oh hello there fancy seeing you here hi everybody this

is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you ok I hope so are you happy I hope you're feeling happy today because

I'm quite happy you can't see that I'm happy but I I have a smile on my face

definitely I can guarantee right now that I am

smiling at the moment better so here I am live from the centre of the place in

which I live much Wenlock you can see behind me the old plop in the square and

I am now broadcasting live this is no ordinary day this is Monday the 15th of

June when everything gets back to normal when I say normal

I mean well 80% normal and the reason why I say that is because many of the

shops have reopened here in England so across the UK different places are

reopening at different times so for example here in England many of the

shops have reopened today as you can see it is very hard to tell whether things

have changed here because everything is very quiet it's not very noisy many of

the shops are still closed can you believe it you might notice behind me

some of the shops have reopened but most of them are actually still closed they

are still shipped for those wondering where I am I'm in much Wenlock and that

is where I live you might not be able to see me very clearly because I am in the

shade however you can see my face now there it is and it is so warm I can't

believe how hot it is today not only that but also I'm outside with

my face mask of course this is something that you have to do even though I've

noticed that no one around me is wearing their face mask no one no one is

actually bothering I think I am the only person who is bothering to wear his face

mask today so I am I'm being a very good citizen by wearing my lovely face mask

and that's what I'm doing at the moment I might take it off in a moment because

I can't actually see anything one of the problems of wearing a mask across your

face if you wear glasses is that eventually your glasses will steam up

and that is what is happening now can you see my glasses my spectacles have

started to steam up hmm so I hope you are good I'm going to take this off

because there is no one around the actual place is did you hear the crows

flying over then yes we might be disturbed from time to time by the birds

hello to the live chat I suppose I should say hello to the live stream and

also all those watching on the live chat I'm taking this off because it's it's

really uncomfortable to be honest and

there is no one here but this is it this is what Much Wenlock looks like when

lockdown comes to an end

where are all the people where are the people there are no people around here

at all I don't know where they are anyway I hope you're doing well today I

thought I would do a live stream as things are slowly getting back to normal

whatever normal is so the shops around here have started opening not all of

them some of them are still closed some people have decided not to open their

shops just yet and I can see why because there aren't many people around you see

there are very few people around can you see me now oh that's better

I will make some adjustments oh yes that's better I think you can see me now

so that is a more pleasing view I hope you can see my my gorgeous my handsome

face is now clear for everyone to see hello Mohsen hello also - can I say

hello to Maria Lena is here nice to see you I was just interested you see I was

interested to find out what would happen here in Much Wenlock this is a very

small place a very small town and it looks as if most people have not

bothered to actually open their shops they've decided to stay closed well

there are some people coming I better put my mask on there we go that's better

if anyone comes past I'm going to make sure that I put my mask on because now

you have to wear your face mask if you go into a shop or if you go into a bank

you have to take your mask off it's the opposite you see so nowadays if you want

if you want to rob a bank you have to take your mask off

so here we go then we are live now on YouTube I hope you are having a good

Monday my Monday isn't too bad even though it is so hot I don't want to wear

my face mask I really don't like wearing this if anyone comes by I will put my

face mask on there we go it's so uncaring all I can say is I really do

sympathize with anyone who lives in a very hot country and they have to wear a

face mask that's all I can say I you have my complete and utter sympathy by

the way we still have social distancing here as well it's worth remembering let

me just show you I am very aware that we have to still keep our social distance

from each other

so I have my tape measure here to make sure that I don't get too close to

anyone else so I think it's how much 2 meters is that how far away we have to

be ok then so there is where is 2 meters I'm trying to find 2 meters all there it

is 2 meters so that is 2 meters you have to stay two meters away there it is just

to show you so that is the distance that we have to keep from each other at the

moment although having said that they want to reduce it to 1 meter can you

believe it so instead of 2 meters they want to reduce it to 1 meter which isn't

very far at all when you think about it I mean if you are sitting at a table

with other people you might only be around 1 meter away from them anyway 1

meter so it was going to be 2 meters but they've changed it after 13 weeks of

telling us that we have to be 2 meters apart they have told us now that they

are going to reduce it to one meter so you could be one meter

away that man has a very noisy car very noisy indeed

doesn't he know I'm trying to do a live stream here yes it was 2 meters but now

it is 1 meter we can stay 1 meter away from each other so this for example let

me just show you this is too near so that is one inch two inches three inches

four so there is five inches so five inches is too close you can't get any

closer than that or else you'll be well you'll be probably kissing and hugging

you see so two meters is the safe distance I will show you again or it was

but now they've changed it to 1 meter so there it is 1 meter so that is how near

you can now get to each other here in the UK the shops have opened not that

you would know it because here in Much Wenlock many of the shops have decided

to stay closed they've decided not to open their businesses at all hello Tania

hi Tania Tania art is here nice to see you here as well yes my name is duncan

for those who don't know for those who do know yes don't worry there is nothing

wrong with your calendar it isn't Wednesday it is Monday and we

have started doing business again here in the UK hello Michael

hello also town to Anne you win hello to you as well I was a little worried today

