yes I'm here don't worry don't panic I have arrived slightly later than usual

for which I apologise a lot of things going on here today I've never seen my

house so busy as it was this morning so many things going on not to mention my

rather awful hay fever at the moment everything has been going wrong this

morning let's just say here we are once again we are live on YouTube

yes it is English addict number 80 Wow coming to you from the birthplace of

English which just happens to be England

can I just take a couple of deep breaths do you mind maybe you can join in oh

that's better hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy are you happy I

really hope so oh my goodness what a morning we've had

lots of people here for four reasons that I will explain at a later date not

today but I will talk about it maybe later on another livestream for another

time however also I've been suffering so badly with hay fever my hay fever over

the past two days has been awful you might be able to hear my voice is a

little bit rough I've been sneezing coughing my eyes have been so painful in

sore the pollen count has been sky-high and of course the problem with hay fever

is you can take medicine to to help you however it makes you very tired which

also isn't a good thing so there isn't a good solution unfortunately if you

suffer from hay fever like me you will know that during the summer months it

can be quite bad and for the past 48 hours I've been really unwell with hay

fever however I am here with you today we are

back live it is another live stream and yes we have made it all the way to the

middle of the week it's Wednesday

that's strange what's going on there let me just sort that out oh that's better

that looks better yes I like that that looks much better yes definitely much

better oh what a day so my hay fever has been bad one of the

problems at the moment of course if you go out amongst other people and you

start sneezing you will cause quite often a little bit of panic and worry

because people will think that you are unwell with something else so that's

another problem with having hay fever especially during this strange time that

we are all going through it's been a very strange 24 hours I must be honest I

hope you are okay yes we have the live chat we also have some nature coming

today yes there are many little chicks flying around and a couple of days ago I

was lucky enough to be able to film some baby chicks and they were discovering

water they were in my birdbath and they were swimming fluttering and also

calling out to their parents as well so I couldn't resist spending a couple of

moments actually filming them it was lovely

and we will be looking at that later on as well lots of flowers coming out in

the garden many people ask mr. Duncan we loved seeing your flowers can you show

us your plants and some of the nature in your garden here is something oh this is

nice this is a beautiful flower that also has a very beautiful scent this is

called a mock orange it's a great name and this

particular flower has the most amazing perfume in the evening as the Sun begins

to set you will often smell this flower the the aroma and the scent from this

flower where it will make its way it will blow all around the garden the

gentle breeze in the evening will carry the scent of this particular flower and

it has the most gorgeous sweet scent mock orange it is gold and you can see

this particular plant has lots of flowers you can also see some bees as

well the bees are busy in fact you might say they are as busy as bees they are

collecting some of the pollen and of course this is one of the things that

causes my hay fever so one of the many beautiful plants growing in the garden

and the other night I was in the garden enjoying the beautiful aroma whilst at

the same time I was sneezing my head off oh yes and something else I want to show

you something else I want to let you see you will notice that we still have the

cows in the back of the house and there you can see there are the cows hello

hello mrs. cow I can see you and there are lots of cows at the back of the

house sometimes they come up to say hello and sometimes they pretend not to

notice me and as you can see most of them are ignoring me completely they

just don't care about mr. Duncan they want to they want to eat some grass

so that's what they're doing and there is one oh yes oh you have noticed me

haven't you with your nice big shiny horns

some people say mr. Duncan cows do not have horns well some actually do there

are cows that have horns and there you can see one there right now at the back

of my house oh oh you've decided to go have you okay then bye-bye mr. cow

that's it they've had enough some very strange

things happening today by the way technology has decided to give me a very

hard time as well I'm having a little bit of difficulty also with my

technology you might notice one or two problems today with my live stream if

there are any problems can I just apologize for that as well I seem to be

spending a lot of today's live stream saying sorry for which I apologize I'm

even apologizing for apologizing can you do that I'm not sure anyway we are here

and of course we have the live chat as well I can't forget you because you are

the reason why I am here talking about the English language and you can

normally find me here three times a week my name is mr. Duncan and I teach

English on Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time so for those who

