oh hello there did you see me do my exercises then in the garden I think so

mm-hmm here we are then all together once more

yes it is something we call English addict and guess what it is it is live

from the birthplace of England which happens to be yes English in England with Mr Duncan

oh I'm out of breath I'm very sorry about that

oh that's better oh I was once more able to fill my lungs

with that beautiful lovely oxygen hi everyone hi everyone hello how are you

are you okay sorry I'm late yes I am late I can't

believe how late I am once again I do apologise unfortunately today the

weather is very strange it's cloudy also very close to where I live there have

been lots of storms the rain has been falling quite heavily around this area

so I've had to make some rearrangements I've had to change some of the things

that I'm doing because of the possibility of there being rain so

that's what I've been doing and that is my excuse for being late today all I

need to do now is find the live chat come on live chat where are you I know

you're here somewhere oh there you are how lovely to see you

again oh here we go then so it looks as if the live chat is now up and running

which is always a good thing don't you think yes I definitely have my

smile now can I say a big hello to Mohsen Vitesse flower Espoir Martha and

also Adrian guess what you are first on today's live chat

very nice very very nice indeed nice to see you all here today I know yesterday

I was full of beans a lot of people were commenting on yesterday's livestream mr.

Duncan you looked as if you had a lot of beans yesterday I did seem quite excited

yesterday about many things I don't know why but I was in a very good mood today

something else coming up today we will be having a look at mr. Steve doing some

gardening however I don't want to start off today's live stream with sad news

but unfortunately today mr. Steve is not feeling very well he's not feeling very

well don't worry it's nothing serious it is nothing to do with nothing to do with

that okay before anyone says anything however Steve is feeling a little under

the weather however guess what he will be with us

because Steve well what can I say he is a trooper he will always appear on my

live streams however he is feeling whatever the situation even if Steve is

feeling slightly under the weather which he is today unfortunately but he will be

here a little bit later on joining us on the live chat just to show how delicate

Steve is today this is where he will be he'll be sitting in his little

comfortable chair today so that is what Steve he's doing later he will be

sitting in his chair he will be sitting back and well I'm sure he he will have

something interesting to say I am pretty sure of it I am pretty sure he will have

something interesting to say I hope he does Steve if you're watching

please have something interesting to say so it is Sunday oh my goodness I can't

believe we have made it all the way to Sunday

oh dear yes you can't tell you could tell always

tell you can always tell when I'm doing my live streams because someone someone

will start using their very noisy garden equipment and as you can hear

today is no exception I don't know why people have machines that make so much

noise many of these things now are electronic or some of them are driven by

petrol motors motors that are fueled with petrol hello Francesca hello

everyone on the live chat nice to see you here today

I will try my best to compete with the noise behind me so excuse me if there is

a little bit of noise but it's always the way whenever I start my live streams

there is always someone nearby who wants to make some noise like that you see

today also we will be doing a little bit of decorating in the kitchen I will be

showing you a video clip of the time when I showed you my decorating skills

so that's also something we'll be looking at a little bit later on as well

Marina says hello happy Mother's Day in your country to

Palmyra so Palmyra is actually celebrating Mother's Day today so can I

say happy birthday to the mothers who are watching at the moment everywhere in

the world in fact it is nice to see you here today very very nice indeed and

Amina Amina omona hello to you I am so happy to

assist your live maybe you mean join maybe you actually mean join your live

so perhaps you mean I am happy to join your live join is to become part of

something if you join something you become part of that thing maybe a group

an organization or a chat it's taking place on the internet like this you see

hello also to Beatriz franceska is here also we have Corey hello Carrie hello

mica mica and also Luis Mendez is here today we are all together once again on

Sunday it is the 3rd of May 2020 I wonder I wonder what word we

could use to describe this year this actual year so not last month but this

year is there a simple word we could use to describe 2020 when you think about it

it's crazy really because we are only into May it's only the fifth month of

the year we are only four months and I suppose three days into 2020 and already

things are crazy we are not even halfway through 2020

what is going to happen next I wonder I have no idea anyway I hope you're

feeling good I hope you are feeling happy today a lot of people are here now

thank you very much hello Reza we are all like a big family on this channel

Thank You Reza yes I always like to think that we are together sharing our

experiences of life also we are here to share our love of English as well

because we are English addicts as the sign above me says we are all English

addicts we are how is the quarantine going the quarantine at last is going to

finish tomorrow says Giovanni Giovanni you are lucky so your quarantine

period is ending tomorrow however here in the UK it looks as if we are going to

continue with it from for quite a long time to be honest I noticed also in

France I think they have extended the lockdown until the 25th of July is that

right really so there is something I saw on

the news last night they were talking about France extending all of their

lockdown and their social distancing until the 25th of July

that's incredible so I don't really know how long it is going to last here I

don't know I have no idea we all we are all waiting at the moment

hello Cristiano please send a kiss a kiss to my 12 year old son

Oh ok my 12 year old son Lucas hello Lucas nice to see you here and how are

you enjoying your life so far I hope you are having a wonderful time and I hope

that Cristiano is taking good care of you

what's that you said you wanted some ice cream you want some ice cream do you

Lucas wants some ice cream and if you have some to spare can I have some as

well can I have some ice cream as well that would be ever so nice really nice I

have to say thank you to someone in fact I have to say thank you to two people

excuse me a moment I have to say a very big thank you to me rail and also

Fredrik or Fredrik can I say a big thank you to both of you for your lovely kind

donations that you sent yesterday so thank you to Marella and

also frederique for your lovely kind donations on paypal thank you very much

I do appreciate your lovely gesture and of course you have to also remember that

I do all of this for free so everything I do is free it doesn't cost anything

and I've been doing it free for a very long time how long have I been doing

this for I'm sure you really want to know do you want to know how long I've

been doing this for a very very long time indeed so can I say thank you very

much to morale and also Fredrik for your lovely kind donations and there you can

see also the address on the screen now if you want to send a small donation or

a large donation maybe if you've just won the lottery maybe you've just won

millions and millions and millions of dollars you can send a little bit my way

if you want very nice it is sunday sunday it's a fun day my water just fell

on the floor excuse me I have come prepared today I have my bottle of water

just in case just in case my throat becomes bad I am still suffering from

hay fever unfortunately yesterday it wasn't too bad the day before it was

fantastic because we had lots of rain one of the good things about having hay

fever is that when it rains your hay fever disappears unfortunately when the

rain disappears your hay fever comes back unfortunately not very good not

very good at all we will be going in the kitchen - well we won't be cooking in

the kitchen today instead we are going to do some

decorating in the kitchen a little bit later on also we have oh who else is

here I can't ignore the live chat or else I will get into trouble

hello mr. Duncan from Adelina hello Adelina Marcos nice to see you here

today this is mr. Duncan for those who don't

know who are you my name is Duncan and I teach English here on YouTube and now I

am talking to you live from the birthplace of the English language which

just happens to be England yes it's true hello look leet hello as well to you

hello like leet also Sylvie Sylvie Taurus in France you say in May you can

do whatever you want oh I like that I like the idea of that

to be honest with you no matter what month whatever the month maybe I always

try to do what I want especially if it is something helpful and useful

Annie Cole hello Annie when you start your live stream mr.