because I thought my hay fever would be bad but fortunately my hay fever is not

too bad today hello also too

heck heck Touareg watching in argentina now I know things at the moment in

Argentina are not too good and have you heard the latest about China in in

Beijing they have introduced lockdown again because there has been another

outbreak in Beijing so things have started to turn back things have started

to become serious again just a few minutes I started my livestream I've

been here now for 12 minutes so to be honest with you you haven't missed much

you haven't missed much at all to be honest one of the main reasons is

because there isn't much going on here I thought all of the shops would be open

but they're not so here in Much Wenlock most of the shop owners have decided to

keep their stores closed however there is there is a store just

here that sells gifts and they have decided to reopen they've decided to

reopen today although I can't see many customers in there to be honest so there

aren't many people around I thought there would be more people shopping

today I thought so maybe in the large towns and the large

cities there might be lots of people actually shopping in the big department

stores but here there are no almost no shops open at the moment you can see

there is some traffic and there are people walking around I saw the postman

just can you please show us around well one of the problems with doing this on

my phone is because

one of the main problems is having a good signal so if I move my phone too

far you might actually lose the live stream so I do have to be careful where

I put my phone so I have to make sure that there is a good signal coming

through on the live stream for those who are wondering where I am I'm standing in

the square the square so let's have a look shall we

so there you can see a little bit of information about the square so that is

where I'm standing at the moment you are standing at the hub of medieval Much

Wenlock Market Center for a wide agricultural and commercial hinterland a

place where farming and also the the exchange or the sale of livestock takes

place or used to take place many years ago so there is a little bit of

information about the place where I'm standing at the moment for those who are

wondering where I am now you know you know exactly where I am I'm standing in

Much Wenlock square hello - sunshine is that a new shirt

no this shirt is actually quite old I think this shirt now is around 2 years

old so I've had this shirt for nearly a couple of years two years so no this is

not a new shirt it is I suppose you would describe it as an old shirt it's

around about two years old hello Mohsen hello also - tomorrow it is

a good idea to take a tape measure with you to keep your distance yes I have to

make sure that people don't get too close to me so if anyone comes near me I

can I can get my tape measure out and I can make sure that they don't come too

close to me so that's it you see I have my tape measure ready

I can say hey hey stop getting so close to me you must keep your social distance

so even though the shops have now reopened in many parts of England except

here in Much Wenlock it would appear everyone has decided not to open their

shops however the the food shop around the corner is open and also the bread

shop as well there is a bread shop just there there it is so that is a bread

shop and the bread shop well can you believe it it's just closed so even the

bread shop has decided to close its doors it was open a few minutes ago

that's normally where we get our bread from on a Saturday morning we normally

get our bread from there you might notice that there are people walking

around so you will notice in the distance there are people enjoying the

beautiful sunshine because we are having the most amazing day it's a beautiful

day today to be honest michael says mr. duncan can

you stop getting so close to me I'm very sorry about that I will try to

keep my social distance you are looking good mr. Duncan thank you very much I

feel much better I have been feeling a little unwell for the past two days

because of my hay fever but today fortunately because we've had a lot of

rain the the pollen is not flying around going up my nose fortunately so you can

see there are some people walking around not many people there are some here and

there and of course there is also me as well standing here talking to myself

well ok I'm talking to you as well today's live stream is so interesting

mr. Duncan because it's my first time to see you are doing a live stream in the

streets and not your garden hello gear Gyan you win I believe you are watching

in Vietnam if I'm not mistaken so a big hello to Vietnam nice to see you here as

well how are things there now how were things with your situation

mr. Duncan red really does suit you says that is the clock here in Much Wenlock

at the church the church clock is three minutes fast it's still three minutes

before two o'clock so we don't know why but it looks as if our our church clock

is three minutes fast I think so so now it is coming up to two o'clock

not yet the church clock was a little bit too soon you see a little premature

thank you anyway for your lovely comments yes this is the place in which

I live sometimes I make videos here sometimes I walk around and sometimes I

film I actually record lessons here sometimes the only problem is if I'm

doing a live stream I have to make sure that I have a signal on my phone so you

