oh oh my goodness i will say one thing walking is  very exhausting especially when you are walking  

through lots and lots of mud welcome to a very  muddy day here in england we are now live and i  

am slightly out of breath for which i apologize  but i have just been walking up a huge hill and  

also i had to set my equipment up and that is  what i have just done and here we are again  

something is slightly different today i am  outside yes you may have noticed already  

i'm not in the studio i am not  in the garden i am actually  

out and about walking around the english  countryside but i suppose the big question is  

am i going to appear on camera of course you just  saw me walking across the hill can i just say  

this is not the place where i was actually  going to do my live stream from i was going  

to do it from somewhere else but unfortunately  we've had so much rain over the past few days  

it is really wet everywhere is muddy in  fact it's quite dangerous to walk around  

anyway there you can see some of the views looking  across into the distance i will try to zoom in  

so you can see it a little bit clearer so there  we go oh yes that seems to be working quite well  

so zooming in on the live stream today i'm using  my ipad to broadcast so i hope it works all right  

and of course i hope you can hear me all right  if you can hear me please say mr duncan we can  

hear you perfectly and then we can carry on so  there is the view right now it's a lovely day  

it feels rather autumnal it isn't warm even though  the sun is out and you might notice that the sky  

is looking rather nice as well we have  some blue sky we have some white clouds but  

everything is looking rather nice today so  there it is looking out into the distance

oh i just dropped my big stick so there it is  the english countryside live from england and  

yes we are now into what is it day day 20. is it  really day 20 wow it is now day 20 of the lockdown  

in england so we are still in lockdown  many people are having to stay at home  

especially if they live very close to each  other so i suppose in many ways i'm quite lucky  

because i don't have to worry about that because  i live in the countryside there are not many  

people living nearby so actually i am able to hop  over the fence at the back of my house and i can  

go for a walk but i suppose i should show myself  where are you mr duncan we saw you very briefly  

at the start of the live stream but where  are you please reveal yourself okay then  

let's do it it's official i am here oh there you  are hi everybody yes it is official i am here now  

on youtube i hope you are feeling good today i'm  feeling rather happy i must say look at that oh  

i've just noticed look at the the landscape behind  me wow it really does look very autumnal look at  

all of the autumn leaves that have fallen from the  trees so it really does look quite autumnal today

thank you very much for joining me yes i am  out and about i i couldn't resist to be honest  

now the weather forecast for tomorrow apparently  is very good so i was going to do my live stream  

tomorrow but of course many people now have  i've got used to seeing me on wednesday  

with my live streams so that's the reason why i'm  here today although i might do one tomorrow who  

knows i might actually join you tomorrow if the  weather is really nice tomorrow i might actually  

do a live stream then as well so i'm here now with  you i hope you can see me and hear me i'm using my  

mobile device and i suppose i should say hello  to the live chat hello live chat nice to see you  

here today now of course before my live stream  begins many people leave messages on the live  

chat so i'm going to have a look at some of  the messages that were left earlier hello to  

gabriella hello to you hello sandra also amira  nice to see you here as well today luke hello  

luke i am very happy to see you thank you very  much i'm quite happy to see you as well very  

nice to see so many people joining in already we  have guliyu hello gulu i love your name by the way  

is it your real name or is it a nickname a  person's nickname so sometimes when people  

go on the internet they don't want to use their  real name you see they like to use a nickname  

some people also say pseudonym you can  say pseudonym so a person has a pseudonym  

it is not their real name it is a name that  they use when they are doing something else  

hello to sandra it's so nice to see you here  where you belong thank you very much glutius  

is watching in oh hello california eileen is here  in california how are things going there i know at  

the moment in the united states things are quite  i suppose the word is chaotic for some people it  

is a very chaotic time a little bit like here in  england you see so here in england we are having  

lots of chaos for various reasons and i'm sure  you might be having a little bit of chaos as well  

hello also oh hello to nilam hello niilam who  is watching in india so your real name is neelam  

thank you very much thank you also beatriz is  here beatrice thank you very much to you as well  

hello belarusia nice to see you here i know there  are a lot of things going on in your life at the  

moment and we all wish you the best from myself  and also mr steve and everyone here on the live  

chat mohsen hello to you as well i couldn't  resist coming outside it's such a lovely day  

and you might also hear occasionally you might  hear some gunfire because the the farmers  

are out and about and they are doing a  little bit of shooting they are shooting  

i think they might be shooting rabbits i'm not  sure because i know it isn't pheasants because  

it's not the pheasant season so that normally  starts during december as christmas arrives  

uh so i don't think it's no i think it must  be rabbits so if you hear the occasional bang  