Duncan we are always happy I'm pleased to hear that I am glad that you are

feeling happy because I am also feeling happy today with my lovely smiley face

so yes I like to think that my live streams are fun and also useful at the

same time I always like to think that anyway hello also to arts be next the

garden will become like woodland and all the UK will be like prehistoric times

again I would imagine that there must be part of the UK at the moment so in this

country there must be many areas where the wildlife is returning because there

are no people around did you see something

yesterday I think it was in India did you see the wonderful video on the

news we saw yesterday in India where all of those beautiful flamingoes were all

gathering in a large lake near a city in India and there are only all of them

there were hundreds and hundreds of these beautiful birds some of them were

white and some of them were pink but they were beautiful very beautiful birds

very elegant I like that word elegant flamingos are very elegant birds I like

them hello quarry as I wrote yesterday you could go on a span Aspinall Condor

on it gives you the opportunity to find plenty of great podcasts of Wham

he is a very funny teacher so there is someone on YouTube is it YouTube or

maybe his own website who is actually teaching Spanish pretty good a lot of

people are interested in Spanish many languages around the world now are

spreading very fast Spanish of course we have French which is spoken in many

places and of course English we mustn't forget English we must not

hello also to art be again hello also to Ana Rita hello to Jamelia hello Jamelia

the lockdown has been extended to the end of the current month here in Algeria

so in Algeria the lockdown is continuing until the end of May I'm not sure what's

happening here to be honest I don't know what's happening here in the UK

we might be doing this forever who knows but things are a little well I don't

want to say bleak I think bleak is is a very strong word

but not good not positive at the moment so things in the UK at the moment are

not positive but I suppose they are not bleak bleak so if things are really bad

and if it seems as if there is no hope for anyone we might use the word bleak

there was a famous story called Bleak House hello to Chris murrells hello

Louisa hello also Ivan Ivan I'm sorry I'm late

don't worry I was also late today I was quite late I think it must have

been around ten past ten past two when i started today so i was quite late for

which I apologize

hello also - Reza may is a good month to go to the Riverside with friends and

play volleyball volleyball volleyball is a very strange sport

I always think because the ball is very light it isn't heavy ball it's very

light so yes you can play volleyball by the riverside hello Julie hello Anna

peeker satury no is here as well oh my goodness we are all here today because

we love English as so much we really do by the way I want to play a little game

today would you like to play a game with me I hope so

today we are playing a game and the name of the game is if I can find my piece of

paper if I can find the paper today's game is the sentence game and you can

play at home so please if you want to you can play along at home in which case

you might need a pen and a piece of paper so if you have a pen pen and also

a piece of paper because you will need to do a little bit of work today Oh mr.

Duncan you are giving us some work to do this is very unusual so today we are

playing something called the sentence game you can play along at home if you

want you are more than welcome to do so the game is very simple what I'm going

to do is I'm going to show you four words for random words what you have to

do is create a sentence or a statement with those words in the sentence so you

have to use all of those words in the same order so you can't change the order

they have to appear in the sentence in the same way but what you also have to

do is write it down and then you can write it on the live chat as well so

what I want to do is show you four words and we will do this a few times so I'm

not just doing it once we will you will have a few games we will have a few

rounds of the sentence game it's something I have invented I made it up

in my brain I'm a little brain it started working suddenly I knew it was

working because there was smoke coming out of my ears

that is always the sign that migraine has started working the sentence game

you can play along at home I am going to show you four words you have to write

those words down and then you have to create a sentence using those words is

that difficult is that hard do you think we will find out a little bit later on I

will give you the words and that all you have to do is create a sentence the only

rule is that you must use all of the words in the order that I give you

however you can use as many words as you want so there isn't a limit but please

don't make an essay so don't write an essay just give me a sentence where you

are using all of those words in that order so don't worry I will give you

time to get your pen and piece of paper and then once you've written it down you

can actually put it on the live chat and I might read some of them out as well we

might even get mr. Steve to play the game as well we will try to get Steve to

play along as well the sentence game is a game you can play if you want to

improve your English if you want to become a master or mistress of the

English language sometimes you have to practice your word power and a very good

way of doing that is to play the sentence gave me we will be doing that

in a little while I will not rush you I will take my time

and then you will have a chance to play along in a little while a little while

what time is it by the way I've lost my goodness it is 20 to 3

already soon we will have mr. Steve joining us I

can't believe it I don't know what happened this morning

I was getting ready and then suddenly the time disappeared it suddenly

vanished into thin air as Shakespeare would say that's where it went

I'm also going to show you an average normal common everyday item something

that is in my house that I sometimes use here is something that I use in my house

every night so here is something that I use every night

in my house I wonder if you can guess what it is so it is something you only

use after dark so once it has become dark this is a thing that you use I'm

sure a lot of you will guess that it might be some sort of light well if you

think that you would be right here it is so this is today's little item and this

is something that I find very useful I'm sure maybe perhaps somewhere in your

house perhaps you have one of these so this particular thing is a very useful

item it is called a night light night light and the reason why you have a

night light is normally to make a part of your house somewhere in your house

safe at night so maybe if you have to get out of bed especially me you see

because I'm I'm actually at a certain age where I have to get out of bed quite

often in the night to go to the toilet you see so my little night light will

light up the area where I have to go to the bathroom

and it's great because it comes on automatically at night so as soon as it

goes dark this little light will come on and it will keep

the area in my house the small area licked so if I have to leave the bedroom

if I have to go to the bathroom I can see where I'm going so this is a very

useful thing it isn't very bright so fortunately the light itself isn't very

bright so it just allows me to see where I'm going if I am going somewhere in the

dark and quite often I am normally to the bathroom so there it is a very

useful item I have two of these in the house and they are very useful and of

course a lot of people are afraid of the dark some people don't like to be in a

dark room or a dark place so quite often you will put one of these maybe in the

bedroom perhaps you have a child a young child who might be slightly afraid or

nervous of the dark so there it is nightlight and you can see here at the

front this thing at the front is a little sensor so this sensor can tell it

can sense the light and the darkness so as soon as the light disappears as soon

as it gets dark the sensor will activate the light and it will come on so I think

