you can't beat a bit of bossa nova on a Saturday to be honest hi everybody this

is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so

are you happy well are you happy I really hope you are feeling happy today

I'm not too bad I suppose I had a lovely sleep last night

they say that sleep is very important for your health both physically and

mentally so I do like to make sure that I get plenty of sleep I had a lovely

sleep last night I had some lovely dreams as well most of them involving

food unfortunately however I'm nice today

I feel nice and happy I feel bright and cheerful even though my throat is still

very painful and it feels were quite uncomfortable today I don't know why I

might go to the doctors on Monday I might go to the doctor just to make sure

that my throat isn't too bad maybe it is being damaged by all of the horrible

pollen that is in the air so I might go to the doctors on Monday just to see

what is actually going on inside my throat it is very annoying very annoying

indeed to be honest anyway enough of my problems you don't want to hear about my

trouble and my strife do you really now I'm sure you have plenty of things of

your own to think about for those who don't know who I am my name is Duncan I

teach English on YouTube I talk about the English language I talk about lots

of subjects to be honest lots of other interesting so

Jex sometimes we talk about one particular subject and of course the

most important part of my live streams is you of course because you are here

with me then I am here with you as well so it's great to be here with you today

thank you very much for your company hello V tests hello also Martha caillean

Constantine also we have pal Mira SR and grace as well you were the first ones on

today's livestream hello and a very good morning good afternoon or good evening

to you depending on where you are watching in the world at the moment so

I'm here on Saturday yes we are now enjoying the weekend how is your weekend

going no one ever answers that question every

week I ask how is your weekend going but most people don't even tell me and I'm

very interested I really want to know how is your weekend going is it a good

weekend or is it a terrible weekend so please let me know how is your weekend

going as you can see the sun is shining once more here in the UK we are having a

very nice spring season to be honest the whole of April has been amazing so next

week it might become a little unsettled there is a good chance that we might

have some rain tomorrow as well unfortunately so we will see what

happens I might be here tomorrow in the garden or I might be in the studio I

haven't decided yet I haven't decided we will see what happens

hello also Luis Mendez is watching in France Irene is asking Luis did you go

for a walk this morning now I do remember that Luis likes taking walks

not very far away from where he lives so what did you do today did you go for a

walk I haven't been for a walk but have you have you had your exercise today

because we are all being encouraged to take exercise during this strange time

many people are experiencing lockdown they are being restricted they are given

instructions on how to behave so there are certain places you can't go there

are certain distances that you have to keep away from other people here in the

UK this morning we have all been talking about how to bring all of this to an end

