it's raining again can you believe it?

Aiyaaa! hmm interesting I don't want that I want that come on you silly computer

oh very nice look at that Oh Oh so many people are here already

isn't that nice and did you notice I started today's live stream on time I was

not late mmm so nice to see you all here is everyone

ready we shall begin today's spontaneous special jolly july english livestream

shall we start it now okay then hi everybody this is mr.

duncan in england how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I

really hope you are feeling happy I hope you are happier than I am feeling at the

moment because I'm hungry I am very hungry this morning we had a nice man

called Phil he came to repair the floor in the kitchen because we had a huge

hole where a lot of water had made the floor damp and part of the floor had

collapsed so this morning our lovely carpenter mr. Phil he came to fill the hole

his name is actually Phil so today Phil

filled the hole in the kitchen and because of that I could not go into the

kitchen to have my breakfast so can you believe I'm standing here now with my

empty tummy and all I have to eat are these ladyfingers that's it that is

what I have I'm having to eat

ladyfingers I can't get near the cupboards and this is what I'm eating

today I'm eating some ladyfingers now these normally go in my jelly this is

what I normally put in my jelly but today I'm eating them straight from the

packet because hmm I must be honest I am a little bit

peckish today so these are sponge fingers covered with a little bit of

sugar they're quite nice very sweet and very crunchy can you hear the sound I'm making

the sound is crunchy crunchy it is a crunchy sound hmm so here we are this is

a special live stream today from the birthplace of the English language which

is of course England I hope you are feeling good and yes it is Thursday it

is almost the end of the week don't worry

tomorrow is Friday it's just around the corner but I'm doing some special live

streams during the month of July because this month well in fact next Wednesday

it will be my fourth year doing this broadcasting live on YouTube for years

so next Wednesday we will be celebrating the fourth anniversary of my live

streams and of course I will be doing my normal English addict lessons as well

lots of things to tell you first of all if you want to have live captions guess

what you can you can have live captions now all you have to do is press C on

your keyboard and you will have live captions take your finger and click on C

and you will have live captions I don't know why they call these lady fingers I

wonder why they called them lady fingers because I have never met a

lady whose fingers look like this I've never met any lady with fingers this

large to be honest although some people might say that that will come in very

handy and useful

baby mr. mr. Steve mr. Steve has fingers like this so maybe instead I could call

these mr. Steve fingers I suppose I should say hello to the live chat shall

I say hello to the live chat hello live chat nice to see you here

today I wonder who was first hmm wow so many

people are here already hello Khyber Khyber ma'am and guess what

you are first on today's live chat did you enjoy my round of applause there

hello Elsa oh hello Mohsen Mohsen you are second

you are number two Khyber well done once again Beatriz Vitesse is here Alvie tas

it would appear that Kaiba has a very fast finger his finger is extra fast

also we have Mary hello Mary Luis Mendez is here today thank you very much for

joining us as well also no fraud hello nor prod wasn't it your birthday

yesterday I think it was did you have a good birthday yesterday I hope you did

Beatriz says today is the 9th of July it is the indentation dependence day of

Argentina hello to Argentina and happy Independence Day

I wondering what you will be doing to celebrate your independence day quite

often people will go into the streets there might be lots of celebrations

maybe people will gather to celebrate their independence day however

because things are so strange and weird at the moment that might not happen that

might not actually occur hello also we have Francesca hello

Francesca and also Beatriz Tomic is here hello to Tomic it's nice to see you're

here as you can see the weather is still pretty crappy it's pretty crappy very

rubbish awful wet damp it's supposed to be July this is normally the time when

everyone is sitting outside eating strawberries and ice cream and having

lots of fun in the Sun however today

today it's raining there is no Sun only cloud it isn't dry it is raining so as

you can see things are looking a little bit gloomy today it doesn't matter

though because I'm in a good mood I had a lovely sleep last night if you were

watching yesterday you will know that I had a nightmare on Tuesday night but

last night I had the most lovely glorious relaxing sleep III might look

very rested today I think so I look very rested very relaxed I think so so today

this is just a general chitchat this is a livestream that I'm doing it is a

general chitchat you can of course catch my English addict lessons on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday which means I will be back with you tomorrow as well