this is a brilliant piece of equipment very simple but it really does do a very

good job so I have two of these what about you do you have one of these

nightlight the name of this I suppose it really does Express what it does very

well it lights your house at night it is a nightlight many parents will have one

of these in their their child's bedroom so that the room is not too dark

some people don't like the dark hello to Zoar hellos or oh and also

Sergio is here my first thought was it was something to kill the mosquitoes yes

it does look like that doesn't it there are devices that you can plug in that

will release certain chemicals into the air and that will keep the mosquitoes

away so that particular thing isn't one of those it is a nightlight you use it

to light your room when it's dark hello Hawk Lau hack Lau likes the dark

okay what about if you're walking alone at night what if you are walking through

a forest and there is no light anywhere what about then would you be afraid then

would you be frightened of the dark forest hello for my daughter

oh my daughter's nightlight is a yellow star the nightlight gives a secure

atmosphere I think yes it is good for many reasons one of my my favorite

reasons of causes if you have to get up in the night you can find your way

safely without falling over or hitting your head on something so yes my little

nightlight keeps just a small area of the house light so just a small area so

if I have to go to the toilet hit them in night-night time at night that is

really annoying me

I'd love to know what they're doing what are they actually cutting Annie corn

hello Annie I am afraid of the dark oh I'm sorry to

hear that Annie or maybe you should get a

nightlight and then it will give you a little bit of comfort and also security

as well you will feel safer as does the nightlight plug go into the socket yes

you can see here so there you can see the plug socket so there is the plug you

can see here and you just plug that into the wall and then it stays on all the

time but it only comes on when it's dark so when this senses darkness it will

light up it's brilliant as I said I've got a couple of these I

always take one on holiday with me as well

if I ever travel anywhere abroad I always take one of these because I never

know what the lighting situation will be in the hotel room so I always take my

nightlight with me when I go on holiday

what's wrong with you Duncan are you five lady hello also to Palmyra

hello also to Corey hello also to satury no yes my my lamp has a little

photosensitive cell it can sense light so when the light appears it will do the

opposite so when it when it's light the device will turn off and when it's dark

it will come on Chris my aunt has a solar nightlight oh very nice it's

rechargeable from sunlight and turns on without electricity that's a good idea

actually I might think of that I might think about that I will try to find a

solar panel or a solar-powered nightlight

Valentina says I should buy a nightlight to avoid burglars again that's a good

idea a good idea a lot of people like to have lighting inside and also outside

their house because at night some people feel better if they have extra light it

makes them feel safer I suppose it makes them feel more comfortable and secure

mr. Duncan I think they they were waiting for your livestream to start

before they began their gardening with their noisy devices yes I think you're

right maybe they maybe they realize that I'm doing this perhaps they're doing it

on purpose it's it's a conspiracy against me no not really I don't really

think that okay I don't think that I don't think that's true

definitely not yes it does have a little sensor inside the night light is very

useful it is one of my most used devices in the house so there are many things

that we use every day in our houses and I would say my nightlight is used every

day well every night definitely definitely every night hello's or mr.

Duncan when will you teach us new words that you could make examples of the

sentences using it soon I am going to do it soon I

am going to give you a try so now we are going to try my new game the sentence

game I'm going to show you four words write the words down but I want you also

to make a sentence and I will play as well so I will play with you as well

I'm playing along with you would you like the first four words okay now I'm

not going to rush you I am going to give you time to come up with your words and

also your sentences so just a moment I

call this the sentence game all you have to do is write down the words and then I

want you to make a sentence using those words are you ready oh can I say hello

to Tomas Tomas Castro for your donation on the live chat thank you very much

Thank You Tomas and also thank you very much for your lovely thumb as well thank

you very much thank you also for your donation thanks a lot I really do

appreciate it thank you that will help me continue to

do this every day here we go these are the words you can see the words she hand

shoe tomorrow

do you have any sentences that you can make with those words so please keep the

order the same so don't change the order they have to come in this order but you

can create a scent using those words write it down on a

piece of paper I will give you a few moments she hand Shu tomorrow hmm you

can write the words down I'm not going to rush you don't worry I'm not going to

rush you there is no hurry she hand Shu tomorrow all you have to do now is

create a sentence a sentence using those words but they must be in that order

they must and I will give you a few moments to do that so there is no rush

no rush well a lot of people are already making their sentences very quick my

goodness once again thank you to Tamas Castro

thank you very much and I suppose I should give you a lovely round of

applause as well thank you very much for your generosity

Thank You Thomas

hmm so we have some answers already coming through oh my goodness so I will

show you the words again I don't want to rush you so this is not this is not some

sort of speed test you can take your time there is no rush so the words are

she hand shoe tomorrow so let's have a look shall we

Joe hello Joe she gave me the hand she gave me the

hand to sell shoes tomorrow I think I know what you're trying to say there she

gave me a hand to sell the shoe tomorrow or maybe she will give me a hand at the

shoe shop tomorrow so I understand what you are saying there if you give someone

a hand it means you are helping them you are giving them some help you are giving

them a hand she will give me a hand at the shoe shop tomorrow I like that one

very good Massimo says she is going to hand her shoes

in tomorrow so again we are using hand but in a different way if you hand in

something you are giving you are passing something to a person you are handing

them the shoes now I will allow shoes because of course most people have two

shoes they don't just have one so when people walk around we normally have or

quite often we have a pair of shoes so I will allow shoes as the plural and being

very generous today don't you think do we have any more okay

Bao Yan is going down a very similar road she is going to hand over her shoes

to me tomorrow she is going to hand over her shoes to me tomorrow so again you

are using the plural of shoe because normally we have a pair of shoes so that

is what we are talking about and of course hand over so you hand over you

hand in here's a good example if you find something in the street maybe a

wallet you might take it to the police station and you will hand in the white

so to hand in something is to give something over to another person

normally something you found you hand in the item you hand in the wallet I will

hand this in I will give it to a particular person she hand shoe tomorrow

she will give me a hand at the shoe shop tomorrow

here's another one roma roma she will give me a hand

with shoe repairing tomorrow oh I like that one she will give me a hand with

shoe repairing tomorrow shoe repairing who are putting damaged or broken shoes

can you break a pair of shoes I suppose you can't you can damage them you can

wear the shoes so the use of the word wear is being used in two different ways

wear means to put something on your body normally an item of clothing such as a

hat so I wear my hat you wear shoes however you can also use the word wear

to mean damage through use so maybe you wear something out you wear out your hat

you wear out your shoes so the word wear can be used in two different ways two

different ways what time is it mr. Duncan oh let's have a look shall we

guess what everyone it's three o'clock we will have some more words later on so

this is just the first set of words but we will be doing this again later on and

maybe I will also get mr. Steve to join in as well by the way if you are

wondering what those strange sounds are there is a squeaking it isn't mr.

Steve's joints it isn't his old bones complaining actually it is the very

comfortable chair that my next guest is going to be

sitting in for the next hour at least as long as he doesn't fall asleep the thing

I'm worried about is that Steve might start to fall asleep yes here is

everyone its mr. Steve oh oh hello mr. Duncan would you like a round of

applause yes okay I round of applause for mr. Steve let the applause finish at

least it's very cold hence I put a hat on a thick coat I've even got a scarf

under here because I just feel very cold today mr. Duncan I don't know how you

can stand there in just a shirt I did mention earlier Steve that you're not

feeling great today you're feeling a little under the weather a little bit

I'm not sure why it's because I've been working so hard cooking cleaning

gardening digging but I'm just worn out because I do of course as you all know I

do all the hard work around here yes Duncan just does this show and you

always let me know about it you always let me know what were you doing this

morning when I came down this morning Steve was in the kitchen and he was

taking he was taking the oven to pieces I was on my hands and knees on the

kitchen floor because well mr. Duncan I noticed that mr. Duncan always cooks up

normally on a Monday at least because I normally go out on a Monday so mr.

