A lot of people have asked, Mr Duncan, why don't  you do any filming around the place in which you  

live? Well today I've decided to put that right.  Here I am in the place that I am rather happy  

to call home. This is Much Wenlock in Shropshire,  which is in the UK. Nice to see you here today. 

I hope you are feeling well. I'm in the church yard  at the moment. This is a beautiful church yard,  

autumn is in the air, it's a very crisp day here  in England and everything is rather nice to be  

honest. Behind me... just behind, me you  might not be able to see it at the moment  

because of the angle of the camera, but Holy  Trinity church just behind me. A very old  

medieval church going back hundreds of years  and I suppose I should also mention the strange  

situation that we are in at the moment  here and of course all around the world.  

As lots and lots of people are now dealing  with coronavirus, covid19, the terrible lurgy.  

'Lurgy', that's an interesting word. Lurgy  means bug or infection. Something that might  

spread diseases is a lurgy, or maybe if you come  down with a cold or something that makes you feel  

unwell, you might say that you have the lurgy.  Anyway enough of that, we are going to take in  

a few sights of the place in which I live and  of course we will have some little looks, some  

little peeps at the autumnal weather that  we are enjoying right now here in England!

Needless to say, the past few  months have been quite chaotic,  

both here in England and around the world. As people become used to the new way of  

doing things, the towns have become more busy,  with people going out again Albeit hesitantly.

Depending on where you live in England  will decide what types of restrictions  

those in that area will have to observe. Here in Much Wenlock, the restrictions  

have been less obstructive, than say  those imposed in the north of England.

Many shops have reopened and people  are able to move around more freely.  

The most apparent rule in place is the one  concerning the wearing of face coverings. 

Those entering shops are required  to wear face masks at all times. 

Public houses and restaurants while having no  enforced face mask rules, still have restrictions  

in place concerning social distancing. For many living in England, these rules  

have become quite confusing, as they  do tend to vary from area to area.

Fortunately for us, the county of Shropshire is  where Much Wenlock is situated, which affords this  

area a great deal of freedom, as Shropshire is one  of the least densely populated regions in England.

Fewer people means more space to exist in.

Of course when given the choice, most people  would prefer to live in a town or city,  

where there are more things to do and many  more places to go to for entertainment.

At least they were before the various lockdown  restrictions were introduced during 2020.

You know, I've always wondered what  it must be like to be one of those  

roving reporters one of those reporters  that tends to stand on street corners doing  

live commentary, or maybe recorded commentary  to camera. Well now I'm doing it right here in  

Much Wenlock and I must be honest with you, one of  the things I always notice if you do any filming  

near a main road, you will find that the traffic  will always slow down because people think maybe  

perhaps you are not a reporter from  the local newspaper. Maybe you are  

actually a policeman recording the cars, just  to make sure that they are all traveling at the  

correct speed. So you will notice whenever  you actually start filming near a roadside  

you will always notice that the traffic will  slow down it will all start to slow down...  

and occasionally people will also sound their car  horn as well, like like that guy behind me just  

did. There is one thing I have noticed over the  past few days. The traffic and I suppose people  

in general have started going out more and more.  It would appear that things are slowly beginning  

to get back to normal. It's hard to believe  that a couple of months ago you wouldn't  

see any traffic on the roads, but now as you can  see there is a lot going on. Many - many people,  

lots of traffic and many people now going  about their usual business, as if everything  

has returned back to normal. As we all  know, we are a long way from normality.

Well the weather forecast has called for rain this  afternoon. There is rain in the air right now,  

so I think it is time for me to end  this short video. I hope you've enjoyed  

it. Catch me again soon for another English  lesson and also don't forget my live streams  

as well. This is Mr Duncan in Much Wenlock,  in England saying - thanks for watching,  

catch you later and of course  until the next time we meet here...

ta ta for now.