for those wondering I am with you tomorrow with my normal English addict

livestream but at the moment I'm standing in the garden under my little

gazebo keeping myself dry if not warm

hello also from Uzbekistan hello mr. Igoe well hello mr. Ogawa nice to see

you as well Joseph is here as well

Joseph sippy so nice to see you here oh we have Belarusian hello Belarusian

thanks for joining me yes I'm with you today with one of my

unusual live streams out in the garden even though the rain is coming down and

it's also quite windy as well and one of the things I've noticed is because of

the wind the rain is coming this way it's actually coming in towards B so I

might have to move my equipment a little bit further back I'm not sure I might

have to make some changes but yes I'm outside and there is rain and wind not a

good combination to be honest hello Florence nice to see

you here as well Florence hello to you we also have grace 23 I'm wondering if

you are any relation to grace chin any connection I'm not sure Celina is here

thank you very much for joining me for those who don't know I'm Duncan my name

is Duncan some pissed some people call me mr. Duncan some people call me that

English guy have you ever seen that English guy on YouTube some people say

that I am a YouTube teacher some people say that I'm just a crazy guy from

England it's up to you really hello ultra instinct nice to see you

here as well while so many people are already joining in thank you for joining

me today Mika ODE is here as well franceska

franceska apparently lady fingers lady fingers are called

Savoy savoiardi sabaidee so these these in Italian are called Savio D I hope I

pronounced it right how was my Italian is it good I hope so

I'm so hungry I've eaten nothing today I've had nothing to eat I haven't eaten

anything because there was a man in the kitchen banging all morning

repairing fixing the floor so that's the reason why I'm a little bit peckish and

I'm having my little ladyfingers I've never seen a lady whose finger

looks like this very interesting hello - oh hello I can see you you are still

rocking that cat and glasses and I have just finished my work so I can watch you

oh that's good thank you very much for joining me I don't know why the live

chat is moving so quickly thank you for joining me today welcome to mr. Duncan

stands in his garden whilst getting wet and whilst eating a lady finger hmm

hello Michel Michel nass asks please can you reply to me well of course I can

reply to you and I'm replying to you right now enjoy your meal mr. Duncan

this is my lunch this is my lunch this is all I'm having for my lunch can you

believe it

hello to Ashutosh Ashutosh patek hello to you as well wow so many people are

now here on the livestream thank you very much it's so nice to see you here

there are lots of birds flying around above my head you might be able to hear

them Luis Mendez mentions the Scottish referendum well that took place many

years ago Scotland for many years have been trying to leave the United Kingdom

and a few years ago I think it was Wow it seems like such a long time ago now I

think it was 2012 I'm sure it was 2012 a long time ago many years before we

started talking about brexit to be honest and there was a vote so the

Scottish people were able to vote on whether or not they would leave the UK

and the result was well the result was they wanted to stay so Scotland remained

as part of the UK and then of course a little later we had the brexit

referendum which confused things quite a lot because Scotland didn't want to

leave the EU where s England did want to leave the EU so things did get a little

bit crazy for a while to be honest

I'm back there was some water dripping in front of me it was thought to get on

my nerves

hmm interesting

Belarusian I had a nightmare I dreamt that it was so windy that the glass in

the window was broken and I thought the man that repairs the window will will

want a lot of money well I hope that dream or nightmare did not come true I

hope it didn't hello khyber once again yes there was a

referendum quite a few years ago people were complaining they wanted to leave

the UK and this is one of the things that confuses many people about this

country we we often say the United Kingdom and when we say the United

Kingdom we are actually talking about England Scotland Wales and Northern

Ireland so those are the the areas that make up the United Kingdom and yes it

does cause a lot of confusion in including people here even we get

confused sometimes so what they wanted to do in Scotland they wanted to be

independent and now because of brexit they want to be independent again so we

will see what happens but as of this moment at the moment

Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom

I don't know how water is coming in here it's very strange

I might have to do some some things to my gazebo in a minute there is more

water around and I realized Kaiba says so many dogs are barking at you really I

can't hear any dogs really dogs barking I can't hear any dogs do you have a

raincoat I like to wear a raincoat on a rainy day says sue Jean well the thing

is I feel quite warm today but now I've come outside and I'm standing here

I don't feel warm suddenly I feel very cold and damp so I'm not particularly

enjoying this feeling to be honest Oh Randolph says can you cook if yes if it

is yes what are you good at cooking Thank You Randa I'm not a good cook I

will be honest with you my father for many years he had his own catering

business he used to cook quite a lot so my father very good at cooking me I'm

not very good at cooking I will be honest with you is there a lady finger

Oh Melia says what is the difference

between the lady finger you are eating and the lady fingers that are vegetables

I think there are lady fingers I always thought that was a type of carrot maybe

I'm wrong but these lady fingers the ones I'm eating at the moment they are

actually made of sponge they're sponge and sugar and they are very sweet and

delicious and as you know I love sweet and delicious things I really do very

much Mavi says the lady finger is called cat tongue in my country in Turkey they

are actually called cat tongue that's interesting I did not know that

but now I do

hello too wide Oh franceska and also quite a lupus here

hello Guadeloupe nice to see you back as well the other day I got very excited

because quite a few of my viewers who I haven't seen for a long time started

joining in very nice Sayyid asks what was your vote on brexit well I suppose

it doesn't really matter now what I voted because it has been decided it's

been decided unfortunately but I did vote my vote

my personal vote was too

you are in a beautiful place Thank You Michelle that's very kind of you to say

it is a beautiful place but also a very wet place as well it's a little bit wet

today we've had rain we've had rain all night

and all day and even now it is still raining slightly so even now there is

still some rain falling I can hear a helicopter but I can't see it because

it's in the clouds

hello mr. helicopter where are you I can't see oh there you are although I

can see the helicopter it's over there oh I see it's one of the big military

helicopters it's actually a military helicopter is flying over in the

distance oh my goodness your garden is so beautiful thank you Trang that's very

kind of you to say where are you watching at the moment are you in

Vietnam maybe you are Belarusian says you are so funny mr. Duncan that's what

my mother used to say all the time when I was growing up she used to say

Duncan you are very funny

Ivan hello Ivan I am at I'm a helicopter technician really so you make sure you

make sure those big things on the top don't fall off because you really need

those I believe they are called rotor blades rotor blades the big things on

the top of a helicopter that go round and round you have to make sure that

they don't fall off definitely I would never go in a helicopter I'm going to be

honest with you I would never go in a helicopter ever

if I go on holiday to a nice place and they say oh would you like to take a

helicopter ride I always say no definitely not and the reason is because

if something goes wrong with a helicopter there is no way of saving it

the helicopter will just drop like a rock however if you are in an airplane

there is at least some chance of the plane landing somehow so that's the

reason why I would never go in a helicopter ever so you are a technician

you make sure that the helicopter works 100% and is fit to fly nor prade says

mr. Duncan have you ever cried of course I have in my life there have been

moments where I feel a little sad unhappy maybe something bad has happened

maybe something that has made me feel a little desperate or unhappy yes of

course I have I have cried in my life I don't cry here you will never see me cry

here that is one rule that I have I don't know if you've noticed but every

time you turn the television on nowadays there is always someone crying always

please watch me but I don't do that no I I do cry of course things upset me

maybe I listen to a sad piece of music perhaps i watch a sad movie I might have

a little tear in my eye yes of course

hello to Mikael and me I don't know which language to chat but I think it is

exactly the same I'm not sure what you mean by that mr. Duncan is too

conservative why what do you mean I'm too conservative I will tell you when we

have the brexit vote I voted to mr. Duncan do you want to take your

day holy reading comments I am suggesting that you should focus on

today's lesson when we talk about my live streams there are two types of live

stream there are my English addict live streams and during July I'm doing this

you see I'm doing my special live chats and this is open for you to talk you see

and chat so you can join in you can have some fun but I will be back tomorrow of

course with my usual English addict so Saha to answer your question today is an

unusual livestream it is one of my special live streams I'm talking to you

I'm talking about lots of different subjects maybe something that you want

to talk about yourselves Belarusian says sometimes I cry when I

remember my mother well of course I don't want to get too personal but it

was a recent event and I understand your feeling I really do at the moment my

mother is also not well and things are not good and that is all I'm saying so

that is one thing that does upset me when I think about my mother so my

mother is still alive but unfortunately she is not in the best of health at the

moment in fact we had some rather bad news a couple of days ago concerning

that you are the best teacher that I've discovered says - thank you very much

that's kind of you to say I like your vote of support talking of

which if you want to give me a thumbs up if you want to say Oh mr. Duncan I must

admit I do like your live streams you can give me a thumb to say you like it

okay okay I am learning English listening to you

thank you Richard well this is one of the reasons why I like doing this so

sometimes it is good just to listen to listen and you can learn a lot by

listening especially if you are learning a language so if you are learning a new

language and you want to listen to someone speaking English then this is it

there are many good services that are available now where you can actually

have a foreign person when I say foreign I mean a person from another country but