Duncan normally cooks and he'd probably cooks a couple of times a week to be

fair but he uses this baking tray a baking tray something that you put items

on that you want to cook in the oven a baking tray but

it has become very stained and all the fat from the food has turned in black

and you know what it's like if you do baking or cooking in the oven the trays

become over a period of time they become very dirty and you can't scrape off all

the burn marks the fat marks things like that so I thought I will clean this this

morning because I know that there's a certain chemical that would take off

will clean things like this very well and then I got distracted and thought

well I might as well clean the whole oven while I'm at it because that's the

sort of thing I easily get distracted because the oven door was plastered in

in in in marks dirty greasy marks and you couldn't see in the bottom of the

oven was covered in dirty oil basically because because we haven't cleaned the

oven for many many years I think it's fair to say that neither of us so not

just me but also Steve as well Steve also yes he also didn't clean the oven

but but yes you are right though there is one thing I agree with Steve it did

need doing because every time you switch the oven on you've got this strong smell

of burning oil everything and burn leftover food and isn't the oven it's

one of the least favourite jobs to do there in the kitchen

everything scrubbing your oven is a hard effort so anyway I've got this show I

show you what happen when I attempt to clean the baking tray yes can I just say

it didn't end well well I used this

there we go that Steve do you realize what that actually is and what it does

caustic soda which is used for cleaning drains yeah and they the clue is in the

name that's caustic something yes something

called that something about mr. Duncan I'm trying to explain the word caustic

first come on caustic something that will literally react with whatever it

touches yes it burns a particularly skin you do not want to get this on your on

your on your skin because it will eat into your skin and dissolve your skin

away but you can buy it for cleaning drains and it's very good it's very good

at that but a dilute solution of this is also used in commercial products as as

an oven cleaner but of course me thinking I'm clever I'm not going to

spend extra money on on oven cleaner when I can make my own from caustic soda

so I had a go and let me let mr. Duncan came down and saw all this sort of

bubbling reaction taking place Oh no but the tray was there it was in the

kitchen you know is Steve will show you the baking tray and it used to look

lovely they used to have this lovely black coating but unfortunately because

Steve decided to to put caustic soda all over it he's managed to dissolve the

actual surface here we go Oh Mike Steve you've ruined it that's the baking tray

mind you it wasn't very good before it was covered in old baked on food you

don't have to sit forward by the way which you couldn't get off

so I've ruined it I've ordered another one on Amazon mr. Duncan which will

arrive within two days okay and I can use this in the garden

mover mixing things it's very that's very tough yes but but you've learned it

I've ruined it but it was already ruined because you couldn't clean it because

mr. Duncan had left it so so long well it's gone from root it's gone from

slightly ruined Steve it's gone from slightly ruined

- very ruined that had an enamel coating on it it did dissolved it of like that

anyway I've ordered another one okay and hopefully we'll be you'll be able to

cook me my tea in the next couple of days Steve with the new baking tray have

you learned anything from your mistake well well I use the proper I then I

diluted it and used a much weaker solution inside the oven and that has

done a perfect job okay and I'm sure mr. Duncan will agree the oven now looks

clean and spotless hmm and you can actually see through the glass door for

the first time in about two years to see what's cooking inside fortunately

fortunately Steve managed not to dissolve the oven we still have the oven

fortunately well I had purchased a number of years ago a proper product

which is used for cleaning ovens so I used that one it was like a gel and that

worked very well needed a bit of scrubbing and I took I have to take the

glass off there are some screws and it looks look you know and the glass that

the light itself also had black dried on baked on food all over it so I cleaned

that as well I think most of it is just grease grease its grease when you cook

things in the oven a roast dinner anything the grease

spits everywhere and then if you don't wipe it off eventually it turns black

and hardens on and that it's a problem with ovens a mr. Duncan uses a lot of

fat cooking especially if you don't clean

the oven for about seven years and also that also happens yes yes so I would

advise you not to buy caustic soda actually that stuff is very very it's

very dangerous as well yes it is because it tells you on the instructions when

you're making up a solution to unblock your drains that you must not add water

to for the crystals like a it's like a pad like a crystal when you're mixing

the solution you must add the crystals into water not the other way round

otherwise it can sort of explode in your face earth it's very dangerous winter

you can do scientific experiments with caustic soda con yeah sodium hydroxide

yes you have to be careful chemical name and it's very caustic it will dissolve

skin away I mean it's the opposite of acid it's a very strong alkaline and you

mustn't get it on aluminium because it would dissolve aluminium I don't but

it's alright on steel and if you get even a little bit on your hands you can

feel it dissolving your skin it's quite a nice feeling I suppose one of the

things you could do Steve you could do some weird experiments on different


yes arts B says there's there's no chance of

in the oven now or because it's all dead oh I see are we talking about can I say

the shorter version of it no okay just just mouth yes we know what you're

saying everyone knows what you're saying Steve put the television on this morning

it's it's great I have a new game now that I like to play and that's how long

will it take for someone on television to say right now this morning I came

downstairs mr. Steve was watching TV he had it on and within I think three

seconds of my walking into the room someone said the word literally within

seconds you can't actually get through a minute without someone on television

saying it I wouldn't have minded but it was the weather forecast what does what

does that got to do with anything tomorrow says I often use caustic sir

not that we're promoting caustic soda no who would who you have to be very yep

there's a milder version of that called soda Krystal yes

but who would who would actually promote caustics caustic soda

hey everyone gets one hey yo I've discovered this new product and guess

what it dissolves everything including your skin

now Emmy Elser says I have spoiled the hinges on my oven door because of the

chemicals that's it because when you leave the oven for a long time and you

don't clean it then it's almost impossible to get that baked on fat off

so you need something drastic like that so the motto now is we're going to do it

regularly aren't we mr. Duncan hmm you are horse means we won't you know well

you're going to do it because you did such a good such a good job flattery

will get you nowhere mr. Duncan whoa oh you've been doing something else I

believe as well yesterday Steve once again yesterday even though he wasn't

very well he's he's feeling very delicate at the moment would that be

fair to say Steve I yes I am I just feel I don't know just out of sorts delicate

delicate sort of cold and achy although I haven't been anyway so I don't know

how I could have contracted any type of infection no I know don't worry mr. Chen

I was no I was just saying no because I don't I don't think you could pick

anything up yeah you see yeah I'm a man of all things says and a peeker very

true my abilities are bound to somebody joking yeah it's a joke see lil has lil

has the right idea I always changed the channel it is so

boring all of the news is always the same thing about I know do you know mr.

we've started joked it's almost like all they tell us at the moment are all the

death rates okay in all the different countries yes and it's almost like

there's some competition going on to see who can have the most it's it's quite

bizarre the rates being reported like almost like yes we're catching we're

catching it with Spain with past Spain we're catching it with Italy I mean it's

you know it's a macabre is that is the word isn't it it's it's it's it's not

there's something very wrong with constantly reporting death rates all the

time because every day hundreds and hundreds of people die anyway in your

country yes dwell on the subject but well you are it has almost become a

spectacle every day you're sort of waiting for the latest figures I'm not

and it's not very nice I don't like it let's stop let's stop talking about it

it's got a black mr. Duncan I have to be honest with you it was you that brought

it up Steve I know but does anybody else think that there's been too much

preoccupation with talking about daily death rates okay Steve Steve this is

this is supposed to be light and fun I'm just asking if anybody agrees that this

is something we ought to just I mean yeah anyway what do you think I'm

just putting it out there mr. Duncan I know what I think we should change the

subject mr. Steve seems very tired he needs a

rest I know but mr. Duncan says you must

appear on the livestream as I made him do it he made me do it

I said you've got to it's your duty to the work me I said it's your duty but

I'm sitting down so I feel a bit relaxed although it is a bit cold so I will

muddle through mr. Duncan and do the best job that I can to entertain and

inform okay well well when are you going to start so what have you been talking

about today mr. doe well I tell you something what I was going to mention is

yesterday you were in the kitchen you were in the kitchen and you were doing

some cooking again and you've made some more of those delicious amazing

chocolate now I want to say rocky road but it isn't but that they are like

chocolate crunchy chocolate and raisin cake biscuits it's it's a kind of rocky

room well we gave the the recipe away didn't we yeah so that is the same thing

that that three weeks ago we actually made and we gave the recipe and

apparently did you know that that one of our viewers actually made some of them

themselves from the recipe that we gave on the live chat fantastic are they are

delicious two bars of dark chocolate golden syrup a bit of butter mix it all

in a saucepan heat it up and then pour onto crushed biscuits let it set in the

fridge and cut it into little squares and oh we've got some of those later

haven't we mr. Dongo yes but but yes we had those yesterday

after we had a roast chicken didn't we yesterday I was exhausted after cooking

I was slaving away in their kitchen yesterday while mr. Duncan was just

looking at himself after the livestream that's what he does you know after the

livestream he goes and watches it all again and I can hear him laughing at

himself he's going oh I'm so funny I'm so funny oh look at me dancing to that

music oh I'm so funny I wasn't doing that his ego his ego is just so big I

was laughing though it made me laugh a little bit but you didn't did you see me

dancing Steve it was quite funny Angela of course because you insisted that I

watched it which I did any well I must admit it was funny I like you I like it

when you do the robot when you when you pretend to be a Rhodes even yeah because

Steve was laughing as well he watched it this morning in he you were laughing as

well weren't you Steve I was because we've known each other a

long time over 30 years and I remember a long long time ago mr. Duncan used to do

