I want you to know that the fear of being

alone and having no purpose in your life

is one of the most the most disabling

things that you will ever experence in your life

And you need to know the answer of two questions

Who are you?

And what do you want?

For me I realized as a kid, yea there was

a choice I had to make

Either believe what the world said

And only believe that broken pieces are ahead for me

Or believe that God loves me

It was hard

Because when God says in the bible I have a plan

for you. I'm thinking


And I prayed for arms and legs

What do you want

I wanted arms and legs, it's not that

difficult to believe

The God of the bible says he has

a plan for you, do you see this timeline

I'm 8 years old going forwards

into the future

No idea what was ahead

The bible says he has a plan

We don't see the plan

So it's kind of foolish to believe something that you can't see

But faith helps you to do that

Faith is exactly that and

faith comes when you hear

the word of God

When I heard the word of God

I still didn't understand his love

His plan, so I prayed

for a blueprint of his plan

And he didn't come back to me on that request

And when you don't hear from God

You then start to conclude what you believe

From then on do you decide

to keep on believing

and waiting to see what happens

and trust Him

Or do we conclude to do this

There is no God

I'm alone, there is no hope, there is

no purpose. I'm getting bullied for the rest of my life and never

getting married, never going to have kids, never going to be happy

Man was I wrong or what

At age 10 I tried to end my life but I'm still here

All I could see where broken pieces and I had no idea

That there would ever be hope for someone truly disabled

Emotionally, mentally


Physically. The whole thing

I mean on every check box

I wasen't myself sometimes. I was so angry

Angry at my life

And I want you to know in your life there will be times

Where you will feel like you'll be on the edge

But when you look at the word disabled


When you turn your back on the lies like this

And you come to the truth

The truth will set you free

Do I look disabled to you today

No, when you put a g-o

Go. Walk by faith and

not by sight. And you put a g-o

in front of the word disabled. It spells

God is able

to do what

Ephesians 3:20

Exceedingly, abundantly more

Then you could ever ask

Imagine or retain

What does that mean

It actually means that God has a

good plan, He never with holds

any good gifts

I was 15 years old

and I read John chapter 9

A man was born blind

And no one knew why

Jesus was asked by everyone

Why was this man born blind

My doctors don't know why I was born this way

My parents don't know why I was born this way

And I want you to know that we don't have

any answers

For my bith defect

Jesus said this blind man was born

this way, because

God's works are going to be revealed

through Him

Jesus spits on the dirt, puts mud

on the face of the blind man

And there is no record of the blind

man saying anything, flinching

asking anything

moving backward


Jesus performs His miracle

as he is still

I realized Jesus did not

sit the blind man down and say, Mr. blindman

My name is JC, I'm the healer

I'm about to spit in the dirt and give you a facial

and after we wipe the mud off your face

your going to see. He didn't do that

God doesen't need to tell me his plan

I just need to be still

and believe he has a plan

that's when you walk by faith

Why would you need faith

if God told you everything

If I was age 8 and I prayed

for arms and legs and God instead told me everything

He was going to do until the age of 33

You have to be kidding me

I would die of shock

Writing books

55 languages

If God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet

then who can God not use

He loves you and he can do anything with your broken pieces