oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope you are feeling good today because

I'm with you once more yes we have made it all the way to Friday the weekend is

just around the corner not that it means much these days because every day feels

like the weekend every day feels like Saturday or Sunday so here we are on

Friday I hope you are feeling super duper once more I am in the garden I'm

feeling very lucky at the moment I can't begin to tell you how lucky I feel

standing here in the garden surrounded by all of the birds I have the pheasant

behind me I have pigeons calling I have birds tweeting above my head and up at

the top this morning I could actually hear a partridge as well so there was a

partridge calling and their call is very strange have you ever heard a partridge

calling it is a very strange sound it is a little bit like so that is the sound

that a partridge makes you would imagine that it would be a lovely sound you

would imagine that it would be a nice Pleasant melodic sound however it isn't

it sounds like someone banging in a piece of wood banging something into the

ground but that is the sound that a partridge makes it isn't very pleasant

when you think about it hello to everyone on the live chat hello

to everyone on the live stream nice to see you all here once again yes I am

with you every day you may have noticed that I have been appearing on your

screen quite a lot recently in fact every day

during April I've been here with you on the live chat talking of which oh yes we

have the live chat can I say a big hello to Vitesse Konstantin Adrian also Noemi

and zu Zika can I say hello to Mika and also connell welcome to the live chat

you are the first ones on my list and it's great to see you here again it's

lovely to have your company I have noticed over the past couple of days

because everything is slowly turning back to normal so in some countries

things are gradually slowly going back to normal and because of fact I've

noticed that in certain parts of the world the viewers for this has slowly

gone down because many people are now returning to their normal lives however

I will be here every day whatever happens even if there is only two people

even if there are just two people watching I promise I will carry on until

the end of April at least meanwhile here in the UK we are continuing with our

lockdown for another two weeks so we have another two weeks

of this and for some people they have they have enough they can't take any

more people this morning I noticed on Twitter were complaining that they are

feeling bored I can't understand there must be something you can find to do

maybe you can read a good book maybe you can learn some new information find out

something new that you didn't know before so there are many things you can

do I think so anyway hello to the live chats it's nice to see you

today thank you very much to Ivan also Alisa is here as well Beatriz is also

here Luis Mendez is watching in France hello to you as well thank you also

Monta Monta good afternoon mr. Duncan it is so good to see you again today it is

also sunny in Venice Italy - yes I hope so I hope you are having some sunshine

maybe you can stand by the window and get some of that beautiful lovely warm

sunshine perhaps you can stand in the window and perhaps the sunlight will

make you feel more cheerful and that's all I'm saying about that I know over

the past twelve or fifteen hours I know during the past few hours people

have been talking about a certain topic a certain thing that someone has said in

the world but I'm not going to mention it I promise I won't mention it at all

kaylynn says here every day is worse I'm sorry to hear that I know that there are

many countries that are still struggling and still having to deal with this

particular situation so yes you know what I'm talking about

of course I'm talking about yes that's what I'm talking about

and Toni oh hello Antonio watching in Madrid nice to see you and a

big hello to Spain Mohsen is here also also Marella

hello Marella hello everybody thank you very much for yesterday's expressions I

really like come what may we were talking about William Shakespeare

yesterday because it was the anniversary of his birth

we think maybe but definitely it was the anniversary of his death yesterday so we

were talking all about William Shakespeare so I hope you enjoyed that

and also many of the things that people use nowadays many phrases that we use

nowadays definitely palmyra says for us normal

has returned but unfortunately people are still dying this is one of the big

problems at the moment there are many people who now want to have their normal

lives returned to them however there are other people who are very cautious and

some people believe that we should be cautious

some people want things to change and return to how they were before so there

is a lot of debate taking place at the moment around the world as to how we

should cope with this situation for many people this has been going on for quite

a few weeks here in the UK this is now our fifth week so five weeks this has

been going on for five weeks franceska says your voice sounds better

your voice has turned better we don't normally say turned better you might say

it has become better or it sounds better so it would appear mr. Duncan that your

voice has got better or maybe it has become a little better or it has

improved it has slightly however I am still suffering from my hay fever I was

sneezing quite a lot this morning I was sneezing all morning hello I'm very

happy to be with you says Valentina hello to you as well every day during

the next few livestream I am going to show you a very simple

thing something that you see every day but perhaps you don't know what it is

called so today I'm going to show you this particular item can you see it on

your screens there it is there it is can you see it it is a very common item it

is something that you see quite often quite often it is something that you

wear on your clothing it is something useful I have quite a few of these in my

studio I often find these are very useful for hanging and also securing

things in my studio especially things that are hanging so this particular

thing is called a belt clip belt clip belt clip and this is something that you

normally put on your trousers so quite often if you have a belt around your

waist you will also have things that the belt will go through you will have loops

on your trousers so this is something you can actually attach like this very

useful so this is called a belt clip there are many different types of belt

clip this particular one is made of plastic it is very lightweight however

you can also get metal belt Clips they are made of metal steel sometimes they

are made of plastic like this one and sometimes they are made of steel however

it is a very simple thing but it is also a very useful thing as well so you might

see this around quite often maybe it work maybe you have to take care of many

offices so you have lots of keys and normally you will hang them on one of

these and then you will attack this to your trousers and there you can

see something called a belt clip a very useful thing even for me in my studio I

find that this particular thing can be used in many different ways many

different ways indeed so now you know belt clip Thank You mr.

Duncan we didn't know that it is amazing how many things that exist that you

might actually not know the name of maybe very simple things or common

things so tomorrow I will show you another very simple thing a very common

item and tell you what it is called hello Kerri buenas Dias from espana

hello to you as well hello Andy Andy star is here or by the way I have

something very special to say something very special to do right now excuse me

and I say a big special thank you thank you very much - Corrine gene

Corrine gene and also Dirk Borman thank you very much for your lovely kind

donations that I received I received a beautiful donation last night from

Corrine and also I received one just before I started today's livestream so

can I say a big thank you once again to Corrine gene and also Dirk Borman thank

you very much for your lovely donations and there also you can see on the screen

you can see the address for the donations if you want to send a small

donation or a large donation you are more than welcome to do so and that will

help my work continue forever and ever thank you very

much Kareem in France and Dirk who I believe

is in Germany so thank you very much for your kind donations thank you very much

and there is the address also for your debt donations as well don't forget I do

all of this for free I am with you every day during these very strange times I do