are watching me on my mobile phone at the moment and I have to make sure that

you can actually receive my picture because if you can't then it's it's

really pointless doing it isn't it really hello also to Sandra Gonzalez

nice to see you here as well so yes there are some shops open at the moment

many have decided to stay closed so the bread shop was open but that has just

closed there are a couple of gift shops that

are open however there are no customers going in there are no customers going

into the shops because really there are not many people here tamarah asks where

is Steve is he here with you now he's not Steve unfortunately is working so

Steve is still at home he's in his office

sitting in front of his desk working very hard so that's what Steve is doing

at the moment and I am out here doing this on a beautiful summer's day it is

so nice I can't believe how nice the weather is I looked at the weather

forecast this morning and it said that there was going to be heavy showers and

thunderstorms so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do this I wasn't

sure if I could come out today and do this but fortunately everything is all

right everything is not too bad I might try to move the camera slightly to give

you a different view so I have to be careful if the signal disappears don't

go away because I will move back to where I was so don't worry if my signal

vanishes I've got my tape measure here and make sure that lady doesn't get too

close no no she's she's not she's not getting

near to me I'm all right

I will try to move the camera slightly so please if I go away if I suddenly

vanish don't panic I will just move my camera back to where

it was so let's let's move slightly shall we oh look at this

there we go so behind me you can see went one of the many shops here this one

has decided to stay closed today normally from here you can buy lots of

snacks lots of lovely food also ice cream in fact mr. Steve and myself we

often come in here during the summit to have an ice cream and sometimes we come

in here to have a cup of coffee unfortunately today this place this

place has decided to stay closed in fact there is a sign on the window that says

that they are open on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday

so they are not open on Mondays they've decided to stay closed on Mondays

however during the summer months normally this shop is full of people

normally there is a queue outside people waiting to buy ice cream and other

delicious things as well and maybe somewhere in that queue is me perhaps

maybe hello to the live chat thank you very much what a lovely place to have a

cup of coffee or an ice cream yes it is it's a very convenient place I think

that's a good word to use it is a convenient place to stop off if you've

had a walk maybe you've been having a long walk maybe you need a rest this is

a good place to come to there is another place here just behind me this is an art

gallery you might be able to see it

there is an art gallery just here

also closed by the way so this particular gallery has also decided to

stay closed today normally during the week it will be open but because we have

had 13 weeks of everywhere being closed this one has decided to stay shut it has

that's what it's done I will come a little bit further round here oh that's

nice oh I'm in the shade now I like that the

Sun unfortunately is a little bit too bright

that's better you might not be able to see me very clearly now but I thought I

would give you an overall view of the square so there it is much Wenlock

square you can see the museum there is the museum there is the guild hall and

there is the church so that the church clock is actually there and that is what

you could hear ringing earlier on for those who are wondering what the hell is

this my name is duncan and i'm taking you on a little tour around the place in

which i live because today well many of the shops across the UK have decided to

reopen however here in Much Wenlock many shops have decided to stay closed

dude it is so you can see the traffic is not that busy there are hardly any

people walking around behind me so it has actually been fairly quiet day here

in Much Wenlock that's better oh you can see me now that's nice I'm

not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing is it I'm not sure the live chat

is oh hello the live chat what about the library yes there is a library here just

around the corner from here there is a small library however just like

everywhere else over the past three months it has remained shit as well it

has remained closed hello - J Daniel our killer

hello mr. Duncan nice program I am Daniel from Argentina

thanks a lot from for your exposition it is so beautiful excuse me for my bad

english don't worry don't worry because that is why I'm here

I am here to help you with your English Studies that is what I do normally when

I'm not standing in the street talking to myself like I'm doing now do you ever

feel afraid not really now I've got used to doing this I don't mind standing in

public talking to myself as long as I have something to say that's the worst

thing the worst thing you can do is stand in front of the camera and have

nothing to say maybe you are slightly afraid or nervous so you do have to be

careful sometimes you have to make sure that you have the confidence to do this

mr. Steve I will be honest with you mr. Steve is not as confident

standing in public doing this it doesn't really bother me to be honest but mr.

