oh hi everybody hello there nice to see you here today

fancy seeing you in my garden how long have you been here for how long have you

been waiting in the garden not long I hope yes I am slightly later than normal

it is half past two well in fact to be honest it's twenty five to three

but don't tell anyone about that please it is keeping the secret ok here we go

then I'm slightly out of breath but don't worry about it

here we are live on Monday in the garden thank you very much for joining me again

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's very strange live stream did

you see it I don't know what was going on but some very strange things were

happening yesterday on the livestream a lot of noise a lot of disruption also

mr. Steve disappeared yesterday as well we couldn't find him for ages we didn't

know where mr. Steve had gone to fortunately he did eventually arrive but

if you haven't seen yesterday's live stream you must watch it there were some

very interesting moments some funny moments some not so funny moments lots

of things going on yesterday I hope you are feeling good today yes I'm outside

we have another nice day of weather I can't believe it it actually feels as if

summer has finally arrived I'm feeling rather summery today I'm wearing my

summer t-shirt I've got my summer hat I'm wearing my summer glasses well ok

maybe not and I have my little summer bird as well hello say hello

that's nice I hope you're feeling good it's Monday I know a lot that was my

water a lot of people don't like Mondays I don't like Mondays to be honest

sometimes mondays can be horrible sometimes mondays can be the worst day

of the week I think so what about you do you ever look forward to Monday or is

Monday always the day when you feel oh

I'm thirsty today so is Monday always a day when you feel a little down and

apparently a lot of people do on Monday they always feel a little down maybe

depressed maybe unhappy perhaps something over the weekend has happened

that has made you feel unhappy who knows who knows wow so many people are already

here on the livestream can I say thank you very much for joining me first of

all it's lovely to see you here again oh also hello to sunshine I have to be

honest I think your name is very suitable for today because we have some

sunshine the sun is shining down on England for those wondering where I am

yes I am in England that's where I'm talking to you from at the moment in the

garden in my little garden in Much Wenlock in England

hello also Mary Luis Mendez is here as well nice to see you back Louis also

Vitesse Kate Gann hello Kate Gann mr. Duncan your green screen is looking very

vibrant today this is not a green screen this is real look watch see this is a

real tree I'm standing next to so this this isn't green screen

this is real I'm really here now talking to you live on YouTube I'm here in the

garden right now and I hope you're having a good Monday

hello also to Hiroko nice to see you here is well on this sunny Monday it's

sunny in the garden and it is Monday so that makes lots of sense when you think

about it also we have Donna grace chin Thank You grace for gracing today's live

chat you see what I did there did you see what I did so if you grace

something it means you appear you appear somewhere you grace the stage you grace

the party you grace everyone with your presence

very nice we also have oh hello lolli lolli a big Bonjour to France you might

see the Sun coming through the tree I'm standing underneath my lovely old apple

tree today so that's where I am at the moment in the garden via the apple tree

getting a little bit of shade from the Sun however you might notice the

sunlight is coming through and shining on me as well I hope the sun is shining

on you wherever you are in the world hello also Marcia also saw hello Zhou

Zhou is May love nice to see you here as well

you might notice we have a lot of clouds today as well so the cloud is slowly

going over we have a gentle breeze it doesn't feel too cold however it's still

not it doesn't feel like summer it doesn't feel like summer I have to be

honest with you hello Osman mr. Duncan it's been ages since

lest joined you it's been ages when we say it's been ages it's been a long time

it's been ages since I joined you on the live chat well you are here now and that

is all it matters hello osman muhammed nice to see you today as well weather

loop hello guadalupe nice to see you on the live chat also very good

- a new in sun says hello Duncan hello nice to see you here I hope you're

having a good day did you have a good weekend

how was the weekend come on tell me about your weekend I want to know what

happened how are things in your country are things returning to normal are you

now having normal life where you are here in the UK well it really depends on

where you live in the UK because some people who live in Scotland for example

in Scotland they have different rules for the lockdown in Wales they also have

their own rules and here in England we have our rules and it looks as if

everything is going to be relaxed over the next couple of weeks will it change

anything there I'm not sure at the moment it's too early to say what is

going to happen next I've noticed one thing on television a lot of people are

now advertising holidays many holiday companies already have put their adverts

their advertisements on television trying to get us all to book our

holidays again hello also angel girl hello welcome back angel girl now if I

remember rightly if I'm correct I think you joined us last week for the first

time so I'm very pleased to see that you've returned for more of for more of

this whatever this is hello also

to Paulo mr. Duncan you are amazing thank you very much for your videos you

are welcome thank you it's very kind of you

Manus Manus says mr. Steve stole the show yesterday I think you're right

first of all he didn't appear I was waiting for nearly seven minutes for mr.

Steve to appear yesterday and he didn't and then when he arrived he had some

some cockamamie excuse cockamamie that's a word I showed you last week the word

cockamamie means ridiculous absurd something that can't be believed a

cockamamie story but mr. Steve was here we were in a very strange mood yesterday

I was in a strange mood we said some things that we probably shouldn't have

said mr. Steve got very carried away with himself as he normally does how do

you know mr. Steve is he your colleague college friend says chard I've known mr.

Steve for many years about well nearly 31 years I've known mr. Steve so we've

known each other since the 1980s I know you I know what you're going to say mr.

Duncan we don't remember the 1980s because we're very young oh good for you

well I do I remember the 1980s and yes that's how long I've known Steve for

many years and yes mr. Steve normally joins on Sunday not today we won't see

Steve today because unfortunately he's in his office working busily on his

computer doing all sorts of things so no sadly no mr. Steve today and very sorry

about that oh hello flower Espoir by the way this

is free and easy today we are doing some extra live streams during July to

celebrate my four years of doing live streams so that's why I'm here today

normally I'm not here on Monday but today I am doing something a little

different hello Philippe we are in quarantine here

in Brazil I have heard some of the news some of the not so good news yet from

Brazil some countries are still having problems certain parts of England at the

moment are are having problems as well so everything is not over yet

as I said last week we are not out of the woods yet when you say you are not

out of the woods it means you are not out of danger there are still many

things that we have to sort out we have to solve many problems before we can say

that everything is normal I think it's going to be a very long time before

everything gets back to normal to be honest with you what is that behind you

asks Andy hello Andy and tau Andy that is behind me that is Howard it's called

a heron so the little bird behind me in the distance hello a bird just flew over

my head then I won't hurt you ammonia a youtuber talking about English don't

worry so yes that is a heron behind me the bird in the corner it's not real

this is not a real heron it is a plastic heron but some people

like to put them in their garden as decoration some people put them in the

garden because they want to scare other birds away hello

Alessandra once more there is an annoying noise yes but fortunately

fortunately today it's very far away so it's not so bad today

fortunately hello mr. Duncan how are you I can see a bird at the back of the

garden this is this a garden or a mini park no this is the garden this is where

I live and I couldn't resist coming outside to spend some time with you

under the apple tree I don't know what's happened this year but there are lots

and lots of apples on the apple tree a couple of years ago Steve wanted to chop

this tree down can you believe it he says no this tree has to go and I said

no you can't chop down the apple tree it's a lovely tree it's an old tree it's

been around for many years and this year it has actually produced many apples so

I feel very happy that I protested I feel very happy that I I tried to save

this apple trees life and I succeeded and the apple tree is now producing

fruit again so I think I deserve some sort of award for that to be honest I do

I I think I I think I deserve some sort of award for saving this apple trees

life maybe Greta thumb berg can come round and have the afternoon with me we

can have a cup of tea together and talk about the grass maybe Greta can have a

look at mr. Steve new grass she will say your grass is very nice and I will say

yes mr. Steve planted that grass himself he did it all by himself so I think mr.