don't worry it isn't an angry farmer  pointing his gun at me nothing like that  

so don't don't be afraid don't be scared  please also my voice is going already excuse me

i can't believe it because the air is very very  damp i think it's gone onto my throat already  

all right so i had a little walk before i started  my live stream so i was walking for quite a while  

hello also to oh hello to thank you belarusia you  are welcome and of course you are always welcome  

here and everyone here does wish you the best  always as i said including myself and mr steve  

snow white hello snow white helias from greece  hello to you snow white angel how are things at  

the moment in greece now to be honest with you  i don't want you to be offended by this but we  

don't hear much news at the moment from greece so  at the moment here in england we are talking about  

two main subjects can you guess what they are  we are talking about coronavirus or should i say  

the vaccine at the moment so many people at the  moment are getting very excited because it would  

appear that there are some vaccines on the horizon  there might be some light at the end of the tunnel  

and the other thing we're talking about here at  the moment in england is brexit as well because at  

the end of this year it is official that is it we  will be leaving completely officially the european  

union completely so that is happening at the end  of this year so i suppose the two hot topics here  

in england are brexit and the dreaded coronavirus  or should i say the vaccine for the virus so yes  

lots of people talking about that it is very sad  that the farmers are shooting the rabbits it does  

happen so i suppose one of the things you have to  remember about being in the countryside is you are  

on farm land so there are lots of farms around  here and sometimes the farmers have to control  

the the animals that are in that area so  sometimes they do have to take a few of them out

if you know the meaning of that if you take  someone out well first of all i suppose there  

are two meanings to take someone out you can  take someone out by maybe treating them to a meal  

at a lovely restaurant you see or  maybe you can take someone out by

killing them not to put too fine a  point on it and let's face it i didn't  

let's have a look at some of the questions  oh we do have some questions coming through  

what does intrusive mean that question comes from  partapp hello partapp nice to see you here today  

on the live chat part app intrusive if something  is intrusive it means it is a thing that  

intrudes on your privacy something that is  intrusive a thing that tries to find out  

details of your personal life or your private  affairs so intrusive you might say that cctv  

cameras that you see quite often around the towns  and the cities you might say that cctv cameras  

are quite intrusive because some people feel that  it takes away their privacy so i suppose that's  

one of the things you could say about things that  intrude or things that intrude on your privacy  

privacy so something that intrudes is intrusive  you are describing the thing that is taking away  

your privacy hello vitas vitas is here as well  you may notice the moderators are here today  

partapp how do you become a moderator well some of  my special moderators on here have been watching  

me for a very very long time and they are  normally on my live streams every single week  

so over time you see that is how you become a  moderator so for example we have pedro belmont  

for example luis mendes vitas also belarusia are  moderators here on the live stream because they've  

been watching for a very long time of course  i've been doing this now for over four years  

so my live streams have been taking place over  four years i started doing it in 2016. however  

i've been here on youtube teaching english and  talking to you about the english language for over  

14 years a lot of people don't believe it  but take a look at my videos you will see  

that my videos go way back in time way back to  the time when youtube was just a little baby

so yes i have been on here for many years

hello merida hello morita i'm saying hello  to marieto would you like to have a look at  

some of the views then okay then i'm sure  you don't want to look at my ugly face  

all the time so let's turn the camera around  

oh look at that oh isn't that lovely so there you  can see the view today looking very nice however  

it is also very muddy for example if  i try to climb up here so can you see

can you see there is a little bit of a  hill in front of your your camera view  

so if i try to climb up here i will  you will see straight away that it is  

very muddy very slippery it is  very dangerous to walk up the hill



okay i'm not going any further  because i think i might fall over  

and there is no way i'm  going to allow that to happen

it is a very nice day today here in  england i hope you can see this clearly  

i tried to get a very good signal on  my phone so i hope the signal is okay

there's another view you might be able  to see some houses there as well oh yes  

there are some houses mr duncan what are you  showing us we are very intrigued by the view

um so around here there are lots of different  trees many different trees oh look at that cloud  

look at that strange cloud can you see it isn't  that strange what an unusual cloud formation  

i don't know what you call  that but that is a very unusual  

cloud in the sky i'm going to try and zoom  in look at that what a strange looking cloud  

wow i don't think i've ever seen a cloud like that  i think that particular type of cloud is called  

a serious a serious it is a very high cloud  so it looks as if the air has actually taken  

the cloud and turned it into a wave  can you see that isn't that unusual  

and there are some birds flying over as well some  pigeons flying around trying to take some food

isn't that a yes that is such an unusual  cloud very strange someone said it looks  