they might be a native English speaker so they might be from England they might

be from America the United States or maybe Australia so they are a native

English speaker but there are many services where you can actually have

someone talking to you but you have to pay for it and quite often it is very

expensive so what i'm doing here is providing that same service the same

service that that many websites now provide but i'm doing it for free it

costs nothing so there are many websites that do do this however they will also

charge you a lot of money so you are actually getting quite a lot for nothing

you can listen to English being spoken spontaneously everything you are

listening to now is not rehearsed I'm not reading from a piece of paper this

is spontaneous you're listening to everything as it happens so some

websites will charge a lot of money for this and right now you are getting it

for nothing it's free it costs you nothing nor prade says I don't cry I'm

sure you've had a little cry at some point I think so

anna says i'm sorry to hear about your mother yes she's been ill for some time

and the story is quite unusual because my mother had to go into hospital at the

beginning of the year and then before she went back home they had to make sure

she was able to take care of herself so what they did is they put her into a

care home so they could monitor and have a look at how well she can take care of

herself but of course within a couple of weeks of that you know what occurred you

know what I'm talking about so that arrived and then suddenly all of

the care homes all of the places where you could visit and where people were

being looked after they closed their doors so you could not visit them so

that's the situation that my mother found herself in suddenly it was only

supposed to be a short stay but unfortunately it turned into a very long

stay in the care home because of the dreaded bug you know what I'm talking

about in Australia at the moment it would appear that there is a situation

where lockdown has been reintroduced in certain parts of Australia in Melbourne

one of my friends that I used to know and was very close to in China when I

lived there he actually lives in Melbourne and he works now as a nurse in

a hospital but yes in Australia at the moment certain parts of Melbourne have

been locked down again so this isn't the first time it's happening this is the

second time and many people here are saying the same thing they are saying

that it may be in three or four weeks perhaps the same thing will happen here

in England maybe everything will be locked down

again so we will have to wait and see what happens with that it is a strange

time so things are things are not back to normal they are not back to normal at

the moment they are not could you give away some of your land mr. Duncan well I

suppose I could but but but what would you use it for I suppose you could sit

on the grass and enjoy an afternoon meal I don't know my garden is not very big a

lot of people say it is big but there are many people who have much larger

gardens than this I suppose the difference here is we have

we have quite a nice setting so around here you see it looks nice because it's

green and also we are in the countryside as well I hope your mother will feel

better thank you her saying that's very kind of you to say I don't normally talk

about the situation because well it's still happening you see it is still

happening so this is one of the reasons why I've been a little distracted from

my work but during July I will try to be with you is often as I can

Ivan Ivan Martin says you should use your mask you should use your face mask

if you get very close to the camera well I think we're OK I think we are all

right fortunately there was a piece of glass between you and me so I can get

close but you don't have to worry as far as I know you can't catch the bug

through your computer monitor fortunately and not only that I don't

have it so there we go Ricardo says this live stream has a lot of value and it is