Steve deserves an award and also hello Sherif DJ your garden is nice it is nice

today it's lovely outside even though I am

suffering very slightly with hayfever so I still

have hay fever however we are now coming towards the end of the hay fever season

for me so normally as we approach the end of July normally my hay fever eases

off slowly it gets better and better oh we have hello Mohsen

hello also - Beatriz what does cajole mean if you could Jol someone you might

encourage them maybe you say positive words to lift their spirits

you control cajole you try to lift a person's spirits many people said

yesterday your life stream really cajoled all of us we felt very uplifted

if you haven't seen yesterday's live stream what I suggest is you make a cup

of tea you get very comfortable and maybe you put your your tablet device in

front of you or your computer monitor or even better you can watch my live

streams on the television as well if you have YouTube built into your TV mm-hmm

so watch yesterday's live stream it was a very unusual day in the garden

for many reasons that's all I can say yes I had a good night's sleep last

night I had a lovely night sleep very comfortable very relaxed even though I

didn't go to bed till very late last night I went to bed about one o'clock in

the morning but this morning I felt great I opened the curtains the birds

were singing there was blue sky above the house and everything was quite nice

to be honest so I feel quite good today better than yesterday

can you please do some videos about IELTS Thank You Simona I I have actually

talked about the IELTS test in one of my video lessons I've done a video lesson

all about IELTS and the different types of tests I even talked about it on my

first ever live stream four years ago which you can watch on my live on my

English Channel mr. Duncan in England is Who I am

some people say English addict so you can always look for mr. Duncan or

English addict and then you will find all of my videos of course you can also

give me a lovely thumbs up and subscribe as well there are many ways of keeping

in touch Omar more machiavel oh hello Omar machiavel oh nice to see you here

what's the weather like is it great there the weather here is all right

actually I can't complain today there are some things I could complain about

but today I'm not going to I'm not going to I'm going to keep my mind clear to

Anu in says your apple tree the apple tree reminds me of Isaac Newton Sir

Isaac Newton who famously discovered apples did you know that he was sitting

on the grass under a tree and an apple fell on his head and he said oh what's

this what's this it's amazing I will call this an apple and that's it Sir

Isaac Newton discovered the Apple what no what do you mean no that's what

happened yes what do you mean it was Steve Jobs Steve

Jobs discovered Apple I don't know what you're on about that makes no sense

no I think mine's better my story is much better than that one

much better while he is studying he suddenly saw an Apple fall down yes

that's the story Sir Isaac Newton is there a statue anywhere of sir Sir Isaac

Newton I hope so hello what is the difference between up

two and up in well if you are up to something up to it can be something that

you are doing you are up to something so that is a phrase we often use when a

person is doing something in secret so they are doing something they are up to

something however we can also say that you have

reached a point or a certain point you are up to that point the water is up to

my shoulders the water is up to my neck the water is what you see up to up in

well up in refers to the location or position of something you are up in you

are up in the tree you are up above

Steve Jobs liked apples very much yes I think so

poor Steve Jobs I know a very tragic life he did so much in his short life

and of course a lot of people now have his inventions in their house maybe worn

maybe two maybe a dozen of his inventions I've got one here to be

honest I've got one of mr. Steve Jobs Apple's

right here hello - Oh Leena is here hello to you as well hello - Valentina

nice to see you is well very very nice to see so many people here today I am in

the garden and this is not one of my normal English lessons I will be back on

Wednesday with English addict number one 100 100 yes I'm not joking on Wednesday

it will be English addict episode 100 you see anyway I visited my father and

had lunch together today Thank You Mika for letting me know I hope you had a

nice day with your father you are very lucky to still be in touch with your

family not everyone is lucky you see not everyone has their family members around

them for many reasons perhaps they have passed away or you may have lost touch

you may have become estranged oh I like that word as strange

if you become estranged it means you become well strangers or distant so

maybe you are estranged from your family members perhaps you don't see one of

your parents at all so if you still see your parents if you are still in touch

with them you are lucky not everyone has that not

everyone has that luxury unfortunately hello - oh that's very nice

jatin can you please talk about prepositions once again I did a lesson

all about prepositions where we talk about prepositions we are talking about

the position of things or one thing in relation to another on top underneath

near alongside down you go down the road you go up the road we are talking about

position sometimes direction or the relationship between two objects it is

hello also Cristina again and oh very nice quite a few people now joining in

mr. Duncan I was listening to the sticky lesson and it it has been the best you

did a very good job mr. Duncan Thank You Francesca yes I was in the garden last

week doing a live stream and and very similar to this I was talking about lots

of different subjects and I have received some very interesting responses

to that particular lesson because I looked about many different subjects in

the garden I did I talked about many different subjects some of them things

that I don't normally talk about so yes last week I did I think it was an

interesting lesson as well because I wasn't really teaching English I was

just talking about many different subjects which I thought was interesting

hello Oh Marilla Darius here abdul halim hello to you as well

hello mr. Duncan do you live in the countryside what are the trees and fruit

and vegetables that grow there Thank You Abdul well right next to me I have my

little apple tree just behind me there is a cherry blossom tree so in the

distance there is a red tree you can see all of the red leaves

that is an apple blossom not apple blossom cherry blossom tree and over

there there is a conifer a conifer conifer a type of tree it grows in a

particular shape also this particular tree is evergreen so this tree never

sheds its leaves it never loses its foliage always it is there do you know

all about Sir Isaac Newton well I've already talked about him he discovered

the apples and also something called gravity as well

hello Francisco hello your lessons are always interesting and I'm not sure if

they are sometimes I think my lessons are not interesting I worry all the time

I do sometimes I lie awake in bed worrying thinking I think one day

everyone will just go away and leave me and I'll be talking to myself in the

garden mm-hmm the place looks very pretty where is it

all belén hello or belen or belén de los santos nice to see you here today

I'm in England this is England on a Monday afternoon it is now just after

three o'clock in the afternoon on a Monday so that's what I'm doing at the

moment in the garden talking to you live from England mmm it's true definitely

the place I live is much Wenlock a small town in the countryside so there aren't

many houses around here where I live because this is a rural community rural

community it is in the countryside and yes there

are many farms around here that grow wheat also rapeseed as well there are

many farms around here now that grow the I believe it's called agro fuel or types

