh word for mother or mummy which is mum mum mum  

mum hello mum how are you have you  had a nice day no i'm not interested

we don't often address our mum as mother it's very  unusual isn't it if you say mother it's very it's  

it's it's almost like uh you she'd done something  that annoyed you um uh if you said mother uh she  

would know that you'd annoyed her just as if your  mother for example my name is stephen my full name  

okay but uh uh sometimes your mother might shorten  that to steve steve but if she says stephen  

that means the whole say the whole name that means  you've done something wrong i often have this  

with uh customers of mine particularly um ladies  females lady females uh and they often say to me  

so for example their name might be uh catherine  okay for example and i say hello catherine or  

whatever the name is but quite often they will  say oh don't call me catherine call me cath if you  

call me catherine it's like when my mother used to  tell me off yes so when you your mother shouts at  

you or punishes you or scolds you she won't use  your shortened name she will say stephen stephen  

you've left your dirty underwear on the stairs  again how many times have i told you to pick your  

dirty underwear up stephen so your mum was your  mum used to say that quite a lot to you didn't she  

no i was a very good child very very well behaved  we are looking at attractiveness today i thought  

that it would be nice to me i'm not sure about  that but we are looking at things that might  

be described as attractive we are talking about  things that are dare i say beautiful beauty and  

attraction steve yes so when we think of beauty  and attraction what are we actually describing  

something that is pleasing to the eye yes  it's usually uh you can't actually say why  

you just know that it is it's like it's like a  person so when we describe the beauty of something  

we are describing the attributes i love that word  attribution attributes the attribute of something  

is its appearance or maybe the feeling that it  projects to another person or another individual  

it's quite strange everything everything that  exists in this world has the ability to create  

beauty in some way everything is beautiful  everyone is beautiful in their own special way  

well is that famous phrase isn't that mr duncan  that we might be looking at later on okay

right that's fine yes so yes the attribute so  if you say someone's beautiful you say well you  

know what are their attributes they might have  uh lovely hair there might be several things  

it's the things that make up that beauty  it's very difficult to define i'm sure  

somebody has defined it somewhere to say what  makes a human being find something attractive  

there are certain triggers that go on  in the brain so if you see apparently  

if your eyes are there's a certain distance that  your eyes are apart uh if they're too close or  

too far away that's not attractive but somewhere  there's a distance that someone's measured yes and  

uh that is beautiful and then of course its skin  and cheekbones and lips and hair and everything  

all of these things that you need they're  the attributes aren't they if you have no  

lips or no nose you might well you might not  be a human being first of all but apparently  

it's all about symmetry did you know that steve  symmetry apparently a beautiful face the more  

symmetrical a face actually is the more beautiful  it becomes did you know that so if you look  

at models so in fashion photography one of the  things you will notice quite often in photography  

especially glamour photography fashion you will  notice that the face of the model is always  

symmetrical when we say symmetrical we mean it is  even on both sides it is almost like each side of  

the face has been mirrored and it is perfectly  equal on both sides brain recognizes this in  

some ways so even if you are not particularly  good looking apparently if you have a symmetry  

in your face symmetrical apparently it is  more attractive anyway it's interesting that  

isn't it symmetry um that's it it's like like  a mirror image it's all about the symmetry baby  

and schumann pandy says i i need or somebody  needs presumably me hair weaving treatment  

you do you need some hair weaving there uh yes  i could do with some yes uh but obviously that  

wasn't to be my genetic makeup just like my father  uh meant that uh when i reached my early twenties  

uh a few years ago um that my hair would start to  fall out and it has so nothing i can do about that  

sorry can i did your father really warn you  no oh i said i thought that's what you just  

said because i can say i do remember that time  that i sat all of your family down and told them  

that all of your nephews yes i told them all  that they are doomed that they will all go bald  

in their probably in their 30s yes because my  assistant's husband is bald yes uh my father was  

bored i was bald so they've got no chance baldness  if you have baldness on both sides of the family  

and you are a male and you have light coloured  or maybe red hair you will go bald i had brown  

hair yes you will go bald beautiful by the time  you are about 30 maybe 31. brown hair that's it  

my mother used to say that when i went to the  the barbers hairdressers i'd have my hair cut  

my hair was so thick that they couldn't even  get the comb through it is that true yes that is  

true is that what they used to say i remember he  used to be he used to be yanking on my hair with  

the comb trying to cut it it was so thick and it  all fell out what a tragedy but i mean i'm still  

gorgeous even without the hair what's interesting  is when we first met we we used to both go to the  

hairdressers on a saturday dress do you remember  we did we did i know it's true we used to actually  

in the afternoon on every saturday we're going  back many years by the way about 28 years ago  

we used to both go to the hairdresser  i can't remember the last time i had  

my hair cut i think it's a very long time it might  have been in china i actually had my hair cut once  

when i was in china klaus nomi yes very  good klaus nomi was a big influence  

to david bowie and a little bit vice versa as well  so during the time when david bowie or david bowie  

was experimenting with all of his images  klaus nomi was was very popular and very  

well known on the club scene and apparently they  they they were influencing each other in fact  

i believe there was an episode of saturday  night live where david bowie performed and klaus  

klaus nomi was behind him performing as well at  the same time long time ago very long time ago  

we're talking i think it must have been about  1980 81 somebody's asked mother and murder  

uh what's the difference the difference between  mother mother and murder we shouldn't laugh no  

uh your mother obviously isn't by the way lewis  yes my name is spelt with a ph lewis no lewis  

has just asked uh isn't isn't my name spelt with  a ph not a v is that louis mendes yes oh louis  

mendes is luis mendes i'm here all the time  i didn't see louis yes hello to louis mendez  

yes so um i've forgotten who asked now but  yes uh um your mother is obviously your mother  

the person that uh you were born from  okay your mother murder is obviously  

when you kill somebody yes sometimes you might  sometimes you might want to murder your mother  