Steve sometimes feels a little bit shy when he's standing in public and when we

are doing our live streams although he has done it with me he has been with me

on the live streams in the past he has hello - hi Lee Kwang

oh hello hi Lee Kwang nice to see you back as well I haven't seen you for a

very long time nice to see you back here on the live stream yes I'm doing a

special live stream today because here in England many shops have reopened the

only thing is that the only problem at the moment is many of the shops have

decided to stay closed so I thought there was going to be lots of people

here today but it would appear that there isn't where is the bakery oh well

the bakery is just behind me it's just behind me unfortunately it's now closed

even though there are still people inside there please don't remind me of

food because I am a little bit hungry at the moment another problem with the

lockdown of cos is that most of the food shops most of the cafes and restaurants

are also closed as well it's not fair so I have to make sure that I don't become

too hungry standing here or else it might be a little bit frustrating to a

new Winn I wish I could go to your house to visit you and also your back garden

as well who knows well I would always say if you come to England if you decide

to go on a tour in England why not come here too much Wenlock come and visit

have a walk around enjoy the shops enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here in Much

Wenlock of course across Shropshire so the

county the large area around here is called Shropshire so that is the county

the county is the larger district that contains the towns and sometimes the

cities the villages the Hamlet's a hamlet is a very small village that just

has a few shops Sergio says it doesn't look like London these days no so even

though many of the shops have decided to reopen here in Much Wenlock most of the

shops have decided to stay closed how far away is your house from the center

of much Wenlock if I walk it takes around 25 minutes so I'm around 25

minutes from from here if I have a little walk home it will take me 25

minutes it looks like you are on holiday like Boxing Day yes you are right so

this is the place where mr. Steve and myself we used to do our Boxing Day

livestreams and they are still available on my You Tube channel if you want to

watch them again for those who just joined me yes this is a livestream now

on Monday afternoon hello kappa devi mr. duncan do you show do you slow your

speaking play pace when you talk to us not really no this is how I talk

normally I don't change my speech at all so if I meet someone in the street I

will talk like this this is how I talk to everyone around me hello good morning

how are you yeah not too bad thank you mustn't complain everything's alright so

to be honest with you I don't change the speed of my speech at

all this is really how I speak normally so not everyone speaks quickly not

everyone speaks fast some people speak slowly some people speak quickly I just

happen to be one of those people who speaks at a very steady pace especially

if you teach so if you are teaching something you have to make sure that

your students understand what you are saying I heard that many countries have

opened their shops yes well in China as I understand it I was watching the news

last night and it would appear in China in Beijing there have been outbreaks in

certain areas where the markets have been allowed to reopen so that is

something that is happening right now it is breaking news as they say but here we