free yes that's what I said earlier there are some website

it's and and I'm not joking they will charge you a lot of money just to do

this to have a native English speaker standing in front of you talking live

you will have to pay a lot of money for it nor prade asks why don't you say well

the reason is because it's a sensitive word that's the reason why that's all

I'm going to say it is a sensitive word especially here on this thing that I'm

talking into now isn't it strange how everyone these days is having to be very

careful of what they say social media has become a little a little bit of a

strange place for that over the past few months people have been saying things

that other people disagree with and then when those people disagree with it they

have tried to get the person who said the thing that upset them removed from

the internet mr. Duncan but if we watch your live stream on our phone well you

still have a piece of glass on your phone you see there was still a piece of

glass between between you and me there is still a piece of glass there is oh I

need English for my work says beena well as I always say English is not just a

language for communication it is also something that is a skill that can be

used in many ways in fact a couple of days ago I can't remember who it was but

someone mentioned being a translator so there is a great job if you learn

English and you are able to translate from your

own language to English and the other way round

Wow people will be after you they will want your service and they will be

willing to pay anything for it so being a translator being an interpreter it's

an amazing job if you can get a job doing that I can tell you now you will

always be in demand people will always want your service I think so

hello Anna the thing I appreciate the most of your live streams is the

spontaneous speech that is so rare to find on the Internet

well it is yes that's what I I was explaining as well it's it's very rare

to find this being given for free it is all free it costs you nothing you can

sit and watch and listen for as long as you want for as many times as you want

as well what do you recommend for business communication skills

improvement Ivan hello Ivan well business English as

I often say is a specialist area so you are using words that are quite often

used in certain situations however they are not used in general day-to-day

conversation so I suppose I could say the same thing about any specialist area

perhaps if you want to get into medicine there will be many English words that

you will have to learn that are not used in everyday speech they are specialist


mr. Duncan how do you focus one minute for can I focus one minute for it I

don't know what you mean by that maybe I could talk about it well the situation

is here in England things are slowly getting back to normal things are not

normal and I have a feeling things are not going to be normal for maybe the

next couple of years at least so we are talking not this year not next year but

I think actually for the next couple of years I think things are going to be

very unusual because you will find that there will be areas where where the bug

will suddenly appear and if there is no vaccine then this situation will go on

for a very long time so I suppose what many people are waiting for now they are

waiting for the vaccine to be created which of course takes a long time you

might not realize this but creating a vaccine is a very slow process

you can't just magic the vaccine you can't say let's go and make a vaccine

okay oh there it is we have a vaccine it

doesn't work like that some vaccines can take years to develop there is a lot of

research a lot of testing a lot of trials that vaccines have to go through

before they can be used so it might be another year it might be another two

years it might be another five years before there is a vaccine so it depends

you see it depends so the situation here in England is very similar to many

places around the world we are all being cautious we don't really know what's

going to happen next and to be honest no one really knows I don't know you don't

know even the expert don't really know what is going to

happen next so yes I think it is a very interesting time

thank you Mary that is why it is important to make a donation to this

amazing human Thank You Mary that's very kind of you to say yes I do accept

donations because I do all of this for free and of course now I devote most of

my time so when I have time I prepare my lessons I do my live streams I'm always

doing this this has become a very big part of my life and something I really

do enjoy doing and something I really do believe in as well thank you very much

oh can I say hello to Petros hello Petros I had a donation come

through just before I started today's livestream Thank You Petros I saw your

donation come through thank you very much it's very kind of you to say and

also your lovely donation that I received by the way that the actual

address if you want to send a small donation is under this video it is in

the description I have a paypal address speaking about the book you are

completely right Thank You Ricardo yes it's it's something that is not going to

change I think many of us will have to adjust in some way and one of the

biggest changes of course is the way in which we work many people have

discovered that they can now work at home without going out of the house so

many companies now have actually utilized they have started using ways of

communicating through the internet using well using a web camera like this and

yes it has changed the way many people work in fact you might find that many

companies will not go back to how they were before they might stay

like this they might realize that we don't need to have people going outside

or driving around to do their jobs all you need is a camera and an internet

connection interesting so this has definitely changed the way we live and I

think it will change the way we live for a long time to come

are you interested in other channel competitors teaching English am i

interested well I know there are thousands of people not not five or six

but actually there are thousands of people now teaching English on the

Internet including here on YouTube so it doesn't really bother me it doesn't

worry me as long as everyone is treated fairly and that is where I have a

problem one of the sad problems with the actual situation that's occurring is

that people don't help because they don't respect the rules yes there are

many people who are not bothering to to cover their face or maybe that they are

having their friends visit them so it is a problem it is a problem I remember

years ago learning with your lessons and I have never seen anything with such

quality Thank You Ivan that's very kind of you to say I have been making video

lessons for nearly 14 years now on YouTube so I suppose one of those things

that you might say about what I do is I've been doing it for a long time do

you ever play video games on your mobile phone such as pug mobile no I don't I

don't actually play computer games as I mentioned yesterday and also the day

before I play computer games isn't that strange

children play says hi mr. Duncan nice to see you again

nice to see you here as well thank you very much for joining me it would take

more than a year to get the vaccine do we have to wear a mask all the time

until then asks Mika well I'm not an expert on this I'm not a doctor but I do

know that vaccines do take a long time to be created

you don't just create the vaccine overnight it's impossible because there

are there are many procedures that have to take place first of all you have to

develop the the vaccine then you have to make sure it's safe and then you have to

test it you have to have trials so you can't just take something develop it and

then give it to people it doesn't work like that

some vaccines can take maybe ten years to develop so it really depends on what

the illness or the disease is that you are finding the vaccine for it depends

on what you are doing bina hello bina you have a problem which is

very common for those learning English bina says I try to speak in meetings but

I fear to speak I I'm afraid to talk this is something that's that's very

usual it is usual it is normal as I said yesterday I think it was yesterday I

said that speaking is about is like performing it's like going onto stage

and giving a performance being on the stage and you have to sing or maybe you

have to read a poem so it's a little bit like that so I think yes I think it is

it is a little bit like that it's like performing but as I always say

if you want to listen to your own voice you have to

listen maybe on a mobile phone record your voice in and listen to it so you

have to get used to it and then once you feel more confident then you will find

over time it will become easier to actually speak English speaking speaking

is the hardest part because it is a little bit like performing I think so

hello hello D'Arnot I don't like social media and I don't

have any accounts just on YouTube well one of the things about YouTube is you

have to have an account so you can actually use the live chat so I think

that's a good thing because at least it it allows you to get involved personally

and also I think there are many safety things in place so one of the things I

like about YouTube is well I always feel safe here to be honest I do like YouTube

I have a lot of respect for this site however over the years they have done

some things that have made many people angry upset

including me how can you improve your listening skills well listening is as

you say it is a skill and just like any other skill you have to learn how to do

it listening is something that you have to

do over time so if you are listening to a person talking then you have to wait

until that person has finished talking so it takes as long as the thing you are

listening to however the more you do it once again the easier it becomes so I

guess it is true English is a skill I always suggest listening to English

movies even English songs so if you enjoy

singing songs maybe you can learn an English song and then that will also

help you to not only listen but also you will learn some new words and you will

have some fun at the same time hello a Prius hello a Prius

I am I am wondering what your message is about I'm very intrigued a Prius says

happy 100th birthday to mr. Valmont best wishes from the Hinks and family in the

USA is that message for me I don't I don't know who mr. Valmont is but anyway

happy 100th birthday to mr. Valmont and that comes with best wishes from the

Hinks and family in the USA I now have to pass on other people's messages it's

very interesting I will always listen to songs yes listening to music is a great

way of learning English it's also a good way of learning new words at the same

time tomorrow says hello tomorrow our healthcare minister has said the people

will make their own decisions whether they will be vaccinated or not oh I see

well we are still a long way from that we are still a very long way from that

learning English by speaking English says listening to native speakers is an

awesome technique to improve your listening skills well this is something

I mentioned earlier and there are many websites many companies and these

companies make millions from doing what I'm doing now they charge a lot of money

to have a native English speaker standing in front of the person

maybe they are watching on their mobile phone or on their computer and maybe you

get fifty minutes or maybe one hour and then they will charge you for that time

or maybe you will have to pay a subscription fee every month what about

this this is free it costs nothing I'm talking to you now live in the garden

and it costs you nothing what does it cost me well it costs me my

time hello hello Orange have a nice day mr. Duncan thank you very much nor prade

asks mr. Duncan can you show your studio and your computer

well I can't show it at the moment because I'm outside in the freezing cold

but yes it's a good idea maybe one day I have done it before

I have actually given a tour of my studio before so yes I will do that yes

that's a good idea I do have a computer a very nice computer that allows all of

this to happen in fact the live stream that you are watching now is going

through the computer that is in the studio so all of this is connected to

very long cables that go all the way to my computer it takes a very long time to

actually set this up it might look simple I'm just standing here in front

of a camera but it takes a long time to set this up all of the wires and the

cables and the camera and the sound and then I have to have my monitor in front

of me so I can see the live chat it takes a long time to set all of this up

hello to a manís this is something I mentioned on Monday what is your view on

Hong Kong Hong Kong has a very interesting history up until 1997 the UK

was well it was part of the UK was actually a place that was being taken

care of by the UK and then in 1997 as agreed in the past this was an agreement

that was made in 1997 he was handed back to China however there was a rule that

said that they could still have a to nation agreement so Hong Kong could

carry on as they are as they were but over the last two or three years things

have changed there politically and also China has has

started to exert its authority over Hong Kong more and more and if you were

watching the news a few days ago you will know that Hong Kong now is being

ruled completely by the Chinese government there are many laws that have

come into place that have been arranged by the Chinese government it's not a

good situation I would imagine if you are living in Hong Kong at the moment

and you are a person who likes to express their opinions you like to have

your freedom of speech you might not be feeling very happy I think so hello Amy

Rowley hello my name is Amy Rowley and I am 14 I have a question how can I

improve my English and talk fast well again I know I keep repeating myself but

again it's the same thing you have to do it regularly you have to do it every day

as I always say try to learn new words every day every day

listening is a skill learning new words is something you must do so listening

will allow you to learn the words reading as well is a pretty good skill

so if you read if you listen you learn new words and then once you have enough

words in your brain you can use English to speak with so these things take time

you can't rush any of these things they all take time be patient but yes

repeating is a very good way of improving your spoken English so you

listen to something and then you repeat but one of the mistakes many people make

is they believe that if you speak quickly it is better but it isn't if you

speak too fast then people can't understand what you're saying and then

it's a waste of time for that is it

hello mr. Duncan Thank You Serena I love your garden thank you very much it is

looking very green at the moment the reason why it looks so green is because

we've had so much rain a lot of rain the quality of your sound is amazing

especially bearing in mind that you are outside well as I've mentioned before I

use a lot of professional equipment so the camera you are looking through at

the moment is a professional camera so this is something that is very high-end

it is professional the microphone is also professional so that then goes into

my studio and then the sound is processed through another piece of

equipment so there is a lot of technology involved in making this

appear on your screens for the vision and also the sound as well so you are

right yeah I do use professional equipment so that

is why when you listen to my voice it sounds very good that's the reason why I

would love to visit your place Thank You RAM that's very kind of you to say to an