when she's being really annoying if she's nagging  at you like this she's going me me me me me me me  

is it true asians find europeans ugly all right i  don't know i would say no i don't think it's based  

on based on well based on my own situation when i  was in china i used to get chatted up all the time  

yes i was i was once standing in the bank in china  waiting to be served and this girl came up to me  

and she says oh hello oh can i have your phone  number straight away like that without bold i  

know without any hesitation and i thought well not  really no no i don't think so for various reasons  

well yes i think i think some you know there's  something different it's the people often  

attracted to somebody uh very different  to themselves yes uh it's a bit exciting  

somebody from a foreign country somebody with a  different look exotic exotic and exotic look um  

even somebody of a different colour quite  often people find people of a different race  

very attractive yes uh yeah beauty i won't say  the phrase because you're going to no no no yes  

so there we go so yes mother and murder mother  murder mother you were born from murder kill  

but not the same not both of them that's it well  murder is something that um that that might also  

be something that's difficult a difficult  situation maybe you are doing something and  

it's very hard work and maybe you are well  maybe mr steve when you you were working in  

the garden you were doing lots of heavy work you  might have said oh of taking care of that garden  

it's murder yes so we are not saying that it is  murder we are saying that it's very difficult  

something that's pleasant very unpleasant like  murder so if you're doing an unpleasant task  

that's murder that is yes you know horrible  unpleasant sitting through this live stream  

some people might say that this is murder  it's murder listening to you two and schumann  

pandy says ugliness depends on your character well  yes that is very true so it doesn't have to be  

physical attractive physical attractiveness that  makes somebody beautiful it can be their character  

you like their character they might be kind  they might be just have a lovely character  

that's what i rely on you see that's what i'd i've  got through life not not with this this hasn't  

helped me at all trust me i've never ever ever  got anything in life based on this it's always  

been my lovely personality and my winning smile  lewis says what a lovely phrase mother gives life  

murder takes life well that's a good one well very  good i like that one that's my favourite today  

that gets my thumbs up that's a big thumbs up from  mr duncan yes because if you if you think about it  

people that we regard as really physically  attractive okay like models film stars people  

like that they could be physically attractive  but they might have horrible characters  

and quite often somebody who is very beautiful and  attractive who gets lots of attention it goes to  

their head and they become nasty people because  they're relying on their looks all the time to  

get through life and so they think i can say what  i like to people it doesn't matter because i'm  

beautiful i'll always get attention i'm not i'm  not going to lie steve i am a little bit jealous  

of people who are looking and beautiful i am  slightly jealous because i know that there is  

a slight advantage a slight advantage  that you have if you are attractive  

in life definitely you can definitely get slightly  more than than if you if you look like this know  

what no one's giving anything to this trust  me when you were younger though when you were  

younger it is true i was i was a little bit sexy  for a short time but it didn't last very long  

i i think maybe three or four weeks in 1992 i  was i was considered good looking but then it  

disappeared it it it went away as quickly as it  came palmer makes a little comment there nothing  

to do with what we're talking about i read a  ridiculous english saying rare as hen's teeth  

i laughed all day yeah i like that one do  hen have teeth or not they don't no that's  

the whole point that's that's why it's funny  because hens don't have teeth they have beaks  

uh obviously but they don't have teeth so it  must be very rare because if you know it must  

be very rare whatever it is you're talking about  so some so it's actually used as a sort of idiom  

to say that something that is very  rare or almost never seen or heard  

you might also say mr steve's laughter you  see it's as rare as mr steve's laughter  

because it hardly ever happens that's not true  apart from when i'm on the live stream with you

yes in egypt people judge you for your shape  says samasa deck well yes i mean in different  

countries different attributes okay are  more attractive than in other cultures  

maybe you are you are thin and tall like me  so i'm very skinny when i was a kid i hated  

i hated being thin so i was not only thin i was  also very tall as well so i didn't like that  

but of course nowadays more more people  are becoming what's the word larger  

they're becoming more round in their appearance  more and more people are are putting on weight  

and becoming that the shape is slowly changing  so you see more and more people now have this  

sort of shape which of course many people find  attractive as well i'm not saying coaches yeah  

certain cultures yes would you like to elaborate  no because i don't want to be accused of racism

different cultures around the world find  attractiveness there are different attributes  

aren't there that are assigned to somebody who's  attractive in some countries if you are folsom  

which means that you're full fulsome if you say  you're fulsome it means that you've got a little  

bit of weight you know you've got a a robust  figure that's attractive but in other countries  

it might not be attractive i believe in this  country in this country we say stocky well i'm  

yeah but for a woman uh traditionally for a  woman to be attractive to a man they have to  

have this hourglass figure don't you i'm  not sure how a glass figure maybe in the  

1930s let's try and do it no no hourglass figure  like that everybody knows what that means so an  

hourglass is is shaped like that with sand  at the top so the top part is the ladies

upper torso you have to make it larger than that  

all right people aren't people  aren't watching on microscopes

it's making it the size of an ant and this  is a very poor drawing please activate  

your electron microscopes now that's a yes  you can tell i'm not very good at drawing  

oh that's brilliant you can't even see it  no no never mind an hourglass it's it's a  

a device used for for measuring time it's got  sand in the top and you turn it over and the sand  

falls through it looks like a controlled  rate it looks like broken glasses but  

but that's it if you if you're shaped like that  it's an hourglass figure breasts hips slim waist  

is quite often the traditional uh thing that  will make a man excited what about the buttocks  

should should the buttocks be big or small  because some people like but on a woman or a  

man some people like big buttocks they do yes  if that attribute is attractive to you then  

yes well it's just as well you see because uh  if if there were only certain types of people  

that you found attractive nobody would ever get  married and have children yes so it's a good  

there always seems to be more or less somebody for  everybody doesn't that everybody seems to pair up  

and get a husband or a wife so that even though  that they might not be spectacularly attractive  

people are still getting together and getting  married and falling in love so there must be  

