When you will learn - "how to handle my thought, how to handle my emotion." We will give you tools

how to figure this machine out...whatever the issue we will do out best, but this should not be an issue.

Questioner: In life there are many phrases where we feel that we are depressed, we are lonely, and when

everybody is against us, and there's no one to, you know, guide us or talk about it. So at that moment,

how should we handle it, or how should we deal with it?

Sadhguru: See, this is an unfortunate condition that a whole lot of human beings are in – in their experience,

in their personal experience, life is like, “me versus the universe”. Being in competition with the universe is a

stupid thing to do. That's not a competition you must get into. Hello? Me versus the universe is a bad

competition to get into. Would you also agree with me? So this is why yoga. Yoga does not mean twisting and

turning your body. The word yoga means union. Right now, it's me versus the universe – this is just your

psychological condition.This is not the reality. Even when you feel utterly lonely, are you still breathing?

So you’re transacting with the world, isn't it? Yes? You only can't get along with the people around you.

But the atmosphere is okay with you. Food is okay, if it tastes good. Water is okay. You have transaction with

the world, isn't it? Your existence is constantly in engagement with the universe, but your mind becomes

against the universe. If you create a psychological condition that you are against or you're in competition

with the universe or the cosmos, obviously will feel crushed for small things. Little things will crush you.

When I say little things – maybe you failed your examination, maybe you got thrown out of the

university, maybe you got fired from a job, maybe somebody ditched you, maybe something else like this

happened. These are all small things between life and death. You don't agree with me? Because you came

here with nothing, isn't it? When you die, there is no container service for you. You die with nothing.

In spite of that, most people have turned their homes into warehouses. Most people are carrying such a huge

baggage on their head, as if they're carrying the whole universe on their head. This is their own psychological

condition. Your thought and emotion is what you're talking about. Right? When are you going to figure out

how to handle your thought and emotion? Not hers, not hers, not his, yours. When are you going to learn how to

handle my thought and my emotion? At the end of your life? the only problem, really, with life is just this – most

human beings have taken themselves too seriously. They do not understand. You've seen on the computer

screen these pop-ups? You are a pop-up on this planet. You pop-up for two seconds and pop-out.

No, no, you must see, countless number of people like you and me have walked this planet, they were also big

people. Where are they? All top soil? Top soil or no? Unless somebody, your friends decided to bury you

real deep, fearing that you may raise from the dead. You know, there have been such instances. Or maybe you're

planning to go to heaven. Hello? Anybody who talks about a place other than this place as a better place

than this – this is a crime against humanity. My fundamental work is to destroy all heavens, so that

people will learn to live well here. All these idiots who made a hell out of themselves, they want to go to

heaven. They made a mess out of this place, and then they want to go to heaven. I'm asking you, do you have

any proof? Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and messing it up? Do you have any

proof? You're already in heaven, making a mess out of it. Yes? Simply because you are not even learning how

to handle your basic faculties of thought and emotion. Isn’t it? Your only justification is “Everybody is like this,

only” – that's how it is in a madhouse. That is how it is in a madhouse, only a doctor looks crazy. So when are you

going to handle it? Slowly, at the age of sixty? I’m asking. When will you learn how to handle my thought, how to

handle my emotion, how to handle my body, how to handle my chemistry – when are you going to figure

this, at the end of your life? Because this culture has grown – when to do spirituality means when you're

seventy, when you're no good for anything else. No. At the earliest possible time, whatever is most profound

about you, not about heavens, about this life, everything that you need to know you must know soonest, isn't it?

Only then you'll live a sensible life.You okay, if we tell you a joke, you won' t get offended? Because this is the

most serious crowd I've ever seen in the last few years. This happened – Shankaran Pillai, when he was in Paris,

was married to a French woman. One day, it was their anniversary – first anniversary. So she invited a bunch

of friends, and she wanted to cook something really fresh, everything fresh. So from morning, she was

driving him to this market, that market. He got this fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh chicken, this, that,

everything. Then in the evening, she said – because the French have this, you know, snail appetizer

– she said, “Go to the beach and get some snails, fresh. And I will make some appetizer for all the friends who

are coming.” So Shankaran Pillai went to the beach and he was picking up all the snails and putting in a bucket.

Then he met an old friend, an Indian guy, they hit it off and they were talking about their old times, he just

forgot that he's married. You know, when you meet old friends it happens. And both of them went to a bar

and they had a few drinks, and he just forgot. Then he realized, then the snails were just climbing out, and tak

one snail fell out of the bucket. He realized, “Oh my god, I'm supposed to take the snails. My wife, French wife,

she's waiting.” So he said, “I need to go.” And he went. By then it was already very late. He went, he knew it's not

going to be pleasant. So he came near the house and spilled all the snails on the ground, threw away the

bucket, and went and knocked on the door. The French fury came. He turned back and said, “Come on, you

guys. We're almost there. Come on. Let's go!” So when are you going to pick your snails and put them in the

bucket and fix them? Hmm? Your problems, you must fix them, isn’t it? These are not problems, I want you to

understand you are not suffering your life, you're only suffering two fantastic faculties. It's a privilege of being

human that we have these two fantastic faculties.One is we have a vivid sense of memory. This is because of

this memory our life is so rich unlike any other creature and we have a fantastic sense of imagination.

Now this is what you're suffering, what happened ten years ago you can still suffer, why?

Are you suffering life or memory? Hello? Memory! What may happen day after tomorrow you're already

suffering. Are you suffering life or imagination?

Participants: Imagination.

Sadhguru: Two most fantastic faculties you have you are suffering. So what are you asking for? You want to

become once again an earthworm. An earthworm is a very eco-friendly creature, I have nothing against it.

But it took millions of years of evolution to get you a this size of brain and now you're suffering it.

If we take away half your brain, of course you will sit there without any anxiety without any suffering,

peacefully. What we need is we need to remove your brain because you're suffering your own intelligence,

yes or no? Because we gave you a very complex machine, you have not bothered to read even the user's

manual, you want to just blunder around. No? Young people, it's time you figure out a few things about you,

if you don't know how, we will give you tools how to figure this machine out because in your life many issues

will come, more issues come up in your life means you're living a more active life. Nothing came up means

you're not living. Yes, lots of issues every day. I have the maximum number of trouble going on in my life on a

daily basis because so much of activity around the world, global level of activity only with volunteers, okay?

Volunteers means nobody is qualified for the job and you can't fire them for inefficiency and they love you,

what to do? So, this one thing you must fix that is in your life, you are not the issue, okay?

Whatever the issue, we’ll do our best but this should not be the issue.