don't know who I am yes my name is mr. Duncan and teaching English is what I do

today we are talking about uses and also ways of expressing public public being

out and about being on show being seen by other people so we often

talk about being in a public space or being seen by other people in the

general public I hope you could still see me alright because my YouTube feed

keeps cutting off I hope you can see me alright I don't

know why today all my technology has started playing against me for some

reason I don't know why hello Mohsen you are first on today's live chat

congratulations to you

some things are different today because I'm in the house as you may have noticed

the view outside is a little rough so there you can see one of my cameras

looking out of the window and here is another view oh look at that you can see

everything is looking very green however it also is very wet today

quite wet here in the UK and we've had rain all morning even though it's quite

warm it isn't cold by any means but we have had a lot of rain over the past 12

hours things are looking pretty pretty damp and that is the reason why I've

decided to stay in the house today so I'm in the house I'm in the studio and I

will be here it my studio for the whole of the live stream unfortunately because

the weather is not very good today hello also connell Beatriz Vitesse grace

nice to see you here today even though I'm not feeling great I will

be honest with you I have hay fever and my eyes are burning my nose is painful

my voice has almost disappeared because that's what happens when you get hay

fever unfortunately so all of the pollen from

the flowers and the grass and the trees has gone up my nose and the rain hasn't

even helped now you would imagine that the rain would actually help to to ease

my hay fever but unfortunately it has not hello

Belarusian nice to see you here as well I know that there will be one person

missing today and that is Luis Luis Mendez is away at the

so we won't see Luis Mendez today he's gone to the seaside very nice

hello Alessandra also Marella hello Marella nice to see you here too I

hope you are feeling good yes we've made it all the way to Wednesday

everything here in the UK is slowly going back to normal I don't know about

where you are but I know many countries now are really pushing and moving quite

quickly with their attempt to return to normal and the same thing is happening

here in the UK many businesses have reopened a lot of people have gone back

to work some people have now been allowed

outside who weren't before due to certain illnesses so people who were

shielded are now allowed outside great so things are slowly changing we will

see what happens next there are those who think that we are doing it too

quickly and there are those who think we are doing it too slowly however things

are slowly going back to normal here in the UK hello Robin hello Emilio

hello also Pedro belmonts ooh Pedro Belmont is here

nice to see you here also Irene Meeker Ivan hello Ivan nice to see you with me

as well today it is live English with English addict for those who can't get

enough of the beautiful language by the way if you want to have captions you can

you can press C on your keyboard and you will have captions so all you have to do