i think there's someone for everyone out there i  believe this is called this is called settling for  

less no i'm not sure that it is uh i don't think  people well i tried i tried to find someone good  

looking i tried my best so now i just have to just  have to it's like wanting to wanting a brand new  

mercedes but then you have to go to the rusty  old scrap yard to buy your car instead of the  

beautiful new mercedes you see it's a bit like  that sometimes with with your life partner you  

realize that you're never going to be driving that  mercedes you will have to go to the scrap yard and  

find something that's falling to pieces shapely  woman shapely that's it they've got a shape  

uh you know men find that attractive apparently  but yes oh talking of mercedes mr duncan uh the  

best way to buy mercedes is secondhand  okay because they last such a long time  

they are renowned for lasting for very long  time you can buy one two or three years old  

uh it's lost two-thirds of its value but  it'll still go on for about another 20 years  

that's the best way to buy an expensive car like  a mercedes could you actually convert that into  

finding a partner could you find a second-hand  partner someone who's already had a relationship  

maybe they've had a few miles on the clock and and  and you know the the engine still runs everything  

still works it might need a little bit of oiling  here and there but it's just it still runs  

somebody who's already been married now there's  some good comments here uh sergio says it's  

better not to go pear shaped yes so our glass  is like that pear shaped is sort of like that  

so all the weight's gone down there here we go  leonardo da vinci eat your heart out look at  

that look at that there it is an hourglass  jamila makes a very good point jamila says  

the hourglass figure indicates that the woman is  fertile and can bear children yes that is correct  

so um in the back of a man's mind he might not  be thinking of that but somewhere in his deep  

primitive brain he sees that shape this is very  that that indicates to him that if he was to mate  

with that woman what then they would have healthy  robust children yes because the big hips sort of  

nicely you know large breasts means that the the  woman can feed the child so the child will grow up  

strong and the the nice hips mean you can have a  big child in there nice healthy children it just  

indicates genetically uh evolutionary there's  something going on in that that primitive part of  

your brain saying yes yes because essentially most  of us are driven uh towards their partner because  

of that that massive drive to procreate to produce  children to have children to continue the species  

so when we're looking for a mate we're looking for  somebody who looks like they could produce really  

good healthy fit children we don't have to know  what's going on but it's going on you know the  

biggest failure in that area is the british royal  family have you seen the british royal family we  

have possibly the ugliest royal family in the  world have you seen them have things have you seen  

william what's happened to him i remember when  prince william was about 18 and all the girls used  

to scream at him like he was one of the beatles  but now he he well he he he looks a bit like he  

looks a bit like you actually but just because  he's gone bald but he's saying he's ugly but he's  

much younger he went bald very young so you're i  did but you're on about having the the best the  

best of humanity in all of those strong powerful  genes and everyone in the royal family looks

they're not they're not the best looking people  look at prince harry prince harry he's losing  

his hair now yes but lots of people find him  attractive yeah i don't think you could say i  

think they are generally attractive i mean prince  charles was very attractive the queen was very  

beautiful when she was younger she was and you  know as people get older of course they uh i  

think yes i think some of the royal family have  let themselves go say that some of them look they  

look like they've been you know sleeping rough  somewhere but i know things are hard at the moment  

but you know come on comb your hair at least even  if you've only got a little bit at the sides we've  

done nothing yet have we nothing we have we're  looking at um beautiful things so when we say  

beautiful beautiful things something is attractive  something is attractive or perhaps something looks  

nice something that looks nice is attractive would  you say a nice thing something that's nice you  

might go shopping and you see some nice shoes you  say oh i saw some nice shoes today i think i will  

buy them they were in the sale and maybe something  catches your eye oh i like this one a good phrase  

something that catches your eye oh look at that  oh it you sort of pretend you're not looking  

certainly a person yes oh it catches your eye  this is your eye and you give them a little up  

and down and once over are once over if you give  somebody a once-over it means you're sort of  

you're looking at all of them from top to bottom  okay i know i'm being unfair i'm being once over  

i'm being unfair i know about the royal family  but some of them are a bit you know let's face it  

they're supposed to be the best jeans genetically  they're supposed to be like the top the top of the  

pile and yeah yeah you know i think i think  we look better i think we would be brilliant  

in the royal family i could i could walk around  steve looks like a snoot anyway with his big  

big nose in his profile so steve i think you would  be a brilliant member of the royal family and me i  

could be the i could be the the younger one the  one that you know people aren't too sure about  

uh monty uh says um i'm sorry prince charles  has never been attractive prince charles yes  

beauty i'm not really said that  phrase but yes not everybody finds uh  

well it's just as well that uh we don't there  are some people aren't there yes that i think  

virtually everyone's attracted we've got virtually  everyone is attracted to we have somebody at work  

she's absolutely stunningly beautiful okay uh  so but when you get into a conversation with it  

she actually she said over the years i think she's  about 28 now she says it actually becomes a burden  

she's tall she's about five foot nine  uh statuesque i would say statuesque  

she's beautiful if you looked at her you  would immediately say she's beautiful  

okay uh but she says it is it is a burden to her  being beautiful is a burden yes because everywhere  

she goes she gets attention from men yeah and  it's unwanted attention so there's always somebody  

trying to chat her up or somebody yeah she finds  that annoying she said it's nice when you're young  

but as you start to get older you just become  a bit sick of it because you don't want people  

to be constantly chatting you up i mean yeah  so it can be a burden a burden something which  

is is is you don't like it okay talking of beauty  by the way misspelling our new teacher would like  

to give you another word right now here  is another hard sentence for you to say  

sure i will go and clean the pee stains off the  bathroom floor and then i will fix us some dinner  

sounds like something her boyfriend  might say to her you know what men  

are like women always complain about men  because sometimes we have very unpleasant  

that's really made me laugh i forgot i forgot  i did that please go and clean the pea stains  

off the bathroom floor because that's what we  do you see we talked about this the other week  

