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we'll talk about the investment in the stock market

this is pretty interesting issue and if you always wanted to know how to make

money online and how to invest wisely be my guest

join this video watch it till the end because i hope this will be

uh very useful for you uh and before i started i want to share

with you the information about the platform that

i'm trading on because this is important there's a lot of platforms but i love

the most this one and i'm trading on it and i have all of

my portfolio on it so go to the description panel of

this video to find the link press the link go to the platform and

join to great world of investment

uh all that i want to say that a lot of people thinking that

investment is something difficult is something

crazy hard and i don't want even to start

this is absolutely nonsense uh if you want to start investing you can

start from ten dollars uh because a lot of people

thinking that no you need to have a lot of money to

start investing no no you just need to start that's

it and when you get to the platform you'll see that there's plenty tools on

it to make money online and all you need is

to have your laptop or your cell phone and

internet connection this is absolutely amazing i want to

show you the list of the companies there's

185 companies that you can trade on and you can make

money on and when you decide to

start investing you should first of all you should invest

in the company that you know and in the company that

you believe in in the all companies there's great amazon tesla

facebook apple and video spotify plenty tools to make money now 185

all of them almost uh closed unavailable right now but

you have tons of companies that you can trade on

uh for example let's see what's happening

blessing the companies was in the red zone

daimler everybody knows this company everybody loves mercedes

isn't it and you do i'm sure that you do like the company

do you want to become a part of this company do you want to become an

owner of this company because you should think about

investment in the stocks like about the ownership of the company

when you buy a stock you become a stakeholder

of the company the small one but just imagine all the business all these

companies working just for you in the small amounts yes but

imagine you become an owner of a big factory that produces a car's

world known and pretty cool cars isn't it

let's see what's happening in the market

right now there was a big growth

little bit falling and the great spot was right here but i

believe that the company will grow more because they're producing the cars

and they will not disappear tomorrow for example as

it's happening with uh some new startups and ipos or or

like different companies that just appearing and

it will disappear tomorrow this company is stable

this company is um old one why not invest on it for example i want

to buy because i believe that price will grow

i want to buy or if you know that the company will

fall down for example even on it you can make money

then you're pressing sell button but right now i'm pressing the buy button

and i will wait uh like a couple hours or maybe days to see

what's happening with the weather prices and then for

this stocks for the stocks of this company uh

of course the pla any platform taking small fee

uh for make all the actions with the with official company uh and

it's okay it's pretty it's pretty easy let's find some other company to buy

let's see what's on this list

cool also automotive uh automotive company and aha i

i have i have some stocks of this company i even forgot that i

have a stocks of this company i bought it long time ago and right now

is a little bit lower the line but it's okay you can open more you can

buy more anytime so look at that look at this great and absolutely

amazing tool this widget shows how all the traders on

this platform making their decisions right now so

eighty-eight percent of people buying stocks of this company

i want to buy stocks of this company also

and you see that company was right here and the trend is

outgoing even with this small movements the trend is up going that's

why we're pressing buy and waiting just waiting uh until the

company prices will grow and after we'll close the deal

we'll get our profit and that's it let's see what's happening more buyer

for example what's this pharmaceuticals company

also the trend is outgoing let's buy some stocks i have some amount of

money on my balance and i can invest like thousand dollars per

once yeah but if you don't have big amounts of money just start with a

small one the minimum amount of deposit on this platform is starting

with the ten dollars everybody has ten dollars and uh

as soon you'll be you'll become an investor

you'll see that couple days or a couple even

hours and you'll get your profit this is pretty amazing because um

you become an owner of a company first of all this is very important

all those companies in the list you know them

almost like the most part of these companies you know

i don't know this one for example so doesn't matter

what matters when you investing uh you given the small amount of money

and on this small amount of money you can make big profits

uh you can trade for long time for short time

no and me but the main profits you're getting with a long holding of

the stocks because uh if you hold in stocks for a

year for example the company is sharing with you the profit of the

company and you're getting your dividends for

that you holding the stocks uh and company is sure that you will not

sell them or or like you will go away from the

company and in that case you can make even more

money or you can let's see what's happening

here uh visa for example as it is closed

facebook facebook's closed i have a facebook stocks and facebook

brought me 200 percent of profit

200 of profit this isn't that great i think it's great

and i think that you should try it yourself

to do that go to the uh description panel of this video find the

link and go to the platform when you pass the registration you'll be

able to trade you'll be able to buy or sell stocks of

the big great companies that you know for sure

all the links in the description go use it be my guest

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