like my voice I like my voice at the moment my voice sounds very deep and

husky husky anyway I'm going to take my sunglasses off now because I think it's

a little bit rude do you think so do you think wearing sunglasses when you are

talking to someone is a little bit rude and maybe it is bad manners to do that

so I am going to take my glasses off my sunglasses Boing oh that's better I can

see you properly now you have to see someone's eyes if you are talking to

someone quite often we will feel reassured will we will feel more

comfortable if we can see their eyes isn't that strange so when you are

talking to someone quite often you want to see their eyes because the eyes can

give quite a lot away when you are talking to someone your eyes can reveal

many things I think so so my sunglasses have now been removed and we can talk to

each other about lots of things today we are talking about many things we will be

talking about words that allow you to express being able to do

something and of course the opposite things that you can't do this is

something I briefly talked about the other day so there are many things

people can do and many things people cannot do today we're going to look at

words and phrases connected to that also because it is Friday it is a very

strange Friday some might say that it is Freaky Friday

so today we are going to look at some very strange English words a game so we

are going to look at some odd words strange English words and maybe some of

them you've never heard before so some of them might be words that you've never

heard before all of that coming up later on hello quite yet or quite a new wind

hello to you watching in Vietnam hi Vietnam I know I have a lot of people

watching all around the world do you know why do you know why there are so

many people watching around the world I will tell you because because the world

of English is a fun an exciting place to be and I'm so glad you could join me for

another live stream we have people watching all around the world we have

people watching in South America we have people watching in Asia also we have

people watching in Australia all the way down under in Australia we have people

watching right across the world including Africa as well and Europe many

people watching across Europe as well people all over the world are watching

so a big hello to you wherever you are watching at the moment I hope you are

feeling good and I know at the moment most of this has been affected by one

particular thing I can say safely now that I will be with you every day until

this comes to an end so hello to the world I hope you are feeling good the

live chat is now very busy thank you very much mr. Duncan I like your

sunglasses the style and also the color well I've taken them off now because I

think if you are watching someone talking if you are watching a person who

is speaking quite often you also want to see their

eyes so you're not just interested in what they say you were also interested

to see the expressions on their faces hello also Irene

hello also marina yes it was a very interesting topic yesterday about

Shakespeare's life and also the poems thank you very much

he was a very talented person may be a person who back then may have been

misunderstood or maybe he had to try and make people understand why he was doing

what he was doing quite often when we try something new especially if someone

comes along and they say I have this great new idea or I have this new way of

doing things quite often people will resist they will not accept the new

ideas this has happened many times especially in the area of science so

many scientists in the past found it very difficult to express their their

ideas and their theories in the past it was

very hard to do it so I would say that William Shakespeare was someone who

changed not only the way people communicated but also the way people

lived generally in fact during that time I suppose it would be fair to say that

there was a renaissance taking place there was a return to certain ways of

doing things there were also new starts fresh starts

the way in which people express themselves more people were able to read

so there was more interest suddenly in the English language so people would

often go to see William Shakespeare's plays they would watch them they would

become interested in what happened on the stage and at the same time I think

it would also have encouraged people to become interested in what was then early

Middle English so William Shakespeare has been credited for creating modern

English Middle English and quite a lot of the words and phrases that we use

nowadays it's incredible really even though he lived over 400 years ago

incredible so a very interesting topic I'm sure next year when the anniversary

comes around again I'm sure we will all be talking about William Shakespeare

once more hello to Florence hello flower Esquire nice to see you

here as well today we are talking about what many people consider the most

important meal of the day breakfast we are talking about breakfast what kind of

breakfast do you normally have in the morning I am sometimes criticized

some people say mr. Duncan we have noticed that sometimes you don't have

your breakfast because you talk about it you mention that you don't have your

breakfast in the morning but you should have breakfast well can I just say I

sometimes have breakfast but sometimes I don't have breakfast quite often because

I'm in a hurry because I have lots of things to do so

sometimes I will skip breakfast skip breakfast so if you if you skip

breakfast it means you avoid having it or you go

past it you don't bother you miss breakfast you skip breakfast you don't

do it so yes it is true quite often I will skip breakfast quite often I will

skip my breakfast you are right is it a good thing or is it a bad thing

some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day some

people think it isn't hello Marcus

hello also al-ghamdi hello to you as well

hello also Luis Luis Mendez is saying hello to Adelina maybe

Adelina is a shy bird who knows talking of birds a lot of people have asked

about my knowledge of birds something that you are interested in something

that you know something about is quite often something that you've looked at or

read about or studied in some way so some people become interested in a

certain topic for example mr. Steve is very interested in cars you may have

noticed that quite often Steve will talk about cars because he loves cars

very much so how do I know about birds well I have lots of useful books I also

spend a lot of time sitting in the garden listening to the birds they don't

seem very noisy today the birds actually appear or they sound quiet

they are making no noise but here is a good book this is one of the books that

I love and this is a huge thick book look you can see how thick that book is

so quite often you can judge how much information is contained within a book

by the thickness so this is quite a big thick book and it is the birds of

Britain and Europe so this particular book also has not

only the birds that you see here in the UK but also birds that you will find

around Europe as well and it is worth remembering that quite often birds that

are here in the UK are not here all the time sometimes they will come here

during the warm months so when it is warm and pleasant quite often you will

find that the birds will come to this country so this is an interesting book a

very good book it has lots of information for example it will show you

all the different types of crows so there you can see on that particular

page it is showing you all of the different types of crows and there are

many different crows you might not realize just how many crows there are

quite often crows are birds that will eat other birds quite often they will

eat kid animals as well there is a type of

crow called the carrion crow which will only eat dead animals they will often

feed off a dead animal very similar to vultures I suppose vultures are also

described as Carians they are animals that feed off dead animals other animals

that have died so that is a pretty good book it is one of my favorite books it

is one of my reference books for looking at birds and this was actually given to

me you might not realize it but this was actually given to me as a gift from one

of my friends about three years ago so it's a lovely book very interesting I

have lots of books about birds in my house maybe one day I will show you some

more as well maybe hello to Anna sometimes people wear glasses to hide

their true feelings I think so I think you are right yes sometimes people might

wear dark glasses because they want to hide their emotions or maybe their

identity although I don't think wearing sunglasses is a good way of hiding your

identity to be honest because if you wear sunglasses you can still see the

rest of someone's face so even if you put sunglasses on

we conceals we can still see the rest of your face so I don't think it's a good

way of hiding your identity but it is a very good way to hide your emotions the

way you are actually feeling I think so hello to Reza

hello rez are good people it is a very energetic day there was a lot going on

around here last night one small

many of the people who live in this area and across the UK were showing their

support of all of the care workers and all of those who are taking care of all

of the public services including working in shops and supermarkets people who are