when we go for a wee men are not very careful with  their aim and so so maybe the girlfriend or or the  

the woman in the relationship such as misspelling  might complain to her boyfriend because he keeps  

leaving peace stains are you going to replace me  with uh misspelling i think misspelling we will  

see what happens if misspelling is popular today  we might have misspelling every week but she will  

never replace you never should we explain in case  some people don't know what the word misspelling  

means well i think i think that people know what  the what the the joke is of the name don't explain  

the joke just let it run on its own it's like  a fine wine you open the cork and then just let  

let it breathe but some people might wonder why  with why her name is misspelling well her name is  

misspelling that's her second name i know but you  know if you misspell something you never explain  

never over explain your jokes because that's a  joke and some people might not understand the joke  

that's why i'm explaining it we'll explain it next  week but let it breathe let the joke breathe don't  

don't worry don't worry about it i'm not worrying  about it i'm just saying maybe we need to explain  

it's a little that it's a joke it's a little  joke you say name is a joke it's a joke  

it's a pun yes okay on words oh apparently marcia  says prince william was was very good looking to  

me as well i think when he was younger but but  my point earlier steve was the genes you see  

genetically you would imagine the royal family  would have very good genes their genetic makeup  

so they would be handsome rugged they would  have lots of hair and be very very virile but  

then we have prince charles who is kind  of the opposite of all that that is one of  

the things that used to annoy me about when  he married princess diana they just looked  

like opposites they didn't look as if they  belong together is it is that me am i just  

being cruel am i being cruel there i remember  many years ago in the early 1980s when they got  

together and i thought that it looked very odd  well there was quite an age difference there was  

it didn't look right that's that's why it didn't  work that's why it didn't work out you see there  

were other reasons and of course he had his eye  on another woman there was another woman who he  

he liked more you see so anyway that's  just my opinion for what it's worth  

so lewis says uh satorino says sorry that uh  a comment that lewis made putin is small in  

size a lot of people thought he was a puppet  yes he is i don't think he's very tall but  

he's got a certain rugged attractiveness  really uh he's got that classical um  

russian look uh do you remember that ballerina  what was his name the ballerina uh sort of belly  

dancer rather the male valley dancer but  rudolph nurif a ballerina that looked like  

rudolph muriel he was beautiful wasn't he  i think russian people have got a certain

beauty okay uh and he certainly had and  and putin has as well he's he's got a  

rugged attractiveness hasn't to see people  being attracted but of course he's got power  

and power in itself is attractive that helps  if you've got power or money that makes you  

attractive to somebody even if you haven't got  the physical looks you might notice this steve  

whenever you see a millionaire and he's about  70 and then you look at his girlfriend or wife  

you might notice that there there is a slight  contrast between them would you prefer here's  

a conundrum okay a conundrum something that's  difficult to decide what you want to do okay would  

you marry a very attractive beautiful poor person  or an ugly rich person if you had the choice  

i thought i had which would you go for i  thought i did have the choice an ugly poor ugly

would you marry a rich ugly person or a very  attractive poor person yes how would you like  

to spend your life with beauty but no money or  with ugliness but with lots of money you never  

see any homeless people that are stunningly  attractive true is that do you think there  

might be something there as well i i don't mean  to be cruel or harsh there but it's true isn't it  

but but but sometimes you will see a person  maybe they're they're digging the roads  

that so they're just working in the  street digging a hole in the road but  

they're incredibly good looking yes  or somebody collecting your dustbins  

and then you think why is that person not  in a magazine traveling around the world  

going to cairns and all of these in monaco  why aren't they why are they digging holes  

in the street this person is an absolute god  of beauty and and he he's there stripped off  

with his top off working away in the midday sun  digging that hole yet he's stunningly attractive  

and and you think why why why hasn't someone  come up to that guy and said look you are the  

most handsome person we've ever seen come on  let's go and take some photographs of you oh  

that doesn't sound right does it sergio  says you know what you know what i mean  

putin is 175 centimeters sorry uh tall so he's  not short at about the all that's millimeters  

centimeters centimeters yes centimeters sounds  too small whatever people say centimeters i  

always just imagine things being very small that's  it's quite tall 175 centimeters i think that's uh  

i wonder what that is in feet and inches uh yes  it's not far off two meters oh apparently jealousy  

belarusia hello belarusia i didn't see you  here either i'm sorry i'm not paying attention  

i'm sorry about that yes when you marry a  beautiful person yes there can be jealousy you see  

so quite often i don't want to generalize but  quite often when a man meets a beautiful girl  

maybe the man you know he's not very good looking  but the girl is very beautiful very nice maybe she  

looks a little bit like misspelling but there  might be a little bit of jealousy you see he  

wants to keep that girl close to him he will  become very possessive that's a good word isn't  

it in relationships one person might be become  possessive of the other person because that person  

is very precious and maybe a lot of people are  looking at them going oh hello i like your partner  

would you like to come with me instead instead  of him you see yes that's very true so would  

you feel threatened all the time if you had a very  attractive partner but you weren't very attractive  

that somebody might steal them away from you steal  them away from you there's a good song actually  

i won't sing it but please don't uh with that  that actually addresses that theme yes so samar  

says if if a person is beautiful in soul and  shape i would prefer to choose the poor one yes  

there is no ugliness with money and somebody  pointed out obviously donald trump is  

maybe you wouldn't think he was attractive but  he's got lots of money so maybe that makes him  

attractive as a partner well the clue steve is  in the fact that he's had about three or four  

marriages and they've they've all what's that i'm  trying to put this in a very delicate way they all  

have certain attributes that are very similar  and that's all i'm saying that's it uh sergio  

says 175 centimeters thank you sergio is five foot  nine inches tall wow that's very precise yes five  

what five point eight point eight well we'll round  it up to five foot nine well that's the actually  

the average height for a man oh i assume uh in  the uk it's five foot nine so president putin is  

average height average height for a man he's  not short at all he does like riding around on  

