Rewire your 3 brains so can unlock your hidden potentials and live without limiting mindset,

fear and guilt.

Nowadays every machine has a brain!

Your fridge has a brain, your oven has a brain, your car has a brain, even some houses, the

so-called smart houses, have a brain!

Because they need a source from where they can get the commands to work properly.

That's how it works.

And YOU have a brain.

And if you want to get the maximum out of your life you have to update your brains.

To rewire your brains.

But before I go to that...let me ask you something.

Have you ever felt that instead of you leading your life...your life leads you?

Do you feel that you are follower?

Have you ever felt the emotional vanity?

Have you ever felt fear?

The fear of unknown?

The fear of rejection?

The fear to do things?

To express yourself...whatever it is?

If the answer is yes, WATCH this video NOW because this video is for you.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say that your grandfather has given you a a legacy.

And 30 years later, you met a new friend at college and he invited you to go to his home.

And as you began heading for his home you took your grandpa's map.

Do you believe that using this old map, you can go to your friend?

Of course not!

Keep that in mind.

From day 1 that we were born, we started mapping our reality...and our life does not run

as we want to run it...our life is run by this map that we created when we were small


Do you get that?

So, we have to update this map, in those 3 brains.

Now, let's go back and see the 3-step solution you have to go through in order to update

your brains.

No1: You have to take care of your body.

And by saying that, I do not mean just not having extra kilos.

I mean that you have to feel your body like when you are in love and everything feels

like flying in the air.

You know what I mean!

If have to fall in love!

Why is this very important?

Because if your body is heavy, your spirit is heavy and also you have too many distractions!

No2: Increase your sensory brain acuity.


Having your body light then what you want, is to be able to see more things than what

you can right now.

Because you want to spot the three etheric brains.

Each of those 3 brains you have, and I am going to explain to you what those 3 brains

are, has an etheric brain.

And these etheric brains, that actually are connected with the physical brains, are the

bosses that give commands to your actual brain.

So, to revise, the first is to take care of your body to feel light.

The second is to increase your sensory acuity to spot the 3 etheric brains and...

No3: Use specific meditation techniques to update those brains and realign them because

you want them to work as a team.

So, who are those 3 brains?

No1: The brain you already know!

No2: Your gut!

No3: Your heart!

You have to align those 3 brains.

And if you do cannot imagine!

Few years ago, I finished my session with my coach.

It was July.

As I was riding my motorbike, I felt flow...I felt something that I cannot even describe.

It was a unique experience for me.

What surprised me most, was that what I had in my mind...was happening!

Something like that!

It was magic.

At that moment I realized the power of updating and aligning those 3 brains.

Your brain, your gut and your heart!

If you think about it, if you have three brains, and you use just one, and not even in its

maximum potential, then what do you expect from your life...from yourself?

Do you get that?


I wish you to experience what I experienced.

The first time you are going to experience this emotion will be mindblowing!

I do not even have words to describe it!

And now you have to take action!

We have to get all these and put them in your real life, in order to experience what I experienced

very often!

You can do it by yourself...

You can download your free cheat sheet and see the whole process and how you

can implement it




It's amazing such as you!

And you have to remind it to yourself!

Remember...LIVE IN FULL EXCELLENCE... because this is what life is about.

This is your Coach...Manos