working for the emergency services doctors nurses medics ambulance drivers

all of those people Ivan says the sound of Shakespeare is very light I really

love it thank you mr. Duncan you are welcome no problem no problem

I am glad that you like it I've just realized that the CERN is now coming

behind me so if suddenly I become too bright on the screen I apologise and

also the other thing I've noticed is I can't see I can't see the live chat

because the sun is shining directly at me can you see so there is the

reflection from my phone on my face it is blinding me I can't see what I'm

doing let me just move this for us I'm going to have a big problem that's

better that's better I can see now hello to Valentin Oh apparently one of the

best breakfasts during the week is Sunday breakfast now I know in some

countries breakfast is quite a large meal however from my point of view quite

often I think breakfast is a very simple meal light meal however across Europe

many people will eat quite a lot of food in the morning they will have quite a

big breakfast with bread milk cereal many other things and sometimes meat so

some people eat meat for breakfast in the morning they will have a European or

continental breakfast so quite often it will have lots of meat

bread cereal there will be milk things like that and

of course tea I know I said this the other day I said the other day that I

love to have a cup of tea in the morning and I know a lot of people prefer to

have coffee in the morning but I don't know why I I cannot drink coffee in the

morning from my point of view Thank You mr. pheasant from my point of view it is

actually too strong it is too strong to drink first thing in the morning

what content hello partridge what content should be

practiced to improve our English well there is no special content I always say

try to find as many things as possible you can use exercise books or text books

you can buy a dictionary and you can look at the words in there you can watch

movies with captions so in fact there are many many ways of getting references

or to get information about English so you can listen to people speaking like

this so this is the reason why I do my live streams to give you a chance to

listen to English being spoken so I stand here for two hours in my garden

and I talk to you about many different subjects and then you have a chance to

listen to English being spoken it is spontaneous it is live it is completely

live also don't forget you can have captions here now all you have to do is

press C on your keyboard just take your finger and press the button and then you

can have live captions right on your screen

the Sun is moving around the Sun is starting to move so when we talk about

content we are talking about anything content things you might find in a book

things you might read in the newspaper things you might see when you are

walking down the road maybe you see things written on billboards you see so

there are many ways many places many ways of getting English in here many

ways you can watch my video lessons you can watch movies with captions so I

always say try to get as much content or much information from many different

places the more you can get the more you will experience the more you will

experience of this thing we call English this book looks very interesting about

the birds it is interesting I have many books written about birds have to find

birds how to spot the birds so when we talk about spotting we are talking about

recognizing so maybe you will sit in your garden and you will watch the birds

and then you will try to spot certain birds oh that is a Robin that is a

blackbird that is a chaffinch that is a blue tit you spot the birds so bird

spotting is a hobby that many people enjoy doing especially at this time of

year when all the birds are flying around building their nests and raising

their young I love this time of year I really do mr.