horses not that that matters anyway with his shirt  off i think donald trump must be gigantic i mean  

yeah but anyway if i if i had a choice if  you had the choice between president putin  

riding on horseback with no shirt or anything  just his bare chest or president trump  

riding a bicycle naked which would you rather see  i think i think we know the answer to that one  

which one would it be putin or trump oh what  putin putin on a horse without his shirt  

donald trump naked riding a bicycle  with no seat why don't you just say why  

why why go to that extreme why don't you  just say putin on a horse with his top off or  

trump on a horseman maybe i just think that  that putin's quite quite hunk he's a bit of  

a hunk actually have you seen photographs of putin  he's he's a bit of a i think he works out you know  

he does martial arts he does all sorts of  things he's a bit of a hunk uh definitely so uh  

but then i think russian people are they're  they're attract they're an attractive race  

okay then uh send us a picture sergio and  to see if you are an exception i'm sorry oh  

but then yes i think i think people from other  countries often look attractive because it's  

exotic something exotic as we say beauty is in  the eye of the beholder a person who is looking  

at another person for their appearance beauty is  in the eye of the beholder so just because one  

person finds another person unattractive doesn't  mean that they are unattractive to other people so  

another person might find them very beautiful and  very sexy and handsome you see yes i mean i can't  

imagine it but i would imagine there must be some  people out there that wouldn't find me attractive  

i mean you know it must be possible can't be many  no but there will be people out there who think  

mr steve he's not for me who  thinks mr steve is attractive  

don't say that mr duncan if you think mr steve is  really attractive put three on the live chat three  

three attractive if you think he's not attractive  we don't want this mr duncan if you think it's  

not a talent contest if you think mr steve is not  attractive i don't want to put any pressure on you

x x 3 attractive x not attractive  jimmy says from hong kong  

i like your name jimmy jimmy from hong kong if  everybody said that we'd know where everybody  

was from yes so that's very helpful beauty is in  the eye of the beholder why isn't the word i in  

the plural form so why don't we say beauty is in  the eyes of the beholder yes well quite often when  

you have an eye for something it means it is your  judgment or maybe your perception of something  

so we often use i singular has one eye so  the eye of the beholder you have an eye for  

clothing or fashion the it is in the eye of the  beholder so i just really relates to the vision  

the thing that is being seen or the action  of seeing so yes that's the reason why yeah

julius caesar wasn't handsome but he got cleopatra  yeah so yes but i think cleopatra was after  

something wasn't she she wanted to protect her her  empire so she she became uh she became involved  

with julius c we are getting quite a few exes  some x's so these are the people who think mr  

steve is not good looking william nolan puts  x block block you've got to block anybody who  

doesn't think i'm attractive oh we didn't mention  that if you don't think if you don't think steve  

is attractive if you put x we are going to block  you as well yes okay because steve is the one  

who is controlling the machine not me we're joking  of course we wouldn't block anybody just because  

they didn't think i was attractive i mean wouldn't  that be wouldn't that be a pathetic thing to do it  

would be very very pathetic that would mean that  i was in fact very insecure let's block them all  

that would mean i was very insecure here's the  thing that you were trying to say earlier steve  

skin deep yes no i was going to say beauty  is in the eye of the beholder oh yes oh the  

one we just had yes beauty of course is only  skin deep as well we often say that people  

can be beautiful on the inside although i've seen  a lot of tv shows about people having surgery  

and that they're opening up the person and  having a look inside and i can safely say that  

there is nothing beautiful inside a person it's  all it's all sticky and gooey and sometimes  

things spray out everywhere as well sergio hasn't  uh commented on my attractiveness yet i wonder why  

no has he gone maybe may i think the number  three on his keyboard is actually worn out  

so he's been pressing it so often trying to  get his vote to say that you are of course  

very beautiful i think he's actually broken his  number three uh confidence is attractive isn't it  

if you are confident in yourself you can be  somebody who wouldn't be defined maybe as  

physically attractive you might be very average  looking but if you've got a certain confidence in  

the way that you carry yourself the way that  you walk the way that you speak the way that  

you look at people if you have a confident  heir that can be attractive to people yes  

well that's what we said earlier about character  so quite often a person will look at character  

if you have a nice character or a bubbly character  you are always happy maybe positive a positive  

person it can be very attractive to other people  even if your face looks like a dog's ass confident  

people who know what they're talking  about who who can comment on events  

and uh are confident in themselves no matter what  they look like they are often attractive people  

if you've got somebody who's very attractive but  there but their character is not right you might  

not like them we did start a little bit late  today so don't worry about the time finally  

before we play the sentence game steve here are  two interesting words subjective and objective  

so these are words you might hear when a person is  talking about a certain subject or a certain thing  

or maybe they are expressing their opinion but  they are words that a lot of people misunderstand  

and actually when they are saying  one thing they are actually  

using the opposite so here we go quickly i think  this is quite interesting subjective so when a  

person is giving their subjective view it is their  personal view it is based purely on their feelings  

that the things that they see around them and the  way they interpret them personally is subjective  

how open to interpretation is what you're  saying yes so just like um what is art  

what is art some people say that that's not art  that painting that's not art that's rubbish but  

another person might pay a million dollars for the  same painting you see so art is subjective it is  

a personal feeling a personal opinion and then we  have objective and this is where sometimes people  

get confused objective is non-personal so you are  expressing something or talking about things but  

they are things that are real or true or things  that exist but maybe you are comparing those  

things with each other maybe certain types of  things that exist and are real you are comparing  

them with other things that are real and exactly  so you're using facts yes to make a decision or an  

opinion on something that's it or an argument that  means you're being objective so you're using facts  

absolute facts to determine uh the outcome of the  situation whereas if you're using your emotions  

yes uh and your feelings you're being subjective  not necessarily the truth yes that's it so  

subjective is one that people will often say when  they are talking about something that is objective  

