Matt: Have you ever been talking to a girl but it seems a little too nice and friendly

and you end up in the friend zone well my friend it's time to step up your

flirting game so that she sees you as a potential lover instead of just another

nice guy because flirting is one of the most

important attraction skills so watch closely and take some good notes my name

is matt artisan from the attractive man and this is six ways to flirt with a

girl to make her like you

we've done all the testing we know what works now most guys think that you have

to spend lots of money on the girl buy lots of flowers and gifts to spend weeks

and weeks courting her to get the girl that you really want but the reality is

that women only care about how you make them feel and one of the best ways to

make her feel romantic feelings without spending lots of time and lots and lots

of money on her is through flirting the dictionary defines flirting as behaving

as though attracted to or trying to attract someone but for amusment rather

than with serious intentions and this is great because flirting is basically just

showing your interest in her in a fun covert manner it's not telling her how

much you like her and how much you're in love with her and telling him how

beautiful she is and showering her with compliments that's too direct and that

will usually push her away and feel a little creepy instead do it more subtly

and more indirectly and playfully with some of the ways that I'm about to show

you now without further ado here's my countdown to my six favorite ways to

flirt with a girl number 6 is teasing which is poking fun of her but with

positive intention it's not meant to make her feel bad it's not meant to be

malicious a lot of guys do this wrong because they see the woman as being

higher status and more value than him he sees himself down here so he wants to

make fun of her tease her and neg her and make her feel bad and bring her down

basically show her I'm cooler than you you're down here but Neath me never do

that hey it doesn't work that well a high-value woman who is secure in

herself is gonna see right past that and she's just gonna dismiss you move on to

somebody else instead be an awesome guy be up here be a 10 see yourself as a 10

and bring people up to your level bring people up to your status instead of

trying to put them down and the key is that it's in the

holman it's not some pre-planned line that you intend to say it's just

something she does you make fun of her mannerisms or maybe she's walking and

she stumbles and you don't tell her she's such a dork and you can't take her

anywhere and you're embarrassed by her in that type of negative tonality

it's a playful tonality you tease her and say oh I can't take you anywhere or

oh you're such a klutz the point is that it's all about the vibe that you're

having fun and just enjoying the experience it's how you would treat your

friends right your close friends you tease each other about certain things

which creates a sense of rapport when you do it to a woman that you meet for

the first time because we usually only tease people that we feel very

comfortable with so if you tease her in the right way she will feel that rapport

and feel closeness to you it's like you're part of her inner circle so it's

more about the nonverbal than the actual specific words you say for example you

can tease her about almost anything just the way she says something maybe she

says like a lot and you accuse her of being a valley girl again it shouldn't

be like oh you're a valley girl I could never date you it should be like oh my

god you're such a valley girl do you listen to yourself oh my god this is

never gonna work out I'm nervous about this because I'm no I know I can't do

this oh okay you can and here's a few other examples see this is why we can't

have nice things are you just trying to get in my pants

you're so bad versus are you just trying to get in my pants number five is role

reversal which is great because it flips the script the traditional dating frame

is courting the man is chasing the woman so instead you just flip that around and

accuse her of trying to get into your pants and accuse her of trying to seduce

you you might say stop seducing me with your eyes young lady I see what you're

doing so bad or you might misinterpret something she says maybe she says she's

gonna go home and go to bed and you turn that into

invitation I think I'm gonna go to bed i can't go to bed with you that easily i

mean you need to buy me a drink first or something you can also accuse her for

you escalating so blame her for being the one that's causing you to make the

moves on her so you could say something like if you look at me again like that

i'm gonna be forced to kiss you remember it's all in the delivery in the tonality

saying if you look at me again like that i'm gonna be forced to kiss you stop

stop looking at me like that is not flirting

number four is role playing this one is awesome because it creates this context

in this frame of a fantasy world which means you can flirt with her you can

tell her how much you are in love with her even but it's just a joke it's not

real because it's a role play for example if you roleplay that you're

getting married or that you're role-playing that your boyfriend and

girlfriend or it's like one of those epic romances where you're so in love

then she could go to the bathroom and you could say darling don't leave me

you're gonna be gone for so long what am I gonna do I know that sounds a little

cheesy but it's fun it's playful it's so different than what other guys would do

in the bar whether just let her so how's your night going you come here often

what do you do for work and in a marriage role play which is one of my

favorites you can get away with talking about so much talk about your future

relationships where you would travel together painting these pictures in her

mind of you and her together you know what I like you we're so gonna get

married instead of having a long engagement we should just find my friend

actually it's right over there he's an ordained minister come on and you can

also talk about very risque things because you're a married couple now in

fact a few times I've taken my dates into adult bookstores after we've done

this marriage roleplay and I'm just like come on honey we need to spice up our

romance and I start whipping her with some of the whips and pick out some toys

for her and it's really fun and really ramps things up to the next level

another roleplay I like is the mini relationship where you just have like a

five minute rule a ship with a girl as boyfriend and

girlfriend I have a fear of commitment so we can just do this for five minutes

you could be my girl five minutes that's all I can commit to it creates that

sense of closeness that you're in a relationship right away but it takes

away the pressure because you're gonna break up in five minutes in fact I use

this as an opener going up to girls and saying hey can I be your boyfriend or

will you be my girlfriend and if you want to know how well it worked it

actually quite surprised me check out the video the links to the videos I'll

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as well next is touching which is a great way to