you win hello to a new in CERN why don't you recognize me well I'm

saying hello to you now to an new in Sun hello to you welcome I have a feeling

that you are in Vietnam I think so some very nice comments coming through today

what's your relation with challenging questions

won't you be offended to be honest you are not offended if so occasionally I

ask some of them if you don't mind Syed well I I think I mentioned this

again on Monday I talked about freedom of speech and and my opinion is quite

simple if you have freedom you have freedom of speech that is it there is no

question about it however you have to be careful what you speak about or talk

about especially when you are using this

I'm on YouTube you see so I'm actually in someone else's house

it's a little bit like going to another person's house there are certain things

you won't do or say when you are in another person's house so that's what I

feel like sometimes I feel like I'm in someone else's house so you have to be

careful what you say but from my own point of view well in fact I have talked

about many difficult subjects in the past so I don't I don't censor myself I

don't want to to be honest I really don't want to

so freedom to me is freedom there should never be any alteration or restrictions

on freedom if you say something for example if you hate the government you

should be able to say it if you hate people who do bad things or create

problems or cause death and destruction you should be able to say it you should

that is what freedom of speech means the problem comes when one group of people

don't like what another group of people are saying and then that group want that

group to be silenced well that is not freedom of speech because then whom who

decides who decides what you can say I know I said this on Monday but who

decides what you can and cannot say from my own point of view I don't think

anyone should have that right to take away another person's right to speak so

that is that is it yes Sayid I love you and I don't like to annoy you you don't

annoy me no one annoys me the only thing I'm

annoyed by generally in life is unfairness when people are unfair to

other people so there is unfairness or inequality and that can be that can be

anything so to me inequality is anything anything where a situation is unfair


learning English by speaking English could I have the honor of speaking to

you live well you're you're talking to me now even though you are using your

keyboard but I think maybe you mean face to face on the Internet

it depends why why Anna Rita I've been following you for many years I

know Anna Rita you are one of my early followers on my live streams as well

I do remember by the way next Wednesday I am going to play the whole of my first

ever live stream next Wednesday from 2:00 p.m. so make sure you are you

are here next Wednesday because I will be playing the whole of my first ever

live stream also I will be with you live on the chat so we will all sit together

and we will watch my first ever live stream but also I will have the live

chat running so we can actually talk to each other

whilst the video is playing I hope I made that clear I hope so

can you take off your cap why why do you want me to take off my cap are you

trying to force me to do something because you think I might be embarrassed

by it is that why well the answer is no do

English men follow the rules of the right English in their everyday lives

and situations no tomorrow you will be amazed how many people who speak English

as their first language they actually make many mistakes every

day or maybe they have a certain way of speaking so no no one speaks English

perfectly even me even I make mistakes sometimes as I'm speaking because

speaking is spawn Dainius so many people make mistakes

when they are talking they do so that's what they do they make mistakes so in

everyday life in everyday situations in everyday moments people use English but

they don't always use it perfectly trust me there is no such thing as a perfect

English speaker there isn't we all make grammatical errors when

we're speaking because we're doing it spontaneously I do you do they do even

even the guy that lives over there he does see everyone does no one speaks

English perfectly they don't hello ninja assasin nice to see you here are you a

religious man well I've talked about this before I know I'm not I'm not a

religious person hello Zahra no pain no gain sometimes in life

you have to suffer a little bit you have to work maybe you have to work for a

very long time if you are learning something it takes time you have to

sometimes push yourself sometimes you have to push yourself much further then

you are comfortable with no pain no gain

Anna it will be funny because we will be able to share opinions about your first

live stream thank you Anna so that is next Wednesday next Wednesday

I am playing the whole of my first live stream and I look so nervous and scared

and worried I really do but I will also be with you on the live chat as well

whilst if it's playing so we can all do it together

Mikell I am not perfect in French at all yet I am French this is it this is what

I said earlier people worry too much about making small mistakes when they

are speaking English everyone makes mistakes no one speaks any language

perfectly especially when you are doing it spontaneously

that's one of the reasons why writing there is a lot of pressure on writers to

do it properly so if you are writing something formally and yes you your

English has to be good because when you write you are sitting you are sitting

still you are concentrating so writing often has more scrutiny people look

closer when you write something down but when you are speaking people don't

bother people just listen to what is happening they listen to what you are

saying they're not there checking your grammar they're not listening to your

grammar they don't care about your grammar they just want to listen to your

conversation they want to listen to what you're saying have you ever noticed that

people ask you a lot about your life and we can know a lot about you asks

Belarusian well I do get a lot of questions not only here but also on my

email address as well through my email many people ask about my beliefs they

ask if I'm religious some people try to convert me to their religion I get a lot

of those mr. Duncan I have something to tell you something very important that's

normally how the email will begin and then afterwards they say mr. Duncan I

think you have to convert you have to start believing and then they will talk

about their religion

do you have a favorite proverb that's interesting that's a good one a favorite

proverb there are quite a few to be honest he who hesitates is lost

I like that one he who hesitates is lost it means sometimes if you take too long

to make a decision you might lose the opportunity if you take too long to

decide you might lose your opportunity he who hesitates is lost I like that one

once bitten twice shy that's another one I like that one once bitten twice shy

when you do something and you make a mistake or something bad happens quite

often you will avoid making the same mistake again once bitten twice shy

ninja hello ninja Ninja is very interested in my life I don't know why

and quite a boring person early are you married I'm not married no not yet

anyway you are a lucky you are lucky because you are a patient person thank

you marietta well I suppose in life sometimes it is good to be patient so

there is another proverb patience is a virtue a lot of people see patients as

being a good thing you don't lose your temper too quickly you listen to what

people say even if sometimes they say things that are rude or upsetting

Kim Dogen says English is like a bottomless well as I learn I realize how

many things I did not know yes I believe the same thing English is a good way of

opening doors you can expand your horizons you can learn new things so yes

this is one of the things I love about English because it's spoken in so many

places it is also a good chance for people to share their experiences so you

can share your experiences with me but also I can share mine with you so it is

like it is like a two-way street we are sharing things with each other and we

are using English as the medium it is the way of communicating so English is

there it is the thing we are using to communicate has anyone ever asked about

your address asks TS

all the time all the time everyone wants to know where I live I don't know why

are you going to come round and knock on my door and have a cup of tea with me so