of types of seed that can be used in many different ways in food and also for

fuel as well biofuel is what they often call it hello to Sandra hello mr. Duncan

I am seeing the lesson English in October from 2019 and I'm learning day

today thank you very much Sandra Gonzalez Sandra did you send a

donation are you the Sandra Gonzalez who sent a

donation two days ago is it you if it is thank you very much it's very kind of

you Thank You mr. Duncan did you watch 12

monkeys yesterday Nellie ha can I tell you something we

didn't watch 12 monkeys last night we didn't watch it we are planning to watch

it some sometime this week but we didn't have time yesterday because mr. Steve

was talking to his mother on the phone and then by the time he came downstairs

and we sat down it was getting late so instead we watched so some funny TV

comedies on television instead we watched Family Guy

I like Family Guy sometimes it's funny sometimes it's very rude mmm mr. Duncan

could you please do some videos about technical English technical English do

you mean certain subjects or certain fields for example I'm often asked about

business English so business English uses certain types of English words and

grammar but most mostly English words

mostly English words technical English medical English is another interesting

subject medical English if we are talking about medical issues or if you

want to be a doctor or a nurse you have to learn medical English mr. Duncan you

are looking sick are you okay am i okay of course I'm okay

everyone keeps saying that I look sick I don't know why I feel perfectly alright

I feel so fit at the moment I can't begin to tell you I am very fit and

healthy at the moment and getting lots of exercise I'm eating very well thank

you very much I'm getting plenty of sleep I feel great

the only problem recently has been a hay fever

hay fever but that doesn't really affect your health

so I'm healthy and I feel great so I'm okay I don't know why everyone thinks

I'm ill maybe it's the light in the garden perhaps but I am a right

definitely have you ever thought of growing vegetables in your garden for

example potatoes tomatoes and other things we have thought about it but in

this garden I think I mentioned this before unfortunately the soil the soil

in this garden is not very good for growing vegetables it is it is very hard

very it is like clay actually so all of the soil under under here is like clay

it's quite hard ground so no we don't grow vegetables with we thought about it

but to be honest with you if I was really honest with you I think it might

be too much hard work

and to be honest mr. Steve works very hard in the garden already I don't

really want to give him any more work to do

Valentina engaging interesting because they involve students in learning

engaging I like that word I think engaging if you engage someone it means

you are getting their attention and these days I'm sure you've noticed this

as well these days it's very hard to to encourage people to stay watching

because we are so impatient we like to flick and click all over the

Internet so we never like to stay in one place for too long mr. Duncan please you

should look for the reason of the hay fever you have to be you have to have a

blood test I've had hay fever since I was a child so this has been with me all

my life so I always suffered from from hay fever and allergies from certain

types of pollen in the air so it isn't anything that will affect my health but

it is something that I am sensitive to which is a different thing altogether so

hay fever does not damage your health but it just means that your body is

extra sensitive as you know sometimes I am a very sensitive person mm-hmm I was

very sensitive yesterday if you are watching yesterday's live stream you

will know what I mean hello mr. Duncan if a person can understand your speech

what about his level of English Terrace tell that Terrace flitter soar plato's

interesting question there are many ways of using my lessons you can listen you

can also have captions as well even now so as you are watching this right

now you can have captions all you have to do is press C on your keyboard or you

can go up into the corner as well you go up up into the corner of the screen I

think it's up there there are some settings on your mobile device but yes

you can have captions live right now all you have to do is press C on your

keyboard like that or you can go up to the top there to your settings activate

captions it's amazing so there are many ways of using these lessons

some people worry too much about their level of English I always say and this

is when I say quite often this is what I say quite often sometimes students feel

that their level of English is worse than it is sometimes you need just to

build your confidence maybe your English level is already very good but perhaps

you feel as if it isn't so sometimes it isn't about learning English sometimes

it is about learning confidence learning to be confident when you are doing


Madhavi hello Madhava Madhava siva ramakrishna Ganta i tried to say your

name there and I hope I got it right do you have any children I do not

I have no offspring I have no ankle-biters I have no nippers nippers

we sometimes use the word nipper when we talk about children we say when I was a

nipper I used to ride my bicycle everywhere nipper it is often used in

northern England so in the north of England you will often hear the word

nipper move used and it means child when I was a nipper I used to run all the way

