hey you my name is Marnie and from here on out I am going to be your very own

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a new video of mine gets posted and you don't miss anything in this video I'm

going to tell you why you keep getting placed in the friend zone and turned

down for second dates and I'm going to tell you exactly how to talk to women in

a way that builds attraction and sparks chemistry so that these women become

attracted to you why don't you start emotionally tapping which I'll explain

to you in this video you will never be seen as a friend or a nice guy again so

keep watching I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other day and she shared

something I think you're gonna find really interesting she was telling me

how she's been having a lot of arguments with a guy she's been dating for just

over a year now when I asked why did he confess something that would shock for

most guys so she confessed that she goes out of her way to start arguments with

him can you guess why she does this it's because it means too huh makeup sex

between them and she told me the sex is ten times better after they've been

arguing and it is normally and that's because arguments lead to a lot of

emotions even if they are mainly negative it evokes passion and feeling

which are crucial for us to enjoy truly great sex the problem with my friend's

boyfriend is he doesn't know how to make her feel that passion and emotion in

their day-to-day lives so she starts all these arguments with him to manufacture

those feelings for herself now I'm not saying this is something I'd recommend

for a healthy relationship and the truth is that I've actually done something

like this in the past and maybe still use it from time to time but it does

illustrate how important emotions are if you want to turn a woman on there have

been tons of studies that prove a strong link between fear and sexual arousal and

it makes complete sense fear is a emotion that gets the endorphins running

the same as when you feel really turned on by someone this doesn't mean that you

should frighten women or start fights to try to turn us on but you do need to

know how to engage our emotions I'm going to repeat that because it's so

important and something you should always keep in the back of your mind

when talking to a woman you are attracted to so here it is again you

need to know how to engage a woman's emotions because that's the number one

key to triggering our sexual arousal unfortunately most guys really struggle

with this and don't know how to do it and it's because it's not something that

men naturally know how to do so now that you know this about women I'm going to

tell you how to use this knowledge about us to have better conversations at first

meeting that build attraction and not a friendship so you ready here's how you

trigger a woman's emotional button in the first few moments of conversation

some may even call what I'm about to share a way to seduce women but I know

that this term has some negative associations so call it what you will it

is a way for her to view as more than a nice guy and see you as a sexual option

so next time you start talking to a woman skip all the fluff talk and go

straight for her emotions remember that again leave out the fluff tuck all the

redundant stuff and save that for your friends when the average guy approaches

a girl he usually starts with a compliment or something like excuse me I

just saw you from over there I really think you're beautiful and I had to come

and say hi blah blah that's like and then it goes into boring chitchat of

where you from what do you do what do you do for fun blah blah blah and

there's no emotion there I could literally give those responses in my

sleep I hang out with friends for fun I'm a janitor again blah blah blah blah

blah the woman can talk about what she does but there is no emotion so now they

know that the way to a woman's attraction button is through her

emotions you want to skip all that fluff talk and go straight to the emotions

maybe she says I work in marketing for XYZ firm at that point you want to

listen to the words she says but when you're really listening to is the ammo'

she expresses when she says it she could say either this I'm in marketing or this

I'm in marketing same sentence two completely different emotions behind a

sentence so if a woman responds positively like in the first example

they dive into those positive emotions more because you know that she will link

those positive emotions to you and the experience with you but if you see the

negative emotion about her job then you can trigger that emotion or her see past

her work and say something like okay really love to do and then she has to

think and dive deeper and then tells you something semi vulnerable about herself

that she hates her job and wishes that she did something else and then you can

continue down that path of emotion say something like how would it feel if you

did that other job instead any question about her feelings that gets her into

her emotions see how you can easily shift this conversation from a boring

bland and illogical exchange to an emotional one one that has her feeling

open and close to you and of course you'll use this with good intention and

not as a tactic I just have to say that right okay I know that this might seem

extreme for you and you may think oh my god I can't just dive into this with her

I need to have some small talk before getting so deep but I would have to ask

you why I didn't need this small talk when you typically only have minutes to

talk to a woman and make an impression wouldn't you rather be the guy that she

has this strong feeling and association with because you had a real conversation

versus a guy she can barely remember because you talked about nothing and

made her feel nothing now that you've connected through emotions and creating

safety and comfort now you can build attraction and you do that by combining

flirtatious and sexual elements with the emotions so for example while she's

talking about marketing and you're listening and asking about how she feels

about it you also get close to her give her good

eye contact slow down your voice touch her slightly imply sexual energy and

intent instead of friendly intent this is where so many guys go wrong they get

into a motion no talk and they keep their distance

instead of having those moments be something that can actually connect you

and bring me closer one note during this time the conversation is not all about

her and her emotions I get a little bit too deep a while back I made two videos

about OSA and LCA my two methods for creating great conversations with women

so I would suggest you go watch these two videos that you know how to properly

worked in your emotions and experiences to the conversation so that it's not

just a one-way conversation OSA an LCA are also included in my program become a

man women want as well as a much deeper dive into how to talk to women

this emotional element is the piece that so many guys forget when talking to

women and by far the most important one tapping into our emotions while flirting

with us and expressing your sexual intent is what guarantees women will no

longer view you as a friend or just a nice guy and guys who understand this

about women are incredibly rare which is why the few who do get it also have way

more sexual options than they can handle emotional tapping is just the start to

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