is take your finger and click C on your keyboard and you will have live captions

very nice very nice mr. Duncan Anna is here also Irene hello Irene thank you

very much for your very interesting email by the way very interesting about

your husband's family mm-hmm I was quite I was quite intrigued to be honest very

interested can I say a big thank you before I go any further can I say thank

you very much - oh can I say thank you to Anna

pick her Rosie and also Petros Dimitri artists thank you both of you for your

kind donations that I received this week so can I say thank you once more Anna

and also Petrus thank you for your lovely donations and if you want to make

a donation to allow my work to continue then you are more than welcome to do so

there is the address now on your screen

thank you very much once again hello also Dell Dell hello Dell Dell

have I seen you here before I don't recognise your name what a week it's

been mr. Steves grass has had its first cooked so last weekend mr. Steve went

out into the garden and he cut his new grass would you like to see it here it

is so here is mr. Steve's new grass and yes it is growing quite nicely as you

can see looking rather nice there are some patches but a little bit later on

hopefully those those patches will fill in as the grass grows you will find that

more grass will start to appear so it will become thicker and thicker as time

goes by so there it is mr. Steve's brand new grass and it looks lovely

it's really coming up nicely we've had a lot of sunshine over the past few days

which has encouraged Steve's grass quite a bit

for those who were wondering I always embarrass mr. Steve because he doesn't

think this is very interesting he doesn't think that his grass is

interesting to you what what about you are you interested in mr. Steve's grass

maybe maybe not hello also to all we have also flower

Espoir triton of the sea hello triton of the sea another very

interesting name on the live chat yes it is a rainy day here in England we are

having a very unsettled day to be honest we are going to look at words connected

to public being in the public being in a public space being amongst other people

of course over the past few weeks being out in the public or among other people

has been very hard to do hello Eleanor hello also Beatriz Roxie hello Roxy

Vieira nice to see you here as well on the live chat yes this is live for those

who are wondering it is now 22 minutes away from three o'clock on a Wednesday

and all we have a new month as well I forgot to mention that we have a brand

new month also June is here and when June arrives you know what happens all

of the animals all of the wildlife gets very excited especially certain animals

such as birds for example because at the moment there are many young chicks many

young birds flying around including some baby blue tick

would you like to see some little baby blue tits trying to swim for the first

time you would okay let's have a look right now

oh how cute some baby blue tits were flying around and yes they were taking

their first ever back I'm not sure if they were enjoying it or not it's it's a

little difficult to tell lovely some little baby birds that particular

type of bird is called a blue tit they are very small and their chicks are even

smaller they are so tiny you can hold them in your hand they are so small and

at this time of year there are many baby birds young birds flying around and you

will notice that those birds were very small and also young they were intrigued

by the water they did spend a lot of time on the birdbath looking at the

water before they actually went in so they weren't in any danger because the

water is not deep so they went in but I think they were enjoying it so from what

I can tell from my observation watching the birds I think they were enjoying

themselves to be honest I think they were having quite a nice time

hello TS how can you take this picture so close well the thing is sometimes

when you are photographing nature you have to be very patient and there is one

thing that I do have it is a lot of patience so what I did I waited for a

long time I stood near the birdbath until the birds became used to me so

they weren't afraid of me being nearby so I waited for a long time and then

eventually I could get close and take my lovely photographs of the birds so

that's how I did it you can get very near

- - baby birds young fledglings because sometimes they will they will not be

very observant and that's one of the reasons why many young birds are killed

by predators because they are a little bit naive they don't understand the

outside world because they've only just left the nest you see so that's the

reason why but I had to wait for a very long time before I could film the birds

with my mobile phone so everything you saw there was actually filmed on my

little phone but it did take a long time I had to wait for about maybe half an

hour before they became comfortable with me being nearby and then once they

became comfortable I was able to move closer with my camera and yes they were

having a lovely time so I hope you enjoyed that and I hope you enjoyed that

because I love nature so much I really do thanks for your company today we are

talking about one subject today one big subject public being out and about if

you are in a public place it means you are amongst other people or among other

people in British English we normally say amongst in American English they

will say among among amongst the meanings are the same what is the

difference between grass and lon they are actually the same thing however

lawn normally refers to a piece of grass or an area of grass that is kept so you

make sure that it stays tidy you you will cut your lawn so quite often we

will use the word lawn when we are talking about decorative grass grass

that exists as decoration lon however lawns are

basically grass so they are basically the same thing to be honest I had a

lovely meal last night mr. Steve made quite an incredible meal I I couldn't

believe what he did but this is what mr. Steve gave me last night I know it might