to the sweet shop and I would buy the biggest lollipop I could find in the

shop I did if anyone sees my comment please let me know

Osman Osman I see your comment I can see it do I get a prize mr. Duncan can you

say murder murder hello Jade murder murder murder

hello also - oh that's nice I've got some food here Molly ha

thank you for your food that you've put on the live chat I wish it was real food

to be honest I really do yes I've seen your comments and they are very very

clear they are very clear here on the comments section they are

so don't worry so your level of English if you if you can understand what I'm

saying maybe your listening level is good but

that doesn't mean that you will be able to speak English so I always say that

learning English is not just about one thing

so my lessons allow you to listen if you have the captions you can read and also

you can you can you can watch what I'm doing as I'm speaking and one of the

best things is this is live so this is not recorded this is actually happening

right now as you're looking at the screen which I always think is very

exciting to be honest

Mohsen says I want to become a host the same as you but how

when you say host the word host can be used in many ways perhaps if you are

having guests come to your house maybe for a dinner or a lunch or a party you

will be the host so the person who is organizing it is the host of the garden

of the garden of the party the word garden was here by the way I read the

word in my brain so yes a host is the person it is the noun the person it

describes the person who is organizing the party they are the host or of course

hostess if it is a lady and you can host something as a verb

you host something you are doing it you are maybe putting on a performance or a

show or maybe you are presenting a TV program or perhaps you are presenting

something on the internet like this yes you see hello

I can hear a noise in your transmission it says Richard there are some some

sounds around me there might be some people chopping down their trees or

maybe doing some maintenance in their garden perhaps is this live stream chat

about our questions mr. Duncan Rafi de hello Rafi dur well you can talk

about things I talk about different subjects so this is extra you see so

this is an extra live stream my normal live streams are on Sunday Wednesday and

Friday and this is extra it's extra you see Tran new in what an interesting live

stream it makes me feel very funny ok then if it makes you feel funny then I'm

pleased I think I said I suppose it depends what type of funny you mean

naveen hello Naveen I've been following mr. Duncan since 2015 Naveen Wow that's

incredible thank you very much for staying with me for five years

Wow I was quite interested last week because I celebrated my anniversary last

week four years doing live streams and it's amazing how many people are still

watching from the first livestreams that I did

way back in 2016 it's incredible so yes I love I do like that I do like the fact

that there are many people who are watching and have been watching for many

years thank you very much I'm standing under the tree yes the Sun is out it is

very bright you can see behind me this the sun is shining on the field behind

me yes yesterday was funny says Jade it was a very unusual livestream I will be

honest we were supposed to do many things

yesterday I had many things planned unfortunately I couldn't do all of them

there is a very happy bird behind me a very happy bird spill the beans if you

spill the beans it means you reveal a secret or maybe

something that you have been keeping to yourself you spill the beans you reveal

some information maybe you let out a secret you spill the beans all is

revealed the secret is no longer a secret you spill the beans

mr. Duncan I want to add more questions if I understand all your live lessons am

i in a high level of learning English well I would say if you can understand

so if I'm standing here now talking to you and you can understand what I'm

saying then I would say your your level of listening is good because you are

understanding what is being said also maybe the way in which you are

processing English appear in your brain as well so learning English is not just

about speaking the language it's about understanding words it's about being

able to listen it's about being able to process all of those things in your head

and you have to do it very quickly as well

Helena Oh Helena Helena I sympathize with you Helena at the moment it's doing

lots of ironing as you know I do not like ironing I never iron my clothes

I never iron my clothes as you can see you see I I didn't iron this yet it

looks nice it looks okay so all I do is I put my clothes in a washing machine I

washed them and then I hang them somewhere to dry and they always come

out looking like this you see quite nice so I'm not I'm not a big fan of ironing

to be honest Ellen Ellen oh hello Eleanor mr. Duncan when I'm listening to

you I understand almost everything but why when I'm listening to other English

speaking people in the news for example I can't understand clearly everyone

speaks in a different way so because I'm a teacher because I talk about the

English language then I have to allow you to understand what I'm saying but

also it is a good reference for listening

to other people it is a reference for listening to other people can I just do

something because something has just fallen over in the garden I have to go

and do something I put some of mr. Steve's clothes out in the garden and

unfortunately the thing has blown over

I'm back something fell over I decided to hang some of mr. Steve's washing

outside but unfortunately the thing that I put the washing on has fallen over in

the wind mmm oh I see mmm yes Elizabeth do you believe that the person whose

English is not their first language can ever master listening speaking in

reading yes because I've seen it for myself I've taught many people who have

gone on to have very good lives successful lives from not knowing how to

speak English or having just a small amount of English words in their head to

actually being successful to the point where they travel to another country get

a job abroad and then have a very successful life so yes it can happen as

I always say it's up to you it's up to you learning things is something that

you take on so even though the teacher the teacher might do a very good job but

you have to also do a very good job of learning which means spending a lot of

time doing it so most of the students that I used to teach when I was in China

for example there are many students who I taught who now live in other countries

and have very good jobs there is one student I used to teach and he now lives

in the United States working and having a good life so it is possible and it was

English it was learning English that allowed him to do that so yes of course

you can you can learn English as well as you want unfortunately it means you have

to put a lot of time and effort into it so never believe that it will come

easily because it doesn't if you want to do something sometimes you have to put

in a little bit of extra work or a little bit of extra time extra effort I

listen to English lessons about six hours every day that is a very very good

thing yes so in fact you are doing the right thing listening six hours a day

that's brilliant that's amazing that's fantastic so what you are showing there

is you are first of all serious about doing it and also you are showing

devotion as well so you really show that you want to do it you want to succeed so

six hours every day is it's pretty amazing to be honest so well done well


Luis Mendez hello Luis again mr. Duncan why do I understand the BBB

the BBC presenters and radio four but I have difficulty understanding American

present presenters that's a good question BBC English quite often is is

clear because that is their job you see once again it's very similar to teaching

if you teach a language then you have to make sure that you can be understood if

you are talking on the radio and if you are giving important information you

have to make sure that people can understand what you're saying so that

might be one of the reasons however there are some other differences as well

when we we talk about accents so you might find that a certain type of accent

is different from another many people say that British English is easier to

listen to some people say that American English is hard to listen to because

maybe the accent is very strong or maybe the

person speaking is actually talking very fast so there are many reasons there is

never just one reason for these things may be the person speaking is speaking

very quickly maybe their accent is very strong maybe you are unfamiliar with

that accent Mary says I have some problems understanding Americans as well

yes it can be a problem what you have to do is get used to it and that that's why

I often say watching or listening to different types of English can help you

a lot so you can listen to me of course you can watch my videos certainly but

there are other people as well who will give you practice with listening to

accents different accents

is listening enough to learn without talking you need all of them really so

if you are planning to learn English you will find quite often that you in the

future you want to speak English as well

he's listening enough to learn without talking you need to do both because if

you learn English without speaking then I think you're taking away many of the

opportunities that English can give you you might even be wasting your time as

well however listening as far as I'm concerned listening is a very important

part of learning English I always say listening is one of the things you have

to do very often you have to make English part of your life listen read

write it's all about building confidence to be honest that's the big secret the

big secret is actually confidence telling yourself I can do it I can do it

I can do it I really can I can do it

Khem Dogon says I know many academic words but I face difficulties to put

them together in sentences what should I do

well again if you are using technical words you have to understand what they

mean but again it depends on what it is you are trying to express so there are

certain areas where people might do a particular job or have a certain

knowledge that they have to use in their jobs so you know those words but you

must also learn how to use them in sentences I think actually we are

talking about grammar really that that refers to grammar so learning basic

English having a basic understanding of English should help you to use technical

words it should because if you are doing a job that means you have to understand

those words then you you have to understand them anyway you have to know

what they mean and how to use them

Louis and oh hello Nabil or Nabil how can I master phrasal verbs once again

when when we say master you you actually learn about them there are many

resources many text books many video lessons on YouTube that talk all about

phrasal verbs they are things that are used sometimes but not always so try not

to concentrate too much on one part of English don't worry too much about

phrasal verbs there are many phrasal verbs but we

don't use them all the time to be honest we don't use them all the time

what can we listen to apart from your videos

suggest some ideas well you can listen to anything watch anything anything

anything that has a picture and sound and if if it's in English use it there

is no such thing as bad material so maybe your favorite movie if you have a

movie that you enjoy watching you can listen to that the people talking you

can read the captions you can take the captions away and just listen so any

material to be honest I have a feeling you want me to name other YouTube

teachers well they're out there they're not very hard to find all you have to do

is put listen to English or English teachers on YouTube and there are

thousands of them thousands and thousands John Freddie says I think mr.