yes yes I am sometimes asked about my address the other question I get a lot

is are you married are you married which of course is the question we had a few

moments ago I was asked but yes are you married are you married I don't know why

that's so important as a question or interesting I don't know why it's even

interesting you don't have to get married especially in this country you

will be amazed how many people now do not get married they wait they wait for

a long time it is a little bit like having children more and more people now

more and more couples are deciding not to have children

so this is a thing that has happened over the past maybe 10 or 15 years more

and more young people have made the decision not to have any children at all

why do you wear a hat why not is my answer to that why not why do I wear a

shirt why do I wear underpants why do I wear socks my hat is something that I

wear because I like wearing it parisa hello friends please like mr. Duncan's

videos to support his work yes give me a thumbs up yeah give me a lovely thumbs

up you could also share my videos as well um is there a difference between

the way you speak and the way you speak to your friends no this is how I speak

to everyone this morning we had the carpenter in the kitchen he was

repairing the floor because we had a big hole in our floor

Phil Phillip Phillip the carpenter and I was talking to him but I wasn't talking

any differently this is how I talk to everyone when I talked to my neighbors

when I talked to mr. Steve and when I talk to you this is how I speak I don't

change my voice at all this is how I speak how can I differentiate between

silent and silence well something that is silent cannot be heard silence is the

state of no sound so there is a difference silence is the state

of having no sound something that is silent produces no sound or produces no

noise so a silent thing produces no sound or noise silence is the state of

being quiet there is no sound it is silent there is silence we seem to have

the impression we seem to have the impression that you speak slowly because

of us no this is how I speak normally I can't speak any other way unfortunately

yes silence it is quiet it is quiet there is

silence nice for hard says I have got it thank you very much you are welcome no

problem Mary oh that's interesting we are talking about movies

I have an interest in movies as you probably know I do like strange sound

I do enjoy watching movies I have an interest in certain types of movies I

like directors I do like Tim Burton I like Tim Burton because his films are

often very quirky they have a quirky unusual sometimes surreal nature so I do

like Tim Burton one of his first ever films by the way one of the first films

that Tim Burton directed was pee-wee's big adventure I'm not joking

kes cats yeah Katia hey mr. Lincoln since your first video

my herb is English and I'm still not fluent ten years of marriage and I'm

Brazilian my husband speaks Portuguese very well I

feel frustrated well perhaps your life is very busy one of the things about

learning when you are older is sometimes you have lots of other things to do in

your life and I would agree that sometimes if you

have a lot of things happening in your life if you have a busy life as you get

older it becomes harder to learn because you have to do things if you are married

then maybe you have to look after your husband or your wife or maybe you have a

family maybe you have children maybe you have a career maybe you have to take

care of all of these things so I think learning as you get older is hard I'm

not going to pretend it is hard so that might be the reason so my advice there

would be to make time try to make sure you have some spare time if there is

something you are interested in something you want to learn something

you want to improve your knowledge of you have to find some

time you have to find the time what does England mean oh that's going

back a long way well we the the anglo-saxons and those

who originally lived here by the way Great Britain used to be completely

forested did you know that I think around maybe two or three hundred years

ago or maybe a thousand years ago I think actually it's about a thousand

years ago if you went right back in time a

thousand years all of this would be trees all trees everything everything

the whole of this country was covered with trees now not so many trees

unfortunately not so many I have learned a lot with you especially from your

natural style of speaking it is so clear and slow thank you very much I hope I

hope it is helpful I try my best to help you

sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't sometimes I don't but yes over the

years this this big mossy rock in the North Sea has been invaded by many

people we had the Romans the Romans came here they gave us straight roads that's

one of the things that the Romans did for us they gave us straight roads and

bathtubs that doesn't sound right but not high speed internet the Romans did

not give us high speed internet we had to wait quite a while for that to come

along quite a while

well the live chat is going by so quickly today

mn says it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood oh I know what you're

referring to yes mr. Rogers mr. Rogers was a very well-known TV presenter he

used to do shows for children I believe in the 1960s and I think also the 1970s

in fact I think he was still making those programs right into the 1980s I'm

sure but a lot of years many years mr. Rogers was was present on television a

very friendly man he would often talk about difficult subjects as well one of

the hardest things to do is talk about difficult subjects with young people

maybe you want to talk about life death and everything in between but talking to

a young person about those subjects can be very difficult I think so in fact

sometimes talking about those subjects to anyone can also be difficult as well

sheriff hello sheriff DJ does brexit has brexit being secured not yet it's

happening at the end of this year but at the moment we don't know what the

outcome will be we are going to leave Europe that has been decided but we

don't know what the details are the fine details the negotiations have not taken

place yet so it we might actually leave the

European Union with no deal so nothing will be arranged there will

be no negotiations and thing arranged which I think might be

the worst situation a terrible situation Sayyed says I have fallen in love with

your garden what can I do I'm not sure maybe you can take a photograph maybe

you can take a screenshot if I move out the way if I move over you can actually

take a screenshot of the garden is that okay okay I will do that just for you so

I'm moving over here and now you are free to take a screenshot of the garden

just a moment ready now

did you get it have you got your screenshot so now every morning when you

wake up you can you can look at the garden that that's all I can do I'm

afraid unless you want to come here and you can stand in the garden and enjoy

all of the soggy wet weather that we're having at the moment is it is supposed

to be summer right now it is supposed to be summer unfortunately we are not

having much sunshine at the moment

brexit is only for the economic interest of rich people that might be a good way

of looking at it yes but it depends really on what your I suppose what your

political point of view is as well some people want to stay as one union some

people want to leave they want Britain to be independent from the European

Union it is something that is been going on now for four years

can you believe it when I came here in 2014 I was a beginner I have learnt a

lot with mr. Duncan but my problem is that I still can't think in English I

hope I will be able to climb that hill I think so I think so thinking it is

something that you've been doing for all of your life and when you learn a

language as a child that normally takes up a lot of space in your mind because

when you start using a language you are not just speaking it you are thinking it

it becomes wired into your brain so it is hard when you come to learn a second

language when you learn a second language you have to then put that

language into your brain as well but then you have two languages inside your

head so the hardest part is to somehow integrate those two things so when you

want to use English you can use it and when you want to use your own language

you can use that as well and sometimes you have to use them at the same time

like this just so they are working together that is the hardest part and it

is not unusual it is not unusual

tomorrow yes the history of Great Britain is so long and rich in many

interesting events but it is also difficult to memorize many dynasties I

believe you know the history very well yes it is hard to sum up this country

and this is really quite a quite a new country when you think about it when you

look at places like I I suppose China is a good example you have 5000 years of

history it's a very long time so I think Chinese history it's not an easy thing

to learn but I suppose relatively speaking the

history in this country is actually quite short even though we are still

talking over a thousand years a thousand years of history what that is the

difficulty of speaking or or thinking in English yes thinking in a language other