look awful to some people but I was so thrilled when I saw it because it's one

of my favorite meals oh yes can you see what I've got there

so this is what mr. Steve surprised me with last night he gave me a lovely

surprise sausages mashed potatoes and peas that's

what we had last night to eat I didn't realise Steve was going to do

this but can you see what he's done with the sausages he's actually stuck the

sausages in the potato I know some people might say mr. Duncan that looks

awful however I was so excited I was like a little child because I love

mashed potatoes I love sausages and I also like peas as

well so that's what mr. Steve made last night for me to eat and the sausages are

actually locally made they are made in this area they had inside wild garlic

that was picked in this area so the sausages had wild garlic as as

flavouring and can I just say they were absolutely gorgeous I love garlic so

much yes it was a big meal Steve knows that I like potatoes mashed potatoes you

take your potatoes you add a little bit of milk a little bit of

butter and then you smash them up you mash them until they become thick like a

very thick paste Wow I love mashed potatoes so much oh and

also Steve made some onion gravy as well onion gravy would you like to see a

picture of the sausages so there it is there is the package that they came in

and as you can see pork and wild garlic sausages oh my goodness so not only did

I have one of my favorite flavors garlic I also had one of my favorite foods

mashed potatoes amazing but I love the way mr. Steve stuck the sausages in the

potato I was laughing my head off I was so excited I screamed like a girl that's

how excited I was we are going to take a break for a few moments we're going to

have a look at one of my full english lessons and then we are going to be back

we will be back don't worry I'm not going yet and yes I know I was late

today but I have a good excuse in fact I have a lot of excuses here we go then

this is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons this is one of my more

recent full English lessons this is taken from full English number 37 and

then we will be back with some words connected to being out and about in


I like to think of myself as being a helpful chap I always try to give a

helping hand whenever I can so today I will start with a useful tip for those

planning to come to the UK my tip for survival today is never accept a

50-pound note from anyone I'm not kidding if you are ever offered a

50-pound note is payment or in change you must refuse it do not take the

50-pound note why I hear you ask the answer is simple because you will never

get rid of it no one will accept a 50-pound note shops

will not take them you will not be able to get change for it no one knows what a

real 50-pound note looks like people just assume they are all fake so just to

reiterate don't accept a 50-pound note from anyone anywhere at anytime

hi everybody and welcome to another full English lesson let's get on with it

shall we let's do it let's learn some more English right

be now

many people have asked me mr. Duncan what is the best way to speak English is

it with an American accent or a British accent I think this is a very

interesting question indeed and sir might say that it is not easy to answer

but my answer to this question is quite simple you use the English you feel the

most comfortable with you don't have to sound like an American when you're

speaking you don't have to sound like a British person when you're speaking as

long as you feel comfortable with the way you use English that is the most

important thing of all of course it's also important that the other person

understands what you are saying as well so don't worry too much about sounding

like somebody else don't punish yourself by trying to copy someone else's way of

speaking what you have to do is develop your own way of using English don't

forget English is an emotional language it's a personal language it's a language

that you use to express the way you feel so don't worry about sounding like

somebody else use English as you would your own language in your own way to

express the way you feel so you don't have to sound like mr. Duncan you don't

have to sound like some American movie star you don't have to sound like

anybody what you have to sound like is you

have you have been on a busman's holiday have you ever heard of this expression

before well let me explain what it is a busman's holiday is an expression that

describes a situation where a person is doing something for relaxation that they

would be normally doing in their occupation that is to say they are

trying to take a break away from their work by doing something that relates to

their actual job for example if I went away for a trip to London for a break

away from making video lessons and whilst there I went to visit the YouTube

headquarters to talk to someone about video production then you might describe

this as a busman's holiday I am doing something in my free time that relates

to my actual job we can call anything related to a person's profession as a

busman's holiday if the thing in question can be connected to their

normal occupation a doctor might visit a museum of medicine during a vacation a

firefighter might have to put out a blaze in a hotel they are staying at a

person who drives the bus for a living might have to drive the family around

whilst on holiday hence the expression busman's holiday

I always like to introduce new words and phrases to you and today is no exception