that robe there was a must have been a must have

been a to music in the charts or something whereas somebody was doing a

robot movements or was it I bet it was Star Wars I bet mr. Duncan is imitating

c-3po and Star Wars I bet that's what it is because often

people say that you do resemble c-3po you they used to say it at school they

used to sort of say that I was like c-3po because I was very tall you see

taller and skinnier and then you so you got into this habit of or develop this

skill of of acting like a robot and it always used to make me laugh and it was

funny to see mr. Duncan doing it yesterday oh this has all gone wrong

again mr. Duncan know you've gone wrong again what I do when they go wrong I

just stab at them the other day Steve through his mobile phone at the wall I'm

not joking I just lose the plot if you lose the plot it means you just you just

your temper becomes uncontrollable and there's no rational thinking going on

anymore you lose the plot it just means that you

just anything could happen and you've just lost controller I just I just

absolutely love the fact that Steve through his mobile phone wall I've just

I just worked out its swipe to unlock you see this is different to my phone

this isn't iPhone this is mr. Duncan's Samsung phone and it's different to my

but I did I was so angry that I threw it at the wall and that there's an it

there's a dent in the wall now yes where the phone was but you know it's still

working on the wall it's got like a hard case Ram that round

the side it's a work phone don't say anything it's a work phone and it seems

to be almost indestructible so I threw it at the wall and it was fine okay

everyone's complaining that the Steve needs a bit of colour they're saying mr.

Steve doesn't have any colour so what I'm gonna do if people say I don't look

very well it's nothing to do with that it's this camera yes the camera is

making you look ill maybe just I'm going to try and add a little bit of colour to

Steve let's see if we can do that let's let's make Steve look as if he's

actually alive mr. Steve you look sick says Roma

I mean thanks a lot talk about I mean I come on here to feel better not to be

made to feel worse I mean it's true I don't feel a hundred percent today but

you know keep your insults to yourself I'm only joking

I'm only joking I'm not offended at all but mr. Duncan is always fiddling around

with the the settings on these cameras I mean I say to him just leave it in Auto

anyone else would just leave it in Auto but not mr. Duncan he has to go into all

the little functions and still set all the colour balances and and things like

this and do I look any better now mr. Duncan maybe well that's for the viewers

to tell do I look any better now have I got more colour of course mr. Duncan

does this deliberately to make himself look more attractive

he deliberately makes me look slightly white and pale you have color Steve now

looks like he's not from a horror movie

have you ever seen that program The Walking Dead mr. Steve looks like one of

the extras in the background thanks a lot so I'm getting insults from

everywhere at the moment oh you look better now do i yes no everyone's saying

now mr. Steve looks like he's alive Julie G says you saved him so there we

go so I came on saying I didn't feel very bright

you'd set the camera to do to make that look even more realistic well I didn't

do it on purpose well I'm not so sure mr. Duncan okay you

can think what you want so what else are you talking about today mr. I don't know

I was waiting for you to actually run out of things to talk about we were

playing a little game earlier on would you like to play it again

so changing ladders Steve do you want to play with me I'll play with a game that

you've got that's what I meant good I don't know what you thought I

look alive masters no Emmy answer it is nice that you you now look as if you

have you have the life force his return but there's no missus it looks now like

I've got a fever Oh say you've gone from oneexchange I can't

wing which better I think it is actually Steve it's Steve we need to change my

camera can only do so much but but Steve has to at least try it's this I got it

all over my face so maybe we can put some some caustic soda on mr. Steve's

face maybe that will cheer him up tell if you wanted to dissolve a body don't

be the thing to use don't try that by the way I know over the past few days

people have been getting some very strange advice from certain people

who I won't name but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about so here are a