than your own is a little bit like running an operating system in your

computer that doesn't belong there so I suppose that's one way of looking at it

I think so that is one way of looking at it

there is a there is a magpie behind me can you hear the magpie there is a

magpie I don't know about you but I don't like Magpies they are quite rude

birds I am new on your channel you speak

English very softly and clearly thank you Nissa Nissa alam you are welcome why

do we abbreviate why do we abbreviate monday Thursday Friday and Saturday well

you can also abbreviate Saturday and Sunday as well in fact you can

abbreviate every day of the week so Monday I will write it down so you can

see it so Monday that is how we abbreviate it it is an abbreviation even

Tuesday so quite often we will abbreviate Tuesday like this so that is

the abbreviation when you write it down when you write it down you normally

shortened the word and then we have Wednesday well Wednesday looks like that

that's what Wednesday looks like Wednesday w/e d

there is a magpie making lots of noise behind me Thursday when we abbreviate

Thursday quite often we will we will abbreviate it like that you see and then

Friday Friday is easy that is how we abbreviate Friday Saturday quite often

like this and of course sunday is easy it is like the Sun so that's how we

abbreviate the days of the week that's how we do it I must admit it's very

useful that I can actually write things on the screen now I do like that mr.

Duncan when you were a student what was your your favourite subject

can you guess

I'm pie excuse me excuse me mr. magpie

that is such a noisy magpie what about the pheasant asks Mavi I haven't seen

the pheasant for a very long time and the reason is because it is the breeding

season so now the pheasants have all gone back into the forests and into the

woods because now they are having their chicks

so normally during July and August you will find lots of pheasants will now be

raising their young so that is the reason why we haven't seen the pheasants

for a long time because now they are busy raising their babies hmm

a narita has to go thank you a Laurita I will see you later Anna catch you later

I will be back tomorrow of course I'm here tomorrow with my normal English

addict live stream tomorrow I will be with you tomorrow thanks for your

company today by the way I've really enjoyed this

I've really enjoyed today's live stream I hope you have as well sometimes I

worry you see I am a person who thinks about things sometimes I think too much

sometimes I think too little but sometimes I do worry that maybe my

lessons are boring or maybe my live streams are not interesting I try my

best that's all I do that's all I do I try my best

Alessandra says Magpies steal shiny things you are right Magpies are very

attracted to things that are shiny they like flying down and looking at things

that are shiny you are right there is a there is a piece of classical music

called the thieving magpie have you ever heard of it the thieving

magpie it is a piece of classical music

to an new in says I will stay with you a little bit longer okay no problem

wherever you are in the world whatever you are doing you can watch my live

streams and I hope they will be useful to you don't forget give me a thumbs up

if you like what you see give me a lovely thumb and then YouTube will send

something nice to me maybe they will send me a packet of ladyfingers because

I've I've almost eaten all of my ladyfingers receive so this is what I

was doing this morning because because we had Phil Philip the carpenter he was

repair repairing the floor in the kitchen I couldn't have any breakfast so

I haven't had anything to eat so instead I had to have these ladyfingers instead

so that was my breakfast today it looks like something you would eat on a

spacecraft maybe if you went to Mars this would be the food that you would

have to eat whilst living on Mars maybe I don't know Oh flower is here hello

flower Espoir thank you for joining me that is very nice magpie means cargo

cargo in Turkish so in Turkish the magpie is pronounced carga that almost

sounds like the sound that they make

ladyfingers are very delicious you are right sometimes I like to put two or

maybe three ladyfingers in my mouth at the same time

that sounds wrong I don't know why yes I love ladyfingers when you put it in

water I'm not sure about water I like to put ladyfingers in jelly did you see

last week yes you have never bothered us that is my impression Thank You Marietta

that's very kind of you to say how long have I been on for my goodness I have

been on for one hour and 40 minutes I can't believe it I've been on for one

hour 40 minutes it doesn't seem like it does it the time goes by very quickly

doesn't it I think so thank you a murali for your big thumb

thank you very much that's very kind of you

Marietta says those ladyfingers can also be used to make tiramisu oh yes tiramisu

you are right and sometimes when people make tiramisu they put they put I think

it's is it sherry I think it might be sherry people put sherry into their into

their tiramisu that's probably the reason why I don't like it I don't like

sherry you see I don't like the taste of sherry and I don't like the taste of

whiskey tastes really horrible so I'm not keen on things like whiskey or

sherry I don't like to drink those to be honest

lemon ear hello lemon ear nice to see you here

nice hat you have put on thank you very much this is my hat it covers my head

and it keeps my brain nice and warm hi mr. Duncan and everybody nice to

catch a little bit of today's livestream Helena hello - Helena thank you for

joining me today thank you also to Guadalupe who says I love your talking

thank you very much I'm glad to hear that

ah-ha-ah-ha Moretti says hello friends hello Asha nice to see you here welcome

to my live stream in the garden I will be with you for around another 15

minutes you have 15 minutes and then I'm going in the house to have a cup of tea

oh I see tiramisu the real tiramisu is made with

coffee oh I see I've never really tried things like that I don't like things

that have a very strong flavor I do like sweet things but I normally

don't eat eat cakes especially if they have coffee coffee flavor it's strange

isn't it it's not weird I don't I like drinking coffee but I don't like to eat

things that taste like coffee is that weird sound a weird thing I don't know

but I like coffee I can drink a cup of coffee very nice but if I have a cake in

front of me that smells like coffee I don't like it I can't eat it mr. Duncan

do you often speak in formal words or formal words in everyday life I am

confused by that well normally I just speak informally everything I'm talking

about today is informal most of what I've said that the way I say it is

informal so the way I speak to you now is the way I speak to anyone who I meet

in my life so this is nothing special this is just

the way I speak normally every day every day in my life

this is how I sound you are very welcome no problem Amir Ali says mr. Duncan I'm

so sorry I need to go now that's all right if you have something to do

something important don't let me stop you and you can catch this later on you

can watch this again if you've missed it you can watch it again Mika says I like

coffee flavored ice cream I don't I don't like coffee flavor it's strange I

can have a cup of coffee very nice coffee cake yeah I don't like

very strange mr. Duncan if you could be something for a while right now what

would you be Lemonier if I could be someone for a while or if if you could

be something for a while I would like to be a bird if I could be anything for a

short time I would like to be a bird I want to know what it feels like to be

able to flap your wings and fly I wonder what it feels like it must be amazing so