so we began the lockdown over five weeks ago in fact we are now into our sixth

week can you believe it six week and already people are really

so fed up they really are so now we are talking about how to bring all of that

all of this to an end how do we come out of this situation so there are lots and

lots of different suggestions and theories going around at the moment of

how we can actually come out of this lockdown do we give everyone freedom to

move around do we allow certain shops or certain businesses to re-open who knows

so a lot of people are talking about this at the moment Meeker hello mica old

watching in Japan a big hello to you is there a black bird on your grass I think

so when I first started today's livestream there was a black bird

walking around on the grass but the big question is was it sitting or standing

a few people asked mr. Duncan why do you always say that there is a bird sitting

on the ground when in fact it is standing up well to be placed in a

certain place or a position you can say sitting so you sit something down maybe

an object or a thing something that you put down you sit something down you

position it in a certain place or in a certain way and that's my excuse and I'm

sticking to it franceska mr. Duncan if the doctor says

you shouldn't do your livestreams and rest your voice what will we do I don't

know but I will go to the doctor just to make sure that my throat is all right I

think the problem is I've been using my voice so much over the past twenty-four

twenty-five days I've been doing this that might be the reason why also the

other reason is my hay fever as well I have awful hay fever this

morning I was sneezing and all of the pollen was going up my nose a game so I

am suffering from hay fever at the moment no it is nothing to do with it's

not that it isn't that honestly this is hay fever and quite

possibly I've been using my voice too much maybe that is also the reason why

Leonardo who is he hello to you thanks for joining me today

I am watching you on the TV and I can even read the messages on my phone

that's great well done so you are actually using two devices you are

watching me on your television how do I look on your TV do I look nice is my

face really large on your television shall I get really close to the camera

here we go hello hello to everyone watching on their televisions can you

see my face it is so it is so large on your screen and you are actually

watching the live chat on your phone pretty good I like it

thank you for Lawrence thank you also to Louisa it is well enough it is the

weekend as usual I would imagine a lot of people feel that every day is like

the weekend because you are spending your time at home mr. Steve has just

come back from town by the way he went to town to get some vegetables and some

milk and then he came back and he said that the town the town wasn't very busy

not very busy so it didn't take him long to grab some essentials things that you

really need that is a word we've been hearing a lot recently the word

essential we are talking about things that are needed something important

something that is vital something that you can't do without is essential it is

something that you really need to do your job or to survive it is essential

it is needed it is important it is a vital thing that you need in your life

you may have heard lots of people mentioning the word essential essential

services essential businesses businesses that have to stay

open because people need them satury no hello to mr. d is that me very nice I

like that hello mr. d hello to use satury no and

all chat a little bit more and then all together to the beach oh that's nice

so are you going to the beach Slattery no hello thanks suddenly surrounded by


pigeons doves black birds Robin Denix chef inches

everything the only thing I haven't heard today is the pheasant I don't know

where the pheasant has gone but he's very quiet today

maybe he is oh there he is huzzah just as I mentioned the pheasant

he called did you hear it did you hear the pheasant calling at the back field I

can't believe it hello to sue cats sue cat nice to see you here as well you are

essential in our lives says sue cat thank you very much that's

very kind of you I I like being here I enjoy doing this and of course it gives

me something to do during this strange time and hopefully it also gives you

something to do something to watch something to get involved with even

though it's Saturday and I know a lot of people like to relax and take it easy

the weekend Jimmy hello Jimmy from Hong Kong nice to see you again here it is

effective to click the like icon below so that yo YouTube may spread your live

streaming notifications to a wider audience

yes please give me a lovely like under this video there is a button under this

video that you can click and it looks like this it is a thumb and it means

that you like what you're watching not only that but if you do that many many

times it means that YouTube will also allow other people to see my livestream

as well so it is a very important thing you see a very important thing it might

seem like a very simple action but as I've learnt in life sometimes the

smallest actions can have the biggest consequence sometimes doing something

small can help others in a very big way that's what I think anyway quién hello

Quyen is the background real it is beautiful yes that is the background it

is a real background I can show you would you like me to go into the

background so I can prove that it is real ok let's go shall we

data editor are going for a walk in the background

I can't begin to tell you how many flowers I have just destroyed oh oh that

was good I enjoyed that that is part of my daily

exercise today I feel invigorated I feel refreshed so now you know it is real

the background is a real background the big question is am i real mr. Duncan are

you real perhaps you fell asleep on your sofa and

now you are dreaming and this is all just a figment of your imagination it is

not real it is something that does not exist in any dimension no actually it

does and I am real sorry about that hello hamid reza i think you need a soft

drink for feeling better your health is so important

I do feel well I feel healthy fit I feel full of life however I have my usual

problem which is hay fever every year I get hay fever it's a little

bit of a pain to be honest Giuseppe hello Giuseppe watching in Italy hello

to you as well we are talking about a lot of things today we are talking about

things that you are able to do things that you are unable to do also an

interesting subject that I'm going to add in to today's livestream being

disabled disability it is one of those subjects that a lot of people feel and

comfortable talking about from my point of view I do not feel uncomfortable

because in my family I have one person who is actually disabled so my mother

for many many many years for as long as I've known and for as

long as I remember my mother has always been disabled so that is something that

has actually affected my life but a lot of people do feel uncomfortable talking

about disability having something that prevents you from living your life

normally can you see I'm using my quotation marks so I'm not saying that

if you are disabled you are not normal but I am saying that a person who can

have a comfortable life or maybe a person who might appear to have more

advantages so when I talk about normal I'm just talking about people that might

have the freedom to move around or to do the things and if you are disabled you

are not able to do those things so easily

hello semi semi BT from Turkey hello once again to Turkey I have been to your

country and I had a lovely time the food in Turkey it's very nice the strange

thing is the only thing I didn't eat in Turkey was Turkey hello from an admirer

I admire you with love from Vietnam hello VAD I don't know what that means

or stands for I hope it's nothing rude Marina

hello mr. Duncan hello everybody sorry I'm late please Duncan don't lose your

health my health is not going anywhere and I am fit and healthy don't worry

about me it is just my voice really I think I've been using it too much I

think that that's that's the problem that's what's happening I think so hello

also two flower flower s Wow hello to you please can we give mr.

Duncan lots of thumbs up if you liked this please give me a thumbs up thank

you very much hello also to Anna pica mr. Duncan we love you very much and

your live stream but if you need a day off to rest and recover to rest and

recover your voice and let it get better take your time and take care of yourself

I don't think I am ill I'm not ill fortunately however I think my voice is

suffering because of the seasonal allergy that I have but I am very moved

and touched by all of your concern but I will take care of myself

I will definitely Rennell Singh says hello marine I'll sing love from India

could we use what's on instead of what's up you can use what's on if you are

talking about a place where a performance is being held so maybe if a

performance or an activity is taking place we can say what's on or maybe

somewhere where you are watching something such as television so you

might say what's on as in what's on television what's on what's on we don't

normally say what's on as a greeting we normally say what's up or if we are

concerned about a person maybe they look unhappy maybe they look a little unhappy

and upset you might say what's up what's up what's up what's the matter so we

don't normally say what's on unless we are talking about something that might

be happening at the local theater or maybe on television or maybe at the

cinema an event that is taking place or an

event that will be taking place soon did it it did it did

marina hello also to Mohsen the sound of the birds is nature it is the black

birds are very noisy today I've noticed this morning the black birds are Thank

You aunt and says mr. Duncan prances like oh really do you think so thank you

very much I have been practicing for nearly two

weeks so I'm glad I've got it right thank you very much for your compliment

thank you aunt you are very welcome hello Irene hello also jewelry hello mr.

Duncan can you dance for a tree oh can you dance with the tree I'm not sure I

would be too afraid of being refused you see the tree might say no I might say

hello can I have this dance would you mind if I dance with you and the tree

might say no thank you

hello tsukete hello to everyone I am NOT going to be on here for long because we

have to go and buy some groceries good luck stay safe it is amazing that we

live in an age where whenever we go outside the house

everyone gets concerned be careful now I know you're going to the shops please be

careful please be very very careful now be careful stay safe

Steve this morning was complaining he was saying I am so sick and tired of

people always saying stay safe but I think it's nice it's a nice thing to say

isn't it if you say it it means you care but I do think they're saying it too

often on the television everyone on the television keeps saying stay safe stay

safe stay safe mr. Duncan do you know something about the law of attraction

III I have read things about the law of attraction and I have read also the way

in which a person's body language personality and even the words they use

as well can influence other people but I think there is also an inner character

that we all carry around with us so I don't really believe in the law of

attraction because we all have our own attractive qualities anyway they are

there it's just sometimes we don't realize that we have them we don't I'm

not sure if there is a law or a set of rules that we have to follow however I

have met many people in my life who I've been attracted to in different ways from

their character or maybe the way they live their lives generally so I don't

really subscribe to the law of attraction to be honest I'm not a person

who sees that is a big part of your life because sometimes you might mistake that

for the appearance so the law of attraction is not just about your pretty

face if you have a pretty face then it means you are more attractive to other

people it's not necessarily that there are many other things as well that

happen hello also to satury now again hello also - oh hello - al khair mr.

Duncan do you like spring I of springtime I think spring is a nice

time of year everything comes to life the birds get all excited because they

want to they want to mate and lay their eggs so I love spring spring is magical

magical it is a magical time of year

Beatrice is also concerned about my voice we think your throat needs a rest

you are doing a lovely effort for us but we can wait if you need to get over this