like a piece of bacon it does doesn't it but  please don't mention food because i am hungry

snowangel says mr duncan you need a  stick i think you're right there yes  

i did have a stick at the start of today's  lesson unfortunately it is a little bit too big  

to carry so there you can see  some of the beautiful landscape

nessar asks is this your garden no this is  not my garden i wish it was wouldn't that be  

nice imagine that oh i can tell you a little  secret here mr steve quite often has fantasies  

about buying all of the land at the back  of the house because there is a lot of land  

that is owned by someone else  not by us it doesn't belong to us  

but now and again mr steve has a little  fantasy where he imagines that he is

the the owner of all of the  land at the back of the house  

so there it is we are now looking into  the distance to a place called harley  

so if you look very closely in the centre of the  screen there is well you might see some buildings  

and that is a small village called harley i will  zoom in a little bit more so it might not be very  

clear it might not be very clear on the  camera but yes so that is a small village  

called harley and for those wondering where  i am i'm in shropshire which is in england  

which is where we are having lockdown at the  moment there is good news of course because  

lockdown ends next week so next wednesday it  will all come to an end it will be the final  

day of lockdown next wednesday so i might  actually do a special live stream next week

there i am sorry i'm back i'm very sorry you  have to look at my ugly face again i apologize  

for that a lot of people writing to me about my  beard some people seem to like it and some people  

seem to hate it so that people are very divided by  my beard so some people say oh it looks very nice  

your beard whilst others say mr duncan it makes  you look like a sex predator charming wales  

is not very far away from where i live in fact the  view that i just showed you is pointing towards  

wales so the welsh hills are actually in that  direction the direction i just showed you however  

we can also look across towards another place  called shrewsbury which i'm going to show you now

so if we zoom in i will try to zoom in oh  wait there i have to take my gloves off  

there we go look at that so over into the distance  you can see there are many houses around here  

in this particular area there are some houses  and we are looking over towards shrewsbury  

way into the distance it almost looks like a  painting it actually doesn't look real does it  

it looks almost like like a painting and as i  mentioned earlier over towards this direction is  

looking towards wales unfortunately can't  really see the welsh hills from here  

because the trees are in the way but behind those  trees there are the welsh hills so yes to answer  

your question we are not very far away from wales  here can you smell the aroma of the leaves yes i  

can there is a beautiful scent in the air today  because there are lots of leaves on the ground and  

one of the things you can always smell during the  autumn season is the smell of leaves on the ground  

so yes to answer your question you can smell  the leaves in fact you can see them as well look  

there are so many leaves behind me you can  definitely tell that winter is on the way  

because now most of the leaves  have fallen to the ground

there we go can you see that an oak leaf  

so just behind me the tree behind me  i will try to show you the tree oh

whoops i didn't mean to move my camera so fast  

there we go there it is so that is actually an oak  tree and this is one of the leaves from that tree  

an oak leaf isn't that beautiful i don't  know why i always feel quite fascinated  

with leaves especially during autumn i think  they are one of the nicest things to film with  

your camera so you might notice that i do like  going out during the autumn months and i do like  

filming the autumn leaves and if you look behind  me you might notice that there are some trees that  

haven't lost their leaves yet they are still  waiting to to lose their leaves so there it is

oh i'm back

i'm sorry about that

vitas asks about the silver birch yes all of  the leaves on the silver birch trees have now  

fallen so they've lost their leaves one of the  reasons for that of course is autumn but also we  

have a lot of wind at the moment so we've had  quite a lot of wind over the past few days  

so many of the leaves have now fallen from the  trees because because of the strong wind in fact

that is an amazing oak tree it is i agree  with you it is the most beautiful oak tree and  

it is an oak tree that i love walking  by during any season so in the spring  

this looks lovely in the summertime the tree  behind me looks amazing and in autumn all of  

the leaves will turn gold and then fall to the  ground so it always looks nice it is one of my  

favourite trees around here is it possible to  have a favourite tree i don't know by the way  

if you like my live stream don't forget to give me  a thumbs up can you please show you care by giving  

a little thumb on my live stream for those  wondering i talk about english normally but today

i'm doing something slightly different i am having  a general chat to anyone and with anyone who wants  

to chat along you are more than welcome to do so  ah yes you may have noticed that there is a hole  

in my glove and there is a very special reason  for this because this hole will allow me

to to use my mobile device so because  i have my gloves on it is not easy  

to operate the touch screen on your ipad or  your mobile phone so today i'm using my ipad pro  

to stream and of course i have to have a  hole in my glove so i can operate the screen  

so for those wondering why there is a hole in my  glove that is the reason why i think belarusia  