are trying something here in the UK well in England so at the moment in England

we have decided to ease lockdown we've decided to let people I can hear a

police car I wonder if they're coming for me

I don't like the sound of that you might get to see mr. Duncan be arrested live

on YouTube that will be quite exciting wouldn't it I'm surprised no one has

come up to me to ask me what I'm doing would you please mind telling me what

you are doing and I will say I am talking to the world I'm showing the

world Much Wenlock which i think is a very nice idea when you think about it

yes I think so hello pal Longley hello mr. Duncan it is the first time to write

the chat it is a little bit strange to me that no one is wearing masks well we

have to wear masks if we go into an enclosed space or for example if you are

going to use public transport so if you are going to go on the bus or on the

train you must put a mask on you must Oktay says you are on Barrow

Street you are almost right yes well there is Barrow Street so that road

going there is Barrow Street and then eventually it becomes shine to nirodh

but yes you are right that that particular bits behind me there is

Barrow Street well spotted very good can you please tell me about

Raymond Murphy's English grammar book well I've never come across it to be

honest and I don't normally like to pass comments about other teachers or other

teachers books to be honest I don't think it's very fair I've been watching

yesterday's live stream and you mentioned today's live stream as well

it's the tree man did you see the tree man the tree man is the man who drives

around this village and the town and he cuts people's trees yes I did mention

the live stream yesterday although I wasn't sure if the weather was going to

be good or not because the the weather forecast said lots of thunder lots of

showers lots of rain a pretty typical typical English summer when you think

about it fortunately there is no rain there is no thunder

hello mr. Duncan greetings from Brazil hello Brazil I know at the moment things

are a little serious where you are so I hope you are taking care of yourselves

stay safe please mr. Duncan where is your mask I have my mask here yes I have

my mask if anyone comes too close to me I will put my mask on like this Ted I

see so we don't have to worry I can put my mask on in just a few moments if

anyone comes too near to me there we go I have my mask the only problem is it

makes my glasses steamed up over I can't see anything so I'm taking it off out

some people said mr. Duncan you look much better with your mask on yeah how

dare you how dare you you are the native English speaker who is the most easy to

understand thank you very much you have a gift as a teacher that's very kind of

you to say that's such a lovely compliment

whatever you or my teachers in my university speak English directly it is

easy for me to hear and understand but I cannot hear clearly if it is in

listening exercises I mean if it is recorded well

many years ago I used to actually record the voices for the English listening

tests when I was in China so I used to do that quite often and they would

always encourage the people doing it including me to speak a little bit

faster so what we would normally do is we would read the script we would read

slowly and then afterwards we would read it again and we would do it a little

quicker so quite often they would have two recordings of the listening exam so

first of all they would they would ask us to do it slowly and then they would

ask us to do it a little quicker so I suppose it it allows them to give you

two choices it allows you to hear something slowly but then you can hear

it a little quicker do you know the others ask asks Jade when you say the

others do you mean the people around me well I don't know everyone but I'm sure

some people going by might recognize me they will say oh look there's that

strange man who keeps talking to himself on YouTube I have my mask ready just in

case just in case anyone gets too near to me I'm prepared see I can do it

quickly one second that's all it takes one second and then my mask is in place

and I am protected from all of those dirty disgusting germs

oh hello captive a mr. Steve was so pleased yesterday with your donation I

think Steve will be going out next week to buy a new t-shirt I think so

no mr. Duncan I think that the people around you will think that you are on

the telephone yes maybe maybe I'm prepared just in case if anyone gets too

close I will say stand back keep your social distance hey there mr.

Duncan says life blogger hello life blogger nice to see you here as well

I'm doing a live stream on this very special day because today all of the

shops in England are reopening so for those who want to buy their clothes or

gifts you can now go shopping and this morning I was I was watching the news

this morning there were people queuing queueing for very blocks and blocks and

blocks of people queuing waiting to go into the shops before they open

don't get too close to me you see I'm prepared I'm ready oh hello handsome

teacher do you mean me well thank you very much heck gave me a

little thrill then hello parisa nice to see you where are you watching at the

moment where are you watching I agree with what

you say Mika the masks are necessary everywhere nowadays well that is the

reason why I have my mask I have it ready just in case just in case this is

a clean mask that I put on just before starting my livestream Jade asks do you

like shopping I don't think you do you are right I don't like shopping I don't

like walking around the shops I find the experience to be a little boring and

also a waste of time as well especially nowadays because if you want to buy

something you can just go on the internet and just have a few clicks and

then the next day comes to your door as if by magic people people are coming

today away keep your distance 2 meters 2 meters look I have my I have

my tape measure to make sure that people don't get too close to me look there's

my tape measure 2 meters 2 meters I know they are saying that you can go to 1

meter but I prefer 2 meters I think 2 meters is much better much better so I'm

making sure everyone keeps their safe distance from me

starting to suffocate that's the only problem with face masks you can't

actually breathe in them which kind of shop do you like to go to a real one or

the Internet well sometimes I buy things on the internet if I need something in a

hurry but quite often I will go shopping maybe occasionally as I said yesterday

I'm not a person who buys things all the time I don't buy things all the time

I don't always go shopping for clothes so sometimes I will buy something maybe

a new item of clothes or something like that some new clothing maybe a new hat

or a new t-shirt but I don't do it very often what is the relationship between

the two countries England and Australia well in the past of course in the past

Australia was one of the colonies the British colonies and one of the most

amazing things is in the past we used to send convicts people who were convicted

of crimes we used to send them to Australia as punishment can you believe

it that was a long time ago by the way it wasn't last week it was a very a very

long time ago somewhere in that bush so that's how long ago it was it's in that

tree somewhere behind me but nowadays we don't do that we don't send our

prisoners oh there's the policeman as a policeman

did you see the police there was the policeman in a police car I think he's

looking for me as soon as somebody comes close to you

you can put your tape measure towards them yes I will

that's why I have my tape measure nearby that is the reason why the connection by

the way between Britain Great Britain the British Isles I suppose if you want

to use that phrase that the connection is Australia used to be a colony and

there is still a very close connection between this country and Australia so

they still see the head of their country as the Queen of England they they still

accept they they still say that the head of their country is the Queen of England