problem the problem is this might go on for many many weeks so I always get hay

fever every year and quite often it will cause problems with my work so this is

nothing new every year for most of my life I've suffered Florence says my

friend is disabled too and sometimes she doesn't want me to help her or anyone

sometimes it's happening with disabled people that's quite interesting there is

I always think if you are dealing with anyone who has a disadvantage or a

disability sometimes you have to to walk along a very narrow line because if you

do too little you might be accused of being prejudiced or maybe a person who

doesn't care however if you do too much you might also be accused of being

patronizing so it is it's very hard to get the balance right however in my

opinion there is never any harm in giving help never any harm I think I've

just had a super chat thank you very much for your lovely super checked

I'm not sure who it is so I'm going to click Helena hello Helena thank you very

much for your lovely super checked thank you many thanks for your helping hand

I'm sorry it didn't work the last time it's ok don't worry it's ok

thank you very much Helena and thank you very much for your lovely donation on

the live chat thank you very much don't forget I do all of this for free

you see it doesn't cost anything to do this so Thank You Helena for your very

generous donation on the super chat talking of donations yes I have a very

special thank you to send to someone who made a donation yesterday excuse me by

the way I will be showing you one of my common everyday items in a moment I will

be doing that I haven't forgotten about it so don't worry here we go

another special thank you can I say a very big thank you to eat all now I hope

I pronounced your name right here Igor birds in ski can I say hello and also a

very big thank you to Igor birds in ski for your kind donation thank you very

much and it is very kind of you to do that I received this donation last night

thank you very much it is very kind of you I do appreciate it don't forget

everything I do I do for free and that is what I've been doing for the past 14

years on YouTube everything is free it always has been and it always will be so

thank you once again to Igor

I hope I pronounced your name right but since key

but since key Thank You Igor and if you want to make a donation you're more than

welcome to do so as well thank you very much

very kind of you I decided yesterday to do something new

and different yesterday I decided to do something a little different I am going

to start showing everyday items things that you see every day of your life

maybe in your own language you have a particular word for that item so today I

thought it'd be interesting to show you another common item something that I use

quite a lot in my work and if you have a house where you have to do lots of work

around the house or even outside the house this particular thing that I'm

about to show you can come in very useful would you like to see it ok here

is the thing there so this is something I use quite often in my work and also

around the house as well when I need to have electricity nearby so sometimes you

might notice in your house there are plugs or sockets places where you can

get electricity from however sometimes they are in very awkward places so this

is an item that comes in very useful because it has a lot of cable you see

lots of cable and the cable goes on for a very long way so we call this

particular thing an extension extension you can call it an extension or you can

call it a power extension or an extension lead so the word lead means

something that is long like that so this thing you can see is lead it is the

power lead and at the end there is the plug and at the other end we have lots

of very useful sockets so this is an extension lead extension you make

something go further or maybe you extend something for a longer period of time

extension that is what this is called and in my studio I have two of these in

my studio and they are very useful very useful things something else that's very

useful is the thing that is attached can you see that so there is something else

that is useful and this will give me extra sockets and this thing is called

an adapter I will unplug there it is so you can see it so that thing is very

useful it is called an adapter so this will give you even more sockets so you

can draw even more and you can connect more devices to the electricity and the

one thing you will notice straight away is that here in the UK the electricity

socket is different so here you will see there are three holes many just have two

some have three and this particular one has three pins

which go into three sockets that you can see so that is what the British power

supply looks like you have three sockets three holes in which the plug will go so

that is today's everyday item and this is something that I use quite a lot in

my job as you can imagine quite often I will need to have electricity very close

to where I am the other thing I should mention of

course is safety you have to use these very safely so this particular one you

cannot use it outside and especially on a wet day so this is very useful for

inside the house however you can't really use this outside because it's not

protected in any way from the rain so there it is one of my regular everyday

items something you will see generally around you and I will be showing you

another one tomorrow as well I hope that was useful I hope it was useful if it

wasn't I'm ever so sorry I will try to be more interesting tomorrow hello mr.

Robin that was mr. Robin saying hello did you hear mr. Robin

hello also to Helena hello also - alright

Robin is getting very excited okay mr. Robin calm down it's all right there are

plenty of worms in the garden for all the birds yes calm down

I think that Robin is getting very excited yes yes we have three three pins

on hot on our plunks so you have the live you have the neutral which carries

the circuit and then you have the extra one which is the earth and that is a

safety precaution that means that if you if the electricity goes through your

body it will go straight to the ground it will go straight to the ground like

all electricity so when you see a lightning strike when lightning strikes

from the sky it will go straight to the ground it will take the shortest route

along a building or a tree to the ground so that is naturally the place where

electricity will try to get to it is completing the circuit mr. Duncan we

would be happy if you would consider making a vlog video log I've done this

in the past I've done many types of blogging in the

past but I normally find that you have a lot of interest at first and then slowly

people become uninterested so it is a thing that takes a lot of time and

effort to actually do so that's the reason why I'm doing this you see I like

to do my live streams because they are direct they are spontaneous and it also

gives you a chance to talk to me as well with text

yes you might have an electric shock if you use it on a rainy day

electricity is something that you have to respect you have to have a lot of

respect for electricity because if you don't you might literally have a nasty

shock literally hello to flower we call places

at home where we put plugs yes socket so socket is the hole so there

they are the sockets sockets a socket is a hole a hole is a socket quite often

you will use a socket to hold something for example your eye so your eyes are

actually in sockets they are held in place with muscles and also your scalp

because of the shape of the skull your eye is inside the socket so there you

can see some sockets on this particular plug so that is called a socket socket

you will see these everywhere in the UK on the walls and as you can see here on

this adapter but they all look the same they all look the same I hope that was

useful thank you very much Lina hello Lina nice

to see you here watching in Russia hello Francisca Helena my husband wants

to move to Germany but there is no see

ana pica says hi Marcelo also my sister is living in Buenos Aires with her son's

it is is it raining there well is it is it raining in Buenos Aires I don't know

I have no idea I am talking about a vlog mr. Duncan yes I know what a vlog is if

you talk on video about your life and your experiences normally you do it

every day it's a little bit like a video diary I suppose I'm not sure how many

people would be interested with my life early would you be interested to find

out about my life I don't think so I'm sure there are many more many more

interesting people I have had some nasty shocks with electricity I have some

scars on three fingers on my goodness tsukete my first question is how did you

get electrocuted how how did it happen it's not easy you might but he might not

believe this but it's not easy to actually electrocute yourself and a

peeker can you please explain the differences between electroshock and

electrocute electroshock normally refers to a type of treatment so it is

controlled so you are giving shock to someone you are giving electric shocks

to a person but they are controlled so you are giving it you are giving it to

the person electrocute is when a lot of electricity passes through your body at

once if you are struck by lightning so a

lightning strike so if lightning strikes it will go

straight for your body and it will also electrocute you to be filled with

electricity to have electricity go through your body you are electrocuted

but you can also have treatment many years ago this is something that isn't

done anymore but many years ago they used to use shock therapy by pressing

electricity through people's brains I don't think it's done very often anymore

however electric shock to the heart is still used because it's a way of

regulating or restarting a person's heart so electricity can be a good thing

and a bad thing it can be used to help someone survive a heart attack or to

control the rhythm of a person's heart

hello - Andi star hello Andy nice to see you here we must live through the time

when everything hurts that is true that is true something I mentioned in I think

I mentioned that in my happy sad lesson we must let Stephen spender I think it

was Stephen spender we must live for the time when everything hurts it is true we