because they think they are talking about a  particular subject so actually these words are  

very misleading as well yeah to be honest with you  these should be changed around i think objective  

and subjective sometimes are actually back to  front they are the wrong way around but maybe  

you could think of it as sub as in below sub means  under something so it's it's not the truth whereas  

an object is the act that's what it actually  is yes uh so that's the truth the objective  

uh interpretation is the truth the object what it  actually is as opposed to being subjective which  

is underneath not quite the truth but it's based  on your emotions and your feelings and the reason  

why they get mixed up is because a lot of people  would assume that subjective of course is a thing  

and a thing that people talk about but of  course people talk about things based on  

quite often their own opinions which of course are  not objective so it's quite interesting i i always  

these are two of the most fascinating words in the  english language as far as i'm concerned i think  

these are very very interesting words because they  often even people who who might be described as  

intellectual or maybe maybe people who like to  talk about certain subjects sometimes get these  

mixed up between the subjective and the objective  so it's quite well if you were trying to assess  

a politician for example and you had a certain  political persuasion say for example uh you were

a republican in america republican on the  right that's it and you were you supported  

that party very much um but then you  have donald trump as your president  

and somebody asked you their opinion of  that person uh would you look at the facts  

the actual facts or would you uh and then give  an honest opinion of what that person is actually  

like or would you because you supported the  party and him and you wanted him to be in  

charge would you maybe manipulate the facts and  just point give point out the the good points and  

use your emotions and to uh so you could say  you're not giving an objective opinion there  

about mr trump you're being subjective  so you're using as you say your emotions  

and you can you can do that for a lot of things of  course the opposite is also true you could have it  

the other way around so you could you could be  on the right but you accuse the left of having  

their own agendas so you don't need me to explain  this because we are living through this very thing  

right now it's happening in the world during this  time maybe maybe somebody really attractive okay  

a beautiful woman or a very extremely handsome  man charming uh was on trial for murder  

okay murder again we're back to murder they  were on trial for murder but but uh you know how  

objective could you be when looking at that person  you might be really attracted to that person  

or you might be really attracted to them but  uh in that case your emotions are taking over  

and could you be objective in your in your  assessment of that person on trial for murder  

yes or would their attractiveness uh make  you be subjective yes and therefore not  

look at the facts and that brings in another  thing as well which is bias as well so bias  

means that you do favour something for  a particular reason you see talking of  

beautiful things i i before we have the sentence  game because we have about 5 10 15 20 minutes left  

so we will be having the sentence game in a moment  some random letters today but look at this steve  

we're talking about beauty here is something  that i filmed from the house last year  

and you can see in the distance the sun is  starting to set but also you can see there  

is a beautiful rainstorm in the distance so  what you can see there is actually a rainstorm  

falling many many miles away from where we live  and that is something i filmed last year and  

i suppose also we should say that oh sunsets  one of the most beautiful natural occurrences  

as far as i'm concerned maybe you disagree but i  think that sunsets are the most amazing thing and  

there you can see now on your screen steve look  at that that is actually a sunset from the house  

here taken last year and you can see the sun  is slowly going down in the distance behind  

some some of the welsh hills so i think when  we talk about beauty one of the most beautiful  

natural occurrences has to be a sunset i think  there is nothing nicer than watching the sun  

go down and quite often you will drift off into  your own world steve you might think oh oh isn't  

it isn't it lovely is it nature something natural  happening around you it really does make you feel  

quite quite tingly yes nature is beautiful and  very connected as well it's not lovely i like that  

it's almost time to play the sentence game are  you ready because i think a lot of people are  

ready to play the sentence game i know i am mr  duncan are you ready to play the sentence game  

thank you for your company today by the way if you  have been watching we have miss spelling coming up  

soon again do you like her do you like misspelling  would you like to see more misspelling next week  

oh maybe if you are a fan of misspelling maybe  next week we can have a on the show again  

here we go then steve are you ready  it's time to play the sentence game

the sentence game is here everyone it's  time to play the sentence game are you ready  

get your finger ready i want to have your finger  

nearby to your keyboard keyboard that's what i was  going to say keyboard i want to see those fingers  

ready to click with the answers to today's  sentence game let's put everything on the  

screen so we can see the sentence game today  we have random letters just for a change  

random letters random so these have no particular  theme but of course i will show you the letters  

with each of the games so don't worry belarusia  is going see you later a few other people are  

going as well oh a lot of people are going uh  well it's late i suppose yes anyone that's going  

uh we we i hope to see you all next week um  here we go then sentence game so there's no  

we're not saying there's a theme with any  particular letter as the as the first letter  

of the word so off we go here we go then  here is the first sentence game right now  

and now you will see what i'm doing you see ah but  we have oh you've actually said what the letters  

are yes right so you can see the letters but  i'm not giving you any more information besides  

how many letters are in each missing word  there was no need to something me in front  

of the other something and we are looking for  the letter b here and the letter e over there  

b eight letters e nine letters so there's  no need to something beginning with b me  

in front of the other something beginning  with e there is no need to negative  

this is something negative a negative word  maybe and it looks as if also by the tone  

of the sentence you can see that maybe the person  is i would say angry or disappointed by something  

there was no need to something me in front of the  other something but what so this is a negative  

sentence maybe a person is being i don't know  accused of something so if a person attacks you  

over doing something wrong maybe at work i  always think the workplace is a good example  

because all sorts of things happen don't they  steve it work oh yes all sorts of things there  

is no need to something me in front of the other  something do we have any answers coming up not yet  

but of course there is a delay there is about  30 seconds of delay when we're speaking to you  

you're hearing us 30 seconds in the past yes  we've already said it so this is like a voice  

from the past even if it's only just 30 seconds  in the past the first word has got eight letters  

and the second is a word beginning with e so this  is something that is expressing disappointment  

disappointment hello author author  author cn okay very interesting  

now the first yes yes we've got one  or two here yes one or two one or  

two i think we might have correct answers coming  through so there are some very busy fingers  