so that hasn't changed at all hello the invent or hello invent or have you

invented something saying to you have you invented something useful today I

wonder can you invent a face mask that doesn't make your glasses steam up that

would be very nice could you please invent a face mask that does not make

your glasses steam up like this you see you

No Australia is not a puppet country they have their own government so they

do have their own government they are responsible for their own country you

can use a two meter long stick to hold people away don't worry don't worry they

will definitely not get close to me my glasses are now steaming up can you see

my my glasses are now steaming up I can't see how annoying is that it's

really annoying I will be going in around about 10 minutes so I'm only here

for one hour so if you want to say something say it now hello Raja hello is

there discrimination by foreigners like Indians and other who go to England or

the u.s. to study or work well I suppose it depends where you go you might find

that there is some prejudice in certain parts of the UK just like anywhere else

you might find that there is prejudice some people see prejudice as maybe

having a problem with a person's religion or maybe their race or maybe

just simply from where they come from in the same country some people can be very

prejudiced against those who who come from another part of the UK it's true

I'm not joking so you can find prejudice you can find lots of unreasonable hatred

I suppose that's the best way of putting it and I suppose also you don't need me

to explain at the moment a lot of people have been talking about this a lot of

people are talking about this I used to live in Wolverhampton

and Wolverhampton is very much a cosmopolitan city there are people from

all over the world all over the planet living in Wolverhampton so it is a very

cosmopolitan place a mixture of people a mixture of cultures religious cultures

people who come from different parts of the world they all live there some

people do not get along with other people however most of the time you will

find people do get along it is always the minority that spoil it the people

who have deep-seated hatred for other people they are always the ones that

spoil it for everyone else so not everyone is prejudiced not everyone is

racist not everyone has a problem I would class myself as one of those

people I don't really care where you come from if you want to pray to your

own God it's fine by me no problem there are only two types of

people in my mind good and bad

there are people walking behind me they have to put my mask on so to be honest

with you yes prejudice does exist yes people can have problems some people's

attitudes are a little out of date let's just say it does happen it happens here

it happens all around the world Sandra says I wear glasses but washing them

with soap and it stops them from being tarnished yes I often wash my glasses

sometimes when I clean my glasses they are actually worse than they were before

so do you ever do that if you wear glasses you will know what I'm talking

about sometimes when you clean your glasses

afterwards they are worse than they were before

it does happen why aren't you wearing the facemask that Boris Johnson sent you

the reason why I'm not wearing that one is because you can't breathe and also

you won't be able to hear what I'm saying

so that's the reason why I'm using the clinical ones so this is the sort of

thing you will see in a hospital this is purse personal protective

equipment PPE you see so quite often if you see hospitals or people going in and

out of hospital you will often see people wearing these clinical face mess

they help to keep all those nasty things from

going into your body do you often go to the pub no I'm quite unusual in that

respect because I don't really go to the pub I'm not a big drinker I don't really

drink alcohol all the time I'll be honest with you I don't so know the

answer for that question is no I don't really drink a lot of alcohol LaLanne

LaLanne Kumar hello LaLanne Kumar your clothes are very well matched yes I

think so even my watch I don't know why but even my watch matches my clothes I

think so the only thing that doesn't match is the mask I think I should have

a red mask as well so then maybe it will all fit together hello Cory hi everybody

how are you mr. Duncan I'm okay I'm having a great time today I'm out

walking around it's a beautiful day the sun is shining it's very warm and across

the UK or at least across England so not the whole of the UK only England we have

reopened our shops isn't that amazing

we have reopened our shops maybe you can buy a red mask yes I would like to do

that then then everything will match all of my clothes will match how is your eye