guessed the reason very good very uh one of  the things that always amazes me about you  

all of you here on the live stream is how you  notice things you are very observant you are very  

observant you are very good at noticing all of the  details around me and i like that i like it a lot  

yes it is autumn here in england the autumn season  well i suppose now we are coming towards the end  

of autumn we are coming towards the end of autumn  and now winter is just around the corner even  

though at the moment the weather is beautiful here  in england we are having some lovely weather today  

and apparently tomorrow it's going to be  nice as well yes it is a very good place  

if you want to paint i think so yes this is  a very good place to to sit and if you if you  

are a person that enjoys painting maybe  you use watercolours or pastels or maybe  

you just use charcoal this is a good place  to come and do some nature drawing nature art

flyaway says you are with your ipad

yes i'm using my ipad today to do my live stream  one of the reasons is because this has a very good  

battery so the battery in here will last for a  very long time which means that i don't have to  

worry about it one of the worst things one of  the big things that i hate about mobile devices  

and anything electronic is the fact that they  all use batteries and some batteries don't last  

very long the power will run down very quickly  which is quite annoying when you think about it

so that's one of the things i don't like  fortunately this ipad has a very good battery  

so this battery can last for maybe six maybe even  seven hours of use so i could actually stand here  

for around maybe two hours and live  stream without worrying about my battery  

you see so that's one of the reasons why i like  using this i've only used it a couple of times  

mr duncan oh hello diane diane lorna says  mr duncan you should get some special gloves  

that work with your ipad i didn't know there  were really is that true i need to buy some  

maybe mr steve will buy some for christmas so yes  i i really do need some gloves that have no hole  

there you see so one of the problems with doing  this is my finger now is getting very cold  

my poor finger is starting to turn purple can  you see hello hello i'm mr duncan's finger  

and i'm very cold it's not fair all  the other fingers are nice and warm  

but he makes me suffer because he wants  to use his ipad it's not fair yeah

i didn't realize that fingers complained  so much kareem dupont oh can i just say i  

like your name corrine dupont dupont  i think there used to be a company  

maybe they still exist but there  used to be a company that made

nylon nylon and i'm sure the company was called  dupont are you related i wonder oh france  

apparently you are in france can i say hello  to someone who is here for the first time  

satyam hello satyam raj nice to see you here  i am new to your channel well guess what  

you have picked a very good day to join me for the  first time because i'm out and about i'm actually  

broadcasting live from england i'm going for a  little walk you see so there is the view right now  

it is a lovely autumn day one of the things  to remember is that at this time of year it  

does get dark very early it does get dark  normally around about four o'clock so at  

four o'clock in the afternoon during the winter  months it actually gets dark at four o'clock

oh we have quite a few people here for the first  time can i just say i'm getting very excited now

can i say hello to japan dreaming dreaming sue  hello to you welcome to my lovely live stream  

live from england dreaming sue is watching  in japan i would imagine that it's very late  

now in japan it must be very late  maybe midnight now i think so

yes we are all friendly here one of  the things you will notice about this  

live stream is that everyone who  joins in is lovely and friendly  

and me as well yes maybe maybe not you will have  to stay tuned to find out so yes you have a lovely  

lovely welcome there christian janelle says  you could always sew or repair the hole  

yes maybe i could but then of course i wouldn't  be able to use my finger on the screen you see  

mika ode we really do miss mika well i  think at the moment miku is very busy  

and also one of the problems at the moment is  that the time difference means that when i do  

my live streams in the afternoon here in  england it is actually very late in japan  

so that's one of the reasons why we  don't normally have many people in japan

during the winter months because of the extended  time difference so that's one of the reasons why  

i was looking on the news this morning i i  haven't looked at all of the news today but  

i did notice this morning there had been a rather  serious typhoon that has affected parts of india  

satyam thank you very much for reminding  me about that yes i did notice this morning  

some terrible flooding lots of damage i hope  everyone is safe and i hope you are as well  

i was thinking the same about mika says anna i  know it is a shame but there is nothing i can  

do about the time difference because during  the summer months it is earlier in japan  

but in the winter months of course it is much  later because of the extended time difference  

so that is the problem hello holden hello holden  

cawfield i got to know you from a video you made  on samuel johnson and i subscribed ever since  

thank you very much for that yes that is one of my  favourite lessons that i made a very long time ago  

i think it was 2009 i made that a very  long time ago that was my 50th lesson  

that i made and it was all about samuel johnson  and yes it is available on my youtube channel

it would appear that the philippines  also has been affected by floods  

and oh apparently according to holden we are very  used to it so at this time of the year i'm sure  

someone will tell me if i'm wrong but during this  time of year many parts of asia or across towards  