couple of more well we have four words here what you have to do Steve is make a

sentence out of these words don't do it straight away

so there is the next list of words so what you have to do is make a sentence

using those words it's a little game that we're playing called the sentence

game and you can play along at home very nice very nice indeed so those are the

words we tell bus coat we town bus coat what I want you to do is make a sentence

out of those words you have to use all of them as well you have to use all of

the words in the same order we town bus coat and I will give you some time as

well to come up with an idea of what it could be

because now Steve guess what we're doing now I don't know okay what are we doing

now what could it be we're going to have a dance we're going to have a break Oh

does that sound good yes I've only just come on but fine well I thought you

might need a little rest because you're feeling a little delicate today well I

think what I'll do is that I'll just

give me a shout when you're when you're back on mr. Duncan okay so here is

something that I did a few months ago when I was decorating the kitchen I was

redecorating the kitchen and I thought it would be interesting today to learn

some new words connected with that activity so now we are going not live it

is recorded however we are going to have a look at me in the kitchen doing some


well it's that time of year again when all of us start to think about making

our homes look a little bit more bright a little bit more cheerful perhaps there

is a part of your house that has not worn very well over the years now from

my point of view here in the kitchen well this particular kitchen has been

like this since I moved here in fact when I arrived here this kitchen was in

a terrible state and guess what it still is so today I am going to start doing

some decorating in the kitchen nothing too drastic I love that word ah the word

drastic nothing too serious nothing too brutal nothing too drastic so something

that is drastic is something that is very very important or something that is

very necessary drastic something very destructive even so I'm not going to

tear this kitchen to pieces but what I am going to do is try to make it look a

little bit more pleasant I am going to do some cosmetic alterations to the

kitchen starting off today with the thing you can see behind me the

wallpaper so all of this wallpaper is going to come off today I'm going to

strip all of the walls here in the kitchen and then I will apply some paint

after making sure that the walls are all lovely and smooth so that's what I'm

doing today and of course we did have some renovation done after moving here

we had some new stairs put in and that caused a lot of damage

over there we had to have part of the ceiling ripped out and replaced so that

is also going to be tended to I am going to paint over all of that plaster that

is over there so as we take a look around the kitchen you can see that

there is a lot of work that needs doing

so to strip the wallpaper I will need this device it is called a wallpaper

stripper this is a very cheap version of a wallpaper stripper you can get very

expensive ones but this one is very cheap it is made of plastic so what we

have to do we have to put some water inside the paper stripper so this is

used to strip wallpaper from the walls so what will happen is that the water

will heat up and generate steam and then the steam will be transferred up a pipe

to the end where it will come out as steam and then you can use a special

plate that you apply to the wallpaper and then the steam will soak into the

wallpaper and hopefully make it all loose and easy to strip off so all I

have to do now is wait for the water to heat up and for the steam to be produced

and then I can get on with stripping off the wallpaper

this particular job may seem quite unpleasant to do but you don't need much

to do it in fact all you need is one of these this is called a scraper you

scrape things off with it so this particular tool is very very useful

especially when you need to strip one thing from another so all I have to do

now is wait for the water to heat up and for the steam to be produced and then I

can get on with stripping the wallpaper from this wall

stripping of the wallpaper is such a boring job stripping off home wallpaper

it makes me want to sob so all I'm doing now is pressing the plastic plate onto

the wallpaper and then the steam will slowly soften the wallpaper

making it very very easy to scrape off I must say this is a very laborious task

it's a very boring test something that's the Boreas takes a long time to do and

quite often it is very tedious very boring

oh my goodness I've come outside for a breath of fresh air because working

inside that enclosed space is not very pleasant an enclosed space is an area

where no air can get in so inside the kitchen you could describe that as an

enclosed space and of course all of the steam that is being produced by my

wallpaper stripper is making the room very hot in fact just now it felt like I

was in a sauna to be honest so I've only done one wall so far just one wall and

that took me half an hour to do such a long time this is not the most pleasant

job in the world if I was completely honest with you and I still have my work

cut out that's a great expression I love that expression if you have your work

cut out for you it means you still have a lot of work in store you still have a

lot of things to do you still have a lot of work to carry out

mr. Steve hello

mr. Duncan's very kindly put this blanket over me because you know I'm

feeling a bit delicate and it's not very warm at all so actually this is an old

blanket an old blanket and eiderdown no not an eiderdown it's like a top

blanket that I used to have on my bed when I was a young lad and I think I

don't think it's homemade but I used to have this over my bed it was like that

the top sheet that would cover the bed after after it was made and in those

days when I grew up you didn't have do these you had sheets and blankets and

layers of blankets with it with a top blanket like this there used to be a

name for that mr. Duncan's disappeared so I'll carry on I'll assume he's not

coming back so some very good answers to mr. Duncan's words selection so well

done to you all for all your answers we go into town by bus wearing a coat we

went to town by bus but we forgot to put the coat on so all sorts of different

ones and then we've got I like the one from arts P who says how he sometimes

looks after it this is a filthy disgusting old sheet what mr. Duncan

what do you call you remember in the old days before duvet covers when we had

blankets and sheets this rent this was the top one that went to cover all the

bed there's a name for it but I can't remember divan no it's like the top the

blanket that goes over the top that looks pretty and attractive that covers

the bed someone will tell us bedspread yes bedspread birds eggs bread

but it used to become did you know behind you Steve there are a couple of

there are a couple of pigeons that are doing all the live stuff really yes I

don't think you can see them on the camera can you know I like artsy and

that now they were now they're mating this is all going over that we have on

one birds there's actually it's like arts b30 says we came from town by bus

to get mr. Steve a new orange warm coat thank you very much somebody's thinking

of me you see we're playing the game aren't we we are that's it I remember

now I remember what I'm doing yes we oh what was it what was that one

this is martes b30 we came from we came from town by bus to get mr. Steve a new

orange coat a new orange coat I like that because obviously I need some

bright colors I like patina hello Platina we we put our coat on to

go downtown with the bus well actually what you can say is on the

bus or by bus so what I would say is we put we put our coat on to go downtown on

the bus we put our coat on to go downtown oh I suppose but that's

actually in a different order as well it has to be in the same audience II we

town bus coat you might say we went to town by bus to buy a new coat you see I

have to be strict with these rules or else there will be anarchy anarchy I

still can't believe those pigeons well we're copulating right behind

Steve's head I think we read mister don't glare I think the sight of mr.