Duncan speaks very slowly in order for us to understand him easier well this is

pretty much my normal speed to be honest so this is how I talk normally I don't

talk quickly I talk at a steady pace just like a person who who works on

television or on the radio so a person who speaks clearly isn't doing it

because they want you to understand they do it because that's how they speak

that's why I was always very popular when I went abroad to work lots of

people wanted to use my voice because they said it's so clear your voice is

very clear it's very easy to understand but I'm not doing it I'm not doing it on

purpose this is just how I speak I can't change

this unfortunately I don't really have an accent well not a strong accent but I

do have an accent you see I do have an English accent I hope that helps o

khalad hello Khalid what happened to your eyebrow

can I tell you a story and this is something I wanted to say last week and

I forgot all about it

there's things falling from the tree yeah I hope that wasn't bird poo I hope

so hello yes I know the birds are saying hello last week I

had a little accident and it concerns my eyebrows can you see so there is

something different with this eyebrow can you see my eyebrow now we have

something in we have something in the bathroom that we use for trimming our

eyebrows and our hair sometimes I use that machine to trim my eyebrows yeah I

think you can already guess what happened I think you already know what

happened anyway I will tell you the story anyway I went into the bathroom I

was in a hurry I grabbed the Machine and I started to

cut my eyebrows to trim because they were getting long unfortunately there is

a special adapter a little thing that you have to put on to the machine so you

can cut your eyebrows without removing them completely

unfortunately I at the machine and I started to cut my eyebrows without

checking the machine and the little thing that you are supposed to put on

wasn't there and so I actually cut off harder half of my eyebrow I actually

shaved off half of my eyebrow it disappeared completely

so now you know now you know oh yeah I cut a half of my eyebrow off I'm not

sure if you can see it now I think it's starting to grow back but yes that's

what happened I shaved off half of my eyebrow by accident I didn't mean to do

it it was not intentional I didn't intend to shave my eyebrows right off

but that's what happened imagine imagine if I shaved the whole eyebrow Oh imagine

that I would have to do the other one is well you see so they would match and

then I would have no eyebrows for about a month so that's what happened I

accidentally cut half of my eyebrow off because I was in a hurry you see I was

in a hurry Oh a very funny incident thank you thank

you Tanmay it could have been much worse imagine if I didn't stop imagine if I

just went yeah and then my whole eyebrow would be gone what would I do

I would only have one eyebrow oh racer says now you can paint your eyebrows

everyday and you can show a different emotion

ah that's one of the things that's always fascinated me about women yes

it's true I am fascinated by women I think I think women have some very

interesting habits some ways of doing things you can learn a lot I think

especially when it comes to taking care of your body and taking care of yourself

I think women quite often are very health conscious maybe more than men

perhaps but yes I've noticed quite often women will often remove their eyebrows

completely but then they will paint them back on so they they remove their

eyebrows they get rid of them completely and then they paint their eyebrows back

on they will so maybe that I could do that maybe I could I could remove my

eyebrows completely and then I could paint some new eyebrows onto my face yes

I think that's a that's a good one I like that one

there are many words and phrases that are used only when you are interacting

with people so I think it is very difficult to learn at home that is one

of the reasons why I do this I understand that there are many people

there are people all over the world learning English on their own and this

is something that I had experience with directly you see I met many people on my

travels who are trying to learn English by themselves because they can't go to a

training center maybe they can't afford to pay for a private teacher so that's

one of the reasons why I've been doing this on YouTube for almost 14 years

making video lessons so that's the reason why you can you can learn English

on your own but you need to have lots of different methods of doing it so this is

one of the methods this is one of the ways if you are learning English by

yourself you can watch my live streams you can listen to my English because

this is all spontaneous none of this is planned none of this is rehearsed

everything you see in here is spontaneous so it's a very good way of

getting used to listening to English in everyday situations

I think so hello David mr. Duncan what do you know about

internship hmm maybe you could tell me a little bit about that what is the

internship well an intern is normally a person who works in a company maybe they

are taken on to get experience so quite often they will become part of a company

however they won't be treated as an employee so they are there to learn they

are there to get experience but quite often they will do it with no pay at all

because it's training so an intern is a person who joins a company quite often

you might find many big companies lots of big companies around the world I

suppose when you think of computer companies maybe internet companies they

will often have interns a person who will come they join and they they they

experience the job for a certain period of time Wilson hello Wilson thanks to

your amazing videos I can speak English and I have been to many countries even

the UK Morocco the u.s. Malta just with mr. Duncan's English Thank You Wilson

that's very kind of you to say so you are actually enforcing or reinforcing

what I said earlier there is no no barrier there is nothing in the way if

you want to do something if you want to learn a new language for example English

you can do it there is nothing stopping you it isn't about having money or a

wealthy family when I worked in China I met many people

whose parents or families were very poor and they lived in very poor situations

and in fact the school I worked in primarily taught people from the rural

communities that had little money so they paid for their children to come to

the school in which I worked but many didn't have much money so what they were

looking for they were looking for English they were looking for English

lessons to to improve their their outlook for the future and as I said

before it did happen there are people now who I taught many years ago working

in many different parts of the world Australia New Zealand the United States

even the UK so it is true Irene is it your husband's birthday today Irene can

I say happy birthday to your husband isn't that great happy birthday to

Irene's husband I hope you have a wonderful day

I really do hello also a beard is it good to read newspapers loudly for

improving my speaking and is it better to speak in front of a mirror at home a

bit yes both of those things I will give both of

those things a big thumbs up you are right

yes reading from the newspaper reading out loud so when you you read something

but you also say what you're reading we say that you read out loud out loud

reading from the newspaper also get used to looking at yourself in the mirror it

might sound strange it might sound like a strange thing to say

but learning in front of a mirror get used to the feeling of speaking English

get used to the action get used to hearing your voice

record your voice on your mobile phone hello hello hello yes I'm talking about

English today and I'm learning the English language listen listen tower you

sound look in the mirror as you speak what's your mouth watch how you you form

the words the cows are going by can you see the cows behind me hello

the cows are going by behind me hello

the cows are going by but they don't seem very interested they're not

interested today they don't want to say hello to me unfortunately Madhava says I

can't catch every word from Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver even if they are

British well they do have strong accents for example Jamie Oliver his accent is I

would say it is London South East yes so I would say that Jamie Oliver has has

quite an accent he does have an accent I would say it's London London area I

believe that's where he was raised the cows are playing in the field Gordon

Ramsay has a more controlled accent so I'm surprised actually Gordon Ramsay's

accent is a little bit more standard easier to understand unless of course

he's shouting he's normally shouting it someone

hmm you idiot you've overcooked those vegetable view you yeah so yes sometimes

behind yes there is a bird behind it is a Heron Heron is the name of that bird

it isn't real it is made of plastic but yes there is a little bird behind me it

is there for decoration in the garden some people use these to scare away

other birds but this one this one doesn't scare away any birds all of the

birds don't care about this they just ignore it mr. Duncan you are right

recording my voice it has been the best way to advance and I started slowly and

I've seen my faults that is a good thing to do I suppose when you learn to do

something you you always make mistakes and that's how you learn so every time

you learn something new there will be some mistakes that come with it so you

can't just learn something new without making mistakes whatever it is for

example if you are learning to drive a car you can't just drive the car

straight away it takes a while to to get used to it to feel comfortable and

confident whilst driving the car you see listening to the radio is useful yes yes