the phrase I'm going to show you today refers to a certain item of clothing the

phrase is old hat here you can see in my hand one of my old hats that I used to

wear the phrase old hat means to be obsolete or tired out by being done too

often or for too long a thing that has been said or done time and time again

over a long period of time can be referred to as old hat it has been done

so many times before most people have become bored with it

a tired and overdone thing is old hat this new superhero movie plot is so old

hat an out-of-date thing or something that is seen as old-fashioned can be

described as old hat it is no longer fashionable it is boring it has been

done too often for too long it is old hat the phrase derived from the notion

of something being worn too often such as an old hat to the point where it

looks tired and worn out it has been used for a very long time

hmm I hope you enjoy that one of my many English lessons that you can find on my

youtube channel and that was an excerpt from one of my full English lessons you

can find all of my lessons on my youtube channel

we are live across the internet and I've just been eating some biscuits

another thing I didn't mention I haven't had anything to eat today

so I suddenly felt very hungry I had to have something to eat so I've just had

some biscuits I get them too quickly though as you can probably imagine when

you're hungry quite often you eat too quickly and it's not a good thing to do

you should never eat your food too fast

anyway we are all here together on Wednesday

the 3rd of June ooh it does sound nice even though the weather today does not

feel very summer-like unfortunately no it does not

tomorrow when I'm listening to American English I usually understand worse the

Americans speak very quickly some Americans some people in the USA do

speak quickly there is a certain pattern of speech that happens yes I think

you're right and also what's the other thing I was going to say there you also

find that there are people in the USA who don't speak quickly they have a very

level and steady pace of speech but you will find the same thing here in the UK

as well you will find there are people who use British English who speak

quickly and there are those who speak at a steady rate so not everyone

quickly and not everyone speaks slowly hello Robin

mr. Duncan I have now finished work and I have to go shopping and later I will

watch your video don't worry Robin as long as you come back safe and sound and

I will be here or at least my video will be here for you to watch a go you know

hello also Alessandra nice to see you as well it's good to see Pedro Belmont is

now recovered it looks as if Pedro is well after his brush with you know what

they think so it is three o'clock here in the UK three o'clock in the afternoon

I don't know what time it is where you are because I'm not there you see and

this is English addict I suppose over the next few days people

are now going to start going outside they will be allowed to go out in public

and I thought it will be interesting to have a look at some words and phrases

connected to that very subject so here are some words some phrases some ways of

talking about public being in public and words relating to public he was the

first one so let's have a look shall we well we have the word public the word

public actually comes from Latin público of the people so when we use the word

public we are literally talking about the people of the people the community

the population the people that live in your area the people that live in your

country and if you are out and about amongst people then you are also out in

public you are of the people you are one of the people we might describe you as a

member of the public you can be a member of the

public so you are open you are visible you are in a public place and when we

think of public places quite often we think of the high street in your town

centre or maybe the neighbourhood where you live if you are walking around the

streets in the area where you reside where your house is if you are walking

around the streets you are in the open you are in a public place a public place

can also be an area that is reserved for people to meet so we often think of a

park a public park an area where people can sit down together and enjoy their

time you are out in the open so maybe a person can be outside a person can be

out in the open they are visible you are in a place where you can be seen so

quite often we will talk about being in the open if we are talking about a

person so a person can be out in the open you can see that person also may be

a piece of information or something that has been divulged or something that has

been released or told to many people can also be out in the open maybe you have a

secret maybe you have a secret that you've never told anyone but one day you

decide to tell everyone what your secret is we might say that your secret the

thing that you have kept private is now out in the open so that particular

phrase can refer to a person physically being outside or information that is now

known something that now people are we're of they know it they know that it

is happening or maybe something that you are feeling it's an interesting phrase

and you've probably heard this when we are talking about ownership of maybe

movies or music in the public domain when we say that something is in the

public domain what we are saying is that something is publicly available to

everyone or for everyone so maybe a piece of music that can be used or

listened to by anyone anywhere is in the public domain

quite often old movies so if a movie is over a certain age it means it is in the

public domain it means there is no longer any copyright on that particular

thing things that have been released into the public domain are things that

are available for anyone to use so maybe a piece of information or maybe some

video footage or a film clip something that shows an a historic moment taking

place might be in the public domain it is available for everyone to use and

access there are many different types of music that might be in the public domain

