Hello, there, and welcome.

I'm Bob Proctor, and I had something happen just today.

That I thought, I've got to make a video and put it out.

Because I'll bet there's a lot of people who'd like

to know this information.

I was talking to a group of New York Life salespeople.

And one lady said that she just couldn't work any harder.

And I said, "Listen, I've got something for you

I'm going to dig up and I'm going to give it to you."

I said, "I started to study Napoleon Hill in 1961.

Now, I've started my 59th year studying with him.

And I really thought the answer was

if I could just work a little harder, do a little more,

you know, put in a little more time.

And I've found in this book, he said,

"There are 30 major causes of failure."

And he said, "There's 13 principles of success."

One of them had to do with her problem.

Now listen, I am going to send those to that lady,

but she had to do something to get them.

And if you would like to find out

what those 30 major principles are.

See, she thought she had to work harder to earn more money,

and I said, "That's not true at all."

I said, "You know, Napoleon Hill said,

"If you're one of those people who believe hard work

and honesty alone will bring riches,

"he said, 'Perish the thought," that's not true.

Riches want they come in huge quantities,

are never the result of hard work.

Riches come often, come at all and response

to definite demands.

And based on application of definite principles.

And not by chance or luck.

See, there's probably a definite

demand for what you are doing.

But you understand the principles.

He says "When riches come, they come in

responses to definite demands based

upon the application of definite principles

and not by chance or luck."

Do you know what the principles are?

I've been studying them for 60 years.

It's helped me earn millions of dollars.

I took up a pen years ago and I said "I'm going to

built a company that operates all over the world."

We are operating in 110 countries today.

I don't have an MBA, I'm not a university grade.

But I am a student of why do people win.

And I'm going to tell you.

If you are not following those principles,

you going to work hard and you'll never get anywhere.

And now if you want to know what they are,

I want you to click on link.

And I will mail you them.

I will send you those principles.

And then if you turn them into habits,

that's what I've done.

You're going to be on your way to the races.

You see, Albert L. Gray, wrote

a talk way back in 1938-39.

And it was the common denominator of success.

He said "The common denominator of success isn't

form in the habit of doing things failures

don't like to do."

You know what failures don't like to do?

They don't like following these principles.

And they don't even know what they are.

You know what they are and you know

what they'll give you I guaranty you'll fall along.

You'll do what I did.

You will make them a part of who you are.

Like that.

I can earn money, I can build a company,

I can do whatever I want.

And you want to know something?

That's God gives to us the ability

to do whatever we want.

But we've got to find the rules.

That's the rules.

Click on the link.

Let me send you these.

You'll be glad I did.

I've sent to that lady.

It was Bob Proctor.

Thank you.