flirt as long as you don't overdo it if you're touching her too much too soon

then it's no longer covert it's very obvious what you're doing and to

everybody around you they can tell you really liked this girl and it can

definitely creep her out so you must make sure to balance your interest and

this actually applies to every one of these concepts that you balance the

showing interest by taking it away you're saying hey I like you but I'm not

sure about you or with touching it's oh you touch but then you take it away you

should never be like I like you I like you I like you I like you touch touch

touch you need to do a little bit and then take it away two steps forward one

step back and touching works so well because it releases oxytocin which is a

feel-good hormone that is also released during orgasm but the key is that the

touching is in context if you're completely touching her out of nowhere

and it's not relevant to the situation then it's going to seem creepy so here's

a few ways to touch her where it is in context

first there's greeting touch where you shake her hands but to make it

flirtatious shake her hand and hold it longer than normal while looking into

her eyes or give her a kiss on the then there's also games like thumb

wrestling or slap hands there's also observational touch where

you noticed something about her like she's wearing a cool necklace or she has

a ring on her finger or a watch also leaving her from one place to another

place you can go arm in arm or hand in hand

and there's also conversational touching to emphasize a point when you want to

make something you're talking about seem more dramatic you can also do correcting

touch which I love to do which is when you fix her outfit or you take something

out of her hair or you can even fix her posture and get

her to stand up straight bad posture is a huge pet peeve of mine number two I

call the look of desire which is using your eyes to flirt with her

which can be really covert and have a huge impact as they say the eyes are the

window to the soul and they can really create a lot of tension and on the flip

side you can actually make the interaction very platonic by breaking

the eye contact by looking down which is very submissive and shy and can make her

feel like you're a weak man if you want her to feel like you're a strong

powerful alpha male then hold the eye contact longer than normal but don't

just look at her bug-eyed like this or like this

that's not flirtatious you need to look at her with desire you need to

appreciate her beauty and allow yourself to feel that feminine energy we'll call

it that intoxicating feeling that a beautiful woman gives you when you're in

her presence and just soften your gaze just allow yourself to appreciate that

beauty and let that appreciation for her attraction come through your eyes not in

a creepy way where you're like oh my god damn look at you not like that but where

you're just looking at her like you know you could give her the utmost sexual

satisfaction you could give her the utmost pleasure in bed if she was so

lucky when you give her that look of desire she will melt in front of you and

almost every guy on her bootcamps it needs help with their eye contact

initially to really ramp up that sexual tension

practice not blinking I'm doing it right now I'm gonna seduce you with my eyes

but seriously I've noticed this in a lot of Hollywood movies where the

interaction is very intense and seductive that there's not a lot of

blinking because believe it or not bowling 'king releases the tension also

stand a little closer than normal that will increase that flirty vibe and that

sexual tension and also practice your smirk when you're looking at her with

desire and you're appreciating her attractive beauty just have a little

smirk on your face not an ear-to-ear grin because that releases the tension

and that just shows that you're nervous but instead just appreciate the beauty

I've seen guys on our workshops as well when they first approached a woman it's

so serious and they're looking at her like this and they have good eye contact

but there's to have a stone-cold face and they're expressionless when you do

that she's gonna think you're a serial killer because she can't read you she

needs to be able to read that read your intention and feel that you're not a

threat and that this is a positive flirtatious vibe so that smooth subtle

smile or smirk will really help with that and number one which I considered

the foundation of flirting is push-pull which is showing her interest either

direct verbally or through your eye contact or non-verbally through touching

and then taking it away it's maintaining that balance of I like you but I'm not

sure about you yet showing desire yet being the challenge because if you show

too much interest too soon she feels like why does this guy like me so much

he must be desperate he must not have other women in his life but if you're

too much of a challenge and you push her away too much and you're kind of it then

she can also lose interest because she's like why bother this guy doesn't even

like me the dance of dating is all about showing interest and then taking it away

remember two steps forward one step back for example if it's a really

girl you could say you know you're really cute but I think you're just too

short for me and you can keep this push-pull dynamic going throughout the

interaction even when you're physically escalating even when you're kissing her

you can pull away okay that's all you get no more it's like you're giving her

a little taste right when you show interest especially when you're kissing

or touching it feels good but then when you take it away she wants more if you

keep going further further further escalate escalate escalate interest

interest interest she's gonna pull back when you chase somebody they run away

but if you pull back she's gonna start chasing you this works really well when

you're escalating because every time you make a move on her

you're showing interest so you can balance it out by taking a step back and

putting a restriction on it I call it restricted requests for example when

you're getting her phone number do you text okay you're not crazy are you or

when you invite her back to your place which can seem like a big step in the

relationship she knows what's gonna happen to balance that out so it doesn't

feel like such a big deal you just put a restriction on it okay we can go back to

my place but we have to be good you have to keep your hands above my waist of

course all right good let's go and then she's actually more likely to comply and

say okay we can go back to your place because you put that restriction on it

so we got teasing role reversal role play touching the look of desire and

push-pull next time you go out or next time you're on a date use some of these

techniques but remember it's all about how you do it your delivery and how you

feel internally is everything and is gonna make it either a flirty romantic

and sensual interaction versus platonic weird or creepy and remember for more

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