Duncan do you remember these changes have and

always will decide how things must be autumns fall and winters chill will

choose the fates of you and me that was taken from my autumn lessons so I made a

lesson all about autumn unfortunately it is not on my youtube channel at the

moment because of certain things certain situations which I won't mention but

because of a certain problem I had to remove my autumn lesson but yes you are

right that is one of the poems that I wrote myself describing autumn these

changes have and always will decide how things must be autumns fall and winter

still will choose the fates of you and me you are right

hello new Emmy are you having breakfast so early because of Ramadan that is a

question fourth flower Espoir yes I know yesterday Ramadan started and people

have to fast between sunrise and sunset so you are not allowed to eat for many

many hours I don't know how I would do that I don't think I could ever go

without food all day I think I would find that very hard Wow

I feed a crested bird and I love it so much it is my friend oh I see Ivan Ivan

appears to have a regular bird visiting the garden I think so it is nice when

you develop relationships with the wildlife sometimes you will see the same

animals coming into your garden you will recognize them so maybe they have a

particular appearance maybe there is something different

about their appearance and you know that is the same bird or that is the same

animal coming into your garden every day I think so

hello Reza it seems like your territory has a lot of animal diversity Thank You

Reza you are right there are many different animals living around this

area because I'm in the countryside behind me right behind me in the forests

behind me there are all sorts of creatures and many of them come out at

night so many of the animals that live around here I never actually see I never

see because they come out at night when I'm asleep in bed hello Florence in that

book all the names are in English and some of them are also in Latin Thank You

Florence you are right when we talk about the animal kingdom we are talking

about all of the animals and the types of animals so we are talking about

species so all of the types of animal thank you mister pheasant the pheasant

is very noisy today so we are talking about all of the species of animal that

exists so all of them all the different types and many of them have Latin names

because they were discovered when it was seen as appropriate to name them with

Latin names because we are going back a long distance into the past there was a

time when Latin was spoken there was a time even here in the UK where Latin was

taught in school can you imagine that now we don't teach Latin anymore

in school nowadays we teach French German

Chinese so those are languages that are taught nowadays so many people think

that Latin is an old-fashioned archaic out-of-date language a lot of people

think that hello Christina there is no problem if you wear your sunglasses

because of the Sun well fortunately the Sun is behind me it is not in front of

me so I I don't think I need my sunglasses today I don't think I

actually need them to be honest

hello - and a peeker mr. duncan the chance of a bird on the cover was oh I

see on the cover of the book the bird was an Icelandic puffin yes

you are right well then well spotted so the bird on the front of this particular

book is a puffin it's a lovely bird a very unusual bird it has the most

wonderful beak and it's a wonderful bird that feeds on fish and they have the

most amazing lives they have the most wonderful life cycle and they build

these beautiful nests on the ground and that particular bird is called a parfum

parfum I like that word it's a very strange word isn't it a little bit later

on we will be looking at some strange English words it is true that the

English language has many weird strange unusual words it is true you are right

and you would be right to say so breakfast time for mr. Steve is a very

important time because he always takes a very long time to

have his breakfast that is one of the other things we are talking about today

in the morning do you know what Steve has for breakfast well he doesn't always

have the same thing sometimes he has one thing and then then the next day or the

next morning he will have something else

for example this is one of the things that mr. Steve eats quite a lot so this

is something mr. Steve enjoys eating in the morning he likes to have a bowl of

all bran Thank You mr. pheasant I think the pheasant likes eating all

bran as well so I'm not advertising any products before anyone accuses me so yes

bran is a very important part of your diet it can help your stomach to digest

the food it can also help you to be regular with the toilet so this is a

very useful thing for your body bran they often say that you should have a

lot of bran every day normally you have a bowl of bran in the morning so that's

what Steve sometimes has he likes something that is healthy and now we

have a contrast something that is the opposite here is something that I have

for my breakfast as you can imagine it is probably something that is unhealthy

and you'd be right there it is so this is something I like to have in the

morning for my breakfast it is called curiously cinnamon curiously cinnamon

and as you can probably guess the flavor is cinnamon it's not an easy thing to

say actually cinnamon cinnamon so this is a very sweet snack

and this is something I often have in the morning it is a little crunchy

breakfast cereal unfortunately mr. Steve thinks that this is unhealthy so Steve

will often say Duncan I can't believe that you keep eating that junk in the

morning I can't believe you keep eating that rubbish

every morning I don't think it's rubbish I don't think this is rubbish it's

lovely it's delicious in fact I'm going to try a little bit

now look so there it is there are little crunchy pieces our cereal but they also

have lots of sugar and also lots of cinnamon they are flavored with cinnamon

and I left this I love this taste of cinnamon I'm going to have one now hmm

very nice I like them a lot cinnamon cinnamon hmm they're delicious there is

a woodpecker watching me can you hear the woodpecker

there's a woodpecker just in front of me in the tree and I think it is waiting to

come into the garden it is waiting to come into the garden so it can have its

breakfast or maybe it's lunch

apparently Oh Meeker thank you mica mica says having sugar in the morning is

actually good for your brain well I think so

it always seems to be good for my brain

okay I must stop eating I will get lots of complaints hmm this is lovely they

are very very nice Thank You mr. pheasant normally you will have this

with milk so you will put this in a little bowl and then you will add milk

mmm delicious I will have some more of these later mr.

Steve in the morning likes to have what does Steve have in the morning sometimes

he has his all-bran also he likes to have some organic porridge as well so

porridge is another thing that a lot of people recommend that you should eat

maybe every day you should have some porridge so Steve is very keen on his

organic porridge so that is another thing that Steve has every morning

apparently this is also very good for your body for your stomach for your

digestion so you can digest or absorb food into your body much easier so there

it is some organic porridge I'm not a very big fan of

porridge I'm not a big fan of porridge I don't like porridge very much to be

honest however there is something that I do eat that is very similar to porridge

but it isn't porridge this is something I used to eat when I was a child so

whenever I eat this particular thing it always reminds me of when I was a child

because my mother would always make some of this for my breakfast when I was a

kid and here it is this is called Ready Brek and it is a type of porridge so it

is porridge oats so quite often we will call porridge oatmeal so oatmeal is

another way of describing porridge Ready Brek and I thank you mr. peasant again

so this is something I used to eat when I was a child my mother in the morning

would prepare my Ready Brek and she would give it to me

and there would never be enough sugar in the Ready Brek I always used to complain

because I wanted more sugar but my mother said I couldn't my mother

said I couldn't have more sugar because it's not good for you so that is what I

had when I was a child and sometimes I have it now as well so not all of my

diet is bad this is something that is actually good for me and it is something

that I do eat as well for breakfast so not everything I eat is unhealthy I know

a lot of people say mr. Duncan you have such a bad diet how do you keep looking

so trim and slim well the answer to that question is keeping active be active

have exercise move around I rarely sit down

during the day normally I'm doing something I'm moving around I am very

active so that's the reason why so sometimes I eat unhealthy things and

sometimes I eat healthy thing so not everything I eat is bad for you

well some very interesting comments SR says we southern Indians eat rice as the

main dish for breakfast do you mean for breakfast

there is a type of porridge and I thank you mr. pheasant there is a type of

porridge that I used to eat in China I didn't like it to be honest but instead

of oats it was actually rice so there is a type of porridge that you can eat in

the morning it is very thick and it has sometimes it has egg sometimes it has

rice sometimes it has all sorts of very strange things floating in in the actual

meal however I didn't like it Adrian says plaque can you please tell mr.

Steve to eat the warm porridge with cinnamon and also banana Steve quite

often I can tell you this now Steve sometimes has his porridge in the

morning with strawberries fresh strawberries so Steve will buy some

strawberries he will cut them up he will make his porridge and then he will put

the strawberries into the porridge and have a very delicious a very delicious

nutritious meal I've just realized the back of my neck is starting to burn I

can feel the Sun burning into the back of my neck now the strange thing is last

week the siRNA was much lower in the sky

however today the Sun is much higher as summer approaches so is summer starts as

we approach the summer season here in the UK the Sun is now getting higher and

higher in the sky so that is the reason why I can feel the sunlight burning into

the back of my neck oh here is something else that I like eating in the morning

here is something else I enjoy to eat joy eating that pheasant is very

distracting I also like to eat this in the morning as well so this is something

that I think you could describe this as healthy as well so so Steve likes to

have his porridge he likes to have his strawberries he also has some nuts in

the morning as well nuts are also very good for you and this is something I

often have another thing that I used to eat when I was a child as well so my

mother would sometimes make Weetabix and she would put these in a little bowl and

then she would put some hot milk on the Weetabix these days I normally have this

cereal with cold milk so quite often I will eat this with cold milk however

there is something that I like to put on my Weetabix do you know what it is I

will show you in the morning when I have my Weetabix I will put some honey I will

