Hi, guys!

In today's video I am going to take you to a New  York City restaurant with one of my best friends and former students

and I'm going to show you how  we order at a restaurant

and just the way that New York City restaurants are - especially during corona - So let's go!

- Can we get one order of calamari to start with?

- We are out of calamari.

- Oh, you are?

- Ok. Do you have another appetizer that you want?

- No? I don't know what other appetizers...

- We have like a spicy salmon tartare if you want seafood.

- Ok.

We do have a cool raw bar. We  have like oysters, chilled shrimp, a shrimp cocktail...

- Oh, a shrimp cocktail... we'll do a shrimp cocktail.

- And then I'll do a burger with fries.

- And how  would you like the burger?

- We'll do a medium well.

- And for you?