the united states the Caribbean around that area  they do tend to have lots of hurricanes typhoons  

cyclones a lot of stormy weather and some of those  storms can become very fierce and ferocious and  

they can cause a lot of well not only damage  to buildings but also loss of life as well  

mr duncan in much wenlock it is eight degrees  you are right yes it is eight degrees here  

in much wenlock which is where i'm broadcasting  to you now from you are right it is chilly so  

it's not warm today by any means it is not warm  some might say that it's a little chilly in fact  

by the way if you're wondering where mr steve  is he is at home he's working hard i think  

in his office by the way can i just tell you  something mr steve has been recording some  

christmas songs for his company so the company he  works for they've actually asked him to sing some  

christmas songs so that's what steve has been  doing over the past couple of days he's been  

singing some christmas songs and recording  them on video and they will be using them  

in well i think a couple of weeks from now i think  they are having a virtual christmas party and i'm  

sure many people will be doing that this year so  instead of meeting together and having a party a  

lot of people now are having their virtual parties  so they are getting together on the internet

it is raining in montevideo how are you  mr duncan mary elba hello marie alba i'm  

okay actually i must admit i can't  complain i feel is fit as a fiddle

there are lots of birds flying over me can you  hear the crows flying over you and over me hello  

who are you it is the first time that i've been  here hello winning master well who am i my name  

is duncan i talk about the english language i  teach english i've been doing this for 14 years  

and i'm still here doing it but today i'm doing  something slightly different because i'm live  

you see so at the moment i'm taking a  walk not very far away from where i live  

i think the farmers are getting  closer and closer with their guns

it's okay don't worry i don't think the farmer  will come and shoot me i think are we okay thank  

you winning master that's very kind of you to say  yes that's what i do i talk about english normally  

my live stream will go out on sunday from 2 p.m uk  time fly away says i need to try the ipad pro well  

this is something that i've been saving up for for  over over a year i've been putting a little bit of  

money aside so i was very lucky that i was able  to finally get this device so the reason why i'm  

using this device is because it's more reliable i  can use it outside it also has a better connection  

to the mobile service and as i mentioned earlier  this also gives me a very long battery life so  

i can actually stand here for maybe two or three  hours talking on this device and i don't have to  

worry about the battery isn't that nice so i like  that i like that a lot alessandra is here as well

the device seems like the coolest well it  works very well i am pleased and one of the  

other things i like about this device is it has  a very big screen you see so the screen is large  

so i can see everything clearly including myself  

but also i can see the live chat as well  right there in front of me so it is nice

mr duncan do you think the captions will come  back in the future this is something i'm having  

a very big problem with at the moment  because last sunday i did my live stream  

and afterwards i i tried to put my  subtitles on there but now youtube  

won't do it they won't process the subtitles so  i don't know what's going on at the moment with  

youtube they seem to be doing lots of strange  things with their with their technical stuff  

so sometimes i can have captions and sometimes  i can't so you might notice today there are no  

live captions although i hope later i can put  this on or i can put the live captions on later  

julio i am enjoying this moment very much thank  you very much it's very kind of you to say  

i am out and about in the countryside  enjoying nature no this is not a fake backdrop  

this is real you see this is actually real  it is it's real i can prove it as well


oh i do like the big screen  i can see it very clearly  

mr duncan do you have a blue cap and a brown  one i love that shirt and you say it is purple  

this shirt i have to confess this shirt is  very old in fact if you look very closely  

can i just show you how old and worn this shirt  is look at that isn't that embarrassing mr duncan  

your your shirt is so worn so look you can see  there on the collar the shirt is actually worn

it's true i've had this shirt for many years  

and it is one of my favourite shirts as well  so i really can't throw this away i love it  

i love it very much i like the colour you  see i think purple is a very nice colour

that's the reason why so yes it is very  embarrassing i know my shirt is old and  

it's falling to pieces and and i still wear it  you see did you hang your ipad on a tree no my  

ipad is actually connected to a big tripod so i'm  giving you some of my secrets here you see so my  

my actual device is connected or sitting on a  tripod i don't think you can actually see it no

now i can't show you unfortunately  i can't show you my tripod because i  

can't get the camera down low enough but  yes i have a tripod and then the camera  

is inside the ipad and the ipad is connected  to a special bracket to hold it in place

fly away says i had a terrible dream do you ever  have strange dreams do you ever have weird unusual  

dreams i know i do i'm sorry to hear about your  nightmare fly away i hope it wasn't too scary

do you have internet in this place thank you  manuel for your question yes we do i'm very lucky  

because we have very good internet to the house  but also we have very good internet as well around  