again if it is something that is over a certain age I believe I think here in

the UK if a piece of music or maybe a movie is over 75 years old

I think it's 75 years old so anything older than 75 years

automatically becomes the public domain it means the copyright is released so

anyone can use it so that is an interesting phrase for something to be

in the public domain the area where it can be used the space in which you are

free to use it however you want something that is visible to others is

in the public domain it is on show so when we say that something is on show we

are saying that it can be seen you are on show you are putting something on

public display so when we say on show it means we are putting something on

display for others to see display show you are showing something to other

people it is visible to others it is something that is public it is public as

I said earlier you have a public space or a public place it is a place that is

open for all people anyone can go there anyone can visit that place it is a

public place we sometimes say public space as well so an area that everyone

is free to move around it of course an area where people can gather together

can also be a public place lots of people can gather in one place here's

another word this is publicity so when you think about publicity often we will

think about information that is given to the general public to

public something that you want people to know about or to hear about maybe

certain types of information so it is publicity maybe you see it on a

billboard maybe you read it in a newspaper maybe you see it on the

television publicity it is normally information that is given

out quite often as a form of advertising so if you want people to know about your

product or your service quite often you will have publicity so you can see you

have the word public contained in that word publicity you are exposing you are

showing you are passing information to the public

it is publicity hello Roxy mr. Duncan your English is polite and perfect you

are the best teacher that I know Thank You Roxy that's very kind of you to say

we are talking about words connected to public being in public you might expose

or reveal something maybe a piece of information maybe some news about

yourself also you can expose a thing an item you

expose something you reveal something you make that thing public you are

allowing everyone to see that thing expose reveal you are showing something

to people and it can be many things many different things hello to my nephew Oh

my nephew is here watching hello Kyle Kyle is here

Kyle nice to see you hope everything is okay there where you are and I hope you

are still studying despite all the crazy things that have been going on in the

world and let's face it there are many things going on in the world many crazy

things happening right now I don't think you need me to tell you what they are

but there are many strange things happening hello Kyle

nice to see you hello also - and aw hi mr. Duncan your English is clear and

pure thank you very much it's very kind of you to say hello also to Kathy hello

Kathy Oh Alperin or ALP Erin says hello mr. Duncan my mum my mum who is ill

her name is Belgian Belgians Sultan can you please say hello hello - Alper ins

mother call Belgian Sultan I hope you feel better soon

get well soon I'm sorry to hear that you are not very well at the moment so I

wish you a speedy recovery get well soon please you might show

yourself in public if you show yourself again you reveal yourself to other

people to be in the public eye if you are in the public eye it means you can

be seen by other people you might say that I am in the public eye because I

stand in front of my camera three times a week talking about English over a

period of time more and more people might get to know who you are they will

be interested in watching your lessons and of course that means I have revealed

myself to the public so even though you can't see me in person

you can see me on your computer or your mobile device so it's very interesting

that to show yourself to reveal yourself can often lead to many people knowing

who you are and by that we mean that you are in the public eye people can see you

you might also be on show you might also be on show when we say that a person is

on show it means they can be seen you are on show you are there for other

people to see you put yourself on show you reveal yourself as a public figure

apparently I'm slightly embarrassed by this but apparently on Facebook I am a

public figure apparently I have one of those little

magic blue ticks on my Facebook page and apparently it means that I'm a public

figure however I don't see myself as a public figure I don't see myself as a

famous person even though people keep telling me I hope you and Steve are well

Thank You Kyle we are great even though at the moment

I'm suffering from hay fever and yes that's all it is it's hay fever nothing

else it is one of the worst things you can have it this time of year especially

when the weather is gorgeous unfortunately for me summer can be a

little bit of a curse unfortunately so yes we are okay and I hope you and your

family are all right as well I hope everyone there in Stafford are okay too

you might also be in the public gaze the public gaze so if you gaze it's

something you are looking you gaze you look you stare to be able

to see people or a person or a thing you look at it so we will say that a person

who is well known is in the public gaze maybe as a celebrity so a person who is

famous well-known a person who has accomplished something amazing might be

in the public gaze they can be seen by many people they are well-known they are

a celebrity I'm not sure if being famous is a good idea to be honest I'm not sure