listen to as much English as you can fill your life with the sound of English

that's my suggestion that's what I suggest when should we stop relying on

subtitles asks racer can I just say subtitles are always useful even

sometimes first English subtitles can even be be useful for us

so if we're watching something and maybe the place where the person is talking

might be very loud or noisy or maybe there's a lot of music playing even I

sometimes use captions English captions so they can be useful at any time but if

you are learning English if you're learning English I would always say that

captions are a thing that you can use sometimes but don't use them too often

don't use them all the time so perhaps you can listen to something or read the

subtitles as you are watching a video and then later you can watch the video

again without the captions and then over time you will find that you can

understand what is being said more and more so again it is a slow process it

takes time to do it you can't rush these things you can't

rush learning it all takes time Serena makes a very good suggestion yes singing

can be a very good way of improving your English it is a good way and also it's

fun as well if you sing a song out loud you can sometimes learn some new words

and you can have some fun at the same time I think so

so yes you are right I think learning English you have to try and do many

different things read write writing this is something I've mentioned before but

writing is a very good way of learning grammar because when you write something

down you are using your brain in a very different way as you write your brain is

actually working on more than one level and it is a very good way of getting

things to stay in your brain

what is your favorite football team my favorite football team well I don't

follow football to be honest I don't follow it I know a lot of people do

follow football and many people are very pleased because in many countries

including here in the UK the football has started a game it has restarted

after lockdown dear talking talking with yourself in thinking in English

it helps yes it does it really does talking to yourself listening to your

voice recording your voice watching yourself in the mirror as you speak all

of these things can help I used to always make a drug joke with my students

I used to make a joke with my students I would say try to dream in English if you

can dream in English that is a very good sign maybe you can dream at night that

you speak English you see nothing is impossible nothing you can do it

ivan is here hello ivan welcome back if you remember

ivan ivan is the helicopter technician he takes care of the helicopters to make

sure that they take off and fly and land safely

I'll paren my Imam had an operation a week ago that was very serious can you

say hello to my mum whose name is Belgian Sultan she is getting better

hallelujah mr. Duncan that is good news so I'm glad to hear your mum is getting

better hello to Belgian Belgian Sultan

hello Belgium son Sultan and that comes with best wishes from Alperin

thank you very much Belgian Sultan I hope you're feeling well

get well soon best wishes to you from England and get well soon

talking to yourself can be useful if you are repeating things so maybe you can

read something maybe you can listen to something and repeat what is being said

and over time you will learn the way in which those sentences are created or

formed as I always say the more you do it the more you enjoy it the more you

enjoy it the more you will learn the more you learn the more you enjoy it and

the more you enjoy it the more you want to do it and the more you want to do it

the more you learn it's like a great big circle the circle of learning as I call

it mr. Duncan why don't you teach grammar I do teach grammar I don't do it

all the time just like everyone here on YouTube so there are many English

teachers that do grammar sometimes but there are very few that do it all the


what is the difference between man man junuh manjunath Kumar says what is the

difference between Indian English and England English well I think really

you're talking about the accent it's actually the accent so the words most of

the words and grammar are the same the accent is different but then that

happens here in the UK even here in the UK you'll hear many different accents

Scottish Welsh accent southern England Western England East England the

southeast the southwest there are many different ways of speaking English when

we talk about accents so the difference between Indiana English and British

English is basically the accent

the sound that you are producing when you speak English hello - oh hello - oh

I see many people say that they don't learn English because probably they will

never use it I think it's better to speak English than not to do it well as

I mentioned earlier I know I'm repeating myself today a little bit for which I

apologise but it is amazing if you get to a good level of English it is amazing

how many doors will open for you certainly you can explore the world you

can find a job where speaking English is required suddenly there are things that

you couldn't do before because of English so I'm not here I'm often if I'm

often accused of somehow pushing the the the way of life of people in England

onto other people and that's not what I do I've never done that what I believe

in and that's why I love the English language and certainly teaching English

and certainly seeing other people learn English is how it can change your life

that is it it's as simple as that and I've seen it for myself I have

taught people who now live and work in very different places very different to

where they started and it's all because of English it is all because of English

marry Romer says I want English in my subconscious it can happen it can happen

in fact it does it does after after a certain period of time you will find

that the English will start to stay in your brain sometimes you might find as

you dream as you sleep you might dream about speaking English you might even be

speaking English in your dreams so it can happen it can happen our car what is

the difference between petrified and shocked shocked is a reaction to

something a reaction to something you weren't expecting if you are petrified

then you are scared or afraid so they do have different meanings shock huh

petrified you hear some bad news suddenly you are shocked something that

is going to happen that makes you feel afraid will make you petrified so they

are different they are different

hello Alperin again my loyal dad whose name is Ali

matru is looking after my mum he loves you so much as a friend

my dad's also looking forward to your greeting Ali much Lou hello Ali matru

hello to all of your family in fact thank you very much

hello to Thailand can I say hello to Thailand I do have quite a few viewers

watching in Thailand so I want to say hello right now and also hello to Frank

hello Frank watching in Thailand I wonder where you

are in Thailand

can you please suggest a good English biopic book a biopic book but when we

talk about biopic sui are talking about stories of people's lives think of any

famous people maybe also in your country think of someone famous think of a

person who you admire so I like reading stories about people I admire or people

I am interested in sometimes they are film stars sometimes they are

politicians sometimes they are philosophers talking about maybe a

certain social issue so I always say read something that you have an interest

in if you are interested in a certain type of person maybe you are a big fan

of movies or music I always try to study things that I have some interest in

something that draws my attention for example I I like astronomy I'm very

interested in what goes on up there in space oh by the way can I say a big

congratulations this morning did you see the space rocket go off to Mars yes it

launched I think it was early this morning was it early this morning or

last night from Japan and it's going all away to Mars

hello English with ax sharp nice to see you as well

hello also I can't stand my voice says Valentina I couldn't record it then

listen to it Valentina can I just say you might be

surprised how much you do enjoy it it's fun it's actually very interesting and

exciting to listen to your voice but do it often do it maybe once or twice a

week so as you are learning English as you are reading as you are listening as

you are learning new words also listen to your voice as well get used to the

sound of your voice so don't worry it is a very good way of building your

confidence to be honest tae tae hyun young or jiang i am profoundly

interested in cooking so i have watched a vast number of Jamie Oliver and Gordon

Ramsay's cooking videos and it has helped me enormously thank you Tae Hyun

that is great learn learn English through something you enjoy learn

English through something that you have an interest in so if your interest is

science learn English but also you can listen to English being used whilst

watching a documentary or maybe a book about science listen to someone talking

about science maybe you have an interest in music you love music

modern music maybe music for many years ago would you mind telling me your age

why are people so fascinated by my age I wonder

what do you think about using contractions Ivan what do you think

about using contractions I will be honest with you in everyday English

people often use contractions I don't like that I wouldn't go there so you can

use contractions in everyday life in fact you will find that many people do

use contractions when they're speaking however if you are writing something

formal if you are writing something formally it is always best not to use

contractions because it looks lazy so maybe if you are writing to a company

you are asking if they have any job vacancies or any any opportunities don't

don't use contractions in your letter or your email try to avoid using

contractions don't shorten the words if you are writing formally formally mr.