the area in which i live so we have the connection  to the phone which is very fast and also we have  

the mobile connection as well which is 4g not 5g  unfortunately because i'm in the countryside we  

don't have 5g yet unfortunately but we do have 4g  and that is how you are watching me at the moment

there's someone coming down  there's a person coming down  

so in a moment you might see someone walking  behind me you might see someone pass by there  

so don't be too alarmed okay don't be too  afraid i wouldn't be surprised if they come over  

and ask me it happens quite a lot around  here quite often around here it happens a lot  

people will come up to me if i'm outside filming  they will ask excuse me would you mind telling me  

exactly what you are doing you are filming  with your camera why are you doing that

so sometimes people can be very  inquisitive or very nosy you see

it really does look like a picture behind you  

it isn't though it is real it is reality right  behind me a lot of people like watching reality tv  

unfortunately a lot of it is not  real it is all acted it is not real  

but this the thing you are watching now is  reality this is reality it is happening right now

i think there is a dog running around behind me

did you see the dog there was a dog behind  me then i noticed the dog running around  

i hope it doesn't come up and bite me  on the leg or even worse do a wee wee

there is a dog behind you mr duncan oh really okay  

then that's good i thought  i was imagining it you say

i'm glad i'm glad the dog is real oh yes  there is a dog behind me i can see it now  

hello mika mika cortez oh my goodness you look  so different i have been watching your old videos  

from 13 years ago and now you look so different  well yes 13 years is a long time 13 years

hello hello

it's doberman that's a big dog by the way  i'm suddenly slightly afraid of the dog


i don't think the dog likes me did  you see that the dog was barking at me  

it's a big dog i think it's a doberman have you  ever seen a doberman it's a very big dog and i  

think that's what that dog is oh there is a woman  coming now can you see her she's walking behind me  

oh i know what she's doing yeah she's  she's now putting her dog on the lead  

because it's a very big dog you see it's one of  those dogs that can jump up and tear your face off

please mr duncan please can you be  careful i will try my best to be careful  

learn everything oh hello learn everything  nice to see you here thank you for joining me  

on this wednesday afternoon i've been here talking  to you for around one hour just about one hour now  

thank you for joining me no

definitely not thank you mike oh mike  marshall where are you watching at the moment  

i'm always intrigued to find out where you are  watching and sometimes i'm very intrigued to find  

out where in the world you are your background  looks very beautiful thank you very much for that  

you are very kind that's very lovely of you to say  hello sard sard who is watching in finland hello  

finland i don't get many viewers in finland but  i'm really pleased to see you watching right now  

we also have zayad watching in kurdistan wow  we have people all over the world literally  

all over the world watching at the moment isn't  that lovely it's very nice and we are having a  

beautiful day here in england so i hope you  are enjoying today's unusual live stream

next week by the way i'm going to do a special  live stream next wednesday because it is the end  

of lockdown in england so next wednesday i will  be doing a special live stream i might be doing it  

i might be doing it from the center of much  wenlock so next wednesday i hope that i can

broadcast to you from the the middle  of my town next wednesday we also have  

gaza here ibrahim hello a big hello to  gaza nice to see you as well switzerland  

ah okay then i was wondering where you were now i  know hello winning master watching in switzerland  

can i say i've always wanted to go to switzerland  do you know why well one of the reasons is because  

you make very good watches you see in  switzerland so your watches are very good  

the other reason why i want to go to switzerland  is because of your delicious chocolate  

wow i love swiss chocolate so much i  really do i like it i like it a lot

amira says unfortunately i have to  go now because my network is not  

working properly i'm sorry to hear that but  don't worry you can watch this again later  

so if you miss the rest of this live stream  don't worry you can watch it again later  

i see we have vietnam joining us now hello  vietnam hacklau is watching in vietnam  

once more so many people around the world

yes i also like chocolate as well oh my goodness  i love chocolate so much all i can think about now  

is going back home and eating lots and lots of  chocolate i don't know about you but during the  

lockdown during this strange lockdown period  that we are experiencing i think i have eaten  

more food i know mr steve has he's been  eating much more food than he normally does  

and i also think maybe perhaps i have put a little  bit of weight on as well i think i might have put  

a little bit of weight on my body do  you spend all your money on technology  

well well no i don't spend all of my money on  technology i will be honest with you but i do  

spend my money sometimes on technology that  is useful things that can help me to do my job  

better so that's the reason why  i i saved up for many many months  

and now i have my lovely ipad so i can talk to  you live when i'm out and about walking around