today it's much better thank you very much I was suffering from hay fever a

couple of days ago and my eye became swollen and very painful it wasn't very

nice but

interesting someone went by on a bicycle then showing off doing some some tricks

on their bike

this is not the mask that was sent to you no it isn't

I've decided not to wear that mask because it's too thick you can't hear

what I'm saying if I wear that mask you won't be able to hear what I'm saying

and also it's it's too uncomfortable so instead I'm wearing my clinical mask

instead so I'm putting this mask on so this one is much more comfortable the

only problem is of course it makes your glasses steamed up and then you can't

see anything it is rather annoying to say the least

there is a church in your town yes there is just around the corner behind me

there is a church Trinity Church is what it's called ah Anna that's a very good

idea mr. Duncan you can also use your mask to protect you from hay fever

I like that yes that's a good idea can you believe I didn't even think about

that that's a great idea yes I suppose I could also use my face mask to protect

me from all of the pollen that's flying around that's a great idea my hay fever

today is not too bad it's much better thank you

because we last night we had a lot of rain so all of the pollen has suddenly

disappeared so it's great Richard says in Argentina the lockdown will continue

until the 12th of July so you still have around four weeks before you return to

normal normal whatever that is you are gorgeous today because you are wearing

red a lot of people seem to think that red suits me thank you very much

I've never really been very fond of red however I don't know why when I

we're read it seems to suit me it suits me tamarah asks do you ever visit the

church well III visit the church but I don't go to the church to pray because

I'm not religious you see I don't have any religious beliefs so I don't go to

church I visited the church it's a very nice Church I'm fascinated by old

buildings old churches old castles old monuments they fascinate me because they

are a tangible thing something you can touch you can actually put your hand

on an old building you ought you are literally touching the past so that's

one of the reasons why old buildings fascinate me because you can actually

touch them you can put your hand on something that is been around maybe for

a hundred years five hundred years or even a thousand

years it's not incredible what type of faith do you have mr. Duncan I don't

have any religious beliefs I'm not a religious person I don't pray I don't

have any beliefs I suppose I'm a person who believes in the moment that I'm in

which is right now so I always try to make the most of every moment and then

tomorrow morning when I wake up I will always have a smile on my face and I

will think about all the people who didn't wake up I will think about all

the people who will not see the new day and I will consider myself to be very

lucky indeed because I get to do this all over again

do you like Turner a painter Turner yes he was a big fan of clouds and he liked

painting landscapes although I I am more a constable or a van Gogh to be honest I