Duncan why don't you teach grammar and British accent easy to learn well I am

teaching English and English covers many things so because I I'm doing it on

camera and because people have a very short attention span as well I'm being

very honest with you very blunt I know but it is hard to keep people watching

for a long time because nowadays people like to click around the internet it is

very hard to keep people watching so the moment I start talking about grammar

people normally click away they go somewhere else

I remember from my own experience I used to teach them some adult classes and I

remember one week I decided to teach so some very deep grammar very deep grammar

I was talking about the construction of sentences and they said afterwards they

said mr. Duncan please don't be offended but that was the most boring lesson

we've ever sat through ever needless to say I never did it again so you can

learn without having to to have your face buried in the book all the time but

also one of the problems with doing this is people's attention can go from one

place to another people don't like to watch things for more than a few seconds

in fact there might be people now watching this and they've only just

clicked on this it's you isn't it you've just clicked on this you've

clicked to see what this is because you're interested to find out and then

you will watch me for about a minute or maybe two minutes and then you'll go oh

I want to look at something else now I want to look at maybe I can find a puppy

dog I want to watch a video with a puppy dog or maybe I want to watch something

funny or maybe something serious you see so it's very hard to keep your audience

so sometimes doing things like English grammar if I stood in front of a

whiteboard and I started talking about grammar I think everyone would go very


how many I enjoy what you are doing thank you how many English there are in

the world I like American for example when you say

how many English in the world do you mean English people or do you mean

English words English words there are many some people say that there are too

many English words to learn all of them and I think that's true that's true

there are many English words that I don't know because there are so many

there are so many English words I remember years ago I discovered your

videos and from that moment I learned that the better way to learn is by

washing your watching your not boring videos thank you very much I think one

of the things that has happened on YouTube over the years is more and more

people are now doing the same thing they are all teaching English so we have

thousands and thousands of people now teaching English on YouTube so you can

just click around the internet you don't have to stay in one place

at the same time for a long time you can go click around

have you ever been to India have I been no I've never been to India never been

there I have a friend who goes quite often he goes to India but no I've never

been there

oh we are starting to get personal questions now personal question was mr.

Duncan do you earn any money from YouTube for doing this not much

I do earn a little bit a little bit you see a little money things on YouTube

have changed over the years way back in 2007 and 2008 when very few people were

using YouTube and when there were there were almost no English teachers I was

actually the first English English teacher ever

on YouTube it's true I started teaching English in 2006 nearly 14 years ago but

since then things have changed a lot of people think if you are if you are

successful on YouTube you must be a millionaire can I just say two things

first of all I'm not successful on YouTube and the second thing is I'm

definitely not a millionaire so for those who think that I am I'm not I can

promise you I could put my hand on my heart I my other hand I can put on my

pancreas and I can say that I am definitely not a millionaire definitely

not I am I'm a million pounds short of being a millionaire so all I need to be

a millionaire is a million pounds but I'm just I'm just a little bit short

of a million pounds you see so to answer your question now I don't earn a lot of

money there is some some money it is a very small share a very small share and

it is not much which is why I have to rely on donations as well because I I

put all of my time all of my effort into doing this I'm standing here now in the

garden doing this for free it's costing you nothing however it is costing me my

time and I'm doing it for free so I hope you you understand that I'm

not I'm not wealthy I'm not a millionaire I don't have a yacht it

looks like I might be a millionaire but I'm not definitely not just because I'm

standing here with some green grass behind me does it mean I'm rich it

doesn't trust me okay oh how many times have I explained that mr. Duncan do you

think that listening to English while sleeping can help thank you Mary

I I really don't want to upset people

I don't think that listening to English while sleeping can help you however

listening to English whilst you are awake and conscious can help you if you

are resting and this is the difference I want to make sure that you understand

what I'm saying if you are resting on the bed

or in in a relaxed situation you can listen to English and it can help you

you can become more familiar with the construct of sentences and the way in

which people use certain words the intonation the intonation the intonation

the intonation so the way in which words are used when a person is speaking

however if you are unconscious that means your brain has shut down because

when you sleep your brain actually shuts down it's like turning off your computer