i really like the hole in your glove yes  thank you andy andy jiggles languages  

hello andy nice to see you here the  reason why i have my hole is so i can use  

the screen you see so i have to have a  hole in my glove so i can press the screen

you need a pair of gloves for christmas thank you  christine that's very kind of you to say maybe  

maybe i do i i need a pair of gloves what i  actually need i need a pair of gloves that  

will allow me to continue using my touch screen  you see so then i can come out in all kinds of  

weather even if it's very cold even if there  is snow on the ground i can actually come out  

and do a live stream wouldn't that be amazing  wouldn't that be amazing if i could actually  

do a live stream outside oh during the snow  and enjoying the the deep dark winter months  

i think that would be very exciting

yes the hole i made the hole myself  you see so i had to cut a hole  

in my glove so i can press  the buttons on my screen

you like technology so you are happy to buy it  well i do like technology can i just say i've  

always loved technology since i was a very young  child since i was very little i remember one day  

can i tell you this story i know i've told  it before but maybe you haven't heard it yet  

when i was very young i once decided to  take my mother's hair dryer to pieces so  

i found a screwdriver and i actually opened my  mum's hair dryer i took all of the parts out  

and then i tried to put them back in unfortunately  i wasn't very successful and my mother  

was a little angry to say the least so i've always  been fascinated by technology i've always been  

interested in how technology works so i suppose

i'm going to be interested  in it now in my adult life

sandra says mr duncan you look great with your  beard oh thank you very much some people like it  

and some people don't like it  so some people like my beard  

and some people don't like it someone said the  other day they said mr duncan you look so old  

well i am old that might be the reason  why you see assad hello assad watching in  

london hello to london nice to see you  here how are things in the big city

do you have a view like this  let's have a look shall we  

do you have a view in london  like this ah i wonder do you

okay i'm just showing off now aren't i mr duncan  stop it stop showing off with your lovely view

okay i will be going soon by the way  for two reasons one i am freezing cold  

and two i don't want you to become bored you see

of course i know there are lovely places  in london there are lots of lovely parks  

lots of nice places where  you can go walking around  

you can go to hyde park you can go to  regents park you can go to muswell hill

hello tunisia oh i wonder is it warm where you are  how is tunisia at the moment is it warm i hope so

it is nice to see that you have  many people from different locations  

especially excited to see ziyad from  kurdistan as i am currently learning kurdish  

so you might be able to exchange some ideas you  see if you are learning the language yourself  

i am starting to feel a little cold and now there  is another person coming down the hill behind me  

so right behind me there is  someone coming down i can hear them  

so if you notice there is a gate  at the top there is a little gate  

that you can go through and then it will take  you into this field you see did you hear that


yes it is another person with a dog there  is also a helicopter coming over as well

wow oh that's very low

did you see that a very low  helicopter flying overhead

um interesting yes we do get helicopters  coming over quite often you see

we do get helicopters coming over sometimes  because there is a large air base not very  

far away from where i live you see so sometimes  we get helicopters coming over sometimes we get  

even fighter jets will come over during the day  sometimes and they are very noisy to say the least

can i say hello to beatriz yes i think mr duncan  you need some hot tea and maybe some jaffa cakes

can i just say at the moment i don't have any  jaffa cakes in the house i have none unfortunately  

but now now you are making me feel as  if i want to eat lots of jaffa cakes

very nice thank you for your company today i will  be going soon because i'm getting cold you see  

i'm i'm starting to feel a little bit cold is it  possible to move your camera around well when you  

say move it do you mean turn it round or do do you  mean carry it because the problem is if i start  

moving i might lose the signal to the internet  you see so that's why i have to be careful when  

i'm using my internet outside if i start moving  around too much then i might lose the connection

i want to look at the  weather as well as the nature  

i want to see how it is looking well it's  looking rather nice at the moment if you look  

behind me you can see that we have autumn at the  moment so the autumn leaves are falling and also

you might notice up above me there is a beautiful  old oak tree look at that so there is the oak tree  

so this is not very far away from my house  i will be honest with you this is not very  

far away from where i live but it is a lovely  oak tree in fact i love it very much very nice

oh my goodness



oh my goodness oh

you know what i don't think that was a good idea i  don't think i should have done that oh my goodness

well i can't believe i just did that

that was not easy by the way  and also i nearly broke my neck

that was a very interesting moment  of time there once more proving that  

this is live hello maliha youtube is not sending  messages because sometimes i cannot be on time  

and that is the reason i'm sorry about that i know  sometimes the the messages or the notifications  

are sent quite late in fact can you tell me the  name of the tree this is an oak tree so the tree  