have no choice that as they say is like sometimes life can give you oranges and

sometimes it gives you lemons kappa devi do you use in english the expression

to plug someone to be plugged in at work referring to take advantage of each

other being plugged there by a friend the reason why I'm laughing is because

that can also be something very rude as well so that's why I'm laughing but to

plug something if you plug something it means you block something you plug so

maybe you have a hole and you have to puts put something in the hole to block

it you plug something can we cut that out can we just cut that bit out no why

because it's live okay so plugging something if you plug

something quite often it means you are blocking a hole you are okay enough of

that no more I'm not doing that anymore promoting something you can also promote

something if you go on television to talk about your new book we can say that

you are plugging your book you are letting other people know that your book

exists oh dear hello mr. Duncan can you play

I think I need to lie down on the floor I think I do need a lie down

definitely I prefer talking to you live it is more involving the dialogue among

people is better than just one person talking Thank You Emma

yes of course this is something I always encourage I always encourage you to join

in with the live chat that is why we are here that is why we are here together to

share our love of not only the English language but of each other people all

around the world

hello also I'm sorry for losing my concentration earlier but sometimes when

I'm talking about a certain subject my brain starts doing strange things it

starts thinking about other things for which I apologize

Anna pica says I am very interested in meditation mr. Duncan I know that mr.

Steve is keen on meditation too can mr. Steve lead a meditation session for us

I'm not sure about that I would be afraid of you all falling asleep but yes

I know what you mean Steve just like meditation however recently he hasn't

been doing it as much as he should be but sometimes meditating can just be

relaxing yourself relaxing your mind sometimes you have to let go of all of

the problems in the things that are going on up here in your brain so I

think meditation can be very useful if it is done correctly last night for

example by the way we watched the latest Star Wars film last night

the rise of Skywalker was that the one and do you like my

impression of the Emperor I think I do a really good impression of the Emperor

from Star Wars hello yes rise young Skywalker yes I can

feel your hatred growing so I watched the latest Star Wars film and just

before I watched it I had a little lie down for about 10 minutes I just closed

my eyes in the dark and I had about ten minutes rest and relaxation

it was lovely and then I woke up and I felt so much better and then I watched

Star Wars and I must admit I was rather pleasantly surprised by how good it is I

thought it was quite a good film actually I think it's not bad I kept my

expectations low I thought it wasn't going to be very good at but in fact it

was I actually enjoyed the latest Star Wars film I found myself enjoying it

maybe my little relaxation helped me to have a level mind maybe I don't know but

I did enjoy it I did rather enjoy it I enjoyed it more than I thought I would

I didn't think I would like it but I did for those who are wondering I am a big

star Wars fan I went to see Star Wars in the cinema when it was first released

the first Star Wars film way back in the late 1970s I went along to see it so I

was alive before Star Wars came along so I remember life before Star Wars before

George Lucas brought us that wonderful story

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and all that sooo cat says about my

injury my injury I was five years old and I touched the metal parts of the

plug that were a little bit out of the socket

my grandma saw me and pushed me away I couldn't even I couldn't even scream

being electrocuted is not fun that's why we always try to avoid it you see being

electrocuted is not fun please don't try it at home

you see that's what you have to say nowadays you have to always say don't

try it at home don't try it hello Lena says have you seen a film

called the Highlander I'm not sure if I have I don't think I have I remember

years ago there was a TV show called Highlander and the reason why I remember

that is because one of the characters was called Duncan like me have you ever

thought of establishing an international English College

well that isn't something you can just invent unfortunately you can't just

create a college or university the first thing you need believe it or not is

money it is not something you can just do easily and there are many things you

have to do as well but yes setting up your own organization your own

educational facility is expensive to begin with so I hope that explains that

mr. Duncan where did you hide your snack I don't have any snacks I don't have

just realized I have no snacks I can't believe it it is three minutes past

three o'clock here in the UK are you having a good Saturday that is my

question are you having a good Saturday

what does it mean when you say hello Constantin what does it mean when you

say are you and mr. Steve's mother on speaking terms that means do you

communicate with each other do you chat talk communicate so if you are if you

are on speaking terms it means that you do talk to someone you communicate with

them regularly and to answer your question yes I am mr. Steve's mother at

the moment mr. Steve's mother is actually doing FaceTime so during this

strange period of time mr. Steve's mother has been doing

FaceTime with Steve and I always appear during the FaceTime sessions and

normally I will just come onto the camera very slowly and then mr. Steve's

mother will will be in hysterics sure we'll be laughing her head off

I don't know why so mr. Steve's mother actually likes me quite a lot in fact

sometimes I think maybe deep down she wishes she could swap me with Steve

I think so it's just between you and me okay no one else but I think so

I think mr. Steve's mother wishes that I could because so I think so I'm not sure

I'm not sure but please don't tell mr. Steve please he will be very angry yes

there was a movie called Highlander with Christopher Lambert Christopher Lambert

he played Highlander please mr. Duncan can you tell us some slang words for

hello and how are you in different areas of the UK I'm very curious about that

there are many ways of saying hello that are used around the UK also in the USA

in English hi yeah that's one hi yeah H I why I or why a hi-yah hi-yah hi-yah

yep yep that's another one normally in the north

you might hear people say hey yep yep how are you doing hey yep that just

means hello hey yep another one of my favorite expressions that is used in

another part of the UK is cracking cracking if something is really good if

something is enjoyable if something is amazing there is something that you find

very pleasing we can say that it is cracking cracking I had a cracking meal

last night cracking it means good amazing brilliant fantastic something is

cracking amazing brilliant enjoyable for those who know wallace and gromit

who remembers wallace and gromit quite often

wallace would say cracking cheese cracking cheese and he is saying that

the cheese is really nice so wallace and gromit would often use slang that is

used in the north cracking cheese Gromit it means it's really nice so something

that is cracking is brilliant good enjoyable something that makes you

feel nice or excited or something you found enjoyable cracking cracking sure

it is nice that mr. Steve it is nice that mr. Steve's mother likes you mr.