yes if I could be anything and I think I would like to be a bird I would like to

know what it feels like to be flying high flapping your wings hovering

swooping down I would like to be a bird but only for a short time because to be

honest with you I quite like having my hands one of the problems with being a

bird is you have no hands you see you have just wings and it's very hard to

hold things if you are a bird you have claws you have feet but but they are

that they don't have many uses you can hold things and you can stand upright

but you can't do anything else so yes I think wings wings they are great for

flying with but not good for anything else see so that is the reason why I

like to be a human being because I have my hands I can use my hands I can

control my equipment like that Ivan is going now mr. Duncan I am from Saudi

Arabia you are older than the past I was watching you for about Oh 10 years ago

yes I am older it's true ten years is a long time in the human life so yes I

have changed a lot over ten years you are right mr. Duncan you know I thought

you would answer like that oh I see

can any Italian person tell me if amaretto the spirit is what you use when

making tiramisu or tiramisu I would be so grateful amaretto mr. Steve knows all

about amaretto so can you use amaretto when you are making tiramisu asks

Marietta ok we will see we might get an answer within the next 10 minutes I hope

so or of course you can just leave the

answer in the comment section below as well very nice

Belarusian the birds can grab things with its beak hmm but it's it's still

very restrictive it's still very restrictive I I must admit I do like

having hands I like to reach out I like to pick things up I like to hold my

ladyfingers in my in my hand maybe I can have a lady finger in both hands like


what's up mr. Duncan what's up what's up mr. Duncan nice to see you thank you hi

Lee Kwang nice to see you here as well I've been standing here in the freezing

cold in the garden for one hour and 50 minutes I will be going in around 10

minutes 10 years well in fact I've been doing this for nearly 14 years 14 years

ago I looked very different I looked younger maybe slimmer maybe

more handsome mr. Duncan could you tell me where you learned how to smile that

nicely where did I learn how to smile I don't know I don't know how I I learned

to smile maybe I was just a very happy child maybe sometimes I would smile at

the Sun or maybe it's a little fluffy cloud as it sailed by I would look up

and go now its smile many things make me smile when I see the birds in the garden

they always make me smile I can't resist when I see the birds I smile when I see

the cows at the back of the house I smile when I wake over my eyes in the

morning and I realize that I have another day another day to live another

day of life to experience I smile I have a smile on my face every morning because

I get to do this all over again I have another day to live and enjoy myself

I like the lesson you made when you were smelling the flowers

yes I think that was that was one of my full English lessons

full English number one I think so parisa says mr. Duncan you are so much

more mature I'm not sure about that you are more mature than you were 14 years

ago 14 years have you ever done anything for 14 years 14 years I feel so old

suddenly we don't put any look you're in tiramisu says marry so apparently you

don't put any liquor liqueur or alcohol interesting tiramisu I'm sure in the

past I've had tiramisu and it's had I think it's had whiskey not whiskey

sherry sherry that's it sherry or brandy I'm sure that's one of

the reasons why I don't like it you see one of the reasons why I don't like it -

an you win says I have to go now see you later - an you in catch you later

I am back tomorrow by the way I will be with you with my normal live stream

English addict tomorrow Friday 2 p.m. UK time is when

I'm on next just another five minutes and then I'm going I'm going in the

house because I'm going to have a cup of tea

alessandra Oh the cows are coming by the way hello

the cows are going by looking at me

they're coming over to the fence hello oh I wish I could show you the cows

hello they've actually come over to the fence to say hello they're watching like

this this is what the cows are doing at the moment they're watching me

hello cows I'm sorry I can't come over to say hello because I'm busy you see

I'm busy here doing this unfortunately the cows lovely you see

they make me smile I can't resist smiling when I see the Carol's going

there oh yes they're going they know you see they know I'm busy so they don't

want to disturb me bye cows see you later maybe we will say

hello to each other later they've gone now the cows have gone thank you very

much for your company today and I will be going soon as well four minutes four

minutes left the clock is ticking hello Helena yes I am from the beginning to

the finish I am amazed actually that there is anyone who has been watching me

for 14 years I find that incredible

thank you for your hard work greetings from Poland I will be back tomorrow

2 p.m. UK time we have tomorrow we have some unusual English words and I will

show them to you and explain them as well we also have it's Friday you know

what happens on Friday Mary I like to have tea with some heavy cream yes I

suppose you can have cream in your tea a lot of people like to have cream in

their coffee because it makes it very creamy and very thick so yes me too by

the way I love having cream in my coffee it makes it very nice see you tomorrow

thank you very much for your company it's been interesting I hope you've

enjoyed this I hope it hasn't been too dull or boring there are captions and

later on you can watch this again and there will be captions as well you can

click on the caption button and you will have them hi Lee Kwang says I've been

watching your videos for almost 1 year from August 2019 I went from zero to six

in my IELTS very good excellent excellent Thank You Beatriz thank you

for your company yes I am going parting is such sweet sorrow so I shall say good

bye till it be morrow which is Friday by the way Friday the end of the week

tomorrow yes are you doing anything special this weekend

do you have something nice planned for this weekend I was hoping to go out for

a lovely walk but unfortunately this weekend it's going to rain sadly so

I hope you have a good time enjoy the rest of your Thursday whatever it is you

are doing enjoy it smile you are very faithful

although you have so much work to do it's school says Helena to Palmyra

that's very kind yes I really do appreciate it when you join my live

streams I appreciate it so much don't forget as well to give me a like give me

a lovely thumb and also if you want to make a donation you can underneath

everything I do is free there is a link underneath this video in the description

and also if you want to subscribe you can you can subscribe and then you will

never miss any of my lessons whether they are recorded or live that is it we

are now one minute away from 4 o'clock it is time to go it is time to say

farewell adieu to you oh I have a planned trip abroad on Saturday Palmyra

is going abroad on Saturday wow you are very lucky to do that you are very lucky

to be able to travel abroad I think so I actually feel a little bit jealous

there because you can do that thank you Mary

thank you tomorrow thank you Mikkel Thank You Eleanor Thank You Alessandra

as well

fatty Zito says you should come to Marrakech it is very hot

I would imagine that it is I'm hungry by the way I'm going into the

house now that's it it is the end of today's livestream I'm hungry I'm going

to have a bite to eat and a cup of tea and I suppose mr. Steve upstairs in his

office will want a cup of tea as well see you tomorrow

I hope you've enjoyed this something different I hope it's been interesting I

hope you have enjoyed all of it see you tomorrow

take care thank you very much I hope you have a good day enjoy the rest of your

Thursday Thank You Luis Thank You Bella rusia thank you tomorrow see you


Berlin for you thank you as well catch you later this is for the last

time mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching see you tomorrow

2 p.m. UK time it is English addict tomorrow live on YouTube

and of course you know what's coming next

can you see I'm waving are you waving as well can you wave as well do you mind

giving me a wave that's better

ta ta for now 8-)