if I want to be famous if I was perfectly honest with you as I mentioned

earlier when you're you are out in public you are amongst other people you

are amongst other people amongst other people so that means that you are

somewhere that can be seen somewhere where people can see you not only that

but you were also surrounded by people so you are amongst people and this is

one of the things that was causing a problem during the many people were

being told that they can't see others they cannot be amongst people they

cannot be with other people however as I mentioned that is all starting to change

here in the UK apparently now you can be near six other people so you have to

have six of the people around you and these are people that you can be

familiar with you can be close to them you can see them you can say hello to

them you can talk to them so I believe here in the UK we have relaxed the rules

however there are still some some that you have to follow so for example

you have to be 2 meters away from other people so that particular rule is still

in place use you can still go out you can see people but you must keep your

distance you must stay far away from them oh it's very interesting apparently

my nephew is starting to chat to the live chatters interesting I like it

don't try to take over where else I'll have to have something to say about that

hmm hello Quran Karim I have received an email spam from PayPal yes well that

might not be a real notice so that's nothing to do with me

I get spam all the time I get hundreds and hundreds of fake emails every week

can you imagine so as soon as you make your email public

you will get lots and lots of fake emails so even though that email says it

is from PayPal it might not be it might be a fake email so that's nothing to do

with me

definitely not I can I can promise that you can be out

and about when a person is out and about it means they are mixing socially they

are out and about you are moving around freely amongst other people around out

and about you are going around you might visit a certain place you might visit

certain people you might go to your favorite beauty spot you might decide to

get in your car and drive all the way to Durham perhaps

yes hello Andy star Paul McCartney is in the public gaze yes well he's he's been

a celebrity for many years since the mid 1960s so yes he he is definitely in the

public eye I think I think that's safe to say the general public when we talk

about the general public we are saying the people the general public so when

you walk out of your house the people that surround you in the streets the

people that you meet in your everyday life

they are the general public the general public is the population of the area in

which you live or the population of the country the general public so we often

talk about the general public as the average person or maybe the person who

lives in a certain place however we talk about everyone we are

talking about everyone that exists the general public so maybe you want to give

some information some important information to everyone you will give it

to the general public you will tell the general public about something here's

another one oh here is something that you have not been allowed to do recently

you have not been allowed you have not been allowed to have public gatherings

meeting together as a group or a crowd people have been banned

and they've been prohibited from meeting in large groups however recent events in