i think the fingers today steve are  very busy we've had a very active  

live chat we have it's been very lively today very  like very lively i've hardly been able to keep up  

uh oh we've got a winner oh do we have some what  a winner yes we have some correct answers coming  

through person who's always very quick to the draw  so to speak i imagined i imagine your fingers must  

have very very large muscles your carpal muscles  carpal i love that word carpal do you know what  

carpals are carpals are the bones in your fingers  your carpals and then the bones here in your hand  

are metacarpals carpals metacarpals what about  the bones in your feet your toes are tassels  

and the the bones in your feet are metatarsals  that's what they're called carpals and tassels  

carpals carpals are in your hand tassels are in  your toes yeah we've got it we've got an answer  

we'll have to be quick because it's nearly yeah  we're not going to go so we want to get a few  

more of these in we've got 10 minutes 10 minutes  okay can i announce the winner you can well no i'm  

not sure about a winner because you're not winning  anything did you know that the winner gets a kiss  

from whom maybe uh if this particular  person knew that they were going to get a  

kiss they wouldn't have been first you might get  a kiss you might get a kiss at the end of today's  

lesson from misspelling misspelling sometimes  sometimes she will give rewards to good students

somebody's come up with an interesting alternative  to what i think could be the answer anyway  

the first person to to to get both words  correct uh well the first person to get  

any of the words correct and both of them who  was in fact tomic tomic again well done thomas  

there's a kiss sorry i'm sorry that  was the prize we were talking about uh  

stds at the start of today's lesson so tomic you  might want to go and get yourself tested okay  

i've got everything but a few people got that uh  so but we've got an interesting alternative here  

um now if i can find it uh yes sandra uh i should  i think you were going to use the word bad mouth  

ah yes bad mouth not bod now b-a-d but is bad  mouth all one word yes and is it the eight letters  

m-o-u-t-h it is yes so you can bad-mouth someone  and yes it is i think it it can be like a compound  

i think you can spell it as a compound  word or maybe you have to have a hyphen  

in in the middle i'm not quite sure but yes  there was no need to and here are the answers  

we seem to be doing this for ages it's taken a  long time to get to the answer but here it is  

there was no need to belittle yes but bad  mouth you can use that one as well i think  

that's a very good one bad mouth well  done sandra so belittle means criticize  

you criticize you you you criticize someone  verbally maybe in a very angry loud way  

make them feel silly and stupid there was no need  to belittle me in front of the other employees  

the employees of course are the people you  work alongside you work with the employees  

of a company you could be saying this to  your manager or your boss after a meeting  

because this is this sentence is in the past tense  there was no need to belittle me in front of the  

other employees it could have been a meeting  and your boss or your manager might have said  

um you know you've done very poorly with your  sales this month you're the worst out of all what  

are you doing you know what get your act together  and that would have made that person feel very  

insecure and very upset small belittled made  to feel less than they are as i understand it  

is actually literally to make someone feel small  yes belittle them is to give them the impression  

or to project the impression of being small and  insignificant you are making someone feel small  

and insignificant if you bad-mouth somebody  it means that you're uh you're insulting them  

it can be in the form of criticism or maybe just  personal insults okay steve we need another one  

we've got to get at least two so well done  well done it's nice i love it when we get  

alternatives yes to what you know was your  answer it's nice when we get alternatives  

yes and sometimes by the windows of the english  language you can actually have more than one  

suggestion here's another one steve i i would  like to fit two in before we go two more okay ah  

interesting so here's another one we are looking  at two letters we are looking at t the letter t  

and also the letter p there were some some  people something on our something last night  

there are some people we're beginning with  t it's a long word it is on our something  

beginning with p last night there were some  people something on our something last night  

i have to use my fingers to count like  a child we have noticed there were some  

give us a clue mr duncan there were well you might  you might wake up in the night you might wake up  

in the night you see uh and perhaps you hear  a strange groaning noise or maybe a a strange  

creaking noise or perhaps you can hear some  oh let me let me just try it with the echo

footsteps perhaps there are some footsteps  outside there were some people something on our  

something last night you were waking up you  were woken up in the night by a sound or  

maybe you looked out the window and you can see  maybe a shadowy figure walking around looking

do we have any correct answers yet i  think we've yes i think we've got at  

least one word that's correct oh yes i think  i think we've got no we we've actually got two

but maybe not spelt correctly eight  words that's eight letters not seven

have i got that wrong if that's the word you're  thinking of it's got eight letters not seven oh  

yes i think i think it has isn't it one two  three four five six mr duncan can't count

yes that's eight the second one is a second  word has got eight i'm having says i'm

will be punishing me later i think she's  going to have me bent over her desk and she  

will be giving me six of the best the second  word beginning with p is eight letters eight  

this has been a very strange one today sorry  the second one is eight eight letters that  

looks like some sort of street gang one yes  that looks like some sort of street gang sign  

when you're walking along the street you're going  you're going maybe you go yeah are you in my gang  

yeah i mean i'm in your gang i mean the eight gang  the eight gang we ate we ate people that aren't  

in our gang that's why we're called the eight  gang because we ate people who are against us  

what yes i'm sorry about that that's my fault  you you you off you are free to criticize me  

call me all sorts of names or even come round  to the house and slap my face you are you are  

more than well i deserve it i deserve it  i think so i really do oh look at that uh  

so who was first copy or copy hello copy i  i want to say copy i think it might be copy  

where are you copying copy it's an interesting but  beatrice has also got it right so has tomic good  

so here are the answers i'm sorry i got the  wrong number of letters there i sometimes i  

can't count i don't know what happens maybe i'm  counting the wrong parts of my body well yes  

trespassing there were some people trespassing  on our property last night there we go one  

s followed by two s's there were some people  trespassing on our property last night if you  

trespass what do you do it means you're you're  going on private property when you're going  

somewhere where you shouldn't be going that's  it you are invading or going into a place where  