Duncan it is true mr. Steve's mother likes me a lot

I always make her laugh I don't know why whenever mr. Steve mum sees me she

always starts laughing Andy asks about one of my lessons do you remember your

lesson about swear words yes I do I had to make two versions I had to make the

rude version with all of the swear words and then I had to make the censored

version so even though I'm talking about swearing all of the swearing is actually

removed so to be honest with you because I censored the lesson it actually made

the whole lesson completely pointless because then I couldn't actually say the

words so you can't really censor a lesson about swearing because then it

makes the whole lesson completely pointless and it makes no sense

I like wallace and gromit a lot says Natalie Natalie happy bird and me I like

one of my favorites is the wrong trousers that was the first one the

first wallace and gromit is my favorite Oh grab it I've got the wrong trousers

yeah sorry that was a terrible impression a terrible impression of

Wallace sadly the actor who played him is now is

now dead unfortunately he died about three years ago so the actor who

played the voice of Wallace is no longer with us

sadly marine al Marine al sing asks are you married Mr Duncan oh I am NOT I am

not married and that is why I always have a smile on

my face like this

that is why mr. Duncan how cannot mr. Steeves mother love you you are lovable

thank you very much I love wallace and gromit yes they are very funny I like

the cheese though the cheese is very nice but but I'm wearing the wrong

trousers Instagram apparently did anyone see Johnny Depp

why do I do this why do i watch things that I know are gonna be terrible why do

i watch things that I know are going to be awful on Instagram has anyone seen

Johnny Depp apparently Johnny Depp has started

making videos and doing live streams on Instagram apparently and I saw I saw a

little bit of it it looks as if he's actually in a cave inside a cave he

looks like he's in a cave it's a very strange video I have a feeling that

Johnny Depp is not enjoying his lockdown I think so in fact there are celebrities

everywhere making their own live streams now and I started it I started live

streams in 2016 my regular live streams have been here for nearly four years and

now all of these celebrities are coming along and they are hijacking the live

streams they are saying oh look at me why I I've won an Oscar and and now I'm

doing my my my housework look at me look at look I'm doing my housework I'm

cleaning my windows in my big mansion what unique arena says I really like

postman pat and his black and white cat can you name postman Pat's cat go on I'm

sure someone will what is the name of postman pets cat I will give you a few

seconds to answer the question

what is the name our postman Pat's cat what is his name what is his name or her

name anyone know postman pat has a

black-and-white cat and early in the morning he goes out pushing his packages

through people's letter boxes I tried that once

unfortunately Johnny Depp has no Oscar yet I have a feeling he might not ever

win an Oscar they have sacked him from Pirates of the

Caribbean which I always find quite odd because he was the main character in

Pirates of the Caribbean but they are making a new Pirates of the Caribbean

movie without Johnny Depp that doesn't make any sense

that's like having that's like having Seinfeld without Seinfeld that's like

having Terminator without Arnie that's like having Disneyland without Mickey


what is the know unique arena I have a feeling unique arena is a very big

Postman Pat fan I think so the name of the cat postman Pat's black and white

cat is called Jess you are right Jess I think Jess is a girl's name isn't it I

think it can be both I think they're named Jess can actually be a girl or a

boy it is one of those names that you can give to either so I think Jess

can be used as an abbreviation of Jessica but also I think it can also be

a male name as well who knows in these crazy mixed-up times

who knows what's what I certainly don't know

Jamelia says Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors I really liked him as

the Mad Hatter in the remake of Alice in Wonderland also mr. Duncan why aren't

you saying anything else after that I didn't can I just be honest I didn't

really like the remake of Alice in Wonderland I would love to tell you why

but unfortunately the story would go on far too long far too long mr. Duncan you

said that you are not married and you are smiling I'm smiling because I'm

single I have never met a single man who genuinely says that he hates not

being married have you ever met a divorced man sometimes they are very

exuberant they can be very exuberant so that's my answer to that question mr.

Duncan you are one of the first pioneers of live stream Juke tainment I like that

a Jew a Jew tainment education entertainment I'm not sure if I'm the

Pioneer but I'm certainly someone who started doing it before most other

people but now of course we have all of celebrities all of the celebrities have

taken over they've taken my my beautiful sunlight now I have to sit alone in the

shade whilst Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks sit in their

big huge expensive mansions and talk about eggs and boiling water one day

everyone will forget me I will be just a distant memory marine al Singh asks what

else do you do apart from YouTube nothing I don't have

time to do anything else I'm always on here I have a feeling that many people's

TVs and also monitors on their computers must have my image as screen burn on

their on their monitor or on their screens because I seem to appear on the

on the internet all the time at the moment so this is what I do always I

don't really have time to do anything else to be honest and a peeker we're

going to talk about something else in a minute by the way something else ability

disability do you know someone who is disabled Casius France hello - Casius

friends I think Casius France is very

inquisitive because he wants to know who is this guy who who is this guy talking

on the computer at the moment who is he who is he I want all the information let

me know who he is now my name is Duncan I live in England I'm standing in my

garden at the moment and I am a Leo is that okay is that enough information

dragon gamer is here as well hello to you dragon gamer are you gaming at the

moment I've always wondered if you if you play

computer games all the time do you get pain in your fingers I don't know why I

always imagined people who play computer games all the

time they must they must have terrible terrible pain in their fingers because

they're doing this all the time they're moving their hands and their fingers so

often so some people use the controller and some people use their keyboard when

they're playing computer games well what about your hands in your

wrists they must really hurt after a while they must pal Mira says you are

like the embodiment of YouTube I'm not sure about that it is that a compliment

I remember years ago when YouTube was just videos of babies biting total

disfigure x' pandas sneezing and some guy singing about Chocolate Rain

see I remember YouTube years ago and then there was me and that was it there

was only about seven or eight people on YouTube and I was one of them I was one

of them some people say I still AM hello so bad teacher hi so bad teacher look

I'm so excited I'm waving with both hands look double wave I don't do that

very often so you should go away and tell all of your friends and relatives

that you got a double wave from mr. Duncan and they will have no idea what

you're talking about hello what is embodiment embodiment is

something that takes on the appearance of something else maybe it represents a

certain thing so the embodiment is something that represents a feeling or

maybe a good cause a person who is doing something that represents some sort of

emotion or action the embodiment the embodiment I like that

Vitesse asks did you manage to watch the movie UHF no I'm watching that tonight I

might be watching UHF or Napoleon Dynamite I'm not sure so it's one or the

other last night I watched Star Wars dude did

added a digit it did today I watched Star Wars last night

and I enjoyed it I kept my expectations low and I actually enjoyed it I did

enjoy the bits with Princess Leia because of course unfortunately Carrie

Fisher died before they started filming the final film the final chapter from

Star Wars and The Adventures of Luke Skywalker hmm what's that what did I

think of the movie it was alright yes I quite liked the bits where Princess Leia

they were obviously using footage that they had spare from the other movies but

I thought they did it very well I thought it was very well done and yes I

did feel a little excited at the end I'm not saying why I'm not saying what

happened I don't want to give you any spoilers but there was a couple of

moments near the end of the movie that made me smile I don't know why I wasn't

expecting to smile but I did so for some reason I actually quite liked it I quite