put some honey on my Weetabix so honey is a very good thing to eat

instead of sugar you can actually have something that is natural you can have

something that occurs naturally so now I often have honey in the morning

with my food I will have my Weetabix and some honey

and of course milk as well so that is what I often eat in the morning so as

you can see I don't always eat unhealthy food a lot of people say mr. Duncan

you don't eat healthy food I do of course I do

I like fruit I am a very big fan of oranges I like mangoes I like

strawberries so yes I do like eating fruit so don't listen to mr. Steve

sometimes mr. Steve tries to create trouble he does oh there is another one

called lucky charms another type of breakfast cereal called

Lucky Charms Gemini 2 says that is also more chemical junk but it is very cute

very tasty yes Gemini you are right there are many sweet cereals that are

aimed children so that's the reason why those things are very popular because

kids like sweet things kids like eating things that are fun and colorful Lucky

Charms I know I've never tried them by the way I've never eaten Lucky Charms

ever tried them a lie sir orally sir stares in Spain on Sundays we like to

eat churros churros I'm wondering what that

is I think it is a type of food chorros is it a type of bread or am I wrong have

I got that completely wrong serene serene snow says oatmeal tea and yogurt

oh I see oatmeal a cup of tea and also some

yogurt for me when it is cold when it gets warmer I have cold cereal

with milk and yogurt and also you can cook your oats with milk that is what

mr. Steve does so when mr. Steve has his porridge he will put the porridge and

the milk together and then he will slowly slowly heat the porridge even

though sometimes he forgets he forgets about his porridge and sometimes it gets

burnt many a morning I have woken up to the smell of burning porridge and I

always know what has happened I always know that Steve has become distracted by

something and his porridge is burning very slowly in the kitchen hello Vitesse

Thank You Vijay sir your joke thank you Mateusz all industrial serials are

rubbish even mr. Steeves All Bran Matthew hello Matthew channel really yes

I suppose so when you see all of the different types of cereal that you can

buy most of it is processed in some way so even even things that might appear

very healthy might still be processed they might still have color or additives

preservatives they are processed somehow yes I think you're right if you want to

get something unhealthy why not eat it in the morning or at lunch

I love eating unhealthy food all the time however during this strange

lockdown period I have tried my best not to eat so much rubbish it is very hard

it is very hard to keep my self-control however I think I'm doing very well I

think I'm doing well actually I don't think I am eating as much rubbish as I

thought I would I have kept my control I have managed to

keep control of my desires for sweet unhealthy food hmm

Florence oh I love Weetabix with honey and milk says Florence yes me too

very nice I like a bit of honey on my cereal I think honey is much better than

processed sugar if I had a choice so I suppose I should start having her knee

maybe in my tea as well processed sugar a lot of people think that processed


processed sugar is not good for you you are right

Oh Christina in the morning I love to eat quite on very nice with hot tea at

breakfast you might not believe this but it's very hard to get hold of quests on

E in the UK there are certain places that sell it or sell them but they

aren't they're never the same they're never the same but I remember when I was

in Paris last year I had some quests on for breakfast very nice very nice indeed

did you like my pronunciation was that okay

this was my pronunciation all right I hope so hello mr. Duncan I am watching

from Saudi Arabia hello to shaker Adam hello to you as well I hope you're

having a good day Sean ferry I always have green tea from time

to time I believe green tea is good for my health yes there is something called

antioxidants so many types of tea herbal tea things that you drink can cleanse

your body a lot of people believe that herbal tea has the ability to cleanse

your body it has things called antioxidants

I'm so glad mr. Steve isn't here if Steve was here now all he would do for

the next 20 minutes is talk about antioxidants fortunately he isn't it is

just me and the pheasant that is all there is

beetroot oh thank you I think I think the pheasant just heard me mention its

name Thank You mr. pheasant if you could just keep the noise down if you could

just keep the noise down I would be very happy

the pheasant is being a pain today it really is my breakfast says Beatrice is

rice biscuits with honey and nuts sesame seeds and also a very good tea

something English oh I see okay did you know this is something I I found out a

couple of nights ago I was watching a very interesting documentary all about

tea very interesting I didn't know that a lot of tea was taken from China

secretly and then it was taken to India and that is where all of the tea

plantations were created so the tea originally existed in China which is

something I knew anyway I knew that but I didn't know that the tea was secretly

smuggled to India and that is where the the birth of the tea industry started

certain types of tea were originally grown in China but then they were taken

they were taken away and taken to India interesting so I didn't know that before

you see I didn't know it but now I do thank you for your eating and you will

be healthy can you write that on your tea bag oh yes that is my business idea

I don't want anybody to steal my idea please don't steal my business idea it

is my idea on the side of your tea bag you can have a little maybe story or

maybe a poem something to inspire you in the morning that's my idea though my

idea copyright mr. Duncan 2020 hello to

Turkey Bush rah Bruce rock art says greetings from Turkey hello Turkey nice

to see you here today I have been to your country

twice I have I've been there twice and had a wonderful time you don't know

about Shiraz sir oh my god oh where have you been all

this time Shiraz I I know I haven't maybe maybe it

goes by another name here in this country I'm a little busy oh thank you

I'm a little bit embarrassed now I'm slightly embarrassed by that

sure us what is Taurus I feel as if I should know what it is I feel as if I

should know mr. Duncan if you smoke oh I see I'm not going to say what you're

saying but I think it might be something something illegal

maybe mr. Duncan if you smoke that thing in the morning you will be very

conscious Thank You Ivan I have a feeling you might be suggesting

something that's very illegal as well you have to be very careful you know we

have to be careful what we say hello to Pedro Belmont is here again

Pedro Belmont is joining us today hello Pedro hello Ivan for your very naughty

comment Thank You Ivan oh yes that's good zu Zika says that is

why the bumble bees love you because you were always eating honey you might be

right there yes I think so oh yes okay then sure Oh is a strip of

fried dough dusted with sugar sometimes coated with chocolate now I think I

think I had something like that in Portugal last year I think so a churro

I think it's all coming back the memories are coming back into my brain

suddenly sure oh yeah there was a type of thing that I ate

last year when I was in Portugal and it was delicious it was like a pastry and

it had chocolate and other things and it was gorgeous is that what you mean is

that the same thing Natalie hello again happy to join you I had some potato

pancakes for breakfast can I just say that sounds absolutely delicious potato

pancakes even mr. pheasant is getting excited by that

hello flower I eat in the morning a slice of bread and some olive oil very

good a little bit of olive oil in the morning I think so sir sir court sir

Court Nagi says I can't eat anything at the moment because I am a Muslim and I'm

fasting a lot of people at the moment are holding back they cannot eat food

during daylight hours I don't think I could do that to be honest I like my

food too much there are some strange words in the English language it is true

the English language is full of very strange words it's true would you like

to see some strange English words right now that sounds like a very good idea

that does mr. Duncan could you please show us some unusual words okay here we

go strange words that exist and these are

real words so I'm not making these words up they are not fake words they are all

real words that exist

in the English language I think there was a black bird behind me getting very

scared so here we go some strange words that you might find in the English

language they are words that are used quite often they are so they are not

rare words they are words that are used in the English language here is

everyone's talking about food now everyone is talking about food and I am

becoming quite distracted to be honest

yes I think I want to eat a Taurus now I really do I like the sound of that to

Teela oh yes - Attila oh I like tortilla tortilla tortilla I like that very much

oh can I just say you are making me feel very hungry at the moment with all of

this talk of food

have you tried chocolatine or pannotia Claire as well mr. Duncan I think it's

very similar it is a very similar thing I also had something last year in Paris

as well when I went there with Steve because his company last year gave us

free holidays can you believe it we actually had a free holiday because mr.