that i was just climbing up to so that  particular tree is an oak tree oak  

a beautiful old majestic tree not  very far away from where i live

it's lovely yes i know it's a beautiful tree  

it might be one of my most  favourite trees in the area

you can actually paint that tree yes i think  that's a good idea you could actually do a  

painting of that tree oak trees they  do not give you fruit unfortunately  

so they don't bear fruit they don't give you fruit

hello to

hello i'm in nice to see you here as well i'm  going to go back in i'm going to go back home  

soon because it's starting to get cold the sun is  now preparing to set as well can you believe it  

so during the winter months the sun is very  low in the sky and that's one of the reasons  

why the temperature never gets very high and  the other thing to remember is the fact that  

the days are very short so in england the  day the daylight becomes less and less so  

at around about four o'clock it will start to  get dark so in 45 minutes from now because now  

it is quarter past three in the afternoon so 45  minutes from now it's actually going to get dark

the sun is much further away  from the earth yes it is  

because now where we are we are now  pointing away so because the earth tilts  

and as the the earth goes around the  sun it changes its position so sometimes  

it's facing towards and sometimes it's facing  away so at the moment we are a little further away  

from the sun and that is the reason why the sun  is much lower in the sky and the days are shorter

i think you feel tired please take a rest i  will try my best belarusia is going now good  

night belarusia have a good rest well of course  i don't think you're going to bed yet are you  

you're not going to bed yet because it's  early in argentina it's not night time yet mr  

duncan it's still daytime in south  america you silly man see you later  

thank you very much be belarusia for watching  thank you very much and have a good day

i am going now winning master says i like this  live stream thank you very much well maybe you  

will join me again for my next live stream i will  be with you on sunday with my normal live stream  

maybe in the studio or perhaps in the garden  we will have to wait and see it depends on  

what the weather is like you see so if  the weather is nice we might actually be  

outside we will have to wait and see so i  will be back with you on sunday next sunday  

2 p.m uk time i hope you've enjoyed  this i've been with you now for one hour  

and 17 minutes and now my nose is starting  to run excuse me i have to wipe my nose


my nose is starting to run there  is mucus coming out of my news  

thank you mohsin thank you very much valeria  thank you alessandra thank you very much for  

watching me today and i will leave you  with a beautiful sight as we prepare  

for sunset here in the uk even though it's only  20 past three in the afternoon it will be dark  

one hour from now it will be dark can you believe  it with our very short winter days hello ghost  

time oh ghost time i don't recognize your name is  it your first time is it is it really is it really

thank you very much for your  company i am going thank you sandra  

thank you zika thank you also  valeria vitas thank you vitas

what is the temperature now the temperature at the  moment is around 8 degrees in fact it might be a  

little cooler because now the sun is starting to  set so because the sun is now preparing to go down  

it is actually getting quite cold so tonight  it will be about one or maybe two celsius  

but at the moment it's about maybe seven or  eight so it is cold at the moment very chilly  

luis mendes is here right  now just before i disappear

i have been here for one hour and  20 minutes but i will be going back  

home because it's starting to get  cold and my feet are turning to ice

catch you later see one sunday i might be here  tomorrow so i'm not sure at the moment because i i  

am busy at the moment with other things so lots of  other things are going on at the moment in my life  

so i might be here tomorrow because  apparently the weather is going to  

be lovely again so i might be here on youtube  tomorrow as well we will have to wait and see  

thank you beatrice thank  you rosa thank you very much

hello mr duncan some people are claiming  when you respond to an e-buddy you don't tell  

her or his name when you reply to anything for  a particular person please mention her name  

well i normally do mention all of the names if i  can but sometimes if the live chat is moving very  

quickly i i can't actually mention the name but  i do try as often as i can to mention your names  

can you please confirm that acorns  exist they do acorns definitely exist

that's a very interesting question but i can  confirm that they are real and they do exist  

thank you very much thank you luis luis mendez  has just arrived just in time to say goodbye  

so hello luis mendez and goodbye unfortunately  thank you richard thank you winning master hope  

to see you all soon if it is your first time here  don't forget you can subscribe you can also send a  

lovely thumb as well don't forget to click that  that like button don't forget to click the like  

button underneath this video as well i'm going  now because i'm going back home for a cup of tea  

and maybe something else i haven't decided  what it is yet but tonight we are having pizza  

by the way for tonight's dinner mr steve  and myself we are having pizza very nice  

thank you kaldi thank you very much for your  lovely messages i've really had a nice time  

even though i nearly broke my neck climbing up  that hill this is mr duncan saying thanks for  

watching see you on sunday 2 p.m uk time i will  be with you here again and of course until the  

next time we meet right here it might be  tomorrow but it will definitely be sunday  

you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now