the world have meant that many people have decided to forget about that and

they are now all gathering together for various reasons and I'm sure you know

what they are I'm sure you know exactly what they are tomorrow

how old is your nephew oh why you seem very interested suddenly in my nephew

should I be worried about that should I

Andy says I want to be out and about I'm an out and about person well that's a

good thing to be when you are out and about of course if you are out and about

it means you are moving around which is good for your health

of course we often talk about a busy area so when we are in a gathering it

doesn't necessarily mean something that has been organised so maybe if you go to

a concert that is an organised gathering however if you are in a busy place

you can also describe that as a gathering a group of people who have

gone to a certain place for a certain reason such as a shopping centre or a

shopping mal so all the people that have gone shopping have gone for the same

reason they are in a large gathering a group of people are all together ts says

we are gathering on your YouTube channel yes I suppose you are all be it through

the internet but yes I suppose this is a this is a virtual gathering isn't it

early when you think about it so it's not a real gathering it is virtual

and let's face it many people over the past few weeks have been staring into

their web camera as if they are hypnotised by that one eye staring at

them so yes many people have been using their web cameras recently you are right

definitely gathering on the Internet a good example of a place that might be

busy might have a lot of people a bustling high street I like this word

bustling when we say that a place is bustling it means it is busy it is a

place where lots of people are moving around quickly many people there are

active busy so the word bustle means to be active and busy you are moving around

a lot so when we say a bustling high street it means people are moving around

quickly they're all busy they have their own things to do they are all going

about their own business they are doing their own things soon here in the UK we

are going to have our bustling high streets return on the 15th of June many

large shops are going to reopen so that is going to happen here in the UK on the

15th of June things are slowly but surely getting back to normal so very

soon we will have our bustling high streets once more they will return here

are some phrases now that we can use phrases connected with the public for

example you might say that some someone or something

a danger to the public so if a person or a thing is a danger to the public it

means it is something that people have to look out for you have to be very wary

of that particular thing a danger to the public and a game there is one

particular thing that I can think of that has been a danger to the public we

all know what it is yes that one another word maybe you have a public outrage a

lot of people become angry about an incident or something that has happened

for example I suppose the dreadful events that have taken place in the

United States recently and now many people are feeling angry there is a

public outrage so when we talk about public outrage it is people who are

coming out to show their anger so you might do it physically you might also do

it by writing an email maybe you send a letter to your local MP or your local

political representative so public outrage anger that is shown publicly and

that is one thing that has been happening very sadly in the United

States over the past few days public discourse now this is an interesting

phrase you will often hear people talk about public discourse discourse means

conversation you are talking about a certain thing maybe a certain issue a

certain problem that won't go away so you are talking about something that is

a public issue and when you have a problem you will

often have public discourse you will talk about a certain thing in a certain

way public conversation maybe there is a

topic that everyone wants to talk about and let's face it there are quite a few

topics that we are talking about at the moment in the world I don't think you

need me to tell you again but they are quite obvious another one a show of

public emotion oh I like this one so if people want to show how they feel maybe

in a large group I suppose a good example would be when Princess Diana

died so when Princess Diana was killed in 1997 there was a public show or a

show of public emotion many people came out they came out into the streets they

came out to talk about their feelings so a show of public emotion people are

showing how they feel in a large group many people these days will often go

onto the Internet to show their emotions so in 1997 most people didn't have the

internet or didn't have computers and they worked though there were no social

media sites in 1997 can you believe that so the only way we could do it was by

going out so that is why public emotion can sometimes be put on show people will

come out they will express how they feel publicly a show of public emotion here

are some words relating to the opposite so we have public which can be seen

and we have the opposite which is private-public you can see it it is

there private it is hidden it is secret you cannot see it it is something that

is withheld something that you can't see public open private closed and you can

have in public in public and also you can have in private in public in private

something that can be seen by other people is in public something that can't

be seen is in private in public in private in politics there are quite

often meetings negotiations and talks that take place in private they are kept

secret we cannot see what is going on

then we have publicly or publicity so things that can be seen things that are

obvious so when we talk about publicity once again we are talking about things

that are revealed they are revealed publicly they can be seen by everyone

and then the opposite of course is privacy something that is not shown we

all believe that privacy is an important thing we all have a right to our privacy

so when you go in your house you have privacy people cannot invade your

privacy they can't listen to the conversation

that you are having they can't watch you secretly

you have your privacy that's an interesting word and a word that we have

been hearing quite a lot recently then we have once again public and private

public property and private property so public property is something we can all

go to visit maybe a museum or a library it is public it means you can go in you

can go into that building or into that place and you can visit freely then we

have the opposite private property private property is something that

belongs to an individual for example a person's house so at night when you go

to bed you lock your doors and you lock your windows inside that house is

private property so you can't go into that house you can't break in you can't

walk in because that is private property

and that's it for now that is it those are all the words relating to public and

private so when you think of public we talk about things that are open and can

be seen when we talk about private they are things that cannot be seen

they are withheld they are kept back they are things that are done in secret

it's almost time for me to go today it is a short one today because I'm not

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very nice Andy says there is no private property in Russia really I know in

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time hello also to Zakaria nice to see you

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