Steve you've got them very excited that's what

I think Sergio says in our town we wear nothing under our coats when we take a

bus oh I like that one so in in our town we oh no see that

that's all wrong again not in the right order

I think Sergio is just being funny oh really

so when we take the bus we wear nothing under our coats yes I suppose so

whatever turns you on although today I don't recommend it because it's freezing

cold tomorrow sir how about this we went to the town put the words up mr. Duncan

we went to the town by bus yesterday and bought a very nice coat

ah yeah correct that's good so we went to town bus and brought a very nice coat

yes I like that one I like it a lot hello also to Giovanni

we went to town we went to the city by bus wearing a coat for the cold we went

to the city but where is the word town where is town you say Tomic says let's

just read tommix and see what it says here we are heading to the town by bus

in order to get a new coat we are heading to town by bus to get a new coat

yes direct yes they are all in the right order and your grammar is beautiful we

recognize the gesture and we rent into town I'm on the way got run over by a

bus and someone very kindly but their coat over me to keep me warm while we

waited for the ambulance to arrive I thought you're gonna say over your dead

body but some people have done some funny different ones okay Tatiana says I

like a baby Wow oh dear baby Steve's oh yes okay

oh is that one there in winter no I don't think so so I'm very good anyway

well done to everyone you know you're coming out with just random words now

these aren't sentences are you okay Steve will it be a live stream tomorrow

asks Annie yes Annie corn there will be a live stream tomorrow because I'm with

you every day so there was the last one that was the previous one shall we have

another one we're gonna have another one another sentence game let's play the

sentence game everyone can join in we're all playing the game right here every

single day did you like my song then I made that up myself okay here's another

one you have to come up with some you have to come up with sentences so hear

that use the next one Steve Steve you can play as well would you like to play

along Steve go on I'm not doing anything else at the moment so I may as well I

love the fact that Steve looks like these hello mister pheasant

mr. pheasant is saying hello I don't know why your face looks like it's gone

very dark are you okay you're not freezing are you oh no I'm quite hot

here you go Steve the words are tomorrow visit while and unwind unwind tomorrow

visit while unwind so make a sentence from those particular words but they

must be in that order so don't change the order

you must have tomorrow visit while unwind in that order you have to make a

sentence oh is this fun

meanwhile mr. Steve will sing a song about how it feels to be sitting in the

garden in the freezing cold on a Sunday afternoon I am sitting in the garden in

the freezing cold Halas hello mr. Duncan on his live in de

stream how about that very good that's like almost like a rap

you know I might actually release that as an mp4 how about an mp3 any

suggestions yet from your word selection I am waiting we have some suggestions

coming through I feel it I can feel it from the other side and getting a

strange vibration of my left leg we're still getting suggestions from the

last set of words okay cap devi - says mr. duncan Oh mr. Steve went together in

the bus wearing only a red coat and suddenly they took it off so we were

just wearing one coat the two rivers interesting well it wouldn't be the

first time that we've tried to wear the same clothes twice viv Kay says hello

from Malaysia hello hi Malaysia I - you I was thinking about Malaysia in it

yesterday yeah I was thinking about Malaysian food I want to go back to

Malaysia and sample some of that delicious food well they were selling it

weren't they on a shopping channel it would have somebody's brought out a

selection of Malaysian food that you can buy here in the UK now to make your own

make your own meals it looked very nice I think Steve might be getting some

Commission tomorrow visit while unwind

but sure why you put unwind on the bottom there mr. Duncan well it's just

part of the game it's quite difficult to get a get a sentence with unwind at the

end you can you can use there are many sentences you can make with the word

unwind at the end unwind by the way means relaxed so if you unwind it means

you do something to make you feel relaxed unwind you relaxed a little bit

like mr. Steve in his chair so mr. Steve is relaxing in his chair and he's

covered with blankets and everything because he feels the cold very easily

yes Perez says what does unwind mean so you explain that yes we've got Ricardo I

think it's the first person to come up first oh no Nancy I think was the first

no let's make your mind up Francesca says tomorrow I am going to visit my mum

while my son is oh no that's not right I don't think that's just a statement

Nancy says tomorrow they may visit the garden while it is unwind not sure about

that one oh I see yes Francisca tomorrow I'm going to visit my mum while my son

is unwell could that be yeah it would be right if any of those words were

actually in the sentence yes unwind means to relax it remind you again right

that the word NY means relaxed you unwind it means you relaxed

the opposite is wined up so Steve sometimes Steve will get wound us by

things quite often leading to him throwing his mobile phone at the wall

and many other things many other things as well tomorrow this is highly Klang

tomorrow I will visit my uncle while I'm gonna go to the beach to

unwind hmm yep that's good tomorrow visit while unwind

yes that seems that seems in audist hmm Pedro says tomorrow I will visit your

garden while the birds unwind the birds and wine

I don't yes so unwind it means to relax mmm I don't think Birds unwind maybe

they do well I think they're doing the evening don't they might be feeling

stressed at the moment you wouldn't use the word unwind to describe a bird's

behavior hmm I've never heard that used in that way sorry

tomorrow I'm going to visit my parents while my wife will unwind herself into

the gym I like that a Wynd says Massimo yes I think yes I think you mean relax

so Nexus taking exercise unwinding a wined beans relax relieve your stress

tomorrow Oh My yes he's a good one for Tatiana jump oh maybe you're going to

read that one out tomorrow I will visit the cinema but then put the words at mr.

Duncan tomorrow I will visit the cinema while watching a movie while I unwind

myself hmm yes you just want to say while to unwind death yes unwind or what

whilst I unwind but you don't really need to unwind yourself but that's good

this is what we are here to do you see we are exploring the English language

and we are coming up with many different suggestions thank you very much put the

words up again mr. Duncan they are the words

tomorrow mr. Duncan will visit a museum while mr. Duncan will unwind huh

so tomorrow mr. Steve will visit a museum while mr. mr. Steve will unwind

that's good because with mr. Duncan out of the house I can finally relax that's

that's the best one so far well done

tomorrow if I can do it or if I can get away with it I will visit the local park

while the police are watching me I hope I will be able to unwind is it good run

from um these are getting these are getting suggestive well tomorrow I will

visit my Fram for a while and unwind on the hay I think we know what you mean

there well I think we know I mean you naughty person and wind on the hay you

could say in the hay would be better better you there is only one there is

any one thing that that could mean I think maybe you were thinking of doing

the same thing as those pigeons earlier behind Steve I can't believe they were

doing that they were actually they were actually making love Oleg has said to

put the words of a chemist I keep forgetting the order of the words

tomorrow we're going to visit our friends for a while to unwind that's

very good that's very good yes tomorrow we're going to visit our friends for a

while to unwind if we're going to have a lot of fun and laughter maybe a few

drinks so the construction of the sentence is quite easy quite interesting

so tomorrow you're going to do something but at the same time you are going to do

something else so tomorrow I will visit my grandmother or my mother while she is

at home because she needs to unrest she needs to rest and unwind so tomorrow I

will visit my mother while she is resting and recuperating because the

doctor said that she missed she needs to unwind unwind rest so there are many

combinations of words that you can put in between these words on this piece of

paper here's one from Tomac tomorrow I will

visit a massage parlor and while there I will definitely unwind

ok Tareq yes I told you see ya the choice of mr. Duncan's words is

unleashing all sorts of dirty thoughts I do like a story with a happy ending

Oh mr. Duncan there's a naughty joke I do think it's an odd choice of words mr.

Duncan to create a sentence from oh shut up tomorrow I'm going to says mess fair

al manky tomorrow I'm going to visit mr. Duncan while he will unwind in his

garden yes yes like a spring yes that's why we say unwind means to relax

because if a spring is is tense when unwind it relaxes so you know it's the

same thing like a spring releasing unwinding yes the word unwind can be

used as a verb as well you might unwind something as you are taking something

out or off maybe you unwind the hosepipe maybe you unwind some rope so you can

use it also as a verb as well yes you are right it can be used as a verb all

the action of just unwinding you are sitting there

marina says Steve tomorrow Steve will visit is it tomorrow is the fist

tomorrow the first word mr. Duncan we've got we've got another set of words

coming right let's go let's move ahead then but then oh that's good yes

tomorrow I will visit a karaoke bar while I unwind myself you don't normally

use you don't would normally say I'm going to unwind myself you wouldn't

usually say that you you might say you might say oh I've been so tense at work

recently I just need to unwind I need to unwind or I want to ah yes I need to

unwind is the Communist way you would use that yes tomorrow I will

I like arts be tomorrow I will visit my half orange I don't know what a half

orange is whilst we unwind ourselves watching a special film on the telly

tomorrow a visit while yes I suppose that they are in the right order yes

good yes when you're using the word unwind to describe something you're

going to do to relax to unwind yes you wouldn't see you would use that the way

that's being often used for a lot of people isn't the right way really you

would say I'm going to unwind or I need to under and I feel as if I need to go

away for a few days and unwind or go away for a few days to unwind or just to

relax Oh Sergio is getting angry with me yes

don't say let's go go on oh you go on I was gonna say yes you don't normally say

I'm going to unwind myself mmm that that wouldn't be correct use of note of the

phrase you might unwind a snake yes yes you're on why if you use if you aren't

you can unwind some flex some so this table this keep it unwind some

cable that's collectible but you wouldn't understand that way you would

say oh I need to unwind and then you've finished a sentence on unwind you

wouldn't say anything else after it is that correct mr. gherkin the pheasant is

getting very excited I'm not surprised he's watching the pigeons Sergio said oh

strict word order is senseless it's just a limit to our imagination but what I'm

actually doing is putting more pressure on you to have those in that order

so in fact it is the opposite what I'm actually doing is putting more pressure

on you to create the sentence with those words in the right order think it's the

opposite you see so I'm actually forcing you to think more I'm not making it very

easy because what's the point there is no point having a test if it is easy

there is no point what is the point okay here we go another one this is probably

the last one before we go inside I can feel already that my body is starting to

freeze I can feel you always blanket mr. Duncan

certain parts of my body are starting to turn blue do you want to know what parts