liked the rise of Skywalker him it is very good when you have it you have a

sore throat I found you can do a very good impression of the Emperor from Star

Wars eunuch arena says Carrie Fisher

who can forget Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi when she was wearing that

very very revealing bikini and the bikini was was made of metal it looked

very uncomfortable and a peeker mr. Duncan what is it in English if you eat

something it means you spread it out you make it last longer you try to make

something last longer you eek eeeek spread you try to make

something last longer than it normally would maybe you only have a little bit

of milk left in your refrigerator so you will have to eat that out you will have

to extend the usage because you only have a little bit left eek you eke out

something it's a great word what what forget what says dragon gamer I enjoyed

that that was a good comment that might be my favorite comment today I think

that's the best one would you like it if someone mean would you like it if

someone who was a fan of yours would go to England especially to meet you I

think I would be very afraid I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel if

someone came all the way to England just to see me I think I would be very very

surprised and also maybe a little just a little bit afraid just a little bit so a

little bit afraid slightly afraid but very surprised big surprise

just a little bit afraid we can say eek during lockdown during these weird times

yes to eke out your food so maybe you only have a certain amount of food so

you have to make sure that food will last all the way through this very weird

time can you answer what mean indeed indeed well when we say indeed we are

saying definitely something that is very true something that is very real indeed

yes it is nice to meet you indeed very much definitely genuinely dragon gamer

says you call me you call me what do I call you I haven't called you anything

hello all so jamelia what is your favorite music mr. Duncan

my favorite music do you mean music or musical if I if I had to choose my

favorite musical that will be very difficult maybe less miserable and also

maybe maybe return to the Forbidden Planet because I like that show that

it's one of my favorite shows those fears are mr. Steeves fears I'm not sure

are they I don't know if they are or not I like your channel

I am from Moscow hello to Moscow how are you today

Jenny Romero says in London not England well I'm not in London however I am in

England England is the country London is the city so there is a big difference

Lina is going by mr. Duncan I will join you tomorrow I will try to join you

tomorrow at 4 p.m. because that is when it is 2 o'clock in the UK so you are 2

hours ahead of the UK ok I understand now

hello also - I'm enjoying your messages today by the way even the nasty ones I'm

enjoying them I can't begin to tell you what they do but they do some very

pleasant things for me thank you very much Jamelia says The Phantom of the

Opera is my favorite yeah yes I suppose so

I suppose Sarah Brightman now I remember Sarah Brightman when she appeared many

years ago in a pop video and it was very very suggestive she was very different

way back in the late 1970s so I actually remember Sarah Brightman

in a very early years before Phantom of the Opera

before she decided to marry Andrew Lloyd Webber

hello also to sound teacher I am from Algeria and I am proud of you thank you

very much that's very kind of you I don't mind meeting my viewers but you

can imagine you can imagine why I would feel a little bit worried especially if

someone is coming all the way from their country just to see me

I would be a little worried a little concerned a few years ago I did actually

meet one of my viewers and also her students as well she actually came to

stay in London and we actually met up we all met up together in

stratford-upon-avon and we had a great time so it as it has happened in the

past I have met some of my viewers in the past but I don't do it very often

I don't do it very often as you know I'm a very private person

very private your channel popped up on my phone when

I was looking for English news since then I have never stopped watching you

thank you Anna that is very kind of you to say thank

you always Weasley Weasley oh yes I see run Weasley it's Ron Weasley guess what

Ron Weasley is going to be a father I really want to say something there about

magic ones but I'm not going to but you know what I'm saying yeah you know magic

one you see please yourself

ROG says what a beautiful garden the garden is looking rather nice today

because we have a lot of sunshine I don't know what's happening here in the

UK in the UK at the moment everything is lovely we have lots of beautiful

sunshine the birds are singing the sky is blue but we have to stay in our

houses what is a person supposed to do

mr. Duncan can you do a list about the best qualities and your defects of you

and mr. Steve I've done that before you might not remember but around two years

ago we did a livestream where we talked

about our faults so the things that we are good at or things that we are not

good at or maybe things that are in our characters that are good or bad for

example mr. Steve was moaning I can't remember what he said now it was

something to do with my feet I'm sure he said I have smelly feet but it's not

true it is not true I do not have smelly feet it is not true

dragon gamer says I really appreciate your channel but sometimes it gives me

goose bumps I think is what you want goose bumps why does it give you goose

bumps is it exciting hello to Maria you can get goose bumps on your skin when

you are excited so it doesn't just mean that you are cold or afraid but you can

get it excited and your hair will stand on end

it can happen do you support any football team no I don't I don't play

football I don't support any football teams to be honest I don't really follow

football at all hello also al khair do you like Harry

Potter I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter I have a feeling that I'm outside the

target aids that they're looking for to be honest really so I'm not a big fan of

Harry Potter I remember once I was watching a Harry Potter film and I fell

asleep watching it I was watching Harry Potter I think it was the third the

third film and I fell asleep I don't think that's ever happened in my life I

don't think I've ever fall asleep during a movie in my life except

that Harry Potter film hi mr. Denker I am late I am very sorry but the painting

that I'm doing is the reason so please can you blame the painting I will

hello Pradeep Pradeep nice to see you here today

how far is your town from London a very long way a very long way around 160 165

maybe a hundred and seventy miles away from London so I live very far from

London in fact I am very near Wales have you ever heard of Wales not the sea

creature not the sea creature with the blowhole I mean Wales as in the country

very beautiful Helena says I love your videos thank you very much thanks a lot

if San is san a sacar asks which grief

that was mr. crow saying hello which Greek god do you believe in well I don't

really believe in any Greek gods to be honest

hello nice door hello mr. Duncan how are you I am okay do you like that that is

my new song by the way it's called how are you today I'm okay that's actually

the title of the song Wales is awesome says Joe Carl you are right I absolutely

love Wales it is one of the most beautiful places if you've never been to

Wales you've never seen anywhere it has some of the most beautiful

valleys hills the rolling landscape of Wales is one of the most beautiful

things you can ever see so if you ever come to the UK don't forget you can also

visit Wales very nice beautiful mr. Duncan please say hello to Columbia

bucket Baga TOA hello to you my family and I are watching you now hello to

Jenny Jenny Romero watching in Colombia a big hello to you nice to see you here

please answer my question please answer my question

well seeing that you asked me so nicely I want to improve my English what should

I do hello so add teacher what should I do to

improve my English as I always say you should make English part of your life do

it every day listen read write speak all of these things combined together can

help you to improve your English but you must do it every day you have to give

yourself time to listen read and speak as well a lot of people think that

speaking English is the hardest part and they are right it is it is the hardest


a lot of people are very interested in my fashion today I don't know why I have

to wear these things you see to cover up my body or else YouTube will punish me I