Steve had done so well in his job here is the first word that I'm going to show

you there is a black bird standing behind me watching me hello hello mr.

black bird hello hello mr. black bird

petulant oh it is a real word by the way

petulant a person who is petulant hello

there's a blackbird just behind me there was a blackbird

standing behind me it keeps watching me he's wondering what

is going on there yes can you see the black bird the black bird is now going

by hello mister black bird are you having a nice time what are you doing

are you looking for a nice juicy worm I think so yes oh he's going now so there

is a black bird just behind me can you see it it's just just there and what

he's doing he's looking for worms under the soil mr. black bird there I hope you

can see the black bird because he's there now

eating petulant I love this word a person who is petulant is someone who is

irritable a person who gets into a bad mood

a person who cries and shouts when they get upset they are ill-tempered an

ill-tempered person is described as petulant I love that word it is one of

those words when you say it it really does sound like what it describes

petulant we will often describe a child a child as petulant so you might be a

petulant child a petulant child is one that is always screaming and shouting

and getting upset especially when they can't have what they want maybe a child

wants a new Toye however you say no I'm sorry

you can't have your new toy you will have it next week

but the child says I want it now give me that toy now I want to do that child is

petulant ill-tempered some people might say spoiled spoiled why do you always

say the bird is sitting I don't know why it just seems like a nice thing to say

that of course the bird is standing but when I say a bird is resting quite often

I will say it is sitting petulant a child that is spoiled a child that is

ill-tempered or anyone any person that is ill-tempered is petulant I love that

word I will pronounce it again petulant it is an English word that we do use

quite often especially when we are talking about someone's behavior the

black bird has come back hello I love nature so much I really do get very

excited when I when I see nature around me I do here's another word and this is

one that some people describe me as some people say mr. Duncan you are very tall

you are very slim you might describe me as gangly gangly a person who is very

tall and very slim they are gangly so you might describe my

physique as gangly so yes I do have a very gangly body I'm very tall slowly

I don't have much weight on my body I'm quite slim tall and gangly it's a great

word gangly yes the child says I want this toy badly yes they want it they

want something but they can't have it so they will get into a tantrum they will

have a tantrum I want it I want it now but you can't stop being so petrol and

then we have gangly ganguly is a great word it means to be tall if you are very

tall and slim like me a lot of people describe me as Ganguly mr. Duncan you

are so gangly it is true on trim some insects come out of the ground

and mr. blackbird is catching them yes that's what the black bird is doing on

trum you are right quite often quite often the black bird will will use its

beak to actually dig into the soil so quite often they will use their beak to

actually move the soil they will push their beak into the soil

and then move it around so what they are trying to do they are trying to disturb

the soil so if there are any insects under the soil they will come to the

surface I think black birds are actually quite clever birds to be honest they are

someone who is very tall is gangly TS says especially when you are in China I

have seen your Chinese videos you looked very gangly it is true when I was living

in China a lot of people used to comment on my height they would always say mr.

Duncan you are so tall you are taller than everyone so it is true yeah

a lot of people used to comment on my height when I was in China here's an

interesting one this is all about the way we live nowadays when you go into

your kitchen what is the first thing you see in your kitchen

when you walk into your kitchen or maybe when you walk into your bedroom or maybe

when you walk into your living room but quite often we are talking about the

kitchen so when you walk into the kitchen what is the first thing you

normally see when you walk into your kitchen what is the first thing you see

when you go into your kitchen what is it well I would say the first thing you see

are all of the mod cons mod cons this is a word that we use in English British

English and we will say my kitchen has all of the mod cons mod cons this means

modern conveniences the things that make my life easier the things that make my

everyday life much easier things that I can use to help me perform certain tasks

we talked about mod cons so when you go into your kitchen there are very there

are often lots of things that can help you do your work much easier your

refrigerator is one of the mod cons in your kitchen maybe you have a dishwasher

something that will automatically wash your dishes one of the mod cons in your

kitchen and this means modern convenience modern can

viens we normally use this in British English British English is often used to

describe all of the things in your house or maybe the things in your kitchen that

do some of the chores or some of the things for you or maybe quicker the mod

cons we are talking about strange words today we are talking about very unusual

words here is another one this is an action so this particular one is used as

a verb and the word is snaffle mr. Duncan that is not a real word I'm sure

that it's not a real word yes it is this is a real word everyone snaffle if you

snaffle it means you eat eat quickly or hungrily you will sniffle mm-hmm

sniffle eat you sniffle you have a meal you eat quite often you will eat the

food very quickly or maybe you will have the food in a hurry you sniffle you eat

you consume some food sniffle I love that word so it is lena says bye mr.

Duncan and everyone now I have to make a special card very similar to an ID card

which will allow me to go out during the lockdown period then I will go to walk

with my dog Thank You Lina I hope you have a good day the rest of your day and

also your weekend as well I hope you will have a good weekend I will be back

with you tomorrow don't forget snaffle to eat very quickly that is another

strange English were so that's what we're doing at the moment

we are looking at some unusual English words English words that you may or may

not have heard of before maybe maybe not

talking of eat the Blackbird is very interested in what is going on he's

coming down that is amazing there is a lovely little black bird that

keeps coming down it's looking for some food talking of food Chomp

if you jump it means you bite into something you eat and bite you chomp so

maybe you chomp an apple maybe you chomp some bread chomp to bite

into something you eat something you bite into something you are eating and

biting at the same time chomp quite often you will use your

teeth to chomp the food chomp it's a great word it is a real

word before anyone says mr. Duncan that is not a real word it is this is a real

word and it is often used in English and it means to bite into some food you

chomp you bite or chew very nice very nice indeed I just love I love the fact

I love the fact that the black bird keeps watching me

it is very interested in what I'm doing

yes for example he jumps quickly chomp bite into something you eat something

you use your teeth to bite into something chomp chomp here's another one

oh this is interesting we have two words here to fixate and fixation fixate and

fixation one of them is a verb the first one is a verb and the second one is is a