of my body are turning blue it's his nose you're near here we go Steve there

start money carefully hmm construct a sentence from that that makes sense

yes and also in that order so you can't change the words around they have to be

in that order there's start money carefully carefully

you do something carefully of course you do it with care and attention you do

something with some thought or consideration you do it carefully so

there is the next there start money carefully can you come up

with the sentence come on Sergio give us a sentence when

josée Diaz bradovich OOP says hi mr. Duncan a mr. Steve from Chile it's

chilly here as well no how many joking yes we have yes from Vina Vina del Mar

is that my eyesight's not very good in Chile you look you make some lovely wine

in Chile and we have quite a lot of it here in the UK Chilean wine is got a

good reputation here in the UK oh I see sir so that is wine that's made in Chile

yes yes we it's quite popular here French wine probably isn't a but it's

probably sort of popular here but I would say maybe Chilean wines maybe more

popular or South African wine or some French some French wine is quite

expensive I think that it is always expensive French flooring here in the UK

we don't like to spend much money on wine we like to have cheap wine we do we

spend the least amount of well I think jumped we're talking generally you are

but you shouldn't do that because when you spend not very much money on wine

you don't get very much grape in the bottle so what is it then it's mainly

chemicals mmm so you ought to spend apparently you ought to spend at least

10 or 12 pounds on a bottle of wine you don't need a parent need to spend much

more than that so vie de Robeck 12 euros 13 euros something like that on a bond

on a bottle of wine will get you a good bottle of wine in the UK if you only

spend 4 or 5 pounds you get a very poor quality wine but there was no point in

spending 20 or 30 pounds it doesn't get that much better

apparently so 12 is around the optimum price to pay the average and if you want

a nice bottle of wine you have to pay about 12 pounds for a bottle I think

that's what Steve is saying or we've got some answers already good good so

quickly you are working very hard today even though it is Sunday a lot of people

are giving me their answers hello gran gran Radovic who says hi Steve

hi from Chile I think that's how we started talking about wine wasn't it

Giovanni says there is a chance to start making money but we have to think

carefully oh very good that's a good one I like that one yes

also Maria there are many ways to start raising money carefully there are many

ways to start raising money carefully yeah good there will be consequences for

using money carefully but there is no start there you see you need the word

start as well there is a project that we can start to make money but we need to

be very carefully the grammar is wrong there so what you would say actually is

careful we need to be careful we need to be very careful but of course you could

say there is a project that we can start to make money but we need to be we need

to think about it carefully we need to think about it carefully because you are

expressing the way you are doing something you are doing it carefully we

need to be careful we are doing it carefully good quite a few today I've

rather enjoyed this game well done everyone

so good game mr. Duncan I love the the image of Steve he looks like Charlie

Chaplin during his last days alive Thank You mr. Deng in his garden in

Switzerland waiting waiting for the Grim Reaper like all this talk of death

alright you started it Steve started all of that earlier with your franceska here

we go franceska there will be starting

they will be starting a competition the prize will be money we need to be

careful not to do do not not to say anything wrong hmm yes there will be yes

okay oh he's a good one and a PK there is there is a way to start earning money

carefully yes there is a way to start earning money carefully there is a way

to start earning money carefully something you do carefully or sorry or

Kris says that are raised to start using money carefully ah yes there are ways to

start using money carefully now I will stressed one of my own what if I oh

there are many ways to start saving money if you do it carefully so there

are many ways to start saving money if you do it carefully saving money is

something that isn't easy to do you might want to put a little bit of money

aside if you are saving your money over a long period of time it can take a long

time and sometimes you have to think about it

carefully you also have to do it carefully as well I was just thinking

Steve about a great slang word for drink like wine or beer

especially wine can you think of that the slang word begin with B be booze

booze well booze be double O Z e is a general

slang term for anything that's alcoholic any alcohol however no wine when we are

talking about wine there is a great slang word that we use here in the UK

does it begin with V no no o P yes ah yes the word is plonk plonk it's a

great slang term so when we talk about wine here in the UK we often describe it

as plonk and we always like to say cheap plonk we always like to find somewhere

that sells cheap plonk so that is a slang term that we use here in the UK to

describe wine poor quality wine is usually quite often yes cheap and quite

often not very good quality wine not very good quality hello Pete l o n K

plonk it's a great expression plonk I don't know about you Steve but I am

absolutely freezing it's getting I'm not I could be here I could just sit here

quietly for another hour that's because you've got your lovely blanket covering

you I know yeah while my front is warm that my back is cold yes I think I need

a couple of paracetamol mr. Duncan yes you need something because I've got a

bit of a headache oh but then it was probably the fumes

from the soda crystals this morning yes are we going there mr. Duncan or shall I

go first you can go first I know why you want me to go first because you want me

to go inside make a cup of tea and toast the Hot Cross Buns for you yes I can't

believe that we can still get hot cross buns well I was late yesterday they now

shut it two o'clock the bakers in Much Wenlock they're normally used to shut at

3:30 but now during this crisis they're shutting it - hmm and I got there the

door was shut I banged on the window and they very kindly came out and and sold

button bread because Steve was banging on the window of the bakery he was

demanding that they give him his bread but we always have the same order every

week so they always have it ready in a bag for us so they didn't have to do

anything special they just had to come to the door with the bag yeah and I gave

them the money hmm but yes we need a lot we nearly missed

out on our regular supply of bread right mr. Duncan I will go inside yeah and as

I say make us a cup of tea and toast a hot cross bun with plenty of butter for

you mr. Duncan you have double the amount of butter that I would have in

fact there's so much bad butter on mr. Duncan's hot cross bun if you squeezed

it it would drip out yeah all over your fingers all of the butter would run out

okay lovely to see you all and hopefully see you next week

yeah I know I will see you next week definitely feeling a bit fitter and a

bit more at raring to go a bit more active a bit more active maybe I'll be

standing up maybe I'll be dancing around I've got to say the grass hasn't the new

grass seed that I put in on Monday hasn't started coming up yet it's too

early but also I think most I think the black birds have eaten most of it yes I

have to get the shotgun out well every time I every time I look at mr. Steve

little patch in the corner of the garden there it's always covered with

blackbirds yeah so I put those plants in as anyone was watching my sweet lord

seed will have seen and I also the bear patch of ground I put some grass seed on

it and I'm watering it every day in the hope that it will alert it will start

the seeds will start sprouting and we'll have a nice new patch of grass at the

back of the garden extra work from me because I'll have to mow it but it can

look nice hmm okay just how to you all and see you

next week thank you mr. Steve and mr. Steve is now going and now it is just me

only me left I hope mr. Steve remembers that his microphone is still live

pardon I don't know why but when Steve does things boy you did that on purpose

terrible terrible it's always time to go yeah we've been here for quite a while

actually I think the fumes from the caustic soda

has made you sick mr. steve says Platina you might be right actually you might

actually be right I think maybe he's been I don't know what he's been doing

in the kitchen this morning but he was very busy cleaning the oven thank you

very much for your company I am going now for two reasons one I've been here

for two hours and the other reason is I am absolutely freezing it is quite cold

outside today here in England so it's almost time for me to go however I will

be back with you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time 2:00 p.m. UK time I will be back to

morrow I hope you enjoyed today's livestream we had a little bit of fun we

had some games we had mr. Steve recuperating from whatever it is mr.

Steve is suffering from at the moment the one thing I know is it is definitely

not okay definitely not I'm sure mr. Steve will

be feeling well soon I think so thank you very much for your company thank you

very much I am going to have a cup of tea and a hot cross bun in the house

where it is nice and warm this is mr. Duncan saying I will see you

tomorrow I will be back with you don't forget to p.m. UK time apparently next

week the weather is going to be okay it isn't going to be warm or hot but it is

going to be okay which means I don't think we are going to get much rain so

that's quite good so maybe we will be outside

for the rest of the week who knows we will have to wait and see

thank you very much mo saying Marcia Beatriz look man or look mean Thank You

Maria also tenure Peter Martha barong hello to you as well and

also goodbye Belarus er I didn't see you there Bella

Lucia I couldn't see your blue spanner that's why I think so see you later take

care everyone it's been lovely being here with you again and I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream and I'm pretty sure mr. Steve made it a little

bit more interesting to say the least and of course until tomorrow don't

forget to p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching see you tomorrow I hope you will be here

with me once more and of course until tomorrow you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)