did try it once I once did a lesson completely naked and YouTube they said

come on mr. Duncan you can't do that I'm sorry it's not allowed and a peeker what

was your best trip that you ever had in your life in the past that is that is a

very hard one to answer I suppose every trip that I've ever taken has had

something new or fresh to reveal to me so every trip every holiday every

journey that I've taken always has something new and of course something

different however I would say that I enjoyed my time in China I worked in

China for many years I also enjoyed my time in Malaysia as well also Turkey I

enjoyed my time there so I've been to many countries many countries new when

chuan says have a nice day mr. Duncan I really like your videos thank you very

much new an un Shan watching in Vietnam see you later

so we're going to look at words connected to disability it might be a

hard subject to talk about I know sometimes these things are

subjects that are very difficult to talk about but I think there are some

interesting things that can be discussed and looked at especially from the point

of view of teaching English so there are many words and phrases that we can use

when we are talking about disability when we say disability when we say a

person has a disability what are we actually saying what are we actually


can you please show us some pictures of whales tomorrow maybe if I'm in the

studio if I'm in the studio I can't if I'm here then I can't but I will try why

does everyone want me to sing I'm not going to sing I'm not a performing

animal in a circus so let's have a look I have a lot of paper here a lot of

paper so the word I want to look at first is disability a person with a

disability is someone who has something that stops them from doing a certain

thing something that prevents them from doing something in a certain way you

might hear the word normal used I personally don't like that word because

then you are judging there is a certain type of judgment being pressed when you

use the word normal after all what is normal are you normal am i normal

is anyone normal so disability is something that a person cannot do that

sets them aside or maybe something that needs extra attention a person who has a

disability and let's face it there are many many different types of disability

to have a disability is to be disabled disabled again many people talk about

this particular issue some people however feel uncomfortable they feel

that this is a very difficult thing to talk about to be disabled

and I myself have experienced disability not from my own life personally but from

my mother so my mother is disabled so I do have a lot of experience with that

particular subject we often think of disability relating to physical

disability physical disability so something that you cannot do something

you are unable to do because of a certain disability hello Valentine hello

Yuna Corina nice to see you here I really appreciate the crows in your

garden they are so beautiful the crows are ok but sometimes they are

very noisy especially in the morning so sometimes I get woken up in the morning

sometimes my neighbor's cock will wake me up and sometimes the crows will also

wake me up and sometimes both at the same time physical you can also have

learning disabilities as well so a person who is unable to learn as fast or

as quickly as other people may be a person who needs extra time to learn

things learning disability quite often in many countries around the world

certainly certainly over the last 2025 years there has been a lot of provision

for those with disabilities so the word provision means things that are provided

services may be things to help a person's life to go easier or to give

them help extra help so over the years there have

been a lot of provisions for those with disabilities here in the UK I suppose

over the past 20 years there have been many things that have come along to make

the lives of those with disabilities much easier we often think of extra care

for those who have physical disabilities so when we talk about disability quite

often we will talk about physical disability things you can and cannot do

things that you do every day in your life that you are unable to do so many

types of disability concern physical movement and we do have care for those

who have physical disabilities we often think of physical disabilities as being

a very common form of any disability a

person can be disabled from birth maybe they are born with a disability so you

can be born with a disability

the birds sound very happy today you might be disabled from an injury maybe a

car accident over the years we have probably read heard seen stories of

people who have had their lives changed after a terrible event some sort of

injury maybe a car accident maybe some sort of accident whilst you are on

holiday you will be amazed how many people go on holiday and get injured

whilst away because they often try things that they don't normally do they

often try to do things that they don't normally try so sometimes we become very

adventurous when we go on holiday we try new things that we wouldn't normally do

at home and it is amazing how many people injure themselves and sometimes

they injure themselves very seriously and they become disabled from injury

something that they've done has gone wrong and they have suffered terrible


here's a strange story last year one of Steve's friends went on holiday and they

went to a tennis club to play tennis a very ordinary thing you would think a

very simple thing nothing too dangerous playing tennis

how can playing tennis be dangerous well I suppose it isn't however one of mr.

Steve's friends was playing tennis and he was trying to catch the ball as it

was going over the net and as he moved his hand he caught his ring his ring

finger caught the side of the net and it ripped his finger off his finger

was ripped off for playing tennis it's not a what isn't that amazing so you can

go and have an innocent game of tennis and lose a finger

and that's what happened one of Steve's friends he went on holiday and he came

back on the aeroplane with his finger hanging off his hand he was still there

needless to say they couldn't save the finger the finger had to go it had to go

so even the most innocent things can cause serious injury or something that

can change your life forever so I suppose losing one of your fingers

isn't such a big thing when you think about it if you lose a finger so you

might see that as a serious injury but not one that would change your life

forever I think so you can of course become disabled from illness from

illness so in illness that affects you in a certain way might cause you to

become disabled in some way that's what happened to my mother my mother many

years ago caught polio so my mother had polio as a child and it affected all of

the nerves in her body but it affected one of her legs very seriously which

meant she couldn't walk properly so my mother became disabled through illness a

terrible illness called polio fortunately it is an illness that not

many people have anymore so that is what caused my mother's

disability Joe Carl hello Joe nice to see you here we have to be grateful when

we are healthy quite often we we don't realize how amazing it is to

have our health anything any part of your body anything to do with your

physical well-being it is incredible we just wake up in the

morning we get out of bed we don't even think about it

however when something goes wrong when we become ill or if something happens to

us certainly you realize wow that's that's a pretty amazing thing when you

think about it I can just get out of bed I can open my eyes and jump out of bed

and get ready for work and everything is alright and then one day something goes

wrong it all changes hello - are we or are e Hasan please mr. Duncan I would

like to invite you to Norway it is a very nice place and safe yes Norway I've

never thought of going to Norway before never thought of it Sweden that's

another place I've never been to Sweden neither and a peeker we have to be

grateful when we are healthy instead we often think that being well is normal

and of course we always take it for granted

we take our health for granted as long as you feel healthy you don't think

about it it's only when your health starts to fade or something goes wrong

that you change your mind and then you realise how important it is to be


the words that we use to describe someone who is disabled well first of

all the word handicapped was used in the past but nowadays disabled or challenged