you should not be so people knew what it was  because most people are spelled trespassing with  

two s's but uh maduka uh you were correct in  only spelling it with one s so it was beatrice  

of course uh somebody had uh as the second word  pontoon pontoon yeah so if a pontoon is like a bit  

of like a boat isn't it uh isn't it a pontoon is  it yes i think i think it is a type of small boat  

so yes if you were on a pontoon and someone was  uh walking on it then uh yes upon no i think a  

pontoon is not a boat i think a pontoon is a  stretch of of something that you walk along  

yes and and it's it's over the water a pontoon i  think it's like the side the side of a bay where  

maybe the ships or boats will pull in i think  it's something that floats on the water isn't it  

anything something that floats on the water can i  just say that that my experience with boats is is  

very little so so i'm not exactly a boat expert  you may have noticed a bit like last week when i  

mentioned i mentioned the maldives last week  when i should have said mauritius you see  

but the maldives were affected by that oil  leak but not very badly delicious but it was  

mauritius that was badly affected that's  right that's it okay uh trespassing going  

to a place where you should not be that's it  you often see that sign private property yes  

no trespassing no trespassing but you don't see it  as often as you used to because it to put that on  

a sign is quite aggressive yes uh and somebody  might think oh don't tell me when i can't go  

and then just go in there anyway trespassers will  be shot vitas says it's a ferry yes a pontoon it's  

something i think that floats on the water you  can carry people or things on it might not be a  

actual boat it might be just something that floats  on the water yes i think yes so you could have a  

yes you can put um they use a pontoon in  the army okay don't they to to get to get um

materials and

tanks and all sorts of things like that across  the water so it's something that can be easily  

constructed quickly i can go one better is  it like a raft that's connected to a rope  

i think it is i think it's something like that yes  

i've never joined yes the army use them a lot  because they can be very quickly put together  

and then you can put all your equipment on and  your your tanks and your guns and float them  

across the water to the other side it's a pontoon  it's something that floats it's a bit like a raft  

yes don't know whether you would trespass on a  pontoon no but you might you might use a pontoon  

to go into someone else's maybe a an area of  water that does not belong to you or maybe  

you can sail your boat maybe you can go  into someone else's waters that's what  

always worried me actually about you know  you know when you're on the sea yeah you're  

sailing your boat how do you know when  you've crossed into someone else's territory  

in the water are there little signposts in  the water let's say you are now entering  

american water or you are now entering chinese  water so how do you know how do you know when  

you're rowing your boat that you're not going  across into someone else's territory in the sea  

because you know there aren't any lines or  anything there are there aren't any signposts so  

how do you know you have to know the the latitude  and longitude the coordinates yes uh that will be  

you know in your ship's computer i'm starting  to think that pontoon might have more than one  

meaning yes tomex says an inflated raft yes yes it  could well be something that you inflate i think  

it looks sort of flat and you can sort of put  all your equipment on that arm is used in a lot  

of course it's a it's a game as well you can  play with cards pontoon so you have to get 21.  

do you have to float your cards on the water i  don't think so maybe if you lose you might throw  

your cards into the water anyway that's almost  it we've almost come to the end we have run out  

of steam as they say we have in the world  of english we have run out of steam we are  

out of puff guess what i'm going to be doing  steve is going to steve will be going into the  

kitchen i hope you wash your hands first because  those hands have been all over the place today  

outside that's true they're covered in moss and  all sorts of no i washed them when i came in yes  

yes so we have to remember we still have to  wash our hands nothing's changed you say there  

wash your hands stay safe wear your masks  

and no kissing strangers however sexy they  might be however however beautiful they are  

no kissing strangers all right thank you for your  lovely wishes and your messages today it's been  

i've really enjoyed it today mr duncan it's been  above average it's been lively yes i would say  

lively if i had to judge today's live stream  i would say it's it's it's more than adequate  

can you call my name says i don't know how  to pronounce that is it mers sterling shall  

i do a sterling i will do it with an echo  have we pronounced that correctly hello the  

second word is definitely sterling sterling  not sure how to pronounce the first word  

mize mize sterling yes my sterling  it seems like a thing that  

we probably shouldn't concentrate too much  time on no as we are coming towards the end  

right okay see you all next week i'm going to make  a cup of tina tea cake for mr duncan and myself  

and then i'm going to inspect all my work in the  garden to see if it looks beautiful bye-bye see  

you later are you fading me away or i am going to  just push you unceremoniously out of the door say

goodbye wow so professional thank you very  much for your company today i believe miss  

spelling our new teacher who is joining us today  has one thing to say before we go so finally

miss spelling do you have something to say mr  duncan aren't you worried that this might come  

across as sexist to your female viewers we  hope next week you will even it out with a  

hunky nail teacher well you can always have me  next week if you want you could have me as your  

hunky male teacher why not i think so i  will be back with you next week from 2 p.m  

uk time i hope you've enjoyed today's live stream  something interesting i hope there was something  

in there for you to enjoy and i hope it was  useful as well from mr duncan that's me by  

the way and also mr steve thank you steve for  joining us today thank you very much also to  

miss spelling misspelling would you like to  say something before you go that is all for me  

for today kisses for misspelling don't be late  for my next class or i will have to punish you  

there's one thing i've noticed about miss spelling  she really just like giving out those punishments  

see you later thank you very much for your  company i hope you've enjoyed it we are now  

going to have a cup of tea and a tea cake i  will see you next sunday from 2 p.m uk time  

and of course there might be a new lesson as  well popping up during the week have you noticed  

last week i put a new lesson on my youtube channel  and also next week we will do the same thing as  

well i will put something new on my youtube  channel and as i said i will be with you next  

sunday this is mr duncan in the birthplace of  english saying thanks for watching i hope you've  

enjoyed this live stream live from england and  of course until the next time we meet here stay  

safe stay happy wash your hands wear that mask and  of course you know what's coming next yes you do

to tar for now