do like Van Gogh van Gogh paintings are interesting

because they are not just pictures of things but they are also almost

three-dimensional because van Gogh had a habit of putting the paint onto the

canvas really thickly he would often use his fingers and put the put the paint

onto the canvas very thickly so if you ever looked closely at a van Gogh

painting you will see not only the picture and quite often he painted his

pictures in an abstract way but you can also see the shape as well they are

almost three dimensional mr. Turner is English there was a film there was a

movie that came out about the life of mr. Turner

where do you think you will go when you die well I suppose I will go back to the

same place I came from when before I was born

you see I've been there before so it doesn't really worry me I'm not afraid

of dying to be honest it doesn't really bother me too much because it didn't

bother me before I was alive so I guess it's not going to be much trouble after

it's not going to be much bother after I have to keep my mask on

I keep forgetting there are some people just behind me you see you can't see

them but there are some people just behind me and I have to be careful so

now I always think to myself before I was born before I was born

I don't remember anything and I would imagine after I'm dead the feeling will

be pretty sick so it didn't bother me before and I

don't think it will bother me afterwards either because I will be in exactly the

same situation no longer existing I didn't think we were going to talk about

such big topics today Mohsen says I respect your opinion thank

you very much that's very kind of you respect is a simple word and yet it can

have a very deep meaning or a deep feeling especially when one person gives

it to another person so no I I don't worry too much if you want to pray if

you want to believe you can believe anything you want you can

mr. Duncan do English people use will in the present tense we often use will to

show something we intend to do something that we have an intention of doing so I

will see you tomorrow yes I will so quite often we will also say that

something that is affirmative or definite I will I will and also you can

say the will of a person which is another thing altogether so your strong

desire is also your will so you can actually use that word in more than one

way you have the will to do something you have the motivation the feeling

inside to do something your will

Lydia asks where were you born I was born in Staffordshire which is not very

far away from here another County which is very nearby to Shropshire mr. Duncan

are you a good dancer I'm not sure about that one thing I'm very sure of I'm not

going to do any dancing today no dancing in the streets definitely not I will be

going in a moment one hour and four minutes I've been on talking to you so I

will be going soon I hope you've enjoyed this unusual this unusual livestream

today thanks for this special livestream please take care and have a good

afternoon I will I will try my best to have a good day and I hope you will as

well Roma hello Roma nice to see you here I

like writing songs could you tell me is it okay for a sad song

we looked my puppy in every cranny and nook you might say we looked for my

puppy in every nook and cranny nook and cranny nook and cranny small spaces

places that are hard to reach nook and cranny that means you are looking

everywhere for something you are looking everywhere speaking of dancing

will you please dance the Jazz in Paris song maybe

maybe we will see what happens we will see how much energy I have next week can

you please go into a bar and have a coffee or tea no unfortunately they're

all closed so the cafes and restaurants at the moment are still closed they are

still shit however the shops many of the clothes

shops gift shops have actually reopened they are open again open for businesses

I hope you've enjoyed this livestream thanks for watching me I thought I would

show you the excitement of the reopening of Much Wenlock isn't it exciting

unfortunately most of the shops have decided to stay closed

well it's too hot it's too hot to wear a mask if I have to wear a mask I will if

I don't have to wear a mask I won't what time is it in your country

mr. Duncan it is now 2:45 would you like to see

here it is he's my my watch just to show you that the time is now 2:45 a quarter

to 3:00 on a Monday afternoon I was hoping to see lots of people going in

and out of the shops but unfortunately there are no people because many of the

shops have decided to stay closed unfortunately they have decided to stay

closed how many people live in much Wenlock around 5000 so the population of

this place and that is the whole area of Much

Wenlock including me I am on that number so that number also includes me as well

around 5,000 so it is a small town which is what most people describe this place

as they say that much Wenlock is a small town

where are you going now mr. Duncan well I will go back home and I will make a

cup of tea that's what I'm doing next so I will make a cup of tea maybe mr. Steve

will want a cup of tea as well so that's what I'm doing I will be going back home

and have a cup of tea maybe I will sit in the garden and enjoy this lovely

sunshine so that answers your question I hope what do you think about Islamic

religion I don't really have any strong feelings either way again I suppose it

would be easy to assume that maybe I have some negative thoughts but I don't

if you want to believe in something if you have a belief

I will respect that belief but of course I will also expect the same thing in

return so as I always say respect is a two-way street respect goes both ways so

that is the way I look at the world some people might think it's very simple

maybe too simple but if you are a good person then you are fine by me what will

you take with a cup of tea will you have a jaffa cake or a cookie I don't know I

might have I might have some biscuits yes when I have a cup of tea sometimes I

like to dunk my biscuit in the tea

there are some cyclists behind me can you see the cyclists there are some

cyclists cycling around behind me they might come here and say hello I don't

know so there are lots of people cycling today as you can see as well they are

out and about enjoying this lovely sunshine I think they are taking a rest

they are having a little break I will say one thing I think today is is a

little bit too hot for cycling I think so

so there they go by cyclists bye they've gone now thank you very much for your

company today I am safe I am healthy I am happy and I hope you are feeling the

same way as well I can't stand masks even in the picture says sunshine well I

don't like wearing masks unless I have to

so if I'm told that I have to wear a mask I will put it on like this however

if there are no people around like now I will take it off so that's what I'm

doing at the moment thank you very much for your company do you watch world

wrestling do i watch wrestling no I don't I don't like wrestling for two

reasons one sometimes it appears that if the violent I think there's more

violence in the crowd than in the ring and also the fact that a lot of it is

fake as well it's not real they're all pretending to jump on each other so now

I don't really watch wrestling to be honest I've never really had much

interest in wrestling I've certainly never tried it could you

imagine me trying to be a wrestler dear they would snap me in half like a

matchstick Thank You mr. Duncan enjoy your time I'm being attacked by a wasp

Thank You mr. Duncan enjoy your time I will I will try to enjoy the rest of the

day I have another one of these wonderful things to enjoy another day of

this thing we call life very nice isn't it lovely nice to see how quickly you

put on and take off your mask like you are a gunslinger

yes I suppose so you could have maybe two people dueling with their masks who

can put their face mask on quicker maybe Clint Eastwood could make a new movie

that was fast very fast I have to go now says to an new in I will also have to go

as well I'm going yes I am going I'm going back home to see what mr. Steve is

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something nice there is too much hatred there is too much discrimination people

sometimes want to have problems and trouble and violence and hatred but

sometimes it is possible just to be happy just to have a smile on your face

for no reason like this take care mr. Duncan Thank You Cory thank you very

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care everyone stay safe and stay happy this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

the English language that is of course England saying thank you for watching me

today I hope you've had a good time I hope you've had an interesting live

stream I hope it has been interesting for you

and now it is time to say goodbye see you later

I will be back with you on Wednesday I'm back on Wednesday from 2 p.m. UK time

Wednesday 2 p.m. UK time Wednesday 2 p.m. UK time

catch you later I'm going to walk back home now joy the rest of your day stay

happy stay cheerful keep that smile on your face thank you very much mr. Duncan

thank you tomorrow Thank You curry sir Alessandra Jade thank you very much for

your company today my glasses are steaming up again oh I see I think the

problem is I have my mask on upside down

very nice there we go what is that sign behind you this is the sign that tells

the tourists what this area is it is talking or describing this particular

area which is the square so the place I'm in at the moment is the town square

in Much Wenlock see you later enjoy the rest of your day I'm

definitely going now

Thank You Freddy Thank You Cory see you later and of course until the next time

we meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next

yes you do hmm

Tatar for now