is used instead so the word handicapped we're used to refer to people with

disabilities as handicapped here in the UK we don't use that word we don't use

it anymore we use the words disabled or challenged so a person who has a

physical disability we can say that they are physically challenged physically

challenged there is something in their lives that is hard to do physically so

the word handicapped is not really used anymore

here in the UK it is seen as negative and maybe in some cases offensive

however the word handicapped is still used in the USA so you will often see

the word handicapped used in the USA you will see it on signs you will hear

people described as handicapped a person who has a disability is handicapped

however here in the UK we don't use that word however it is still used in the USA

they will still use the word handicapped

here are two examples of signs that you might see you might have handicapped

parking so there you can see a sign and on it there is a symbol showing a person

in a wheelchair handicapped parking so this particular sign is used in the USA

so this one is actually from the USA and it says handicapped parking

compare that with one in the UK so this one is a UK sign and as you can see this

sign is very different instead of handicapped they use the word disabled

so this is telling you that this parking space is for disabled people only it is

true that many people who are disabled have someone who will drive them around

in a car or of course they might still be able to drive the car themselves as

well so even if you have disability you might have the ability to drive so it

doesn't necessarily mean if you are disabled that you can't drive it doesn't

necessarily mean that

so without going into too much detail without too much detail there are many

ways of describing certain types of disability blind a person who has no

vision a person who cannot see you might be blind from birth a person might be

blind through an accident or an injury or of course there are many diseases and

illnesses that can actually cause a person to lose their sight you might not

realize it but there are more diseases and illnesses that can affect your

eyesight then you realize even something like an infection can cause serious

damage to your eyes so a blind person a person who cannot see from birth or

through an accident or through illness

to be deaf to have no hearing you can't hear you can't hear things you can't

hear sounds so a person who is deaf cannot hear I remember when I used to go

to Malaysia there was a friend that we made and he was deaf and he taught he

taught us how to use sign language and mr. Steve was fascinated by it

I still remember mr. Steve learning all of the sign languages the sign symbols

that you use with your hammers I don't remember all of them the only ones I

remember is friend so this one is friend friend and the

other one is this one can you can you can you guess what that means so this is

another sign language can you guess what that means right here

it's going to be one of those days a person who is disabled may also have

limited movement something is wrong something is missing you can say a

person who has a limb missing has a physical problem or a physical

disability they have limited movement there is an interesting thing on

television and a few people have mentioned this here in the UK there is a

lady who is a weather reporter and quite often she will appear on television and

she has only one arm and she's reading the weather she's doing the weather

forecast and she has only one arm which i think is amazing I don't want to sound

patronizing because that's the problem if you say that that is a good thing you

sound like you are being patronizing but I'm not but I think it's it's a it it's

a very brave thing to do not only for the BBC but also for the lady as well

because you might find that many people will be prejudiced or or maybe they will

think it's funny so you have limited movement but quite often having a

physical disability doesn't mean that you can't have a normal life what is the

sign mr. Duncan can you please tell us

it means going for a poop joke al you are right oh dear one day I might get

through one of my live streams without mentioning poop I might one day I will I

will be going soon by the way can you believe it I've been hot I've been on

here for nearly two hours two hours here's another one a person who moves

around using a wheelchair we will describe them often as a wheelchair user

a wheelchair user so a person who uses a wheelchair to move around we will

describe them as a wheelchair user it is amazing

over the years how many how many I'm just looking at the comments some of

your comments by the way today are amazing it is amazing how many sports

have actually been converted so people in wheelchairs can actually play them

have you ever seen wheelchair tennis wheelchair tennis you need a lot of

strength and agility to play tennis whilst in a wheelchair it's not easy it

sounds easy but it isn't so a wheelchair user is a person who is in a wheelchair

they move around using a wheelchair

but that doesn't mean that you can't have a life doesn't of course not all

disabilities are total or complete quite often we will say a person has a partial

disability partial for example maybe a person can see but only partially maybe

they have some disease that affects their eyes that means that their sight

is not that good however they can still see but only partially you can have

partial sight not complete so when we talk about things that are partial it

means they are not complete they are not completely there something is only

partial you have partial sight you have partial hearing Thank You mr. pheasant I

can definitely hear you that is almost it for today I can't believe how fast

today's live stream has gone it has gone so fast today I hope you've enjoyed

today's live stream the birds are so excited especially the black birds

because at the moment at the moment many black birds are building their nests

they are preparing to lay their eggs and raise their young so everything is going

on at the moment here in the UK there are many people who use wheelchairs in

the UK you will often see them of course nowadays wheelchairs are pretty cool

people will often ride around in buggies have you ever seen them disabled buggies

so it's a small vehicle that you can actually ride around it to be honest

with you I would actually like one of those who myself

I like the idea of having one of those I'm not being offensive there by the way

in case anyone gets upset but they do look pretty cool I must be honest Rohan

Rohan mr. Duncan would you explain the difficult words when you speak to is you

have a very big and nice garden thank you very much the garden is quite

nice today because the weather is good when the weather is nice I always think

the garden looks nice as well Ernesto mr. Duncan is the word dwarf used as an

offensive word fat that is a big one we don't often call people who are short or

diminutive so a person who is diminutive is a person who is short or small so you

can say a little person a little person so little people I know it sounds

strange and may be comical but it is that is one of the phrases and words

that you use when you describe someone who is very short or small Shawn says

once one day my friend wrongly made a finger symbol to a deaf person and that

person got scared eventually we realized that my friend said they wanted to kill

him without knowing the actual meaning well I suppose so you have to be careful

if you're using your hands and if you are talking in front of someone who

might use sign language I suppose you have to be careful how you use your your

hands and of course there are different types of sign language there is British

sign language British sign language and American sign language

Thank You marina yes your live stream was very funny thank you very much I'm

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UK time that time again 2 p.m. UK time see you tomorrow hello Rohan can you

explain the difficult words if I ever use any big words or difficult words I

always try to explain them I will always try my best is there any difference

between the words choir and chorus that is an interesting an actual interesting

thing because the choir is normally a group that sings the chorus normally are

the people who sing at the back in a show so maybe if you have a stage show

you have the people at the front who are performing and they are the main actors

but at the back you have other people who are all singing together and they

are known as the chorus I wish mr. Steve was here because he knows all about that

because that's what he does you see quite often he sings on the stage

thank you very much for your lovely comments today it's been a busy day a

busy livestream I am going to enjoy the rest of my Saturday I'm going to have a

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Ernesto I wish to watch you again and also mr. Steve with his posh accent okay

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catch you later this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of the English language

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