noun I had to think then fixate and fixation so to fixate on something if

you fixate it means you occupy yourself with one particular thing you occupy

your mind you are concentrating very hard on one thing you are thinking about

it maybe you can't stop thinking about it you fixate on something something you

can't stop thinking about something that often will occupy your mind you can't

stop looking at it you fixate fixate you fixate on the

beautiful girl that lives near your house you fixate you can't stop thinking

about something that will occupy your mind if he's in there you can't stop

thinking about it you fixate and this is also related to the word if you have an

obsession if you have an obsession with something or someone you are crazy about

it you have a fixation so there is the word

fixation fixation is the word you have a fixation you have an obsession you can't

stop thinking about something the thing is always in your mind it is something

you are obsessed with you have an obsession you have a fixation fixation

yes to focus on something fixate to have an obsession we can describe it as a

fixation Wow maybe you have a fixation for English like me I would describe

myself as having a very big fixation with the English language I think it is

safe to say that I definitely have a fixation for the English language I

think so definitely in fact I have no doubt about it here's

another one we are looking at strange English words today on this Friday

Friday live for those who are wondering mr. Duncan what is this my name is

Duncan and I'm broadcasting live at the moment as you can see live from England

on Friday the 24th of April ah we only have another week before April comes to

an end another week of April and then suddenly we are into May what will

happen next month who knows I don't think anyone knows really when you think

about it I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen next

here is another word oh I like this one now this can be used as a noun and a

verb you can use this word as both a noun and verb as well

Jemmy Jemmy it is a great word Jemmy hamid reza we

all have some obsessions but we don't like to accept that we are involved yes

a lot of people are slightly embarrassed when they have an obsession for

something however however one of the things you will notice especially with

successful people people who are successful they they might have a very

profitable business maybe a business that is doing very well they are

successful in something in their life quite often that is because they have an

obsession they have a fixation for one particular thing so a person who becomes

successful quite often they will have an obsession for one thing or maybe they

have an obsession for their idea or the thing that they want to do the thing

they want to create it becomes an obsession so I would say from my own

experience I would say sometimes obsession is is part of being successful

Jemmy the word Jemmy is interesting it can mean to force open a window so maybe

if someone is breaking into your house there is a burglar and they are trying

to get into your house they will Jemmy the window that means they are

using a tool to open your window they are trying to prise your window open and

we call it Jemmy as a verb so if you Jimmy

something it means you force it open you are forcing something open quite

often a window if you are breaking into someone's house please don't do that by

the way because it's not very nice if you are breaking into someone's house

you will often Jemmy the house you will Jemmy the window you will force the

window open this can also be used as a noun to describe the tool that you use

to open the window so this word can be a verb or noun youth Jemmy the window with