or putting your computer into sleep mode so I know it's a horrible thing to say

but when you sleep all of your functions in your brain literally shut down so my

answer is no I don't think it's effective to listen to English while

sleeping English whilst resting English whilst doing something that is calming

your your mind or your body at that moment if you have English maybe a

recording or maybe you are watching one of my videos like this yes oh so I hope

I hope that answered the question so I don't think so I think you have to be

conscious you have to be awake your brain has to be working for things to go

into it hmm Ivan says I wish you have a radio

channel well this is a little bit like a radio channel except you can see me as

well hello what did you do for a living before 2006 well I was still teaching

English I was living abroad teaching English so before I started my youtube

channel I was already teaching English anyway well can I say this morning I had

I I had a very delicious breakfast this morning I had two crumpets with a little

bit of cheese on top and the cheese was melted I couldn't resist I couldn't

resist so that was my breakfast this morning I

had two lovely crumpets with some cheese on top and then I I

heated the cheese so it melted so delicious

melted cheese I don't know why why is melted cheese so nice does anyone know I

don't know why pizza you see that's why I love pizza so much because the cheese

melts on the top I don't know why but I love cheese but but I really do like

melted cheese very much Ivan says I'm hungry

you are you are welcome

what is the difference between I go to school and I do go to school they are

basically the same thing you are expressing the same thing one of the

things that you learn about English is there are many ways of saying one thing

there are many ways of expressing one thing one action one moment of time you

are you are using words to describe that thing however there are many ways of

saying it however those words all mean the same

thing you are you are expressing the same thing you might go up the tree you

might climb the tree you might scramble up the tree you see so you are using

different words but all of those words are expressing the same action oh you

know I love food you do know that racer says mr. Duncan I have been addicted to

ladyfingers since I saw them in your jelly recipe Thank You eraser I have

lots of ladyfingers in my kitchen I also like eating them on their own so

sometimes I will I will take the ladyfingers out of the packet and I will

just eat them on their own but I do agree they state they taste very nice in

jelly if you make some jellies and then put ladyfingers into the jelly before it

sets so nice very nice don't you feel pain in your legs standing for hours

asks chard no I don't I love standing up if I had a choice if I had a choice

between standing and sitting I would always choose standing I love standing

up you say I'm standing now in the garden so no it's all right I don't mind

standing up ladyfingers what are ladyfingers ladyfingers are a

type of food and they look they look like fingers you see they look like

fingers but they are made of soft sponge and they have sugar on top of them and

they are absolutely delicious they really are nice hello - oh can you

speak French mr. Duncan when I was at school I used to be very good at French

I was a very good French I was very good the teacher said your your French is

very good very good I don't know why Oh

pizza yes Valentina is addicted to pizza I wish I could eat pizza every day

unfortunately I don't know if you've heard have you heard the news apparently

pizza is bad for you if you eat too much pizza it's not good for you but I love

pizza I do I'm crazy about pizza I am going in a moment I will be going soon

I've been with you now for one hour and oh sorry yes nearly two hours I've been

here standing talking to you nearly two hours

mr. Duncan I can't believe it Abdul can you give us a little bit of

detail on what you know about the cap the cap you are wearing the Hat this hat

I bought this hat from where did I buy it from I bought this hat from Bambury

and there was a big shop in Banbury and they were having a sale and everything

was fifty percent fifty percent off everything was half-price in the shop

and so I saw these hats so I got this hat from the shop and it was very cheap

so in fact I bought two I got this one and I also bought a white one so the

white one is the one that I wear in the studio and sometimes outside so I have a

white hat which looks the same as this however it is white and I have the red

one which is this one so I bought this hat and also the white hat about when

was it I think it was maybe three years ago two years ago when was the last

World Cup it was when England was playing in the World Cup so the last

time I think it was two years ago I'm sure it was 2018 so I've had these for

about two years but I bought them in a sale everything in the shop I went into

the shop and everything was half-price so I got two of these hats for the price

of one as you can probably imagine I was very pleased about that

very pleased you always wear the hat says oh - Jenny hello - Jenny yes I

often wear a hat it is something I've done for many years something that many

people know when they see me they say oh there's mr. Duncan he's wearing his hat

so there you go I hope that answers your question

your hat looks new well these hats look new because I take

care of them I washed them you see sometimes I will wash them in water and

then hang them up to dry so I do wash these hats sometimes very Nasu Chan

hello Nasu nice to see you here this channel is so comfortable it is isn't it

nice to see something on YouTube that isn't a person screaming and shouting

about politics or someone getting really angry about something isn't it lovely

you can just turn on your computer and you can watch something that's gentle

and nice it makes it very nice change even though I say so myself thank you so

much Maliha hello Malia thank you very much I

never get tired when you are talking you are with your sweet accent thank you

Ivan Ivan says wearing a hat all the time can cause your hair to fall out can

can I just say that happened before I started wearing a hat I still have hair

but not as much as I used to have you say so that's what happens when you get

older as you get older sometimes things change sometimes your hair starts to

disappear and sometimes you start getting hair in very unusual places as

you get older

mr. Duncan do you put your mask on outside yes I do I am a very good boy at

the weekend I went shopping into town in too much Wenlock I went shopping and I

had my mask over my face protecting me from all of those horrible germs and all

of those horrible viruses I was able to keep them away so yes I do I do wear my

mask well not here of course because I'm in the garden

there isn't really there isn't anyone around so I don't have to worry here I

don't have to worry here in the garden because the birds the birds always keep

their safe social distance you see so I've told them I've told all of the

animals here in my garden you must keep away from us you must stay a safe

distance away so even the birds and all of the other animals are or social

distancing they are I've told them they have to know where else or else they

can't come into my garden yeah Thank You Yuna Kareena thank you for your company

it's very nice to see you here

does that hat belong to Steve no this is my hat this is my hat mr. Steve has his

own hats this is my hat Ivan says amazing garden I love it thank you very

much did you see the cows the cows came by earlier the cows came by to say hello

isn't it lovely yes the birds are very clever they are very clever because they

are keeping their safe social distance because they can't wear face masks you

see it's very hard for a bird to wear a face mask because they have no ears they

can think out they can't put the face mask on because they have no ears you

see that's the reason why it's scientific what the the I'm going in a

moment in a moment I'm going I will be going soon okay so I

will have to vanish I will disappear from your screen in about two minutes

what is the main difference for you between virtual classes and the

classroom classes to be honest with you for me it's the same so so this is how I

when I worked in China I used to teach like this this is how I used to teach I

used to teach in a very vivid way I used to always get my students involved in

the lessons I did so that was something I I've always done it I've always done

that I've always done that thing

in fact I became a victim of my own success in China because everyone wanted

me to appear in their school my my school used to get phone calls from

people saying hello you don't know me but I'm a school very far away from

where you are we hear you have an English man he's British can hear the

pigeon and so lots of people wanted me to visit their schools and give lectures

and talks and so that's what I did so quite often I used to go away and I

had to visit all of these different schools around the area where I was

working in China very busy time it was a very busy time can you hear the pigeon

pigeon is saying hello I'm going now it is time to say goodbye

it is time to say I'd y'all I'd you to you and you are you I will see you

tomorrow yes I'm back tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time we are doing another strange

another strange extra English lesson tomorrow

what is your life behind the scenes my life I'm sure you don't want to know

about my life it's not pretty it's not pretty at all say goodbye to the pigeons

by pigeons see you later there he goes did you see the pigeon

flew away I think he's looking for a girlfriend

see you later take care everyone you were a VIP in

China yes actually I was actually was a VIP in China I had my own driver can you

believe it I had a driver it's very strange when I think about it now but

yes I was on television in China I used to go to lots of government meetings I

would sit with some of the most powerful people in the area where I was living

and wished to sit and have these meetings very strange it was a very

strange period of time but now of course my life has become a little bit more

relaxed because I'm out now I'm getting older you see I have to start taking it

easy that's what happens that's what happens

thank you very much for your company I am going now I've been here for two

hours I can't believe it thank you mr. Duncan

we appreciate your effort thank you everyone for your lovely company today I

hope you've enjoyed it I am going now I'm going into the house I will have a

cup of tea I will make a cup of tea for his lordship up there in the office and

then I will see you tomorrow and back with you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK

time will I be in the garden or will I be somewhere else

tune in tomorrow and find out you are so histrionic mr. Duncan what

did you study at college I always like to be interested in many things

so as I've gone through life I've realized that I never know enough about

things there's always something interesting that you can learn and find

out as you go through life even at this point many many many years after I

finished my formal education I'm still here Lu

things you never stop learning and that probably is the best piece of advice I

can give anyone in this world never stop learning whatever it is whatever it is

keep your eyes open your ears open keep your mind active always learn new things

because there is always something new to learn thank you very much I'm definitely

going I will go over there you see I'm going to go over there into the house to

have a cup of tea Thank You Tamas thank you very much for all of your company

don't forget I'm here tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time

this is mr. Duncan for the final time saying thanks for watching thanks for

joining me today have a super day enjoy the rest of your Monday whatever you are

doing do it with a smile on your face and a spring in your step and I will see

you tomorrow and of course until the next time we

meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next

yes you do until tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time I'm going now I'm sorry don't shout at me, don't shout at me...

ta ta for now 8-)