a Jemmy interesting so that might be a new word perhaps you've never seen this

word before maybe you've never seen it ever in your whole life well guess what

you have now you have now to force something open

Jemmy great interesting word we are looking at some interesting words today

some unusual words yes you might Jemmy the safe to open it quite often we will

use it for parts of the house maybe you will Jemmy a window or Jemmy the door

you will force it open here is another word a very strange word that we use in

english scruples scruples oh now this is an interesting word

a person who has scruples very interesting word scruples maybe you've

never heard of this word before maybe you have perhaps you are looking it up

at the moment on your electric dictionary

scruples if you have scruples quite often we are talking about types of

behavior maybe you have scruples that allow you to do things in the right way

you always treat people well or equally so it is your character we are talking

about we have a person who has scruples they have very strict ways of behaving

or maybe their attitude towards other people is equal and fair they have

scruples quite often it describes a person's way of behaving

or treating other people their morals you might say as well so there is a word

scruples a person who is fair understanding or we can use this to

describe a way in which people think or treat

others their ways of dealing with other people

scruples your morals hello to Anna hello also Vanessa hello Vanessa Vanessa

Pineda Vanessa I once kissed a girl called

Vanessa many years ago why did I mention that I don't know I don't know why I

mentioned that scruples you have good fair behavior of course we can say that

a person has no scruples so maybe a person who is mean and unfair maybe they

treat people badly we can say that they have no

scruples they have an unkind or cold character he has no scruples sometimes

in business you might say that a person has no scruples sometimes being

successful in business means you have to be mean or you have to be unfair or

cruel so sometimes in business you might say that a person to have their success

to get their own way to be the best sometimes you cannot have scruples

sometimes you have to be a little bit mean I'm not promoting that by the way

I'm not saying that that's what you must do however some people who have success

quite often are mean they have very few scruples here's a good one

do you like this word look at this word oh my good mr. Duncan mr. Duncan what

what is that what is that word mr. Duncan what is that we don't even know

what that word is we can't even say that word here is the word we only have two

two words left this one finger-mabob

finger-mabob the word is finger-mabob when we say finger-mabob it means we are

trying to think of the name of something however we can't remember what the name

is finger-mabob maybe there is a certain type of tool however you don't know the

name of the tool but you want it you need it so you might say could you

please pass me that thingamabob finger-mabob something that you don't

know the name of so instead you say thingamabob can you please pass me the

thingamabob I don't know what it is I don't know what it's called so instead I

will say finger-mabob and that is the word thingamabob it is a real word it is

not made-up we often use this in British English

something that we are trying to name but we don't know the name of it so instead

we just say thingamabob finger-mabob

there are other ways of using this as well you can also say this word or use

it as finger magic you can say thingamajig can you please pass me the

thingamajig something that you can't name because you don't know what it's

called so instead you will say finger magic thingamabob you know that that

there that thing that thingamabob I don't know what it's called I don't know

the name of it so instead I will say finger-mabob thingamabob I don't know

what it's called we have oh we have just oh we have two more

two more words and then I'm going in 15 minutes we have 15 minutes and then I'm

going if you don't know what something is called you can also say watching

McCall it it's true this is a real word you can look it up later whatchamacallit

so something that you don't know the name of you are trying to describe it

but you can't name it so instead you will say watching McCall it what you

McCall it so we can use this if we are trying to name a person or an object so

maybe if we are trying to remember the man who lives next door I can't remember

the name of the man that lives next door you know what you may call it what you

may call it so we often use this when we can't remember the name of a person or

an object so this is used instead because we don't know what it's called

what Jimmu call it it is a real word by the way if isn't made up check it out it

is real and quite often we will use this in British English or whatchamacallit I

don't know what it's called so instead I will call it a whatchamacallit can you

also say gizmo yes if you are talking about a device something you use maybe a

type of tool you can say gizmo gizmo so you can use the word gizmo to describe

some type of tool or something you use but you don't know the name of it you

just say yes I've just bought myself a new gizmo for my computer something that

it's useful but you don't know what it's called you can also say whatchamacallit

I don't know what it's called whatchamacallit what's the difference

fixate is the verb fixation is down you have a fixation you fixate on something

we have one more word Oh our last strange English word I must say

I'm having a lovely day here in the garden I can't believe how nice the

weather has stayed during these past few days it's amazing I will be with you

tomorrow by the way don't forget it is Saturday tomorrow however I will be with

you again tomorrow definitely here is another word this is our final strange

word for today the last strange word on today's live

stream piffle piffle piffle

something is piffle if you were watching a certain

speech last night maybe you heard some piffle being spoken or said piffle when

we talk about piffle we are talking about something that is nonsense

something that is nonsensical it is nonsense it makes no sense

it sounds like rubbish we can say that it is piffle

piffle don't listen to what he says he's just talking piffle

it's all piffle nonsense rubbish the things he is saying are

nonsense they are just things that are piffle

what a load of piffle hmm so there we had some more strange English words

there are many strange English words in the English language as you know English

can be a very confusing sometimes bewildering sometimes vexing subject and

language I will be going in the moment I will be going in their house to have a

cup of tea mr. Duncan I love to have the class in your garden it is so relaxing

thank you Anna I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream

and I hope to see you again tomorrow I will be with you for a few more minutes

9 minutes the clock is ticking it sure is hi I'm mr. pheasant hello mr.

pheasant has been a little bit annoying today what was that hello it's mr. Robin

mr. Robin has now come to say hello hello mr. Robin how are you today

we've got blackbirds partridges pheasants crows

I am surrounded by birds at the moment lots of birds satury know says the

politicians say a lot of piffle a lot of the things that people are saying

especially at the moment during this strange period of time you might say

that a lot of what people are saying is piffle nonsense it makes no sense it has

no logical meaning a lot of interesting new words mr. Duncan thank you thank you

bit trees I hope you've enjoyed this today tonight I am going to watch the

new Star Wars movie so tonight I'm going to finally get round to watching the new

Star Wars movie on Amazon and I'm going to rent it I'm not going to buy it but I

will watch it tonight just to see what it's like and then tomorrow night I have

two films that I'm going to watch tomorrow night and also Sunday night

would you like to see them would you'd like to see the movies that I am

watching this weekend okay welcome to mr. Duncan's movie time this week we are

talking about what I will be watching this weekend here is one of the movies I

will be watching this weekend it is a movie that I've seen many times but I'm

going to watch it again Napoleon Dynamite one of my all-time favourite

films I love this movie I don't know why but I always think of myself I always

think that Napoleon Dynamite is a little bit like me very awkward slightly

strange and eccentric so I do like this movie very much I always find that this

movie makes me feel inspired I don't know why but I love this movie very much

if you haven't seen it I'm watching this tomorrow night Napoleon Dynamite I'm

watching tomorrow night so this particular film was made way back in

2004 so it is an old movie it isn't a modern movie it is quite old but I do

like this one of my favourite movies and I will be watching it tomorrow because

it always makes me laugh and smile and let's face it

during these strange times we really do need something to smile about I think so

we really do here's another movie I I would imagine

that you've never ever watched this movie so the next movie I'm going to

show you I would imagine that you've never ever seen this movie and here it

is now as you know in the past I've always been interested in broadcasting

radio I've always wanted to be on the radio and maybe on the television

perhaps not perhaps not however here is a movie that I love it is a very old

movie going back to the 1980s and it is called UHF have you ever heard of this

movie I wonder it was made in 1989 and it's stars Weird Al Yankovic and also

another very funny person Michael Richards

who you might know from Seinfeld so this is a movie all about someone who takes

over a TV station in the USA one of the things I like about the USA is that they

have lots of local television stations so the television stations quite often

only have a few people working for them and quite often they have local news

reports so everything is very local I quite like that so this movie is about

someone who starts to or they take over and start running a TV station but they

create some very unusual TV shows I love this movie it is very funny very weird

but I don't know why whenever I see this movie it always cheers me up it is

slightly unusual the humor is very unusual however it is one of my favorite

movies called UHF all about a local TV station and some of the crazy things

that go on there that's it I'm almost finished oh my goodness I can't believe

it satury no this evening I'm going to see

one of my favourite movies Papillion did you see it I have heard of

it yes Papillion very nice I hope you enjoy it al yankovic yes he is the

person who used to do his own versions of famous songs for example he did a

very famous version of Michael Jackson's bad but instead he called it fat so yes

and there was another one called eat it eat it so instead of beat it

he called it eat it very funny mr. Duncan is there any difference between

saying you are kidding or you are joking they mean the same thing you are joking

you are kidding they mean the same thing they mean the same thing they have the

same meaning latina Platina Phil says hello I am late but not too late well

you are late but at least I'm still here so at least my my image is still on the

screen and at least I have a chance to say hello to Platina Platina Phil thank

you very much Thank You Noemi Thank You Yoona Karina

don't forget I am back tomorrow I will be back with you tomorrow 2 p.m.

UK time 2 p.m. UK time that is how you remember see you tomorrow

I hope you have a good day I'm going into the house I will have a cup of tea

mr. Steve is busy working in the office so I will make a cup of tea for mr.

Steve as well thank you very much Giselle de I really enjoyed listening to

you today nice new words Thank You mr. Duncan thank you as well this video will

be available later you can watch this as many times as you want there are some

strange sounds at the moment very strange sounds some strange bird sounds

I don't know what that was some very strange bird sounds around me thank you

for your company thank you for joining me today don't forget can I also say

once again thank you can I say once again a very big thank you to Corrine

and also Dirk for your lovely donations on my paypal can I say a big thank you

once again I really do appreciate your help and your assistance and I will be

back with you tomorrow this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

the English language saying thank you very much I hope you have enjoyed

today's livestream during these strange strange times and of course thank you

Anna Thank You Beatrice thank you Valentin bye mr. Duncan have a nice cup

of tea I would like to be with you and mr. Steve and listen to you talking with

your fantastic accent thank you Valentin very kind of you to say Thank You curry

Thank You Luis thank you mr. Alex say thank you very much maybe the bird is a

pterodactyl don't say that don't say that it might carry me away you might

never see me again thank you very much thank you yes sir yeah see you tomorrow

I am back tomorrow usual time 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow is

Saturday the weekend is almost here this is mr. Duncan for the final time

today saying thanks for watching see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and of

course you know what's coming next you know what is coming next

before I say...

before I even say it

you know what is coming next

ta ta for now 8-)